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No. 17183
301 kB, 481 × 337
Which are your hopes and expectations for the WEF in Davos?
No. 17193
To get my own personal negro slave to help me out in the garden
No. 17194
Big kaboom
No. 17198
Dreiste Jammerjuden werden ausgebuht und mit gelbem Schnee beworfen.


Nicht das Ende verpassen! Selbst der Anruf des Klempners war gestaged von dieser Siffschnautze.
No. 17201
Lern deutsch, ist ja ein deutsches Brett, du erbärmlicher Moron.
No. 17206
What can they agree upon without US delegation? It will just be China lobbying for their positions and trying to show the world that they are ready to become the pre-eminent power.
No. 17210
Keep the economy growing so that I get many returns from my little investments :-------D
No. 17213
132 kB, 800 × 999
I'll give u a non_jewisch Translator who will pretty perfectly works for you poor uneducateds.

No. 17214 Kontra
*Lern Deutsch
No. 17221
75 kB, 779 × 569
For Saxon dialects and Jiddish? Preddy Kjewl.
No. 17225
Nothing of value, it's an emptied summit.