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No. 17405
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Since we have a general for everything I thought we could also have one for sports. Not sure if even anyone else here is interested but it is worth a try.

Tonight are the semifinals of the World Cup in Handball. I am not a big fan myself but I will be watching the game at 20:30 CET between Germany and Norway. Denmark already made it to the finals about an hour ago by winning against France. So far there was a lot of drama during the tournament because there were very many games to play within a very short time and also because the referees seemed to have been judging in favour of the hosts of the tournament Germany and Denmark. Especially Croatia had reason to complain about that.

Upcoming events are a weekend of football with the FA cup in Britain and the Bundesliga in Germany. During the week we will see matches in the Premier League and the second Bundesliga starting. I am sure there are also matches played in Italy, Spain and France, but I am not involved there much. And on the next weekend, besides many football matches, the Americans have their big handegg cup final.

If your favourite sport isn't listed, please feel free to add your information!
No. 17408
I got into football again after almost five years of being pretty disinterested in it.

So many things changed, especially in England.
Teams I used to root for are still doing relatively fine though
No. 17419
I hope Liverpool will finally make it and win the League again after so many years. I have been a fan of them since the times of Ian Rush but after they signed Klopp as coach I only really started watching their games on a regular basis. Recently I saw the documentary on Steven Gerrard Make us Dream and it was pretty great. I can recommend the watch if you are not of all things a big supporter of Manchester United.

As for the handball game it was pretty entertaining and exciting in the end. Germany lost but they simply played much worse than Norway who well deserved the win. The referees were not unfairly helping our team but they also didn't do a good job at all. They seemed like the most nervous people involved in the game and made many questionable decisions.
One thing I noticed that surprised me were the advertisements on the side of the field which were all in Danish or Norwegian (I can't tell the difference) and not in German. Looks like the companies in Scandinavia are willing to pay a huge lot more to advertise there than ours are.
No. 17425
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136 kB, 1600 × 900

No. 17434
41 kB, 620 × 410
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>the Americans have their big handegg cup final.
An interesting story about the intersection of politics and the NFL. And also a case which reveals how intertwined big budget commercials and the Super Bowl have become.
A Canadian media company, Bell Media, paid for the rights to broadcast the Super Bowl in Canada. They would normally sell ad time to local Canadian companies and those commercials would be included in their own CTV broadast and also forced, through a process called simultanious substition, into American broadcasts of the Super Bowl which can be seen, via cable and satellite, in Canada. By forcing those local commercials into all available game feeds, Bell was able to guarantee its sponsors maximum viewers.
Well a few years ago the CRTC, Canada's broadcasting regulatory agency, banned the process of replacing comercials in broadcasts of the Super Bowl. A ban which, incidently, only applied to the Super Bowl-simultanious substitution would continue for sitcoms and such. It seems Canadian viewers were only complaining that they couldnt see the flashy commercials which top companies would produce to air during the game.
The results? Canadian broadcaster CTV lost 40% of their viewers as Candians switched over to US channels and their US commercials. Bell was losing money, which meant the NFL was in danger of losing money.
After failing in their initial attempts to change the rule in Canada, both Bell and the the NFL managed to get what they wanted via the renegotiated United States Canada Mexico trade Agreement (USCMA).
>Canadians will not be able to watch American Super Bowl ads during the broadcast of the National Football League’s championship game, thanks to the renegotiated trade deal with the U.S. and Mexico.
>In an annex to Chapter 15 of the United-States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, Canada agreed to scrap a Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission policy that banned broadcasters from replacing U.S. ads with Canadian ones during the big game
>the relatively obscure broadcast regulation got swept into the negotiations after major corporations on both sides of the border cried foul.
>High-profile U.S. senators Marco Rubio and Ron Johnson warned in a letter to Canada’s ambassador in Washington the policy could undermine neighbourly relations


No. 17441
40 kB, 673 × 341
115 kB, 1024 × 768
4,7 MB, 3797 × 2650
25 : 31

meh. thumbs up to the totally not biased czech refs though NOT

frenchies lost too, so it's denmark vs norway. both are strong right now, i'll probably bet on denmark anyway though. hansen has been flawless the whole tournament.
No. 17442
5 kB, 644 × 64

We're pushing Sri Lanka's shit in. Not really surprising but it's kind of a nice morale boost after a really bad year for Australian Cricket. Not only did our team have a bunch of cheaters in it, but then we got creamed by India in the test series. Beating up on Sri Lanka is a bit of a consolation prize.
No. 17467
122 kB, 564 × 787
Yeah, that was truly a shameful display.

So it isn't just a myth that about half the people are only watching that for the ads?
While I write this I am suddenly reminded of looking forward to watching the ads in the cinema, because they were usually very entertaining. I am not sure if that changed since I haven't been in a cinema for quite some time now.

The refs were bad, but I don't think they decided against us for no reason. They were simply kleinlich and that was to our disadvantage because we played worse and had to try it through being more physical.

I wished I could get my head around that. Even though you already tried to explain it, it is all just a big riddle for me.
No. 17479
489 kB, 1200 × 800
80 kB, 1280 × 720
97 kB, 1066 × 800
>So it isn't just a myth that about half the people are only watching that for the ads?
I don't know what the actual number is but no, that is not a myth. The commercials are a part of the overall spectacle, and that spectacle actually extends weeks before the game itself, and continues after it's over. We already have endless news articles written about the commercials, antipating which will be the best and such, and the ads will also get millions of views online after they air.
>looking forward to watching the ads in the cinema
Now that you mention it, that is a similar phenomenon. I'll admit I haven't gone to a theater in years either, but those long trailers will never change.
No. 17480
according to some journalists the coach was apparently disgruntled with the reffing too. to me it was refball and quite obviously so tbh. it was an even game until the norwegian forwards committed a couple forward fouls without getting punished while our defense was awarded with a lot of nit-picking time penalties by the refs, which severely hurt our defense capability. norway used these opportunities to advance. of course we could have lost the game without the bad reffing, however the result would've been 29 : 31, 30 : 31 or something similar. anyway, our team has improved A LOT under prokop since the last euro cup failure, but defeating denmark in the finals would still be rather unlikely. denmark has played a fantastic tournament so far.
No. 17481
Trailers and product ads aren't really the same thing. Anyway all this has only shown how starkly retarded American sports are. I'd rather just watch curling or hockey or something.
No. 17544
56 kB, 1258 × 634
49 kB, 820 × 461
new and well deserved world champion is denmark. they steamrolled over norway in the finals and we gave away the 3rd place literally in the last seconds to france.
No. 17554
I enjoy watching football/handegg games on TV with my mom. On some level I feel guilty that the athletes involved are destroying their bodies and minds for the pleasure of the viewer, but this doesn't prevent me from watching.
No. 17581
9 kB, 306 × 165
I think it's very safe and long-term healthy in comparison to Rugby and Handball.
No. 17607
43 kB, 432 × 335
77 kB, 1024 × 578
don't worry, handegg players are well protected.
also, why would you guys call it not "american rugby" instead of "american football"? i mean it really is "american rugby", isn't it?
No. 17619
24 kB, 250 × 267
100 kB, 1024 × 499
>I think it's very safe and long-term healthy in comparison to Rugby and Handball.
I don't know much about injuries in those sports. Are players routinely hurt, or does the lack of padding ensure only the most durable men dare play?
>handegg players are well protected
That's true. Everything is padded except for their knees, and unfortunately that's where you get the most devastating injuries(excluding CTE of course).
>why would you guys call it not "american rugby" instead of "american football"?
In its current form the game resembles rugby, but it evolved from a combination of Association Football(Soccer) and Rugby Football(Rugby), which came to be called, simply, Football.

Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open(tennis) on Sunday, giving him 15 Major(Grand Slam)titles. He is now in 3rd place on the list of Grand Slam winners behind Federer(20), and Nadal(17), both of whom are, of course, also active players. A comparable era where three great players had overlapping careers would be the mid 70's to mid 80's with Borg, Connors, and McEnroe. They had only 26 titles between them. Since it's short-sighted to think of the current best players as the best ever, I'm wondering if the historical dominance is due to modern training and nutrition allowing them to extend the peak of their careers and therefore win more titles. In a sport typically dominated by players in their 20's, they are all over 30 and still on top of the rankings. Or this may just be a unique period where the best tennis players are really that much better than the rest the field.
Also, with Andy Murray close to retirment (due to injuries) it would be disrepectful to not mention him when talking of the current great players. I had hoped Murray would be well enough to play one last Wimbledon, but that looks unlikely.
No. 17702
10 kB, 295 × 171
The nastiest sport I know of is Waterball. I had a gymteacher who lost an eye during a match and he assured us that such thing wasn't totally uncommon. But especially everything that happens below the water line must often be extremely painful.

>Djokovic, Federer, Nadal
If I understand correctly, Federer is pretty much out of the race, as he is not able to compete with the other two anymore. So they are now chasing his record. Apparently the Serbian got the upper hand at the moment, but six titles is some way to go. Our "German" ace Zverev seems to lack the nerves, like a lot of prodigys in various forms before him, to finally make it to the top.

Today the Premier League continues after the cup break and the second Bundesliga is starting after the winter break. There will be a lot of fine matches to watch. :3
No. 17706
>The one who wears Adidas will sell the Motherland tomorrow
Isn't this literally exactly what happened? Do you think allowing Soviet athletes to wear Adidas was a bad idea?
No. 18868
59 kB, 527 × 681
Big match tonight when Liverpool takes on Bayern Munich. I really hope for a great game and a win by a few goals for LFC. First time this season I am stacked up with chips and beers awaiting the kickoff.
No. 18900
260 kB, 768 × 432
>Liverpool takes on Bayern Munich
Liverpool didn't get the win but, if I understand the away-goal rules correctly, the fact that they kept Bayern from scoring should work in their favor if the teams play to a draw again. Either way, at least you can look forward to their next match where the stakes will be even higher. Since the end of our handegg season I've turned my attention to the NBA, but those regular season games don't have anywhere near the buildup of a Champions League match. For a big event, where wins and losses really matter, I'll have to wait for the NCAA college basketball tournament which begins in March
No. 19594
48 kB, 940 × 529
>away-goal rule
There is not much to misunderstand really. In knockout stages if after two matches the combined result is a draw the team that scored more goals on foreign ground advances to the next stage. So if Liverpool and Bayern play 1:1 in Munich, LFC wins. If the match is drawn 0:0 after ninety minutes we will see an overtime of two times 15 minutes. If it is still undecided then they will have a penalty shootout.

Tonight there are another two interesting matches with Dortmund trying to come back after a 0:3 loss in London against Tottenham, which is highly unlikely especially with their current shitty form. But in football you may never know. The other one is Real Madrid taking on AFC Ajax at Bernabeu after winning 2:1 in Amsterdam. This is also the match I'll be watching at first because it promises the most excitement with Ajax having a fair chance to beat Madrid since Real seems not only out of form but completely torn from internal struggles and devastated after two recent losses against Barcelona.
No. 19623
ajax vs. madrid was quite something.
both bale and kroos are clearly getting old now, but real's actual problem is the manager. to be fair it's a tough job for solari, since zidane's achievements both as a player and manager cannot be underestimated.
i'm also glad seeing ajax advance. these days traditional smaller clubs have a hard time against big money clubs such as manchester city, real, psg, buyern etc. they also played nice attacking football yesterday.
No. 19628
71 kB, 1050 × 590
You shouldn't forget that there was another coach after Zidane. Lopetegui. Hiring him caused quite some drama because Perez announced it just before the World Cup started and the Spanish football association then fired him. At first Real played pretty well under Solari but the coach just doesn't seem to be really the main issue. There is something wrong with the team chemistry. Zidane with his charisma and status probably helped them getting their shit together, but I think you should also not underestimate CR7. People hate him for his ego and vanity, his stupid poses before he takes a freekick and his lament whenever he didn't win a title. But he is also known to never give up and work hard. He never was as gifted with talent as Messi, he just didn't stop training and trying to become better. Having somebody like that in your team is a huge factor. Especially when he is suddenly gone.

The match yesterday held every promise and I am glad I didn't miss it. I am also happy to see Ajax back on the big stage again. I really hope they can keep De Ligt for at least another season and find a good replacement for De Jong.
No. 19629
Regarding Bale, some players never fully recover from their injuries, look at Rooney.
No. 19636
What major injury did he ever have? I am not aware of any. I think his problem is more either character or his private life. Wasn't there some really grim stuff about his father-in-law being a criminal and threatening the family?
No. 19638 Kontra
threatening is probably the wrong term here. Endangering is more proper.
No. 19644 Kontra
29 kB, 620 × 330
Look at the nerves on that guy.

Another great match tonight. This is how I love football. Also I doubt Solskjaer will be going back to Norway.
No. 19671
> Zidane with his charisma and status probably helped them getting their shit together
i think neither solari nor lopetegui is the type who can handle players like ramos, benzema, bale, kroos etc, inspire and help them to play their best. cruyff could do it, zidane could do it, jupp could do it, pep can do it, klopp can do it, simeone can do it, mourinho could do it (he's a huge diva himself though) and a couple others. lopetegui and solari need more experience in my opinion.
>think you should also not underestimate CR7.
yeah, he's a huge loss for real too.
>People hate him for his ego
cr7 can do things on the pitch that 99% of other cl players can't, talent or hard work - if it's the latter, it's another reason to admire him imho. yes, he's a diva and a poser indeed, but not an actual prick in terms of character. messi on the other hand is as a player a reincarnation of maradona, except he seems arrogant af, never smiles and has no respect for other good players.