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No. 17566
369 kB, 395 × 407
Ernst I will be using an amitriptyline cocktail to end my life. I found this site to be a source of great discourse. I wish you all well.
No. 17567
10 kB, 360 × 360
No. 17568
8 kB, 500 × 265
Don't do it lad, have a cup of tea and rethink things. There's always a chance for a happy life, suicide is the only sure way of eliminating that.
No. 17569
requiescat in pace
No. 17571
Don't leave us alone with all the morons, Ernst. High IQ individuals are in short supply.
No. 17572
Assuming you're not joking that is one of the dumbest and more unpleasant ways to die.


And also this. At least have a kid first.
No. 17573
88 kB, 750 × 1000
>non-white immigrant lives in america
>would rather kill himself than go back
Now that's what I call fear
No. 17577
kohl is back up, please return there
No. 17578
God bless your soul
No. 17582 Kontra
You however genuinely should kill yourself. I hope most of cabbage dies. Then they can stop shitposting on our board.
No. 17606 Kontra
No. 17614
91 kB, 259 × 283
48 kB, 634 × 555
2,8 MB, 1300 × 731, 0:20
No. 17616 Kontra
His father plainly kills his son. I don't understand why he supports son's behaviour, so the son gained 200 kg.
No. 17617 Kontra
I'd say it's much too late to reverse it now.
If you manage to get him down to the size where he can walk, he'll just get more food for himself.
And of course you can't relinquish your care completely, because he's overdependent on his father for everything.
That man is both mentally and physically ruined for the rest of his sorry life.

The reason? The father divorced, and when the "strict" mother kicked out the son, he wanted to show his virtues by granting him everything.
The truth is, the game was rigged from the start.
No. 17628
75 kB, 850 × 400
No. 17648
Reading this make me felt sick...