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No. 17585
118 kB, 1920 × 1011
1,7 MB, 199 × 215, 0:03
Since an acre is defined as a chain by a furlong (i.e. 66 ft × 660 ft or 20.12 m × 201.17 m), an acre-foot is 43,560 cubic feet (1,233 m3).

Americans, explain yourself!
No. 17587
642 kB, 800 × 800
Imperial units are logical. Their logic comes from times when you had nothing, but your own arms, feet and stones around and you couldn't say for sure how much is a 1/10000 of Paris meridian.
Why pretend to use pounds, though? Half a kilo means half a kilo and there is no need to cover halfkilos shamefully under the old name.
Germans, explain yourselves!
No. 17600 Kontra
Not to defend imperial, but of course it looks batshit crazy if you convert it into metric.
It was never meant to be converted.
No. 17605
This. My great-grandfather was a carpenter and still using his limbs as measurments out of tradition, even when officially the metric units were officially established a long time ago.
No. 17620
We use half a kilo.

95% of Butcher-Sale-Staff will not know what a pound is.

Tell me the story where you roof collapsed.

It looks even batshit crazy in feet. How is 66 feet and 660 feet natural? Sure, 660 is 66*10 which makes sense, but why fucking 66 out of nowhere? I'm so enraged that my body temperature is 104°F.
No. 17622 Kontra
I was dunces. A Pfund is 0.kg in fact.
No. 17623
>95% of Butcher-Sale-Staff will not know what a pound is.
That is plain bullshit. I always order my minced meat in pounds, or respectively Pfund, and never had anyone not knowing what I was talking about.
>We use half a kilo.
I never overheard anyone saying that.
No. 17624
Metric is just based on how many fingers*two hands power
No. 17626

My roof is much newer and not build by him. But as the family lore goes he was very sought after carpenter back in the day.
No. 17678
67 kB, 1097 × 1029
Germans also had to apologize back in the days
No. 17679 Kontra
So the butcher is weighing 452,592g then or is it 0.5kg apparently?
No. 17686 Kontra
Stop trying to be a smartass, just because you were caught talking bullshit.
No. 17697
it's perfectly fine to order "ein halbes kilo rinderhack" oder "ein pfund rinderhack" here in my region. pounds and zentner are still used occasionally, but only when it's convenient and not on paper. young people don't use those at all. "ein zentner äpfel" or "fünf zentner kartoffeln" is somewhat easier than "fünfzig kilogramm äpfel" and "zweihundertfünfzig kilogramm kartoffeln", in my opinion.
No. 17700
It might be possible that people order half a kilo, I just never hear that. People here usually use pounds, i.e. ein Pfund, zwei Pfund, ein halbes Pfund, and of course they are not talking about metric pounds. I never ordered anything in the 50 kilogram category or witnessed somebody doing it, so I am unsure if people use zentner, but I suppose so.
North Germany here.

Also: What young people do and don't do, I really do not care about. I am in every aspect closer to the old guy sitting on a park bench shaking his head about them, than to them.
No. 17739
41 kB, 450 × 625
The use of 'imperial' units on the Germany is a colloquial synonym for a fraction of metric units.
No. 17794
71 kB, 532 × 711
>Fantasy units general

Hello, where are the assburger fantasy units? This thread fails to deliver on it's promise.

I was trying to think some up but anything practical has already been adopted, especially with hand digits and cooking/baking.
No. 17825
Dick length units. I'm pretty sure we don't have those. And instead of metric or imperial "well is it elven or orkish standard?"

I guess it depends on the setting. For a modern western or most developed world unit a couch would be a good measure of length. For an incredibly useless, tedious, and archaic temperature how about BpS, bubbles per second of boiling water? If you don't care about quality I'm sure there's plenty of gold units left.
No. 17842
168 kB, 425 × 450
Dick units sounds like the start of an ebin parody.
>In the year 2525 size is all that matters. Witness a world where wealth comes not from power or merit but on one societies obsession with the size of your digg XDDD
>Rebellion against our great law can mean only one thing! :-------D
No. 17843
76 kB, 500 × 741
I was going to make a big ender-little ender joke but couldn't think of one