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No. 1826
42 kB, 500 × 375
I can no longer abide by this absolute Chinese. Fucking. FILTH. Two separate headphones and I can tell both of these pieces of shit are the exact same goddamn chinese manufacturer. They sound like fucking garbage. Where can one find Western goods that aren't absurdly expensive luxury prices? What about Sweden? Do the Swedes make decent headphones? Where to buy exclusively NOT CHINA MADE This is absolutely ridiculous. It sounds fucking terrible! FUCKING TERRIBLE!
No. 1831
52 kB, 800 × 600
This german company has a good price-perfomance ratio.
No. 1843
JBL is good.

I have quite expensive Monitor speakers which is german engineering but assembled in China and they sound fucking great.
China can be quality, it depends on the standard, Johnny.
No. 6534
93 kB, 720 × 405
Headphones are for plebs, of all the bad things in the world because of globalization and the protocols of zion you're complaining about headphones?
No. 6536
488 kB, 800 × 767
Everything is made in China, from the finest and most absurdly expensive of electronics to the most bottom of the barrel, tinplated garbageware.
You've chosen the later.
No. 6541 Kontra
Earbuds are like socks. They break eventually and you constantly have to buy new ones.
No. 6546
I've really expensive monitors for music production and they are made in china. Engineered in Germany tho.

So >>6536 is the analysis to go here