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No. 18833
40 kB, 500 × 413
tell me about yourself
No. 18834
I'm gay
No. 18835
I talk a lot and do very little.
No. 18838
I'm boring and have no hobbies
No. 18851
81 kB, 460 × 562
I'm afraid of trying anything since childhood because I'm constantly reminiscing too much about what other people would and had felt as consequence of my actions.
I'm a piece of shit. Years ago whilst being timid about myself and such I could have done something with my free time and youthfulness; energy.
Everyday before going to bed I wish silently that I could go back through time and just put one thing in my young mind: no one cares about you, you don't need to be protective.

Instead, I'm here --- wasted!