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No. 18931 Systemkontra
464 kB, 2048 × 1152
Greetings from Depreschan.
Come visit us, if you'd like.
No. 18932 Kontra
38 kB, 545 × 500
Nobody cares about your gimmicky forced chan.
No. 18943 Kontra
That is really cringy.
No. 18946
56 kB, 630 × 400
Entire front page is
>you shilled on our chan fuck you
>sincerely, some obscure as fuck imageboards I had no idea existed
No. 18957 Kontra
It's interesting, I only know KC, Kohl, 420chan my first and 4chan, tho I've never really been there and wizchan thanks to so many fuck off recommendations Bernd gave out to other Bernds. Ernst, NSL, endchan, 8chan and yuchan were known to me as migration boards when KC was down. But apparently there exist many, many more small chans, I didn't click any of them since depreschan was already shit but think of it, Ernst is used by less than 20 people frequently.
No. 18969 Kontra
You miss to name two finnish boards, one polish, one russian, one british I thought one cannot not heave heard of, and a few others that used to be more or less known at least on kc. I have the impression you are quite new to imageboards as a whole.

Yes, this is my big hard long veiny e-cock. Look at it and cry.
No. 18971 Kontra
416 kB, 1158 × 895
>I didn't click any of them
I suffer from curiosity. That one chan is exactly what it sounds like.
No. 18972
1015 kB, 1622 × 1112
Nice shot.
No. 19011 Kontra
I know of a lot of little more obscure chans including a whole series of ones that died over the years. Apparently 7chan still lives which amazes me.
And yeah the smaller spin offs are pretty amazing how small or niche they are. Usually what happens is either a mass ban wave or board closure causes a bunch of people (usually the cancer) to seek a new refuge where they can continuing being butthurt at their parent board. This is exactly how both 7chan and 8chan got created, where 7 was from mass bans, and 8 was made specifically because moot killed /new/ and /r9k/ because both those boards were shit.

We all know those boards. Britfa.gs was basically involved in creating KC and due to KC everyone got to know all the other international shit boards including 55chan which you neglected to mention, along with dvach/sosach, yilauta and kavalauta and so on or magyarchan or any of the other numerous smaller boards from some countries like the Italian one and Spanish one that probably doesn't exist. Or all the numerous raid chans like rockstarchan, 711chan, 888chan, 315chan, or whathaveyou. Or tiny places to find ebooks like zerochan and freechan. There was a place called over chan that also tried to catalogue them, and a porn one called fapchan iirc, and operatorchan for example which was basically just /k/--the chan. There's been hundreds of IBs coming and going over the years.
No. 19028 Kontra
>Britfa.gs was basically involved in creating KC
It wasn't. But nevermind. Just let this awful thread die.
No. 19031
53 kB, 1039 × 737
No. 19528
we need to bump it up