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No. 18963
846 kB, 866 × 495
Huawei founder made some pretty confident declarations about his company and USA

>America doesn't represent the world
>no way the US can crush us
Reminder that his daughter is under arrest in Canada.
No. 18964

Basically, he doesn't care about USA so much because USA is just a small portion of their revenue. But on the other hand it seems they're better positioned than anybody else to roll out 5G, so many countries apparently are ignoring warnings from murka because they want that 5G fast. I have not yet understood what's the big difference from 4G to 5G other than much broader band.
No. 18968
>I have not yet understood what's the big difference from 4G to 5G other than much broader band.
High-speed communications require broad band and higher frequencies. The higher you get, less broader band you need.
No. 19051
No. 19052
83 kB, 302 × 389
>Saudi crown prince
>defends China's right to put Uighur Muslims in concentration camps
The what...?

>"China has the right to carry out anti-terrorism and de-extremisation work for its national security,” Prince Mohammed, who has been in China signing multi-million trade deals much to the annoyance of his Western allies, was quoted as saying on Chinese state television.
Oh, right, I forgot that MONEY exists for a second.
No. 19054
104 kB, 640 × 640
What a bunch

>The bad news: A U.S. Congress that may end funding for the war in Yemen
No. 19055
52 kB, 700 × 395
To bolster their DNA capabilities, scientists affiliated with China’s police used equipment made by Thermo Fisher, a Massachusetts company. For comparison with Uighur DNA, they also relied on genetic material from people around the world that was provided by Kenneth Kidd, a prominent Yale University geneticist.

No. 19057 Kontra
Reminds me of this book:


On April 12, 1933, the German government announced plans to conduct a long-delayed national census.[2]:54 The project was particularly important to the Nazis as a mechanism for the identification of Jews, Gypsies, and other ethnic groups deemed undesirable by the regime. Dehomag offered to assist the German government in its task of ethnic identification, concentrating upon the 41 million residents of Prussia.[2]:55 This activity was not only countenanced by Thomas Watson and IBM in America, Black argues, but was actively encouraged and financially supported, with Watson himself traveling to Germany in October 1933 and the company ramping up its investment in its German subsidiary from 400,000 to 7,000,000 Reichsmark—about $1 million.[2]:60 This injection of American capital allowed Dehomag to purchase land in Berlin and to construct IBM's first factory in Germany, Black charges, thereby "tooling up for what it correctly saw as a massive financial relationship with the Hitler regime".[2]:60

Black also asserts that a "secret deal" was made between Heidinger and Watson during the latter's visit to Germany which allowed Dehomag commercial powers outside of Germany, enabling the "now Nazified" company to "circumvent and supplant" various national subsidiaries and licensees by "soliciting and delivering punch card solution technology directly to IBM customers in those territories".[2]:61 As a result, Nazi Germany soon became the second most important customer of IBM after the lucrative U.S. market.[2]:110 The 1933 census, with design help and tabulation services provided by IBM through its German subsidiary, proved to be pivotal to the Nazis in their efforts to identify, isolate, and ultimately destroy the country's Jewish minority. Machine-tabulated census data greatly expanded the estimated number of Jews in Germany by identifying individuals with only one or a few Jewish ancestors. Previous estimates of 400,000 to 600,000 were abandoned for a new estimate of 2 million Jews in the nation of 65 million.[2]:110

As the Nazi war machine occupied successive nations of Europe, capitulation was followed by a census of the population of each subjugated nation, with an eye to the identification and isolation of Jews and Gypsies. These census operations were intimately intertwined with technology and cards supplied by IBM's German and new Polish subsidiaries, which were awarded specific sales territories in Poland by decision of the New York office following Germany's successful Blitzkrieg invasion.[2]:193 Data generated by means of counting and alphabetization equipment supplied by IBM through its German and other national subsidiaries was instrumental in the efforts of the German government to concentrate and ultimately destroy ethnic Jewish populations across Europe.[2]:198 Black reports that every Nazi concentration camp maintained its own Hollerith-Abteilung (Hollerith Department), assigned with keeping tabs on inmates through use of IBM's punchcard technology.[2]:351 In his book, Black charges that "without IBM's machinery, continuing upkeep and service, as well as the supply of punch cards, whether located on-site or off-site, Hitler's camps could have never managed the numbers they did."[2]:352
No. 19058
49 kB, 604 × 157
Cisco and... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Firewall#Campaigns_and_crackdowns

USA you are the Freedom's gf of the world, I think you should raze this kind of behaviour, with all respect I tell you
No. 19060
Thermo Fisher has already folded to public pressure regarding the Uighur issue, and will no longer sell its instruments in Xinjiang. It's probably too little, too late though.
No. 19064
USA doesn't give two shits about freedoms. When America lectures you about "freedom" what they're really talking about is freedom of our oligarchs. In that regard it is indeed a more free society than say Britain, Germany, or France because in those countries you're expected to be held accountable to society.

Otherwise the idea that this is a free society is laughable. We have been propping up dictatorships and death squads for the last century and jail more people than any other country on earth. We haven't been a truly free society since the American frontier was closed.
No. 19068
>since the American frontier was closed
When it was closed though?
No. 19071
Late 19th century. I mean, look yeah it was a period of blatant land theft, invasion, and genocide, but it was also a defining period for this country. It was around the start of the 20th century that you couldn't really just move to a prairie, grab some land and tell the government to fuck off. There has been a creeping authoritarianism getting more intense each decade since then. It's at the point now where if a man wants to just go fishing he's going to get fined and tazed for not having a permit and probably criminal trespass. Because I have an idealistic vision of my country and expect and demand freedoms, I am naturally very very butthurt about all this.

Of course I forget topic is China, and I dislike that country so much that at this point even the Saudis are better than them. I wish nothing but smallpox and misery upon China.
No. 19090
>Of course I forget topic is China, and I dislike that country so much that at this point even the Saudis are better than them. I wish nothing but smallpox and misery upon China.

What is your view on the red scare? Would you say that current political propaganda (in the US) against china is comparable to the red scare?
No. 19092
>you couldn't really just move to a prairie, grab some land and tell the government to fuck off. There has been a creeping authoritarianism getting more intense each decade since then
You might want to read Foucault and his theory about utopias and heterotopias.
>In civilizations without boats, dreams dry up, espionage takes the place of adventure, and the police take the place of pirates.
No. 19108
Oh it's nothing even remotely like the Red Scare. I mean for starters, China actually makes US companies a LOT of fucking money. All that cheap garbage in China is bought up by US companies for pennies on the dollar if even that and sold for outrageous markup. It isn't China's fault. It's the fault of US companies that this shit is happening.

That being stated China is a legitimate threat to freedoms worldwide. This again isn't taken so seriously because a lot of the evil shit China does or wants to do is also what Western oligarchs want to implement like having some horrible internet passport system and total surveillanced etc they just can't get away with it so easily as China does to the Chinese.

If anything the threat is massively downplayed. Trump is one of the only people willing to publicly say anything negative about China and even then you will notice he treats them with kids gloves and is too afraid to say anything super bad about China, in spite of the fact they spent the past two decades looting every single Western server on earth for anything of remotest military or economic or other value. It wouldn't surprise me if China could simply turn off our whole military and economy at this point.

So no, in fact it is opposite of red scare and people are really complacent over here. It's that terminal stage of empires symptom, where imperial citizens and even leadership arrogantly assume they are too big to fall and impervious to everything. I honestly can't tell how much is stupidity or arrogance, and how much is knowing China already has us by the balls economically. A world under Chinese rule will be hell on earth.
No. 19134 Kontra
I hope Xi wipes DC off the map.
No. 19153 Kontra
I hope DC wipes Beijing off the map
No. 19155

>A world under Chinese rule will be hell on earth.

I don't think there are any other options on the table than hell on earth, one way or the other.
No. 19156
>I have not yet understood what's the big difference from 4G to 5G other than much broader band.

5G makes communication basically "live", its so fast it can potentially be real life instant. Now you dont need that to read the latest post on EC, but for example companies set up their own 5G networks on their production facilities so they can communicate in real time with the machines from one central command building and that kind of stuff.
No. 19160

The father of this 21 year old girl embezzled million dollars of Russian taxpayers', she is a privileged kid that got education and her current position thanks to the connections and wealth of her father, and now she works for the EU parliament and receives the salary from European taxpayers. Reminds me of a situation when Stalin’s daughter and Khrushchev’s son immigrated from the USSR to the West.
The children of Russian officials are the international globalized elite and enjoy the benefits of Western education and quality of life, but they will not even pay a penny for the sins of their parents who have transferred their ill-gained wealth to their children.
Former Ukrainian prime minister ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pavlo_Lazarenko ) stole millions of dollars from piss-poor Ukrainian citizens in the 90s and escaped to the US. Later he was prosecuted by American authorities, but sure as hell he managed to hide and transfer some money to his relatives in America.

Nationalism is a sham and it's very tempting for high-ranking officials to try to find an external enemy to exploit tribalism and divert people's attention from corruption and internal problems.
No. 19232
391 kB, 539 × 450
54 kB, 587 × 687
Yes again but this time quite serious!
Artilery shells and heavy bombardlemnt, lost of some aircraft and other things. Too many news, hard to sort all this out.
No. 19234

Its in German tho.

Apparently right wingers from Germany use the Czech Republic to train with fire arms on private rifle ranges since the laws are not strict over there you just need a valid ID. Had to chuckle a bit because I thought of the upcoming civil war memes that are spread on imageboards.
Also an interesting fact that you can train shooting with pistols and even AKs in the Czech Republic.
No. 19237

>this time quite serious!

No. 19238
Well I not say it will escalate, I just said was done already was something big compared to recent years.
No. 19246
It's a right wing religious/nationalist government versus a well right wing Islamist government. Pretty high chance of a nuclear exchange there in fact it has long been feared as the flashpoint for the first nuclear war. Genuine analysts don't give a shit about North Korea or Iran, only US neocons. Everyone else has known for awhile that this is the most delicate nuclear situation in the world, and frankly neither government atm is what you would call sane, stable and level headed.
No. 19262
77 kB, 506 × 535
The situation is believed to arise when two sperm cells fertilise a single egg. In the latest case, one sperm carried an X chromosome among its genetic material, and the other carried a Y chromosome.

After fertilisation the chromosomes from the two sperm cells and the single egg got bundled into three “genetic packages”: one contained chromosomes from both sperm – meaning it contained two sets of genetic material from the father, but none from the mother. The other two packages each contained the same set of chromosomes from the mother, as well as genetic material from one of the two sperm, giving rise to either XX (female) or XY (male) cells.

As the fertilised egg divided and the ball of cells grew, those containing only chromosomes from the two sperm died. However, those containing chromosomes from both the egg and a sperm cell continued to divide.

“Then what happens is that little ball of cells splits into two, and that is why you have twins,” said Gabbett, adding that these offspring have a greater genetic similarity than fraternal twins, but are not identical.

But the situation is not that straightforward: some of both embryos’ cells contained two X chromosomes, while other cells contained an X and a Y chromosome.

Gabbett added since one twin was a boy and the other a girl, the ratio of each of these types of cell differed: one embryo contained a greater number of XY cells, so developed male, while the other had a high proportion of XX cells and developed female.

The only previously reported case of sesquizygotic twins came from the US in 2007, discovered after one of the children was born with ambiguous genitalia. The team say the children in the latest report had no such ambiguities.


Sesquizygotic multiple pregnancy is an exceptional intermediate between monozygotic and dizygotic twinning. We report a monochorionic twin pregnancy with fetal sex discordance. Genotyping of amniotic fluid from each sac showed that the twins were maternally identical but chimerically shared 78% of their paternal genome, which makes them genetically in between monozygotic and dizygotic; they are sesquizygotic. We observed no evidence of sesquizygosis in 968 dizygotic twin pairs whom we screened by means of pangenome single-nucleotide polymorphism genotyping. Data from published repositories also show that sesquizygosis is a rare event. Detailed genotyping implicates chimerism arising at the juncture of zygotic division, termed heterogonesis, as the likely initial step in the causation of sesquizygosis.

No. 19300
164 kB, 1256 × 2966
Huh interesting lineup. Did you know that POLAND is a UNSC member?

Belgium (2020)
Côte d’Ivoire (2019)
Dominican Republic (2020)
Equatorial Guinea (2019)
Germany (2020)
Indonesia (2020)
Kuwait (2019)
Peru (2019)
Poland (2019)
South Africa (2020)

Also your thoughts on the current Venezuela situation?
No. 19315
Why is this guy such a fucking traitor?
Literally fucking apologizing to some tinpot dictator who murdered an American. Like what the actual fuck?
No. 19318
3,1 MB, 960 × 540, 0:38
No. 19320
There is something about the British lecturing us politically that I find particularly irritating. I fucking hate Piers Morgan for the same reason.
No. 19334
112 kB, 960 × 540
7 kB, 200 × 150
Today a Fridays for Future-protest happened in my city. The big star guest was the pic related swedish girl with asperger-syndrome that kicked these demonstrations off. To those who aren't familiar with the concept: On fridays instead of going to school, kids gather at some central place of their town and protest against the politics of their governments concerning the environment. There were around 3500-6000 people, depending on the people counting, attending this event here. Of course the visit of the girl helped to add to these numbers. I guess a lot more kids simply stayed home from school today in the hope of not getting punished for it by having an excuse with this. I cannot help but feel reminded of the South Park episode in which the boys fled a math exam to protest against the war in Iraq.
No. 19337
I saw such a "demonstration" some weeks ago, when I had to visit the city center. Today while shopping groceries the "radio" there gave me a news flash about these events. I had to think of the concept of folk politics >The book begins (chapters 1–2) by critiquing dominant left-wing thinking in the West, suggesting that since the cultural upheavals of the 1960s it has been characterised by a "folk politics" which aims to bring politics down to the "human scale". By emphasising temporal, spatial, and conceptual immediacy, folk politics tends to privilege reacting to change (through protest and resistance) over imagining new long-term goals; the immediate and tangible over the abstract; personal involvement in direct action over institutional responses; single issues over complex strategies; horizontal organising over hierarchical; and the local over the large-scale. While arguing that these approaches are important and can at times be effective, Srnicek and Williams argue that they are insufficient to tackle global capitalism and specifically neoliberalism.and global warming we want to add here and why it is not successful, I too thought it's more about no school than thee climate, which is rather empty even it really is a serious issue, but it was has been emptied, thanks to us being acquainted with contradictions concerning our life styles and what we think has to be done for the future.
No. 19339
73 kB, 498 × 636
>Fridays for Future-protest
Kids in our times were a lot more effective in achieving their goals.
No. 19341
So, are there a lot of Streikbrechers? Because, remembering myself at that age, I'd rather sit in a cozy classroom listening to the teacher than do that cringey shit together with those dumb conformists.
No. 19343
I really do not know and have not read anything about that. I heard that not all schools go easy on the kids taking the day off for the protests but since it was the last day before holidays here, I guess a lot got by without attending either school or this gathering.
No. 19346
22 kB, 700 × 438
It's just that those kind of protests really seem stupid to me. IMO, a kid who sat through a physics or a biology lesson can potentially prove to be much more useful to the ecology than all that bunch of half-wits with signs.
No. 19359
315 kB, 2270 × 1506
35.000 $ Tesla is finally available


According to Musk the price in Europe will be about 30% higher because 20% sales tax and 10% import duty.
No. 19362
I doubt anyone will buy these cars apart from people who always get the newest toy available anyway. At the moment and for a few years to come, electric cars are nothing for the average consumer.
No. 19382

Why would you think that?
No. 19386
They are pretty impratical for the average person given there are still very few spots where you can load them. Also 35k is not something most people can afford just like that. Last I doubt that a lot of people are willing to cope with the waiting time until delivery. I am not up to date though, but the last time I read about it, it were around two years.
No. 19397
Tesla is being uprooted by other manufacturers who are able to deliver on time. They haven't had the #1 spot on the market of electric cars for some time now.

Besides, I think you underestimate the number of people who "always get the latest toys". Please, take a moment to figure our how long it took from "that one guy in my class has an iPhone" to "literally everyone has a smart phone".
Of course this is not the same price range, but the mentality is there.
No. 19400
the car is a different thing than a mobile phone with internet connection. You are right, the mentality might fit at first but at least for Germany I would say that people have a different mentality concerning cars than smartphones. A car is not just an exchangeable gadget for many people ofc some just buy the newest car every 2-3 years or buy on pump. So I have my doubts that people tackle the buy of a new (electrical) car like they do with a phone. Both depend on infrastructures like the other German already put forward which are quite different in their reality when they first entered the market.
No. 19403
I tried to compare the electric car with other stuff, but I fail to find much that really fits. I think you can compare an electric car best with personal computers entering homes or even the broad number of businesses. It took quite some time from computers being easily available at reasonable prices until the vast number of people actually buying them. Even with the computer having more advantages for the average person already back in the 80s, than the replacement of a motor car with an electrical one has to offer.
No. 19430

BBC doesn't seem to like this trade deal. Too short video for a debate, dunno why they did it, but the issue is interesting to discuss.
No. 19432
>Too short video for a debate, dunno why they did it, but the issue is interesting to discuss.

Well, if you want something more in depth:

It seems unlikely we'll get an agricultural deal with the US when Michael Gove is committed to improving animal welfare and the British diet (itself a strategy of cutting down healthcare costs). British farmers will also be unable to compete in an open market with US imports which is an issue as we're already terribly over-reliant on food imports. In short, there's a good deal going against it that flow from our place as a world leader in ethical farming which won't go after Brexit because it's something the public here care deeply about.

In the case of chlorinated chicken, personally I think the EU was wrong to ban it and it has represented raw protectionism. In addition I think the US agricultural industry will influence the US negotiating position in ways people often miss. USMCA negotiations eventually took a softer tone on access to the Canadian diary market as the US farm lobby itself became worried that too much competition would turn Canada into an efficiency monster that would compete with them. Similarly the US negotiations with Mexico eventually turned into niggling over a few small percentage points from the deal they already had under TPP despite Mexico affectively surrendering near the end.

I don't think either side is too keen on major change in this area and it's a sideshow to different negotiations ongoing involving access to financial services and tariffs for online purchases. This is somewhere USMCA got a big win on and I think we'll see a similar deal occur with Britain.
No. 19433
Telsa is popular in China which is a closed market.
3 billion ppl
Every brand is envious of this.
I think think electric vehicles are garbage, overpriced vanity vehicles.

'member milk floats I 'member
No. 19439
27 kB, 800 × 450
Holy sweet fucking Jesus did you guys hear about this?
tl;dr for some mysterious reason the Trump admin had been trying to ram through creating a Saudi Arabian nuclear program. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

In (a bit old) but completely unrelated news
No. 19440
A chunk of a Denisovan skull has been identified for the first time—a dramatic contribution to the handful of known samples from one of the most obscure branches of the hominin family tree. Paleoanthropologist Bence Viola from the University of Toronto will discuss the as-yet-unpublished discovery at the upcoming meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists in Cleveland, Ohio, at the end of March.

Very little is known about the Denisovans, an extinct branch of hominins that was a sister group to Neanderthals. Only four individual Denisovans had been identified previously, all from one cave in Siberia. The first Denisovan was described in 2010 from the fragment of a pinky finger bone, and three more were identified from teeth. This skull piece, excavated about three years ago in that same Siberian cave, represents a fifth individual.

“It’s very nice that we finally have fragments like this,” says Viola. “It’s not a full skull, but it’s a piece of a skull. It gives us more. Compared to the finger and the teeth, it’s nice to have.” But, he adds, it’s hardly a full skeleton. “We’re always greedy,” he laughs. “We want more.”

No. 19444
>Giving the arabs more toys for whatever reason
Holy shit
It was IQ89 and it was the Trump Administration’s plan
No. 19453
72 kB, 1310 × 873
And another Musk stunt:

SpaceX's Crew Dragon Docks at ISS for first time

No. 19457
Putin suddenly seems to be more reasonable and Russia a more responsible country than USA when it comes to nukes.

I'm more interested in what was being shown at the beginning: the lack of balance of the trade deal proposal, not the food ethics part.
No. 19458
14 kB, 480 × 360
>Putin suddenly seems to be more reasonable and Russia a more responsible country than USA when it comes to nukes.
No. 19460
Until you start building more than 40 uranium enrichment facilities for churkas or give Iranians nukes, we beat you and remain number 1 in the irresponsible nuclear department. USA! USA! USA!
No. 19462
I don't think Russia currently capable of building anything nuklear. However it will be not surprise if russia sold materials and shit like this to North Korea and their Nuklear program.
No. 19463
127 kB, 1280 × 732
61 kB, 1200 × 799
And they showed 3d render of american Boeing X-51

Nobody seen this real rocket, nobody even former Soviet/Rusian engeneers belive it's exist, recent putin conference where he metioned it "learning to count.." https://www.facebook.com/radiosvoboda/videos/300374410678322/ become new meme, since looks like Putin goes to absolute Demension in heda and all his talks was apu-tier, I will not even translate this.
No. 19464
Wait did he mean this?
>“Among the ruling class” in the United States, he said, are many people who “are too captivated by ideas of their exceptionalism and their superiority over the entire rest of the world.”

>“But do they know how to count?” he asked. “Surely they do. Let them first calculate the range and speed of our advanced weapons systems, and then make decisions on the threats against our country.”
I mean, the impression I often get is of a sociopathic KGB officer used to suffering bydlo and fools while talking in code. He was not wrong about this crackpot theory
Also FYI most intelligence operations particularly psyops and programs you normally associate with "CIA project" normally go through USAF and the USN like the Office of Naval Intelligence.
No. 19466
Russia is very much capable of building new nuclear powerplants.
Rosatom is going to build a new one at Paks in Hungary.
No. 19467
It's funny indeed:

>Avangard block can move at a speed exceeding the speed of sound 20 times in dense layers of the atmosphere.

>"It's all just like an orange. Six went to mind, seven went crazy. Count how much it will be. Both Georgia and Ukraine will not give them a big win," Putin said. At the same time, he did not give any specific calculations.

>The words “Six has gone to my mind, seven have gone crazy”, with which Putin has illustrated his statements, he has repeatedly used in the past for a variety of reasons, but more often - when meeting with teenagers.
No. 19469
lol okay wtf is he even talking about
No. 19471
He is not sane last year or so, and his condition become worse slowely. I guess country currently ruled mostly by Sechin and some other people like him, Putin is just instrument of talking more or less, and balance instrument since current goverment oligarhs and siloviki hate each other.
No. 19472
>I'm more interested in what was being shown at the beginning: the lack of balance of the trade deal proposal, not the food ethics part.

I'd argue that they are all interrelated and by extension the comparative advantages of size are therefore overstated. To draw upon USMCA negotiations again, Canada and Mexico while dwarfed and dependant on trade with the US were able to exploit the fragmented nature of American society to great effect. This is especially true of Canada which engaged early with the US auto industry, state governments and even agricultural sectors to work with it on a deal. Conversely, Trump appointed loyalists to lead negotiations who found themselves living with a distinct information disadvantage while domestic pressure meant walking way would be impossible. The final nail was Canada dictating Trumps victory speech with ridiculous clauses like if Canada's auto exports to the US rose by 100% in one year tariffs could be called and exploiting the China bogeyman by providing a notification clause on any new free trade deals.

There is the big distinction of course that no deal in this scenario is the status quo and that Britain would be unlikely to hold a united front domestically. This presupposes however that American industry will allow a juicy opportunity to slip by in a period of global economic slowdown and ignores 20 years of UK government experience in dealing with (comparatively) tiny devolved regions that frequently pulled its pants down. The US will at some point no doubt do use it's classic trick of walking out (something it has done to great effect in negotiations with China and now North Korea) causing worry but they always come back after a few months.

So in short it all sounds very scary for a short news bit made by a lazy reporter but it's more complicated than that. Maybe we'll just end up with a modified TTIP.
No. 19473
97 kB, 635 × 499
67 kB, 500 × 570
139 kB, 949 × 500
69 kB, 500 × 513
Are you sure he is crazy, and doesn't just think he's talking in code?
No. 19474
6 kB, 182 × 277
>he's talking in code?
While playing 6d chess?
No. 19475
171 kB, 796 × 499
It just sounds to me almost like saying something in code or trying to make some remark not everyone would get. I presume this because of KGB background, not claiming he is good at it.
No. 19478
There is a lot of "PUTriots" who belive and "uncode" all shizophazia he said over this years. Don't know how much of them is payed posters who just imitate activity thought.
No. 19479
99 kB, 684 × 365
88 kB, 612 × 408
67 kB, 500 × 644
So he is actually losing it? I also think I'm using it wrong and my grammar sucks.
No. 19480
62 kB, 640 × 320
Loosing what? Sanity? Yes, he is aging bydlo who long time ago don't understand not modern world, not in any way competent. And well, let's stop it, since I can post 9000 funny pictures with pootine, but we are not picture dumping board.
No. 19483
Yes, but we are a me trying to find proper Russian grammar and phraseology to adequately mock world leaders board :--DDDD
No. 19484 Kontra
When I saw it on the frontpage, I thought sosach is raiding us.
No. 19488 Kontra
345 kB, 640 × 360, 0:06
596 kB, 620 × 500
When you saw what? You mean these?
I literally just made those. So you are saying, I am no longer distinguishable from Russian bydlo among Russians? XAXAXAXA,DA! XAXAXA!
No. 19489 Kontra
32 kB, 200 × 200
Time to put on that abibas suit and have a dance.
No. 19490 Kontra
Well, I didn't get any sense text captions, but sosach rarely makes any sense, so it was really undistinguishable.
No. 19569
Can't find an english version of this

>the three main characteristics that defined mobility in the 20th century are disappearing: cars that need a driver, cars as individual private property, and cars that are moved by combustion engine
t. Stephan Rammler
He says that Germany needs to start worrying about its automotive industry, because it's shifting fast, and it's shifting towards China and USA because of those things listed above. I stumbled on some other dude some weeks ago also saying the same, but can't even remember where and who anymore. Anyway, it seems germans are worried about the future of their auto industry.
No. 19570
84 kB, 250 × 198

For just the second time since the global epidemic began, a patient appears to have been cured of infection with H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS.

The news comes nearly 12 years to the day after the first patient known to be cured, a feat that researchers have long tried, and failed, to duplicate. The surprise success now confirms that a cure for H.I.V. infection is possible, if difficult, researchers said.

The investigators are to publish their report on Tuesday in the journal Nature and to present some of the details at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Seattle.

Publicly, the scientists are describing the case as a long-term remission. In interviews, most experts are calling it a cure, with the caveat that it is hard to know how to define the word when there are only two known instances.

Both milestones resulted from bone-marrow transplants given to infected patients. But the transplants were intended to treat cancer in the patients, not H.I.V.
No. 19630

10 min video showing some aspects of the water crisis in Cape Town.
No. 19687

Just add nature.com to your bookmarks.
No. 19723

This isn't even the first time, two years ago they sunk one of these chinese illegal fishing boats.

No. 19732
97 kB, 963 × 523
"Down with USA": Aline Abboud, journalist for the German state-run broadcaster ZDF, poses in front of anti-American slogans in Iran.

The photo was spread on the Instagram channel of the Kabul-born Islam lobbyist Moshtari. The photo was taken in front of the US embassy in Tehran. And provided with the text that she had just noticed how this photo was used by "white suprematists" for their anti-Muslim propaganda. That it could use the anti-American and anti-Semitic Muslim world obviously bothers them less.

No. 19733
26 kB, 350 × 350
Finland's government has just resigned due to failed social and economic reforms https://www.sfgate.com/news/world/article/Finland-s-center-right-government-resigns-13672620.php
No. 19741 Kontra
No. 19748 Kontra
I never watch news because of reasons, but of this I approve for a change. People being pissed about someones political agenda or lack of neutrality are the new PC-shills in my book. That includes all those "muh white neighbourhood" alt-rights. Even though they try to be poltically incorrect all the time, they get a rage-boner as soon as someone publicly demonstrates any political agenda against their own. This is the legacy of all those SJWs and PC-persons: Now everybody from every spectrum feels entitled to make demands for everyone elses political agenda.
No. 19763 Kontra
It's not a legacy of SJWs. Before them we had the Christian fundies. It is more of a busybody personality type which tries to police how everyone else acts and thinks and then flies into a spastic rage when someone goes against the grain. Whatever they congregate towards seems to just be whatever can simulataneously offer them massive amounts of people and be mainstream while also allowing them to pretend some measure of victimhood without actually being the victims.
No. 19917
No. 19927
18 kB, 460 × 295
So now wtf are they going to do? Is Bri'un just going to crash out of the EU?
No. 19933
I wonder what Nigel Farage is doing right now...
No. 19939
No. They still have 'bout two weeks. Or maybe they'll get an extension. The deadest deadline is May (not the PM but the month) coz EU elections are coming.
You see on a no-deal Brexit both parties lose (supposedly). Some say Britain will lose bigger but will the EU accept their loss? Right now the EU bureaucrats are coercing the Brits with the deadline: "accept the deal or else". They pretend they have nothing to worry about and the Brits make joke out of themselves with constantly throwing back the deal while they themselves are getting more nervous.
Frankly we cannot know what will happen after Brexit - deal or no-deal - "experts" say what they paid to say and we, average Joes don't have the proper information to draw conclusion we only know what the media fed us. And the media constantly says Britain future is grim. Then they pull out data and statistics, how the GBP falls and shit like that but everyone forgets if the media would broadcast with a big honest smile that Britain's future looks glorious then things would go up to Britain. Also media just inflates the drama because it's good for their business. Even if the Small Island will "crash" it will be so small drop Brits wouldn't really feel the difference but we will be assured by the media and chan-dwellers they are literally Somalia now.
The main obstacle - maybe the only obstacle - is the Irish backstop. It was the last time and now too. May was told to take that out and the Commons will accept it. On the other hand EU insist on the backstop, it doesn't want a deal without it. Frankly a without deal would still be more advantageous (supposedly) for both parties than no deal. The time is ticking but they still haven't reached the 24th. And still one side can say: "we accept the backstop" or "we give up the backstop". Euro-crats pretend the only one who can give in is the Brits, but this isn't true, and I think the Brits now that, this is why they throw the deal back again and again because they are playing the same game as the other side: bluffing until the last minute and hope the other side will blink first.
No. 19940
I thought there had been an agreement on Monday that the EU was gonna allow renegotiations for the backstop? But that was also in the media and now I am writing it on a chan, so we should not be sure.
Anyways I dearly hope for everybodies sanity in Brussels and Britain that this charade will end anyway soon now. If anybody believes either Britain or the EU can still come out of this looking anything but a miserable pile of shit, they are very wrong imho.
No. 19941
Well if the EU gives way than what the Brits are doing is working.
>Anyways I dearly hope for everybodies sanity in Brussels and Britain that this charade will end anyway soon now. If anybody believes either Britain or the EU can still come out of this looking anything but a miserable pile of shit, they are very wrong imho.
Not sure why are you saying this. They have a certain amount of time for negotiation, bargaining and they are doing just that. Everyone's just making a circus out of it.
No. 19945
52 kB, 870 × 686
It's because basically the entirety of UKIP made a circus out of Brexit and once it was made apparent what a complete disaster it was going to be they all bailed and left a reluctant May to handle it, who thus far hasn't shown herself to be terribly competent. It is clear to any onlooker that everybody in UKIP realized long ago that Brexit was a monumental mistake and wanted a fall guy. The handling of negotiations thus far has come across as being completely incompetent and full of mixed signals at best.
No. 19948
You know all the memes about this I see.
No. 19954
12,0 MB, 640 × 360, 2:20
>Daesh women feeling sorry for themselves for being in camp for a few weeks. Syrians, Iraqi, Ezidi live in camps like this for 5 years now because these women & their org destroyed their world, homes & all they loved. But these freaks have no remorse care only about themselves

No. 19972
I'm pretty sure that's how everyone, foreigners as well as many Brits themselves, view the situation at this point.

Thank god we kicked this fucker out https://townhall.com/columnists/johnandandyschlafly/2019/03/06/isis-bride-is-not-an-american-citizen-n2542656
I can't believe that bitch had the audacity to try to come back here. Although, not to sound like that sort of a retard, but it's hard not to read this without going lol women as she hoed her way across three men and issues the usual "oh but I really loved america the best!" after telling people to run us over, blow us up, shoot us etc. To which I say, Allah willing, you will be handed over to the Turks or worse and suffer nine thousand hells inshallah etc. Like what the actual fuck is wrong with these people?

Over the years one of the things I have become most certain of is that women should never be allowed anywhere near immigration policy or issues of national security, particularly not the military. Like this https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/shamima-begum-isis-bride_uk_5c6d6121e4b0e2f4d8a1627a
Tough titties stay the fuck out of my country. Thank God the Brits also have a shred of common sense left.
No. 19973
watafuk man, they don't even have water and power anymore.
No. 19974
What the hell I've been told for months now that the whole country is starving to death and theres no food anywhere but that sure as fuck doesn't look like there isn't any food to me. Franky I don't trust a damn thing being said in English corporate news outlets about Venezuela at this point. What's your take on things Brazil? I've heard there's supposed to be tons of venezeualan refugees in Br already.
No. 19976
That's probably because your main source of information is other's opinion of it - be it a news outlet or imageboards - and not the events themselves. And those opinions tend to grab people's attention which are the most emotionally inflated. This results in a distorted picture of reality.
No. 19978
Fair enough. I simply have not seen any evidence of the UK actually managing a coherent strategy in all this mess or even behaving like they actually know what they even want. It's even funnier because May herself wasn't a real believer in it and supposedly is only doing this out of a bizarre sense of integrity and fidelity to the voters for once. Frankly what's really annoying is just to see them throwing a fit and backing out after pretty much ramming the EU down Ireland's throat, and then the Irish ending up okay with it but now theres all the shenanigans over the NI border.

Tbqh I think the other part of the problem is because Brexit itself was incredibly poorly thought without anything like an actual solid plan. I think a good amount of it was purely due to migrant fears and ethnic paranoia regardless of the fact Brexit will do fuckall about immigrants except kicking some Poles out because the Pakistanis etc are there because of Commonwealth reasons. I don't think Brexit was actually being thought through by anybody and that the primary beneficiaries are mostly going to be US and Russia because frankly what the US wants is EU on a leash not an independent minded one that Macron seems intent on building. The only other thing is because of Germany in particular granting everyone citizenship I guess breaking from EU will prevent them from migrating there but I really don't get the impression most Brexit voters even thought that far ahead.
No. 19995
We get the same kind of news here. And there aren't many venezuelans coming this way because our borders are depopulated. They are a problem though because the State that's receiving them at the border has very low pop, so even 70000 venezuelans is too much for them.

As for the hunger, I'm confused as well. I don't understand how come in some vids we see kids starving and in others they show people trying to get cellphone signal like that's the biggest problem that they faced so far.
No. 20005
2,0 MB, 17 pages
The US is trying to overthrow the government of Venezuela so probably a fair portion is lies and propaganda we're being fed. Any situation where there's a US backed campaign of assassination and government overthrow the reporting is going to be about as accurate as listening to .ru tell us about Ukrainian Nazi provocations. I mean, it's a Socialist South American petrostate. You all saw what happened to Iraq.

Apologies for using Fox, but like here how is it that all of a sudden the power supposedly went from a countrywide blackout to 100% restored? If the power was knocked out at all you should review CIA sabotage manuals. It's not in this one but I also remember instructions for taking out power and utilities, so theres that.

US has pulled out the last diplomats and evil morons like Newt Gingrich continue bellowing loudly for military intervention all or whom are pidorans https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/nation-world/world/article227705654.html
No. 20033
On Radio War Nerd they talked to an Argentine journalist who has spent a lot of time covering left-leaning governments across Latin America since Chavez was elected. The show and almost all of its guests, including this journalist, are left leaning, and hate American interventionists with a passion.

With that out of the way, the Argentine journalist basically confirms the narrative that I've formed from sifting for the truth through mainstream media. Chavez started out with popular backing and good intentions, and actually did a lot of good. But Chavistas thought that high oil prices would last forever, and their entire program was founded upon that. As soon as oil prices tanked, their government became insolvent, and as they printed money the entire economy went to shit.

Venezuela has a poorly developed agriculture sector, so they can't grow enough food to feed themselves, and it's far from a self-sustaining economy in every other area. With the bolivar being completely worthless, and with the government insisting on a ridiculous official exchange rate that makes normal commerce with the world impossible, imports drop rapidly, which leads to mass suffering because people can't get what they need. If you want proof, look at the millions of Venezuelans who left; you don't up and leave like that unless there is actual suffering at home.

Maduro is actually unpopular, and he is essentially part of an authoritarian regime at this point. By the laws of Venezuela Guaido has about as much legitimacy as him. Maduro has grossly interfered with the democratic processes of his country in order to remain in power.

Of course, the opposition to the Chavistas are the typical kind of Latin American aristocrats and middle class who have open contempt for the poor, and murderous hostility towards any peasant who gets out of line, so they've been acting like complete shitters throughout this process. I can understand why there are still a lot of hardcore Chavistas who support the government no matter what. Once you take power from a demonic overclass like that, you'd rather die than submit to them again.

And also of course, we still have no business getting involved. The Bolivarian government might be responsible for everything going to shit, but you can always make things worse, and invading Venezuela or triggering a civil war would do just that.
No. 20035
338 kB, 1805 × 523
519 kB, 433 × 546
494 kB, 440 × 581
A group of New Zealanders and an Aussie, so far they speak about 4 men and one woman,
open fire at a crowd of muslims at a local mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Body count so far: 48 muslim invaders dead and 48 injured.

No. 20036 Kontra
>Body count so far: 48 muslim invaders dead and 48 injured.

I know that the news thread is traditionally the trash pile of EC, but you don't need to push it.
No. 20037
346 kB, 1242 × 2208

The Australian shooter has been identified as Brenton Tarrant, 28. He said he was inspired
by Anders Breivik and has written a manifesto, saying the victims were a "large group of invaders"
who he says "seek to occupy my peoples lands and ethnically replace my own people".

The manifesto, posted online, features a series of questions and answers, and opens with one asking:
"Who are you?"

The answer says: "Just a ordinary White man, 28 years old. Born in Australia to a working class, low income family.

"My parents are of Scottish, Irish and English stock. I had a regular childhood, without any great issues. I had
little interest in education during my schooling, barely achieving a passing grade."

He adds: "I am just a regular White man, from a regular family. Who decided to take a stand to ensure a future for my people."
He describes himself as "a private and mostly introverted person" and admits he is racist, adding that he is an "Eco-fascist by nature".

No. 20038
99 kB, 800 × 600
Too little, too late. Now they can blame us for terrorism, too.
Breivik had the same effect. I'm ok with spreading hatred against muslims, but not ok with terrorism.
No. 20039 Kontra
55 kB, 850 × 400

>muh harmless muslims & religion of peace meme
No. 20041 Kontra
>"I'm Joe Average" rhetoric, just like you, dear reader
>Islam has fertility rates

Just another event in the spiraling hate between agents of concepts. Yesterday I read a play by Kleist that would very well fit into this context.
No. 20042
Fuck off to kohl, untermensch.
No. 20043 Kontra
>s the other German mentioned, the news thread is the trash pile of EC I rarely look into it But maybe you are right, >>20039 is pol shit par excellence.

>Oh no, look how Erdogan plays the geopolitical game over political imaginaries and images, how awful, thank dog we don't do it.
No. 20044 Kontra
No. 20045 Kontra
Make it known that it isn't welcome here and then ignore it. This kind of cancer feeds on continued reactions.
No. 20046 Kontra
It was honestly only a matter of time before something like this happened.
In case you need a reminder of full/pol/ in 2019: https://archive.fo/EaMmf
No. 20049
I dont get what you are trying to say? /pol/ is surely not to blame for this. some idiot has gone ape-shit now and some other idiot drives a truck into crowded places. do you have to blame /pol/ or the islam?

my main concern is, that imageboards are pushed into the center of attention and I dont like this.
No. 20051
Look in the archived thread when OP actually does something besides internet LARP. I dislike muslims and do not want them in Canada, but you have to literally be mentally ill to commit such an act and to endorse it as much as the anons do in the thread. A distant happening is very different from a poster communicating with anons about his actions.
No. 20052
>some idiot has gone ape-shit now and some other idiot drives a truck into crowded places. do you have to blame /pol/ or the islam?
Yes to both.
No. 20061
41 kB, 368 × 604
No. 20069
Yeah, they absolutely were. It's just yet another in a string of poltard right wing terrorism, and the biggest one yet. He was literally a poltard terrorist and in a surprise to fucking no one
> In the 8chan post, he wrote that it’s time to stop “shitposting” on the board and make a “real life effort post.” In the manifesto, the writer said he got all of his beliefs from the internet, because “you will not find the truth anywhere else.”

>The manifesto is riddled with references to 4Chan memes, and urges people who agree with the shooting to make more memes. At one point, the writer describes himself as a “kebab removalist,” a reference to a 4Chan meme about Serbian attacks on Bosnian Muslims. (Video the alleged shooter posted from a car includes a song in the background “known as a marching anthem for Serbian nationalist paramilitary units,” the BBC reported, and praises former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, who was convicted of genocide and war crimes.)

>“Create memes, post memes, and spread memes,” the author wrote. “Memes have done more for the ethno-nationalist movement than any manifesto.”
No. 20070
Also this. I directly blame both. Every single damn time there's a terrorist attack it's always either a poltard or an Islamist and both are cancerous right wing reactionary ideologies. If you don't blame the ideology as well you're simply being dishonest.
No. 20073
13 kB, 474 × 316
No. 20074
39 kB, 500 × 376
>tfw I wish oligarchs get fucked in the West
No. 20075
>[Oligarchic screeching]
I love it
No. 20076
Recently was a lot new sanctions from EU, US and Canada. A lot people i russia support it, because under sanctions fall really disgusting person who are hated.
No. 20085
To me someone who does this and thinks like this can't be mentally sane, he was probably an autist or something of the sorts, and I thank God that I'm not one. I mean, I was cringey and naive as hell when I was younger, but nothing this stupid.
No. 20086
I hope US wins. Deripaska is a filthy oligarch.
No. 20087
He's a 28 year old too. It amazes me how thoroughly stupid these sorts of people are.
No. 20089
99 kB, 760 × 507
Hey everybody look! Israel is doing cool things
It'd be ironic if this thing actually lasted that long and outlived all current life on earth to be discovered 500 million years later. We all need to close this space library gap Israel has opened up. Who will be the first to begin uploading genetic libraries for all life on earth to the moon?
No. 20091
Whether or not you like muslims, this retarded Aussie hasn't done anything good.
It gives government legitimacy to introduce bullshit weapon laws and toughen the control overall, especially over the Internet.
Those extremist retards seem to never really think about the consequences of their actions
No. 20097
The one good thing is at least exposing completely this bunch of retards. I'm sure theyve been busy at work both congratulating and glorifying the attack in their own shitholes while shilling the shit out of the internet but fact remains, it was a right wing terrorist. It has ironically exposed that we have as much of a real serious right wing terrorism problem as we do an Islamic one, and that these people should be treated the same way the FBI treats ISIS recruits.

>Those extremist retards
> seem to never really think about the consequences of their actions
No shit. It kind of goes with being an extremist nutjob to begin with, and this particular bunch is legendary for how stupid they all are on top of being evil and misinformed.
No. 20103 Kontra
>Those extremist retards seem to never really think about the consequences of their actions
On the contrary, the manifesto that he put out clearly states that the point of the attacks were to >introduce bullshit weapon laws and toughen the control overall, especially over the Internet. The main idea was to provoke the mainstream/muslims/"left-wing", who would then provoke the "right-wing", who then provoke the mainstream/muslims/"left-wing", etc. The idea is that eventually people will be forced to pick a side and the race war/civil war/dotr/final happening will commence. Think Charles Manson and Helter Skelter. The main difference is that Helter Skelter has more to do with Manson using "race war" as an excuse to carry out violent crimes and schizo-logic, while the aussie's ideological goals informed his actions. It is basically the —misused— /pol/ version of Acceralationism. The only way something like this could actually happen is if the material conditions of the general populace drops rapidly enough. If there truly ends up being an economic crash severe enough in the 2020s to cause such a drop in living standards, then this type of terrorism might have an effect.

We are very much living in a Clown world, and this incident is just a snowflake falling on the titanic sized iceberg. Amish Life seems to be particularly desirable to me. Apologizes for linking to a a Joe Rogan video but I liked this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dscDPIf0GJI
I have read "Ends and Means" by Aldous Huxley recently. Maybe I should make a post it in the literature thread.

Anyway, I do not like talking of such things on ernstchan. There is too much kohlposting here for my taste. I guess it can't be helped when you discuss news & politics.
No. 20104
yes but this might also affect ernstchan. they will not try to take down pol, they will even more bann chans, "free speech" and anything else from the internetz.

the internetz in russia will the only be the only "free" place left, maybe all chans will go there. who knows
No. 20106 Kontra
>the internetz in russia will the only be the only "free" place left

From the news just a few days ago:
>Moscow is seen to be moving toward a model similar to the “great firewall” of China, where certain keywords are blocked and users can't connect to blacklisted sites including Facebook.
No. 20109
More on this

DW made a doc trying to bash on Musk and his company, probably in partnership with german auto industry. The doc is so bad that I didn't bother watching to the end. But it shows that germans are worried.
No. 20115
I have to agree he did not behave rational.
No. 20124
Honestly it sounds like he was trying to take more a page from Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden was basically hoping to provoke the West into declaring a war against Islam, which would then (he hoped) convince the Islamic world to fight the West. Which is funny because it means that this retarded Australian was trying to use Bin Laden tier tactics for his own but it would actually just be fulfilling Al Qaeda's plan.

Lastly accelerationism itself is an incredibly stupid and frequently debunked ploy. The left had also assumed this politically in that by having people like Reagan or Bush in office people would get fed up and go to the left. It reminds me of someone thinking some dumb shit like saying the Nazis being defeated would be "accelerstionist" and therefore the Nazis would win. Instead all that happened was Nazism and even eugenics simply for being connected to it was thoroughly discredited for the next like 70-80 years, and is still largely discredited by everyone except a few poltards because no one in their family served in the military either. Instead what we got was Democratic Capitalism and Communism to spend the next century defining history and the world.

But again, extremists tend to be very stupid and short sighted people. This retarded Australian somehow seemed to think he could provoke civil war in the US by shooting innocent people in New Zealand. It will have little effect on US policy and besides which he drank too much kool aide to realize that the US probably could easily enact a gun ban and nothing would happen. This is because the local police would be asking people to turn in all their guns except shotguns and the people who most like to thunder about that they'd fight da gubmint are the exact types of people to kiss the asses of cops to begin with. These are the exact same retards who have been screeching hysterically for decades against anyone who bitches about our civil liberties being eroded. In short, even if a gun ban did happen they aren't going to do jack shit about it.

This Australian was a delusional retard.

•we're too small to be known about and it's only happened to vierkanal and cripplechan besides
•Russian internet is not free and my understanding is sosach got turned into some Russian governemnt asset
•a total shutdown on US internet freedom would come from the Republicans which theyve been pretty consistent about pursuing, with the Democrats pretty consistently fighting for free speech and an open internet.

DO NOTE: that terrorism and child pornography are not covered under free and open internet by either party. You don't see anyone giving a shit about ISIS Twitter accounts getting shut down, or Al Qaeda recruitment sites getting closed. The same thing is likely to happen here where both parties will simply file this away alongside ISIS Jihadists and nobody else will give a shit about them.

And lastly this. I have no idea what rock you've been hiding under but it's already been discussed how it's often joked about with Russians calling everything "extremist" to censor the internet there and it has lately been in the news how they want to completely wall themselves off from Western internet. This is a completely independent issue from a bunch of faggots running around saying to commit terrorist acts for pepe or whatever dumb shit.
No. 20128
nothing will happen, particularly not under potus trump. /pol/ is the best thing that happened to those in power since the invention of newspapers, television and facebook/twatter. why? for starters, /pol/ destroyed the original chan culture, which was basically about freedom, fun and randomness, if that makes any sense. 10 years later chans are almost completely dominated by missionaries and influencers who force agandas and their incredibly dumb, submissive, fanatic followers. that is, today chans are dominated by exactly the kind of people us oldfags used to despise, troll and ridicule. chans are just like the real world now and "they" (whoever "they" are in different countries) who control the real world also control chans now, in fact now they use chans to control the real world and vice versa. what's more, i highly doubt that those who have the power to crack down on 4chan and 8chan are really sad, "deeply concerned" or whatever they say into a microphone about what just happened in nz.
No. 20129
670 kB, 112 pages
pol shit on chans could just be a dynamic that spread itself without any control from above, just saying. maybe a chan as medium is predestined for pol shits

check the content of this book, might be an interesting read
No. 20130
>The main idea was to provoke the mainstream/muslims/"left-wing", who would then provoke the "right-wing", who then provoke the mainstream/muslims/"left-wing", etc. The idea is that eventually people will be forced to pick a side and the race war/civil war/dotr/final happening will commence.
I had to
No. 20132
Why in the fucking hell should I read this? I've spent the past decade around ground zero of all this dumb shit. I think that if anything the sorts of people to write a book on these sorts of things are way too quick to forgive or to try and find a rational explanation. It was like when for some strange reason the State Dept. was having so much trouble dealing with ISIS because they were lifelong bureaucrats and thus couldn't seem to fathom that ISIS were not rational actors but instead were apocalyptic death cultists. Likewise when something happened like say old Anon trolling the cult, because said cult was so used to strict hierarchy and no fun allowed they simply couldn't comprehend that it was just a bunch of retards from the internet without leader hierarchies fucking with them because it was funny.

In this case I've spent a horribly long time listening to them and one of the most grating things is hearing their stupid shit about oh you just haven't heard our side. I am thoroughly familiar with it. Most of these people are simply a bunch of weak minded losers from society who've become completely detached from reality in, I guess pretty much the exact same way a cult does actually. See the thing is they are also completely and utterly misinformed, spamming lies and bullshit everywhere and it just looks weird to everyone else. I think a significant part of them are simply psychopaths, which frankly has always been the case on imageboards to begin with but at this point the whole trash bin acts like the very concept of empathy is foreign to them.

It is not from a lack of familiarity that I dislike them. I hate them specifically because I know them so well. I know all the talking points and how this shit all came to pass, which is why I know how thoroughly wrong and stupid they are on almost every single point.

What those idiots should've done is watched someone like Bill Maher, who I generally agree with about various things like Islam and PC culture. Beyond that though the issue is these are exactly the kinds of stupid cocksuckers who only make shit like the worst elements of PC culture or Islamist reactionaries so much worse.

And at the end of the day, what the fuck do you expect me to say about a bunch of people who cheer on the murder of women and children? I think they are all the worst sort of filth who should all be thrown away in jail. I have no interest in their justifications for the same reason I really don't give two shits what Jeffrey Dahmer or Gacy or Bundy had to say about their behavior. They have set themselves as the enemies of all mankind. I don't give a flying fuck how they rationalize their atrocities. I also know full well their pathological lying and manipulative behavior, on top of being generally too stupid to pull it off. I've heard them for ten years. They have nothing interesting to say or worth listening to and whereas I used to think the right wing nationalist had a point, this has ultimately just turned me completely towards despising all of them. I despise them for similar reasons as despising pedophiles. I think that some people like say humanists have got it all wrong, as if we only hate what is different or new or cannot be understood, as if the problem is lack of familiarity when the opposite is the case. You would think to hear someone like a pedophile or a psychopath talk that maybe you could understand, and maybe you could hate them less, but only the former is true.

I do understand them. And with that understanding I hate them and want to find every way to destroy them. They are the same petty people as any school shooter or serial killer. They deserve nothing. They deserve nothing like that ISIS bitch who had the audacity to marry a string of ISIS fighters while threatening to kill us all on Twitter, and then tried claiming citizenship here. I hope she fucking rots in a Syrian prison camp for the rest of her life and I feel exactly the same way about this right wing mass shooter and all the people like him and supporting him, and if he ever tried coming to our country I think he should be sent to a CIA black site.
No. 20136
>Lastly accelerationism itself is an incredibly stupid and frequently debunked ploy. The left had also assumed this politically in that by having people like Reagan or Bush in office people would get fed up and go to the left. It reminds me of someone thinking some dumb shit like saying the Nazis being defeated would be "accelerstionist" and therefore the Nazis would win. Instead all that happened was Nazism and even eugenics simply for being connected to it was thoroughly discredited for the next like 70-80 years, and is still largely discredited by everyone except a few poltards because no one in their family served in the military either. Instead what we got was Democratic Capitalism and Communism to spend the next century defining history and the world.

Don't forget Lenin, who thought that Russian people starving was a great thing because it would lead to revolution. I find it interesting that such stupid ideas can be repeatedly found on both sides of political spectrum throughout modern history.
No. 20137
It's the result of angry and highly motivated people seeing at some level that there is nothing they can do. If they can't accept that, they come up with increasingly ridiculous pathways to victory.
No. 20138
That was actually pretty funny. Is south park still on? I haven't seen it in years. Maybe I should.
No. 20155
It's still going, however, that season (Season 20) had to do major script re-writing, because they expected the other candidate to win the 2016 election and the plot leadup shows it. Many consider it a weak season, but I liked it.
No. 20160
It's for long time feels meh, but recently it is belove averege. Like deep belove. I dunno, maybe it's still worth for americans because it's focusing on USA events and news, but I'am not even care about it for quite long time.
No. 20184
Looks like Pidoristan just got some shitty new laws from Putin

>Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday signed into law bills that would criminalize publishing “fake news” or spreading “blatant disrespect” for the state or its officials.

>Under the new law, prosecutors can complain about online publications that are releasing “unreliable socially significant information” to state watchdogs, according to reports. Those found guilty could be fined up to 1.5 million rubles, the equivalent of $23,000.

>If the website fails to remove the material in a timely manner, the state then has powers to block the offending pages from their citizens.

>“The Prosecutor’s office may now block such fake news sources prior to the judicial decision,” Maria Snegovaya, an adjunct fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis, told the Washington Post. “It gives the Prosecutor’s office an extremely high authority and almost completely eliminates the Russian (albeit completely non-free) courts from the game.”

>Online commenters could also face up to 15 days in prison or fines for materials published that amounts to a “clear disrespect for society, the state, the official state symbols of the Russian Federation, the Constitution of the Russian Federation and bodies exercising state power.”

>Although critics and free speech activists have warned that the law could repress political speech critical of the government and open the floodgates for state censorship, advocates claim it is a necessary step to minimize misinformation.

>The move comes after thousands of demonstrators gathered in Moscow earlier this month to protest the government’s plans to better control the internet by establishing domestic servers for web traffic.

>Matthew Rojansky, director of the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute, told the Post that Russia “has not historically had major constraints on Internet freedom.”

>“The Internet has thus been one realm in which full diversity of opinion and free expression, even on the most sensitive political topics, were generally permitted,” he explained. “The prosecutor general now has essentially unconstrained authority to determine that any speech is unacceptable under the new law.”

>Throughout his presidency, President Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked the mainstream press, calling outlets “fake news” for reporting too many stories critical of him and committing what he believes to be biased reporting. These include CNN, The New York Times and the Washington Post.

It also looks amazingly like our government covered up too
>A wealthy former adviser to President Putin of Russia whose body was found in a Washington hotel room had sustained a neck injury normally associated with hangings and strangulations, it has emerged.

>Mikhail Lesin, 57, received a fracture to his hyoid bone “at or near the time” of his death in November 2015, according to a 149-page medical report obtained by Radio Free Europe (RFE).

>Police and the US Attorney’s Office for Washington concluded in 2016 that Mr Lesin’s death was accidental and followed blunt-force injuries to the head, neck, torso and upper and lower extremities “which were induced by falls."
Dude I've actually been hammered in a hotel in Washington D.C. I don't believe this story at all.
>The official ruling was that Lesin, 57, died accidentally of blunt force trauma after falling repeatedly in his room while intoxicated.
No. 20188
116 kB, 528 × 312
>falling repeatedly in his room while intoxicated
>falling repeatedly
No. 20193
21 kB, 640 × 408
No. 20195
What happen?
No. 20196
He got tired, he goes away.
No. 20197
Nobody had to die at least.
Sounds pretty pleasant to me.
No. 20198
Not really 'over', just going under the radar a bit. He holds significant political influence that's legislated for life rather than for presidency. I suspect that he'll maintain a lot of unofficial power too. My personal suspicion is that he doesn't feel secure with the economic conditions protests and the pro-Oralman/anti-China movements kicking off at the same time, not to mention the free media and more open government/justice system and I bet that the anti-land reformists are still sitting in the wings too rather than totally vanishing from 2016(?). Any single one, he could deal with as he has demonstrated, but it's all starting to pile up and I think he'd prefer it to offically be someone else's fault when it goes tits up.
No. 20200
Oh my good
I thought he will be forever

He can be elected as prime minister and then there will be law that prime minister is main guy in country thought.
No. 20201
>Сам Назарбаев после отставки, которая вступает в силу с 20 марта, возглавит Совет безопасности Казахстана. Эту должность он сможет занимать пожизненно.
Well yes, I was kind of right.
No. 20202
Considering he has to run like two dozen of his shady businesses, I think presidency was eating into his time.

t. Surprised by how little I care
No. 20203
Nah, there were some hints not too long ago that he was looking for a way out. He was probing to see what the law says about giving up presidential power which is something of a signal.

Why are you surprised? It's not as though anything will change. Have you noticed and significant changes to the way Kazakhstan functions since he did the whole 'sack the entire government' routine? The real question is rather why would him stepping down from what is effectively a ceremonial position for him at this point surprise you? Not why would it.
No. 20207
Kazakhstan's political system confuses me.

Private entities emerge that become vital for the functioning of the country, get racketeered by government, and keep running the country. There's a blurry line between private and public entities. Most communication / media is "private", but owned by NaN. Internet, mobile, etc. Busses are "private" but also owned by NaN. Same with banking. Infrastructure services, same thing.

So they are technically private, but all owned by the autocrat, and fulfill public services. How do you call that? I'm not sure what the "government" does these days that governments traditionally do? All I can think of is tax collection and secret services.
No. 20208
We'd just call it a rort. Brickistan is textbook corruption. A state that functions enough to be recognised and tax paid but doesn't function enough to be trusted or actually be held accountable for anything.
No. 20210
Enconomy based on corporations that owned by goverment or near-goverment oligarhs is typical situation in former SU.
No. 20212
2,4 MB, 1468 × 7317
Political discussion on events as major as this is inevitable. Perhaps this deserves its own thread, but maybe not.

In the aftermath of the Christchurch Mosque massacre, it's inevitable the topic of accelerationism would come up. It's also inevitable people will split hairs endlessly over the proper definition of the term especially now that Marxists accuse right-wingers of appropriating the formers' idea for their latters' purposes, but for the sake of argument, we'll define the concept as deliberately worsening material conditions to inspire sociopolitical change. Leftists typically mean deliberately pushing capitalism towards even more oppressive conditions to inspire class revolts whereas right-wingers or neoreactionaries a la Nick Land usually mean pushing society towards technological singularity. For White Nationalists, Fascists and National Socialists, the term has now come to mean worsening race relations to push White Westerners towards a collective racial conscious and then a global race war.

The single most identifiable proponent of this brand of accelerationism would be James Nolan Mason who manifested this idea in his newsletter "Siege", who in turn was inspired (as others have mentioned) by Charles Manson. James declared Charles Manson the second greatest man of the twentieth century next to Adolf Hitler. For dedicated readers of "Siege", James Mason pragmatically assessed that working within the American political system would be untenable for their eventual goals. To him, American society from its political system down to popular culture effectively orchestrates a collective chronic suicide of White American political power by keeping Whites complacent and unaware through consumer culture. Consequently, James Mason found violence to be the only viable solution to the apparent problem of White displacement. He spoke with revolutionary Communists and Black Power advocates, trying to learn strategy, but also finding their hatred of American society more congenial to his perspective than the complacency of American right-wingers content with mere patriotism.

Personally, I fail to see how any person with decent prospects, talent or promise would choose extreme acts of unprovoked violence on complete strangers as means to better political ends. At the absolute most, the tragedy would be subject to a media circus for an indefinite period of time, and politicians would exploit the events as justification to pass gun control legislation or other such measures. Public acts of virtue signaling like candlelight vigils would happen across the globe, and then, the event would be forgotten. Within a couple generations (perhaps less), business would continue as usual. The events certainly could be cited to clamp down even harder on free speech, so I can only see this as a losing battle.

The problem with accelerationism is that is presumes uninformed lemmings would suddenly arrive at the same conclusions given the right conditions. Ironically, the lemming principle (coined by Dr. William Pierce who shared many of James Mason's ideas, including violence) explains why these tactics do not work. The perception of systemic problems can be shaped heavily by media, and those who are in power are going to have a better chance of coordinating their media to shape uninformed people's perceptions, and in doing so, convince them to work in ways to reinforce their positions of power. Even the worst of the economic recession wasn't a tenth as terrible as America during The Great Depression or the Weimar Republic. As long as people have "just enough" to keep them satisfied, no revolution will ever happen.
No. 20215
Not interested in the discussion around NZ happenings but about your knowledge on accelerationism, it's not wrong but the left wing has different ideas on it besides evoking class revolts by pushing capitalism to its limits.
Another understanding of the term involves using technology in a different frame than in the capitalist one and thinking the present from the future in various fields of society, so it's not about blind speed and destruction but about vectors into or index from the future that is thought over, instead of trusting on a libidinal principle that is behind everything going its way and just needs to be pushed harder in order to bring it to an end or goal point Lands understanding afaik
No. 20216
I'll admit I don't read Marx or any Marxist scholars directly (my fault), so my knowledge on Marxist discourse has some serious blindspots as a consequence of acquiring it secondhand.

On another note, what really bugs me is this utterly stupid notion of "fully automated luxury communism". You know you're not talking to anyone worth their salt if they believe such a thing is possible in the near future, yet too many journalists and academics are absolutely in love with this delusion:

Thankfully, this gentleman has a few sobering posts as to why such things will never be possible with current technology:
No. 20219
It does not have so much to do with Marx and his historic materialism, if at all.

The luxury communism thing is such an index or vector. And it's not so much about being realistic but demanding things outside the realm of capitalism to inject future again into minds, prisoned by a capitalistic "there is no alternative to our course"
As I said: use technology to abandon or get out of capitalistic logic and its zugzwang.
No. 20220
>The single most identifiable proponent of this brand of accelerationism would be James Nolan Mason who manifested this idea in his newsletter "Siege", who in turn was inspired (as others have mentioned) by Charles Manson. James declared Charles Manson the second greatest man of the twentieth century next to Adolf Hitler.
This is apparently what poltards actually believe. I'm speechless. So far as I'm concerned these untersicht have become an even worse enemy than the system itself. It's also ironic that a poltard would call anyone a lemming.

So why is this happening? I'm confused why ye stepped down. Is he trying to do what Putin did with Medvedev?
No. 20222
And yet surprisingly they're being courted massively by US interests lately due to their natural resources. Well, maybe not surprisingly. We do business with some of the worst shitty dictatorships on the planet or countries with just enough authority to not totally collapse.
No. 20223
>This is apparently what poltards actually believe. I'm speechless. So far as I'm concerned these untersicht have become an even worse enemy than the system itself. It's also ironic that a poltard would call anyone a lemming.

The vast majority of humanity, no matter what their political persuasion may be, are lemmings, so there isn't one side that has a monopoly on freethinkers than the rest. Most people wouldn't know HOW to be individuals if they were the last ones on earth, so I certainly have no confidence in the greater men who supposedly inspire them. It's undeniable certain ideologies have more intellectuals than others, but ideological prisms only allow for the freedom of thought within the confines of its assumptions. Even plenty of so-called Anarchists can easily be intimidated into groupthink with the right methods:
No. 20224 Kontra
It's not like anyone of us evades certain discourse that have a shaping impact. You can meta reflect that and that is the step aside many people don't do. But then again you could meta reflect your meta reflections.
No. 20229
There's a difference between that and sincerely calling Charlie Manson of all people a hero and the greatest genius since Hitler or whatever. That is quite possibly the most brain damaged thing I've ever heard in the last ten years. I should not even have to say anything it. It should be self evident.
No. 20236
The guy you're replying doesn't appear to have endorsed such a view of Manson--rather it seems he was only describing the views of this James Mason character.
No. 20264
63 kB, 500 × 422
Ha ha, Kazahstan's capital Astana will be renamed into "Nazarbaev"

No. 20265
Or, crap, not in Nazarvaev, in "Nursultan"
But whatever, you get point
No. 20266
6 kB, 261 × 138
Honestly, it's not like the city's name is holy and untouchable.
Just look at this shit.
No. 20268
They all make sense.

Astana started as a fort, and got turned into a town, hence the shifted name in the first few years. Same story as Almaty. The 50s-60s was when Russians had peak influence in the Kazakh SSR because they managed to ship in enough of them to make the Bricks a minority in their own homeland. The name itself is an overt reference to the (failed) 'Virgin Lands' project that fueled it. 1992 is just after independence which was in December 1991, and was probably actually Aqmola (which is what the original fort name is probably based on) since it's a Kazakh name and 'Akmola' doesn't fit normal spelling. Astana literally just means 'capital' and it got the name shortly after becoming capital of Kazakhstan.

You're right that changing it isn't really that much of a big deal since it's just a colonial-era fort, not an actual (sort of) native city like Shymkent, but the name changes are mostly tied to something and not just pulled out of a hat.
No. 20269
I didn't say that they randomly changed the name. Of course there were reasons for it, but if it already changed so much, does it matter whether it's called Astana or Nursultan?
In ~40 years someone might change it again to whatever. It might not even take that long.
No. 20276
Tbh want St. Pitersburg become Petrograd again, since current name - Sankt Pitersburg is just very crappy 18 centuary transcription of german.
No. 20277
It's transcribe from Dutch. (I think.)
Since Peter the Great studied ship construction in the Netherlands.
No. 20278
Well, yeah, probably, hovever you know it's kinda meh to give your city normal name, but with transcription of foreign language on your language.
No. 20330

>Armed men shot at members of a convoy transporting uranium to one of Brazil’s two working nuclear power plants on a coastal road in Rio de Janeiro state on Tuesday, police and the company managing the plant said.

No. 20352
Oh dear God, since when did we let favelados have uranium?
No. 20401
Restoring thread order 7
No. 20425
>China slowly increases its influence in Europe

I, for one, welcome our new Chinese overlords. Can't wait for socialism with Italian characteristics
No. 20427
482 kB, 472 × 555
65 kB, 324 × 401
>tfw we just borrowed billions from China to finance a giant railway to transport wares southward
The coming decades will be really wild, I can feel it
No. 20446
5,3 MB, 3000 × 1948
I've been warning people to watch themselves when around pensioners.
No. 20447
No. 20448
I just had to delete the post for a fierce spelling mistake.

I am looking forward to how this story will unfold. Maybe there is more to this than the woman being just psychopatic. Nice picture, what was it for originally?
No. 20449
186 kB, 996 × 832
It was made on the a propos of the 2018 Hungarian elections. Though not like I need a reason to take a shit on the entitled ex-communist pensioner strata we have.
No. 20450
Even though your politics tend to come up in our news from time to time, I can rarely deduct more from it than "Orban did something evil again". How is he involved with this ex-communist strata? Is he some form of antagonist or does he profit from relations to them? You make them sound still powerful.
No. 20451 Kontra
1,6 MB, 2005 × 984
Free this, free that, I deserve it! I'm old, I'm in my late 60s/early 70s. I worked 130 years at the local gravel shovelling union, so I deserve everything for free even though I'm a prole who failed to save up any money and had no qualificatons to work at anything, because I never needed it, since the Kádár-system guaranteed my employment no matter how much of an alcoholic fuckup I am. Therefore, my ego is gargantuan, and I'd send hundreds of young, virile people to dance in fire if that means that it'll prolong my mummified corpse's existence in this world. I was the member of the Communist Youth League, probably a member of the Communist Party too, I sang the International proudly, I waved the flag. Though that's the past. I preach Catholicism now, and hardcore nationalism, because these liberal youngsters need to be stopped. I only watch state television, and I vote based on the propaganda supplied to me, and based on which party promises a bigger raise to my pension. It doesn't matter if EVERYONE's pension is raised by 1.6% only, it doesn't matter, that's great. (Even though the true, actual elites of the Communist system and retired soldiers and civic servants have a pension of 300k forints a month, while I have to make ends meet from only 130k. Everyone gets an equal increase, just like during the good old days!)
I respect no one. Yet, if you are younger, I demand infinite respect from you. I'm so much wiser, I'm older so it must be true! Of course I'm an uneducated prole who "speaks only one foreign language" (three words of russian or german, repeated ad nauseam to impress fellow proles, or impressionable children.)
Matters not, we are the old ones, we are the past and the present, and the future should bow before us. You will lick my arse clean, you communist punk! Have I worked 350 years for this nation only for you to disrespect me? Everything you see was built through my "labour"!
I am the pensioner of the Kádár Era, kept alive by the crumbling medical system beyond any reasonable age, just so that every four years I can proudly claim, "yes, I did something for my nation". I am a cattle kept for my meat (vote).

So. The communist system produced generations who expect the state to save them from every single bad thing that could happen. They are easily scared, grumpy fucks who pose as nationalists and can be easily manipulated, because they are unskilled with media. They are "influental", because there is a lot of them in the country. They are usually called "Petty-pensioners" or "Petite-pensioners".
The government profits off them considerably, since it's a secure voter base that can be bought by minimal increases to pension. (Though recently they started handing out "coupons" valued at 10k forints to every pensioner to "help ends meet". Coincidentally just before the elections.)
Characteristically they overvalue their life experiences and how and what they actually worked, they demand absolute respect while they themselves say the ugliest shit in the meanest manner possible, because they are "allowed" to do that because of their age and "achievements".
And yes I'm fucking angry, really fucking angry.
To be quite frank, I considered emigrating just so that I don't have to pay a single dime into this entitled class' pension funds. (Money, I, myself will never fucking see.)
No. 20453
561 kB, 907 × 872
The search for new Alzheimer’s disease treatments hit another big setback on Thursday when drugmakers Biogen Inc. and Eisai Co. said they would terminate two late-stage studies of an experimental drug after determining it would likely fail to help patients.

The announcement dashed researchers’ and investors’ optimism that the companies’ drug, called aducanumab, might succeed where previous Alzheimer’s treatments had failed. The news sent both companies’ stocks plunging, with Biogen’s shares closing down 29% and Eisai’s down 35% on Thursday. Biogen lost about $18 billion in market value.

The setback cast fresh doubts—voiced for years by some biotech analysts—on the hypothesis that has informed much of the recent research and investment into potential Alzheimer’s drugs: that the buildup in the brain of a sticky substance called Beta amyloid plays a pivotal role in the disease. Drug researchers said they may now need to go back to the drawing board in search of an effective treatment.

“This disappointing news confirms the complexity of treating Alzheimer’s disease and the need to further advance knowledge in neuroscience,” Biogen Chief Executive Michel Vounatsos said in a statement.

Aducanumab was an important bet for Biogen, which is based in Cambridge, Mass. The biotech company has been looking to Alzheimer’s disease treatment to fuel future revenue growth, especially as competition eats into sales of its core franchise of drugs treating multiple sclerosis. Their world-wide sales fell 4.3% to $8.6 billion last year.

Many investors were also taken by the company’s wager on Alzheimer’s. The massive market opportunity treating the memory-robbing disease—potentially worth billions of dollars a year in sales—as well as some promising data from early-stage studies attracted new investors to the company and helped drive up its share price.

Excited, too, by the potential opportunity, Biogen invested heavily in recent years to enroll thousands of patients in late-stage studies of aducanumab, some analysts said.

“This is going to go down as one of the greatest follies in biopharma history,” Geoff Porges, a Leerink Partners LLC biotech analyst, said in an interview. The evidence for thinking aducanumab would work was always weak, he said, “but because the economic opportunity was so enormous, these huge trials were greenlighted.”

No. 20456
10 kB, 239 × 211
A “mindblowing” haul of fossils that captures the riot of evolution that kickstarted the diversity of life on Earth more than half a billion years ago has been discovered by researchers in China.

Paleontologists found thousands of fossils in rocks on the bank of the Danshui river in Hubei province in southern China, where primitive forms of jellyfish, sponges, algae, anemones, worms and arthropods with thin whip-like feelers were entombed in an ancient underwater mudslide.

The creatures are so well preserved in the fossils that the soft tissues of their bodies, including the muscles, guts, eyes, gills, mouths and other openings are all still visible. The 4,351 separate fossils excavated so far represent 101 species, 53 of them new.

“It is a huge surprise that such a large proportion of species in this fossil assemblage are new to science,” said Robert Gaines, a geologist on the team from Pomona College in Claremont, California. The fieldwork was led by Xingliang Zhang and Dongjing Fu at Northwest University in Xi’an, 700 miles (1,127km) south-west of Beijing.

The fossilised organisms date back to 518m years ago when life on Earth experienced a massive burst in diversity known as the Cambrian explosion. The event, at the dawn of animal life, marked the arrival of all manner of unusual creatures. Many went extinct as evolutionary dead-ends, but others went on to form the first sturdy branches of the tree of life.

Scientists still debate what prompted the Cambrian explosion. One idea is that life stumbled upon the genetic tools to build animal bodies, but the onset of predation, which triggered an evolutionary arms race, shifts in tectonic plates, and a surge of nutrients into the oceans, may also have played a part.

Until now, the most impressive fossils from the Cambrian explosion were those found in the Burgess Shale, a 508m-year-old rock formation in Canada, and in the 518m-year-old Chengjiang formation in China. The new fossils, found near the junction of the Danshui and Qingjiang rivers in Hubei province in China, provide a snapshot of a radically different ecosystem of organisms that lived around the same time.

No. 20477
Why is this picture being mean to a poor June bug? Or is that a Japanese garden beetle?
Found it
lol fuck your lawn keeping we have them and our lawn is fine