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No. 1915
588 kB, 1280 × 1283
Have you ever felt after reading anonymous post "Oh, what a cool poster that is", but later remembering that it was you?
And vice versa - at first you were "It's my post", but later - "Wait, it couldn't be my post"?
In short - have you felt depersonated on imageboards?
No. 1917
I've almost replied to myself a few times but it always dawns on me before my hands even reach for the keyboard
No. 1918
23 kB, 480 × 360
>Oh, what a cool poster that is", but later remembering that it was you?
No. I always think: What a wanker - before I realize it was me. It's only joge!
No. 1919
never happened to me because I'm not a schizo.
No. 1921
It happens semi-regularly. There is also revisiting posts that are up from times of peak autism and show a depth of knowledge and recall of said knowledge that I simply am incapable of doing outside of peak autism periods.
No. 1944
But it happened many times that i saw posts i made on forums and other sites that save posts for longer many years afterwards and tought "maaan, what a retard my former me was".

I wonder if i will think the same thing about my present personality in 10 years or so. I probably will.
No. 2636
Yeah actually I have seen old screencaps and gotten completely confused if it was me or not, or saying hey that's a great plan or on a rare case God what a retard only to realize later it was me.