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No. 2006
337 kB, 1920 × 1080
remember cyberman.fi?

I did so I looked him up and he has no nose and wears sunglasses a lot.


and found this video of him (unavailable in UK so accessed via proxy) with huge grotesque looking nose. he had some cancer on his nose or something?


nevermind looked a bit more
>Im weird looking because i had nosecancer but i dont miss my nose too much. I hope that i get prostetic nose soon but im just hoping.
No. 2012
794 kB, 931 × 789
What's with those marks/scars on his head?
No. 2014
Not exactly like that poor bastard had an easy life before, now he got fucked up even harder
No. 2027
I thought he died when he passed out on one of the streams and you could see emergency personnel come through his door on stream. good to hear he's not dead albeit that nose cancer thing sounds pretty heavy.
No. 2057
dunno, I thought he looked like he'd been in a fire before I saw his nose in second vid.
No. 2071
204 kB, 934 × 627
This is why you need to get frequent checks for skin cancer. I had a small basal cell removed before it got bigger and saved myself from the fate he suffered.
I spent my entire childhood in the sun at the beach everyday, surfing.
No. 2184
yeah he had nose cancer