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No. 2023 Systemkontra
231 kB, 1024 × 1365
Old thread is kill.

Tell us how you suffered today, Ernst.

Me, I'm enjoying the fact that it has finally cooled off. Two days ago it was still 35°C here during the day and now it's down to 20°C with 15°C in the night. It's great not to wake up in sweaty blankets five times a night. I actually slept damn well tonight.
No. 2034
99 kB, 1403 × 952
Suffering was less than normal. Still frustrated as hell about the headphones. Speakers also sound like shit apparently. I have two of the same headphones and one works but plastic frame is broken and other one ear went out. I tried opening it up and actually found the damn problem and could fix the wiring, except my fucking soldering iron doesn't work anymore for some completely mysterious reason. So if I had a soldering iron that works I could have fixed my entire problem by now, instead of having two partially dissected headphones lying on the dinner table. I think everything I own is busted, possibly due to some chaos aura or entropy field around me it almost feels like. I don't think it's that autistic but I am starting to wonder about my sensitivity to sound and light. Whenever the lighting is wrong or audio is wrong it bothers the everloving shit out of me. I heard it's supposedly rare to locate the sweatspot in a room, which I think is bs but whatever. Now that my headphones are busted every single thing I try just sounds wrong and it is bothering the shit out of me so much. I've had to switch to certain equaliser settings for each individual game and I stuffed the new headphones with cotton. It still sounds like godawful shit but is getting bearable. I am now at the point where I wish I had $200 headphones, but odds are it would still somehow sound wrong and need obsessive tuning to sound just right.

Is that actually aspbergerish? I can't sleep without a fan or water running either. The exact way sound moves in the atmosphere and the way light works in an environment is so constantly annoying I just try to exist in mostly darkness or dim lighting with constant flow of water around me. You know, if I ever run into serious money I'm just going to have to design a home that actually carries sound and reflects light with proper illumination perfectly. Have you ever tried acid? That's what it feels like. On a constant subliminal level most of the world's lighting feels like tripping on acid beneath a single bare bathroom lightbulb. It's how sound feels too. The angles are just all wrong. And I cannot figure out how to get the wire reattached in my headphones. Maybe I'll just disassemble the soldering iron too while I'm at it. If I still had a working blowtorch man I'd be tempted...
No. 2035

That pic, yes
No. 2061
55 kB, 960 × 640
I haven't posted in a Today thread for quite a while so forgive me for blogging about one particularly interesting week I had recently.

I got drunk and texted this qt irregular twink from grindr to ask if he wanted to meet up. He wanted to meet up that very night, so I decided to take some MDMA to get even more relaxed. He was pretty cute (more on that later) and we had a nice chat over coffee, and he wanted to come back to my place. I was way too drunk and high so I suggested he come over the next day. I went off to a local pub for a few more drinks and somehow got attached to this group of Frenchmen and a couple of grilles. One of them was a turbo-homo who wanted to go to this giant gay club, but when we got there the queue was far too long. We walked around aimlessly looking for a place in which to drink until eventually the Frenchmen gave up and called it a night. I called them a bunch of pussies and continued my night. I decided to head to a tranny bar. I'd been there before a few years ago but this time it was far less dingy and the trannies were actually pretty attractive. I came up to this one group to ask for a light and one guy made what was apparently a rude comment towards me (I didn't hear it), which prompted one of the trannies to stand up, walk all the way around her table toward him, and chuck her drink at him. I later chatted with that guy for a couple of hours about stoicism because he was whining about how they were all bitches and prostitutes and had an annoying "woe is me" attitude.

The next day I received a text from the twink that he had other plans and was flaking out on me. The news had a far more devastating effect that it should have because it flicked a switch and turned the MDMA afterglow into severe post-MDMA malaise. I bought some rolling tobacco to calm my nerves and went back to being a smoker for about a week.

The day after that I was feeling better and decided to get drunk to take my mind off things. I heard about this open mic night not too far away and went there to check it out, thinking that if I got drunk enough I might play a couple of tunes. I arrived early and texted the twink to see what he was up to. He responded in a friendly manner and was still keen on meeting up. I think in part, that pushed me over the edge and gave me the little boost I needed to get up on stage. It's really nice to have people be into you. I continued getting drunk and put my name down for the open mic, spurned on after learning that performers get a free drink. I felt a bit more confident because the previous acts didn't exactly set the room on fire. I played a couple of Townes Van Zandt tunes that were pretty well received and then shyly went back to my seat. I'd played guitar in front of acquaintances many years ago but this was the first time I'd played in front of total strangers. Pretty awesome experience. The bar was a really cosy place too. You know how in fantasy RPGs you sometimes visit taverns that are full of interesting and friendly NPCs? That's what it felt like. When I woke up the next day I got inspired to write a couple of songs which I think are pretty decent. The choruses are still stuck in my head so that's a good sign at least.

I arranged to meet up with the twink in a hotel room a couple of days later and I was on the moon. I took MDMA again to relax (pro-tip don't take MDMA more than once a month because it fucks you brain up. I took a bunch of magnesium and 5-HTP afterwards to mitigate the effects). This was when things started to unravel. In the cold light of day and without the combined MDMA and wine goggles from the first time I met him, I didn't find him as attractive. Also the MDMA was making me feel sort of weird. I should've just had a couple of drinks to relax instead, but it probably wouldn't have made much of a difference. When he took off his clothes he had this weird scar on his belly, and when I took mine off he said he usually goes for more muscular guys (I lift weights but I could lose some bodyfat). Not really a good way to set the mood. We took a shower together and massaged each other but my dick was as limp as a noodle, and so was his. Later he started talking about how he wasn't into anal because his friend got HIV, and that really put a damper on my dick. I tried to jerk off to get hard but it wasn't working. Eventually he said he was tired and he went back home, replying negatively to my attempt to get him to spend the night because he found the hotel room filthy (he was actually right, I found a bed bug crawling over the bed so I wasn't going to stay there either). When he left he went back on grindr immediately, so he was obviously quite a promiscuous fellow. I guess the lesson learned here is that extreme horniness and desperation is a hell of a combo, and that I'm really not as bi as I thought I was. I decided to take a long break from porn because I feel that it has warped my tastes quite a bit.

To get over that awkward experience, I decided to head into a busier part of town after checking out of the hotel room. I got to talking with this aging punk from the Bahamas who went a bit mad from spending four years in a Mexican prison and he hated everything and everyone, which I found to be a refreshingly familiar attitude. We got really drunk together and he shared an old story about how he once met aliens while smuggling drugs at sea. A giant orb appeared above his boat and a voice thundered out of it: "Everything is going to be alright" before the orb sped off. His crewmates apparently all saw and heard the the same thing. At the tail end of the night we parted ways and I ended up pissing myself. You can drink like a fish on MDMA until your bladder just says "hey fuck you! I've had enough of your shit!" I scurried off to find a more private place to piss and then got a taxi home. I ended up losing a bag that had my prescription sunglasses and a cheap Lenovo laptop in it, which I probably left in that place I was pissing in. Lost about £200 worth of shit.

A couple of days later I had an ADHD assessment with a psychiatrist. She agreed that I had all the symptoms and I'll be getting a prescription for ritalin soon. Hopefully more productive days lie head.
No. 2064
Yeah I think the moral of the story actually is don't do drugs, don't get shitfaced all the time, and especially don't combine the two. That tale really reminds me of being such a disgusting drunk and losing my cellphone, glasses, computer all kinds of disastrous shit all the time. The drunk part in particular is awful. I would highly suggest you cut that out.
No. 2066
I tried to kill myself last night by swallowing a bottle of pills and drinking a bottle of vodka. I woke up with a hangover and liver pains.
No. 2067
wtf seriously? any specific reason? what pills di you take?
No. 2070
1,4 MB, 1920 × 2560
I didn't suffer
No. 2073

What are you going to do next.

I hope(sincerely) you manage to feel better.
No. 2074
Are you hrvat?
No. 2075
In heart, yes
No. 2079
Drinking with mates while watching the german world cup game.
It seems like I am the only one not emotionally invested in it at all but it's fun nonetheless.
We will probably get wasted as fuck tonight, pretty ebin.
No. 2081
I met my boss on his way out just before 20:00, I had to confess I'm not a football fan :DDD
No. 2131
Worked overtime, am exhausted.

Bus runs late on weekend, I used Uber and this time my driver was some fatty that stank of garlic and tried way too hard to be professional. I want to never have him again but didn't want to hurt his feelings by rating him poorly. I never get my favorite Saturday drivers anymore, just old out of shape white men now. Last week I got a very fun Russian man as my driver but he told me he was finished after that week.

Dinner -> Shower -> Runescape/finish an anime -> Sleep is what comes now.

I am craving something sweet to drink but don't want caffeine.

I stopped being butthurted about getting rejected. I will try again but not tonight.

That is the entirety of my mundane life today!
No. 2149
For about a month now I've been experimenting with drip-drying when I get out of the shower. I get out and without drying myself put a towel down on my computer chair and just wait for my body to dry naturally.

I've noticed that doing this has caused my hair and skin to be significantly healthier looking and the improvement was almost immediate. My hair is stronger and shinier while my overall skin is much firmer. I put it down to much of the oils in my body not being rubbed off by the towel and moisture being retained, annoying but worth it for the results I think and I was always delicate with drying before.

>This isn't the kind of discussion I am comfortable with REEEEEE

I just thought I would mention it because nowhere I've seen on google mentions the idea despite the results being quite logical.
No. 2160
13 kB, 268 × 263
343 kB, 1085 × 570
I again tried to ride into the forest with my bike. I have kinda bad orientation, so funny things tend to happen when I go into forests, I've gotten used to that. But today, it was just ridiculous. I live in a valley surrounded by hills with forests on them. I took a path which I thought would lead me parallel to the hill right through the forest, but it wasn't. Suddenly I noticed buildings when I looked through the trees, and before I knew it, I was out of the forest again in the next village, which is actually quite close to my hometown. I then tried to get back into the forest without just driving the same way back, so I continued at the edge of the forest, but I didn't really find a suitable way in. Then I came to a fork and suddenly everything looked familiar. Without noticing I was on my way home, and I was on a street which is maybe 500m from where I live. I couldn't believe it, and since I wasn't yet ready to go home, I just started over and took the same way in the forest I did at the beginning of the tour, but this time I took a path which I thought would lead me close to my home. When I exited the forest again at another place this time, I noticed I was at most 100m away from my house. I didn't even know that there was a path into the forest there.

It's incredible how much things I do not know, despite they exist in my nearest vicinity. So much stuff to explore, and I don't even have to travel anywhere for it.
No. 2164

Jesus Christ, what a life.

Are you the university student that used to challenge bernd to lichess?


How long does it take you to get dry this way?


snownigger tier adventures
No. 2175
He's exploring the wald you simpleton.

Was this guy serious?
No. 2186

It was a compliment you pretentious try hard.
No. 2187
>How long does it take you to get dry this way?

This question gave me assburgers.

Conditions are roughly 24°c dropping to 19°c, 50% humidity and in a dark closed room. Conditioner used in hair but no shamjew
Head hair is thick like a Pakistanis moustache and 4.5cm in length at top, has been combed like Adolf Hitler's hair from shower.

>After 12 minutes
My body is dry

>30 minutes
My hair is still damp but drying nicely. Would leave house like this.

Hair dry and luscious.

Pointers: I spent some time looking at the various blog posting grils while doing this. They are all morons who can't leave their hair alone and then get surprised that it looks like shit - one put her hair into pigtails and then act surprised that the core didn't dry.
No. 2190
>has been combed like Adolf Hitler's hair
Scientists say that combing like Ernst Thälmann's hair makes hair dry 9001% 750% faster.
Ernst way - best way!
No. 2193

Alright thanks.

I will try your skin drying thing and hopefully get good results like you.

But your hair process is personally simply not an option and that's okay, ;_;

>Pointers: I spent some time looking at the various blog posting grils while doing this. They are all morons who can't leave their hair alone and then get surprised that it looks like shit - one put her hair into pigtails and then act surprised that the core didn't dry.

Very true but a lot of hair will also look like shit if simply left alone too. A healthier kind of shitty looking but still.
No. 2207
I got a Chinese massage = painful
But now wanting to appear a wimp, didn't say it hurt, it was 2 hours long and about 16e.
No. 2209

Are there any benefits despite the pain, or did you get completely ripped off?
No. 2212
Not long ago I went to the liquor store to buy some sugary shit to drink, but there was a sign on the door that said their credit/debit card machine wasn't working and they could only take cash.

I was craving something sugary to drink so badly that I ordered delivery food just to buy soda from them also.

t. le american bear irl
No. 2213
I get off on dominating women, and they can be much more gentle, but I thought fuck it go full hog, my back and spine hurt as if bruised or done sufficient exercise, time will tell it has been 24 hrs since then.
I suppose if you had back problems it would be beneficial, cupping is the new thing now, but my wife told her not to do it as it was summer.

It does make me want to start exercising again and there is peace in pain.
No. 2218
Rolled my ankle yesterday whil trying to catch a frisbee, spent the night with shivers and can't seem to eat much now.
Also received some unrelated bad news.

Suffering is bad now because I used to go for a morning walk every day and now I can't.

I hope I don't suffer a panic attack due to the changes in routine and bad outlook (the bad news).
No. 2221
Can someone tell me if the shivers can come from a rolled ankle?
No. 2225

I tried to find out for you but no luck.

The shivering could just be related to how you said you don't feel up to eating much right now since that totally causes shivering depending how little you're eating.
No. 2231
I have seen someone collapse from it directly after it happened, due to shock, but this was rare. Shivers hours after it happened are surely not caused by the sprained ankle itself. Must be an indirect consequence, maybe something like you already suggested.

t. lots of sprained ankles during sports career, all healed well
No. 2238
Okay, thank you guys. Feeling better now after having talked with my flat mate and also after taking some Ibuprofen. I hope this thing is just a glitch in the matrix and I'm not actually sick. I'll know in a few hours after the Ibuprofen wears off.

In the mean time I'm eating a bit of vegetables with fresh Humus. But I still can't eat the normal amount.
No. 2240
Wait you're in Germany did you not go see a doctor?
No. 2243
>days ago it was still 35°C here during the day and now it's down to 20°C with 15°C in the night.

Same here. Finally I can cut down the weed in our orchard and do some other things in the garden.
It was just too hot and humid before.
No. 2248
I don't want to waste the doctors time for something that might not be worth it. It's only normal that your foot hurts after you hurt your ankle, I'll go to the doctor if the problems remain, but it turns out I am already able to walk (the human body is truly wonderous).
The shivers also stopped and I no longer feel particularly bad.

Would you go to the doctor in that situation?
No. 2249
80 kB, 999 × 387
88 kB, 660 × 360
Normally it's not necessary to visit the doctor with a sprained ankle, since they do not perform surgery any longer on this, this changed some 20 years ago. Nowadays they even say you should continue walking, if the pain isn't too bad. You still should watch out for bruises. On some of my ankle injuries I had blood at the outer edge of my feet, making it's way to the front an just below my toes, like in that shitty illustration in pic 1 I just made. If you notice this happening, stop walking around and give it more rest.

Did also go away after a few days. But if it doesn't get better soon, you might consider getting an X-ray, because the ankle could be broken, or the ligament could have chipped away a small part of the bone. At least that's what the doctors told me on my first ankle injuries when I actually did visit a doctor. Other than that: Not worth it in my onion.
No. 2250
Oh, in my case there is a small bruise at the top of the foot, but it's already fading. I'm already trying to walk around in my flat once every hour and the pain is getting less and less.
But thanks for your warning, I will definitely pay close attention to that.

The prospect that I might be able to take an early morning walk again tomorrow fills me with joy.
No. 2255
I wouldn't.
No. 2256 Kontra
I'd say just don't walk too much, rest it high and apply some cooling (ice for instance) for 1-2 days and it should be fine.
No. 2266
399 kB, 1920 × 1080
The book I've ordered arrived from Germany and I'm baffled, since it has no ISBN number or publishing year written in it.
I expected more Ordnung.
No. 2267
>Tell us how you suffered today, Ernst.
It's don't, I am suffering right now.
No. 2268
I spent 5 hours playing cops and robbers with my nephews and niece in one of those fancy indoor junglegyms. After that we played Pokemon Go while I walked them home. Tomorrow we will spend the day playing some more Go. If this doesn't make me the cool uncle, nothing will.
No. 2269
How old is it?
No. 2271
I don't know, since it doesn't have the year of printing written into it.
Looking it up online it shows 1968 as the year of publishing, which explains why it doesn't have an ISBN number.
No. 2274
Yeah I was more or less asking it looking old or not.

I don't even now since when ISBN is a thing, but in the 70s books already had it and I think even in the 60s. But a missing age is rare. Older books sometimes miss it.
No. 2278
You ever had a semi-bright idea and then noticed that someone else has already done it? Today I had the opposite happen where I noticed someone's research following a path I already followed a number of years back and the whole line of debate they had sparked.

Strange feeling and I'm now trying to contain my rage at people who continually shat on my ideas.

>After that we played Pokemon Go while I walked them home. Tomorrow we will spend the day playing some more Go.

Come on, man. You don't want them thinking of you as uncle manchild.

Teach them how to cook/bake or something along those lines. Maybe show them some nature stuff.
No. 2279
I wrote a bit and am trying really hard to get the nuances of my protagonist's personality down, because he's just too generic right now. I'm trying to watch "the black pill on women" and self improvement/how-to-acquire-a-gf videos targeting insecure 20-something men to get more details for him.

I'm having a really nice morning which is good because I had a spell of lots of suicidal feelings yesterday which doesn't happen often. I haven't become hollow and empty yet this year and I really hope to keep it that way.

Oh, I'm lactose intolerant but ate chicken pizza last night and my bowels hurt. I am suffering with this bloating and stomach pain and am going to take a really stinky gross shit sometime this afternoon.
No. 2280
cheese doesn't contain lactose you nigger
No. 2281

Uh, okay. Not to the same extent as milk but I'm very sensitive.
No. 2282 Kontra

Also, are you by some chance the slovenian poster that posted his osrs name GP Mojster?
No. 2283
'72 is the year if I remember correctly. Not that it matters. I just catalogue my books in excel and it's useful when I'm drawing the averages.
No. 2290
At least you write something. I just poke the books with my eyes it feels like

I too had the idea about writing something like this. If I derive from wrote you wrote correctly ofc.
We clearly miss a book about Bernd or incels that are not down right trash but actually character piece that mixes old "eternal" topics with state of contemporary society.

Anyway I would write some phantastic novel myself, where you don't know if the character is just crazy or if it can be accepted as real. I feel there is a need for me to cross the border between real and imagination, something that sits behind our common perception.
No. 2292

Do it, and upstage me please.

The idea started as maybe trolling as an incel persona, who was both full of himself and obsessed with a single girl whom he has no true respect for(unlike Elliot who was more about the general idea of a gf), but someone encouraged me to make a story out of it.

The formula will be that each chapter is him recalling the previous week or day mixed with frustrations towards society, with it either being him resting at the end of the day or him waking up in the morning and having a case of the blues. First person of course. He tips between complete despair, motivation to improve himself to win his love, and rage to the point he wants to murder this girl or kill himself.

I don't know if it will end in tragedy or him getting a clue and learning some humility.
No. 2296
Tragedy I'd say. Or leave it open. I think what might be missing is some "eternal" content that elevates behind the incel content and observation of society thru his eyes.

With open I mean something like his life stays the hell in between gf and final killing of normies. he just dreams of something great but will stay unheard in both areas, like the story ends how it has began. and endless circle, basically nothing has happened. Sisyphos.

I like how he is moving between despair, improvement and frustration. I mean how the internet shapes his mind etc, something that needs to come down now, we have the internet open for the masses since about 15 years now, it just got really really big with smartphones web 2.0 the content generators. that was mid 2000s. Time to dig deep.

I usually don't even start writing literature. I only dream of it like so many people do. Something inspired by Kafka but taking place in the presence. Not some cockroach in 2018 but a 3rd person story set in the contemporary the protagonist driven into madness by unusual, aporetic situations and weird logic. Something that needs to be encrypted but is not just some absolutely loose postmodern stuff, I never read Beckett but I read his novels don't really have a coherent story. I want a story that still needs to be encrypted, that leaves you clueless but yet touches you deeply.
No. 2298
1,2 MB, 988 × 926
In the recent week I have tfw no GF again, it's really starting to get to me.
Doing social activities seems to worsen it since I see attractive people and people with partners in general.

Other than that, I had fun at work and enjoyed my night shifts. I find them very cozy, maybe due to the fact that everyone likes to talk and you're a bit drowsy.

What also really gets to me is the lack of a go-to-imageboard.
Of course I like the fact that EC has returned, but it very much lacks content (at least when you want to lurk for some hours).
Bronnen is no alternative, neither is r9k or wiz. Kohl I don't want to visit, also not 8ch.
Guess I'll just have to deal with points above, like I always do.
It starts being less fun overall though.
No. 2305
>I think what might be missing is some "eternal" content that elevates behind the incel content and observation of society thru his eyes.

What you're suggesting is probably way above my intellect. And since it's from a first person perspective it would have to be a 'between the lines' kind of thing.

>that leaves you clueless but yet touches you deeply.

There ought to be a word for this if there isn't one.

>In the recent week I have tfw no GF again, it's really starting to get to me.
>Doing social activities seems to worsen it since I see attractive people and people with partners in general.

Hang in there I guess. It's really difficult, like even if you can come to accept reality or learn to keep moving forward, nature is still knocking on your head telling you to hold hands and lock eyes.

I think the worst part about these attractive couples is that I'm seeing people with features that no amount of positive health conscious behavior or cosmetic surgery could ever give me. And I feel like I won't find someone with a beautiful, thoughtful and humorous mind to hold me who would also tolerate all the mental illness and physical shortcomings.

But we're too young to say it's impossible.

>What also really gets to me is the lack of a go-to-imageboard.

¿you are me/are you me?

It does make new threads and posts really exciting though. Maybe this place can grow with time, or maybe it's finally time for this habit to die(or halfway die, maybe become something like a bed ridden paralyzed man).

I identify with everything in your post, anyway.
No. 2308
Okay on that note I would please like to dissuade you from inflicting poor writing on people with this topic. I get the sense it is not something done well easily.
Like I just played this game https://store.steampowered.com/app/532840/CAYNE/ and the one character was such a cardboard cutout stereotype I would imagine a wizchan tier to make about Chad. It was painful to read. The reason why these characters suck is the same reason why the rare genuine SJW character sucks which has everything to do with poor writing where it has nothing to do with an actual character and is instead visibly a strawman for some bullshit agenda. It is really noticeable in poor characterization. Like some sassy black woman character, when the character itself doesn't even exist but le sassy black woman. Same thing with writing about "chads" and "stacies" which is what makes it so cringe worthy.
This. Themes of alienation and frustration are eternal. It's why the word "Kafkaesque" even exists. It helps to not make it so painfully awkward and self conscious usually involving at least some level of awareness, intellect and/or emotional maturity. Storytelling often has little to do with what you're saying as opposed to how you say it. You should try an exercise of finding the most painfully boring story imaginable you can think of and then rewriting it in several copies, with one meant to be a comedy, another a horror, another more idealistic or romantic etc. Then take what you think is an utterly thrilling story and try to rewrite it into being the most painfully boring or obnoxiously awkward and cringey way of telling it you can think of.

You will often find then that what matters most is the artistry in telling it. Like say going to get a cup holder for pens from Walmart. You'll start to notice how the little details get accentuated or played down and your manner of telling it. You will also notice how trying to tell a story about a massacre in the most deadpan, matter of fact way possible can actually make the story way more creepy to read than the most vivid details. Likewise the same thing can make a story about murdering someone unintentionally hilarious.

If you are serious about writing such a story you should try a few of these exercises. It'll help you see what works and what doesn't and start to pinpoint why one thing works or doesn't work.
No. 2316

Thank you for the time, I'm appreciating all that you're telling me here.

I'm actually afraid trying to turn dull stories romantic will turn out to be more fun than the project itself. But if so then oh well.
No. 2317 Kontra

And as you can probably tell I somewhat do have a stance or agenda, but it's more me loathing my younger self for how I used to "think"(as the German poster put it, influenced by the internet, while I hypocritically thought of others as some kind of unthinking sheep and I was just soaking up ideas up like a moronic sponge).

On that subject, I don't even know what to think of anything anymore and mostly just like to see others discuss stuff. I hope to find a worldview again eventually, but this is unarguably better than how it was before.
No. 2321
Well it sounds like you're maturing for one thing. Honestly the one thing that gives me hope is young well published writers are almost as unheard of as middle age or older athletes. I don't think young people have the necessary perspective to truly make a masterpiece usually. This is the one thing I noticed in vidya is a lot of the better even more beloved stories were written by older people at least in their 30s iirc.

Never be afraid of going with the flow. The main problem I think all of us have to one degree or another is having a stick up our ass. This results in awkwardness, inflexibility, rigid thinking, stilted speech and eventually wooden, stereotypical characterizations and gross simplifications/generalizations of things. Not saying to abandon discipline either, which is something most KC/EC tiers seemed to lack.

And you know, a lot of things went in odd pathways, like just random people in very high places got there after completely failing at something else.
No. 2323
As somebody who used to want to write, your discussion is really nice and soothing, but still I think I won't try to write ever again, except at my shitty blog.
No. 2325
I have some loose plans to write something in this direction. I'm a bit paranoid, so I won't state any closer details. What I'll need to do first though will be to read both feminist and misogynistic literature.

However I have about four started projects at the moment (one half finished, I'm undecided yet how long the others are supposed to be) so I will want to finish some of them before going on.
No. 2326
Über die Weiber is the morst Berndish essay there is. Start there.
Also reading Lovecrafts early work could be helpful. Can't fathom the betaness.
No. 2327
Just read it and it seems pretty tame and rational to me, even though it might be considered sexist by a modern mind.
I think about reading Otto Weiningers "Geschlecht und Charakter", he basically identifies females with jews (both are not able to truly believe in something and change their beliefs whenever need) and hates both. Seems extremely kc tier to me.
No. 2328
>He tips between complete despair, motivation to improve himself to win his love, and rage to the point he wants to murder this girl or kill himself.
The biggest problem with it is that some girls can secretly masturbate on this, imagining that the main hero is some kind of Johnny Depp. Especially if you end this story with tragedy.
t. masturbation pro
No. 2329
Wasn't Weininger a Jew himself?
No. 2331
thanks, I need to save that post as it might actually be really helpful for me to at least write something in the beginning.

I read about narrative theory due to analyze novels and such better and holy crap that shit can be quite complex when you are new to it. I agree the how is really where it all boils down to.

I stumbled across Tao Lins Taipeh novel due to an essay an depression in contemporary times and read it. I mean this meaningless hedonism that does not fulfill you, that screen mediated life is really well done in there. I get really depress in the last third of the novel myself, a proof he knows how to catch a feel that is quite big in our generation. just think about all the le facebook existentialist memes of depressing teenagers. these people are joking but there is a core in this. the laughter helps to forget it or make a distance.

a cynist story in capitalism would nail it as well, but again, the how is important.

And also want to add here that "between the lines" has to be an important semantic as well, at least for me this makes a novel like kafkas good
No. 2332
I have a few Options;
A) Negotiate a new contract
I already have the contract, they just need to alter the salary slightly by about 100e,

B) Work the rest of the week, then go NEET :)

If I continue working, I have to give 1 months notice if I leave, the only other teacher is leaving, so I anticipate a much higher workload.
I also feel I will not look for another job while I continue working, and feel this is an ideal time to leave.

I don't know what to do.
No. 2334

What happens when you go NEET though? What are the consequences of this?
No. 2335
Nothing, I have some money in the bank.
I can't go forever, but could do 2-3 months of not working
No. 2336
NEETing is horrible when you do litteraly nothing.
No. 2337
I can't cook or bake for shit and am a (Helsinki) city boy. We played Go for 2 hours in the sun after which I took them to eat at Hesburger. We also visited the local used-books shop where I found Watership Down. Been almost 15 years since I last read it.
No. 2339
I don't feel very well Ernsts. I feel dizzy and foggy, very nervous. Not even sure why and how I should act on this but I only feel existential dread now and emptiness.
No. 2340
38 kB, 400 × 400
The swinging monkey does not let go of one branch without having his hand firmly on another.
No. 2344
18 kB, 326 × 269
>I can't cook or bake for shit

Then set a good example and learn with them. You can pick up simple cupcake/cookie mixes from the supermarket that even a child could make alone and then move on to a lovely Victoria sponge cake.

Stick your head between your legs and breath deep in-2-3-and out-2-3.
Submerging your head in water also works as it engages the diving reflex.

Then close your eyes and ask what it is you want.
No. 2386
I suffer in a noisy commieblock.
No. 2388
I just realized I will have to either walk a lot for work these next 8 days or spend a lot of money.

Saturday - Can't make it in the morning by bus, either a 2 hours walk or roughly 21$ uber ride. Can take bus home

Sunday - Same exact as above

4th of July - Bus won't run. Either 21$ uber rides or 2 hours walking both ways.

So 84$ or 8 hours of walking or a mix of both. Walking home is ez but it's hard getting out of bed at 5am and trying to be cleaned, groomed, dressed and walking by 5:30.

I hate these stupid holidays because we have some special sale and then my schedule gets moved around and public transportation stops being an option for me.

I can't wait until I've gone to tradeschool and have an apprenticeship so I can leave this retail bs behind.
No. 2389 Kontra

Also, I always have Sunday off but instead will be working it because of the 4th of july sale.

Normally this taxi/uber fee vs 2 hour walk decision is a once a week thing, which is manageable. But 3 times within 5 days is going to be a headache.
No. 2391
Man one of the lousiest things was when I had to walk through blizzards to work around that time. Wasn't too far, but an hour walking over ice and in snowstorms at 5:45am is not fun.
No. 2392

Which state is that? Minnesota or Michigan or something?

I could never do what you did, I hate the cold more than ever now.
No. 2400
This post made me feel cozy, thank you.

Also: No more pain in my foot, it's still swollen in two spots though. I'll still keep the walking to a minimum today.
No. 2401
Isn't it very uncommon in the US to use public transportation? I though everyone there was driving their 110% pollution-proudness SUVs from kitchen to living room and the tram or bus was only still there because it gives people nostalgia for 80-90s movies.
No. 2413

There's a lot less of us bus users than car drivers, but we exist. In this city it's a mix of 20 somethings that can't afford a vehicle, homeless, students and old farts
No. 2421
Whats your proximity to niggers.
No. 2431
434 kB, 500 × 736
I cut my hands up at work again :^( I am very close to saying fuck you to me lyfe and joining up with some tourism company to go work abroad as a tour guide for local potato people with lots of money to blow on traveling and tour guides. rate and offer criticism of this plan pls
No. 2433
Summer can go fuck itself. My reasoning:

1. I can't watch anything with dark lighting on television until midnight. There is no way you can enjoy the empty void of space on your tv screen when you just see your bloody reflection.

2. This noise all day (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcxeZ4Wwdn0) combined with people having bbqs and general outdoor activity.

3. When the human noises stop the moths descend onto my computer screen and mosquitoes do that thing where they hover near your ear to annoy you in a true surround sound experience.

4. It's currently just a little bit too hot and bright and I know it is only going to get worse over the next 3 months.

To return to the noise problem, what the fuck is wrong people. Someone who lives near me does some sort of project every year that involves making a fuck-ton of noise all day but if I chuck a brick through his window suddenly I'm the problem.
No. 2436
>saying fuck you to me lyfe
Sounds good so far
>go work abroad
There is no better way to say
>fuck you to me lyfe
But more import: where do these potato people get all that money? I'd try to figure that out, then just do what they did.
No. 2437
They're either old fucks with a lifetime of work hours behind them or rich parent spawn fuckbois. I'm neither old nor a rich parent leecher degenerate spawn.
No. 2440
>a lifetime of work hours
Well I know I definitely couldn't do that. I get bored and wander off jobs after a couple years. Being a tour guide sounds interesting enough, especially if it's outdoors. I guess if you can't be rich, you should find a way to take money from those who are, and this plan is better than just robbing them.
No. 2441
I just figured that if I'll get to live in resort tier places and get paid for it so why the fuck not when my alternative is working myself to death for shit money here. If The company shuffles me through different countries then this is even better. Not having a life and attachments must be worth something somewhere. Like companies with foreign offices.
No. 2442
When your biggest broblem is watching daytime tv.
No. 2443
>Not having a life and attachments
I've had that same feeling more than once. If you can live in a resort tier place and not have to pay for it, that's a perfect setup. Like those people who get paid to houses-sit, or work on cruise ships. They earn money during the day, and don't have to spend it all on a bed that same night. You can actually get ahead that way.
No. 2449

Not many n-words live here.
No. 2451
1,3 MB, 1944 × 2592
Me at bus stop right now. I'm waiting for the bus.

I don't know if he has given up, needs an ambulance or is just drunk. Not going to pretend I care, the city pays money to put little flower beds everywhere to beautify it yet people are sleeping like this everywhere.
No. 2452 Kontra

Confirmed he's just having a nap
No. 2458
>needs an ambulance

In Germany you could get a damn high fine or up to 1 year in prison if someone needs one and you don't call it.
No. 2459
>city has massive homeless problem
>spend millions of dollars on flower beds
That right there is a big part of what's wrong with America. Maybe he isn't homeless but I'm sure a lot of people are in your city. I've seen shit like this time and time again. Everything is falling apart yet the go to solution of Americans is usually something fucking stupid like wasting their money on pointless shit to make it look better. We're basically just a richer version of Russians throwing tarps over collapsing buildings. Honestly if you were smart and well enough off now would be a good time to consider leaving the country before things start getting really bad. Sadly I have no money so I'm going to be stuck here.
No. 2461
That's why I hate this dictatorial shithole. In a free country, I decide who to help. Here, governement tries to force me to help everyone, no matter what. What right do they have to do that? Fucking Kikejews and their fake "morals" are to blame for this.
No. 2462
I hope you get in an accident or something and people just ignore you.
Maybe make a video or a few picture while you're dying.

You deserve it.
No. 2463
In france the towns, villages and smaller cities (at least in Alsace) have a friendly competition going on where the people in the city decorate public places as well as their houses with flowers and the state gives money to the places that do it well (there is a sort of rating system). To find out how well this works, go to a small city in Germany close to the french border and then drive by bike from village to village in the direction of france. Even if you ignore every street sign, you will immediately know when you are entering the first french city just by the fact that it looks so much more cozy and peaceful.
And no, that is not due to architecture, we are talking about places that have switched nationality a bunch of times during the past 200 years so you will have a very similar mix of architectural styles and city planning.

I think an encouragement to take care of the place you live in is a much better step to improving mood and quality of life for a population than to delegate all planning to government agencies and corporate entities and in turn disallow the citizens to change something on their own.
No. 2465
Maybe you don't get it, but YOU are responsible for whatever happens to you, no one else. So if something bad happens to you, YOU did it. You don't see that, because you're an asshole. When you are tied-up on the tracks and waiting for the 6 o' clock train, YOU are the asshole who put YOU there. YOU are an asshole because you don't see that. YOU are an asshole because your life doesn't work, but you pretend it does.

Bad things don't happen to me because I'm not an asshole who makes them happen, unlike YOU.
No. 2466
>invest in useless floweerbeds instead of police to clean the homeless rubble out
What good is a flowerbed when there's a drunken homeless man in it? None at all. Before you spent money on beautification, you need to spent on exterminating the vermin that fucked the place up in the first place. Put homeless people, addicts and the unemployeds in a giant meat-grinder to solve their problems once and for all. Then the streets will be pretty withoug any further investment.
No. 2468
6 kB, 240 × 240
Wow, that's a whole new level of retarded
No. 2469
Last time you tried something like that it took the Marshall Plan for us to create actual cleanliness and order in Europe. None of this of course touches your own psychopathic idiocy and complete disregard for human life. It would make more sense to actually fix the problem. Your solution is like a diabetic sawing his own toes off rather than treat the diabetes.
No. 2471
Will he be borrowed by police and how soon?
No. 2478
>if you kill all the unemployed then unemployment will disappear
No. 2479
First post from the blackberry Passport I bought. My God this thing was such a better purchase than another generic glass slab, and in near mint condition for only £100.

It reminds me a bit of the PDA I had back in '07.
No. 2486
I still stick to my screen all day despite knowing it is bad for my entire life, despite moaning in pain at every site I open because all is full of shit.
No. 2487
>despite moaning in pain at every site I open because all is full of shit.

I keep doing that since EC died. I look on Kohl and remember 'oh yeah, this is shit isn't it', then I look on here and remember 'oh right, it only gets one post a week'. Rinse and repeat.

It's like when you're out of food but keep checking the fridge in a vain hope of finding something stashed at the back.
No. 2489 Kontra
Why not promote EC then?
No. 2490
There is almost always something in the fridge, even if its just old pickles. People with no standards never go hungry. I think that's a metaphor for web content.
Demanding better leaves us hungry on a web full of perfectly digestible garbage.
Such is our suffering
No. 2491
Good advice, I think I am still going to leave because the Chinese are fucking jews lol.

For example they earned £400 off me today or £340 with discount, we are negotiating for £4 a day.
Pay is about £115 I want £125

I will not tell them to outright fuck off, but I wouldn't cry if the centre burned down.
No. 2492
Sick leave.
No. 2493

Yeah that wasn't very nice of me to write, but I was more shaking my head at the lack of social services here meanwhile I see some employee ride some offroad 4 wheeler around watering flowers every morning. It isn't as simple as "get a job you bum".

Likewise I'm still unphased by the sight of it and am selfish. Still confirmed he was simply taking a drunk nap.
No. 2495
92 kB, 460 × 398
Dear diary, today was a massive waste of my time and nothing good happened. I'll just drink and smoke through the remaining half of the day to forget about this fucking tragic way to spend your one god given lyfe.
No. 2497
258 kB, 960 × 960
I'm painfully close to finishing the Nibelungenlied, and finally found an affordable cup that I can replace the old one with.
Otherwise I haven't accomplished much.
I'm enjoying the tempered weather. It's like it's spring again.
No. 2498
I wonder is there a philosophic position on aesthetic materialism?

in historic materialism the the being determines the consciousness I don't know how Sein bestimmt das Bewusstsein by Marx is translated

What if perception determines the consciousness, what kind of position is that? realism?
No. 2499
Promote it how, by advertising on 4chan?
No. 2502
Don't those have issues with the bluetooth connection?

Realistically what can you do to fix the problem of homelessness? If you could even afford to give everyone a house it's not like things will be hunky-dory from then on.

Leave the flowers be, they're cheap and brighten up peoples lives. Give them a chance and they might even grow on you.

Fuck off, Nazi. The state has no business compelling those kind of actions on its citizens and the very principle of it is worse than any imagined good it might do.

If I saw someone who needed an ambulance I would call one of my own volition because I'm a decent human being.

You'll probably need to expand upon that because I'm not sure what you mean. All I can say is maybe Objectivism?
No. 2503
Whole day in panic mode, having discussions with isp customer service because my isp cut me off the internet, posting from phone over my neighbours wlan...
No. 2505
>All I can say is maybe Objectivism

No, the whole ancap string that comes with it is not what I had in mind

only that the superstructure is shaped by your perception and not on being/economic circumstances

maybe I have understand Marx sub and superstructure first to actually explain what I mean.

I don't know what the consequences would be if you exchange perception with what Marx called Sein some mix of ontologic being in the world and "real" economic circumstances?
No. 2516
325 kB, 832 × 583
today I decided to ask why this place is so slow?

where did all the kc tier posters go, why the new site, and is this just the same admins on a different site or did original ones decide to kill it?

I've been doing other things last few months thanks to antidepressants allowing me to give up on chans when shitposters overran EC so out of the loop, but finding new domain name wasn't hard so it's a mystery why so few posters here.
No. 2517
They stick to kohl, thank dog. But I miss a few people that posted on old EC before the bernd flood came.

Congratulations on getting out of the loop tho. I only frequent EC less then 10 times a day. Sometimes I peek at kohl but I guess I have better things to do, thank dog again.
No. 2520
My settis exactly, thank dog
No. 2524
Sames, I'm actually only on kohl for worldcup threads...
No. 2525
Unironically a lot of them actually went back to 4chan. Others cabbagechan, others to whatever various shit hole other boards etc. Just looking at cabbagechan really makes me regret wasting a minute let alone years with those fucking idiots. I personally have just been trying to post less and spend less time on imageboards.
No. 2526
> personally have just been trying to post less and spend less time on imageboards.

I miss having the option. It feels odd to have absolutely no IBs to look at after 10 years of browsing them every day.
No. 2529
5,8 MB, 478 × 360, 2:13
I still look at places like 420 from time to time but yeah, chan death happens, has happened, and will continue to happen. Zerochan, rockstarchan, freechan, 888chan, and 99chan are among the many other IBs that are dead now. I'm surprised 7 is still up and running. The one I really miss is 99. It was slow af but it was a patrician tier IB. The real problem is, was, and always will be the userbase. KC was good precisely because it had on average higher IQ and more interesting and generally good posters. 4kebabs helped utterly ruin that place. kohl is a complete shithole for similar reasons. The thing I don't get is why you'll see two Quebec balls one after the other. Usually whenever Quebec shows up you know the whole site is about to go downhill. Literally within several days of him/them showing up EC went down.

> 10 years of browsing them every day.
This will do worse things to your life than heroin addiction, alcoholism, or being a WoWfag. Well actually no, it might be on par with being a WoWfag.
No. 2536
> This will do worse things to your life than heroin addiction
But heroin addiction kills you less than 10 years
No. 2538 Kontra
*in less than 10 years
No. 2556
Isn't it irritating that we're one of the last generations who won't have access to life-extending technology? Probably just a century after we die there'll be anti-ageing drugs which negate the effects of ageing, or technology to upload the consciousness to a computer before death.
No. 2558
it will mean that you are determined to wait forever.
What would really change?
No. 2559
btw I doubt science will advance like this.
Common, all this digital solicon valley mumbo jumbo seems like a space age revival.
No. 2560
>Isn't it irritating that we're one of the last generations who won't have access to life-extending technology?
Sure life-extending technology or immortality technology?
If it's for the former, it's wrong, medical care does great job at steadily increase of people's longevity.
If it's for the latter, it's not irritating, since the next generation probably isn't going to have access to it as well :^)
Look, people didn't know about cancer two centuries ago, but now, when they can deal with many regular diseases, number of cancer diagnoses increases every year. Who knows if there wouldn't be another shit when they will find "youth pills"?
No. 2562
We are stuck basically with 80s technology now.
No, it's faster and stronger, but principles didn't change much since then.
No. 2565
Actually no. Our technologies radically advanced for past 40 years in many ways. Using same principes for some areas is normal - like physics laws are same, and like.. how old is wheel?
No. 2569
Really not that much. In some areas sure, genetics, astronomy etc. but most daily life technologies have only "more of the same" improvements and much lower cost/performance ratio.
No. 2570
I haven't slept all through the night on so long. I wake up every single night between 1:30 and 2:30 and it's driving me nuts. I have had a dream about work nearly 10 times now.

I do everything I can to have good sleep hygiene and life won't let me.
No. 2577
520 kB, 500 × 281, 0:01
I got lost in the city a bit, but in the end, I didn't manage to get myself a new teacup. I'll save the money up for a nice one instead of some cheap shit. This was a productive day.
No. 2579
64 kB, 361 × 501
Dear diary, today I fucked my hands up again. That's it.
No. 2582
Did you watch that Isaac Arthur video yesterday?

The whole thing makes me question whether I should try and extend my life as much as possible for the potential reward of immortality. I mean, how much certainty do you really need to adopt a completely low-metabolic rate existence on the off chance that you won't die. Ever.

It's a tough one because I can't seem to do anything but live. We all like to justify the risks and general pounding we give ourselves using platitudes like "living is one thing, I want to be alive!" but it's not like you have much choice in the matter.
No. 2584
There is an insect in the middle of my room flying circles right for the past 15min.

My life feels quite the same but if I would be that insect I'd have less worries.
No. 2586
I'm too neurotic to allow an insect to road freely in my room. What is this insect? Does it bite? Will it bite me? Best to be safe and squish it.
No. 2587 Kontra

No. 2589
Suck it with the vacuum cleaner.
No. 2591
This is why I peacefully coexist with daddy long legs. One always builds a web in the corner of my room above my bedside light and lives like a king on all the moths that are subsequently attracted.

Path of least resistance and all that.
No. 2592
Spiders don't bother me at all unless they're venemous. I always let them be and give them cutesy names
No. 2603
Today I learned that if you're at the gym and wiggle your knee even a tiny bit while doing a leg press it WILL hurt for the rest of the day.
No. 2606
23 kB, 390 × 341
Caught a toad in my own garden :D

>feels bad man :----DD
No. 2613
I was walking with a friend thru a park forest near a pond when we encountered baby toads jumping everywhere, I mean the ground was full of them on a 75m distance
No. 2674
I went to the italian supermarket.

I wish I could waste my days in Italy, way more cozy than Germany.
No. 2675 Kontra
I don't know why I quoted myself. Perhaps some automation, a pavlovian Ernst.
No. 2676
Can't you?
I remember it's fairly easy to migrate between EU countries for EU citizens.
No. 2677
I don't speak the italian language yet and there are no jobs, I'm a student.
No. 2714
Blyat, I'm drunk with my batya, but batya is larger than me, and beer doesn't seem to affect him as much as it affects me.
Wish me luck, I don't want this day end that bad.
My senses have already worsened.
No. 2753
Well I agreed a new contract, 240e more per month, I traded my end of contract bonus 600e for an extra weeks holiday.
HK only gives you 7 days holiday, now I have 12.

I have spent hours watching LA.Beast, it just keeps getting recommended, had a pizza, so I have not had a poo for 48 hours.

I need to buy some underwear as most of mine has holes in them, such is life.

The Student loan Company contacted me I owe them £30k, kek
No. 2754
Had a very cozy morning walk on this quiet sunday, then warmed up the very-hot vietnamese food I couldn't finish yesterday and watched the first episode of Dinosaurs. Cozy feels all over.
No. 2755
I've been working as a programmer for 3 years now and I've never taken holiday. I guess that's the trap with home office work, you never feel you have the right to take holiday because you are already slacking off so much (like browsing on Ernstchan or watching porn during work time).
No. 2766
I can't sleep man. I realized what happened. I quit smoking weed and now I wake up multiple times in the middle of the night ever single night and have lots of nightmares or just stressful dreams.

Tomorrow is exactly 4 weeks since I quit smoking tobacco cold turkey as well.

But I'm so sleep deprived. It's every single night.

I have diagnosed anxiety disordered, clinical depression and borderline personality disorder. I'm sure I could get some sleeping shit but I don't want the psychiatrist to recommend melatonin or something and piss me off while talking to me like I'm retarded. I don't want an addiction either.

I wasn't even going to smoke weed this year in the first place but I was so close to breaking my roommate's stuff because he's just an obnoxious fuck. I can't stand living with someone who gets drunk every single night.

I have an ex who goes on the internet and calls me a manipulative sociopath but really im just an unstable animal. That person ripped my hair out and then would tell me "you have enough of it" when I got upset, because xe is a jealous balding tranny fuck. Xe also gave me concussions many times and assaulted me by punching me in the back of the head when I was laying down with my back turned, when I wanted to go to the loonie bin that night xe wouldn't allow me because I had a concussion and a black eye and told me that xe would go to jail, even if I told the police nothing. I tried to storm out of the house in anger once and xe wrestled me onto the bed and twisted my wrist far past where it could go, I screamed out in pain and I had to wear a homemade brace because my ligaments were all torn up. That was my left hand and I couldn't shitpost on krautchan for a week. I would try to leave to kill myself and often would just get the shit kicked out of me, I would lay in the fetal position while xe beat on my body. I would mention this and xe would say how it was my fault it was violent. Xe makes all sorts of shit up like I pointed knives and guns at xir, or attacked xir with a screwdriver. What I remember of the screwdriver incident was that I was in a corner of the room crying while pathetically holding a screwdriver out and wanting to be left alone, xe calmly walked over and ripped it out of my hand. I saw these accusations on krautchan after our breakup and I ran away.

Days before our breakup I had gotten out of the loonie bin after a few weeks. I had eaten nothing but fruit and milk cartons while in there and all I did was walk and talk with this black girl for fun, so my abdomen muscles started showing a bit. When I was home I began changing in our bedroom, xe went "oooohhhhh" when I took off my shirt and began caressing my body, we kissed for a while then sucked each others dicks. Xe calls this last sexual encounter "sexual assault". We were in court together. I really don't know if the police are going to come knocking on my door or are going to show up at my workplace and arrest me one of these days. That thought stresses me the fuck out, but it has been 8 months and I haven't been arrested yet or summoned to court yet so maybe I'm safe but who the fuck knows.

I was bored one day and started looking at boards on 4chan and accidentally discovered xir there telling the same stories. Sometimes when I want to die I go there for some kind of masochistic blast in the head by reading that shit, but I can't know for sure if it's her.

I've hardly talked about this in detail to anyone.

I can't wait until I leave this dirty retarded city and start my life over. I feel like I am going to break right now. I've worked overtime all this week and in not many hours will begin my 6th day of work in a row, it's physical work and I'm just very sore. And I can't even sleep and I try so hard to. My roommate has a noisy mechanical keyboard I can hear in my room, and he clickity clacks his glass beer bottles down on to his glass table over and over and it's like he gets some kind of faggot pleasure out of that action because he doesn't set them down softly at all.

If it isn't his noise, or my upstairs neighbors noise, it's my nightmares.
No. 2769
Just hold the line with the weed and tabacco thing. It could very well be that your whole situation makes you wake up multiple times a night.

I wish I could easily move to another town and 'start all over again' but I'm a coward so far. Also I wonder if it is possible to make friends in your end 20s etc. I would say yes, when you hang around in artist circles, hedonists and all that crap. These circles where things are a bit loose anyway or not like a downright Norman Normsters suburbian life.
No. 2770
16 kB, 339 × 357
Dating trannies sounds like a blast. Thank dog I don't have any fetishes for that shite and don't have to deal with this.
No. 2776
>I would say yes, when you hang around in artist circles, hedonists and all that crap.
I can't imagine being around other kind of people honestly. It's also what I would recommend to most lonely Ernsts, as I often read that they feel bored and without connection in normal social circles like in Uni, work etc.
It's a great thing to speak freely about what you think and having similiar interests.

t. Wannabe bohemian
No. 2780
48 kB, 492 × 449
I'm seriously considering spending 35 bucks on a gaiwan and a teacup.
No. 2788
Do it. Make brewing and drinking tea a ritual and it will bring you calmness once a day.
No. 2790
I finally managed to get to sleep after 2 days of insomnia. It must've come with the heatwave like an evil spirit had tagged along and decided to fuck with me by making it like I was on an amphetamine binge.

Anyway, one of my attempts at getting to sleep was to go for an after-midnight walk to tire myself out, I did a little exploring doing this and found a rad children's playground. You can put two and two together on what came next in my mentally impaired state - playing on the slide and generally fucking about in the knowledge that nobody is watching a man nearly in his 30s relive his childhood in a big park at night.

The best part was chilling in the hammock for an hour looking at the stars. Shame I always had the worry that I would drift off and end up robbed in the back of my mind.

>Also I wonder if it is possible to make friends in your end 20s etc.

I've done it a few times and always been able to make new friends but always ended up back in my hometown reeeee. You just need to put the effort in right away to interact with people before old habits kick in and you become a recluse - I even did it alone on holiday once.

Honestly though, I found bohemians to be a little tiresome even for Ernst. Normal people will have a few drinks with you and find your weird nature amusing but bohemians tend to be judgemental pricks if you express normal or orderly behaviour what with their self-image and emotional nature.
No. 2795
>I can't imagine being around other kind of people honestly.

My friends have some kind of addiction or are mentally damaged. I'm just the latter because of drugs. Well I guess there was a tendency towards it anyway looking at my life so far.
I can only imagine these circles either, yet I often have problems being really social there thanks to my mental damages. But alas most people there have some kind of spleen. In the end it would be ok, it's not like I'm a totally unsocial grumpy asshole. I often retreat tho and I won't celebrate my birthday because of fears and depression of getting older. I could invite a handful of people and some would show up. I had this last time to years ago but now I don't find the courage. I hate my birthdays.
And I want to move to another bigger city and find new like minded people there. I not a party monster but I want some artsy discussions and talks about existence etc blabla. I have it here but I want more. I don't start in this city since I don't like it here. I want in a big anonymous city were you can start again more often perhaps.
Well no, I just hate scenes yet I want to be part of it but not in the middle you know.
No. 2806
10 kB, 200 × 134

It's probably easier to make "friends" with faggots like this but they're shallow friendships based on drug use, lol so random xD conversation and wannabe depth. It's not real.

Yeah it's hard to make friends but not impossible. I made one somehow.

Also it's not really bravery or cowardice for moving, Im just going to mooch off my dad. Its pretty difficult to move without contacts or lots of money.


I am one also and yeah it's guaranteed to be fucked up. Never doing that again, bfs only or incel solitude from now on.
No. 2814
41 kB, 640 × 640
Why do trannies date trannies? What's the appeal?
No. 2819
Because no other sane person would date trannies
No. 2820
Would you date a mirror image of yourself? Would you even get hard? The idea seems really weird and crazy to me. One has to be really, really fucking desperate to even try this.
No. 2824

Both lonely. It's really not so difficult to understand, there was no physical attraction really it was just intimate companionship. If you view this as two people just being people and not from a sexualized shemale porn lense.
No. 2825
>crazy and weird
No. 2826
The biggest impression I get is trannies are at root incredible narcissists. The whole world needs to revolve around them or they're not happy. They're not happy anyway but that's where their bitching goes. Another thing is they seem to identify with what they desire. I find it odd that in seemingly the overwhelming majority of cases it is a white man identifying himself as a lesbian. I have theorized that this has something to do with the earlier days of kazaa and limewire. Do you remember trying to download porn in the 56k era? The funny thing was that the image would load from the top down. This led to one of the earlier trolls where people would upload the most passable tranny they could find in the hopes someone would be jacking off by the time it loaded the penis. I also bet 99% of these people were looking for lesbian porno to begin with.

Oddly enough, the vast majority of these white guy trannies who only want girls or "girls" also happen to be computer geeks or the exact sort of person who would be downloading porn at 3am on a school night. It is part of why most "feminists" in game journalism all turn out to be trannies.

I would hypothesize that the human brain's sexuality particularly male sexuality is way more plastic than we realize. This would also help to explain the vast array of increasingly bizarre fetishes now widely known about, which only seems to propagate itself thanks to places like old /b/. I mean, just look at weird shit like vore or inflation, which isn't even that deviant relatively speaking. Or crush fetishes. Who the fuck jacks off to a woman stomping kittens to death in high heels? And it is almost always men holding these fixations. It makes me wonder what percentage of these people literally just got their fetishes from looking for porn in the early days of the internet when they were like 13 or something.
No. 2874

In the 80s(iirc) a man named Dr. Blanchard attempted to map out transsexuals and transvestites. After extensive interviewing he divided it all into 5 categories of severity. It's seen as regressive now and not appropriate this decade, and many of these "white men who identify as lesbians" are threatened by his categories because it puts them down as fetishists. Only levels 4 and 5 he figured actually necessitated hormone treatment and surgeries. He's who created the term autogenophile iirc.

I'm just going off memory here, I'm on the bus and it's difficult to find his work with this browser, if you're interested you can totally find sources to him on radical feminist forums. But here are the levels from memory, but they will be simplified:

Level 1: Pure autogenophile with no confusion. Masturbates to the thought of being a woman and cross dresses for sexual arousal. Content with his life as a man. The fetish is incidental and only a fraction of what he likes to get aroused to.

Level 2: Mostly the same as 1, but takes it a bit further and fantasizes more. Content with being a man, no qualms about genitalia. Wants to crossdress even after achieving orgasm. Still terrified of losing penis. The fetish and sexualization of being a woman is more intense than in level 1, and may be his entire sexuality rather than a kink.

Level 3: Still primarily attracted to the female sex. Iirc this is basically level 2 but with minor spells of true gender dysphoria. Blanchard did in fact say level 3s might find themselves happier medically transitioning into women but didn't find they actually suffered as a man. Still lots of fetishism and attraction to wearing women's clothing, still doesnt mind having a penis.

Level 4: Majority of them are primarily attracted to men both romantically and physically. Experiences pain living as a male. May still masturbate or use penis sexually but overall wants it gone at all times. Will find emotional relief from a successful transition. This is the level "I've always felt like a want trapped in man's body" happens, and where at some point between the ages of 3 to 6 expresses a desire to not be male, as opposed to the levels 1-3 that only start experiencing anything after starting puberty.

Level 5: Almost the exact same as 4 but more "pure". Experiences a more intense level of distress and had more severe discomfort with genitalia to the point of never using it.

Personally I never gave a fuck. Blanchard and autogenophilia were both debated and used to troll extensively in trans spaces, the opposition to him is a mix of 'thats transphobic and archaic" and basically the plugging of ears and going lalalalalalallaalala. But since my personal experiences fell under 4 I just kind of shrugged instead of rejecting him because he called my decision necessary and valid.

Maybe he is wrong or maybe not, but psychologists totally are diagnosing fat nerds with a fetish in this country because they're progressive. No further mapping out of what Blanchard figured will happen because no one wants to be mean.

He's the closest thing to being a neutral observer because he neither hated trannies nor gave a fuck about their plight in some political sense, he just wanted serious discussions.
No. 2875
Also, I felt like shitting the entire day because I made the mistake of eating pinto beans for dinner again. I hate shitting at work but am about to find relief in about 8 minutes.

The new boss isn't being respected by most people and people are trying to dispute her changes and some are outright ignoring her. I'm listening to her every wish and I work pretty fast like an autist, because I really don't care if she is wrong or right I just care to put in my 8 hours with as little trouble as possible, because in the end it's her problem if her methods are wrong.

But all I wanted to be is a dutiful peon from Warcraft 3. Now she's trying to have me report my coworkers misdeeds to her and also have me tell others what to do. I hate telling people what to do and I don't even pay attention to what others do. Maybe she thinks my work ethic makes me want to move up this retail ladder, but I just want too start that electrician path.

This is wedging me between the social acceptance of my comrades and her approval. Thanks dog Im not here much longer.
No. 2876
Why don’t you just buy a bazooka and shoot her?
No. 2877

1)She's a nice lady.

2)Cannot afford one
No. 2967
27 kB, 500 × 502
Dear diary, today I worked like a human machine that does just one thing over and over again and then ate cherries on the way home. It was nice. The cherries I mean.
No. 2971

What is that one thing?
No. 2973
Today I was basically a reloading mechanism for an industrial cnc lathe.
No. 2975
OP is a fag. Why even use blankets (not singular) when it's fucking hot outside?

Just sleep without a blanket but no
>Ordnung muss sein

This also goes to show how retarded Germans are. Every summer they cry about the weather but still they won't buy a fucking air condition.
Germans hate AC. Spreading germs and making you sick is what they say in their defense.

Hey OP how do you feel today? It's fucking hot outside.
No. 2979
37 kB, 657 × 527
Regarding health it is very adviseable to sleep with a suitable(!) blanket.
No. 2980 Kontra
21 kB, 648 × 526
Also ghosts can bite your feet when they're not covered with a blanket.
No. 2988
1,8 MB, 264 × 200, 0:08
Better yet, wear socks.
No. 2989

WHAT!? Are you a grille?
No. 2992 Kontra
I'm pretty sure he's wearing socks 99% of time like all proper men do.
No. 2996
3,4 MB, 360 × 249, 0:07
I need to prepare a presentation for Thursday as part of a lengthy interview for a very complicated and very important government job. The pay is rather noice but it is like that for a reason (this presentation alone is a complex project, multiple bosses, dealing with cabinet level politicians, tight deadlines) and quite I'm surprised that I have managed to get this far considering my own history of rank incompetence. I've basically bullshitted far beyond my pay-grade here.

Then again if I get it I'll be rich enough* to delete ambition.exe so I guess I need to try and hope that I've somehow unfucked myself.

*Until the taxman shakes me down on income tax. And for what? Aid to ungrateful foreigners, do-nothing nuclear missiles, tomb polish for some unknown soldier.

Allow me to make a suggestion:

She respects you and, more importantly, she relies upon you which means that she listens to you. Seems like the easy solution to everyone's problems would be to diplomatically suggest to her where she is going wrong and how to fix that.

Then you burn the building down with everyone locked inside. Don't worry about them finding another way out, they clearly can't solve their own problems.
No. 2999

I almost feel stressed on your behalf with all these uptight and complex interviews and the public transport failing you. The people you're dealing with are probably so sharply dressed and elite looking/sounding too.

What does the presentation have to be about?

At least you don't lose courage.
No. 3000
Also(wow I always hit reply too early in this ITT thread)

I woke up sick, I felt it a bit last night but now I have a sore throat. I suffer.

I went to the corner store to get some juice and there was a dead bird right outside the door to the apartment.

Poor thing must have flown into the window. And slave morality sheltered modern idiot bluepilled sjw cuck me got teary eyed at it's curled up legs and sideways head and lifeless body.
No. 3012 Kontra
I'm sorry my post made you angry. Please try to be less spiteful.

t. OP (who is not a fag despite sleeping under a blanket)
No. 3013 Kontra
LMAO blanket fag.

Just kidding.
>>2975 Gotta be nice, but you gotta get a nice new blanket.

t. Blanket expert and Ombudsmann
No. 3025
3 kB, 290 × 174
Ernstchan now have so many useless thredas with 2-3 short answers. Kinda sad, it is become scrolling too fast for my autism

Today was hell tier how. +20 or +25 on sun, almost without any wind and clouds, so I even didn't wanted to eat, just drinked cold juice while walking in park. Thank god without central heating it is kinda comfy in apartement so for most of the day I spended home.
No. 3031
117 kB, 808 × 499
>The people you're dealing with are probably so sharply dressed and elite looking/sounding too.

If only that was a certainty. For my presentation one member of the panel is 'to be confirmed' so I must remember to print out extra material for the hand outs in case they get lost in jargon/legislation but also remember to communicate why I did this beforehand to avoid insulting the other members or coming across as infantile.

>What does the presentation have to be about?

Allow me to further bitch: Initially the instructions for my presentation where left entirely open, a dangerous proposition for the ec-tier and where I couldn't resist going too far. I planned out a hypothetical presentation involving an American orbital mining company buying Russian aerospace materials and using UK operations as an intermediary with some modification work. Exciting but most of all the topics involved are vague and there is ambiguity so I could tick boxes while still talking nonsense.

But alas no, I got instructions today that I am talking about the exports of primarily petroleum related machines and building contracts. It is still somewhat cool because they are using real companies on both sides and I did related work for my undergraduate dissertation way back but also terrifying because one of those companies is Petrobras so as you can see I'm talking about bribery and corruption issues.

I shouldn't complain too much, at the very least I will have an exciting adventure.
No. 3047
I'm staying at my parents' place this week. I've become such an introverted weirdo that I can no longer hold a conversation with them unless I'm drinking. And I'm a fairly large man, so merely augmenting conversation takes at least a bottle of wine. Otherwise I just withdraw to my pathetic little childhood bedroom and avoid them.

What does this say about me?
No. 3048 Kontra
>What does this say about me?

That you're a bum driller for drinking wine to get drunk.
No. 3049
I guess that's why so many people travel and keep themselves busy. That way they always have something to talk about.
No. 3051
Don't just put the cap over the bottle, always CLOSE the bottle.
No. 3053
Never do that with jam glasses too.
No. 3056
Took the tons of empty bottles, worn clothes and used cups and glasses out of my room. It still looks like an utter mess but at least all the old shit isn't there anymore. I lived like a hermit for the past few weeks (I can't even really tell anymore since when I've been in this state) and only occasionally left my room, spending most of my time on my bed. I also neglected all of my uni duties and didn't do anything at all. I think about cleaning the rest of my room now but it will be quite exhausting as the floor is scattered with all kind of stuff and I would also need to vacuum it. But then again it can't go on like this as I can't really concentrate and do anything productive in this mess.
No. 3057
Cleaning usually leads to something useful.
I have a cleaner and my flat still looks like a shithole.

Time to make an over complicated schedule on what days I will clean the flat, but never use it.

Alas, I suffer, 30-33degC for weeks on end now, need to lose weight.
No. 3064
I at least vacuumed the floor now. The room still looks messy but at least I feel somewhat comfortable in it now amd can do stuff.
Damn, I wish I had enough money for a cleaner. But it would be a great start for me to get a job first. I'm afraid that I won't be getting student monies from the state for too long anymore so I feel very pressured to get some low paid job. This is my task for the summer/autumn, getting a job.
It would be great if I was somehow able to make a bit more than 400€ a month (maybe 500 or 600), so I wouldn't be depending on my student money anymore (and wouldn't need to give a shit about if they take it away from me or not) and could continue studying at the same time.
I applied for a few jobs some time ago, but usually they were factory jobs for the summer, quite a long time ago and nothing continuous.
400 would be barely enough to survive but at least I could keep my flat and wouldn't need to pay any taxes.
No. 3069
You need to apply to recruitment agencies and they will assign you the job.

This is the best way to get any job(no professional)

Supermarkets, retail and betting/gambling shops as well, but most jobs are got by knowing someone who works there, especially if you work infrequent hours.
I hear it is now ridiculous to even get past the online interviews for supermarket jobs.
I had a cosy admin job through a recruitment agency, decent pay and lots of over-time.
You college/uni may also have a job board where you can get recruited, but this is usually trying to lure girls to be bar staff or promotion work which sucks.
Any Stadiums, pay and hours is terrible, but they are very easy to get, but can be a relief from the boredom.
Factories do not want to hire students.
Buy a local paper, any adverts will be wanting local people and there a very low requirements.

A cleaner would cost 30e in Goymany for 1-1.5hrs, I pay 240e for 6, 3 hour visits, flat is only 150sq ft.
I could pay under the table for maybe 75% less.
No. 3071
28 kB, 437 × 431
Dear diary, today was kinda useless and I hurt my hands even more. Worst part is pretending to be a cheery normal human bean when you feel like saying fuck everything and just walking.
No. 3072
That you have perfectly understandable problems connecting with your parents but feel terribly anxious about not fitting an idealised norm. Just think of how your poor father must suffer, he gets home from work to relax and watch the world cup but instead there's some wreckhead babbling to him about fidget spinners and dabbing anytime someone scores.

There is a reason people only start getting along with their parents once they move out and only occasionally see them.
No. 3073
If you live in a city, well assumed you are student, go work for the POST, it's not an easy job but they pay around 12€/h, so you work 2-3 days a week and then you can study the rest. it will take longer yes but you are independent.
No. 3093 Kontra
I have some latex lying around so i try to make a fleshlight.
Just need to wait for it to dry now, if it fails i repeat the process with rubber silicone (which should be used anyway).
No. 3102
Yes, I have already dealt with such agencies but only once for a factory job. It was ridiculous how they were interviewing five students (at the same time) to take one of them for a bydlo job.
But I had insomnia the night before and fuckdd up getting there early enough.
Guess I'll look for another agency.
But I'll also try applying at some fast food places where they already know me as a customer (not a regular but a remarkable one).

Yes but I'd need to drive and I didn't really drive since years now. I don't even know what driving in a big city is like.

However, I'll report again when I'm looking for the job and thanks for your advices.
No. 3130
>Yes but I'd need to drive

you live in the countryside? in bigger villages and small cities they also have bike and on foot mail people

Driving mail usually involves parcels as well and I can tell you most people quit that kinda job. You either do parcels only or mail only. The other stuff is quite heavy. I've never really done that myself but I met many people who quit it in the end because it is exhausting. more exhausting than one Bezirk you do by bike.
No. 3134
Still sick, still working. Nothing says indepencence day like working, but truthfully I love these days because of extra holiday pay.

Neurotypicals are going to blast fireworks tonight. I might just go participate if I don't feel too sick.
No. 3145
I live in one of the biggest cities in Germany, that's why I thought that they usually do delivery by car/transporter. At least I have never seen some postman on a bike or by foot around here.
I guess they will rather want to have someone who drives as it's probably more efficient. I have a license but I made the mistake to not drive for years now, either way I wouldn't want to drive around anyways.
But by now it seems like there is a good chance for me to work in the fast food business which is something I would like I guess, even though I have never worked in a kitchen (I'm not talking about some bit fast food chain but rather a small business). I'll try that out I think, maybe I'll even like it.
No. 3149
I cannot believe that mail is delivered by car in one of the german biggest cities, not in the inner city, perhaps the outskirts but I doubt the use cars inner city. It's absolutely non practical.

DHL ofc uses cars only, but the Post uses cars in the countryside and in the more sparsely populated outskirts.
No. 3150
Maybe you have just never seen your postman, they usually are going around until midday or early afternoon.

And they won't prefer a driver if you are supposed to do bike/foot only which I think is the norm, even in big cities.
No. 3161
1,9 MB, 3264 × 1836
1,7 MB, 3264 × 1836
2,0 MB, 3264 × 1836
2,6 MB, 3264 × 1836
Today two-day long +25 heat in finnaly ended with very light rain and drizzle and when I walked outside I made some pics on my phone. Today was cool day, I get my cpu and finnaly started building new computer.
No. 3165

Lucky you.

t. uncomfortably strong sun and crappy computer

I especially like the picture with the birds, even in such dreary looking weather little birds make everything happy.
No. 3166
712 kB, 3264 × 1836
700 kB, 3264 × 1836
2,0 MB, 3264 × 1836
2,0 MB, 3264 × 1836
Here some close ups for little ducks :З
It reminded me that I not finished watching duck tales, there remained only a couple of episodes and movie.

Also my new CPU. And motherboard with cpu and cooling system of deepcool lucifer v2 attached to it. Kinda huge tower.
No. 3169
1,2 MB, 2560 × 1440

cute, CUTE

And yeah I wish I was you right now, I don't even have a tower just a Lenovo laptop

Nothing else to add, but there should be a thread where everyone tries to go take pictures of local birds and we all share.

Here are some ducks I saw back in January, I couldn't get any closer but it was very cute.
No. 3170 Kontra
I also just realized I use commas way too much.
No. 3172
46 kB, 500 × 333
We have Coots.

They're fun to watch, because when they have things around which make distinctive noises, they will start imitating it :DDDD
Also their interactions with ducks are fun and they're pretty afraid of Swans.

Not my photo, unfortunately.
No. 3174
I really like the atmosphere in your pictures.

Also super cozy :3
No. 3181
I think you have just enough commas
No. 3184
3,3 MB, 3264 × 1836
2,7 MB, 3264 × 1836
2,2 MB, 3264 × 1836

So little snow in january? But yeah nice birds!
2 weeks ago we had hotdes of fieldfares but after their children become able to fly off from nest there not so much of them. Often you can find a lot sea birds, one of them not long ago poo-poo on me ):

Anyway there other thing I found today - old Vauxhall that for very long time stay on same place and nobody needs it. It slowely rusting. Cars like this... is very very rare thing in our lands. I like it - nice classic thing. I so want it actually but there no any contacts on car
Also experts on british cars can say me which model is it?
No. 3185
>there no any contacts on car
Get road police license plates database.
No. 3186
Nevermind looks like it is Viva hc 1975
No. 3187
Do you see there number plates?
But well tbh I think I seen someone dropped inside. Need really photo them next time, thanx
No. 3188
>Do you see there number plates?
It is read in the reflection of back window. Also, another one is hidden under front window, you can see part of it.
No. 3192
>So little snow in january?

Yeah, at least there.
No. 3193
32 kB, 688 × 578

Nah, just kiddin. I was only stuck on the way home on a sunbaked platform for 2 hours because of a suicide and a broken-down train
No. 3203
I've almost eaten a pack of all purpose seasoning today.
I feel very worried.
No. 3204

I like this post lol

So how did the presentation go?
No. 3208
It all went pretty good for a change. They were clearly impressed by the level of effort and detail I'd put in along with the use of humour (at acceptable levels). The job is very ec-tier so I've had perfect training.

Even if I don't get the job though, the Treasury keeps your details for 6 months so hopefully I've made a good enough impression with big-wigs to get other offers without having to go through interview again. One way or another I will soon get to spend everyday dealing with the trains. YAY!
No. 3209
The usual "fix it" thing strikes again. This time just in an effort to try and fix a display issue on a game I tried updating AMD driver. Except the fucking cocksuckers don't support my operating system anymore they only fucking support 8.1 and hell will freeze over before I voluntarily update my OS and have to completely reinstall shit just to get more Windows spyware. So now apparently I can't get Crimson or Catalyst or anything else to fucking work, which is just as well because I literally never even try to go into my graphics card management. One of these days I'm going to need to just back everything up and do a complete reinstall of a pirated Windows 7. Because fuck you that's why. I miss XP. Every single time I go into control panel it makes me slightly angry. In fact, little else infuriates me the way dealing with computers does. And every single goddamn thing tries to nickel and dime me for the most basic functions. I mean basic fucking shit that should come pre-installed like driver updaters, antivirus, archive unzippers, Microsoft word, Adobe, I have to pirate all this shit and some day these pieces of shit are going to charge you for a fucking jpg viewer and paint utility.

The French revolution did not kill enough people.
No. 3210

>One way or another I will soon get to spend everyday dealing with the trains. YAY!

With your new salary could you move closer and avoid the train headache?
No. 3211
Is the note about French revolution left to get responces?
No. 3214
202 kB, 500 × 803
No. It summed up my general sentiments pretty well. You do not even get the most basic shit anymore. Clearly the best solution to such greed is the guillotine. Can't even have the most simple shit anymore? Overthrow the new monarchs and water the tree of liberty. This is the best most satisfying solution I can come up with for my driver problems.
No. 3218
Which OS do you use?
No. 3220
8 and I hated it the moment I got my new machine years ago. Apparently every single thing is now only for 7, 8.1, and 10, and I adamantly refuse to upgrade to 8.1 and it fills me with a deep fear of the levels of rage and frustration I will eventually face for days on end when it finally goes kaput and I have to rip out all the Windows 10 garbage and install a cozier Windows 7. I have fucking hated every single Windows operating system since XP to increasing levels of severity. 7 is at least tolerable.
No. 3222
I always used 7 since I switched from XP and problems weren't. I don't know why would you even use 8 nowadays; it's either 7 or 10, anything else is pretty much pointless.
No. 3230
Is there a reason to use 10 if I now buying new powerfull pc or fuck it 7 still okay?
No. 3232
Depends on what you need. Some specific software (and some newer vidya) may require 10, but other than that it's still okay. Microsoft will support it for a couple years more, IIRC.
No. 3236
Not even considering Linux or *BSD?
No. 3239
Linux has no gaems.
No. 3241
Yes, I live in the deep south of the city. I don't know about the more central parts of it.
No. 3242
>Microsoft will support it for a couple years more
Till 2020.
Still I am not moving from Win7 on my own anywhere, just what a hot steaming pile of shit Windows 10 is.
...Actually, Windows 10 may not be that bad (if we omit the fact that it is full of telemetry), but safeguards from retards are everywhere, you can't simply do with your computer whatever you want.
No. 3243
Sames, I'm not going to switch to 10 unless I have to. I had it on my new laptop when I bought it, but I didn't like it much, so I installed 7 instead.
No. 3244 Kontra
Revolution doesn't lead to new and better society. It only leads to destruction and desolation.
Source: so many revolutions, that I don't know if there was one good.
No. 3250
>you can't simply do with your computer whatever you want.

That has been true for every single Windows and Dos. It got worse with each iteration, though.
No. 3251
I disagree. Why Windows 9x and DOS were rich of viruses?
They didn't have many protection measures.
No. 3254
I know directx 12 maybe and some shit but I guess there are fan patches to fix it?
No. 3263
>What is Linux?
No. 3266
Server OS which has questionable quality for casual use without much industrial software.
t. Desktop Linux user
No. 3277
334 kB, 1920 × 1080
I can assure you we will fix this when we abolish proprietary software and establish revolutionary programmer councils
No. 3287
>With your new salary could you move closer and avoid the train headache?

I'm thinking about it but living in London with decent access to the underground* will add 20k to rent while also making a considerable hit to my overall quality of life. Meanwhile where I live now is along the London-Birmingham line so I can do an 80min commute (at 6k annual rail pass) but it is a bit mad and something people do when they want a afford a bigger family home.

It's a tough one. Normally people don't mind the landlords pulling their panties down because they're starstruck by the city but I just think the place is filthy with the once wold renowned local cultures having been sterilised 20 years ago by gentrification. I'm sure America has the same problem, you have to live in places like LA and New York for work but the people and climate is just vile.

*In Central London cars are as much use as a chocolate teapot.
No. 3290
>In Central London cars are as much use as a chocolate teapot.

That made my morning, thank you :3

Will have to remember that phrase.. still giggling like a silly boy
No. 3309
Feeling like shit lately.

It feels like some mid heavy depression episode. I get some things down at least. But alas I would just say fuck it and lie in bed until it stops again but not an option here I have to keep my ass on track a bit so give some stable impression and to keep the swamp away some more
No. 3310
I've noticed recently that my armpit hairs and pubes pull out in clumps painlessly. I can just pull like 5 out at once without feeling it. They don't seem to fall out much otherwise though.

Does anyone else get this?
No. 3324
You probably need a personal day, fren. Maybe a 3-day weekend.

Can't you talk to your boss about suffering a bit of fogginess? It will only hurt productivity more in the long-run if you try to power through and quality will suffer.

t.wall-collision knower

No and I just tried. Maybe they're overgrown or something?
No. 3326
>Can't you talk to your boss about suffering a bit of fogginess? It will only hurt productivity more in the long-run if you try to power through and quality will suffer.

I'm a student who needs to finish his bachelor, it's my second try at getting a degree and I'm already 3 years at it and have about half of the credits, so I need to speed up now and take more workload. I wonder how people do this in 3 years, wtf. This must be like low wage 12h days if want to do it correctly and good. inb4: just be a genius.

Also some personal issues. I get older and really have nothing at my hands besides some knowledge others don't have perhaps. Many do and are better at it. So I can only do better myself but it does not feel like it atm.

t. had birthday which is probably the reason besides gf problems perhaps loosing her, yet loving her, yet getting attracted to some other beautiful female bean I see sometimes and get along with really well so far
No. 3333
>I'm a student who needs to finish his bachelor, it's my second try at getting a degree and I'm already 3 years at it and have about half of the credits, so I need to speed up now and take more workload.

Listen, you need to talk to staff right fucking now because you're in considerably more trouble than I think you realise. A standard undergraduate degree is not 3 years long just for the benefit of the university and if you ramp up pressure you risk crashing.

Compose an email to whomever it is who is supposed to be supervising you and send it off before bed because you're in deep shit and they have messed up just as much as you for it to have gotten like this. Academia is extremely tolerant about handing out extensions (the advantage of all the nonsense) and this will buy you more time while allowing you to also organise a proper schedule with staff.

Make sure to also book an appointment to talk to student services on Monday because they will be able to help you by at least allowing you to talk about what is bothering you (they will have heard it all before). These are also the people more than capable of making pressures go away if they say you need to drop tools.

And disregard females. I got burned twice in my third year and it damn near broke me. You do not need a woman in your life and you damn well don't have time for it.
No. 3340
I already talked to university shrinks some years ago when I started again.
I cannot push away the exam in late July. My papers can be extended, I know that. But they have to be finished, I want to have my bachelor. I will probably earn my first real money with 30+ I guess, lel, maybe even later or never.

What is pressuring me more is the fact that I don't write essays that are like the ones I like to read. Progress is so slow and I rarely do anything for it besides my uni stuff, because time.
So I don't need a woman, well, maybe. But when I'm not the best at intellectual content I can at least have a woman at my side and perhaps children to pass on my genius :DDD

my gf is depressed as well and has taken distance physically to not worsen my depression, the problem with her is that she gets really apathetic and don't want to be touched, which makes me feel rejected. I think we could very well spent time together depressed when I would be allowed to hug/cuddle/kiss, I doubt sex is an option. But then there is the other which is like some water thrown in my face, yet I have my doubts she could handle me as a person in a long run. so it's just a non-serious fantasy, with some seriousness to it still, which discomforts me
No. 3423
Haven't been feeling well and feel defeated.

I had a very strange wet dream that was itself a huge disappointment, I can't even have those be nice. I was laying in bed and pulled down my pajama shorts and my flaccid penis started oozing buckets of cum. I woke up with a wet crotch and my dick had in fact oozed what little sterile fluid my nuts still produce, I thought I had peed myself for a bit and then realized that weird dream was a sexless wet dream. Almost all of them are sexless.

I'm very pathetic.
No. 3429
Dear diary, today I just stayed home all day and played video games starring gangsta niggas. More specifically mafia 3 and gta V. I was supposed to go out and buy a bike, also talk to some of my old time acquaintances but fuck them. My bro got a bike off some drug head who robs people then sells what he robs for drug money so I'm hoping he will share the bike.
No. 3450
Why worry? You've managed to be self-reliant enough not to have awkward sex-dreams about exes and figures from childhood.
No. 3457
>figures from childhood.

Please share.
No. 3465

Ahhhhhh what the fuck, now I just had a dream while napping about making out. You must have jinxed me.

One moment I was in some fancy room for rich people during a handegg game, with executive important looking men mixed with hooligan types having a gibberish discussion about the sport I couldn't understand.

The next I'm at home in the dark with my friend after the football game, talking. We're sharing a bed platonically but then she starts crossing boundaries and giggling and poking me, I said "what are you doing" and felt scared, she kisses me on the lips. This part felt so vivid and real, I returned it with my tongue. We kissed forever and she kept lightly biting my lip and suddenly I started to really like it. It went on and on and I felt so blissful yet confused. We played with each others hair, I'd start to say funny stuff and she'd aggressively force more kissing on me. We kissed forever but then she pulled down my bottoms and tried to get me off, I told her to stop and that it was hurting me(it felt like razor blades on my genitalia). She stood up and went to her bag and popped a pill and said "I am a drug addict too, you know" and walked to the bathroom. I woke up.

Haven't passionately kissed like that(or at all) in almost a year(keinbernd problems lol). Now I miss it even more. I'm going to pretend that wasn't my friend and refuse to believe this means anything about how I feel irl, fuck off freud.

Holy shit I want to kiss a (cute, slender and tanned)guy in the dark so badly. I wish that dream lasted a little longer.

Going to read manga until bed time with my rainstorm white noise playing, I have no appetite tonight.
No. 3506
I feel the breeze of life Ernst, I feel it.
I walked through some rich shits part of the town for an hour and and now I'm in the bus to the centre of the city (which probably is filled with all kind of degenerates right now as I know it) to delve into the nightlife. I'm not drunk, high or anything and I probably won't interact with strangers but then again, who knows what could happen?
Before getting the bus I had to run because the took the bus stop to another place so I'm all sweaty now but the cool temperature makes me feel great. I just thought of an ancient greek poem of Bion, who wrote about how a young bird catcher tried to catch a big beautiful bird called Eros but never managed to do so. What he did was going to the elder birdcatcher and asking how to catch the eros bird. He said that he shouldn't bother about the bird until he reaches full maturity, by then Eros will find his way to him on his own.
I'll tell you later if anything worthy of mention happened.
No. 3511 Kontra
It's been 16 minutes and my short adventure is already over. Not many people have been there, only few bums, couples, tourist couples, immigrants and the usual scum at the main station. Before I entered the main station I saw a small group of young bydlo girls in tight pants of different colors and revealing shorts. I wonder if they came from some smaller city to party/get fucked as one of them told the other: "Wait, I think I know what the way is." I glanced at them and they said something not understandable and giggled. Sometimes I wonder what kind of person I would be if I had the courage (maybe those girls were just fruits waiting to be picked?) towards women my forefathers had. But then again, I'm courageous when it comes to other things - in fact I'm wandering paths no-one from my ancestral line as far as I can backtrack it has wandered before. However, behind them there was a small group of arabs obviously staring at them and probably exchanging luscious comments. Which, in combination with seeing two policemen, lead me to another couple of thoughts. You see, at the moment they're pushing those new strict police rules to "ensure safety". Well, fuck those bastards, fuck that rotten political establishment. Letting millions of immigrants flood the country in order to abuse them as wage-slaves without perspectives in life and then having the nerve to publically announce that germany has never been as safe as it is right now and at the same time enforcing the police state. I honestly don't feel safe here anymore, not necessarily because of the immigrants themselves but rather because of the whole atmosphere that enfolded after their arrival. There is something really toxic and dangerous in the air, it feels like everything's about to burst at any moment. Where can I flee, Ernsts? I don't want to be here anymore, I'm afraid of what is going to happen in this country. People are going absolutely crazy, dark times have arrived. Most world religions have the idea of a dark age full of sin and confusion, and it feels like it's happening right now.

It's scary, but where am I supposed to go? I have not much options other than staying here and enduring.
The times before 2015 seems like a peaceful slumber to me, times when the biggest point of discussion about immigrants were some turkish gastarbeiter children who didn't assimilate well. That were some truly cozy times. But now hell is about to break loose and it feels like a dystopia.

Do you have similiar feels about your country?
No. 3512
Oh, sage wasn't intentional so I'll bump it again.
No. 3515
Eros and the Fowler - Poem by Bion of Smyrna

>'Against this bird do not your rods employ;
>It is an evil creature; shun him- flee;
>Until you take him, happy will you be.
>But if you ever come to manhood's day,
>He that now flies you and still bounds away,
>Will of himself, by no persuasion led,
>Come suddenly and sit upon your head.'

There are a lot of lessons in that poem. Makes me think of those young bydlo girls in tight pants. Just keep walking. All the crazy I see in America is still on the television. When I look out the window everything is always the same. Maybe I should go on adventures into the city like you.
No. 3516
>I glanced at them and they said something not understandable and giggled. Sometimes I wonder what kind of person I would be if I had the courage (maybe those girls were just fruits waiting to be picked?) towards women my forefathers had
>(maybe those girls were just fruits waiting to be picked?)

It sounds quite assburger to me fam.

The police law and immigration is not necessarily connected. Being preemtive is kind of a new trend, a new take on how to order society, how to control it.

I don't think it's all toxic but yeah something is swelling indeed. We are having changes coming. Don't get tricked by your perception tho. Maybe we secretly hope for it as rather marginal figures of society.

Things will change within the next decade most likely and people will struggle with that indeed, you might think of it as some winter that is coming. It's getting cold. technology is running further, the economoy will go on. But we have no good ideas on how to order society, and how to imagine our everyday live we (have to) live together. I doubt that old answers will provide a solution. They have no idea so they go back to the past, stupid nuts, making it worse.

The control of what is happening has to be shifted.

I always thought we live in boring times, from some standpoint that is true, I'm bored af and yet hyped for what could be done and what will happen. We live in times that will interest people like the 1920s or around 1900 or 1968 does today.
The older I get the more I'm aware of my own and the presence historicity.
No. 3519
24 kB, 486 × 357
Why did nobody telm EC was up?

I had to suffer without serious discussions on that other shit board.
No. 3520
Yes, greek and latin poetry has a lot of wisdom and beauty too it. I just very recently started to get into it so I can't say a lot about it but I also liked Horace and Sappho a lot. Still need to read more background information to understand them better though, but a lot of the poems are somewhat timeless (the ones about love anyways).
And you should definitely go on some adventures, but be careful. Tbh what I did before was pretty tame, back in the days when I was drunk and drugged more often and vagabonding through the nights I've seen and experienced all kind of weird shit.

>It sounds quite assburger to me fam.
I think I giggled myself a bit while formulating this one but at the core I don't think it's that wrong. It would be naive to believe that at the hearts of most young women there isn't a burning passion to make love. And some can't await finally getting to know what it is like, same obviously goes for men too.

>The police law and immigration is not necessarily connected.
Not necessarily no, but looking at the greater image I think it is, at least in the point of giving the state a reason to enforce the law. I guess it breaks down to the question if the terrorism we face actually stems from the mass immigration, which I think is probably true from what I've seen so far. But we could probably fill a new thread with that discussion and I'm already tired so I won't write much more on that from now (it might be an interesting thread actually to discuss the whole thing in-depth).

> I doubt that old answers will provide a solution. They have no idea so they go back to the past, stupid nuts, making it worse.
Well, from a reactionary point of view one could say similiar things about new ideas. I associate both progressivism as well as reaction with the downfall of a culture, as it's usually already doomed at the point where such a deep schism is parting it. But that's another thread as well.

But generally I feel pretty much the same as what you describe, but I tend to be more drastical at times.

>I always thought we live in boring times, from some standpoint that is true, I'm bored af and yet hyped for what could be done and what will happen. We live in times that will interest people like the 1920s or around 1900 or 1968 does today.
Pretty much, yes. But it yet has to be shown what exactly will be the central point of this historical period.

Lately I watched some clips from the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-Un (I'm always a bit behind when it comes to daily affairs in politics) and it was truly surreal. It has already been when he won the election, which my intuition told me from the beginning.
It feels like suddenly shit is happening that wasn't imaginable but still intuitively expectable before, so maybe even the possibility of a new world war wouldn't be so unrealistic.
Now I'm taking big leaps in thought, but the influx of media set in post-apocalyptic worlds might as well be prophetic, civilizational regression is not inevitable.
No. 3521
Well, we did almost no advertizing due to stay safe from shitposters in the turmoil after the end of ec.com (including the aggressions between the two new boards, if you missed out on it you can read about the controvery in older threads) but now it seems like the dust has settled.
Australian Ernst has asked for you btw, but ironically he's gone since a little while.
No. 3523
2,0 MB, 390 × 205, 0:03
>I had to suffer without serious discussions on that other shit board.
your post answered your own question of why we were keeping quiet and trying not to advertise ourselvesyou will notice the original 4chan tried not to advertise themselves either and harassed anyone who did rules 1&2 etc
No. 3525
1,7 MB, 235 × 150, 0:06
ec i missed you. i thought you were gone and im glad you are alive
No. 3526
ACHTUNG MODS can kuwait have a ball?
No. 3532
62 kB, 461 × 750
Today: Bought some trimming sheers on the way home and gave self haircut. Could have been better, could have turned out catastrophic but didn't. Overall it looks nice/cute but wasn't meant to be this short. Most importantly I learned new stuff and the task required asking for tips, patience, consideration and precision.

It's nice to DIY, once I have a car again I intend to learn to do most of the maintenance myself. I once wanted to learn to be self sufficient wherever possible because of Varg videos and a few characters on KC, but lost my way at some point and quit trying to learn new skills. There are a few easy things to learn in the short term, for example brewing my own coffee instead of using a drip machine(an ex e-friend mentioned it's actually faster this way too besides the fact that you can't walk away from it as it brews, not sure if true) or learning to bake all sorts of things. This is far off but I did want to be a knowledgeable vegetable gardener one day. I could learn to stop being so computer/tech illiterate, especially for an IB user, but I know enough to get by and impress the boomer dad like in that sam hyde skit. I wouldn't mind being like my dad who never hired anyone ever for anything to do with our vehicles or house, except once when he needed a new furnace installed. He did it out of some stubborn attitude and I wish I was more like that.

Will read until bedtime feeling all accomplished.
No. 3538
Dear diary, today my work mates told me that I am literally wasting my life here and should move abroad asap. Mates said that they would move too if they had my language skills and weren't old fucks.

Americans can't make their own coffee?
No. 3540
I get that a lot too, but moving to another country isn't as easy as packing your bags and walking out.

Or is it?
No. 3542
You two should start a shared flat somewhere! I can tell you right now that you are much more civilised than most people I see on the bus here, so I would wage your chances for a visa in the Germony as not bad.

Also: Welcome Franz Kazkha, I was hoping you would find us :3
No. 3546

Fug I am countryballed again

Anyone can, just put high temp water through a filter with coffee inside.

But would it taste good? I want to make it taste as close perfect as possible and that requires some patience and learning.
No. 3547
Best luck
No. 3549
I have no idea how to find a decent job and avoid scammers with shit tier offers. Other than that it's just pack up and go if it's EU.

Is making tea just as mystical to a usanian as good coffee?
No. 3550
Yeah, you get this everyday everywhere more eastern than germany. I didn't like this idea earlier, but now I am considering emigration. Haven't talked with anyone outside of my job since February. Friends don't answer my phone calls or busy with families and I have no idea what to talk about with them anyway. My social life can't get any worse, no reasons for me to stay.
No. 3552
367 kB, 463 × 371
Today I came across a giant beetle on its back and flipped it over. When I passed by later it was gone so I assume she survived. She probably tipped herself over trying to climb up the curb. I found a picture of it. A female Hercules Beetle.
>The spectacular Eastern Hercules Beetle is a member of the scarab beetle family, and the largest beetle in the United States. Relative to their body size, they are the world's strongest animal—some of these beetles can lift as much as 850 times their own weight, the equivalent of a human lifting a 65 ton object.
Apparently they're also highly sought after by collectors and insect hobbyists. Pretty cool.
No. 3553
27 kB, 628 × 353
Hello homokuwait.
No. 3554
164 kB, 799 × 692
I've been doing literally nothing for the last few months.
No. 3557
>for the last few months.
it's the last few years for me.
No. 3558
Holy shit we have those in this country? Well good job ernst great luck will come to you now.
No. 3564
Thanks. She was by far the biggest beetle I've ever helped. When I was tipping her up her leg kicked out and I actually felt it. It was like a pencil tip scraping against my finger. And she was just the female. If you want nightmares google the male Hercules beetle.
No. 3570
>but looking at the greater image I think it is, at least in the point of giving the state a reason to enforce the law. I guess it breaks down to the question if the terrorism we face actually stems from the mass immigration, which I think is probably true from what I've seen so far.

First of all I doubt immigration widened the terror thread drastically. Yes ISIS had it easier to get terrorist into Europe, yet people who live here for longer get radicalized etc.

Maybe you should dive into the preemptiveness of our times, like preemtive policing.
I read a book about time proportions we have today, it's not an easy book, goes above my head and needs some knowledge as requirement beforehand:


I think the description text says all about the style of that book, yet he writes about everyday life in the USA as he experiences it and merges it with philosophical thoughts that go way behind Richard David Precht.
And in that book he mentions how the war on terror is preemptive and therefore also causes terror in the end. terrorism is created as a threat and becomes true only then.

> I associate both progressivism as well as reaction with the downfall of a culture

you are parting culture like that and criticize people who do that because it shows who doomed society is. You doom society yourself that is the problem.

>I feel pretty much the same as what you describe, but I tend to be more drastical at times.

Yeah, in that book I mentioned it is said that technological change like the book print always wasa time for apocalyptic thoughts, as I mnetion in my last post, don't get tricked to much by your perception. You can close and open the future like that.

>Pretty much, yes. But it yet has to be shown what exactly will be the central point of this historical period.

Indeed, history will deconstruct our times and dig out things that are still buried today

>Lately I watched some clips from the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-Un (I'm always a bit behind when it comes to daily affairs in politics) and it was truly surreal. It has already been when he won the election, which my intuition told me from the beginning.
It feels like suddenly shit is happening that wasn't imaginable but still intuitively expectable before, so maybe even the possibility of a new world war wouldn't be so unrealistic.

I feel the same. The world is quite interconnected and dependent on each other, yet some some bigger war might be possible. But Maybe warfare has changed as well?

>Now I'm taking big leaps in thought, but the influx of media set in post-apocalyptic worlds might as well be prophetic, civilizational regression is not inevitable.

Again the apocalyptic vision in media and even politics is a sign for that we cannot imagine another world, we are numb and narrow minded, we regress ourselves according to our empty mind.
It's a question of perception IMO and people cannot see that level in their reflections. They take some hard facts and overlook all the nuances and meta levels that work within.

I wondered. There have been several threads on Hohlchan about ec.xyz and I thought you may have left for a completely other board. Good to see you back.
No. 3600
105 kB, 680 × 526
I ended up having a similar dream the other night about an old lassm8, probably to do with the weather changing. Kinda sad because I haven't seen her in a few years what with adult life but she was always someone who could light up a room.

So now I've spent all day with thought patterns like my dream. I think back to hanging out but then things get romantic for no reason when really I just miss her. I should really unfuck my life soon because I've got loads of old m8s like that I've ended up losing touch with entirely.
No. 3606
22 kB, 300 × 206
Thing are starting to pick up a bit on Ernst. A lot of new posts finally.
No. 3614
34 kB, 450 × 507
It's too fast!
No. 3615
No. 3617
86 kB, 1280 × 720
1,9 MB, 1873 × 1309
659 kB, 1366 × 770
Today truly was not made of actual sufferings. I feel almost like a block of stone in me had eroded, been cracked and chipped away at for many years and is coming back, including my general confidence.

I just realized I actually managed to get two fish with just the money from soda cans I deposited. One was past the return date but I got a new betta anyway to replace one that died. Then I went to Walmart and talked to one guy about pricing with the fish, and eventually got to talk to a manager who I convinced to lower the price. He said "just one fish? Okay just take it to the front and I'll tell them the situation" after I complained about how they even raised the pricing on all these sick and dying fish and how they have two infestations "and so I have to use two different medications and that's a loss on my end." I'm not even sure if they're actually supposed to do that.

I must try and remain sober and confident, the way I was meant to be constructed. It is time to get my way. I was meant to lead and I refuse and utterly reject to do anything degrading ever again.
No. 3632
29 kB, 300 × 300
Today i was taking care of neet monies, then i saw a kid with a beard.
He looked young and was short and was with another kid who was around the same size, i guess the other kid was somewhere between 10 and 12, it's hard to judge the bearded kid because of the beard.

No. 3633
He also had very hairy legs
No. 3634
74 kB, 920 × 690
>i saw a kid with a beard
Maybe he's one of those prodigies, like how on kids sport teams there is almost always that one kid who ages faster.
t.man who still can't grow a beard
No. 3635
But he wasn't a tall muscle guy, he was a little fatty with facial hair.
No. 3636
Maybe he was a Turk. Or just a midget. Or both.
No. 3637
51 kB, 366 × 366
If he was normal except for the beard, then he must just have hairy genes like >>3636 said.
No. 3639
I knew a guy who was 14 years old and he was looking like an adult man. He had hard stubble.
He was from South, though.
No. 3640
And, yes, he wasn't tall muscle guy.
No. 3651
Fug I managed to lose out on getting a cushy job by an inch. Emailing today to inquire the result (which was meant to be given at the start of the week) I was told it was an absolute near thing against a much more experienced candidate from within the civil service.

I probably would've gotten it too if only I had been aware that all the interview sections required 2 answers instead of the standard 1 which meant I was scrambling to recall competency examples. At least I'll get the next one for sure now after I do some creative story planning.

>Ernst was a well-prepared candidate who clearly got to grips with Information Law within a short period of time. His presentation was of a high quality and he confidently used his understanding of relevant legislation to put forward well-reasoned arguments for how he would respond to the freedom of information request. Ernst showed an advanced grasp of the bigger picture by positing a number of reasons why a requester might be interested in the information. He made sound decisions as to the process to follow in handling the request and may have scored higher if he had explored other exemptions that might be relevant to the request. Ernst established a good rapport with the interview panel which he sustained throughout the interview. However, his responses frequently drifted away from the questions asked, limiting the relevant evidence that the panel could draw upon to lend a more positive scoring against the competencies for this role. He provided a solid example for making effective decisions, tangibly showing how he leveraged his understanding of the bigger picture and his professional expertise to persuade others to take action. Ernst would have scored more highly if his other examples had articulated this level of detail and skill.

The rapport thing I'm quite proud of as I took a risk in turning the interview around at the end by asking them for their most memorable experience within the civil service. It may not work for other sectors but it definitely left a lasting positive impression and is something I will do again in future.
No. 3664
I tried to make Pljeskavica but failed more or less. The minced meat did not get well done in time, just to fat for the pan together with the feta cheese.

I feel so fat now and try to entertain myself on the internet which does not really work. Yesterday I was looking for a stream to the movie Blow-up from 1966. I found nothing and ended up with The Founder, the story of McDonalds as movie. Well, some exemplary story of a mega corp. The Macky D brothers as traditional americans and the greedy selfmade man who turns it into a symbol which is known all over the world.

I should probably end a book I started a few days ago but feeling so fat I just want to stare onto a screen until I fall asleep.
No. 3667
Does anyone know how to land and operate a manager job? What's some good sites that actually teach you to be a manager?
No. 3668
Depends on what you want to manage, really.
No. 3682
At least you tried to cook a somewhat challenging dish and learned something from it. Build on that.
No. 3687
Today I am experiencing the first gin hangover of my life. It's surprisingly bad, probably the worst I've had from any drink but dark rum, which is odd for a dry and clean spirit.
No. 3694
Did you know that today is Friday 13th?
No. 3696
No. 3702
I handled a chemical today, which can go right into your cell membranes and pluck out your intermembrane channel proteins.

Glad I'm not superstitious.
No. 3705
>What's some good sites that actually teach you to be a manager?

Almost everyone recommends reading How to Win Friends and Influence People and they do it for good reason.

Do Russians have a superstition about this? I thought it was a strictly western European thing to do with the Templar curse.
No. 3707
1,3 MB, 2048 × 2048
Dear diary, I'm shit tired and fed up with everything again. Post ways to make this feeling go away pls.
No. 3710
Go for a walk or as it's Friday you can get drunk
No. 3711
explains why my day does not turn our like I wanted
No. 3727
absolute beast, I can pin point the exact time my life turned to shit, or I dropped out around this song.