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No. 20578
227 kB, 1440 × 810
131 kB, 1024 × 768
50 kB, 640 × 480
359 kB, 1920 × 1080
Old one deda so there is new one.

Found out there is new game in "space horror" genre - what do you think about it? Looks like it inspired by movie gravity and alien isolation game or something

There also probably still Morrowind free for 25 TES anniversity in bethesda store, but I don't think anybody care about bethesda store and don't have morrowind from gog or other source already.
No. 20582
New oddworld announsed
Not shure if it was already metioned
No. 20583
> but I don't think anybody care about bethesda store and don't have morrowind from gog or other source already.


Moreover they want to have it launched via bethesda launcher, which will also cause privacy issues.
No. 20584
About morrowind I heared it can be played without this launcher, but well, we already have absoluetly DRM free GOG version so why bother.
No. 20586
Sweet, I want to see some gameplay now.
No. 20615
Does Ernst know of any modern games with low poly graphics style (roughly as in OP screenshots) but improved mechanics/QoL features?
No. 20616
262 kB, 1680 × 1050
208 kB, 1280 × 720
What is QoL?
Mechanics - ha ha, in mine opinion from classic FPS games, Quake 1 have best mechanics.

There was some indie games released and anounsed
First of is Strafe (don't mess it with Strife, classic game on doom engine) - first indie that count on "classic 3d". 3d not very classic I'd say - it's more like "how minecraft kids imagine early 3d was" tier. And game overall below mediacore - it's like generated random levels and it's not works very well. Recived meh reviews and currently forgotten. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Cq66po9hPk
There was game Dusk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drD6pWAKnJk recently relised. Much betther tha previous one in therms of aesthetics and gameplay. Many people love it, hovever in mine opinion it way overrated. It actually reminded me about BAD or BELOVE MEDIACORE late 90s early 00s games from small studios rather than quality product - like redneck rampage, lol. Leveldesighn, enemies and all this things way behind known classic, but well, at least it's something.
Also by 3d relams was also announsed in addition to Ion Maiden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgrLN9Wl4xU It have not really classic early 3d, but more modern cartony stylesed, but well, it created by top Quake 1 modders as I know, same as Ion Maiden made by good Doom and build engine mappers, so it's going to be if not very good, but at least not shit.

Turok games - 1 and 2 get recently re-edition for PC by Nightdive studios. They rund perfectly, have a lot of options for more modern or more classic graphics and gameplay. I always have mixed feelings about turok games - they are early console nintendo 64 shooters, and while not even as close as terrible as GoldenEye, they still suffer from same issues of non-professional leveldesighn and more outdated detalisation and gameplay ideas than PC FPS games of that time, hovever weapons, desighns and animations really awesome for time when it's got released so I still can recommend to try it.

Quake 1 have a lot of singleplayer awesome mods for sourceports. Of cource my top tier Arcane Dimensions but there also many others - quake 1 mapping more than alife nowdays.

I guess I can also recommend you many old games that you missed, rether than modern indie low poly 3d games.
No. 20629
58 kB, 590 × 350
JESUS CHRIST Sekiro is kicking my ass so far. I have no idea how many times I have died already. Maybe my reflexes aren't up to par but both the bosses and the minibosses slice me into pieces within seconds and takes me dozens of tries to take one of those assholes down.
My butthurt aside, the game is worth playing if you are a fan of Ninja Gaiden or the Souls games.
No. 20630
Heh, sames, although I didn't get far yet, only defeated Gyoubu Oniwa. It seems though that each particular boss has some sort of weakness that you can exploit: like, for example, said Oniwa was teeth-grindingly difficult for me, until I backtracked a bit and got a Grappling Hook Attack and Firecrackers, then he became pretty easy.

For me personally it is also a bit hard to get rid of a habit I got from Dark Souls to dodge everything. In here you also have to parry and even jump over some attacks. Well, I guess it just takes some time to get used to.
No. 20632
105 kB, 1431 × 645
Ahaha nintendo will sell
>fucking cardboad box
for storaging your other nintendo labo cardboad boxes for 800 yen
No. 20633
just "gamer" things
No. 20643
189 kB, 500 × 645
No. 20651
I think I've worn out on games for the most part. I've actually pirated a few games, mostly because I either can't find it on steam or simply don't want to before trying out and I haven't gotten into any of them. Cryostasis and Prey (2006), I'm just like eh. Maybe it's also because they're first person shooters. I still have Deus Ex infinite or whatever, Bioshock, Metro 2033, EYE Divine Cybermancy, Fallout 3, and so on I'm addition to these other two and just cant arse mysfelf into finishing or even getting much into any of them. Maybe it's just the shooter thing. Haven't even played more than one Stalker game. It's just not that interesting. Also Painkiller which like fuck am I ever going to try getting through. I mean, are any of these games actually good?

Also should probably try getting into Sunless Sea. Or maybe Rebel Galaxy or Hacknet or something.

I'm pretty sure I've exhausted any game I really want to play right now, except a few that look good which I'm just not buying yet. There is nothing in my steam library that interests me atm.
No. 20655
This games clearly not bad and you had or absoluetly wierd taste, or so called "gaming impotence". If you don't want play games - just don't waste time and do something other cool. If you can't get in this games - well it's not ernst who can form your tastes and understanding. If you want play them but actually too lazy to do it - you can just watch some youtube walkthoughts instead.
No. 20660
91 kB, 1329 × 483
Warcraft and Warcraft II now in gog! In adittion to original diablo. Most requested games in gog lol. Looks like Activision-blizzard throwed out finnaly games that they not going to "remaster" anyway
No. 20674
No I think it's just the genre as a whole. I probably would've loved all these games when I was younger but each one of them leaves me feeling eh. I'll probably end up beating Prey at least but it has made me really realize just how little I like any first person shooter anymore. I think part of it is because all the senseless violence means no real sense of loss. The only thing I end up counting is ammo and health packs. I pay little attention to the story (if there is one) and don't feel much investment in anything happening in the game. I'm not building anything. I'm not have any interactions with NPCs. What I do flatly doesn't matter and will arrive at the same end regardless. I also just hate mowing down hundreds of faceless mooks.
No. 20677
Thanks for the suggestions! I already heard of Dusk, will have a look at the other ones.
Though yes, I haven't even really played the classic shooters much. I've tried nQuake/GZDoom but didn't like it that much so far. I'll play them some more, but I want to finish some other games first.

>What is QoL?
"Quality of Life"
What I mean is compatibility, high resolution & controller support, improved UI/controls and such stuff. Basically the sort of stuff that is supposed to be fixed in a remaster.
I wish there'd be a proper remaster of Gothic.
No. 20680
112 kB, 800 × 600
93 kB, 800 × 600
948 kB, 1536 × 864
246 kB, 1536 × 864
Well games you named are very different, some of them only on slightly border of "shooter" genre actually. Cryostasis is more like mex of fps and survival, fallout 3 is post-oblivion bethesda game but still not just fps like fourth one, same goes with new vegas. You named many great games that actually has not that much in common, this why I responded like that.

Instead of "remaster", it's always better when fans of devs releasing opensource engine for old games. It's mean it can constantly update by community and never get outdated and work perfectly on any platform you want like forever. Speaking of gothic, there is such project - re-goth, but I don't know if it's still going or author abadoned idea https://youtu.be/DX92f8CrjrE

You not liking GZDoom? But it's just opensource engine with hell of parametrs. You playing on it like vanilla doom wads and all? People use capibilities of GZDoom engine to make their own even not maps, but games more advanced than build engine ones sometimes. I think there is no really serious point to try gzdoom if you want "pure vanilla" with some options, it's more like work for "Chocolate doom". GZDoom you more use to play WolfenDoom blade of agony, Golden Souls 2, Winter's Fury, REKKR, Ashes 2063 etc. etc. There even top down games and maps that replicate portal cube gameplay. Speaking of wads and mods - just go to https://www.doomworld.com/cacowards/ which do top ten wads of the year in many, many yeras, choose what you like and play them. There also a youtube channels, that reviving doom mods https://youtu.be/sH9AffDQUaw
Doom ports currently just a platform for crazy experements and like some sort of "indie games". Original doom game is not like early 3d, it's from more ealy messy times of 2.5d and by engine, and because massivley using flats to represent objects.
nQuake - never tried it, I playing q1 and singleplayer q1 mods via QuakeSpasm engine.

Well from early 3d games what can I also recommend... I guess you played half-life and it's original expansions already, but you may try Gunman Chronicles - goldsrc engine kind of fan mod game that become official game thanks to sierra, basicly fps game with mix of system shock, space, dinosaurs like in turok, cowboys and south states confederation soldiers also in space. Very well crafted game for what it is and actually fun.

From non-fps there is game like Rune. This is more like close combat game and it's great for what it is. Like this there also Hexen 2 and Heretic 2 by raven which I like, but can't really 100% recommend them because Hexen 2 have very confusing puzzles. Heretic 2... well you may try it.

From strategy games it's of cource warcraft 3 with it's great low poly graphics and command and conquer generals - but all this well known classics and I may guess you already familiar with it.

Well I can also recommend you X-wing 1998 edition if you have joystic and you like half aracade halws serious space simulators... tie fighter is much better than x-wing as a game but 1998 edition of tie fighter is really crappy for couple of reasons and 1995 one may be too early for you. There X-wing alliance - I never liked it because how it presents plot and atmosphere and other reasons like just overlayed lazy guy and some ugly starship desighns.

Speaking of star wars - you may try Episode I Racer - cool little arcade star wars pod racing game. It got released on gog not long ago and I think gog edition is fine.
No. 20682
>Speaking of star wars - you may try Episode I Racer - cool little arcade star wars pod racing game. It got released on gog not long ago and I think gog edition is fine.
Fuck, I'm old. I remember playing that game when it first came out so my head memory is of the graphics being pretty good. Thus, I still think its graphics must be pretty good despite knowing now it's probably close to 20 years old.

>Cryostasis is more like mex of fps and survival, fallout 3 is post-oblivion bethesda game but still not just fps like fourth one, same goes with new vegas. You named many great games that actually has not that much in common, this why I responded like that.
They're basically all shooters. Some have extra nuts and bolts strapped on, and some are more open world than others, but they're all basically the same thing. Stalker is also in that category but I've somehow convinced myself it's an awesome series of games, although gameplay-wise it's pretty much the same as Bethesda Fallouts.
No. 20686
Trying Warhammer Total War on Very Hard.
It's very hard.
No. 20699
145 kB, 1280 × 720
114 kB, 1024 × 768
437 kB, 983 × 1510
>They're basically all shooters
Well it's like say
Warcraft II, Total War Medival II, Anno 1404, Hearts of Iron and King's Bounty is same genre - they are "strategies".

>Fuck, I'm old. I remember playing that game when it first came out so my head memory is of the graphics being pretty good. Thus, I still think its graphics must be pretty good despite knowing now it's probably close to 20 years old.
Well, it's looks really pretty. At least for me, who absoluetly loves this sort of graphics.

Also, same time as Racer for Episode 1 promotion was released "Phantom Menace" game, which ended be much less popular because it is standart movie-based kinf of arcade game. I remember playing thought it's first parts like 10 or 15 years ago. It reminded me of Lego Star Wars but without lego. Dunno, maybe it's actually interesting to play. Don't know, but I belive it should be on GoG if they released Racer.

In late 90s was also "rouge Squadron" series. But I played only first one a little bit and can't play it much, because after X-Wing/TIE Fighter series this felt like game for little kids - way too arcade game it's become kinf of joke. But if you not care about such things, it can be entertaining, I guess. Again, reminded me of "Lego" games for some reason. And yes, there is Mon Calamari battle from Dark Empire as bonus in the end, but I not managed to finish it, and it's looks kind of lame compare to comic anyway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN3KeGQaTrk
No. 20836
151 kB, 1024 × 768
84 kB, 640 × 480
105 kB, 1280 × 720
77 kB, 1024 × 768
Funny thing, I checked and in GOG from Star Wars games there are no
-Force Commander RTS game (it's not good, I ever played it properly and it have very bad 3d rendered cutscenes from what I remember, with basic story. Only I remeber is AT-AA appeared first in this game)
-Droid Works (funny little game where you can build your own droids, on same engine as Dark Forces II so physics are shit)
-Battlefront (there is Battlefront II but not the first one. I like first one more!)
-Phantom Menace (actual game based on Episode I that I metioned previously, it came kind of same time as Races as promotion for Episode I movie)

I not count "disney" games that made by EA and nobody cares anyway and they will not appear on GOG obviously, and games that was consoles only, like Rogue Squadron II-III, Bounty Hunter etc.
No. 20841
25 kB, 990 × 696
But well, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine and Star Wars Episode I race come out not long ago only, so they might add it in future

From also big old games I found out there are no on GOG
Raven games, such as
Star Trek Voyager elete Force I-II (second one was made by Ritual but who cares, hell lot of people thinks that RTCW is made by Raven too lol)
Heretic I-II and Hexen I-II[/b] (as I know with Heretic-Hexen there are some copyright issues, Soldier of Fortune games are presented, Jeddi Knight II and Jedi Academy rights belongs to d*sney I know it because this assholes ordered raven to remove sourcecode of this games from internet so it on GOG too)

Also no
Command and Conquer series (rights on EA, they are ""remastering"" this games now, save us g-d from it)
Starcraft, Warcraft 3, Diablo 2 (Activision-Blizzard """remastered""", """remastering""" or will """remaster""" games from this list, and it in ther battle.net store with full-drm connection, it's miracle that we got WC1-2 and Diablo)
Age of Empires (rights are belongs to Mirosoft, as I know, they are making some """remasters""" and releasing it in their anal store nobody gives a shit)
Legends of Might and Magic (because nobody gives a shit and servers long dead)
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (I guess it's in shitty ubisoft store nobody gives a shit)
Drakan: Order of the Flame, Submarine Titans, Gunman Chronicles, James Bond 007: Nightfire (because nobody gives a shit about this games. Maybe one day.)
GTA Games, Call of Dooty Games, Half-Life Games (because they belong to other companies that have shitty stores)

I tell about all this because currently updating my collection of GOG installers. This what I call a perfect store - where you can have all games you want without any DRM, without any crap, just clear files with installer and goods like OSTs and Manuals and Conpet art on your actual PC, without any crappy ass launchers or without worry that this games can somehow be REMOVED from mine ownership just because. I downloading even games I actually own in gog and games that I own on discs, just in case. So if no internet or other emergency situation - I will have all good (exept this bubsy game, I just tried it from curiosity, it very cheap and short platformer, Not super bad but not worth time, was released only because Bubsy become meme) games I need on my pc, with installers. Only exeptions is games that have better versions than GOG ones, like Daggerfall.
No. 20843
53 kB, 295 × 338
Fuck I accidentaly posted it from proxy because searched on blocked in russia torrent sites. Sorry

Ha ha, I had american ball
No. 20845
>Command and Conquer series
Why would you want them when they are free?
No. 20846
They are not free, only Red Alert 1 and Tiberian Dawn was for some time free ( as I know not anymore), Red Alert 2 was giveway for short time in Origin store.
I don't think Generals is free.
No. 20847
They aren't available from EA site, but that doesn't stop you from download it from some other source. Still having them downloaded.
This attitude rather encourages buying from torrents though
No. 20848
200 kB, 1600 × 900
Well I have them downloaded as Free Man Copies (well I have RA2 in origin store for free and jewels with generals somewhere, nobody blame me for piracy on this case!)
Wonder how "remasters" of this game would look. I can't imagine 1st gen westwood strategies as remake, maybe exept only like existing openRA.

There also no Jurassic Park: Trespasser game on gog, only now discovered. What a shame!
No. 20853
Well basically yes they are all strategies except King's Bounty seems more of a tactical RPG and Anno games are CMS, or at least basically just city builders with some really lame combat sometimes. If you don't like Starcraft, Tropico, or Blackguards, then no, you're probably not going to like any of the other ones. Conversely, if you really really like say Stellaris and Age of Empires, you're probably also going to like Tropico, Cities Skylines, Total War, and though it's different than the rest XCOM EU and 2 as well. You're just using a different part of your brain is part of it. Like the same parts of your brain involved in Heroes of Might and Magic, XCOM 2, Warcraft II, Civilizations, Battlefleet Gothic Armada, Tropico etc with maybe slightly some crossover in RTS clicky clicky type games that revolve around APM more. Likewise I would argue that a lot of RPGs, depending on the subgenre, utilize elements of strategy and action, but sidescrollers, FPS, arcade style and ARPGs among others rely on a different part of your brain. For one thing there's more reaction to one, and more analysis to the other, with RPGs usually incorporating a different part of your brain (like amygdala and emotion/social processing).

These are gross generalizations sure but it makes sense to me why I seem to flatly dislike games very broadly across multiple genres and subgenres. The sole exception is ARPGs because at least they usually have a pretty compelling story.
No. 20856
I just say games you noted are very different, and most people will count them as different ones. Not everything that rela time, first person and with gun can be described just as "shooter". And in strategies that is huge difference between turn based and real time ones. But well, if you has no mood to play all of them, it's not me who should tell you otherwise.
No. 20860
Every single game I just described is literally a shooter.
No. 20863
Fallout 3 is still ARPG, at least have many ARPG elements and I'd don't call it shooter.
Cryostasis mix with horror and immersions stuff with many elements and shooting part there trying to follow overall immersion.
Bioshock yeah it more turned to fps more, thought having some remnats of system shock.
Deus Ex - I don't remember Infinity War very good, but original was much more RPG elements involved, shooting is only part of the game.
No. 21008
798 kB, 1600 × 838
536 kB, 1600 × 838
Did any Ernst ever play eve?
No. 21020
No. What is?
No. 21021
It's still alive? Well honestely never tried properly, but for some short time I remember playing Star Trek Online, lol
No. 21022
No. 21041
Wierd thing with EVE, I looked at wiki article and it's said that publisher for this game was SSI
And I like - oh, Strategic Simulations Inc., who published many golden box RPGs, Questron series, many early westwood studios games
And it's like some random publisher that exist since 1920's and have almost no any connection to vidoegames whatsoever https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_%26_Schuster
No. 21048
23 kB, 209 × 268
Are you weird if you play female characters in mmos
No. 21056
It's still alive but it's very different, the game has aged ... strangely
strange, never heard of them and I played for over 10 years. Maybe they were the initial publishers back in 2003
No. 21062
I can't answer your question, but I can tell you I'm in the same boat. Always have been.
No. 21070
It's not fact that wierd, but how you care about character. If you play just because and choose your character based only "well it's look cool" there absoluetly nothing abnormal here.
No. 21139
So, I did another playtrough of Postal 2, this time on a higher difficulty level.
It really turned the game upside down.
On lower difficulties it's not fun at all, since there are no firearms lying around (Not even police officers carry guns on the lower levels), and everybody just runs away if you do get your hands on a gun.
Above hard, some civilians carry guns, the police has guns, and you can have pretty decent firefights and battles. (Well, until you get your hands on an axe, after which, you just banzai charge everyone and cut them up like sushi.) But you are still the king of the streets, and unless you do something incredibly stupid, you should have no trouble fucking up everyone's shit.
Now, on Hestonworld difficulty, you get to experience what it's like to live in a town with a 99% NRA membership. Everybody has at least a pistol, but most people have shotguns and above. Not only do the civilians have guns, they are also happy to use them. So if you dare look funny at someone, they will empty a while magazine into your face.
The AI wasn't really made for this difficulty level, because random shoot-outs keep happening on the street. After a while I figured out why
>Someone dies on the street
>People go to the body
>They kick the body to show respect
>NPCs accidentally kick each other which aggros them
>Firefight breaks out
>Other NPCs feel threatened so they draw their guns
>Police comes in and kills everyone
Because there are a lot more damage sources (since every fucking civilian thinks they are Judge Dredd), the gameplay transforms too, and you actually have to do quite a bit of "urban exploration" to find supplies. Mostly medkits. You'll never run out of ammo, because there are more than enough rifles lying around, and people keep dropping them, but health becomes and actual issue. Scavenging the rooftops and yards becomes necessary.
By the third level I picked up the rhythm and it was smooth sailing from there.
Basically, on harder levels only get into fights if there is only one or two people against you, otherwise, they'll fuck your shit up, and it'll cost you a lot of supplies to win an encounter.

Anyway, it was fun.
No. 21145
It means you're either heading into the black hole of trannydom or you're simply exploiting the men around you into giving you free shit for being a "girl" or alternatively that you want look at CGI ass while playing (though this mostly applies to 13 year olds). Although strangely enough I manage to play a way more aggressive and often blatantly evil style in singleplayer RPGs as female. Idk why it's just NPCs irritate the shit out of me. I think it's also partly because I broadly interpret being hit on as a hostile act.
No. 21171
102 kB, 432 × 485
Played as a Girl in Fallout New Vegas as Rightful Evil. Fists and Melee only. Hella fun.

I even installed, for the first time, character mods to make her more cute, because it was funny.

Apart from that I very often play female characters in MMOS even in Pen and Paper, because I just take what embodies the role best or just looks best for a certain class (e.g. male elve rangers are pretty gay tbh). I can just wonder to sexualize that, it weirds me out a little but I believe for other people it may be a natural reaction.
No. 21218
All flesh is but a mask anyway so why care about playing the gay ranger as a secondary interface if it works with the character? Although come to think of it, I dont think I have ever played a gay character, probably mostly because I have rarely played a heterosexual character. I simply dont have the time or patience for it nigga I'm out here saving the galaxy I don't have time for your hormonal drama and shit.
No. 21220
I want to play properly first postal games one day. As I know, recent "uncut" vrsion have more stuff in it.
Also, arent' Postal 2 was also patched with new content not too long ago?
No. 21222
>nigga I'm out here saving the galaxy I don't have time for your hormonal drama and shit
I share this sentiment. I just hate it when developers try to shoehorn romantic subplots into games. I wouldn't mind as much if it was a little bit more subtle, but in modern "RPGs" it often seems that everybody wants to jump on your cock simply because you treat them nicely. I guess it's a part of "power fantasy" of sorts, kinda like Tarzan books, but nevertheless it just feels like developers think of gamers as of sex-obsessed fourteen-years-olds.
No. 21226
I mean, it's decent as a game I guess but ultimately it just feels much more like something you'd just find on Newgrounds. It plays less as a whole game and much more like a flash game. It's a completely bare bones arcade style where you wander around point and clicking to fire in the direction of people, who can also dodge your grenades and rockets. It has weapons health and ammo and that's just about it, no plot, no story, nothing else but shooting people and trying to clear a very small level. Each map is small as fuck. I got bored with it pretty easily after playing several levels and frankly if you're into that playstyle you might as well just get Hatred for single player edginess or Helldivers for multiplayer, or just play Postal 2 for a completely different style with a story that's also a more juvenile 90s США simulator.
No. 21232
As I know, Postal 1 have some plot and ending and some plot ideas and stuff - at least this is what I heared from people. Like main hero hear voices in his head or something like that.
Well, about top down arcade shooters like - original gta games before gta 3 and including gta advanced game is kind of same, but at least for me personally (hell years ago) was kind of fun.
No. 21233
I may guess it started in modern way from early bioware games, which evolved in what we currently sometimes see now.
I'am not against building relationships, but want they worth something, want they was propery developed plot, but same time you had absoluetly freedom about you building your relationships, not some triggered cutscenes with specific person.
No. 21235
Yeah it was basically Bioware's fault. Keep in mind they also developed things like Baldurs Gate. The problem is at least in like KOTOR there was a compelling reason for the romance and it weaving seamlessly into the plot. The second one, not so much, and it only got worse with each new bioware game. Well, I mean I guess Mass Effect also had a reason since it's whose life you end up saving, but still.
No. 21241
Yes, they released a full fledged expansion for Postal 2 in 2015. It has just as much content as the base game afaik.
Haven’t played that one, or the first postal for that matter. 2 is an evergreen piece of entertainment, though. Or at least I’d consider it a classic, even if it’s crude most of the time. What’s good is that it doesn’t pverstay its welcome.
No. 21255
Where're you from sir? Around here everyone knows those are bundled together now.
No. 21357
My video card fried (RIP) what's a good game for a GTX 710
No. 21358
What genre? Those are roughly my specs and I can play everything including (very choppily) Witcher 2. Ashes of the Singularity I found out is my hard limit to where I can turn every setting down to the absolute minimum and still boot the game up without it actually showing me anything. I have an old as shit machine. I'm actually incredibly surprised by just what I can play. I can even play XCOM2 and that thing hogs the fuck out of memory etc.
No. 21360
I have the Witcher games from a sale but never tried them, sounds like now is the time! Thanks
No. 21361
Idk how well 2 will work but I liked 1 for the most part. It was pretty fun actually, could be better, but pretty decent. 2 is fucking infuriating with how much they gutted how all the controls work so be warned, you're going to get really cozy playing a certain way and when you try 2 you're going to get frustrated and angry trying to figure out how to do anything.
No. 21362
Witcher 2 combat is fine and in many ways works better. There's a reason it got changed and that's because when the first game was released, combat was (rightly) panned as mediocre at best. Witcher 2 is only really infuriating until you figure out that bad positioning gets you skullfucked and start to correct it.
No. 21368
Agreed. Witcher 2 gave me a feeling I hadn't felt for many years: Failure in combat was possible AND was actually my fault. The game won't let you get away with "just somehow pointing at the enemy and clicking a few times", no sir. You will pay attention, figure out why you failed and then do better next time.

With Wither 3 it's a bit of a foobar. The combar is more responsive and fluid and feels great, but it's also much more forgiving and thus won't require you to learn as Witcher 2 did.
No. 21373
That was the big thing that stood out to me too. That it was totally my fault when shit went south, and not in cop-out ways like 'well it's your fault for picking the wrong level ups/falling for trap options'. I never felt that any section was made difficult or easy by my choice of build alone, it merely changed the way that I had to approach that situation compared to if I'd gone more into signs instead of alchemy for example.
No. 21390
I'm not just talking about the mechanics which irritate me too. I'm saying I had to manually go in and change a ton of keybindings and still all sorts of things are not where they should be like my potions, which I now have to use before combat not during which is excruciating particularly with very short lived ones. It takes away the sense of exploring and made it feel more like an on rails carnival show. I didn't like how not fluid it felt although keep on mind I quit bothering after like an hour or two.
No. 21401
Have you guys ever thought about how many different war crimes you've committed while playing video games?
It's really strange once you think about it.
No. 21404
Mostly while I was younger tbh. And even then the funny thing is certain games that outright offer you the option to genocide a population usually there's no sense to it because it takes some kind of time and resources when simply capturing and assimilating them would work better in practical terms. It isn't just evil: it's also stupid. Like Rise of Nations always bugged me because you had to shoot civilians, which made no fucking sense because the point of that game is capturing cities so logically one should capture the civilians within the cities but nope, the game forces you to massacre them. The one big exception is a bunch of games allow you to destroy entire planets, and for some bizarre fucking reason treat outright blowing up planets as not as bad as using chemical or biological weapons, nukes, or genocide. I have no idea why except some kind of laziness combined with weird social norms? You'd think killing a planet filled with 4 billion people would piss off the galaxy and especially the other race a lot more than just using a little Sarin on their troops.

I think a lot of games I played good as I got past age 14, although part or it is probably also because the game usually punishes the shit out of you for the evil options. Like, you basically have to try to be a dick in certain games. I've been playing Tropico 4 lately and it just doesn't make any fucking sense to play as an evil dictator most of the time because you just end up pissing more people off and causing greater problems for yourself down the line. If you execute someone it's just going to piss off their family and anyone nearby so you're creating more rebels. Why not simply bribe them if they're such a problem? They both cost money.

I think part of the problem is the game's already easy as shit, so you basically have to be super stupid and sloppy to screw yourself over enough to where those options are tempting. I once got myself in the hole by like -$70,000 to -$90,000 and was able to dig out after many years. Itll wreck your shit doing it a lot but printing money and using nuclear testing is $30,000 right there to get back on track especially of you have an import based economy. Not that any of this matters anyway because the evil options require money to use. It's supposed to be third world dictator simulator but every single time I play that game I just end up creating a liberal Socialist utopia to such an extent I can just start bribing the few people who even consider voting against me, and then giving tens of thousands of dollars in bribes randomly to other people too because I can afford it along with massive tax cuts by the 80s. The whole place becomes low pollution, high liberty, low crime, no unemployment, way higher wages than Caribbean, very low economic disparity and unless I'm super lazy housing everyone even the farmers in apartments minimum if not building houses and condominiums everywhere within a few decades.

Am I somehow not playing on hard enough difficulty? Because it says I am playing as harder difficulty but it's easy as shit to just run a democratic Socialist utopia. But no gay marriage. Mainly for similar reasons as not passing other edicts because it's a pain in the ass with no clear benefit especially because I don't want to further antagonize the religious faction who are both one of the biggest and usually the least pleased with me for some reason. Probably mainly because churches are a waste of damn money in that game and because every single thing they want only further trashes my economy, like shutting down every bar/cabaret etc on the island fuck that. The hippies are also kind of useless except making things nicer for tourists because like fucking hell I'm going to shut down my production chain to please a bunch of dirty hippies who give nothing back to the economy. And then the loyalists, who hilariously are the only faction that consistently hate me because I dont appeal to a bunch of low IQ populist bydlo I guess and keep holding elections while not building useless monuments to myself.
No. 21406
Not my proudest faps
No. 21411
My tropico games always end up as third world tourist destination simulators or something along the lines. I fail to build an actually functioning democratic state OR a fascist dictatorship and I end up half assing both.

Honestly, I never destroyed planets, the worst I ever did was nuking civilians in Civilization IV or intentionally marching divisions of ethnic minorities into meat grinders to reduce the number of possible dissenters.
Or nuking +100 German divisions that were stationed in only one province.
Exterminating natives on purpose is more like a Crime against Humanity though. Yeah.
Thinking about it, history is brutal as fuck, and in most cases, we are just playing pretend history.
No. 21412
280 kB, 1280 × 720
There was one time where I actualy thought about that. When playing first time original Command and Conquer Tiberian Dawn I realized that GDI don't hit civilians unles you force them to do it, while NOD do it automaticly anyway just because. So while playing NOD it really give me feeling of playing aggresive terrorist organisation who has not feel of morale and it is really dangeorus to be in places where it's active. Together with all this style of early-mid 90s Jugoslavian wars and middle east conflicts it was so atmospheric to me.
All next CnC games was cool, but was too memetic and science fiction/alternative to have this kind of feels, until Generals which is one big alternative representation of "war on terror" in early 00s with clever jokes. It also funny how 90s and 00s already become some sort of "nostalgic". Hoever I'am shure I will not be nostalgic for 10s.
No. 21414
How the hell did you manage to fuck your industry? Industry is OP af. Just drop a coffee farm or two and convert your farms into pineapple farms so you can sell the excess as canned pineapple and boom, easy high income. The only shitty thing is over reliance on its boom bust cycles, which is fine at first but later in the game when you've got $20,000 in wages and upkeep means you're going to piss off the superpowers real fast if you dont budget a massive surplus between ships, and super fucks you hard if all your dockworkers are too busy getting drunk or something to move your loot. Tropico 4 makes it so much easier because it allows you to import raw materials so you don't even need to rely on supply chain anymore, although paying for blueprints is annoying. And somehow I end up keeping everyone happy enough harsh measures aren't necessary, although the religious, environmental, and loyalist factions are routinely pissed with me, and the Capitalists often make me sorely tempted to arrest them all and deport them to Florida with their constant whining about not having enough mansions or paying some people vastly more. No faction in that game outright irritates me as much as Capitalists. They actually get upset because I'm prioritizing not having the island covered in shacks over their mansion or two. It's the only group of people in the entire game I end up feeling violent towards and they usually shut their whore mouths by mid game.
Because if they didn't I'd murder them and sell their smoked beef to the Americans and force the survivors to live in shacks next to the docks as a terrible warning to the rest.

As for nukes it's pretty funny how the game mechanics ultimately dictate how you use what. Like in most scifi games for some reason nuclear warheads are treated as conventional arms. Starcraft is a great example. Korhal gets glasses for no other reason than butthurting Tarsonis and here I am fighting for the very existence of humanity and all I get are a few shitty 500lb bombs. The one big exception in gameplay is again Rise of Nations. Like I take issue with no fallout and cities still existing no matter how hard they get nuked, but those actually DO glass continents. The downside is it starts an armageddon counter so you can easily lose if you use more than a couple. Like I said most games have some kind of brutally severe punishment to not being evil, and the ones that don't typically don't even give you the option. Which I always found odd in Star Wars games because you can be max light side and wantonly slaughter as many people as you want without bothering to not kill when you dont have to like Deus Ex. And in terms of planet destroying it depends on the game but yeah you're right. Come to think of it one game I finally just got lazy and started glassing their planets because invading every last one was too much a time consuming pain in the ass.
No. 21416
Nukes in Civ IV made no fucking sense, because they didn't damage anything besides tile improvements, so it was just a giant pillage button, but it also left behind some fallout, negatively affecting nearby cities.
(Though they later introduced strategic nukes which could destroy cities, but those had a limited range, so you couldn't nuke a city with it from the other side of the planet, essentially rendering the damn thing near useless imho.)
In Hearts of Iron the only reason to use nukes is tactical. (To open up beach-heads or to destroy a deathstack of units.)
Though the AI seems to miss the point entirely and keeps nuking Berlin, even though there are no units stationed there.

Nukes are usually the "I'm tired of your shit" devices in games. "I've won the war, but your continued resistance is too bothersome to properly clean up manually"

>How can you fail at tropico
I don't know. All I remember is that I failed to make a long lasting regime, no matter what I did. Even if I had a successful economy, I failed to win the elections, and when I introduced a dictatorship, I couldn't suppress the population properly because my industry wasn't good enough to finance troops too.
No. 21423
>Though the AI seems to miss the point entirely and keeps nuking Berlin,
Perhaps the AI actually did get the point entirely?

>cannot into political in Tropico
Which one? I think out your problem. You probably almost immediately tried using some repressive shit that only made people mad at you and caused game long problems. People think it is third world dictator simulator but that is false. Tropico is actually luxury Socialist paradise simulator. It's a lot easier to just piss people off as little as possible while focusing on economy. In order to lose you have to seriously fuck things up, unless you somehow managed to piss off people who can hit your palace en masse (which takes effort to get them that pissed), or somehow piss off one of the superpowers enough to get invaded (which is also easy to prevent). The only thing I can think of is you almost immediately started alienating people for no good reason which caused chronic problems with rebels and lower election support. I normally win elections at lowest with 80%, and usually closer to like 94%. The other main thing is not going out of your way to antagonize the Communists or island Catholics. Commies are easy because the things they care about are critical anyway, like healthcare and housing. You can afford to piss off the Capitalists just as long as you waste some effort on pro-US policy and pissing $500 or an election praising US once in awhile. It also helps to not spend money you don't have since the easiest way to fuck yourself is spending deep into the red and ruining relations then being too in debt to build anything to help dig yourself out.
No. 21426
There is no point in nuking provinces without units, unless it has a lot of industry concentrated on it. (Say, like 15-20 Industrial Capacity)
Very few provinces are worth wasting a nuke. (Chicago and Essen come to my mind, with both of them having +20 Industry), but ultimately, you are better off nuking a larger stack of divisions, because that way the enemy has to waste Industrial capacity and manpower to resupply 60-50% of the equipment and manpower.
Nuking provinces doesn't even cause dissent or anything, it just permanently destroys 90% of the industry and whatever buildings that were there.
Another reason I can see for nuking a province is because that's where the enemy developed their own nuclear program, and if you nuke their nuclear power plant, they can't make nukes. (Sort of like how as Japan when I saw that the US was developing level 5-6 reactors, I just simply landed on the shores and rushed in to destroy it, killing years' worth of progress, since your country can only have one province with a reactor, so if you capture the enemy's, it's automatically and irreversibly destroyed, even if the recapture the province.)
(Though I'm not sure if I ever saw any other AI nation make nukes besides the US. But the US's nuke program seems hard coded to happen.)
No. 21430
154 kB, 463 × 660
I was making a joke about AI realizing the solution to every problem is simply nuking Berlin
No. 21452
I try to finish Arcanum but its too boring.

I forgot how empty that game was. I'm literally just running through streets 95% of time. There isnt even any grind spots.
No. 21474
I just hate the combat. I am still trying to muster up the will to force myself to actually play Baldur's Gate. The combat is just too fucking terrible, especially if you decided to roll as a squishy wizard. I mean, it's just BAD. Arcanum has the same issues. The graphics is easy to overlook if the gameplay is bad, and vice versa; it is not easy to overlook both gameplay and visuals sucking just because you're interested in the story.
No. 21477
At least it's turn-based in Arcanum. I never understood why they made the combat real-time (well, active pause) in Infinity Engine vidya, when it's pretty obvious that turn-based combat would be more fitting for a party RPG, or, at least, wouldn't be such a pain in the ass.
No. 21479
I'm sure it was some fucking retarded marketing decision. Like "oh hey look, real time is totally the hip new thing"
Or maybe it was their decision idk but somehow I suspect it wasn't a DnD decision and now we've been saddled with this awful, awful combat system right to 2019 where now "it's the hip old thing."

Although, RTwP doesn't make Arcanum that much better. I've come to realize I think I've got a cutoff threshold for bad graphics, and that's it. Or at least make the rest of it bearable enough I can feel like it's worth the pain of shit graphics.
No. 21485
It more than likely has to do with how D&D is written. A single round of combat represents about 6 seconds for the easy maths of 1 minute = 10 rounds. Turns as written exist basically to make the game function so that everybody isn't yelling over each other trying to act in real time. Most games have something similar too. AGE runs on 15 second turns which are actually pretty long, GURPS on 1 second turns being the other end etc. it helps give an idea of what is a plausible action to take within the design space that the game is meant to function in.

Funnily enough, the real time with pause is probably the most interesting thing they did since it takes their inspiration and uses their digital medium to do something with it that the original can't do instead of just aping it like they did with basically everything else. Is it perfect? Not really, and it'd probably work better with a pre-planned real time system not unlike Close Combat or Combat Mission if they want to make the timescale real time but I'll give credit where it's due because rules innovation didn't happen anywhere near enough.
No. 21492
So I finished Pathologic Classic HD as Bachelor, the ending was absolutely ebin, and I recommend it to anyone interested in narrative-driven games. I regret a bit that I consulted walkthroughs as much as I did but I probably would've given up otherwise.
Btw, the remake is coming out next month, so I'm very excited for that. Apparently it has less tedious mechanics so it might be actually more "fun" to play. Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQIWmfC_CCw

Thanks for the recommendations, I downloaded Rune and gonna have a look at ReGoth.
Also didn't know there are so many mods for Doom, this looks like a treasure trove of interesting stuff.
No. 21493
188 kB, 1280 × 720
Whoa, Yakuza Kiwami 2 comes out on PC in May. Goddamit, Sega, I expected that it will come out eventually, but I didn't think that it will happen so soon.
No. 21496
If only they release their games in GOG, instead of steam with different DRMs. Sonic Mania have a Denovu, cmon!
No. 21500
Kiwami had no Denuvo, and they got rid of it in Zero with one of the patches (and it turned out that Denuvo was at fault for the annoying freezes I had in Zero: once it was kill, the freezing stopped), so you might hope that other games won't have DRMs either. Also, it could be worse: they could release their games as Epic Game Store exclusives.
No. 21508
>Also didn't know there are so many mods for Doom, this looks like a treasure trove of interesting stuff.
Doom.. it's source ports at least currently probably most popular modding thing ever. Easy instruments made by fans, so many sourceport of engine made from doom like absoluetly easy to get constuctor for your levels, games, ideas and so on. Can recommend also Brutal Doom 64 - https://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom-64
Brutal as for original game do some gameplay changes, but you can disable them. This is basicly a port of Nintendo 64 Doom game that awesome by it's own, and I really can recommend it to play on this port, which add some effects that actually even make overall atmosphere better.

It's far from decent playable versions sadly, currently. But there is OpenMW - Opensource engine for Morrowind that already have many awesome features and improvments over original egine and handle game more that awesome and more stable than gamebryo engine. If you interested, I can make you help with instalation, configuration and guide to mods and stuff.
No. 21535
74 kB, 460 × 215
Well, what is there to be said about this, let me think.
It's almost a full fledged sequel. 5 days long, just like the base game, but while the base game was a caricature of your average US small town, this one feels more like an overgrown in-joke to the people who liked the original game. Basically everyone makes a return from Postal 2 in some form.
They changed the mechanics a bit, so now you can buy ammo and health items, but in exchange, not all NPCs drop you cash on death, and if you leave witnesses, they'll go and tell the police that you were bad and killed someone.
They added a revolver which has an "execution meter" which can be spent on auto aiming on 5-6 enemies when full, killing them instantly.
The map is almost completely recycled from Postal 2, the main difference is that they changed the textures and the aesthetic to make it look post apocalyptic. They also made multiple "weather zones" around, so it has more diversity than just "Desert Arizona".
But they switched it around quite a bit. Most of the time you'll be going through the old maps and buildings backwards, since this time you enter the town from the north instead of starting in the southern parts.

Otherwise it's the same shit as last time.
Edged weapons still rule the battlefield, you can't lose once you have something with a blade.
This one is definitely more combat heavy than P2, but playing it without killing is apparently possible, since there is an achievement for it.

Honestly, by the last level, I'd say it overstayed its welcome quite a bit. At least I felt no need to have 5 more boss fights (especially that you also have to get through their lairs) to get the other ending where the Dude becomes the ruler of the city.
Especially how you had to fight three bosses before the ending.
By all means, it's not bad, it's just that it got a bit tiresome by the end. It definitely was put together with care, and a lot of passion went into it, but it was a tad bit too long for my taste. (If I'm correct, it took me like 8-9 hours to complete, judging by the steam timer)
And of course the humour wasn't necessarily "good" either. I preferred the jabs at everyday bullshit more than this mix of video game references and nods to the previous game's most absurd elements.
Can't really say much else. I don't think I'll ever replay it. The original game is evergreen, but this one is just a dessert that can be left out after the main course.
No. 21564
Interesting opinion. From what I seen, I suspected something like this, although my friend ranked it more high than you. But probably I'll fell absoluetly same way as you if I'd play it in one take both original game and this addon.
There also some terrible russian-made addon for it, as I know, and terrible third game, wonder of you ever going to play it.

Anyway, there is gameplay trailer of alpha version of WRATH: Aeon of Ruin
No. 21565
Postal III feels like a linear console game from the footage I've seen, and I don't particularly give a fuck about a linear "Kill X to progress" type of game.
Postal 2 is fun because it throws you into a living breathing small town, which you can roam freely, kicking open doors, shooting random folks, setting things on fire or simply just getting on with the shopping at the local corner store after you've picked up your paycheck.
And afaik P3 actively punishes you for killing "innocent" people. Fuck that. In P2, you don't feel remorse kicking random people in the face, because everyone is a cunt towards you and each other actively, and you are the biggest, smuggest cunt in the whole town. So of course I'm going to pour gasoline on the whiny bitches after emptying an M16 clip into their stupid faces. It's why the game is fun.

Though it all depends on difficulty. On the easier levels, it's sort of like real life, with nobody having a gun, and you quickly run out of ammo, because you can't loot any from the corpses, while on higher levels, everyone has an NRA membership and is ready to kick your ass any time. (That's way more fun and chaotic if they fight back, it's really great. Killing cowardly, defenceless people is just not fun or honourable.)
So no, I'm never going to play P3. Though I thought about playing P1 or Postal Redux.

>Russian mod
Corkscrew Rules is the title if I remember. Sadly I don't speak Russian to play it, but it seems like an interesting game from what little I played of it. Too bad I have no fucking idea where to go and what to do.

Maybe my problem was the fact that I jumped straight into the addon after having a lengthy playthrough of the base game on a higher difficulty, and I just got overloaded.
No. 21604
30 kB, 474 × 296
53 kB, 640 × 400
27 kB, 474 × 296
21 kB, 474 × 296

Press space rapidly at the start during loading to get through level 1 quick.

If you run out of bullets press down to dodge, up/right + space to punch/kick
No. 21605
36 kB, 640 × 480
40 kB, 480 × 360
364 kB, 600 × 315
127 kB, 800 × 600
No. 21606
112 kB, 640 × 480
41 kB, 640 × 480
No. 21607
I remember playing that one on grandpa's computer. Never got through the part where you have to jump on two enemies to get over a chasm.
No. 21617
I think anybody can cofigurate and run dosbox themslefs, or find this games easely in the net and get them work. Same as using different dosbox launchers. There no reason to play it like that, where you even can not set proper midi device or graphic/game options.
No. 21662
2,0 MB, 1366 × 768
1,7 MB, 1366 × 768
Not a bad landing all things considered. The 21 is a bitch at anything below Mach 8 even when you have fuel, let alone being slow and unbalanced from running out of fuel after getting into one too many evasive actions (for those not in the know, the MiG-21 is balanced with its fuel tank and once you get below %50 it starts having some 'interesting' flight characteristics). Managed to splash a pair of MiG-29As too. Sure they aren't the brand new ones, but they're still a better aircraft. Such is the power of the mighty BVR-capable cover. It allows even outdated shooter elements (me) to score kills I have no business scoring.
No. 21663 Kontra
I kind of overstate the CoG thing though, don't get me wrong. It's a mid-70s model so they corrected the original problem, but the design was never really totally fixed. First generation 21s were lethal with low fuel because the tanks were the main balance forward of the CoG, they moved them back a bit from 2nd gen onwards but the fundamental design of the airframe meant that there was only so much that could be done, so you just end up with a slightly slippery fish(bed) instead of one that really wants to go nose-up and kill you.
t. self-corrector
No. 21671
I'm not sure what you're complaining about here but yeah I kind of wish everything wasnt going through it, like Heroes of Might and Magic 1 idgaf what you day I liked that HoMM the best or Master of Orion II or Deadlock which apparently the first I can't even run the thing on a 64 bit system or any modern system at all because of something in the way it's coded it literally cannot be updated without a complete rewrite yet steam still sells it for some fucking reason. I really wish steam would stop selling so much broken shit on their site. I had to pirate Odium aka Gorky 17 just to get it to work and it's still borked to fuck and back. Plus you've got the usual acceleration issues with super old games where nothing is playing at the speed it should, I forget why this happens. It's not too noticeable but Master of Orion II sometimes has this problem. And I really really want to play Deadlock 1 but apparently nothing exists to port it onto a modern machine.

It's pretty sad but I think I've already figured out numerous investment opportunities and petty shit I'd do if I ever got rich but knowing what I'd do with hundreds of millions of dollars benefits me in nothing. One such thing would be a considerable investment in media including vidya and I'd just start paying people off to make shit happen. If anyone gives me shit I'll just find a way to buy out most of the IPs which is easily doable for most franchises except like Star Wars which you'd need to be a multibillionaire to afford. Then I'd say, port the fucking game to Windows 8. I don't give a shit if you have to completely rewrite the entire fucking thing. And then I'd have my company sell it to recoup expenses. I'd also buy out inXile and numerous companies and creators to protect them from shitty groups like EA. I would not be above having heroin planted on EA exec's or running intelligence ops to collect dirt on them for no other reason than to say "I am asking you politely to please not fuck with these devs, sir. I will not ask you politely a second time."

On an unrelated note how illegal is it to pay 17 year olds to seduce businessmen?
No. 21673
>I forget why this happens
IBM PCs and IBM PC clones used a single speed for a relatively long time, and so software was tied to the CPU's speed for some god forsaken reason, a practice which was later abandoned as CPUs kept getting faster and faster exponentially.
But the un-updated old software runs super fast, because it's framerate or whatever is still tied to the CPU's speed, so unless you slow down your CPU, it'll run too fast. (I think DOSBOX is capable of that.)
No. 21674
I said that playing absolute majority of Dos games is easy as hell on modern PCs via dosbox, and you don't need things like that you posted. You can download game and cofigurate much better yourself.
From midi device emulation for much better sound than standart microsoft midi whatever, game scaling options and color modes, 4:3 correction, CPU speed and so on for best experience.
You can do it manualy or via different dosbox launchers.

Opensource for MoO2 was abadoned in 2011 looks like http://openmoo2.org/en/

But for example for Blood, you have Build GDX engine, that now supports Witcheaven, Blood, redneck Rampage, Tekwar games more than good, and in future will support other build-engine games, I hope http://m210.duke4.net/

Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest had even Windows 95 version, hovever run Windows 9x apps on modern NT-based Windows systems is more pain in ass than running Dos versions of game. If you want I can give you GOG version of HoMM1 with CD stuff like music and so on.

You can do it even in-game tbh
>In this mode you can reduce the amount of your real CPU's core usage by CTRL-F11 or raise it with CTRL-F12.
There some games, like Elder Scrolls Arena which have shitty engine and runs or TOO FAST or TOO SLOW so I generaly ended switching between different parametrs on-fly for different things. (hovever Opensource engine for TES Arena is in active development so I don't worry for this anymore)
No. 21676
Is modern simulators system requrements heavy?
No. 21681
819 kB, 1366 × 768
Depends. I'm only on a mid-range PC, and I only get the game seizing up on high settings when it's a large scenario with lots of units, and it's a load-in issue and once they're loaded up it's smooth. If you're packing something a bit older, I'd recommend just going to Falcon BMS. You're stuck with the F-16 which is in many ways just too good at doing most things to have any real character, but it is a better flight sim than DCS in most ways. DCS is prettier and has a better player damage model (it's rare to not just vaporise in BMS) but its AI modeling is designed for spear chucking and is really janky both in damage and flight simulation. It's also got a powerful mission creator but the problem is that it's all you've got apart from downloading other missions whereas BMS has an ebin dynamic campaign. Performance is also 10x better because of the bubble which only actively simulates things within a certain radius of the aircraft, and while DCS doesn't have a bubble, it doesn't have the weapons (ALCMs mostly) to take advantage of it.

If you want a middle-ground simulator, they have FC3 (https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/dcs_flaming_cliffs_3/) which have accurate flight models but simplified systems modeling. If you're more interested in flying and fighting than systems, then I'd go that way since it's also much cheaper with 7 aircraft for the price of 1 full-fidelity one. It's 50% off at the moment too though the free version of the game includes the FC3 level Su-25T so you could just download the game and see if you like it/can run it. Make sure to check around before buying other modules though. FC3 is polished but not all the others are. MiG-21 for example is a lovely module but the ASP, ARC and RSBN don't work the way they're meant to which is important because that's your gunsight and navigation. On the other end, the A-10C is a licensed consumer version of the one that the USAF was using and the only things missing are things that said air force deemed to not be kosher.
No. 21682 Kontra
And again I overstate things. DCS is good, it's just sometimes not as immersive as BMS. The good modules in DCS are equal to or better than the Falcon modeled in BMS, but it's a lego set, you need to make your own fun or get someone else to make it at the end of the day while Falcon has self-contained content generation on an entire theatre, not just contained to the present action.
No. 21692
216 kB, 1366 × 768
Playing Emily is Away it's more of a nostalgia trip to the days of instant messenger in the 2000s. You can set your profile picture to popular bands of each year and stuff.

I'm still a huge dork wasting his time. Emily can fuck right off, I told her I like Coldplay and everything - what more does a mid-2000s indie girl need?
No. 21694 Kontra
221 kB, 1366 × 768
117 kB, 700 × 540
Yeah, eat shit Emily.
No. 21697
Is being an enormously fucking dorky faggot on your IM of choice not also a massive nostalgia trip? I mean let's face it, we all were.
t. remembers
No. 21731 Kontra
112 kB, 1280 × 720
I wish there was a Stalker MMO.
No. 21767
I was going to say I'm sure it would be terrible but you know what? I think you might actually be right. Stalker is definitely that one game which actually works perfectly well as an MMO. While most MMOs may indeed be shit at least Stalker makes perfect absolute sense to be played instead as an MMO and I don't think much of anything would be lost, not even the atmosphere. Where's that Ukrainian who worked for them we should tell him to make a Stalker MMO.
No. 21769
Call of Chernobyl mod is basicly singleplayer MMO
No. 21790
1,5 MB, 1366 × 768
I love this plane so much more than I should. Nothing quite as satisfying as ramming a pair of heaters up the arse of an Su-27 that you have no business shooting down.

Frons (and FBW) stronk!
No. 21795
My sad problem with such things that I'am terrible with navigation in 3d space. Even flying segments in Sonic and All Stars racing transformed I do really terrible. I only like 2 or 3 years ago learned properly fly in san andreas/vice city.

I think I should start from something simple and maybe more primitive to get in, thank you.
No. 21796
short showcase of new upcoming release of Project tamriel mod for TES3 - a flyby over city of Dragonstar, divided between skyrim kingdom of the reach and hammerfell forces. There will be a lot new quests where you can resolve or make worse a lot political problems, all of it will be connected by upcoming kingdom of reach questline. And also a lot places nearby and inside city, some character will continue things from TES Travells Shadowkey game. Like this twin-head dragon fountian you already can see in trailer.
No. 21798
280 kB, 533 × 449
Primitive isn't always easier. Not in every way anyway. A full-fidelity aircraft of WWII-Korea vintage is often much simpler to operate in terms of systems complexity but they are limited in other ways. For example, prop-jobs, due to the laws of physics require rudder inputs to counteract the rotation of the prop. The magnitude of the input is determined by the speed of rotation and it's more of an art than a science. Failing to do it properly and commit it to muscle memory can make flying, let alone fighting a tricky matter, especially landing which is hard enough on a tailwheel when your rudder inputs are good.

Then 1st gen jet fighters seem remarkably simple, no prop to counteract, big wings that make them easy to get in the air and they glide nice and forgiving. All in all they seem like a cakewalk until you actually try and use them on the edge of the envelope where spool-up times make riding the throttle a matter of not letting it get too far down so it can't spin back up quickly if you need it to, and the engines aren't powerful to boot so it's easy to lose all your energy and get dunked on. Then you have the dangerous out-of-envelope characteristics. The MiG-15 for example couldn't exceed ~M0.9 without surface compression rendering controls unresponsive (luring MiGs into a dive that they couldn't recover from was an actual dogfighting tactic in Korea), plus its stall characteristics are unforgiving and due to the low-powered engine, not particularly hard to enter the ballpark of. Unrecoverable spins are definitely possible at lower altitudes because of that.

Mid-Cold War aircraft typically have enough modern doodads to seem nice but they're usually primitive enough to be a pain to work with for one reason or another and require a deeper understanding of how the systems are working than in some modern cases. A good example here is the INS in the M-2000C (pic related). It is much more primitive than a modern GPS/INS by the fact that it has no way to determine the actual location other than using gyroscopes to determine bearings, speeds and times from a starting position, but errors build up over time and it will periodically have to be updated against known locations manually. It also has a bunch of quirks because it stores values as a certain amount of numbers and won't register entries smaller than it, editable and readable memory etc. It's actually a pretty clunky piece of tech. Powerful, yes, but very clunky.

If you meant primitive in terms of gameplay then I misunderstood.
No. 21801
Main problem is mirroring. I've noticed a really odd tendency in my head to flip things along horizontal axis so even my memories may end up being mirrored like that. I think it hurts my general navigation because sometimes I have to remember to mentally flip something back.
No. 21802
13 kB, 878 × 572
One of the best ways I've found is a rough mental sketch of your surroundings. That way, I'm not upside down, back to front, but at point X,Y and oriented direction Z. Using the picture from before, mentally I'm thinking of the situation in that moment like this, where I'm the black vector, red and blue are two Flankers that I just killed. Purple is a general area that I'm aware of another pair of hostiles being located and orange is a tussle between allied flights and more bandits that I'm aware of, green being the hill to not crash into and also ground clutter to lose radar tracking in whether that's onboard or missile guidance. Since I keep that picture in mind, I know that if I hear allied missile calls from outside my flight, I'll still want to dump my own countermeasures since I'm presenting rear-aspect on the group that allied forces are engaged with which is perfect for a heater. I'll also want to be keeping an eye portside as I loop starboard. The reason being that going starboard puts me on the beam (without going into radar physics, it makes you harder to track with some radars) of both remaining known hostile areas, letting me reasses the situation with the primary threat being the purple group who are disengaged and not in combat already, so I'll want to make sure to keep an eye out for missile trails.

While I'm not playing the game entirely in my head like that, I'm navigating by keeping a picture in the back of my mind of where I am roughly in relation to various landmarks and points of interest instead of just going moment by moment. Multitasking basically. That's also the basis of navigation by bullseye which is a landmark chosen before an operation that calls are referenced by so that intercepted transmissions aren't legible. BRA: Bearing, Range, Altitude, so a call of
>[Receiver].[Sender]. Bandit at Bullseye 180-45-15000. Hot.
Translates in the mental picture as "hostile aircraft located 45 nautical miles south of the bullseye and closing towards me at an altitude of 15000 feet".

3d navigation is ebin.
No. 21809
So how exactly do I play Witcher 2? I'm dumb and I'm lazy. The controls are out of whack but luckily I've already forgotten how to use controls in Witcher so no more fighting against my instincts at least. The whole system seems pretty bizarre as a change. Like now not only I can't ingest potions during battle, but I actually have to actively find a place to meditate to use them? What weirdness is this? It also seems I do a LOT faster now.