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No. 20578 Systemkontra
227 kB, 1440 × 810
131 kB, 1024 × 768
50 kB, 640 × 480
359 kB, 1920 × 1080
Old one deda so there is new one.

Found out there is new game in "space horror" genre - what do you think about it? Looks like it inspired by movie gravity and alien isolation game or something

There also probably still Morrowind free for 25 TES anniversity in bethesda store, but I don't think anybody care about bethesda store and don't have morrowind from gog or other source already.
No. 20582
New oddworld announsed
Not shure if it was already metioned
No. 20583
> but I don't think anybody care about bethesda store and don't have morrowind from gog or other source already.


Moreover they want to have it launched via bethesda launcher, which will also cause privacy issues.
No. 20584
About morrowind I heared it can be played without this launcher, but well, we already have absoluetly DRM free GOG version so why bother.
No. 20586
Sweet, I want to see some gameplay now.
No. 20615
Does Ernst know of any modern games with low poly graphics style (roughly as in OP screenshots) but improved mechanics/QoL features?
No. 20616
262 kB, 1680 × 1050
208 kB, 1280 × 720
What is QoL?
Mechanics - ha ha, in mine opinion from classic FPS games, Quake 1 have best mechanics.

There was some indie games released and anounsed
First of is Strafe (don't mess it with Strife, classic game on doom engine) - first indie that count on "classic 3d". 3d not very classic I'd say - it's more like "how minecraft kids imagine early 3d was" tier. And game overall below mediacore - it's like generated random levels and it's not works very well. Recived meh reviews and currently forgotten. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Cq66po9hPk
There was game Dusk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drD6pWAKnJk recently relised. Much betther tha previous one in therms of aesthetics and gameplay. Many people love it, hovever in mine opinion it way overrated. It actually reminded me about BAD or BELOVE MEDIACORE late 90s early 00s games from small studios rather than quality product - like redneck rampage, lol. Leveldesighn, enemies and all this things way behind known classic, but well, at least it's something.
Also by 3d relams was also announsed in addition to Ion Maiden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgrLN9Wl4xU It have not really classic early 3d, but more modern cartony stylesed, but well, it created by top Quake 1 modders as I know, same as Ion Maiden made by good Doom and build engine mappers, so it's going to be if not very good, but at least not shit.

Turok games - 1 and 2 get recently re-edition for PC by Nightdive studios. They rund perfectly, have a lot of options for more modern or more classic graphics and gameplay. I always have mixed feelings about turok games - they are early console nintendo 64 shooters, and while not even as close as terrible as GoldenEye, they still suffer from same issues of non-professional leveldesighn and more outdated detalisation and gameplay ideas than PC FPS games of that time, hovever weapons, desighns and animations really awesome for time when it's got released so I still can recommend to try it.

Quake 1 have a lot of singleplayer awesome mods for sourceports. Of cource my top tier Arcane Dimensions but there also many others - quake 1 mapping more than alife nowdays.

I guess I can also recommend you many old games that you missed, rether than modern indie low poly 3d games.
No. 20629
58 kB, 590 × 350
JESUS CHRIST Sekiro is kicking my ass so far. I have no idea how many times I have died already. Maybe my reflexes aren't up to par but both the bosses and the minibosses slice me into pieces within seconds and takes me dozens of tries to take one of those assholes down.
My butthurt aside, the game is worth playing if you are a fan of Ninja Gaiden or the Souls games.
No. 20630
Heh, sames, although I didn't get far yet, only defeated Gyoubu Oniwa. It seems though that each particular boss has some sort of weakness that you can exploit: like, for example, said Oniwa was teeth-grindingly difficult for me, until I backtracked a bit and got a Grappling Hook Attack and Firecrackers, then he became pretty easy.

For me personally it is also a bit hard to get rid of a habit I got from Dark Souls to dodge everything. In here you also have to parry and even jump over some attacks. Well, I guess it just takes some time to get used to.
No. 20632
105 kB, 1431 × 645
Ahaha nintendo will sell
>fucking cardboad box
for storaging your other nintendo labo cardboad boxes for 800 yen
No. 20633
just "gamer" things
No. 20643
189 kB, 500 × 645
No. 20651
I think I've worn out on games for the most part. I've actually pirated a few games, mostly because I either can't find it on steam or simply don't want to before trying out and I haven't gotten into any of them. Cryostasis and Prey (2006), I'm just like eh. Maybe it's also because they're first person shooters. I still have Deus Ex infinite or whatever, Bioshock, Metro 2033, EYE Divine Cybermancy, Fallout 3, and so on I'm addition to these other two and just cant arse mysfelf into finishing or even getting much into any of them. Maybe it's just the shooter thing. Haven't even played more than one Stalker game. It's just not that interesting. Also Painkiller which like fuck am I ever going to try getting through. I mean, are any of these games actually good?

Also should probably try getting into Sunless Sea. Or maybe Rebel Galaxy or Hacknet or something.

I'm pretty sure I've exhausted any game I really want to play right now, except a few that look good which I'm just not buying yet. There is nothing in my steam library that interests me atm.
No. 20655
This games clearly not bad and you had or absoluetly wierd taste, or so called "gaming impotence". If you don't want play games - just don't waste time and do something other cool. If you can't get in this games - well it's not ernst who can form your tastes and understanding. If you want play them but actually too lazy to do it - you can just watch some youtube walkthoughts instead.
No. 20660
91 kB, 1329 × 483
Warcraft and Warcraft II now in gog! In adittion to original diablo. Most requested games in gog lol. Looks like Activision-blizzard throwed out finnaly games that they not going to "remaster" anyway
No. 20674
No I think it's just the genre as a whole. I probably would've loved all these games when I was younger but each one of them leaves me feeling eh. I'll probably end up beating Prey at least but it has made me really realize just how little I like any first person shooter anymore. I think part of it is because all the senseless violence means no real sense of loss. The only thing I end up counting is ammo and health packs. I pay little attention to the story (if there is one) and don't feel much investment in anything happening in the game. I'm not building anything. I'm not have any interactions with NPCs. What I do flatly doesn't matter and will arrive at the same end regardless. I also just hate mowing down hundreds of faceless mooks.
No. 20677
Thanks for the suggestions! I already heard of Dusk, will have a look at the other ones.
Though yes, I haven't even really played the classic shooters much. I've tried nQuake/GZDoom but didn't like it that much so far. I'll play them some more, but I want to finish some other games first.

>What is QoL?
"Quality of Life"
What I mean is compatibility, high resolution & controller support, improved UI/controls and such stuff. Basically the sort of stuff that is supposed to be fixed in a remaster.
I wish there'd be a proper remaster of Gothic.
No. 20680
112 kB, 800 × 600
93 kB, 800 × 600
948 kB, 1536 × 864
246 kB, 1536 × 864
Well games you named are very different, some of them only on slightly border of "shooter" genre actually. Cryostasis is more like mex of fps and survival, fallout 3 is post-oblivion bethesda game but still not just fps like fourth one, same goes with new vegas. You named many great games that actually has not that much in common, this why I responded like that.

Instead of "remaster", it's always better when fans of devs releasing opensource engine for old games. It's mean it can constantly update by community and never get outdated and work perfectly on any platform you want like forever. Speaking of gothic, there is such project - re-goth, but I don't know if it's still going or author abadoned idea https://youtu.be/DX92f8CrjrE

You not liking GZDoom? But it's just opensource engine with hell of parametrs. You playing on it like vanilla doom wads and all? People use capibilities of GZDoom engine to make their own even not maps, but games more advanced than build engine ones sometimes. I think there is no really serious point to try gzdoom if you want "pure vanilla" with some options, it's more like work for "Chocolate doom". GZDoom you more use to play WolfenDoom blade of agony, Golden Souls 2, Winter's Fury, REKKR, Ashes 2063 etc. etc. There even top down games and maps that replicate portal cube gameplay. Speaking of wads and mods - just go to https://www.doomworld.com/cacowards/ which do top ten wads of the year in many, many yeras, choose what you like and play them. There also a youtube channels, that reviving doom mods https://youtu.be/sH9AffDQUaw
Doom ports currently just a platform for crazy experements and like some sort of "indie games". Original doom game is not like early 3d, it's from more ealy messy times of 2.5d and by engine, and because massivley using flats to represent objects.
nQuake - never tried it, I playing q1 and singleplayer q1 mods via QuakeSpasm engine.

Well from early 3d games what can I also recommend... I guess you played half-life and it's original expansions already, but you may try Gunman Chronicles - goldsrc engine kind of fan mod game that become official game thanks to sierra, basicly fps game with mix of system shock, space, dinosaurs like in turok, cowboys and south states confederation soldiers also in space. Very well crafted game for what it is and actually fun.

From non-fps there is game like Rune. This is more like close combat game and it's great for what it is. Like this there also Hexen 2 and Heretic 2 by raven which I like, but can't really 100% recommend them because Hexen 2 have very confusing puzzles. Heretic 2... well you may try it.

From strategy games it's of cource warcraft 3 with it's great low poly graphics and command and conquer generals - but all this well known classics and I may guess you already familiar with it.

Well I can also recommend you X-wing 1998 edition if you have joystic and you like half aracade halws serious space simulators... tie fighter is much better than x-wing as a game but 1998 edition of tie fighter is really crappy for couple of reasons and 1995 one may be too early for you. There X-wing alliance - I never liked it because how it presents plot and atmosphere and other reasons like just overlayed lazy guy and some ugly starship desighns.

Speaking of star wars - you may try Episode I Racer - cool little arcade star wars pod racing game. It got released on gog not long ago and I think gog edition is fine.
No. 20682
>Speaking of star wars - you may try Episode I Racer - cool little arcade star wars pod racing game. It got released on gog not long ago and I think gog edition is fine.
Fuck, I'm old. I remember playing that game when it first came out so my head memory is of the graphics being pretty good. Thus, I still think its graphics must be pretty good despite knowing now it's probably close to 20 years old.

>Cryostasis is more like mex of fps and survival, fallout 3 is post-oblivion bethesda game but still not just fps like fourth one, same goes with new vegas. You named many great games that actually has not that much in common, this why I responded like that.
They're basically all shooters. Some have extra nuts and bolts strapped on, and some are more open world than others, but they're all basically the same thing. Stalker is also in that category but I've somehow convinced myself it's an awesome series of games, although gameplay-wise it's pretty much the same as Bethesda Fallouts.
No. 20686
Trying Warhammer Total War on Very Hard.
It's very hard.
No. 20699
145 kB, 1280 × 720
114 kB, 1024 × 768
437 kB, 983 × 1510
>They're basically all shooters
Well it's like say
Warcraft II, Total War Medival II, Anno 1404, Hearts of Iron and King's Bounty is same genre - they are "strategies".

>Fuck, I'm old. I remember playing that game when it first came out so my head memory is of the graphics being pretty good. Thus, I still think its graphics must be pretty good despite knowing now it's probably close to 20 years old.
Well, it's looks really pretty. At least for me, who absoluetly loves this sort of graphics.

Also, same time as Racer for Episode 1 promotion was released "Phantom Menace" game, which ended be much less popular because it is standart movie-based kinf of arcade game. I remember playing thought it's first parts like 10 or 15 years ago. It reminded me of Lego Star Wars but without lego. Dunno, maybe it's actually interesting to play. Don't know, but I belive it should be on GoG if they released Racer.

In late 90s was also "rouge Squadron" series. But I played only first one a little bit and can't play it much, because after X-Wing/TIE Fighter series this felt like game for little kids - way too arcade game it's become kinf of joke. But if you not care about such things, it can be entertaining, I guess. Again, reminded me of "Lego" games for some reason. And yes, there is Mon Calamari battle from Dark Empire as bonus in the end, but I not managed to finish it, and it's looks kind of lame compare to comic anyway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN3KeGQaTrk
No. 20836
151 kB, 1024 × 768
84 kB, 640 × 480
105 kB, 1280 × 720
77 kB, 1024 × 768
Funny thing, I checked and in GOG from Star Wars games there are no
-Force Commander RTS game (it's not good, I ever played it properly and it have very bad 3d rendered cutscenes from what I remember, with basic story. Only I remeber is AT-AA appeared first in this game)
-Droid Works (funny little game where you can build your own droids, on same engine as Dark Forces II so physics are shit)
-Battlefront (there is Battlefront II but not the first one. I like first one more!)
-Phantom Menace (actual game based on Episode I that I metioned previously, it came kind of same time as Races as promotion for Episode I movie)

I not count "disney" games that made by EA and nobody cares anyway and they will not appear on GOG obviously, and games that was consoles only, like Rogue Squadron II-III, Bounty Hunter etc.
No. 20841
25 kB, 990 × 696
But well, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine and Star Wars Episode I race come out not long ago only, so they might add it in future

From also big old games I found out there are no on GOG
Raven games, such as
Star Trek Voyager elete Force I-II (second one was made by Ritual but who cares, hell lot of people thinks that RTCW is made by Raven too lol)
Heretic I-II and Hexen I-II[/b] (as I know with Heretic-Hexen there are some copyright issues, Soldier of Fortune games are presented, Jeddi Knight II and Jedi Academy rights belongs to d*sney I know it because this assholes ordered raven to remove sourcecode of this games from internet so it on GOG too)

Also no
Command and Conquer series (rights on EA, they are ""remastering"" this games now, save us g-d from it)
Starcraft, Warcraft 3, Diablo 2 (Activision-Blizzard """remastered""", """remastering""" or will """remaster""" games from this list, and it in ther battle.net store with full-drm connection, it's miracle that we got WC1-2 and Diablo)
Age of Empires (rights are belongs to Mirosoft, as I know, they are making some """remasters""" and releasing it in their anal store nobody gives a shit)
Legends of Might and Magic (because nobody gives a shit and servers long dead)
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (I guess it's in shitty ubisoft store nobody gives a shit)
Drakan: Order of the Flame, Submarine Titans, Gunman Chronicles, James Bond 007: Nightfire (because nobody gives a shit about this games. Maybe one day.)
GTA Games, Call of Dooty Games, Half-Life Games (because they belong to other companies that have shitty stores)

I tell about all this because currently updating my collection of GOG installers. This what I call a perfect store - where you can have all games you want without any DRM, without any crap, just clear files with installer and goods like OSTs and Manuals and Conpet art on your actual PC, without any crappy ass launchers or without worry that this games can somehow be REMOVED from mine ownership just because. I downloading even games I actually own in gog and games that I own on discs, just in case. So if no internet or other emergency situation - I will have all good (exept this bubsy game, I just tried it from curiosity, it very cheap and short platformer, Not super bad but not worth time, was released only because Bubsy become meme) games I need on my pc, with installers. Only exeptions is games that have better versions than GOG ones, like Daggerfall.
No. 20843
53 kB, 295 × 338
Fuck I accidentaly posted it from proxy because searched on blocked in russia torrent sites. Sorry

Ha ha, I had american ball
No. 20845
>Command and Conquer series
Why would you want them when they are free?
No. 20846
They are not free, only Red Alert 1 and Tiberian Dawn was for some time free ( as I know not anymore), Red Alert 2 was giveway for short time in Origin store.
I don't think Generals is free.
No. 20847
They aren't available from EA site, but that doesn't stop you from download it from some other source. Still having them downloaded.
This attitude rather encourages buying from torrents though
No. 20848
200 kB, 1600 × 900
Well I have them downloaded as Free Man Copies (well I have RA2 in origin store for free and jewels with generals somewhere, nobody blame me for piracy on this case!)
Wonder how "remasters" of this game would look. I can't imagine 1st gen westwood strategies as remake, maybe exept only like existing openRA.

There also no Jurassic Park: Trespasser game on gog, only now discovered. What a shame!
No. 20853
Well basically yes they are all strategies except King's Bounty seems more of a tactical RPG and Anno games are CMS, or at least basically just city builders with some really lame combat sometimes. If you don't like Starcraft, Tropico, or Blackguards, then no, you're probably not going to like any of the other ones. Conversely, if you really really like say Stellaris and Age of Empires, you're probably also going to like Tropico, Cities Skylines, Total War, and though it's different than the rest XCOM EU and 2 as well. You're just using a different part of your brain is part of it. Like the same parts of your brain involved in Heroes of Might and Magic, XCOM 2, Warcraft II, Civilizations, Battlefleet Gothic Armada, Tropico etc with maybe slightly some crossover in RTS clicky clicky type games that revolve around APM more. Likewise I would argue that a lot of RPGs, depending on the subgenre, utilize elements of strategy and action, but sidescrollers, FPS, arcade style and ARPGs among others rely on a different part of your brain. For one thing there's more reaction to one, and more analysis to the other, with RPGs usually incorporating a different part of your brain (like amygdala and emotion/social processing).

These are gross generalizations sure but it makes sense to me why I seem to flatly dislike games very broadly across multiple genres and subgenres. The sole exception is ARPGs because at least they usually have a pretty compelling story.
No. 20856
I just say games you noted are very different, and most people will count them as different ones. Not everything that rela time, first person and with gun can be described just as "shooter". And in strategies that is huge difference between turn based and real time ones. But well, if you has no mood to play all of them, it's not me who should tell you otherwise.
No. 20860
Every single game I just described is literally a shooter.
No. 20863
Fallout 3 is still ARPG, at least have many ARPG elements and I'd don't call it shooter.
Cryostasis mix with horror and immersions stuff with many elements and shooting part there trying to follow overall immersion.
Bioshock yeah it more turned to fps more, thought having some remnats of system shock.
Deus Ex - I don't remember Infinity War very good, but original was much more RPG elements involved, shooting is only part of the game.
No. 21008
798 kB, 1600 × 838
536 kB, 1600 × 838
Did any Ernst ever play eve?
No. 21020
No. What is?
No. 21021
It's still alive? Well honestely never tried properly, but for some short time I remember playing Star Trek Online, lol
No. 21022
No. 21041
Wierd thing with EVE, I looked at wiki article and it's said that publisher for this game was SSI
And I like - oh, Strategic Simulations Inc., who published many golden box RPGs, Questron series, many early westwood studios games
And it's like some random publisher that exist since 1920's and have almost no any connection to vidoegames whatsoever https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_%26_Schuster
No. 21048
23 kB, 209 × 268
Are you weird if you play female characters in mmos
No. 21056
It's still alive but it's very different, the game has aged ... strangely
strange, never heard of them and I played for over 10 years. Maybe they were the initial publishers back in 2003
No. 21062
I can't answer your question, but I can tell you I'm in the same boat. Always have been.
No. 21070
It's not fact that wierd, but how you care about character. If you play just because and choose your character based only "well it's look cool" there absoluetly nothing abnormal here.
No. 21139
So, I did another playtrough of Postal 2, this time on a higher difficulty level.
It really turned the game upside down.
On lower difficulties it's not fun at all, since there are no firearms lying around (Not even police officers carry guns on the lower levels), and everybody just runs away if you do get your hands on a gun.
Above hard, some civilians carry guns, the police has guns, and you can have pretty decent firefights and battles. (Well, until you get your hands on an axe, after which, you just banzai charge everyone and cut them up like sushi.) But you are still the king of the streets, and unless you do something incredibly stupid, you should have no trouble fucking up everyone's shit.
Now, on Hestonworld difficulty, you get to experience what it's like to live in a town with a 99% NRA membership. Everybody has at least a pistol, but most people have shotguns and above. Not only do the civilians have guns, they are also happy to use them. So if you dare look funny at someone, they will empty a while magazine into your face.
The AI wasn't really made for this difficulty level, because random shoot-outs keep happening on the street. After a while I figured out why
>Someone dies on the street
>People go to the body
>They kick the body to show respect
>NPCs accidentally kick each other which aggros them
>Firefight breaks out
>Other NPCs feel threatened so they draw their guns
>Police comes in and kills everyone
Because there are a lot more damage sources (since every fucking civilian thinks they are Judge Dredd), the gameplay transforms too, and you actually have to do quite a bit of "urban exploration" to find supplies. Mostly medkits. You'll never run out of ammo, because there are more than enough rifles lying around, and people keep dropping them, but health becomes and actual issue. Scavenging the rooftops and yards becomes necessary.
By the third level I picked up the rhythm and it was smooth sailing from there.
Basically, on harder levels only get into fights if there is only one or two people against you, otherwise, they'll fuck your shit up, and it'll cost you a lot of supplies to win an encounter.

Anyway, it was fun.
No. 21145
It means you're either heading into the black hole of trannydom or you're simply exploiting the men around you into giving you free shit for being a "girl" or alternatively that you want look at CGI ass while playing (though this mostly applies to 13 year olds). Although strangely enough I manage to play a way more aggressive and often blatantly evil style in singleplayer RPGs as female. Idk why it's just NPCs irritate the shit out of me. I think it's also partly because I broadly interpret being hit on as a hostile act.
No. 21171
102 kB, 432 × 485
Played as a Girl in Fallout New Vegas as Rightful Evil. Fists and Melee only. Hella fun.

I even installed, for the first time, character mods to make her more cute, because it was funny.

Apart from that I very often play female characters in MMOS even in Pen and Paper, because I just take what embodies the role best or just looks best for a certain class (e.g. male elve rangers are pretty gay tbh). I can just wonder to sexualize that, it weirds me out a little but I believe for other people it may be a natural reaction.
No. 21218
All flesh is but a mask anyway so why care about playing the gay ranger as a secondary interface if it works with the character? Although come to think of it, I dont think I have ever played a gay character, probably mostly because I have rarely played a heterosexual character. I simply dont have the time or patience for it nigga I'm out here saving the galaxy I don't have time for your hormonal drama and shit.
No. 21220
I want to play properly first postal games one day. As I know, recent "uncut" vrsion have more stuff in it.
Also, arent' Postal 2 was also patched with new content not too long ago?
No. 21222
>nigga I'm out here saving the galaxy I don't have time for your hormonal drama and shit
I share this sentiment. I just hate it when developers try to shoehorn romantic subplots into games. I wouldn't mind as much if it was a little bit more subtle, but in modern "RPGs" it often seems that everybody wants to jump on your cock simply because you treat them nicely. I guess it's a part of "power fantasy" of sorts, kinda like Tarzan books, but nevertheless it just feels like developers think of gamers as of sex-obsessed fourteen-years-olds.
No. 21226
I mean, it's decent as a game I guess but ultimately it just feels much more like something you'd just find on Newgrounds. It plays less as a whole game and much more like a flash game. It's a completely bare bones arcade style where you wander around point and clicking to fire in the direction of people, who can also dodge your grenades and rockets. It has weapons health and ammo and that's just about it, no plot, no story, nothing else but shooting people and trying to clear a very small level. Each map is small as fuck. I got bored with it pretty easily after playing several levels and frankly if you're into that playstyle you might as well just get Hatred for single player edginess or Helldivers for multiplayer, or just play Postal 2 for a completely different style with a story that's also a more juvenile 90s США simulator.
No. 21232
As I know, Postal 1 have some plot and ending and some plot ideas and stuff - at least this is what I heared from people. Like main hero hear voices in his head or something like that.
Well, about top down arcade shooters like - original gta games before gta 3 and including gta advanced game is kind of same, but at least for me personally (hell years ago) was kind of fun.
No. 21233
I may guess it started in modern way from early bioware games, which evolved in what we currently sometimes see now.
I'am not against building relationships, but want they worth something, want they was propery developed plot, but same time you had absoluetly freedom about you building your relationships, not some triggered cutscenes with specific person.
No. 21235
Yeah it was basically Bioware's fault. Keep in mind they also developed things like Baldurs Gate. The problem is at least in like KOTOR there was a compelling reason for the romance and it weaving seamlessly into the plot. The second one, not so much, and it only got worse with each new bioware game. Well, I mean I guess Mass Effect also had a reason since it's whose life you end up saving, but still.
No. 21241
Yes, they released a full fledged expansion for Postal 2 in 2015. It has just as much content as the base game afaik.
Haven’t played that one, or the first postal for that matter. 2 is an evergreen piece of entertainment, though. Or at least I’d consider it a classic, even if it’s crude most of the time. What’s good is that it doesn’t pverstay its welcome.
No. 21255
Where're you from sir? Around here everyone knows those are bundled together now.
No. 21357
My video card fried (RIP) what's a good game for a GTX 710
No. 21358
What genre? Those are roughly my specs and I can play everything including (very choppily) Witcher 2. Ashes of the Singularity I found out is my hard limit to where I can turn every setting down to the absolute minimum and still boot the game up without it actually showing me anything. I have an old as shit machine. I'm actually incredibly surprised by just what I can play. I can even play XCOM2 and that thing hogs the fuck out of memory etc.
No. 21360
I have the Witcher games from a sale but never tried them, sounds like now is the time! Thanks
No. 21361
Idk how well 2 will work but I liked 1 for the most part. It was pretty fun actually, could be better, but pretty decent. 2 is fucking infuriating with how much they gutted how all the controls work so be warned, you're going to get really cozy playing a certain way and when you try 2 you're going to get frustrated and angry trying to figure out how to do anything.
No. 21362
Witcher 2 combat is fine and in many ways works better. There's a reason it got changed and that's because when the first game was released, combat was (rightly) panned as mediocre at best. Witcher 2 is only really infuriating until you figure out that bad positioning gets you skullfucked and start to correct it.
No. 21368
Agreed. Witcher 2 gave me a feeling I hadn't felt for many years: Failure in combat was possible AND was actually my fault. The game won't let you get away with "just somehow pointing at the enemy and clicking a few times", no sir. You will pay attention, figure out why you failed and then do better next time.

With Wither 3 it's a bit of a foobar. The combar is more responsive and fluid and feels great, but it's also much more forgiving and thus won't require you to learn as Witcher 2 did.
No. 21373
That was the big thing that stood out to me too. That it was totally my fault when shit went south, and not in cop-out ways like 'well it's your fault for picking the wrong level ups/falling for trap options'. I never felt that any section was made difficult or easy by my choice of build alone, it merely changed the way that I had to approach that situation compared to if I'd gone more into signs instead of alchemy for example.
No. 21390
I'm not just talking about the mechanics which irritate me too. I'm saying I had to manually go in and change a ton of keybindings and still all sorts of things are not where they should be like my potions, which I now have to use before combat not during which is excruciating particularly with very short lived ones. It takes away the sense of exploring and made it feel more like an on rails carnival show. I didn't like how not fluid it felt although keep on mind I quit bothering after like an hour or two.
No. 21401
Have you guys ever thought about how many different war crimes you've committed while playing video games?
It's really strange once you think about it.
No. 21404
Mostly while I was younger tbh. And even then the funny thing is certain games that outright offer you the option to genocide a population usually there's no sense to it because it takes some kind of time and resources when simply capturing and assimilating them would work better in practical terms. It isn't just evil: it's also stupid. Like Rise of Nations always bugged me because you had to shoot civilians, which made no fucking sense because the point of that game is capturing cities so logically one should capture the civilians within the cities but nope, the game forces you to massacre them. The one big exception is a bunch of games allow you to destroy entire planets, and for some bizarre fucking reason treat outright blowing up planets as not as bad as using chemical or biological weapons, nukes, or genocide. I have no idea why except some kind of laziness combined with weird social norms? You'd think killing a planet filled with 4 billion people would piss off the galaxy and especially the other race a lot more than just using a little Sarin on their troops.

I think a lot of games I played good as I got past age 14, although part or it is probably also because the game usually punishes the shit out of you for the evil options. Like, you basically have to try to be a dick in certain games. I've been playing Tropico 4 lately and it just doesn't make any fucking sense to play as an evil dictator most of the time because you just end up pissing more people off and causing greater problems for yourself down the line. If you execute someone it's just going to piss off their family and anyone nearby so you're creating more rebels. Why not simply bribe them if they're such a problem? They both cost money.

I think part of the problem is the game's already easy as shit, so you basically have to be super stupid and sloppy to screw yourself over enough to where those options are tempting. I once got myself in the hole by like -$70,000 to -$90,000 and was able to dig out after many years. Itll wreck your shit doing it a lot but printing money and using nuclear testing is $30,000 right there to get back on track especially of you have an import based economy. Not that any of this matters anyway because the evil options require money to use. It's supposed to be third world dictator simulator but every single time I play that game I just end up creating a liberal Socialist utopia to such an extent I can just start bribing the few people who even consider voting against me, and then giving tens of thousands of dollars in bribes randomly to other people too because I can afford it along with massive tax cuts by the 80s. The whole place becomes low pollution, high liberty, low crime, no unemployment, way higher wages than Caribbean, very low economic disparity and unless I'm super lazy housing everyone even the farmers in apartments minimum if not building houses and condominiums everywhere within a few decades.

Am I somehow not playing on hard enough difficulty? Because it says I am playing as harder difficulty but it's easy as shit to just run a democratic Socialist utopia. But no gay marriage. Mainly for similar reasons as not passing other edicts because it's a pain in the ass with no clear benefit especially because I don't want to further antagonize the religious faction who are both one of the biggest and usually the least pleased with me for some reason. Probably mainly because churches are a waste of damn money in that game and because every single thing they want only further trashes my economy, like shutting down every bar/cabaret etc on the island fuck that. The hippies are also kind of useless except making things nicer for tourists because like fucking hell I'm going to shut down my production chain to please a bunch of dirty hippies who give nothing back to the economy. And then the loyalists, who hilariously are the only faction that consistently hate me because I dont appeal to a bunch of low IQ populist bydlo I guess and keep holding elections while not building useless monuments to myself.
No. 21406
Not my proudest faps
No. 21411
My tropico games always end up as third world tourist destination simulators or something along the lines. I fail to build an actually functioning democratic state OR a fascist dictatorship and I end up half assing both.

Honestly, I never destroyed planets, the worst I ever did was nuking civilians in Civilization IV or intentionally marching divisions of ethnic minorities into meat grinders to reduce the number of possible dissenters.
Or nuking +100 German divisions that were stationed in only one province.
Exterminating natives on purpose is more like a Crime against Humanity though. Yeah.
Thinking about it, history is brutal as fuck, and in most cases, we are just playing pretend history.
No. 21412
280 kB, 1280 × 720
There was one time where I actualy thought about that. When playing first time original Command and Conquer Tiberian Dawn I realized that GDI don't hit civilians unles you force them to do it, while NOD do it automaticly anyway just because. So while playing NOD it really give me feeling of playing aggresive terrorist organisation who has not feel of morale and it is really dangeorus to be in places where it's active. Together with all this style of early-mid 90s Jugoslavian wars and middle east conflicts it was so atmospheric to me.
All next CnC games was cool, but was too memetic and science fiction/alternative to have this kind of feels, until Generals which is one big alternative representation of "war on terror" in early 00s with clever jokes. It also funny how 90s and 00s already become some sort of "nostalgic". Hoever I'am shure I will not be nostalgic for 10s.
No. 21414
How the hell did you manage to fuck your industry? Industry is OP af. Just drop a coffee farm or two and convert your farms into pineapple farms so you can sell the excess as canned pineapple and boom, easy high income. The only shitty thing is over reliance on its boom bust cycles, which is fine at first but later in the game when you've got $20,000 in wages and upkeep means you're going to piss off the superpowers real fast if you dont budget a massive surplus between ships, and super fucks you hard if all your dockworkers are too busy getting drunk or something to move your loot. Tropico 4 makes it so much easier because it allows you to import raw materials so you don't even need to rely on supply chain anymore, although paying for blueprints is annoying. And somehow I end up keeping everyone happy enough harsh measures aren't necessary, although the religious, environmental, and loyalist factions are routinely pissed with me, and the Capitalists often make me sorely tempted to arrest them all and deport them to Florida with their constant whining about not having enough mansions or paying some people vastly more. No faction in that game outright irritates me as much as Capitalists. They actually get upset because I'm prioritizing not having the island covered in shacks over their mansion or two. It's the only group of people in the entire game I end up feeling violent towards and they usually shut their whore mouths by mid game.
Because if they didn't I'd murder them and sell their smoked beef to the Americans and force the survivors to live in shacks next to the docks as a terrible warning to the rest.

As for nukes it's pretty funny how the game mechanics ultimately dictate how you use what. Like in most scifi games for some reason nuclear warheads are treated as conventional arms. Starcraft is a great example. Korhal gets glasses for no other reason than butthurting Tarsonis and here I am fighting for the very existence of humanity and all I get are a few shitty 500lb bombs. The one big exception in gameplay is again Rise of Nations. Like I take issue with no fallout and cities still existing no matter how hard they get nuked, but those actually DO glass continents. The downside is it starts an armageddon counter so you can easily lose if you use more than a couple. Like I said most games have some kind of brutally severe punishment to not being evil, and the ones that don't typically don't even give you the option. Which I always found odd in Star Wars games because you can be max light side and wantonly slaughter as many people as you want without bothering to not kill when you dont have to like Deus Ex. And in terms of planet destroying it depends on the game but yeah you're right. Come to think of it one game I finally just got lazy and started glassing their planets because invading every last one was too much a time consuming pain in the ass.
No. 21416
Nukes in Civ IV made no fucking sense, because they didn't damage anything besides tile improvements, so it was just a giant pillage button, but it also left behind some fallout, negatively affecting nearby cities.
(Though they later introduced strategic nukes which could destroy cities, but those had a limited range, so you couldn't nuke a city with it from the other side of the planet, essentially rendering the damn thing near useless imho.)
In Hearts of Iron the only reason to use nukes is tactical. (To open up beach-heads or to destroy a deathstack of units.)
Though the AI seems to miss the point entirely and keeps nuking Berlin, even though there are no units stationed there.

Nukes are usually the "I'm tired of your shit" devices in games. "I've won the war, but your continued resistance is too bothersome to properly clean up manually"

>How can you fail at tropico
I don't know. All I remember is that I failed to make a long lasting regime, no matter what I did. Even if I had a successful economy, I failed to win the elections, and when I introduced a dictatorship, I couldn't suppress the population properly because my industry wasn't good enough to finance troops too.
No. 21423
>Though the AI seems to miss the point entirely and keeps nuking Berlin,
Perhaps the AI actually did get the point entirely?

>cannot into political in Tropico
Which one? I think out your problem. You probably almost immediately tried using some repressive shit that only made people mad at you and caused game long problems. People think it is third world dictator simulator but that is false. Tropico is actually luxury Socialist paradise simulator. It's a lot easier to just piss people off as little as possible while focusing on economy. In order to lose you have to seriously fuck things up, unless you somehow managed to piss off people who can hit your palace en masse (which takes effort to get them that pissed), or somehow piss off one of the superpowers enough to get invaded (which is also easy to prevent). The only thing I can think of is you almost immediately started alienating people for no good reason which caused chronic problems with rebels and lower election support. I normally win elections at lowest with 80%, and usually closer to like 94%. The other main thing is not going out of your way to antagonize the Communists or island Catholics. Commies are easy because the things they care about are critical anyway, like healthcare and housing. You can afford to piss off the Capitalists just as long as you waste some effort on pro-US policy and pissing $500 or an election praising US once in awhile. It also helps to not spend money you don't have since the easiest way to fuck yourself is spending deep into the red and ruining relations then being too in debt to build anything to help dig yourself out.
No. 21426
There is no point in nuking provinces without units, unless it has a lot of industry concentrated on it. (Say, like 15-20 Industrial Capacity)
Very few provinces are worth wasting a nuke. (Chicago and Essen come to my mind, with both of them having +20 Industry), but ultimately, you are better off nuking a larger stack of divisions, because that way the enemy has to waste Industrial capacity and manpower to resupply 60-50% of the equipment and manpower.
Nuking provinces doesn't even cause dissent or anything, it just permanently destroys 90% of the industry and whatever buildings that were there.
Another reason I can see for nuking a province is because that's where the enemy developed their own nuclear program, and if you nuke their nuclear power plant, they can't make nukes. (Sort of like how as Japan when I saw that the US was developing level 5-6 reactors, I just simply landed on the shores and rushed in to destroy it, killing years' worth of progress, since your country can only have one province with a reactor, so if you capture the enemy's, it's automatically and irreversibly destroyed, even if the recapture the province.)
(Though I'm not sure if I ever saw any other AI nation make nukes besides the US. But the US's nuke program seems hard coded to happen.)
No. 21430
154 kB, 463 × 660
I was making a joke about AI realizing the solution to every problem is simply nuking Berlin
No. 21452
I try to finish Arcanum but its too boring.

I forgot how empty that game was. I'm literally just running through streets 95% of time. There isnt even any grind spots.
No. 21474
I just hate the combat. I am still trying to muster up the will to force myself to actually play Baldur's Gate. The combat is just too fucking terrible, especially if you decided to roll as a squishy wizard. I mean, it's just BAD. Arcanum has the same issues. The graphics is easy to overlook if the gameplay is bad, and vice versa; it is not easy to overlook both gameplay and visuals sucking just because you're interested in the story.
No. 21477
At least it's turn-based in Arcanum. I never understood why they made the combat real-time (well, active pause) in Infinity Engine vidya, when it's pretty obvious that turn-based combat would be more fitting for a party RPG, or, at least, wouldn't be such a pain in the ass.
No. 21479
I'm sure it was some fucking retarded marketing decision. Like "oh hey look, real time is totally the hip new thing"
Or maybe it was their decision idk but somehow I suspect it wasn't a DnD decision and now we've been saddled with this awful, awful combat system right to 2019 where now "it's the hip old thing."

Although, RTwP doesn't make Arcanum that much better. I've come to realize I think I've got a cutoff threshold for bad graphics, and that's it. Or at least make the rest of it bearable enough I can feel like it's worth the pain of shit graphics.
No. 21485
It more than likely has to do with how D&D is written. A single round of combat represents about 6 seconds for the easy maths of 1 minute = 10 rounds. Turns as written exist basically to make the game function so that everybody isn't yelling over each other trying to act in real time. Most games have something similar too. AGE runs on 15 second turns which are actually pretty long, GURPS on 1 second turns being the other end etc. it helps give an idea of what is a plausible action to take within the design space that the game is meant to function in.

Funnily enough, the real time with pause is probably the most interesting thing they did since it takes their inspiration and uses their digital medium to do something with it that the original can't do instead of just aping it like they did with basically everything else. Is it perfect? Not really, and it'd probably work better with a pre-planned real time system not unlike Close Combat or Combat Mission if they want to make the timescale real time but I'll give credit where it's due because rules innovation didn't happen anywhere near enough.
No. 21492
So I finished Pathologic Classic HD as Bachelor, the ending was absolutely ebin, and I recommend it to anyone interested in narrative-driven games. I regret a bit that I consulted walkthroughs as much as I did but I probably would've given up otherwise.
Btw, the remake is coming out next month, so I'm very excited for that. Apparently it has less tedious mechanics so it might be actually more "fun" to play. Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQIWmfC_CCw

Thanks for the recommendations, I downloaded Rune and gonna have a look at ReGoth.
Also didn't know there are so many mods for Doom, this looks like a treasure trove of interesting stuff.
No. 21493
188 kB, 1280 × 720
Whoa, Yakuza Kiwami 2 comes out on PC in May. Goddamit, Sega, I expected that it will come out eventually, but I didn't think that it will happen so soon.
No. 21496
If only they release their games in GOG, instead of steam with different DRMs. Sonic Mania have a Denovu, cmon!
No. 21500
Kiwami had no Denuvo, and they got rid of it in Zero with one of the patches (and it turned out that Denuvo was at fault for the annoying freezes I had in Zero: once it was kill, the freezing stopped), so you might hope that other games won't have DRMs either. Also, it could be worse: they could release their games as Epic Game Store exclusives.
No. 21508
>Also didn't know there are so many mods for Doom, this looks like a treasure trove of interesting stuff.
Doom.. it's source ports at least currently probably most popular modding thing ever. Easy instruments made by fans, so many sourceport of engine made from doom like absoluetly easy to get constuctor for your levels, games, ideas and so on. Can recommend also Brutal Doom 64 - https://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom-64
Brutal as for original game do some gameplay changes, but you can disable them. This is basicly a port of Nintendo 64 Doom game that awesome by it's own, and I really can recommend it to play on this port, which add some effects that actually even make overall atmosphere better.

It's far from decent playable versions sadly, currently. But there is OpenMW - Opensource engine for Morrowind that already have many awesome features and improvments over original egine and handle game more that awesome and more stable than gamebryo engine. If you interested, I can make you help with instalation, configuration and guide to mods and stuff.
No. 21535
74 kB, 460 × 215
Well, what is there to be said about this, let me think.
It's almost a full fledged sequel. 5 days long, just like the base game, but while the base game was a caricature of your average US small town, this one feels more like an overgrown in-joke to the people who liked the original game. Basically everyone makes a return from Postal 2 in some form.
They changed the mechanics a bit, so now you can buy ammo and health items, but in exchange, not all NPCs drop you cash on death, and if you leave witnesses, they'll go and tell the police that you were bad and killed someone.
They added a revolver which has an "execution meter" which can be spent on auto aiming on 5-6 enemies when full, killing them instantly.
The map is almost completely recycled from Postal 2, the main difference is that they changed the textures and the aesthetic to make it look post apocalyptic. They also made multiple "weather zones" around, so it has more diversity than just "Desert Arizona".
But they switched it around quite a bit. Most of the time you'll be going through the old maps and buildings backwards, since this time you enter the town from the north instead of starting in the southern parts.

Otherwise it's the same shit as last time.
Edged weapons still rule the battlefield, you can't lose once you have something with a blade.
This one is definitely more combat heavy than P2, but playing it without killing is apparently possible, since there is an achievement for it.

Honestly, by the last level, I'd say it overstayed its welcome quite a bit. At least I felt no need to have 5 more boss fights (especially that you also have to get through their lairs) to get the other ending where the Dude becomes the ruler of the city.
Especially how you had to fight three bosses before the ending.
By all means, it's not bad, it's just that it got a bit tiresome by the end. It definitely was put together with care, and a lot of passion went into it, but it was a tad bit too long for my taste. (If I'm correct, it took me like 8-9 hours to complete, judging by the steam timer)
And of course the humour wasn't necessarily "good" either. I preferred the jabs at everyday bullshit more than this mix of video game references and nods to the previous game's most absurd elements.
Can't really say much else. I don't think I'll ever replay it. The original game is evergreen, but this one is just a dessert that can be left out after the main course.
No. 21564
Interesting opinion. From what I seen, I suspected something like this, although my friend ranked it more high than you. But probably I'll fell absoluetly same way as you if I'd play it in one take both original game and this addon.
There also some terrible russian-made addon for it, as I know, and terrible third game, wonder of you ever going to play it.

Anyway, there is gameplay trailer of alpha version of WRATH: Aeon of Ruin
No. 21565
Postal III feels like a linear console game from the footage I've seen, and I don't particularly give a fuck about a linear "Kill X to progress" type of game.
Postal 2 is fun because it throws you into a living breathing small town, which you can roam freely, kicking open doors, shooting random folks, setting things on fire or simply just getting on with the shopping at the local corner store after you've picked up your paycheck.
And afaik P3 actively punishes you for killing "innocent" people. Fuck that. In P2, you don't feel remorse kicking random people in the face, because everyone is a cunt towards you and each other actively, and you are the biggest, smuggest cunt in the whole town. So of course I'm going to pour gasoline on the whiny bitches after emptying an M16 clip into their stupid faces. It's why the game is fun.

Though it all depends on difficulty. On the easier levels, it's sort of like real life, with nobody having a gun, and you quickly run out of ammo, because you can't loot any from the corpses, while on higher levels, everyone has an NRA membership and is ready to kick your ass any time. (That's way more fun and chaotic if they fight back, it's really great. Killing cowardly, defenceless people is just not fun or honourable.)
So no, I'm never going to play P3. Though I thought about playing P1 or Postal Redux.

>Russian mod
Corkscrew Rules is the title if I remember. Sadly I don't speak Russian to play it, but it seems like an interesting game from what little I played of it. Too bad I have no fucking idea where to go and what to do.

Maybe my problem was the fact that I jumped straight into the addon after having a lengthy playthrough of the base game on a higher difficulty, and I just got overloaded.
No. 21604
30 kB, 474 × 296
53 kB, 640 × 400
27 kB, 474 × 296
21 kB, 474 × 296

Press space rapidly at the start during loading to get through level 1 quick.

If you run out of bullets press down to dodge, up/right + space to punch/kick
No. 21605
36 kB, 640 × 480
40 kB, 480 × 360
364 kB, 600 × 315
127 kB, 800 × 600
No. 21606
112 kB, 640 × 480
41 kB, 640 × 480
No. 21607
I remember playing that one on grandpa's computer. Never got through the part where you have to jump on two enemies to get over a chasm.
No. 21617
I think anybody can cofigurate and run dosbox themslefs, or find this games easely in the net and get them work. Same as using different dosbox launchers. There no reason to play it like that, where you even can not set proper midi device or graphic/game options.
No. 21662
2,0 MB, 1366 × 768
1,7 MB, 1366 × 768
Not a bad landing all things considered. The 21 is a bitch at anything below Mach 8 even when you have fuel, let alone being slow and unbalanced from running out of fuel after getting into one too many evasive actions (for those not in the know, the MiG-21 is balanced with its fuel tank and once you get below %50 it starts having some 'interesting' flight characteristics). Managed to splash a pair of MiG-29As too. Sure they aren't the brand new ones, but they're still a better aircraft. Such is the power of the mighty BVR-capable cover. It allows even outdated shooter elements (me) to score kills I have no business scoring.
No. 21663 Kontra
I kind of overstate the CoG thing though, don't get me wrong. It's a mid-70s model so they corrected the original problem, but the design was never really totally fixed. First generation 21s were lethal with low fuel because the tanks were the main balance forward of the CoG, they moved them back a bit from 2nd gen onwards but the fundamental design of the airframe meant that there was only so much that could be done, so you just end up with a slightly slippery fish(bed) instead of one that really wants to go nose-up and kill you.
t. self-corrector
No. 21671
I'm not sure what you're complaining about here but yeah I kind of wish everything wasnt going through it, like Heroes of Might and Magic 1 idgaf what you day I liked that HoMM the best or Master of Orion II or Deadlock which apparently the first I can't even run the thing on a 64 bit system or any modern system at all because of something in the way it's coded it literally cannot be updated without a complete rewrite yet steam still sells it for some fucking reason. I really wish steam would stop selling so much broken shit on their site. I had to pirate Odium aka Gorky 17 just to get it to work and it's still borked to fuck and back. Plus you've got the usual acceleration issues with super old games where nothing is playing at the speed it should, I forget why this happens. It's not too noticeable but Master of Orion II sometimes has this problem. And I really really want to play Deadlock 1 but apparently nothing exists to port it onto a modern machine.

It's pretty sad but I think I've already figured out numerous investment opportunities and petty shit I'd do if I ever got rich but knowing what I'd do with hundreds of millions of dollars benefits me in nothing. One such thing would be a considerable investment in media including vidya and I'd just start paying people off to make shit happen. If anyone gives me shit I'll just find a way to buy out most of the IPs which is easily doable for most franchises except like Star Wars which you'd need to be a multibillionaire to afford. Then I'd say, port the fucking game to Windows 8. I don't give a shit if you have to completely rewrite the entire fucking thing. And then I'd have my company sell it to recoup expenses. I'd also buy out inXile and numerous companies and creators to protect them from shitty groups like EA. I would not be above having heroin planted on EA exec's or running intelligence ops to collect dirt on them for no other reason than to say "I am asking you politely to please not fuck with these devs, sir. I will not ask you politely a second time."

On an unrelated note how illegal is it to pay 17 year olds to seduce businessmen?
No. 21673
>I forget why this happens
IBM PCs and IBM PC clones used a single speed for a relatively long time, and so software was tied to the CPU's speed for some god forsaken reason, a practice which was later abandoned as CPUs kept getting faster and faster exponentially.
But the un-updated old software runs super fast, because it's framerate or whatever is still tied to the CPU's speed, so unless you slow down your CPU, it'll run too fast. (I think DOSBOX is capable of that.)
No. 21674
I said that playing absolute majority of Dos games is easy as hell on modern PCs via dosbox, and you don't need things like that you posted. You can download game and cofigurate much better yourself.
From midi device emulation for much better sound than standart microsoft midi whatever, game scaling options and color modes, 4:3 correction, CPU speed and so on for best experience.
You can do it manualy or via different dosbox launchers.

Opensource for MoO2 was abadoned in 2011 looks like http://openmoo2.org/en/

But for example for Blood, you have Build GDX engine, that now supports Witcheaven, Blood, redneck Rampage, Tekwar games more than good, and in future will support other build-engine games, I hope http://m210.duke4.net/

Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest had even Windows 95 version, hovever run Windows 9x apps on modern NT-based Windows systems is more pain in ass than running Dos versions of game. If you want I can give you GOG version of HoMM1 with CD stuff like music and so on.

You can do it even in-game tbh
>In this mode you can reduce the amount of your real CPU's core usage by CTRL-F11 or raise it with CTRL-F12.
There some games, like Elder Scrolls Arena which have shitty engine and runs or TOO FAST or TOO SLOW so I generaly ended switching between different parametrs on-fly for different things. (hovever Opensource engine for TES Arena is in active development so I don't worry for this anymore)
No. 21676
Is modern simulators system requrements heavy?
No. 21681
819 kB, 1366 × 768
Depends. I'm only on a mid-range PC, and I only get the game seizing up on high settings when it's a large scenario with lots of units, and it's a load-in issue and once they're loaded up it's smooth. If you're packing something a bit older, I'd recommend just going to Falcon BMS. You're stuck with the F-16 which is in many ways just too good at doing most things to have any real character, but it is a better flight sim than DCS in most ways. DCS is prettier and has a better player damage model (it's rare to not just vaporise in BMS) but its AI modeling is designed for spear chucking and is really janky both in damage and flight simulation. It's also got a powerful mission creator but the problem is that it's all you've got apart from downloading other missions whereas BMS has an ebin dynamic campaign. Performance is also 10x better because of the bubble which only actively simulates things within a certain radius of the aircraft, and while DCS doesn't have a bubble, it doesn't have the weapons (ALCMs mostly) to take advantage of it.

If you want a middle-ground simulator, they have FC3 (https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/dcs_flaming_cliffs_3/) which have accurate flight models but simplified systems modeling. If you're more interested in flying and fighting than systems, then I'd go that way since it's also much cheaper with 7 aircraft for the price of 1 full-fidelity one. It's 50% off at the moment too though the free version of the game includes the FC3 level Su-25T so you could just download the game and see if you like it/can run it. Make sure to check around before buying other modules though. FC3 is polished but not all the others are. MiG-21 for example is a lovely module but the ASP, ARC and RSBN don't work the way they're meant to which is important because that's your gunsight and navigation. On the other end, the A-10C is a licensed consumer version of the one that the USAF was using and the only things missing are things that said air force deemed to not be kosher.
No. 21682 Kontra
And again I overstate things. DCS is good, it's just sometimes not as immersive as BMS. The good modules in DCS are equal to or better than the Falcon modeled in BMS, but it's a lego set, you need to make your own fun or get someone else to make it at the end of the day while Falcon has self-contained content generation on an entire theatre, not just contained to the present action.
No. 21692
216 kB, 1366 × 768
Playing Emily is Away it's more of a nostalgia trip to the days of instant messenger in the 2000s. You can set your profile picture to popular bands of each year and stuff.

I'm still a huge dork wasting his time. Emily can fuck right off, I told her I like Coldplay and everything - what more does a mid-2000s indie girl need?
No. 21694 Kontra
221 kB, 1366 × 768
117 kB, 700 × 540
Yeah, eat shit Emily.
No. 21697
Is being an enormously fucking dorky faggot on your IM of choice not also a massive nostalgia trip? I mean let's face it, we all were.
t. remembers
No. 21731 Kontra
112 kB, 1280 × 720
I wish there was a Stalker MMO.
No. 21767
I was going to say I'm sure it would be terrible but you know what? I think you might actually be right. Stalker is definitely that one game which actually works perfectly well as an MMO. While most MMOs may indeed be shit at least Stalker makes perfect absolute sense to be played instead as an MMO and I don't think much of anything would be lost, not even the atmosphere. Where's that Ukrainian who worked for them we should tell him to make a Stalker MMO.
No. 21769
Call of Chernobyl mod is basicly singleplayer MMO
No. 21790
1,5 MB, 1366 × 768
I love this plane so much more than I should. Nothing quite as satisfying as ramming a pair of heaters up the arse of an Su-27 that you have no business shooting down.

Frons (and FBW) stronk!
No. 21795
My sad problem with such things that I'am terrible with navigation in 3d space. Even flying segments in Sonic and All Stars racing transformed I do really terrible. I only like 2 or 3 years ago learned properly fly in san andreas/vice city.

I think I should start from something simple and maybe more primitive to get in, thank you.
No. 21796
short showcase of new upcoming release of Project tamriel mod for TES3 - a flyby over city of Dragonstar, divided between skyrim kingdom of the reach and hammerfell forces. There will be a lot new quests where you can resolve or make worse a lot political problems, all of it will be connected by upcoming kingdom of reach questline. And also a lot places nearby and inside city, some character will continue things from TES Travells Shadowkey game. Like this twin-head dragon fountian you already can see in trailer.
No. 21798
280 kB, 533 × 449
Primitive isn't always easier. Not in every way anyway. A full-fidelity aircraft of WWII-Korea vintage is often much simpler to operate in terms of systems complexity but they are limited in other ways. For example, prop-jobs, due to the laws of physics require rudder inputs to counteract the rotation of the prop. The magnitude of the input is determined by the speed of rotation and it's more of an art than a science. Failing to do it properly and commit it to muscle memory can make flying, let alone fighting a tricky matter, especially landing which is hard enough on a tailwheel when your rudder inputs are good.

Then 1st gen jet fighters seem remarkably simple, no prop to counteract, big wings that make them easy to get in the air and they glide nice and forgiving. All in all they seem like a cakewalk until you actually try and use them on the edge of the envelope where spool-up times make riding the throttle a matter of not letting it get too far down so it can't spin back up quickly if you need it to, and the engines aren't powerful to boot so it's easy to lose all your energy and get dunked on. Then you have the dangerous out-of-envelope characteristics. The MiG-15 for example couldn't exceed ~M0.9 without surface compression rendering controls unresponsive (luring MiGs into a dive that they couldn't recover from was an actual dogfighting tactic in Korea), plus its stall characteristics are unforgiving and due to the low-powered engine, not particularly hard to enter the ballpark of. Unrecoverable spins are definitely possible at lower altitudes because of that.

Mid-Cold War aircraft typically have enough modern doodads to seem nice but they're usually primitive enough to be a pain to work with for one reason or another and require a deeper understanding of how the systems are working than in some modern cases. A good example here is the INS in the M-2000C (pic related). It is much more primitive than a modern GPS/INS by the fact that it has no way to determine the actual location other than using gyroscopes to determine bearings, speeds and times from a starting position, but errors build up over time and it will periodically have to be updated against known locations manually. It also has a bunch of quirks because it stores values as a certain amount of numbers and won't register entries smaller than it, editable and readable memory etc. It's actually a pretty clunky piece of tech. Powerful, yes, but very clunky.

If you meant primitive in terms of gameplay then I misunderstood.
No. 21801
Main problem is mirroring. I've noticed a really odd tendency in my head to flip things along horizontal axis so even my memories may end up being mirrored like that. I think it hurts my general navigation because sometimes I have to remember to mentally flip something back.
No. 21802
13 kB, 878 × 572
One of the best ways I've found is a rough mental sketch of your surroundings. That way, I'm not upside down, back to front, but at point X,Y and oriented direction Z. Using the picture from before, mentally I'm thinking of the situation in that moment like this, where I'm the black vector, red and blue are two Flankers that I just killed. Purple is a general area that I'm aware of another pair of hostiles being located and orange is a tussle between allied flights and more bandits that I'm aware of, green being the hill to not crash into and also ground clutter to lose radar tracking in whether that's onboard or missile guidance. Since I keep that picture in mind, I know that if I hear allied missile calls from outside my flight, I'll still want to dump my own countermeasures since I'm presenting rear-aspect on the group that allied forces are engaged with which is perfect for a heater. I'll also want to be keeping an eye portside as I loop starboard. The reason being that going starboard puts me on the beam (without going into radar physics, it makes you harder to track with some radars) of both remaining known hostile areas, letting me reasses the situation with the primary threat being the purple group who are disengaged and not in combat already, so I'll want to make sure to keep an eye out for missile trails.

While I'm not playing the game entirely in my head like that, I'm navigating by keeping a picture in the back of my mind of where I am roughly in relation to various landmarks and points of interest instead of just going moment by moment. Multitasking basically. That's also the basis of navigation by bullseye which is a landmark chosen before an operation that calls are referenced by so that intercepted transmissions aren't legible. BRA: Bearing, Range, Altitude, so a call of
>[Receiver].[Sender]. Bandit at Bullseye 180-45-15000. Hot.
Translates in the mental picture as "hostile aircraft located 45 nautical miles south of the bullseye and closing towards me at an altitude of 15000 feet".

3d navigation is ebin.
No. 21809
So how exactly do I play Witcher 2? I'm dumb and I'm lazy. The controls are out of whack but luckily I've already forgotten how to use controls in Witcher so no more fighting against my instincts at least. The whole system seems pretty bizarre as a change. Like now not only I can't ingest potions during battle, but I actually have to actively find a place to meditate to use them? What weirdness is this? It also seems I do a LOT faster now.
No. 21826
84 kB, 1280 × 720
454 kB, 50 files
Sat down and played some DX-ball. It's pretty strange to hold nostalgic feelings for a program that's less than a megabyte, but I remember it fondly, and always will.
It's a freeware breakout clone from 1996. A pretty good game. I remember how the entire family used to race to get the biggest highscore, of course I was too small back then to play it effectively, but it was still fun. A throwback.

I recommend you try it, it's well made and it's fun.
No. 21832
19 kB, 640 × 480
I need to get better at judging when the ball is going to hit and rebound off the lower edge of the wall, and when it is going to fall just short.
>nostalgic feelings
I have similar feelings for Klax, which I used to play about 10 years ago. It's not much of a game, and wasn't even by 2010 standards, but I played it so much that it has become associated with that time period.
No. 21868
297 kB, 640 × 480
81 kB, 640 × 400
Yeah, more primitive about gameplay. My top is wing commander/tie fighter, so I'll better start from something more arcade, also avalible to play with keyboard+mouse since I don't have joystik. Like for example I thought about playing red Baron and Aie Power: Battle in the skies.
Seems like cool game with non-lienar campain set in different fictional world where half steampunk haf diselpunk late XIX centuary early XX centuary where civil war in country between different princes who want to take over throne on zeppelines and early flying machines. Quite forgotten game https://youtu.be/1vAKYC7ykBA sadly, I not managed to properly run CD version with more music and voice acting.
No. 21870
112 kB, 220 × 266
11 kB, 260 × 194
79 kB, 1024 × 720
670 kB, 1920 × 1080
Maybe I should play something where I can actually see ground, dunno. Try something like this for example lol https://youtu.be/FRd3A2BsCxs

Anyway, I played thought all Soldier of Fortune for the first time properly. And it was... eeh. I love Raven Software games, from early ones to late, but for some reason never played SoF games - maybe only a couple of minutes. of 2nd one. Well, downloading gog versions of game, I decided to give it a try.
1st game developed on Quake 2 engine. And for quake 2 engine many details looks nice - for example there almost no "jelly" during animations on models. Game is also much more plot driven, at least try to be - actual cutscenes and actual plot extreamly basic, hovever game feels different from traditional classic FPS and more like to generation of actual plot-based lienar shooters, like Return to Castle Wolfensten, Turok 2 etc. Some basic stuff in understandably not that exelent, because it's really early game of it's type and it's first game where Raven tried thais type of narrative.
Hovever there one little problem - this game come out in spring of year 2000. But overall - by style, plot, gameplay etc. game feels like somthing pre-half life, like unreal or SiN in many ways. Combined with engine, it feels really dated at time when it come out. Funny how also game present itself as very "realistic tactical combat gore", with cover in style of rainbow six games of the time with real photo of military sniper shaded with green. But in realty exept some small elements - this game is arcady as hell.
I mean, it's not even trying to be Rainbox Six, yes, but for example about shooting - this game on many years lower than counter-strike, Hell, I'd say even Quake 2 have more "realistic" weapons impact. There you just click and it's shooting without any big recoil or something. Enemies beyond some scripted events not do something really smart too. There no real variaty in enemies - just same tier guys with weapons who go and shoot at you and die after a couple of hits.
Leveldesighn - nothing particulary interesting, exept you start to see this is "that" raven levedesighn you will recognise in their other games, where in some places it's like 2-3 corridors but you don't know where the hell you need to go for 10 minutes walking back and front. Some levels have problem with enemy respwaning, some suffer from loked low draw distance, like open level with Iraq fuel station.
There I should metion style - it's sometimes try to be realistic (for 1997 standarts) but in reality tend to go full science fiction. Levels in Kosovo looks like burning some sort of imperium city from warhammer by feel (really reminds me Warhammer fire warrior game), levels in russia - "all russia is giant ice rocks" and it's filled with science-fiction base with tanks that looks like Cobra tanks from G.I.Joe and terrorists with super nordic flags that reminds me by style Empire Earth russian campain, yes, that one with giant anime robot as new russian tsar.
Not a surprise that developers also wanted to made as more cool enemiesw guys like "super guy in super power armor with giant rocket launchers". Yes, of cource, such things as typical for Iraq in year of 2000. It's really funny to see this kind of things same time as game try to insert serius cutscene with Saddam himself. Not a real spoiler, but end boss battle is super boring - small arena with walking ultra-super power armor dude.
Another problem - which maybe is problem of engine - is that many things out of scale. In one mission where train made by map brushes for example, it's normal scale - in other, where it is 3d models, it's like toy size, your character almost as tall as this trains. Same goes for NY streets, trucks on level, other objects that for some reason 1,5-2 times smalle than they should be.

Overall game is not terrible or bad - there really fun things like really cool and detailed for q2 animations how enemies lost parts of bodies, screaming, trying to hold blood from damaged legs etc. There some nice animations how character hold weapons (hovever all this looks cartoonish almost, if you play it after half life 1 or opposing force, with more impactfull weapons and much more smart soldier A.I.), espessialy I liked Desert Eagle because it's looks like actual Desert Eagle, not "plasic half science fiction gun". There no really bad parts for side of enjoyment, no too long levels of really boring places, my complains mostly goes because from Raven - esepssially early 00s Raven I expected something much more cool. Like same year, but in november or something they will release Star Trek voyager Elete Force on Quake 3 engine - which in many ways was same, but much more fun and polishing. And I don't even talk about Jedi Knight II/Jedi Academy in 2002-2003, this was masterpieces. If you want play some sort of simple plot driven FPS game from late 90s early 00s - you may really try it. At least it's much more polished than many eurojank games of this time which trying to do same job - like Chrome or Chaser (or Unreal II lol).
No. 21893
39 kB, 790 × 593
383 kB, 500 × 1291
SoF was very violent you could even shoot dead bodies that was its selling point. It was never going to be Deus Ex or Rainbow Six. For bydlo fps I preferred Delta Force and its couple sequels

No. 21897
34 kB, 600 × 597
This is some fucky shit dude
No. 21913
935 kB, 1366 × 768
Didn't realise it until I went to battle damage assessment, but while doing weapons training today, I triforced with Maverick kills :-DDDDD
No. 21924
I know about "gore", yeah, In first game it clearly seen, however I may say that it was not something unique for time - games like Quake 2 very bloody and gory too of you think about it, espessialy zones like "meat" factory.

Delta force - this games on my list like forever, hovever I assume late ones may be kind of lame because nobody cared about them. From first one I know that I combined sprits for weapons and 3d models in interesting way and that it have voxel-based terrain which is interesting.
No. 21935
Gaming history 1967-2018

Video by two Romanians? Raul Macavei and Iulian Mocanu
No. 21953
149 kB, 1280 × 720
366 kB, 1920 × 1080
112 kB, 960 × 540
144 kB, 740 × 429
Finished two games recently - Shadowrun Returns and Xanadu Next.

Shadowrun Returns was pretty OK game, kind of bland though. Both the turn-based gameplay and the story were rather uninspired but at some point I got somewhat immersed into the cyberpunk setting.

Xanadu Next on the other hand is really a gem in the rough IMO. It's a Japanese action-RPG by the makers of the Ys series, Nihon Falcom. Subtle yet epic storytelling, awesome soundtrack, great low-poly graphics & smart level design. Combat is pretty satisfying, pretty unique skill system(you learn skills by using a weapon a certain amount of times and then you can use the skills while wielding a different weapon). It's definitely not without issues though, my main gripe was that the dungeons get really hard to navigate at some point; it's easy to miss an important door and keep circling around so I had to resort to a walkthrough. Opening movie to set the mood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7et6P7AEriA

>But there is OpenMW - Opensource engine for Morrowind that already have many awesome features and improvments over original egine and handle game more that awesome and more stable than gamebryo engine. If you interested, I can make you help with instalation, configuration and guide to mods and stuff.

I remember following that for a while some years ago. I played original Mw + expansions and mods quite a bit, but never too seriously, most of the time I just fucked around and ended up doing goofy stuff with console commands; it's just too open-world for me. So thank you for the offer, but I'm not ready to go back to it yet.
No. 21962
I'm kind of pooped out on games. I don't think I've actually found a really gripping one since finishing the Dead Space series, and by finish the series I mean beat Dead Space 3 and didn't even bother with the awakened DLC. I can see why they killed it but frankly EA has a habit of fucking a game into the ground and then using the result of their malign influence as an excuse to kill the studio. The addition of Carver, co-op only missions, turning Ellie Langford into a retarded teenage bimbo, all the retarded af usual EA fuckery with microtransactions etc are clear evidence that it was EA that completely ruined that series. I normally don't pirate games, but I deeply regret not pirating EA games. They at least made it easier to pirate their games by not offering Mass Effsct 3 or Dead Space 3 on steam, because like hell am I going to inconvenience myself to give EA a rock squeezed dime.

You know what I just found out? Those evil stupid motherfuckers locked my Alice Returns game, which I now regret I didn't check for the EA logo before purchase. So now I have to make a fucking account with those bastards just to play a game I already own and have played. Switching the ToS is one of the scummiest things steam is allowing. So I actually have to now go and make an account with them to keep playing, the very same evil motherfuckers who won't let go of the Alice IP like every other franchise they ruin. I don't even know why they do it. It's like they make a conscious decision to make the world a worst place in service of Satan and sacrifice the souls of games as an offering, and once they successfully acquire and kill the studio and murder the fuck out of the franchise they thrown the IP in a vault somewhere so no one else can ever save it. And regarding DS3 holy hell am I glad I didn't pay for that, but the first two were good enough I've had kind of a malaise.

Re: Shadowrun you should try the next two. Frankly I didnt like it that much for some reason but everyone loved Dragonfall. I thought it was weakest of the three, but most people disliked Returns. Hong Kong is the best of the series, hands down.

Anyway I beat that series long ago and it's good. I haven't yet gotten into D:OS, even though turn based combat in a good isometric crpg is my thing but it just feels too goofy and cartoonish to me, and goofiness is a big reason why Fallout 2 was in some ways worse than F1. Shadowrun Returns also suffers from the cartoonish thing, not because the game is cartoonish but because of the massive dissonance between how dark and gritty the world is vs the soft hues, colorful lighting, and cartoon characters of npcs. I think this is also why SR: HK was good because they kind of fixed that narrative/setting and artistic direction dissonance. With Original Sin every part is cartoonish and lighthearted, down to the mechanical level almost with sneaking around under boxes.

A similarly goofy but less cheerful game is Sunless Seas. It is definitely not easy. It has lots of reading. It has a lot of whimsical stuff in Fallen London. It still manages to balance the goofiness with how dark a lot of the game is.
No. 21980
199 kB, 1024 × 768
2,7 MB, 1920 × 1026
61 kB, 640 × 480
55 kB, 800 × 600
>I remember following that for a while some years ago. I played original Mw + expansions and mods quite a bit, but never too seriously, most of the time I just fucked around and ended up doing goofy stuff with console commands; it's just too open-world for me. So thank you for the offer, but I'm not ready to go back to it yet.
Well, as you want, you can get into it any time. Last years Morrowind have some sort of renaissance with again growing community, more new and complex mods, recents achivments in OpenMW. People in TES3MP - fully working multiplayer based on OpenMW quite often do some random fun - building castels, making arena, playing in coop clearing some dungeons MMO-style etc. Morrowing is giant game and with big mods become even more giant and like infinity fun playground with actual quality strong core and long living community - something Fallout 76 tried to replicate by failed in every bit of it. Looking at it how it now, at least next 10 years Morrowind will be alive and popular game for shure. It for like last 5 or maybe more years more popular game than oblivion, and with dcline of skyrim popularity will not be surprised that it become more popular than tes5 too lol. There on Pics 1-2: fans for fun recriated this meme picture from 2000s about "what if Morrowind had multiplayer" in actual real multiplayer.

Btw, in addition to Rune, if you want more action adventure game than classic RPG like morrowind, can recommend in such graphical early 00s-late 90s 3d style - Drakan: Order of the Flame. Fun game with inventory, different weapons, big not-lienar levels to explore, combat including riding a dragon - something that nowdays people would call "Action RPG", but back when it was called "action adventure games". Not very smooth game, but I like it very much. https://youtu.be/wPfbETCLGEc
No. 21986
96 kB, 1024 × 768
190 kB, 1024 × 768
129 kB, 1024 × 768
94 kB, 1024 × 768
So I played Soldier of Fortune 2. It's more late Raven Software game - right in time when they made best their games, 2002, so I expected something really different than first SoF when it was more of new format for company previosly focused on mixes betweeb action adventures and classic FPS games.
And well, I knid of get it. Engine is idTech3 obviosly, which back in early 00s was basicly quality standart for such games (GoldSrc engine fork of QuakeWorld used only in valve and associated games exept like 2 exeptions, Unreal Engine not become even near as popular as it will become in future - like I remember from really major games only like DeusEx used Unreal 1.5. Quake 3 idTech3 was used in hell lot of AAA FPS games - Star Trek Voyager Elete Force 1-2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Call of Duty 1-2, Star Wars Jedi Outcast-Jedi Academy, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, American McGee's Alice, like 3 or 4 James Bond games etc.) but in our modern time can cause some problems - Q3 engine still works great, but when it comes sometimes to resolution and gamma correction ssetings on some modern machines it may be very buggy.

First thing I was surprised - some models and textures was very detailed for 2002. Like almost top tier. Face animations is same as usual for Q3 engine without ÜberTools but still. This cut my attention because Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy that was made by Raven in 2002 and 2003 respectively had clearly lover polycount models and not as sharp textures. Hoever in this regard Sof2 is a mix of things... but about this later.
Second, this game in many aspects want to become really more serious - less crazy science fiction and cartoonish enivorments, this is not some sort of ultra real style, but not a joke - at least there real weapons with real weapon names, countries you visit at least try to follow general look of them, gore is not THAT much gore like in 1st game, but again - more realistic and there still some sadistic stuff you can do, like shot head or some body parts off, but it is harder to do.
Third, on some cutscenes stuff, some leveldesighn and ideas game does hell lot of a look like jedi outcast and academy, like really a lot, I even feel like protagonist voiced by same dude who did Kyle Katarn voice in metioned games.

Howvever after this things become complicated. This game is fucking total mess. You know how it feels? That this game was made from scrach like three times, then all pre-realse builds was combined into one game, content that was very not finished was just cut and you can call it SoF2. I had some negativity said about this game, but was reall suprised how in places it unfinished, non-polished and very variating in quality, considering that Jedi Academy in this regard absoluetly solid and quality product.
Lets start from main things - gameplay. Gameplay have a lot features that was really non fnished. Like Stealth system. It crappy, really crappy. Game force you to do it only in prologue, in other missions it opotional but still very meh from gameplay side. View boxes, walking pattens, scripts - everything works out of ass, really. It's cleary seen that they wanted make this as very major mechanic in game, however not finished it, but still put remnats of it in game. Sad, because tlevel of stealth in prologue is kind of very meh, espessialy considering that it is mandatory - other levles like Mansion and in giant ship was really trying. From perspective of leveldesighn and looks of places you can clearly see Raven standart of quality. It's again reminds me of Jedi Outcast final level in space instalation, where you need to sneak in giant hangar where there actual parts of gint ship inside - for Q3 engine back in 2002 it was real blast. Stalth mechanics and AI was not much better, but level itself was very fun
However where you can not see level of quality - is in leveldesighn of many games. It's dramaticly different, like I playing compleatly different games. Prequrl-prologue in cold war era Chezoslovakia looks like something was made last - high quality enemy models, unique ones including, cool complecs 2-floor interior with different rooms you can freely explore for different style of gameplay etc. Level after it in colombia - is something you can expect from B-category eastern european shooter made for quick cashgarb. It's lienar low quality terrain that very limited in size with hell lot of very high and crappy grass and respawning enemies that can throw grenedase and shoot thought big hills and walls. Helicopter shooting sequence is like from some call of dooty parody game even before call of dooty existed lol. Low quality ground with a couple of buildings looks like it from 1993 fligh simulator game. Mission itself is like similar GTA Vice City mission but much more boring and pointless. And then after this you have exelent Hong Cong streets mission with buildings interiors, quality leveldesighn, good corrodor enivorment, fun and plesant look of level from start to finish (exept prison bosses, they was kind of meh, they ried to do similar to prison dude in Zondju V in Jedi Academy, exept this Jedi Academy prison level and boss 9000 times more fun), and to the end game again falling into mediacore, but on other side - Kamchatka base is extreamly big over detailed level with many backtracking, confusing parts and parts of it will be dark as hell. After 2 hours of it you want just kill yourself but not see this base again, conidering that there no any interesting enemies at all inside base - same kind of dudes with guns. Switzerland airport just small go forward in lienar corridor - devs really tired looks like. Plane level is small but for some reason really confusing, last stage with skyscrapper-base is recycled from cutscene-missions and final boss-helicopter is worst and lames boss in all times of videogames. "press F to pay respects" ending is laughable.
Speaking of cutscenes - there entire missions without shooting, just walk, see and talk, and unlike jedi outcas/jedi academy games based on complex and interesting old star wars universe, this is "just some stuff" that makes you bored after minute. Things made worse because plot not finished too - like all villians not developed and then they "just die". Logic somtimes broken, there in there you see they wanted to make something more complex, but just not finished it and in the end all we have couple of cutscenes that leed to nothing. Pre-ending cutscene with main villian uncover is some sort of joke lol. Sad, because they really tried.

You may see how unfinished this game by looking at weapons. Half of weapons not presented in campain at all. Features like hazard suit costume not finished and properly used in game (from what I understand ,they wanted to make mission like that one in call of Duty black Ops 1), OCIW gun that appear only at absolute end have even it's own designated in-game tutorial, meaning that it intened to be one of the main things in game. Prologue use a lot of unique stuff - exploding trucks, RPD machinegun turret that later in game not used anywhere, even where it intended to be by logic.

So my guess that this game - just unfinished over-developed project that Raven released just because don't wanted to work on it anymore. In concepts, ideas, quality and style it shows best sides of Raven software developing, but it just not really finished polished product, it's a bunch of pre-release build compressed very quickly because raven had too much projects same time. I can't say it's bad game, just something that requre at least year of more hard work to finish it. Play it only if you Raven fan.
No. 21987
86 kB, 800 × 600
74 kB, 800 × 468
147 kB, 1000 × 562
Also, cancelled and unfinished Counter Strike Condition Zero that was released as Counter Strike Condition Zero Deleted Scenes tried to replicate very hard SoF1-2 games, and even it is very unfinished - in times with same level ideas, gameplay and style ideas did it even better than SoF games. I think way this singleplayer counter strike that Rogue Entertainment (guys who did best Quake 2 addon, Strife: Quest for the Sigil and American McGee's Alice) tried to made kind of similar concept become main source of inspiraction for laterly famous Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It's not game that I may recommend as just solid serious experience, since it's actually basicly unfinished build valve just released nowdays just for fun, this why it's called "deleted scenes", but in my opinion it had a lot potential and back when I played it long ago it was fun. GoldSource engine was pushed to it's limits, really.
No. 21988
So I keep having trouble getting past the guards in Witcher 2. Wtf do I keep doing wrong? They're all at least as tough if not tougher than me and there's more of them than me for starters. I've got two regular dudes, a guy with a shield, and a big hulking night in some courtyard in front of the gate, and from trying to find a walkthrough it's becoming apparent to me that when my interrogator asks "tell me what happened next" it's one of like 3 different options for the start of the game. Do I even have something like a sneak ability? Wtf am I doing wrong? They all immediately mob me and I'm getting sick of dying.
No. 21997
I know the fight you mean. It is deliberately killing you to teach you how to position yourself. Pick them off one at a time and don't let yourself get surrounded. Quen is also really useful for the free hit if you mess up somewhere and I think aard can stagger the shield bearer and keep him still for a second so you can get around him.
t. a bit foggy
No. 22029
So basically, this game is just about flanking and lots of fancy footwork then? Because I spent the first game relying a bit more on Igni and so basically just carriedor tried to carry and failed my playstyle from the first one, which hasn't been working at all. For one thing I feel incredibly week despite being under the impression I'd be continuing as my maxed out dude. For another, I apparently can't use potions just anywhere, and thirdly, everyone else hits HARD and immediately tries surrounding me but even when I try and run away I get hit to death. It just feels like a completely different game now tbh.
No. 22044
Signs are useful and become powerful once you start putting levels into them. It's not the same game though so playing it the same way was never going to work. Adapt. Some fights will require you to do things that aren't strictly to your 'build' anyway so you might as well get used to being flexible.

>I'd be continuing as my maxed out dude
You keep some items and wealth depending on what you ended the first game with as well as your decisions. It's better than the default starting gear but nothing spectacular, you also don't get it until chapter 1, and you're still in the prologue. It'd be kind of lame to get an overwhelming bonus that screws with game balance just for completing the earlier game.
No. 22048
17 kB, 600 × 700
Thanks. I haven't started the game yet even? Is this why walkthroughs all show unfamiliar parts? How different is the game going to play based on my choices? How much are my choices going to impact Witcher 3?
No. 22051
Nah, you start the game properly after you finish the interview. Decisions end up being more along the lines of references rather than game-changing events. You get the occasional bit that's easier or harder depending on prior choices but mostly it affects background to the world rather than significantly altering questlines in my experience. The two story branches are both pretty deece. To me, the nonhuman path was more consistently and conventionally good, while the Blue Stripes' one was a lot more compelling and immersive at the cost of a bit less entertaining mid-game. Just pick whoever is more likeable to you though since you'll be stuck with them for the rest of the game.

TW2 through TW3 is pretty similar, you mostly get callbacks and references to past deeds. The game is built to reward a returning player without alienating new ones by locking significant amounts of content behind prior games. Maybe a character is still alive or not which changes certain NPCs or even the existence of a quest or two and there are general callbacks to older characters that aren't otherwise mentioned as a nod to returning players. Can't really go further without spoilers though.
No. 22052 Kontra
Also, keep in mind that the game's protagonist is semi-formed. He's less of a blank slate in the second and third games and the roleplaying aspect is much more a personal interpretation of an existing character rather than creating their person yourself. Personally, I found it a kind of refreshing approach where the character had some character while still giving me room to make 'my' Geralt, but ymmv depending on how much of a 'purist' you are.

Also your questions regarding potions: you drink them when meditating but you can meditate anywhere. It took the approach of alchemy being about preparing for combat. If you expect to get beat up, you use swallow to improve regen but it's not a health pot in the traditional sense but it's more of a buff which is again something you either like or not. I personally thought it was interesting and wish they developed the idea further instead of the much more streamlined alchemy of TW3 (it's fine and has a lot of options but you end up with way more ingredients than you'll be able to use).
No. 22055
563 kB, 1000 × 882
Emily is a fucking cunt. There I was playing the sequel, got myself a cool alternative gf but she has to come along and bring up how I'd told her one small lie to impress her however long ago. Suddenly I'm some manipulative monster and I get broken up with.

7/10 - I like how they constructed a crude 2006-7 youtube
No. 22123
115 kB, 1024 × 768
143 kB, 1024 × 768
111 kB, 1024 × 768
73 kB, 631 × 462
So I replayed Star Trek Voyager Elete Force
Harldy to say "re-played" because I played for the first time it long long time ago and I belive, not finished it. Or finished but don't remember that well.This game was released in november of 2000, so only half of year after first Soldier of Fortune by Raven Software. This game, unlike first SoF use brand new idTech 3 engine, one of the first games who done it - only actual Quake 3 and American McGee's Alice used it before. It's seen in some places - most notably, character models. Yes, this one of those games that for face animations insted of actual model parts used animated texture. But I uderstand why they done it - already known technology and they need to represent actual characters with phototextures from TV series, and this was one of the main goals of the game, so I guess they decided not to use low poly animated mouth and eyes. I need to say that from this type of animation they done it pretty good, kind of better than for example in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard . In other ways, game used engine pretty god, I don't say it something that "miss potential of engine" and in many ways, it's looks on level above from Quake 2 games like Kingpin Life of Crime, or already metioned may times Soldier of Fortune. Much more high level of detail, more use of non-mapbrush external 3d models, more complex geometry and no problem with scale like it was in SoF.

I'll start from the plot. Game itself is like one single episode of actual TV series. It have some sort of episode structure, plot with event and it's resolving and all things like that. But not imagine it as something bad - this is not you know, averege episode of Voyager, this game is probably the best fucking episode of this Voyager tv series. Game very heavely count on characters, cutscenes and interaction (don't think this is some cutscene movie "press X to win" thing like modern games, it's still early 00s great FPS game), this game plot driven. And my fucking god, this is so much above level of SoF in this regard it's unbelivable. SoF is like a couple of very simple and basic cutscenes with 2-3 lines. Plot is very basic and extreamly simple, like it was (almost) first try for complany to insert in FPS game some kind of plot. There - many cutscenes that done in style of actual TV series, separate more detailed pre-recorded cutscenes, in game dialogues and interaction. I think main thing is that this game have full original voice cast of voyager - all characters presented, captain Janeway, Chakotay, Seven of Nine, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, even fucking Tom Paris, Harry Kim, The Doctor, and for fucks same Neelix and yes he is as annoying as in TV series lol. Even new characters, Hazard Team guys - some of them already exised characters which you may see on background and appeared some time, but now become actually main characters - for example, https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Chell this dude is tecnician in your team, kind of meh in tv seriesm kind of funny in game.

On plot itself - unknown alien ship attacked voyager. Voyager destroyed it, but blast from the explosion teleported ship into unknown space. Without energy and unable to properly move and defend itself, it drifting alongside many many other ships around, trapped same way. Unlike TNG episode Ship in the Bottle, it is not something accidental that remnats of old wars or some nature effect - in center there is giant space station, and ships from this space station crush trapped ships into peacies, destroying them into pieces, absorb materials and examine crew as biomaterial. Goal of Voyager of cource to invistigate who this builders of trap are, how to escape this hellhole and opotionaly destroy who builded station. Game itself is series of missions - in first you are investigating nearby ship that was non damaged but abadoned and want to obtain information from their computer. Ship not abadoned, they just slept.. before you arrived. Desighn of bright half insect half reptilian half firefly ship reminds slightly Xen from half life. In the end, mission resolved quite happely. They was not evil of some sort, just scared and don't know what happening there too. Next mission on ship of scavengers - survivalists who manage to avoide "forge" attention who build base out of their ships and now for years live by attaking newcomers and stealing their resources and energy. From all people most notably part of it is Klingon bird-of-prey from times of TOS-movies and actual Constitution class starship from TOS tv series, but from mirror evil univerce. You infiltrate there to obtain some things that may help voyager restore it's power and egines. Then you have mission in heavely damaged borg cube, then forge's ship attacked voyager and you need from nearby abadoned some sort of war wessel run torpedo to protect voyager, then defend voyager inside, then infiltrate this forge space station. Will not describe it more to not spoil really fun parts.
No. 22124
82 kB, 1024 × 768
125 kB, 1024 × 768
152 kB, 1024 × 768
897 kB, 1067 × 600
Major part of game is inbetween - between missions you are on a voyager itself. There also even game mode that give you opportunity to explore ship freely. Remember boring ass cutscene levels in Soldier of Fortune 2? This is the same but avesome. You can visit and train in holodeck, you can talk with people and hear their dialogues. In game presented all key locations - bridge, conference rooms, crew quarters (main hero have personal one), kitchen and restrooms, Hazard operations level with armory, briefing rooms, teleportation room, medical section etc, shuttle bay. During certain game events when ship broken or under attack you forced to explore technical levels, small tech rooms, so called "Jefferies tubes", cargo bays etc. Attention to detail for such game of such time is inredable - and even more inside missions. My favorite of cource is scavengers base. This is stealth mission - stealth is opotional, but passed thought fully on stealth to appreciate truley leveldesighn and many little things - like dialogues and situations. This is heavy fan service, but GOOD fan service. Bridge of bird-of-prey even have this smoke effect like it was in movies. Many section and rooms recreated with many details. TOS era ship of cource most awesome - corridors, doors, intercoms all faithfuly re-creation from original series. Seeing rusting remnats of TOS era ship and original movies era kling ship together with remnats of their crew who trying to survive is something truley brilliant. I will not spoil much, I want to say that even monitors work as they itened by lore even on TOS era ships - they work like Mirrors, where you can see from side if you look at it from different direction. As you can already guess from what I described above, each part of level, each ship, section, space station there have amount of unique dialogues, models, sounds and little details on level like it's separate game sometimes. This is still more or less lienar FPS game but developers have gone full-assburger mode.
I also like when such things strongly affect gameplay. For example on sleeping ship there is fireflys things that repair mechanisms, on ship there many terminals, teleporters and force fields. To progress you need destroy many of them and often - leave are before they will be repaired by fireflies and again will teleport enemies, damage you by energy etc. Borgs work absoluetly like in movie - if you shoot on them they adopt and become invencible to certain type of weapon over time exept infinity modulator. They will not attack you untill you start destroy parts of ship, and you need destroy parts of ship to progress - like lower forcefields, broke generators etc.

Overol - very, very solid experience in all ways. Many heads above both SoF games together. I don't know if it's above Jedi Outcas/Jedi Academy, but certanly, one of the best games raven ever did. And as game based on movie/tv series - is actul example how you do it right. This is good FPS game, good voyager episode and most importain - something that makes you feel you are inside universe. That everything is not decoration, but Voyager - actual ship and it's crew actual alive people. Magical feeling. 10/10
Ps most screen just from mobygames, someone played without dynamic lights, game can looks better
No. 22134
1,0 MB, 1366 × 768
649 kB, 1366 × 768
I'm really starting to get the hang of the flying pig again. Trying my hand at one of the default missions that is all about low altitude operations and navigation in shit weather. Gotta get up above the weather before I hit the mountains so that I save some fuel, get down on the deck once I reach the mountains to avoid enemy search radar, and then navigate on the deck through a valley onto the target which is defended by MANPADS with no-go zones all around with Kubs waiting to swat me. Pretty fun tbh.
No. 22136
24 kB, 400 × 267
Nailed the compound but the target escaped in a truck, I got greedy in my pursuit since I didn't want to linger in hostile airspace or let the thing escape and I overflew the original target area with enough offset to provide a lateral shot, promptly getting myself swatted by an Igla. Normally a survivable weapon but a side-aspect hit can (and did) take off a wing. That's what you get for not being patient I guess :-DDD
No. 22150
thin joke
No. 22165
Oh no wonder I kept getting slaughtered I apparently had the difficulty on fucking "dark" aka max difficulty. Jesus Christ why in fuck did I do that for my first playthrough. I just turned it down to hard and now I'm going to see if that makes Witcher 2 actually playable. Jesus Christ no fucking wonder I keep getting killed and having to reload a dozen times.
No. 22167
129 kB, 640 × 427
I don't ged it.
t. iq89

Though I do play the (rather flawed) MiG-21Bis module in DCS too, and that plane is T H I N N.
No. 22169
Igla means Needle og russian.
No. 22171
I see. What about Kub and Buk? Was that ebin menes within their design teams?
No. 22179
So I finally actually got to actually play the fucking game. See it got to a point where I just kept thinking, I just knew I was doing something wrong but I couldn't figure out what until it dawned on me to check the difficulty setting, since it felt like I was playing on maybe Hard but was doing so poorly I assumed I was playing it wrong. NOPE. I was on a difficulty setting fucking above Hard called Dark and so I finally just said fuck this fucking bullshit and turned the goddam game down to normal like a lame ass casual noob because no way in hell am I dealing with that shit throughout the entire fucking game and I still died once fighting those guys in the courtyard on normal. I may or may not turn it up to Hard later because really I'm just interested in the story but don't want to breeze through the game like some overpowered demigod like how Fallout feels when you finally get sum sweet power hour/combat armor and high powered gun and can wipe out towns.
No. 22183
This is mostly code name of projects that veing attached to the result itself. You quite often can find such names on many soviet and post-soviet stuff.
Kub - cube (btw Kub is pronounsed more closer to english word Cube, just more "hard", not like "cub". Same As Igla have "I" not as /aɪ/)
Buk - Beech, similar to Topol' - Populus
No. 22196
I meant more like was it meant to be ebun wordplay when the successor to Kub was just Kub spelt backwards while still meaning something?
No. 22201
Meaningless update: it feels janky as hell and I had to turn the graphics down to low just to get it to play more smoothly but now I can play it on normal, which is still a fucking bitch. I've died so many times even on normal including the way it seems to just randomly throw new game mechanics at you like running from the dragon with Foltest or having to press A W and whatever keys to fist fight the guard or suddenly having a sneak mode which I guess that was supposed to be the tutorial for Witcher 2? I mean it's cool but so far it plays more like just a fighting game with a few shallow conversation options though I suspect that some of them are pretty important.

I can't say it's a great game and all because for one thing I get the impression it relies heavily on nice graphics which I don't have due to it testing the limits of my old rig, as well as it feeling like it was made more for consoleI fucking hate consoles and this is seriously why so few good games were released late 00s to early 10s. It feels extremely unwieldy especially clicking on shit. The gameplay itself feels like a complete mess to me so far and I keep having to look weird things up because I'm used to W1. Just about the only single part of the game that seems to run smoothly is the combat, which seems to consist of deadly mobs crowding you and having to tumble and run around a lot to pick them off. This is a bad sign. This probably means that the devs focused mostly on combat (which I don't care about that much) and making it look pretty (which I can't see without having horrible frame rate dropping) plus it has crashed to desktop multiple times for no reason. And by crashed I mean suddenly it was just the desktop with no error message or anything; the game simply closed itself.

I am already starting to see why so few people talked about W2 and talked about W1 and W3 instead. I get the impression there's a great game hidden in there somewhere but the first few hours I am not impressed. I'm also confused as fuck about the plot. Like, I vaguely remember a few references, but much of the game talks like there was some Witcher 1 major DLC I didnt hear about that told a ton of extra story. I have no idea what was going on like three fourths of the time.

Probably a great game in there but man what a clusterfuck it felt like. Im going to try and stick with it because I need a new rpg and remember how frustrated I was with Dead Space controls and everything and took me a long time to finally get into and plow through what turned out to be a great couple of games despite the infuriating OtS view with unwieldy console port controls etc.

Sadly I think this is my last rpg I didn't play and I'm not buying more games for awhile. Hell I need a new hard drive anyway since I'm maxed out. Well I still have Baldurs Gate, Arcanum, Divinity Original Sin, Age of Decadence, Underrail, Odium, Fallout 3, and Titan Quest to try and get into to finish playing but none of them have truly caught my eye. Maybe I'm depressed idk I just dont even feel motivated to do it. I think I'll try sticking to strategy instead for a bit.

Hey does anyone know any good horror games or RPGs set in space other than Mass Effect, KOTOR, Prey, Dead Space, etc? How's Stasis? Any really good s-p-a-c-e rpgs?
No. 22203
I still haven't finished Jedi Outcast or Academy, but man does it take me back to gaming as a kid when shit was actually hard and often made harder by the controls. Trying to walk over a rope between buildings for instance, or having to solve jumping puzzles. Something about that game reminds me of when games weren't made for absolute bydlo. It just felt refreshing and open to play it. For bizarre reason I dont know many console games never even enabled jump and crouch in like even 2012, which is made obvious by Witcher games where you have to click a button to climb down or go up a ladder. Same shit in Mass Effect and I never figured out why. In Outcast it's somehow refreshing to get crushed by elevators or die from walking off a cliff.

Of course, I also eventually saw why most devs stopped doing that stuff because some of the game design back then became tedious. Maybe I am impatient and more people are generally impatient and want to finish a game these days but I can't be arsed to put up with that shot for 5 hours straight like I probably used to.

The thing is, Jedi Outcast and Academy was clearly made more for kids, and the story so far as I got into it was pretty banal. I also didn't have as many cool force powers to play with and there's basically no rpg style conversation options (I know, it's an action adventure game/FPS not an rpg) so it's kinda hard for me to appreciate fully anyway after KOTOR games which it is inferior to in every way.

That feel when there will never again be such an epic rpg and story as that telling EU stories and now getting stuck with whatever the shit Disney farts out is, which they clearly want to focus on that horrible kids show. I haven't even tried playing SW TOR yet because other than registering an account which I hate doing for a game the whole thing has a vaguely cartoonish vibe and look. Like the character models themselves actually look like they're inspired by whatever that terrible cartoon series is with the helicopter sith lightsabers. I have no faith at all in Disney ever making anything remotely as good as the Lucas Arts games, which were the pinnacle of quality back in the day.
No. 22216
>sw tor is cartoonish
It was made way before disney and was in line with what they tried to do - filoni 3d clone wars was ongoing during that time. ToR is apotheosis of what kotor done with this peariod of sw. Used new characters out of ass, used style of prequel movies in period fucking 3900 before this prequel movies. I can't say I'am fan of kotor and what happened after it as in-universe content.

>simplistic story
Jedi outcast have little story inside universe - they made for it only small background which will be understandable only by people who know it. Jedi Academy is one big giant rollecoaster for fans of EU, I don't know why people who not familiar with 9000 refferences this game do even try this game.

>for kids
Well you is cool kid if you can pass it on higest difficulty. Which for me not a problem but because I play all gamest on higest difficulty. Anyway, this games - absoluetly same in giant line of linear story driven fps games of that time. SoF1-2, RTCW, STVoyEF1-2, NOLF1-2, CoD1-UO. Is this games for kids? I don't think so, unless you play on easy difficulties. And even if that, in JO you will meet elements of classic raven leveldesighn which will be frustration for kid most probably.

>force powers
JO-JK have more than enough of them for actual action game, where they implemented as activated abilities. Even some unusual ones like drain power or shields. Mechanics of force speed that even was carried to multiplayer. This is not two button slasher - you 99% will be anahilated in multiplayer even if passed game on hardes difficulty.
Famous lightsaber combat they carried mechanics from Heretic II and improved them much. I don't think anybody achived something like that. With turning some options in concole you can turn on mod where enemies may loose they bodyparts like in SoF and it's become even more realistic.
Tbh in jedi knight 1 dark forces 2 there some more force powers like invisibility and force jump that you need to activate too. Is it worked? Eeeh kind of but jo is better.
JO-JA is one of the best sw games in therms how much they managed to bring details and atmosphere of post-endor feel of galaxy. How accurate they tried to build story, characters and locations. This is not story for "SW fans", this is story for fans of particular books and comic books which made for them with a lot love and soul. I revisiting this games many time, just to feel I may "live" inside universe. Even as a raw story if we forget about refferecen is much better in TIE Fighter and TF is actually best sw game ever made for numerous reasons.
Same did raven and then ritual with star trek voyager elite force and elite force 2. It is awesome games and giant rollecoasters for fans of star trek. In therms of story, characters and little details they worried even more than someties creators of tv series and movies themselfs.sometimes I think that bioware used or stealed many ideas for their games from elite force 2. Way you have you team with teammates, opotional dialogues with romance of some characters, walking abord ship between missions, conversations etc.
No. 22223
I know that previous befor Buk rocket complex of smae middle range was called "Krug" - Circle. And one of Kub modifications called "Kvadrat" - "square"
No. 22235
>Jedi Academy is one big giant rollecoaster for fans of EU, I don't know why people who not familiar with 9000 refferences this game do even try this game.
Come on, it's a fun and solid action game, why wouldn't they try it? I don't consider myself a fan of Star Wars, but I enjoyed the hell out of both Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy as well as both KotORs despite knowing little to nothing about the lore (well, I watched the movies by then, of course, but that's it).

>I also didn't have as many cool force powers to play with
Hm, strange. I, for one, find Force Powers in JO and JA very enjoyable to use, especially compared to KotOR games. In KotOR, if you're a "mage" you basically walk around spamming your strongest power (usually Force Storm or Force Wave) and watch people die, and if you're a "warrior" you just use Force Heal, some buff and maybe something like Force Insanity, that's it. The effects of the Force Powers aren't very interesting: do damage, stun, do damage and stun, buff, debuff, heal — your usual D&D-based videogame set, but without summoning spells. Force Powers in JO and JA, on the other hand, often have some fun gimmick: Force Lightning throws enemies far away (into bottomless pits, for example), Force Choke allows you to freely manipulate enemies' bodies (hitting them on the walls, throwing them high up and watching them fall to their death or simply hitting one dude's heda with other dude), Force Drain in Jedi Academy lets you grab enemies up close and suck 'em dry vampire style (and Jedi enemies turn their lightsabers off when you do that, leaving them vulnerable for your next attack, should they manage to break free), and even the relatively innocent Force Pull steals the weapons from ordinary mooks' hands, turning them into potential objects of your sadistic games (it's not Dark Side if you do that to bad guys, right?).

I played KotOR after Jedi Outcast, and I was a bit disappointed in its battle system. I was familiar with Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights, so it didn't bother me much, but I never found it nearly as fun as JO/JA battle system.
No. 22243
>Come on, it's a fun and solid action game, why wouldn't they try it? I don't consider myself a fan of Star Wars, but I enjoyed the hell out of both Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy as well as both KotORs despite knowing little to nothing about the lore (well, I watched the movies by then, of course, but that's it).
Well for me it'd be kind of just like Soldier of Fortune games and it's plot. In SoF2 during "cuscene levels" I was like "oh my god let it end please I want to play game". In JA I was like "oh my goood I'am on fucking castle Bast, wow I'am inside rendelli dreadnought, near fucking remnats of exploded Byss, hell in the end fucking Ragnos hismelf, this asshole after 5000+ years of being dead wanted to come to live again and I'am at exact this place where 5000 years ago started first hyperspace war oh my goood".
For same reason I'd not call Star Trek Elete Force games popular that much for example, because their target audience is real fans of show and movies, and big parts of game be boring or bland, where for people who know shit it be best thing ever made.
No. 22249
Okay I finally got past that shitty intro which I guess was well enough done for a crash course in how I'm supposed to play The Witcher 2 but man it still feels hard as fuck even on casual aka normal difficulty. Now that I finally left the dungeon it's actually become fun. My one major peeve though is it still feels janky like a console port and it's a royal pain in the ass to do simple things like pick up loot, which also for some reason seems to appear long before I can pick it up so I have to wait for corpses to disappear for some reason. Also, corpses shouldn't disappear like that so quickly. Game is otherwise fine I guess despite picking up things feeling more difficult than it should be but now the game is getting fun again.
No. 22251
901 kB, 1488 × 994
Err, I was going to start a new thread called helpful ernsts threda but I just realized it's still way too specific so help an ernst out here.

I've gotten the Shadowrun Returns apk and obb files downloaded but I still can't get it to run. I've turned all comms off in airplane mode and it still gives me the download failed error. Wtf am I doing wrong? I'm pretty sure it has the right path but when I open the apk file to install and press done or open and try to play the game it starts up and tries to download files then hits 0% and tells me error to download can't find the files etc.

How do I pirate apk/obb to phone?
No. 22253
Learn to 4pda, it has warez, unless a program has Russian developers.
No. 22254
I also downloaded Dragonfall, which just said it's not available in my country and my thing keeps flagging it as "harmful" though I also had no idea Dragonfall was available on android. I just don't understand why i can't get these things to work on my phone.
No. 22259
Can anyone tell me wtf name I’m supposed to type into the locked door on Apu RPG?
I’ve tried Nietzsche and NIETZSCHE but neither worked.
No. 22265
199 kB, 1920 × 1080
Finally completed Yakuza Kiwami. It was great, but I still like Zero a little bit more for several reasons:

1. They nerfed my favorite Beast style! Not only Heat doesn't charges up when you block strikes anymore, but grabbing is pretty much pointless anywhere outside the random encounters in the street.

2. The Kiwami system was probably implemented with the aim of making the player use different styles for different enemies, but it kinda fails at that. I ended up using one style anyway, only switching to perform the Kiwami action, and even then it was sometimes simpler to just use a regular Heat action.

3. The Dragon style is just too damn powerful. You've got Heat actions allowing you to charge enemies from a distance, you've got dodging, blocking, counter attacks, throws, health recovery, speed rivaling that of the Rush style, and, of course, the absolutely ridiculous Tiger Drop. Sure, you have to rank up in tournaments and Majima Everywhere, but it's not really that hard, and once you do, you won't need to use anything else besides the Dragon style.

4. Some of the fights are really annoying. Like that assassin dual-wielding guns: the asshole just rolled around all over the roof not letting me hit him and chipping small amounts of my health once in a while. It was not difficult but it took a lot of time to take him down.

5. You cannot play as Goromi Goro-kun Everyone's Idol Goro Majima! He was very fun in Zero because he is played quite differently from Kiryu. But, I've heard that in some of the subsequent games there is scenarios involving him, so I'm looking forward to kick some asses as this crazy bastard in the future.

6. Villains are a bit boring. Jingu and Nishiki just look a bit bleak due to the pure awesomeness of the three Dojima lieutenants.

7. There are fewer minigames. Dancing (with the exception of a couple of quite hard dancing-related quests) was pretty enjoyable, and managing a hostess club was fun as hell. The new one — MesuKing — isn't very exciting, unfortunately.

8. It's not the eighties anymore! I just loved that flashy bubble economy atmosphere, with weird outfits, ridiculous prices, cheesy pop-music (mm-hmm, "Koi no Disco Queen...") and money being thrown around both figuratively and literally.

9. No Miyuki Sawashiro in Kiwami. Everything is better with Miyuki Sawashiro.

Other that that it was a very nice game. Even made me shed manly tears for Nishiki.
No. 22296
As a big fan of the series i have to say that it's hard to find a game in the series that tops Zero, it's really one of the best in the series.
But Kiwami 2 was a bit better than Kiwami 1 again so you can directly start to play on PC since it releases this week.

No. 22302
863 kB, 1600 × 900
856 kB, 1600 × 900
764 kB, 1600 × 900
Played a game called Lydia, made by a small Finnish crowd, it follows the story of a young girl who goes on a quest to fight an invisible monster who is ruining her life. It's seriously well done the monster is alcoholism
No. 22303
Put napkin on your GPU, it's freezing.
No. 22305
Yes, I know. Already pre-purchased, pre-loaded and ready to break some faces. And maybe play some mahjong in between face-breaking.
No. 22310
Damn, not this shit again. I don't think that the inserting of some sort of moral, some message into vidya or trying to teach players something is the correct approach to build a story in a videogame. It's often just a shallow attempt to emulate what the developers perceive as high art. The truth is, in order to be art, a story doesn't necessary have to teach you or change you, it just has to be interesting. Moreover, for a work to be great, it's sometimes sufficient that the said work explores what kind of story it can tell or how can it tell the story. Take, for example, Man with a Movie Camera by Dziga Vertov: it has no plot, no scenario, no actors, just a guy filming curious stuff that he came upon. Thus, the film distances itself from other kinds of media, using only narrative techniques available to cinematography, but it still works somehow. So that's why I believe that trying to bring videogames closer to cinema or literature by using the same tools and tricks those media utilize is a dead end and it hinders the videogames' evolution. It just wastes the potential of the medium.

I haven't played this game though, so maybe it's not so bad, and I'm just nitpicking. After all, even Dostoevsky and Tarkovsky sometimes shoved very simplistic beliefs into their works, but nonetheless these works still have merit.
No. 22313
214 kB, 1366 × 768
Night strikes are simultaneously comfy and spooky. There's something even more detached and clinical feeling about killing through a camera when it's pitch black and it's the only visual you have.
No. 22314
It's not a preachy game and it doesn't try to be high art, it's just the world as viewed by a young kid who is trying to make sense of the world around her.
No. 22320
Oh, OK, nevermind then. It doesn't look like my cup of tea (is this some sort of point 'n' click adventure?) and it still seems kinda pretentious to me (what's with that monochrome world?), but I should really stop getting angry at random stuff that I see.
No. 22323
>what's with that monochrome world
it's made by a bunch of Finns based on their personal experiences growing up in the 80s and 90s and surrounded by alcohol and the damage it can cause a family. It's bleak, dark and cold because that's what Finns know, I guess.
>I should really stop getting angry at random stuff that I see
I don't have the energy for this anymore, if I did I would angry every I fired up my browser
No. 22327
Art can teach something or have a moral to it without being preachy. In fact there's a vast difference between art and crap that has an agenda i.e. propaganda. Take for instance antiwar music from the 60s. It wasn't good or bad because it was antiwar. What made it good was the talent and singing from the heart. The difference is propaganda is premeditated and calculated, and done through the mind in often a dishonest or at least slightly conceited or dishonest way of getting a few facts out. The difference is art doesn't care about facts--it cares about the truth. That's the difference.

Same thing with film and literature. Most film and literature has some truth it's telling. Propaganda uses facts to tell lies; art uses some lies to tell the truth. Guernica fully has a message to it about war. Vidya too often has at least some kind of underlying message no matter how banal it is. The difference of course is being preachy and how well done it is, which is why for example most Christian music fucking sucks, because it doesnt care about the music. There is some good Christian music and the difference is obvious and often because it's singing from the heart and not some robotic shit that feels like the person is reading from a script. This is also partly why RAC is almost universally terrible, and why some groups like A Perfect Circle put put terrible songs and terrible albums that were antiwar or antiBush back then. It is also why often people whining about SJW shit usually are the cringy ones, but sometimes they are completely right about there being some cringe SJW shit specifically because the difference is it isnt there to tell a story but rather to push an agenda, and agenda pushing almost universally ruins art.

If it's less about how you feel and more your political opinion, then yes it's probably going to be shit, but the difference is if how you feel happens to be seen as something that can be interpreted politically, even if the thing has seemingly no message at all which itself can be seen as a sort of political or ideological or philosophical/religious view. A very good example of that is Kreia.
No. 22335
950 kB, 1363 × 697
>Do you hear something, Ivan? Maybe we should move tank.
>Nyet comrade. Tank is fine.
No. 22345
24 kB, 480 × 480
Warhead is Ukrainian Western propaganda. Is no warhead incoming. Proofs? Where is the real evidence of warhead?
No. 22347
295 kB, 1453 × 1442
83 kB, 492 × 500
482 kB, 1600 × 1130
224 kB, 1111 × 1500
I got a Raspberry Pi for my birthday and decided that i make a console emulator out of it.
I probably take RetroPie as OS and am now looking for games to put on it, does Ernst have any recommendations?
No. 22348
2,5 MB, 3520 × 2480
If you're putting SMB on it, SMB2 is an interesting (see: weird as fuck) entry in the series since it began life as a different game. SMB3 is hit or miss. I personally quite like it but it's an in-between game. It's not mechanically barebones platforming like SMB1 and it's not full of tech like SMW is. On that note SMW is also really good and sets the standard for the old 2d Marios and SMW2 (Yoshi's Island) is has an ebin artstyle that goes for a 'handpainted' look and is probably even better than its predecessor in every way other than the overworld which is a bit pointless compared to SMW1's.

If it can also do Saturn, then I'd recommend fighting games. The Saturn was a god-tier platform for 2d fighters, even though it's lineup was pretty medium. Mostly it's just that in my opinion it's the best stock controller for fighting games ever made. I use a usb one for 2d fighters on PC. Early Street Fighter titles are a standout, and Darkstalkers is Street Fighter with a few tweaks and a different theme. If you've any interest in 2d fighters, both series' are worth a look, though Darkstalkers 2 & 3 are only in Japanese I believe. Though to convince you, 2d fighters are ebin for local gaming if you're into that kind of thing.
No. 22349

But seriously, could you be more specific? If you want recommendations for all retro platforms, there's just too many to list.
No. 22351
All games developed by Ninento are going to be on it of course.
Fighting games aren't so much my thing, maybe i put Tekken 3 on it but that's probably it.

Well, i could make a list of games i want people to recommend but that doesn't really make any sense.

Just write the titles of 1 or 2 games that come to your mind, i don't expect more and pretty much every platform up to the N64 goes.
No. 22352
SMB3 is a pretty good game.
And if we are talking about the NES, get the Tengen version of Tetris. That's one of the best versions I've ever played. The multiplayer is extremely fun.
Crash Team Racing is also a good cart-racing game if you intend to have a PS1 emulator to run on your pie. There was also a good Castlevania remake for PS1 (Not Symphony of the Night, which I heard is also good), but I can't seem to be able to recall the name.
No. 22355
Well, okay then, here's a list of games that I know are fun, because I played them.

NES: Batman Returns (nice beat 'em up from Konami with a cool soundtrack), Battle City (every 90's kid in Slavlands played this timeless classic; blows WoT and WT out of the water), Battle Toads and Double Dragon (easier than original, but more fun with a friend), Big Nose the Caveman (decent platformer with weapon upgrade system and spells), Blue Shadow (solid title about ninjas; also can be played with a friend), Castlevania 3 (hardcore as fuck, but with an awesome atmosphere), Chip 'n Dale 1&2 (good platformers based on the cartoon series), Contra (the very first videogame I've played on my own console; a fuckawesome run 'n' gun about two dudes in latex pants killing aliens; the sequel Super Contra is no less great, while Contra Force is more of a spin-off with slowed down gameplay, but it's still OK), Darkwing Duck (kinda like Megaman, but about the eponymous Disney character), Double Dragon 1&2 (classic beat 'em ups from Technos with a bit unusual controls; avoid the third game though, it's very meh), Felix the Cat (a very easy game, but also very fun and cute), Getsufuu Maden (jap-only game about a samurai killing monsters; if you're into weeb shit, check it out), Great Tank (not as God-tier as Battle City, but you have nice weapons system), Guevara (you play as Che Guevara and collect hostages and pigs and drive tanks and kill Batista's henchmen and probably some Murricans as well and when you play with a friend he plays as Fidel Castro! How awesome is that?), Jackal (you drive a jeep and kill everyone, including tanks and statues), Kirby's Adventure (one of the latest games for NES; graphics and music are very nice, and gameplay is fun as hell), Kunio-kun no Nekketsu Soccer League (every game with Kunio-kun is cool, but this one's my personal favorite), Little Nemo - The Dream Master (a game based on comic books from the beginning of the XX century; you play as a kid and take control of the animals, each of them has some special ability), Megaman series (yeah, they are all great), Mighty Final Fight (Final Fight in chibi style; despite the cutesy looks, it's still a good beat 'em up), Moon Crystal (jap-only game with a weird plot and kinda-sorta Victorian style), POW - Prisoners of War (pretty hard game, but quite cool), River City Ransom (Kunio-kun again), TaleSpin (shmup with an intersting upgrade system), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2&3 (yeah, Konami again, so it's bound to be good; might wanna call a friend to kick clan Foot's asses together), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters (pretty good fightan; best played with a friend, but don't pick Shredder, because he's OP as fuck), Tiny Toon Adventures (cute and fun game based on the cartoon series), Tom & Jerry and Tuffy (very good platformer based on the bestest cartoons eva), Zen Intergalactic Ninja (you're an eco-terrorist saving the Earth from polution; the final battle is totally ebin).

SNES: Aladdin (I personally prefer this version to Megadrive's one, because I played a pirated version on Dendy when I was a kid), Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (nice remake of the first Battletoads), Castlevania IV (same as NES titles, but now you can fuck around with your whip), Contra III - The Alien Wars (again, really hardcore and really cool), Deae Tonosama Appare Ichiban (a silly but fun jap-only game about a Japanese and a French dude who can transform into super buff versions of themselves), Demon's Crest (spin-off game about the Red Demon from Ghosts 'n' Goblins; very nice style and atmosphere), Donkey Kong Country series (one of the best platformers of all times), Do-Re-Mi Fantasy - Milon no Dokidoki Daibouken (good jap-only platformer game), Final Fight series (a beat 'em up where you can play as a city's mayor), King of Dragons (an enjoyable beat 'em up with simple combat system influenced by D&D), Knights of the Round (a Japanese game adaptation of Arthurian legends; has an interesting combat system based on blocking), Lost Vikings 1&2 (puzzle games made by Blizzard when they were still good), Megaman X series (same as NES games, but with better graphics and absolutely mindblowing soundtracks), Pocky & Rocky 1&2 (top-down run 'n' about a cute and adorable shrine maiden and her cute and adorable raccoon dog; has fun two-player mode), Sunset Riders (fun as hell run 'n' gun about cowboys).

Sega Megadrive/Genesis: Aladdin (a very faithful game adaptation of Disney's cartoon), Asterix and the Power of the Gods (fun platformer with the soundtrack made of classical music), Castlevania - Bloodlines (underrated Castlevania game; you can choose one of the two characters and fight around the Europe to prevent Dracula's resurrection), The Chaos Engine (decent top-down run 'n' gun, recommended to play with a friend), Comix Zone (stylish as fuck beat 'em up with great graphics and music; it's a bit short, though), Contra - Hard Corps (quite possibly the awesomest Contra game with non-linear plot and multiple endings), Desert/Jungle/Urban Strike (nice helicopter games; can be a bit frustrating because of the need of refuelling and refilling ammo), Doom Troopers - The Mutant Chronicles (hard, dark and edgy; probably the goriest game on the Megadrive), Earthworm Jim 1&2 (it's simply awesome), Golden Axe series (fantasy beat 'em ups; the third game might be my favorite game on the Megadirve), Gunstar Heroes (run 'n' gun with interesting weapon combo system), Rock 'n' Roll Racing (Blizzard again; battle racing game with hard rock/heavy metal soundtrack), Sonic the Hedgehog series (don't really need to say that they are good; 3D Blast is kinda meh, though, IMO), Splatterhouse 2&3 (a beat 'em ups which are the main contenders to Doom Troopers for being the bloodiest Megadrive game), Streets of Rage series (awesome beat 'em ups with a fantasic soundtracks by Yuzo Koshiro), Vectorman 1&2 (run 'n' gun with very nice graphics).
No. 22359
69 kB, 747 × 547
28 kB, 638 × 478
51 kB, 640 × 480
122 kB, 1024 × 768
Well, you may try Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3d. For me too arcade after PC star wars simulators, but it may be fun. Obvious Super Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64 same as Mario Kart 64. I think that Goldeneye too overrated and that it is crap lol, but for console auto-aim FPS more late Perfect Dark is nice looking game, thought I played it not much honestely. I guess The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask is really good light adventure games. I not fan of Zelda stuff at all, but from what I seen this two is fine example with cute graphics I really appretiate. Also, there was N64 version of Star Wars Shadows of the Empire, hovever can't say how good or bad it is compare to PC version, you may try. There is also such thing as Doom 64, which is awesome game, thought PC fan ports of cource plays and works much better, ANd also Nintendo 64 versions of Quake and Quake II. They use different engine and Quake II is like compleatly different game than PC original, same as Doom 64. Also, Nintendo 64 version of Powerslave and Duke Nukem 3d, of cource. This is basic thing I can remember from N64.
(you can instal Dos or at least DosBox on Pi, isn't it?)
No. 22360
Perfect Dark was a spiritual successor to Goldeneye, and runs on an updated version of the engine. It's basically Rare making a better version of the game without actually having to license James Bond which EA was outbidding them on. If you're not hooked on the James Bond theme, or the (actually pretty cool) speedrun, then Perfect Dark is the superior option of the two. Goldeneye is more of an important game than a good one.
No. 22366
31 kB, 474 × 266
34 kB, 474 × 266
Wtf is with so many newer games using this art style? Extremely low poly, just a few hexagons/geometric shapes, no details, no faces on any models, no textures. I fucking hate. I hate it so goddamn much it's unbelievable. This was a shit game regardless but everything about it just reminded me of Silicon Valley and how I sincerely hope that whole place gets bombed. North Korea, Jihadists, some poltard with a nuke, I really don't fucking care so long as it's destroyed in which case I'll celebrate. Yes I blame them for this absolutely cancerous fucking trend too. It looks absolutely fucking terrible and incredibly lazily done. It looks like shit and I don't even know why it angers me like this but the moment I see it in any game I drop any intent of ever even playing or hell even pirating that game.
No. 22368
It's so it can be ported over to mobile phones, that's why Civ VI looks the way it looks. What game is that btw?
No. 22375
I dislike sterile solid colored low poly shapes as well. I wish indie developers would employ something genuinely old school like actual low res textures and "bad" visuals, something like ps1 polygon wobble/texture stretching.
No. 22378
Rise of Industry. It's pretty shit.

>t's so it can be ported over to mobile phones
This helps explain why it instinctively pisses me off so much.

I'm guessing the people doing it are also lazy fucks and it takes the absolute least amount of effort possible. Even trying to get an actual old school look is probably more effort. FYI the gameplay is pretty nonsensical and shitty too. Like if you put a warehouse even a little bit away from a production facility nothing ever leaves production. It's about as small a radius as any air defense turret in a normal game. I figured, so what if it looks like shit I like city sims and am willing to give it a chance. I regret giving it a chance except now I now not to waste my money.
No. 22379
Eh, looks fine to me. Looks clean. I don't think that adding extra detail to the buildings would improve it in any way, but cluttering up the graphics with more angles and textures could turn it from a poorly made game with okay visuals to a poorly made game with soup for graphics.
No. 22381
42 kB, 853 × 480
Tropico 3 was made a full 10 years ago and it still looks fine. They weren't even a huge company then either afaik. Each individual tenement or condominium even had multiple random versions of itself all of which were textured right down to the littlest details like seeing the exact person sitting on top of a restaurant eating.

There's no excuse for this except laziness. If you're going to be poorer gameplay at least look good doing it. Or if you're going to look like shit make sure you play well. This offers neither. The complete and utter lack of attention to detail just reminded me how badly I felt the game handled. Granted I tried the demo but still. Maybe I should've given it more of a chance but I didn't. It wasn't fun for me to play and besides part of the point of city sims is to have that model town view imo. Cities Skylines is a fantastic example. Yeah I mean certain things may be limited but the attention to detail in certain areas is absolutely amazing. That game genuinely looks and feels like looking down at an actual town at night while you're flying. On top of that while it has a certain lack of gameplay depth it still plays pretty well.

This one I just felt like it wasn't playing that well to compensate for looking like total ass. I fucking hate to god the aesthetic anyway so I'm pretty biased but I still think it's utterly missing that point and yeah, now that someone said it that's exactly how it feels: like some shitty farmville mobileshit game that yet another jackoff in San Francisco imagined as some get rich quick scheme rather than making a decent game, and considering the thing costs $30 yeah I expect a hell of a lot more.

And it isn't even just minimalism. I mean even for that it's pretty shit. Compare to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebBHSmVQlG4 I mean here's a game that has a "clean" aesthetic and pulls it off really well. Rise of Industry? Lol no. I think part of why it makes me irrationally angry is because I keep seeing people doing shit like this and I don't want a bunch of complete idiots to start seeing this as/trying to set it as the new "industry standard" and cutting even more budget out without cutting the cost of a game and just churning lots of really ass looking games that had zero work whatsoever done on the assets because of some greedy hipster faggotry.
No. 22382
186 kB, 2186 × 1011

Thanks for the input, some of the mentioned games made it on the list, some of them were already on it.
Pic related are all the games i got (some are twice on it because i got them for multiple platforms) and i really can't wait to play Doom on the SNES.

Especially thanks to >>22355 for making it way more extensive than i expected, how's the PC port of Kiwami 2 so far?
No. 22383
I never said that it didn't. Also, the 'PS1 style' graphics are from longer than 10 years ago anyway.

>There's no excuse for this except laziness
Or they (like me) think it looks fine. I mean, it does the job perfectly fine. The problem is that the gameplay itself isn't engaging apparently, but your main fixation remains on the stylistic choices with lip service paid to mechanical issues.

It seems like you're just looking for a reason to have a rant about silicon valley types and are using a poorly made game to soapbox about it tbh. Take a swing at the sales figures between that game and Cities Skylines and Tropico and see which one is really going to be emulated as an industry standard.

It's a pretty average price. If it's not a great game, then it's not a great game but 30 bucks is hardly something to get worked up about, especially when they provide a demo to let you see if you even want to put out the money. That's not really standard practice anymore. Besides, I've spent that much and even more on pdfs before, let alone video games (including indie ones).
No. 22384
I know, it was done by same studio that will do Donkey Kong 64 also and generaly famous for pushing limits of N64 hardware. However, I may say that original GoldenEye is overrated peace of crap, which only thing was to show for Nintendo players that 3d FPS is thoretically possible on thier console and bring this auto-aim feature. It was done by people who not worked in this genre before, it have very primitive leveldesighn and technically and graphically by detalisation and overall look this is terrible work and infirior to big PC FPS games of same year in almost every aspcet. There no fucking skyboxes, some levels is just a bumch of empty rooms, sometimes detalisation is really good, but in other places - like this fucking park with black sky, plane surface and cubic poorly textured statues this is complete joke that looks like crap even compare to some much older PC games.
I don't get why it become so memorable even among nintendo boys, like same year you got Turok, you also got Doom 64, There was Quake 2 64, like this games by balance, their look and details looks in every aspect better than GoldenEye.

All 90s Doom ports exept PS1 one and Doom 64 game is a fucking joke. Like, they are litteraly sorts of "terrible" for different reasons. Kind of eh video, but it's explains everying in one video https://youtu.be/784MUbDoLjQ
No. 22385
I am about to present you with a strong and biased opinion on nintendo games.

I think nintendo games are a huge meme that got got elevated into status of icons and canonized as the greatest "classics" by amerifat boomers, when in fact they are just well made products and nothing more. For example, I fail to see the significance of LoZ compared to Ultima. Or any 16 bit era jrpg compared to real PC RPGs. I think it's just rabit console faggotry in its purest form, 80s equivalent of thinking heavy rain is a good game because they don't know any better.

Also, Mega Drive was a superior system compared to SNES, both hardware and games. The only reason people think SNES had "legendary" games is because of their meme status. SNES had too slow CPU for proper action games, so all they have is boring turn based JRPGs with muddy sound design artificially propped up to cult status.

In fact, none of the nintendo "classics", from NES to gamecube are worth playing at all for anyone who knows his shit about PC gaming.
No. 22386 Kontra
Also, sega 32x doom would have been good if the retard in charge of porting the music knew how to use an FM synth chip.
No. 22387
>theoretically possible
It was known to be possible, it was just something that was kind of janky. That's why Turok is not what Goldeneye is. Turok's controls were sometimes pretty awkward to use compared to Goldeneye (though they're both bad by modern standards). The colour and skybox thing is to do with the fact that a lot of the game development happened before Rare even had access to the N64 and had to cut their textures by half or something.

The level layouts are one of the best parts of Goldeneye though, it's the filling of the level that fails it.It also makes the level design an interesting case study because they were made before they had hardware specs so didn't know whether the game was going to have free movement or be on rails, so levels are were basically designed as an interesting path from A to B, followed by a bunch of 'if we can do it' rooms around it. It wasn't until the hardware came in that enemies and items were placed, and it was a bit rushed compared to the fundamental design.

Were they pretty rudimentary compared to PC games? Yes but they were a new genre for the medium using very different input methods. They were also really for different markets. A lot of households had a console but no PC so these were the first they encountered, doubly so if they didn't have a light gun game.

>In fact, none of the nintendo "classics", from NES to gamecube are worth playing at all for anyone who knows his shit about PC gaming.
Depends. Do you classify emulation as PC gaming? Good SMW hacks are some of the best platforming experiences around. I can't really think of a better one on PC anyway. If you aren't into platforming then I would to an extent agree in that certain genres (like fighting games) have only relatively recently broken into PC gaming's spotlight and the best experience for them remains consoles though many of the classic ones (Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat II etc.) are multi-platform rather than just Nintendo classics.
No. 22388
I mostly mean original nintendo IPs and exclusives, rather than cross platform third parties.
And when it comes to arcade ports, it's basically not even fair, since those were pretty much butchered on consoles up until the day arcades died.

actually, disregard all that, i suck cocks
i'm sleep deprived due to being woken up by a sleep paralysis demon, and am rambling incoherently
excuse me

i like
No. 22389
I would like to disagree in one example: Super Metroid is a really, really good game. Regardless of Nintendo, I'm not a fanboy, I've never owned a Nintendo console except for a GBC (with 2 games total). But I recognize how well crafted Super Metroid is and I can not name another game from that era that comes remotely as close to perfection.
No. 22392
Eh, You make a valid point. I don't agree with it but if everybody liked the same shit and thought about things exactly the same way the world would be an even shittier place. Hell, I know I'm guilty of shitstirring unecessarily. Can't fucken help it, I'm an abrasive cunt.
t. drinking self to sleep to fix ruined sleep cycle in time for work week
No. 22401
>PC port of Kiwami 2
I haven't noticed any bugs yet, but it works a bit slower than Zero and Kiwami, at least if those fancy post-processing effects aren't turned off. I blame my old-ish CPU (i5-3570k) and RAM, so if you have a better system, it should work fine. Oh, and the game loads quite often, before every cutscene and fight.

As for general impressions, new physics look kinda weird. Yeah, it's fun to launch some dude for ten meters by kicking him, but it still feels unnatural. Also, facial animations in engine-based cutscenes are really stiff. What I did like is that substories so far (I'm in the 5th chapter) are more on the silly side, like in Zero (I preferred Zero's substories to Kiwami's ones), and the cabaret club management is back.
No. 22403
I can't have an opinion on this because frankly I never really played them except maybe some arcade games on actual arcade machines. We never had SEGA or Nintendo stuff, though SEGA has its hand in some damn fine aspects of PC industry. I especially don't care because despite all this talk about Nintendo "innovation" I'm not sure they ever actually innovated about the basic essence behind gaming and just stuck with seeing games as empty toys. The drive to make a game something more than a time waster and to imbue it with soul is something Nintendo never did afaik which is what PC gaming studios went towards and something that to this day hobbles console gaming. The shift towards the console market in the late 00s to early 10s that ruined PC gaming for awhile is an example. Consoles just for some reason aren't there for any kind of depth in a game perhaps because they're specifically made for playing with your mates, whereas PC was specifically single player until mass adoption of internet became a thing. The sheer number of genres from PC became immense, and each was often used to tell more and more intricate stories.

Despite all this innovation even to this day PC just doesnt get the same amount or kind of marketing as does the console market, specifically memetindeno with it selling cardboard boxes to people. They are willing to innovate how you play perhaps but not what you play, and what you play has never even been that good. There's a reason why people almost exclusively talk about PS vs XBOX as opposed to Gamecube or whatever because Nintendo remained focused on toys for children and lots of marketing and shilling their stuff to stay on peoples radars, like the cardboard box gimmick, as opposed to being able to talk about anything good about the games themselves.

But again, I am not qualified to talk about such things.
No. 22404
>Mega Drive was a superior system compared to SNES
That's arguable. Megadrive had better CPU, but SNES had better pretty much anything else. Of course, it was up to developers to utilize the console's resources, but I wouldn't say that Sega's developers did it any better than Nintendo's. As for games, Megadrive specialized in sports, and SNES in JRPGs, so the factor deciding which console's game library is better is your personal preferences. I myself don't like either sports or JRPGs, so I'm fine with both consoles.

>SNES had too slow CPU for proper action games
Don't fall for that "Blast Processing" meme, dude. Aforementioned Contra III, Super Metroid, Castlevania IV and Megaman X are as "proper" action games as they get, and SNES also had its fair share of shmups and racing games, like F-Zero.
No. 22410
I don't dispute that they are excellent games, but I think their meme status is unjustified.

What I'm trying to say is that nintendo games are extremely good pop culture, but not art by any means. I'd draw a comparison to game of thrones or something. Whatever you might think of the show, you must admit that it is extremely well made, even commendably so for something that's on TV. But its "cult" status is simply the result of 90% market penetration, rather than any artistic significance.

Pretty much what I wanted to say. Nintendo is still a toy company. And to be fair, they never presented themselves as anything else, and they do a good job at making toys. I just don't think any of their games are all that "important" for video games as an art form.

Twice as fast CPU< in fact.
I'd argue that Mega Drive had a better sound chip as well, being a true synth, rather than a sampler with extremely low ram. Crystal clear 41 khz sound vs muddy no bass samples.
And although yes, SNES had better graphics, I think that worked to its detriment, in that the slow CPU struggled to push so many pixels at that color depth, so a lot of games were either designed to be played slower, experienced visible slowdown, or slashed the resolution. I think multi-platforms were generally a better experience on Mega Drive. I think sega as a company had a better design philosophy with their hardware. But tbh, it must have been a fluke because they shit the bed hard with 32x and segacd.

I think the one game that exemplifies why I like the mega drive so much is Adventures of batman and robin. You can't make a game with a soundtrack like this on SNES, man:
Can't beat it, ain't no million rooty tooty pseudo "symphonic" jrpg soundtracks with deliberate choice of muddy wind instruments in an attemt to hide the lack of bass and high frequency in their sound output can eve beat this masterpiece of a soundtrack, man.
No. 22411
108 kB, 320 × 200
64 kB, 800 × 473
35 kB, 640 × 480
>Turok's controls were sometimes pretty awkward to use compared to Goldeneye (though they're both bad by modern standards).
Every 3d first person game be akward on gamepad, but basicly everything will be akward on N64 gamepad - it was desighned probably for Vortigaunts lol.
>The level layouts are one of the best parts of Goldeneye though,
Well, as I know, this levels also use kind of segments system, similar to what done build engine but in full 3d. Hovever, and by leveldesighn and by some ideas this was extreamly primitive. Like train level, hell, this is like Blood 2 but even more simplistic. First level is just "go forward corridor". 2nd one in office is like "wolfenstein 3d tier" mapping with square one level rooms. Some models are detailed, some parts are detailed, but others have lower resolution textures than 2007 google maps. Human models, phototextures overuse, all this actually reminds me of google maps from late 00s lol. You know what this reminds me? TrkWar game. First build engine game that also overused bad phototextures. And it was terrible. It had more depth and detalisation on levels than GoldenEye sometimes thought, which is funny, considering that about this game people remember ONLY because it was first Build Engine game and was done by infamous shit-creator studio. And well, I'am not some sort of kid who don't like old graphics, I'am actual fan of early 3d graphics, but there it just done really poor - they was not shure in style, was not shure about detalisation, was not properly shure how to bring "realistic" look. Of cource it's part as you say that they did not had hardware, but sometimes it's just "we don't know to do this genre of game" - kind of like Sonic Adventure type of situation.
>Were they pretty rudimentary compared to PC games? Yes but they were a new genre for the medium using very different input methods. They were also really for different markets. A lot of households had a console but no PC so these were the first they encountered, doubly so if they didn't have a light gun game.
Well, of cource as I wanted to say - only person who may be imperssed by this game is someone who played only let's say extremly shity Doom port on SNES or Sega that runs in 5fps and have 10 levels. Controls - I don't think it's much innovation, since aim assistance was used in older console and PC games, espessialy before mouse become absolute standart for PC controls. Only there it was turned into actual auto-aim, absoluetly destroying whole meaning of this genre. It's like fighting game where combos plays themselfs. Additionaly, whole game singleplayer campain last less than actual movie, c'mon! Again, even compare to other FPS games from N64 - Doom 64 or Turok 2 this is absolute garbage, and only reason why people remember it, because for millions of nintendoboys who played before only in mario and zelda it was first FPS game ever. If it was PC game, it'd was forgotten absoluetly. Perfect Dark at least look better and have much better secne of style (tbh when it come out in 2000, it is obvious was something that was extreamly archaic for PC standarts back then).
No. 22415
I'm not even sure what vidyas to try now. I only really feel like arpg/crpg or a nice strategy game and everything else just feels like yet another shitty fps.
No. 22416
Ah yes, this feeling of dread is visiting us all over the last few years. The modern-games-fatigue.
Solution: Play old games. I'm currently playing System Shock 2 again, it's really re-freshing.
No. 22418
Tried. It somehow vaguely depresses me. I have Deus Ex Invisible War but I see this and it's like, am I really going to waste my time on something that completely pointless? Seeing the talk of skyboxes reminded me of this feeling.

I don't even think it's that nothing is out there but that my vision has narrowed. It's similar to how I feel like there's less stuff online now than in say 2008. Not because there isn't, but because I don't know where to look. I'm not sure what kind of forums people even use anymore except really cancerous discord servers that I've no interest in, and most vidya boards seem to be shit. I tried visiting 4kanker's /v/ and holy hell is it bad. Like, unspeakably bad. It is a full two layers of hell beneath how bad I actually thought it was.

But then again there's a few I haven't played because my computer is too old for it, like Witcher 3. I should probably just save money towards upgrading my PC too eventually, but eh.
No. 22420
Hm, then maybe try some games from entirely different genres.

For example, let me recommend you the Blackwell series, it's a point'n'click adventure from roughly ten years ago that makes no attempts to be either retro or modern (at first glance it does look like one of those hipster baits with pixel art, but it really isn't).
It's split into a bunch of episodes, each 1-3 evenings of playtime, and has one of the most atmospheric and gripping stories I've ever seen in a game. No entry skill required, not overly obscure puzzles, no huge time sink.
No. 22426
>Not because there isn't, but because I don't know where to look. I'm not sure what kind of forums people even use anymore except really cancerous discord servers that I've no interest in, and most vidya boards seem to be shit
feels are known, there aren't really any place left now that aren't overrun with meme spewing zoomers. The actual game forums of several games I've played have been 'taken over' by cabals of shitposters who are on discord together and mass report people on the forum they don't like, effectively turning it into their own playground so long as they walk the line of the forum rules.

The only forum that may still be decent for games that I know of is subsim.com, they were a decent lot and kept a tight ship but it was mostly about silent hunter 3 and 4 from what I remember.

btw in the vein of crpgs, did you play Underrail? I gave 7 hours at it and found it to be complete shite
No. 22429
243 kB, 500 × 446
376 kB, 1920 × 1080
774 kB, 1024 × 768
137 kB, 1280 × 720
So I've been hooked on playing the Zero Escape games recently, about halfway through the second one now. It's basically a mystery VN interspersed with Escape Room puzzles. The writing is really good, there's some interesting references to scientific, philosophical as well as paranormal themes but also quite a few jokes. The story also comes together quite impressively across all the possible routes, but to tell more would go into spoiler-y territory. The trailer gives a decent preview I think: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKgwrm_7Zsc

I've also played through Shadowrun Dragonfall now, the setting of anarchic Berlin was quite interesting, but the story was also rather uninspired and somewhat similar to the SR:Returns story. If I ever pick up SR:Hong Kong, I'll definitely play it on at least Hard difficulty since this was a cakewalk on normal.

Also picked up Ys Origin again, and managed to get a bit farther with Yunica this time than with Hugo the last time I played it. I've discovered that you can make bosses a lot easier by going back and grinding a few levels but after the 7th boss my inner casual gamer is getting strained. Still, I'll try to finish it, even if that means some grinding for me.
No. 22473
> I gave 7 hours at it and found it to be complete shite
You're the first person I heard say this. And yeah I have no idea why it got so much hype.
I'll keep that in mind.

Shadowrun Hong Kong actually is a lot more challenging. It's still not super difficult though, but harder than the others. It's also the best one.

You also just reminded me of the completely unrelated Escape Velocity games. It brings me great sadness that I can't play EV Override or the original Escape Velocity on a PC. Ambrosia made EV Nova for PC and now they're tits up I think. Used to be one of the only studios that made really good games for mac.
No. 22475
>And yeah I have no idea why it got so much hype
A lot of money was poured into advertising. Isn't it that simple?
No. 22476
It's a handful of Bosnians. I somehow doubt they poured a ton of money into marketing.
No. 22478
1,4 MB, 1366 × 768
237 kB, 1366 × 736
Sabre is fun. First gen jet combat really does it for me. I enjoy modern stuff, don't get me wrong but the fist gens have the prettiness and technical flying skills of warbirds with the speed of jet aircraft. It's a great combination.

Mission theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgkbzrtQnfE
No. 22480
They're talking about Underrail, completely different game.

No. 22481 Kontra
Some things corrupted my mind too strong.
Earnest apologies for the misread, I propagate awful thoughts.
No. 22483
684 kB, 1366 × 738
Also flew some MiG and while it's fun and certainly has its quirks (and temperament), I'm not even close to being as good. Maybe I'll eventually put some more hours into it, but it's a very clunky machine that's obviously designed as an interceptor first compared to the air superiority fighter that the F-86 is purpose built to be. This kill took me disengaging and then coming back in with a single pass attack as he and his wingman were on RTB.
No. 22485
>really cancerous discord servers
There are some awesome discord servers. But of cource, you need to find them first and good ones usually very specific.
>Deus Ex Invisible War
Going to play this one day when will go with Ion Storm marathon. I never properly played Daikatana, and now when we have really good fan patch, why not.
>I'm currently playing System Shock 2 again, it's really re-freshing.
What version? Played not long ago with friend on coop, GOG patched version, without community path thought.
No. 22488
306 kB, 1920 × 1080
Anyone here who has experience in gamedev or modding? Just curious since I've started dabbling in RPGMaker a bit recently and even that seems rather daunting.

>It's also the best one.
Guess I'll pick it up next time it's 75% off

>You also just reminded me of the completely unrelated Escape Velocity games.
Literally never heard or played any of these before but incidentally I also stumbled upon Endless Sky yesterday which is supposed to be a recent open-source game similar to the EV series. Have you tried that?
No. 22489
Had to program a simple video game in high school IT class. It was enough to convince me to never go further down that road, so you aren't alone in finding it daunting.
t. iq89 pro
No. 22497
Sadly I think most games need a lot of people working on it as a job and not just a hobby. This is why we have shovelware. You just can't have one person on sound design, storyboarding, building the assets, level design and so on to make anything not complete shit or ending up as shovelware.
No. 22519
IL-2: BoX is on sale at the moment. It's a pretty good sim. It's not a study sim but it's got good flight and damage models, and a nice variety of aircraft. I'd recommend it if you're interested in flight sims since it's really fleshed out and captures the feeling of a large scale air conflict better than DCS while also having a gentler learning curve. The single player career mode is ebin too.

No. 22521
>Anyone here who has experience in gamedev or modding?


>Just curious since I've started dabbling in RPGMaker a bit recently and even that seems rather daunting.

Well, programming is a way to reason about problems that has to be learned just like anything else. It took me a few years of half-arsed attempts and then another year of actual deliberate work on a daily basis to "get it". Since then I've spent another 5 years of constant learning to get somewhat good.

I guarantee you that everyone who has an adequately functioning brain can learn it. It's rare to find good teachers, though, just like it's rare to find good math teachers. Both topics are similarly easy or difficult to learn solely depending on circumstance.

Do you have a high tolerance against frustration and can keep motivation on one thing for months at a time even without seeing immediate success?
Most people don't and that's why so many think it's "not their thing". But if you'd come in contact with it as early and with the same frequency with which you use natural language, then you'd be a godlike programmer. Most programmers are about as good at programming as someone is at speaking french after having learned it in school and then used it every other day for a short time to talk to a friend. They are sufficient, but they won't write an acclaimed book in french.

It's possible, but few are willing to put in the time. Look at Braid, for example. Jonathan Blow created everything except the music, which he only selected from a library of existing recordings; and the art was created by someone during the last few months of development to replace his 'programmer art'.
Another example would be Fez.
Take a look at Natural selection 2 where the entire engine was created by one person until beta stage, he then got help from one other person. Art was directed by one person and crafted by an outsourced party. There was one game logic programmer, one animator and a bunch of peripherals, but overall it was a team with less than 20 people.

In reverse, it's almost impossible to create a game with value if your team exceeds a group that is able to communicate without a manager. See absolutely every game from AAA studios, published by one of the big three in the last ten years for examples.
No. 22522
I once made a relatively elaborate meme mod for Victoria 2 over a summer. It was a bitch to make, even though it's a simple game to mod.
No. 22531
628 kB, 1600 × 900
539 kB, 1366 × 768
536 kB, 1366 × 768
713 kB, 1366 × 768
I picked up a game called Thea: the Awakening recently and it's pretty great. It's got a map grid like Civ 5, except you control one village in a world that was all but wiped out by dark magic, you have to manage your handful of people, survive, gather resources, craft stuff, research stuff and fight off the darkness. All combat takes place via a kind of card game and it's not always physical combat, you can win events via social, magic, hunting, stealth, combat etc. etc.
No. 22532
64 kB, 460 × 215
I've been playing druidstone past two days. It's out of beta now.

It's quite challenging. Immediately after the tutorial you are thrown into difficult missions which I wasn't expecting. I feel like the progression is really slow too. You'll complete a difficult mission and then go onto the next without any real reward like a cool spell or something. You'll get many new spells when you level up but they're often worse than what you have.
Gem system is cool, reminds me of a preschool version of the gems from the second WoW expansion.

Anyone else play it?
No. 22538
18 kB, 480 × 360
>from the makers of Legend of Grimrock
Yeah, I can't face it after reading that. Those guys can't balance a game at all since LoG1 and 2 were both horribly tedious
No. 22540
It's isometric. Meh. I hoped that after basic dungeoncrawlers they will made more complex first person party game.
No. 22548
70 kB, 640 × 480
>turn based isometric crpg
Do want

Thanks for the heads up though I still haven't even played Pathfinder Kingmaker.

You just want your very specific form of a blobber m8.

Oh yeah and I've had my eye on this too.

Speaking of which why aren't there any big space based 4x style 40K games? It seems to me that WH40K was made specifically for being really good at two genres: 4x, and squad level tactical strategy/TBS. But for whatever odd reason, I have no seen a single one for 40K that's in line with a Master of Orion or Stellaris or whatever style 4x game, and instead only one single civ style 4x. What's the deal with that? I'd think that no other setting lends itself to long grinding 4x sessions quite like WH40K with the sole caveat being that the whole premise of the lore is everyone being in basically a perpetual deadlock for millenia (which I guess would make a galaxy wide 4x kind of odd to have any one faction able to eliminate the others but still).

It just seems incredibly strange to me. Like, there are a bunch of shitty FPS games in the setting for some reason. There are tons and tons of different 40K games, some of which don't necessarily make sense for the setting like a base building RTS. I'm pretty sure there's at least one lame ARPG. There's even a new series of tactical fleet combat which for some reason is only engagements of a few ships at a time. Meanwhile 4x is the absolute perfect type of genre to fit in with the feel of the absolutely massive epic galaxy spanning wars chewing through trillions of lives that's a normal part of the lore and setting so I don't see why there isn't yet a single one in the WH40K franchise letting you wage a campaign over like 500 turns to try and take the galaxy for one faction, or at minimum wage war over a segmentum.

The closest thing we actually ever had was Dawn of War 1. Yes, DoW1, not Gladius, because at least in DoW you're actively fighting a RISK-style campaign over multiple planets in the expansions, whereas Gladius takes place only over one single planet. It's basically a dialed down version of DoW's scale. Or DoW2 except your planet hopping isn't really epic by gameplay because it's still just a handful of tiny squads.

Why isn't this done yet?
No. 22550
>You just want your very specific form of a blobber m8.
I want Legend of Grimrock 3, which will be more complex and more interesting, going into actual serious game by it's own, than Okay-ish simple clone of dungeon master/eye of the beholder.
No. 22553
2,1 MB, 1366 × 768
I decided to check out the new CK2 patch and I dunno when they fixed it, but they fixed early game Central Asia. I talked about it a while ago, but they used to have the Tobol Kipchaks being an entity before they actually were historically. Feels good man. Probably the only game I know of that even covers this period of Turkic history (essentially their Fall of Rome).
No. 22571
627 kB, 1440 × 900
342 kB, 1280 × 720
So I'm at the Kayran and just can't arse myself to do this battle. I tried it and get killed a couple times then thought, what's the point? I'm not even playing this game to fight big ass monsters and waste huge amounts of time on boss battles. The world is interesting so far but should I even just power through it? Maybe I just suck now and want a relaxing effortless game idk.

I had the same shit happen when trying to figure out the prologue part though to be fair that was apparently because I was too retarded to notice I set the game to a super hard difficulty for some reason thinking "oh I know how to play this let's make it a challenge" and after dying a couple dozen times realized my error, and then it got enjoyable. But still I can see why this is not talked about the way Witcher 1 or Witcher 3 is since it's way too clearly part of that whole Mass Effect type console generation shit around the late 00s/early 10s when most new games sucked. I want to run around and explore things and talk to people and maybe get some loot or craft nifty things, not just play like some kind of fucked up JRPG-esque console big boss battle shit. It's starting to remind me too much of slogging through Mass Effect 2, and I mean it's nowhere near as bad but still. It just ends up reminding me again why I fucking hate console ports and console games.
No. 22576
The Kayran is hard, yes. One of the 3 hardest scenes in the game imho.

And while I hated it at the time, I miss it now that games have abandonned any kind of challenge. Witcher 3 is easier on "Death March" than Witcher 2 on "Normal".
No. 22577
Yeah, about that...

I seriously thought it must just've been because I am now a complete retard or something, because even on normal shit's hard as fuck sometimes. Just trying to get through the prologue and first scenes even was absolutely brutal. I even fucked up on helping the townsfolk because I couldn't figure out what to do and didn't even know there was a mission there. Then it throws all kinds of really weird new mechanics at you, including the awful, godawful, especially fucking retarded new fistfight system that solely consists of hitting WASD which isn't even hard once you figure it out and utterly ruins any bar fights and only was done because console faggotry. That alone made me unimpressed with it. But then it is like it hopes to distract you from shittiness of changes with amping up difficulty. I had it on some extremely hard setting and absolutely could not fucking getting past anything, and then even when I turned it down to normal I died so many damn times. Which is a good thing I think for a real crash course intro to a game through tutorial type mode, but still. Game is hard. Okay fine. I just wish it didn't feel so retarded also. And having that damn sorceress yelling is annoying as fuck as I have to reload and hear it 12th time in a row.

I don't mind difficulty being harder or less hard as long as it's good. In this case, it feels too much like made for console and bydlo, and goddamn does it remind me how bydlo are the consolefags. What did they change in Witcher 3? I have it, but sadly I think my computer might be dying anyway and already couldn't handle W3 on minimum settings. I don't know why in fuck I drunkenly bought that because I can't play it without spending hundreds of dollars to upgrade PC.
No. 22585
Fighting system in W3 is better, more fluid and they removed these dumb QTEs. The story is worse tho. I often skipped dialogues because they seemed cringe, main characters are extremely shallow compared to who they were in the books.
No. 22587
First, I would urge you to continue with W2, it has many qualities in terms of writing, storytelling, atmosphere and even though I disliked very specific parts of the gameplay I remember the game fondly.

Second, the differences between Witcher 2 and 3 are so numerous that they can't easily be discussed. I consider it the better game of the two.
No. 22590
524 kB, 720 × 1217
Hey Poland why are you so strong? I mean this as a serious question. Every damn time I look at who made a video game that wasn't either Activision, EA, Paradox, or some other big shitty studiostop dropping $300 in DLC and I'll stop comparing you to EA and Activision it seems like some Poles made it. And it feels like they're sneaky about it too. Like, they don't actually broadcast this was a Polish game. I see some interesting new weird cyberpunk horror looking game and it will be like
>Company name innocuous sounding Bloober Team
>Wojciech Piejko
>Mariusz Szaflik
>Mateusz Lenart
>Andrzej Mądrzak
And it goes on. Just last night I was looking at what are some new tower defense games and go oh this might look interesting and yet again the Polish developer strikes.

How many fucking people in Poland are working as vidya developers or that industry? Why is it feeling like every other game I look at with some innocuous Western sounding name and Western sounding dev team and publisher and art etc all turns out to be a bunch of Pzywczywskis? What the fuck are you guys even up to over there? Why are you taking over the vidya media?
No. 22610
Here is a bit of a primer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNZkTk5gLuo

There is also a growing scene in Croatia with regular developer meet-ups in Zagreb. (Thanks in part to Croteam)
No. 22611
1,3 MB, 1366 × 768
Being a gunner on an AI flown bomber is such a cosy change of pace in a flight sim. I like it a lot more than sitting in a glass dome scanning for dots should warrant tbh.
No. 22621
115 kB, 616 × 353
3 kB, 300 × 168
Thea is on sale on steam at the moment for a fiver and Lydia is like 2 quid if any Ernst wants to pick up two very good games
No. 22629
The fantasy armor in the first image already triggers me.
Man, what happened... I used to enjoy half naked elf women in fantasy games when I was younger. Now there are a thousand and one social constructs floating in my head, cluttering up any potential fun with disagreement and critique.
I'll no go sit in a corner and romanticise the stone age, if you'll excuse me.
No. 22630
I dislike it for reasons that have nothing at all to do with critique and just simply because pragmatism. There is no practical reason for wearing anything like that. I mean, why not just send them out into battle with a bra instead? At least then you won't have really awkward randomly tacked on bits of armor flying around, since the armor itself is useless. It's just dumb is the problem. I mean, if you're gonna have really revealing armor, have contoured breastplates then. This is just idiotic.
No. 22632
100 kB, 537 × 532
993 kB, 1600 × 900
932 kB, 1600 × 900
929 kB, 1600 × 900
It's just box art fellas, in game only gatherers and medics wear light armour like that, most warriors are in heavy plate
No. 22644
154 kB, 463 × 660
We were simply pointing out the impracticality and lack of realism inherent to female fantasy armor from a combat standpoint.
No. 22645
When people start shooting fireballs out of their butthole, and you can heal a wound instantly with a health pot, I tend to stop giving a fuck. If I actually gave a shit about 'realism' I wouldn't be in the Fantasy section to begin with.
No. 22647
My point isn't so much realism, it's that I dread seeing this male fantasy.
It invokes a certain kind of shame, like witnissing how your uncle pisses himself after drinking too much at someones birthday.

I see "artwork" like that and I have to remind myself that it's created by people with a low-effort attitude, not by some artist I could ever respect.
It might not even be fair to the game/book/film behind it, but what control do I have about the associations that come up?

It has nothing to do with nudity either, I can enjoy Franzetta paintings very much, because there it's explicit and honest and not distinct between the sexes.
But the fantasy armor speaks to me like cry for help of a sexually frustrated manchild and my lack of social competence associates helping people with avoidance.

And if all of that may be wrong, it's still just lazy artwork that should be ignored by everyone.
No. 22648
993 kB, 1977 × 2947
29 kB, 650 × 366
122 kB, 640 × 956
247 kB, 1920 × 800
You find that in books, movies, comics and games at least since the 60s and for both genders.
You don't have to like every visual style out there, in the end it's all a matter of taste but your reasoning makes you sound like an idiot.
No. 22649
I don't think you got my point. Maybe I failed to express it properly. But it's not important, just a sideline comment, so whatever.
No. 22650
It's when dude in hulking full plate armor, girl in metal bra that it just gets pretty retarded
No. 22651
Unlike cowardly men hiding in metal shells, girls are probably so badass that they can reflect arrows and sword strikes with their rock-hard abs. Or pillow-soft bellies, I dunno.
No. 22664
This looks interesting, thanks.

In a similar vein, do you guys have any favorite vidya related channels on yt?

My recommendations are:
For serious in-depth analysis & reviews:
Still in-depth but less serious, more regular reviews:
Very edgy & meme-y but I love it (helps that he reviews mostly great older games):
Decent Let's Plays (i.e. Kenji Eno's D series):
Short clips of really crappy/weird games w/o commentary:
No. 22668
I guess the problem here is that there aren't that many examples of real female battle armor.
If i google "armor" i find pictures of historically accurate pieces and if i google "armor female" i find cgi rendered images and fantasy stuff.
It's harder to make something appear realistic that barely exists.

Of course you can just put a female character into a realistic male shaped armor but then you get the problem that you have a hard time to convince people that this is a female character.
No. 22669
101 kB, 584 × 960
269 kB, 915 × 1116
43 kB, 480 × 300
Probably partly because women have lower upper body strength to begin with plus social roles means you're unlikely to find examples of female armor, but it's still just laziness. First pic is a fantastic example of mixed plate armor in a completely fantasy character. Armor doesnt have to be full plate either, as quite often guys aren't in that kind of armor anyway. Otherwise if you do go full on plate armor it's not like it doesnt exist it's just bulky, cumbersome, and heavy as hell.
No. 22675
1,8 MB, 1366 × 768
1,2 MB, 1366 × 768
Ended up grabbing the Folgore for IL-2. Given enough time, the Regia Aeronautica would have been ridiculously well equipped tbh. The thing flies like a dream. It's fairly quick, stable, maneuvers well, retains energy and has some nice luxury features like ammo counters and engine automation. Not having to trim as much because of the asymmetric wings is a bigger deal than it seems, and I suspect is where the stability comes from (not being just slightly out of trim every time you change engine settings). The only real downsides is that visibility is not great and it could be upgunned. Honestly, if this is what the C.202 is like, then I can only imagine how nice the Serie 5 fighters must have been (Macchi C.205, Reggiane Re.2005 and Fiat G.55) with the DB 605 powerplant.

I dunno what it is about the Italian man, but give him a piston engine and he will make a thing of beauty and power.

We are often talking about settings with offensive magic and all kinds of other shit that plain doesn't exist in history. There is zero reason to assume that similar societies will form so long as you include those large fantastic elements. Might as well just go with whatever seems cool to you since you're already including other shit that makes zero sense at which point it becomes a matter of personal preference rather than any semblance of 'realism'.
No. 22676
I'm glad I could show you something interesting with Noclip, many of their videos are worth the time. Especially the in-depth documentaries where they meet developers such as the series about Witcher 1-3, Doom 1-4, Final Fantasy 11/14 (never cared about the game one bit but that documentary was really exciting), or the Bethesda docs.

In turn, let me thank you for Matthew Matosis. Clicked, scrolled a bit and saw Kula World. Man. How did I forget about this part of my child hood? Turns out his commentary is worthwhile and insightful. Will watch more.

I have another recommendation for you: https://www.youtube.com/user/McBacon1337/videos
No. 22678
If you're into noclip i can also really recommend Raycevick, a guy who makes regular reviews but the videos i like him for are his in depth video essays about video games, for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK5PRRITJu8

Also great and way smaller: Idigo Gaming
Similar videos like Raycevick but also interviews with developers, writers and other interesting stuff
No. 22683
177 kB, 1200 × 675
Most of youtube reviewers I saw are incompetent on those or other way. There is sometimes worth watching for me about something I don't know compleatly, but for something I know well or well enough - I always spot when reviewer itself lost someting, forgot or don't know about.
I remember Spoony Ultima review series - which is terrible, he don't know games at all, only like U8 and U9. Ultima Underworld he don't played at all when did his reviews, not count cringey sketches.
Mandalore Gaming just picks some random games out of order and context. He is compitent to some degree, but often don't have any interest in important background. Hovever I talked with him once or twise, as person he is not bad I supose.
Indigo Gaming - watched onl a couple vids from him about early tes games, interviews in particular because it was interested for me, but it clearly shows how pain for me to watch someone who pretent do be "daggerfall fan" but don't know shit about other major CRPG games of the time and before, something extremley important you need to know to even start disscus Arena-Daggerfall-Battlespire. Rest of his videos I not seen but looks like it is typical "HYPE GAYMING" so I not interested.
SsethTzeentach is kind of ironic shitposter, but funny. I find some of his vids relaxing. Hovever he have same problem as many others - for example, it is obvious he is huge fan of Might and Magic series, but he only know about Heroes and Enroth/post enroth RPG series games (6-9) and in his videos he did so many little mistakes because he don't know even basic lore of 1-5 haves it hurts me as MM fan.
There also some youtube reviers like LGR and Ggmanlives which seem compitent in their niches but I call them "Восторженные говноеды". Don't know how to translate this to preserve meaning correctly, maybe other russin on EC will help me with this, but this is people who very rarely go into negativity and to show their "good will" to audience are ready to claim everything as something good, espessialy some new shit. Like Ggmanlives every time do some review of another retro-like indie FPS. All of them up to this point was shit - from mediacore shit to absolute shit, like project warlock (Ion Maiden will be averege or good but it not released fully officialy yet) - and about all this games this idiot done videos "IT IS COOL GO GARB IT IN STORE" - I feel like he was payed. Recently he done positive review on official Blood port, which was broken as hell and still after patches broken and fan Build GDX port is much more accurate and better, but he never metioned it - he just did video as fast as possible and say how "cool" it is. Non-FPS games or FPS games based on bigger serieses - not even watch, it's pathetic. Like his TES videos he did for some reason - I already know what there might be. From RETRO 90S FPS GAMES WITH "CLASSICAL FPS DUDE" - Civvie 11 is much more competent youtuber.
LGR good about reviving 90s tax machines and odd computer components from 2000s, but when it comes to games - if there game he LOVES - Need for Speed/Duke Nuckem/Sims/Sim City - well it might be interesting. If it is not - this is total trash where he just show that he have original box with manual, show gameplay on his 1998 computer with basic commentary and this is all. I remember his X-wing vs. TIE Fighter review for some reason - because maybe I fan of series, but I remember it is WORST game review I ever saw. He said NOTHING, he was not interested in game at all and not even tried what it about. Only he said "it is multiplayer so maybe it was fun in 1997 also star wars music cool I also have a box with manual, end"

I not even talk about "Angry Video Game Nerd" or something out of tihs tier, it's crap from early youtube that for some reason still exist.
No. 22685
>Восторженные говноеды
"Exalted shiteaters" or "shiteaters in exaltation", probably. I believe that these kind of people are the product of modern "oh my god I'm such a nerd" culture. Their audience won't take kindly to any sort of criticism of the popular among "such-a-nerds" games, so they just have to go along with it and say that these games are AMAZING and ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.
No. 22688
10 kB, 480 × 360
This guy. I to this day don't understand why he is supposed to be such a bad guy. Yeah so he unleashed the Zerg on Tarsonis and told a few lies some of which like the "part of a Confederate weapons test" afaik was part of a plot from when blizzard was toying with the idea or making them a human experiment run amok. He betrayed Kerrigan, who meanwhile murdered his whole family and probably had something to do with glassing Korhal.

I think this is another example of Blizzard going to shit and a tell-dont-show form of bad writing. Kerrigan slaughtered whole worlds--twice. First she butchered entire planets full of innocents and people whose only sin was protecting humanity and their homes, most of whom were conscripts anyway. Whatever evil Mengsk did was eclipsed by Kerrigan turning every world into Tarsonis. Then the second starcraft rolls out and suddenly we're supposed to feel sympathy for her because, why? She has tits and is so vewry very sorry but apparently not really because she chooses to become zerg and start burning down worlds again?
No. 22689
As I know, this addon was rushed. There meant to be separate faction for Earth people, who would be different in technology than local Terranians. And other little things that was just dropt.
I always found them cool when was a kid - mix of real navi uniform and soviet chekists, hell lot of memes and refferences to Starship Troopers movie (funny that starcraft in many ways based on book, but did also many refferences to compleatly different, but still memetic movie). Intro if I remember correatly also did refs about Aliens and so on.
I always felt bad for Stukov, and that he was betrayed by black dude. However, I played Broodwar campains so long ago last time... was it 2009 or 2007? Don't remember.

Well, yeah, modern """NERD""" culture is huge problem. I can't wait when normies will be tired of it and forget.
No. 22690
16 kB, 341 × 341
Oh fuck I mistaked your dude with Gerard DuGalle, fuck, I played this game too long ago.
No. 22692
26 kB, 474 × 474
No I'm speaking of Arcturus Mengsk, who while granted turned out to be a bit of an asshole "today's revolutionary is tomorrow's tyrant" particularly with the unconscionable act of unleashing the Zerg on Tarsonis which was his big evil guy dick move, but then the whole rest of the series it seems Kerrigan is just laying waste to whole planets at a time but for some fucked up reason Activision Blizzard wants to keep portraying her as the hero. She is quite clearly the worst villain in the entire franchise.

Actually what happened to Stukov was a bit fucked up but shouldn't surprise anyone who's familiar with a story like Othello which it kind of reminded me of, minus the jealous lover part. They were foolish to trust Samir Duran but were done in more by their own arrogance than anything. But in SC2 apparently Stukov becomes infested, and then helps lead a bunch of infested terrans along with Kerrigan so it's like what the fuck are we supposed to somehow forget that these people are all betrayers and monsters of the worst sort? I think it's probably the shitty Warcraft MMO thinking or whatever went wrong with Blizzard, that now apparently someone who's infested by Zerg is just like a normal dude, and everyone has a personality and can talk and act and think just like regular people now the way Blizzard similarly fucked up the Horde and everything else. Although honestly I think it was Broodwars with the "queen bitch of the universe" speech that started sending SC off the rails. I have no idea why the fuck I'm supposed to be sympathetic to Kerrigan.

Also yeah they referenced Alien movies too pretty frequently, since Zerg is basically just Tyranids with some aspects of aliens from Starship Troopers and the Xenomorphs from Alien.
No. 22710
1,0 MB, 1366 × 768
Really satisfying mission. Had to provide CAS to a mechanised push through two towns along the western side of the ridge you can see there. It started with the sun still up and I ended up finishing the day in an on-call orbit above my forces as they mopped up soft targets. The call never came so I got to simply stick my pig in autopilot and enjoy the sunset. Felt cosy man.
No. 22712
1,4 MB, 1175 × 1217
I can't help but wonder if Weiss and Benioff actually just completely ripped of Starcraft 2 for their depiction of Daenyrs. They even used the same color scheme and lighting.
No. 22714
Everyone and their dog are using the same colorscheme and lighting for everything in the last 15 years of cinema(tics). And the advent of digital cameras in movies and series has only amplified it since most of them (eg. all REDs) spit out compressed and pre-applied non-linear curves to the picture. (Compression here refers to dynamic of the signal, not codecs; non-linear means you can not reverse the transform)

So no, the answer to your pondering is easy, simple and unambiguous: GoT has not ripped of SC in terms of color and light, they are simply part of the same trend that almost all films, series and games follow.
No. 22715
I recently found a WiiU for 70€ (with 15 games!!) and splurged on it. Sadly most of the games are crap and I'm trying to resell them, but I finally got a WiiU and can play the newest Zelda and Smash!!

I didn't yet, I didn't even power it on, since I've got so much going on. But I found out the library lends out games (like mentioned Zelda and Smash). This is so great.

The only worthwile games included, I guess, are Mario Kart 8 and that WiiU Super Mario. Didn't even try them yet, though.

Still, I am very excited about it!
No. 22720
Haven't played much of New SMB but for me at least it was pretty medium. It's fun but there are other 2D platformers I'd rather play before it.
No. 22725
441 kB, 1600 × 900
334 kB, 1600 × 900
293 kB, 1600 × 900
>HRE bitchboys attack through a river with cavalry against my veteran über-archers
This game is incredible.
The only thing I keep failing at is getting more fiefs. I have a single village and that's it.

It's really fun to fine-tune your tactics and combat methods.
I went from being a horse archer to something resembling a knight. Though lances usually break if you use them in a really high speed charge.
I'm using a mongol sabre, because fuck thrusting damage on words.

I expected crusades to be a bit more fun, but nothing fucking happened while I was there besides two sieges against a garrison of ~150-200 troops. I think I might have only crossed swords with just one Saracen army before fucking back off to Hungary, since war was declared against the HRE, and looting and pillaging there is way more fun.
No. 22726
I think you can ask the dudes whom they support getting new fiefs, and can influence their decisions. I also remember something that if you just got one you can't for a while but not sure. I know I occupied a city and someone else got it, I raged.
No. 22727
So it's literally just autistically asking every lord during the post-siege feast to support me?
lel, I thought I have to do something extra.
Then it just depends on my ties to the other lords basically.
No. 22728
Maybe you need to do some favors for them. Running errands. Also helps if you're best pal with the king, do his tasks during campaigns and such.
I played that mod btw. Horse archers all the way. I signed up with the Mongols who led their attack to the Baltics. Fighting in those woods with horse archers was pain in the buttocks big time.
No. 22734
I remembered something else. A limit also can prevent you gaining a new holding, in this case you can give up one so you can qualify as a candidate for a fief. If you could get a city (because it's the next to be awarded) first you can give up your village. Tho you need a certain amount of deeds to be suitable for a city, it helps if you take the city yourself from the enemy.
No. 22741
I don't know why I thought Satellite Reign is too hard. Was I perpetually drunk or something? It's pretty easy to figure out it's just you have to memorize the control scheme. I dislike the whole cloning mechanic though. I'd rather it be that once your agent dies they're permadead until you can find a replacement. It looks pretty stunning imo though and it's kind of a shame there isnt more crpg opportunities with it.
No. 22743
Cloning is fine. Permadeath sounds great until you end up in a death spiral because most runs require the entire team's skillset to complete. The closest I'd go is putting cloning stations in public areas and making you hack them to get your dead guy. It requires you to plan and not get caught, or at least have a fast exit but also doesn't risk ruining the entire playthrough over one mistake.
No. 22745
I gave 2 hours in it then gave it a negative review and put it in my trash directory on steam. The game is completely ruined by shitty UI and lack of a start/stop feature. Giving orders in that game in real time is an absolute clusterfuck
No. 22747
That's kind of what I mean by the controls. Basically the main problem with that game is you pretty much have to play from your keyboard to be good at it, which is a shame with how sloppy the controls are. That being stated it's clearly not meant to be a combat game to begin with and if you can just use one or two dudes on a mission so much the better. I mean it's clear to me that the game is designed to be able to make a combat squad but all your dudes are still just way too weak and even if they survive the reinforcements getting called down on your ass will finish you off.

Basically, you just have to get really good at point and click while using often unintuitive controls and fucking with the key indings.

I mean, if you could at least recruit new agents through your Corp. I just don't like games that treat death as so trivial, especially if it's not just not a fantasy, not even just scifi, but a full on cyberpunk near future game. It's horribly immersion breaking for me. Besides which I've learned to play without getting my dudes killed to such a degree I rarely if ever suffer a fatality so I barely even bother using that feature especially because if you get busted you often don't even need to shoot anybody and just get escorted from premises. And sometimes have to pay a bribe. Like, I feel like this game should put more active pressure into punishing you for not taking such a cavalier attitude towards the lives of your agents. If you played the original Syndicate from Bullfrog that's exactly how it was played, and it seriously mattered not losing an agent with all that shiny fancy shit he's carrying including mini guns, lasers, and a full suit of level 3 cybernetic upgrades, and on top of that you didnt have any safe points.

It feels like the devs wanted to make something super true to the original but then just casualized the shit it out of it with not just safe points and cloning stations but having your whole team too gamey and where the only actual punishment is lowering some stats. It's forcing me to metagame the shit out of it including to where I'm trying not to get them killed partly because I don't want to just keep abducting more civilians. Although trying to get through some of the huge complexes now I am reminded why I used to think this game is hard as balls.

Because it is.
Getting through a huge red zone without being detected and caught is a super hard pain in the ass because even if you get to the objective they'll confiscate your shit thus ruining the hard job of getting inside that door to begin with.

Or maybe it is also from too much XCOM2. I kind of just expect games to have some option for my squad to permanently die now in campaign crippling ways.
No. 22752
Started underrail. Not a big cRPG guy but this is fun so far. I don't know if you end up being able to get a party or a follower or anything like that later.
It has oddity and classical mode with oddity listed as first. Basically the difference in these modes is how you acquire experience. The former you gain experience, and levels thereby, exploring and finding little lore items as well as completing quests. The latter is you get experience from killing enemies and I'm guessing also completing quests. It encourages exploration but I guess would keep a stealth based character from getting fugged in later game parts potentially?

So far the only issue is it seems like you can clear a room of enemies, walk back to the doctor and heal for free then walk back, which is inefficient but not entirely impractical.
No. 22765
416 kB, 1600 × 900
337 kB, 1600 × 900
I managed to get my hands on a castle. It's not a city, but it's something. I basically just re-captured a freshly fallen city in the heartland of Hungary.

I also captured a bunch of lords from the HRE in a single, including this bastard, who burned down my village multiple times now.

The meta is basically:
>Get a bunch of archers and pikemen
>Choose a flat battlefield
>Place pikemen in front of the archers
>Wait for the fully armoured dipshits to mount a charge
>Shoot at them while they assemble their formation
>Shoot at them during the charge
>They fall off their horses
>You pick them off one by one with the help of your cavalry and superior infantry
It's basically a massacre every time, even if they have 20-30 troops more. The funniest thing is that the HRE is running out of actually good soldiers. They can get a few cavalry units in the first wave, and the rest is just freshly conscripted peasants and citizenry, dying en masse. The last army I took on had mountain bandits fight in it for fuck's sake.
No. 22771
Wish I could you help. I'm a big crpg fan but Underrail never caught me for some reason. I'll have to go back to that one again.

This makes it sound like they just have a terrible AI.
No. 22778
I would highly recommend this review of Star Citizen
It truly reminds me of the avant garde feel of certain unspeakably broken games. There's one that's in development right now called Stellar Tactics which is a space crpg being developed by seriously one dude, and has been in development by him for years and years. There's something to be said for a game that fails so spectacularly, that is janky on such an impressive scale, that it unwittingly becomes it's own form of interactive testimony to the futility of existence and an artistic statement about the eldritch horror that lurks just outside the safe confines of our own perception. Being locked inside a room with no light and just my one dude in Stellar Tactics felt this way. It felt like a MOMA installation piece, where the line between viewer, exhibit, and artist begins to blur and merge, and you question your whole reality trying to force a virtual avatar to wander around a virtual box, alone and in the dark.

In that regard I think Scam Citizen is shaping up to be the greatest unwitting masterpiece of our time far beyond things even Mass Effect Andromeda could even dream of. I am now tempted to buy this game purely to experience the existentialist statement of trying to participate in it.
No. 22790
So I have gone back to it and now I can't even tell why I thought it was so hard. The best I can figure is firstly Satellite Reign does a really shitty job at explaining everything and secondly there's a steep difficulty curve. Like I don't even know why I had such a hard time of it except best I can figure I was pretty drunk a lot during my last serious effort at playing it.

The UI can feel shitty but it's also because the game is unlike most crpgs and also unlike the earlier Syndicate games not explicitly about combat, but rather it's more of a stealth game. Once you figure this out and that it's more like the Commando Behind Enemy Lines games you'll have a way easier time of it. The second thing is that apparently there's also an entirely unexplained black market feature which just lets you outright buy things like augs, weapons, gear, and also passes to other sectors but at inflated prices (passes are massively inflated). But once you either infiltrate enough red zones or buy out enough tech at the black market it becomes waaay easier, including your ability to equip absolutely everybody with cloaking and use of high vent augs which helps tremendously, rather than ducking out of line of sight like a scrub constantly. It's actually pretty damn fun now that I've got sufficient augs including armor and weapon upgrades to not die so freaking easily and to not be constantly detected. Even without cloaking everybody I've gotten it down to a system of using hijacked security as spotters for my infiltration team who can also shoot out cameras or pick a fight for distraction when absolutely necessary, to use a silenced gun on everybody to pick off patrols, and use my infiltration agent's highly upgraded cloaking ability to get deep inside a facility and steal their shit then exfiltrate without getting spotted.

You basically just need to get used to the controls and get past the early game hell, which sadly makes me realize how casualized everything is nowadays that nobody myself included even expects to read a manual anymore and just drops shit after the first like two to eight hours without pushing on. So many good games I think I did that with before going back and forcing myself to finish them. Ironically enough one of the only games that never got rewarding later on was Deus Ex GOTY which remained a chore right to the end. Also Satellite Reign gets way easier to deal with once you realize that firstly it's supposed to be more of a stealth game and secondly that a lot of the mechanics are pretty much like Syndicate if anybody here played the 1993 game from Bullfrog. You just need to git gud basically and get through the tedious shit in the first sector or two, then be able to go back and finish the super hard parts in Downtown after you've already leveled basically.

The last thing is that once again leveling is poorly or flat out not explained at all, which apparently there's a really cheap way of cheesing yourself to higher XP because simply staying in cover in a red zone gives you a steady stream of XP even if you aren't doing anything. So if you just sit there watching movements of security or keep everybody but one agent behind hidden in cover they'll just keep gaining levels after awhile.

Oh and also as for the shitty Infinity engine feel of combat, one of your agents has an ability of combat stims that slows the game down to bullet time. This is one of many abilities that's super useful when you feel you absolutely have to just go in loud.
No. 22798
To explain the Black Market: Essentially what prototypes are acquired is picked randomly so you can get really busted stuff early or never at all. Generally though the list expands as the game progresses. The Black Market is the way to get prototypes that weren't picked as the one that would be in the facility. Essentially giving you access to all the items but only a random subset of them can be acquired through raids.
No. 22801
>it seems Kerrigan is just laying waste to whole planets at a time but for some fucked up reason Activision Blizzard wants to keep portraying her as the hero. She is quite clearly the worst villain in the entire franchise
it's baffling that they expected the players to forgive her hijinks and killing of fenix just like that
No. 22816
StarCraft 1 is much more well written then the second one. Basically everyone was a villain n the first one and the second had need in a good guys, because that's how game script are written today.
Zerg were a "common enemy" to propaganda, the danger that can keep confederation unified and Mengsk just did use it for his own benefits. What i like is that the movie "starship troopers" gives the same idea, while it was in development during the same period. Both the game and the movie definitely were "inspired" by the book, but instead of dehumanisation both took anti-propaganda stance. StarCraft took it a little bit further, by representing the equally dangerous rebels as Mengsk. Many 90s things were lost because they became too violent to teen esrb rating. For example terran units in original were mostly brainwashed drug addicts and many were cyborgs.
Stukov was revived due to the fan demands and had even campaign about his revival. Although this campaign wasn't available on PC.
No. 22829
683 kB, 1600 × 838
804 kB, 1600 × 838
559 kB, 1600 × 838
I've resubbed to eve for a month but can't really bring myself to do anything in it, the game world feels fairly dead. I did join a low sec alliance that seems fairly active though, maybe I'll get to kill a few things this time around if I can muster the effort

Sounds like I should give it another go then and just try and stay stealth instead of getting into fights, it just killed me last time being unable to start/stop and give orders. I can micro in a game with a UI I'm used to like Coh2 but I couldn't learn to micro in this. How long in-game until you unlock that slowdown skill?
No. 22840
80 kB, 604 × 576
Yeah I think that you should. SR's main problem is just not holding your hand at all or explaining shit.

As for the slowdown skill itself it really depends on what you prioritize. Technically you can get it at the very start of the game but you have to balance opportunity costs.
You can seriously get it as your very first skill on the support agent. Problem is it also doesn't last long for shit at first and needs to be heavily leveled, plus it doesn't just slow down the other dudes but instead slows down everything. Oh wait apparently it actually does speed up your dudes too and it's called Team Stims
If the overall combat and management of your team is bugging you that much I'd suggest immediately investing your points into Team Stims.

The problem with it is that this comes at the lost opportunity cost of not investing in majorly important skills such as World Scan which is pretty much the single most important one on that guy, as well as Leadership which is useful and Heal which also can be super effective.

Basically one thing I have actually noticed about this game is it's kind of reminiscent of Deus Ex HR's approach, where you get Steam achievements for a pacifist run which is super hard compared to the occasional necessary use of violence and where basically the skills are all varied but thematically break down into either being a stealth/pacifist based outfit or a combat based one, and if you fail at the one approach it's just going to be that much harder switching to the other. Like you can easily kit out your dudes into being a death squad but it's super hard to bust into some facilities and when you go loud they immediately start trying to call in backup so while you technically can try rushing in guns blazing it very much sticks with a certain cyberpunk game trope of actively trying not to have your runners trip alarms and start shooting the place up a la Shadowrun and Deus Ex etc.

Like for instance technically you can get away with not having to rely on the World Scan skill if you're mostly relying on firepower. Heal is entirely situational and useless if you're not going to be doing lots of fighting, whereas World Scan is mostly for seeing which security systems link where which is critical to a stealth run. All the Harden, Draw Fire, Weapon Specialist, Mark Target, Rage and so on skills are going to be all but useless in a good stealth run, and likewise your Cloak, Hardwiring and so on skills won't be as important for straight fighting, but the game is heavily weighted towards stealth and infiltration (and being a cyberpunk obviously hacking is going to be one of your absolute most important skills). Think of it kind of like a shadow run: ideally you want to wait as long as possible before being detected. If you start your run shooting at everybody it means someone fucked something up.

But if you aren't averse to massive amounts of violence one funny thing I found is that the Hijack skill on your hacker can be used to start massive gang wars, since lots of corpos are hostile to each other like Dracogenics (basically the city-wide police force), Eternals, and Uzy Korp. This also means that if you hijack a Draco and march him into a restricted zone of another corp you can unhijack him the moment he gets spotted, at which point the security AI will completely ignore trying to be arrested, try to arrest each other, and start shooting, which will alert every single security dude in the area from both sides to join the fight and then they will start calling for backup. Hilarity ensues. This is both a pretty good way to cause a massive distraction as well as apparently a way to take out turrets.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Wi-rd8PlQU lol yup this is also exactly the spot where I realized that I could do this.
No. 22845
8,0 MB, 1440 × 1080, 0:26
StarCraft 1 as game probably best Blizzard RTS and best classic RTS overall.
In therms of plot it continue Warcraft 1-2 idea: in WC1-2 (untill addon beyound dark protal) there was interesting concept of showing instead of adventure story typical for fantasy it was more "What if mongolian hordes attacked europe directly and they had magic and was possesed by demons monsters, and medival europe had some 16-18 centuary technics plus steampunk and magic and also add elves and make it medival-magic fantasy world war". Of cource they used cocept from Warhammer FB, but warhammer universe had already too many shit, while warcraft can make fresh start and have only enough lore that neccecery for such game (this why after Tides of Darkness it was so hard for blizzard to choose directions where they want to go with this universe)
Starcraft used same basic plot idea structure - it shifted towards more persnal stories, but still, overall we have actual world and conflict in first place. It was after Starcraft when in Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 they shift towards much more adventure-like stories with characters as plot device and also shift they style to cartoonish. I don't agree with that american who fan of SC1 that Warcraft 3 already bad game, since it carry legacy of all this interesting times when blizzard tried to search for new begining for universe, tried to do RPG and Adventure-Quest games and I like many ideas, I also like Warcraft 3 graphical style and how it was implemented (I not talk about gameplay in this post, this is different thing). Hovever, Starcraft 2... I alreadyfeel bad for this game. Unlike Warcraft there style change was much more dramatical from realistic dirty cyberpunk with cowboys towards generic space modern cartoonish fantasy I call "Warhammer 40k for little kids and hipsters". New directions of adventure-stories I not really cared and I still never even tried Legacy of the Void and more new addons and I feel like nobody cared at all about SC2 after Heart of the Swarm addon, for good or for bad.

Btw, I returned to my idea of making System Shock 1 inspired doom total convertion, so today I spend some time drawing more textures and have some work on first map.
No. 22848
Not everyone was a villain in SC1. For instance James Raynor was actually a pretty decent fellow overall even if he had a bit of outlaw turned sheriff about him, which I cannot understand why they shifted to some pants on head retarded story arc focusing entirely on Kerrigan, then making her out to be hero, then making her like some retarded savior of the universe. It just helped make Raynor that much more unbelievable throughout the rest. It's also just plain odd because the closest thing to a human protagonist the franchise ever had was Jimmy.

They basically just abandoned all pretense of it being a scifi/mild space cowboy flavor thing and turned it into yet another retarded fantasy. Like actually having real gods in the game all of a sudden? And they had to retcon a ton of shit to even do that completely stupid perversion of the story to begin with, including making all zerg strains nothing but twisted dark versions of native Zerus life, making the Xel Naga NOT responsible really for making the Zerg and Protoss, and making the Overmind not rebellious new race that defeated its progenitor masters among numerous other retarded things. Even the art style made a massive transformation from scifi to completely retarded fantasy bullshit. I dont think I can even force myself to read about all the other stupid things Blizzard must've done because apparently Duran is no longer an infested terran but some kind of immortal servant of a dark god.

I credit Warcraft 3 being the turning point for a reason because also it was when hero units no longer are just super powerful versions of units you can't lose but now suddenly can hold off whole armies and are even more important than armies themselves, which is completely fucking stupid in a scifi setting where whole worlds at a time are getting infested and burned. They only continued this cancerous direction further as the years went by culminating in MOBA type shit and it is partly a mentality of World of Warcraft and Warcfrat 3 I think. Like if you look back on it it's clear that their whole trajectory was inevitably going to be something as massively cancerous as "dont you all have phones?" It is like watching a chronic drunk pick his first fight. You already know then and there the path it's inevitably going down but for some reason keep lying to yourself in a vain hope, no, maybe it will still turn out okay. I mean at least in Warcraft it made sense to make some sort of super powerful wizard uber important, but to do that in Starcraft is unbelievably retarded and even worse when they just turn into some insipid crap about dark gods . Heroes of the Storm and something so casualized stupid kind of shit as Overwatch and it was destined to get worse as you said it became less and less about the epic struggles and more just personal drama and personal adventure stories. Like whole Starcraft 2 universe basically got turned into Jimmy and Kerrigan having stormy bf/gf issues + suddenly the universe needs Kerrigan to save literally universe itself from some dark god named Amon. It's the death of a franchise. The trajectory of fail kinda reminds me of how Dead Space began as a very serious and spooky scifi horror, then because cancerous influence of AAA megacorp slowly gets perverted into being nothing but another shitty coop FPS game, and oh yeah, turning it from being a battle against eldritch horror with a smart engineer to suddenly Ellie is a teenage bimbo and main focus is now on some idiotic love triangle drama between Isaac and some army captain, and oh yeah you get a brooding dude bro sidekick.

My God, that was so poorly done I STILL want to murder that stupid fucking Mexican frat boy or whatever the fuck he was.

Is this how bydlo really think? Or is this how business executives think bydlo thinks? Because they keep doing this stupid shit to have appeal to the masses but everytime they do it and make some teenage emotional bullshit drama the series tanks in sales.
No. 22849
29 kB, 499 × 640
156 kB, 1000 × 800
151 kB, 800 × 1360
248 kB, 1200 × 797
Is anyone here aware of Kenji Eno?

For those unaware, Eno was a game designer best known for the D trilogy (D, Enemy Zero and D2), all titles featuring the self-styled "digital actress" Laura as the protagonist. His life's work can be seen as early attempts to shift gaming's focus towards story and narrative. D and Enemy Zero are comprised entirely of full-motion video that captures a cinematic experience. As time hasn't been kind to either game, both have aged poorly and are largely seen as relics of '90s gaming zeitgeist. His ambitions were often at the expense of gameplay and replayability as the novelty of point-and-click adventures was lost on the average gamer.

D2 is perhaps Eno's best title for the uninitiated since the game resolves the previous installments' critical flaws by virtue of being an interactive Horror Survival game. It was obvious Eno was incorporating some established conventions from other Horror Survival games for the sake of reaching a wider audience, but he didn't sell out because the game ultimately is a story featuring the protagonist Laura. Even so, D2 still tests your patience with enemies interrupting you every 45 seconds of walking around the wintry landscapes.

It's a shame he died before reaching his peak, because with the right team, he could've been a legend. In many respects, he was born too soon. Were he still with us today, he could've easily secured Patreon or Kickstarter funds for any project he desired. Wonder how he'd feel about gaming culture today.

Sayonara, Kenji. you may be gone, but your life's work will never be forgotten:
No. 22850
The real problem starcraft 2 story is that moba and cinematic games became popular when it was produced. That's one of the main reasons why story became so cartoonish and centered around of characters. Warcraft 3 really is a turning point in this. Since it's popularised heroes and moba games.
Another problem is that blizzard had to build universe for StarCraft with many places, factions and etc. And they never were good in this. Developers either turn it into an endless war between factions for no reason or start to add new elements with every iteration, so their universe doesn't feel believable.
>feel like nobody cared at all about SC2 after Heart of the Swarm addon, for good or for bad.
Everyone was tired from the story and epic ending was needed.
>They basically just abandoned all pretense of it being a scifi/mild space cowboy flavor thing and turned it into yet another retarded fantasy
Well because they never were really sci-fi. Telepathy and magic protoss existed there since forever. It just had gritty style.
>apparently Duran is no longer an infested terran but some kind of immortal servant of a dark god.
He was immortal servant of a dark god since the first game. Moreover he brought terrans into coprulu and gave them magic, so basically it's mentioned since the first design documents of StarCraft.
SC2 is primary a multiplayer game and coop now. From gameplay experience both campaign and multiplayer are satisfying. Online in sc2 is still alive, moreover they still make additions to the game. I think i will start to play again this week, there were leaks that they will introduce battles with Ai(i mean that intel supercomputer, not usual bot), i want to see him by myself.
>longer are just super powerful versions of units you can't lose but now suddenly can hold off whole armies and are even more important than armies themselves, which is completely fucking stupid in a scifi setting where whole worlds at a time are getting infested and burned
That's an issue of micro/macro and gamemods. Basically more overpowered units - less micro - less clicks. And while superheros are stupid in sci-fi setting, they are fine addition to gameplay, since blizzard always tried to balance between reaction speed and tactics.
Co-op implementation of heroes is quite good tho(they are factions with unique abilities and units).
No. 22860
Fact that warcraft 3 become some sort of "turning point" is mistake. From the begining, this more "personal" approach in missions become thing, that diverse warcraft I from Dune 2 - there was some we know today as typical for blizzard missions where you need to assasinate or to rescue certain character, which have unique apperance and you have no base - you have only small number of units and you travel in linear or near linear dungeon, and you need not loose certain characters. Kinda making this game very proto-RPG. Same way characters and special unique units become same way important in many warcraft II missions as well, in warcraft I-II they also sometimes have unique stats. What also Warcraft I-II prtacticated - heavy involvent of activating abilities, magic and non-magic abilities of concretic unit, on level far far beyound what was in Dune-CnC games, where absolute majority of abilities is passive or half passive. Same way, Dune-CnC never practicated "hero" units or "character" units - it's approach was different, and was "Special" units - Volkov and Chitzkoi, Tanya, Commando, Boris etc. while was really cool units, they was never hero like, and was actual part of army and strategy, and only their unique apperance was in specialaised Single player missions. In multiplayer this is just "more powerfull type of infrantry unit" that you can have in limited numbers - and Tanya or Commando dies as fast as the rest of infrantry bubbles. In red alert 2 they tried new concept to make more unique factions but still remain in pure RTS zone - they introduced thing as sub-factions. About plot I probably will talk more later, but already Warcraft 2 Beyond Dart Protal introduced much more personal and fantasy adventure plot than was in warcraft 2. You can even tell about it but slightly different types of briffings and actual events and tasks.

Warcraft 3 was like that not because they wanted to radically change their strategies and games overall. Warcraft 3 was at first evolution of what they already doing, and second - gone thought development hell.
About first - there was problem that in end of 90s and early00s RTS games already hit certain barrier, where you achive maximum from concept of pure RTS Dune 2. CnC Generals and Starcraft and the Dawn of War 1 was in many ways top of evolution of strategy as pure thing - and already they tried to implement as deep mechanics as possible for limits of the genre. Next step would loggicaly should be something more than RTS. Generals addon Zero Hour already tired (but kind failed since it was unfinished) introduce more complex "generals" mechanic which was evolution of CnC "sub-faction" approach". Dawn of War in addons introduced Total-war like campain where "heroes" (command units) can evolve not even on map, but also have bonuses that they obtain passing thought this campain. Petrogyph, which was heir of Westwood then in Star Wars Empire at War and even more in great addon Forces of Corruption introduced game where actual RTS components was very sacrificed in favor of this realtime/turn based big conquest regime, where scirmishes is only halfe or the third part of actual game, shifting towards totalwar-like game. Blizzard decided to go with something they already doing - heroes, limited units dungeon missions etc.
About Second - After warcraft 2 as you know it was long, long time for blizzard what to with universe they have. You all know how many games, concepts and ideas was abadoned between warcraft 2 and 3. Warcraft 3 development restarted many times from almost zero as game concept, as RTS, as RPG, as mix. Some iterations was Warcraft 3 alpha-prealpha looks like something Rage of Mages game or even "Overlord" from top down perspective if you know what I mean. Finnaly, in 1999 they decided to split PRG and RTS projects - in world of Warcraft and Warcraft 3, make two different games, and Warcraft 3 become RTS again. Hovever they had so many leftover stuff from preious development and additionaly wanted to make something more than pure RTS. Style not changed that much, since Warcraft always had cartoonish in-game style, and there it was just adopt to work in low poly 3d. And they did much more fine job than CnC generals in therms of graphics in mine opinion. Story - already evolution of ideas from Beyond the Dark Protal, and also continuation of already developed ideas for cancceled Adventure-Quest games.

Generally I more fan of atmosphere of warcraft 1 and Tides of Darkness, I also love Starcraft 1 (not as much as you guys but still), but I also was attracted by all this cancelled concepts of early warcraft 3 iterations and cancelled adventure games. You see, it was fantasy stories, but in this - classic warcraft universe with it's feel and atmosphere and there was still not much shit or crap added. 1999 versions of world of warcraft also looked like nice with it's more proper cities and less cartoonish style it reminded me about "what if Ultima 9 was done right". I guess how world turned, if Wow was released in year of 2000 and it was singleplayer classic ARPG. But I still happy with Warcraft 3 - I like this game, like it's campain, music, characters and artstyle. I dream about what if it had more complex RTS gameplay - like Naga faction and proper sea warfare that was cut, but similar I may say about Starcraft Broodwar addon.

I don't agree that it's Warcraft 3 fault that Starcraft 2 become what it become. There was no actual reason to shift Starcraft in direction it shifted. Problem is, that WOW and more particulary - wow addons did more "damage" to blizzard and it's visions than warcraft 3 ever did. At times SC2 released - it was already different company, who just made infinity expansions to their ultra-popular among bydlo, woman and koreans MMO, so Starcraft 2 is result of it. Also, after warcraft 3 more and more people leved blizzard - as I know there almost no people who was in blizzard development circles in 90s and early 00s. Modern blizzard is just now "Hipster SJW division of Activision corporation" - and it is in any way not fault of Warcraft 3.

About MOBA - I see no problems with this genre. Screaming at warcraft 3 that it is his fault that he had so powerfull map editor that allowed people make their custom maps and games is same, as blame Quake for existance and popularity of Overwatch, because Team Fortress at first was Quake mod. And many custom maps, including solo heroes ones was extreamly fun - warcraft 3 never live so long if it not had such divorce community. Also, if I not mistaken, first iterations of DotA maps was made for Starcraft 1, such cases.
No. 22862
1,6 MB, 1366 × 768
Ended up grabbing the NTTR map for DCS. It's breddy noice though I got a bit excited while taking the F-5E out for a spin and ran out of fuel before I could make it back to Nellis. Ended up doing a descent pattern and tried landing on US 93. It went poorly. Even for a little plane like a Tiger II, a two lane highway is a narrow target :-DDD
No. 22864 Kontra
344 kB, 1366 × 768
Als ob, flying around Vegas at night is fun
No. 22887
2,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
799 kB, 1920 × 1080
1,4 MB, 636 × 279, 0:07
Dog damn this game is actually pretty frickin good. It's just such a complete pain in the ass at the beginning when you're also still getting used to controls and don't have augs or any gear so basically can't use vents, ziplines, cloak anyone but infiltrator, no armor or shields and shitty pewpews etc. but once you learn and acquire all that it gets so much better. Only other thing is apparently enemies scale with you in all zones with some combo of your skills/gear/augs/some other stuff.

>Well because they never were really sci-fi. Telepathy and magic protoss existed there since forever. It just had gritty style.
Shit like telepathy and psionic powers have been part of soft scifi since forever. None of it is supposed to be "magic" and all is supposed to be like some sort of manipulated bioelectric field or whatever that all or at least the main three sentient species use on some level, with Protoss being fully developed psykers capable of telepathy, Zerg being rudimentary but linked by a strong hivemind basically using the same psychic force, and Terrans being latent psykers with only a few being mildly developed through the Ghost Program.

>He was immortal servant of a dark god since the first game
Says who? It is a retcon. Duran shows up as some sketchy local guide for the UED, then turns out he is an infested agent of Kerrigan. Nowhere in BW do I remember it hinted at him being anything else.

>Moreover he brought terrans into coprulu and gave them magic, so basically it's mentioned since the first design documents of StarCraft.

Maybe in nuBlizzard canon but fucking no one "gave humans magic" and the actual canon was always that humans had oddly developed on their own and had not been manipulated by Xel Naga, unlike Zerg and Protoss.Okay this must be what you're talking about
I never even thought that mission was supposed to be canon honestly.

>it was already different company, who just made infinity expansions to their ultra-popular among bydlo, woman and koreans MMO, so Starcraft 2 is result of it.
>bydlo, woman and koreans MMO
I don't know why this phrasing was so funny to me

I also didn't know WC3 and WoW were supposed to originally have been the same game. Also the impression I generally got from all those earlier missions, even going back to Warcraft 2, was that it was more like you were escorting important hero units specifically because they were like officers and leaders or something, in the same way that assassinating say the leader of the UED or some important Terran generals would be an important military target.

I think the difference is where the mentality stops becoming, oh so Character X is important because strategic and military reasons vs Character X is important purely for dumb drama and plot armor reasons.
No. 22900
>Says who? It is a retcon. Duran shows up as some sketchy local guide for the UED, then turns out he is an infested agent of Kerrigan. Nowhere in BW do I remember it hinted at him being anything else
There is a secret mission in starcraft bw, where he says it by himself. The only thing that was retconned with him is that it was implied that he brought humans into koprulu and secretly developed psyonic powers in them, they never mentioned this except for the backstory on original disks.
As you see the backbone to the story of starcraft 2 existed since the manual to original. The major element of the story that was changed was supposed to be the secret killswitch inside of kerrigan, that was installed in her during the ghost program. Mengsk supposed to had control over it and raynor was collecting parts of it during his campaign. And during the zerg campaign kerrigan would find out that mengsk somehow knew about amon and zerg turning her into the queen all along. They even had cinematics for this story, but they leaked before the release.
No. 22903
295 kB, 1500 × 1211
223 kB, 1920 × 1080
52 kB, 770 × 436
So I picked up Pathologic 2 but haven't played it much yet. Gonna shill it once more with the newest trailer though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2fAbqT5GWg

Finished Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. It was a bit slow during the middle part but at the end there were so many twists, I couldn't help but appreciate the writing. Gonna play some other stuff now though before I pick up Zero Time Dilemma.

Also started setting up RetroArch, and played the Persona 1 PSP remake for a bit. I'm enjoying the option to talk to the enemies to resolve encounters.

Recently I've been reading up on all the legendary Japanese game designers, and stumbled upon Kenji Eno again. Then I wondered from where do I know him. Did you post about him a few years ago or so (maybe even on KC)?
Never actually played any of his games, but I watched all those LPs by supergreatfriend, those were pretty fun.
No. 22915
239 kB, 1600 × 900
My biggest gripe with Mount & Blade is that my weapons keep breaking.
It wouldn't be a problem if I used random shit I found while fighting.
M8, that sabre costs 8k denars at least, that's like the total wealth of three villages, you aren't allowed to break it by blocking with a shitty wooden spear or shield.
Same goes for the horses. It costs 10k denars to have a horse like this, stop crippling it, fuckwads.

My army is getting too big for it's own good, it costs a fuckload to upkeep, and the HRE armies can't muster actual good troops to have a proper fight with me.

Strangely enough, Muslim lords keep deserting to England and the HRE. They have ghetto tier armies of 20-30 men in robes with stick, and the only reason they can loot towns is because they are quick enough.

The next step would be to get an actual city for myself instead of a castle.

It's a really good game. I don't even know why I couldn't appreciate it when I first played it.
No. 22916
I just wanted to thank you again for the channel of Matthew Matosis. The guy is both very smart and very honest and he is not impressed with trends. I really needed to see something like this to regain some trust in critics.
No. 22935
133 kB, 800 × 600
940 kB, 1024 × 768
45 kB, 640 × 480
129 kB, 1024 × 780
>I think the difference is where the mentality stops becoming, oh so Character X is important because strategic and military reasons vs Character X is important purely for dumb drama and plot armor reasons.
There may be very different aproaches and thoughts on this idea from perspectives of plot and gameplay. Gameplay-wise nothing THAT much changed in mission structure idea from warcraft I in this regard. Same as in WCI you need to find on other side of cave andescord back Garona character, you walking around on map for Thrall in WCIII.
About plot - must times Hero must do something even in warcraft 3 - same as in Starcraft1, where already many missions where "Hero Must survive". And in many ways, for example first SC campain is more or less Raynor story, so very often there flag "Raynor must survive" for same plot reasons. SC1 already exploited a lot ideas that will made basis for WCIII - for example cutscenes with dialogues and portraits between mission in SCI then, in WCIII will evolve into in-game cutscenes.
>I also didn't know WC3 and WoW were supposed to originally have been the same game
I had disscution about it somewhere on EC, thought it was with you. I already forgot all little details of the story, but basicly before 1999 it was meant to be almost full RPG game or something like that.
In 1999 games split up. First pic from 1999 WC3 version if I not mistaken, there you rule over concretic heroes, and instead of party each hero can have some allied troops for him, or kind of.
Second pic is 1999 World of Warcraft. This is first WOW screen that looks like something different - more early builds from same year is basicly build upon WC3 resourses - not be a surprise that even when projects divided WoW was planned some sort of full-multiplayer variant of same game while WC3 be singleplayer-only RPG.
Pic 3 is Warcraft beta from 2000. There was magazine articles about this version, or at least previews. From it I get impression that it still hold hell lot of stuff from 1999, rather than more later iterations.
And last pic is september2000-and later builds. Only there they moved back towards making actual RTS game with only some RPG elements. But this is not something final - many, many things was redone. For example, there was already many musical tracks for this september 2000 build that was more WarcraftII-Starcraft-y style background than final game ambients. So they redone soundtrack from zero somewhere in 2001.

You can easely spot how much development hell was creating this game by looking and unique objects, models and units in all campains or unused at all - there hell lot of stuff, and I onlywonder how much stuff was scrapped and cut.

Early WOW ideas was also cool - it was not same MMO thing that we know was released in 2004. Early ideas for WOW remined me more about Ultima online or other CRPG or ARPG games with some realistic elements - like real darkness and that you need to make some lights, some fire to see in night - and in some "creepy" zones like dark forest it was neccecery to survive. Big characters like Tauren had big hitboxes and can not go into small door and interiors where they physically can not pass etc. etc. I guess if it was more assburger-orientated with 1998-1999 approach to style, it'd be compleatly different game.
No. 22936
13 kB, 400 × 200
81 kB, 800 × 600
101 kB, 800 × 600
116 kB, 800 × 600
>Recently I've been reading up on all the legendary Japanese game designers, and stumbled upon Kenji Eno again. Then I wondered from where do I know him. Did you post about him a few years ago or so (maybe even on KC)?
>Never actually played any of his games, but I watched all those LPs by supergreatfriend, those were pretty fun

In fact, I did. I would also post about Illbleed, another favorite game of mine released on the Dreamcast. Like all the other games on that console, it would be doomed to relative obscurity but appreciated by a core base of loyal fans. Illbleed deserves recognition not only as a horror survival game, but also as a horror comedy survival. While the game press wasn't too kind to Illbleed on account of its shoddy mechanics and awkward gameplay, the game's camp redeem its critical flaws: the dark atmosphere, identifiable characters, gritty aesthete, zany humor, subtle references to horror films, tone and plot. Even the bad voice acting is charming in its own right.

No. 22937
Yes but even though Raynor had badass stats for a special unit just like General Duke had a much better battlecruiser none of these units were otherwise that special, neither in gameplay nor ultimately for anything but plot and even then a whole ton of characters died: Girard, Stukov, Tassadar, Aldaris, Fenix, technically Kerrigan (but not really), numerous celebrates etc. I mean, at least a Cerebrate was literally in charge of holding the swarm together like a massive synapse creature, so arguably all the slain cerebrates were way more important but they died too.

Now let's compare to perfect case in point being not only do units have a variety of hero massively overpowered hero abilities but there's one mission in HotS where apparently Kerrigan is having some huge psychic Dragonball Z energy battle with Narud
I mean just look at this absolutely stupid bullshit. Starcraft 1 would never have had something that idiotic in it. Hell not even Warcraft would have had that possibly, and at least Warcraft was a fantasy game. This is the kind of moment where Blizzard abandons all pretense of having anything at all believable or to do with even a soft scifi setting. So this also is exactly what I mean about it no longer being about anything believable or realistic in the meta plot or at any other level even where suddenly rather than having it as planetary or interstellar political intrigues Blizzard at once tries to expand the scope while narrowing it and both come off as completely retarded, both the sappy unbelievable love story with Raynor and the whole focus being just on Kerrigan etc, as well as now suddenly it is "we just literally save all life in the universe" plot, and not just any faction, but basically just like one or a handful of dudes.

They changed the narrative itself, the focus, and everything along with it. This is what I mean about no longer being about armies. There was at least the sense in original Starcraft that each of your little dudes had his own life story, even if it was just a brainwashed convict. I guess they even changed it to where units get superficial "ranks" by number of kills, but at the same time stripped the soul out of precisely why so many of us would do things like leave our one marine down to 4 hp and like 13 kills back at base as a war hero or wounded veteran. I never got the sense to do that in WoL and partly that was because they stupidly made it into huge characters with fantasy body ratios and fantasy style everything to where it's basically just another shitty fantasy rpg having energy beam tug of wars between a few characters.

This right here in that video is pretty much exactly what I meant about the shift at Blizzard. Which is fine if you want to make a bunch of fantasy rpg games but don't ruin every other franchise into being just another garbage clone of everything else. What made Starcragt special was precisely that grittiness. For a comparison is similar to like how you have said repeatedly how good Fallout 1 originally was and how desperate the situation until they added more and more silly shit and ruined it. Starcraft had like elements of cyberpunk even and a distinct gritty dystopia feel to everything. Whole worlds getting invaded and set to the flame, entire colonies at a time. You just dont get that scale because Blizzard decided to scale everything down to individual characters, and make everything about it like a fantasy rpg with units, and then rather than just some sector of the galaxy being on fire and that sort of forbidding almost survival horror feel to now it just being another cheesy over the top fantasy hero literally saving the universe story.

There's many things I fucking hated about the new Starcraft right down to how they changed the growing zerg buildings to being some weird stupid shit of a pustule with some zerg swimming around inside it.

I mean, I will grant you I have seen worse. The terrible things EA did to every single franchise standout. The even somehow fucking killed Command and Conquer by trying to turn even that into yet another shitty FPS game. So best I can say is, Activision Blizzard never went as full retard as EA but damnit does it feel like they're trying sometimes. But then again, I largely fucking hate fantasy setting in general at this point so clearly I'm even more biased, and is one reason why all the shitty fantasy conversion elements of SC2 stand out to me so much. Think of it as like, you have this epic RTS series, about some strange resource called tiberium that is both very valuable and very hazardous, and then they keep adding scifi elements rather than very mild scifi to basically our world and it's like okay, until somehow they turn whole fucking thing into Kane actually being a living god who's literally saving the universe from the dark gods and that is pretty much how I feel about what Activision sodomized Starcraft into being. You can tell there's just enough of the original type of people left to keep it from being a complete shit show but for whatever reason decided to turn that "it's not warcraft in space! It's much more sophisticated!" joke into actual shitty reality.

And fucking God why do corporations always feel the need to add the shitty fake love story bullshit? As a testimony to how truly shitty EA is I can't help but eventually start thinking about Dead Space 3 while trying to talk about the stupidity of making SC2 into basically the Raynor Kerrigan love story and I just get mad at EA all over again.
No. 22946
962 kB, 1366 × 738
820 kB, 1366 × 740
1,1 MB, 1366 × 768
Decided to fly some FC3 today. They're not as easy to fly as full-fidelity modules in my opinion since I find it easier to learn what the buttons do and how the system works than to just memorise keybinds with little cockpit context. Frankly, I find the full-fidelity modules more fun, but it's not like these are arcade, and they're the only way that I'll see modern Red airframes in my lifetime, so I'll take what I can get.

Anyway, I spent a lot of time familiarising myself with the Sea Flanker today. Did some carrier traps while playing some MP. Was pretty fun. I just kind of have an autistic aversion to having the kind of granular control that a full-fidelity simulator has. But I'll take what I can get. It's apparently off the table to even do an 80s Su-27 or MiG-29, let alone what is actually a pretty modern variant in the Su-33.

I'll probably eventually get the Hornet for full-fidelity carrier ops but it's not out of early access yet and to me anyway doesn't have the mystique of a Sea Flanker with those elegant lines and foreign design principles.

After my last trap, I just parked, shut down and enjoyed the ambience of sitting on the carrier deck with the coast around Sochi in the distance there. Was comfy, and it is very true that the Russian blue cockpit is calming, this I can confirm tbh.
No. 22951
1,5 MB, 1366 × 768
1,5 MB, 1366 × 768
1,8 MB, 1366 × 768
1,5 MB, 1366 × 768
I've also just been practicing air to air refueling since it's super important with the Sea Flanker. That's because it's a big aircraft that doesn't have a catapult. If you want a full load of missiles, you need to cheap out on fuel if you want to get off the boat. The idea being that once airborne you can link up with a tanker, top up and be good to go. Problem is that aerial refueling is hard as shit on a good day, and it's a fucking basket. I prefer boom since it's what I learned first in the A-10C and even that makes me want to kill myself. Time to put in 20+ hours practice to get to a basic level of proficiency with this skill :-DDD

To that end, the Su-33 has an autothrust feature (the lit up pushbutton in pic 3) that works pretty well at handling the need for insanely precise throttle control that aerial refueling needs, and also has a special FCS mode that changes the flight computer into something that levels out the aircraft and heavily reduces control surface deflection and alters it somewhat so that you translate more than rotate. It's perfect for the fine stick movements you need in aerial refuel. It's the top switch. Dunno what it translates to, presumably something to do with refueling though since it's what the mode is designed for.

I rate it calming blue required/5.
No. 22961
I don't even remember which game this is. So good eh? Can it actually teach you how to pilot anything? What are your thoughts on that guy who got arrested for selling F16 manuals? Have some theme music
No. 22973
It's DCS World, though the Su-33 is specifically a part of the Flaming Cliffs 3 module which has simplified systems modeling. You might learn a thing or two, but it's definitely a survey sim. Something like the A-10C is a study sim, which is why it costs the same but you only get one plane. It's got a fully clickable cockpit where all the systems are modeled to the best of the ability of the engine and also legality. The Hog is actually a consumer version of the A-10C simulator made for the Air National Guard some time ago.

Really though it's nothing compared to flight. I could use the systems in a hog from that period but flight is as much about feel as it is knowledge, and while the weight affects virtual flight, I'm not having to deal with it personally like I would as an actual pilot, and edge of the envelope stuff a) has no risk of actually killing me and b) isn't subjecting my body to high g forces.

There was an official statement that he was working solo to make some money on the side and is probably fired at this point. Tbh, the ones that really got him in shit were the F-22 and F-35 manuals he was trying to get. The F-16 one is more a problem with arms export than classification.

I saw a bit of fearmongering about them being a Russian company, but they've made at least one simulator for the US military so it's not like they're a front or anything. To also add to the evidence that it's a single guy's greed, the company he worked for knows what they can and can't look at. They've got a US manager who is an ex CIA Analyst whose knowledge on handling classified documents is pretty good.

Tbh though, I wouldn't buy into DCS right now if you aren't into a particular study sim. ED is currently developing a new survey sim based on the same engine called Modern Air Combat. It takes FC3 and then simplifies the systems of a lot of the study sims in the same manner so you've got more aircraft that are better from a game perspective. It's not going to be Ace Combat, but it'll be somewhere in between. It was going to just be a DCS module but the scope changed into making it standalone so it's behind schedule but I expect maybe a late 2019 or early 2020 release. Even then I'd wait and see, the DCS engine is very powerful, but you have to make your own fun. If their quality of life changes are good then it'll be excellent though, and they need quality of life changes because the market won't just be aircraft autists who will put up with it. I also wouldn't believe them that keyboard and mouse will be playable. I'd say it'd be doable but far more ergonomic to just get a cheap stick.

No. 22974
58 kB, 1200 × 453
91 kB, 768 × 576
84 kB, 700 × 525
You know, if you want to search where Blizzard really turned towards different directions concreticly - it was somewhere AFTER WoW intial release. It is the point where everything become too over-cartoonish, they started to ressurect villians and characters, too much alter game world much beyond "in-game limitations" and hell lot of other things. Draenei from fucking alien monsters become "cute half protoss half demons and some anime", Outland from compleatly destroyed and absoluetly dead land of nothing floating rocks in space become "just another continent that in places looks like china mixed with cartoonish version of morrowind", Illidan who we seen clearly was dead in Frozen Throne ending is not dead and now again in outland for some reason, some long lost characters from Beyond the Dark Portal and overall it was just rollecoaster of some random shit just to please MMO players, not actual warcraft fans.

To mark point where they stop making RTS games and started making more RPG stuff is also very hard, because yeah, already, two points - plot and gameplay wise, also campain and scirmish is also different thing. Warcraft I had some character elements and limited no-base maps, Warcraft II had characters and heroes as special units that core of some scenarios, Warcraft II Beyond Dark Portal tells much more personal stories, Starcraft abadoned idea of Player as actual character like it was in CnC games and Warcraft 1-2, intermissions now not briefings but disscutions between characters, almost all campain maps have unique characters who need to survive or do some task. And Warcraft 3 in the end after total hell in development and almost complete abadoning of many ideas become RTS too, only major thing they added in concept gameplay-wise - Heroes now can go level up and pick some objects on map. If you for example turn off heroes and will play skirmish in WC3 - it will be absoluetly same strategy with same basic concepts, just probably less balanced than starcraft and missed some cool features you expected from sequel, because RTS part of this game was done very late in development, after abadoning their RPG idea they rushed RTS part in only like of year of development, and even thought 2001 they abadoned hell lot of ideas even from RTS concept.

Mission in campain - even more of them are hero centric or need to do you some specific non-RTS tasks and your army s just support for it. Reason for it because they slaped campain together from remants of all 10 different abadoned pre-alpha builds, because at time of 2002 blizzard started to get reputation of people who don't finish any games and don't keep promesies - Anounsed adventure games cancelled after all that hype and marketing, Warcraft 3 in development for like 4 years and every year they show different concepts but never proper playable game. People get tired of it and they needed rlise SOMETHING. So we get Warcraft 3 - some RPG, some RTS. Non best RTS, non best RPG, but still not bad game, actually great game that I count as objectively good. And even I'am more Westwood-dude, I think warcraft 3 did better job than CnC Generals - CnC Generals had hell lot of potential, ideas and ambition at RTS mechanics, but because EA - non finished, imbalanced and too rushed game sadly made Westwood lost this race for blizzard - I think they never at RTS balance toped Starcraft I, because Westwood tried to increase scale, add much more actual RTS mechanics and never managed to balance their game and polish them to make ideal competition games, and ironically focused on plots and campaings - but same time remained pure RTS at gameplay. At campains - sorry, starcraft. Warcraft 3 campain plots and cinematics awesome, Warcraft II briefings I like - but nothing will top awesome cinematics with real actors before and after mission.

Plowise - Warcraft 3 not very far from Starcraft, really. You have Arthas, he is like Kerrigan but even more bad ass, like he from start kind of wierd dude who become impotant because he is son of king of biggest human and after WarcraftI-II overall biggest kingdom in da world so he turned nuts, lost his soul and become not just "ha ha evil" but actually cold souless abomination of hate and killer and never become "good" again. He also killed Father and then Uther who carried urn with dust of his father just to put Kel'Thuzad there, and Uther also was not that good of a man, since he is blind religion beliver who can not properly teach and interact with people by reasons and become main paladin only because other duded died or lost during 2nd war.
Thrall story is kind of rayner story - it is just confusing becuause game about him was cancelled, nobody explain that he just dude who have some remnats of clans that did uprising in Alliance getto diet camps and he just trying to find new home, this is all. Athas not become good again, most of core human kingdoms destroyed, Uther dead, Orks now very small nation of survivers who live in some shithole in nowhere, Illidan dead (before retcons), Admiral Proudmoore dead, Draenor now some empty dead rocks with some demonic mutants. I don't felt there was some plot armor, nobody was ressurected from prvious game and nothing was just for sake of fan service exept some easter eggs.
And Even world of warcraft - vanilla wow released version have some problems of being MMO and world presentation, but it nit tried to be SUPER ULTRA EPIC MEGA WAR WITH ULTRA-DEATH HYPERPACE OVERLORDS. You just have actual world of warcraft - you can walk around in familiar and new locations, all bosses is actually not real world thread that much and not that absolute major dudes or characters - some lord of elementales, old god dude, Kel'Thuzad that was by plot remained in Lordaeron ruins in end of Frozen Throne, Deathwing's gf etc. and absolute major parts of vanilla - you just walking hours in some locations killing boars, sometimes find familiar places. It was what game promised - world of warcraft. I'd not wonder if they not expected WoW become so big - so they not maded that major events to left room for possible warcraft 4.
Warcraft 3 and WoW was not something planned - it was accidental games that result of messing with 9000 ideas same time. And only after their release old people started slowely left blizzard. After WotLK and Activison - if finnaly become this BAD comapany you tried to describe in your post. Only thing new team start to do - trying to repeat sucsess of War3 and WoW, transitional accidental games and start making games as fan-service for maximum big audience.
So after WotLK it become repating over and over but same time turned towards china and korea markets complatly. Every new addon old characters ressurected, time travel, world destroyed - this is just a bunch of STUFF. It's like terrible anime that on-goning for 900000 episodes. And for Starcraft 2 - they did absoluetly same. They don't know how to do other things rather than what are they doing now. 99.9% this is people who not was back when SC1 was made. It even not people who did WC3 and WoW vanilla. This is just division of Activision company that produce cartoonish hipster games by same cliches over and over, full of bad digital art artist. My joke about bydlo, woman and koreans (together with hipsters, teenagers, manchild femenists) - is their main target audience now. And this is their main work as part of Activision coporation.

If you want we can more talk about warcraft 3 alpha and beta versions and other cancelled blizzard games to help you view this game different than what it is.
No. 22975
Also tbh, I wouldn't even be mad if DCS focused on naval aviation from here on out. Carrier ops are ebin.

I also practiced traps to this, sue me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK0P1Bk8Cx4
No. 22988 Kontra
344 kB, 1366 × 768
Did my first case 3 trap today. It was a 4 wire (hook caught the last arresting wire on the deck) so not great, but a trap is a trap at the end of the day, and a 4 wire is better than slamming into the back of the boat. That said, it was a pretty easy case 3, and would only be considered such in real life. Visibility was pretty good due to the full moon so in practical terms it was more of a case 2 but I'll take the technical victory there :-D
No. 23014
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758 kB, 1600 × 900
530 kB, 1600 × 900
634 kB, 1600 × 900
Alien Isolation was honestly so scary, I could not play beyond 3 or 4 hours into the game. It was seriously terrifying which is nothing I've ever seen before in a game.
No. 23015
Can confirm, could not play.

In other news, the gameplay trailer[1] for Death Stranding is 110% Kojima and I love it. Kojima can finally spread his wings.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP3UngLFou4