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No. 2076
23 kB, 465 × 262
Do you consider yourself an expert on a topic or a craft? List them and rate your own estimated level of expertise
No. 2078
I have knowledge and skills in some fields/topics the average does not have, yet I wouldn't call myself an expert in any of those. I always start something and never go absolutely deep besides a few things, I did 5 years of music producing on an quite intensive level and I have made tracks that got played more than 2000 and one even more than 15000 times on Soundcloud which surprises me.
Does not make me an expert but I have luck and a feel for good electronic music

t. not the C64 guy but german techno and house ernst

Atm I reading a lot on liertature, literature itself and also a lot of critical theory in order to be some expert on this, to write about it is my last dream that I could push since my music production will never go behind a certain level which makes it difficult to get stuff released, or even produce enough music that is worth a release to be precise
No. 2080
Are you by any chance the /m/-Bernd from a few years back who explored the "deep internet" genre? :3

I also make electronic music btw, i have several soundcloud and bandcamp pages, however nothing that really gained a larger audience.
No. 2083
>"deep internet"

Sorry, I don't know what you are talking about. I was not that active on /m/ whether kc or I think old ec had an /m/ too?
No. 2085
> i have several soundcloud and bandcamp pages

I have two other accounts which have basically no audience, some hiphop beats and some other electronic one.

bandcamp is cool for labels, small labels especially. found some gems there who exist basically over bandcamp.
No. 2086
I don't like Soundcloud actually. So many people there just desperately want to increase their amount of followers. It turns into an extreme "follow me, i follow back" circlejerk game where following becames meaningless in the end because nobody is genuinely interested in the music.

On the other hand i think bandcamp makes better decisions overall, their tagging system is wonderful to explore music, there are no follower numbers to boost anyones ego. By default it promotes donation to artists, and the audience is actually very willing to pay even when you offer it for free (i was surprised myself seeing someone pay 6€ for my album that was free to download). All new music i listen to in the last 3 years is from bandcamp, either indie labels there or individual artists, but that's also due to the fact that i'm very involved in niche/micro-genres that basically has their releases and community entirely on bandcamp mostly and not on the "traditional" music market.
No. 2087
146 kB, 768 × 1152
Expert in what sense?
By the dictionary definition of "expert" I'm far from it, but if we go by the common definition of "I can outperform the average bydlo twat" then yes, I have subject which I know a lot about.
Some of the things are:
>Chinese Literature
>Literature in General
>Writing Essays
>Some parts of History
>Chinese Philosophy
>The History of Japanese Animation
Not much else. I haven't done any of this on an academical level though, so why should you take my word for it? I'm also a master at "saying nothing" while writing a lot of words to convey said "nothing"
No. 2088
Yeah soundcloud is only good if you can spread your music on other platforms. The I follow you and you follow me back is a shit game you don't need to get involved in. Just get your music somewhere else, were people come to listen to new music from that genre.

Lofi House e.g has youtube channels...some guys who make low fi (90s home camera) videos for your music. People follow these guys in high numbers, thats I got most of my plays on soundcloud I guess.

So its VJs more or less that promote your music toegtehr with their video aesthetics. perfect symbiosis.
No. 2089
how to write essays?

I guess I'm just to lazy to make enough research. I've written papers for my bachelor degree and I get positive feedback for it but I just want to write freely about topics. I guess I just don't do good research to get the shit together and make a coherent text with arguments, the style question is something different.
No. 2090
>how to write essays?
Lots of research AND you also read a lot of essays and copy their tools and methods.
No. 2091
I want to read Adornos Der Essay als Form soon, maybe that reveals some interesting insights or at least meta thoughts.
No. 2092
I know some things about Soviet medals & orders awarded in 1920-1950. But it's really hard to become expert in phaleristics because your knowledge about awards is built on market surveillance, and forgeries are becoming more tricky every year.
There is a lot of 50-80 year old men who spent more than half their lives collecting medals and undocumented information, some of the grandpas gain immense authority in collector communities and can singlehandedly destroy the reputation of any particular award. The situation is aggravated by the fact that a lot of useful information exists only in Russian.
No. 2097
I'm pretty good at improvising things and finding solutions, but this sort of skill is not quantifyable.
No. 2910