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No. 21012
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So, I was thinking to myself: It would be nice to adopt a cat or another animal. I've got a backyard and plenty of space and time. My family always had owned pets. What could go wrong?

For a start: Our country has banned "private" offers of animals recently. That means, you can't just go on facebook, ebay or even your supermarket and post "Wanna have a cat?" It's VERBOTEN now in the name of animal protection.

Why does my shitty country, and the neighboring one sharing the same language, have to be the only ones on the entire earth who are so absolutely retarded about animal welfare?

Well, you can always just get a fuckton expensive animal from a registered breeder. (Right, because I totally want to pump 1000€ in a "totally worth it" cat just to have it chill in my yard.) Or, OR, you can contact a "registered animal help organisation".

You know, the ones who run animal shelters. You should assume, with the ads they always put, that they're desperately overbooked and always in need of someone to take an animal from them. Right?

No. Not even temporal space until someone else wants a god or a cat and picks them up for you. You have to submit an application describing everything about your home and what skills you have. Then they call you and say it's sadly not possible.

Oh, and if you want to actually adopt an animal, you will have to pay 200€. AND they will require you to come to the facility several times to assess your personality match and then give you an animal they deem fit for you.

Apparently it's better for the 100s of cats and dogs to live in a tiny cage and get let out once a day by a Registered Dog Trainer(r)(c) then just live with a normie.

But wait! All the Registered Animal Help Clubs always post sob stories about the shelters in spain and whatever, all the countries where animals surprisinly have exactly the amount of worth they had all of mankind's history.

Oh, it's so terrible, they are in tin cages and if nobody picks them up after 30 days, they get killed! Oh no!

Well, the Registered Helper Clubs apparently regularly grive down and collect animals by the truckload from such institutions.

And you would think it would be an easy opportunity to just get a cat or dog from there?


"We do this to protect animals~"
"We want to make sure you really have the capacity to care for that dog~"
"200€ is nothing compared to the cost of an animal anyway~"

Ok, so I get this right: Because I might feed my cat with cheapo cat food and might not take it to the vet in the rare event of it breaking a leg, I am a terrible human who HATES ANIMALS ;_; and they are better of rotting to death in a spanish prison.

Just how retarded are people around here?

And, what's worse, apparently there are a lot. A LOT. Of people who think just alike, who actually pay those fuckers 200€ so they can get an old useless dog abandoned by a spanish farmer, and they all pour money to those fucking clubs because "the poor animals need someone to care for them ~properly~".

I would bet those kill shelters do get a percentage of the moon prices as well, like 50€ per useless dog, that the germans pack into their trucks and drive across all those borders.

Literally every country just stores useless animals and hands you one if you want to because then it means one less of them rotting in the cages and needing to be fed. But no, not around here, here we have people bending over backwards to accomodate to made up guidelines and making a huge circus about "helping" animals from other countries and funneling thousands of euros in the meantime. And apparently that means I can not simply get a cat someone else deems useless, and so I will end up with no cat in my nice and sunny backyard whereas they will be killed at other places (even here in Austria, because the farmers who still have some common sense regarding animals might have asked "someone wants these cats?", but now aren't allowed anymore and just drown them instead of driving them to an animal help club 20km away).
No. 21039 Kontra
Even though what you talk about doesn't affect me you have my deep participation in your anger.
No. 21059
There's no border checks in Schengen, right? So just drive down to Slovenia or Czechia or Slovakia or Hungary and get an animal there. If anyone asks where you got it from, just say it was a stray, or you got it from a relative who couldn't take care of it anymore.
No. 21060
Here is how most people actually do this: You know somebody who has a cat or dog that has just thrown and they ask around if anyone wants any. You say "yes" and you've got yourself an animal.

That's how I got a cat 20 years ago. And nobody cares about such laws in private.
No. 21065
I know. But I actually wanted a sort of old one so I don't have the hassle of the youth time and also the commitment is shorter.
No. 21075
>just drive down to Slovenia or Czechia or Slovakia or Hungary and get an animal there


In case you want something more official, there are countless of animal shelters and animal friends organisations in Croatia (don't know about the countries mentioned above) that will let you adopt an animal, including the EU mandated paperwork, chipping, vaccination etc.
No. 21157
This is a bit of a hack, but it can work:

Print out and hang some "dog missing" posters with a description of a dog you'd like. Wait for people to call and bring you a free dog.
Will probably take some time and you have to do it a few times.
No. 21170 Kontra
That's illegal? Didn't know.

Maybe Berliner care or something.