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No. 21052
138 kB, 1280 × 586
There is some strange shit going on western net media. A new trend of mindless reactionary views have grown. A lot of gomophobic and anti progress statements are made. When the increse in xenophobia is logical, the reactionary traditionalis shitstorm I could not explain. So why you westerners starts to like this traditionaly rectionary shit ?
P.S. I'm a proxie slav
No. 21054 Kontra
Sorry for askin but you are new here?
This is slow board where we trying to avoid creating many new threads. All politics and news alreaddy disscused in news thread. And even there we kind of trying to avoid pol-stuff. Thanks for understanding.
No. 21057
It's a natural reaction to mindless leftism. Butthurt loser men who are automatically shat on by the left turn hard right in response. Find the exact opposite of what tumblrinas say, and you have the party line of the male reactionary equivalent.

Try not to alienate newcomers. Not literally everything has to be in one thread.
No. 21061
>It's a natural reaction to mindless leftism.

This statement requires arguments. Has leftism been less mindless in the past? Why does it not affect mindless conservatism or rightism? How does the reactionary spring from the mindlessnes of one specific group but not from others?

I don't think this epidemic has anything to do with political ideology. But I would like to hear your arguments, Ernst.
No. 21064 Kontra
>There is some strange shit going on western net media. A new trend of mindless reactionary views have grown.

Sounds like a mindless conspiracy theory to me
No. 34896
They were never shat on by the left. They have a worse persecution complex than the absolute worst dumb ghetto banger. Most of these men are lower middle class or something. A lot of them are not the actual working poor. This is different from rednecks. Rednecks aren't the alt tards. Like that guy who went Jihadi on that woman in Carolina he wasnt anywhere near lower middle class even. He had a nice new car and a nice cushy very middle class life. These are people suffering from perpetual butthurt and the exact opposite of true conservatives who fucking hate people with a victim complex as I do as well. You're talking about the kind of guys who actually were rich enough that had they been born in the 80s they'd have grown up with a SEGA Genesis and Nintendo. They're butthurt because they actually have to work hard for things like a girlfriend and a nice car rather than having the world handed to them on a golden platter because they're butthurt that that silver platter they got handed wasn't nice enough.

People like that Gentleman don't do this because "the left" shits on them. He wasnt even an unattractive guy. He had a nice new car. He had no legitimate reason to be butthurt. Like I didnt get all the girls I asked out either but I kept working at it and eventually did. I never would've been given a car even a shitbox growing up. Going on a homicidal rampage because the left makes fun of your privilege only exemplifies their point that you're just being a whiny entitled asshole and many Conservatives and myself as well fucking hate whiny entitlement.

The real reason for all this is because the global corporate empire has great use of these people as useful idiots. Bolsonaro is a classic example as is Boris Johnson and Trump. None of these guys has any idea what being a poor working class white person even looks like but they're damn sure of what kind of threat we all are if we turned against them and listened to the left. They also know what kind of an even more massive threat the middle class is to them and their wealth and privilege and power if they too became sympathetic to the plight of the poor working class, so they drum up all this hysteria to solidify their positions in society and negate the threat that any real left poses, and meanwhile the same internationalist corporate clique has spent the last several decades working hard to utterly destroy the left from within and theyve largely succeeded by turning it in the universities and in public life into some Starbucks frappe iCrap using faggot who whinges about cis privilege instead of addressing any real and substantial issues. It's kind of a sub genius plan when you think about it.
No. 34897 Kontra
Oh yeah and I also forgot it's also part of a Russian plan and to an extent Chinese plan to divide and undermine the West from within by drumming up lots of hardline identitarian bullshit. Our intelligence agencies have already proven at least Russia's involvement and Russia for their part don't even conceal this intent. I remember some video where on a Russian news program a guy is talking about encouraging the refugee crisis in Germany and creating lots of hysteria around it and division throughout Europe to "push the knife into Germany's back." That is why they were so happy about bankrolling all these nationalist movements throughout Europe and creating skepticism towards the EU including people like Le Pen and Farage because they wanted to weaken and break up the EU. Russia has largely succeeded in this because they also now have Trump turning the USA towards an isolationist outlook while abandoning our allies all over the world with the strong exception of Israel and Saudi Arabia thus ensuring that Russia can continue to meddle in the affairs of Europeans totally unopposed by the Americans.
No. 35234
>These are people suffering from perpetual butthurt and the exact opposite of true conservatives who fucking hate people with a victim complex as I do as well.

Since when did you care what right-wingers think?

Also, why did you bump such an ancient thread?
No. 35924
It was started by sociopathic "lefties" and trannies trying fanatically to force their idiotic views on society. It's just a natural
defensive reaction.
No. 35925 Kontra
Alt tards are themselves clinical psychopaths more than anyone else. I haven't seen "leftists" committing any acts of terrorism in the last 20-30 years with the sole exception of Ted Kaczynski. Meanwhile we've had massive amounts of reactionary terrorism since then. It also doesn't seem to matter if they're in power or not. If they're not in power we get the Oklahamo City Bombing. If they are in power we get mass shootings at places of worship every month. If they get enough power we get the holocaust. This is because hardline reactionary ideologies stem from a central defect in personality also known as psychopathy. Hell the president we have right now is a clinical psychopath. Kontra because this isn't k*hl
No. 36080 Kontra
>Hell the president we have right now is a clinical psychopath.

In your dreams, you delusional fucking lunatic. And no, Trump has nothing to do with mass shootings.