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No. 21175
113 kB, 683 × 1024
Last on is on autokontra
Blogpost away!
No. 21177
That's quite a rare ball here
No. 21178
Ther somewhere on 3rd or 5th page one that I created once ha ha
No. 21179
So, I finally arrived and settled down. Today was a nightmare. The flight stressed me the fuck out. Just what I needed, more things to worry about.
I didn’t feel like an autonomous person at all.
Another tragedy was that our hotel was at rhe other end of town, and my mother planned out literally nothing in advance, so I had to make a new route plan on the fly, with a self conscious woman always doing something else, and I just couldn’t take it. So I let out a few angry tears on the train. Fuck traveling. I never asked for this. I know, I’m ungrateful but I can’t help it. Or at least couldn’t.
I don’t want to leave the Budapest agglomeration and and Budapest ever again.
Though I started feeling better after that “incident” on the train. It was liberating. It’s either this, or I just have a shoutout with her.

I hope tomorrow is better. Already have the route plan laid out, so it should be less stressful.

Already wrote 3 pages worth of material into my diary.
Spent most of the flight studying hanzis. I think I’m above 200 now. Which is good. I should start studying the HSK 1 wordlist soon.
No. 21180
1,3 MB, 4160 × 3120
1,4 MB, 4160 × 3120
Ook, buonasera signore!

South of Italy is-a something-a

Cheap-a pizza taste-a very good-a
No. 21183
Napoleon looks like he needs a nap or a snack.
No. 21186
Rome looks different at night compared to the day.
Just head towards the Coliseum and the Pantheon.
No sure if they used oven or microwaves when they heated up my food in Italy.
Plazas = fountains and are pretty cool so you can head to the different ones, for something to do, the Tieze fountain is full of plebs but don't be put off.
You can also check off the old churches which can be fun, lot's of old building, gargoyles, fountains pebbled streets and all that shit.
Didn't pay for the underground tour of the Colosseum and on second thoughts that was a mistake.
Saying that Florence was amazing if you get bored of Rome.
Buy Vatican Museum ticket online and save 4 hours queueing, that is separate from the Vatican itself which is a must see.
There is some old Baths near the old Circus, which are relics, but the Baths are good.

A simple 'fuck off' will deter any beggars, I don't know why people complain about this.
Subway/Metro is pretty good.

You are also suppose to find authentic gelato, it usually has a line and the colours don't look like skittles, my thoughts were this is nice, but can be skipped.

Food and wine was good, but I am no expert.
No. 21196
Wanna add, you find good food where there is only spoken italian or at least mostly. 10€ for a slice and some coke is tourist trap shit.
I visited some guy who lived there many years. Centocelle in the east of Rome, had one of the best Pizzas in my life there. Just find something outside the center where actual italians live and eat.We went to Palestrina buy bus one day. It's a an hour drive and prepare for a type of people you hate, given what you told us about the buses in your country. But it's a smaller cozy town and gives you the impression of rural italy a bit. Also the gelato near the town square was excellent.
No. 21197 Kontra
Oh and find a small bakery where you can buy pastries, Italians can do it very well.
No. 21199
I think it's more relationship question and something too sesetive for today thread, but recently I relised that in real life at least I shifting from bisexual preferences to full gay. Since I kind of have bf now. I don't have anything against woman but I can't imagine really honest relationship with girl - where you and best frieds absoluetly who share interests and has no secrets and 100% understand each other. So I stoped view females as potential romantic interest at all.
No. 21200
458 kB, 1476 × 499
Do you remember this? >>6132
No. 21201
Yep, just walk off from the tourist traps get some ethnic food or family resteraunts.
I made excellent pork and pasta, which does not due it justice at a family eaterie which was closed but still served us, I even rejected their beer and the owner told the wife to get me a can of beer from the 7-11, idk, was fabisimo.
No. 21204
I was bisexual more early, than I discovered any feteshism pictures in internet. Funny that all "furry" pics I have in mine "top tier" folder is mostly female and still like female body. What I don't like is real life woman behaivor - I not interested in relationship with woman because I can't be open and honest with you, so you may keep you out-of-ass theorem for your kohl friends.
No. 21206
>with you
With wimen of cource, fix.

Relationships - is not something that entierly based on any sexual fetish like you want to present. It often happen with people who search for girl just because they want sex or they don't want to be alone, all this "nogf". In this cases girlfriend often wanted as a pet dog, not object of real relationship.
No. 21213
>they want sex or they don't want to be alone
>not real relationship
Then what is the real relationship, if it's not sex and not trying to avoid loneliness?
No. 21214
186 kB, 1280 × 1024
The flaw in his theorem was causality then because clearly there is a correlation
No. 21216
Oh, 4chan screenshots, how cool!!1! Maybe LE JEWS behind this? Pize kek!

How childish.

It's when you have person, to which you absoluetly open, absoluetly honest. When it's add to your life, not making you to change it. If you "oh I love this person so I should change my preferences to pretend I like what this person like so I can get this person as my gf/bf" - this is way of thinking that never give you real patner. When you talk about everything, can not hide what you really want and think, when you feel good to spend time with this person - and not only because you don't want just be alone, but because it's really as people call it "2nd half". If it's truley this - best friendship combined with actual sexual attraction - this what may be called true relationships. This kind of couples broke much more rare, than ones that just pretend to be honest.
No. 21217 Kontra
You are exaggregating it hard, m8, there are no jews, frogs or whatsoever
I don't think it even existed at contemporary levels at the time of screenshot.
No. 21219
Same kind of imbecility, don't even going respond to it because don't want this kind of arguing in Today thread.
No. 21221
I think that rather than a correlation, furry porn serves more like a provider of a positive feedback loop. People usually have a certain level of predispotion for gayness, some have lower, some have higher. Those with higher predispositions tend to be curious about gay stuff, so they seek some gay porn just out of interest. That porn raises their predisposition level, which, in turn, prompts them to seek some more, and so on, and so on. So they slowly turn from bi-curious into kinda gay, then into totally gay, then into tremendous faggots, all courtesy of the avalanche-like increasing of their gay level due to frequent indulging in masturbation to gay porn. But technically it doesn't really matter if it's furry porn or some nigras with big dicks, as long as it's gay. So, it turns out that gay propaganda does work, despite that SJWs deny it vehemently, but it just doesn't work the way evil homophobic government of Russia thinks it does.
No. 21224
33 kB, 470 × 467
60 kB, 515 × 290
I don't even know what board it came from. It was just the first furry pic I saw. I also now know that one Russian is probably the same person who got offended when I once called him pidoran, and his reaction struck me as that of one who had to suffer as gay on the Russia. But I stand by my point. Gay men are more into paraphelias including being a furfag. I don't know why this is but rarely have I encountered it in a straight woman beyond the ones wearing cat ears because they think it makes them look cute for some reason. I personally hate it and had one woman trying purring in my ear, a behavior which I will loudly and autistically deride until women start singing in Hebrew or singing the Ukrainian national anthem in my ear instead because that's the appropriate thing to do in bed.
No. 21225
Today was a bit better so far. The colosseum is breath taking. Truly a marvel.
Bought food at a bakery, so breakfast was good too, though the confusion of getting into the colosseum almost broke me for a second.
We are going to have lunch and visit the Circus Maximus next.
Also went into a church. The decorations are amazingly rich.
No. 21227
>Ther somewhere on 3rd or 5th page one that I created once
We'll have to remember that, and bump it up for the next one. I would hate for a thread to go to waste.

>Didn't pay for the underground tour of the Colosseum and on second thoughts that was a mistake.
I did the same. I just thought "I can see the outside and that's fine". If it was free, I would have gone, but in the end I'm sure I just spent the few dollars on something stupid anyway.
>authentic gelato
Probably on gelato. They sell that stuff everywhere.

> I can't imagine really honest relationship with girl - where you and best frieds absoluetly who share interests and has no secrets and 100% understand each other. So I stoped view females as potential romantic interest at all.
That's seems like a very intellectual way to approach relationships, but it makes more sense when I see what you wrote in >>21216. I sincerely hope you find soemthing like that.
No. 21228
>Gay men are more into paraphelias including being a furfag
It's opposite - people who cares less about restrictions in sexual fetishes tent to openly get into what they like, without thinking about this as something bad.
>being a furfag
"furfags" full of people who even hate gay people.
>I don't know why this is but rarely have I encountered it in a straight woman beyond the ones wearing cat ears because they think it makes them look cute for some reason
Hell lot of deviantart tier "furry" artists is actually women. I bet you not encounter much "furfags" in rea life anyway.
>I personally hate it and had one woman trying purring in my ear,
She is probably anime fan or something. Feline ears and cute behaivor is part of what many of some specific anime lovers like.
>is probably the same person who got offended
Disscution was started mostly about psyhological attraction and open relationship between people of different and same genders. Ended by another set of 4chan pics and "u gay cuz furry shid". I think nobody want this kind of disscution again, that already destroyed more than half of anthro animal thread by shitposting.
Topic closed.
No. 21229
It may sound overassburger and selfish, but I fear that if not follow rule of search for person who match this ssetings, this may cause deep troubles in rest of life. "Love" what called by love by many - fery fast dissapear after month of together life. Then only things remain - is just life and friendship. If persons has no open friendship, it often end as divorce. I kind of have person I already established relationship for years, but I curious, is there of possibility of such relationships between people of different sexes? Somebody had relationship with woman, where they feel absoluetly open like with their absoluetly best friends?
No. 21230
> I can't imagine really honest relationship with girl - where you and best frieds absoluetly who share interests and has no secrets and 100% understand each other. So I stoped view females as potential romantic interest at all.
I don't think it's that intelleftualized but is how I approach every relationship. I can put up with a lot of shit but only if it's within confines of trust and honesty. I expect giving and receiving unquestioningly total trust and loyalty and have zero tolerance for dishonesty. But yes it is quite nice. You move as one unit possibly against the world if necessary.
No. 21237
299 kB, 1992 × 1311
166 kB, 880 × 870
What is Ernst's favourite cake?

Every week at work someone brings cake in and we take some time out to discuss things. The past few months it's just been store bought but people have started bringing actual cake in and I'm not one to be outdone. The default answer is Victoria sponge but I want fancy.

Are you sure your perspective isn't distorted because you've met a nice boy just in time for the cherry blossom festival?

The way I see it, relationships are built on complementary differences rather than a mutual understanding. There are those moments you get with anyone where you connect and those are marvellous but in a relationship the infatuation slips and you have to have grown into one-another for it to work.

Happy for you by the way - now tell us everything about him. What are his intentions for our Ernst? What is he like? Does he have a big dick and lots of money?
No. 21238
103 kB, 740 × 402
Make lamingtons.
t. lamington appreciator
No. 21240
The thing I’ve noticed the most about this city, is that its design is arbitrary.
At least I didn’t cry from anger today.

The food is nice.
Circus Maximus was a bit of a letdown. I expected a bigger ruin. It’s just a park in a hole.

The public transport is a fucking disaster, that much I can tell. It’s unintuitive, nobody knows anything and the vehicle fleet is terribly loud.
The metro is okay, though the announcer’s voice is incomprehensible (in any language), and they show commercials on the fancy screens instead of the stops. (The stops are shown on a smaller, led dot screen)

If I get called “sir” by another man from the Indian subcontinent, or if another nigger asks me where I’m from, I’m going to do something I’ll regret.
No. 21242
Italian Lemon cake or syrian lemon cake. A choco cake out of butter and melt choco.

Want to prepare a Boston Cream Pie one day.

>The public transport is a fucking disaster
Yeah, buses or trams coming late was not unusual when I was there. The metro is in time.
You get talked at because you are a tourist in a tourist area, one of the most frequented even. Just get away from the ruins and classic sights and discover the less known stuff, if possible.
No. 21244
Impress the ladies with Red Velvet Cake
No. 21246
Well, ending relationships by absolute jealousy not best way too. It not something that should be forced, it something that you and your partner consider as something natural.

>Are you sure your perspective isn't distorted because you've met a nice boy just in time for the cherry blossom festival?
No, I consider this person as mine best friend and know him for really really long time. Well not in absolute rea life- he is far away, but we talk with each other, see each other, share everything for many many years.
>Happy for you by the way - now tell us everything about him. What are his intentions for our Ernst? What is he like? Does he have a big dick and lots of money?
He is absolute assburger as I'am. He is averege person and he also poor as much as I'am. I don't want tell too much about him, because, well, privacy.
>The way I see it, relationships are built on complementary differences rather than a mutual understanding.
Well, of cource it's better when one know something that other don't and you can share knowlege. But should be common interest, common themes and things. For me relationship - is new level of self-education in many ways.
No. 21247
>What is Ernst's favourite cake?
one of local bakeries in mall do big cakes which actually is really big snickers + some other cake elements.
I also like cakes with less cream and more biscuit and jam.
No. 21248
Well, once we got away from the ruins and the line, it turned really quiet. That was nice.
It just stresses me out quite a bit that people come up to us who are barely fluent in English and try to suck our wallets dry. And of course they cunningly pressure you, while also appealing to your emotions and sympathy (that they are innocent and want the best for you).
It really makes you question your basic principles in life.
My mother tells me it's nothing to worry about, and I'm just too isolated in my everyday life to be able to handle this, and "you have a problem", which might be true.

Tomorrow should be better, because we actually have a reservation for the Vatican, which I'm truly grateful for, since it's the only thing that was planned ahead.
So no pressure, just taking the bus and the metro, and then just walking into the city. Should be cool.
No. 21250
What is this thread about?
No. 21251
General talks, about your day, about what happening. Basicly some kind of chat.
No. 21254
142 kB, 1280 × 720, 0:02
>Want to prepare a Boston Cream Pie one day.
You won't be disappointed; they're complicated, but worth the work. I've never actually done the work myself, but on several ocassions I've been in and near the kitchen while one was being prepared. I never stray far because there is always excess pastry cream to be had.

I would say Boston Cream Pie is my favorite, but it can get a bit messy and might not be suited for office consumption.

>the announcer’s voice is incomprehensible (in any language)
That sounds like every public transport I've ever been on. Picture related.
>we actually have a reservation for the Vatican, which I'm truly grateful for, since it's the only thing that was planned ahead.
I was wondering if you were going to make it to the Papel Audience. When I was there, that was the only thing we had written in stone. Enjoy the Vatican.
No. 21257
What a day, pretty nice somehow. Didn't do much more than working but the work was alright. Actually two co-workers from my old workplace (you might remember, I fucked off because the boss didn't want to let me go earlier) started to work there as well. One of them is from Iraq and the other one is from South-Sudan, during the break we were smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee from paper cups, sitting on the sidewalk ground of our workplace's truck entrance like back at the old workplace. All the other workers are from Southern-Africa so we're pretty much ethnical outcasts. Earlier this morning I was taken by surprise. I've written her that I'd have the desire for her to call me (this happened when I was sleep-deprived on sunday), to which she answered that she thought desire would be a strong word. Yesterday night I've asked why she'd think it would be too strong, to which she answered that as we're texting the desire can't be that big. This was the surprise actually, seeing the beginning of the message I was preparing to get friendzoned. However I then told her that she won't read a single text of mine until she fills my need, gave a hint that I'd be free around 11PM. :DD Now she told me that she's out partying, I read the message and ignored.
Now I'll try to be productive this night. I finished the novella on sunday, I might start to send it away now. The first readers are friends of mine who already got the document. I feel uneasy about a bunch of other people though because... there actually is no rational reason why then that it takes a lot of overcoming to offer such a piece of work to people. Especially when they know you in person, the closer they are to me the more overcoming it costs. Might be because it's my first longer work and I couldn't do else than to include some autobiographical themes, which makes me feel uncomfortable. Guess it's a form of katharsis I have to power through.
No. 21260
>I couldn't do else than to include some autobiographical themes

Isn't this the typical question whenever people read a book? How much of this is autobigraphical?
Also heard that people the author knows hate him/her for characters that clearly have a RL modelthere is this Joachim Lottman novel where the narrator tells the reader that he and his wife cannot go on vacation here and there anymore because his last novel crashed friendships due to obvious RL references to these friends that made their way into the book as figures or are the concretion of the then fictional abstraction.
No. 21262
Anyone else felt rather let down at the sistine chapel, I enjoyed the enormous statue, mummie and the head busts, although i kinda reached my limit for sculptors on this trip.
The whole painted by many hands, dark ceiling at the end and what felt like an airport shuttle bus.
Specifically talking about the ceilings, well everyone has different tastes.
No. 21263
3,3 MB, 4032 × 3024
I’ll tell you in 30-40 minutes if it’s disappointing or not.
Wanted to find a wifi to rareball the shit out of the board, but none are free.
Nice statues though. The one depicting Augustus is really inspiring.
No. 21264
My clients from the typography, to whom I wisely gave my own number instead of the private number, are now calling me asking me for designs.
Just with two clients and like an hour of work, I just made more money than I'd make in a day at any job.

This must be a sign. Time to become a freelance designer on the kazakhstan.
I'll post an ad and a price list, targeting simple folk who need simple designs (banners for holiday events, advertisements, etc.). With me luck lads.
And I'll have a flexible schedule, which means I'll be able to help out my brother as well.
No. 21265
Shittings at wörk atm.

Dropped two phenotropil pills in the morning, now I'm trying to brainstorm my lab method.

It goes something like this: if you connect to a cell (brain cell in my case) with an electrode, you can control it electrically through a feedback amplifier. I.e. you can set cells membrane potential to a certain value by injecting current through an electrode, and varying it at frequency up to 200kHz. The shape of the current can be any - usually people use rectangular pulses like "change membrane potential by 10 mV for 100msec and then back" or something. But you can also impose your voltage change in a shape of sine wave, and you can make it high frequency too - the range is frm as slow as you want to over 20kHz.

Because reasons the recorded current response will have a component of capacitance in it, reflected in phase shift of the sinewave. This parameter reflects the amount of cell membrane the cell has within the domain that you currently electically controling. But it will also have other factors like ion channel dynamics, space clamping, electrode and amplifier circuitry, thermal noise and external interference. There's probably a tome worth of articles dedicated to various jewish tricks that aim to maximize the capacitance readout, but none of them provide a clear realiabls solution. Its also kind of a mothballed technology that maybe a dozen or two people use in europe at the moment.

tl;dr I don't know how to make it work and theres nobody who can help me. It also might be a bad idea by itself.
No. 21270
>I'll post an ad and a price list, targeting simple folk who need simple designs (banners for holiday events, advertisements, etc.)

As long as there is a market big enough this seems a promising adventure!


Hyped for days on end, reading all the time or be in uni. My understandings are deepening, neuro connections are growing, or however natural scientists and neurologists think this process is working on a material level. It really makes me hyped to see I make progress. Still so far away from being anywhere near satisfaction.
No. 21271
Why are you trying to measure the capacitance of the cell membrane of a neuron? What's the objective?
No. 21272
When you apply a step in what range is its relaxation response timewise?

t. liker of graphs
No. 21278
I'm starting to sense a pattern here
>New day starts
>We have breakfast
>Go into the city
>Know what we want to see
>Don't know how to get there
>Get there somehow
>Can't find proper entrance
>Get assaulted by a bunch of smelly, dumb pakis who only want to take away our money
>I have a moment of mental breakdown where I want everyone including myself dead
>My mothet tells me I have problems and she'll never go on a holiday with me ever again
>Find the entrance
>Have a good time
>Go home after seeing all the stuff we wanted to see

The indians really get on my nerves. And I mean really.
1.They are ugly
2.Their accent is ugly
3.Their English is broken beyond recognition
4.They want to swindle you
5.They are totally out of place here
6.Their voice is annoying
>"Why is it so annoying, Ernst?" t.mother
>"To put it into perspective, it's like as if you had to visit a Turkish market in Germany where the turks leave out every second word and only use Nominativ."
Hello sir I am sitting in front of yourself I got diploma on technical university of upper bangladesh high of school

Also, is there a Gypsy-beggar clone-factory somewhere in the area? You can see the exact same gypsy woman sitting on each corner, with the cane, headscarf, and the hunched back. Crazy.

The Vatican's riches are unbelievable. It's incredible how many valuable paintings and sculptures the Holy See has amassed over the span of its existence.
The School of Athens was especially inspiring to see in real life. I'd consider that the best part of the day. An incredible work of art.
In the same room, there was a fresco depicting a gathering of famous poets, like Homer, Dante, Sapho and Vergilius. That one was great too.
The problem with the Sistine Chapel is that everything is a bit too far away, yet not overly monumental, though it's still breath taking, especially Michelangelo's Last Judgement
The Contemporary Art Collection is pretty meh, imho, the only reason anybody looks at it, is because it's directly in front of the Sistine Chapel's entrance.

The statues were great to see too. Already mentioned how inspiring it was to look Augustus, the father of Imperial Rome, right in the eye.
There was also a statue of my favourite classical godess, Minerva.
All in all, I'm glad I got to see one of the throbbing hearts of Western Culture.

Tomorrow is our last "proper" day here. Gonna see the Parthenon and the Spanish steps probably. At least, that's the plan. I'm looking forward to seeing the Parthenon. If I remember my old art classes, that one is relatively well preserved. And I hope there won't be any pakis/pajeets there.
No. 21285
Father's two days sober and having hallucinations, being psychotic, etc. Not sure what I can do about it. Literally every emergency service in this shithole country tries to pass the buck to some other emergency service.

The only solution I can think of is to take him to the same mental hospital as I went to. Problem is, hospitalization there is strictly consensual, and he doesn't consent.

Yeah, I hope it works out well.

Clients are pretty cheap when it comes to design work, but if I work quick and dirty (not like they can tell the difference), it should be decent pocket money. Just shit em out in 30 minutes each, whatever.

Also, just found a client who wants to pay $130 for simple interior design/visualisation. Hopefully, I'll figure it out by the deadline :-DDDD.
No. 21286
I feel for you dad, can you get him some weak beer.

What software are you using for designs.

You need to do 100% up front payments before you get jewed again, this may fuck you with taxes, so you may at the very least need a website based in an outside country.

Looks positive so far.
No. 21289
8 kB, 322 × 268
Holy fuck, a client calls me at 3 am demanding I send him the files that I sent him hours ago, because the retard can't figure out why he can't open a native corel draw file in his browser. Cheapo cunt tried to underpay me, too. Into the blacklist he goes. Glad to see that clients being complete braindead morons is a constant all over the world.

Inkscape, photoshop and corel draw. I hate corel draw, but it's the industry standard on the kazakhstan. Currently downloading adobe illustrator, since that's what all the cool kids use.
Also, nobody pays taxes on freelance stuff on the kazakhstan, lol.
No. 21300
41 kB, 450 × 625
Adobe is great for pixels, corel is best for vectors.
No. 21301
I believe that people will drop sometimes Word, MS Excel, Corel Draw and other dumb shit and will exit to the pure, normal DOS
No. 21302
I made pesto and it was bienissimo
No. 21304
What's your recipe?
No. 21305
Nowadays my reality is highly instable. Everything I work on might as well fade away, become nothing. So I'm always oscillating between the euphoria and optimism I feel when I think about my possibilites and trembling fear and anxiety whenever I think of what will become of me if I don't grasp them. At the end of the day it's probably a necessary part of my life by now, I always need to have a gun to my head at the moment.

I called the ad agency yesterday, got a mail saying that they'd be still in the process of application and will come back to me when they decided. Sounds like a friendly fuck-off, so I decided to write a direct answer concerning the question why I'd want to do an internship first, mentioning the other internship at the newspaper (told them that while I don't see any future im print-journalism I still want to take the EXP I could collect there) and that if it wasn't for that I'd also "accept" them directly employing me. :DD Also that it would be their decision to recruit a talented newcomer.
Not sure if I will get anything else out of it but I didn't want to end the conversation on this tiresome notification of theirs. Also not sure if what I've written sounds like I'm a confident person or some coked-up maniac.
No. 21306
Addendum: at the phone the ad agency skank already told me that she wouldn't know if an internship would make sense (it was a job application), so that's why I elaborated that point.
Also I've written that I would want to start working after the newspaper internship. If they don't take me there I'll contact another agency, luckily there are quite a couple of them in my city. What am I talking about, I need to do it anyways but if they really don't like to take people for internships it doesn't make much sense to apply before July. Might already scout them out though.
No. 21309
Picked 14 leaves of basil
2 Tbsp. pine nuts
2 Tbsp. olive oil
2 cloves garlic
Dash of Parmesan (overdid it and it got a little clumpy to spread, but that was ok)
Dash of Salt
No. 21311
The last day was pretty good. Mainly because we didn't spend half of it waiting in a queue.
Saw the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. The bonuses were seeing the a bunch of churches and Piazza del Popolo on the way to the metro.
The Trevi fountain was a bit of a letdown, honestly. It's a big fountain with loads of people around it.
Spanish steps. I don't get it. It's just a staircase with a (really simple) church on top. I don't get what's all the fuss about.
Yeah, I felt pretty good the whole day. The Pantheon was amazing. It's grandiose, rich, yet also ancient. (I expected some roman ruin, but it's really nice inside.)
Currently drinking an limonchello. I think it's impacting my typing quite a bit. But I'm doing it pretty fast, so I might have reached the ballmer-peak. (Though I don't think I'd be able to hold my pen properly to write the last diary entry of the journey. Or maybe not the last. Don't know.)

Honestly, I felt really overhelmed by the third day. Even though we slept plenty, taking on a city this big is really tiring.

I'm glad that I saw The School of Athens, The Parnassus and the Pantheon. I think the sight of these monumental works of art and human achievement will influence me for years to come.
Also bought a bilingual English-Italian edition of Petrarch's Lyric Poetry. It was one euro at a street stand, run by an indian looking man. Man, these people don't give a fuck, the books were literally just piled on top of each other like a pile of hay. No Ordnung or anything. Fuck, if I knew italian, I probably would have had a field day with that guy.

Tomorrow we'll only have time to get to the airport basically. But we'll squeeze in some time for some pastries and a coffee I hope.
No. 21320
>Also bought a bilingual English-Italian edition of Petrarch's Lyric Poetry
Even on vacation you're still raiding booksellers and finding gems. It actually sounds like a perfect souvenir.
I'm not surprised you're exhausted, considering everything mentioned in your last few posts. I hope you'll get a few days to relax when you get home. Btw, did you manage to take a lot of pictures?
No. 21333
Wasted a night figuring out sketchup, since it's one of those interior design software tools.

What a piece of shit. Literally the corel draw of CAD. Actually, scratch that, corel draw is at least fully functional for 2D vector art, despite being a resource hog wit shit interface.

Sketchup is just plain shit. It's a shame, too because the vray plugin for sketchup is actually excellent. It's a lot more intuitive than vray for 3ds max. I might unorinically use sketchup as a pure rendering tool in the future.

Meanwhile, I need to find something that fills the niche for the kazakh 3d visualisation market. 3DS max for interior design feels like building a house with matchsticks. Too low level. I spend more time moving individual vertices around than thinking about architecture. Sketchup feels like playing with Duplos. I need some damn Legos.
No. 21334
I remember when we had to do sketchup in IT class at high school. Yeah, it's pretty bad, and I imagine it was worse back then. That said, the levels of autism in the community downloads or whatever it's called are astronomical.
No. 21335
Took around 560 pictures. Of course a few are duplicates because I use my camera like it’s a machine gun, but I’d rather be sure I tale multiple pictures and have one correct than to save time and only have one blurry picture because my hands are a bit shaky.
Though at times I felt like I was imitating a Chinese tourist.
Currently packing my stuff. Thankfully I didn’t buy too many knick-knacks, just a smaller book on the history of the Pantheon and the Petrarch poetry collection.
Will have two days to rest, then it’s back to the grind.
No. 21337
I have come to love Blender and there are quite a few people using it for architectural-/interrior design. Some pointers:

No. 21341
Every community workshop is like that.
From little big planet to steam. There's sometimes decent stuff in there, but mostly filled with complete unusable garbage that you have to sift through.
Ah, the joys of downloading shitty weapon mods from the GMod community workshop.

Yeah, I've also come to the conclusion that a conventional CAD / 3D modeling program with addons for architecture is the way to go. The quick workflow of an architecture focused program is great up until you want to do something more detailed than floor plans and furniture. Then you have to jump back to a 3D modeling program, make a model, export it, etc.

Although, the quality of those architectural addons, and the availability of features remains to be seen. Always wanted to learn Blender anyway.
No. 21345
I am so sick of looking 4-5 years younger than I am. This is a curse worse than AIDS. Yesterday I was at a doctor's office and you what he said after I walked in? "I'll let it slide this time around but you should have come with your parents" Or a few days prior to that when high school kids thought I was their age or younger. I walked past a group and heard one say "He looks like one of those nerds who always does his homework on time and obeys his parents"
Why the fuck did the universe do this to me? I would give anything to look my age and to be taken seriously.
No. 21346
177 kB, 500 × 631
So one of the beta-readers I've sent my novella to is a retired former literary critic, whose blog I use to read every now and then to stumble upon some gems I wouldn't find otherwise. The first thing he mentioned was how he couldn't promise reading my novella at all or even reading it in a fast time but still commented on the beginning. He wrote me that it would be the wrong way to mimic novella writers of the old times (I had once mentioned that I tend to use archaisms). Interestingly enough in the same mail he went on about how many bad stuff he had read during his work and that he'd mostly only see value and timelessness in older literature. I then proceeded to write down a little apologia in favor of my style, telling him exactly why I would use archaisms and why I wouldn't care too much about what is generally seen as contemporary language. I think I managed to hit a good tone while still retaining a youthful verve, I'm quite excited about what his answer to it might be. Also it feels like massive autism to harass random literary critics with your own works which no-one cares about.

Other than that I can tell about some personal drama. Lately I had mentioned how I told her I'd feel a desire for her. She said she wouldn't use the word desire in an inconsiderate way, I then answered that I did not use the word desire in an inconsiderate way and that it didn't go easy at all. She didn't say anything about it. I got a bit angry and asked her why she'd ignore what I'm saying. She said that she didn't know what to add and that she'd believe me. I'm not even trying to make sense out of all of this anymore. On top of this she posted a pretty dark, medieval-inspired poem by von Hofmannsthal last night which is centered around a failed love, which is too hard to hold for both the knight and the maiden, mostly because of the knight being unsure of himself. Well, fug. :D If everything goes right, we'll talk tonight. I can't wait.
No. 21347
108 kB, 570 × 378
Same for me. I'm in my late 20s but people think I'm around 20 or so. Not to bad when it comes to younger woman I think. Grow a beard if you can, should make you look older.


I'm tired, I had to watch after my niece this morning. She already talks a lot and it's quite cute. Around midday I was already in my chair while she still had the energy to play.

The last days have been medium. Maybe even bad without me really noticing it. I read quite some stuff but nothing really difficult and nothing for uni besides a short two page writing task.
No. 21350
Today I reached the point where I was accepting dream state happenings as reality while acknowledging to myself that they didn't happen. It's a pretty ebin state of zen when you start to give so few fucks about the distinction between the interior and exterior of the self-observer's data intakes that they start to blend together. It's also ebin to get the restfulness of a nap while still having a nice time doing other things. Rate.
No. 21351
100 kB, 415 × 422
Wew lads, I'm finally home.
Just realized that I've left my charger in the hotel room.
Not like it matters now.

Reviewed 560 cards while on the plane.

Gonna categorise the books I've got, and the watch some anime, possibly.
No. 21364
I also had some ebin dreams after staying awake for two days. Three dreams, in fact.

In the first one, someone was showing me their gun, and I suddenly grabbed it and shot myself in the head. Everything went black, and I could feel blood streaming down my nostrils. And I thought to myself "So this is how it feels to die". Then after a while I thought "wait, isn't this supposed to be instant? Why am I not dead yet?", and then I realized it was all a dream. Later I had one of those acute death awareness episodes, where I was able to conceptualize the realness of my own inevitable death.

Second one was about bleach, I think, except that Ichigo's bankai turned him into a yeti. He went to soul society, beat urahara, but then the bigfoot from the legendary bigfoot photo appeared and split him in half. For some reason, in my mind a yeti and a bigfoot were conflated, so he was actually a yeti too.

A third one was a video game esque futuristic post apocalyptic setting similar to I have no mouth and I must scream, I was wandering around like in Myst, reading rants some megalomaniac overlord about the altering of human consciousness and the destruction of the metaphysical soul.

Feels schizo again, man.
No. 21366
I wish I had interesting dreams. Mine fall broadly into two categories. Idyllic and realistic panic. The former is healing but fundamentally pretty uninteresting. The latter is basically just having a panic attack I can't run away from. Feels bad man.
No. 21369
Going thru the unis catalogue and some specific communist/socialist/leftist publishers especially the 60s and 70s and all the bulky titles make me baffled. In between there are many books of the proletarian RL and how to resist. Quite interesting how much has been written about it back then, the whole culture. I'm talking about german publishers only here.

I was interested in general introductions about communism and capitalism from that era, but most books are dealing with specific topics or absolute niche theory.
No. 21374
Oh boy, I feel like I have nothing to live for again.

Had some money on my paypal I intended to spend on books, but decided to buy the expansion pack for Postal 2 instead. Felt refreshing to spend money on something other than books and food.
Played it for a couple of hours. Yeah. I turned on the Chinese subtitles, just so that I can see "living" text alongside the English voice acting, and it's surprisingly interesting to see. Though it might just be a placebo for learning.
The game is good though. A bit irritating how often it crashes sometimes, but still good. Should've started on an easier difficulty level, but I don't want to restart the game halfway through.

I really wish I had a bag of crisps and a soft drink. I'm going to ask for a bit of cash and probably go to the store.

Truth to be told, I wanted to jump right back into work, but I failed horribly.
I have to translate a short text for the school's Übersetzungswettbewerb. Last year I was the winner, and I intend to win this year too. But for that, I need to actually complete assignment this weekend.

Haven't read a single page in 6 days. Horrible. Next week I'll finish reading Kalkwerk, then I'm onto reading Hamsun's Hunger.
>It's the kind of novel a teen like you would like
my teacher said it, and judging by the first few pages, it seems like one of those I suffer novels, like the ones of Kafka and Dazai (though I'd loosely put Camus's The Stranger in this category too, even though the protagonist doesn't explicitly suffer for the same reasons as Yozo or Josef K.)
So yes, I think it's up my alley.
The Rome-jorney only added to my backlog. Mainly speaking Dante's Divine Comedy, Goethe's Italienische Reise, and Graves' I, Claudius.

Grow a stubble or a beard if you can. It makes you look considerably older. Or at least I noticed it does.

I don't think what you are looking for exists the way you want it to exist.
Marxism is simply too gigantic to have a "good intro book". You have to skim through multiple books about the major philosophers' and authors' lives to get a perspective.
Or read primary sources. (Though I sure as hell wouldn't spend time reading 1200 pages of Victorian economic theory.)
Maybe try finding one that recaps Marx and Engels' works, and then go onto other "strains" of Marxism that developed over time, essentially fragmenting your search for a monograph.
No. 21408
I want to answer this but my longer reply cannot be sent...
No. 21409
How about posting it on Pastebin and then linking it in a post?
No. 21417
I can shorten it perhaps.

The german-italian connex is some kind of tradition, from Goethe to Mussolini, but seriously many Germans had their Italienreise.

Concerning Marxism, I wanted a specific leftist/marxist perspective from the 1960s or 1970s, since it's the boom years due to the student revolts.
But many of these books are also very dry and often very long, they have quite some amount of shorter books but with less interesting topics.
In the end I just borrowed a short history from 2010 that avoids the stereotypical introduction style. That said, an introduction can never cover a topic to teh fullest or even close, it's always a rather heavy cut down selection.
I will return to one of the student revolts Marx boom books tho.
No. 21431
1,1 MB, 1379 × 2031
I'm sick of all the drinking I get roped into at work. When I tell people about this they get jealous but drinking every damn week with people you can't relate to and women you can't mess around with quickly gets tedious. The way I see it this is bound to cause problems eventually as we're crossing boundaries and deep-down I'm a bit of a twat who might turn kc-tier in conversation.

Last night people kept buying me drinks at some German beer-hall, I barely made it home and now have the worry that I might have offended someone. Next week I have the same issue because someone is having a leaving party and then we've got a team 'away day' which promises to be extremely heavy.

Kein-Ernst trigger warning:
GF has been busy all week so I haven't been able to see her, will probably also struggle with Easter falling next-week. If you remember she's a doctor so I knew what I was getting into and can't be mad about this. Of course, it's also true what they say about absences and hearts which is flipping the dynamic and my cool exterior. This is normally the point where I get hurt badly after constructing a fantasy girl in my head. Nothing to do but try to keep my head on my shoulders I guess and move things forward the next time I see her without being too embarrassing.

>For me relationship - is new level of self-education in many ways.

Reminds me of Plato's Symposium. To a degree I can see your point but do you really want to always have someone around when you're doing your thing? Sounds quite suffocating.

I mentioned different cake ideas and this seems to have won. Do you have any special tricks/recipes? I was going to try mixing in strawberry milkshake powder to see what happens.
No. 21432
Have relationships - don't meant permanetly chained to other person
No. 21451
>The german-italian connex is some kind of tradition
The Walk to Canossa immediately popped into my mind as you mentioned this, funnily enough.
No. 21454
Kasimir Edschmid, quite unknown, did a whole series on Italy:

Italien. Lorbeer. Leid und Ruhm. 1935.
Italien. Gärten. Männer und Geschicke. 1937.
Italien. Inseln. Römer und Cäsaren. 1939.
Italien. Hirten. Helden und Jahrtausende. 1941.
Italienische Gesänge. Darmstadt 1947.
No. 21457
This was quite a good week.
For the first time, I came to enjoy all the advantages of transnational logistics after acquiring a book from a place as far as one can get off my location. 4 days of delivery. Amazon does wonders. I was so delighted I came up with an idea on a new business model. Essence is:
Create a custom exchange service site where people across the whole country would meet each other to arrange their delivery. Instead of using pochta.ru, they would negotiate with themselves on the stuff. For instance, a babushka wants to visit her relatives in a far city. She could earn a bit of cash by agreeing to transfer an item from point A to the city. Everything is done within the site. Security is guaranteed by payment from the postman's side. After the delivery, money is returned back with addition from the customer.
Monetization would mainly be a sold map of clicks and special ads offer to push output of a buyer up in the search query after it gets heavily around.
I know myself - I would never be able to organize something like that. So I am posting it (although it's a shit idea) in case ernst is interested, especially russian who is certainly aware of how our pochta works.

twf no gf:
Also, I purchased a small flat as a participant of equity construction. Everything went clean and fine. But. There was a female helper from the contractor's part of the deal who happened to be a jurisconsult as well. She is in her 30s, a perfect type for me.
After having a bit of chat with her, I realized she smiled way more than an average "always-in-good-mood" girl and it hit the vibe. I felt we were starting to mutually like each other. She offered to drive me home on her more than middle-class car. I would've gone for her, but I realised that it needed to be dates and I am quite poor now, and I live with my own mother and it just won't work with a girl like her. There's no magic like that. Only for girls in shitty holywood movies like Pretty Woman. I came home after I thanked her with a bit of saved money just for the sake of appreciating her rather than tipping for her work. It had been a long time since I dreamed in the night of a girl.
Sorry for what I've just written. I am in dire need to tell it.
No. 21463
I made a test batch of Lamingtons today. My observations:

  • Dark chocolate doesn't work - 2 sickly 4 me.
  • Strawberry milkshake powder just made it taste strange. I don't know what I was thinking with that.
  • I grossly overestimated how difficult this would be although there appears some art in getting the chocolate ratio right.

There's plenty of dates you can do for little money - poor people have sex all the time.
No. 21464
940 kB, 2592 × 1944
When I was walking I found one interesting thing hanging on a tree in one heavily populated area. Translation from Russian:
Working experience 46 years
Pensions and subsidies are not enough to pay for utilities
I will not vote (there's a Ukrainian presidential election going on right now)
Glory to Ukraine!

The last phrase was written in Ukrainian and it's quite a common nationalistic slogan that became popular even among Russian-speaking Ukrainians after 2014. "Glory to Ukraine" is often followed by "glory to heroes" and "death to the enemies", but my personal favorite one is "Ukraine above all". I think this picture is very meaningful, because with great probability its author was an apolitical pro-Russian resident of the Eastern regions of Ukraine, but the war greatly changed the mentality of the population and even the older people who are much more pro-Russian than the youth have begun to adapt this style of thinking.


This, of course, is also a sad picture showing that in countries like Ukraine the middle class never existed and all the pensioners live in extreme poverty.
No. 21473
I wonder how is it to live in Mew Zealand.
I guess it's even worse than Australia in some aspects, but maybe the climate overweights that.
No. 21480
56 kB, 583 × 435
Feeling down.
Like I've read all of the Internet and there is nothing left anymore.
No. 21481
I was just randomly thinking something and right when I thought "HeGod" a flash of lightning cracked. Scared the shit out of me. That is all
No. 21482
The scariest lightning strike in my life was when I was just minding my own business and having a cigarette at the smoking place, and lightning hit the lighting mast twenty meters from me. It was really fucking loud, I went deaf for several seconds.
No. 21483
113 kB, 870 × 490
A bit expensive in some ways but it's not bad.
t. lived there
No. 21486
844 kB, 1061 × 609
Also, if you know what you're looking for you can spot where my high school LGS is in that photo. That store was ebin. I got a good 75% of a Modern Infect deck (well over $100NZ in value) for free from one of the local guys because he wanted to help out our newer guy (me at the time) and it was also a really fun FNM tournament that had absolutely none of the bullshit that comes with entry costs and prizes. It made for a really chilled out Friday night with a bunch of neckbeards young and old playing cards in the back of the store, and it was pleasant. Some of us might not have been the best socialites but there was zero judgment in that store and everybody was cool to each other. It was also where I got my earliest tips on being a non-terrible GM. Good times. They shut down though and our dingy den of neckbeards that sold synthetic dope on the side is now a wholesome knitting shop. How fuggen depressing. Video Game only people will never understand the atmosphere of a close-knit grognard den.
No. 21487
375 kB, 423 × 551
It's incredibly surreal to go back to my mundane everydays after more a week or so.
Though I spent most of the day jovially whistling tunes by Mahler and Shostakovich as I walked around the hallways.

Finished translating the text for the contest at record speed. It was maybe around 50 minutes to do. Gonna look through it tonight and then hand it in. Being on time is really important. My first German teacher is the head of the committee, and she is retiring, so I want to be courteous by handing it in just on time directly to her.
(Of course if I'm truly stumped, I might as for a German Ernst's help, if possible. Only a sentence fragment is needed, and only if I can't figure it out.)

Most people didn't seem to particularly mind my absence all that much. Only two teachers asked.
>Well, well, you are still alive or what?
>I don't quite know myself how, but I am.

The buffet had some free books, so I picked up four volumes of The history of Hungarian literature. It's not a complete set sadly, it has two volumes missing. It was called Spinach by the university students back then, because it had a green dust jacket.
While I was running up to my locker with the books, I made a wrong step, and almost sprained my ankle. My right leg hurts quite a bit to use.
I really should stop taking 3 steps at a time while running.

>our dingy den of neckbeards that sold synthetic dope on the side is now a wholesome knitting shop
sic transit gloria mundi
No. 21488
And spend 14 years in prison for accidentaly sharing "wrong" video
No. 21489
828 kB, 4160 × 3120
So I'm back on the Joremony, finally time to relax a bit.
It was quite nice in Italy but also stressful. Maybe I'll write down some impressions/tips into the travel thread.

Other than that, I'll be writing applications for some internships during the next few months. Still not sure if I want to do a Master's but if so I'll have to apply for that until June or so as well. Maybe I should write down one of those pro/con lists for once.
I've also been considering trying to work freelance, as I've received some offer from a client out of the blue on a website I registered some time ago. But I'm afraid that I'm not quite up to it as I don't really have that much experience.

What's the blog if one may ask? It sounds quite interesting. I've also did some research on literary blogs in German recently but didn't find too much of value.
Btw, if you're in search for another beta-reader, here's my mail address: brent[at]cock[dot]lu
No. 21491
Here you go.

Well, I've also sent the novella to an acquaintance of mine who has published some literary works himself and he wrote a criticism I will work with. One of the biggest points is that the novella is way too short and will need more space, so I now decided to turn it into a novel. There are lots of characters who are barely elaborated, some minor plot-holes (not in the sense of missing plot, but sometimes K got lazy and just told what happened instead of showing it. So I can easily fill the whole thing up by replacing those passages) and the protagonist was still said to be kind of bleak. So there's lot to work on and a full-length novel would have better chances to be published than a 70p novella.
Initially I was sort of afraid to turn it into something longer as I had already abandoned one novel but I learned a lot since then and the topic I chose is easier for me.
In the current state I don't want to send it away anymore because the criticism also had a lot of language-related points in it I need to work on. I screencapped your mail though, so you'll either get a better version once it's done or a small selection of parts from it as a sort of teaser. (Finishing the whole thing might take me years but at least now I'm motivated and know that it's at least not a completely useless project)
No. 21495
34 kB, 600 × 597
I just realized that I don't know shit about architecture.

My art teacher used to say that his kazakh students can't draw circles for shit, while his russian students can. He explained it as a difference between oriental vs wectern heda.
Culture of no masonry.
No. 21512
347 kB, 1600 × 1055
120 kB, 910 × 480
I think it's more middle heda. Oriental heda can into masonry. That said though, when middle heda does into stone buildings, it seems that he still thinks of the walls as cosy carpets :-DDD
No. 21521
>May God extend Japheth’s territory; may Japheth live in the tents of Shem, and may Canaan be the slave of Japheth.”
Genesis 9:27
No. 21522
Black Israelite tier and it was on the EC

If you're going to use that source and logic I'd remind you that we don't actually have any good description of Ham, Japeth, Shem racially in fact the funny thing is one part of the Black Hebrew Israelites is they're not necessarily wrong. Esau was said to be red and hairy, and iirc the Edomites are associated with Ham. Also poltard type of racism isnt remotely compatible with Christianity in fact they openly hate Christianity. Just recently yet another of them was caught being a church burner. Have no part in such people.
No. 21525
>Black Hebrew Israelites is they're not necessarily wrong.
They mostly are.
>Esau was said to be red and hairy, and iirc the Edomites are associated with Ham.
Edom/Esau was the brother of Jacob, twin sons of Isaac, grandsons of Abraham, descendants of Shem.

Hamites are the Africans
No. 21532
2,3 MB, 3430 × 2680
Today is basically already over.

Handed in my translation today. Hopefully I did well, and I'll win again. Unsurprisingly I was the first one to hand it in, so I'm sure it'll leave a good impression. Handing in something first means that your work is the standard when judging the upcoming entries. It's really useful.
Though I'm not sure if winning would enhance my self esteem. Losing would be devastating though. At least if I won, the status quo would be kept.

Still studying the hanzis. At around 210 now.

Felt incredible contempt towards the literature teacher in class today for some reason. I have no idea why. Maybe it's just that I was completely uninterested in the topic of French symbolist poetry.
I just can't seem to give a shit about it.

Managed to carry this badboi home. The History of Hungarian Literature, or as it's nicknamed, The Spinach.
It has the last two volumes missing (That deal with the literature of the dualist era and then post-war literature and the "new socialist literature". Though the 6th volume was afaik rewritten as the regime got milder and milder and was turned into a 3(?) volume set titled The history of Hungarian literature 1914-1975)
Quite sad that it's not a complete set, but the missing volumes loose cost like what? Six euros tops, while a complete set goes for around 36 euros online.

Gonna finish playing the Postal 2 expansion today, and then hopefully go to bed early.
I have to mow the lawn tomorrow, and I want to do it early in the morning.
(Maybe I should get a can of energy drink too, to enhance memeiness. Insane how even mowing the lawn became a memetic statement.)
No. 21540
79 kB, 462 × 468
605 kB, 1195 × 1600
You don't even understand that Middle Easterners claim descent from Ishmael dude. Shem, Japheth, and Ham are the three sons of Noah according to the Bible, making Isaac and Ishmael closer siblings (which would make sense for Middle Eastern tribes). You seem to be identifying Middle Easterners with Ham, when they are all descended from Shem. And you should also be aware that the crime for which Ham was "smitten in the skin" was looking on at his father's nakedness while he was drunk. This is generally accepted as a sign of perversion IIRC. You're right though Esau would've come from the same line of Shem.

Regardless I hope you understand how completely pants on head fucking retarded it is to try and justify your racism by relying on an ancient religious text of sand people.
No. 21542
Oh sweet leisure time. Writing goes so good and beautifully effortless when I don't have to care about mundane struggles of my everyday life. Ideas pop up like flowers in spring and the stories write them on their own. (Part of it might also be thanks to the decision to turn the novella into a novel, I feel like having much more freedom now. Also building in backstories about some of the characters is great fun. At first I was sort of afraid to write about a teenage girl but now I'm getting into it, even though I feel like the prose style is a bit different. Might be excusable though when the topic and tone is changing so drastically, I don't know. Anyways something that is slightly weird is that I can't get ris of the impression how much every character seems to reflect myself in some way. It couldn't be identified by someone who is not me probably, but still it weirds me out a bit. Seeing those parts of me interact with each other.) As it's the rather rare occasion of a family holiday I only write at night right now because I need some isolation to do so. I should try writing at daytime or in late evening tomorrow outside, maybe it could work out as well. Even when I only stick to the routine of writing two hours a night I'd still be more productive than in the last months at the end of the holidays. Feels good and bad at the same time. Best thing is I just do manuscripts and leave transcribing it onto my computer for when I'm back home. Usually I always force myself to transcribe after ever piece of prose I write, only so I wouldn't end up with a shit ton of manuscripts and a new possibility to procrastinate.
Other than that it's just comfy and careless. Almost careless, out of boredom and desperation I hit up the schizo girl again that caused my mental downfall at the beginning of the year. Dangerous, yes, but I already did it two weeks ago to congratualte her tto her birthday (it ended in another desaster but I forgot quickly about it again).
At first it was fun because she played along and was in a good mood and so was I, later on then she got stoned and lost her mind again because of the guy she is chasing even though he doesn't want to have anything to do with her. Even though nothing connects us, I stick to her cause at least she won't ignore me like the hs crush does lately. :DD
I feel like I'm failing miserably at being a human being. In the radio I've heard a passage from some mediocre-sounding german novel about a guy who gets lost in delusions grandeur after visiting a self-improvement seminary. The (female) author wrote about his face that it wouldn't scream "I cannot be alone!" when he approached the protagonist again at a bar. Well, that hit close to home I guess. I just shouldn't care about all of this anymore but the impulse to search female company is just too strong. Terribly needy weirdo blah blah, yes I know. Or maybe I should still seek female company but try not to fall in love (maybe is this some kind of hidden rule in human procreation? Making falling a love a necessity that you can't evict anymore instead of something to actively pursue? Might this be a good idea? I feel like I'm already emotionally detached enough to do so anyways.
No. 21544
Being invited to a three hour drive to a distant relative's Jewish boyfriend's family's Passover.

This can only go well.
No. 21545
Another day well spent I guess.
Today there was a Student's Day at school. Different classes organised different activities for the students. (Quiz games, escape rooms, cafés)
"Just like in my Chinese cartoons", you could say. I decided to skip it. I always do.

Cleaned up the balcony a bit, and then sat there, reading for a few hours. I was interrupted by the bydlo neighbours' DIY project of "sawing random shit with a buzzsaw in the middle of the day on a workday".
"So much for the harmony of the day" as the Stranger would say.
Almost done with Kalkwerk. Phenomenal novel. I'm surprise I haven't heard of Thomas Bernhard before. It's a joy to read.

Went out to eat a lángos on the invitation of my mother. I thought something terrible happened, and she wanted to make the event more palatable by having me eat some good food. Turns out nothing bad happened.
Checked out the Hungarian edition of Argonautica while I was near the bookshop. (Strictly before eating.)
Had no idea how I should address the bookshop clerk. (As in, should I use the polite speech form, or the more direct speech form. She was maybe 10 years older than me tops.)
This reminds me how yesterday while at the library, a student mistook me for a teacher, and greeted me in an overly formal manner. This is the second time I was mistaken for somebody who works at school. (And yet people tell me I look like someone who's attending 9th grade.)
Anyway, the Argonautica looks really good. It had that usual Greek rhythm, and the book itself is really pretty too. It's hella expensive for my wallet, but next month I'll have an odd job, so I'll be able to buy it for ~4 hours' worth of work.

Also read quite a bit from those texbooks I got a few days ago. It was really infuriating.
>"The era of Matthias Corvinus saw the rise of heroic poetry in Hungary, with multiple works dealing with heroic deeds against the turks"
>"Lol m8 only two lines of the whole tradition survives btw lmao XD"
>"Another great example of latin epic poetry of the era was the Pannonian-epic, which dealt with the conquest of the Carpathian basin, and it was presumably using then still common folk-myth elements in a Christianized manner"
>"JK JK only 3 verses survived lmao ebin :DD"
>"Another great example of baroque epic poetry is the Rákóczi-epic"
>"Sadly we lost the only manuscript in the 1920s shortly after we fund it"
(Though at least the last one resurfaced in whole, and it can be read, but especially the destruction of the Pannonian-epic makes my heart bleed.)
I got so angry, I slammed the thing shut. It was like I was being trolled.
No. 21546
14 kB, 300 × 330
I want to beat the shit out from one person.
Really I feel worried, it starts to go somewhat maniacal.
No. 21547
If I ever get rich, can I hire you to beat the shit out of people for me?
No. 21549
Do you know this person IRL?
No. 21551
799 kB, 1200 × 675
I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing, tbh.

Ended up redoing the project several times due to various issues and it still looks like shit.
But I think I figured out the workflow at least. Doing the floor plan is ok in sketchup at least, but props have to be done in 3ds max. Door and window frames are a bitch to accurately place either way.
No. 21552
Looks good, though depending on how much natural light there is, making the entire thing red could make it feel cramped. That's most any bold colour though, my colourblind uncle painted a room at my Gran's an orange that was more intense than he thought it was and it now feels about half as big. Plus if it's a very intense colour it can be overwhelming to be around and distracting.
t. arse-talking professional
No. 21553
I wish this place was more active but honestly one of the worst decisions I ever made in my life was visiting imageboards.
No. 21560
833 kB, 1366 × 768
I'm thinking about getting a generic programmable keypad but I don't know much about them. Are they essentially macro keys or do they function like however many extra buttons? It's my way of avoiding updating my flight stick in the current environment where everything is twice as expensive as it was two years ago. I recently got back into A-10C and a normal keyboard gets in the way when I only really need ~16 keys and a stick. The alternative is getting an actual HOTAS which would make sense because I'm actually into flight sims but even the crappy ones that were less than $50 are now over $100, and anything with enough hats to be useful for A-10C starts at over $200. While a keypad is less than ideal, one can be had for the $50 mark and that works for me.
No. 21562
Yeah, I'm a sucker for bright colors, I think colors are underrated.

Color is the only thing in visual art that comes close to music in terms of direct emotional effect. I remember a few years ago I painted my room this toxic purple color, then when the house was renovated, it was painted over, but a huge 2m by 2m patch was left for a while. You could FEEL its presence in the room. It was always in the corner of your eye. And if you turned away, you could feel it was still there, behind you. It was pretty daunting and ominous tbh, I bet that's exactly what it feels like to stand next to one of those enormous abstract art works.

Looking at art on a tiny monitor really diminishes the effect of artwork. Physicality has a lot of importance. I guess I'd compare it to sub-bass in music. It's not technically part of the composition, but you can feel it very physically and intimately.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that no matter how you embellish a room, you can't avoid the fact that architecturally, it's a basement of a third world commieblock. A lot of these architectural tutorials on the internet have the luxury of designing everything completely from scratch. It's a lot easier (and a lot more fun) to come up with cool aesthetics when you have total freedom. When you have to deal with existing plans, outlets, tubing, ventilation, design quirks, etc., you get a lot less creative freedom. I feel like a hack fraud trying to cobble something together that is appropriate enough to get paid for.
No. 21566
One of the important distinctions between art and product must be the power dynamics in the relationship between the observer and the object.
With products, the user is the master of the relationship. The object exists for the user's convenience, and is easily dismissed at will. It does not control the user, the user controls the product.

With art, it is the piece that exerts power on the viewer. Art exists for its own sake, it does not have expectations of utility or function. The viewer must give himself up to the art, and approach it on its own terms. The effects of art are inescapable, it gets under your skin, it changes you, you can't help but be under its influence. It's involuntary.

Being an artist means becoming a slave to the art, and going wherever the demands of the piece take you, with no compromises. If the composition asks for certain changes or elements, an artist obeys such demands, whereas a designer tames the object to fit its utility. There is no such thing as wanton creativity in art, the artist is merely the instrument of the will of the art, and must follow the the demands that the aesthetic he is trying to convey places upon him.
No. 21567
The ability to create art is truly a gift of Divine Creation. In a world where man has built and changed the environment to serve himself, art stands as the one thing that forces man to shed his hubris and approach something at face value: simply being in the presence of the object, and appreciating it for itself, not for its utility in the context of human need. A Thing In Itself. Art is like nature in that regard: something that is simply there, for its own sake.

Art is the closest we can get to experiencing a platonic solid: an object that is a physical manifestation of an idea / thought / aesthetic. When we create art, we quite literally create more of reality, in a metaphysical sense.
No. 21568
How do aesthetics through utility fit into that?
t. utility appreciator
No. 21569
34 kB, 400 × 314
215 kB, 1219 × 681
I guess it's a similar idea: form follows function and all that.
The hard constraints of an object having to be functional within very small physical margins forces the engineer to make certain decisions. In a way, the utilitarian demands of the object are enforcing design decisions on the engineer. The rules of physics themselves have a hand in the design process. You might even substitute "rules of physics" with "God".

That's why I think a hotdog car is ugly forever, while a steam train is timeless despite being technically obsolete. The former's aesthetic betrays its function, while the latter's aesthetic is a consequence of its function.
I would say it's a material form of aesthetics (engineering, design), while art is an ideal form of aesthetic.

Both art aesthetic and engineering aesthetic are similar in that they are "beautiful" (or meaningful) because they reflect Truth about the universe. Engineering reflects physical truth, while art reflects metaphysical truth.
No. 21570
442 kB, 991 × 663
I see. That makes sense. Locos are super aesthetic though, you're definitely correct there. Up there with gaseous electronics and the zeppelin.I think I've fallen for the modernist spook. Send help.
No. 21572
>This is the second time I was mistaken for somebody who works at school.
I would take that as a compliment. It means you look like you know what you're doing.

>The ability to create art is truly a gift of Divine Creation
I appreciate your uncompromising perspective on art. I wish we had a new word or classification for what you're describing; some way to avoid saying one thing is art, but another thing is real art. Even the term fine art doesn't seem like enough, as within that narrower field you're still left trying to describe not only differences of degree, but true differences of kind.
No. 21576
Today was fine I guess. I don't know if it's the fact that I go to bed earlier, or the extra vitamin D, but I feel really good. (Been feeling really good since Tuesday, actually, ever since I drank that energy drink, but I doubt that has anything to do with it.)
Since I was alone, I was able to just kick back and relax on the balcony.
After I finished the book, I made some tomato soup, and then I played vidya.
A pretty fine day if you ask me.

I feel pretty hyped for next month. I'll be working for a few days, so I'll have some cash on me again. Gonna do data entry for the same company again.
It's basically free money.

I but I don't feel like I know what I'm doing.

Do you have a better use for the money right now?
If you do, by all means use it for that.
But if you don't, I don't see why you'd buy a half assed solution if you are into the whole "fligth sim" thing. Get something that makes it enjoyable, not a substitute. That's throwing money out the window.
No. 21578
Steam train is ugly, but the hot dog car is nice and hot-doggy forever. The steam train represents nothing, it has no meaning. The hot dog car will forever stand for tasty hot dogs, picknicks in the park and major league transmission on a transistor.

You can keep your yucky steam train to yourself. Your views are a result of sovokh education.
No. 21579
867 kB, 2592 × 3888
if God wanted to make machine that runs on steam and travels long distance, it would look like steam train. steam train is eternal aesthetic

if dog wanted to make a car, it wouldn't look like hotdog

if dog wanted to make hotdog, it wouldn't look like car

check mate relativists
No. 21580
118 kB, 640 × 577
Going to start working in my molecular genetics professor's lab next semester. He's a really nice, down-to-earth guy, which is a bit suprising since he's also very accomplished for a young chromatin biology / epigenetics researcher.
No. 21581
209 kB, 896 × 1580
I'm just kind of stingy. I'll want to get a compact keypad eventually anyway to bind the CDU keys to. That would make things like JTAC interaction not a fuggen nightmarish clickfest (they give you pinpoint coords that you can slave SOI to and then put a mav or bomb on it, and lets me do a lot more interesting things with the EGI that are niche but undeniably useful in battlespace management. It's interesting how different the systems integration works from the F-16C despite being on the surface level pretty similar.

In short, it basically lets me cheap out on peripherals until I can get a decent one on sale later in the year maybe.
No. 21588
I started doing my early-morning walks again and it was very nice.
Didn't go into the forest this time, just a quick stroll between the gardens and houses, looking over the river and the trees on the other side.
Doing that really helps start the day in a calm and based manner.
No. 21590
16 kB, 453 × 564
Had a dream where I was on a date with my middle school crush.
We went to the park, ate some ice cream etc. Then some not fat, financially well off guy stole her away from me. God damn it. Being a poorfag is really getting under my skin it seems, hue hue :-DDDD.

I love dreaming, though. This feeling of really being inside the dream, that the things in the dream are really happening to you, is very nice. Being emotionally affected by something. It's the kind of immersive, tangible feeling of Really Being There that I can not experience awake due to schizo derealization.
No. 21593
My middle school crush looked like yours in the pic. I guess I was lucky that I had other types of nightmares.
No. 21636
Spent the day mostly reading, then later on wrote down a few lines for the report I'm working on. Found a magazine that perfectly fits my needs and lets no-names send in articles, the exposé they want should be structured around questions they set up, I already know how I'm going to answer them. Still I should get myself a copy of the magazine soon before applying with my work to check out what they expect from their authors.
Then again, I should write a first version of it first (so far it's only notes and nice sentences bc I'm still a lazy bum and don't get paid fot it most importantly) to make it the most out of my vision. Can still change it later.

Other than that, the closer the return of my everyday life after holidays is coming near me the less productive I feel because of worries about mundane shit. Next week I'll get back to work and I'll have to get up at 6AM. Also soberness is going great, went through some evenings where I usually I would have gotten drunk with people sober and it was ok. I want to reflect and write more and in a lengthy way about it in the addiction thread once I reach my first sober month of the last six years.
No. 21639
1,3 MB, 2268 × 1559
I went hiking for the first time in years. Just a short trail at a nearby state park, but the view was worth it.
No. 21646
156 kB, 704 × 1076
98 kB, 524 × 497
87 kB, 489 × 474
Made memes
No. 21650
The US has many stunning landscapes, I would be more interested in seeing the US than doing a SEA trip like so many young euros.

A magazine just for reports or all kind of stuff?
Why do you have a polandball now and not the bavarian error ball?
No. 21654
It's a magazine for reports only.
Also I'm in Poland now over the holidays.
No. 21657
Went shopping today. There are a lot of people at the store, because it'll be closed for 2 ((3(?)) days and WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE IF WE DON'T HAVE 3 LOAVES OF BREAD AT HOME WITH 3 RODS OF SALAMI.
It was incredibly tiresome, and I basically collapsed into my armchair by the time I got home.
Read 3 scenes from Wagner's Tristan und Isolde and some parts from the Book of Revelations and the Gospel of Matthew. Basically just to feel a bit more connected to the spirit of the holidays. It's a beautiful story.
Couldn't concentrate much longer, so I turned on the PC for a couple of hours. Might play something later, but I'm going to turn it off early and go back to reading if I can.
Might study for the upcoming tests instead. Or I might add a few new hanzi cards, though I'm not happy with the results yet.

It's really dropping my productivity now that there are people around the house, rummaging, watching TV and taking up space.
No. 21658
Don't know how is the weather in Budapest but you could sit outside and let the wind breeze around you while the sun heats the environment. I know concentration is crucial in reading at some point but you can get sucked into a book even with a few noise here and there. Ofc I wouldn't sit in a crowded place but I'm sure the suburban area of Budapest has quiet(er) spots. A change of scenery while reading can be refreshing. I don't mean the garden necessarily but a place that is in walking distance, so 10-25min.
No. 21664
kohl is gay as fuck.
No. 21672
In the end, I read half of Tristan und Isolde and then mowed the lawn.
And as it also turns out, the peas that I've planted have actually hatched and grown out. It's a pretty cool feeling.

I don't know if I'd feel comfortable with that. It's not really the fact that people are noisy around here, it's just that it feels like they are disturbing my "scholarly" solitude a bit.
No. 21675
feels like I missed out on the community switching to discord, I used to be active on youtube watching shit, name escapes me.

I also have short patience for incompetence and like to troll, hard to curb a 10 year habit.

I also seen the red pill as not believing the government rather than goose stepping and using nazi symbols as porn.
No. 21677
>it's just that it feels like they are disturbing my "scholarly" solitude a bit.

Yes, some books need that solitude. But every once in a while I take a book and sit on a bench or something outside where not many people will pass by.

I vaguely remember reading somewhere that Walter Benjamin said that you need to read the surrealist writings in a noisy street cafe. Perhaps other books can be read well in different places that are not the own chamber, too.
No. 21678
I just seen some sick CP on kohl, there was the same shit on 8chan, which I know was a honey pot.

Do I stick to 4channel, I never recall it being this bad.

Not a fan of gore, but I can tolerate any disgusting shit.

Not this, maybe I am too old, I can't do this any more.

I want to never visit an image board again.

For a fact I have seen 100% worse, penetration it has scarred mt mind.

I just think the people using image board 10-15 years ago, I know I wasn't the first, are not the same people polluting this space.

I just wish everyone would die, call me me beta, i don't care, had so much learning and good convos.

I'm a depressed alcoholic who fucked up his life and if I lost my job I would be on the bread line.

2010/11 I loved chans and a few MMO's.

I just hate everyone, the CP made me sick, the bants are far and few between, I never got pol.

Most countries I could get arrested, but my complaint is, it is not the same userbase.

Show me gore, dead bodies a severed head, what I seen was child abuse and I have seen 100x worse.

I've felt worse, but have never been so pissed at a community, but I realise there is no longer any community.
No. 21680
Well, why do you visit those imageboards? I mostly only browse ec and 4chan /lit/ if I feel the need for something fast, so I'm mostly browsing as chaste as a monk in general.

Do you know where you got this from? Did you maybe get this from the "Illuminationen" book? It has most of his published stuff in it, your mere mention makes me wanna get it even though I already own lots of the works that are collected in the book.

As I love listening to it, I should probably read it as well. Sounds a bit plebeian but I mostly just listen to the music and the voices without understanding the text. It could surely be more intense if I'd read it I think. I like listening to his Wesedonck-songs interpreted by Kirsten Flagstad, knowing the lyrics makes it so extremely intense. I can barely describe the bliss I sometimes felt when listening to "Im Treibhaus".
No. 21688
It's been a terrible few days tbh. I feel like a pathetic loser. Which I am.
No. 21689
Not like it's a long text or anything. A measly 85 or so pages in drama format, so it's extra short.
Should take maybe two to three hours to read if you take your time.
You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain by reading it.
No. 21691
Hell, you're trying and though it's overstated it does count for something even if you fall short. Better than being a worthless waste of flesh like myself who just takes the path of least resistance and doesn't stick his neck out for fear of losing it.
No. 21700

Shut up gypsy.
No. 21701
>Do you know where you got this from? Did you maybe get this from the "Illuminationen" book?

It's on the back of some 1960s surrealist reader I got some years ago but never read. It's boxed up atm so I cannot tell you the source, if it is even mentioned there. But Benjamin wrote an essay on surrealism and I could imagine it's in there. I only ever read the Flaneur, the theses on history and the Kunstwerk-Aufsatz and some other bits and pieces.
No. 21702
Well, at least you pay for your own meals. I think that already makes you a more respectable person :-DDD.
"Even if you have to wash a donkey's ass, make a living"
t. Abay :-DDDD

I'm only now developing the skill to do my own homework. 8 years of fucking about jumping from hobby to hobby and nothing to show for it, because I am too infantile to sit down and work, instead of just messing around. I also broke my newly arrived tablet pen again because I'm a clumsy retard and decided to adjust the spring tension knob during two days of no sleep, went full retard and snapped the hair-thin wire again.
That really shat up my day, because it reminded me of the fact that I'm a fraud. Someone who supposedly cares about art, but can't get his shit enough together to make a single finished work, just meandering doodles that never take form.
No. 21705
Kind words, but your praise is misplaced. I work a mediocre job making mediocre food for a mediocre employer. Been thinking that I should get in contact with a chef I know and apprentice and graduate into not making crap that has no value in pride. I won't though because I get decision paralysis and end up doing nothing. Sounds mildly familiar to your art situation now that I think on it. I guess good food is basically a transient form of art.

So while Abai is my boy and all, I do not think that I'm what he had in mind :-DDDDD
No. 21714
i've asked some time in the past, and i guess someone had answered, but i forgot to see it. What was the text board that was pinned at the top of the first page several months ago?
No. 21718
the text board that was pinned at the top of the first page several months ago?
I'm not sure if this is what you mean, because it's still in the top tab:
Was there another one?
No. 21720
I finished reading Tristan und Isolde today. Weeded out the area around the peas I planted a month ago. They are growing nicely.

Currently listening to a symphonic version of Tristan und Isolde. Good stuff, but for some reason I don't feel like it ever goes into "overdrive" like Mahler or Shostakovich does. It keeps blueballing me in a sense.

Got 15 Euros and a scratch ticket for Easter. The scratch ticket didn't win me a single dime, in contrast, it brought another 12 euros for my sister. I honestly would have been happier to just have the price of the ticket instead of this stupid gamble, but over the years it turned into a family tradition for some reason.
Not like I can complain, since my sister offered me to partition her winnings, but I declined. Lusting after a measly 6 euros out of jealousy is just simply dishonourable and deplorable. I have no need for that money, I'll earn more through the sweat of my brow next month.
I'll probably try buying the Argonautica with this money. The remainder I'll spend on some cheap Earl Grey, so I can bring tea to school again. Nothing better than smugly sipping some tea while giving a presentation or typing away on your laptop while looking at random papers.
Makes me feel important and above the world.
Look at this man, for he is important, with that pencil stuck between his teeth, the thermos cap of tea in his hand, a book open in front of him, while typing on an old laptop. You can't disturb someone like that.

Planning to read a short story by Wang Meng before going to bed. I had a collection of his writings for a while, and it seemed interesting from the little I managed to read on the way home when I got it.
I don't think I'll actually read it though, I just plan to read it.

Two more days at home. Tomorrow we'll take a "family trip". I dread the idea. These are always so fucking awkward when we try to give the image of a "perfect family" to the world. It's a farce that benefits no one.
No. 21743
17 kB, 576 × 597
Oh God, it’s actually a “le family bonding trip” and we’ll drive 50 minutes to see a lake and get a scoop of ice cream. Literally wasting money on nothing. Fucking nothing.
Fucking hell, people, I don’t have time for this bullshit.
Just close the door and throw away the key for fuck’s sake, and don’t use your phone standing in the middle of the dining hall while I’m having breakfast, it’s unsettling.
I should have said no yesterday and bore with the the consequences of getting called an ungrateful crazy fuckwad.
My heart is pounding like it’s a do or die situation again.
No. 21744
>le family bonding trip
I don't quite understand, is it some special kind of trip or so?
I'd eagerly have a trip with my family. Maybe you are just 18 years old. Don't worry, it's going to end later.
No. 21749
looks like that one. thanks
No. 21757
Not really special. We just visit a far away landmark (to waste as much of our precious time as possible to increase the presumed value of the trip for ourselves) that means nothing to either of us, and talk awkwardly while we get there. Then we have dinner at a local "restaurant" and then go home.
I just don't have any chemistry when all of my family is around, especially my father. He has terrible "jokes" (not even dad jokes, just shitty boomer jokes and movie/TV quotes.) and an irritating personality to top it off and we just don't really get along.
Not to mention it just ends up as a phone tapping contest since both my mother and my father are hopelessly addicted to Facebook and whatnot on their phones, so they just keep tapping their phones, discussing which of their "friends" shared what, and I don't particularly give a shit about epic "jokes" posted on facebook. (Or what "funny discussions" they had with people I don't know.)

None of these family bonding trips are interesting or worthwhile and it benefits no one besides my parents' consciences that "we acted as a family for 4 hours". I don't want to assist in perpetuating a lie like this.
Sadly they can't do it without me, so I have to go with this bullshit every time the feel the need to "bond", even though I think normal families spend enough time together naturally that they don't need "bonding" like this.
And at 19 I'd say it's far too late for my father to try any of this. I grew up largely without him because of his "business trips", and we weren't moulded to get along as a result.

And of course I can't say no to a farce like this because "common decency" dictates that I should love the opportunity to spend time with muh family, and you are a dick if you don't want to spend time with them.
No. We spent 16 fucking years in a small as fuck apartment, we were more than close enough for more than enough time, I want to be away from you so I don't have to deal with you, fuck.
My entire day is fucking ruined and I hate it.

/teenage angst
No. 21758
>We spent 16 fucking years in a small as fuck apartment, we were more than close enough for more than enough time, I want to be away from you so I don't have to deal with you

Yes, a normal reaction as young adult and it's sames for me but add around 10 years. Tho family every once in a while is good. Might change even more when I have children myself one day, if that ever happens.

But don't underestimate your parents attitude, they want to spent time with you and your sister, simple, that's the Sinn behind it all and it's not like that is not important somehow, maybe they have a hard time as well but they try.
No. 21762
Well, I'm not "angry" any more. Three slices of Focaccia, some salami, some cheese and a cup of vodka as a digestif made me feel better.
Gonna watch the remainder of the Zizek-Peterson debate now. It's fucking abysmal and ebin.

Though I have my work cut out for me for tomorrow now.
No. 21768
I've got the flu.
Had to work til 4 AM feeling like total crap, with a result that amounted to jack shit.

Guess that's what you get when you're figuring out the software and workflow along the way. At least it's encouraging me to get back into 3D modeling. 3D modeling is fun. Interior design sucks.
No. 21771
What software are you learning?
No. 21789
849 kB, 1920 × 1080
Can't seem to be able to deal with the stress. I desperately try to take my attention off the future. The fact that I played arkanoid on my phone the whole morning means something has gone terribly wrong inside.

Exercised a bit.

Gonna play vidya for a bit, then try studying rhetoric again, after which I'll go to my extra maths classes.
No. 21793
Mostly figuring out how to get decent results out of vray.
Considering that my PC is not very good, waiting for render times to see the result, then scrap it and try again is quite time consuming.

I'm planning on transitioning to blender once this client is dealth with. Although, if I were to get a job on the kazakhstan, vray, 3ds max and autocad (all pirated) are de facto standards here, and everyone expects you to work with that.
No. 21803
I'm seriously considering not going in tomorrow. (Not having bought a bus pass is a good enough reason, because I don't God damn plan on getting up even earlier to buy one, but oh well, I'll probably do so.)

Must be the weather, though I'm not fond of the possibility that the weather might influence me this drastically. That's for old people and women.

Still haven't studied jack for my test about rhetoric. I managed to read a whooping 10 sentences before getting up and starting to browse my bookshelf. I ended up reading aloud from random epics like the Odyssey, Mahabharata and the Nibelungenlied.
It's around 4 small pages' worth of material, but fuck, I just can't get myself to deal with it. It's horrible.

And I also have an upcoming test on French symbolist poetry. The gayest fucking shit on Earth. It's bullshit, and I don't even have the materials for it. (So of course I'm going to have to ask around, but fuck, I'm just not interested in this.)
No. 21804
>French symbolist poetry.

Baudelaire is good, aestheticism in general. You liked Der Tor und der Tod which is from that style. Romanticism is the core for that kind of poetry.
No. 21805
Blender 2.8 has a realtime renderer that makes offline render times almost a thing of the past.
No. 21806
>Bydgoszcz in Germany is not Bromberg
That should be better fixed.