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No. 21376 Systemkontra
90 kB, 656 × 492
49 kB, 657 × 527
Post frogs
No. 21377 Kontra
Go and drown yourself in a puddle of methanol behind the shop, faggot.
No. 21378
Kind of rude post, I'd say

Sorry, we don't make shitposting threads there.
No. 21379
>Posting a freemason created image used to centralise imageboard culture
No. 21380 Kontra
test if I can post in other threads when successfully posting in this one
No. 21383
72 kB, 720 × 405
77 kB, 1000 × 563
2,3 MB, 2604 × 1719
217 kB, 960 × 686
No. 21387 Kontra
Absolutely not. This is the kind of useless shitposting that kills a place.
No. 21395 Kontra
I disagree if it is such low frequency. Ernst is a little bit too autistic sometimes.
No. 21396
344 kB, 1024 × 768
761 kB, 1199 × 924
87 kB, 1199 × 699
95 kB, 473 × 516
No. 21400 Kontra
I still have the Apu RPG some Bernd made back in KC days on my HDD somnewhere, someone interested?
No. 21418 Kontra
It's just picture dump thread. And not valuable pictures. It's probably the lowest type of content possible.
No. 21425
78 kB, 2048 × 1024
It's not only just that. This type of thread promotes centralisation of culture. Think about all of the frogs that are posted on every board on 4chan. These types of threads are a tumor because they promote that kind of humor. Imageboards should have differing cultures but most if not all imageboards feel like exact carbon copies due to the centralisation of so called "memes" which was honestly the first thing which signaled the decline of imageboard culture. GIF's, Video's, pictures, stories, jokes and just any average picture is simply labeled a meme when each could have been a different in joke it quickly gets spread to normal central area's of the internet such as reddit.

Not to mention pepe the frog is a psyop. It's created by freemasons. Remember the "kekistan" cult worshipping pepe as a fucking god. Well in egyptian mythos this thing called kek is a god of chaos and not only that the original image of pepe while smug has a freemason hand sign on it. Pure utter trash you can tell if these memes are like this because they become unnaturally popular and the moment pepe got on the fucking mainstream media we really should have been aware what was going on.

Here's the original pepe picture.
No. 21428 Kontra
I don't belive in any crazy political teories - majority of people are dumb. Show them finger - they will laugh and then will show to other for next 10 years and will consider this as cultural achivment.
Over-simplification of every concept for "masses" leads to igonrance and stupidity, so I'am against even concept of such template-cliche constructed jokes as general idea.
No. 21429
It's not a political theory. It's more of a control method on the populace. More conspiracy than political. Even then it still has some semblence of truth to it.
No. 21445 Kontra
>Not to mention pepe the frog is a psyop. It's created by freemasons
Frogposting originated on KC /int/ and spread from there to 4chan /pol/ due to intersecting populace. /pol/ turned it from fun to cancer, as expected, because that's what /pol/ is all about: turning everything into cancer.
No. 21450 Kontra
What is a valuable picture? Show me one and tell me its value.
How to measure a digital pictures value?
No. 21455 Kontra

maybe it's not quantifiable? A value "wird diskursiv ausgehandelt". And that is the case here on EC, apparently.
No. 21466 Kontra
>>>> kohlchan.net
No. 21475 Kontra
Don't blame 4kanker for that one. poltards are indeed responsible for the cancer spreading but the meme was cancerous to begin with and largely came from there, to the point where you could automatically tell the OP was a faggot from 4chan just based on starting the terrible thread with frog pics. I can somewhat forgive Lithuania because he probably doesn't know better in the same way I wouldn't know better using a cancerous sosach meme. I can't find it but I had a screencap of the entire KC catalog being nothing but this shitty frogposting towards the end. I mean it was their fault to begin with, but the meme was never good. It was always stupid and shit and always bandied about by 4kanker who I thought had invented it then imported it to KC.

Pie charts are fine. Maps are fine. Art is fine. Hell any kind of actual content is fine in comparison to this garbage. It's the stupidest most worthless thing and I can't understand why anyone thought it was okay unless they have an 89 IQ.