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No. 21388
219 kB, 900 × 1435
88 kB, 768 × 647
38 kB, 486 × 689
68 kB, 640 × 640
Is Ernst into Watches?
No. 21391
No, but if others are I can share a video.

I don't get why this guy is not just using Nitril gloves, it's a little retarded. Apart from that great video.

t. liker of Nitril gloves
No. 21392
233 kB, 800 × 1100
109 kB, 640 × 640
21 kB, 328 × 500
I want to get a diver.
I have my eyes on the Omega Seamaster and the Oris Aquis but i don't have that kind of money so it will probably be the Seiko SRPB91K1
No. 21393
18 kB, 340 × 500
45 kB, 480 × 693
I bought both of these. No other watches in my home.
I would like to think what watch-nerds think about them, I guess they are both considered cheap, but still I like them very much.
No. 21398
>I don't get why this guy is not just using Nitril gloves

Those finger condoms are thinner and more flexible than gloves.
No. 21399
26 kB, 600 × 600

Affordable is the word to go by, at least Timex is a well respected brand in the industry. Sadly they only use quartz movements these days but they're still functioning and nice looking watches.

Can't speak for the other one in terms of quality but i see that it does something many watches (especially "fashion watches") do these days which is having a second dial without any numbers on it which makes it kinda useless. Pic related would be an other, even worse, example of such a horrible thing.
No. 21402
The second dial is the seconds. Its useful for cathing a bus perhaps, but it doesn't really show the proper second you're in, that's right.
No. 21405
2,9 MB, 4160 × 3120
Quite like the Sekio, in the 3rd pic.
Also on the look on for a casio with a metal strap and 'frame work'.

Watches tend to be very expensive in HK, also humidity wouldn't allow a leather strap, I like canvas straps anyway.

The hard tiled floors with no carpets mean I have destroyed two watches and at 45e to replace the glass, it is not worth it to get them repaired, again.

I'd love to pic up a beater, daily watch for under 100e but there isn't much choice and I do not want a digital watch or big plastic watch.

Picked up a fake or low brand, new swiss army watch with rubber strap, just to have a working watch, looks cheap but also tacticool :), was only 5.5e from the market.

Got a fake rolex before, but the watch was a pos.
No. 21407
184 kB, 1150 × 768
I got the same as the one on the left in your picture used with a few scratches for 25€.
I was bidding on it on ebay without thinking i would actually get it because i already own pic related where i replaced the leather strap with a steel one. It's the Seiko SRPA27K1 and i can really reccommend it if you're looking for a cheap and elegant automatic at around 200€.

If you want it even cheaper, look for a watch from Orient or Invicta, both brands have decent quality for low prices and some of the watches look really nice.
No. 21410
187 kB, 325 × 575
I think you have the same mindset as me of getting cheap watches to go with an outfit (male jewellery) rather than strict utility. What do you wear with the yellow/wood?

Pic related is my recent purchase. It's okay. Civo do cheap watches but they don't look it imo.
No. 21422
I'm really autistic about unfamilar brand names.
I paid 82e for one on the left 5.5e one on the right.
£70 which was 100e at the time for the one in the middle and £20 for the canvas strap to replace the original, really loved it, super big bevel and high up but looking to buy same again.

Need to have a black/blue face with no numbers, could maybe accept roman numerals.

I have the money to get a 3-500e watch, but would rather get 3-4 100e watches I could mod the strap, and not be afraid of scratch it.

Wear an expensive watch you cannot trhow around is just alien to me.
No. 21437
The yellow one is a womens watch and my girlfriend is wearing it :DDDD

Actually, I don't see why a lot of watches go for 2k. The pricing seems like utter bullshit and to be frank I have to say that a lot of the popular ones look pretentius at best. Like divers for example.
No. 21449
>I'm really autistic about unfamilar brand names.

Learn about them, both Orient and Invicta make cheap quality products, even tough 90% of modern Invicta watches are super ugly they still have a few nice looking ones that are quite durable for the price.

>Actually, I don't see why a lot of watches go for 2k.

You usually get better movements, higher quality materials and quality control with higher prices.
If you look at the watch the Brit you answered to posted you see the cheapest possible parts put together in a chinese sweatshop.

I happen to own a quite similar watch because i wanted to know how good or bad a watch is where the shipping costs more than the watch itself and it worked but feels extremely cheap (the whole watch has around the same weight as the metal bracelet of a different watch i own) and the glas gets scratches by just looking at it. It doesn't work anymore, probably the battery but i don't want to change it to see.

Now imagine a watch with a mechanical movement that's mostly put together by hand and where people actually make innovations to stand out. That can't be sold for the price of a bubble gum.
No. 21523
48 kB, 419 × 741
39 kB, 550 × 474
I want to get this watch. It has a certain gaudy aesthetic I can appreciate.
No. 21528
> that's mostly put together by hand

Thats unnecessary luxury(,) Bernsto
No. 21529
You could consider everything that's more than a stick in the sand unncessary luxury.
Besides, if you work with such tiny parts the outcome of using machines would probably be a decrease in quality.
No. 21531
I had an ultra cool G-Shock which had a storage so I could save my bank account password there as 12yo. Once some older teens wanted to steal it but they were quite amateurish in their approach so I just ran away.

Today I don't see a necessity in watches as I have my smartphone with me when I leave the house. Ofc it is purely aesthetical and/or a status symbol in our times. Being some kind of aestheticist I won't judge people because of that, but I'm 100% functional in that area.
No. 21536
For me it's backwards. I can leave my smartphone when I put my watch on.
Also, it's less noticeable to check the time on watch than on smartphone in moments, when you ought to show interest.
No. 21537
79 kB, 600 × 801
I don't have a watch right now, and I've never had an expensive one, but I used to like wearing a digital Casio because it gave me something to do with my hands. I would spin it on my wrist, or repeatedly unclasp and adjust the resin strap. Of course I broke that strap long before the battery died. It was a really nice prop for redirecting nervous energy; I don't know why I never fixed or replaced it. Anyway, here's a picture of my old fidget spinner.
No. 21538
>Of course I broke that strap long before the battery died.
Did you try to change battery?
No. 21541
>Did you try to change battery?
No, I never did. When the strap broke a few years ago I just stopped wearing a watch altogether. It was a gradual process, since it cracked a little at a time and I started giving it days off to delay the inevitable. Even then, I could have replaced the strap for a couple of dollars, but I didn't. I just let it go. Now I keep it as a kind of memento, and before it completely died I actually stuffed it into a backpack and took it on a few trips. I liked that it always had my home timezone. Even though I'll probably never fix it, I can't imagine ever getting rid of it either.
No. 21587
Why did everyone stop wearing those after the 90s? They were great.
No. 21589
Mobile phones
No. 21596
299 kB, 2100 × 1400
114 kB, 800 × 800
128 kB, 1024 × 1024
I have a nice mechanical watch that I only take off when I am showering. It's not particularly expensive but I've had it for around eight years at this point and I may want to get a new band at some point but it wouldn't really be necessary to do so.

I'm not into ostentatious watches, a lot of the guys my age have watches, sometimes not even very nice ones with big bezels and overly wrought metal bands I'm not a big fan of such designs.

The second and third watches pictured, I don't think they're the exact one I saw but it is similar. When I was a waiter I was working a function for the local hospital. This one guy's watch caught my eye. Just simple gold and brown leather but it was very nice and elegant in its simplicity. ebay has really granular ways to narrow things down and I found a few that are similar and they run around 4k USD. :'(
One of the few material things I covet I suppose.