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No. 2202
234 kB, 595 × 547
Have you at any point had a countryboo phase? (If you feel that way still there's no shame).

Who was it and what exactly did you like about them? Your reasons can be complex or shallow, it doesn't matter.

I'm way more interested in your posts because mine is going to suck. I only did this in high school.

First it was Scotland and this honestly wasn't from muh heritaging. I started to play as them in Medieval 2 total war and the style of their units really appealed to me. I remember thinking the voice actor that informed me of things was the only one in the game that didn't sound like a faggot, and he sounded so mean whenever we won.

Then I really liked how they formed pike walls against English cavalry. We watched some documentary about the French and Indian war, and there was a very costly battle for the English where they tried to capture this fort all day and were getting slaughtered at the wall, the video made it a point that a unit of Scotsman managed to actually make it inside the fort and hold their position for hours. Well that made me tingle in history class. It was overall really shallow, I think my angry insecure metalhead teenage self just found them masculine because of a videogame. Thankfully I never even watched Braveheart until after this phase was over.

Next it was Canada, honestly. Mostly because I thought of them as like my state but an entire country I guess. This was during the Bush era and early Obama era, and my teenage self wanted to immigrate there as an adult because I saw it as free of racism and homophobia like the US had.

Both of these led to an obsessive Wikipedia period but it never lasted longer than a year. I don't think much about countries anymore, certainly not enough to countryboo anyone. Krautchan really killed that for me.
No. 2205
Germany for Nazi's.

I outgrew that phase, but now unironically country-boo America, feels third world mang lol.
No. 2208
Mainly Germany and Japan. Where I live, I am on the exact same longitude with Kyoto and my latitude is exactly as far south of the Equator as Kyoto is north, so we share a bond I feel. Kyoto is the old Capital of the August Empire and also the seat of the rightful ruler of the world(the emperor being the descendent of Gods and having had the world given to him) so where I live must be the capital of Hell.
No. 2210
I've been sort of an USAboo during my teens in the 90s. Almost moved there because my dad had a job offer in North Carolina, but he dismissed it eventually. Not a fan anymore.
No. 2219
I reckon i should write a bit more. I mostly liked American pop culture e.g. music, films, fashion, literature etc. and the "muh freedums" attitude and of course the American landscape. As i grew older i realized that "muh freedoms" is usually kind of a naive take on how things should work at best or outright malicious at worst. Also, there are much more things to consider about the US and a lot of these things turned out not very pretty. The US is a country of total extremes, like if a "liberal" first world country and a total backward 3rd world shithole full of complete idiots forms an entity. You want to buy an Apple phone and on the way to the store you see ridiculously overweight gluttons with Louis Vuitton backbacks, fake teeth and botox'd faces next to homeless crack addicts who look like straight out of Auschwitz.
No. 2223
Iceland , because it has pretty much anything that is nice: Being Nordic, Ocean, volcanoes, hot springs, horses, fish, eating whales
No. 2227
I liked the history of Poland and I even thought about moving there until I started visiting Western imageboards.

I saw greater percentage of friendly liberal Russians than Poles who don't take a shit on Ukraine. Wherever I go, I always met an aggressive nationalist Pole. Recently I visited a /his/toric board on Russian 2ch, some guy there created a thread stating that "Pilsudski destroyed Russia" and Poles & Soviets were "regional superpowers". It was an interesting and dandy discussion of Russian Civil War, unti someone mentioned Ukranian battles with Pilsudki, the OP got buttblasted by it and began to downplay any accomplishments of the Ukrainians, the guy started talking about the contemporary period and "Ukrainian subhumans who pick up strawberries in Poland". Guess what nationality was the OP! He was a Pole. Even Russians are capable to properly discuss history without going full retard.

Manifestation of ultra-nationalism, racism, religious fanaticism, love of authoritarianism from the citizens of fairly well-off countries surprises me, in my mind the very idea of the existence of such impulses among educated and wealthy citizens was nearly impossible.
The only thing that pleases me in this situation is the inevitable liberalization of all nationalities and classes in the next 200 years, the growth of wealth leads to a gradual reduction of people's aggression and the establishment of cosmopolitanism.
No. 2232
Greece and Egypt. I was fond of ancient civilisations when I was a child and I was naive enough to think that modern societies are similar to old ones.
>Even Russians are capable to properly discuss history without going full retard.
Thing is, Russians are okay with their position in the world or imagine that they are okay. While butthurtbelters, including Belarus and Ukraine, always got their revisionists who outvoice others just by shouting.
No. 2233
156 kB, 1920 × 1080
I'm not especially a fan of any country, but I'd like to live in Iceland (although I imagine it to be kinda boring after like 2 weeks).
Pic related.
Norway would be great too, but of course I know all my expectations are just bias and it's not really that desirable in reality.
No. 2234
>I was naive enough to think that modern societies are similar to old ones.
You sound like you are naive enough now to think that old societies aren't similar to modern ones.
Just look at that:
>Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men’s behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!
No. 2235
Russia and only more recently thanks largely to KC. Of course I also didn't know what level of failure Russia really is without KC either. I honestly can't really think of any I was particularly infatuated with beyond vaguely positive ideas about Poland, France, and Ireland. I did end up hating lots of countries though, although now I hate English people less but I ended up hating England even more. I also used to think Australia was cool and I don't anymore to the point where it isn't even on my list of countries to flee to when shtf.
No. 2236
>Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men’s behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!
That is by far one of my favorite quotations of all time. We should chisel it into rock and launch it into outer space.
No. 2237
Germany, when I was a kid. My dad went to Germany when I was five, and he was very impressed by the culture of Ordnung (no wonder, considering in what deep shit our country was in the nineties). His fascination rubbed off on me, but my germanbooism never really went far, just occasional memeing about Nazis and listening to Rammstein, heh. It became even weaker when I went to uni, and faded completely after I talked to Germans on the imageboards, and now I don't have any delusions about the glorious Deutschland. Still, I'm not embarrassed by that period of my life and I don't regret it, since it served as a gateway to finding more stuff to read (German literature and philosophy stronk!), to watch (some oldie movies are breddy gud, like Fritz Lang's ones; I am also slowly getting into Herzog's films: watched Aguirre and loved it, and Fitzcarraldo and Nosferatu the Vampyre are on my plan to watch list), to listen to (from Tangerine Dream to KMFDM, from Klaus Nomi to Orplid).
No. 2245
I don't get nordicboos tbh. I can't stand hot climate for longer than 2 weeks myself, however the north gets depressing and boring pretty quickly imo. Also cold and dark. After like seven days fishing and drinking inside a norwegian fjord i've seen enough mountains and sea and rocks and cozy wooden huts for a while and i'm not even a city dweller. Never been on Iceland though.
No. 2246
USA, I feel ashamed these days, I bought into their narrative about free people, free thinking, freedom of expression, fleeing persecutions in Europe, freedom to pursue your own happiness, and so on. Can't blame it, it was the 90s, post cold war world, murkans were euphoric about being the ones on the right side of history, their media spammed their historical narrative nonstop.
No. 2257
>free thinking, freedom of expression, fleeing persecutions in Europe, freedom to pursue your own happiness, and so on.

Nothing wrong with this.
No. 2259

Both of you the 90s, interdasting.
No. 2260
>but of course I know all my expectations are just bias and it's not really that desirable in reality.
What's not to get about this.
No. 2261
Not really. A little maybe but not really. These days even less so because rampant xenophilia has ruined most of the good countries.
No. 2262
Read what the german wrote here

It was the decade of USA hegemony, monopolar world, commies BTFO, no terrorist attacks and endless wars in the middle east, feminists, gay movement also BTFO for a while, murkan dream was world dream. The era before the Internet, where for most people the only way to get to know about a country was to consume its media, and murkan media was triumphalist, telling the history of a country founded by european rapefugees who were fleeing persecution and believed in freedom and individualism.
No. 2263
When I was a kid I went through a weird phase of wanting to be an American nerd stereotype. I intentionally gained weight, imported comic books and American snacks on the internet, learned to play D&D (but had nobody to play it with because I was too young) and grew a ponytail in the style of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons. I literally constructed a shrine to Comic Book Guy at one point; I saw him as a sort of model American.

That was a few years before the Big Bang Theory made it cool and I snapped out of my autism.
No. 2264
Even as a kid was highly cynical about all this. Kind of the reason why I never really liked USA that much. I never really hated it either but I just thought the history was taught in a very biased way. Like the whole space race thing. It just didn't make any sense to me. Soviets had sent the first satellite, animal and human to space and even circled around the moon before yanks but then suddenly Americans "won" the "race" once they landed on the moon. It just didn't make any sense to me. These days of course I know it was all just propaganda but as a kid I thought everyone else was stoopid unlike 12 year old me.
No. 2272
It's a case of shifting-the-goalposts.
No. 2299
194 kB, 915 × 610
I was fascinated by Iceland for a brief period as a teenager. I was drawn not simply by finding it beautiful, but also due to a fixation on remoteness and cold places.
No. 2304
I hate Iceland. Just tired from constant: You should visit, its beautiful, broh. Country that "makes you dink xdddsd"
No. 2306
The thing wrong with it is that it's fundamentally untrue. I literally cannot point to a single period of our history and say we had true freedom then. Censorship of the press, religious persecution, persecution by religious people, outright slavery building the country to the point of fighting a war over it, all kinds of fantastically tyrannical laws like the Anti Sedition act, soldiers gunning down American students on campuses, children gunning down other children at school, America is one long burning garbage can of a train wreck. Frankly it amazes me we somehow ended up being the one country with one of the oldest continual governments so to speak. Well, it is like the German said, although when you phrase the extremes as "developed first world liberal society jammed with the most backwards idiotic third world shithole" that is basically the upper midwest, northeast, and West cost vs the midwest and South which includes Texas. By far the most impressively fat stupid American stereotype is Dixie, which while Mississippi and Alabama are literally third world I think Florida may take the cake for ridiculousness. Although the penal system of Louisiana is so bad it might as well be some fucked up South American military dictatorship.

I am not even entirely sure why that is. The coasts have their own special picture of dystopian hells with police forces so corrupt you would think it a comedy routine, like cannibal cops or cops wilding shooting at the back windows of little Mexican women while hunting a giant black guy driving completely different looking vehicle who finally snapped and engaged in the storied American tradition of random people losing their shit and going on killing sprees. Even my police department is ridiculously corrupt, I mean cops clocking in to that job and another job then driving home and napping all day, cocaine rings within the force and getting blowjobs from teenage girls in the squad car while supposedly being a resource officer (resource officer is a supposedly an armed guard duty job for a cop who in reality is getting kids used to a police state. Same job as the cop who hid when, whichever the last school shooting happened, probably Florida?)

The thing that sucks is you grow up here and you want to believe in this country but every single day requires the most absurd mental gymnastics even if you're already enough of a complete fucking idiot to believe it. Sometimes it is a mystery to me how we even have a functional society, or close enough to one in most places afaik. The greediness, price gouging, lack of freedoms, corruption etc is pretty bad though. It often feels like the worst parts of South America and Europe with few if any of the good. If you took out guns as an argument and imagined that you will quickly start to realize what this place really is.
No. 2307
Not me, looking at their narrative against the background of how the world looked like back then, it made sense.
No. 2309
What changed was that basically things like the TV show and film were major American crafts. Nazi Germany utilized some of the same to treat effect. We also had way higher production values. But what happened is due to the internet we got to see everyone's dirty laundry getting aired. Russia similarly had a reputation for big and powerful and scary that thanks to the internet we can see how poor and incompetent they are. We also get to see the same thing about Britain, Germany etc. Although there is also a general pessimism and cynicism in American society that wasn't there in the 90s. I honestly believe America is entering a phase the Russians suffered in the 70s and 80s.
No. 2313
Prior to the Internet, movies and tv shows served as a nations defacto advertising. Growing up what could you know about a country you hadn't yet visited? Whatever parents or teachers would tell you,of course, but that doesn't really give you the sense of a place. To feel like you know a country you need images, music, people- in other words a movie.
America was Sylvester Stallone, England was Hugh Grant, Japan was Voltron. To me Canada was 'Hockey Night in Canada', and Mexico was that weird show with big breasts. If people from around the world loved an America they hadn't really seen, it was because they had seen what America truly does better than anyone.
My first love was Japan, and It was entirely due to ninja movies. I even tried to learn japanese when I was about 10 with an old berlitz book. Of course being 10 I didn't stick with it.
No. 2347
I was and still am Nazi Germany and 50/60s America boo

Currently, all countries are shit in their own way

Though if I was rich, Id like to live in America somewhere warm and close to the ocean
No. 2348
>living in America being rich
There are better places to live as a rich.
No. 2350
Yeah but they're shit and don't speak English
Idk for some reason America seems attractive to me, maybe it's dumb but I have a right to it. I'm still a partial (56%) Ameriboo.

Plus I'd get to see all the infighting and crazy stuff that goes on there while enjoying the privilege of being both white and immune to anti white communists
No. 2351 Kontra
747 kB, 1020 × 746
The only logical conclusion is to return America back to the loving bosom of mother Britain. With our guarding hand you might be ready for independence in another 100 years.
No. 2353
759 kB, 835 × 1381
As a wayward teen I had planned on moving to Sweden. It was the 00s so everything seemed almost utopian and they do share many similar traits with Britain like humour and social etiquette that allow us to get along.

Then I grew up and got a life. But I'm still holding out hope that we will one day rise again to give the insufferable continentals a good shooing.

>There are better places to live as a rich.

Such as?
No. 2354
109 kB, 820 × 547
>Such as?
Maybe, Brasil.
No. 2356
>that photo
Oh dear god. Where do they learn how to do this?
No. 2357
It's staged, info 100%
No. 2358
1950's America and 1930's Germany seem to me to have one thing in common: every social question had been answered to the majoritity's satisfaction. They were either past debating minority status, like Germany, or not yet willing to address the issue, like America.
Compared to whatever year this is, it was certainly a simpler life(for most). What will America look like in 25 years, or Europe? These questions, seen by someone in their era, sound absurd.
I expect those rich folk have to accept they're going to lose a few tennis balls.
No. 2359 Kontra
Meant for
No. 2362
>they do share many similar traits with Britain
>like humour
>and social etiquette
You wish. Swedes have even worse humour than us and as opposed to Bri'un's strict social castes there are only flat hierarchies in Sweden and they enforce it. Also Bri'un always was and always will be conservative right-wing, while Sweden used to be one of the pillars of European Social Democracy/Socialism. That changed though when Olof Palme died and Sweden turned into the biggest Anglo cucks in Europe.
No. 2364
374 kB, 1600 × 1038
Brazil has powercuts and third world services combined with first world taxes. Who would choose to jump into that boiling pot of monkeys?

Meanwhile America for all its endemic problems still has some very habitable areas along the northern coasts with lost of nature and cheap salmon.

There is more if you want them.

>as opposed to Bri'un's strict social castes there are only flat hierarchies in Sweden and they enforce it

That's not what social etiquette means.
No. 2378
>1950s America

I fucking hate it when abject regards start bringing up this era. My grandparents for example lived in abusive violent alcoholism. All the same shit of today is there. You are literally basing your opinions on commercials. It would be like saying how glorious living in Soviet Union back then was because you saw a few Soviet posters. The 1950s were also a shit time.
No. 2380 Kontra
>every social question had been answered to the majoritity's satisfaction
This is a total lie
No. 2384
I'm afraid I failed to make my point.
The complexities of any era are always filtered by the decades that follow-down to what you say-a commercial. Or better a caricature.
Those main points anyone in America could repeat.
1950's-the peace dividend and Ozzie and Harriot
None of that simplicity touches the day to day life of anyone who was alive then. What I hoped to convey was that when looking back we-or I-tend to only think about those simplifications.
It's like someone who wants to live in the old west. They want to be a cowboy, that's the commercial. The reality is long days of manual labor, no antibiotics and high infant mortality.
I know 1930's Germany exploded into 1940's Germany just like 1950's America became the 1960's social revolution. Both were clearly simmering pots.
I was just thinking about the two times that were mentioned and looking for common points.
No. 2390
There really are none. It's basically some retard kind of nostalgia for a time that wasn't, usually promulgated by poltards (which is what I thought was the point you were trying to make, thems good clean wipippo or whatever). Post war Germany--which is what 1920s and to an extent 30a Germany really was--was nothing like post WWII America. We were the economic, military, and political powerhouse while much of the world was in ruins for starters. Germany after WWI was an economic wreck that just lost tons of people. Neither of those wars really significantly touched us remotely like Europeans knew them. Most of our mentality came from winning a war, whereas Germany's was bitterness over losing a war. The whole mentality around things being clean and tidy was also, I think, a reaction against the austerity and horrors of war, which we also lightly suffered. Like nobody really wanted to talk about PTSD, or how fucked up anything was, but you're also completely ignoring the Beat generation which was completely disillusioned with that fake plastic niceness. People like Sylvia Plath were a good voice for a whole generation of people who were screaming into pillows.

I mean just look at the very image America cultivated about itself immediately after, including Leave it to Beaver, which similarly to how people discussed elsewhere on EC that the movies and music of a modern culture is all anyone had to know about them regardless of how full of BS propaganda it was. In shows like that man and wife didn't even sleep in the same bed. This had nothing to do with reality, and it would be like seeing this and assuming people didn't fuck.

As for Germany itself part of the Nazism thing was also a sharp reaction against what they saw as degeneracy, with Berlin being kind of the degenerate and art capital of Europe. But it isn't like anything is new under the sun regardless of what people tell you. Only the technology changes. Nothing else does. All the rampant homosexuality for instance is nothing new. Most of these things are not new, like the European gay scene last century, or even in more repressive or strict eras these people existing. The only difference is how out in the open some things are.
Don't take the Middle School tier depictions too seriously.
No. 2395
27 kB, 350 × 439
27 kB, 301 × 430
>That's not what social etiquette means.
It does mean it. Honestly i doubt that you have ever been in Sweden, you seem to know very little about it. There is almost no "social etiquette" in Sweden. We still have "social etiquette", France has it, but even among the other nordic countries Sweden is the country which got almost completely rid of it. In most continental western european countries "social etiquette" is not a big thing today as in in the UK and the fact alone that you come up with the term "social etiquette" in the first place speaks volumes about you and by extension the UK. The Anglo love affair with Scandinavia is at this point merely based on memes forced by Hollywood and other anglo media because Anglos want to integrate Scandinavia into their political sphere of influence badly, however culturally Scandis are still different from the Anglo world. I'm sure you'll get them to abandon their native languages in favour of English eventually though, you just need to meme harder and tell them that it's "progressive" ;-DD:DD;----DD

>muh Vikings

Social Democracy was invented in Germany and France by the way
No. 2396
>The whole mentality around things being clean and tidy was also, I think, a reaction against the austerity and horrors of war
Bullshit. That pre-existed. Switzerland has a bigger thing for cleanliness and tidyness than Germany, and after the Napoleonic wars, they managed to keep out of everything.
>Artig, flink und rein sollen Kinder sein
Pestalozzi, 1846.

Savings banks were founded in Germany not post WWI, but mostly in the early 19th century. Savings clubs were all the members agreed to save a fixed amount per week became popular in the second half of the 19th century.

>Like nobody really wanted to talk about PTSD, or how fucked up anything was
You are a fool if you think American vets got out of WWII without PTSD. No one talked about that, either. In America, all the rotting corpses, splattered guts and blood, etc. was editted out of the collective memory. (Except for rotting Jewish corpses, victors write history, etc.) I suggest you watch the first few minutes of Adam Curtis' The Living Dead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xoM6-1SWl4

>In shows like that man and wife didn't even sleep in the same bed. This had nothing to do with reality, and it would be like seeing this and assuming people didn't fuck.
You don't have to sleep in the same bed to fuck. Besides, the sex-life of couples who have been together for 15+ years (approx. Wally's age in Leave It To Beaver) usually isn't a steaming hotbed of desire.
No. 2397
I think their are similarities. Swedes like their queues, so do brits. But in Sweden, they queues are more subtle and not as readily visible to the outsider. Swedes aren't as direct and in-your-face as Germans, same as Brits. You can talk bullshit in it's purest form and voice the most retarded opinion, and a Swede or a Brit won't call you a retard. The Brit will pretend to agree and backstab you later, the Swede will offer a foul compromise.
No. 2398
>The whole mentality around things being clean and tidy was also, I think, a reaction against the austerity and horrors of war
This is an angle I hadn't considered-why American pop culture was so squeaky clean. Viewing 'Father Knows Best'as a finger in the ears denial of complex emotional issues is worty of more attention (later, I don't want to derail the thread any further.)
Your point on America and Germany seen as post war victor vs vanquished also has me thinking about how they both moved to change. The Civil Rights Act was looking within to demand better of ourselves(for Americans); while rolling across borders can be viewed as Germany looking at the outside world as the problem. Again, I'll have to think more on that later.
I appreciate your response to my elaboration, as well as your original post calling out my knee jerk thoughts on history. If I can get away with lazy analysis, it's a slippery slope into sh*t-posting.
No. 2399
>Swedes aren't as direct and in-your-face as Germans, same as Brits.
Swedes are (or maybe used to be, i don't know if they have changed recently) overly polite, Anglos only appear to be overly polite.
>The Brit will pretend to agree and backstab you later, the Swede will offer a foul compromise.
Backstabbing vs. seeking for compromise. That's pretty different.
No. 2420
>Etiquette (/ˈɛtɪˌkɛt/ or /ˈɛtɪkɪt/, French: [e.ti.kɛt]) is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group.

British etiquette is largely based upon the same formalities as Swedes such as personal space, silent disapproval, overly elaborate dinner party ritual etc. This is why our humour is similar as we both enjoy the farcical elements that result, hence why British comedy remains popular in the country (https://www.thelocal.se/20061219/5854).

I also object to our class system being presented as something it is not. Workplaces have hierarchy but our social contract centering on the jury trial has always been anti-authority and brimming with protestant frugality. You have fundamentally failed to grasp the intricacies of British class relations or why British and Swedish societies remain divergent over the question of individual/communitarian thinking.

So to summarise, you're either trying to get my tits or you really are this thick. Neither of those option btw is a good look as you're expecting me to fight you over who is Sweden's bf.