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No. 22053
7,1 MB, 636 × 360, 0:45
2,3 MB, 1152 × 640, 0:10
(old one on systemcontra)

Maduro regime in Venezuela cracks down on opposition, killing protestors
No. 22057
17 kB, 300 × 261
>zero citations
>no source for video which doesn't even have sound
From what I can gather it looks like the CIA stooge Guiado has called for military uprising. I'm guessing he's gotten enough assurances about US military and intelligence support?

>Jorge Rodríguez, the government’s information minister, said on Twitter that government was “confronting and deactivating a small group of military traitors” that he said had taken over the base “to promote a coup.” He blamed the “coup-mongering ultraright,” which he said had pushed for a violent agenda for months in Venezuela.

>Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza blamed the Trump administration for having engineered the protests, saying on Twitter: “The heads of the coup d’état admit their responsibility without scruples. The Trump administration, in its despair, attempts to spark an internal conflict in Venezuela. Venezuela’s democratic institutions guarantee peace in the country.”

I don't support this shit. I don't support the US creating yet another civil war clusterfuck destabilizing an entire region. I don't support us having wave after wave of refugees as a result of that clusterfuck and I hope Elliot Abrams dies a long, slow, agonizing and humiliating death of colo-rectal cancer.
No. 22060
Do you think he's the mastermind behind all that?

I just don't know him
No. 22061
Who? Abrams?
Trump's whole team at this point is the absolute worst dredges of the swamp you possibly could find, him, Bolton, and others who are part of the right wing Zionist neocon faction that has shat up the world for decades. Abrams in particular makes Kissinger look like a saint. All the filthiest, most evil shit the US did in LatAm this guy had a hand in. His whole career is specifically built around destabilizing and destroying South American countries, rolling out terrorists and then death squads under dictatorships. His involvement alone is why I dont believe a goddamn thing I've been told about Venezuela because his entire job and that of his disgusting lackeys is turning world opinion against whichever country they are utterly destroying.

On a somewhat related note LaPierre may be an idiot but Oliver North is a complete scumbag. North was another one of the criminals from the 80s and ended up basically being the fall guy for these sorts of PNACZOG filth as Wolfowitz, Bolton, Abrams, Cheney and so on. When general Clark spoke of a "policy coup" and takeover of the federal government by a malignant internal clique, he was specifically talking about these people.

Quite frankly if Elliot Abrams is involved in a South America project then it has as much credibility as a bunch of proofsters talking about what's happening in Ukraine. Not even exaggerating. If you would take a proofster at their word of Ukraine happenings then I guess you can listen to Abrams and the US party line.
No. 22074




Jakarta is sinking because too much paving and pumping of water from the ground, it's a congested city in a congested island, so now they want to take the capital of the country out of the Java island. This is sad, I want to see Java become a super dense tropical asian island, a mega city-island in a cyber punk future. A tropical muslim southeast asian cyber punk future.
No. 22075
And it's over again. They kind of really lame, where is civil war? Their country is now worst hellhole in region with most lame diktator.
No. 22077
Yes, I did not know Abrams. I kind of know Bolton, I don't like him. Cheney was a bastard: personally I don't think Bush Jr. was a bad person, the guys that were behind him reeked of evil IMHO.

How come Trump has got into this situation? The Latino American attitude is kind of reminiscent from the past.
No. 22099
Why wouldnt he? Your mistake was in thinking Trump would be any different. He represents the exact same interests as all the rest and rused all the morons who somehow thought an oligarch Zionist from NYC of all places born and raised in East Coast wealth was ever going to be anything different. He's just more of the same, except he kisses Israel's ass more for some reason.

It's already partly sunk beneath the sea line and given climate change it's largely going to be underwater anyway. It'll just take one good tsunami/earthquake to obliterate the whole city even now. It's a sad but true fact that a lot of places are going to be gone as flooded ruins. New York? Not so much. I plan on pissing on Roman ruins in this time and should I come back millennia later I'm going to have to piss on New York too.
No. 22146
4,7 MB, 394 × 700, 1:31
I find the German affection for our washbars endearing
>A wild raccoon has moved into Heidelberg Zoo in Germany and keepers can't kick him out.

>German daily Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung reported Friday that zoo staff recently discovered the uninvited guest inside the raccoon enclosure, where he seemed to be getting along fine with the seven original residents.

>The newspaper reported that the interloper — nicknamed Fred — can expect free board and lodgings for life, because European Union rules forbid him from being released back into the wild.

>Under a 2015 EU directive, raccoons are considered an invasive alien species that might pose a threat to European plants and animals.

>Wild raccoons in Europe are the descendants of animals that escaped from fur farms decades ago.

>Fred is unlikely to produce offspring, however. EU rules dictate he'll have to be castrated
No. 22151
1,8 MB, 320 × 240, 0:04
>>The newspaper reported that the interloper — nicknamed Fred — can expect free board and lodgings for life, because European Union rules forbid him from being released back into the wild.
This is incredibly funny
No. 22153
I also liked this part
>Fred is unlikely to produce offspring, however. EU rules dictate he'll have to be castrated
No. 22156
1,4 MB, 368 × 368, 0:03
>EU rules dictate he'll have to be castrated
That's a shame. I think if the US has been able to adapt to our invasive feline population, then the EU should just embrace wild racoons. The economic and environmental sacrifice will be repaid with animal hijinx.
No. 22158
Well, I'm guessing it's supposed to be some kind of like humane type of thing in dealing with what they consider an invasive species. Like here tbh we really should just spay and neuter our stray cats, thus helping the very minimal to nonexistent stray cat problem, because instead our system just abducts and murders them all in kill shelters when they don't get adopted within some time. Same for dogs. America exterminates cats and dogs. EU just wants to deal with it by sterilization, which I can get behind. They simply don't want our 'coons overbreeding and outcompeting whatever shreds of native wildlife yurop has left.
No. 22160
>we really should just spay and neuter our stray cats
I wish we would. If the choice is killing or sterilization, the humane choice is the obvious. In >>22156 I was being a little tongue-in-cheek, but the European racoons do pose a real threat to native birds because they feast on eggs. It's actually the same problem we have with stray cats-they kill birds-but our response to the problem is terrible.
No. 22280

Thank Christ I never ended up seriously investing in crypto. I was planning to and even created a verified account on QuadrigaCX (using Canada Post). By the way, I'm Canadian but visiting the US for a couple weeks.
No. 22283
League of Legends is having a mass employee walkout due to their mishandling of sexual harassment lawsuits
No. 22287
153 kB, 1280 × 720

If all goes as planned, the first clinical trial in the United States testing CRISPR against cancer by altering the DNA of tumor cells inside patients could begin recruiting participants next year, the scientist leading the effort told STAT.

Seventeen studies using CRISPR to treat cancer have been listed on the U.S. registry of clinical trials, but most of those use this genome editing technology to engineer immune cells to attack tumors. That approach, including a pioneering one led by scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, is essentially just a variation on the production of CAR-T cells: CRISPR edits T cells that are isolated from blood that’s been removed from patients, and then the T cells are infused back into the patient. And although researchers in China are rumored to be testing a more direct use of CRISPR against cancer, except for one study using CRISPR to knock out viruses that cause cervical cancer, they have not made details of their plans public.

The Gene Editing Institute at Christiana Care Health System, a nonprofit, private community (as opposed to academic) medical system headquartered in Delaware, is preparing to seek regulatory approval for a much bolder CRISPR cancer study. If it receives the OK from the Food and Drug Administration, which it plans to request in the next few months, it would recruit six to 10 patients with late stage non-small-cell lung cancer and test whether using CRISPR to disable a particular gene would allow standard chemotherapy to work better and longer, ideally buying patients a little more time.

“We have to be modest,” said Eric Kmiec, director of Christiana’s Gene Editing Institute. “The goal is to give them a few more months of life, but we hope there will be additional benefits.”

His target: a gene called NRF2 (nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor). It produces a protein called a transcription factor, which activates some 200 genes that, among other things, pump alien chemicals out of tumor cells. Those chemicals include the chemotherapy drugs cisplatin and carboplatin, so lung cancer cells become resistant to them.

Kmiec and his colleagues have not yet determined how to deliver CRISPR to tumor cells, a challenge for the entire field. They will either inject CRISPR directly into lung tumors or administer it via infusion into the blood, packaged in adeno-associated viruses (AAVs). One AAV “serotype” makes a beeline for lung cells, including those that have spread beyond the lung, so systemic delivery holds out more hope of attacking cancer metastases.
No. 22293
Today, Kathiresan is stepping down from his lofty academic roles and making his debut as CEO of Verve Therapeutics, which is taking its place in the hotbed of gene therapy work around Cambridge, MA. The small team of 10 — soon to double in size — may not come close to rivaling the big biotechs that occupy the streets in and around Harvard and MIT. But relatively few can claim the same kinds of connections in the realms of drug science.

Another cardio genetics expert, Penn’s Kiran Musunuru and Harvard professor J Keith Joung, who co-founded gene therapy pioneer Editas, are on board as scientific co-founders. There’s an alliance with Beam Therapeutics, the upstart next-gen gene editing outfit founded by Feng Zhang, one of 3 scientists widely credited with ushering in the CRISPR revolution that has armed researchers around the world with effective tools to accomplish their work. And Verily will help work on the nanoparticles they plan to use for delivery.

No. 22295
68 kB, 864 × 542
77 kB, 1086 × 814
Sunscreen chemicals soak into your bloodstream
>researchers at the FDA revealed the results of a small clinical trial designed to test how four of the most common sun-filtering molecules on the market behave after they’ve been sprayed on and rubbed in.
>contrary to what sunscreen manufacturers have been saying, UV-blocking chemicals do seep into circulation.
>The fact that these sun-filtering molecules do penetrate into the circulation system does not on its own mean that such ingredients are unsafe
>the trial’s results underscore the need for more data on sunscreen absorption, as the FDA has long demanded from manufacturers, without success

I read a number of similar studies a few years ago. As a result I switched to a mineral sunscreen, which doesn't penetrate the skin, but decided that it was too expensive for regular(daily)use. Now I don't wear any, and simply avoid the sun during peak UV hours.
I should add that this is a US issue, since the sunscreens available in Europe are different. The 2014 Sunscreen Innovation Act was intended to streamline the approval process and bring Americans better sunscreen options. Still waiting.

>No new sunscreen filters have been approved in the U.S. since the late 1990s, mainly because they’re regulated as over-the-counter medicines, which have stricter standards than cosmetics. The European Union and most other countries treat sunscreens as cosmetics.
>Many European sunscreen formulas contain filters that provide better protection against UVA while also protecting against UVB. And they’re less oily, which make them more appealing to use
>a study last year found that nearly half of U.S. sunscreens...didn’t offer enough UVA protection to meet European Union standards

On topic music:
Baz Luhrmann - Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen
No. 22356
No. 22357
Well, at least this time it's not about a Slav shithole country like Serbia or Poland.
No. 22361
How is it different?
I'd use a PMMA polymer solution as a base. Think it's done like this with any sunblocker.
No. 22364
>How is it different?
The difference has to do with the active ingriedients which manufactureres can use, and also the level of UVA protection which sunscreens must provide. Europe has more approved ingriedients, as well as higher UVA standards. This article gives a more detailed description of the different EU and US regulations:
>Sunscreen manufacturers who make products for the market in Europe meet high standards for UVA protection, because they can pick and choose among seven ingredients that offer strong protection against UVA radiation...Only two of the FDA-approved ingredients filter UVA rays.
>the FDA set lax standards for UVA protection – in part because good UVA filtering ingredients had not been approved


To summarize: US products do a good job blocking UVB rays, and will prevent sunburn, but breakdown quickly and don't always guard against UVA damage. I should also amend my statement that this was a US issue. The results of the FDA study will, of course, apply if the tested chemicals are used elsewhere.
No. 22380
21 kB, 600 × 400
Not with B-52s he's not. Nowadays they've been largely converted into precision strike platforms that can carry large dumb payloads. Especially since they developed the rotary bays that are wired for IAMs and the fact that the battlestation now has inflight IAM target updating.

They're not really intended to penetrate air defenses anymore but to flatten lots of important targets with precision in waves, and besides, Iran has an actual IADS with AESA capability. Combine that with an aircraft with an RCS like a stratofortress and you're just wasting your time. Be worried if multiple wild weasel capable squadrons are being deployed there because they're the first wave of offensive action against Iran.
No. 22438
The real question I guess is how much Russia would do in retaliation. It seems they already deployed some people to Venezuela so how much more Russian commitment would there be in Iran?
No. 22443
73 kB, 640 × 480
No. 22444
Ebin. Should have developed an F-16A instead. The old school light fighter that wants to kill its pilot. 1 it isn't already done better by BMS and 2, it is unquestionably declassified. Really, it is just the ECM and IFF stuff that classified, the rest of Block 50 is pretty well understood and no sim does ECM or IFF properly anyway.
No. 22501
Article | Published: 15 May 2019

Total synthesis of Escherichia coli with a recoded genome
Julius Fredens, Kaihang Wang, […]Jason W. Chin
Nature (2019) | Download Citation


Nature uses 64 codons to encode the synthesis of proteins from the genome, and chooses 1 sense codon—out of up to 6 synonyms—to encode each amino acid. Synonymous codon choice has diverse and important roles, and many synonymous substitutions are detrimental. Here we demonstrate that the number of codons used to encode the canonical amino acids can be reduced, through the genome-wide substitution of target codons by defined synonyms. We create a variant of Escherichia coli with a four-megabase synthetic genome through a high-fidelity convergent total synthesis. Our synthetic genome implements a defined recoding and refactoring scheme—with simple corrections at just seven positions—to replace every known occurrence of two sense codons and a stop codon in the genome. Thus, we recode 18,214 codons to create an organism with a 61-codon genome; this organism uses 59 codons to encode the 20 amino acids, and enables the deletion of a previously essential transfer RNA.

No. 22507
No. 22513
>more info here
>links to fucking cripplechan
Are you the one who's been shitting up the place lately?
>other source is a youtube video
For fucking Christ's sake


And yeah I heard about that. It's the first time since forever I can even remember San Francisco trying to do something I actually support.
No. 22524
119 kB, 628 × 800
>German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she thinks the post-World War II global order as we know it is over — and grouped the United States with China and Russia as adversaries of Europe.

>In May 2017, Merkel made a subtle jab at Trump, saying at a campaign event: "The times in which we could fully rely on others are partly over. I have experienced this in the last few days. We Europeans really have to take our destiny into our own hands."
I think it is time for us to discuss the necessity of regime change in Germany and liberating the German people from the dictatorship of the Mutti regime.
No. 22525 Kontra
>that image
>those comments on the subject
“You just posted cringe, bro”
No. 22526
what are jokes
No. 22559
Early elections in Austria after chancelor Kurz was forced to end the coalition with the FPÖ over a video/corruption scandal that prompted the FPÖ leader to step down.

No. 22564
172 kB, 714 × 926
>video/corruption scandal
The most amazing part of this story is that the Vice Chancellor actually fell for such an obvious trap. Picture related.
No. 22566 Kontra
> pic related
Yes yes, every politician is a corrupt asshole. Everyone but ours.

I really like how people who vote for parties like that live in a reality bubble were total stranger in power have their best interest in mind because they say so. They have been burnt by every other party there is but this one is different because they say so. And when they turn out to be no different it is a conspiracy!!! I hate them so much, not because of their views but their inability to better themselves and their willingness to kill of every thing nice because hurr durr.
No. 22572
233 kB, 608 × 292
I'm...not entirely sure what you meant by this (and not that American btw). But you are right. The problem is the central nature of politics. And not to go all full-retard but honestly the Protocols even if fake is still an ingenious amount of truthful political satire to fiercely rival The Prince since it so adroitly captures the very nature of politics and of political schemers. Basically they're all just a bunch of incurable cunts, and most of the few good ones either get squashed down, assassinated, or bought out. But it is a foolish thing to imply this is somehow new. There's nothing new under the sun, not since Rome even. On the plus side we at least don't have a bunch of retarded faggot imperial family cultists murdering their own parents/children/siblings and drafting the peasantry into some stupid fucking war solely for personal gain atm. Or when they do, they at least hide it a bit better.

I mean God, could you actually imagine being a fucking Roman and having to put up with other fucking Romans all day every day?
No. 22580
I don't think that this was a conspiracy or that the chancellor was innocent. Although that is what happens in the picture, it was not the part that I wanted to emphasize. The details of the bribery attempt just lacked any subtlety-it was all laid out in an almost comical way. It reminded me of the first line of this old cartoon. That was the only point I wanted to make.
Tldr:the pic was not that related.
No. 22582 Kontra
Fair enough.

I was sort of reacting to the pic that someone made in an attempt to be funny.

> hide it a bit better
No they don't. Same fucking people, same fucking bullshit. But we allow it because even if we are better, let's assume it, we are all mediocre in the end, we don't do anything about it which actually make us worse.

> imagine being a fucking Roman...
Isn't that how for example Washington works? Besides the murder part that is. I think Kreml has the murder part in it though.

Also I got reminded by this.
No. 22635
35 kB, 740 × 400
Niki Lauda death


I was never much into Formula 1 but Niki Lauda always seemed to be a great guy in interviews or talkshows so i'm kinda sad about that.

No. 22733
I like how everyone keeps talking about climate change but almost no one talks about pesticide use and land development which is killing things more than anything else. It isnt that climate change isnt also a critical issue but like people will talk about greenhouse gases or now micro plastics without addressing the horrific amount of chemical pollution. I remember there were numerous different issues talked about in the 70s and 80s that mysteriously all vanished from public discussion like acid rain and now people only talk about carbon emissions. This makes me incredibly suspicious. I also wonder to what extent all these companies have leveraged their power to silence discussion of say the horrific amounts of damage Monsanto is doing to the world and instead just talks about carbon emissions from things like coal fired plants, also without talking about all the other poisonous chemicals released by running said plants.

It is clear we are rapidly terraforming earth into a toxic dead hellhole.
No. 22736
24 kB, 244 × 209
Apparently the burger in chief just declared a national emergency in order to push through $8 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia as well as the UAE without congressional approval or Senate oversight
>The Trump administration on Friday said it would sell $8 billion-worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with getting congressional approval, citing Iran as an urgent threat.

>The move has sparked bipartisan outrage on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers are promising to block the sales and calling out Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for what they see as an illegal maneuver made in a shady manner.

>"President Trump is only using this loophole because he knows Congress would disapprove of this sale. There is no new 'emergency' reason to sell bombs to the Saudis to drop in Yemen," said Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., a vocal critic of U.S. support for the Saudi-led coalition's war in neighboring Yemen. "This sets an incredibly dangerous precedent that future presidents can use to sell weapons without a check from Congress."

Which also makes me wonder how much he's been trying to apply that sort of principle to unilaterally give the Saudis nukes

Because as we all know, what the world really needs right now is giving nuclear technology and eight billion dollars worth of weapons to the fucking Saudis of all people. Apparently a lot of people on both sides of the aisle in Congress are pretty pissed about this retarded move.
No. 22737
He also just twittered that he's cool with Kim firing rockets who, apparently, called "Swampman Joe Biden" a "low IQ individual".

It's a hilarious timeline we live in.
No. 22739 Kontra
308 kB, 518 × 421
>Runs for president on the isolationist platform of "America First"
>Can't stop fucking with the status quo of the world stage
>"Let's give Saudi Arabia nukes. Nuclear is very powerful."
I want off Orange Man's wild ride!
No. 22740
Oh God you're not even joking apparently
It's fucking embarrassing. Trump has made us look so incredibly weak it's absolutely pathetic and he's either too stupid or too vain or both to realize how much our enemies keep playing him like a fool. The rest of the world already realized they can get away with murder as long as they offer some empty flattery and mock his rivals apparently. It's like dealing with the most stereotypical woman caricature in the WH at this point. Someone needs to tell Trump to stop acting like a woman.
No. 22748 Kontra
>he rest of the world already realized they can get away with murder as long as they offer some empty flattery and mock his rivals apparently.

You sound like TEAM AMERICAS spokesman. If you are trying to portray the hilarious side of murrican ceptionism, you are doing well so far and should continue.
No. 22757

D*g bless Afghanistan. Bringing that local flair to the Commonwealth's favourite sport :-DDD
No. 22758 Kontra
Also that feel when you will never magdump an AK because your cricket team won. I never knew that such a feel existed but it feels bad man.
No. 22772
Why were they arrested? What kind of shitty deal is this it is their country they should be able to celebrate by firing as many AKs into the air as they want. Why isn't this a protected right written into their constitution?