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No. 2301
484 kB, 2048 × 3072
Cell phone operators were expensive when they were new, and their prices eventually lowered.
But at some point prices started to go up.
What was that point, in your opinion?
No. 2302
Greed. I don't know how it is in Russia, but in here mobile operators support mobile network all over the country. This demands constant investments for support. Meanwhile they don't want to work with zero profits, so they get money from users.
No. 2303
They have only gone down in Britain over the past decade according to figures from Ofcom*. I can back this up myself as the old contract I have from 10+ years ago is certainly nowhere near the best deal I could get today (I'm too lazy and forgetful to switch) even with the drastic increases in speeds and traffic over the years.

Price rises could however be explained by the need for more (and more!) infrastructure spending along with frequency crowding whose cost would then be passed on towards customers. This may explain why UK prices have diverged from Russia as our public owned frequencies have been sold off over the years while the Ofcom report suggest that many companies may be adding prices on to handsets to offset price competition over network.

No. 2311
14 kB, 170 × 296
Well, they must have a lot demand, the company must invest in infrastructure or get overloaded grid under busisnes logic "bind all with duct tape is more cheap!" , you lose the calls, break communication in every space-time, get "service not available" and you paid for this.

t. white third worlder
No. 2322
They tried to pull that greed crap here, but then Aldi launched a minimalistic carrier program that just consistently gets cheaper and better for all the customers while not being retarded with trap contracts and keeps raking in people. (I'm there too)
No. 2355
You can buy cheap phones for $20, new. There always was a high-price market-section. Affordable cellphones became a thing in the late 90s, but there always where phones like the Nokia Communicator or the 8210.

In Europe, mass-market adaption happened in the late 90s, driven by cheap phones like the Alcatel One Touch Easy or the Sagem MC932. Nokia 3210 was a hip phone for teens with rich parents.

In the US, things went differently. Cellphones didn't happen until approx. 2007, when suddenly, everyone had a BlackBerry.
No. 2387
I avoid devices with recurring fees.
That includes cell phones.
No. 2406
7 kB, 161 × 312
>Alcatel One Touch Easy
Feels, this was the first phone my parents got me when I was 10 or so, so they could always know where I am (despite the fact that I never went anywhere except to school anyway)
No. 2407
>You can buy cheap phones for $20, new.
I was talking about tariff plans though.
No. 2415
>when I was ten
What kind of retard gives a ten year old a cellphone? You pretty much can't stop them from getting used prepaid-phones once they are 14, but why would you give a cellphone to a ten year old?
No. 2416
>What kind of retard gives a ten year old a cellphone?

I fail to see what is so controversial about it. Ages 10-11 was when everyone here got a phone because we all started exploring the town/countryside without parents watching us.

You can make an argument about smart/camera phones but it would be a question of features not the phone itself.
No. 2445
Control, I guess. My mom was paranoid about me being kidnapped.

Because she got it for me at the first possible moment, it also was a shot phone and everyone later started getting their Nokia's and whatnot and I was there with my brick that didn't even manage to compose lowercase SMS letters.
No. 2540
prices have gone up because for each G generation the infrastructure needs upgrading, and the cost of phone service funds that upgrade. now they move to 5g and need to upgrade or replace or add more 5G towers, this costs money.

when I was at boarding school at that age my parents gave me a mobile phone to keep in touch but that was taken by the housemaster and only given to me if I requested it, which made the phone completely pointless as there was a pay phone that collect calls could be made from without having to ask anyone.
No. 2621
I think prices have only being going down here. Not completely sure because I have no mobil for the last 10 years. But that`s the impression I have.
No. 2640
I had a similar one, was grey though.
I swear i could feel the microwaves pulsing through my lef when i was about to receive a call or message.
No. 2641
Reminds me, what happened to the scare stories about people cooking their brains with phones?
No. 2645
It's not just the upgrades themselves, but that it requires ever more bandwidth. Smartphones specially made cellphones heavy bandwidth users.
No. 2682
People got brain tumors or tumors in the lower abdomen. It's just a risk we don't care about, like being killed in traffic.
No. 2683
Phones give you brain and abdomen tumors but safety is not the priority when it comes to technology.

But the scaremongering about the towers seems to be wrong.
No. 2690
What you really say is this:
>Fuck yeah, it kills people. But no one gives a shit about it as long as you can get rich from it!
No. 2691
>But no one gives a shit about it as long as you can get rich from it!
How you ever read this? There wasn't any word about getting rich from it.
>but safety is not the priority when it comes to technology.
Not entirely true. It's true for military, but for civil applications you must handle safety requirements.
No. 2708
>muh safety requirement
Like fading out leaded gasoline 70 years after it had proven to be deadly in the pre-production run?

Yeah, your grandchildren will get safe mobile phones. Won't do the much good, because all your decendants will be drooling mongoloid retards, because you and their mother cooked your gonads with a portable microwave.
No. 2711
>because all your decendants will be drooling mongoloid retards,
Well, but what about yours?
There will be none?
No. 19010
126 kB, 970 × 647
Is it ok if I hijack this thread?

My iPhone 5s will lose support by Apple this fall and I'm soon in a hurry to find a new phone. Originally I bought the iPhone because needed something longer lasting. Are Samsung phones a good idea, do they last? Been looking at the Note 8 and maybe planning to snag it when the price drops. Note 9 is better yes, but has many features I don't need. The stylus is a must-have gimmick I want in a new phone, when the screens get bigger and bigger.
No. 19017
>The stylus is a must-have gimmick I want in a new phone, when the screens get bigger and bigger.

You can get yourself a Motorola One for half the price of the Note 8 and buy a tablet+stylus with the change. Seems a frankly bizarre consideration.

>Are Samsung phones a good idea, do they last?

Depends on the model, the S2 for example was easily one of the best phones ever made. With Samsung these days you won't get a lemon but they're just not impressive at all.
No. 19018
My old tablet broke and I didn't use it as much I'd like. So getting a phone with a big screen and stylus seems appealing.
No. 19023
>Are Samsung phones a good idea, do they last?
I have a Galaxy 5 which is still working after 7 or 8 years. I'm afraid I don't have any more recent experience with Samsung phones, so I can't tell you if they're on par with Apple, but I know they last. I have used the current Samsung/Android OS on a tablet and like it a lot.
No. 19056
59 kB, 422 × 240
Dunno I am paying less nowadays and I'm going to pay even less
No. 19177
Thanks for replying. After experiencing both iOS and Android, I find the latter better suited for my needs. Would be different if had a Macbook, but that will never happen.