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No. 23023
102 kB, 794 × 543
169 kB, 765 × 450
35 kB, 1280 × 720
89 kB, 1280 × 720
Because old one is over.

John Romero released his semi-official new episode for original doom - Sigil https://www.romerogames.ie/si6il
With two versions of soundtrack from awesome composers. WAD requre some sourcport that bybass limits of 128 visible flats same time, but recomended to play of cource without mouselook, jumping etc. This is very asshole set of levels that aimed towards doom veterans.
No. 23025
I think I'm actually getting the hang of how tactics work in Mount & Blade.
Every single battle could be won by baiting the enemy with your cavalry into attacking your infantry line, which is covering the archers.
Basically I just harass the enemy's archers with my cavalry while killing as many mounted troops during my initial attack as I can, then I retreat as they start their counter offensive. Then I order my cavalry to stay on the right flank of my infantry, but relatively far away. During their attack, the weaker troops are weeded out by the archers, and then I order the cavalry to flank them, disrupting their formation, and then moving in with the infantry. The attack continues until they are down to around 7-8 men, then I regroup my formation and wait for their reinforcements, repeating the above process. With this, I only endanger my cavalry, and I can minimize my losses.
The only problem is when we are fighting in a forest or on a terrain where the enemy has the high ground. (And the fact that this strategy requires high quality, experienced troops with good armour and weapons is also a problem.)

I'm currently fighting Italians, and they have minimal cavalry, so it's pretty easy to trash them, even if they outnumber me with 40-50 soldiers. I think the problem is that they always have to raise new armies, and thus only have greenhorns fighting, usually with incredibly bad equipment.
No. 23028
What made it so scary? How does it compare to say Dead Space and Amnesia? I thought Alien Isolation was basically just like SOMA
No. 23048
717 kB, 1600 × 900
626 kB, 1600 × 900
592 kB, 1600 × 900
>What made it so scary?
The suspenseful atmosphere, the sounds, the motion detector beeping, the heavy breathing while hiding in a locker. The whole game just made me shit my pants every time I played it. I think the way to get over that for most people is to die a bunch of times to the Alien and then they become desensitised, but I could not bring myself to do that so I was constantly on edge with that fucker banging around in the vents above me.
No. 23049
1,2 MB, 1600 × 838
1,3 MB, 1600 × 838
1,2 MB, 1600 × 838
>Dead Space and Amnesia
Oh and as for these, only ever played a Demo of Amnesia when it came out back in the day and I couldn't get the hang of dead space's janky camera so I dropped it about an hour into the first game. (so I don't know)
No. 23050
Yeah I dropped the same game for awhile too for exactly the same thing. I even complained on forums about whether there was some kind of mod to make it an FPS but of course no such luck not possible with the code.

But I eventually did get over that just like I overcame the early game hell jankiness feeling of a lot of other games. Like I have been enjoying the hell out of Satellite Reign after dropping it for like two years before finally forcing myself to actually get back into it, and I did the same thing with Dead Space.

Honestly it is such a scary ass series (at least 1 & 2) that I felt like it was affecting my mind by like several hours into a session late at night with headphones on. It was scary enough I had those same feels Ireland. I wondered if I could even finish this game, but man I was rewarded.

My only suggestion is to get over that early game laziness. I had the same problem in Wasteland 2 for example. For instance, I tried getting through the canyon and dealing with the crazy cultists and militia and by then it felt like such a massive grind, but the second half of the game in California was one of the most amazing crpg games I've played.

I think you're probably like me and have the same problem of trying to get into a game and then dropping it after like a few hours tops because you're not yet used to the controls and not passionate enough to get into it so you get distracted by the familiar.

I've been running through my games library and damn do I have some gems in there. Speaking of which I can't play a few due to Error LoadLibrary failed with error 87 and I haven't yet gotten how the fuck to fix my AMD videocard drivers which I think is causing it. Probably have broken registries to fuck and back too. So how do I even fix this error? Because I want to play Transistor but suddenly the error shut down my ability to play that game.
No. 23051
Oh and btw what game is that? It tingles my CMS autism greatly, like Cities Skylines and Tropico and such. Is it a CMS? Or GSG?
No. 23054
949 kB, 1600 × 838
954 kB, 1600 × 838
811 kB, 1600 × 838
>I think you're probably like me and have the same problem of trying to get into a game and then dropping it after like a few hours tops because you're not yet used to the controls and not passionate enough to get into it so you get distracted by the familiar.
Yeah I'm a sucker for the familiar, that being said I've been forcing myself out of my comfort zone a bit lately and I'm glad of it, but then the old autism kicks in. However I can't see myself going back to play deadspace any time soon.

It's Banished, very good game, deceptively simple but also very difficult. It's famous for its starvation cycle where once you end up living hand to mouth your village will inevitably starve. In Banished you must always be living off your reserved stockpiles of food, fuel, clothes and tools - and never living year by year.

ps seen you added hard reset to your wishlist, don't get it, it is absolute low-effort shit
No. 23056
1,8 MB, 1366 × 768
Is it? It didn't look very good while oddly looking good. Yeah I've got a lot of junk on my wishlist as just things to keep track of, and if I had the money I'd probably still only buy like half of what's on there just because it's more convenient on wishlist than "watching" which doesn't do anything.

I've also noticed that virtually all of my unplayed games are first person shooters. I don't even know why I have them, except a cluster I bought because I was incredibly drunk at the time like Painkiller series and Saints Row. Jesus f'ing Christ Saints Row is quite possibly the most bydlo game I ever tried to play Meanwhile I'm too poor atm to actually get things I really wanted like Phantom Doctrine. I'm a sucker for any RTS, real time tactical, CRPG, CMS, or 4X game though for some reason the whole 4X is filled with games that are just plain bad.
No. 23057
82 kB, 920 × 690
41 kB, 640 × 480
Wow, i loved XIII in my youth and now heard the first time it's getting a remake, how did i miss out on that information?

No. 23097
Alien isolation is the best you can get in horror genre. Amnesia / SOMA / DS / RE reboots are not even close
No. 23111
98 kB, 600 × 849
1,4 MB, 638 × 1271
673 kB, 1400 × 1811
Are there any retrogamers ITT?

The '90s teemed with wretched fighting games which tried and failed to live up to their successful cohorts, but Fight For Life for the Atari Jaguar might be among the worst fighting games ever made.

Perhaps Fight for Life's near unplayability can be seen as a symptom of Atari's abysmal business model. The former game giant ran their business intransigently since the '80s and got away with it until penance was finally due in the '90s. When they weren't supporting their own developers, they were witholding payments to their programmers.

Atari contracted Francois Bertrand, a former programmer for Sega's AM2, to develop a fighting game which highlighted the Jaguar's touted 64-bit capabilities. The game faced numerous delays, including redesigns and storyline revisions, all worsened by Atari's refusal to lift a single finger to support its development. Once Atari withheld payments to their employees, including Bertrand, the straw broke the camel's back. Disgruntled, he intentionally submitted a poorly-developed beta for commercial release to spite his employers. Still, Bertrand himself marketed his product as superior to even Battle Arena Toshinden, a claim even Atari's own testers didn't believe.

Curiously, Bertrand kept a "beta" version which, once completed, he intended to release commercially. Allegedly, that version was screened to reviewers prior to its release. 2012 saw its entry into the world with 20+ copies produced and sold to Jaguar enthusiasts. Although vastly inferior to every 3D fighting game of its time, it's allegedly far more playable than its commercial counterpart.

The commercial version:

The beta:

And, if you're feeling masochistic, you can buy the game's source code:
No. 23120
So I finally finished it. The boss fight wasn't even as disappointing as I expected, but still turned out to be pretty easy. The ending was...unexpected. I guess partly because I didn't fully realize what I was doing.
9/10 game would recommend.

Seriously? I guess I'll have to check it out then. What about Prey (2017)? I know I'll not be able to play it without getting a lot of upgrades but still. I'd question that because I found SOMA to actually be legitimately scary, and Dead Space 1-2 was terrifying. Like, actually near to mind raping scary if you just play it continuously with the lights off by yourself for hours at a time until like 3am.

I wonder if giving a player choice and some dialogue and character development would make games scarier. Like in DS for instance. What if you could choose who to trust, and who not to trust? What if you could build relations with special characters, only to watch them die a permadeath due to a chance encounter or possibly something you failed to do or fucked up making the wrong choice? Because the one thing with all these games is that they're just too formulaic. DS at least spices it up by adding deranged crew members and not knowing who you can trust, but it still is completely on rails and scripted for the entirety of the game.

But then again I expect no such thing from triple A companies. It seems to me that none of them care about replayability or uniqueness and only want a familiar "product" with what they perceive to be low risk predictable business returns (which hilariously often fuck up with later titles they interfered with because the execs don't know shit about what they're selling). So one big problem with all games that I just realized is due to that no AAA studio is going to make a game with lots of content that can easily be missed, which I guess losing characters and branching story pathways is going to do even if it makes the game replayable.
No. 23121
>I wonder if giving a player choice and some dialogue and character development would make games scarier. Like in DS for instance. What if you could choose who to trust, and who not to trust? What if you could build relations with special characters, only to watch them die a permadeath due to a chance encounter or possibly something you failed to do or fucked up making the wrong choice? Because the one thing with all these games is that they're just too formulaic. DS at least spices it up by adding deranged crew members and not knowing who you can trust, but it still is completely on rails and scripted for the entirety of the game.

You make good points. I'd love to see this done well.

>But then again I expect no such thing from triple A companies. It seems to me that none of them care about replayability or uniqueness and only want a familiar "product" with what they perceive to be low risk predictable business returns...

And you already have your answer.
I would only expect this sort of thing in smaller games (meaning created by smaller teams, not necessarily indie) with good writers, desigerns and direction. Creating believable characters has been done well even by two-person studios (see the Blackwell adventures). But horror is most effective in first person (VR moreso if done well) and creating characters in a 3D first person game is a huge effort if they are supposed to have immersive animation and facial expressions that match the voice acting. So on the one hand the domain of effective character building and creative choices about these characters lies with smaller development teams. On the other hand well animated and crafted characters is the domain of well funded developers.

What I've seen that works is off-screen characters like in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, or SOMA. But that is only half the way towards what you describe: The story is still fixed.
No. 23122
Prey is awesome if you are willing to limit yourself even if the game doesn't. If you require a game to force you into a certain playstyle you won't like it though. Basically the gimmick of enemies that mimic items and having to puzzle out what is suspicious in a room kicks arse, but they give you a way around it fairly early on. If you don't resort to constantly using that item, then it remains a cool experience. It's still fun with it, but the gimmick loses some of its oomph in favour of gameplay that doesn't bog down in room scoping so often. Either way, I don't think I'd call it horror. It's a little unsettling at times, but never really scary. There is a lot more focus on making you tense than making you scared.
No. 23124
Too much branching and nonlinearity and you also end up with a lot of bloat. The game may have more replayability but it's not infinite. If it's so unscripted that you exhaust your patience with the same game before a significant amount of the permutations of it, then what's left is wasted data for you, and depending on how often it comes up, may even be wasted time (money) for the developer. Plus what happens when an important NPC dies? Is that an effective game over? Then you can get totally fucked by RNG even if you do everything right, not really a great design factor. Do new NPCs fill the slot? How do you make it not turn into an endless deus ex machina where the problem is never actually a problem because the NPC is always effectively replaced by a different voice and model? Does this add anything to my core experience? Does it add enough to justify the expense in effort and resources including it? All that stuff and more needs to be figured out with backups in triplicate before the first line of code can even be started really.

The issue isn't just people don't want to make replayable games. It's also that doing some of those things are actually pretty tricky when you aren't armchair developing, and even trickier when you have to turn the man hours spent doing all the extra work for a very experimental game (from concept to design to execution, including maybe even new technologies) into profit so that you can pay your staff and keep the company going. In many cases, it really isn't worth it.

Speaking from a non-digital game design perspective, refining a core experience to its essential essence is far more effective and important to the end product than having a vast number of options that may not even add anything other than an option. No option is better than an option that doesn't add anything to your core experience at the end of the day. Using the aforementioned example, does it really add anything for NPC 'A' to be talking instead of NPC 'B' when your game's core experience is typically focused on the sections where you are alone and surviving without those NPCs? It'd be a nice touch, but oftentimes, nice isn't good enough to warrant inclusion. Then someone says "well it'd be more than just dialogue swaps", at which point the question instead becomes 'how the fuck do I make this elegant?' because if it isn't elegant, it often feels like jank and isn't really enjoyable.
No. 23125
Still better than 3DO politics.

I recently replayed a little bit warcraft 2 and warcraft 3 and god damn, original english voice acting in warcraft 3 is terrible. Like many characters is obvious miscast or do not put any emotions in what they saying. Game feel and atmosphere compleatly non-existent in english version of game, at least for me - since childhood I played russian version which is quality translation with many actual real professional actor on voice acting and even thought there some little mistakes - like Taurens called Minotaurs, or Black Rock clan translated same - black rock clan, eve thought in russian "Rock" only means small rock and never means "Moutian" etc. but still I hardly recommend play on russian version.

https://rutracker.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5477297 - thank god for torrents. After 1.26 patch you can not just have your separate disc version and add patches to it, you forced to include it in cancerous blizzard launcher and in their shop. More than that you can not buy warcraft 3 now. You need to buy Warcraft 3 REFORGED - this ugly shit made by chienese who do mobile games. But 1.30 patch contained awesome thing - true widescreen support. This version is 1.30, russian and free from connection to blizzard shit. This is not piracy since you can not buy game properly and if you have CD version - you can not update game proprly without creating blizzard account in this shop, so here you go, best version of Warcraft 3. They also recently made 1.31 patch, I think it will be included in this torrent soon.
No. 23126
>black rock clan, eve thought in russian "Rock" only means small rock and never means "Moutian" etc.
It's just not quite true. See: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9A%D1%80%D0%B0%D1%81%D0%BD%D1%8B%D0%B5_%D0%BA%D0%B0%D0%BC%D0%BD%D0%B8
No. 23128
308 kB, 1680 × 1050
It's more description of rocky places, than name for big lone moutian
Possyble synonim to Гора may be Скала - and often Rock translated to russian as such (дуэйн скала джонсон for example)
But naming black rock clan who have giant black moutian on banner and who live inside this big black moutian - Клан чёрного камня is obvious mistake. Not big mistake, but kind of inconsistent.
No. 23129
No. 23130
53 kB, 171 × 193
This is toponim. Of cource you can call moutian "hole" - but it will be not name for object, but toponim for this concretic object. You know what I mean.

Also other little mistake - Orc Peon was translated as Раб (Slave). While it be okay for old horde in WC1-WC2 - in WC3 it is illgocal since Thrall's horde actually dudes who want be free from slavery of humans and demons so naming workers as Slaves is funny to say the leasy. Батрак will be more good translation.
No. 23132
Is technically the same in english. Rock means a small rock, like something you can hold in your hand, but also means thing made of same material as rock is made of, which is stone. I think it became a thing because maybe bydlo mixed up using "rock" the same way as stone (stones can be any size and are called what they are made of) so it became a thing to name things as like "rock" for a place at a mountain, like "black rock overloook" for an overlook at Black Mountain.

It actually works in English, so just saying. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Rock_(West_Virginia)
No. 23154
15 kB, 554 × 235
Ain't gonna lie femme, I ain't done anything in-game that came even near good enough for this bad boy. Kind of surprised me to see it pop up since it's not a performance medal like the others have been. For non-Anglosphere pros, this is our Medal of Honor or whatever your local flavour of '99% chance you get it posthumously' award is.
No. 23198
500 kB, 1600 × 900
957 kB, 1600 × 900
697 kB, 1600 × 900
Endless Space 2 is pretty nice, the UI is slick and clean and most of the game mechanics are good, but Amplitude have this habit of not explaining shit and you gotta figure it out the hard way. The only downside to the game is planetary invasions which are really badly balanced.
No. 23203
I am glad you finally got into this game. It has all the autism plus an added aesthetic and artistry no other 4x can match. The invasions have actually been better balanced now though the whole basis of the game is still ultimately rock paper scissors but slightly less blatant than say Galactic Civilizations III where you have 3 weapon types and 3 defense systems and it's all hard counters.
No. 23205
What's the deal with the Unfallen spreading their vines into my systems? When I was in an alliance with them it promoted food production and ship speed (I think), but I was at peace with them (not alliance) and they still covered all my systems in tendrils, I kept asking them to stop and they would for 10 turns but then go right back to it.

I had to WAR them in the end because I didn't want them taking over my asteroid belts that gave me bonuses and my nearby minor civs.
No. 23213
1,3 MB, 1366 × 768
Even though I'm usually able to pull it off, I don't think I'll ever be truly comfortable with landing a taildragger. Having to touch down with this kind of visibility is a serious drawback tbh. I'm also glad that the most (in this case a Yak-7) used a standard lockable tailwheel instead of the godawful kind used in the MiG-3. The MiG is a fuggen deathtrap because of it.
No. 23214 Kontra
110 kB, 900 × 601
Also invasions are balanced fine. Invading with random troops should be costly and time consuming. If you bring ships with bombardment weapons and wear them down a bit before committing to an assault then you can win pretty handily, even if it takes a couple of turns worth of fighting. I mean it makes sense considering that you're essentially loading troops into higgins boats and tossing them against the Atlantic Wall. Doing that without preparation and/or support is never going to be pretty.
No. 23227
Why the sage?
>If you bring ships with bombardment weapons and wear them down a bit before committing to an assault then you can win pretty handily, even if it takes a couple of turns worth of fighting
I did do that, I had two full size fleets in orbit and wore the defences down to zero and then invaded. The invasion took 22 turns because each turn they would sacrifice 1 unit of population in a draft / conscription defence. That's a pretty stupid game mechanic when you have a massive army and they have a tiny one but they can hold you at bay for half the game.
No. 23228
7,3 MB, 640 × 360, 1:34
6,9 MB, 640 × 360, 1:16
2,9 MB, 800 × 450, 1:08
10,0 MB, 640 × 360, 2:25
It actually isn't in fact when you consider just what the game is trying to represent: you are an invasion force of hideous xenos who may want to exterminate the population of their planet. It would make sense that they all take up arms against you and try to fight as much of a home defense of their planet as they are able, but what should also make sense is if there was somehow a system for like a planetary governor to simply surrender their system to spare more suffering of their people is like say there's no evidence of you doing brutal evil shit as hideous xenos but instead just be an occupying force. The Cravers for example should not even have that as an option, whereas possibly the Lumeris or Unfallen can have that as a preferable option and maybe it could work like checking to see what laws you passed and government type along with what decisions you have made in random encounters and quests all as keeping track of your like morality counter or something to give what numeric chance you have of the planet simply surrendering each turn, especially if it could keep track of how your planetary morale factors into this since it'd make much more sense if the UE planet had enough of your shit and just up and surrendered the first turn when your morale drops below 10% and goes into open revolt but sadly I think they'd have to reprogram a lot of shit to make that happen.

So as it stands you're just the hideous Xeno and have to resort to coming with an extra large invasion force, since theoretically they could also look at your piddly fleet and call the IG to conscript the planet and whittle you down through attrition towards their victory or hope to hold you off until their liberating backup fleet arrives. Or something.

The key to this is always carry such a hugeass fleet that you obliterate everybody on the ground and take the planet in one turn. 4X is the most imaginative genre. You have to picture this in your mind and imagine the people thinking that in the face of such overwhelming force their victory is inevitable. Or something.

The Unfallen are notorious for this. Basically, you just have to consider that unfortunately everybody is in some bitchy passive aggressive cold war with each other and even then it's hard to get them on your side, but they "fixed" the alliance system whereas in Endless Space 1 it was such a hassle because AI allies were constantly abandoning your alliance right when you fucking go to war. It was absolute shitty.

Here you just have to put up with them doing bullshit like that and I think the Vodyanoi do the same crap leeching your planets so you have to keep telling them to stop. It's even worse when they use their law to invade planets without going to war then when you declare war they act like the victim and the Unfallen bitch you out for being a warmonger.

Honestly the Unfallen make the shittiest of all allies. They're chronically weakest faction in the game by how the AI plays them and only half arsed decent by a human player.

My suggestion is never ally with them. They bring nothing to the table and get buffs from every ally they have. Don't ever ally with the Unfallen. They are also going to force peace treaties whenever you declare war on someone--yes, this means that you're going to be stopped mid invasion and be forced to abandon your winning invasion while winning a war because the Unfallen just forced peace on you and another empire.

You did the right thing. They're weak as fuck and the most annoying useless fucking ally you can ever have.

t. player of multiple campaigns who's made this mistake before

Ally with someone else. The Unfallen are fucking annoying as all goddam hell being allies. Also be wary of Lumeris. They're really good allies except for the fact they're pacifists so they also have a tendency to do stupid shit like start a war and drag you into it and then try and force you into peace. Both Lumeris and Unfallen are pacifists except Lumeris will also start wars.

Riftborn, Horatio, Sophons, and UE all make fine allies. Sophons slightly less so because they're not pacifists like Lumeris but still aren't happy about you dragging their empire into your personal war. Cravers can't be allied or reasoned with. Vodyani do Unfallen like bs by leeching pop from your systems but are otherwise not useless allies.
No. 23230
200 kB, 1330 × 885
107 kB, 1024 × 427
357 kB, 1273 × 1080
105 kB, 800 × 615
I tend to try and make it practice to sage if I double post. Also, it's not really unprecedented to draft every warm body possible and turn an invasion into hell on earth, and considering that most factions have at least a little bit of an authoritarian streak, I can see it going that way.

Otherwise I'd also make sure that you're keeping your troops up to date and as more than just infantry. Swarm tactics aren't effective in the sequel for better or for worse. Also correct me if I'm wrong here, American, but I don't think fleets stack their troops in an invasion anyway. I tend to play with a deep front just out of habit from wargaming. You have a spearhead that pushes the frontline past an area and follow-on forces that capture it. In ES2 that means that I would have my cruiser squadrons fight the enemy and move on while I had bigger fleets of destroyers kitted out for invasion only (for cheapness) move in and occupy the ground that was now behind the front. That way the war didn't grind to a halt on one system. Maybe try that too.

Haven't played for ages since I'm not really that much of a 4x guy compared to regular wargaming, but I'm pretty sure you can use hacking to cause automatic surrender. I think it represents crashing their C2 systems. It's not a surrender as you say but
No. 23235
Theres a cap yeah it's called the deployment limit but you can do things to increase that deployment limit and it helps to have a fuckhuge doomstack of troops so that you can just keep blitzing and shrug off losing massive casualties. The other reason this works is each time you have a chance to destroy population and improvements particularly if you're also deploying lots of armor and air power which has a way higher chance of damaging pop and improvements, and this includes all their defensive buildings that do things like automatic 750 damage and increasing their deployment limit which means taking them out just through basically collateral damage will knock down their own deployment limit without affecting yours which makes the next wave easier to just wipe them out.

The main problem with this is yeah it basically becomes like your pics turning whole planets into Stalingrad or Berlin to such an extent that you can permanently modify that planet's stats while bombing it so into oblivion that there's practically no point to even trying to capture what's left. I forget what they're called but you can permanently change the very stats of a planet with an intense invasion giving it +1 science -1 food and such.
No. 23238
Man, I just drunk-bought a game again. Good thing it's only four bucks, and it's a game that I actually like (Borderlands Handsome Collection — Borderlands 2 and TPS with all their DLCs). It's not as bad as when I purchased half a year of premium account for WoT and dropped the game a week later or when I bought Kaga in WoWS and never played the game again.
No. 23264
Finally managed to try out my WiiU that I found for 70€ a while back.

Thought I would find joy in gaming like back when I was happier. I didn't.
I didn't realize microtransactions were such a thing even in Nintendo. Luckily the guy who owned it before me had bought some things already, but it was quite the bummer.

Then I tried out Mario Kart 8. It just looked flashy and overdone like an online ad. I mean, yeah, it was quite fun... But I ahd remembered how much fun I had with MK:DD and that feel is entirely gone. Also, what's up with having to sift through countless of different vehicles before driving? Now I have to look up the best ones and this feels more like an accounting job than light-hearted gaming.

Oh well, guess I'm getting old.

I'll try to get Smash from the library. Guess it's hard to fuck upthat one (... except with countless microtransactions which were already thrown at me in the "store").

Also the whole world building is so flashy and kind of makes me nauseous.

Why is everything so tedious ;_;
No. 23270
3,3 MB, 2:22
3,8 MB, 2:44
2,1 MB, 1:32
3,4 MB, 2:26
>november 19 release date for shenmue 3
hold me bros
No. 23273
I've been playing Tropico 4 again. I still haven't even bothered trying to play 5 but it just looks to me like the series kept getting more and more casualized, shiny, and retarded with useless money grubbing cosmetic dlc. Why are there so few good CMS games? Cities Skylines and Tropico are the only modern ones I can think of. I have another one called transport fever or maybe it's a different one i tried getting into but meh.
No. 23275
Anno 1800 recently come out. Or now. I don't know since they all in ubi shop or something and not cracked yet
No. 23277
162 kB, 1600 × 900
267 kB, 1600 × 900
365 kB, 1600 × 900
An absolutely lovely game. I finally got my hands on a city. I had to take and re-take Kiev 7 times before getting it as a fief.
First the Mongols took it, then they re-took it, and when we made peace with the Mongols, the Serbs took it, and then then they re-took it when I captured the city, and then they re-captured it again, and I got it back before we made peace, only for the king to declare war on a bunch of Baltic pagans who came over and took it again, so I re took it two more times, before being a cheeky bastard and relieving the siege by riding into the castle and defending it 280 vs 600. Turns out that it's pretty pointless to keep the walls. You set your archers behind the walls, and shoot the enemy as they walk toward the tower to get into the city proper. Since the savages don't carry shields, it's pretty easy to massacre them with a bunch of good archers.
We lost ~60 men (Majority wounded) while they lost 250. That was the last time anybody marched against Kiev. Then I was finally awarded the city.
I did a similar "feat" in the Baltics, where I rushed to the defence of a freshly captured fort with a garrison of ~90 people. 230 vs 350. They had ~80 people left by the end of their assault, and we only lost 30 something men. So I rushed out of the castle and smashed the total remaining force of a whole kingdom by myself. Even took their king as a prisoner.
No. 23287
183 kB, 1600 × 900
This is what it feels like to be a nobleman.
The dirty peasants can't even scratch my armour.
No. 23292
I got Anno 2070, which I think might have been the shittiest of all the Annos. But that's also what I get for being cheap and not figuring out by now that there's a few things in life where buying the cheapest possible shit is worse than not buying anything at all: cologne, boots, and vidya and to lesser extent music and movies. Because the cheapest vidya possible on sale is often so fucking terrible not worth the effort.

Not saying Anno 2070 is that bad but it tries to do multiple things at once and fails at all of them. The RTS part is just annoying and feels as badly done as the combat from Sunless Sea, minus anything about that game which made it good. The city simulator part on top of that is not very good and even worse I had to make a Ubisoft account just to play it. I may try getting back into it at some point but I really didnt like what I saw, though granted like I said i think it's supposed to be the absolute worst of all the Anno games so I'll have to try the actually good ones. I also wanted to try Anno 2205 because S-P-A-C-E but that also got poor reviews iirc and 2070 really put me off from the whole series I'm general, but I've heard the games set prior to the industrial revolution are good at least.

I also want to try Cliffs Edge and Frostpunk. I'll probably get those when they're on sale in my next splurge. Isn't Steam summer sale coming up? And I feel like a dumbass for not knowing that apparently Cities Skylines is directly a Paradox ripoff of SimCity. Like, almost exactly, right down to the wave of little smiley faces when you add an improvement.

I am also waiting for Iron Harvest to drop, which I just found out two things, one being that this is an actual term French farmers use, and secondly that it's yet another game made by the eternal Pole. Otherwise idk if there's much I genuinely want to play. A few have some TBD or 2019 dates and the only crpg I can think of is Wasteland 3 which I have no clue when it actually is coming out if not getting pushed back plus m$ bought the company, and God knows when Scorn is ever coming out. There's a few tactical games like Phantom Doctrine depending on steam sale plus a couple others not coming out til like 2020 so yeah we'll see.

I'm actually surprised how few CMS games there are. Overall I've been getting the impression lately that there was just a glorious wave of good new games from like 2012-now but that it's mostly over.
No. 23305
787 kB, 1600 × 900
824 kB, 1600 × 900
733 kB, 1600 × 900
The handsome collection is actually pretty good, they're fun braindead shootan' games. I played them all solo and did enjoy myself in b2 and TPS
>I forget what they're called but you can permanently change the very stats of a planet with an intense invasion giving it +1 science -1 food and such.
Yep I've had a few such invasions where the planet was kinda fucked up afterwards, such cases.
>Anno 2070
this was my first, and last Anno game, it ran like shit, it played like shit, nothing that happened was ever explained. By the time I had 15 hours in it I still had no idea wtf I was supposed to be doing or how depots worked or how I was supposed to ''find'' people it kept telling me to find. I'll stick with Banished for cozy city building

btw, check out the screenshots, when you play as riftborn in ES2 you can cram crazy amount of dudes onto planets late game, so long as those planets are sterile, you can reverse terraform planets from fertile back to sterile and then have huge populations on them.
No. 23306
544 kB, 1800 × 1203
This thread badly needs more fighting games to discuss.

It's a shame King of Fighters never quite caught on north of the Mexican border. I was one of three kids to own an NGPC, which forged my undying infatuation with the KOF series, eclipsing even my love for Street Fighter. An arcade I'd hit up had KOF99 on the NeoGeo cabinet; must've spend thousands of tokens playing through it several times over.

Favorites: 98 UM > 02 UM > XIII > 99 > R-2 > 97 = 95 > R-1 > 96 > 00 > 94 > 01 > XII

Haven't played 2003, XI, Maximum Impact or Neowave, so I can't judge.

Favorite characters: Heidern, Leona, Kyo, K', Vanessa, Iori, Yamazaki, Mature, Maxima, Ralf, Terry, Takuma, Robert, Ryo, Kim, Heavy D!, Brian, Choi, Joe, Benimaru, Krizalid, Rugal

Sexiest characters: Vanessa, Blue Mary, Mature, Shermie, King, Vice, Leona, Mai

Cute ones: Yuri, Whip, Kula, Chris, Athena

Least favorites: Ramon, Eiji, Orochi, Goenitz, Kasumi, Chizuru, Chang, Bao

KOF94: Humble beginnings. Introduced identifiable characters we know and love, but the limited gameplay, lack of customizable teams and dull soundtrack kill any replay value. At best, it's an artifact for curious players.

KOF95: A marked improvement on its predecessor. Kyo's rival Iori was introduced as well as some other characters from SNK fighting games. Soundtrack is far superior with several memorable songs, including the fearsome Desert Requiem. A good fighter, but you will be left yearning for more. In spite of the customizable teams, gameplay still leaves a little to be desired.

KOF96: Oh, boy. A missed opportunity. Introduced even more cool characters, including Leona, Vice and Mature. The improved gameplay, slick sprites and rockin' soundtrack almost outdoes the predecessor. Unfortunately, the multiplayer wasn't improved, and the distinct lack of extras was sorely disappointing.

KOF97: The end of the Orochi saga. The New Face/Orochi Team is introduced, including the suave bruiser Yashiro and sexy Shermie. Despite the greatly limited soundtrack, the few tracks are quite rockin'. A step up from 96 and on par with 95.

KOF98: Everyone's favorite. An all-star cast including every playable character from 94-97. The remade American Sports Team fits into the game neatly. The soundtrack compiles the best songs from 94-98, including a remade Esaka. Customizable gameplay, a plus. Ultimate Match somehow makes this even cooler.

KOF99: A favorite in part due to personal nostalgia and the soundtrack, which outshines all the others. Slick and stylish graphics and cool character introductions, including, combo king K' and ultra chic final boss Krizalid.

KOF2000: Enter Vanessa, sexiest boxer ever. 99 without the cool soundtrack, but that's hardly an issue.

KOF2001: What a mess! Aside from the inexcusably lame new characters, the gameplay is generic and the soundtrack is shit. Wasted opportunity and a disappointing end to the NESTS saga.

KOF2002: KOF98, NESTS style! No complaints here, although the soundtrack does leave a little to be desired. A pleasant surprise considering the shit predecessor. Ultimate Match vastly improves all the flaws here and introduces a neat new soundtrack.
No. 23308
>The handsome collection is actually pretty good
Yeah, I know, I played the pirated versions a lot. BL2 and TPS are one of the few modern shootans that I love. It's just that it really wasn't necessary to spend money on them at this point. Oh well, at least I got to play the new DLC as soon as it came out, and the collection itself costed only four bucks, not sixty.
No. 23309
689 kB, 1012 × 758
Tbh, the biggest problem with KOF is that it's got a much higher skill floor than the competition. To the casual player who button mashes with friends, when compared with games in Capcom's style especially, it just doesn't feel as nice. It's more reliant on combo and clean inputs to work as intended while other series are better at giving the everyman an inroads.

Tbh, my personal favourite is Darkstalkers. It's a SF clone so it's pretty balanced with simple controls, and the visuals are ebun. Something about the style really pops compared to a lot of its contemporaries. Only played emulated though, didn't have consoles when I was young.

A series that I think is underrated (in that it's known for the wrong reasons) is Dead or Alive. It's known mainly for boob physics at the end of the day, but take all that away, and the game still feels good. Strikes feel heavy and it rewards clean inputs without unduly punishing some casual button mashing. It might not be the best on the market right now, but it's sure as hell fun.
No. 23310 Kontra
108 kB, 1280 × 720
Also, if anybody wanted to learn fighting games, I'd still recommend Skullgirls. Their tutorial is both easy to follow and pretty comprehensive. The game itself is also not bad. Small lineup so suffers in variety but the soundtrack and art are really good.
No. 23338
633 kB, 1920 × 1080
Oh wow, they finnaly made reflections like they was in Unreal 20 years ago! Only thing you need to experience this GRAPHICS(тм) is to buy 1000$ graphics card!
Maybe in 2030 we will get fully working mirrors like it was in Duke Nukem 3d?
No. 23341
Probably using different technology. It's probably using Vulkan or something similar as the big piece, with that specific card optimised for it particularly well or something. It'd be more relevant to look at the graphical technology used rather than the output imagery. My guess without doing any googling is that it's optimised for use with APIs like Vulkan which allows for real time raytracing and other advanced types of graphics computing that puts some strain on even powerful cards that aren't designed for it. Those are something that Unreal certainly did not have 20 years ago. Typically it's been restricted to static images, and not to something that needs to be refreshed at the very minimum; the now standard 60 times per second.

As to whether it's really important to the end user how the image is created is debatable, but the comparison you make has some flaws, and skips over some of the complexity.
No. 23342 Kontra
Wait, did we get annexed by Mother England without me noticing?
t. aussie
No. 23354
65 kB, 1280 × 413
49 kB, 780 × 678
So I was watching let's plays and it finally struck me: the problem really is still console faggotry. Like not being able to crouch or jump. I always wondered why some things were so stupidly casual that didn't allow things we had 20 years ago and I finally saw a controller and realized why they feel that way. Like Deus Ex Human Revolution. I now realize it feels so wonky specifically because it was designed for consoles, and having to have a specific button rather than keybindings. It also explains why Witcher 2 has such completely ass controls including the moronic Press WASD in bar fights now that makes it feel so unnatural. You can't jump because console controllers and the games are designed for idiots on consoles. It makes me realize why trying to have a Witcher 2 bar fight makes me feel so much dumber. At the same time I thought consoles had matched PC performance enough we can have mirrors but nope, apparently not, and because the coders are too lazy for it.

Truly consoles gave me a cancer to my games.
My 7 year old PC that's so freaking old I thought my GPU was failing until I cleaned the dust out of it just enough I stopped getting multicolored flickering as it overheated within an hour and checked speccy which showed it easily hitting 79°C rapidly now works again just fine, and even I have as much RAM and a better CPU than this shitbox and I didnt even get a top of the line PC. It just reinforces my idea that console gamers are dumb bydlo. It does however claim to have 6Thz GPU with 12gb vram. Is this even true? What does that even mean 6 teraflop? So basically, it sounds like a shitbox of a PC with a very noice GPU strapped into it.
Man just look at this fuckin thing. No wonder we don't have mirrors anymore. But even then you're right, Duke Nukem had mirrors. Why are there no mirrors in the bathroom? Wtf is this shit even. I was told consoles are now comparable to PC. This shitbox supposedly new tech gets completely blown out of the water by my rusted dirt filled potato box from years ago.

Well in short I guess I still don't understand the mirrors thing, but I finally figured out not jumping and it's entirely due to really shitty console controls.
No. 23365
192 kB, 1280 × 800
56 kB, 620 × 332
82 kB, 848 × 565
They do it as part of kind of restricted Nvidia RTX technology. Others want to create more open version of same thing, based on software and other graphics cards, but currently it is part of Nvidia RTX cards which cost hell lot of money and basicly this "technology" is only feature they can offer. Such situation is direct result of we still using silicium transistors which have almost finished in therms of what this technology can to offer, same as piston-engine aricrafts in late 40s. So companies try to squeeze possible maximum from this technologies, even thought it is obvious that there no more impressive movment anymore, and also make maximum money from it.

Original Unreal technology and similar to this one was of cource different, but they was not compleatly static or something. They was dynamic and can show player and other characters movment - you can see it here, for example (timed) https://youtu.be/HvzKLN5qbrI?t=28
As I understand, this was baiscly achived by special rendering that rendered whole room in real time on floor. Kind of similar way worked mirrors in Doom 3, by rendering same room as texture in real time. Such technology have limits I suspect of rendering things only from one angle, but I think it is possible to achive muly-angle reflections same way as was achived mirror-like monitors on Quake 3 engine in Star Trek Elete Force Voyager game. Back than it'd was resourse heavy, but nowdays not that much. At least this is more optimised way to achive basicly same results, however it will requre hand work of developers, and this "ray trasing" - give results without any anmount of work from developer. Only thing dev should do it place light sources and on texture set parametr how "reflective" it is, instead of creating in every room hand maded reflection parametrs for every surface. However this "ray trasing" technology is not something new, hell, wolfenstein 3d raycasting engine using same shit but flat (circle instead of ball) to render and texturemap world around player. But huge downside of it be in modern games that it is very resourse heavy - basicly it is re-draw every point from center of light (for example, if it used for light) in sphere every frame. Of cource with such "technology" you can increase system requrements to basicly infinity.

Well on build engine if I recoll correctly used "dummy sector" with 2nd room rendered absoluetly same as one you in. Similar thing was used in some nintendo 64 games, like Super Mario 64. This it kind of "tricky" solution, however it worked. Of cource nowdays it's better to make something more similar to what was in late 90s early 00s - like in Unreal or idTech 3-4 egnines I metioned above.

Problem already not in consoles actually, since as I said, whole lifespin of silicium transistor based CPUs and GPUs is nearly over. They trying to fit more and more of them, make them smaller - last thing I heared was something around 3 nanometer transistors was achived, however, as of 2019 other semiconductor specialists were undecided as to whether nodes beyond 3nm could become viable. So to have actual rapid progess as it was during 70s-90s, we need to develop compleatly new technology. Graphene memory, quantum CPUs and all this things that sadly, still in development and kind of far from real world implementation (mostly because nobody want it to develop for various reasons).

Modern consoles... are just cheap PCs packaged in box. What make them afloat is that console corporation owners pay them for OPTIMISATION. Yes, optimisation which was back then a standart thing now is prevelegy - on PC modern companies not even care to do it. They not even properly packaging their files, so modern games wight from 50 to 100 gigabytes, even thought they may be packaged to like 20-25GBs at maximum. Things get worse, when you know that it is in favor on modern PC hardware monopolists such as Nvidia and intel to things have bad optimisation - because this their instrument to increase sales of every new videocard that they ship off every year and which in reality have like ~3-5% of increase of power for 1000$.

Here is example of exelent programming and optimisation: https://youtu.be/SEWrACmFRGw 1990 Eye of the beholder slowevy in development by fan of C64 platform - already almost fully woring games, even with portal effects. Game which in 1990 was one of the top graphics ones for Amiga and PC SVGA. On platofrm, where absolute majority of games looked like third picture.
No. 23367
>So companies try to squeeze possible maximum from this technologies, even thought it is obvious that there no more impressive movment anymore, and also make maximum money from it.
So a company tries to make money? Shocker. If you don't think it's worth it then don't buy it. To those who think it's worth it, they will buy it. You also need to consider the difference in users. Not everybody is using hardware for the same things. If you intend to be using more conventional graphics, then RTX isn't worth the expense compared to a powerful GTX card. A hardware example I am much more familiar with are flight simulator peripherals. For most users, a decent HOTAS or even just a stick will do the trick. I myself am moderately invested with a ~$350 setup while others will drop nearly 300 euros on a stick base and 200 more on the stick itself. Looking at similar prices for a throttle and/or pedals. It's outside my level of investment but it's certainly a good product that has its advantages if you are going to be using it to such an extent that it justifies the extra cost.

Example: https://virpil-controls.eu/vpc-mongoost-50cm-base.html

Also, it's not an exclusive technology. They're just an early adopter of optimising hardware for it. Newer versions of OpenGL and Microsoft's replacement for Direct3D are also going in the same direction on the software front. It's just that the technology isn't mature enough that it's seeing widespread adoption in consumer products yet, so there isn't much hardware available right now. Give it a few years and more titles utilising the technology and you'll see competitors come in to take some of the pie away from Nvidia.

>However this "ray trasing" technology is not something new
Never said it was. It's been around since the 80s in one form or another, albeit static. Real-time raytracing is pretty new technology though, and raycasting is magnitudes simpler than raytracing and it's disingenuous to imply that they're similar beyond the most fundamental idea of using geometry to determine imagery. Raycasting works on intersection alone and is typically of a less granular nature than raytracing which colours individual pixels by calculating the path that a beam of light would have to follow from the pixel to reach a light source. You obviously cannot calculate what a beam from a light source will do because the granularity is infinite. In contrast, raycasting (specifically in Wolfenstein 3D) works by drawing a vertical line that is one pixel across and then determining the 'distance' at which it impacts something and using that data to scale textures. There is no complex simulation of light. What raytracing gives to graphics is the ability to simulate the behaviour of light in real time including some niche properties of shadowing and reflection/refraction that otherwise has to be faked, such as rendering something a second time. It creates the illusion of a reflection but will likely never capture all the little tiny things that a raytraced reflection will capture.

Again, whether or not a complex simulation of light is desirable comes down to the end user though, and it's their money to spend if it is desirable. I think it has massive applications in simulators of all kinds, and not just graphically. I wouldn't expect to see it widespread for a few years yet anyway simply because developers understand that most people aren't going to drop the money right away.
No. 23371
>So a company tries to make money? Shocker. If you don't think it's worth it then don't buy it.
I said obvious that NVIDIA is almost monopoly on market right now. They can do almost everything they want and they kind of doing it. And together with other monopolists on market like intel, they are not in any way interested non in software optimisation, non in development of new technologies that would replace current ones. So basicly there is 2 products on market - AMD and Nvidia, and only thing you can say "don't buy them, sit without graphics card".

>Also, it's not an exclusive technology. They're just an early adopter of optimising hardware for it. Newer versions of OpenGL and Microsoft's replacement for Direct3D are also going in the same direction on the software front.
As I said about it in one of mine previous posts, but at current time - they are absolute monopoly on this and sell this crap, which is not actually any kind of revolutionary for super crazy money, continue their trend of increasing cost of each new generation. Just this time they added some foggy "reason" for customers to buy it exept "just deal with it we can do anything we want".
>There is no complex simulation of light.
As I said, it work on absoluetly same principle in core, exept new "raycasting" is now do it with spherical area and applyed to light. I also described briefly why this idea was not used before and that it is as its' base is resuorse heavy thing - all previouse technologies of light and reflections tried to achive similar effects with thousands times less amount of resourses.
No. 23373
And if the technology becomes as important as it may, then competition will arise. There is nothing restricting competing firms from entering the market other than economic viability of competing with established firms that have brand recognition. Give it time and watch the prices drop. A GTX980 now isn't all that expensive compared to what it once was, even if bought new. It's still a fine card, just not the new hotness. There's nothing stopping you from doing similarly in the future. It's not a matter of 1st gen RTX or you might as well have nothing.

It's the same as VR. There were very few to begin with, but the range has exploded over the last few years and if you want to go on a real budget and don't mind something a little older, you can buy the slightly older models for a reduced price.

>which is not actually any kind of revolutionary for super crazy money
It's different enough from existing methods that it requires some major API reworks. Those take time and effort to do on the software end, let alone the conceptual end of programming and then the guys who design the hardware to work with it. It's a new branch which requires significant investment to further build upon existing frameworks instead of updating them to a newer version. It's expensive, but it's not powering any industry standard technology right now and really is just a high-end boutique card. Boutique items tend to command a large premium. I can think of two games right now that are really pushing the raytracing as a key feature of their graphics engine. There is nothing to suggest that a good graphics card of the current variety will become obsolete overnight.

>it work on absoluetly same principle in core
So does a jet engine and a piston engine. Combustion. They are very different in many ways in spite of this core similarity.

>all previouse technologies of light and reflections tried to achive similar effects with thousands times less amount of resourses.
And did so. Superficially. Let me expand upon what I said about it having applications outside of graphical fidelity. RCS. Radar cross section. Now, instead of having to do very complex modelling that is at the end of the day faking it and not an actual simulation, we can start to look at doing real time raytracing of radar emissions with calculations of where radar emissions hit objects and what returns, if any, come back. This has applications in all kinds of simulations from the guys who do ATC for civilian sims to the fire control systems of military simulators as well as anything that interacts with those emissions.

It is also relevant to IR simulation where the radiance of beams can result in a much foggier picture than the current discrete system that most examples use. This is more relevant to military simulation, but it is something that was not really viable before this technology became a real option.

What you're getting is a more accurate way to represent real world physics in an interactive digital medium. Even the fact that the option exists is brilliant since it allows for more options in a developer's toolbox. As always, it's up to them to deliver their experience, with or without it depending on how highly they value that tool. There's no reason to be a luddite about it when patience will prevail as it always has.
No. 23385
131 kB, 909 × 609
The difference between raytracing and regular polygonal graphics is that any lighting effect in the latter is a very elaborate trick. There is no unified model for the polygonal graphic pipeline, every effect is a specific algorithmic hack with its own tradeoffs and caveats.

For example, reflections in FPS games work through portals (afaik), as in the floor is literally just rendering the same room twice. The tradeoff is that portal rendering depends on the layout of the environment's geometry itself. You can't just throw any random geometry at it and get reflections, the surface has to be a flat polygon, and be sectioned in a special manner.
Then there are cubemap reflections, where a camera takes 6 pictures from the middle of the room, creating a 360 panoramic image of it. Then the cube is sampled for pixels depending on where the viewer is. The problem with this approach is that cubemaps are usually pre-rendered, since drawing +6 images at once is expensive, so reflections are static. If you lower the resolution and make them real time, it adds another problem: an dynamic object next to the sample point can hide the rest of the room from its view. Since what the cubemap "sees" and what the viewer "sees" is obviously different (viewer can see the corner of a room that is hidden from the cubemap), it will look wrong.
There are also screen space reflections, which is like a very advanced version of using the mirror tool in photoshop :-DDDD. Problem with screen space algorithms is that there is no geometry data, just the pixels on the screen, so again, something that is not on the screen can not be sampled.

As games moved away from techniques like BSP maps, constructive solid geometry, etc., losing some geometry info in the process (since those are bottlenecked by cpu), some techniques became not viable. I think these days only Valve uses BSP maps, modern engines just throw a bunch of geometry at the GPU, so there isn't any kind of meta-info to work with.

And those are just reflections, shadows are an entirely different process in themselves. Then there's ambient occlusion, and global illumination, all of which are different algorithms even though reflection, shadow, reflection, refraction, etc. are literally the same process IRL.

Raytracing, on the other hand, is literally a simulation of how lights bounce. You just throw arbitrary geometry and materials at it, and it gives you an image. Geometry can change in real time and it doesn't matter, because rendering is real time anyway, there won't be any separation between static objects, dynamic objects, lights, fake lights, shadows, etc., since a raytracing engine doesn't care. It's all just polygons. Which means the entire graphics architecture becomes super simple, and a lot of graphics programmers lose jobs :-DDDDD.

I think real time raytracing is ultimately the future. But I also think RTX is a gimmick, and the industry will adopt an open standard once raytracing becomes actually viable for rendering the whole scene real time, not just as a fancy effect on top of the old pipeline.
No. 23389
I'm having difficulty searching and finding the answer but can you rescue more than one of your captured XCOM soldiers? Because I've only ever seen evidence of maybe getting the one back and it being entirely up to chance.
No. 23390
72 kB, 979 × 798
>So does a jet engine and a piston engine
I'd say it is more compare of Turbojet and Fanjet or something like that.

But anyway, main main problem about all this is that the only alternative is "wait for low end cards". Exept some intel and AMD rare thing, Nvidia is monopoly. And while in healthy economics you looking for product from other company, there even you suggesting - buying older products from one same company. This is some sort of flashbacks from soviet union lol.

Well, yeah, you are right absoluetly about universality of this technology, just think that similar effects can be achived with much less resuorse usage. Well, I guess we will see.
You right about trickery of computer graphics that it is only "imitates", hovever this is baiscly 99% what computer graphics do in all aspects - for example plygons. I think if they really want to break "imitation", best start is replacing ploygins with voxels, or something.
No. 23391
763 kB, 1600 × 900
724 kB, 1600 × 900
729 kB, 1600 × 900
If you DO NOT have wotc installed then a rescue mission may pop up from time to time, maybe once every 2 months or so.

If you DO have wotc installed you should be able to start a covert ops using the resistance ring within 2 months of them being captured and you should be able to trigger a new mission for as many people as have been captured

t. Xcom2 ultra-giga expert
No. 23392
No, I don't. And due to wotc it feels almost impossible to find answers on soldier capture other than that new mechanic. I've played hundreds of hours and I don't think even once I got the chance to rescue more than a single captured soldier on the same campaign, so I didn't know if like you had almost a squad wipe on those infuriating timer extraction maps if you could get them back.
No. 23393
In either example, they're different enough to not be interchangeable or considered the same technology. If you want to try and say that they're even closer, then let's say that raytracing is the invention of the afterburner. They can be very similar but the non-burning engine will not keep up with wet thrust most of the time, even if wet thrust uses more resources.

As for your monopoly argument, you can probably find graphics cards by small companies and will probably find next gen cards by them in the future. Not to mention AMD, whose almost certainly going to enter the market and break apart the monopoly. It may be oligopolous but that is true of most industries where manufacturing has fine tolerances. Look at the number of say car manufacturers compared to the number that produce transistor radios. Or who builds airliners compared to cars.

My point with that statement was that the first generation of these cards will be expensive. If this is a dealbreaker, then with a bit of patience, you can gobble them up later at a hefty discount and get the exact same product.

Neither is it some grand conspiracy to make gaming more expensive. They've put out a new product in response to emerging technologies in video games, and are probably just accounting for the fact that it's probably even better for mining than a 1080 and look what they cost on the aftermarket. It's not unreasonable to think that nvidia wants some of that pie.
No. 23394
10,3 MB, 640 × 360, 1:40
Found game called 'Amid Evil'

If you enjoyed Ziggurat (a FPS dungeon crawler thing) and you like unreal tournament/doom this game is for you. It's got great areas, cool enemies and really fun gameplay. Especially if you only choose to use the axe.
No. 23395
489 kB, 680 × 807
114 kB, 555 × 895
Forgive me for quibbling over this relatively minor detail in an otherwise incredible game, but isn't it strange how the Giovanni not once raise an eyebrow of suspicion when the Malkavian PC walks into the reunion? Seriously, look at them. Even if you're the smoothest talker or possess incredibly high Dementation to trick the guards, absolutely no one would think to say, "You came dressed like THAT?!" The other PCs would also arouse suspicion (namely the Gangrel and Brujah) with the obvious exception of the Ventrue, Toreador and perhaps Tremere, but Christ, the fuckin' Malks, man.
No. 23397
Eh, it's just a gameplay convention. Same as you can massacre a bunch of mooks without breaking a sweat, but they still attack you stubbornly instead of running away in horror.

Also, those clothes won't be considered normal even in the street, let alone in the Giovanni mansion. Female ones could pass as some sort of a prostitute outfit probably, and the first two male ones are working uniforms, so you can kinda explain it as a night shift butcher walking to the nearest store to buy some cigarettes and a CDC employee on a routine inspection, but what's the last set of clothes is supposed to be? A pimp who is a fan of Dr. Seuss?
No. 23413
Honestly yeah it's a thing which kind of bugs me that there isnt as well done an NPC reaction thing as should've been but that's just a quibble. I think the basic idea was that everybody was supposed to react just based on how you talk and running NPC reactions strictly through dialogue. Nos are mostly the same way except people also run away from you.

It gets worse when you know the lore well enough which should already be picked up on by anyone just from talking to those guys. The Giovanni are the epitome of a bunch of two faced backstabbing tight asses. They're pretty much like the Ventrue but even worse, and also except that they're way trashier to boot. So basically it's like the trashy Brooklyn new money equivalent of the Ventrue, where at least Ventrue while being pompous jackasses are expected their demeanor to be part of the mask. Giovanni dont even have the nice etiquette so they judge way more on literal appearances. This is partly just by how cutthroat even the mortal family is so they'd all immediately not open fire just because they'd think some scheme beyond talking shit about you might work, like getting The Family to think their rival was the one stupid enough to invite you.

Although actually come to think of it, they might also just appreciate how much balls that you have and IIRC you can try to pass yourself off as the musician in the family trying to find an angle on the music biz, or something. Like in a certain sense I think the huge fur coat might work way better than any other outfit there since at least you're being extravagant if thoroughly without taste. It sticks out way less than CDC or heaven forbid some lowly worker actually having the audacity to not only be seen but to try talking to people. And you're right. Brujah and Gangrel would stick out but possibly way more than the dude in a huge fur coat.
No. 23417
209 kB, 1098 × 948
Indeed, my thinking was along these lines. Gary outright warns you that anyone who isn't a Giovanni shouldn't get within 50 yards, and from reading all the sourcebooks I own, I'd have a hard time believing these people wouldn't ventilate you on sight. These people literally go to bed with each other, so these people should immediately notice you don't exactly belong invitation notwithstanding. Although yeah, the Malk PC passing himself off as a musician or performing artist could work with the right amount of persuasion and intelligence.

In any case, the Brujah and Gangrel PCs would similarly stick out since they dress like street thugs, especially the Brujah male with his dew rag. Have there ever been non-Italians in the Giovanni family, let alone Black people?

This isn't exactly the proper thread for discussing V:TM, but I rank the Clans and Bloodlines as follows.

>Malkavian (done right)

>Setites/Serpents of the Light

Awesome for NPCs-tier
>Blood Brothers
>True Brujah
>Harbingers of Skulls
>Old Clan Tzimisce


>Children of Osiris
>Daughters of Cacophony
No. 23418
Oh for shits fucking sake that's the second time this happened this campaign and I'm on ironman. I thought it had to be a bug but nope, apparently if your device gets hit and lit on fire even in the first hit in a protect the device machine itll simply self destruct like any car or piece of wall that gets set on fire. It's gotten to the point where I think I'm just going to skip protect the device missions in XCOM2 entirely. Not even rescue the VIP are anywhere near this level of hell and bullshit because at least I have some control over it and they're theoretically all winnable. This is literally fucking impossible to win. First fucking hit the goddam think gets set on fire. And it wasnt even something sensible like plasma weaponry it seriously was a lancer and iirc the first time a heavy MEC and both fucking times it lit on fire like a piece of damaged wall and two turns later without taking any further damage it simply self destructed. And the last fucking pod was hiding all the way behind other buildings too so there was no way I was ever wiping them out before the thing burned down.
No. 23421
Ah I see you are a man of discerning tastes. I'm not sure I would rate Giovanni and Toreador as poorly as Ravnos. Or Gangrel for that matter although other than Beckett in the background lore they are indeed kind of shit. The main problem is they spent too much time in the 90s on basically making a shit ton of really stereotyped "ethnic" clans, which includes Ravnos, Giovanni, Assamite, Setite (which somehow became this weird combo of pre-Islam Egypt as seen through the eyes of a London tourist blended with Caribbean voodoo) and so on and Lasombra I think was supposed to be largely Italian with some Spain through in. Tzimisce are Slavic mordor creatures but at least they had so much else going on that it became easy to forget the clan is basically built on the back of ethnic stereotype. I think some clans were just able to surpass that and some weren't, like the Ravnos and Italian American mobster clan.

But that being stated back to your original question yeah, there have been. In fact the Dunsirns or Milliners are a family of Scottish cannibals that got inducted. There's like 4 separate broods that got absorbed into being satellite clans to the main family included a bunch of South American necromancers. Or maybe I am mixing up the character Adam Dunsirn with the family. I think all the satellite families were named in VTMB except the South Americans.

I'm really hoping they don't fuck up VTMB2 somehow which is apparently being made and hopefully Lasombra gets in there. It's really sad how much the clan was crippled by combination of diablerizing their founder iirc and becoming Sabbat, where now Sabbat is basically just considered like a bunch of angry retards and antitribu of most of the other clans that's basically run like Tzimisces freakshow. I think Lasombra is a pretty high tier and interesting clan that never seemed to get talked about enough. Like in both VTMR and VTMB they were notably pretty absent and even VTMR made a whole point about interacting with each of the clans even the Setites getting their own whole level but I dont even remember distinctly dealing with Lasombra. Tremere? Sure. Of course all the clans get some notable screen time. But Lasombra? I barely recall there was some spot with a blanch of completely bland nooks to cut down that didn't even get their own thematic level or special anything about them.

I also don't think Salubri deserve to be shit on per se, although I can see why they spent so much time distancing themselves from writing about that clan because it brings up too many unfortunate implications of Salubri basically fulfilling the Tau good boy of the universe role in what's decidedly a very grey to black morality setting, although it would make sense to me for it to be that much darker when you consider there was basically a clan of Jesus vampires and they all got murdered so long ago people believe the lies of a bunch of usurping blood witches instead of even being aware of Golconda. Although the other unfortunate implication I guess is to really write about that clan would be breaching their whole "every historical figure was not a vampire, every historical human event was not the work of vampires" rule that White Wolf tried to adhere to with the only conclusion being Jesus literally was a Salubri, if not Saulot himself.
No. 23426
>Old Clan Tzimisce
That would actually be pretty nice to have as a playable clan, at least in its koldunic variant. Having stereotypical elemental magic from regular fantasy in an urban fantasy setting appeals to me somewhat.
No. 23434
I don't believe either one is quite right for your meaning, but have you considered trying Arcanum or Shadowrun games?
No. 23435
Of course I tried Arcanum and I like it (although I never completed it for some reason; someday, maybe...), but it's not modern urban fantasy, it's more like Victorian England urban fantasy. As for Shadowrun, I tried Sega Megadrive and SNES games, and one of the new games (there are several of them, I believe?), can't remember which one, but never got into it. Besides, it's not exactly modern urban fantasy either, it's cyberpunk + fantasy.

Now that I think about it, there's also an appeal of being the odd one. Usually vampires, and undead in general, are depicted as unnatural beings, or even opposing the nature, so they wield dark or blood magic, sometimes necromancy and shapeshifting (yeah, Lasombra, Tremere, Giovanni, Gangrel), but when a vampire uses your regular fireballs and lightnings, it's just bizarre. You become a wrong type of a creature which is already wrong from the beginning, a perversion of a perversion of sorts, and that makes it interesting.
No. 23437
So I decided to replay Borderlands since the first time I got distracted and never finished it, and seeing it in this thread reminded me of the series.

I'm having more fun the second time around. Tried a Siren run since I've seen it recommended and while it was a lot of fun (did a shotgun oriented build: bullet daze, fire speed, crit boosts), what is probably the best action power combined with what is probably the best weapon type just felt dirty. It's the same problem that Mass Effect had with the Vanguard class. It gives you the 'disadvantage' of needing to close distance to melt faces with buckshot, but also gives you a virtually risk-free way to close said distance rendering the disadvantage moot. Sure it's fun as shit, but you can't help but feel that you're missing something sometimes.

Once I hit level 30 (29 right now), I think I'm going to try the Soldier class since they get an actual perk for shotgun damage and maybe it'll feel more fair without the insane closing ability that phasewalk gives.
No. 23438
Roland was the worst of the characters in the first game, IMO, so if you want a challenge, you should pick him, yeah. And Lilith probably has the only really useful action skill of them all.
No. 23440
Yeah. Just tried some Roland and his role doesn't fit the class title. He's a support class despite being called the solider. In multiplayer I can see him being damn useful, but solo he isn't all that powerful.

I'm not so much looking for a challenge so much as something I enjoy. I think I'll just stick to my Lilith shotty build.
No. 23442
26 kB, 400 × 300
I tried to play the Wolfenstein from 2009. Oh boy, it's a desaster. Perk and upgrade system, stupid superpowers, open world RPG cancer. Fugg. I wanted to play a shooter ;_;

Why do they have to ruin every shooter with that crap? I want to turn game on, get my weapon and blast the shit out oft the enemies.
Titanfall 2 had a nice fast-paced singleplayer, but after that I don't know what to play. I hate modern multiplayer and story-driven gameplay with cutscenes.

Pic somehow related.
No. 23444
You want to play Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.
Also you can get a complete edition of Borderlands 2 for 6 bucks currently (98% off or something like this).
No. 23445
1,4 MB, 2734 × 1927
I'm cautiously optimistic about VTMB2. It could be incredible, but the voice acting and story need to be good first. I probably won't have to play it since life has taken me away from gaming, but I will certainly revisit my old Sourcebooks and even VTM novels.

>they spent too much time in the 90s on basically making a shit ton of really stereotyped "ethnic" clans

This x1000. The writing was particularly horrible on the Assamites, although the Clanbook tried hard to add nuance to the stereotype of ebil Muslims. Although yes, the better clans were ones that were able to transcend the stereotypes even if the entire universe has them characterized as such, and the Tzimisce is a sterling example of great writing as are the Lasombra. The Giovanni, Assamites and Ravnos? Not so much.

And then, there was all those stupid and pointless Bloodlines written into the story for cheap depth. Some were better than others and even had interesting storylines (namely the Samedi and Harbingers), but others were just space fillers.

I should do a Brujah NPC of Ian Stuart :DDDDDDDDD The accident was a set up and he was embraced shortly after "dying"

>I also don't think Salubri deserve to be shit on per se, although I can see why they spent so much time distancing themselves from writing about that clan because it brings up too many unfortunate implications of Salubri basically fulfilling the Tau good boy of the universe role in what's decidedly a very grey to black morality setting, although it would make sense to me for it to be that much darker when you consider there was basically a clan of Jesus vampires and they all got murdered so long ago people believe the lies of a bunch of usurping blood witches instead of even being aware of Golconda. Although the other unfortunate implication I guess is to really write about that clan would be breaching their whole "every historical figure was not a vampire, every historical human event was not the work of vampires" rule that White Wolf tried to adhere to with the only conclusion being Jesus literally was a Salubri, if not Saulot himself.

It could've been worse. Remember the Children of Osiris? That was the single dumbest thing White Wolf ever did.
No. 23447
703 kB, 1600 × 900
1,0 MB, 1600 × 900
962 kB, 1600 × 900
The Siren in borderlands 2 is also probably the best. I played through all of BL1 with Roland and his action skill sucks most of the time. Tales from the Borderlands was also really really good, but it's not an action game
Gunslinger was great, would also recommend, you can often get it in a bundle with Far Cry Blood Dragon and that's very good too, but you'll have to install uShit if you buy it on steam
No. 23448
His skill in solo seems like an investment with a later payoff (damage, RoF, cooldown). Most of the others require less investment to be useful and eat up fewer levels unless you're using them in some specific way, for example phasewalk which is a pefectly good distance closer even if you put few to no points into it but can become a powerful weapon in itself if you do invest the points. The turret in solo starts mediocre and becomes a good, but limited in scope skill by the mid game.
No. 23449
>The Siren in borderlands 2 is also probably the best.
Now that's very arguable. She's the most comfortable to play character because she doesn't require much effort and player skill, and feels okay with whatever weapon you use, but in terms of pure asskicking she is outclassed by pretty much everyone except Axton. Although The Sandhawk + The Bee combo on her is very ebin, yes.

>I played through all of BL1 with Roland and his action skill sucks most of the time.
Yeah, other characters' action skills are at least useful in the beginning and the middle of the playthrough, but Roland's turret is always awful. It's weak, its shields don't help much, and it cannot even turn 360 degrees! Good thing that the game designers learned from their mistakes and made Axton's turret in BL2 much better.

>Tales from the Borderlands was also really really good, but it's not an action game
It wasn't good. It isn't even a game, it's a fucking Telltale shit. The only reason to "play" it is to get familiar with its plot and characters, since it's a part of the canon and it will be referenced in the upcoming BL3.
No. 23456
I'm only halfway through and this is one of the most amazing game reviews I've ever seen
I normally don't even like game reviews and would never even consider watching something this long, but trust me, it's absolutely amazing.
No. 23476
Hey does anyone know when is steam summer sale?

On a related note there is now such thing as Pathologic 2. I'm going to buy the enhanced edition Pathologic and play that soon. Although oddly there just isnt a whole lot I think I want right now. It seems that most of what's on my wishlist atm is either shit I'm basically just watching but don't care too strongly about, or things that do look quite good but are just past what my system can run. Like The Council looks like it could be interesting but it won't run. I want to get Prey but again, its beyond my capacity to run well. I think I'm going to just need to get a stick of new RAM and like a moderately good GPU, maybe even just an old 4gb card though I hate the idea of cheaping out on upgrades so much that I'll just be outdated again in a couple years anyway. I just don't feel like spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on getting an 8gb+ higher end vidya card.

Hey what's your guys' opinion on gaming laptops? I've had pretty bad experiences with laptops enough but I was checking it out the other day and even modestly priced gaming laptops look pretty good and better than my desktop even. I just don't trust their reliability enough to get some souped up Nvidia-gaming-pro type thing.

So yeah question I guess is when is steam summer sale raining the gifts of gaben upon us unwashed masses and what are your views on buying a gaming laptop? I kinda missing gaming on a laptop actually...
No. 23478
Mandalore's great for sure, haven't seen this vid yet though. Looking forward to his review of Pathologic 2.
>Hey does anyone know when is steam summer sale?
Should start in a week
>On a related note there is now such thing as Pathologic 2.
Yeah, I've been posting the trailers for a while. Actually started playing it a few days ago but I always forgot to take screenshots so I didn't post about it. It's great but also frustrating at times, but that's just part of the experience.
>I'm going to buy the enhanced edition Pathologic and play that soon.
You've just missed the 90% discount on it but they'll probably have it again for the summer sale. It's a great game for sure, but it can be rather difficult. I recommend reading the "General Tips" and/or "Beginner's Advice" guides on steam either before playing or after you've played for a bit and get stuck.

>Hey what's your guys' opinion on gaming laptops?
I've got a Clevo gaming laptop with i3-8100(4x3,6GHz)/16GB RAM/1060GTX on sale 1,5 years ago and it's been doing great for me so far, except for the keyboard which feels rather cheap (paint came off some of the keys under heavy use). The fans do get pretty loud with e.g. Pathologic 2 though for sure. I have it hooked up to a second monitor and power it by cable 98% of the time though, I think the battery would only last ~2 hours or so otherwise.
No. 23480
That soon? Oh shit I didnt save up money for it yet. And the sale only lasts a week right? I can't believe I keep forgetting this shit every year. Somehow I thought that last year it was in like early July.

As for the laptop oh, that. And the fact I can't let my keys get fucked up and just replace it. Mainly I'd like to be able to take it anywhere like on long trips or for staying different places plus it'd be really nice to just play Tropico or something while lying in bed, though there is the heat thing.

Another game I keep trying to remember to play is EYE Divine Cybermancy though I'm really not a fan of most FPS but I'm unclear on how much of an RPG it's supposed to be and have tried looking at guides for how to play it. I remembered it being some super fancy game i wanted many years ago and now i can't arse myself.

I guess Frostpunk and Cliffs Edge are a couple I'd probably get this upcoming sale, and Workers and Resources. Maybe another 4x and WH40K game, plus Phantom Doctrine. There's a ton of games I've actually wanted that aren't coming out for awhile though, like some RTT and RTS ones including Iron Harvest, a RTT I forget name of, Wasteland 3, new city builder I also forget name of Titan something and so on. Ireland mentioned I think Thea Awakening it was which I'd also been eyeing, some 4x types like Pax Nova I heard good things about, Endless Legend because Amplitude makes pretty awesome stuff, definitely getting Imagine Earth, and Driftland looked interesting. I'm also going to get Cultist Simulator. A shockingly low number of Lovecraft esque games exist. I am definitely getting Darkwood. A few others including I didnt get last time include Alpha Protocol and Stasis which they had some other game I was not super impressed by so stopped caring about Stasis but may get this. The Brothood just needs better writers is part of the problem. Final Theory looks surprisingly decent. Ethereum looks good but it might also be shit. Let's see...oh fuck. Conarium should run but it needs a better CPU. I keep forgetting my CPU is a bit dated too not just GPU. Shit a surprising number of things won't run anymore maybe I should just consider upgrading more. Might get Sunless Skies.

Hey how is Atom RPG and Pathfinder Kingmaker? There doesnt seem a lot of other crpgs around now, plus there's tons of XCOM clones that I dont know about but iirc those two got pretty good praise.
No. 23487
>And the sale only lasts a week right?
Lasts 2 weeks I think

Btw check out https://www.enhancedsteam.com/
It's a browser add-on that shows the lowest historical price, lowest current price (also at other shops) etc., so it's quite useful to get the best deal.
No. 23504
No, I can't do it, this review is beyond depressing to me. It feels like I'm making fun of a mentally retarded person who is in the same room but doesn't get that I'm a cunt and seems encouraged by every nasty thing I say to him. Couldn't do it, had to abort the video.
No. 23505
Retarded people are born that way, so it's not their fault for being retarded and laughing at them is not nice. That game, on the other hand, is made (deliberately or not, doesn't matter: if you cannot do something properly, don't do it, and don't steal other people's work either) that way, so it's the fault of the developers for making a retarded game and it's totally okay to laugh at it and them.
No. 23507
I dont know if someone could even make something like that on accident. It's like I'm looking at Springtime for Hitler: the videogame. It just had to be made that way on purpose.
No. 23509
I didn't mean to suggest that the game or the developers were actually retarded. The analogy was entirely about how watching the video makes me feel.

I struggle to come up with scenarios and personas that would create such a game (over 20 years, ffs). The picture my imagination paints of the developers is what makes it so depressing. Who would make something like this and release it? What lives could they possibly lead? If they are proud of what they have released, what perspective can they have on life?
No. 23510
Don't overthink it. They could be scammers (very bold ones, I gotta say) making fast buck without much effort. Or they could be just extremely overconfident. Neither of those attributes are worthy of sympathy, in my opinion.
No. 23513
Don't know about Atom, but Pathfinder is D&D 3.5 with the serials filed off. It's the best known adventure book for the game, but I dunno how well it translates into a video game since it relies a lot on players enacting power plays over a long period of time.

My opinion on how well paper systems translate is on the record, but if it actually digitalises Pathfinder, then it should be mechanically similar to Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale. Can't speak for production quality though. The original is pretty good, though with a lot of things Pathfinder, it suffers from bloat and poor balance.
No. 23514 Kontra
Well I mean Baldur's Gate and co. were more like a heavily revised 2e, but a lot of the differences between that and 3e aren't particularly massive. Lots of it is just reframing existing rules in new ways that allowed for more scope. 3.5 is just the heavily revised version of 3e so you're getting a similar product at the end of the day.
No. 23521
146 kB, 1920 × 1080
Is there a way to really extend the main campaign without getting Long War mod? Because I don't feel like a total conversion mod atm but want some way to keep my XCOM2 games going. My last campaign which is apparently freaking 64th I stretched it as far as I possibly could but due to the doomsday counter there comes a point where you simply run out of alien facilities or wwhatever to demolish and only have the final mission left, and in this case yet again am running the clock with no territories left and all alien facilities leads apparently useless after you found them all and have just about every territory. I even experimented last night with trying to deliberately fail a reduced new facility construction by 2 weeks dark event but it still wasnt enough and got a game over when I ran the clock to see if they'd construct a new one in time to reset the timer.

It'd also actually be quite nice if I could have at least two full squads taken engaged in the final run, since I normally have like 12-18 colonels by then if I survive that long plus often a couple of magi. But then again I'm not even sure if I completed Legendary come to think of it. At least, I don't think I ever did on ironman which I've beat idk how many times on Commander.

What are some other good mods to use? What are some ways to really draw out the clock and provide a challenge? Are there any mods that make the endgame harder and let me use more of my troops?

Yeah you know I actually thought about that but still found what mandalore described just too amazingly funny and with such audacity I couldn't bring myself to care much. Like yeah I mean, clearly there's got to be something pretty fucky for this thing to even exist. Was it a couple junkies trying to desperately get some cash together as fast as possible? Was it some genuine autist with anime body pillows living off neetbux? Was this even the same original guy working on it or is the entire 2008 release just a total ripoff of a real game from the 90s?

So many mysteries about this just makes me want to know more. Like was it just some really old guy dying of cancer whose last life goal was finally finishing that freaking game he started? But the odd thing is some parts clearly were worked on, while most of the rest of the game was wholesale ripped off, and supposedly they started the new version in 2003 and had more than one guy working on it. Did they have poor communication and one guy somehow was in charge of the assets and just didnt tell them how badly he half arsed it? It even looks like a labor of really lazy love too at times, with at least the facial expressions really working and conveying, idk at least something? Some mental illness? Loneliness? A guy's quirky sense of humor?

I also found out Cranny Faggot is some weird obscure joke about a mean spirited British cook show woman from the 1970s and 80s named Fanny Craddock. Which means that this guy making it probably actually was someone who seriously was alive as an adult human being by early 90s at the latest to even think to use that kind of a reference, which points to this indeed being the same shitty failed point and click adventure from the 90s.

Honestly I'm just baffled by all of it. Mandalore actually made it look fun but then I tried watching this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-H4wu30Sks and holy hell does this game look like a steaming piece of shit, but the weird part is it doesn't even just look like it's shit. It looks like some real effort went into parts of it and looks like it resembles an actual game. It's just baffling. The truly mind boggling thing though is when you realize that not only was it probably some guy's labor of love or at least bucket list, but rather than just make a thing from passion the dude seriously tried to sell hard copies of this thing while ripping off literally dozens of well known games and movies. Also now that I think of it just the fact he used the Spawn movie intro makes me think it's more evidence ths guy was a full grown adult whose adult reference points were in the 80s and 90s.

It's like a precious thing and a carnival freakshow that fascinates me.

I thought Pathfinder Kingmaker was turn based? Eh, if it's RTwP this considerably lowers my interest. The only game of that sort that wasnt total ass in combat was Tyranny. The rest of the game wasn't as fantastic and could've used richer environments and fewer NPCs annoying the shit out of me (to this day I want to shoot Kana Rua, Barrister or whoever, and the voice actor who played them too) but at least the combat was somehow really well done in a way all the rest failed at, including planescape which only gets a pass because the high level spells were neat and combat was largely irrelevant.

Of course core rules and different splats I don't care about in a vidya so long as the story is good and gameplay isn't ass. I'm never going to play Icewind Dale for that reason but I do love me a good crpg.