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No. 23322
102 kB, 393 × 393
thinkign bout dat kc
No. 23323
Boy can think!
No. 23325
great website
great moderation
No. 23326
Imageboards 2005-2018ish ruined my life by filling my brain with toxic material, not sure why you're so eager to have it back. I think we're suffering something similar to battered wife syndrome where we miss the only thing we know even if its shit that stole our best years
No. 23327
No. 23330
Shit moderation
No. 23331 Kontra
I'm getting less and less interested in posting here, stopped KC 1.5 years ago. Better read a book or deal with something else. Most opinions aren't relevant to me anymore. Still frequent EC everyday but I don't feel the energy to engage, even here, a lot less.
No. 23334
best website ever made
No. 23335
I hope kc will never come back.
No. 23336
Anyone know what happened?
No. 23337
Same here pretty much. I've really enjoyed posting here last fall and winter but for a while now I've been posting less and less.
No. 23339
I find myself in a strange purgatory imageboard-wise. As much as I like KC, I think I'm too assburger for the community and users respond less positively than they used to. My music threads don't enjoy the reception they once did. Also, a good swath of the decent users aren't there anymore.

Conversely, I'm too casual for serious discussions demanded by EC. I don't feel compelled to post at length about any particular topic other than music. Considering there aren't too many people who share the same passion I do, I stay away.

As to the others, Vierkanal is only good for shitposting. 8ch is an insane asylum. 420chan is full of drug-addicted fuck ups. Sadly, nobody used 7chan or 99chan anymore.
No. 23340 Kontra
Yeah, I noticed the other Germans don't post much either. I don't have much to tell anyway, I cannot sum up most books I read since my English is not sufficient or I don't understand them well enough. On the other hand I want to debate a few things but my own knowledge is rather small in these areas and thus it feels pointless, that's what I mean with all the imageboard opinions, most of them are not deep enough or interest is not really shared by others it seems. EC is different to KC but the small base makes it difficult sometimes.
No. 23358 Kontra
It's online.
You all have to go back.
No. 23402
No. 23403
talking about the real KC not schizochan
No. 23407 Kontra
KC is dead. Ban the heretic!
No. 23441
>Up on Monday, down on Tuesday, up on Wednesday, down on Thursday, etc.....

Oh, you mean Elevatorchan.
No. 23471
This stuff is quite artificial and laborious. What is required is the fresh breath of sweet savory random. To be frank, most of the high-brow discussions are very local and narrow and almost nobody can participate or feel as if the other contributor is actually participating in a legit discussion, for the definition of that word implies a conference around a common subject with inputs that reference each other, at the very least. Now if we could export our culture elsewhere and have it accepted as a standard in the more regular venues, that would be useful.
No. 23475 Kontra
The problem is we just have too few people, which has always been a sort of tension within the chan communities. At the extreme opposite end you have the 4kanker: incredible amounts of posters to the point of boards being almost unusable, and almost every single last one of those posters are garbage. It's like explosive diarrhea in text form, with never a single thought out response.

Here we have the opposite problem, where there's so few of us that one thread will take literally months to even hit autosage and we still have threads up from early 2018, as opposed to the cancer where a thread dies in literally hours even if it's popular, and 15 minutes if it isn't. KC2017 was largely the result of US politics shitposting but it had been a long time coming and by the end was indistinguishable from vierkanal. I had completely stopped even using anything other than vidya threads by then.

All that being stated yeah you're right and one big problem I noticed is it often feels more like people talking past each other rather than having an actual discussion. Like in vidya it often feels like Russia will be talking about some obscure game or Magic again, while Australia is talking about flight sims.

But this lack of engagement is really just because it's so niche. Like i don't even play either of their interests, and a good number of people here don't play mine. This can be a good thing however as it exposes you to lots of new material.

The main problem is trying to get it so we don't have the absolute most mouth breather bydlo and retarded fucking boomers from 4kanker invading us. I haven't seen a problem with Slav bydlo but really the problem is the worst sort of shit is now endemic to the internet thanks to combination of phones and everything else. Vierkanal is quite literally mainstream normies and everyone worth hating you'd normally want off the internet and our biggest problem is the moment more than a few people find out about us they're the first to try and ruin this place. I wouldnt mind if we got a lot more people here but the moment it turns into another 4cancerous shitclone it's dead.
No. 23479 Kontra
>All that being stated yeah you're right and one big problem I noticed is it often feels more like people talking past each other rather than having an actual discussion. Like in vidya it often feels like Russia will be talking about some obscure game or Magic again, while Australia is talking about flight sims.

This. There is some shared interest but we are too few to share broader fields of knowledge to really get a discussion going often enough it feels.
Sometimes I think reddit would be the best, since the tone seems decent and the base is big, even for niche topics. But then again I don't feel like posting there. Maybe too big already again.