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No. 2341
44 kB, 650 × 730
What's fair price for weed? I want to get some, but I am totally unexperinced here.
No. 2342
Varies by country/region. Maybe a Russian board is the place to ask rather than this forum populated by several loners from different corners of the globe.
No. 2343
Maybe loners can tell how is it in their places.
No. 2345
2g for £20 is pretty standard.

Best off finding out what the Russian equivalent of a twenty bag is beforehand and asking for that. It should be enough to get you pretty stoned and you don't want the dealer thinking you're a twat by giving him absurd measurements.
No. 2349
Who needs marijuana when you can just make jenkem?
No. 2352 Kontra
1g = 10€ but thats only for teenagers, usually you can get it cheaper and don't forget that not only quantity but quality plays a role too
No. 2361
Fuchs goes for 18€ here. For Russia I heard something like 6/1.

Lmao, Park-Negroe weed.
>But I have le connections
Yeah, sure sure, but we're talking about buying, not getting
No. 2363
>getting weed /= buying

Are you stupid or do you steal your weed?

1g =10€ is usually price you get in the park chance are you get less tbh, I never had to do that, but on club parties and festivals strangers will usually sell you this.

I think my connection is quite ok, I have a selection of strains, but check mate I don't smoke weed really.
No. 2365
3,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:32
Not It's just free for me. Friends = Frienderinos

I don't do it anymore tho.

Park goes for 6-10 here. Sure you have to bargain like allways.

The very good stuff from your next door Hippie goes for 12 or 15 regularly.
But the thing is, that we're talking against a wall here, because it heavily depends on the region on the Germany.
No. 2366
>because it heavily depends on the region on the Germany.


Yet I think its funny how (professionally) homegrown goes for up to 15€/g for some more supreme strain while park is low as 6€/g in your area. Berlin?
It's upside down here NRW but not the valley
No. 2367
153 kB, 472 × 408
I'll give you my full address, BKA-Friend.

6€ Park weed is really dry and grounded that'd be said.
You can barely smoke that. Been there, done that.

Now, the nicely grown weed surely may go for 6€. But that just for batches since it's not nice for some random stoner to let people into his flat for buying weedslmoa.
The 15€-20€ are the T*rks selling it since they had to buy it off of him for 6.
No. 2368

Don't dealers just round it to 20 in Deutchland? If I tried paying a dealer in loose change here they would likely block my number for being a hassle.
No. 2369
Just count it beforehand, what's the matter? Sure they'll take your paper bill with that attitude.
No. 2370
50 kB, 640 × 427
Hey mate, can you change 10€?
No. 2371

How I only have ever encountered weed for money exhcange in many years of seeing it.

you dont't want your weed in precise grams.

Usually you hand your dealer a 20€ bill. He will give you X gram, depending on his rate for example 1.1g/10, so you give 20€ you get 2.2.

Honestly if a sb. would
>yo hand me 2g
>allright thats 18.18€ mate

I wouldn't believe my eyes, I refuse people handle it like this here in Germany.
No. 2372
Why dealer would make such strange prices (like 1.1g/10€)?
>inb4 1g/9€
No. 2374
well ofc it is 9€/g but nobody wants 9€, you will get 1.1 for 10€. The brit asked for the round up and yeah you usually pay bills only so you get more or less than exact grams depending on the dealers weed rate
No. 2376
Here we get fucked on the exchange rate and typical island import sufferings I guess. If I gave a dealer £20 I would expect 2g and he would only be using bags weighed for that (so if I wanted a half-ounce I would get 7 twenty bags but with a discount innit). This is the same whether I deal with white scallies or the taxi driver ring.

Do you still get access to solid in Germany? I've not seen any of the stuff in at least a decade here.
No. 2377
Germany cannot into ordnung. Here it is only per gram. Maybe you would get slightly more to compensate if it's got lots of stems.
No. 2385
Buy Cyanide instead, degenerate.
No. 2393
Who's gonna feed the cat then?
No. 2394
>Here it is only per gram
why not in imperial units?
No. 2456 Kontra
I tried to explain imperial(+customary)/metric and why medicines (usually) use international standard in a coherent post but now it's 3am and nothing makes sense to me anymore.

Kitchen scales tend to use grams and ounces. Any further questions/observations you may have are because of wizards.