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No. 23815
85 kB, 746 × 556
No. 24155
11 kB, 246 × 138
Drunken taxi driver in Georgia

>In an attempt to try something different I wanted to do a one take, zero edit film. Just press record and see what would happen in those 10 mutes or so. And when I saw a friendly looking taxi driver leaning on his Lada Niva in the Georgian town of Chiatura I had an idea. I gave him 10 Lari and said let's go somewhere...well let's just say there isn't much to see in Chiatura...
No. 24158
Feel very uneasy watching this. The guy with the camera seems too... respectless, I guess.
No. 24160
Yeah I couldn't get past three minutes. About two minutes in I wanted to beat that cocksucker's face in with a fucking brick. Seriously. He deserves to get bricked in the face. I fucking hate people like that to no end. What a useless shitbag of a person.
No. 24162
Gregory B. Sadler - Philosophy


N J Wildberger - Mathematics

No. 24167
686 kB, 640 × 480

One of the last few surviving members of the Heaven's Gate cult has a youtube channel. Isn't that ebin?
No. 24215
Military History Visualised.

He does pretty good stuff if you want well-researched content on a variety of subjects that is easy to digest and isn't too long. If you want an in-depth look at a particular subject he talks about, then it's not the place to go but overall it fits a similar kind of entertainment to Forgotten Weapons. Easy to watch and informative.

No. 24219
lol I was telling someone about that, and how there was some cult member who still believed in it even years after the suicides. In case anyone hasn't heard of one of our many retarded cults
No. 24228
You might also like Epimetheus

He tries to be very accurate when depicting armor and weapons and he is picking quite interesting subjects throughout (mostly ancient) history.
You in particular will find his videos on the steppe peoples interesting, I figure. Discovered him while randomly searching for info on the Gökturks, which lead me to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mSb7-uGnbk
No. 24231
Neat. Will check it out. It isn't that I dislike Ancient History, I just find that more modern stuff clicks with me more.
t. dual majored in both modern and ancient history
No. 25492

Why Trump Tower isn't on the strip but to the side
No. 25493
8,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:55
No. 25631
It's really sad to me how so much of the country has been shifting more towards viewing gambling as some kind of a valid economic activity. It isn't. It does not add any kind of value at all to the economy. In spite of this it seems gambling resorts keep getting propped up across the country by the mob, state governments, or possibly both. I'm also not talking about Indian casinos either.
No. 25643
165 kB, 1200 × 630
No. 25644
Michael Beach
He talks about the urbanism of many different cities around the world. His take on it is pretty bad actually, it's always about "walkable city GOOD, car city BAD", but you can still learn a lot about the city's history and its contemporary urban geography.
No. 25659
Kimagure cook
A japanese channel about preparing seafood. If you like watching a japanese guy cutting apart strange sea cratures youve never seen and never thought you could eat, this should be your thing. Many older videos have english subtitles available.

A german Channel from a guy from Berlin doing Trainsurfing, roofing and audacious graffitti tags on places you never thought you could climb.

A classic known for his liquor slams and eating literally everything. Yes, hes still alive.
No. 26157
515 kB, 1634 × 1604
Can Ernst recommend some good youtube channels in German?
While children's books and movies are helpful for immersing yourself in a new language, they are often not well suited to the interest of an adult language learner.
My interests: History, Archeology, Music, Technology, Linux, Gardening. Video games of interest are GSGs and RTSs
No. 26164 Kontra
>I took that photo of that stamp in 2018
Bloody Hell
No. 26189
Some of the youtube channels i follow for various reasons.

Battle(non)sense (Mostly about the technical part behind online games)

Entertain The Elk (Video essays about movies and tv shows)

Raycevick (Mostly game reviews)

Business Casual (Short info videos about companys, products, people...)

Company Man (Short info videos about companys)

Biographics (Short info videos about people)
No. 26190
I was thinking about that for a few minutes.

No I can't recommend any.

Perhaps Kurzgesagt, which is originally a German channel (which wasn't sucessful in German, because German YT users are Bydlo)
No. 26195
This. I don't watch anyone explaining in front of a camera anyway because it's usually uncomfortable but I did watch some people of anglo origin who did that mixed with pictures and video which is ok. I don't know any German channel that would come close, tho there exist channels about history, many of them aim at highschoolers and the Oberstufen content so the last 2-3 years in school and basic historic data, structures and processes of Germany history. I could point you to academical lectures but that might be too much for now.
No. 26197
No. 26231
thanks for Cynical Historian
No. 29134
116 kB, 800 × 714
No. 30270
thread save bump
No. 30281 Kontra
26 kB, 400 × 450
You don't even need to bother. They're getting banned and deleted faster than they can even post лoл
No. 30286 Kontra
35 kB, 1280 × 720
They killed my watch thread which i wanted to make a post in at some point in the next few days.
Now it's gone. Forever.
No. 30295
No it's not.
No. 30298
Did you increase the catalog size?
I approve of this.
No. 30301
Old EC had I think 25 hidden pages at the end of the catalog. I dunno if they're accessible to posters but I've seen things come back from it in the past. That said, I'm not sure if they're on xyz.
No. 30312
Old EC hat 50 pages enabled internally, 25 for public use. During quiet times I used to clean pages 40-50 from bad threads so when push came to shove there were a few pages of buffer so we wouldn't lose any quality discussions due to Kohlposters.

Source: Former mod on old EC/int/
No. 30812
You did a terrible job.
No. 30821
To be fair, it didn't exist for long with a lot of traffic and when that came, there were quite a few people actively trying to destroy the board.

t. not him
No. 30853 Kontra
Actually, people were quite okay with my modding, even many of those that were banned, who came back willing to adjust after the ban was over.
No. 32032
1,3 MB, 1104 × 781
Found a nice video by some guy in russia explaining his heating setup. I can't place his accent exactly but I think it might be German.

No. 32033
That was quite interesting, thank you.
No. 32036
Technology Connections
Interesting videos about basic electronic principles, consumer electronic and history of technology. Pretty entertaining fellow, also quite informative and someone who clearly enjoying what he talking about. Can recommend everything he post, even the most early videos. He also have second channel:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClRwC5Vc8HrB6vGx6Ti-lhA - where he just saying thoughts without scenario, or expand main videos.

8-bit guy
Kind of basic, but still interesting channel about retro computers and some other electronics, but primary computers and everything connected to them from bald person from Texas. For me this is already for the most time too simple, but I'm still enjoying his videos about specific machines, accesories and peripherals, also restoration videos. He also have second channel:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcTt3O4_IW5gnA0c58eXshg - where he talk about midi keyboards and other old musical electronics, but also about different old midi soundcards, sound addons for computers and other informations about things that contain sound chips.

Really good channel from awesome british chap with very calm voice. This channel more like 8-bit guy, but in places much more assburger, same as have slightly different focus. But he also making videos about old computer systems history, restoration videos which are much more detailed in process than 8-bit guy's in mine opinion, also a lot about actual rare and more european electronics. Sinclair, Amstrad, Thomson, Dragon etc. A lot of interviews with people, videos on specific things - like post-USSR spectrum clones, or French Minitel communication service. Only thing which hurts my autism is his videos naming system, also playlists - sometimes it is hard to find specific things you want on his channel.

Another really cool British person. It's something in between Technology Connections and 8-bit guy. He don't very much talk about actual principles, but showcase specific interesting tech. And modern and old one, but primary unique and interesting. Rare audio formats, rare recorders, rare electronic accessories. Also muppets! very entertaining, I'd say.

8-bit show and tell
Don't relate to 8-bit guy... well, they probably know each other but this is different peroson. Not as quality by production and camera work and scenario videos, but it actually very specific channel about very specific things - mostly about Commodore 64/128 programming, tips, tricks and secrets of built-in commodore BASIC. If you really into things like that, very nice place to visit.
No. 32041
I think I'm subscribed to most of these. Although, techmoan is a bit of a wanker, I don't like him.
Also similar channels:

American boomer talks about his electronic trash. Very comfy feels, basically nothing but an old camcorder, and a voice. His vinyl record player reviews are interesting as well.

Modern Vintage Gamer
Videos about old and new consoles mostly focused on homebrew development, DRM and security measures, etc. His stuff on original XBox development is really interesting, and he recently even dug up the source of a previously unreleased XBox game and patched it to work + ported to pc.
No. 32043
1,4 MB, 299 × 299, 0:05
Naval History guy. Has a nice mix of short videos to watch regularly and occasionally drops a one that's an hour or two long. Interesting stuff.

>wanker making its way onto the Kazakhstan
I dare you to introduce rhyming slang to Almaty for maximum ebin.
t. called someone a fucking merchant today
No. 32045
Thanks for the second link, that seems extremely interesting based on the one video I watched.
No. 32046
Business Casual
History of different businesses and products. Very well made and mostly interesting videos.

Company Man
Pretty much the same as above

Entertain The Elk
Essay like videos about mostly things related to movies. I can really recommend watching a few of the videos.

Same as the above but often a bit more in depth and technical and a bit more varied in terms of topics.

Maybe a bit like Entertain The Elk but more about videogames and with more review stuff.
No. 32048
I think I've watched 90% of the videos from Nerdwriter (skipping stuff about popmusic for the most part) but in hindsight I have to say that on average they are interesting but forgettable. It's gems like the videos about Snowpiercer and Children of Men that make me watch his other stuff.
No. 32049
Yeah I thought it was a nice video. I wouldn’t mind staying in that guest house tbh—seems cozy.

Evidently the guy is Danish but has been living in the Russian countryside for some time, which explains why I thought his accent was close to, but not quite, German. I wonder what his source of income is. Seems pretty odd for a west European to just decide to relocate to rural Russia.
No. 32053

>Although, techmoan is a bit of a wanker, I don't like him.
Why? I don't think he is wanker, he is quite nice person. His videos are not ultra-detailed, but I don't remember he saying something idiotic. You don't like Muppets, lol?

>Modern Vintage Gamer
and I don't really like him, same as Nostalgia Nerd he feels a bit.. like.. "lame modern fashion geek" or something? Don't like that type of personaltiy, I don't know. I'am not also console fan. Well, I like classic consoles, but I not so interested in watching someone who is absolute modern console fan or something.
Hard to explain properly, buy I guess you get what I meant.

Speaking of consoles, some small videos from this channel is fun:
Not all for me, but some I find interesting in places I didn't knew stuff
Like this

Also this channel. I don't like host at all, like absoluetly, same as his tone, and most of this content is not interesting with benchmarking new games I not care about, but their videos with console ports of some old PC games, unique versions, tech behind them and capture on real hardware was interesting to look at
https://youtu.be/784MUbDoLjQ - Doom console ports
https://youtu.be/LUZ436FXB4U - Quake on Sega Saturn
https://youtu.be/DFYjSkUdfb4 - Quake II PSX and N64
No. 32061
The craftsman / engineer / maker side of YouTube is also very interesting. Unlike the YouTube art community, which is full of annoying idiots. Something about being an "artist" turns you into a cockhead it seems.

Marco Reps
Electronic engineer, has some cool projects like building a pressure sensitive mat, PCB etcher, 3D printer, laser engraver, etc. Also reviews of various EE hardware like oscilloscopes, micrometers, etc.

Applied Science
Pretty much what it says on the tin, I guess. Guy reads various scientific papers and then tries to build that stuff in his workshop. Highlights include an X ray scanner, electron microscope, electroluminescent displays, etc.

This Old Tony
Metalworker. Lots of informative videos on machining, welding, basically anything that has to do with making metal parts. Built his own CNC miller. Pretty much practical and educational videos about metalworking, nothing over the top, but that's the appeal.

David Bull
Japanese woodblock printmaking. Guy has a woodblock print shop in Japan, shows full process of making woodblock prints. Also some interesting stories about meeting old Japanese woodblock carving masters.

ISHITANI Furniture
Japanese furniture making. Full process of making a furniture item. Traditional woodworking, no pocket-hole joinery or anything. Pretty relaxing, it's nice to see a patient, focused and experienced craftsman work.

Well, he's gives off this stereotypical middle class boomer vibe, whose only skill set is buying expensive stuff and talking about it, despite not having any tech know-how whatsoever. He's also an "audiophile", which is a major cringe factor.

>Modern Vintage Gamer
Yeah, I tend to avoid his stuff on modern consoles, but he is a real programmer who used to be involved in Xbox homebrew community, and knows his way around hardware and code, so I find him more trustworthy than guys who just review tech gadgets on surface level.

Well, he's British, so "wanker" felt like the most appropriate word. If he were American, I'd probably call him a jackoff :-DDDD
No. 32062
Man, you've made my evening with the channel of Dave Bull. I'm almost hypnotised by it.
No. 32064
I find it interesting how he's lived in Japan for so long that he now speaks English with a Japanese accent. It is quite amusing.
No. 32073
And here I was hoping that EC was fighting the good fight and pushing Yankeestan off of the Anglo Kulturimperialism throne in favour of proper English.
No. 32076
No. 32077
1,2 MB, 1057 × 677
No. 32173
The new video of Epimetheus is one I particularly enjoyed; about the equipment of the 1st century Roman Legionaire:


This might be the channel with the most consistent quality that I know.
No. 32325
So I've been digging this channel called Kursgesagt which idk what it means in German and discovered homeopthay is even stupider than I thought
Also apparently it was created originally by Germans. I was previously under the impression that basically homeopathy just meant taking heavily diluted amounts of medicines and poisons to the point of inefficacy. I had no idea of things like the "like attracts like" retarded af new age faggotry bullshit they have like giving someone something that had the same symptoms or that according to them it is okay if not even a single molecule of the original component remains because supposedly it rubs its essence off on water molecules.

I hate new age bullshit so damn much.
No. 32331 Kontra
it can be translated literally as shortly said
No. 32365
"kurz gesagt" = briefly
No. 32410
972 kB, 1102 × 645
816 kB, 1107 × 650
A Russian ornithologist with a pet eagle owl. Here is a video of her with an injured shrike at a rehab center.

No. 32434
235 kB, 555 × 763
I didn't want to make a new thread for this but I started listening to this podcast, "In Defense of Plants", a few days ago and it's kinda neat. As someone who never took much interest in plants, hearing from all of the researchers, conservationists and educators they interview is cool because a lot of this info is stuff I'm hearing about for the first time. Did you know that yuccas are only pollinated by certain moths from the family Prodoxidae? You probably did, but I didn't.
No. 32443
1,3 MB, 1036 × 904
I like that Russian guy who goes out feeding stray cats and taking care of injured ones.

No. 32519
Oh, she has not only owl. And yes, he doing a lot of videos with different pirds, I like her channel, very cute.
No. 32571
Oh shit documentary thread just hit contra

British documentary about plague
Wow I didn't even know about that one. Or that London seemingly regularly suffered plague every 20 years. The thing that's so remarkable to me is how much they seemingly combined the kost outright lunatic quackery with otherwise perfectly reasonable seeming options, like quarantining the sick including with people they spent close proximity with (a QT is useless if only the actively symptomatic are held), trying to take what appears to be similar to sterilization procedures and avoiding contact with fomites, and killing off all the dogs and cats, which could even work with some diseases wiping out all the animals in the city but in the case of plague I'm guessing not so much. Odd that there is also no mention of culling livestock which is one of the reasons disease ran rampant to begin with, at least in cases other than plague.
No. 32576
3,1 MB, 2304 × 3072
No. 32582
Theres already a new one
No. 32825
Where? It was on systemkontra.

I spent most of my free time these last couple days watching (mostly British) documentaries about plagues.





There is also a new theory apparently that syphillis may have been endemic to Britain if not Europe prior to Columbus visiting the New World because of finding what appears to be a syphilitic Augustinian monk in some unearthed burial plot in England
which also amusingly goes into questions about the purity and morality of who were these monks who'd contracted syphilis in the 1360s, and also there is some apparent controversy over whether the Black Death had in fact been human to human transmission via fleas and lice.

In a all honesty it probably was both, the human parasites and an apparent concurrent pneumonic strain as well as fleas from rats. I also hadn't heard the theory that supposedly the Mongols had been getting decimated by plague and losing a siege by the Black Sea and so allegedly hurled their own plague ridden corpses over the battlements as a last act of spite, which is seemingly apocryphal. Nor was I previously aware that the buboes actually became so swollen they burst into huge sores and blackened nor that apparently it could kill in as little as two days or less.

It really is horrifying just how devastating disease can be. I really wish I were a rich man just so I can someday wage a vindictive total war out of spite against human disease, including Lyme, veterinary diseases, and the usual human disease suspects. I personally am bothered by the audacity of plague still existing anywhere in the world which I guess it still kills people in places like Africa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ofsy84dpGKU which I also wasnt aware until just today that apparently we have plague in the United States.

Why didnt I know this? I guess we had outbreaks in California like a hundred years ago and it still exists throughout the Southwest in Arizona, California, Texas, and Utah even. What is plague doing in California and Utah? Why have we not waged total war in exterminating it? Are we just being lazy because we have antibiotics? What if we get multiple antibiotic resistant plague?
No. 32827
This guy hops aboard freight trains and rides them for thousands of kilometers.

No. 32920
No. 33021
No. 33774
This guy does restoration of paintings, including every step from cleaning to re-touching:


Very satisfying to watch, really. But also educational in a broader sense.
No. 35519
73 kB, 960 × 537
No. 35522
Are those first channels some kind of parody or satire?

No. 35523
you forgot pornhub.com
No. 35553
Actually, pronhub is next to facebook, amazon and maybe netflix the only company with the assets to be dangerous for youtube.

I also heard that they have plans allready to build up a sfw portal?
No. 37596
191 kB, 570 × 268
A man with the perfect voice for reading poetry, reads poetry.

The reader is anonymous, but it's possible he is an actor. In an old article, film critic Roger Ebert wrote this:
>The anonymous reader signs himself "Tom O'Bedlam," a name taken from a 17th century poem about a lunatic. I believe I recognize his unmistakable voice, but that is for you to decide.

No. 51852
38 kB, 600 × 400
I really did have lots of fun binge watching this channel
In thinking about how neet it would be to have my own genetics engineering lab it dawned on me that contrary to megacorps wishes and much to Monsanto's chagrin what we're going to need to do then and should be doing now is having genetic hazard signs. Like if I was to help engineer an especially smart and large subspecies of salticidae to have a large genehazard warning sign with like transcripting or unraveling DNA inside a yellow triangle, which sure we already do have a mutagenic hazard sign which is itself not very intuitive and hence bit of a failure of graphical design imo but it only is about our DNA being corrupted and affected by some chemical. What we should do is put genehazard signs on certain things which should not be allowed to come out of a lab and possibly reproduce in the wild or potentially cross pollinate with wild natural life. In other words Monsanto crops should have big bright red warning signs about being genetic hazards and likewise anything with advanced genetical engineering. I of course would relish the opportunity to put those stickers on the obnoxious fucking GloFish at pet stores but really it should be something about not letting such engineered or altered creatures out of a lab.

But man, would I enjoy giving octopuses and cuttlefish much extended lifespans and perhaps even enhanced intellect. Part of their problem is actually just having such really short life cycles which I suspect is hampering their ability to develop culture and thus pass down their cultural and other learnings to offspring in much the way we do. Being largely solitary predators except some cuttlefish swarms doesn't help matters.

Also an elephant actually learning human words is on such advanced level of intellect I'm not quite sure humans are even smart enough to do that, because it doesn't occur to most of my tile painter brethren seemingly that many animal species have developed languages it's just we're too dumb to understand what they're saying or even recognize they're talking. I suspect animals like cats attempt to verbalize things to human owners.

Actually one of the great things about quantum computing tech would be that we could probably apply such technologies towards creation of universal translators including feeding animal expressions into it. Not sure how you'd set parameters. Also not entirely sure how you could translate other animals that don't vocalize like cats, humans, birds, and dolphins do, but instead through scent organs such as ants and visual language like cuttlefish.
No. 71581
38 kB, 410 × 268
Channel about history. Great explanation skills. Watched video about genesis of Slavic people. Gonna watch gorrilion hours long cycles about Murica and China one day.

By the way: what would you recommend on Latin-American history (something popular, for a dilettante)?

Also, link to duplicate thread for connectivity >>65480 .
No. 71615
> I also heard that they have plans allready to build up a sfw portal?
No. 72139
2,3 MB, 1549 × 1088

Factual videos about the Roman empire.

Got a video of that channel recommended a few days ago and watched it. Got a few more recommendations since then and watched and liked most of the videos.
No. 72156

Thanks, guys. Watched several videos on those channels yesterday before going to be and woke up with find memories of that time today. So I'll likely watch some more tonight.
No. 72157 Kontra
I guess that was a brain fart. I watched videos of >>72139 and some channel that was recommended in the history thread, but mixed that up with what >>71581 posted.

Related question: On that russian channel I can only see auto-generated russian subs, but didn't youtube have auto-translated subtitles for russian <-> english? I remember watching a talk from a conference that was in russian and having english subs, assuming they were auto-translated.

Am I remember this wrong, or did youtube disable that, or is that a feature only enabled for some videos but not others? Sadly I can't find that video of the conference talk anymore...
No. 79752