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No. 24404
33 kB, 202 × 249
I really can’t do anything right, should I honestly just kill myself Ernst?
No. 24405
Define "anything" and "right."
I've recently had to work with dozens people who are borderline useless, which has made me feel better about my horribly flawed existence. The fact you can post a coherent message on this kind of site raises you above most of those people, in my eyes.
No. 24406
Suicide is as pointless as life. Also, if you can't do anything right, you'd probably fail your suicide attempt too and you will become the laughingstock of the neighborhood.
No. 24407
There's a time and a place for ''imma kill myself threads'' and that place is called r9k and that time is 24/7
No. 24408
I can’t do it, I can’t go on. Drugs don’t even help me. I can’t even think straight or coherently most of the time. There’s just so much shit in my head, and so much shit inside of me too on account of my IBS. And yes I have posted here before. Nothing motivates me, I really don’t like anything, it’s insufferable.
No. 24409
Except those people don’t actually have problems they’re just angsty teenagers. I’m almost in my mid 20s and my problems have never been resolved by simply growing out of them.

By the way you suck Ireland, go back to Kohl.
No. 24410
10 kB, 226 × 85
sublimate your pain into a work of art. reflection lies in the province of spirit; take refuge in the aesthetic where it cannot pursue you.
No. 24411
What kind of art are we talking about here
No. 24412
100 kB, 800 × 568
>my mid 20s
No. 24413
12 kB, 300 × 300
>mid 20s
No. 24415
>Suicide is as pointless as life

This. Life is just a temporarily existing establishment. Changing the moment in time for the inescapable fact of death occurence as the fixed endpoint for every life wont make a big difference.
No. 24417
How about the art of resolving your problems by other means than just "simply growing out of them"
No. 24422
He's right though and
>ALMOST in my mid 20s
Wow you sure don't have any options at 24 years old. I'm in my early 30s and made numerous seemingly horrific life ruining mistakes/illnesses including having to be homeless for a brief stint. I'm not going to come right out and say your problems are probably laughable, but your biggest problem is you have the same immaturity as a teenager. This includes the same myopia and inability to put anything into perspective and think things 9ut rationally. In short, grow the fuck up.

>There’s just so much shit in my head,
This like word for word what an angsty teenager would say
>and so much shit inside of me too on account of my IBS
IBS is not a life ruining ability. You did not just return from Iraq with your legs blown off and addicted to pain killers. Your whole problem is lack of perspective and mentality. You talked about your IBS in a way that made me think you're trying to use it as a crutch to avoid work or taking responsibility or doing anything with your life, and instead blaming all your failures on IBS of all things because it's an easy way out to simply create an identity around the murican shart life. Again, you need to just grow the fuck up dude. Even doctor's sonbasket, like I can empathize with someone who has no work history or school by your age but even then you just get a job at like a gas station or Walmart or restaurant washing dishes or something, just doing anything at all, go get some work history and slowly building from bottom up. Or getting into some community college to get your associates then transferring to private school.

The main problem with a lot of people is just their mindset and perspective. When you change your mindset to "I can do this" and start sincerely accepting things as they are and looking for real options with sincerity it's fine. Suicidal ideation and fixation is the opposite, where you have a tunnel vision and complete failure of imagination while trying to run away from responsibilities so don't be a bitch. You're a grown man so deal with it.
No. 24425
I did not read the thread. but I can say usually many things are shit my you get calmer and handle them better with time, looking back we all had it and eventually deal with it in a good way growing up is so vague but it hits a grain of truth in something.
What i actually want to add to your statemnet is the question, why so many people have such a certain perspective on life, including myself for a long time, without being able to change. A sort of depressive state of mind, ruled by apathic determinism. Easy yet painful, why do we do this again?
No. 24431
>A sort of depressive state of mind, ruled by apathic determinism

Because frankly it's true. The chances of it even mattering if you neck yourself at age ten or 'grow up and be le mature adult' are virtually nil, to literally nil depending on personal philosophy. Thing is that most people just learn to convince themselves that somehow they overcame the basic premise of life: that you're born alone, you die alone, that's game over and jack shit can alter it. A 'legacy' is a coping mechanism. You're not going to enjoy it yourself and and despite what your god complex might tell you, any offspring are not you and do not allow you to transcend the state of worm food at the end of the day.

So you end up with three paths. Denial, living on as an emotional hostage to others, or apathy. The first takes time, the second is hardly an idyllic concept and the third fills the gap of taking zero effort. Law of the universe man, path of least resistance. You do you and fuck the rest.
No. 24443
142 kB, 798 × 507
It's interesting how life is defined by its outer limits/what it is not, alone. Also that's where the perspectives fails in being a perspective and becomes a fatalist totality. Sure, I was born alone and will die alone, yet that's not a reason to be a lethargic overlord that is gifted gods wisdom in the shape of teenage nihilism. yeah it's polemic but I don't understand this kind of reasoning with nihilism, if nothing matters really, why do things still matter, why does nihilism or philosophy matter? it's not a consequent nihilism but a weak one that gets attacked rightfully somehow
No. 24444
It doesn't matter. Do what you want.

I do things based on a simple measure of cost-benefit. Is something enjoyable without too many downsides? If yes: do it, if no: determine if the lack of enjoyment leads to a greater enjoyment in a reasonably attainable way and go again. In my case I looked at the idea of fitting the narrative of leaving something behind and figured that it wasn't worth the hassle, while just doing what it is I'm wont to do as fancy strikes me generally leaves me more content. Human interaction takes a similar tone with me. I see positive (from my perspective) interaction as a plus and it is something to be extracted from an exchange and the exchange ended when all reasonably attainable benefit has been extracted. I believe that it's more universal than people like to admit though. Even charitable people will say that being charitable makes them feel good, and while this is not a material gain, it is still a mercenary act of exchanging effort for benefit.

My opinion matters as little as anybody else's though (it doesn't). I just voiced it because I wanted to offer a counterpoint to the narratives already posed. If you want to work on different principles, it's your three score and ten. Don't let me stop you.
No. 24446
Your handlings to that extent are a bit odd. Then again I cannot reduce anything to anything, so there are reasons for this state of being, yours and mine tho I fancy process ontology atm.
But I think meaning or that something matters is somehow introduced back into this conversation, else we would not engage in it. So it's a matter of scope, of perspective that sets the array of what matters and what does not. And that one is variable. A hidden substance is what I suspect is what you think of and crosses out my thought of perspective?
No. 24448
I think of importance as imposed rather than something of the Form. Meaning fits into this weird zone I called the 'perceived universe'. Within the perceived universe of an entity it can be as 'real' as anything else but the thing itself remains as an incomprehensible 'it' since language is highly abstracted information handling of data that is already at least third-hand by the time we try and phrase it.

I may call it Forest, you may call it Wald. It is in reality neither of those things and what we perceive as truth is in fact only truth insofar as our own reality bubbles. The thing may exist but it simply is. Hell, even if we were to have this conversation face to face, we are interacting with heavily abstracted information using slightly different understandings of our surroundings and even the 'objective' meaning of a word. I mean here's a thought experiment. If everybody saw the colour green differently as in some saw it as what I see as red etc. then everybody would still call the red object green because they were shown things that were 'green' but were perhaps not my experience of green, but maybe my greens are their reds with the same thing in reverse. However due to how language works and the fact that a true understanding of another individual is extraordinarily difficult if not impossible, the discrepancy cannot actually be uncovered.

Everything around us is understood entirely though the single lens of our own life experiences, including other people that we interact with more as sock puppets conjured by our brain than we do other individuals. It's not something I claim to have overcome, I consider it physiologically impossible to do so, but it is something I try and take into account when trying to speak of things in a concrete manner.
No. 24449
226 kB, 500 × 316
4,6 MB, 428 × 240, 2:07
That's basically the kind of soft nihilism and childish mentality you get from living in a consumerist dystopia though. It comes with the same idea as open relationships and gender being, like, just your opinion, man. It's because this mindset is the best way to sell pointless shit to you and to inculcate a self absorbed perception of everything that is totally devoid of concepts like virtue and honor, or the basic premise of being a man which is duty. Duty to one's family, duty to one's country, duty in one's faith and so on.

When I was young I didn't understand what he meant here
but as I grow older now I do. It's the idea of keeping everybody perpetually in this middle school mentality, and keeping even the men childish. Part of this is because of that nihilism and apathy in a society that doesnt even believe in the concept of objective facts and values anymore, and to that I say, fine, then be apathetic, then don't do anything. Go ahead and die out and let other men shape the world then including all the content you consume and deciding which things you can and cannot do and the shape of things to come.
No. 24451
I have to think of Nietzsche and the metaphor in Diesseits von Gut und Böse. The epitome of the linguistic turn.
A question that comes to my mind is, if the thing in itself is necessarily substantial and thus open for a **T**ruth that is theoretically there but practically not graspable for the human bean.

Want to object that nihilism is not necessarily linked to constructivism as you suggest and that you want to fight with conceptual naturalization. I too am eger to shape, but my bedrock is not a naturalized world but the contrary.
No. 24453
>gee stop being so greedy and not wasting your one lifetime serving someone else's interest

Also, if I was some capitalist elite, I'd be far more interested in people increasing demand for products by creating lots of kids and dutifully providing for the large family that their faith says they should have. I might even lean on the country's government to promote having kids with family benefits and/or tax breaks for having kids. You really didn't think that one through very well did you, 'real man'.

>doesnt even believe in the concept of objective facts
You misunderstand what you're reading again and pulling stuff out of your butthole again. I outright said that an objective level exists. Just that it is inaccessible to humans. We can make good approximations based on observations but we are never operating on the exact same wavelength. Like I said, a tree is not objectively a tree. A tree is what we call the thing we have designated to be 'tree'. The thing objectively exists but to understand it we need to abstract it down from pure existence. Also the time it takes for light to reach the retina and then that information be sent to the brain and then processed into visual experience does take a minute amount of time which means that our reality is actually a few 'frames' out of date at any given time. Again, the world objectively exists but we are not entirely in-sync with it.

>and values
>my personal moral hangups are objective values
Ebin. Like how killing someone is bad unless you're wearing a uniform sanctioned by a country? Or they worship different gods? If it were so objective, I think that it wouldn't need so many exceptions. I mean, have values. Even I have values. I just acknowledge that they're specifically my values and not some cosmic force of right vs wrong.
No. 24458
153 kB, 299 × 302
at least you do not live on the ukraine
No. 24475
1,2 MB, 3529 × 2436
3,1 MB, 409 pages
I am not >>24449.

I do not view happiness as something very important. Happiness is temporary and very rarely (if ever) exists for extended periods of time.
The way that happiness is viewed in the modern world as a prolonged state of existence rather than a temporary emotion like anger is a problem as it leads to people striving for something that they can never truly achieve. This is very easily open to abuse within the current economic system of the western world.

There have only been a few moments in my life so far that I have thought made me truly happy (as in crying tears of joy). These moments were always involuntary, and characterized by
by their pure existence "in the moment". I can give no rational reason for why I felt this in certain moments as opposed to others, as the activities and the environment were no different to "regular" moments.

Pleasure is even less important to me, as the pleasure I gain from activities such as food, sex, physical exertion, and entertainment is quickly lost and I am brought back to a baseline state of existence.

Your "cost-benefit" view does not appeal to me. Pleasure doesn't necessarily have to be hedonistic in nature as I've implied above (hedonism is in fact less pleasurable over the long term), it can take a much more moderate form, but what matters is the principle of avoiding suffering and seeking pleasure. Suffering is necessary for satisfaction; no good art is made without suffering.

I see satisfaction and "tranquility" (I do not know a better word for it) as ultimately longer lasting and more important.

Satisfaction is gained through pursuit of self-directed goals.
"Tranquility" is associated with a sense of place and being.
Part of a sense of being is given through the participation (and completion) of various stages of life.

Sense of place is given by personal relationships and relationship to community and culture. I see nationalism, communism, and other identification with large groups as a perversion of this.
>gee stop being so greedy and not wasting your one lifetime serving someone else's interest
I agree that dedicating your life to serving someone's interest that you have no personal connection to is foolish. It also lends itself to horrible behaviour.
By identifying with a collective you are able to absolve yourself of all responsibility i.e. the government/religious figure/corporation made me do it, I was just following orders!
Furthermore, the collective is blameless. Who do you point the finger at when something goes wrong?
In a large group, you will always be serving the group's interest. Moments when your interests and the group's interest coincide are just happenstance. A large group does not and can never really care about you.
This is opposed to small groups, communities, and friends that you have personal relationships with. In this case it's possible for others to care about you (however unlikely).
Here your personal interests have some sway and influence over others. You can do what you want in accordance with what others want; you compromise, but at least you have a say.
Atomistic individualism is no better than massive collectivism. Unless you live in the middle of the woods eating worms, you are nothing without others (and even then you are nothing⁠—what happens when you get sick?). All products that you use, all the media that you consume, all shelters that you live in is made by others.

>and values
>my personal moral hangups are objective values
"In other words, the whole approach to natural right is wrong because there are n natural rights, and the proof of that is supplied by the New Science." (277)
See attached pdf.

>Also, if I was some capitalist elite, I'd be far more interested in people increasing demand for products by creating lots of kids and dutifully providing for the large family that their faith says they should have. I might even lean on the country's government to promote having kids with family benefits and/or tax breaks for having kids.
In a certain sense this is true, especially in the American mind. See "Postcards from Babylon: The Church In American Exile" by Brian Zahnd.
However, I would also have to disagree with you. Larger families and stronger community ties can very easily decrease dependency on the state and the market.
Such a community may grow food in a family farm, hunt for food, and, depending on the interdependence of the community, their daily needs from cooking oils, to plates, to pottery, to soap are often made at home as well. There is still "an economy" but often one that is barter based or socialist in the pre-socialist (or in a certain anarchist) sense of the word: mediated by direct face-to-face social tit-for-tat between neighbors and friends, none of this mediated by currency being exchanged, thus it is not part of the GDP.
An economically self-sufficient village with close social relationships and a barter economy has 0 GDP⁠—not very palatable for your "capitalist elite".

>I outright said that an objective level exists. Just that it is inaccessible to humans
I agree. This is both because experience is necessarily subjective and because human reason is limited. Objective reality is only known by "God", who is omnipotent.
I can never really know if God exists, but as a comparison to humanity and to the limits of humanity he is very valuable.

>Like how killing someone is bad unless you're wearing a uniform sanctioned by a country? Or they worship different gods?
In either case killing is bad. The only case in which harm is somewhat excused (but not justified) is self-defence.

Finally, most moments are moments of "nothingness" (not including sleep as it unconscious, although it still has an effect on your conscious state).
In these moments, nothing of particular importance happens. It is here that we could put a "cost-benefit" view to use.
I would rather live in a clean home than a dirty one, I would rather be surrounded by nature than by cityscapes and suburbia, and I would rather be surrounded by those who I love than whose who I hate.
Notice that these tend to involve my environment rather than my actions and activities.
No. 24476
*I meant that God is omniscient, although such a god is necessarily omnipotent as well
No. 24487
610 kB, 1862 × 1036
Can this even be called life?
No. 24494
96 kB, 500 × 303
11 kB, 480 × 360
Since some fucking idiot closed production of STALKER down for reasons I do not understand, what you should do is move to Poland and get in on the Polish video game racket. Your head might not be square enough and they might not let you into the inner circle but I'm pretty sure that is what you should do and work for the Polish elders.
You should also form an Eastern European cartel to challenge all the fucking retards in Hollywood only making the purest absolute trash and superhero bullshit. I haven't even watched any Hollywood garbage in many years because it's all terrible. Don't worry about the Jews and Scientologists. The eternal Anglo has already been working on taking it over, and you should too.
> "More than a simple adventure or romance, The Warsaw Conspiracy is a heartstopping journey through post-Napoleon Poland as another generation of freedom-loving Poles resists the domination of a hostile neighbor. Martin's uncanny insight into the Polish national psyche and his vigorous prose make this a compelling page-turner
Soon your neighbor will be richest country in whole of Europe. You must escape the grasp of Pidoroshenkos and Blyadovichs. Come to Poland. Take Communion and receive your secret baptismal name. This will be your password into Polish community. Priest himself will elevate you to vidya developer. I can tell you, that soon moves will be made on perfidious anglos too. Dont worry you won't be trafficked as long as you tell the password https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/05/world/europe/uk-modern-slavery.html