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No. 25053 Systemkontra
38 kB, 640 × 400
189 kB, 1893 × 1080
48 kB, 1260 × 780
88 kB, 640 × 480
Old deda - this not yet.
No. 25055
33 kB, 604 × 403
241 kB, 1024 × 677
182 kB, 829 × 592
591 kB, 1180 × 787
Yes, kind of X-files stuff combined with something "scary" on philosophical level. It's more urban legends combined with fear of something like changing reality itself. When western media tend to "after nuklear war some virus spread that mutated people". When here it might go "scientists in abadoned secret laboratory accidentaly opened rift to dimension of abolute insanity..." - not, not even that, it might be not described at all, you oftent need only to guess what happening, sicne most fears comes from unknown.

Everythnig also combined with absolute level of secret in soviet military objects. Hundreds if not thousands secret and closed from others "numbered" cities. With sometimes really wierd shit, experements, factories, technology. Most of which now abadoned.
No. 25059
446 kB, 660 × 489
>civ 1 intro
muh childhood, I was 9 when it was released, I remember my father showing me how to play it on an old 386sx with 2mb ram and a 40mb hard drive. We also had an Indiana Jones game and the fate of Atlantis which we got for Christmas in 1992.

Damn I feel old
No. 25062
4,2 MB, 1600 × 900, 0:16
4,1 MB, 1600 × 900, 0:37
6,2 MB, 1600 × 900, 0:14
I really like making webms of the games I play but I never get to post them anywhere. I used to make pvp videos for eve online years ago but since then no real outlet for my creative game autism
No. 25073
I love that image.
No. 25076
434 kB, 660 × 489
I don't know what got into me, but I just spent an hour making this :-DDDDDDDD
No. 25077
"I wear my Vault 13 jumper 99.99% percent of the time"
No. 25078
336 kB, 604 × 533
No. 25079

Also telling people on the internet about the xyz domain leads to mutant invasion of our vault.
No. 25093

HOLY FUCKING SHIT I REMEMBER BATTLE CHESS! Where the hell did I even play it?!
No. 25096
So I still cant tell if I should get that Agony Unrated/Lust for Darkness package. It's such a shame because LfD looked so damn good but it's only 2 hours long and looks like a shitty sex game walking simulator like Layers of Fear, which I really thought wasn't very good at all and came across more like some college student's junior year compsci/game design type of class project, and Agony itself got shat on immensely. That, and more I think about it the more I am convinced it's going to be just way too advanced for my machine to even run it effectively.

I also tried Ashes of the Singularity and just what the actual fuck? I really wasnt impressed by the graphics at all yet somehow that is quite possibly the most graphically intensive game I own now, but even still with the 4gb upgrade this game I thought I could've run on my 1gb GPU acts like XCOM2 did when I tried running that on high settings.

Speaking of XCOM2 I finally got it working again and fixed everything, but sadly my playtester/dev save file I think got overwritten and I never made a backup? It was pretty cool just because of getting to start with 10 of everything, all weapons and armor unlocked, like 1000 each Intel, alloys, and elerium, all my PCS and weapon modules unlocked etc. It was just a great fucking around mode and I wonder if I remove that thing for turning off the redscreen error message if I can get the option back.
No. 25098
No. 25107
554 kB, 604 × 533
Thing is that I'am more or less real RPG and ARPG fan. Like, you know, those ones where you get actual RPG elements. Wnd while Fallout 3 catched me with style and had remnats of RPG system, Witcher and Fallout 4 already just plain action adventure openworld games. And thing is I'am not interested in their style or "world" - espessialy fallout 4 one which fucked any hope that since F3 we will not get consistent universe and now just recycling same "hype" elements, like new terminator movies to name itself "fallout" which I always don't like, you know "THIS IS THINGS I KNOW" style. I dropped this game both times I guess after for 1 hour you get forced intro, which unlike one in fallout 3 feels stupid, than starts "gameplay" where you need follow linear path to your town, then to other town and then you'll have another scripted events with this fucking dog, forced power armor from start and then this scripted even with deathclaw - it not even feels like openworld adventure game anymore, it feels like linear call of dooty style YOBA. And to point where I need "help refugees" and build this fucking town and "Craft" armor and crap like this I just loosing all that minimal interest into the game. And yeah, gamebryo that trying to be "modern" looks realy tired, lol.

Ha ha!

This is Battle Chess: Enhanced version, it came out on may platfroms, including DOS, of cource, and Windows 3.x versions. I remember palying dos version of Shanghai 2 - Dragon's Eye in 2000s on alredy windows XP computer, lol.
No. 25108
I really dislike the idea that 'RPG elements' refer only to a very specific subset of RPG elements that aren't even really 'old school', making me wonder what makes them 'real' rather than 'fake'. I mean, the OSR isn't exactly an obscure design space for RPG mechanics and some of the best like The Black Hack, don't even have skills or weapon stats, with everything based purely on attributes and what are effectively perks that you get every few levels. I mean two classes using identical weapons with identical stats will do different damage. In fact, numbers are secondary to execution so things like skills are often stripped out to facilitate this. This is based pretty heavily around the feel of Old School RPGs, particularly OD&D and B/X, so any claim to vintage has no power here. So you aren't an OSR guy? That's cool, but dismissing barebones systems without the usual sacred cattle as not 'real RPGs' is missing the bigger picture.

Also, you can dismiss the dog immediately and leave the power armour as soon as the event triggers and fight it on foot if it bothers you, the quest isn't mandatory and isn't actually even a part of the main quest unless you decide to make it so later on, ditto for rebuilding Sanctuary which isn't even the best early game settlement (on Survival at least). The whole section is essentially the advanced tutorial section once the basic tutorial in the vault is finished. It gives you a small taste of late-game shit, and introduces the basics of settlement building. If you want to just follow the breadcrumbs without deviating, then yes it's going to feel on-rails, so deviate from the breadcrumbs instead of blindly following them at the first chance. Use some imagination and it's a pretty fun sandbox. It's not perfect by a long shot, but no game is.
No. 25109
Well baisic idea of Computer RPG - controlling your character and operate with world via Roleplaying system, not via your action-arcade skill. Computer RPG dosen't neccecery mean "9000 dialogues" or "free world of coise" - it just mean game most heavely count on skills and stats, diceroll mechanis and so on, and player control his character - his abilities, his nature via this mechanics, same way as world builded around them.
You can imagine difference between CRPG and Action adventure same as between Chess and medival fighting simulator or something, dunno.
Skyrim, Kingdom Come, Fallout 4, witcher - while have some rudimental RPG-ish mechanics, in nature as action adventure games. It's not that it is bad by default, it just not something that much interest me.
No. 25111
Somebody making Ultima clone about Henry VIII and it looks funny
No. 25112
But you use the term 'real RPG', as though something that doesn't fit specifically into the exact box of things that you personally enjoy is a 'fake RPG'. The point I'm making is that the world of RPG design is a shitload bigger than just what you seem to consider RPGs. In fact, I'd say that some of what you call 'action-adventure games' are in some ways mirroring certain OSR design trends, namely de-emphasising numbers in favour of rewarding player agency. You don't have to like every RPG ever made in order to like RPGs, so there's no reason to jump through hoops to try and dismiss games you don't like as not RPGs. There'es room in the world for more than just your restrictive definition.
No. 25113
21 kB, 320 × 200
8 kB, 320 × 200
1,2 MB, 1440 × 900
Thing is that you can "hide" numbers in computer games, while actually almost all games on computer may count as "RPG" games since their nature of be written code make them rules and number based by default. And baisicly tabletop RPGs is actually adventures, just rules is nececery part of playing them without computer. So thing is, if you'll base your RPG therm for computer games based on this unclear therms and adventure elements, border of genre will be very unclear. With this approach you can name almost any game - RPG. So this name actually loosing any sence.
I making clear borders for Computer RPG genre - this is games that based on direct player interaction and manipulation of RPG mechanics, where world and gameplay based on this mechanics. "Action" RPG in this meaning - means same, just in real time and most often with free movment of player.
Games that count on action mechanics - action combat, action movment etc. and adventure mechanics, while have RPG mechanics only as additional - action adventure games with RPG elements. They are "fake RPG" because naming this games computer RPG is lie and false marketing that leed to misunderstanding.

Problem from where it started was in 2 places:
1.trying to compare core idea of CRPG games to tabletop RPGs, which is fail, since even one based on other systems can not be compared for obvious technical resons
2.marketing, where for general audience after 90s RPG become sinonym for "cool game" - so marketing often call their openworld adventures as RPG to make game look and sound "more important". And even thought there not a single shame be action adventure game, after tihs marketing for years people get triggered if their adventure game called "RPG" because they thought that someone called their game "dumb".

So yeah, witcher and games like it - they are not an computer RPG in any mean. It's not bad by any mean, but it just how it is. If you want still call them and "RPG" - fine, so this word just don't mean anythig for me since from now on this word can mean baisicly anything and I just choose new term,, dunno, CRPG maybe and CARPG to define borders of actual concretic genres I like from all piles of action-adventure and FPS-adventure games which nowdays is what in majoriy called "RPG".
No. 25114
5,5 MB, 2480 × 3508
16,0 MB, 7895 × 3508
9,4 MB, 105 pages
13,4 MB, 142 pages

Best p&p RPG ever!!!

What do you mean with tabletop RPG?
No. 25115
Yes. There is a thing where people directly compare tabletop RPG games to computer RPG games, which is not correct because base core limitations of p&p and base core limitations of computer game, which makes therms what "define" genre name on this two types of media incompatible, and applying general core idea of tabletop games for computer standarts - like "RPG is when you have characters, world, dialogues, "roleplaying" etc." leed to very foggy mraning of this word in computer gaming, leading to situations where almost every game which just not flat arcade can be called "RPG", which in mine opinion obviosly not correct.
So I generaly using this explanation as presented above as border for computer RPG genre, way I can explain games of which genre I prefer the most.
No. 25116
14,8 MB, 186 pages
Okay, I will answers my own question.
Yes, you meant p&p rpg with table top rpg.
Aren't the DSA (Dark Eye)-pc-games not a good example for a solid implementation of p&p-games into pc-games?

I have also some DSA documents in English, for the non-German speaking Ernsts.
No. 25117
3,2 MB, 162 pages
13,9 MB, 194 pages
Thanks for the explanations.
I prefer those kind of RPG-pc-games, too.
Have you played all DSA-pc-games up so far?
Also Blackguard 1 and 2?
Do you play also P&P-rpg?
No. 25118
15,2 MB, 640 × 360, 3:26
The thing you're forgetting is many games are genre blurring to begin with. I think that we actually stopped having such completely distinct genres after 90s. Like many games now often incorporate say FPS and adventure elements along with RPG elements. Mass Effect is a great example of this. I also find a game like Diablo though technically an RPG to also just barely be one which is why we have hack n slash as separate genre. Yeah it bugs the hell out of me seeing things mislabeled like all these complete fucking idiots calling real time tactics "RTS games" which pisses me off to no goddamn end, and I chiefly blame Dawn of War II for that because of their bizarre choice to make an RTS series into a RTT singleplayer campaign while keeping a mainly RTS-lite multiplayer which I think is part of why all those goddamn kids these days keep calling things like Fallout Tactics and Satellite Reign or whatever "RTS". But the difference is RPG is a pretty broad genre now that includes multiple subgenres and games that often include numerous elements from other genres.

Take Knights of the Old Republic for instance. That game is basically adventure in a sense, while also maintaining RPG to such an extent the game is even still using d20 dice rolls system. Witcher 1 at least was like open world adventure ARPG. I think the main thing is a lot of games now are also doing this really annoying voices protagonist thing, like Deus Ex series. It incorporates stealth, rpg, some FPS and so on and sort of open world adventure elements. I dont think it's entirely accurate to call DE or especially not Deus Ex HR as just "RPG" without some adjective, but it's still in my RPGs folder because it doesn't make as much sense anywhere else.

I think the main thing ultimately is bydlo children being too dumb for stats anymore. FNV pass/fail system is a good example of this, or how many games look more adventurey because stats play less and less important role and instead just get active and passive skills because I guess people are too dumb for anything else. Like speaking of Dark Eye

Have you ever tried the Blackguards games? I think they are massively underrated. They're big long involved games that are usually sold for cheap and then on sale for cheaper for some reason.
No. 25119
454 kB, 1280 × 800
65 kB, 320 × 200
513 kB, 1280 × 800
I'am wanted to get into RoA properly, but untill I did it, I found out that same dudes before did on same engine Spirit of Adventure, a game on same engine with same artstyle, but it more like bard's tale-clone in therms of combat with some Might-and-Magic like elements like more detailed world with sidequests. I did post about it here >>24024
from time I messed with RoA character creation I think they used Tabletop system too lliteral for videogame. CRPG in mine opinion always works better when it have dedicated RPG system built into it to perfectly match needs, not adopting existing p&p mechanics for computer. I think RoA is famous for having skills for stuff that absoluetly not used in final product - just because original system had it. Tohught overall everything looks fun. I like how creators of vidogame combined this tabletop system and sseting with their artstyle, this Might and Magic 3 ispired interface, inventory elements from Dungeon Master, isometric "tactical" combat SSI-style, bard's tale-style cities, again goldenbox-style overworld exploring. As I understand 2nd game have actual pseudo-3d engine for cities and 3rd game even allow free movment in this cities, which is also interesting, make this game remind me of "betrayal at krondor".
With tabletop I'am not really enthusiastic. During certain period of mine life I played warhammer 40k - which is obviously, not an tabletop RPG, I played and know ADND2nd and DnD3/3,5. However one very close person for me playing a lot of this stuff, while I more classic computer RPG enthusiast. Sadly no, I not played system you metioned in real life, however yes, I know about it.
No. 25120
>Mass Effect is a great example of this.
>Take Knights of the Old Republic for instance.
Mass Effect is FPS/adventure game with some RPG elements, even thought it baisicly end of evolution (degradation) of SSI game concept, that evolved from ultima clones and with their Wizard's Crown, and then with GoldenBox become foundation in majority for isometric RPGs of late 90s early 00s. Thing is that this games heavely counted on story. And while in goldenbox it was neat addition to tactic-combat progression-crawler RPGs, then "plot" started replacing RPG itself. This games shifter in late 90s-early 00s to "tabletop adventure" simulators, and then with bioware titles slowely turned into just adventure games with elements of FPS and RPG.
>I also find a game like Diablo though technically an RPG to also just barely be one which is why we have hack n slash as separate genre
Diablo is simplistic real time ARPG that heavely count on this real time combat. Funny that Might and Magic 6-9 is prerry close to it, exept it have much more managment and party stats combined with opotional pause combat and first person view.
>I think the main thing ultimately is bydlo children being too dumb for stats anymore. FNV pass/fail system is a good example of this, or how many games look more adventurey because stats play less and less important role and instead just get active and passive skills because I guess people are too dumb for anything else
FNV is action-adventure game that heavely count on RPG elements. Thought it much more to ARPG side, than Fallout 4 and Skyrim, which much more to FPS/Action-adventure side. TES Morrowind is game on border between ARPG in classic meaning of this world (TES Daggerfall, Ultima Underoworld, again, Might and Magic 6) and action adventure with RPG elements. so everything more "action orientated" than morrowind is action-advanture primary on mine scale.
No. 25121
1,8 MB, 640 × 360, 0:26
Also don't even know where you taking this kind of webms of why you posting them, but I hope I'll never see this kind of shit on ernstchan again.
No. 25123
5,6 MB, 640 × 360, 0:53
Because I don't know what he's saying but it's on my wishlist so why not post it

I figured at least one Slav here would react strongly and I was right. Sadly I still do not know what he's saying.

>Thing is that this games heavely counted on story. And while in goldenbox it was neat addition to tactic-combat progression-crawler RPGs, then "plot" started replacing RPG itself.
Er, what? You mean the Hollywoodization of games? Then you're right about that but even Westwood did this shit (and I hated Westwood games for doing that plus they just weren't great RTS's for the most part, hate incoming) although I see in other games like Quantum Break and Death Stranding, not even to mention the pure shit toxic influence of Hollywood on creating a bunch of shitty spinoffs like Batman and other capeshit, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and other such naked cash grabs with sole exception of Star Wars just because LucasArts was very very good for some reasonand the evil talentless fucks at Disney killed it like everything else good in the world about Star Wars.

But I don't even know for sure what you mean by story driven. Fallout was one of the purest most classic forms of an RPG and even that relied on story despite being one of the most open world and customizable game experiences ever. Planescape is another example which unlike say Fallout was pretty much a completely linear experience.
>This games shifter in late 90s-early 00s to "tabletop adventure" simulators, and then with bioware titles slowely turned into just adventure games with elements of FPS and RPG.
Well yes that is true hence part of why
>FNV is action-adventure game that heavely count on RPG elements.
I said that it started genre blurring a lot more later on. DO NOTE: this is different from EAification of everything to shit that began across multiple different genres where pretty much anything with remotest FPS component like Dead Space or Mass Effect got turned into yet another of the most garbage generic FPS bullshit imaginable.

None of this means however that for example Dead Space 1 wasn't on some level a survival horror/FPS blend, or that Mass Effect 1 wasn't some adventure/FPS/ARPG.

>Diablo is simplistic real time ARPG that heavely count on this real time combat
I don't know the name anymore even just that it was a hack n slash. No dialogue and I don't even remember if it had skill trees anymore, at least in the first one. Diablo got called an RPG even though it was just barely even an RPG remotely, in fact I think by your standards it could be safe to say one of the original earlier "RPGs" in fact wasn't an RPG at all.

I think that you do need a few basic things for the genre but stats, inventory, DIALOGUE these things all matter, which Mass Effect definitely had and Diablo didn't. To me, calling something an actual RPG that doesn't even have dialogue options is like calling something an RTS that doesn't have base building. All you need for an RTS is real time combat with managing base building, army building, and managing some type of a resource. So like I said, Diablo can technically be called "RPG" even though it really isn't one, or at least is far, far less of an actual RPG than any Witcher game or FNV.

In short, I guess what I'm trying to say is Australia may have a point about this, although again, I take serious issue with people using words like they don't mean anything, and trying to pass one game off as a completely different genre.
No. 25130
7 kB, 640 × 400
12 kB, 640 × 400
122 kB, 1024 × 768
145 kB, 923 × 1280
Well, I think you lost what I meant.
CRPG - classic compuer RPG - means baiscly game "number simulator". While in tabletop RPGs this number sustem is just "instrument" to play adventure, in computer RPG this is gameplay itself. Since for "adventure" on computer you don't need any kind of system, you can just have adventure game, where computer take calculations behind player. In CRPG game calculations on other hand, core part of fun - whole world rules build around them, and you playing mostly by interacting with tihs mechaincs. This what makes computer RPG an computer RPG - not dialogues, not openworld, not other additional factors, which mostly adventure elements - which is nice to see in RPG, but it is not what determine gengre.

>But I don't even know for sure what you mean by story driven. Fallout was one of the purest most classic forms of an RPG and even that relied on story despite being one of the most open world and customizable game experiences ever. Planescape is another example which unlike say Fallout was pretty much a completely linear experience.

Planescape and Fallout is examples of "2nd" wave of RPGs after mid-90s change. This is story driven games, where tabeltop adventure elements become most major parts of game. They still had strong RPG systems and depend on it, but it was no longer what was main goal, gameplay and same time idea of game in equal amount. They evolved from SSI idea of heavely scripted RPG, where every or almost every encounter had some plot elemts, you had a lot text messages. And while at times of Fallout it still okay - this is what shiftd RPG genre from gameplay to plot, and this "RPG+interactive book" games is what then made "modern RPG" - which is action-adventures plot-driven games with a lot of cutscenes.

Fallout New Vegas is that way as it ended, on other hand, same as bethesda games, actual "evolution" from what was started in Dungeon Master and then evolved in ultima underworld, combined with Raven Software hybrids with FPS - like shadowcaster. So baisicly we can put 3 points of "shifting" RPG genre towards Adventure genre in modern "pseudo-RPG" games:
1.SSI approach on many scripted plot elements
2.Dungeon master that created real time blobber, then Ultima Underoworld which made it aslo free movment, which created classic ARPG genre
3.Creatin of modern-classic FPS genre and FPS hybrids with RPG elements - considering that early FPS games is baisicly realtime dungeoncrawlers in idea, just without possibility of modifying stats in core and counted in major part on action combat.
4.Creation of diablo, isometric real time action orientated game, based on CRPG elements.

Games like Morrowind merged approach of heavely scripted plot game with real time free movment. After morrowind RPG system started to drop in favor of storytelling and adventuring/arcade/action. Plot become cinematographic, fights become action, worlds and interaction become adventure - compleatly eleminating CRPG systems, which was in begining core of gameplay and main idea. that shaped genre of "CRPG"

Thing is, that there now 3 categories of audience for this games that nowdays called RPGs (and as we know, part of them is action/adventure games):
1.Action adventure fans. This guys love action adventure games - maybe with RPG elements. Openworld, dialogues, cutscenes - a lot of action orientated mechanics for "arcade" skill of player, baisic exploration. This guys like fallout 4, skyrim, witcher, kingdon come type of games. Games they like is closer to what in early 00s late 90s was called "action adventure". Like "drakan order of the flame" and things like that.
2.Tabletop fans/plot fans. People who like "choises", who like to read, have "deep characters" and tabletop roleplaying options. They like when you have cool RPG systems, with all dice rolls and stuff, but for them this is block, barrier, challenge they they need to pass in order to get to awesome adventure/plot elements - all this dialogues and stuff. This players mostly love Morrowind, Baldur's Gate, Planescape, Fallout 1-2 and games from that range.
3.Actual CRPG fans. This people actually love computer RPG games - RPG systems and challenges and fun conneted to those. They don't need "rewards" in form of cutscnes and plot, since CRPG gameplay itself is already fun for them. Spending hours in manual and character creation screen, passing thought countless encounters and fights with tactical/CRPG combat, having as much avalible mechanics as it possible, having complex RPG/character numbers systems, worlds and gameplay builded around it. Their games may have awesome plots or cutscenes too, but CRPG gmaeplay for them above everything else. So their faivorite games may content plot in form of one paragraph of text.

None of this groups is bad and I may say I in all 3 groups same time - I like adventure games, and CRPGs is my favorite genres, as well as mixes of those. What I not like is false understanding and false marketing, which resulted in misunderstanding of what CRPG genre is. This why many people go from modern bethesda games to Morrowind and complain about dice-roll combat and fatigue mechanics, additionally of great amounts of text. And then all this people go to daggerfall and complain that it is "empty" and "boring". And marketing people keep making new fallout and tes games - that have comeatly different genres, universes and audience, but they keep pretending that this is "same games, just better!" even thought this games has only small connection to old ones, if any.
No. 25132
585 kB, 1600 × 900
1,1 MB, 1600 × 900
804 kB, 1600 × 900
Won my 4th campaign in Rome 2 total war, now I uninstall and move on to Total War Warhammer 1
>first campaign
Rome, took Italy in its totality then moved on to Africa and just didn't stop conquering
>second campaign
Iceni, best campaign I played, started where London is, spent about 100 turns fighting other Celts and taking over England and Ireland, then sailed south with 5 armies to west Africa and began a march all the way to Jerusalem
>third campaign
Egypt, just basically molested the whole world with my archers
>fourth campaign
Baktria, started east of Persia, basically had the whole of Asia by the time I won an economic victory
No. 25136
269 kB, 1920 × 1080
Decided to do another playtrough. This time I'm going to use melee weapons like yoyos, swords and maces. Early game hardly differs, classes start truly diverging by early hardmode, as different armours start granting bonuses only to specific attack types instead of granting a general boost to whatever you do.
Decided to appropriately name my character after my favourite mythological hero who was a great swordsman.

I also realized how you could best describe Terraria. It's a Metroidvania game with a destructible, random map. The map isn't truly random, since there are constant biomes and structures that will always get generated, the only difference is their location, and instead of mining like in minecraft, the focus is on enemies and bosses, who give you the majority of the loot.
No. 25137
48 kB, 1260 × 780
1,3 MB, 709 × 1000
663 kB, 1920 × 1080

The font used reeks of Capcom, in the vein of Side Arms

BTW look at this magnificent piece in pic 2

No. 25138
1,4 MB, 1819 × 1025
270 kB, 1920 × 1080
1,2 MB, 1919 × 1080
122 kB, 992 × 559
>Have you ever tried the Blackguards games? I think they are massively underrated.

I played both of them and consider them as very good games.
I have played almost all DSA-PC-games, except the new adventures like Satinavs Ketten or Memoria and the DSA-mmorpgs.



Give it a try, both of them a very good games. Why they didn't have a huge worldwide success is in my opinion only due to the fact that they were published by rather small companies.
And as it is right now in the games- and film-industry, success of a title is mostly determined by publisher's might and less by the quality of the product.
No. 25140
Btw: to promote a litte the great German rpg DSA :3

No. 25144
So if the problem was the company is so small, why are your pirating it?
Looks like you can get the whole Dark Eye bundle for about tree fiddy
No. 25145
561 kB, 1360 × 768

First official alpha build of Daggerfall Unity come out, it means that absoluetly all vanilla features is implemented and even much more.
No. 25146
Ha ha, somebody googled from where picture is. I think it's visually looks very nice.

For reasonable normal people - like me for example - pirating is getting content by default. And only if it something really worth spending money and you played game fully and enjoyed it very mutch and want play again and it is on sale - than probably you might go and buy it. Or ont.
No. 25148
7,1 MB, 24 pages
>So if the problem was the company is so small, why are your pirating it?
>Looks like you can get the whole Dark Eye bundle for about tree fiddy

I for myself bought the game several times. I am also funding DSA-product via kickstarter collections.
But I can understand that not everyone has the money to buy a game every time he just wants to give it a try.
So I think for DSA-licenseholder and for this software companies involved it is better that guys pirate the game 9 years after game release, start loving this kind of games and maybe buy the next ones, when they will be released, than they not pirating the game, not giving it a try and not buying the next ones of the small publisher.
No. 25149
292 kB, 1868 × 1602
Why you changin country every post? Testing proxy or you are on orbital space station?
No. 25150
378 kB, 787 × 748
But I appreciate your attitude and the fact that you pointed out the official offer
No. 25151
>For reasonable normal people - like me for example

Huh, look at me, i am so reasonable!
People, who buy games, are soooo stupid! I am so clever and reasonable!!

If this is, what you really want to say, then it is measly.
No one should be proud or bragging for pirating games.
It is like the measliest, morally corruptest guy laughing about morally more sound, better persons.
No. 25153
Mimicry like that is childish. Same as attempt of putting me to shame because I don't spend money on air and don't give mine resourses to media companies and corporations, who nowdays already have more than enough money they deserve to begin with. Don't be a clown.
No. 25154
227 kB, 624 × 469
>naming s.o. a clown while he deserves it probably more to be called liked that
>accusing s.o. of childish mimicry, while almost his entire argumentation is childish mimicry, but I was polite enough trying not to offend him

ok, believe what you want. Do what you want. I don't care. I don't like to interact with you, as you are annoying.

Should have known it after you being autistically triggered by a simple video >>25121, but hey I was giving you a chance like I give many chances to people.
No. 25155
And just for the record:

>, who nowdays already have more than enough money they deserve to begin with

Many DSA PC-games-producing companies went bankrupt. They definitely don't have much money.
And a lot of nice, promising DSA-PC-games-projects had to be cancelled due to the lack of financial resources:

-Legenden der Magierkriege produced by Larian Studios

-Armalion produced by Ikarion and latter by Ascaron

-there should have been a second DSA-trilogy, i.e. a successor of the Realms of Arkania trilogy

-a game, playing in Güldenland, still lacking a name, was partially produced but never published

-Der Schlund produced by Attic

  • Myranor by Stefan Blank

-a dark force realization.
No. 25157
What a shame, I lost a chance given me by """random proxyposter"""! Can I lie down and ask your forgiveness so I may post on ernstchan again, o your majesty?

"Piracy kills the music" all over again

They "dying" clearly not because some 2,5 people pirated their videogames or something. They have very niche parts of marken and in current realities of game industry it is had for low-mid range studios to keep up because lack of interest from general audience and knowlege about this games, espessialy in RPG genre, which exept some notable examples of many times metioned isometric games and action-adventure mixes is more or less deda. And if I and that american poster will buy this games, this will not improve situation for them in any way.
No. 25171
I often think it's just a very ingrained American attitude and assume this is why other than being forced to at gunpoint or having all competition bombed people like doing business with the US, because I think consuming is just kind of compulsive with us. It feels as though second amendment Jesus frowns upon me and it just feels better buying it, although if steam disappeared overnight I'd probably resort to piracy.

I pirate very few games. I very rarely even bother pirating them to test them out although in almost every case found it wasnt even worth it and deleted the pirated game with no interest to play it, or because I already paid for it and buying the same game twice is beyond stupid (for example bought Plague Inc. on mobile so pirated for PC), because the studio itself is closed down and so you're just giving more money and encouragement to parasitic filth (few things piss me off as much as genuine artists dying poor and alone and some complete dirtbag scooping their work and selling it as his own for millions), or because the game cannot be found on Steam like in case of Cryostasis and Prey (2006), although now I may have to do this for Alpha Protocol too. Oh, and EA. I make absolutely sure to pirate EA games out of general moral principle. It brings me great shame to find I paid for something without realizing it is EA. I now check every label to make sure my vidya ingredients are completely kosher/halal and free of EA contamination.
No. 25173
62 kB, 638 × 359
28 kB, 798 × 415
32 kB, 474 × 305
That's Kuwait dude. He's Syrian. Ukraine also is a different poster. You're being worse than when someone said Americans accusing each other of being "that guy" because these are all clearly recognizable people. and ffs you're a possibly gay Russian furry dude you have no leg to stand on with berating people about normalcy and attacking everyone. Just chill out. It is also a good point

Many great companies went bankrupt over the years. Just imagine if Interplay and Troika still existed. We are not talking about shitty AAA studios here, but rather a bunch of smaller or indie companies some of which started their games off pathetically small kickstarters of like $33,000.

Does it never even occur to you that maybe it does more harm pirating already cheap games from smaller, independent, or mostly unknown companies who you hope to make more such games in the future, as opposed to them closing soon after and having to suffer more piles of YOBA shit from AAA trash piles?
No. 25175
>That's Kuwait dude. He's Syrian. Ukraine also is a different poster. You're being worse than when someone said Americans accusing each other of being "that guy" because these are all clearly recognizable people.
Follow whole disscution. This guy was polen, then china, than others. He changing country origin almost every post.
I know at least one Ukraine poster here personally and it is not him
>It is also a good point
Why just them? They are terribe company, but what difference of them with Activision-Blizzard? Or Zenimax-Bethesda? Or Ubisoft? Or espessialy Valve, which get hell lot of money with every game bought in steam
No. 25177
You forgot to mention Paradox and Disney.

How do you know it's a proxy? Don't we have a Brit in China, an Australian, a Pole etc?
No. 25180
Same person continue same line fo disscution over time. I think I doubt that all of this different people, who without any other metions continue same specific disscution in same manner.
Like well, to write this post, I espessialy moved from northen russia to Oak Grove, Anoka Country, MN. Did you belive me?

>You forgot to mention Paradox and Disney.
Well Paradox more or less assholes who milking their audience and Disney not only video games, but overworld media corporations - who btw is one of the most big antagonists for future of makind, and buying something for disney is equivalent of crime against human civilization, I think it's more or less obvious. Same as Sony, Nintendo, Apple, Google etc.
No. 25184
64 kB, 719 × 705
>everyone who disagrees with me is a proxy
That's the same argument all the polish retards on old KC used to use when nobody liked their poland-threads-about-poland being posted forty times per day.

For what it's worth, I think you just don't like being called out with your nonsense arguments about pirating everything because those evil devs have enough money and now you're flinging shit in the hopes something sticks.
No. 25185
This is some kind of trolling, seriously?
This is obviously one person who not even hidding it, and this not connected to any of his opinion on anything.

>>25154 - this is his first answer as "kuwait" even thought this is his answer to my previous post to him when he was ukraine.

>>25149 - I asked him about it even before. I think it is same guy who have unindetified country ball before - but here I might be wrong. I mean, this is some kind of idiotic prank or what?
No. 25191

I've bought games like Factorio and Rimworld from the developer website. If you ask, they give you the steam key anyway.
This is much better than a buying a game on steam because you fully support the developer instead of supporting the platform.
If you can get a DRM free version while getting the DRM version as a bonus, than there is no reason to buy the DRM version.

Or, for example, I pirate a lot of music (thanks to rutracker and soulseek), but if I want to support an artist I buy from their website instead of using spotify or some equally stupid program.

If the artist is independent, then it can cost a lot of money:

Many arguments against piracy (although not all) tend to just devolve into consumerist apologism.

Here is the difference between USA and Eastern Europe:
In Eastern Europe, locally grown foods are extremely cheap. Eating at McDonald's is reserved for Boyars (maybe not as much in 2019 as it used to be).
In the US, """"organic"""" food is a market niche; a luxury for the technical/managerial/political upper-middle class.

That is not to say that Russians/Ukrainians/Bulgarians/etc. are a particularly generous or cooperative people (in fact quite the opposite), they just haven't yet mastered the market mentality in the same way Americans have. .
The market is managed and helped by the government; large corporations lobby to create and change regulations in their own interest.
Small business cannot compete as they do not have the lawyers and massive funding that large corporations do to compensate for government regulation
However, regulation is necessary as corporations will do whatever they can to cut corners and abuse their consumers—which consumers willingly accept.
Here in the US of A economic resourcefulness and self-reliance is seen as subversive

Corporate domination + massive government bureaucracy + managerial leftism & neoliberal conservatism = soft despotism
No. 25192
>search "managerial leftism"
Wtf is that even supposed to mean? At least in consideration of the fact I didnt get a single hit on a search engine for it and assume you just invented it.

I can kind of figure out what else you meant all of which basically just amounts to what people mean by a term like "crony Capitalism" where essentially government is nothing but a legal arm of the oligarchs to protect their private corporate assets.

Anyway that's a good point about buying directly from the developers themselves. How much does a platform like Steam actually shaft the developers themselves especially considering all the sales?
No. 25196
I usually do if the pic is nice.

Sorry because I told "reeks" but I did not want to tell anything bad. It was too late sorry

Check this one for a related game, freeware

No. 25198
Note to self
Pirate Dragon Age Origins at some point. Whatever you do don't buy it.
No. 25200
Are you willing to put up with a lot of tedium? There's one quest called Broken Circle which is just awful and really ruins any playthrough.

If you want to play the series though, don't bother. DA2 is medium and you'll swing to either awful or just okay depending on what parts you look at most. I haven't played DAI because they changed the way imports worked so the only way to both pirate it and continue your save is to use a save editor and manually flip all the tags after a default start, but I don't know how many changes exist between pressing new game and gaining character control. Probably not many but still a tedious job when I have other games I could play instead.

Maybe I'll start a paper threda and talk about the paper game if you're interested there. It's a surprisingly non-terrible transition.
No. 25206
>I can kind of figure out what else you meant all of which basically just amounts to what people mean by a term like "crony Capitalism" where essentially government is nothing but a legal arm of the oligarchs to protect their private corporate assets.
Not entirely. Although oligarchy exists in both the "left" and the "right" in the US, managerial leftism (a term that I did not make up but have started using) can be best understood as a form of anti-revolutionary leftism. They don’t necessarily oppose globalism and capitalism outright, they rather think technocratic expertise and “general will” can “fix” globalism and “fix” capitalism to “work for all of us.”

Here is an excerpt from the blog that I linked >>25205

>Progressivism in the mid-20th century envisioned the end of history as the rationalistic and technocratic social democracy state of the New Deal and the post-WWII Western European community. It was urban, internationalist, and its capitalism was a labor capitalism that primarily benefited consumers instead of producers. It was not socialist, communist, or Marxist as conspiracy theorists like to proclaim. The Progressives of the last century serve as the model for the progressives today, but the irony of the changes of liberalism in the late 1970s and 1980s, with the rise of neoliberalism putting the political-economic emphasis back on producers, has caused “progressives” to seek a restoration of the mid-20th century model of social consumer liberalism.

>The fragmentary crisis of the post-New Deal model has divided the American left on two lines. One, the managerial and “corporate conservatism” of the institutional Democratic Party best embodied by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the leadership of the Democratic Party. In reality, this managerial and corporate wing of the Democratic Party is the truest expression of modernist liberalism: the reading is that history has unfolded beyond the strong labor capitalism of consumer social liberalism and social democracy and is revealing itself as a world of networked, globalized, financial capitalism and open immigration that is best reflected in the high tech “California Ideology” of Silicon Valley. The second line of the American left is the reactionary “progressive” left of the activist Democratic base and embodied in the politics of Bernie Sanders.
No. 25224
I got around to playing Mass Effect 3. Having finished it I can say that I'm very much finished with the series. Through no fault of the game itself, which was actually pretty decent, I find myself exhausted with the setting which had kind of overstayed its welcome by the time the credits rolled.

I think it was the lack of variety. They set up a premise with a lot of opportunities for interesting plot hooks, and instead it's just three games with essentially the same story, 'stop the reapers'. Sovereign was cool the first time but the more they worked the Reaper angle the less interesting it became, to the point where probably my favourite part of the series was Lair of the Shadow Broker because it used the setting in a way that was completely unrelated to the Reaper plot which was a big breath of fresh air.
No. 25255
96 kB, 680 × 621
Mass Effect 3 actually wasn't a bad game and didn't actually deserve all the hate it got, except for the usual EA shenanigans that ruin everything.

But all in all I would actually have to say that, yes, Mass Effect 3 actually was a good game. The only truly annoying part was that stupid fucking party which I had no idea why it was there, especially chatting up genericdudebrospeshmahreen guy. It was at least actually a bit better than the second one, although the main problem with that entire game series is how little your actions actually affected anything.

Like letting the Council get blown up. Why the hell did I find out I just got a second replacement council in the second game? It was actually such a great setup because it allowed I, the newfound special agent/basically blackops general, to go about my business and set everything up exactly so that the races of the galaxy could be rallied behind humanity, at the head, as one organized and coordinated force. Pretty much every single I thing I did I did to destroy the Reapers, which was my single, sole objective since the beginning--go and stop the reapers. Well I did everything including letting the Geth get destroyed because why the hell should I allow a bunch of AIs that for all I know and somewhat literally proven can just get hacked by the Reapers and become another threat from the rear? It was a sound tactical and strategic decision.

Yet despite all that, despite all the planning, what I basically got was a bunch of bullshit and an awkward socializing sim where practically nothing I did actually mattered. That was a fuckup that started with EA and was around their acquisition of Bioware which was circa ME series.

What I think they actually should have done was stayed the hell away from EA and just continued producing Bioware games where you can get really different encounters and endings. It was a truly grand and ambitious project of theirs that sadly fell completely flat, although to their credit they practically invented the concept of a savefile from multiple games in a series allowing you to explore and radically change the universe. I believe it began with Baldur's Gate, and came to influence games like the Witcher series. But sadly, even with how good Mass Effect 3 was, the series ultimately fell flat under EA's atrocious mismanagement.

RIP BioWare
No. 25256
I found the combat in Mass Effect 3 to be incredibly grating and boring by the end, and I just wanted it to be over with.
No. 25257
You guys have any roguelikes to recommend? I like UnReal World and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
No. 25258
DF Adventure mode is pretty great.
No. 25259
What, you mean like FTL? Or which kind of a roguelike? I know that there's the Sunless series, like Sunless Seas and Sunless Skies which are roguelikes. There's also some new game in early access called Abandon Ship that I've had my eyes on, though turns out I think that it's basically just a prettier better executed FTL, where you've got four crew and your ship and can die at any time etc. So I guess I could recommend Sunless Skies, or Abandon Ship maybe? Were you looking at a specific type of fantasy adventure games, or just generally?

I've also kept watching Tower of Time, but I can't tell yet if it has a more roguelike or crpg or what aspect in addition to being some kind of supposedly story driven action CRPG like Diablo. I think ToT would be called a DiabloLike then? Which at any rate I still can't tell if it'd be something I want, though I'm positive it could be recommended to a lot of other people who just want to game and combat and loot dead bodies than get involved in a long and intricate plot.
No. 25260
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup and Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead were really good (the former is fantasy-themed and the latter is post-apocalyptic), but I haven't played either in ages, so I can't say much about current versions. If you want something easier, then go for Tales of Maj'Eyal or DoomRL (yes, it's based on that Doom). I can also recommend The Binding of Isaac, which is kinda roguelike-ish, but it's in real time and built around the dungeon exploration mode from the first Zelda game.
No. 25261
Yeah, ToME is pretty great. Paradox Mage is a rad as hell class.
No. 25298
158 kB, 1280 × 720
Okay so Ireland, try to sell me on this game. I know you tend to promote it and think it's such an amazing game but I don't understand why. Actually IIRC I've even got a demo for Thea 2 in my library?

Anyway aside from that I actually made the apparently stupid decision to get GTA V. First of all, I had no idea how crowded it was with people, so on the one hand I guess the multiplayer should be good and functional and is not another dead community, however on the other hand it means a bunch of cheaters and dickheads which apparently is the chief complaint. Also, I have discovered that this game is actually a bunch of pay to win bullshit. Now why in the utter everloving fuck should I spend real money just to get virtual some? Or is it for the virtual casino? I'm a bit confused on this and the Diamond bullshit everybody keeps talking and complaining about.

Not that any of that matters, of course, because I can't get the mother%&$#ing game to actually start. And while I thought it was small I discovered for some reason it's 88 fucking gigabytes big. And I just had to fucking reinstall it. It's STILL not fucking done downloading it a second time which I had it running all lastnight and now all of today because their stupid "social club" launcher keeps giving me an error. Speaking of which, I did not know I would need an email address for this fucking thing. Wtf happened to Rockstar? Was I not paying enough attention to what that company was doing? It seems like everyone's bitching because of some nuRockstar trying to emulate EA or something. And that's just terrible.

So in other news I am now considering which of a few games to buy. I know, I've just been spending money like crazy on all this, like some kind of a drug addict for vidya. But I just want to get a few more games, although I have also of course realized that gaming is like a pair of shoes: some things you just can't cheap out on. A fifty or even sixty dollar vidya game is probably going to be more worth it than grabbing a bunch of shittier $10-20 games and blowing fifty dollars on all of that. Instead of something good, you just wind up with a pile of lots of crap. Which probably means I shouldn't even bother actually buying anything because it's on sale, and just go with a couple of things I really want or know are gonna be an instant classic. For me last year it was Endless Space 2, and by God was it worth it. I was waiting for it to go and sail and I nabbed it and I played the fuck out of it as one of my best purchases ever. Meanwhile, I've gotten lots of crap lately, and what's worse, am finding out that some of those "oh this much more expensive game that I think should be excellent is on sale" doesn't work out, like GTA V apparently. I mean fuck, am I going to have to refund this shit?
No. 25304
1,0 MB, 1600 × 900
765 kB, 1600 × 900
943 kB, 1600 × 900
I dunno, seem like I'm bad at recommending games these days, or everybody is burned out on them so I'll give you the bullet points of Thea
>it's comfy
>it's got LOTR races
>it's got a really cool crafting system
>it's got THICC amazon warrior women (see pic 1)
>it's got a LOT of stories, quests and content in it
In some quests there's up to 9 ways you can complete them, depending on the attributes of your party and the god you're playing as
>it's procedurally generated so each map is different
>the difficulty is highly customisable
>the card game combat system is actually very cool
>it's not grindy, you can autoresolve a lot of fights
>it's not sanitised like most games are
If you look at pic 2, you can see a quest where bandits get the jump on you, if you've an attractive enough woman in your party you can let them hit it to let you go, not since Fallout 2 have I seen a game where you can use sex as an advantage if you've a female character since it would be deemed sexist today

Anyway, that's it
No. 25352
1,3 MB, 1364 × 768
God I hate aerial refueling. It's quite strange though since it's the one thing that the Russians thought of the pilot with in their aircraft which are otherwise lacking in ergonomics. They put an autothrottle and dampened FCS mode in the Su-33 to make the process less AIDS. No such luck on the wect.

Still, it's one of those skills that you've got to learn eventually. I just wish it was fun to learn like most other aspects of flight sims rather than spending 30 minutes at a time practicing before you just open up the guns into the back of the tanker in frustration and having to restart.

At least the A-10 is Air Force so you get boom instead of basket. Boom, being designed for bombers originally, fills you up a lot faster so while it's still hard to do, you have to maintain that perfect speed parity with the tanker for a shorter amount of time (usually about half as long, the fuel flow is significantly higher). Also the A-10s engines aren't as touchy as the F/A-18s so it's easier to hover in the sweet spot while the Hornet's engines are almost always either too much throttle or not enough so you're riding the handles constantly.
No. 25360
78 kB, 460 × 215
91 kB, 1200 × 675
385 kB, 1600 × 900
So I played this and in spite of it being just a cheap Russian politics satire game it actually has been turning out to be a pretty good game in itself https://store.steampowered.com/app/761330/Navalny_208__The_Rise_of_Evil/
I would actually recommend it as a game in it's own right and for a cheap $0.51 on sale till August 5th game it's actually surprisingly good with good gameplay for the most part, a great soundtrack, and it's also pretty funny despite the fact I don't get as many of the jokes and am sure most average Americans would get like none of them. I also got a bunch of achievements already and they're all in Russian)))))

So I tried pirating Agony too and what surprised the fuck out of me is that this supposedly way high end game actually auto detected running on high settings with just my 8gb RAM and 4gb GPU and measly i5 CPU despite its recommended being something like 6gb GPU 16 GB RAM and way better CPU. I know it got a lot of hate but as a spooky survival horror game within just the first 30 minutes I thought it was good enough to buy that + the super short Lust for Darkness walking simulator that came with it. I was immensely surprised to see this running smoothly on my PC which it fills out that role. Come to think of it I actually have quite a lot of horror games after this year's purchases.

I lastly got GTA V although finally figured out after fucking with the stupid Rockstar launcher that the weird reinstall error I kept getting was probably because I was trying to create an account with yopmail. Fortunately I figured out to create a gmail account that didnt need a phone number to create since just about everything wants your phone number and can detect when it's a fake disposable VoIP inbox online apparently. They've even made email part of the Beast by now.

I still have some money left over so I don't know if I should get Star Ruler 2 or Tower of Time or what.

Oh and Ireland, I'm pretty sure that I am going to get Thea after all. I tried playing Thea 2 demo last night and actually started getting really into it super fast although I don't actually know how much Thea 1 could be inferior to Thea 2.
No. 25413
665 kB, 1600 × 900
793 kB, 1600 × 900
704 kB, 1600 × 900
Thea: the awakening and the Darkness II are both on sale right now. If you like FPS games the Darkness 2 is great, quad wielding (2 weapons, 2 demon arms)
No. 25415
875 kB, 1600 × 900
1,2 MB, 1600 × 900
974 kB, 1600 × 900
The nuDeus Ex games are on sale too, they're both great and MD got bad reviews because of the greedy cash shop that was included, but it's a rock solid game
No. 25416
There's probably tons of good ones on sale. I wish I could add an option to list all games I own on sale and for how much. If anyone hasn't played HR I will straight up buy it for you if you drop your steam to me and are too poor. If I knew anyone's steam I'd also gift Navalny Rise of Evil because it's a surprisingly fun game.
No. 25450
1,5 MB, 1446 × 645
hmmm might cop this
No. 25484
29 kB, 264 × 375
Hey Russia (or anyone else) what are your thoughts on Heroes of Might and Magic 5 or 6? or also 4 I guess. Not asking about VII because it does actually look like such a shit and on top of that I'd have to put up with ubisoft's bullcrap. So I am basically just asking about 4-6 especially after seeing some of TotalBiscuit's review on it. Also why in the fuck did they change it from nice hexes to shitty fucking squares?
No. 25498
>still waiting on Russia to wake up
No. 25520
148 kB, 1080 × 1920
187 kB, 1080 × 1920
146 kB, 1280 × 720
479 kB, 720 × 1280
Since I now in absolute nowhere which by european standart is infinity forest (at night I seen at road which almsot compleatly in firest now casualy walking wolf puppets, fox faimily, hares etc.) and has almost no internet I decided to play J2ME games. Remember those? Westernies with their Game Boys and PSP probably not, but we do. My nokia 6300 was my primary game platform at school days :D
So first game I tried on vacation was Need For Speed Carbon 3D. This is game I played long time ago. 3D racing game, career, different tracks. For some reason I have real attraction for this super simplified 3d graphics in mobile games - low poly models, absoluetly no texture filtration - but not like real early 3d games from 90s Problem of this game is lack of content - full career is 3 or something like that tracks in one background of night city, with 3 races on each. 3 additional boss tracks in different background that they really tried to make with full 3d enivorment of 3d trees, 3d rocks and bridges but sadly this bods races so simple they end before 1/5 of track.
Theere 4 cars with 1 unavilable before you played thought full campaign, there upgrades but game too short to have more than 1/3 of them. So I played full game and more only in like 30 minutes or so :/ Back in 2000s it felt kind of longer. EA made much more J2ME games on same engine - maybe I'll try them
No. 25521
I'am (might and magic/rpg russian) now on vacation almost without internet so I'll be rare here untill september or october.

All games after MM9/heroes4 was produced after ubisoft bought franchise. So since dark messiah/heroes5 this new ubisoft series HAS NO ANY CONNECTION by universe or developers. Heroes 5 was outsourced to russian studio Nival. People saying it is fine, but I'am not interested in ubisoft universe so not played much. This games feels like "heroes 3 variation" with many random changes and 3d you'll probably not like. Heries 6 passed even more in random deviantart tier fantasy with cheap digital art and I don't remember anyone liked this game. 7 had no budget as I know and was just released in pre-alpha state.

Heroes 4 is nice game but I wrote about it above or in previous thread a couple of posts. This game is first actual trying to rethink some mechanics, not just add new to old concept like it was since 1990 king's bounty/heroes1. This game unfinished too, but if you tolerate graphics you can play at least original campaings. Sad that Axeoth world not get really good games - parts of storytales after Reconing from enroth was nice, I like MM9 in wierd way too.

It is crap, crap! It is some sort of port from PDA. Graphical style is wierd, gameplay.. like it's not SHIT but it is clearly a lot things off with this. Real time in-world combat gird based but with battle music like it is encounters..? World structure is off. Some quest logic too.
It is feels like it is modern elser scrolls fan and eye of the begolder fan tried to make some sort of wierd mix between MM WoX and 6 and actually didn't knew rules of genre. I played it for like a hour and deleted forever. If you want modern simple fun dungeoncrawler kind of "EoB/dungeon master" style try - Legend of Gromrock
No. 25523
Starcrawlers is also a good grid crawler. It's a bit different to something like Grimrock which is just a megadungeon though. It is more about raiding a location to complete an objective and then getting out. Also has some unique parts like stealth being rewarded with an easier time while on the mission (important on higher difficulties with persistent HP damage) while triggering traps, or setting off tripwires will raise the alert and start sending out more and sometimes more dangerous security forces. Only downside is that the Hacker is basically mandatory to have in your party because they make breaking through security a lot easier. They aren't boring though, the virus build with crap like Shareware which just has you cloning debuffs and stacks of damage for days is a great laff. The other classes are all to personal taste though. I'm fond of the traps build for the Smuggler if only because stacking so many debuffs in the first few turns is ebun.

I personally don't mind the art, but it's something you've personally expressed a dislike of in the past so I'm not recommending it to you so much as I am adding another recommendation to the pool.

Also has a great soundtrack. This is the music that plays when you're raiding corporate office buildings after closing hours. https://benprunty.bandcamp.com/track/grinder
No. 25524
97 kB, 750 × 882
Tbh, my early experience with handheld gaming was one of those electronic yahtzee games. What is this "actual graphics" decadence?
No. 25525
>People saying it is fine
Yeah, because HoMM IV was way too experimental for people who were used to HoMM I to III gameplay. V was a return to older games in the series with slight changes like square grid, active-time battles, hero's attacks and unit abilities (the last two were a compromise of sorts between older entries and IV), so people felt that it was familiar and praised it. The main problem with V, IMO, is that it lost the series personality and became more generic fantasy than other games in the series. Moreover, it used that cartoonish modern Warcraft-like visual style which was in vogue back then, and which didn't remind at all neither of III's renders or I-II cozy drawn sprites (although I gotta admit that V does look pretty good; better than IV's weird-ass renders anyway). Oh, and I will never forgive them for what they did to Dungeon: instead of a rag-tag army of cool mythological creatures led by edgy warlocks they turned it into a bunch of Dark Elves from some shitty Korean MMO, complete with fanservicey BDSM dominatrices. But, style and lore aside, it is a breddy gud game.
No. 25526
What dungeon crawl game should I try if I'm a zoomer who wasn't alive during the era of classic cRPGs?
No. 25528
Well as I said - I'am fan of original mm universe. In classic mm games I knew their styles, their approach and developers. I liked tis as big connected universe with tbs and rpg games which for many people became like home, espessially for fans who followed NWC games since 1986. Even when some developers teams qnd organisation changed prior to H3SoD and MM8, New guys tried their best with no budget and no money in tryings to preserve and continue already established traditions and rich universe.

But ubisoft said "whatever" and Heroes 5 and so on games - Heroes 6 7, dark messiah, mm10 feels like not might and magic games, But like some random eastern european cashgarb eurojank ripoff. And actually they are...

About gird - squares was In original kings bounty game. Then In h1 they moved to hexes. In h4 they moved to little squares that actually imitating almost fully free movment for units. Which one of many changes I metioned that was awesome In Heroes4.

I had "tetris" and other chienese arcade games too kind of like this with this Black ink lcd displays
>What is this "actual graphics" decadence?
Not get it
Well LoG is another dungeon master clone. Nothing new but it is modern and may much more appeal to modern person and also get rules of gameplay not that hard. There also sequel. He can also try Might and Magic 10 game... it is not terrible by itself.
No. 25529
Shin Megami Tensei.
No. 25531
Grimrock and Starcrawlers are both very easy to play. It really comes down to personal taste. Grimrock is the more traditional of the two in that it's navigating one big dungeon that lasts the entire playthrough whereas Starcrawlers is based on the cycle of bounty board->mission->dump loot in store->bounty board with dungeons that last maybe 30 minutes tops if you run into loads of enemies.

It was a turnabout joge based on the comment that on the wect we all had game boys and crap, with the punchline being based on the fact that mobile phones were using more advanced graphics than the pre-2007? LCD screens.

Problem with M&M10 is that it's not well polished. Hard to recommend it over the Grimrock games which just play better imo.
No. 25532 Kontra
Good suggestion. I do have a thing for Strange Journey in particular. Antarctica is a criminally underused setting tbh.
No. 25534
66 kB, 541 × 411
64 kB, 643 × 362
Depends on what you want.
I always HIGLY recommend Doom RPG. This is Java mobile game which is simplest turn based dungeoncrawler. Simple, fun and and easely understandable. One of the best mobile games ever tbh.
To play you need some J2ME emulator.
Legend of Grimrock and Might and Magic 10 (even thought it trying emulate some sort of openworld, unlike original mm series it is not) was already metioned.
Here zoomer-friendly meme popular videos about some mm games
No. 25536
41 kB, 1600 × 1200
56 kB, 640 × 400
158 kB, 640 × 480
Also yes, from actual classics - defenetly lands of lore 1. Not complex as rpg, user friendly dungeoncrswler. Beautifull 2d art, animations, scrolling. Higly recommended CD version which absoluetly including your character voice acted by proffesional actors. One of the best games done by westwood
No. 25542
Honestly I don't give a shit about the campaign or the universe so it's going to be art style and gameplay changes that bug me the most.

>the series personality and became more generic fantasy than other games in the series. Moreover, it used that cartoonish modern Warcraft-like visual style which was in vogue back then,

Well, I guess HoMM IV and VI are the only ones I'm either going to consider then.

I also cannot for the life of me understand why they changed to shitty squares from hex based grid. It might not seem like much to some people but this alone is such a considerable drawback it makes me rethink even trying to play it.

In other news I do not regret getting GTA V at all. It's fun as fuck but it comes with a couple of obvious drawbacks. For one thing I have yet to find even one single radio station I actually like. Virtually all of them are such unbelievable complete shit and I now understand what people were trying to say about the change from classics to a modern soundtrack, which only reminds me how terrible modern music is and exactly why I stopped listening to anything new since the early to mid 00s and even then it's iffy. I mean I guess there's been a couple pop songs since then but I haven't got Gaga on my radio. All else is shit. There have been a couple Manson songs scattered across multiple albums and just about everything else since 9/11 has been terrible.

The other thing is I don't understand why every one of my vehicles drives like I'm riding in a tank. I can nail multiple trucks like a dozen times and not even lose the hood from my car. I've also only been ejected once. It feels super casual. It makes me want some vehicle damage mod that makes every collision do about three times as much damage. It would also be pretty ebin to have cops pulling me over for busted tail lights and ramming into other vehicles so the wanted system feels really forgiving too, although I do remember it being pretty similar in like GTA Vice City where you can drive like a maniac and shoot tons of people and still have only 2 wanted stars and how much of a challenge it really was just getting four stars.

All in all I'd say it was worth it and contains all the stuff I wanted to see in a new GTA including discovering that one nice detail is I can break my axle and bend wheels in which makes lose function of that tire. Pretty nifty. Although I also wonder if I am on easy because of story mode? Does that nerf damage? I just want open world.
No. 25543
2,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
Oh hey Gothic 3 is on sale for cheap at $3. I've heard about Gothic before. What is Ernst's recommendation?
What about this? Who is behind this here? I'd almost suspect an EC tier was doing this one. This is...surprisingly in depth looking.
No. 25544
5 kB, 176 × 208
673 kB, 638 × 476
Aw shit, you just gave me flashbacks to being a child and playing symbian os java games as a kid, downloading them from WAP webites and wasting all of the credits on my dad's phone.

I should get into exploring some of those mobile games, they are an interesting artifact of history.
No. 25545
447 kB, 1280 × 720
2,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
Oh hey Gothic 3 is on sale for cheap at $3. I've heard about Gothic before. What is Ernst's recommendation?
What about this? Who is behind this here? I'd almost suspect an EC tier was doing this one. This is...surprisingly in depth looking.

Edit: nevermind apparently it's by the same developer called Innominate Games which has produced a number of other small indie titles. Still, it just makes me think that whoever does this was somehow a poster we knew, like maybe even previously unemployed?STALKER Ukraine even.
No. 25546
>Antarctica is a criminally underused setting tbh.
not a dungeon crawler, but there's a game called Never Alone, it's an eskimo platform game which is nice, set in the Arctic
Fug I remember playing this game a lot of my Dos 486DX decades ago, I remember the villages were cosy
No. 25548
37 kB, 270 × 310
>Honestly I don't give a shit about the campaign or the universe so it's going to be art style and gameplay changes that bug me the most.
Well so it is not me who you want to ask then. For me heroes - is might and magic primary, not some random strategy game
H6 in same universe as 5 and style and gameplay even worse in bad direction for you. And well campaighns and scenariors is most fun part of heroes games - Archibald campaign is fun, Shadow of Death campaigns on impossible is nice challenge.
I think you'll find more fun playing fan-addon for heroes 3 Horn of Abyss than trying to buy some new games you may not interested in.

3 is worst game to start series.
This countyball thing is cringey as fuck.
No. 25549
Well keep into mind that I primarily even got into or was exposed to anything related by HoMM1, which I don't even remember that it had a campaign, so...

I really just like the strategy game style of play. And you know what come to think, it isn't just YOBAfication of HoMM with the square grids. Atom RPG and Wasteland 2 both did that for mysterious reasons I cannot imagine. Is it because developers are lazy? Or just too many children incapable of understanding beyond N/S/W/E directions? Because Fallout also was a hex grid based game that got mutated into this 4 direction shit (because I honestly don't even consider any of the Bethesda/FNV games to be Fallout games but I do consider WS2 and Atom RPG Fallout games).

Which means I guess we're not going to get bugged by the exact same things here. For me it is gameplay and art style.
No. 25551
106 kB, 176 × 203
19 kB, 176 × 220
14 kB, 318 × 159
35 kB, 355 × 420
Ha ha
Remember when in 00s everywhere - even in notebooks, comic books was this lists of ads "КАЧАЛКИ" abd everything they done is for hell lot of money just send your sms with link to some wap page?

>oblivion mobile
If I remember correctly it is meh. Some isometric game that try to mimic PC game very very baisicly and like 1 hour long not more. Ubisoft did same "might and magic" mobile games when taked rights to universe.

However in J2ME even before was cool series Elder Scrolls Travels. Two games: stromhold and dawnstar was pseudo 3d dungeoncrawlers and was not nearly as good as absoluetly awesome id Software RPG series of crawlers: Doom RPG I-II, Orcs & Elves I-II, Wolfenstein RPG - this ones probably best J2ME games ever.
But there was TES Travels Shadowkey - game that by plot happen same time as TES Arena during imperial simularcum on border of skyrim, High Rock and hammerfell. This is simple game and location based, and as close to real action rpg as you can get on mobile phone. It was released only for Nokia N-Gage but as I know fans ported it to Symbian. Skyrim Home of the Nords mod for Morrowinf in upcoming Dragonstar updated based in many ways on lore, creatures and locations from this game.
No. 25557
188 kB, 1080 × 1920
182 kB, 1080 × 1920
159 kB, 1080 × 1920
193 kB, 1080 × 1920
About antartcia I rember The Thing the game.

Well at first square based gird even in 1990 king's bounty is 8-direction.
Wasteland 2 and Atom RPG is not Fallout games - this games just in same genre as Fallout 1-2, it's not made them fallout games, same as Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsady obviosly not in DnD universe even if it using GolnBox engine even.
Heroes 1 had campaign - it is just that it was same for all characters you pick. Lord Ironfist and Sir Kilburn are guys from VARN-4 who get on enroth by portal. Heroes 2 tell about sons of lord ironfist who fight for sucsession of throne of Entoth.
You know, I really extremley higly recommend you just at first go and play heroes 2 Archibald's campaighn. You probably don't even know what is there. It is fun as game too and much less repeative than H1.
And before heroes 5 style and stuff of heroes was always connected to main mm series. It was heroes "of". First game is one big fan service with familiar creatures and heroes from mm games you now play and fight. This games is litteraly "stuff from might and magic" and their graphical style not taken from head just because in most cases.

Speaking continue about J2ME games. I also played 3D Super Taxi Driver. Another blast from the past for me. I thought that I played mobile crazy taxy - but no, no! It was this and this is wierd thing. 3d graphics with many cars you need to unlock passing thought levels. There even A-team van! Cars deforming while hit, cities have traffic, objects you can damage like trees, boxes, street telephones etc. Each level is different city - egypt, northen city, kind of miami, china or japan, some european city but they repeat after time with different weather - day, night, fog. Snow have particle effects, lights of cars working at night.
Problem is gameplay very repeative - you need to do absoluetly same on each level, there not much bonuses or differences. And looks like levels go to infinity... it kind of bug but you will play I think infinity time over and over same levels and will ndver unlock last car. Sad, interesting concept! Extreamly low poly graphics with no texture filtering feels cozy to me here as well.
No. 25563
127 kB, 1080 × 1920
122 kB, 1080 × 1920
138 kB, 1080 × 1920
168 kB, 1080 × 1920
Another J2ME game I beated (well they quite short games) is Star Wars Imperial Ace 3d. Funny neat thing for mobile phone - extreamly arcade game where you move forward and can only go left right or up and down. Only like 6 levels total and quite easy. Each mission gives you different TIE craft and orders to destroy specific targets. There level in asteroids on interceptor, level to destroy capital ships with defender, mission on ground with bomber etc. Funny how even so little games taked stuff from Expanded universe back than - tie defenders, T4-b heavy tanks etc.
Crap that they again used this X1 prototype from episode 4, I wonder why mass produced tie advanced (avenger) not got so used in EU unlike defender. Probably because there was no avengers in EaW.
Funny thing that I like graphics here too. In places it looks more appealing that when in XvT and XVA and XW/TF 1998 editions they begined texture models. And clearly looking at this I really feel how XW series lacked surface levels and really big astronomical objects. There also fun thing with parts of ships collapsing in places where you hit them with torpedo.
And even this game extresmly arcade I liked it more than for example Rogue Squadron 3D which plays like some sort of lego game.
No. 25564 Kontra
thanks for the advice guys. I just downloaded a Shin Megami Tensei ROM
No. 25565
224 kB, 544 × 572
I was just tricked into watching 45 minutes of what I assumed to be a game review, but turned out to be "critical theory", as one ernst identified it to me. I am genuinely angry at having my time wasted. Nothing more infuriating than expecting a critique of art, but instead getting a critique of the author's little socio-cultural bubble and ideological narrative using the work of art as pretext.

I think the part that offends me about it is the implicit dethroning of art from the metaphysical hierarchy. The implication is that art exists in the context of culture, when it is in fact culture that exists in the context of art. Literal blasphemy

I have no idea how you can spend over an hour talking about the Postal series and miss the point so badly.

Oh yes, every magazine was filled with ads for wallpapers, ringtones, games, etc.
Do you remember those SMS MUD-like games? Basically text adventure MMOs that you played through SMS messages. What a blast from the past.

Also, mobile java games are an unexpected source of pretty good pixel art.
No. 25567 Kontra
In the video, he describes how he used to be a stereotypical 14 year old edgy shithead and enjoying Postal 2, and then projects his embarrassment at that period of his life on to the game.

And this leads me to a very uncomfortable thought that I had for a while. People don't really improve and get better, fundamentally. They just change ideologies, even for opposing ones, while staying the same at their core. He was a cringe autistic retard as a 14 year old, and he stayed that way, judging by his incredibly pretentious intro.

Sorry for off topic.
No. 25569
Are video games really art?
No. 25570
Video games are a medium.

Art is a case by case thing.
No. 25571
I would call any games art. Postal 2 I would call an advanced form of Roman urinal scribbling.
t. Not that American
although I suppose a loose case for it being called art anyway now that I think about it
No. 25574
>Wasteland 2 and Atom RPG is not Fallout games - this games just in same genre as Fallout 1-2, it's not made them fallout games, same as Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsady obviosly not in DnD universe even if it using GolnBox engine even.

Adding to this, assuming Wasteland 2 also uses the same rules as Wasteland 1, then it doesn't even share the same heritage as Fallout on that front. Wasteland was using MSPE, which is a modern era hack of Tunnels & Trolls.

That is a 2d6 system, which is operating on different curves to Fallout, which I believe is percentile in the release version, and is still different if we go back to its GURPS candidacy since that's a 3d6 game.
No. 25579
273 kB, 1920 × 1080
439 kB, 1920 × 1080
373 kB, 1920 × 1080
Well never tried this text games. From multiplayer my maximum was when two phones of classmates connected by bluetooth lol.

>Also, mobile java games are an unexpected source of pretty good pixel art.
Quality ones yes, like official Prince of Persia mobile platformers

Speaking about it...
I briefly tried "Digital Devil Monigatari - Megami Tensei" just because I want to try something new and for NES it looked kind of nice. Not even bearly as nice as Might and Magic NES vesion because it has no scrolling, but nice. However looks like even if it look like dungeoncrawler, it mire or less JRPG just first person. You start with 2 pre made characters and only can modify your stats. I started un dungeon of pyramind with some multiple characters living here talking me something about. There also moon mehanic. But sadly I don't know japanise, and after I not found encounters I stoped playing. Be nice if anyone know where to get version on any at least european language if there was fan translations.
(If this game recommended to American same I wonder if fps jrpg is really good point to start actually CRPGs)
No. 25580
If he got Strange Journey he'll be fine. It's not a traditional crawler but it's a good game regardless. It is also less Japanese, being made with international markets in mind.
No. 25581
359 kB, 1920 × 1080
272 kB, 1920 × 1080
270 kB, 1920 × 1080
190 kB, 1600 × 1070
I also tried Deep Dungeon 3 - Yuushi heno Tabi.
And it was kind of more interesting - you creating actual party, even thought you just choose class from 3 avilable and names. You start in town with services and have descend to dungeon. So it is kind of simplified wizardry clone - and by combat too, which is not a surprise since it is where JRPGs begin. However it have some technical problems like too simple graphics and things like wierd draw distance. Like if corridor more wide than 1 tile game can't render wall that more far to left or right. Well, nes can done much better than this game uses I wonder if it is port from MSX or something. Also translation is meh and incomplete - all descriptions and info still in japanise, at least in ROM I have.

I wonder how world be today if instead console Nintendo did baisic computer first, and catridge-only system was a flop same as Commodore Max
No. 25582
>Be nice if anyone know where to get version on any at least european language
Dunno about original games, but there should be an English translation of Shin Megami Tensei for Super Nintendo (on emu-land.net, I think). It is first-person too, and it has pretty much the same mechanics as NES games, IIRC, so you can try it instead if you're interested. And yes, it's more of a JRPG than your classic crawlers: it's basically dark and edgy Pokemans.
No. 25584
Well, I'll try SNES game then
And so my recomendation for USA ball to start from Doom RPG stays the same for now :---D
No. 25586
Oh, and it turns out that there is an English translation of Digital Devil Monogatari:
It's a BPS patch. I never used those myself, but I don't think that it will be too hard to figure out.
No. 25588
38 kB, 312 × 325
The thing I don't like about JRPGs is the random encounters system. Western gamedev relies on this and enemy respawn in a more subtle way. Yes, you can "escape", but that's still a bother. In System Shock 2 or No One Lives Forever 2 respawn is used to make backtracking less sleep inducing and provides ability to skip enemies by stealth or outrunning all together. Not even talking about all known souls-like games. So this encounter system only encourages farming before hoarding meaty bosses. Better implement some survival resources like wood for bonfire or food if you want to hurry a player.
No. 25589
>The thing I don't like about JRPGs is the random encounters system.
Sames, and I don't really like JRPGs in general, they just bore me. They are also pretty bad replayability-wise because of the fixed characters and stats progression (yeah, there some games with classes system, like FFV or Bravely Default, but as far as I can tell, they are a minority) and also because of their linear plot. SMT and Pokemans are one of the few JRPGs I don't hate, the former because of its style and designs (fuck yeah, Kazuma Kaneko) and the latter because it did away with some of the more annoying JRPG mechanics, like restricting random encounters to specific areas. Both also offer some degree of customization like picking up your party or, fusing demons in SMT or learning skills by TMs/HMs in Pokemans, so their replay value is higher than the replay value of your average Weeaboo Shit Without Soul XIX.
No. 25590
156 kB, 1080 × 1920
143 kB, 1080 × 1920
158 kB, 1080 × 1920
144 kB, 1080 × 1920
Thing is that I'am now only with phone and almost without internet so operations like this in mine situation may be quite annoying task. I'll check it when be home next months.

Untill then I continue playing thought my collection of J2ME games. Need for Speed Most Wanted looks like much more advanced game than Carbon. It has no plot but have sets of different type of races you need to pass. Track detalisation much more high - it is not flat anymore and have more variaty. You also have police cars as game mechanic. For racing more cars avalible and you have actual cosmetic customisation - colors, spoilers, decals etc. I not played that much sadly since breaks controls not work or it is not very obvious to use since emulator twisted some buttons.
No. 25591
Thing is that people often don't get is that JRPGs is absolute clones of 80s western RPGs, just very simplified. This is Ultimas 1-5, Wizardry 1-5, Might and Magic 1-2, Bard's Tale etc. in this range just most often without choose of characters, or much less stats and options + most often very fixed anime-style plot making this games very linear. So jRPG is wery cut down archaic CRPG + visual novel most often. And this encounter mechanics from this games. And round based combat most often is simplified system from classic wizardry.

And well, untill more or less death of CRPG genre - western RPGs was always better and more advanced than jRPGs.
No. 25592
Well, FF started to redeem it's archaic combat with semi-real-time system. Also modern games like Neptunia or Tales of are closer to beat-em-ups\slashers with all that combos. Japs are better in SRPG department although XCOM offers more flexibility than FF Tactics.
No. 25594
159 kB, 881 × 1193
1,1 MB, 2448 × 3264
I wouldn't say it's so much that they're less advanced, it's that they use a different design philosophy based on local forces (the Otaku market share), which demand different stylistic choices to the west both in form and function. They are able to make more loose-ended games (see: Dragon's Dogma for gameplay, some Final Fantasy games with larger skill trees such as XIII) but their RPG market in all sectors is very strange and trying to compare them 1:1 with the western RPG market has issues. Japanese translations are known to even be redesigned to appeal to the Japanese market instead of just being translated, RuneQuest is a great example, pics related. The genre has made a lot of progress over the years and is definitely not stuck three or more decades in the past. The JRPG is its own thing really and the more linear aspects are part of their niche.
No. 25595
Cataclysm now has a schizo dev who implements broken mechanics and nerf reliable strategies. Like making starting spears more fragile though a crossbow was still usable. At least they got new stable release.
No. 25597
9 kB, 320 × 200
104 kB, 300 × 189
269 kB, 1024 × 640
3 kB, 320 × 200
No, they really less advanced and not because anime style - but because you can easely compare 80s-early 90s jRPGs and western games they tried to copy side by side.
Main thing is that most times main goal of jRPG - provide concretic game that can be started and played without manual help, same as arcade game - pick and play. So while even simplified, they can give some advantages over early 80s CRPGs they copied - early wizardry and first ultima clones. However when you look at late 80s CRPGs - might and magic 2, Pool of radience, wizardry 6 (it is 1990 but still) - they use same baisic mechanics, tactical combat, encounters, but their implementation, roleplaying and combat mechanics much more deep than anything what I seen in jRPGs that more or less coserved like it is 1985. So baisicly they did anything jRPG did, even same way, but much more deep and complex.
I'am not even tell about early-mid 90s crpgs.
I not saying that jRPGs bad games - they can be
No. 25598
16 kB, 640 × 400
6 kB, 256 × 239
30 kB, 480 × 360
178 kB, 1280 × 720
(Accidentaly part of post dissapearedL
...can be fun, however they what they is - western early 80s RPGs adoped for more arcade-style game start without manual mixed with most times lienar and visual novelass. It is obvious as fuck from japanise ports of this 80s wRPG games
And to anyone serious jRPG fan I seriously recomnend to get into 80s-90s wRPGs. jRPGs mostly popular nowdays because people don't know that it is something that already was and done better
No. 25600
Yes, but it's no longer the 80s or the 90s and by what is nearly 2020, JRPGs are distinct from their western counterparts by a considerable margin. Whether they started as that or not is entirely irrelevant to the current state of their genre. And there is more to the sylistic difference than just an anime visual style tbh. There is a much greater emphasis on spectacle than western designs. You'll notice that characters are often exhibiting exaggerated designs, and the settings use more of the fantastic and rely on a unified aesthetic to make it fit, instead of what tend to be more grounded looks in western RPGs. There are exceptions but the vast majority are nowhere near as out there as many JRPGs. Then there are the more subtle things like how the Japanese tend to scale things upwards to invoke a stronger feeling of power. Stats in the hundreds and damage that is consistently in the thousands is the norm, and random encounters have been getting toned down or even done away with. Newer Final Fantasy games are starting to have you able to avoid encounters (which detracts from your grind) and others like Resonance of Fate operate as a giant hexcrawl rather than random encounters in the traditional sense. The role of the grind is also important, having mentioned it. Grinding is more pronounced in JRPGs as a pseudo-feature, which is one of the things that they do for the Otaku crowd who tend to like it quite a lot compared to the Western RPG scene which sees a lot of grinding as a negative most of the time. It's preference but the difference does underpin the gameplay cycle differences which are more important to defining a genre than plain rules tbh.

Why is say HoMM not a wargame for example? They are both using hex maps and abstracted military forces to simulate large scale warfare, some wargames will even include the upgrading of technology over time as well. The main difference is the gameplay cycle, which has more steps than a wargame does. Yet there are also many wargames that are magnitudes more in-depth than HoMM. Going back far enough, the RPG even has origins in wargaming in the early 70s. This doesn't make it a less advanced wargame, but rather something that over time has branched out into its own thing which you can argue about in terms of gameplay complexity but in terms of 'advancement' it's much foggier. A similar thing has happened with JRPGs if you ask me at least.

As for combat mechanics, a lot of modern JRPGs integrate timing into turn rotation, and RoF also includes positioning and combining the appropriate damage types at the right time as a vital aspect rather than just a helpful tidbit, and also the hack and slash style combat in some other titles. Again, we are posting in mid 2019 not 1990, there are 30 years of developments in there that you are ignoring.
No. 25601
29 kB, 480 × 360
92 kB, 656 × 436
5 kB, 320 × 200
183 kB, 600 × 375
>Yes, but it's no longer the 80s or the 90s and by what is nearly 2020, JRPGs are distinct from their western counterparts by a considerable margin.
But from what I understand they are more or less the same, and CRPG genre baisicly died in early 00s and only rare games nowdays is more or less clones on early 00s isometric games or indie dungon crawlers.

>And there is more to the sylistic difference than just an anime visual style tbh. There is a much greater emphasis on spectacle than western designs. You'll notice that characters are often exhibiting exaggerated designs, and the settings use more of the fantastic and rely on a unified aesthetic to make it fit, instead of what tend to be more grounded looks in western RPGs.
Mixes of fantasy and science fiction, experements with extravagant ideas, worlds and desighns in same thing what was popular and iften was in core in 80s early90s CRPGs.

>Then there are the more subtle things like how the Japanese tend to scale things upwards to invoke a stronger feeling of power. Stats in the hundreds and damage that is consistently in the thousands is the norm, and random encounters have been getting toned down or even done away with.
And all this things are also things from CRPGs. My 5000 hp per character 250 lvl party from might and magic 2 fighting encounter with 256 devils and robots that die from one hit sends hello.

>Newer Final Fantasy games are starting to have you able to avoid encounters (which detracts from your grind) and others like Resonance of Fate operate as a giant hexcrawl rather than random encounters in the traditional sense.
Placed encounters, zones without encounters, regulated random encounters, mechanics of avoiding them or escape from them or bribe is something that become standart in CRPGs in mid-late 80s.

>The role of the grind is also important, having mentioned it. Grinding is more pronounced in JRPGs as a pseudo-feature, which is one of the things that they do for the Otaku crowd who tend to like it quite a lot compared to the Western RPG scene which sees a lot of grinding as a negative most of the time.
It is one of most typical feature of early CRPGs. To late 80s early 90s most of them tended to change their systems to remove it and concentrate on making more unique content and switching to more good gamedesign - like might and magic 3 which eleminated encounters, grind, even thought staying combat orientated game. However wizardry 6 for example on expert espessialy - it lots of grind of random encounters to gane class levels and then change classes. Even more lats non-grind games used grind as instrument, like opotional infinity grind zones in EoB2.

>Why is say HoMM not a wargame for example?
Original homm is session strategic version of king's bounty. While king's bounty 1990 was openworld tactical puzzle game, heroes switched to session-based tactical strategy. From heroes 2 to this game was added more and more adittional RPG element for more gameplay variaty.

>As for combat mechanics, a lot of modern JRPGs integrate timing into turn rotation, and RoF also includes positioning and combining the appropriate damage types at the right time as a vital aspect rather than just a helpful tidbit, and also the hack and slash style combat in some other titles. Again, we are posting in mid 2019 not 1990, there are 30 years of developments in there that you are ignoring.
I'am not familiar with new jRPGs that much, however from what I seen - like mid-late 90s jRPGs, and from what you described - it was and still in many ways is - simplified 80s CRPGs with visual novella style plot attached. Thing is that you trying compare jRPGs to mid-late 90s wRPG games while in reality - it is better compare them to 80s early 90s cRPGs. And here you will find everything you talking about - crazy stats, grind, wierd and less grounded worlds and ssetings, similarities in combat.
No. 25603
>But from what I understand they are more or less the same
They aren't though. Whether the CRPG genre 'died' or not in the west doesn't discount the continued development of a distinct offshoot in Japan. It developing in a different direction to the way western RPGs were developing doesn't make it less advanced. That's the point with HoMM, King's Bounty and the RPG genre in general I was making. They are their own thing despite essentially being at their core babby-tier tactical wargaming in origin. Hell, here's the origin of RPGs, Gary Gygax and his friends wanted to do tactical wargaming with wizards and shit, and where each person was a person and not a unit. Thus the RPG was born. So what is it that makes a wargame not an RPG? Is something like Inquisitor an RPG or a wargame? It's actually close to what the original concept was but is unlike the 'tactical/strategic RPG' genre of KB and HoMM, or even FFT and SRW in the east. We like to define things as RPGs because it fits nicely nowadays but the same thing you're saying here about how they're basically just 80s western RPGs is not really that different from stripping the RPG genre away from being its own thing and relegating it to a subgenre of wargaming. It's ridiculous because they've developed along different paths for long enough that they are different. In fact, JRPGs have been doing their style for a longer period than RPGs had existed in total at the time you are talking about. Something to chew on.

>And all this things are also things from CRPGs. My 5000 hp per character 250 lvl party from might and magic 2 fighting encounter with 256 devils and robots that die from one hit sends hello.
And the many other games that used existing systems (like the larger number of D&D or D&D-clone ports) that weren't like that say hi back.

>Placed encounters, zones without encounters, regulated random encounters, mechanics of avoiding them or escape from them or bribe is something that become standart in CRPGs in mid-late 80s.
It's also pretty much shit that they ripped off from earlier games themselves. Most of that originates in hexcrawls and megadungeons, but I think you'd disagree that those 80s games are not advanced and in fact stagnant in design because of this?

>I'am not familiar with new jRPGs that much, however from what I seen - like mid-late 90s jRPGs, and from what you described - it was and still in many ways is - simplified 80s CRPGs with visual novella style plot attached.
So you're making these statements without having played them, and with an admitted lack of knowledge on their ongoing trends in development.

>Thing is that you trying compare jRPGs to mid-late 90s wRPG games while in reality - it is better compare them to 80s early 90s cRPGs
We are comparing trends in gameplay evolution over time. It's not that strange to compare what happened in western games to what happened in eastern games. Much less strange than it is to compare games from 30+ years ago and use that as a baseline for the next three decades, declaring stagnation.
No. 25612 Kontra
Update: SMT Strange Journey won’t emulate properly on my computer (audio is fucked) so I’m going to try to find it at gamestop
No. 25613
6 kB, 640 × 400
24 kB, 659 × 442
16 kB, 259 × 194
>And the many other games that used existing systems (like the larger number of D&D or D&D-clone ports) that weren't like that say hi back.
I don't know how this can be argument.
1.existance of some games girectly based on PnP system compleatly annihilates fact of existance of custom sysfems?
2.DnD based RPG games exept some very brief experments started when was contracted SSI officially making them, releasing first proper "dungeons and dragons licensed product" in 1988. All main game series that shaped genre had it's own custom systems and was absolute dominant untill 90s.
3.even then when it's dnd based games appeared, they taked freedoms in some degree. In Pool of Radience you can from start max out your stats to abuse level and in respond get random encounters on tactical field with like lliteraly 9000 orks or cobolds.
>It's also pretty much shit that they ripped off from earlier games themselves. Most of that originates in hexcrawls and megadungeons, but I think you'd disagree that those 80s games are not advanced and in fact stagnant in design because of this?
What? Earlest 80s CRPGs was in their base same thing as first attempts of making rpg game in digital format from Plato computer. Besides this plato computer, wizardry 1, akalabeth world of doom and things like that is as far you can get to the past as possible. Of cource, never iterations of same games - more late wizardry games for example, more complex than previous attempts. And jRPGs, being simplified for console user earler wRPGs from earler 80s of cource was inferior to wRPGs of late 80s and about early 90s I don't even talk about. Chrono trigger for example already was in era of daggerfall, ultima underworlds, anwil of dawn etc. etc. So they was not even dramatically behind as genre, they also was dramatically behind technological from computer system. Always. People who say how PC was inferior to consoles in 80s nost often tactically forget computer 16bit systems like Atari ST, Amiga computers etc. In 90s after start of mass IBM PC clones with VGA standart I don't even trying to compare.
>That's the point with HoMM, King's Bounty and the RPG genre in general I was making. They are their own thing despite essentially being at their core babby-tier tactical wargaming in origin.
Your mistake is - thiat while king's bounty have ogre-ibspired combat, combat is probably least inportant part of this game. Main game is open workd adventure/puzzle where you search artifacts and maps with time limit. There way to pass game without single battle I belive. This games using gird tactic combat, same as many rpg games. There is a reason I posted goldenbox games for example, sine SSI was primary tactical game developer and since wizard's crown they adopted tactical combat in their RPG games too. So by your logic all games which have gird-tactic based combat as only one element of game is wargames? I think not. And jRPGs not ripped of some elements of this CRPGs, all ones I familiar is in majority what called "clones". Like game I played last above in this thread, again, is direct clone of Wizardry. Same as most classic jRPGs and where genre actually started... wizardry overall one of the most iconic games for japanise, they have their own wizardry series, 9000 wizardry ports and now even owned whole series.

>We are comparing trends in gameplay evolution over time. It's not that strange to compare what happened in western games to what happened in eastern games. Much less strange than it is to compare games from 30+ years ago and use that as a baseline for the next three decades, declaring stagnation.
Thing is that in therms of jRPGs from what I know it is mostly stagnation. They taked this elements, adopted them to themselfs and using for many many years, while on west most of them just changed or eleminated this elements already in early 90s.
>So you're making these statements without having played them, and with an admitted lack of knowledge on their ongoing trends in development.
My thoughts I did from experiencs of 80s and 90s jRPGs, of cource mine cRPG knowlege and your actual words. All your words - encounters, wierd universes, grind etc. - you baisicly described cRPGs of 1980s. I'am shure that modern jRPGs become different - but I can expect they just shifted to be more action, with action combat and other elements - same way as crpgs shifted to action in 90s early 00s.
I think it is you who not entieely familiar with actual source of jRPGs and games they copied and how they evolved during 80s and 90s, espessialy before this mechanics dissapeared and take a look into japanise ports of all this games hos they was directly jRPG-fied.
No. 25628
Err, if you're trying to argue the ancestral origin of all RPGs is wargaming then no that's not correct.
No. 25630
Read all posts. I not touching tabletop games at all. Since jRPGs are clones of western computer games to begin with and this is one of main reasons why jRPGs are like they are.
No. 25710
Assuming you're the same person making these posts, have you played any of the SaGa games? Not trying to prove you wrong anything, just wondering.
No. 25714
31 kB, 474 × 414
Are the Assassin's Creed games worth getting at all? Especially on a PC?

Also which AC came first and second? I know or am pretty sure the subpar one about the American revolution came third, I think.

How's the story? Didn't it never really get tied together and pretty much just went off the hinges about ancient aliens or some shit?
No. 25715
I'm having a trip down memory lane, yet I won't try to play the game, just simmering in childhood days with Windows 98 and racing games. Not sure were to post it, both music and vidya are appropriate.

No. 25716
Black flag is supposed to be one of the better new ones.
No. 25717
No, and because shitty internet I can't check them immideatly. However as I understand early games was even published in the west as final fantasy titles, and looking on screenshots they using similar already metioned mechanics more or less as base.
No. 25735
126 kB, 1600 × 900
Should've known it wouldn't be enough for me. NOLF 2 is a steady step to improvement but with strange difficulty order. First 4 levels are a training playground and then you are suddenly fight off lots of respawning enemies during the main infiltration in Siberia. May be a hard difficulty setting is already oriented on NG+ but it doesn't explain how easy the last mission is. You just make a circle around the map and kill everyone. And then you are just outruning indian police officers with bananas. Though more narrated missions are pure kino. These abandoned house investigation and the following exfiltration is best mission imo. Also the first encounter with super soldier feels like a strong reference to The Thing. Sadly Monolith is now more a husk of its former self. So no NOLF 3 for us.
No. 25738
Monolith always was a company that had problems - and a lot of their fames was very unfinished. Shogo and blood 2 is just some pre-alpha assets and scripts pacaged in kind-of final games because publisher, original blood was not even monolith game - they just finished it for other company same way - pacaging existing assets in working game.
With NOLF games it be nice if copyright questions will be resolved and they be released on gog. However yes, I'd not expect third nolf... if you not count this spin-off you probablt know about.
No. 25761
96 kB, 600 × 400
32 kB, 474 × 266
It's amazing just how little I accomplished vidya wise in the last week.

I only just finished STASIS today or maybe it was yesterday, and tried a couple board games Lux Delux and Game of Life. STASIS itself was freaking fantastic. Quite possibly one of the best horror games I've played and amazingly it was just an isometric point and click adventure like Sanitarium that accomplished that.

I also finished Lust for Darkness which I hadn't realized is part of a "genre" of really shitty basically first person point and click walking simulators. I already dropped Gray something or other from my wishlist. I think the most disappointing thing is how fucking lazy they all are. I thought Layers of Fear was a one off but apparently there's tons of clones just like that game going for ridiculous amounts of money for only a few hours of content and said content isn't even that good. Still, LfD managed to be pretty cool if only because I spent the entire time under the assumption I was investigating a cult of Slaanesh not whatever the hell the game was saying.

Spent awhile in Frostpunk. Man that game is intense in that it's really hard as fuck but easy, in this strange sense that you're constantly expecting to lose any minute but just barely scraping by. I have no idea what the fuck the world lore is actually supposed to be but it's a pretty neat city building and management simulator. Would recommend so far.

Tried GTA V and am still happy with it despite how terrible the radio stations are. Russia or whoever talking about the transition from good old music to contemporary nailed it.

Tried Agony for just long enough to see if it works. It does. Hence how I got LfD to begin with. I have very few first person games and I think that'll fill the niche nicely of just wanting a spooky weird place to explore. I actually have a fucking lot of spooky games from this summer apparently. I should save some for Halloween, which at this rate I'll definitely be able to. I don't think I can even get through my steam purchases by New Year.

Right now I think it's more of a typical issue with backlogs where you have so many games and just a list of words so it's harder to pick one and commit to it. Funny how it starts to feel closer to a job or responsibility than leisure at that point.

I also still have a boatload of games I got DLC for including FNV, XCOM2, This War of Mine, and Pillars of Eternity I haven't even gotten deep into yet, and still am only like a quarter or third of the way through Atom RPG. Some of them I feel like I'm just saving it as that last slice of delicious cake, like XCOM2 which I already know I'm going to play the shit out of more with the fresh DLC. Oh, and Endless Space 2, which I haven't even finished my Vodyani campaign yet.

Life is good being immature and not putting away childish things. I'm pretty set on just focusing on saving money while playing my massive amount of new games having largely cleared my steam backlog before now.
No. 25781
165 kB, 1080 × 1920
163 kB, 1080 × 1920
199 kB, 1080 × 1920
183 kB, 1080 × 1920
So I played thought Orks & Elves 1. This is one of series of id software J2ME turn based dungeon craelers - 2nd one to say concretic, after 1st Doom RPG. Same as with Doom RPG, there existed more advanced version - Nintendo DS one, but I has no DS emulator right now - only J2ME emulator on android phone.
If you familiar with Doom RPG - you know what to expect. Simple baisic 1-character dungeoncrawler with some pre-written dialogues. Indtead concretic hub now there is dragon lair which you can get by using portals which appear around most levels. You can get back to previous levels using any of this portal or buy stuff from dragoness, also give her artifacts you get from defeating bosses.
Funny thing that main character who most times talk is not yourself, but your magical stick and you follow plot of revenge for killed dwarfs and their king and need to defeat one who did it.
Engine and minor stuff more advanced than doom rpg - hp monster bars, more high floor, in-game cutscenes and scripts, some interface elements are clearly things that will be re-used in future in more technically advanced doom 2/wolfenstein rpg games. There no floor and celling textures in standart J2ME version same as Doom RPG tho.
Weapons and powers fun, however some pottions feels owerpowored. Game linear and not very hard, I played thought whole in like 2.5 hours or less. Style is more than okay. As other games from series, one of the best if not best J2ME games and can be recommendet to anyone who can get into gird-based dungeoncrawlers but don't had any experience with such games.
It also funny to see that John Carmack worked on plot, engine and some minor art stuff for fantasy dungeoncrawler - since if anyone know this man, he is pure opposite of such stuff.
No. 25783
How is Wolf RPG? Doom 2 RPG felt pretty yobish for J2ME game.
No. 25785
31 kB, 176 × 202
19 kB, 220 × 330
11 kB, 275 × 183
Wolf RPG technically very similar to Doom 2 RPG. I feel like Doom 2 RPG was later than wolf, sine Doom 2 RPG had classes and also yoba iPhone version. But overall - technically it is very similar game with baisicly same engine. D2RPG/wolfrpg even more linear games than doom 1 rpg/orks&elves1, but there a lot fun stuff from what I remember - like card mini-game with it's funny sub-plot if it can be called that.
Screens of more advanced versions:
Doom 1 RPG BREW-version with floor/celling textures and animated textures
Orks & Elves 1 Nintendo DS cersion
iPhone Doom 2 RPG version.
No. 25795
Funniest thing about playing Frostpunk is I wanted to play a game that isnt Russian/Slavic simulator or Russian themed game for once, but on the very first night I killed a quarter of all my people from freezing because I couldn't figure out how to mine coal and get the generator on and then killed another quarter of my population from disease and starvation because I sent everyone to mine coal, so I guess I ended up playing one anyway :--DDDD
No. 25810
>I killed a quarter of all my people from freezing because I couldn't figure out how to mine coal and get the generator on and then killed another quarter of my population from disease and starvation because I sent everyone to mine coal
>Russian/Slavic simulator or Russian themed game
No, you were playing Maoist China simulator.
No. 25811
Yeah. Russian simulator would be something more like "make some people execute other people, execute the people who were executing the people, win a World War using the people who somehow managed to not be executed, rebuild your economy using the people who somehow managed to survive both the executions and the war, turn into a bureaucracy and make your economy stagnant, collapse and fall apart".
No. 25843
193 kB, 1280 × 720
Paging MM Russia what are your thoughts on Eador?

So I have bought Re-Legion and it's okay so far for at least the first hour but definitely still looks rough around certain edges. For one thing, despite the setup being pretty good the story itself is severely hampered by numerous problems including poor voice acting, mediocre dialogue at best, and bad pacing, all of which would be okay were it not for the fact your story is made pretty much central to the whole campaign which only recently added a skirmish mode. The battle itself is play but definitely feels a bit simplistic and janky at times with really odd choices for hotkey (why is move attack V and not A?) Soundtrack is excellent though and while the aesthetic and assets are quite good the models are typical unity release. I'm really starting to get sick of unity character models.

Eador series itself is on sale which I'm probably going to get Masters of Broken World anyway just because it's been on my list for ages to check out and is routinely on sale at $2 but then again looks pretty mediocre and idk if I want to bother getting Imperium or anything else even if it is on sale also. It looks kinda like a strange blend of HoMM and a Civ game, with flavors of Thea.

The Expedition games are also on sale but tbh I really have no interest in the Conquistador one although I forget who kept saying how great it was back on KC, although on closer inspection these are all typical unity asset games and don't actually look like much special. Still, I heard it supposedly had a great story but playing Conquistadors of all people is pretty much playing team evil committing genocide while looting and pillaging an also probably not too nice empire, considering total war tactics were probably used a bit in LatAm. It just makes me feel like the game has a ton of leeway in offering interesting morally dubious choices with no stark good/evil plastic morality too many rpgs stuck with (do you offer them free money and puppies or murder their children while cackling maniacally style KOTOR and I think Fable were known for) but unsure of execution. Vikings is also on sale which I remembered looking so much better in some review than it does IRL I spent time searching for a second Vikings game. I also don't really give a shit about the Vikings either so if it's playing to vikingboos idk about that one either, but then again I do like turn based tactics in a crpg WAAAAAY better than that Infinity engine style RTwP crap so many developers seem to like cargo culting for whatever reason. I fucking hated the shit out of it in PoE, but do know TBT can suck massively if done poorly. So idk.

Dustwind is also on sale but not by enough although out of all the games on sale I see it having the most potential except for the fact it has greater potential to suck as well. For starters they only recently added singleplayer campaign and the mp is apparently largely dead, which sucks because frankly in spite of its massive divergence from real Fallout and subsequent deserved criticism I think Fallout Tactics did tactical squad based combat better than any other game I have ever played, and Dustwind is a clone of it seemingly. It looks like a very nice game but sadly seems pegged mostly to multiplayer. With more singleplayer options I'd probably get it but like Etherium looks like a fantastic idea on the surface but with possibly terrible execution, though at least the Dustwind devs keep working on it. There's little more disappointing than an otherwise fantastic looking title getting made mostly for multiplayer which almost always means it's going to be dead in the water.

And then there's Hatred. Frankly it's one of the prettiest games with best looking gameplay out of anything on here with artist level aesthetics, great assets, fantastic physics, and all around looking like a really great game. The problem with it is in addition to being super short it's literally just a mass shooting simulator. Which I would feel really weird about playing as an American at this point. Like at least if I could have some leeway in choosing what I got to do like in an RPG, or spending more of my time getting into shootouts with cops or the FBI/national guard or whatever, instead of just being the biggest edgelord game of the decade that totally railroads you into playing as an edgelord, and I do mean the lines are so fucking cringey I was laughing irl hearing some of them. Which is a damn shame because I think with just some mods or a better story to match the fantastic game elements it could even be goty rather than settling for the mediocrity of selling purely for shock value which frankly isnt even remotely new or shocking in the sense that it only does exactly 100% what the Postal games originally did a couple of decades ago.

I know a lot of people like talking and offering their opinions on Hatred but frankly it deserves getting shitted on for those reasons--not because it is edgy, but because it is unoriginal and pretty boring. It would be like if a musician came out today wearing tons of makeup and singing about drugs and being an antichrist superstar. It's not because it's edgy, but because it's not and literally as old as the 90s, which saddles something that otherwise shows a lot of talent and promise. Like if this game just had some dialogue options, or skill stats, or hell even an open world element or some choice in not blowing away a supermarket full of people to progress, it would be something, but as it is I keep wanting to buy it every time I see it but then being reminded of how terrible the game itself probably is. So on one hand yeah I do feel weird about a game where you just act like a typical edgelord going on a shooting spree in 2019 USA, but on the other hand that game did not go far enough to earn its controversy. Like killing children. The devs didn't even have the balls to go the full monte and add children into it. See, now THAT could earn it the status of at least being a respectable edgelord game. It's a pet peeve of mine that so many movies and vidya don't even allow children to exist (I'm looking at you too Bethesda) because of unfortunate implications. Fallout did away with this, also in the 90s. They had specific animations even for using flame throwers on children. It gave more import to your actions with for example not shooting up those annoying kids who pickpocket you, and also giving you the option having that -1000 karma child murderer status.

It's just annoying. It wants to bask in all the notoriety of a 90s era mass shooting game like Postal but hasn't even got the balls to have non-adults. To me this loses all its edgelord status in addition to just having a lot of really terrible gameplay choices. Even at $3 I can't help but feel it's a total waste of my money unless I can find enough mods that let you do shit like explore the world, talk to people, hell anything except putting you on rails where shooting a bunch of civilians at a supermarket is literally the only way to progress. It's lazy, dumb, and frankly timid which is almost infuriating to see one of the most aesthetically well done games ever with spectacular physics that looks like such an otherwise joy to play being so hampered, like gifting a fantastic work of art to an idiotic 12 year old child who just wants to scribble penises all over it.
No. 25859
24 kB, 480 × 360
87 kB, 400 × 375
41 kB, 450 × 401
>Paging MM Russia what are your thoughts on Eador?

Nothing, I didn't played it :D Even thought I get it for free in GoG. And now don't have opportunity since I'am on vacation without computa.

But what I did is played original Final Fantasy on phone after disscution about jRPGs and so on. Maybe I something forgot or missed since well I played it long time ago, before even I become cRPG enthusiast.

Well to summary it - this is baisicly Ultima clone. Very simple ultima clone. You get 4 character party you can choose out of some classes. You explore world with towns and caves with overall same ultima structure - exept this game more linear and force player do something first to get acces to parts of the world while in ultima usually everything open from start. There no conversations, more remenisent of most early games, and unlike 3-5 ultimas there no keyword dialogues - just most simple lines thrown at player immideatly. Which differs it from ultima the most - combat, which is while top down borrowed from wizardry by mechanics and very simplified. Same way as encounter system which I don't think works well for ultima-style game.
Magic spells system also vloned from wizardry, which in reality simplified system borrowed from DnD but I guess japs didn't knew about that and just copied wizardry because wizardry was and is one of the most favorite games by japanise RPG lovers. So you get circles with spells, but only 3 out of 4 spells per circles from two schools with points restoring with resting.
As example of gamedesign you can compare directly for example ship mechanic:
In ultimas usualy you can buy ship for a price in most of towns or capture existing ship after defeatin pirates on it. Swimming on ship involving direction of wind, in 5 game you can even manipulate sails. Combat on ship involving actual ship layout, with possibilities of sea, coast attacks or boarding.
In ff you need to defeat pirate in town, you get ship and only thing change in ship - you geat sea monster encounters with same combat with no difference since again this is simplified wizardry combat, not some sort of gird where you can move characters. And you can stop ship to coast only in "ports" which restricts player usage of it even more.
So in a nutshell it is as simple ultima clone as you can get - it like pure skeleton of the game without something add to it. No any food or time mechanics, no even baisic dialogues, no proper tactical combat and only encounter-based system. Simple dungeon layout and extreamly linear progression with do thing 1 - get acces to new zone you can explore, do thing 1-2-3 and you get acces to next zones - and since simpliest dialogues you has no almost no adventure elements - there nothing you need really search or pass real puzzles or something, everything extreamly obvious.

Overall this is nice solid and funny little game with noce NES graphics and sound. And it can even copite with first 2 ultimas when they was done "whatever" by Garriot in his garage with no idea what he doing. But FF come out in late 80s - in age of Ultima 3-5, magic candle, questron, phantasie, wizard's crown, might and magic and can't in any way copite with this more mature games in all direction. I'd also don't call it different genre - simplify ultima to death and slap wizardry combat in it don't make it new genre or even sub-genre.

So next I think I'll go to Dragon Warrior 1-2 and then go along this both series and play as many games as I can, also checking and re-chaking Phantasy Star and SaGa, before they get too anyme to be playable by sane person, to get full picture of "genre".
No. 25888
4,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
4,5 MB, 1920 × 1080
6,0 MB, 2560 × 1260
New King's bounty was announsed and it made not by karuti anymore which is obvious. Style of game now changed to "realistic medival" which now is in fashion. https://youtu.be/jdSj3ywmpQA
No. 25917
Can anyone recommend a good guide to building an effective party in Pillars of Eternity 1? Bear in mind I’m basically retarded
No. 25929
Err, how far along are you? Are you used to party based rpgs at all?

Basically here's the thing with Pillars it's hard as fuck especially at first and requires crazy micromanagement. The first time I played that pos I only had, Al, whatever the effeminate Elf guy's name is, and I played as a druid Orlan. It took me literally 15 fucking tries just to clear out one room of spiders in the first town. You need Eder. If you are having similar problems that is why. Eder is your tank guy. You pretty much have to recruit him first in the village and then use him as your main tank and damage absorber while hitting everyone else with damage and AoE spells, which the elf wizard is good at doing.

What you're going to need is at least one preferable two tank guys and two primarily spell guys but just building your party to the point where even having max party members (6) is gonna take awhile. Normally in a game like that you're going to want a heal bitch which is basically what Durance is for but in my experience his heal spells weren't even actually all that useful. I found it way more useful to just use his debuffs and keep wailing on everybody with his damage spells. He basically takes the place of Fall-from-Grace from Planescape Torment except as a super vulgar angry wandering hobo priest instead of a polite demon priest.

What it really actually boils down to is going to be much less about party composition and way more about your own character and who annoys the shit out of you. For me I used Pelegina and Eder as my melee tanks and eventually ditched Kana altogether because he annoyed the shit out of me so bad every time I thought about having him executed by firing squad by my own party. I also used the druid orlan (Haveras or whatever) not knowing that apparently druid Orlan was some kind of an archetype in that game so it was basically me, him, the elf wizard, and Durance wailing the shit out of everybody with massive AoE damage spells while Pelegina and Eder mostly managed to keep us from being destroyed. I also used ranged weapons as an alt since everyone having upgraded muskets and crossbows can usually kill someone immediately before you have a ton of spells to choose from. You're also going to want anything that spawns elementals as a spell or artifacts that summon beetles, drakes, whatever to help work on crowd control.

Basically 90% of PoE battles are about crowd control. If you're playing some kind of fighter build it's going to be a lot easier doing that especially early game. Your other main problem is going to be enemies that do shit like turn you to stone, knock you down, and otherwise paralyze half your party so try and kill any of their wizard types as fast as possible.

If you're asking about personal build that's up to you although one thing I wish I had known before I started was that contrary to all rpg conventions your damage for ALL sources comes from strength, not just melee. This means if you've got a ranged fighter or a wizard DON'T use it as your dump stat like I did. It made my game way more of a bitch to play having nerfed my own spell damage for higher int or whatever I used.

You can also recruit people like how it worked in Shadowrun Returns except you get to keep your custom companion mercenaries though I can't really advise that as much, although came to think of it that would've made it way easier for me to play because I hated half the companions in the game. Seriously Pellegina, Eder, and Durance are the only remotely likeable characters to me and I got Weeping Mother too late to even bother with although I heard she was supposedly one of everybody's favorites. I also forget if mercenaries come with your keep or if you can recruit them earlier than that but they're pretty expensive for early game iirc. If you do do that you should probably try and get a melee unless you're playing melee yourself and use the merc as crowd control.

Oh, and there's extra companions with the DLC but apparently White March isn't an expansion and I forget if you can even get those characters earlier than later. I got the DLC but got so frustrated with it having forgotten what PoE was like I haven't even bothered going back yet since I still need to kill more of my saves because PoE takes a solid minute and a half to load new areas now. Do NOT make more than like ten save files and disable autosave if you can. Also be extremely wary of Endless Paths of Old Nua and the angry peasants and battle with that duke or whoever who wants your keep. Both of those gave me game breaking bugs that wiped out hours of progress and once those bugs happen you have to go back to an earlier save.
No. 25948
275 kB, 1366 × 768
Can somebody please explain what the deal is with this to me? I'm pretty sure I asked it before but apparently like half the game's content somehow revolves around mushrooms. Picking mushrooms. Joining mushroom based scientific secret societies. Eating hallucinogenic mushrooms to trick the bad men. Constant stories about mushrooms. Glowing mushroom decorations everywhere.

Is this a form of penis worship or something?

Why do Slavs fixate so much on going in the woods and picking mushrooms? Why is the mushroom such a Slavic point of fixation?
No. 25954
Daggerfall was ported to the unity engine and I will install it today.
No. 25956
It shifted from pre-alpha to alpha after all magical effects was done. It was more playbale than vanilla for half of year already but not still mission some features to be 100% competive with original - like opotional arena-style conrrol schemes.

As base version for it use Daggerfall_Setup version from UESP with easy intall and fan patches for original, it is recommended - only turn off during install fan made quests if you don't want them. If you need guide for game - UESP is also best source to go. If you need guide for setup options during start - which is a lot of them, or guide for mods - just ask me. I following this project since baisicly begining.
No. 25958
Not a pro on mycology and cultural history of the mushroom but I guess that in the whole of northern europe mushrooms must have played a great role in everyday consumption.
When the harvest was bad or there wasn't enough money to get meat, people still could always go into the forest.

Thinking that under communism in some slavic regions better meat was expansive or rare to find, I can imagine that people also relied on the shrooms heavier than in more wealthy parts of the world.

Also what game is this?
No. 25959
Mushrooms are fascinating organisms. Did you know, for example, that mushrooms have the same physical properties as radio waves? That's right, mushrooms aren't plants, neither they are animals nor dried-out phalluses, they are materialized radio waves. Moreover, mushrooms have conscience, and that conscience is actually stronger than a human conscience. So, when a human consumes a lot of mushrooms, his conscience gets replaced by the conscience of the mushroom. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) used to eat a lot of fly amanita (Amanita muscaria), and his conscience gradually became the conscience of the mushroom. Thus, Lenin was a mushroom. And, at the same time, he was a radio wave.
No. 25960
Atom RPG
Soviet fallout basically.
No. 25961
No. 25984
20 kB, 250 × 182
Ha ha classic

But what, westernies don't go pick mushrooms and berries in forest?
No. 25986
I have completely irrefutable proof that the October Revolution was made by people who had been eating certain mushrooms for many years. And in the process of being eaten by those people, the mushrooms supplanted their personalities, and the people became mushrooms.
No. 25989
18 kB, 378 × 294
No. 25993 Kontra
No they don't. They go buy mushrooms and berries in the supermarket. That is the merican market mentality for you.
No. 25995
I do go mushroom hunting sometimes but just to take pictures and ID them—I never eat them.
No. 25996
>Lenin is a Mushroom is an actual thing
I'm so happy.
No. 25997
793 kB, 1600 × 900
627 kB, 1600 × 900
1,0 MB, 1600 × 900
Mad Max is pretty fun in a bydlo kind of way. Looks real nice too.
No. 26002

I only buy ones that don't grow but I want for my salad

Ha ha so what is the reason? Go to forest in moutians 50km with a book only to look at mushroom and say: "yep. It's a mushroom"
It is turbo-assburger mode
No. 26007
>Mushrooms are fascinating organisms. Did you know, for example, that mushrooms have the same physical properties as radio waves? That's right, mushrooms aren't plants, neither they are animals nor dried-out phalluses, they are materialized radio waves. Moreover, mushrooms have conscience, and that conscience is actually stronger than a human conscience. So, when a human consumes a lot of mushrooms, his conscience gets replaced by the conscience of the mushroom. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) used to eat a lot of fly amanita (Amanita muscaria), and his conscience gradually became the conscience of the mushroom. Thus, Lenin was a mushroom. And, at the same time, he was a radio wave.
I swear to fucking god this could literally be a dialogue from a character in Atom RPG I haven't had yet and I literally wouldnt know the difference.
No. 26008
Country that bans kinder eggs because choking hazard and you ask if americans pick mushrooms? Are you crazy? That is what all here would say if you said, today I will pick mushrooms to eat. "Are you crazy? What is wrong with you? Do you want to die???" And so of course, if we want mushrooms we must go through the approved economic channels of purchasing our mushrooms. And if you want to have a drug experience, you just go through your legitimate illegal drug retailer, most frequently found as a random encounter at Phish concerts.
No. 26023
716 kB, 1600 × 900
No. 26024
547 kB, 1341 × 604
99.9% of the time the endless screeching about essjaydubayoos stuff being in vidya is a completely hysterical lie by retards who want their own version of political correctness inflicted on everyone else.

Shadowrun is the 0.1% where it's true.

They're not bad games and I really like those crpgs but that kind of moronic bullshit is partly why I thought Dragonfall was the shittiest out of the three, among many other reasons. I mean to be fair, SR is set in the mid 21st century after all, and in a parallel reality where shit like magic, dragons, elves and all that jazz is real no less. That being stated there is lots and LOTS of that sort of stupid shit in those games. It is literally the only one out of possibly hundreds of games I've tried that legitimately was like that. Harebrained Studios is the only studio that's unabashedly like that at least that I'm aware of. You're talking about the same studio that gave us this pic related

What you're posting is actually incredibly timid and reasonable for them too.
No. 26026
What is the game of your picture?
No. 26030
97 kB, 1600 × 900
119 kB, 1600 × 900
69 kB, 1600 × 900
124 kB, 1600 × 900
>What you're posting is actually incredibly timid and reasonable for them too.
I know, I played through Dragonfall but it took me like 2 years to get through it because it was so tedious and full of clumsy rants about racists, fascists and the current year.
No. 26031
Isn't your PM indian
No. 26032
105 kB, 290 × 270
>Varadkar was born in Dublin and studied medicine at Trinity College Dublin. He spent several years as a non-consultant hospital doctor, eventually qualifying as a general practitioner in 2010. In 2004, he joined Fine Gael and became a member of Fingal County Council and later served as Deputy Mayor. He was elected to Dáil Éireann for the first time in 2007

No he's Irish, born in Ireland (also a doctor)
No. 26037
Battletech. It's one of those kinds of things they did where there wasn't even any point. At least in Shadowrun it's still somewhat topical more often than not.

Ah yes, that. Now I remember the second pic. I cringed hard at that. This isn't even something that would normally bother me. It's just that HBS is so. Fucking. Stupid. about how they hamfistedly do all that kind of shit. OH. And I also just remembered, it literally telling me how it was racist to think trolls are dumb. Even though the fucking entire class has its INT capped well belong everybody else. That was the moment where I actually wondered whether the game itself was supposed to be some sort of a racist parody.

If you're going to make such a stupid point don't do it with fantasy races where the Elves literally ARE smart and good with magic and Trolls literally ARE dumb as a fucking box of rocks. Identity politics is just pure trash all around and there was so much of it in Dragonfall that it pretty much killed the game for me. Oh and then there was that really weird poorly explained shit about the dragon, and how I am supposedly feel sympathy for the stupid thing going psychotic and killing tens of thousands of innocent people and how I shouldn't blame the dragon because it was oppressed or some dumb shit.

Again, I should really point out here I am not a poltard. Poltards annoy me because they are cringey and stupid--on the same level as that entire game.

So whenever I say, yes, Dragonfall was the shittiest fucking game in the entire series, that is a pretty big component of what I'm talking about and why I fucking hated Dragonfall. It wasn't just that Shadowrun Returns was the better game, but or that the writing was better, or that the spooky atmophere matched better, or it was more true to SR itself--oh wait, it's ALL of those things, and the fact that Returns never pulled this stupid shit every goddamn minute.

Seriously they actually somehow managed to turn what was supposed to be a super serious spooky story about spiritual rape into the worst goddamn cringefest imaginable. Seeing those images brings it all back. Right. Because, you see, literally selling your soul to the fucking devil is fine, and we should love retarded Wiccans and demon worshipers, and it wasn't because demon worshiping psychopaths are wrong, but that one guy in particular who spiritually raped her was the bad man. It seriously goes so far out of its way to justify the worst atrocities while at the same time acting all butthurt and indignant about the stupidest shit.

It isn't any one thing. The ENTIRE game is like that from start to finish.

I had a fantastic time with Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun Hong Kong--I did not with Dragonfall. It also makes it way harder to avoid looking at the fact it's pretty much an indie game without a lot of polish and really makes you pay attention more to how mediocre the gameplay is, because that's the only other thing to give you a blessed reprieve like taking a smoke break from a job where someone grinds sand into your eyeballs for 8 hours a day with the cringiest dialogue imaginable.

The worst part is it otherwise had potential but they mangled it so beyond recognition. And not to keep going on this tirade but I guarantee you it was a goddamn tranny behind fucking that all up too. I'm sure the whole team is utterly idiotic more or less but it often felt like there was just one or two really obnoxious fuckheads who somehow managed to get their grubby little hands deeper into the design process which killed the thing.

Do note: Hong Kong basically didn't have this problem at all. I loved Hong Kong. There was next to none of that at all in there and the characters themselves were all interesting and believable, especially my Triads auntie boss. She was fantastic. On top of that it had really great cosmic horror elements.

Oh, and the artwork. Goddamn what a mess. There's nothing quite like someone's otherwise passable art design being in complete and total opposition to the narrative itself, which is bordering on cosmic horror mixed with deep conspiracies and grimy cyberpunk despair, while the character models themselves look like below-Unity shovelware cartoons, and all the while some annoying character just has to spout off on some fucktarded triggered rant about some stupid shit about racism all the while fantastic racism is literally built into the fucking stats as racial caps so you literally can't play a supersmart troll.

Nope maybe I was wrong
Apparently it was this idiotic twat who's been working on everything.

Anyway my advice? For anyone that cares, playing Returns, skip Dragonfall, definitely play Hong Kong even if it's the only one you play. Dragonfall was a cringey incoherent mess.
No. 26042
It's the 2018 Battletech game and aside from poor optimisation, it's actually pretty good. There are balance issues with tonnage but they aren't game ruining. The time period (just prior to 3025) is kino too, even though they messed up some things. It's a period in Battletech where there are a lot more tradeoffs than what you get in later periods. Later periods are fun, but the power level is definitely higher and some powerful modules become more commonplace like pulse lasers and gauss cannons.

The 'They' thing is a complete non-issue. It just goes in the pool where there might otherwise be only 2 options. It may be 'pointless', but tbh the entire character creation aspect was pointless and had virtually no impact on the game. It hurts nobody to implement and might actually be kind of cool to certain people. Problems weren't tbh. And your engineer is a Mooslem, which is terrible even though the Free Worlds League's biggest ethnic groups is Indo-Iranian with Urdu being one of the major languages and has been pretty much since the beginning.
No. 26044 Kontra
*one of the biggest
No. 26046 Kontra
Shit. Poltards ruins the only decent thread left on Ernstchan. Guess it's time to say goodbye then.

Bbbut political agendas in muh games is wrong!!! as long as i don't agree with them
Yes, maybe. But know this, in Sim City 2000 the population was angry at 10% taxes. It was near impossible to get it higher, if that isn't capitalistic right-wing propaganda for children I don't really know.

Don't bother replying.
No. 26051
161 kB, 1024 × 683
>The worst part is it otherwise had potential but they mangled it so beyond recognition. And not to keep going on this tirade but I guarantee you it was a goddamn tranny behind fucking that all up too. I'm sure the whole team is utterly idiotic more or less but it often felt like there was just one or two really obnoxious fuckheads who somehow managed to get their grubby little hands deeper into the design process which killed the thing.
I was laughing at that then I looked them up and had a gawk at their pictures and lo and behold there was a at least one tranny creatura involved (possibly up to 3 of them in fact)

>Do note: Hong Kong basically didn't have this problem at all. I loved Hong Kong. There was next to none of that at all in there and the characters themselves were all interesting and believable, especially my Triads auntie boss. She was fantastic. On top of that it had really great cosmic horror elements.
Yeah Hong Kong has great writing and great characters, Racter is a particularly good character and superbly written. But you're right, Shadowrun Returns and Hong Kong are a delight to read, Dragonfall was a real mess
No. 26056 Kontra
My whole point in that tirade which frankly you're right I shouldn't have even engaged the topic lest poltards mistakenly presume themselves is good company is the fact even I was getting so fed up with it, to the point where at one point I genuinely started to wonder if an unusually clever poltard was doing some parody. Oddly enough this wasnt such a problem with the other two iirc. I have also publicly bitched about people ramming all kinds of retarded views into games which I usually overlook when it's at least done with some artistry. This wasnt true for HBS. Stardock has a similar problem in that for whatever reason it's got ancap crap here and there, which goes well with the devs being so greedy on DLC (mainly I was just annoyed at them removing from the game a classic faction where they were such malicious hypercapitalists where selling their own grandmother into slavery is considered a right of passage in favor of good guy corporatists and having Objectivism as a utopian galactic government. Oddly no galactic Communism if they're going to go with utopian outlandishness.

Mainly I get irritated when someone tries to shoehorn in their own views at expense of lore and doing it sloppily or in such a way it insults the intelligence of the reader/viewer. I dont disagree with you about things like SimCity (though haven't played it) pushing their retarded right wing or Capitalist or whatever propaganda. What I particularly mind is doing it poorly.

This also counts for fantasy things. I absolutely skewered Pillars of Eternity for doing this shit with animancy, where I constantly got the feeling the devs were trying to shoehorn in their particular view on animancy and stand on a soapbox about it in direct contradiction of every single thing that happened in the game. You want the player to get an idea of nuance, of NPCs with agendas and their own organic views, not of devs talking at you. You particularly don't want to add lots of retarded dialogue that directly contradicts basic game mechanics. PoE and Shadowrun both did that. If I can look at the game mechanic and tell NPCs are full of shit but I'm clearly supposed to take what they're saying at face value, it is a problem. Like the gods supposedly not being real. If I get permanent core stat changes from a fantasy god's blessing, that god indisputably exists. If I can't make a troll character with high intelligence, don't tell me it's racist to call trolls retards. And if I'm literally in charge of a centrally planned command economy, don't go on and on about how Communism will never work unless you intend to add some horrible AI bureaucracy like Master of Orion 3.
No. 26060
>If I can't make a troll character with high intelligence, don't tell me it's racist to call trolls retards
I mean, if you're a dick to someone on the basis of their race, which calling someone retarded because they're a troll kind of is, then you're being kind of racist. At best, you're being elitist about intelligence which isn't exactly top bloke award material either.

Also, goblinised humans being discriminated against is a part of Shadowrun lore. Trolls in particular because their appearance is one of the more starkly different from baseline human (and are often very ugly). I mean, it's not as though metahumans were just accepted when the Sixth World kicked off. There were massive race riots and shit when the UCAS constitution was amended to give them equal rights, and that kind of thing doesn't evaporate overnight because of a law change.

You can argue it's poorly written, but it's not as much of an unjustified curveball as you make it sound.
No. 26064
Is something missing? The Guilds Quest are repeating after the second quest. I mean, I only get two quests (switching locations) from the guilds all the time.
Was it like this in the original? I really enjoyed the first hour of the game, but like this I can not be bothered to grind myself up to lvl 10 by doing the same two quests all over again.
I hope I'm missing something here.
No. 26069
No I know that which is why I clearly noted how Shadowrun of all things is not something to make poltarded kinds of arguments about, because not only is it cyberpunk which itself has always been pretty left/anarchist/punk of a genre but on top of that is that particular setting with fantasy elements. Likewise there are a few genres where it's utterly moronic to argue about. Like say for example a Tzimisce wanted to be a tranny. That's literally one of the least alien things a Tzimisce could try to do with themselves after several hundred years. The problem is as I said how it's being done so incredibly poorly, and as regards the game itself I think I was at like the prologue or something where it made some remark about that and then the very next screen is character creation where I literally can't make a super smart troll.

Is it being a dick to call them retards? Certainly. Does this mean that there's not going to be some very stupid elves that the smartest trolls are geniuses compared to? Of course. But HBS had just such shit writing it was fucking amazing to me and like I said it wasn't restricted to politics. It's been awhile so I don't remember too clearly but do specifically recall cringing like all fuck at how badly done your cybergoth companions' rape story was handled, for just one example.

It also personally doesn't make much sense to me and makes me think some really low IQ individuals are the ones doing it when they try and shoehorn contemporary burger tier identity politics into a fantasy game because the races are almost always stereotypes. I mean sure you can play with elven stereotypes but trying to use it as an example for IRL racism is going to be tricky at best and more likely to inadvertently make some point about racism being justifiable because they actually are different. Moreover it often fails to address character quality. Like a troll might be stupid. So what? That doesn't devalue the troll. Goblinized abhumans can make a fantastic part of any team doing a run. The point is their native abilities might be different but they all still have value in spite of or in a game more specifically because of that fact.

But when a game then goes and tries to lecture me about racism for noting trolls literally are dumb abhumans it just looks like someone who's already basically internalized the validity of a racist argument because their core premise is not about character then, but about stats, if that makes any sense. I'm familiar with the lore. I'm just saying HBS handled it spectacularly poorly and that this was really more a symptom of what I saw as overarching poor storytelling and world building in general.

That stupid dragon was another great example. The absolute central core concept to storytelling is "show don't tell" unless you're a very specific type of writer like Lovecraft where the whole point is telling but not showing. Many of these games I've played fundamentally failed that writing & storytelling 101 concept by putting the narrative at odds with what you're being shown. PoE was one of the worst blatant examples of this that I've ever seen, and it then tries to hand wave everything about animancy and the gods with "oh but it was that evil Leaden Key guy's fault" despite the fact you can literally see animancy going wrong throughout history. It creates the uniquely bizarre and irritating feeling of a writing being meta shill. I understand they have teams of writers and not everybody agrees and some people have a pet theory or concept or mechanic or plot device. That does not excuse doing something like baking lore right into the stats and then having narrators authoritatively telling me how what I'm shown is wrong, and acting like it's not an NPCs faggy opinions but the devs themselves.

This reminds me of Ireland's description of Lindy Beige. Basically, these people are like borderline functioning autists. It comes across less as a respectable and professional writer telling you about the world and more like Chrischan suddenly barging into the story to start lecturing you about how unique Sonichu is and how you're a terrible person if you think it's somehow derivative. That's the problem. I can read autistic fanfiction for free if I wanted to subject myself to that. I don't want to sit there and listen to some autistic screeching about how wonderful animancy is despite the fact I just spent well over a hundred hours seeing how terrible it is (again, tell versus show) or being lectured about goblinized abhumans in a really cringey manner that completely contradicts stats. PoE deserved to be ridiculed for that comment about the gods. To reiterate: I have changed stats therefore it exists. Stats are rules of physics for fictional worlds. If the stats do not allow me to make a genius goblinized abhuman, it means they are physically stupid and never can ascend beyond above average intellect. That doesnt justify being a dick to special needs people obviously, but there's something to be said for appreciating who they are and in SR it's the rule of a dumb brute usually.
No. 26086
It is. Thing that each guild have pool of quests. Some quests avalible only to certain level character. And game give you random quest from this pool that may be avalible for your rank and reputation. Problem is that daggerfall unfinished and have very limited pool of quests per faction, so to rise rank you need to repeat same quests over and over. You can see all quests from vanilla and official questpack on UESP.
On unity forums you can find quest and faction mods, which add new factions and quests. There also was request idea of opotional feature to have list of avalible quests where you can choose instead of save-scum. Another feature is that your reputation drops over long time, and if I remember correctly - you can get new rank only certain amount of time. Like you get new rank - then you can get new rank again only after some time, not immideatly when you have enough reputation. But thank god, you get immideatly not next, but rank you deserves. And unlike reputation (which also have sub-reputations with different level of people in evenry kingdom, and different parts of faction), if I remember correctly rank stays the same. I personally achiving higest rank for mages guild and using teleportation service to get around map much faster which is important of cource.
No. 26087
Also to not get bored - switch between different factions a little bit with playing their quests. Often random traders and nobles give random quests.
No. 26088
Good gracious me, I guess I have to play this now.

No. 26092
This game also has several references to the russian arthouse movie Green Elephant, which was extremely popular in 2009-2015. It was probably lost due to translation but if you see some weird dialogues with a lot of swearing, involving excrements and flies - this is it.
No. 26093
continues to bunnyhop through game with >100 new quests installed

t. Hanks
No. 26094
1,4 MB, 1366 × 768
Playing Armored Brigade again. It's a very fun tactical game if you put in the time to learn what units are and how they work. It plays a bit like a Close Combat or Combat Mission but has a roster that adjusts to be accurate to a set time period between 1965 and 1991.

While I'm playing as the UK here, you can have FGR/GDR grudge matches which are kind of ebin depending on the era. Mid-timeline is best. FGR can deploy Leopards as recce elements to get big guns way out front of their main deployment zone, and the GDR can use T-72s when they were still monsters, and their militia is garbage but a nightmare to dig out of built up areas, especially in numbers, so you get to try and clear out towns full of batshit crazy ossis with tanks (because your infantry as FGR isn't great) and that's about as fun as it sounds :-DDD I hope you brought enough tanks to offset your horrendous casualties :-D
No. 26113
23,5 MB, 540 × 360, 3:37
Can I also play with the GDR?
No. 26136
Yes. Main factions are USA, USSR, FGR, GDR, UK, Finland and Poland with the DLC adding Italy and Yugoslavia.

Here is a game video dedicated to the humble Ossi by XTRG (one of the more popular wargaming channels). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfX7YUxJRxs

You have a few maps and you select how big you want the play area to be, and then pick a location on the map to play in. You have Fort Irwin, North German Plain, Fulda Gap, Southeast Finland and with the DLC, Northeast Italy.
No. 26143
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfX7YUxJRxs

This speaker..... why do I have such problems to understand what he is saying?
No. 26152
23,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:17
This bydlo Australian simulator is great fun, games look so damn good these days it's unreal. I must remember the 25mb limit on here next time I make a long webm, I've a few that crept over the 30mb mark
No. 26160
The man does have an accent. There are others, but XTRG tends to be my favourite when covering a game because he goes into autismal detail when doing virtually anything. Big turns of his War in the Pacific PBEM campaign take 5-6 hours to complete for example. That series is also quality entertainment if you're curious about what the deep end of hex autism looks like. Him and The Historical Gamer are doing the WitP grand campaign (December 1941-1945, single day turns, down to individual planes, ships and pilots, and battalions on the ground). It'll take years to complete but it's a great experience to follow along.
No. 26173
1024 kB, 1366 × 768
Also, been playing a scenario as GDR vs FGR. It's pretty fun. Mostly been using 2S1 SPGs to pin the decadent wect in the town while moving motorised infantry into the woods on the northern ridge. I went with BMP-1s for transports and the AT-3 ATGMs have been worth their weight in gold.

Now that their main forces have been ground down a bit on infantry forces, I'm sending in my armour (two platoons of T-54s and one platoon of T-72Ms, to roll in from the south and finish them off. So far, I like my chances. I have numerical superiority (it's the nature of how the points balance works in this mission type) and while they have good ground, they've lost a lot of their heavy lifters, and their only real threat right now is what I suspect is a heavy recoilless rifle in the north which is a static weapon and not a threat.

Once they start redeploying to the south to counter my armoured push, I intend to roll my mobile reserve of a second platoon of mechanised infantry in from the north and catch them off balance.

I don't mind the GDR as a faction really. They don't get as many fancy toys as the USSR but your troops are generally of better quality (within the same tier at least) and hold their own under fire better.
No. 26175 Kontra
1,0 MB, 1366 × 768
Assault is going okay. Lost a tank to an infantry ambush as I started pushing up, and lost a squad of my reserve force in the assault up north but the enemy positions have been irreversibly compromised at this point. I knocked out what I think is the last of their armour (a pair of APCs) and am now just having to use my remaining forces to fight house to house and clear out the town with fire support from the tanks.
No. 26218
I will download it, too.
No. 26242
>Australian simulator
I can confirm that your webm is basically my morning commute.

I think it is on Steam, but you can get steam keys with your Matrix version if you want to. Or just stick with the standalone. If you're willing to wait, they usually have good end of year sales and it should be discounted this year (it was fairly new last time and didn't get discounted).

No. 26244
Ok, might give it a try.

I downloaded it via illegal source, but it was heavily malware infested. And these weren't false positives for sure.
But I installed a other game, I thougt i would be a false positive, now I fucked up my pc.
Will do a inlace-update or new installation today today. Fucking shit.
No. 26245
If you are looking for something to see if you enjoy playing it before taking the dive on the full-priced version, maybe try to arrr a Close Combat game. They play in a very similar way and are fairly popular titles so a decent pirate copy should be easy enough to find. If you find yourself in love with the style of gameplay then I have other recommendations that I could also provide.
No. 26259 Kontra
1,3 MB, 1366 × 768
228 kB, 663 × 667
Doing another urban fight just a bit east of Fulda. The Soviets knocked out my scouts quickly, and some of my APCs got knocked out by their PT-76 elements shortly after disembarking the infantry. Lost a section to the same element plus T-72 supporting fire from long range and light artillery fire. The others managed to knock out the recce elements though and render the enemy blind to the inner town again. Their attempts to cross the open ground have been costly and ineffective, as you can see by all the busted up BTRs. The column to the south was especially bad since they had to push up that single road into the combined fire of two platoons of Chieftain tanks.

I've also been using Abbot SPGs to force enemy units to move out of good positions while moving more supporting infantry up into the town, machine gun teams in the south and ATGM teams in the north. That's based on the information at hand (lots of mechanised forces in the south that have been knocked out, possible infantry survivors while the only tanks I've seen are in the north). Ikept the tanks back. They're not much use in the town itself, and with the slightly elevated ground to the west, they had some okay lines of fire onto the enemy approaches to the East. I also held two platoons of mechanised infantry in reserve for rapid deployment if an area got dicey.

Ended up dominating the battle though in the end. It seems that after the mechanised wave failed, they were going to try and use a T-72 column to try and bust through my front line and let their infantry follow up behind them once it had regrouped up in the hills there. Honestly, it's a good plan but I won before they could put it into action. Essentially you have a health bar made up of however many victory points and each unit lost costs victory points, and holding objectives damages the opponent's victory points over time. The battle ends when someone runs out of VP and the relative levels determine what kind of result it was.

Rate outcome of Fulda Gap 1980.
No. 26262 Kontra
Correction, North of Fulda, East of Lauterbach.
No. 26271
171 kB, 1000 × 743
So I have not been posting much because for some strange reason all my time just keeps evaporating instead of trying games and I've purchased quite a few since then too like Redeemer which apparently is a Russian game, and also Hatred aka two decades late Edgelord as well as Star Ruler 2 but now I keep seeing Star Drive 2 and thinking to get it just because it's cheap. I would've gotten Dustwind except that it wasn't even on sale for that much and because I really distrust the combat system which is you basically click a button to tell your dude weapons free and it is in real time. It even tried to emulate the looks and feel of Fallout Tactics yet for some reason only cargo culted an aesthetic without actually using exactly what made Fallout Tactics so great to begin with which was the combat system. I may try it later.

I also simply bought XCOM2 Tactical Legacy at full price because fuck it why not it's just 8 bux. Soundtrack is amazing and I got a shitton of new maps, playmodes, campaign this is like a full blown expansion and plus I would actually go back and play XCOM EU a lot again if I actually had the weapon sounds for all the old EU gear. This is just a fantastic piece of DLC let me tell you and it's amazingly cheap too, so much so it makes me wonder what the hell happened and why are so many studios so greedy.

Still not quite sure what to make of my lost time though. It feels like I need to keep budgeting my time like how I do with my money, and probably should kill my internet connection.

Hey I'll ask again do any of you Clavs here play on steam? also are you actually pretty poor? Because I sometimes give people cheaper shit

Oh wait that's right I actually did buy Expeditions Conquistador. I think my reasoning is while Vikings actually looked a ton better someone on KC a few years ago was saying how great it was, and it was on sale for pretty cheap (five bux) so I figured I should probably try the cheaper one first instead of grabbing the $12 or whatever it was one only to be disappointed by it.

But then again, I really seriously need to get out of poor person mentality which it should simply be okay so you don't have enough money? Then buy only one or two quality things. Don't spend as much if not more money on tons of low quality cheap crap. This is especially true of video games because while you often can get away with buying shit food and it really doesnt matter that much if you bought store brand generic 99 cent or some fancier $4 a box pasta, but holy shit does it matter with a few key things in life: shoes, cologne, probably cars, and vidya. If you try and cut corners and cheap out on those things all you're going to end up with is garbage that would be better not having gotten it at all. In fact you can automatically tell you was raised a poor person by how they shop like that. I think even if I became an oligarch I'd probably still have these annoying penny pinching cost corner cutting habits. I think certain people and their national stereotypes probably got rooted in this and being a cheapskate is just habits some people kept when they finally had money. Not to digress that much but it always drove me crazy about my parents, how they would buy this cheap piece of shit car that spent more time broken down in the driveway or in the shop than on the road and probably cost them so much money to routinely repair they could've just bought a whole new fucking care instead. Well, and my mother in particular "it was on sale!" NOT IF YOU FUCKING THROW IT OUT YOU DON'T SAVE MONEY TOU IDIOT. I'd probably resent this a lot less had I not been screamed at about not having money as a kid.

Which I've come to realize I'm I'd been starting to do with vidya though I guess at least vidya games don't spoil rot and get thrown out the next day, I can return it if it doesn't work, and by and large these are not impulse buys but all games that I have actually scoped out prior and been waiting on a sale, it's just that I realized most of my wishlist is now only games I'd been watching as opposed to being excited about since I pretty much picked off absolutely everything else over the summer sale and random sales over following months. There's just a few left I think that are pricey and I've wanted and I already managed to pick off just all the last DLC I'd kept wanting to purchase for everything as of yesterday/today because the final one was DLC for GalCiv III which has amazingly gone on sale for once in the last like three years.

Otherwise tbh it just seems like a ton of the stuff I've really been waiting for is either new and at full price or hasn't even come out yet, and holy shit dude is there a ton of good stuff in the pipes.

I'm still waiting to hear more on Baldur's Gate 3, Wasteland 3, and VTMB 2. Also Scorn, Industries of Titan, Othercide, Beautiful Desolation, The Sinking City are among the numerous games not even coming out until late this year at the earliest and all of which I've been pretty stoked about, plus Age of Wonders Planetfall which I haven't gotten yet because well I'm cheap and there's no point buying another 4x game when I've not even had time to play what I already have. You'll notice I didn't mention Cyberpunk 2077. That is because firstly I'm never going to be able to run that game on my machine, and second eh I just never boarded that hype train. It looks great but I know nothing of the 2077 universe and don't yet know how good itll be or not. Well not that I can probably play VTMB2 either anyway.

I will tell you this right now though Ernst, the minute WL3 comes out I'm buying it at full price on release. I haven't even done that since XCOM2.
No. 26272
Tbh, 2077 is a weird setting. It makes more sense to me now that Cyberpunk Red has tied up the connections, but I can't help but notice that the later era is weaksauce. It isn't the chrome and neon of the Roaring 2020s, and it isn't the post-boom, post-war cyberpunk of 2045, complete with largely nationalised megacorps with nothing to lose and a big chip on their shoulder about being reined in. 2077 is just looking like a bland cyberpunk based on modern aesthetics. I feel like they could just call it LA instead of Night City and you would barely notice the difference. The game could be fun, and it'll be good for the paper game's sales but the 2077 setting hasn't struck me as having a real identity of its own yet.
No. 26276 Kontra
Should probably note, cheap shit and shit that is cheap isn't the same thing. Star Ruler 2 was still not so cheap and it is probably going to be crap. Final Tactics was super cheap on sale and still worth the full $10. Conquistador I don't know if it's going to be cheap or cheap shit but wanted to test it before considering Vikings.

Honestly I just dont know much of anything about that setting, so if I were to play the game that would end up coloring my entire perception of the game's universe for good or ill. What's the lore? There was a war in the 2040s?

Also idk if anyone knows but how is Star Wars TOR? I never ended up downloading it because I hate registration and because I didnt like the idea of a Disney MMMORPG. It also looked cartoonish, like Disney just wants to keep shilling their absolutely fucking terrible CGI cartoon as hard as they can.
No. 26297
Here is Wasteland 3 trailer. They also did major ipdate to bard's tale trilogy remaster and remastering now wasteland. Althought I'am not very interesting in all this - at first because my internet now very slow on vacation and I can't see video and also judging on how they done bard's tale 4 I feel kind of sceptical abut this company. They also was with wasteland 2 one of the first who used idea of releasing "pre-alpha" as early acces on full price without even any regiinal prices. Also from what I seen I didn't liked bard's tale remaster because they made for 2d graphics just small simple lift of old 16 and 32 color sprites and for overworld they done new modern 3d models which hurting my feel of consisten style.
No. 26300

>Also idk if anyone knows but how is Star Wars TOR? I never ended up downloading it because I hate registration and because I didnt like the idea of a Disney MMMORPG. It also looked cartoonish, like Disney just wants to keep shilling their absolutely fucking terrible CGI cartoon as hard as they can.
It was done before disney and still in the "old universe". They continue fucked it up making old republic be like prequels and everything terrible from kotor games there now even more terrible. But if you don't give a fuck about Expanded Universe it's fine as game I guess.
No. 26313
I'm playing Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey again. Amazing game with lots of detail, but goddamn is it frustrating and is the save system fucked.
No. 26317
178 kB, 797 × 555
Maybe but probably not. You might find it harder to play CP2020 (the original RPG) since it's full-blown 80s cyberpunk which was part of the charm of playing it even today. That said, the game isn't updated anymore and the new version Cyberpunk Red is coming out in te near future and is in my opinion the better system, even if I kind of hope they release a 2020 sourcebook.

There were 4 Corporate Wars in the lore, and the 4th one in the 2020s (just after the original game) was the one that really changed the game, and ended with serious changes to the world's political situation. Large numbers of Corporate assets were nationalised, a low-yield nuke was detonated in downtown Night City etc.

So 2045 is largely recovered but with two differences. First is that where things are still fucked, they're still fucked. Some parts of cities are still ruined and full of unexploded ordnance and bullet holes. Secondly, the corporations are no longer de-facto governments but have become much smaller and much more desperate, and in fact more dangerous because of that desperation. Instead, the big bads are essentially government wetwork teams, with the corporations become small-but-extra-feisty bads. The aesthetic here is a mix between the old and the new. You can definitely see the old Cyberpunk 2020 in its art but the setting is also updated to be less retro since I guess it's easier to take seriously when the futuristic design isn't based on the future of 1988.
No. 26324
That image looks seriously cool, though.
No. 26325
Yeah, that's Cyberpunk Red. I hope that the previews of 2077 are misleading and they manage to keep some of the anachronisms in there (like the fact that the dude has to carry around a workstation-sized cyberdeck to jack into the Net :-DDD).
No. 26372
These spoiled ass deckers these days man. When I was a kid we had to lug not just our whole PC tower but also a CRT monitor both ways if we wanted to have a LAN party.
No. 26384
23,9 MB, 1024 × 576, 3:20
World of CYKA BLYAD is calling me back, how to resist?
No. 26385
start breathing with your nose
No. 26389
142 kB, 600 × 1040
>how to resist?
No. 26396
3,2 MB, 1215 × 1752
274 kB, 786 × 1024
In capital-c Cyberpunk, you can actually make a run using a CRT setup so long as you have the cybermodem. It's just got less latency to act in first person since your brain's signals make the actions happen instead of having to send it to your fingers to hit keys which then send the information on to make things happen.

But really, that's kind of what makes the setting so ebin, despite being outdated. The bulky gear that's all chromed out because if you can't hide it, then make a flashy statement with it, right? The mobile phones the size of house bricks, the rad as hell fashion and hair. The way that being an anti-authority punk rocker is codified as the Rockerboy class (essentially the bard). It's cool as shit.

It also did a UK supplement which was just 'fine' if you ask me personally, but considering that the UK is the birthplace of punk, it's a criminally underused setting. I'd have preferred that they played with the East End some more instead of making it flooded and largely abandoned for example, and maybe played up the totally-not-Thatcher bits a little more too. There were some great aesthetics though, the yard especially is ebin. I'll post some pics in the other thread later.
No. 26426
Do they even use CYKA BLYAD on European servers? I thought it would be more like KURWA JA PIERDOLE all over the place. For a short time that I played on the European server, I had an impression that the majority of players were Poles, Czechs and Germans, and occasional Frenchies sometimes.
No. 26437
36 kB, 477 × 459
2,7 MB, 1280 × 1002
Yeah it's mostly SIEMA KURWA PSH QRWAAA. The poles are basically bots in WoT, if you have XVM installed you can see the flag of each player and the Poles will nearly always be dead within 3-4 minutes of the match starting
No. 26455
130 kB, 780 × 780
69 kB, 540 × 540
>Poles will nearly always be dead within 3-4 minutes of the match starting

Poles will never change.
No. 26471
281 kB, 1024 × 768
Battlefleet Gothic Armada series is on sale on steam and at least BF:GA2 is having a free weekend until the 26th. I started downloading it right now just to see if my old ass computer can even handle it, which I somehow doubt since I only meet the minimum requirements on everything except graphics card. If 2 doesnt work I'm probably not even bothering with the first one because I long stopped caring about the usual Ork/Eldar/Human base game and DLC shitfest that just about every other 40K does.

Also, is Dying Light any good?
No. 26472
This is a good thing though. We are thinning the herd. Soon only the strongest, toughest, smartest poles will have been left alive to breed for generations. Poland will become the strongest race in the world and eventually ally with the Jews against Chinese and Koreans in the 2nd Sino-Judepshki hyperwar.
No. 26473
doublefine released a nice jump'n'slash'n'run

No. 26476
>installing and trying to play Gothic Armada 2 on an external HDD through a USB plug because I ran out of space on both drives
>USB might not even be 3.0 I have no idea
>game spent over five minutes in anticheat load screen, finally says security violation and told me to exit in error screen
I am somehow sensing I may have made a mistake with this
No. 26478
It's not on sale, but Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock also exists if you're looking for a space naval tactics game. It's a bit older and might be more workable for you. It's pretty well supported too, it's got a new expansion that's just come out recently. I've heard good things, and I'll probably pick it up during the next Matrix sale. Dunno how low end the rest of your computer is exactly but these are its recommended spec

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

2.0GHz or higher


1GB NVIDIA Geforce 460/ATI Radeon HD 5770 or better

Version 11

Sound Card
DirectX compatible

8739 MB available space

Broadband Internet connection for multiplayer
No. 26479
No no that's not the problem and I have little to no interest in Battlestar Galactica game which I may have removed from my wishlist already. I also have Star Hammer already too, and Final Tactics which itself is awesome but it's not the genre I'm after. I don't even give a fuck about Battlefleet Gothic Armada 1.

But it's not hardware reqs I'm talking about. I specifically and only wanted to try out BFGA2. Problem isn't any of that it's that I installed the game on a separate external hard drive in a new directory that connects with USB, not directly by cable to motherboard, and an HDD no less. What I'm saying is this is already a huge game with apparently some anticheat bullshit just to get it to run which itself won't even load. I'm beginning to suspect I have to reinstall the fucking thing directly on my C drive just to get it to boot past whatever the fuck its problem is and even if I do get it to boot I'm fully expecting that data transfer to be so slow and so shit that it'll fuck up even if I had really great hardware.

Tl;dr problem is probably data transfer rate on HDD through USB on top of anti cheat probably getting bitchy about my really weird install directory/pathway
No. 26480
No. 26481
No. 26483
812 kB, 1600 × 900
730 kB, 1600 × 900
708 kB, 1600 × 900
The Space Ents are my favourite race for sure, but they really fucked up the game with Supremacy and Penumbra expansions. If you just have the base game + vaulters it's a better experience.

Penumbra especially is absolutely ass, but amplitude have a long habit of making good games then shit tier DLC. Was it ever explained why fish-lady has absolutely massive jiggly tits btw?
No. 26485
Keep an eye out on Steam for Slitherine Group titles. BSG is one of them but just in general don't buy them on Steam. If you buy direct, you get a copy with the only DRM being a CD key, and you get the steam key anyway. You'd probably enjoy some parts of their catalog. It's dominated by games for wargame autists but they do have some good 4x games for those into that kind of thing. I recommend Distant Worlds Universe in particular, but it's a step below Aurora in terms of complexity so if you're just looking for Civ/Amplitude-tier games, it's not your cup of tea.
t. unpaid Slitherine shill
No. 26486
114 kB, 1427 × 892
But that's Aurora. Especially when C# Aurora drops. It's not finished yet, but the old version is spectacular, even if VB6 means it's slow as shit to run turns by the end of the early game. C# version fixes those issues and in fact lets Steve add more shit while still making the game run faster. Checkmate neurotypicals.

No. 26488
8,3 MB, 640 × 360, 1:57
Same studio has just announced a new 4x gaming coming out too. Really they're just masters at creating great content I mean just look at this. Now that is how you announce a new vidya game in style.
No. 26493
21,1 MB, 1920 × 1080, 1:22
876 kB, 825 × 1330
53 kB, 640 × 430
>but amplitude have a long habit of making good games then shit tier DLC. Was it ever explained why fish-lady has absolutely massive jiggly tits btw?

I like it especially how they explain the races and their way of living, their was of shipbuilding.
In contrast to other games, likes Stellaris, which is imho a poor game, in Endless every of the major races has a own game mechanic, which is explained.
In Stellaris, you don't know how the races reproduce, how the build their ships, if they move or only grow branches like the older Unfallen, what is their idea of dieing, how the races was created and so on.
In Endless Space this is explained and often leads to own game mechanics.
In Endless Space you have the feeling of being in living Universe and not just in PC-games.

Regarding the the Lumeris: They are not a fish-race, but an amphibious race. Like humankind, who never lost the amphibious abilities -like we did.
Also fish-races are supposed to have large breast, just think of the all the mermaid races.
Moreover I think that the Lumeris are also inspired by the Jabba the Hut from the Star Wars universe.

Needless to say, that I would bang the bigbreasted female boss of one of the Lumeris families
No. 26506
Eh honestly though that was just a questionable design choice on their part. I forgive it largely because Amplitide is so good at everything else. I do however find it unfortunate how rather than exploring the alieness of each of these very alien races, they all get portrayed as humanly as possible. Personally I think the Lumeris representative being what it is was an incredibly flawed and poorly thought out design choice, and somehow ends up making them one of the least interesting races. But then again, I know how many bydlo seem to think and want something "relatable" or use emotional thinking or something like that. Problem is I think they really went overboard on Lumeris and made her too human even by that measure, so I never even think I'm dealing with a translated alien race representative.
No. 26509
So I got Battlfeet Gothic Armada 2 to run by just installing directly to C drive but I still have to run at lowest settings, and it doesn't look terribly good. I am actually now ironically enough considering Battlefleet Gothic Armada again, since the gameplay looks easier to deal with too and I like the galaxy map better. I think that mainly I was only interested in 2 because it had like 4 campaigns for interesting races including Necrons and Tyranids and that the base game had every faction. I'm not sure if the gameplay has caught my attention enough to justify a game that clearly is right at the edge of my benchmark where I can still run games if I go with lowest settings and make everything look like crap.
No. 26512
BFGA 1 is okay. It's kind of buggy and you can tell it was a test-run for BFGA 2 though. If it's on sale for peanuts, then go for it but if you're paying full price then other games exist that are just better.
No. 26516
Nah it's on sale for $7.50
I don't drink so that already frees up tons of money. I'm glad I don't. I'm not even talking about things like lost wages, health, court fees, friendship drama or whatever else stupid shit can happen because of drinking. I don't even mean the amount of money I was losing on alcohol alone even. A few years ago I broke two pairs of headphones over the summer because I was drunk. That's an extra fifty dollars I blew that I didnt have to over the course of two to three months purely by alcohol. I could've bought two AAA games on sale with that money. I couldve bought a new AAA release at full price like Age of Wonders Planetfall with that money, and I'd still have those games today.

Then you factor in beer, and beer ain't cheap so even if you only drink a twelve pack over every weekend that's still at minimum one good game you're losing out on every single weekend.

And that is why it doesn't cause me as much financial pain to routinely buy games on sale. Because my beer budget for this weekend could get blown on Dying Light instead if I felt like it.

As for BFGA1 it's a third of the cost of 2 and even though I only really wanted 2 now I'm looking at it and the controls and UI and realizing even if I buy it I'm never going to be able to fully enjoy 2 on this rig, and the galaxy strategic map and UI of 1 just looks better to me but that's probably just because I'm oldschool enough that the BFG2 map subtly bothers me whereas in 1 it reminds me more of like Starcraft and Master of Orion.

I'm getting old and cranky.
No. 26522
608 kB, 1600 × 900
Yeah I seen't it the other day, it's a great trailer but I dunno what a hobo in an orbiting capsule has to do with a Civ-like game. I'm sure we'll find out though.
>I like it especially how they explain the races and their way of living, their was of shipbuilding.
In contrast to other games
Yeah each races' unique ship designs are pretty well fleshed out, like you can tell the artists at amplitude do have a lot of talent. The Unfallen especially are like nothing else I've seen in a space game but they're probably the most aesthetic of all races.
>Personally I think the Lumeris representative being what it is was an incredibly flawed and poorly thought out design choice
me too tbh because I've never seen any other Lumeris look like her
>somehow ends up making them one of the least interesting races
game mechanics wise I'd agree with you but they do have some neat tricks with all the money they can make, also their ships seem to have a lot of versatility. They're basically Ferengi mk2
No. 26530
I mean somehow she makes them seem even more bland and devoid of personality as a species.

As for the trailer you know I was wondering about that and how many people might not pick up on it. He's clearly a Neanderthal. I think that what they're going for is playing any of hundreds of cultures throughout history and developing them in unique combinations from cross pollinating, a very obvious example being prehistory interactions of humans and Neanderthals. I don't know if they're gonna do that but it would actually be pretty neat in a game to get to play a world where the Neanderthals won instead and most Neandthal cultures had small amounts of Sapiens DNA. Apparently Humankind was Amplitude's dream project all along and they were just using Endless Legend and Endless Space to learn the ropes of making a good 4X to even be attempting it, which makes me curious: if the best 4x game ever made was just their training wheels then what on earth is their actual dream project going to look like?
No. 26544
450 kB, 1600 × 900
745 kB, 1600 × 900
651 kB, 1600 × 900
Finished Shadowrun: Hong Kong, was pretty good, took me 45 hours to beat it which is a long enough time. Had plenty of bugs along the way and the 2nd-to-last mission was bullshit. Apart from that solid enough. I spent most of the game trying to fuck Gobbett but the game wouldn't let me.

>if the best 4x game ever made was just their training wheels then what on earth is their actual dream project going to look like?
it's dangerous to have your expectations so high Ernst. Amplitude are a great studio but they also fuck up on the regular
No. 26557
> but they also fuck up on the regular

Where did they fuck up?
Imho they haven't fucked up so far. Almost everything they made, was great.
No. 26583
>Es1 disharmony expansion
it was a pretty poor expansion, I much preferred the base game. They especially turned invasions into a load of extra work
>Es2 Supremacy
They fucked up the balance of the game, made Behemoths mandatory and never added an ability to scrap or sell of Behemoths, they only patched out the ability of your allies to waste your systems with obliterators last week. Then they nerfed the Hissho 2 or 3 times until they are useless to play as (you can only have 2 systems now with Hissho before expansion discontent begins to kick off)
>Es2 Penumbra
Honestly the worst DLC I've ever bought for any game, and the first time I actually disabled a game's DLC in my 12+ years of using steam. Every turn you have to enter h4x0r mode and draw little fucking lines around the place to ''HACK'' enemy systems and you basically get fuck all as a reward, unless you add 3+ hours onto your game by doing that every single turn
No. 26584
301 kB, 1059 × 1500
So Dying Light, is it worth it? I think at this rate I'm just going to start saving up a ton of Halloween themed games for mid to late October. Also apparently it's not even hardware intense for how fabulous it looks.

Well to be fair they did actually at least once, which was the Supremacy DLC for Endless Space 2 which iirc got patched later to turn super weapons off.

The problem with it was rather than actually building a new class of ships for each race which imho was much needed, they just lazily added these gargantuan ships that all had the exact same look and were pretty much all a bunch of Death Stars with sniper scopes.

You can fire a system destroying projectile from the stupid fucking things, which moreover is stupid because previously the only actual way you could destroy a planet was with Core Crackers which were a spinal mounted weapon on your dreadnoughts and which took a full 8 turns to charge up and then use, which was often kind of stupid because not only dreadnoughts themselves just one of them can usually dominate its sector of the galaxy for awhile and is obscenely expensive to build, but in 8 turns you can easily just take the planet by invasion or bomb it to oblivion anyway. The thing making that so much stupider is the fact that while you can raze the planet rather than occupying it that will take some number of turns during which time you have to keep enemy fleets from retaking it while you holocaust the planet back into its base state, and for some strange reason razing planets causes you a huge drop in galaxy wide morale for everyone except autocracies whereas simply blowing it up your citizens seem oddly fine with. So in other words, there's literally no reason to ever use or build the things except to permanently destroy a system one planet at a time to keep rivals from colonizing it again after razing it.

Then comes in these dumb superweapons where iirc it also doesn't hit your morale to use and which completely obliterates a whole system at a time, thus making the entire game ultimately revolve around those massive ships and trying to use one to fire or defend against interstellar death beams or one massive doom ship instead of a doom stack.
No. 26586
Hacking is pretty great, but they overstate its importance. If the notification that you were ignoring it every turn didn't exist, it'd be a lot better because you frankly don't need it every turn. I only really use it to give planets the Caprica treatment, for which it's actually a godsend.
No. 26588
786 kB, 2000 × 3678
>Good gracious me, I guess I have to play this now
You definitely should. I finished it a while ago, and though it does definitely have it's fair share of flaws and isn't for everyone, I urge everyone to give it a shot.
Alternatively, the remaster of the original is also great, especially if you have older hardware, and I feel like Mandalore did a better job with the review as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeK36g92zjo
Though it might spoil a bit too much, it's best to go in mostly blind, except for maybe a few pointers in terms of mechanics since they aren't well explained in the original. There's a great guide for that on Steam though: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=545401841
No. 26592
169 kB, 1280 × 720
I saw this recently and thought it looked ebin. Send help.



Welcome to Crab Fight.
A new 3D action game where you take control of a crab, and fight off other giant enemy crabs.

In this far-off world,
These crabs were granted ultimate strength and intelligence from the generous gods. Using their newfound strength and wit, they armed themselves with human weapons of the finest calibur, and took control of the lands. Immortal beings of unrelenting horror, they cannot be killed with swords or even guns.

However, there is only one principle fact that rules these lands; “Those who are flipped onto their shells, shall be cooked into a crab cake, or mouth-watering rangoon.”

Yes,yes...Crabs who have embarrassingly been flipped over onto their shells will have no choice but to submit to the pot.

You are a crab. Aiming to be the best around, you embark on a world tour to flip as many crabs as possible.
No. 26636
10,0 MB, 1600 × 900, 0:42
This fucking game man, I need to take a shit every 60 minutes when I play it because my ass is permanently puckered
No. 26637
5,5 MB, 640 × 480, 0:53
Why aren't you fighting?
Why are you escaping?
You ain't Tyson -the fearless- Fury, bro.
No. 26638
I have a revolver, nothing else
No. 26641
What a weak old beta. People at his age have grandchildren, and the old cuck is still trying to prove himself lifting and failing.
No. 26642
He’s 31 years old and a successful athlete. You’re some schizo shitposting on an obscure spin-off of a defunct German imageboard
No. 26643
Pathetic. He looks 53 and he lifts 110 kg. The world record is what? 440kg? His legs are skinny and disgusting. He looks like a 57 year old Prema-virgin. The guy should seriously consider suicide, he's a failure.

>successful athlete
It's like running a marathon in 8 hours.
No. 26644
570 kB, 747 × 900
104 kB, 1200 × 630
110 kB, 615 × 892
60 kB, 636 × 382
>Pathetic. He looks 53 and he lifts 110 kg. The world record is what? 440kg? His legs are skinny and disgusting. He looks like a 57 year old Prema-virgin. The guy should seriously consider suicide, he's a failure.

lel, thanks for providing the sentences a really triggered cabbageloser would provide. :DD
Successful people and/or prodigies simply trigger the losers who are eaten up with envy. Always.

He is a boxer, not a weight lifter. WC of deadlift ist btw 500kg with normal bar and with elefantbar 505kg.
He is a boxing legend, as there is hardly another boxer who has boxing so much in his blood than him. And hardly another one, who can win fights with comparable less training and such bad habits, Tyson have had for many years. Like partying hard etc.

PS: If your English had been better, you would have heard that he is lifting 220kg and not 110kg.
No. 26645 Kontra
220 burger units is 110 kg.
No. 26648
7,8 MB, 272 × 480, 1:46
It's kg. Just watch the weights. Count the plates. Or listen carefully. Or read. Furys' are counting in kg.


>Fury has also been following a rigorous programme of lifting weights. "With the size of him, we're talking deadlifting and heavy compound lifts have been very large numbers," Blacklock said. "In kilos, it's deadlifting around 250kg.

No. 26651
90 kB, 643 × 690
>pic 2
What the fuck am i seeing? This is probably the most soulless stare I've ever seen.
No. 26653
331 kB, 2047 × 1211
Looks like the AI interpretation of a face
No. 26655
78 kB, 473 × 672
No. 26661
How in the world could you look at the load on that bar and think they meant 220 lbs rather than 220 kg? Have you ever been inside a gym?
No. 26662
881 kB, 720 × 720, 0:06
might not be human
No. 26664
Once I got the flamethrower the ayyliums felt more like nuisances than threats.
No. 26680
Well that's not very realistic or canonical. Aren't these things supposed to be virtually impervious to the vacuum of space and wild temperatures? Unless we're just going to write of Alien 3 where the thing got an entire industrial load of molten lava dumped on it and somehow survived that.
No. 26683
It frightens it off but the more you use it the less the alien fears it, so if you rely heavily on it eventually the alien will just ravage you regardless. Sames with hiding spaces, if you hide in lockers constantly the alien will start to search lockers, if you hide in the vents constantly they Alien will start crawling around in the vents more often etc.
No. 26709
Nah if it was plumbum he can survive this with his "skin". He also survived in space in 1 untill he get fried by escape shuttle engines. And maybe survived after that but then he just float into emptiness of space inable to get back.
No. 26717
He seems like a nice bloke but my god that is terrible form. I’m surprised anyone lets him do that dreadful catback lift.
No. 26722
*molten lead
I have no idea why it says lava https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZFydcYiOtQ
No. 26726
I want to play octopath traveler but I don’t want to pay for a switch. Hmm. Maybe I’ll buy the handheld-only switch when it comes out.
No. 26727 Kontra
You can play it on PC though, it's on Steam. But there's no crack so far if that's what you're looking far.
No. 26773
24,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:52
11,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:13
Mad Max is fun as fuck. That is all.
No. 26774
Oh dear sweet God I just counted them and I seriously just bought almost 50 games the last couple months and that's not counting small like 15 minute cheap indie feeling games like Sparkle Evo 3, Game of Life, Lux Delux, Navalny etc. That's also not counting the half a dozen games I bought shittons of DLC for.

Problem is my conundrum now is I have so much less free time but more money which reminds me of that conundrum of being young and healthy but poor and unable to do anything with it, and then sacrificing it to get a lot of money but being too old and decrepit to fully enjoy your money.
No. 26782
>I have so much less free time but more money
I actually noticed that having a full-time job helps preventing gaming impotence quite a bit. If you don't play as much as you can, you don't burn out so fast. I, for example, play only for a couple of hours each weekday and have fourteen-hour marathons on weekends, so I don't get tired of games as much as if I'd play fourteen-sixteen hours every day. The difference between playing moderately and playing extensively becomes apparent when I am on vacation: I actually get so sick of games that I'm starting to want to go back to work :-DDDDD. But yeah, having some money can induce thoughts like "OMG I CAN BUY SO MUCH SHIT NOW", and you end up wasting them, so controlling your urges is necessary. I buy maybe three or four games a year, but I try to play living hell outta them instead.
No. 26871
125 kB, 1000 × 563
175 kB, 912 × 513
298 kB, 1500 × 843
506 kB, 2560 × 1440
So I finished Ion Miaden Fury and I was not dissapointed - I actually got what I expected. Kind of. It is well crafted and professionaly polished game - it has no any "indie game stink" like for example, dusk had. Grat art and high level of quality of overall style, very detailed and well constructed levels which use modern computers compabilities to have more stuff on it - so it kind of what Duke Nukem 3d developers dreamed of when with sad faces cut level detalisation and background seeing how much it damage FPS.
Plot, characters and atmosphere trying to mimic ones from Duke3d/shadow warrior/Blood with charismatic protagonist going against army of thing. This time it is cyborg army of evil doctor who regularry show up and saying nasty things and kind of "generic evil scentist" but it works fine.
Weapons and Enemy sets works reasonably well - they managed to make proper classic-fps style bestiary of monsters and some memorable and fun to use weapons for it's certain niches. Interactivity is what you can expect from Build engine game (it is eDuke32 technically but still) - pushing things, get fun commentary, searching obscure secrets in interesting locations. Game have reasonable amount of variaty - top levels of cyberpunk-y city, city streets, sewers and factories, open ground areas and mansion. However it is wierd how some parts - like open ground with threes and Mansion stuff used like only once in game, where like 85% is kind of same closed city/technical labyrinths which make game at end kind of repeative in thrms of style. It have a lot of epin memorable places, but it should have more - open ones espessialy.
Open demo verson levels parts more or less integrated into main game, however I feel that not all of them. Overall demo had much more solid build-engine game experience and progression in mine opinon, even thought it was already no level based but continius game with zones. Final game progression-wize more like Half-life/Quake 2 thing and shure does it feels like it. It is not secret they they inspired some levels ideas from half life, like on a rails level. It also have certain places where influence of games like Star Wars Dark forces is more than obvious.
Overall I can recommend it - from all hell lot of indie stuff in style of "retro-shooter" game like Strafe, Dusk, Amid Evil, and thar other shitty one wolfenstein 3d-style with pseudo retro console graphics - this one is da best, have msot quality into it and had many stuff done right in therms of what made classic awesome, also being actuall studio-made quality product, exept some minor weak sports like start and ending "comic" which feels cheap and dissapoiting, and probably boss-helicopter. You can really try and demo, and final.
Wrath Aeon of Ruin going to be nice too, I feel, but hope they also do more content - like addons and new "episodes" for Ion Fury too.
Screenshots are random from google, I was too lazy to capture really nice places and stuff. Maybe when I'll play it another time.
No. 26873
1,0 MB, 1920 × 1080
385 kB, 1920 × 1080
Also screenshot of mansion and funny refference. Game is obviously full lot of different reffecrences, but I'd not say it is something that overshadow game itself - it is solid thing buy itself, even without jokes, parodies and influence. I'd say you can pretty much play it even if you never played any Build engine game
No. 26905
62 kB, 736 × 558
It looks so good and polished, I mean for the age of the engine it looks amazing. I'm wondering did the drama that surrounds it mean it'll be a commercial success or failure? I hope it's a success I'd like a few oldschool games like this to be made again. Imagine what could be done with the fallout 2 engine if you made a game in it today.
No. 26906
Well this game get DRAMA from a start. 3D Realms list their rights on Bombshell - game on which this one is based on (same as Duke 3d based on well, previous Duke Nukem games). Then during development Iron Maiden lawyers sue 3D Realms and 1C publisher - this case was absoluetly idiotic, since well, Iron Maiden is actual thing, not only musical band and there other game exists - Powerslave which litteraly based on Iron Maiden album and nobody cares, but 1C now not that big company, same as 3D realms and they just change name of game or they be buncrupt before this case ended.
And then after release this case with SJWs - which triggered at some stuff, because well, they trigger and hate everything. So same as usual publishers go to APOLOGIZE stuff, but when seeing their main audience don't support censurship and see SJW in hell, they decided well, fuck it we not going to do it. Accidentaly or not, game made a lot of noise in information space even beyound it's target audience.

Well, it based on heavely modified sourceport eDuke32. It is obviosly have more advantages and features.

3D Realms and 1C also making Quake 1/Hexen 2/Arcane Dimensions inspired game

I think after some sucsessfull "indie" attempts we get time for actual studio made retro-FPS games with better level of quality, gameplay and style. I'am not liked previous indie retro-FPS games because they was full of "indie-jank" and was mediacore at best, but this - while I described it is not absolute Build Engine games re-creation, it is nice, good looking and polished commertial product made by people who like their job. And I belive that WRATH: Aeon of Ruin will be more than decent too.

>fallout 2
This engine by technical standarts was total crap lol and I don't know who own rights for it nowdays, and aslo there no known sourceport attemp from mine knowlege that was finished. There was some fan games made on Fallout engine tho https://youtu.be/RTgTPJ7LFpw

There also ongoing attempt to re-created based on design documents and leaked tech-demo orginal Fallout 3 "van Buren" on unity engine http://www.nma-fallout.com/threads/project-van-buren-unity3d.216092/
No. 26918

Dying Light

Hit or miss? I'm just trying to figure out if I should spend a few extra dollars to get full enhanced edition pack right before I pull the trigger or not. Main reason is, I don't yet trust that this game is going to even run well as the ED or The Following DLC which would make it a waste of money, especially if I end up not liking the game itself
No. 26927
4,2 MB, 1600 × 900, 0:16
I didn't realise it was by those guys who made Dead Island, I loved that game. Bunch of my friends recommended DL but I dunno how well you can play it singleplayer or how that works.

Deserts of Kharak is on sale
No. 26928
223 kB, 800 × 600
Going to try Half-Life WON version with software rendering. Oh my, here we go
No. 26929
1,0 MB, 1366 × 728
1,2 MB, 1364 × 726
1,5 MB, 1366 × 726
Bought the Desert Storm expansion for CMANO. First mission is daunting, and I'm not really in the frame of mind right now. It's not a combat mission but rather a logistical one of moving air forces from across Europe and the United States into positions in the Middle East in preparation for the invasion. Believe it or not, it's actually quite the task to get that many airframes moving in coordination, especially when you're going to be needing to set up tanker flights en route so that your other planes can actually get to the end zone.

That said, if anyone wanted to get into CMANO, I'd point them to Northern Inferno. It's cheaper than the full game and is one of the most intense campaigns around really. I don't want to spoil the ending but you are fighting various battles in World War III and you can see the world going to shit and the fighting getting more desperate each time you go to a new mission. It's brilliant, but has something of a learning curve too. You will need to watch tutorials to understand some of the theory of acoustic warfare because it's a massive part of the game and having a rough idea of how the thermocline works in regards to hunting subs or avoiding detection is pretty important.
No. 26934
317 kB, 750 × 715
Do you think the differences between western and Japanese RPGs tell us anything meaningful about what these civilizations value and how they are structured?
No. 26937
I think that has as much to do with the weird alienated modern Capitalist Japan as anything else. There's definitely more social emphasis in Eastern culture whereas in the West it's an incredibly egoistic culture but I think the overall sense of specifically Japanese alienation is mainly the more urban work work work corporate culture.
No. 26941
>Techland Sp. z o.o. is a Polish video game developer and publisher founde
What the hell every single time!
No. 26968
>3D Realms and 1C also making Quake 1/Hexen 2/Arcane Dimensions inspired game
wow that looks amazing, what a time to be alive when they're making 20 year old looking games again and they look better than modern indieshit or low-effort modern shooters
>Olympus 2207
was that ever finished? It looks pretty good
No. 26999
739 kB, 1600 × 838
1,2 MB, 1600 × 838
932 kB, 1600 × 838
that feel when I miss playing WoT with my buddies, it was some good times but they all quit (and probably rightly so it's a shit game). Still, I miss it.
No. 27008
>Olympus 2207
What is this and why haven't I heard of it by now? It actually seems to be a potentially really noice Fallout clone but it's mostly in Russian on youtube and I cant find anything about it really on Steam. Well except this small community.
No. 27074
278 kB, 1280 × 960
344 kB, 800 × 600
24,7 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:12
I don't know how to describe simplified clones of 80s CRPGs with attached below mediacore visual novel and "anime style". Maybe that japanise people very conservative and they after WW2 using west and absolute teamplate for ther culture, but because they view world differently, this culture transforms into something wierd. It's like west projected in "false mirror".

Dunno. same as "fallout of Nevada" or how it called - I sadly not followed projects much.

This is not commertcial game, but standalone game made as mode for Fallout 2.

It is interesting to play pre-steam Half-Life, on much older version of goldsource, with this Sierra Logos, classic menus and loading screens and in 800x600 with software render. Needed to correct some options in videocard to display it in correct aspect ratio. Some physics aspects are immideatly feels quite different. Reason why I'am playing WON version because if I remember correctly, after-Steam versions have some minor problems on software render - instead of displaying textures as is, it kind of "filter" them but not apply smooth or something. Not that it will be visible - espessialy in 800x600 but I want go full pedant, kind of playing the absolute opposite of Steam version on hardware acceleration+HD pack. For some reason kids re-discovered HL1 recently, since youtube full of videos that "funny dubbed with HL1 sound effects", so well, maybe if you searching reason to play this game, here you go.
No. 27092
120 kB, 1242 × 808
I remember I once killed 13 enemies and was very close to killing the 14th one and winning the whole match, but my relatives entered the room and started to bother me for some petty reason although I asked them to fuck off and told that it's a very important moment. I missed the last and most important shot and lost the match. I felt such a strong bitterness after this, even people during the match said that it was a great fight anyway. More than 5 years have passed but I can't forget this. The most memorable moment in all my games, I singlehandedly BTFO half of the team and I could fucking win there if it were not for my family
No. 27095
I know this feel. It is a petty, childish feel, but oh man I know this feel. Like could you all just please fuck the hell off for five fucking minutes Jesus.
No. 27096
16 kB, 240 × 200
Feels are known, been there a few times myself (but not at 13 kills) and then some stupid family shit happens and I'm like REEEEeeeeeeee
No. 27097
725 kB, 1600 × 900
742 kB, 1600 × 900
>pic 1
muh car at the start of the game with the stock V6
>pic 2
muh car now, with the fully upgraded V8 and car-seeking panzerfausts and sheeiit
No. 27122
242 kB, 1920 × 1080
233 kB, 1920 × 1080
566 kB, 1920 × 1080
224 kB, 1920 × 1080
So, I've been playing Fallout: New Vegas lately. Well, I've actually completed it, and, despite my dislike for modern Fallout games, I kinda liked it, but it turned out that you cannot continue the game after the last battle, so I couldn't play the DLCs. I had to load the save and postpone the Second Battle for Hoover Dam for a while.

Here's my impressions on DLCs in the order I've been completing them:

Lonesome Road - a very boring DLC with a very uninteresting "villain" who talks to you with a deep menacing villainous voice about his revenge and how he's gonna build a new nation. Its gameplay is also nothing special: it just throws loads and loads of enemies at you, mostly ghouls and silly looking monsters called tunnelers (their annoying tendency to spawn in big packs from different places reminded me of a failure of an add-on for AVP2 called Primal Hunt; it was that add-on that showed me that having fuckhuge heaps of enemies attacking you can easily turn a pretty good action game into a tedious chore), with several deathclaws here and there. The gimmick of blowing up warheads isn't really worth talking about, and the DLC is also very linear, which doesn't add any points either. Well, at least I got a cool duster out of this.

Honest Hearts - this DLC I liked the least. It's about a conflict between three tribes: one is lead by a belligerent and vengeful religious guy butthurt about Caesar, the second is lead by another religious guy who wants to avoid the conflict, and the third just kills and cannibalizes everyone. The whole DLC is just a bunch of fetch/kill quests, and it is also very short. The environment looks kinda nice, since it's not the Mojave desert anymore, but sometimes it just feels cartoonish. The only thing I liked about this DLC is the .45 pistol and its unique variant, A Light Shining in the Darkness; Colt M1911 which it is based upon is easily one of the sexiest and badassest handguns ever made.

Old World Blues - now this one was really good. If you ignore some Big Bang Theory tier jokes, it's a fun DLC with interesting quests and characters. It looks great and it's fun to explore, and there are some sweet new items to find. It's more lighthearted than both the other DLCs and the base game (even the removal of your organs is played for humor), so the edgelords won't like it, but I'm all up for lightheartedness, so it was right up my alley. Where else can you chat with a light switch or a toaster?

Dead Money - my favorite of all DLCs. They went for something completely different with it, so it feels more like survival horror/adventure than an action RPG. There are new obstacles like the Cloud which slowly eats your health, or speakers and radios which blow you up instantly if you stay in their reach for too long. The enemies are more difficult to kill, and some are unkillable in conventional ways. Moreover, you are stripped of all your equipment, so you have to make do with crappy Police pistol and 9mm pistol for a while before other guns like shotguns, laser pistols and automatic rifles (based upon a muthafuckin' BAR) appear. The characters are interesting, too: a super mutant with a split personality, an Old World celebrity turned ghoul (he reminds me of Gary Golden from VtMB quite a bit) and a mute lesbian Brotherhood Scribe out for revenge. The only downside of this DLC is that there isn't much new powerful equipment aside from the aforementioned automatic rifle.
No. 27137
Funny that I have opposite thoughts about addons. Uillis or how this black dude was called story had build up in main game and addons, it's also connected to backstory of our protagonist, it have robot companion and actually awesome atmosphere of compleatly destroyed and devastated place and remined bme Fallout 3 The Pitt a bit.
Dead Money meh, it reminded me about Bethesda's Attempt at making FPS in Fallout 3 - Operation Ancoridge and it was meh besides attempt to make something with Brotherhood Outcasts but it was not too much and all "simulation part" is very meh. Also, original Van Buren concept for Done was better.
Old Wolrld Blues - I didn't like at all. At first it's not created anything - all of this based on cut content from Fallout 2 and Van Buren, but unlike original plans in NV it was made as silly as possible. It is like Portal 2 game with "science jokes" on maximum silly level. There more sillines that damage universe more than some retcons. Espessialy I didn't liked the ending with "smart things" describing events on 500 years in future. Whole this addon should be in category of "wild wasteland memes". Fallout 3 Mozerthship Zets which did similar things of adding some funny science fiction stuff did it much better - at least this ayyliens feels less silly than premesis, plot and content of this mod.
Honest Hearts I probably liked the most. Not only it based on some unused stuff from Van Buren it also related to main game and characters. Overall map of addon is interesting, and have very cool places like survivalist cave with awesome log. This also feels more like base game of openworld action-RPG, rather than trying to make some linear game, survival horror or FPS which always in such games end mediacore at best.
No. 27141
Does anyone want or need a free copy of The Witcher who hasn't played it yet?
No. 27151
>robot companion
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention ED-E, he was really cool. Manly tears have been shed when I had to sacrifice him in order to prevent the rockets' launch.

>atmosphere of compleatly destroyed and devastated place
That atmosphere was killed for me by the constant action. It was always like, "Oh, you're done fighting Marked Ones? Here are some fucking tunnelers for ya! Finished? Hoped for a breather? Tough luck, sucker, get some more robots and deathclaws!" I dislike the shooting in modern Fallout games, it feels awkward to me and I usually abuse the living hell outta VATS, so I get tired of it fast. I also wasn't very impressed with the delivery (the rusted and decrepit children's playground found somewhere in the beginning of the base game brings the same message, but much more concisely than endless ruins of the Divide) and the aesthetics (NieR: Automata depicts the similar dead world, but somehow manages to be stunningly beautiful) of the environment.

>Dead Money
It was more of an adventure instead of FPS, and that's why I liked it. It concentrated more on the usage of skills and stealth, and I always welcome when RPGs utilize more non-combat solutions to problems. In fact, if there is a thing that I like in modern Fallouts more than in older ones is the reworking of skills. Older games had skills that were only marginally useful (Gambling, Barter, Outdoorsman), very niche and situational (Doctor, Repair, Science) or totally useless (First Aid). Modern games do away with useless skills and incorporate niche skills into crafting and dialogues, and Dead Money had some more uses for them.

>maximum silly level
Heh, you're like the Colonel from Monty Python. To each his own, I guess. Personally. I don't really mind the silliness at all. I believe I already ranted quite a lot about many a modern games (including even indieshit) taking themselves way too seriously, possibly in an attempt to invoke the "high art" feeling or something, so I won't do it again. I just don't think that being silly makes a work worse, neither does being serious make it better.

>feels more like base game of openworld action-RPG
Unfortunately it had the common problem of open-world games: there's just nothing to do. While the base game had enough interesting sidequests, the quests in Honest Hearts are lacking. This, coupled with the fact that I didn't find either the story or characters in this DLC very engaging (if the rest of Van Buren was supposed to be like that, maybe it's for the best it got cancelled...) made it my least favorite. A shame, because it has very nice visuals and got some potential.
No. 27192 Kontra
I already have a free copy, but thanks mate :3
No. 27207
351 kB, 1920 × 1080
115 kB, 1280 × 720
3,6 MB, 1600 × 1200
182 kB, 1200 × 800
Well just in case anyone wants to the horror! actually give me some random stranger on the internet their steam account number this week I'll be buying you a free copy of The Witcher, just because it's only like $1.24 or something. I intermittently give out games to people on my steam if it's extremely low priced and I know that they're poor/have a shorter steam library (like less than 100 games especially). Obviously cabbagetards need not apply.

Actually can I even gift games to people who I don't know or does it have to be friends list?

Regardless, the entire Witcher franchise made by superior P-O-L-I-S-H minds on the devs is slashed this week to steep discount. I also picked up Dying Light this week which is made by Techland which is also based in P-O-L-A-N-D in case you didn't know.

I would also highly recommend both Hard West and Darkwood for this month as it is nearly autumn and both are highly seasonally appropriate good games for reasonable prices even if not on sale. You should also check out Phantom Doctrine, which is basically XCOM set in the Cold War by the same developers as Hard West, which Hard West I don't even like Westerns mind you but it just captures the atmosphere and story telling of the West so superbly it's amazing, as well as the extraordinary degree to which Darkwood is on the nose for your spoopy New England on an Autumn night experience. As for Dying Light, it is actually a fantastic game so far even by AAA standards but without the bullshit (I think it actually is a triple A game) made by the same people who did Dead Island, in case you were interested.

For those of you trying to remain fashionable in season, start planning on your winter wear now with Frostpunk. It is set in a dying cold world and very much steampunk Victorian England chic as a tough building management simulator for a city. Developed by same team who did This War of Mine, it is very good, and while you're at it, pick up This War of Mine as well. Sit there in the cold, go on a diet, and suffer with your people in pretend Serbia as the winter hits and you desperately try and get enough firewood from busted furniture not to freeze to death.

Also on the fall fashionable videogame catalogue, I would mildly recommend Hatred. Is it a good game? Yes, and its aesthetic is one of the sleekest I've ever seen. In spite of--or perhaps because of--how edgelord the game is, it's quite fun and easily playable game experience to blow off steam Postal style in a game that seems not to even take itself too seriously for the edginess. Have some laughs, blow up police cars, be prepared for gaming this autumn!
No. 27218
338 kB, 1920 × 1080
So the new old World of Warcraft is out.
Due to queues I've been abusing my work time hours to level up :DDDDDDDD
Though I just like exploring virtual world but not level up constantly. It's more charming I guess.
No. 27225
742 kB, 1920 × 1080
656 kB, 1920 × 1080
779 kB, 1920 × 1080
586 kB, 1920 × 1080

Holy fuck, my body is ready. Time to dump a bunch more hours into CMANO for one last big hoorah I guess. Maybe I'll pick up the Command: Live scenarios and play through them since I never got around to it.
No. 27265
>Manly tears have been shed when I had to sacrifice him in order to prevent the rockets' launch.
I usualy go for NCR (since Legion is kind of unfinished) so I bomb legion positions lol. Never tried to bomb NCR ones even thought it allow to visit some location beyond main map but well, maybe next time.
>NieR: Automata depicts the similar dead world, but somehow manages to be stunningly beautiful
Main "heroine" ruins all attempts at making it looking serious. When I played fighting for me was not that an isshure, however I'd liked if it was little, but openworld, rather than linear path.
>Modern games do away with useless skills and incorporate niche skills into crafting and dialogues, and Dead Money had some more uses for them.
I'd not count comperasing of "fallout 1-2 vs. fallout New Vegas" as general comperacing between abstract "old and new" tbh.
>I don't really mind the silliness at all. Fallout universe in times of Fallout 3-NV had potential background which can be threated seriously. I really sad that Adamavich's work on creating this world was wasted in some minor places in F3 and in major places in FNV, where it go full-retard level even beyound Fallout 2. Rockets of ghulls, this addon which felt like shitty futurama - is not something I want from this games.
>Unfortunately it had the common problem of open-world games: there's just nothing to do. While the base game had enough interesting sidequests, the quests in Honest Hearts are lacking. This, coupled with the fact that I didn't find either the story or characters in this DLC very engaging (if the rest of Van Buren was supposed to be like that, maybe it's for the best it got cancelled...) made it my least favorite. A shame, because it has very nice visuals and got some potential.
There was enough content for such tiny "world" - it honestely felt like actual expansion to the game, reather than some experiment when developers trying to do some linear adventure - kind of like Bloodmoon for Morrowind or shivering isles for oblivion. It'd be better if it had more, but well, it is typical expansion with it's limits and I can't ask more. A story-quest with multiple endings, minor locations and open world - if only all NV addons was like here. Well, Old World Blues more free to explore but it's wacky content don't get me feel of "part of main game.".
>if the rest of Van Buren was supposed to be like that, maybe it's for the best it got cancelled...
Van Buren wasw completly different game, which by feel, by direction and by plots gone compleatly opposite rout to what bethesda's Fallout 3 taked. And while I consider failed, but decent attempt in Fallout 3, I still think Van Buren concept is interesting.

Here you can find something interesting:
https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Environmental_Protection_Agency - Environmental Protection Agency, cut location from Fallout 2. It contains level full of mutated plants with nature-plant experiment gone full wild, holograms, scientists which become flying brains, Brave Little Toaster with ultra-IQ etc., so baisicly Old World Blues and this Vault with Plants was baised on this location. Fallout 2 restoration path make this location back, it was almost finished and was not only because lack of time.
https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Van_Buren - from this page you can find different links to design documents and separate articles to get an idea what Van Buren wanted to be and what amount of ideas was re-used in NV, and compare them how they was and how they ended.

Don't see reason go back to vanilla. Lich King addon remains untouched almost all vanilla content but make overall game experience better. BK and WotLK itself was meh, but going on 3.3.5a in vanilla game world is probably best WoW experience you can get. Also paying for game and then monthly fee for WoW vanilla in 2019? No, thanks.
No. 27269
Tbh I kept hearing almost universally how freaking amazing Nioh supposedly was but I never even wish listed it because I couldn't tell if it wasnt just a bunch if Jap shit being spammed by retarded weebs because they had some new waifu. Which is a damn shame tbh. I specifically ignored that game solely because I couldn't tell if it was liked so much only for the same reasons as people watching anime. I saw that it was Japanese and saw the main character and then gave it a hard pass.
No. 27270
4 was great. 5 and 6 were made in Russia and are complete bs, don't play it pls.
No. 27271
I hear that game overall okay, and world too, but inserting as main focus point of game "my new waifu~~~~" - like guy who desighned it said he made her as something maximum "sexual" or something like that. It's pathetic I think and if they even tried in atmosphere, such thing will obviosly ruin it for everyone exept "weaboos"
No. 27272
516 kB, 1600 × 838
577 kB, 1600 × 900
493 kB, 1600 × 838
Finished Mad Max, now playing Heat Signature and Luftrausers.

>I usualy go for NCR (since Legion is kind of unfinished) so I bomb legion positions lol. Never tried to bomb NCR ones even thought it allow to visit some location beyond main map but well, maybe next time.
I always went for NCR since playing F1 and F2 I know where the NCR came from and its history, but ideologically I'd prefer house since he's the man with a plan and has the technology to launch shit into space and such.
Did you not get the ebin armour in Honest Hearts? the iconic desert ranger armour is in one of the caves behind a bunch of traps
Same, the game looked like weeb fap-bait from the get go
No. 27274
136 kB, 880 × 703
152 kB, 1280 × 720
459 kB, 1600 × 1200
Fucking game studios I swear on me mum
Why do they do this? Why do they always do this shit of insisting on using such easily circumvented broken as shit DRM that basically in order to play my own damn game I'm just going to have to pirate it anyway? This is exactly when I stopped buying music because I had to go all h4xx0rz and use a DRM stripper program just to make my own music files playable on my MP3 player. That was the point I stopped buying shit from Apple and to this day I still have dozens of songs I can't even get to fucking work because of that.

Now I find out I'm going to have to suffer if I want to play Patrician IV because apparently Kalypso had the brilliant idea of forcing you to use their shitty ass launcher and online registration for a single player game and it's one use only activation, which means if you try using it on a different computer you're shit out of luck. The forums are coated with people complaining about how it keeps telling them their CD key is already in use...by themselves. Welp there's about tree fiddy I ain't gonna be spending.

Anyway so how are these games? uh oh I just realized something
these are Kalypso
this is the Kalypso sale

Shit I better double check on these things. I was super stoked all day yesterday and today but instead got depressed and angry because reasonstoxic fucking people I want nothing to do with anymore who only drag me down and make every otherwise happy day into a completely fucking miserable one and now am worried Mechanicus will fuck me with some launcher bullshit. Gotta check that...

Anyway so how's about The Guild 2, South Park games, and Dungeons III? I'm also already completely dead set on picking up Warhammer 40K Mechanicus which was on like my top five on my wishlist for the summer sale giveaways.
No. 27281
You mean NieR. Nioh is a Souls-like about the Irish samurai.

Jap developers make games with Jap audiences in mind, and NieR is not an exception, that's why they made two pretty girls and a pretty boy main characters. I wouldn't say that 2B was the "main focus" of the game, more like weebs and fat Japanese otakus made her so, kinda like the faggotry around Touhou: despite that the girls originally hail from a series of hard-as-nails shmups, a lot of Touhou fans don't really care about the games themselves and only in it for the moe; hell, some probably never even heard about the games at all. The main focus of NieR is plot (heh-heh-heh), which is breddy gud, actually, but for me the appeal was in the beauty of the dead world itself, and I mentioned it because of that. Lonesome Road depicted a dead world too, but it was ugly in a plain, boring way, so it didn't impress me at all.

>desert ranger armour
My build was mostly about light armor, and it was a condition of the playthrough of sorts (I make conditions for myself sometimes, like "don't use some class(es) of armor or weapons", "use only specific class of armor or weapons" etc. I find it enjoyable for some reason). Besides, I like the looks of Lonesome Road dusters more.

>ideologically I'd prefer house
Completed the game with his ending. Was pretty fun to troll General Oliver at the end (36.5% possibility of suicide, but fuck him, he's a dipshit anyways). House seems the most reasonable choice out of the three main factions, despite he's an aynrandian "no step on snek" kinda guy, because Legion are just a bunch of fascists, and NCR is well on its way to become a barely functional and totally corrupted bureaucracy. I also don't feel very bad about the Brotherhood of Steel, although the wiping out of the Kings was sad.
No. 27282
Picked up the Command Live scenarios. Will play them after I finish moving over the weekend as a reward. If they're even half as fun as Sakura Blue, then it'll be money very well spent.
No. 27286 Kontra
Fresh info says that C:MO is planned to have compatibility with C:MANO scenarios and DLC. That is super fucking classy considering that the base game is AU$120-ish not including the DLC, so there are significant investments in product that would otherwise be obsolescent. Respect, WarfareSims. Not many developers are doing shit like that. Hell, not many ever did in the past neither.

There's also a new beta for Armored Brigade that changes unit stacking rules. Haven't tried it yet but it looks great. It will make fighting a lot more interesting in my opinion, and make ambushes far more lethal due to being able to concentrate more firepower (and targets) in a smaller area.
No. 27295
805 kB, 1920 × 1200
971 kB, 1559 × 954
1,7 MB, 384 × 384, 0:05
>Besides, I like the looks of Lonesome Road dusters more.
b-but the Desert Ranger armour is one of the most iconic sets of armour in any vidya, ever. Also did you know, Arcade's enclave tesla power armour you can get from his quest is not considered power armour and is actually a medium armour.

>I also don't feel very bad about the Brotherhood of Steel, although the wiping out of the Kings was sad.
I usually install a mod that lets me bypass those parts, again probably from nostalgia of playing Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics. The brotherhood aren't very well portrayed in NV and the kings really don't deserve it. House should have you wipe out the boomers instead to be honest.
No. 27300
>Desert Ranger armour is one of the most iconic sets of armour
Never been much into fashion, or "iconic" outfits, or whatnot. I prefer to wear things that I like the look of myself. Everybody and their aunt wears Giant Armor? Don't care, I'm wearing Havel's one. With Giant Leggings, Smough's Gauntlets and Gough's Helm.

>House should have you wipe out the boomers instead to be honest.
Actually, not killing Boomers makes sense from House's point of view. They mostly keep to themselves, they are useful allies with all that heavy ordnance and motherfucking Superfortress, and they may prove quite difficult to destroy. The Kings, on the other hand, live right in the House's model city, they are a nuisance and they cannot do much against upgraded Securitrons.
No. 27326
How on earth are they a nuisance to anyone? This is why I chose the best option: me. Because if there's one thing that became clear to me as I descended the path of jaded cynicism from traveling and getting involved in the wasteland, it is that everybody is fucking incompetent, fascist, or downright psychotically evil and doesn't have a fucking clue how to run things or know how to truly be a benevolent ruler. Each and every last one of them was a shit option so I chose the last actually decent, sensible option and in fact it would've been highly indecent of me to have chose anything else for the Vegas area once I actually had that power and responsibility of doing so, so I chose not to be an irresponsible dickhead and seized the power for my own. As such I can actively choose not to kill anybody except the part of Caesar's legion and various junkies and bandits that is totally unreformable, and in fact what I should have done is taken a decorated NCR general and held him hostage if NCR wouldnt agree to some sort of alliance or truce with me. By then just about everybody had no problem with me.

Except for the Brotherhood. I exterminated them. Fuck that. Can I say I feel sorry for them? No but I probably should. To be honest I didn't even expect it to go like it did I pretty much just went with what came naturally to me which also apparently happened to be exactly what you were supposed to do which is set the self destruct and hack the systems to turn on everyone inside the bunker so they're either too distracted, too pinned down, or too dead to do anything about it as I flee the bunker.

I know there's some companion who's supposedly from there? That evil part of me wants to go back and tell her, yes they're all dead. Yes I'm sure of it.
...I made sure of it.
No. 27388
I "invested" 300 hours in this game and made it a challenge to have a playthrough with the very best output for every community.
And you are right. To do so, you have to install Yes Man, while the second best outcome seems to be Mr. House.