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No. 2542
67 kB, 500 × 500
79 kB, 768 × 573
Are there any shows from your childhood where you think they deserve more attention today?
Like reruns on TV or something like that.
No. 2543
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_G.e.e.K.e.R. this doesn't look at all like I remember it though

This was awesome



And this

I think things like Inspector Gadget, Animaniacs, Gumby etc are all pretty well known and remembered. Also Talespin.
No. 2548
Best mecha-anime and it was made in America
Part of the "Eek! The cat", but for me its the best part
>life with louie
Don't know how he did it, but it is probably the only american family-show which feels organic and real even here.
No. 2552
>The Terrible Thunderlizards
Heh, I liked Bill from that show. It's also amusing that in the dub his catch-phrase "When does the hurting stop?" turned into "When does the suffering stop?".
No. 2561
>Celebrity Deathmatch

I wonder what else is there from that period I don't rememeber.

I just read on wikipedia that there have been fights especially produced for MTV Germany.
No. 2566
Well both your pic related stuff is things I DON'T want see anymore. And second get sequel with thins kids who a little bit more adult.
No. 2575
This is the best show I remember that I never see any discussion on:

>I wonder what else is there from that period I don't rememeber.

Me too. I spent my whole childhood watching cartoons, but it takes a thread like this to remind me of most of them.
No. 2588
>Life with Louie

Out of all the American tv shows you wouldn't think this could be exported but I remember seeing it on a lot as a kid. It wasn't funny at all but even at that age I recognised it being very comfy.
No. 2602
>Out of all the American tv shows you wouldn't think this could be exported
Why? I remember like we saw exactly the story that is happened to me and to my father there.
No. 2604
7 kB, 233 × 216
Happy Tree Friends is still running today i guess.
The Simpson is an other
No. 2605
>And second get sequel with thins kids who a little bit more adult.

But it sucks and has nothing to do with the original
No. 2607
>Happy Tree Friends is still running today
It is?
Pretty sociopathic show IMO.
No. 2610
I just watched some Happy Tree Friends and it reminds me of Ren and Stimpy, which is also still on the air.
I wish they still played the old Superfriends from the 1980's. It didn't have the action or art of superhero cartoons from the 2000's, but it was a comfy show. Boomerang had it in the rotation about 5-10 years ago, and I loved it. I have the DVD collection, but watching them that way is not the same.
No. 2611
497 kB, 1400 × 1500
>I have the DVD collection, but watching them that way is not the same

I found the whole pic related show on DVD a while ago for close to nothing, it's nice to watch a episode whenever you want.
I never saw the final episode before, nice that i can do that now.
No. 2612
>Happy Tree Friends is still running today i guess

Well it seem so, but only 13 seasons since 1999. Not a big fan tbh but I remember how we like to shock each other with that 'crazy' show
No. 2614
93 kB, 400 × 563
No. 2615
201 kB, 1024 × 512
No. 2619
Looks comfy.
Is it puppet animation?
No. 2620

Nope, bodies are costumes and heads are animatronic.
The production was actually pretty advanced for it's time.

No. 2622
It's really interesting so see how they made that work.

No. 2625
Face emotions are radio controlled?
No. 2628
Pretty cool seeing the behind the scenes stuff. It looks like everything was padded. They must have fallen over a LOT.
No. 2629
I'm not really sure but the guy in the suit had to communicate with a microphone and speakers in the head with a guy who controlled the facial expressions.
How the signals came to the head is unclear to me but i can't really see any cables leaving the body and they seem to be able to walk around freely so it's most likely via radio signals.

Here is something about the heads and the movement.

No. 2632
Looks very heartwarming. I think I'll watch it someday, thanks!
No. 2634
>I think I'll watch it someday

You should, it's great.
No. 2668
Holy shit, I've never thought about how they made this stuff. Kind of a mind=blown moment for me to see how much effort went into it.

I wanted to re-watch them for their content for some time now because I remember some themes that I did not recognize as a child but will definitely have been social criticism (eg. throwing the grandma off a volcano because that's what's traditionally done so it must be the right thing). Seeing that video now made me download all four seasons and the extras. Tonight will be cozy time :3
No. 2671
Nostalgia is the longing for a glorified past. It's a feeling opposed to change and progress. Thus, nostalgia is structurally racist and you are racists. KYS, fucking nazi scum.
No. 2678
Worng. Nostaliga today is the longing for future promise that out times don't have. Well a glorious past but a past that had a future.
No. 2681 Kontra
most leftists are pretty nostalgic too btw.

t. leftist
No. 2684
First 10 Simpsons seasons > Alles.

Many say first six, but I actually like Mirkin.
Al Jean is a satanic lizard.
No. 2686
996 kB, 500 × 333, 0:01
686 kB, 980 × 676
No. 3366
115 kB, 1024 × 768
I liked it
No. 3373
Me too, but in retrospect it was pretty shitty.
No. 3381
Did you euros really grow up watching American cartoons? Speaking of which I recently discovered the Dark Eye which is some German version of a DnD like game. It's actually pretty awesome. Also has a vaguely Arabic flavor in its games.

See, this is what I actually liked about the internet and KC, was discovering new interesting things from different peoples around the world.
No. 3390
Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck, Alladin... You name them.
No. 3391
Yeah I and my mom love duck tales (classic ones of cource), tale spin, chip'n'dale rescure rangers, much soul.
When was a kid seen a lot Man in Black, classic Tom and Jerry and tons of other shit. Basicly my childhood was 50% of soviet catoons and 40% of american and 10% of other.
And well american animation is probably most giant production if we not count asian shit.

Honestely I hate nicalodean and you know that nicolodean-tier stuff from other companies that screams "WORST FROM AMERICAN 90S"! Ran and Steampy, or how it was, real monsters, that kid cartoon from op, spongebob - you know that with "adult" humor, nasty things, often style that try to recreate shitty drawing.
No. 3394
Drawn Together was had a creative humor but it was cancelled because it was too edgy.
No. 3395
>Ran and Steampy
There's this one Russian on here I also see in vidya threads whose runglish is so C&A I almost wonder if he goes out of his way to do it on purpose. I have also discovered Russians pronouncing the word "guppy" is extremely adorable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhDUXnk65EQ
This is audiophile tier pleasing
No. 3396
303 kB, 640 × 480
>Courage the Cowardly Dog
The Tower of Dr. Zalost was and still is my favorite episode. I saw it a few years ago on Boomerang and it was just as mesmerizing.
Classic Tom and Jerry is the most universal cartoon ever conceived. I particularly enjoy the oldest episodes, where Tom is less anthropomorphized and still looks and moves like a cat.
No. 3397
473 kB, 960 × 1440
I was a teen allready, but Invader Zim was underrated from a commercial point of view.
No. 3398
>Did you euros really grow up watching American cartoons?

There aren't many good German productions for children/teenagers so most TV stations just import British, American and Japanese shows.
No. 3400
*chinese you mean.
Childs shows like Heidi and Pinocchio have been chinese afaik
No. 3403
2,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
I liked this geeman one

What adorable in "гуппи"? I know that it need to be "гаппи" but if words was adopted by russian language from english before revolution they most probably have broken transcription.

Yeah I like that in tom and jerry there are violence, but this cartoon is not rude like for example looney toons most times. It is just action without words that be understandable by anyone. Great and simple concept.
No. 3404
omg I remember seeing this
No. 3405
Ha, they sold merch in Russia.
No. 3407
Official merch or abibas tier merch?
No. 3408
26 kB, 500 × 200
140 kB, 630 × 630
517 kB, 1033 × 1280
When I was kid, I had notebook with characters from this cartoon. I tried to re-draw them and sometimes I did not that bad. It was time when I decided that I want be and artist.

Tbh a lot european cartoons and some stuff like that I watched on channel that called "Culture" it was (and is but nowdays I bet it totally different) channel where they nost times talk about theathres, classic music, musems, classic movies, literature - all that kind of crap. Also at night hours they broadcasted Euronews channel for some reason :--DD In addition in mid day they showed cartoons - it was 3 option what cartoons they showed:
1.Soviet classics - nothing much to add, Nu pogodi, soviet Vinnie the pooh, Adventures of Lolo the Penguin, 50s different "forest tales" and based on fantasy pushkin tales, "scandinavian tales" series, Chippolino, soviet jungle book - all that high quality stuff I can recomend to anyone.
2.Soviet obscure - soviet experemental and art-house tier stuff with cheap things. That ugly "red heat" cartoon, ПОТЕЦ, "карусель" episodic series, azerbajan cartoons, some other stuff that can broke your mind.
3.European and other non-american animation - there I discovered for yourself such masterpice as Redwall, there they showed Simsala Grimm, Around the World with Willy Fog, cartoon about inventions and inventors that I sadly not remember name and other stuff. Animation there much cheaper than in american ones or top-tier soviet, but hell, how many soul there was and how it was enjoyable for little kid. I really recommend you show this to your kid or littlw brother if you want him/her grow up as good person.

Also there was such channel as DTV... to describe it - all evening he showed such things as MacGyver, Knight Rider, Chuck Norris and Van Damm movies/tv series, american funniest video from late 80s to mid 90s, b-movies like American Cyborg, Brox Warriors, Chopping Mall, also more quality movies from era such as terminator 1, escape from New York, the Thing, spaceballs (that I seen much before Space Oddisey or Star Wars lol). While watching it you may feel like you are in 1989 in USA, really. However at morning with yet again siviet catoons they also showed soviet block european cartoons - such as Rex, Bolek i Lolek, Vuk, Krtek, (now this is some EC tier) etc. They was awesome, short sweet and fun.

Another channel was local city one called "Blitz". Ah that times when you can show any movies without thinking about copyrights because nobody cared about russia... mine pre-school to early school childhood of Aliens, Terminator 2, Independence Day, usa 90s Godzilla etc. From cartoons they showed 1987 ninja turtles, gummy bears, some episodes of Duck Tales, Woody woodpecker (never liked that one - it was annoying and rude), mask cartoon (not one g.i.joe clone but that one based in jim kerry movie) and some stuff like that. They had not a lot episodes - like 10-15 of each and showed them alwags in totally random order but when you little kid - you not care much.

And yet another channel was СТС - they showed ghostbusters cartoon (newer one), man in black, 90s spider man, x-man, alladin, little mirmade, timon and pumbaa, chip'n'dale and so on (and funny that I watched tv series - I discovered that they based on disney animated movies way way after and seen actually them when I was adult, some of then I not seen even now). But often cartoon block was interupted or replaced by local broadcast channel tv-21 with their tele-market and shit like that and I totally hated them.

Now you know mine childhood
No. 3410
Dunno, that was food.
No. 3411
You mean grimm one? Not only food, also notebok and pencils and stuff like that
No. 3413
40 kB, 450 × 300
>That ugly "red heat"
Wow, I remember being a big fan of this. I can add "spy passions"(soviet bond parody) and "the ... Job"(the Italian job parody). Pretty sure you can find both on YouTube with translation, highly recommend.
No. 3416
22 kB, 300 × 225
Nowadays there are 24 hour channels with nothing but animation, but I used to have to hunt down those 1 or two hour blocks where I could find cartoons. Of course the after school time slot was the easy one. I remember Fox played one block of shows, and there was a competing network that played another lineup at the same time. What a waste. There were no DVRs then. I had to pick one or the other. Besides that 3-5 timeslot if I wanted cartoons I had to know where to look.
Just like you I wound up watching channels that played random old movies and 1980's reruns, because for a half hour I could find The Jetsons or something. I still remember The Flintstones played back to back at noon on a Canadian channel, probably CBC but I could be wrong. And there was some random UHF channel that played Battle of the Planets. This led to seeing a lot of commercials for shows I had no interest in. Like the programming director thought they would draw me in with Ghostbusters and then I would stick around for Mamas Family. Nope. I would just tune-in, watch, and then move on to the next place I knew cartoons were airing. And every time there was a lineup change I would have to learn the schedule all over again.
No. 3417
1,6 MB, 3264 × 1836
>spy passions"(soviet bond parody) and "the ... Job"(the Italian job parody).
It more early, I talk about 80s-90s late and post ussr (but yeah captian pronin was quite fun :D)
Like that https://youtu.be/ekJ7Z-A4w4I

>brave starr
Yeah! I never seen it properly but oppening was totally awesome! What I done is this sketch because I found thirty-thirty very sexy guy :З
No. 3419 Kontra

absolutely loved the the tripods, the title music alone gave me goosebumps. there were a couple episodes missing/never got aired in the german dub so i was super glad when i found the complete english series in the internet.
No. 3421
Feels cheap. What this about?
No. 3424
When I skipped thru that video I had to think of Mystic Knights.

I wonder if it even was a big thing. I didn't like it tho.
The German intro has the better music, maybe its just nostalgia

No. 3427
Oh yes this CGI effects! This is like late 90s might and magic games! Feels ultra cheap but I going to watch it, epin!
No. 3428
>Eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf, strength of the bear, speed of the puma
You're right. Bravestarr has the best opening. Qubo used to play that one as part of their overnight animation block. I checked the date and couldnt believe it was back in 2011. I seem to lose entire years somehow. Anyway, 1980's cartoons at 2 a.m. were very comfy.
Soild work. I used to draw GI Joe characters, but now do mostly superheroes.
No. 3433 Kontra
Solid. My proofreading needs improvement.
No. 3434
2,0 MB, 3264 × 1836
Most epin part of oppening for me was PLANET NEW TEXAS and that spaceships that looked like Nostromo and same time like crusers from serenity and then cyberhors transform in anthro guy with giant gun and it was for me like YES THIS IS EPIC AS FUCK

By the other cool stuff somebody rememer this? I think this is cool as fuck. Space Odysseys (Jesus) adventures. And Nono!

Thanx! Sadly I had no PC now to draw digitally so only fast sketches on paper ):
No. 3437
Because this Russian woman is pronouncing it like "goopeh" which is just adorable in that Slavic accent. And it is гуппи not гaппи
No. 3438
Guppy is much more close to russian гаппи.

As you already noticed he say it as goopy, and russian у is clother to english oo.
No. 3440
Even as an 8yo I was disappointed nobody never gets killed
>this show is unrealistic
No. 3442
Funny that in RedWall every episode someone DIES
No. 3453
119 kB, 1120 × 630
15 kB, 300 × 309
>Space Jesus
Just watched the first episode, and I've never seen anything quite like it. Kind of a combination between Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century and The Mighty Hercules from the 1960's.
>Even as an 8yo I was disappointed nobody never gets killed
I remember feeling the same way about the GI Joe cartoon. They always ran at Cobra shooting but never hit anybody. And then when they introduced the B.A.T.(Battle Android Trooper) to replace the human Cobra henchmen suddenly everybody on the Joe team had better aim and there were flying robot parts everywhere.
No. 3456
Holy shit this is fucking great, why does Russia have such excellent taste?
No. 3460
833 kB, 1280 × 1024
27 kB, 399 × 300
Years of entertaiment from asia, europe, ussr and america combined :D

It actually mor or less made in style of classic science fiction of 70s. Cartoon is 80s but that space ship, interiors, clothes, colors and style of adventure just scream "SCI-FI 1975". Some elements even reminded me our "the mystery of the third planet" in some ways.

I also like how even cliche characters you expect you will annoy you... not annoying you. You know why girl is so want her brother back, Talamicus is actually not in any way dumb or "Weasly Crusher", and Nono is not Scoobey Doo, it sometimes comical but actually smart robot.

Only meh thing is that one of tracks from ost it TOO obvious cover on star wars track - otherwise 10/10.
No. 3461 Kontra
383 kB, 1600 × 1439
390 kB, 1295 × 1800
Also if you want know Ulysses is Roman version of name Odysseus, so this is story of Odysseus in sci-fi.

Also funny that in first episode one of crew reacted on gods like "oh this is greek gods from old earth?" like it is another star trek episode but then all forgot about real life greece and pretend that this is ancient greece just in FUTURE.
No. 5694
17 kB, 480 × 360
56 kB, 1200 × 900
10 kB, 259 × 195
Remember Inside Out Boy?
Some weird shortfilm series from Nickelodeon, it was on German TV somewhere in the late 90s and it freaked me out back then.
Just came to my mind again.

No. 5736
Why nickelodeon is so ugly
No. 5757
>Nick's plan was to hire bright, young animators and let them do almost anything they want
A lot of the ugly style shows came from Klasky-Csupo, but it's hard to think of a 90's Nick show that didn't try to use odd art as a hook. It was actually a running joke in Hey, Arnold that Arnold's head looked like a football(meta humor).Maybe because Nickelodeon's first hits wereRugrats and Ren and Stimpy everyone was trying to copy them. One of the early animation directors at Nick actually came from the Ren and Stimpy show. He didn't last long, but it demonstrates the kind of cartoon Nickelodeon wanted that they put him in charge.
No. 5760 Kontra
Camp was the animator I was referencing, and was only in charge of Ren and Stimpy, and not the studio(apologies for my poor reading comprehension). He was actually a decent artist, who worked on a wide range of shows. The person in charge was actually
No. 5769
As, so it is actual fashion after Ran and Steampy and also liberal views of channel on authors.
USSR had kinda same, when to cartoons was allowed everyone basicly. If movies and other media often was censured, nobody cared for most time about catoons, since it "for kids", and we have hell lot of ugly, experimental, art-house, some deep philosophy and other total trash, that hit it's maximum at the end of soviet union where basicly was allowed everything.
No. 5868
17 kB, 320 × 180
It's terrible that making something "for kids" would be used as an excuse to do do a lousy job. Children need to be exposed to high quality cartoons when they're really young so they develop good taste.
>liberal views of channel on authors
I think you said it better than me. When artists are free to create, it can go really good or really bad. I do think the ugly style can work in certain situations, like Rugrats, for instance. It was about babies, and babies kind of see the world distorted, so the art had a purpose. When it was copied in later cartoons like Rocket Power it was just the Klasky-Csupo studio style, but didn't really add anything to the show and it was no longer even creative.
I remember seeing these somewhere, but I have no idea where.
No. 5873
>It's terrible that making something "for kids" would be used as an excuse to do do a lousy job. Children need to be exposed to high quality cartoons when they're really young so they develop good taste.
Well, in therms of actual soviet country, it was only place for many and many artists, where their art won't be destoyed by bulldozers if you know what I mean X--DDD

Sometimes it did realy well thought, like this clips that was inside "Trreashure island" cartoons was pretty fun and in style you neet see often in soviet screens.

Famous post-ussr captian pronin with all his mems was another clear product of it's time that was fun to watch. All this cartoon with meraphorical memes is actually how very sharp changes of country and culture feels like.

>I do think the ugly style can work in certain situations, like Rugrats, for instance. It was about babies, and babies kind of see the world distorted, so the art had a purpose.
I agree, that certain ugly styles and very unusual stylisations are great part of some awesome pieaces of independed animation. However it not all need be done such way. In nickalodean it feels like they at FIRST was liberal, then after first generations of cartoons that was "ugli" they relised that "ugli is popular". So they shut down all liberality and just proposed "MAKE UGLI CARTOONS" or something like that. And honestely, I don't like this at all.

True liberal is when you see different, or if it impossible, slightly different styles of art. Like I think we all know original Heavy Metal cartoon.