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No. 25432
57 kB, 576 × 382
Let's talk about operating systems.

I've used vista, 7, and 10 over the years, and 7 was definitely the best. I didn't mind vista, despite the memes about crashes.
10 is flat nonsense design wise, and there are a number of big problems. Telemetry, forced updates, and text scaling to name a few.
It baffles me that Microsoft can get by with producing complete shit with their money and market share.

I got a used macbook a few years ago when I was in the market for a laptop, and I really do enjoy it. It runs everything I need, it's efficient, and it doesn't look like shit.
If macs weren't so fucking expensive, I would buy one to replace my main machine.

I really do love Linux. You can make it into anything you want. I used it a lot as a teen. But the problem with Linux is a lack of software support.
If I didn't need a number of win/mac-only programs for my work and hobbies, I would use Linux 24/7.
If someone engineers a solution for better software compatibility, I'll get back on the Linux train.
No. 25453
A Sparc 10 running Solaris with the open look window manager was the peak of computing technology
No. 25455 Kontra
>If someone engineers a solution for better software compatibility, I'll get back on the Linux train.

It has been an ongoing development for over 20 years now.
Done mostly be people in their free time. Learn how to help them or stop complaining or continue complaining. As long as people give money to companies like Adobe, EA, Microsoft, etc it will be an uphill fight and the situation will improve ever so slowly.

Kontra because I don't see the point of this thread (which might be entirely my fault, idk).
No. 25468
I don't know whether "well then change it" is a valid counter.
The fact is that currently, software compatibility on Linux is not sufficient for a number of audiences.
Whether I donate or have donated, it doesn't change the current state.

If more people donated, WINE would be better. This is not currently the state, though. And I don't see the harm in stating the case.
A lot of people might not be aware of the types of software which wine currently does not support, and this type of advocacy might be helpful for their team.
No. 25472
37 kB, 620 × 330
long time mac, windows and linux user here.
i run windows only because it is the most widespread os. still love macs because the hardware is good and the os is super comfortable and powerful so i will keep my mac laptop at least for a while. however i always hated apple's upgrade/planned obsolescence antics and i don't like the closed ecosystem they weave around customers.
on the desktop workstation i use debian now 90% of the time.
>But the problem with Linux is a lack of software support.
it used to be much worse, today linux offers free software for almost every standard task and more. there are also a lot of native linux games now. a lot of hardware devs still refuse to build native linux drivers for their products though.
No. 25477 Kontra
> But the problem with Linux is a lack of software support.

Fuck no. It wasn't even true 10 years ago. Also this thread is shit because all you want to do is make people butthurt by calling Linux shit and claiming Windows 7 is good.

If you are a professional you can't use Windows today, even MS admits it by creating a Linux distro inside Windows. The only one using MS are bean counters because "muh excel". And those with more money then sense uses Fruit Unix.

If you want to talk about operating systems we could talk about interesting things like Plan 9 all those small micro kernel based on L4 maybe Haiku/BeOS or even Minix.

But no, so lets not talk about operating systems because you have nothing to bring to the discussion.
No. 25506
>Fuck no. It wasn't even true 10 years ago.
For a game developer? Or an animator? That's just not true. I'm sorry.

>all you want to do is make people butthurt by calling Linux shit and claiming Windows 7 is good.
But I like Linux a lot. It's really 10/10 if you don't need to do something it can't.

>If you are a professional you can't use Windows today
This is a strange comment. I think that most professionals use either windows or mac.

>you want to talk about operating systems we could talk about interesting things like Plan 9 all those small micro kernel based on L4 maybe Haiku/BeOS or even Minix.
Okay, sure. We can talk about those. I never excluded them from my thread. I'm sorry to have given that impression.

>But no, so lets not talk about operating systems because you have nothing to bring to the discussion.
Well, I have a number of years of experience using various systems and an interest in computer science. I'm not a genius, but I enjoy conversations in the topic.

You're being terribly rude and making a number of false assumptions and downright lies.
You could have told me about smaller operating systems, and we could have had constructive discourse. Instead, here we are in the middle of another tired instance of imageboard shitflinging. I don't understand why this should be the case.
No. 25507 Kontra
Software support for linshit is utter crap. No plc-programming, no CAD, no Quartus, etc.
Linux and all of Unix is also conceptually flawed, in particular when it comes to security, with a root-user allowed to do everything. It's insecure dick because everyone can insert backdoors into open source hardware. The update process in Linux is bad, there is no auto-update for security updates, they have to be run manually and thus reply on human intervention. There is no mandatory reboot after a security update, so a process may continue to run with an old library long after the security issue has been supposedly resolved after an update.

Linux is bad for server use and it's bad for desktop use. Only neckbearded autists defend Linux in 2019. Just kys.
No. 25508
>The only one using MS are bean counters because "muh excel".
Everyone using Rockwell-Softeare needs windows and Excel. You wouldn't know because you live in a de-industrialised country where everyone younger than 25 is Muslim or gay.

(User was banned for this post)

No. 25509 Kontra
>Using Rockwell software is a banable offense on EC
No. 25512 Kontra
Using Rockwell software is not a bannable offence. Shitposting is.
No. 25539 Kontra
>No plc-programming,

>no CAD
freecad ist schon sehr mächtig und deckt alles ab was man als heimwerker oder kleine firma braucht, aber für die profis gibt's z.b. auch native linux builds von siemens nx und dassault catia.

>no Quartus, etc.
i'm sure there are competing tools available that work under linux

won't comment on the rest of your ramblings, it's just pure retardness.

also stop larping as native german. judging by your tone you are that incredibly cancerous israeli known as rechtsruck or pendeljude and pretty much the worst poster on german imageboards.
No. 25540 Kontra
Somehow a harsh ban, but it made me giggle. Hope its short.
feel free to delete this post
No. 25541
Dont forget OpenSCAD.
It is script based, which means that when you got a bit of brain you do not have to learn anything to master it.

And I am not a programmer.
No. 25568
Wow, somebody is delusional.
No. 25585
When you do CAD for money, the customer usually has requires that a specific software is used.

For electrical CAD, this might for example be Zuken E3, Promis.e or EPlan. What do you tell a new customer who asks
>Can you do electrical engineering in Promis.e
>No, sorry, we use Linux as an operating system, we only do gschem and kicad
And sales will have to find projects where it's OK to use those, which is fine and dandy, as long as the drafters don't insist on getting paid every month. And at this point, we are not even talking about getting part libraries, which for gschem, is spectacularly horrible.

Can you get other stuff than kicad running on Linux with wine etc.? Probably yes, but enjoy telling management
>Our drafters will be unable to work for the next two or three days, because the new version of the electrical CAD-Software does not work on our OS, which the vendor does not support, by the way.

Can you get custom builds? Probably yes, if you can pay for it. Enjoy telling controlling
>With the suggested switch in workstation operating systems, the workstations for our drafters would have ten times the cost p.a. because we need custom built versions of four different electrical CAD systems.

This is for networking with PLCs, not for programming PLCs. Afaik, there is no TIA-Portal for Linux. It is progress that there is a Linux library from Siemens to talk to S7. Of course, when you integrate a Linux system with industrial control equipment and use a library for that, you leave the realm of vendor-supported standard software solutions, anyway, so you could just use any other OPC UA library, which has the benefit of it not being taylored for Siemens.

By the way, same as above: if the customer demands Allen Bradley in their equipment, you won't get away with Siemens.

It's the same as with electrical CAD. The big boys won't let you play if you don't have the right toys.

Besides, when I last used freecad, threading was a pain in the ass and I had to create threads manually with the spiral tool. Maybe things have improved, but moving the right triangle along a spiral with the right pitch manually to create a standardized thread is a pain in the ass. Things like this are OK for me as an hobbyist or for occasional use, but in a professional environment, they start to become expensive fast.
No. 25593 Kontra
>When you do CAD for money, the customer usually has requires that a specific software is used
that's news to me. afaik construction bureaus operate using only one cad system e.g. nx, solid works, catia for a number of reasons (service, security and costs to name but a few). and frankly i've never heard customers dictating devs and engineers what specific tools, computers and operating systems they ought to employ.

it's a communication suite for simatic.
>TIA-Portal for Linux.
i pointed to that specific site because there you can see what siemens sps devs generally think about linux being "shit". siemens offers now a complete debian based mini os dedicated to simatic and i'm pretty sure a linux build of tia-portal will be around rather sooner than later, too. meanwhile there's michael büsch's s7 software, which is foss and runs under linux, of course.

>benefit of it not being taylored for Siemens
that's only a benefit if you're an israeli microsoft/intel fanboy. meanwhile even microsoft integrates a linux subsystem into their os.
No. 37704
I mainly use Linux. Occasionally I run into issues with it, but usually I can fix them fairly quickly.

I generally stay away from noobish distros, and prefer distros that are minimalist and support a manual chroot installation (e.g. Gentoo, Arch, and Void). I've also tried the BSDs but my laptop is sort of garbage so lots of open source operating systems don't support my hardware.

One operating system I'm really looking forward to is HyperbolaBSD, the planned successor of Hyperbola GNU/Linux. They're forking the openBSD kernel and using that instead of Linux because of the direction Linux kernel development is going in.

Well I think some of the more noob-friendly distros have auto-updates, but a lot of Linux distributions are aimed at power users, for whom auto-updates aren't really a big deal. I mean it's not super difficult to update your computer.

And as far as software support goes, that's not really Linux's fault. I mean if application developers don't want to support GNU/Linux, that's not the fault of Linux distros or the kernel developers.

Also, I don't understand the big deal with the root user being able to do anything. I mean on Windows, users with administrative privileges can do pretty much anything, can't they? And I just don't see what the issue is. Users are advised to only use root privileges when absolutely necessary for this exact reason, and as long as they're careful when running commands as root, they should be fine.
No. 37711
I think you're replying to a troll there, mate.

On topic: I noticed that my RAM usage has gone down since the update to kernel 4.5, not sure if this is just placebo but I'm deligted. It's at 137MiB after login with X server started. I'm used to seeing over 200MiB after the login.
No. 37717
Honestly, I use to feel more comfortable with windows 7. But lately trying out ubuntu and enjoying it mostly. I don't dare to try archlinux, gentoo or so, I will sure gonna mess up.
No. 39286
Run Arch, with a KVM Windows 10 image that has a dedicated GPU as a backup for a few things I cannot easily accomplish without Window (proprietary media applications usually).

Also have a FreeNAS installation on my old PC, which is based on FreeBSD.

>Occasionally I run into issues with it, but usually I can fix them fairly quickly.
Agreed, over time it has been less and less of an issue. Most of the time Linux just works as I expect it to, along with any of my automated scripts and such (Youtube archiving, etc.)

However, I have ran into an odd issue recently after trying to play Minecraft for the first time in nearly a decade.
The framerate was miserable (~10 FPS at worse on multiplayer), but the system hardly seemed resource-constrained by hardware requirements, and can otherwise run most of the ported games Steam library at full max settings without issue. After prodding around, I noticed a similar lag in glxgears, even though the reported framerate was well in the thousands. So it appears to be some issue with MESA (used by both Minecraft and glxgears). I'll try disabling TearFree in for AMD drivers and see if that fixes it, but even if that works it will probably reintroduce tearing on my desktop. Such cases.
No. 39288
If other games run fine then it's not simply mesa, though.
Not sure what to think about glxgears, but minecraft is widely known for abysmal performance alround.
No. 45288
I wish AMD had gotten their shit together but Zen architecture only supports Windows10 out of the box and you have to do some absolutely crazy bullshit just getting windows 7 to work.
No. 45291 Kontra
Stop it with your inane ramblings. No amount of shit posts complaining about who Microsoft is bad for not supporting the news hardware in an OS version they have obsoleted is going to change the fact.

If you need to run Windows 7 MS is making you pay a premium for running it in the cloud. So if you can't pay that, you don't need to run it. Also Windows 7 would suck anyway on more cores because it is bad.
No. 45292
Windows 95 was obsolete when Vista and Millenium came out. Just because it is new does not make it better particularly if it is software or media.
No. 45310
222 kB, 718 × 291
Win 3.11: nice! Crashed? From time to time! Big crash no big deal!
Win 95: atrocious
Win 98: depended on the OEM. Or monstrous or pretty solid
Win NT 4: solid. Only one got destroyed
Win 2000: my fave
Win XP: G-A-U-D-Y
Win 7: ok
Win 8: ufff OK
Win 10: don't piss me off

Linux: Linux über alles.
>If someone engineers a solution for better software compatibility, I'll get back on the Linux train.
you bet

Mac: 404 not fund
No. 45311
33 kB, 618 × 546
>Done mostly be people in their free time. Learn how to help them or stop complaining or continue complaining. As long as people give money to companies like Adobe, EA, Microsoft, etc it will be an uphill fight and the situation will improve ever so slowly.

Yeah it's a reminder that I have to give money to VLC, they are asking for money
No. 45317
Why use vlc? I have some old ass vlc files but I don't think I've even downloaded or used that format since like 2009.
No. 45318
VLC is not a format, nor a codec. VLC is a player that plays every kind of format and codec you can think of.

Note: I'm using mpv, not VLC, but I do hold the devs of VLC in high regard for their policies as well as their other projects (x264).
No. 45325
I've used XP, 7, briefly 8 and now 10.
I never had any issues with any of them, except for 8, which had an atrocious GUI that I never got the hand of and always pissed me off, because it acted like a tablet-GUI instead of a window-based GUI where I can drag things around.

My choice of Linux was Xubuntu because I used it on old hardware. It was pretty good. I especially liked the simplicity of Music on Console. Really, terminal based applications are fun. I felt like a real hacker while using IRC from my terminal.
It was a perfectly functional system, nothing ever broke, and because everyone uses PDF instead of an msword format, the lack of "proper" office isn't an issue either.
Though I could definitely tell there's a lot more to it than what I experienced while using it and it utilised the hardware well.
It got the job done either way, so I'm not complaining.
No. 45357
Can you please explain to my again why we're not supposed to consider this OS a steaming pile of dogshit? What the everloving fuck is "unauthorized hardware" even supposed to mean? So my own OS would kill my ability to test out games too?
No. 45363
I pirate shit semi-regularly and have never had a problem. It might say that it's an unrecognised program and ask if you're sure you want to run it, but that's also true of legit stuff I've bought sometimes.
No. 45396
Since when has pirated software been a problem to use? If it is you are just to stupid to get it to run.

> 2015
You really had to dig deep to find it didn't you.

> So my own OS would kill my ability to test out games too?
They used to call them demos or shareware.

> "Test out new games"
Just man up and admit you pirate it.

I'm not saying you should use Windows 10. I'm saying if you can't afford to pay MS to use Windows 7 in the cloud you have no reason to use Windows 7. I'm also saying that you are fucking stupid to use an old unpatched OS, more so if you are scared of "the man" coming to take you and put you into happy camp. There are bots working 24 hours a day exploiting computers that people where to lazy or ignorant to update.

See >>45363. Ms wouldn't dare remove programs. Just think of them removing important customers important program that just has to work. Also a lot of DRM are indistinguishable from viruses, or used to be. If they don't ban programs that inserts it self in the lowest level of the kernel then they don't ban normal programs that looks funny.
No. 45399
It was the first result when I looked for does Windows block pirated software because I was browsing around cons for it on YT.

>They used to call them demos or shareware.
Which literally doesn't exist anymore for like 95% of all cases. Every once in awhile there's a free weekend for the rare game but that is not common.

>pirate them
Did you not just see what I said to Russia about piracy? No, I don't. The only two I think I even have installed are Plague Inc. because I already bought it for mobile and I'm not paying a second time to play on desktop, and. I'm trying to think. Oh, Cryostasis and Prey (2006) I still have because I literally can't buy them anywhere on Steam or GOG last I checked. Oh and also I played Dead Space 3 and Mass Effect 3 because see my previous point about willingly giving EA your money. I know I deleted DS3 because it was shit and I probably dumped ME3 too. Otherwise no I literally only pirate games when I am testing them and in the case of the vast majority it's 4x games which I've already said here before I can't use the Steam refund thing because 2 hours is literally not enough time in that genre to determine it's a steaming pile of dogshit or not. In those cases like most particularly Stellaris which was profoundly underwhelming and MoO3 I promptly deleted them after playing several hours because I didn't want them wasting my disk space.

I think the only two or three big exceptions to the aforementioned was Fallout 3, which I forget why I pirated it initially but it did indeed strike me as being not that great to such an extent I erased it after playing the part with the fire ants where I literally felt like I was playing a shitty indie shovelware game, and Vampyr and Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2; in the latter two cases that was purely because I have an old rig and I wanted to figure out if it would even run. In the case of BFGA 2 it actually did surprisingly enough and so I've since bought it, and I thought Vampyr was quite shit but like a bad lover I've since forgotten everything that pissed me off about it and so it's back on my wishlist at GOG where I'll probably buy it the next time it's on sale.

Really I have no freaking idea why you're shilling and making apologetics so hard for Microsoft right now.

>if you can't afford to pay MS to use Windows 7 in the cloud you have no reason to use Windows 7
I don't even know what that means and aside from the fact I already said I'd be willing to buy a win7 key if I had to despite the fact I still maintain there's no reason anyone should ever be forced to pay for an OS that's since become obsolete and lost all support QQ more for Bill Gates I'm sure he's deeply wounded some poor person doesn't want to give him money it's also already been well established how much of a completely moot point it is because I've only recently just discovered that Zen architecture does not support anything beyond win10 anyway which means that I'd actually be the proud owner of over $500 worth of brickware until I managed to offload it at a steep loss to myself on craigslist while trying to find a completely new build to work off of which I am not fucking going to do at this point.

I will ask however just why in the fucking hell win10 digital product key is ten dollars more expensive on newegg than the actual physical copy. Like what the hell why? I should probably have my PSU and any other paraphanelia either tomorrow or the day after, probably Friday at the absolute latest, which means I'm not gonna be in the mood to wait around for an additional week or so waiting for them to ship me Windows 10 in hard copy (which to be frank I probably should be doing anyway for various reasons it's just I'm dragging my feet on it because I hate the idea of not only having the godforsaken operating system whose guts I'm immediately going to be trying to rip out like if I can find a way to permanently erase windows store and Cortana and hoping I can actually try to find a way to activate the thing through non-rootkitted tier means with some serial I find online before actually paying for it, but on the flipside it likely would not actually matter because I'm busy all damn week and won't have the time and energy to deal with that which is going to probably get pushed off into next week anyway because I'm possibly going to be bench testing shit and trying to get things sorted out in UEFI and BIOS long after I already would've gotten win10 in the mail)

Seriously I'm so damn curious now why the hell you're running to defense of Windows 10 at this point. I have not even heard one single thing anybody's ever said about it being great so far in all the years since it's release yet I've heard nothing but nonstop bitching about it since then including the classic of going to steam forums and reviews and there's always going to be somebody running Windows 10 bitching about how he can't get it to work on his system. I never see that with Windows 7. It sounds like a horrible half measure between the shit of win8 with even more added bloatware, privacy intrusion, infuriating "features" not to mention the fucking fact that you can't even turn off the fucking updates and Microsoft actually has the GALL to literally extort you out of another hundred dollars of your hard earned money if you want to be able to prevent windows from shutting your system down all the time.

So for you to even bring up these security holes when the entire operating system of Windows 10 home edition itself is literally ransomware I find to be quite rich.
oh nevermind it looks like they finally fixed it...as recently as last year
The fact this is even a big deal tells me everything that I needed to know about that OS quite frankly.
No. 45401 Kontra
I'm not defending Windows 10. I'm telling you you are stupid to be running old shit and then complaining that it doesn't run on new hardware. There is a difference.

MS did offer, last time I checked, virtual machines with Windows 7 for those that absolutely-just-no-way-in-hell-but-we-got-money couldn't run anything but Windows 7.

Kontra because I really should now better by now.
No. 45623
I will never own another Android phone after my countless times struggling to operate this fractured ecosystem. The amount of advertisements I'm forced to see without rooting my phone or installing a custom rom, is just insane.
How Google got away with this heap of dung, and still can't force a centralized fix on the manufacturers who abandon their products after less than one economic quarter, is simply beyond me.
Never have I used an iphone and relish the thought of using iOS knowing full well Apple, as well as Google, slow down their older hardware releases with updated operating systems, forcing users to upgrade. Disgusting planned obsolescence such as this makes me want to return to Meego on my old N9. It was sometimes a chore with some of the experimental software, but I had full access to everything on the phone, and didn't have any problems of the phone stalling, requiring me to pull out the battery endless times to find myself incapable of phoning work or someone.

Pinephone + Sailfish, here I come baby!
No. 45626
There are several phones that work well with lineageOS, if that is an option for you? You could buy one of those OnePlus phones second-hand and put lineage on it. At least that's what several people around me did.

Or do as I do and live without a mobile phone.
No. 45657
Dear Ernst, in my current situation I cannot abandon my rubbish alcatel without incurring penalties in regards to employment opportunities or government services I'm currently collecting.
Otherwise in the past I've lived without one, and my plans have been to purchase an old ipod classic, install rockbox on it and find a way to assemble a new music collecting without the built in spying assemblies racking up information on where I go, what I consume, who I call, etc.
This phone is a substandard mp3 player that skips at times, which I align it to Google play and other apps causing a build up of undeleted files somewhere in a directory I can't access unless I had root.
Regards, a former phoneless human.
No. 45665
I just bought a burner for no other reason than to register accounts and such. I'd rather just have a parellel identity at this point. It probably wouldn't be hard. In this country the main thing stopping you is a social and my ubderstanding is some people managed for years to use SS numbers of dead people though theyre usually caught. I think it's bullshit one girl finished her college degree with honors and then had it all yanked from here for using an assumed identity. It wasn't like she didn't legitimately do all the work.
No. 45674
Hey, I do have an old iPod 5th generation (from 2006) that I've been using for 14 years now. The rockbox-install on it must be at least 10 years old now as well, but I did do an update a few years ago to enable Opus playback, so I can't really check the exact date of first install. It's got 30gig of space, the battery is still the original and it's still able to play for about 120 minutes or ~3 albums, which is enough for my daily use.
I had to replace the TRS jack last year, but that was rather simple with the right tools.

I'm semi proud to say that it still, after all these years, is free of scratches (at least on the front side).

So yes, do get one, I can warmly recommend it.

Fun fact: People sometimes ask me where I got a tiny phone like that and when I tell them I don't have a phone and that this is just an old ipod, they go "Oh.... OHHH!! I forgot all about them, you don't see them anymore". Like it was 30 years ago that mp3 players were a thing.
No. 47862
67 kB, 1307 × 489
164 kB, 1364 × 626
Linux software sucks ass. You have huge 60mb TIFF file full of seismological data. On Windows you have ifranview, so you can open it there, it takes 2gb of RAM easily (pic related), but it works! And it works better for lighter images - 10mb TIFF files take only 8mb of RAM.

How do you work with it on Linux? You don't (pic related). Feh and sxiv fail, ristretto fails, Gwenview takes entire machine RAM, shits the entire swap and the system freezes. Picrel is vmware with 5gb RAM, my machine has 6 and even if you run it natively it would freeze.

Same goes for literally anything that steps outside very simplistic usage. Open 5mb CSV and libreoffice freezes, Calc is unable to deal with row limits (in Excel you can load files with more than 1,048,576 rows as a data model), Gimp is a joke of image editor, Inkscape is a joke of a vector editor, audio latency is so huge and quality is so bad you barely can do any work with audio here.

I wish I could fix all of that but I only know C/C++ a little and have no idea how am I supposed to be good in every direction possible, while also fighting the devs rejecting merge requests because of damaged self-esteem or just a sense of power...

IMO in current conditions dualboot or two separate machines with Windows and Linux is the best deal, which is SAD because I just want a single device that does all I need without need to reboot or to pay more moneys for more setups.
No. 47875 Kontra
It is 2020 now and people still post low effort threads like this.
But you got one answer at least. Celebrate it.

Unless you are an idiot. Then sucks to be you.

Most serious people use Apple for desktop and Linux for hard work and some actually use Linux on the desktop. They don't fucking analyze data in Excel, they use Python,R or Julia. Also they don't use a joke of a distro with a joke of a WM. If you need Excel then you are already corrupt and cannot be thought anything anyway. Also 5MB is babys first data set.
No. 47888
>Most serious people use Apple for desktop
Why the fuck do people say or think like this. I've been using Apple basically on and off since childhood and it fucking sucks. Holy Jesus do I hate every goddamn thing about Apple in fact the only time in my entire lifelong experience with those pieces of crap I was okay with it was the constantly crashing PowerMac we had as a kid. That I was okay with. I could even tolerate the crashing even if it gave me a lifelong paranoia resulting in literally gigabytes worth of save files because of my pathological reflexive saving in case I have to go back. It's like an OS PTSD. I hit ctrl s and f5 and go to the menu every chance I get, even in roguelikes, even in ironman modes, and put the save file on a fucking USB, if only because of having to deal with Apple.

Look my dude I'm sorry for the rant but Apple is by far the most obnoxious operating systems which suits it for being from the most obnoxious tech company with the most obnoxiously proprietary hardware in existence.
No. 47897
Reminds me when I tried to open a 5go video with feh by accident, my computer just choked until I had to hard reboot it. I probably already did but try to look for software specifically created to open and edit RAW files. Or maybe you could process it in several chunks with imagemagick.
No. 47898
Apple is pretty but not good for anything else. So for painting pretty pictures it works. It is UNIX though.

Most people doing lectures and talks use Apple. They have deals with universities I think. (Unless they are 1337 haxx0rs. Then they use Linux.)

It isn't a serious post. Don't bother.
No. 47899
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Yeah and this is partly why it's used. It also seems to appeal to boomers for some reason, who still flip out and ask me for help which sometimes it's like "I don't use that OS." They made deals with unis which come to think of it that may also be a large part of why so many of these retarded woketard hipsters tend to use it. I've always favored Windows because I'm too lazy and retarded for Linux or any actually good OS and could deal with its acceptability for being very user friendly to non-boomers but that's quickly started changing with everything after XP to varying degrees. Thank God I don't put up with that abomination that was 8.1 but a lot of things about 10 still end up pissing me off like the control panel. It feels less and less like an OS over time and more like a completely locked down console (the gaming type, not the good type of console for commands). iOS otoh has always felt exactly like the shitty hardware which is to make you feel like a serf and the corporation owns everything, and that only their priests are allowed to touch tech you illiterate peasant. Feels just like trying to figure out how to open up and upgrade hardware--and it fucking freezes and crashes all the time even now. Yet Apple users still will say "but Windows crashes."