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No. 25731
51 kB, 650 × 408
Is ball lightning real? If so, why is there only one convincing video of the phenomenon on the internet?

No. 25734
How is ball lightning justified by physics?
Don't you need an anode and cathode?

t. don't understand
No. 25736
146 kB, 768 × 1152
A well understood, but not necessarily true theory is that a atmospheric MASER (Laser, but with Microwave-Wavelenght-Spectrum*) of a volume in the order of kmĀ³ is building up somehow and pumps enough molecules (for the term pumping, please take lasers as reference again). Normaly this pumping energy should dissipate immediately. But with the atmospheric maser a solitary wave could emerge, which means that the wave is maintaining its shape locally while traveling at constant velocity (this part I don't really understand myself, but take the statement as reference for smarter boys to investigate) and can therefore keep a lot of molecules pumped in the same spot for quite a long time.

The beautiful thing about this theory, is that most men built structures can be fully penetrated by microwaves. This explains how ball lightning could happen spontaniously in closed rooms as it was reported before.

https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1029/93JD01021 (tl;dr, but most certainly helpful)

t. physicist from a very very different field

*"But Ernst, a Laser has just one well defined wavelenght", No. What about Ar/Kr-Lasers? They are white.
No. 25753
152 kB, 891 × 668
>why is there only one convincing video of the phenomenon
There are a lot of videos which appear to show ball lightning, but they are usually categorized as UFOs:

WOW! UFO Watches & Then Enters Epic Lightning Storm! 4/22/16
No. 25755

Could UFOs be a related phenomenon?
No. 25758
(not him)
No. I'd say probably a majority of cases are some kind of aircraft/new weapon, unless you mean just the ball lightning related aerial phenomena.
t. not a physics pro
No. 25760
465 kB, 1199 × 770
I'm not a physics pro either, but as a consumer of UFO videos I want to believe.jpg I think weird electrical phenomena can account for a lot of them(at least the ones which aren't military aircraft like >>25758 said) There is Ball Lightning, and also St.Elmo's Fire (which may have been what WW2 pilots saw and called "Foo Fighters"). Earthquake Lights produce some really odd effects(pic is an example). Those are caused by electric charges which build up as certain rocks shift underground, and can explain the glowing orbs which are frequently reported before and after quakes.

No. 25768
40 kB, 400 × 487

It's apparantly more likely that you see a flying device that you can't identify.
And then again, due to strategic reasons, it's very likely that nobody will give you a statement what it was (Secret new plane) or it was just something trivial (weather balloon).

But ball lightning is, as far as I can tell, so unlikely to appear, that we can just apply okhams razor here. Pic related; Newtons Flaming Laser Sword.
No. 25770 Kontra
Here I'd like to agree. When you observe such things while operating a plane and not watching out of your homes window, then again it would be unlikely that e.g. an Orb following your plane (Think there was such a report, no?) would be a secret-weapon-device.
No. 28817 Kontra
Ball lightning is real but very rare. The phenomenon has been accepted by scientists but as of now nobody has a good idea of how it works. It's very rarity makes it extremely difficult to study.

There is absolutely no reason to associate ball lightning with UFOs. People who have reported it never mentioned seeing a UFO or Aliens or anything supernatural.