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No. 25809
211 kB, 962 × 729
Old kontra, new one responder. Share the daily grind.

It got colder now, it's fine.
No. 25812
Laughed at the image.

Just got a letter stating that I'm eligible to vote in the local, town level elections.

I'm playing the Rienzi Overture on repeat to feel better a bit. I can't wait 'till this anxiety thing passes over.
I just want to read irrelevant texts on gommunism and literature in peace. To think if it, it all started when I accidentally stumbled upon the fact that they are releasing that one Japanese novel. Could it be possible that I'm just anxious to have it, before they sell all the copies and I'll never have the chance to read it?
That'd be incredibly silly, but not as silly as Sir Billi.

Got a heartfelt e-mail from the old librarian I still exchange letters with occasionally. Honestly, it feels pretty weird to be able to exchange letters with people, even if online. Initially I thought nobody would spend their time responding to me, but they are surprisingly polite when I actually write a few lines.

I feel sort of bad for kinda flooding the threads with inane nonsense.
No. 25815
59 kB, 550 × 856
42 kB, 160 × 304
>I feel sort of bad for kinda flooding the threads with inane nonsense.

Why? We all do this somehow, sometimes there is an response, sometimes it's don't.

Finishing P. Schönthalers Portrait of the Manager as a Young Author. On Storytelling, Business, and Literature I had to think about the exchanged words with the writing German here. On the last pages Schönthaler talks about Creative Writing in the US and it's Cold War background and how the teaching of writing changed it itself and analyses why American Literature 'works' successfully in Europe, while European novels don't 'work' all over the world.
Otherwise the book largely deals with stories as instrument in economy/management and as marketing strategy since the 1990s, when it was 'discovered' for these concerns. It points out the relation to literature and how literature changed over the last decades.
No. 25816
I do data entry for a European chemical firm's agriculture department.
Basically contributing to the soaps killing people :^)
No. 25818
92 kB, 1000 × 1434
I just got back from holiday and tomorrow I'm off again for some awayday(s) drinking with work. Week after next I'm off again on holiday for the week.

Learn from my tale of woe - don't forget about your holiday time or your boss won't let you work. Last week was awful because I'd done no planning and the week coming up I haven't planned either. Thank gott I can carry over 10 days for next year. The awayday will be bad as well because I want to do some serious work but instead will be stuck doing ice-breakers during the day.

Whinging aside, I should probably think of some project to do for the week and then it will be fine.

Is there much going on with REACH on your end?

t.Trustworthy Anglo
No. 25821
225 kB, 798 × 728
Great image; is that OC?

>I feel sort of bad for kinda flooding the threads with inane nonsense.
You shouldn't feel bad; you actually relate information and events. Now if you want to see some inane nonsense that someone should feel bad about, try reading my next post XX/D:

Today I finally installed a mobile browser with an ad blocker(Brave). I had a blocker on the desktop computer, or at least I did before Firefox deleted everything a while back, but for mobile browsing I just tolerated the ads. Well, no more. Now webpages don't take forever to load, and text isn't continuously moving up and down as new banners appear. A definite improvement. Feels good.
No. 25823
>Is there much going on with REACH on your end?
Not really. I enter data from invoices. Basically I’m a digital workhand, the equivalent of someone pushing a wheelbarrow on a construction site.
No. 25824
I fucking hate google and android so goddamn much. At least I've largely cleansed myself of all google filth to best of my knowledge that honestly I just need to root my fucking phone.
No. 25825
>Great image; is that OC?

It originated from /b/
No. 25826
Job interview went quite OK but was pretty short. Surprisingly I got some 6 hours or so of halfway decent sleep though I did have some bad dreams.
Basically I only talked to the big boss and I think we hit it off decently but I feel like I downplayed my existing skills too much and talked too much about wanting to learn and gain experience. Also he caught me off guard with a question along the lines of "Let's say I tell you to complete a project. What are your next steps?"
So I doubt I'll get an offer but it was still a good experience. Wouldn't mind applying there in a few years when I want something more settled since the company culture seemed very down-to-earth.

>Great image
No. 25827
I had over 20 beers yesterday, 500ml 5%.
I woke up at 6am, drunk 2 more beers, that was all the beers I had left, if I had more I would have probably drank them.
Only 10-15min late for work.
I think I am slipping.....
No. 25832
I've been offered an excellent job, but it requires a certain level of clearance - not a particularly high one, and I'm not doing any funky military stuff, but it involves government networks so you de facto have to be cleared for it.

Thing is, I'm a recovering alcoholic that went to rehab a few years ago and of course I'll have to tell them all about it. Towards the end of that period in my life, my personal finances were a trainwreck. So I have a couple of months of waiting to hear that I've almost certainly been disqualified from a dream career of mine. I've worked extremely hard to turn my life around so all I can do is hope they give me the benefit of the doubt. I'm not the kind of person who can be blackmailed or bribed but they have no way of knowing that of course. I'm bracing for the embarrassment when this company, that was raring to hire me, has to break the news that for reasons unknown to them, I'm considered a liability.
No. 25833
How did you turn it around?
I though rehab was just for Americans and rich wankers.
Seems like you have no control over the CBC, I think you will be surprised.
How bad did your finances get, that imho would be more important if you had bad debts, bankruptcy or anything outstanding.
No. 25834
I think it's getting better. The first half of the day was relatively calms, and I started feeling worse after lunch.

Had nightmares again and woke up two times. On was about emails again.

I ordered some more books I wanted, since I finally had the money on paypal. At this point I only want a copy of Dream of the Red Chamber and then I can't think of a single thing I'd want.
Turns out I had a coupon, so I actually saved a whole book's worth of money.

Hopefully tonight I'll be able to sleep well. There was a storm today, and strangely enough it didn't turn everything into a humid mess.
I really hope it was just the weather.

>Clickbait journalist acting like adblocking is the end of the world
There are a few groups of people I consider to be "subhumans", and clickbait journalists are one of them. The absolute scum of the earth who were absolute brainlets, but in a different way than average stupid people. They aren't even able to write articles for a proper field or magazine that covers an interest or a hobby, they just write about "general" things. Any dipshit can do that.
Fuck clickbating journalist, and I hope adblocking kills off their sites with no survivors.
No. 25846
Jesus Christ is every single person here an alcogolic/recovering alcoholic?
t. sames

I guess it depends on what he means by rehab. I do know that it's popular here partly due to court order as part of a diversion program, particularly with non-alcohol drug addicts since putting a cocaine, heroin, meth whatever addict in prison is fucking stupid and one of the most disastrous national policies you can have from a moral, medical, legal, economic, and overall societal standpoint. It serves literally no other use than lining the pockets of private individuals who own the for-profit prison corporations here. We had a case not long ago where some judge in Luzerne County, PA was shipping kids off to a juvenile prison center for any petty thing imaginable, and it later turned out said prison was giving him possibly millions in kickbacks and bribes to do so because it was a privately owned prison that got paid for every inmate it housed. Look up "cash for kids scandal".

Otherwise most "rehab" I think is pretty useless but the word covers a variety of things. There's absintence only 12 step programs like NA/AA, inpatient detox, true rehab centers that are like a monthlong stay or something like that, outpatient rehab programs etc.

I think the whole point of such a thing is basically to try and teach you psychologically how to just cope without turning to chems while physically removing you from a situation that can cause you to relapse. Frankly just giving somebody a month long vacation from all work and responsibility itself is probably a pretty good way to extricate many addicts, but the problem is how many go right back to it once they resume their lives particularly the stressful job and the junkie friends/family/coworkers that'll push them back towards the grave.

I haven't done these inpatient clinic things and partly it's because I'm not a shoulder-to-cry-on sort of person. I fucking hate group shit or sharing. I found AA not so useful for that reason except idk why it just helped me not drink again for a few months when I was feeling weaker. The hardest part is remembering you can't be cavalier or drink period. I think the Sinclair method sounds like a load of horseshit for people in denial. Like, oh, here just have this bump of cocaine it's okay, sure have some smack it's fine to have only a little. I think that it's stupid and contrary to basic biology. If you're already that much of an addict you're never going to use responsibly.

Personally I can't really say that I miss drinking. I feel like I got a lot more done and see little to no reason to drink again. I've actually felt a ton healthier and in a better mood overall without being crippled by hangovers and feeling sick and being drunk all the damn time.
No. 25847
1,2 MB, 720 × 674
Am I the only guy who goes on rutracker to read the comments?
No. 25848
117 kB, 800 × 568
>It originated from /b/
Thanks. It's really well done, with a lot of attention to detail.
t.appreciator of such things

Now I'm curious; what kind of comments are you reading there?
No. 25849
44 kB, 1154 × 309
55 kB, 1199 × 284
Mostly discussion of music and video games.
No. 25850
They're in English? All the comments I've seen on rutracker are in Russian.
No. 25851
Chrome translates it automatically
No. 25866
30 kB, 500 × 500
I got invited to a job-interview for a traineeship at a big newspaper next week.
The city is quite far away but it would be really great to have a steady job. I'll have to compete against others though in writing an article after the talk so nothing is guaranteed yet. Wish me luck guys :D
No. 25868
Good luck, Ernst!

I also have 'career' news to announce. I finally got my ass up and called the place, where I planned to do my uni internship. They are looking for students and I don't even need to write anything. It's flexible and I could start right now, but it's ok that I finish important work for my paper first and will call in September again. But it's unpaid I guess, neither did I ask nor was I told a number. But since it's flexible I can work in the mornings in my part time job and from lunch time to afternoon I could work at the internship. I'm quite happy now that my internship problem seem to solve so easily.
No. 25871
>Jesus Christ is every single person here an alcogolic/recovering alcoholic?
To be fair many users at various imageboards have various issues.
No. 25873
I'am not an alchogolic. I was not drunk even slightly in mine life. I only "siped" some beer once in my life.
No. 25874
I only woke up once today. No bad dreams. I think whatever was up with me, it seems to be passing.
Thankfully no dreams about non-eucledian cities underwater or strange monsters.
Anxiety has been replaced with a healthy sense of longing for lack of a better term. I'm excited, it feels like I'm waiting for something good, I just don't know what. Feels sort of like being homesick. I kinda like this feeling. Lot better than shaking from anxiety.

Work is going well. Two more days until the end of the weekend, though I'm not sure if it'll be finished by Friday. I have two other students, sort of working under me. They don't want to come in next week, since they live relatively far away in the countryside, so coming up one more day of work would outweigh the benefits almost completely. (Management was on the same page. We don't need 3 student workers to pick up the scraps.)
I was also asked to work for a week in September too. I'd work with a team of 3 university students. (I'd the one managing the thing, since I have plenty of experience with the different "special cases" that come up when entering the data. "special cases" as in someone was a retard, sent in a bad invoice with no number/other missing data and we need to devise a way to enter it sensibly into the system.) Feels nice that they think I'm necessary to do this.

When I get my paycheque I'm gonna buy that bottle of sake on Friday, and raid the book outlet. (With an internet friend I'm meeting up. Though it might be pushed to Saturday. Who knows.)

Managed to study some hanzis today before work. I think I might read tonight. My mind still feels relatively fresh.
Though I sort of lost interest in other works a bit, and I wish I already had that copy of The Night is Short, Walk on Girl I ordered. I want to read it so much, that it'll be disappointing compared to my expectations. Such is life I guess.

I'm listening to and re-listening Schnittke's 0th Symphony. It's almost like something composed by Shostakovich. Schostakovichian. Words like these are lovely. It's his piece he submitted for graduation, and was only performed once at the Moscow Conservatoire, in the presence of the aforementioned titan of Soviet music. I wonder what he had to say about it.
No. 25875
24 kB, 400 × 303
Ernst do you know the feeling of exhaustion after discovering/learning something major?

I just checked on arrays and arrays of data and finally found something I am now 110% sure about, which even works by pointing the finger on it without much statistics.

Now I just want to sleep or have some beers, albeit I don't feel bad. I would call it achievement-melancholia.

Is this normal?
No. 25876
478 kB, 1280 × 914
We need more OC, but I pretty much forgot all my - even back then more or less non-existant - gimp skills. And I won't get into editing again.

Sometimes when I finish a book or especially after long periods of excessive reading I 'come down' but it usually comes back strong after a few days.

So e.g. I was a bit frustrated over affect the last days and didn't do much, but Thursday I read the introduction of the affect theory reader and I finally got an answer why so many of that anglo affect texts are written in an 'esoteric' way with terminology making you dizzy as an outsider and gives other 'serious' scholars a reason to trash it.
Turns out it's a process philosophic bedrock, inspired by Spinoza. Then add a few other names, surprisingly Guattari his last three books seem interesting, apparently they are quite important for affect studies and process philosophic cultural studies (yep it's Deleuze & Guattari influence here), which on that bedrock develop a ethic and pedagogy both make the tone esoteric together with process vocubulary, process philosophy is also found in Asia, Confucius and the likes as a consequence of affect theory informed epistemology. * inhales *

I did not get the details yet but I'm getting closer, feels good.
No. 25877
7,9 MB, 320 × 240, 3:59
>I'am not an alchogolic. I was not drunk even slightly in mine life.
No. 25880
>We need more OC,

True. And I heard that there is some American Ernst here, who is really enabled to draw. Especially comics
Maybe, if he has the time and inclination, he will draw some Ernstchan-propaganda material?
No. 25882
I would provide pictures that seem worthy to edit, like the in the OP.
No. 25883
What level of clearance are you going for? BPSS and CTC should be fine but SC will do a credit check. If you've already got a job offer then your new line manager may also have limited pull.

>I have a couple of months of waiting to hear

Hue. Don't hold your breath with bulk recruitment.

t.absolutely know what I'm talking about
No. 25887
130 kB, 274 × 304
I'd be happy to create some Ernstchan propaganda. I did a bunch of Ernstwurf edits a while back; I could do more comics/paintings like that, or maybe something else with pictures and a specific message if anyone has some ideas.
t.hat comic drawing Ernst
No. 25897
33 kB, 307 × 300
12,1 MB, 2469 × 3464
8,0 MB, 1657 × 2340
148 kB, 808 × 1446
>I'd be happy to create some Ernstchan propaganda

Danke, Ernst. :3

> I did a bunch of Ernstwurf edits a while back;

Yes, there were some great ones. I remember. I guess most of them stem from you.

> I could do more comics/paintings like that, or maybe something else with pictures and a specific message if anyone has some ideas.

We have to check back with the head of Abteilung Agitation.


Maybe his department has some ideas or wishes.

Hopefully he manages to stay away from vodka least a single day of this weak so he can respond.
No. 25905
86 kB, 898 × 688
Bros, need a piece of advice.
There is a girl I was in summer camp with about 5 years ago (we met afterwards and chatted on the Internet but then we stopped one day).
I found her on social networks and I want to talk to her and maybe meet with her. I haven't had a gf for 3 years now and I feel that if I don't try anytime soon I'll risk turning into an incel mass shooter.

Should I approach her? How should I do that so I don't scare her? We were really sympathetic to each other back then, but a lot of time has passed
Hope there are keinernsts here
No. 25906
I think there are some German female pros, and Hong Kong is married. Government Brit also has some success. I personally can't help though. My only real advice is to not put so much emphasis on external relationships to create self-worth. I've recently started doing things the way I want to do them rather than what makes others think better of me and I've never felt more confident in my life. Just don't ask me about women.
t. khhv
No. 25907
>I'll risk turning into an incel mass shooter
What's with that odious cargo cult behaviour? Do it the Slavic way, turn into a depressed alcoholic instead.
No. 25909
>temperature down from 30+ to 18-25 C in one day
Feels good man
No. 25910
Here it's a brisk 11 degrees. I have to use two blankets at night or else it's too cold. Rate subtropical sufferings.

Tbh though, I prefer the stability of more coastal climes to the shit that Brickistan pulls on an annual basis. Stinking hot and nut-freezingly cold in the same year every year just sounds frustrating.
No. 25911
That DDR uniform gave me an idea. Currently editing the EC logo into the DDR coat of arms.
Though the EC logo only has 2 colours, and the coat of arms uses 3 for the German flag.
No. 25912
I don’t think it’s possible for a Russian/Ukrainian/Belarusian to become a burger-style incel mass shooter: it’s just not a native aspect of the slavic cultural edifice. Would be like an American going on a knife rampage in the manner of a laid-off Japanese salaryman.
No. 25913
>Should I approach her? How should I do that so I don't scare her?

Makes me think of a deer everytime.

Anyway, I'm not a female pro even tho I had gf, I'm in a similar situation as you, just less time since last sex and cuddle and having the presence of a loving person afterall after a few months I really get the cravings now but nothing happens since I don't leave the house to seek places with potential or find the motivation to initiate a possibility which is all you can do, not the just talk to her guy
Did you stalk her? Or did you stumble across her?
If it's the first, maybe you just write her that you had to think of her, wondering what she has been up to and you thought, hey there is something like the internet, I could just try to find her an ask. If the ladder just tell her you stumbled across her and just wanted to say hi and whats up? These seem rather neutral to me.
Whats possible from there only dog knows
No. 25919
I'm feeling pretty good now, actually. Tomorrow is payday. The best kind of day.
After work, I'm going to buy a bottle of sake, a small bag of cheap earl grey, because I'm running out of tea again, and I'll also look through what the book outlet has.
Of course, half of the money will be used to buy a copy of Dream of the Red Chamber.
I'm starting to feel really guilty over stockpiling every book I ever wanted. Though at this point I can't seem to be able to come up with anything else to get.

This weekend will be one known as a "long weekend" in Hungary. We have weekends like these when a national holiday (October 23rd, March 15th or August 20th) coincide with either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. Since these days are state mandated work free days, the weekend is "elongated", and people usually get the "in-between" day off, or they simply take it off. This will be a 4 day long one. I have no plans besides reading.

Seems like I'll have to go in one day extra to finish entering the leftover data. Not much of a problem, since they'll pay me for it. The other two student workers will be laid off, since it'd be a loss for them to travel to Budapest for half a day of work after a weekend.

Submitted 1 (one) OC to the thread.
No. 25922
I thought every day was payday for a gypsy beggar like you, Attila.
No. 25925
Did this happen because of a dream? t. dreamed about getting somewhere with a co-worker last night and had to remind myself it wasn't real.

Realistically, it was a summer girl from 5 years ago. You've nothing to lose from contacting her but it's best not to start obsessing about old loves unless you like brutal reminders of rose-tinted glasses and people changing. The most likely outcome is she will humour you but conclude that you're weird and horny.

Anyway: "Hi X long time no see! You came into my head while I was doing [thing you did together], how have you been? I've [interesting and exaggerated current status] :)"

>I haven't had a gf for 3 years now and I feel that if I don't try anytime soon I'll risk turning into an incel mass shooter.

There are billions of girls out there and whole industries dedicated to matching you with them. Hinge is currently the most popular app on the west and pretty neat as it mostly focuses on answering questions so its kinder if you're ugly as fuck.

You can also do speed-dating and all that stuff.
No. 25980
9 kB, 350 × 222
Just coming back from some more measurements and analysis....it's even better - WAY better - than I imagined.

Now I'm just euphoric...but have to keep silent until I got it to publication quality.
No. 25990
2,5 MB, 3526 × 2823
Had a lovely day. We finished entering the data, and I only have to go in to enter 60 or so special invoices on Wednesday next week. After I got my pay, I went to the city. The weather was really nice, not too hot, and there was a gentle breeze.

There were a lot of tourists, walking around. Mostly slavs and brits.
"Ah ye, I'm sayin' is that Mahmite is the real thing", one exclaimed to his fat, red-faced peer while buying overpriced ice-cream in front of the National Museum.

I basically went on a shopping spree. I checked out my usual spots, buying some nice books. DeLillo's Underworld was in nearly mint condition, and it costed me around a Euro. Same goes for the German books. Found three volumes of the Tolstoy-set I bought last month. Anna Karenina.
After this, I bought a bottle of sake and some tea.
The copy of Underworld has the ex-libris of a woman in it, with her phone number attached.

Then I checked out what the book outlet had. I basically got everything that looked even remotely interesting, since they were usually 1-3 euros.
>Two collections of anecdotes from the life of Linji Yixuan
>Deleuze-Guattari - Kafka: Toward a Minor Literature
Guess I was right not to get it on that bookfest for three times the price. What a ripoff that would have been.
>Representation of Spaces in classic and contemporary Russian literature
I'm hoping to see some cool "recommendations" and some tricks I can show off during literature class
>Niklas Luhman - The Reality of Mass-media
>Historical persons in Hungarian social-democratic and communist propaganda (1890-1919)
>Derel Bickerton - Language and Species
>Kornai - The Socialist System
It's weird to see how these books are all well made, with good covers and paper, yet they are being sold off for a fraction of the price in some Budapest apartment functioning as a store.

Some boomers were quite annoyed that I took up too much space on the bus with my bags. Fuck boomers. Why are they on the bus at 6 o' clock anyway?

I'm really tired. Sadly I couldn't meet with my internet-friend. I'm going to enter the new items into the catalogue, and then I'll try showing them somewhere as a temporary solution until my father makes a new bookshelf. (Which will certainly only happen once he is done with building the new room. So until then, tsundoku tsundoku tsundoku)

I'm going to spend the weekend reading. 4 days worth of reading. And maybe studying Chinese. I hope all your Ernsts had a wonderful day.
No. 25994
69 kB, 677 × 631
I can’t really post about my problems on Ernst because I will be confused with other pathetic ameriballs. Just know that I suffer from the following: semester hasn’t started yet, psychotic boomer father, being a little bitch on account of petit bourgeois background and having been raised by imageboards, chemically lobotomized to tolerate joyless existence, etc. Time to engage with radical political ideologies on Twitter due to having no job, friends or gf until my father returns to berate me and order me around. This is the everyday reality of the directionless zoomer.

And yes I did apply for jobs this summer but no one hired me.
No. 26003
10 kB, 236 × 236
8 kB, 203 × 248
Drifting apart somehow. Life is not going too well, tbh.
Imagine to be out of sync with something and the phase difference opens up a space which has not been there before and which promises something new to explore and understand. Horrifying and exciting, feeling sweaty in my mind while I'm calm and rather dead on the outside.
No. 26004
Sounds a lot like the terrifying dreams I have when I forget to take my daily retard pills (venlafaxine/Effexor).
No. 26005
I'm feeling tensions that point toward my psychotic past. I'm functioning but a depressive down is mixing with excessive reading and propels a diffuse feeling of panic and paranoia.
No. 26009
Hope you feel better soon pal. I’ve never had a full-blown psychotic episode but I have been hypomanic before. For the most part I just wrote shitty poetry about murdering the demiurge. There are certain writers and poets that people under ~25 should not be allowed to read, such as Rilke, Eliot, etc.
No. 26011
Today I have discovered most amazing documentary thanks to EC
No. 26021
50 kB, 640 × 640
Vegemite is superior to Marmite tbh.
No. 26022
huh, what's up with GE?


GE is a multi-billion institution... committing now low-class ponzi-schemes?
No. 26029
I have no idea why you guys like it. I've had it before. It was beyond disgusting.
No. 26040
Half the joy is eating something no murrican can swallow. Source: Experience. Tried it, found it disgusting, but the fact that certain people would die from it actually generated some joy and I powered through it.

Also: Try Branston Pickle (the original, not this new "smooth" stuff)
No. 26041
It's called civilisation tbh.

>Branston Pickle
My man. That's good shit. I like it on cheese and pickle sandwiches personally, though growing up we mostly just had mustard pickles.
No. 26045
I woke up with a terrible headache, and then cleaned my room.
Sake is a pretty good drink. Smells sort of like wine, actually. Strangely enough, it has half the alcohol volume of vodka, but still kicks like a fucking horse for some reason. Honestly, it made me feels sleepy. (So now I sort of understand how salarymen can get black out drunk with this stuff.)
No. 26047
10 kB, 256 × 400
So today I had another dispute with the developer of the website.
I told him that the image upload function needs support for .png, and he claimed that it already has support for .png. It clearly doesn't. He'd know that if he ever tried uploading a .png image, or reading his own code, which I have.

I got suspicious and put his code through google, and it showed up in one of those "php tricks for retards" blog posts, completely unchanged, he didn't even remove the comments. Apparently, he never even read it, just copy and pasted it.

I fucking hate webdevs so fucking much.
No. 26049
>put his code through google, and it showed up in one of those "php tricks for retards" blog posts, completely unchanged, he didn't even remove the comments. Apparently, he never even read it, just copy and pasted it.
How much are you paying this guy again?
No. 26050
If you’re capable of reading his code why don’t you just handle the web dev work
No. 26054
Being able to read something doesn't necessarily constitute fluency. I can read Kazakh sentences and even see roughly what is being said, but I'm not fluent enough to maybe know all the words, or be entirely comfortable forming my own sentences on the fly.
No. 26055
Enough to commission a fully functioning website from a webdev studio :^)

In part because I already have my hands full doing everything else.
In another part because of my brother's sunk cost fallacy. He already spent so much on that idiot, that the idea of throwing it all away and starting from scratch doesn't appeal to him.

And thirdly, writing an entire e commerce platform is a huge undertaking, especially for a single person. Even using a ready made framework would be a lot of work for me, since I barely know shit about webdev. So I have no idea why he made the ass backwards decision to hire someone to do that, when there's plenty of ready made e commerce frameworks and cheap webdev studios around.

I already convinced him that we should migrate to a proper website, but he wants to get this site done to get some use out of it while we figure out the new one. I feel pretty unmotivated knowing I'm doing data entry and bug testing for a website we're going to throw away eventually.

tbh he should pony up and order a new website already, I'm basically wasting my time here.
No. 26058
I think I may now be not only up on my casino winnings but actually up on scratch offs too. I try to avoid them because they're such an absolutely retarded scam with no real way of ever winning, but that $3 was apparently a $50 instead of $20 winning. Had I picked pairs I would've just won another $50 from a $0.50 cent ticket too. I can't say that I would approve of gambling or recommend it, but I was surprised to find out I might have actually at least broken even if not come out slightly ahead on those things and I still didn't even check my bingo ticket.
No. 26063
Soviet joge from 1920s:

One Georgian is a shoe-cleaner, two is a lezginka, three is a Central Committee. One Jew is a speculator, two are a trust, three are an opposition. One Ukrainian is Ukrainization, two is a hopak, three is a pogrom. One Russian is a fool, two are two fools, three are three fools
No. 26065
36 kB, 800 × 600
After 10 days of searching, my mechanic managed to find an extremely rare part for my aged old car and it now gets to live another year until it's next yearly car test. Imagine, it was about to be put off the road because of a few flayed chords on a rear seatbelt, such is life in the land of EU bureaucracy
No. 26066
67 kB, 497 × 500
I've never heard you talk about brexit. Does it ever make you mad that the UK completely railroaded Ireland into joining the EU which it didn't even want to do only to some years later create an international melodrama about it's own attempted exit?
No. 26067
34 kB, 1024 × 576
Laughed irl
No. 26070
33 kB, 547 × 502
>UK completely railroaded Ireland into joining the EU which it didn't even want to do
Ireland and the UK joined the EEC at the same time in 1973, which was 9 years before I was even born'd so not really.

As it stands I don't really care either way about Brexit, if there ever was a vote to leave the EU for us I'd vote for leave. Anything to get rid of the poles and the heaps of 3rd worlders turning every city centre black. Even though deep down I know that leaving the EU won't get rid of anyone for UK either.
No. 26071
I managed to read some, though very little.
Just looking at A Rebours laying on the table makes me feel sick. I don't know if I'm just not in the mood for it, but it's killing me with it's slow pace. I get the point that it's about his overindulgence in petty artistic details. It's just that I know when I'm on about something incredibly minor, nobody actually cares. It's probably just that I'm not in the mood for it.
So I'm going to start reading the Iliad instead, and some short non-fiction.

I feel kind of directionless again. At least the room is nice and clean now.

There were a bunch of "instant coffee" packets lying on the kitchen table. I had two coffees today. Man, powdered instant coffee is shit. Two mugs, and I almost fell asleep after lunch anyway.

The balcony is empty, and has no shade, since my father disassembled it until he finishes the new room next to it. Though the weather isn't horrible, so I might go and get a chair and sit outside.

>In another part because of my brother's sunk cost fallacy.
>Enough to commission a fully functioning website from a webdev studio :^)
Where does your dipshit prole of a brother even get the money from to go on failed venture after failed venture?
No. 26073
58 kB, 252 × 342
I can't believe I wasted another summer on those two incompetent idiots and their stillborn business idea.

I could've had a real job by now. At least I learned a little bit of webdev and why I never want to touch it.
No. 26074
From his dipshit prole of an investor, who is a friend of family from his wife's side. She was an accountant for some criminal elements in the 90s, then stole the money and ran to the wect. When the criminal elements were tot, she came back and bought a bunch of real estate (mostly malls), and is now leasing it out.

Also, a lot of his own money he makes by servicing internet cafes, which he could've put into something sensible.

At least I got paid this time :^)
No. 26075
Happening of today:
Walking the dogs like every evening, suddenly 2 hogs jump out of the bushes 7 meters in front of me...
It's like everybody says, they are really scary fuckers. Thankfully they ignored me.
No. 26076
Today I woke up, ate food, then played videogames, then shitposted on the internet, going to sleep now
No. 26077
I thought I knew nothing of other languages but I understood that. Well I guess wasting a decade in such shitholes bad some minor benefit.

How did they die, or you know they did?
No. 26083
I found a delicious bbq sauce and I am well pleased with it. In fact I am abnormally happy about how good this new bbq sauce truly is. So far I've used it on pizza, fried egg and cheese sandwich, and creamy pasta. Works marvels. I almost am going to be tempted to try this thing on ice cream even! Truly a feat of American engineering, ghost of George Washington smiled upon it!

I just don't even know why out all possible things it is simply having this one barbeque sauce and knowledge that I have it that it feels me with such deepest satisfactions. Ohhhh I should try it on frozen chimichangas next. It just feels like having that one sauce takes a world of weight off my shoulders and instantly improves my mood with knowing no matter what I can eat something delicious with it. It's the kind of thing I think a British or French philosopher might pontificate about, in such manner that the only way I know how to describe what I am feeling is the philosophical concept of the Sublime being bottled and under my ownership.
No. 26095
You can cook such sauce by yourself. It's very easy.

t. haver of even better bbq sauce
No. 26099
I slept late again. Currently making lunch for me and my sister.

As I promised to myself, I started reading the Iliad. I picked the newer translation instead of the archaic one from the 1900s, because I'm reading it as a preparation for the Matura/Abitur, so I'm better off reading the "standard" edition instead of fucking myself over with my hipster bullshit. So far I'd say it's the only epic I've read that's on par with the Nibelungenlied.
I made some tea and sat outside. I choose the half finished room as a reading spot, because it has a roof, but it's still airy enough that it feels like I'm out in the garden. Had to clean a plastic chair though. No biggie.

Earl Grey is probably the best tea for everyday consumption. Probably one of the best things Britain gave to the world. Though I don't understand why the British are considered a tea-fanatic nation. Most of them just drink bagged, bitter tea. The peoples of the Orient created much more sophisticated and better quality rituals and brews.

Honestly, I'm feeling pretty good.
No. 26100
We inherited their tea culture. For non toffs, it's a matter of volume. Tea is an almost ubiquitous social beverage to the point where 'having a cuppa' with someone essentially means sitting down and having a yarn with them. Most of the time there isn't really much fuss about tea because you drink it so often that ritualising it is just mucking about instead of getting to the good bit.
No. 26101
fuck off gypsy
No. 26102
Best way to get over a girl is to get another girl, even if it is only for an encounter.

Nothing good can come from stalky creeper vibes imho.
No. 26103
>where 'having a cuppa' with someone essentially means sitting down and having a yarn with them.

In germany we have also such a thing with coffee.

If a girl invites you for having some coffee at her home, it means she wants to get close/physical with you.
No. 26104
>If a girl invites you for having some coffee
What if you don't drink coffee?
No. 26107
I find Lady Earl Grey superior, due to the orange peel.
As always, I find cafes and such stocking only Earl Grey, and even using it for milk tea bad form.

However overall I find Earl Grey, overly perfumed much prefer Oolong(smoky flavour).

Bit out of the loop with teas, but loving classic black tea with a drop of milk at the moment probably nostalgia.
No. 26108
No. 26109
It's ok, she doesn't have any.
No. 26110
194 kB, 1280 × 851
Went to a bar for the first time with some old friends from high school last night (I'm 21). There weren't enough seats and the beer was too expensive, so it was a good thing I'd taken several shots of brandy beforehand. Notwithstanding the deafening noise I enjoyed watching the fights in that atmosphere with my pals (the bar was showing UFC 241, for which we paid a $5 entrance fee). One of my friends lost $100 betting on Cormier lol. Didn't do anything too embarrassing, aside from bullshitting with the Uber driver about how Epstein was a CIA asset. Overall it was a neat experience, but probably not something I'll do often.
No. 26111

Heh. Imagine how would this conversation go:
"Wanna have some coffee at my place?"
"I don't drink coffee."
"It's OK, I don't have any."
"What is the point of inviting me then?"
No. 26112
No. 26115
Stable, well-paying careers that I can go into with no competition and an excellent hire rate go
No. 26116 Kontra
No. 26117
Heh, that's actually pretty funny. I should watch Seinfeld someday, I think. Also, that moment is relatable for me: extraverted people usually expect me to keep a conversation at a high tempo, so they don't give me enough time to figure out all the hidden meanings of their questions, and I just say whatever comes to mind first. It's probably fine in most cases if a bit weird, but I bet that I sometimes come off as a tremendous assburger. Real-time social interactions are hard, they are so unlike imageboard discussions where I can take as much time as I want for writing a reply.
No. 26118 Kontra
6 kB, 320 × 158
44 kB, 750 × 370
>Notwithstanding the deafening noise I enjoyed watching the fights in that atmosphere with my pals (the bar was showing UFC 241, for which we paid a $5 entrance fee). One of my friends lost $100 betting on Cormier lol.

I watched it via stream.
Did you see the post-interviews?
Nate Diaz is some ..... special guy.
Even for Nate this was a very special press conference, not sure if he was high on drugs or sth.

No. 26119
No. 26120
171 kB, 945 × 630
No. 26121
963 kB, 1280 × 720
I have a week off work coming up and still no plans. What would you recommend for filling my time? I guess I could wander around London a bit but it seems like an awful lot of spending money.

Go work for the civil service, it's comfy. State-level policy work must just involve making monkeys of the feds all day :---D
No. 26122
lol he sounds like he’s been huffing gasoline. I’ve heard the JRE episode where Nate Diaz translates for Yoel Romero is pretty humorous.
No. 26124
I live near the old swamp created by the factory drain system. Stray doggos live in the swamp. Somewhat around 200 of them. We feed them for fun and so they stay at the swamp and not go outside to find food. But today doggos are having a battle or something. There are like tens of doggos barking fiercely for an entire hour. Expecting casualties.
No. 26125
That sounds rather worrisome
No. 26135
Here, having a cuppa at someone's house is pretty casual. Nothing is implied other than having some tea and a chat.

No. 26137
Wait this is a good point actually

Hey Russia how do you know your swamp dogs aren't eating some poor strelok fellow?
No. 26139
639 kB, 2048 × 1690
I wish people would invite me to have tea and chat.
No. 26141
7,4 MB, 6000 × 4000
8,1 MB, 6000 × 4000
6,1 MB, 6000 × 4000
Last time I went to England I went to the Imperial War museum in London, then got a train down to Southampton and went to the Solent Air Museum, then continued on south to Dorset and went to Bovington Tank Museum.

There's 3 days filled up for you!
No. 26147
Why would wandering around London cost money? It's not like you have to buy things while you do it.

Does England even have camping? Or are there some laws against it? Because it's a great time of year to go hiking or camping in the countryside.

If you've got a solid week I'd say visit some friends and family. If on you own I dunno, probably hit some books or videogame backlog or something. Just a day of uninterrupted free time isnt even going to let you finish or get too far in most books or games.

If I were in London I'd go see a museum honestly. Sadly we have no museums and big zoo's and such where I live.

I tried picking what some apparently larger than almost ever collection of tonsil stones and now my whole throat feels swollen and sore. I can already tell this will feel like a mistake tomorrow.
No. 26149
158 kB, 321 × 623
tfw no one to have a cuppa with.

Museums are a good option; that's what I would suggest as well. They're a perfect combination of aimless wandering and looking at things. Two of my favorite activities.
No. 26158
The British Museum and National Gallery are great and free.
No. 26159
If they were stupid enough to go to the swamp full of wild doggos - serves them right.