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No. 25809 Systemkontra
211 kB, 962 × 729
Old kontra, new one responder. Share the daily grind.

It got colder now, it's fine.
No. 25812
Laughed at the image.

Just got a letter stating that I'm eligible to vote in the local, town level elections.

I'm playing the Rienzi Overture on repeat to feel better a bit. I can't wait 'till this anxiety thing passes over.
I just want to read irrelevant texts on gommunism and literature in peace. To think if it, it all started when I accidentally stumbled upon the fact that they are releasing that one Japanese novel. Could it be possible that I'm just anxious to have it, before they sell all the copies and I'll never have the chance to read it?
That'd be incredibly silly, but not as silly as Sir Billi.

Got a heartfelt e-mail from the old librarian I still exchange letters with occasionally. Honestly, it feels pretty weird to be able to exchange letters with people, even if online. Initially I thought nobody would spend their time responding to me, but they are surprisingly polite when I actually write a few lines.

I feel sort of bad for kinda flooding the threads with inane nonsense.
No. 25815
59 kB, 550 × 856
42 kB, 160 × 304
>I feel sort of bad for kinda flooding the threads with inane nonsense.

Why? We all do this somehow, sometimes there is an response, sometimes it's don't.

Finishing P. Schönthalers Portrait of the Manager as a Young Author. On Storytelling, Business, and Literature I had to think about the exchanged words with the writing German here. On the last pages Schönthaler talks about Creative Writing in the US and it's Cold War background and how the teaching of writing changed it itself and analyses why American Literature 'works' successfully in Europe, while European novels don't 'work' all over the world.
Otherwise the book largely deals with stories as instrument in economy/management and as marketing strategy since the 1990s, when it was 'discovered' for these concerns. It points out the relation to literature and how literature changed over the last decades.
No. 25816
I do data entry for a European chemical firm's agriculture department.
Basically contributing to the soaps killing people :^)
No. 25818
92 kB, 1000 × 1434
I just got back from holiday and tomorrow I'm off again for some awayday(s) drinking with work. Week after next I'm off again on holiday for the week.

Learn from my tale of woe - don't forget about your holiday time or your boss won't let you work. Last week was awful because I'd done no planning and the week coming up I haven't planned either. Thank gott I can carry over 10 days for next year. The awayday will be bad as well because I want to do some serious work but instead will be stuck doing ice-breakers during the day.

Whinging aside, I should probably think of some project to do for the week and then it will be fine.

Is there much going on with REACH on your end?

t.Trustworthy Anglo
No. 25821
225 kB, 798 × 728
Great image; is that OC?

>I feel sort of bad for kinda flooding the threads with inane nonsense.
You shouldn't feel bad; you actually relate information and events. Now if you want to see some inane nonsense that someone should feel bad about, try reading my next post XX/D:

Today I finally installed a mobile browser with an ad blocker(Brave). I had a blocker on the desktop computer, or at least I did before Firefox deleted everything a while back, but for mobile browsing I just tolerated the ads. Well, no more. Now webpages don't take forever to load, and text isn't continuously moving up and down as new banners appear. A definite improvement. Feels good.
No. 25823
>Is there much going on with REACH on your end?
Not really. I enter data from invoices. Basically I’m a digital workhand, the equivalent of someone pushing a wheelbarrow on a construction site.
No. 25824
I fucking hate google and android so goddamn much. At least I've largely cleansed myself of all google filth to best of my knowledge that honestly I just need to root my fucking phone.
No. 25825
>Great image; is that OC?

It originated from /b/
No. 25826
Job interview went quite OK but was pretty short. Surprisingly I got some 6 hours or so of halfway decent sleep though I did have some bad dreams.
Basically I only talked to the big boss and I think we hit it off decently but I feel like I downplayed my existing skills too much and talked too much about wanting to learn and gain experience. Also he caught me off guard with a question along the lines of "Let's say I tell you to complete a project. What are your next steps?"
So I doubt I'll get an offer but it was still a good experience. Wouldn't mind applying there in a few years when I want something more settled since the company culture seemed very down-to-earth.

>Great image
No. 25827
I had over 20 beers yesterday, 500ml 5%.
I woke up at 6am, drunk 2 more beers, that was all the beers I had left, if I had more I would have probably drank them.
Only 10-15min late for work.
I think I am slipping.....
No. 25832
I've been offered an excellent job, but it requires a certain level of clearance - not a particularly high one, and I'm not doing any funky military stuff, but it involves government networks so you de facto have to be cleared for it.

Thing is, I'm a recovering alcoholic that went to rehab a few years ago and of course I'll have to tell them all about it. Towards the end of that period in my life, my personal finances were a trainwreck. So I have a couple of months of waiting to hear that I've almost certainly been disqualified from a dream career of mine. I've worked extremely hard to turn my life around so all I can do is hope they give me the benefit of the doubt. I'm not the kind of person who can be blackmailed or bribed but they have no way of knowing that of course. I'm bracing for the embarrassment when this company, that was raring to hire me, has to break the news that for reasons unknown to them, I'm considered a liability.
No. 25833
How did you turn it around?
I though rehab was just for Americans and rich wankers.
Seems like you have no control over the CBC, I think you will be surprised.
How bad did your finances get, that imho would be more important if you had bad debts, bankruptcy or anything outstanding.
No. 25834
I think it's getting better. The first half of the day was relatively calms, and I started feeling worse after lunch.

Had nightmares again and woke up two times. On was about emails again.

I ordered some more books I wanted, since I finally had the money on paypal. At this point I only want a copy of Dream of the Red Chamber and then I can't think of a single thing I'd want.
Turns out I had a coupon, so I actually saved a whole book's worth of money.

Hopefully tonight I'll be able to sleep well. There was a storm today, and strangely enough it didn't turn everything into a humid mess.
I really hope it was just the weather.

>Clickbait journalist acting like adblocking is the end of the world
There are a few groups of people I consider to be "subhumans", and clickbait journalists are one of them. The absolute scum of the earth who were absolute brainlets, but in a different way than average stupid people. They aren't even able to write articles for a proper field or magazine that covers an interest or a hobby, they just write about "general" things. Any dipshit can do that.
Fuck clickbating journalist, and I hope adblocking kills off their sites with no survivors.
No. 25846
Jesus Christ is every single person here an alcogolic/recovering alcoholic?
t. sames

I guess it depends on what he means by rehab. I do know that it's popular here partly due to court order as part of a diversion program, particularly with non-alcohol drug addicts since putting a cocaine, heroin, meth whatever addict in prison is fucking stupid and one of the most disastrous national policies you can have from a moral, medical, legal, economic, and overall societal standpoint. It serves literally no other use than lining the pockets of private individuals who own the for-profit prison corporations here. We had a case not long ago where some judge in Luzerne County, PA was shipping kids off to a juvenile prison center for any petty thing imaginable, and it later turned out said prison was giving him possibly millions in kickbacks and bribes to do so because it was a privately owned prison that got paid for every inmate it housed. Look up "cash for kids scandal".

Otherwise most "rehab" I think is pretty useless but the word covers a variety of things. There's absintence only 12 step programs like NA/AA, inpatient detox, true rehab centers that are like a monthlong stay or something like that, outpatient rehab programs etc.

I think the whole point of such a thing is basically to try and teach you psychologically how to just cope without turning to chems while physically removing you from a situation that can cause you to relapse. Frankly just giving somebody a month long vacation from all work and responsibility itself is probably a pretty good way to extricate many addicts, but the problem is how many go right back to it once they resume their lives particularly the stressful job and the junkie friends/family/coworkers that'll push them back towards the grave.

I haven't done these inpatient clinic things and partly it's because I'm not a shoulder-to-cry-on sort of person. I fucking hate group shit or sharing. I found AA not so useful for that reason except idk why it just helped me not drink again for a few months when I was feeling weaker. The hardest part is remembering you can't be cavalier or drink period. I think the Sinclair method sounds like a load of horseshit for people in denial. Like, oh, here just have this bump of cocaine it's okay, sure have some smack it's fine to have only a little. I think that it's stupid and contrary to basic biology. If you're already that much of an addict you're never going to use responsibly.

Personally I can't really say that I miss drinking. I feel like I got a lot more done and see little to no reason to drink again. I've actually felt a ton healthier and in a better mood overall without being crippled by hangovers and feeling sick and being drunk all the damn time.
No. 25847
1,2 MB, 720 × 674
Am I the only guy who goes on rutracker to read the comments?
No. 25848
117 kB, 800 × 568
>It originated from /b/
Thanks. It's really well done, with a lot of attention to detail.
t.appreciator of such things

Now I'm curious; what kind of comments are you reading there?
No. 25849
44 kB, 1154 × 309
55 kB, 1199 × 284
Mostly discussion of music and video games.
No. 25850
They're in English? All the comments I've seen on rutracker are in Russian.
No. 25851
Chrome translates it automatically
No. 25866
30 kB, 500 × 500
I got invited to a job-interview for a traineeship at a big newspaper next week.
The city is quite far away but it would be really great to have a steady job. I'll have to compete against others though in writing an article after the talk so nothing is guaranteed yet. Wish me luck guys :D
No. 25868
Good luck, Ernst!

I also have 'career' news to announce. I finally got my ass up and called the place, where I planned to do my uni internship. They are looking for students and I don't even need to write anything. It's flexible and I could start right now, but it's ok that I finish important work for my paper first and will call in September again. But it's unpaid I guess, neither did I ask nor was I told a number. But since it's flexible I can work in the mornings in my part time job and from lunch time to afternoon I could work at the internship. I'm quite happy now that my internship problem seem to solve so easily.
No. 25871
>Jesus Christ is every single person here an alcogolic/recovering alcoholic?
To be fair many users at various imageboards have various issues.
No. 25873
I'am not an alchogolic. I was not drunk even slightly in mine life. I only "siped" some beer once in my life.
No. 25874
I only woke up once today. No bad dreams. I think whatever was up with me, it seems to be passing.
Thankfully no dreams about non-eucledian cities underwater or strange monsters.
Anxiety has been replaced with a healthy sense of longing for lack of a better term. I'm excited, it feels like I'm waiting for something good, I just don't know what. Feels sort of like being homesick. I kinda like this feeling. Lot better than shaking from anxiety.

Work is going well. Two more days until the end of the weekend, though I'm not sure if it'll be finished by Friday. I have two other students, sort of working under me. They don't want to come in next week, since they live relatively far away in the countryside, so coming up one more day of work would outweigh the benefits almost completely. (Management was on the same page. We don't need 3 student workers to pick up the scraps.)
I was also asked to work for a week in September too. I'd work with a team of 3 university students. (I'd the one managing the thing, since I have plenty of experience with the different "special cases" that come up when entering the data. "special cases" as in someone was a retard, sent in a bad invoice with no number/other missing data and we need to devise a way to enter it sensibly into the system.) Feels nice that they think I'm necessary to do this.

When I get my paycheque I'm gonna buy that bottle of sake on Friday, and raid the book outlet. (With an internet friend I'm meeting up. Though it might be pushed to Saturday. Who knows.)

Managed to study some hanzis today before work. I think I might read tonight. My mind still feels relatively fresh.
Though I sort of lost interest in other works a bit, and I wish I already had that copy of The Night is Short, Walk on Girl I ordered. I want to read it so much, that it'll be disappointing compared to my expectations. Such is life I guess.

I'm listening to and re-listening Schnittke's 0th Symphony. It's almost like something composed by Shostakovich. Schostakovichian. Words like these are lovely. It's his piece he submitted for graduation, and was only performed once at the Moscow Conservatoire, in the presence of the aforementioned titan of Soviet music. I wonder what he had to say about it.
No. 25875
24 kB, 400 × 303
Ernst do you know the feeling of exhaustion after discovering/learning something major?

I just checked on arrays and arrays of data and finally found something I am now 110% sure about, which even works by pointing the finger on it without much statistics.

Now I just want to sleep or have some beers, albeit I don't feel bad. I would call it achievement-melancholia.

Is this normal?
No. 25876
478 kB, 1280 × 914
We need more OC, but I pretty much forgot all my - even back then more or less non-existant - gimp skills. And I won't get into editing again.

Sometimes when I finish a book or especially after long periods of excessive reading I 'come down' but it usually comes back strong after a few days.

So e.g. I was a bit frustrated over affect the last days and didn't do much, but Thursday I read the introduction of the affect theory reader and I finally got an answer why so many of that anglo affect texts are written in an 'esoteric' way with terminology making you dizzy as an outsider and gives other 'serious' scholars a reason to trash it.
Turns out it's a process philosophic bedrock, inspired by Spinoza. Then add a few other names, surprisingly Guattari his last three books seem interesting, apparently they are quite important for affect studies and process philosophic cultural studies (yep it's Deleuze & Guattari influence here), which on that bedrock develop a ethic and pedagogy both make the tone esoteric together with process vocubulary, process philosophy is also found in Asia, Confucius and the likes as a consequence of affect theory informed epistemology. * inhales *

I did not get the details yet but I'm getting closer, feels good.
No. 25877
7,9 MB, 320 × 240, 3:59
>I'am not an alchogolic. I was not drunk even slightly in mine life.
No. 25880
>We need more OC,

True. And I heard that there is some American Ernst here, who is really enabled to draw. Especially comics
Maybe, if he has the time and inclination, he will draw some Ernstchan-propaganda material?
No. 25882
I would provide pictures that seem worthy to edit, like the in the OP.
No. 25883
What level of clearance are you going for? BPSS and CTC should be fine but SC will do a credit check. If you've already got a job offer then your new line manager may also have limited pull.

>I have a couple of months of waiting to hear

Hue. Don't hold your breath with bulk recruitment.

t.absolutely know what I'm talking about
No. 25887
130 kB, 274 × 304
I'd be happy to create some Ernstchan propaganda. I did a bunch of Ernstwurf edits a while back; I could do more comics/paintings like that, or maybe something else with pictures and a specific message if anyone has some ideas.
t.hat comic drawing Ernst
No. 25897
33 kB, 307 × 300
12,1 MB, 2469 × 3464
8,0 MB, 1657 × 2340
148 kB, 808 × 1446
>I'd be happy to create some Ernstchan propaganda

Danke, Ernst. :3

> I did a bunch of Ernstwurf edits a while back;

Yes, there were some great ones. I remember. I guess most of them stem from you.

> I could do more comics/paintings like that, or maybe something else with pictures and a specific message if anyone has some ideas.

We have to check back with the head of Abteilung Agitation.


Maybe his department has some ideas or wishes.

Hopefully he manages to stay away from vodka least a single day of this weak so he can respond.
No. 25905
86 kB, 898 × 688
Bros, need a piece of advice.
There is a girl I was in summer camp with about 5 years ago (we met afterwards and chatted on the Internet but then we stopped one day).
I found her on social networks and I want to talk to her and maybe meet with her. I haven't had a gf for 3 years now and I feel that if I don't try anytime soon I'll risk turning into an incel mass shooter.

Should I approach her? How should I do that so I don't scare her? We were really sympathetic to each other back then, but a lot of time has passed
Hope there are keinernsts here
No. 25906
I think there are some German female pros, and Hong Kong is married. Government Brit also has some success. I personally can't help though. My only real advice is to not put so much emphasis on external relationships to create self-worth. I've recently started doing things the way I want to do them rather than what makes others think better of me and I've never felt more confident in my life. Just don't ask me about women.
t. khhv
No. 25907
>I'll risk turning into an incel mass shooter
What's with that odious cargo cult behaviour? Do it the Slavic way, turn into a depressed alcoholic instead.
No. 25909
>temperature down from 30+ to 18-25 C in one day
Feels good man
No. 25910
Here it's a brisk 11 degrees. I have to use two blankets at night or else it's too cold. Rate subtropical sufferings.

Tbh though, I prefer the stability of more coastal climes to the shit that Brickistan pulls on an annual basis. Stinking hot and nut-freezingly cold in the same year every year just sounds frustrating.
No. 25911
That DDR uniform gave me an idea. Currently editing the EC logo into the DDR coat of arms.
Though the EC logo only has 2 colours, and the coat of arms uses 3 for the German flag.
No. 25912
I don’t think it’s possible for a Russian/Ukrainian/Belarusian to become a burger-style incel mass shooter: it’s just not a native aspect of the slavic cultural edifice. Would be like an American going on a knife rampage in the manner of a laid-off Japanese salaryman.
No. 25913
>Should I approach her? How should I do that so I don't scare her?

Makes me think of a deer everytime.

Anyway, I'm not a female pro even tho I had gf, I'm in a similar situation as you, just less time since last sex and cuddle and having the presence of a loving person afterall after a few months I really get the cravings now but nothing happens since I don't leave the house to seek places with potential or find the motivation to initiate a possibility which is all you can do, not the just talk to her guy
Did you stalk her? Or did you stumble across her?
If it's the first, maybe you just write her that you had to think of her, wondering what she has been up to and you thought, hey there is something like the internet, I could just try to find her an ask. If the ladder just tell her you stumbled across her and just wanted to say hi and whats up? These seem rather neutral to me.
Whats possible from there only dog knows
No. 25919
I'm feeling pretty good now, actually. Tomorrow is payday. The best kind of day.
After work, I'm going to buy a bottle of sake, a small bag of cheap earl grey, because I'm running out of tea again, and I'll also look through what the book outlet has.
Of course, half of the money will be used to buy a copy of Dream of the Red Chamber.
I'm starting to feel really guilty over stockpiling every book I ever wanted. Though at this point I can't seem to be able to come up with anything else to get.

This weekend will be one known as a "long weekend" in Hungary. We have weekends like these when a national holiday (October 23rd, March 15th or August 20th) coincide with either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. Since these days are state mandated work free days, the weekend is "elongated", and people usually get the "in-between" day off, or they simply take it off. This will be a 4 day long one. I have no plans besides reading.

Seems like I'll have to go in one day extra to finish entering the leftover data. Not much of a problem, since they'll pay me for it. The other two student workers will be laid off, since it'd be a loss for them to travel to Budapest for half a day of work after a weekend.

Submitted 1 (one) OC to the thread.
No. 25922
I thought every day was payday for a gypsy beggar like you, Attila.
No. 25925
Did this happen because of a dream? t. dreamed about getting somewhere with a co-worker last night and had to remind myself it wasn't real.

Realistically, it was a summer girl from 5 years ago. You've nothing to lose from contacting her but it's best not to start obsessing about old loves unless you like brutal reminders of rose-tinted glasses and people changing. The most likely outcome is she will humour you but conclude that you're weird and horny.

Anyway: "Hi X long time no see! You came into my head while I was doing [thing you did together], how have you been? I've [interesting and exaggerated current status] :)"

>I haven't had a gf for 3 years now and I feel that if I don't try anytime soon I'll risk turning into an incel mass shooter.

There are billions of girls out there and whole industries dedicated to matching you with them. Hinge is currently the most popular app on the west and pretty neat as it mostly focuses on answering questions so its kinder if you're ugly as fuck.

You can also do speed-dating and all that stuff.
No. 25980
9 kB, 350 × 222
Just coming back from some more measurements and analysis....it's even better - WAY better - than I imagined.

Now I'm just euphoric...but have to keep silent until I got it to publication quality.
No. 25990
2,5 MB, 3526 × 2823
Had a lovely day. We finished entering the data, and I only have to go in to enter 60 or so special invoices on Wednesday next week. After I got my pay, I went to the city. The weather was really nice, not too hot, and there was a gentle breeze.

There were a lot of tourists, walking around. Mostly slavs and brits.
"Ah ye, I'm sayin' is that Mahmite is the real thing", one exclaimed to his fat, red-faced peer while buying overpriced ice-cream in front of the National Museum.

I basically went on a shopping spree. I checked out my usual spots, buying some nice books. DeLillo's Underworld was in nearly mint condition, and it costed me around a Euro. Same goes for the German books. Found three volumes of the Tolstoy-set I bought last month. Anna Karenina.
After this, I bought a bottle of sake and some tea.
The copy of Underworld has the ex-libris of a woman in it, with her phone number attached.

Then I checked out what the book outlet had. I basically got everything that looked even remotely interesting, since they were usually 1-3 euros.
>Two collections of anecdotes from the life of Linji Yixuan
>Deleuze-Guattari - Kafka: Toward a Minor Literature
Guess I was right not to get it on that bookfest for three times the price. What a ripoff that would have been.
>Representation of Spaces in classic and contemporary Russian literature
I'm hoping to see some cool "recommendations" and some tricks I can show off during literature class
>Niklas Luhman - The Reality of Mass-media
>Historical persons in Hungarian social-democratic and communist propaganda (1890-1919)
>Derel Bickerton - Language and Species
>Kornai - The Socialist System
It's weird to see how these books are all well made, with good covers and paper, yet they are being sold off for a fraction of the price in some Budapest apartment functioning as a store.

Some boomers were quite annoyed that I took up too much space on the bus with my bags. Fuck boomers. Why are they on the bus at 6 o' clock anyway?

I'm really tired. Sadly I couldn't meet with my internet-friend. I'm going to enter the new items into the catalogue, and then I'll try showing them somewhere as a temporary solution until my father makes a new bookshelf. (Which will certainly only happen once he is done with building the new room. So until then, tsundoku tsundoku tsundoku)

I'm going to spend the weekend reading. 4 days worth of reading. And maybe studying Chinese. I hope all your Ernsts had a wonderful day.
No. 25994
69 kB, 677 × 631
I can’t really post about my problems on Ernst because I will be confused with other pathetic ameriballs. Just know that I suffer from the following: semester hasn’t started yet, psychotic boomer father, being a little bitch on account of petit bourgeois background and having been raised by imageboards, chemically lobotomized to tolerate joyless existence, etc. Time to engage with radical political ideologies on Twitter due to having no job, friends or gf until my father returns to berate me and order me around. This is the everyday reality of the directionless zoomer.

And yes I did apply for jobs this summer but no one hired me.
No. 26003
10 kB, 236 × 236
8 kB, 203 × 248
Drifting apart somehow. Life is not going too well, tbh.
Imagine to be out of sync with something and the phase difference opens up a space which has not been there before and which promises something new to explore and understand. Horrifying and exciting, feeling sweaty in my mind while I'm calm and rather dead on the outside.
No. 26004
Sounds a lot like the terrifying dreams I have when I forget to take my daily retard pills (venlafaxine/Effexor).
No. 26005
I'm feeling tensions that point toward my psychotic past. I'm functioning but a depressive down is mixing with excessive reading and propels a diffuse feeling of panic and paranoia.
No. 26009
Hope you feel better soon pal. I’ve never had a full-blown psychotic episode but I have been hypomanic before. For the most part I just wrote shitty poetry about murdering the demiurge. There are certain writers and poets that people under ~25 should not be allowed to read, such as Rilke, Eliot, etc.
No. 26011
Today I have discovered most amazing documentary thanks to EC
No. 26021
50 kB, 640 × 640
Vegemite is superior to Marmite tbh.
No. 26022
huh, what's up with GE?


GE is a multi-billion institution... committing now low-class ponzi-schemes?
No. 26029
I have no idea why you guys like it. I've had it before. It was beyond disgusting.
No. 26040
Half the joy is eating something no murrican can swallow. Source: Experience. Tried it, found it disgusting, but the fact that certain people would die from it actually generated some joy and I powered through it.

Also: Try Branston Pickle (the original, not this new "smooth" stuff)
No. 26041
It's called civilisation tbh.

>Branston Pickle
My man. That's good shit. I like it on cheese and pickle sandwiches personally, though growing up we mostly just had mustard pickles.
No. 26045
I woke up with a terrible headache, and then cleaned my room.
Sake is a pretty good drink. Smells sort of like wine, actually. Strangely enough, it has half the alcohol volume of vodka, but still kicks like a fucking horse for some reason. Honestly, it made me feels sleepy. (So now I sort of understand how salarymen can get black out drunk with this stuff.)
No. 26047
10 kB, 256 × 400
So today I had another dispute with the developer of the website.
I told him that the image upload function needs support for .png, and he claimed that it already has support for .png. It clearly doesn't. He'd know that if he ever tried uploading a .png image, or reading his own code, which I have.

I got suspicious and put his code through google, and it showed up in one of those "php tricks for retards" blog posts, completely unchanged, he didn't even remove the comments. Apparently, he never even read it, just copy and pasted it.

I fucking hate webdevs so fucking much.
No. 26049
>put his code through google, and it showed up in one of those "php tricks for retards" blog posts, completely unchanged, he didn't even remove the comments. Apparently, he never even read it, just copy and pasted it.
How much are you paying this guy again?
No. 26050
If you’re capable of reading his code why don’t you just handle the web dev work
No. 26054
Being able to read something doesn't necessarily constitute fluency. I can read Kazakh sentences and even see roughly what is being said, but I'm not fluent enough to maybe know all the words, or be entirely comfortable forming my own sentences on the fly.
No. 26055
Enough to commission a fully functioning website from a webdev studio :^)

In part because I already have my hands full doing everything else.
In another part because of my brother's sunk cost fallacy. He already spent so much on that idiot, that the idea of throwing it all away and starting from scratch doesn't appeal to him.

And thirdly, writing an entire e commerce platform is a huge undertaking, especially for a single person. Even using a ready made framework would be a lot of work for me, since I barely know shit about webdev. So I have no idea why he made the ass backwards decision to hire someone to do that, when there's plenty of ready made e commerce frameworks and cheap webdev studios around.

I already convinced him that we should migrate to a proper website, but he wants to get this site done to get some use out of it while we figure out the new one. I feel pretty unmotivated knowing I'm doing data entry and bug testing for a website we're going to throw away eventually.

tbh he should pony up and order a new website already, I'm basically wasting my time here.
No. 26058
I think I may now be not only up on my casino winnings but actually up on scratch offs too. I try to avoid them because they're such an absolutely retarded scam with no real way of ever winning, but that $3 was apparently a $50 instead of $20 winning. Had I picked pairs I would've just won another $50 from a $0.50 cent ticket too. I can't say that I would approve of gambling or recommend it, but I was surprised to find out I might have actually at least broken even if not come out slightly ahead on those things and I still didn't even check my bingo ticket.
No. 26063
Soviet joge from 1920s:

One Georgian is a shoe-cleaner, two is a lezginka, three is a Central Committee. One Jew is a speculator, two are a trust, three are an opposition. One Ukrainian is Ukrainization, two is a hopak, three is a pogrom. One Russian is a fool, two are two fools, three are three fools
No. 26065
36 kB, 800 × 600
After 10 days of searching, my mechanic managed to find an extremely rare part for my aged old car and it now gets to live another year until it's next yearly car test. Imagine, it was about to be put off the road because of a few flayed chords on a rear seatbelt, such is life in the land of EU bureaucracy
No. 26066
67 kB, 497 × 500
I've never heard you talk about brexit. Does it ever make you mad that the UK completely railroaded Ireland into joining the EU which it didn't even want to do only to some years later create an international melodrama about it's own attempted exit?
No. 26067
34 kB, 1024 × 576
Laughed irl
No. 26070
33 kB, 547 × 502
>UK completely railroaded Ireland into joining the EU which it didn't even want to do
Ireland and the UK joined the EEC at the same time in 1973, which was 9 years before I was even born'd so not really.

As it stands I don't really care either way about Brexit, if there ever was a vote to leave the EU for us I'd vote for leave. Anything to get rid of the poles and the heaps of 3rd worlders turning every city centre black. Even though deep down I know that leaving the EU won't get rid of anyone for UK either.
No. 26071
I managed to read some, though very little.
Just looking at A Rebours laying on the table makes me feel sick. I don't know if I'm just not in the mood for it, but it's killing me with it's slow pace. I get the point that it's about his overindulgence in petty artistic details. It's just that I know when I'm on about something incredibly minor, nobody actually cares. It's probably just that I'm not in the mood for it.
So I'm going to start reading the Iliad instead, and some short non-fiction.

I feel kind of directionless again. At least the room is nice and clean now.

There were a bunch of "instant coffee" packets lying on the kitchen table. I had two coffees today. Man, powdered instant coffee is shit. Two mugs, and I almost fell asleep after lunch anyway.

The balcony is empty, and has no shade, since my father disassembled it until he finishes the new room next to it. Though the weather isn't horrible, so I might go and get a chair and sit outside.

>In another part because of my brother's sunk cost fallacy.
>Enough to commission a fully functioning website from a webdev studio :^)
Where does your dipshit prole of a brother even get the money from to go on failed venture after failed venture?
No. 26073
58 kB, 252 × 342
I can't believe I wasted another summer on those two incompetent idiots and their stillborn business idea.

I could've had a real job by now. At least I learned a little bit of webdev and why I never want to touch it.
No. 26074
From his dipshit prole of an investor, who is a friend of family from his wife's side. She was an accountant for some criminal elements in the 90s, then stole the money and ran to the wect. When the criminal elements were tot, she came back and bought a bunch of real estate (mostly malls), and is now leasing it out.

Also, a lot of his own money he makes by servicing internet cafes, which he could've put into something sensible.

At least I got paid this time :^)
No. 26075
Happening of today:
Walking the dogs like every evening, suddenly 2 hogs jump out of the bushes 7 meters in front of me...
It's like everybody says, they are really scary fuckers. Thankfully they ignored me.
No. 26076
Today I woke up, ate food, then played videogames, then shitposted on the internet, going to sleep now
No. 26077
I thought I knew nothing of other languages but I understood that. Well I guess wasting a decade in such shitholes bad some minor benefit.

How did they die, or you know they did?
No. 26083
I found a delicious bbq sauce and I am well pleased with it. In fact I am abnormally happy about how good this new bbq sauce truly is. So far I've used it on pizza, fried egg and cheese sandwich, and creamy pasta. Works marvels. I almost am going to be tempted to try this thing on ice cream even! Truly a feat of American engineering, ghost of George Washington smiled upon it!

I just don't even know why out all possible things it is simply having this one barbeque sauce and knowledge that I have it that it feels me with such deepest satisfactions. Ohhhh I should try it on frozen chimichangas next. It just feels like having that one sauce takes a world of weight off my shoulders and instantly improves my mood with knowing no matter what I can eat something delicious with it. It's the kind of thing I think a British or French philosopher might pontificate about, in such manner that the only way I know how to describe what I am feeling is the philosophical concept of the Sublime being bottled and under my ownership.
No. 26095
You can cook such sauce by yourself. It's very easy.

t. haver of even better bbq sauce
No. 26099
I slept late again. Currently making lunch for me and my sister.

As I promised to myself, I started reading the Iliad. I picked the newer translation instead of the archaic one from the 1900s, because I'm reading it as a preparation for the Matura/Abitur, so I'm better off reading the "standard" edition instead of fucking myself over with my hipster bullshit. So far I'd say it's the only epic I've read that's on par with the Nibelungenlied.
I made some tea and sat outside. I choose the half finished room as a reading spot, because it has a roof, but it's still airy enough that it feels like I'm out in the garden. Had to clean a plastic chair though. No biggie.

Earl Grey is probably the best tea for everyday consumption. Probably one of the best things Britain gave to the world. Though I don't understand why the British are considered a tea-fanatic nation. Most of them just drink bagged, bitter tea. The peoples of the Orient created much more sophisticated and better quality rituals and brews.

Honestly, I'm feeling pretty good.
No. 26100
We inherited their tea culture. For non toffs, it's a matter of volume. Tea is an almost ubiquitous social beverage to the point where 'having a cuppa' with someone essentially means sitting down and having a yarn with them. Most of the time there isn't really much fuss about tea because you drink it so often that ritualising it is just mucking about instead of getting to the good bit.
No. 26101
fuck off gypsy
No. 26102
Best way to get over a girl is to get another girl, even if it is only for an encounter.

Nothing good can come from stalky creeper vibes imho.
No. 26103
>where 'having a cuppa' with someone essentially means sitting down and having a yarn with them.

In germany we have also such a thing with coffee.

If a girl invites you for having some coffee at her home, it means she wants to get close/physical with you.
No. 26104
>If a girl invites you for having some coffee
What if you don't drink coffee?
No. 26107
I find Lady Earl Grey superior, due to the orange peel.
As always, I find cafes and such stocking only Earl Grey, and even using it for milk tea bad form.

However overall I find Earl Grey, overly perfumed much prefer Oolong(smoky flavour).

Bit out of the loop with teas, but loving classic black tea with a drop of milk at the moment probably nostalgia.
No. 26108
No. 26109
It's ok, she doesn't have any.
No. 26110
194 kB, 1280 × 851
Went to a bar for the first time with some old friends from high school last night (I'm 21). There weren't enough seats and the beer was too expensive, so it was a good thing I'd taken several shots of brandy beforehand. Notwithstanding the deafening noise I enjoyed watching the fights in that atmosphere with my pals (the bar was showing UFC 241, for which we paid a $5 entrance fee). One of my friends lost $100 betting on Cormier lol. Didn't do anything too embarrassing, aside from bullshitting with the Uber driver about how Epstein was a CIA asset. Overall it was a neat experience, but probably not something I'll do often.
No. 26111

Heh. Imagine how would this conversation go:
"Wanna have some coffee at my place?"
"I don't drink coffee."
"It's OK, I don't have any."
"What is the point of inviting me then?"
No. 26112
No. 26115
Stable, well-paying careers that I can go into with no competition and an excellent hire rate go
No. 26116 Kontra
No. 26117
Heh, that's actually pretty funny. I should watch Seinfeld someday, I think. Also, that moment is relatable for me: extraverted people usually expect me to keep a conversation at a high tempo, so they don't give me enough time to figure out all the hidden meanings of their questions, and I just say whatever comes to mind first. It's probably fine in most cases if a bit weird, but I bet that I sometimes come off as a tremendous assburger. Real-time social interactions are hard, they are so unlike imageboard discussions where I can take as much time as I want for writing a reply.
No. 26118 Kontra
6 kB, 320 × 158
44 kB, 750 × 370
>Notwithstanding the deafening noise I enjoyed watching the fights in that atmosphere with my pals (the bar was showing UFC 241, for which we paid a $5 entrance fee). One of my friends lost $100 betting on Cormier lol.

I watched it via stream.
Did you see the post-interviews?
Nate Diaz is some ..... special guy.
Even for Nate this was a very special press conference, not sure if he was high on drugs or sth.

No. 26119
No. 26120
171 kB, 945 × 630
No. 26121
963 kB, 1280 × 720
I have a week off work coming up and still no plans. What would you recommend for filling my time? I guess I could wander around London a bit but it seems like an awful lot of spending money.

Go work for the civil service, it's comfy. State-level policy work must just involve making monkeys of the feds all day :---D
No. 26122
lol he sounds like he’s been huffing gasoline. I’ve heard the JRE episode where Nate Diaz translates for Yoel Romero is pretty humorous.
No. 26124
I live near the old swamp created by the factory drain system. Stray doggos live in the swamp. Somewhat around 200 of them. We feed them for fun and so they stay at the swamp and not go outside to find food. But today doggos are having a battle or something. There are like tens of doggos barking fiercely for an entire hour. Expecting casualties.
No. 26125
That sounds rather worrisome
No. 26135
Here, having a cuppa at someone's house is pretty casual. Nothing is implied other than having some tea and a chat.

No. 26137
Wait this is a good point actually

Hey Russia how do you know your swamp dogs aren't eating some poor strelok fellow?
No. 26139
639 kB, 2048 × 1690
I wish people would invite me to have tea and chat.
No. 26141
7,4 MB, 6000 × 4000
8,1 MB, 6000 × 4000
6,1 MB, 6000 × 4000
Last time I went to England I went to the Imperial War museum in London, then got a train down to Southampton and went to the Solent Air Museum, then continued on south to Dorset and went to Bovington Tank Museum.

There's 3 days filled up for you!
No. 26147
Why would wandering around London cost money? It's not like you have to buy things while you do it.

Does England even have camping? Or are there some laws against it? Because it's a great time of year to go hiking or camping in the countryside.

If you've got a solid week I'd say visit some friends and family. If on you own I dunno, probably hit some books or videogame backlog or something. Just a day of uninterrupted free time isnt even going to let you finish or get too far in most books or games.

If I were in London I'd go see a museum honestly. Sadly we have no museums and big zoo's and such where I live.

I tried picking what some apparently larger than almost ever collection of tonsil stones and now my whole throat feels swollen and sore. I can already tell this will feel like a mistake tomorrow.
No. 26149
158 kB, 321 × 623
tfw no one to have a cuppa with.

Museums are a good option; that's what I would suggest as well. They're a perfect combination of aimless wandering and looking at things. Two of my favorite activities.
No. 26158
The British Museum and National Gallery are great and free.
No. 26159
If they were stupid enough to go to the swamp full of wild doggos - serves them right.
No. 26188
766 kB, 1300 × 1006
Did they display the Sea Vixen very well at Solent? It's one of those aircraft that I'd like to get a closer look at, especially the Coal Hole but if it's just parked in the hangar, I'll just go see the stripped-out one up north here.

Still want to go to the FAA Museum in Somerset though. They have one of my all time favourite aircraft, the Sea Hawk. Isn't it pretty?
No. 26193
372 kB, 768 × 502
I stole right now a crate of Cola.
I feel like OG Ernst now.

Might go to the gym now and have some fight with a Arab refugee there.

Wait for how-to-get-rid-of-black-eyes-thread in 2 hours..
dadadada this is the way the OG Ernst l'ving ya
No. 26208
Data integrity between object attributes and resources (such as images) is a pretty annoying problem that I can't figure out a solution to.

Storing a string containing a path to resources seems very fragile, while storing resources as binary field makes sharing resources impossible.

The product database on this website is a mess and I hate it.
No. 26219
thug lyfe nugguh
No. 26220
Today was pretty good, maybe besides the fact that I fell asleep again late in the afternoon. You ever get these moments when you just instinctively crawl into your bed and fall asleep? I had one of those moments again tonight.
Woke up at around 8 o' clock, and read for a while. I'll probably watch an ASMR video and then try going back to sleep.

Tuesday is a national holiday here. We are celebrating the 1019th anniversary of the founding of the Kingdom of Hungary by Stephen I the Saint. There will be fireworks, but this year we decided to not go into the city. It's crowded and, really, I do not give that much of a toss about a bunch of rockets going boom.
Then on Wednesday I'll go to the office again. Hopefully it's just for one day and I don't have to go in for two. all this money is extra now, I wasn't accounting for this at all.
No. 26225
In 6 hours I have to take the train to the city where my job interview will be.
Obviously I cannot sleep out of excitement.
Luckily I instinctively booked the train ride for a day earlier, as well as the hostel room so I have one free day at the city.
Thinking abojt pulling an all-nighter and sleeping in the train but then again I don't want to miss seeing the beautiful german landscapes.
Also it's still early in the night and as I just realized I'll have to change train once after the first hour, so going sleepless is not a good idea.
Fug :D
No. 26232
Killing flies, drinking beer, and listening to gangsta rap.
Life feels good.
No. 26235
1018 kB, 2448 × 2448
Weapon of choice
No. 26236
1019 kB, 2448 × 2448
Gots ans nother one :DDDDDDDD
Drank four beers now (abv from 6.9% to 8%).
And another one.
No. 26237
Why is there blood everywhere and what director job did you want to gloat about?
No. 26254
I think my sleep schedule completely collapsed. I feel constantly sleepy.
Anyway, I'm preparing for lunch again. Hopefully I can read some after eating.
I feel so bloody unmotivated and aimless. This is why I "like" going to school. I have my 2 empty classes a day, and it gives my productivity and life structure. (Sort of like what veterans say about the army, I guess, though I don't want to make a disrespectful comparison like that.)
No. 26265 Kontra
22 kB, 620 × 348
10 kB, 256 × 256
No. 26266
Why do you even bother posting here? Are you mentally damaged? Do you have FAS?
No. 26268 Kontra
>Are you mentally damaged?

Does a red light show the color blue?
No. 26281 Kontra
Go away you literal IQ89 state welfare case
No. 26282
80 kB, 852 × 480
Removed the tree top today coz the wood is weak, one branch already fell down coz of storm.
No. 26284
Wow wtf is that a cigar tree? We have those here.
No. 26285 Kontra
No. 26288
It is not growing here on its own, we just collect plants.
No. 26290
223 kB, 768 × 1024
I also have this monstrosity, it is breety strong and multiplicates rapidly.
No. 26294
Cool. I kind of want to plant a butterfly garden in my backyard but it’s a bit too late in the season for that I think.
No. 26303
I slept another five hours. I still can't concentrate on anything. Maybe I just need to re-ignite my interests somehow.
Looked through some of my folders. I can't seem to find my essay on Chinese philosophy. But man, do I have a bunch of weird shit printed out or photocopied.
Anyway, tomorrow is a workday. Gonna prepare a pizza in the morning for lunch, and then bring it with me. Though I have no idea how much time I'll spend working tomorrow. Might just go and eat in the city while I have the chance.

Stop responding to Bogdán. He is a stubborn schizo. Just ignore him and he'll go away.
No. 26306
792 kB, 855 × 857
Well shit I found this while cleaning today and now I'm butthurt about it again. At first I thought it meant some other election but now I'm realizing this refers to the general election for party candidate right? Fuck's sake I thought I mailed it in way earlier than I did. Maybe I'll call them and find out if anything can be done.
No. 26311
I can't figure out where to put this so I'll ask it here

Why do I keep seeing that symbol everywhere and what's it supposed to mean other than Japanese learner permit driver
No. 26314
Wakaba (that's how the symbol is called) was one of the first imageboard engines, so that's why, as I may think, you see the symbol at different places.
In fact, even Ernst leaf resembles the Wakaba mark.
No. 26315
Less than 8 hours until toil and I can’t fall asleep. Should have drank some sake, but alas I decided to be sensible and take my pills instead.
Bloody hell. I’m sitting here, reading Shestov essays, because my eyes won’t close.

What does this mean to someone almost completely clueless when it comes to american legislation?
No. 26320
Wait a minute, Ernst. The computer userloser stereotype was perpetuated by egotistical boomers as a way to shame Gen X and millennials. When in reality being well versed with computers is master-tier. Could it be that the boomers are jealous?
No. 26327
Work is already over. I was only in for one hour, though they paid me more than that, simply because this was basically an extra.
Basically enough money to grab something to eat, and see what the street vendors have for sale.
No. 26328
286 kB, 752 × 350
I bought myself today a really expensive bread, it costed 5,4€ for around 400 gramm of bread.
Didn't know that it would be that expensive, I just bought it because I really wanted something with poppy-seeds.
Then the salesperson packed in a plastic bag made out of thin plastic. After I left the bakery, I realized that the bread was still warm.

Now I am afraid to eat it, because of the possibility that the warmth of the bread released hazardous plasticizers, which were absorbed by the bread.

What does Ernst think?

Is it riskless to eat the bread?
No. 26329
He is registered with one political party, but wants to change to a different one. The party you register with doesn't affect how you vote in the General election in November, but it does affect the Primary elections which will be occurring over the next month or so. Usually you can only vote in a particular Party's primay election if you are registered with that Party. So right now he can vote in Republican primaries, but not Democrat ones.
For some reason the law won't let him change that until November, which seems odd. I would think the Parties would want to encourage more registrations.
t.not him

>Could it be that the boomers are jealous?
Although another possible explanation: they're afraid. They know they live in, and rely on, a tech world they don't understand. Insults are their last line of defense.

>they paid me more than that
If they gave you extra money, they must be pleased with your work.

I would still eat it. Avoiding plastic is a good idea, but I try not to get too obsessive about it.
No. 26330
If it was lukewarm, then I don’t think you have much to worry about. I’d eat it.
No. 26331
In case you are two weeks old, don't eat it.
No. 26332
I'm still sleepy, even after an energy drink. I'm not gonna sleep this afternoon.

>If they gave you extra money, they must be pleased with your work.
I'd say it's more about being courteous, since they know that I commuted two hours for one and a half hour of work.
Though they are actually happy with the work we did, and already said they have another gig ready in late-September/early-October.
No. 26334
17 kB, 347 × 347

Thanks for the answers. I ate 2 slices and then I threw it into the garbage.
No. 26338
102 kB, 252 × 265
>Wecterner being wasteful
No. 26340 Kontra
22 kB, 300 × 450
>Westerner being resourceful.

I am. If I got sick or was unable to push my aims 1000%ly I would be less resourceful.
No. 26342
32 kB, 741 × 450
>I am. If I got sick or was unable to push my aims 1000%ly I would be less resourceful.

Or at least I told me into believing it. :3
No. 26376
Funny some russia bumped old thredas. It is funny that we have quite slow posting and sometimes you can bump thredas from years ago. But well it is bettr in mine opinion than create a lot new ones when similar old exist
No. 26394
Just found out you’re supposed to tip at bars. Sorry but I’m not parting with even more money if you’re charging $5 for a single mass-market beer.
No. 26400
367 kB, 1920 × 1080
What the fuck

You there, why are you in my country? What are you doing here? Why are you not tipping my countrymen? I demand an explanation or we're going to have you thrown out.

p.s. enjoy being ignored for the rest of the night. I hope you enjoyed that drink because you're not getting anymore, and if somehow you do I hope it had spit in it. Do you know how hard and stressful being a good bartender is? Imagine being ernst tier and having to put up with these drunk bydlo every night of every day and getting paid peanuts for having to deal with that many people in a tiny loud little environment surrounded by hundreds of strangers yelling what they want constantly and they're all drunk too. Now imagine you're getting paid peanuts to do this panic attack inspiring job every night. That's how they make their living. So I'll ask you again: why don't you tip? What are you doing visiting my country?
No. 26407
If I were a bartender I would simply use collective bargaining to press for fair hourly wages from my employer.

Anyway it’s not as if this lady wasn’t getting loads of tips that night. I just don’t think grabbing a beer bottle from a cooler is a service worth $1.
No. 26409
18 kB, 311 × 445
If you tip you support predator-capitalism, exploitation, wage squeezing and the discrimination of males.
So don't tip!
No. 26412
Job interview went good, would say my chances are pretty good.
It won't be easy but if I get it I'd be able to put a lot of things in my life straight.
Having my own (non-shared) flat, a decent income, generally standing on my own legs.
In my age it's not something usual anymore. And I can't tell you how much I've got enough of this dishwasher job.
But it would also mean moving away from all my family and friends (it's on the other side of the nation).
But there is no gain without a risk.
No. 26414
I had to write a semi-complicated batch script.
Holy fugg, never again.

if you want to use an output of a command as an argument, you have to write it into a text file, and read from it again :-DDDDDDD

in other news, imagemagick is pretty fucking awesome.
No. 26415
My father got shitfaced again and called me a few hours ago asking me to come give him money so that he can call a doctor and get the alcohol out of his system. I agreed at first but then realised that I had very little cash on me and if I gave him the amount he asked for I would be left with fuck all to live off. Ans since another year of university starts soon I need money to buy some clothes and other necessities. Also, I know for a fact that whatever medicine this doctor usually gives my father doesn't help much since he always goes back to drinking after being given it.

As you can see, I'm faced with a difficult choice.
If I give my father the money said money will go either towards paying for useless medical services or towards copious quantities of alcohol and thus I will be responsible for prolonging his drinking stroke.
On the other hand, as I'm typing this he is suffering from all of the pain that withdrawal brings and since he is completely broke, according to what he told me, God knows what he's gonna do next. He could probably go to the store that he owns and get some money there as he did sometimes in the past but he could also fall into a ditch on his way there or hurt himself in some other way, which has also happened before.

Oh Dog what do
No. 26418
23 kB, 329 × 247
Why don't you fight fire with fire?
If s.o. can't get rid of a particular addiction, it is sometimes advisable to substitute the addiction with another, which he probably can't get rid more easily, when the time will be right for it.

Introduce your father to 420 blaze it, bro.
No. 26419
I don't know whad that means :-D
t. borderline computer illiterate
No. 26420
Alchogol addiction is very sad thing indeed. Stories like that around, and what I see how people drink this crap is what makes me absoluetly not tolirate alchogol.

Also don't pay unless you want support company!
No. 26421
Imagine giving someone instructions in another language that the someone speaks.

except in this case, the computer doesn't even fully understand his own language, or rather, the syntax of the language itself is not defined in a way that can be unambiguously parsed. so you're talking to the computer in his own language, but the computer doesn't know what the fuck you're talking about because it itself doesn't know what it's talking about.

that's scripting in windows cmd. thank dog for powershell.

also, compsci and linguistics go surprisingly well together :-DDDDD
No. 26422
61 kB, 640 × 645
Dog. That is a good layman's explanation and I still had to read it like six times :-DDD
No. 26423
If he's far enough along that he might get seizures and die from WD, you can spare a little bit, but ultimately he's dragging you down. Put the money towards university unless it's humanities.
No. 26424
1,8 MB, 3634 × 2137
Yesterday I managed to write some notes on the Iliad. Basically I'm structuring it as a book report so I can use it for the big exam at the end of the year.
I also managed to finally collect and put all my notes into one folder. It's surprisingly little, I'd say, and it focuses mainly on Russian realism and the Hungarian Menschlichkeitsdrama, The Tragedy of man, with smaller parts dealing with Symbolism and modern drama.
Basically I have three years worth of material to write. Not because I don't have the notes from the previous grade, but because they are utter garbage, since the teacher's methods were garbage too.

I also picked up some packages. Coincidentally, they are both reprints of old books from the 19th century.
One is Pharsalia, and the other is Magyar Mythologia, and older monograph on Hungarian mythology. Opening books like these makes me feel like an uncultured prole. I open the thing, and maybe a tenth of it is in either Latin, Greek, French or German, the latter I can manage, but by God, this man spoke at least 5 languages well enough that he could write a scientific work using them. Thankfully the reprint edition came with a small, soft-cover appendix, giving a translation for every line written in a foreign language. (It's roughly 100 pages, the rest is just a list of the author's sources and a biography.)
It feels like I don't deserve to have this in my hands.
It was probably new-old stock, since judging by the crossed out price at the back, the box-set sold for 230 forints in 1987, and it was marked down to 184 forints with a pencil. The silk bookmark is still where it was put by the publisher, tucked away, so I guess nobody actually owned this for 30 years.
There were a lot of copies for sale, so at least my conscience is clear that I'm not hogging it from someone who actually needs it for "research" purposes.
It was roughly 3 deutschmarks.
No. 26427
Tbh, I wouldn't worry about people who are doing serious business research on those kinds of things. Even here, you study the original languages as part of your undergrad coursework if you're going into that niche, let alone once you get into the big leagues. I know for a fact that Yurop is more autismal about that sort of thing than we are too so problems weren't even if there weren't many with translation guides floating around.
No. 26438
37 kB, 498 × 372
Sometimes item descriptions may be interesting.
>Mouse mat mouse pad anime mouse pad girls gaming keyboard for players, family desk pad, mouse pads, Miku gifts, rubber mat pad. 40x90cm
No. 26440
retards who actually buy it have retarded families
no brainer
No. 26441
Removed a hornets nest today from our yard. First sucked them in with a vacuum cleaner, then sprayed insecticide into the vac. Felt like a little Adolf Hitler ;_;
No. 26442
Removed some weeds from da garden
No. 26444
I just finished mowing the lawn. It's 90°(32) outside, and the UV index is at a 9. tbh I probably should have waited for the sun to go down. I put on a thick layer of sunscreen so I wouldn't burn, but I can tell I'm going to get a tan from this. And of course it will be the kind that shows the outline of my T-shirt.

This must have been the day for Ernst's to do yardwork.
No. 26446
There is still about 1000 m2 of a chest high wild meadow waiting for me to mow it down...
No. 26447
157 kB, 890 × 501
>There is still about 1000 m2
What kind of garden do you oligarch have?
No. 26448
Don't have a garden. R8.
No. 26452
243 kB, 1024 × 1001
196 kB, 940 × 528
282 kB, 1900 × 1004
83 kB, 1200 × 837
Should have suggest them a Schottergarten

Has it gained popularity in your country, Ernst?
No. 26456
Just got done mowing around my dad’s house in the mountains. There’s a lot of ground to cover so I was using a cub cadet zero-turn radius rider mower. Pleasant to use
No. 26457
the rocks better come in green, or the homeowner association will send an armed disciplinary squad after you :-DDDDD

t. america pro
No. 26458
1,9 MB, 4032 × 3024
Russian surname spotted in the wild on the murrica
No. 26459
Zukovich? Nah, it doesn't sound Russian. It's either South Slavic or, more likely, Jewish.
No. 26460
23 kB, 600 × 400
>Russian surname spotted in the wild on the murrica

Hello, here agent Gaad, there is something odd going. Prime suspect is a farmer...
No. 26461
6 kB, 182 × 268
>Zukovich? Nah, it doesn't sound Russian. It's either South Slavic or, more likely, Jewish.

Doesn't matter. We will investigate anyways. We have to show congress how much there is a need for people like us.
No. 26462
In California and Arizona, it do

Not entirely true. Some countries like California such things exist. Homeowner association may still come after you for using wrong size or color rocks though :---DDDDD

I'm sorry but my authority supercedes your own and we will not be investigating one Mr. Zukovich and investigating this American instead. He is an honest hard working pickle and watermelon seller.

You on the other hand, are you the same person who didn't know you tip at bars? Why are you pestering Mr. Zukovich? What is your interest in him? Pop question hot shot do you carry the flowers of a bouquet pointing towards the ground or away from it while you are carrying them?
No. 26464
More likely south slav since many settled in this region of PA
No. 26484
48 kB, 700 × 394
22 kB, 326 × 326
My 17 year old Renault Megane was certified road worthy today for another year, thank God because I really didn't want to go car hunting on a budget.

Imagine it was certified unroadworthy because of a frayed seatbelt that is nearly impossible to get now because it's an old car and I nearly had to scrap it, because of a few frayed threads on a seatbelt. In the end it cost me 10 days and 140 euro to get it back on the road. It was a female mechanic who done the retest too and I was groaning because they're always the most cuntish and blind rule followers but she passed it after driving the shit out of it around the yard for some reason.
No. 26503
74 kB, 1079 × 1079
While I was out this evening, I stirred shit with old bill. Best bit was that I didn't do anything illegal, just had some 'kind' words to say about the force with my sister, just loud enough to overhear from their checkpoint. I revel in their dirty looks tbh, it's quality entertainment.
No. 26504 Kontra
It's especially good when you look at them while saying it for the extra effect. Plausible deniability without any real pretense to being anything but shitstirring.
t. disliker of bolis
No. 26510
Found a colossal slug nest, thousands of them.
No. 26513
Can you post a picture?
No. 26514 Kontra
I also dislike police but I try not to tempt them as I do not wish to be murdered. My mom always said that the people she knew from high school who became cops were generally bullies and thugs and this has been confirmed in my experience.
No. 26515
Fuck them man. There were about 10 of them just standing around, parked in no-parking areas essentially scratching their balls manning a breath test checkpoint on a road that wasn't even seeing much traffic. Hell yeah I'm going to comment on the boys in blue being 'hard at work' and make a reply to my sister to the effect of 'you ain't got to be the sharpest tool to be a copper' while within earshot. Filth brought it on themselves when they put on the uniform and act like a bunch of fuckwits.
No. 26517
Same from my experience. They're just basically a gang who punish and fine you for minor things while rarely actually punishing those who deserve it. I've never had a good experience with police, they've always been as unhelpful as possible when I needed their help and on the other occasions they were just wrangling money out of me for some tiny thing.
No. 26518
This whole thread is giving me this subtle joy at imagining a deep future civilization where a planetary penal colony somehow revolted or got cut off from everywhere else possibly due to galactic civil war and had to be self reliant, and used a completely pseudo history version of ancient Australian civilization to inspire people about what they can achieve in turning themselves around and living like honest folk, just like the ancient Australians did and turned their prison into a lush garden with friendly native life, domesticated the emu to ride to their honest toil, and in no time became a feared and respected mercantile world power.

You have Australian cops. I can't even imagine them being much worse cunts than anywhere else, unless you're somehow stuck with American tier ones who are bitter they can't gun down the abos in cold blood like an american cop would.

They're not all bad. I'd even not mind becoming a cop myself if it were not for the fact we have the drug war and a total police state where my job is basically just bullying citizens and expecting everyone to fondle my balls with the same retarded soldier worship attitude everyone has, where at least glorified welfare queens that are the troops can sometimes make themselves useful outside the base or bombing little Arab children. Cops, well I guess sometimes they
No wait. That's right. In mass shootings they spend two hours waiting outside Columbine until well after thr shooters topped themselves and their bodies cooled so it's safe for them to go in. Or wait in a bathroom why children are getting murdered like in Parkland.

I want to say nice things, I really do, but cops are so fucking useless in this country at being anything but a nuisance and organized gang. Anything that happens here you're better off handling the situation on your own because it's all going to be over long before police ever show up, and when they finally do they might shoot you for calling 911. Not making that up they literally showed up and gunned down a woman who called 911 asking for help.

And that is why I draw the line at threatening me with cops. So far as I'm concerned calling cops is an enemy action. Anyone who even threatens you with American police is the same level as threatening to send a mob hitman. It makes you the enemy. I mean literally the enemy in my eyes. I will treat you like an enemy and forever distrust you after that because american police are basically just death squads for civilians and if you're lucky and no one gets hurt then it's just a way to financially ruin somebody with court fees tickets and other bullshit.
No. 26520
In USA they’d overhear this and harangue you over an imaginary crack in your tail light; the encounter would end with five pigs kneeling on your back as you asphyxiate in a prone position.
No. 26523
734 kB, 1920 × 2562
Our coppers have the mentality of the Victorian British coppers. They're not as trigger happy but they still pile three dudes on someone for getting drunk and sitting down in the gutter (hadn't been in a fight, just had one too many). Plus they've all got the same smarmy slimeball thing going on.

>They're not all bad
They kind of are. Can a copper be an okay person off the job? Maybe. I've yet to see it, but theoretically. The uniform goes on though, and you're just the long dick of the Man. One of the many psychopaths in blue that make most other psychopaths look insulted by association.

I was lawfully walking down the street having a conversation. They want to break my legs with witnesses? I'll take the state to town and live off the bennies that I get for it. I had all the power in that situation and the filth knew it. They can't stand being upped by the filthy plebs. Their meltdowns are fucking priceless.
No. 26526
I read the Iliad, and met up with an internet friend. Billy no Mates I am no more :^)
The heat is borderline unbearable again. I guess it's the last light of summer.
Currently cataloguing books.
No. 26534
You ever have that moment when you get captivated by a piece, or a segment of a piece, and just listen to it endlessly?
I'm having that moment again.
You know, it feels wrong. I want to do something else, and yet I keep resetting the music again and again.
This is probably a message that I should put this on my phone and use it as background noise tomorrow. Today is already a waste.
No. 26537
87 kB, 1171 × 936
I spent about 7h in the library today to sum up a twenty pages introduction, 5-6h were reading, taking notes and writing coherent text bites. I'm not so sure about the coherence and if it is even comprehensible from an outsider perspective. But hell I can tell you process philosophy, which is also philosophy of difference if I'm not mistaken is a mind cluster fuck because it is working with paradoxes. I was actually getting flashed like with drugs, yet the feeling was different. I did not even eat anything while you can actually feel your mind expanding on new perspectives and insights, which is not to be mistaken with wisdom or truth necessarily.

>Affect, sensation, perception, movement, intensity, tendency, habit, law, chaos, recursion, relation, immanencc, the "feedback of higher forms." Emergence, becoming, history, space, time, space-time, space and time as emergences. Nature-culture, matter, feeling, matter feeling. Event, capture, possible, potential, power

A transversal conceptional firework that looks like dribble to outsiders but is actually written with something in mind, based on a writing practice and certain philosophical conceptions. Artistic philosophy. Norman Normalo logics and people who think you can't go behind the medium of language can go to hui, get your plateaus right :DDDD

I guess the brazilian shower frog visually resembles what this state or moment of being is like quite well.
No. 26540
also this song plays in the background https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6A6pMO_WKM :DDDD
No. 26541
3,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:00
Friday and all is well. I slept till 1pm, had a pizza and now some rum raisin chocolate.

It's good pretending to neet again.

>But it would also mean moving away from all my family and friends (it's on the other side of the nation).

This can be quite nice from experience.
No. 26547
I pretty much have no idea what I want from life.

The only thing in my mind right now is justifying my existence by becoming financially independent, but as far as "life goals" go, I've got nothing.

this is a pretty basic bitch though, but I used to be under the impression that I have ambitions and aspirations, but after thinking about it for a while, it turns out, not really. I'm basically just mucking about until something external comes around and kicks me
No. 26548
You know what, that brief month or so long period where I was consistently drawing was pretty good for my mental well being. I felt content.

But I have this inferiority complex about being a financial net loss, which makes me self guilt trip myself into doing stuff I don't give a shit about. Like helping my brother on his dumbass business ventures. He pretty much let me know that since there's no sales, there's no pay. Why is there no sales? Because the website is not finished. But the guy who sold him an unfinished website? He got paid.

I think I preferred it when I was basically in permanent psychosis and completely useless and despised, because back then at least nothing was expected of me. Now there's constant pressure on me to become "normal" and prove my worth by becoming financially viable.
No. 26564
96 kB, 657 × 332
Google search becomes more and more involuntarily funny.
The algo tries to include an image for just anything.

I mean look at this :DDD ("Scam (Germany) - Wikipedia")
No. 26569
Something I wrote while incredibly sleep deprived:

The solution is ultimately religion, but not Christianity. I sincerely, unironically, think that Mormonism will be the religion of the future of the "West" (or whatever strange incarnation of the west that will exist in the future - if it does exist at all that is), and I'm not a Mormon.
First of all, much as the "Traditional Catholicism" you posit, Mormonism solves the "6 wrongs of the alt-right".
The big difference comes in its dynamism; Mormons have the highest birthrate of any religion in US, and they have a strong adherence to the church (relative to other Christians at least), as well as more converts than leavers of the church. There are not many "Traditional Catholics" or people that return to these positions in the US - I find it impossible to see a resurge of Traditional Catholicism, while there are already a growing number of Mormons in the country.
Additionally, they have extremely strong group ties and an extensive support network - something that is extremely important to a post-collapse and/or late decline future of the west.
Ultimately I see the role that Mormonism has in the future of the "West" as synonymous to the role that Christianity had in the future of the Roman Empire (and with the same idea that Christianity is derived in part from Judaism, and therefore so is Mormonism derived in part from Christianity).
I would also not be surprised if Mormonism at some point melds with some aspects of Islam (which will probably have a much stronger role in Europe than the US).
To continue with the Roman Analogy, American Mormonism fulfills the same role as Orthodox Christianity (therefore implying that the neo-US will be a kind of eastern Roman Empire - except that will be to the west of Europe), and "Islamic Mormonism" fulfills that same role as Roman Catholicism.
Also for the numerology (which I don't really believe but it's funny anyways):
Start of Mormonism to the current year: 199 years
Start of Christianity to collapse of Roman Empire: 476 years
This implies that there are 277 years to go, and that the west will collapse in 2296 AD. A bit optimistic.

Rate prediction
No. 26570
332 kB, 388 × 531
I believe in Jupiter Optimus Maximus as the savior of the Western world.

Years, Rome thrived while believing to Jupiter: 1077
Years, the Christian religion needed to destroy the only superpower of this time:152

Christianity did no good to the West.
No. 26571
Bro you posted cringe
No. 26572
56 kB, 650 × 402
>But the guy who sold him an unfinished website? He got paid.
Less worry, higher pay, don't take the responsibility more than required.
No. 26573
30 kB, 488 × 648
he is actually correct you know. christianity caused regression.
No. 26575
Early Roman religion is barely recognisable by the end of the Imperial period compared to the beginning of the Republic. The reason it lasted was that it assimilated everything it came across rather than anything inherent to the traditional Roman pantheon. The Hellenised Egyptian cult of Isis was even one of the largest in the Empire at some points, not to mention how Emperors were deified (and evidence suggests it wasn't just a token gesture, but an actively practiced cult), and the Lares who are arguably the most important gods of the Roman religion, and were completely unstandardised.

Also, declaring fealty to Jupiter means squat to the Romans. Their faith was reciprocal. You had to give gifts to earn favour, or at least stay the hand of the divine in question. Don't make the mistake of looking at Roman religion through the lens of Abrahamic traditions of faith.
No. 26576
One of my favorite things about this board is not only are people autistic enough not to detect sarcasm, but that it will invariably turn into a completely serious discussion about that sarcastic remark.

And that, good sirs, is why I've called EC home for the past year and a half.

This. Jupiter was only one of the pantheon and besides which you're ignoring the imperial cult itself. Not only that, but it's blaming and crediting a lot of things on religion that have little to do with each other. Rome itself had already become a corrupt, bloated, deeply fractured imperial society long before its collapse. You're forgetting things like the idiotic 4 way civil war that they had for instance, or the way Rome got more power but became more corrupted and destabilized in its transition from republic to imperial bullshit (not that the republic itself wasn't already corrupt mind you).

A very good example of how fucked up Rome was by the end was its reliance on mercenaries. If your whole standing army is increasingly becoming nothing but a bunch of cut throats and sell swords it means that you're already in trouble. Most empires seem to entire this phase at which their decline is usually terminal. Even the last empire before us and the Soviets, the British, became increasingly reliant on backing themselves up with mercenary armies, one good example of which was trying to use mercenaries to suppress us in our rebellion against them--a rebellion which they lost.

I think anyone who would sincerely argue the decline of Rome was due to religion is either trolling or a fool. If you wanted to argue anything attached to it then perhaps one could argue the same root cause between changing religious persuasions and reliance on mercenaries among other things including political corruption being the be all end all of politics is that it's because people don't believe in themselves anymore, don't believe in their society anymore, and perhaps worse, don't even believe in the concept of common values or virtue itself anymore. In that regard I would put the whole of decadent Western society particularly the US as having finally entered its terminal stages of decline. You get increasingly fickle and self interested rulers after that who don't give a fuck about the health of their empire or even have any sincere beliefs at all and increasing political instability and society wide turmoil soon after.
No. 26580
I'm usually not one to moan about summer being warm, that's just how summer is, but fuck I think I reached boiling point. It's chocking me, and yes, I tried opening the window to get the air flowing. It's useless.
Makes me feel angry. You know, just the usual walking up and down in the room and hallway, imitating Hitler-gestures to make me feel better.

Managed to read some though, so it's not hopeless.A few pages on why Hungarian is a Finno-Ugric language, and a Chinese short story by Yu Hua. (It was pretty bland.)
Also had some Russian bread-chips and a mug of black coffee.

>I'm not so sure about the coherence and if it is even comprehensible from an outsider perspective
Coherence to outsiders is wholly irrelevant if you took the notes for personal use. My notes for presentations are always a mess, tangled with unfinished sentences, arrows connecting them.
What matters is that you don't become an outsider to your own notes. (As in, you remember the key to interpreting the mess you've created. If you can't look at it later without having a hard time understanding what you wrote, you are doing something wrong.
Coders say the same thing. "It works now, but if it's a mess, please remember WHY this mess works a year from now.")
No. 26604
538 kB, 1317 × 2047
>Coherence to outsiders

I have to write a paper and the text bites aren't as coherent as I want them to be, which is also due to me not fully grasping (confidently) the issue, I guess. The notes were taken to have something to string along when I write the text bites, since it's a dense and super abstract word salad, where you get lost easily. And it's true that you should understand your notes, regardless of how they were recorded. The problem is in grasping abstract text and elegantly paraphrasing it without doing harm to the original.
No. 26613
43 kB, 720 × 480
I like sun but I barely can open my eyes in very bright summer days. That bothers me the most, even more than the heathenings.
No. 26619
Excuse me but miniatures take incredible amounts of time and resources, oftentimes more than a car. Or at least that's what Games Workshop told me.
No. 26626
I've been avoiding porn and cabbagechan's r9kint and not only do I feel better, I also have a tonne of time on my hands. It feels a bit surreal to go to bed feeling good about accomplishing all the good shit you wanted to do during the day.
No. 26628
This is how I felt after I quit drinking. I avoided that place because it had exactly the kind of depraved, spiritually sick vibe I would expect a crackden for junkies and pedophiles to shoot heroin in would feel. I can't even describe it.
No. 26632
Yup, the place is absolutely depraved, I went back and had a look for the first time in about 6 weeks there today and it was basically just r9ktiers screaming at porn posters while posting CP everywhere. It truly is bizarre what's become of the place.

But as britbong says >>26626 since I left the place about 6 months ago I'm back reading books, walking and chopping wood for excersize again
No. 26633
The Jungle/DnB thread was the only really good thread in a long while. RAC bernd's (although I am not a fan of such music) and Swiss's threads are also pretty interesting. Otherwise, it is really just KC2017 multiplied by cancer from 4chan and 8chan.
No. 26649
Went to a pawn shop to pick up a laptop for mom.

Got a pretty good deal on a 4th gen i5 laptop. Almost unused, plus ram is swappable.
Really cheap for the hardware and condition.

I wish new laptops still had upgradeable cpu and ram. I wonder what will happen when all of those old 3rd gen thinkpads will start dying. Someone will have to step up to the demand.

Also, there was a lot of cool shit in the pawn shop. Aside from typical stuff like laptops, cameras, phones, etc., I saw a professional amp rack, an equalizer rack, a full size synth, and something that looked like an industrial cooling fan.
Bretty cool stuff all around.
No. 26654
Suffering from bad dreams and bad daydreams again.
Who thought that pain in dreams could feel so real, especially when you are trying to push back a teeth that keeps falling out for some reason.
Bad daydreams are especially strange. You are basically fighting in petty battles against nonexistent people that’ll never take place.
In one, I left university after a professor decided to not pitch me as a translator to the publishers through his connections, instead promoting someone else, who was obviously less worthy. So I left fuming, determined to climb the ladder myself to claim what belongs to me.
I might be goong crazy, or it’s the weather again.

Yesterday I re-read my accompanying essays of the translation, and I think it’s the first time I’m actually happy with something I’ve written. I felt no embarrassment reading it.
Though on the topic of the translation, my honour suffered a serious blow, or at least I’d consider the act quite disrespectful. One copy (the one that was the physical back-up in case all the digital copies get wiped somehow) landed with my mother, since she thought rude of me for not even expecting her to read it. This lone stack of papers was sitting on the coffee table, when one night, a cricket stumbled into the house. So naturally, she grabbed the translation and smashed the cricket with it, despite me asking
>Are your really going to use that?
It’s not the fact that it has bug juices on the back now, it’s about the implications of the action.

I’m going to try drinking copious amounts of tea and keeping the curtains closed to foster an atmosphere of calmness.
Sadly I can’t use both the standing lamp and the fan at the same time, so only a small, japanese styled paper lamp is lighting up the room. I fee horrible.
No. 26656
Yeah, pawn shops are fucking awesome. Second hand shops in general are tbh. You should also check out op shops, they're often cheap and pick up some surprisingly good things sometimes.
No. 26663
You do remember the hs crush saga, right?
A multitude of things didn't make it work out yet (mostly really the inability to really see each other) but somehow there's still something between us. Radically different views on politics make it only harder, but also beautiful somehow.
I don't engage too much in interacting with her but we chat every once in a while if she isn't mad bc of my views.
After a celebration in my hometown it happened that I drunkenly hiked with her little sister and her long-time hardcore friendzoned admirer (who happens to be a friend of mine).
Both of them were pretty angry at her for their own reasons, I mostly just tried to make them see things from her perspective.
He being an overcaring sort of person with an auto-destructive tendency to have female friends and her always feeling inferior to her sister, they made a kind of really bittersweet couple.
Our hike was 5km to her home villagw and 5km back, it was mostly my idea to accompany her out of a mix between booze-fueled madness and old-fashioned chivalry. (Also before she went home I was beating continually beating her with an oversized drinking straw and teasing her for "just being x's little sister" so I felt like doing something good).
Anyways on the way they kept talking about her and their problems and at some point he read out a message she sent him, which exactly contained a notion that once I wrote to her.
At the end of the day I often think that nobody actually understands anyone else.
No. 26665
1,9 MB, 1985 × 2362
Sitting in the library for a few hours working thru just 12 pages. Paradoxical, multi-dimensional chaos mind fuckery in these texts. I still wait for the day when I can actually explain it in an extensive way. But the abtract modulational relations postulated by affect studies alone are not graspable when you try to transmit them to real life. You have to cut out a piece, you have to take a photo of the process and will always be to late and won't get everything into it, it's the nature of that ontological architecture, so you have to be pragmatic as 'scientist' and work with parts only.
I started reading What Is Philosophy by Deleuze & Guattari, there is a passage that clears up this gap between abstraction and common experience, it says
>The philosophical concept does not refer to the lived, by way of compensation, but consists, through its own creation, in setting up an event that surveys the whole of the lived no less than every state of affairs. Every concept shapes and reshapes the event in its own way. The greatness of a philosophy is measured by the nature of the events to which its concepts summon us or that it enables us to release in concepts.

emphasis is made by me

The way I understand this, philosophy is the art of creating concepts in order to provoke an event. The philosophy is measured by the greatness of that event
No. 26668
The last sentence in your quote either doesn't make any sense or is simply mistranslated. "Measured by the nature of the events"? Dafuq does that even mean?
No. 26669
>The last sentence in your quote either doesn't make any sense or is simply mistranslated
>Deleuze & Guattari
It's post-WW2 French philosophy. It's not supposed to make sense to people not "initiated" to be in on the meme.
No. 26670
Yeah. Although some of those post-modernists, post-structuralists and post-whateverists occasionally do sound like they are not actually full of shit, most of the time they remind me of this:
No. 26672
42 kB, 554 × 762
Well, you need to know what is meant by event in D&G. I'm not sure but I suspect a "making a difference", crossing a threshold. Their concept of becoming is important here, since as far as I understand, becoming is equal to series of events.

A concept is there to solve a problem, to tackle a problem or even to propose a problem in the first place. So the task of philosophy is to propose and solve problems which means you have to invent new concepts and these concepts actually provoke events then and that "feedback" on you or on life, not sure.

So the nature of an event is the events qualitative/quality structure, its texture, its character...you name it, the German word I try to translate here is Beschaffenheit, Die Beschaffenheit eines Ereignisses = the nature of an event, the German D&G translations also says Natur der Ereignisse, yet Beschaffenheit can be translated as nature of sth.

In What is Philosophy the first chapter is about philosophy and concepts, they lay out what a concept is to them and it's very different from the usual approaches and based on certain decisions made throughout their philosophical writing and reading. If you read that first chapter, you would perhaps even see that the event as concept is part or neighbor of the concept of concept, if I got that right.

People are not willing to accept such approaches I sometimes think, because it's not in line with classical western though that is about substances and closed entities, which D&G dismiss. They favor motion and difference over rest and identity.

some quotation a few pages before the initial quotation:
>Planes must be constructed and problems posed, just as concepts must be created. Philosophers do the best they can, but they have too much to do to know whether it is the best, or even to bother with this question. Of course, new concepts must relate to our problems, to our history, and, above all, to our becomings. But what does it mean for a concept to be of our time, or of any time? Concepts are not eternal, but does this mean they are temporal? What is the philosophical form of the problems of a particular time? If one concept is "better" than an earlier one, it is because it makes us aware of new variations and unknown resonances, it carries out unforeseen cuttings-out, it brings forth an Event that surveys [survole] us. But did the earlier concept not do this already? If one can still be a Platonist, Cartesian, or Kantian today, it is because one is justified in thinking that their concepts can be reactivated in our problems and inspire those concepts that need to be created. What is the best way to follow the great philosophers? Is it to repeat what they said or to do what they did, that is, create concepts for problems that necessarily change?

They like to work with rhetorical questions often...

The thing is just that the french have a certain tradition since at least late 19th century that is different from e.g. Germany and clearly from the dominant form of academic philosophy which is concerned with formal logics and language as base analytic philosophy. I will try to dive into that history in order to understand it all better. They built upon each other, so it gets more hermetic over time which is worsened by french academic expectations. Usually people don't go beyond the memes they encounter and it's kinda funny how buttmad people get because they don't understand it, if they don't grasp it, it must be rubbish. A fools attitude, a close (and somehow learned) examination of the architecture of any thought construction is necessary before you can come to valid conclusions. Usually people don't go behind the memes and that's a problem. But some quote to round it all up

>it is this image of affect that some of the deacons of intellectual high culture instinctively oppose, because they see it go against fixtures of humanist inquiry: against representation, normativity, the subject, intentionality, critique, disciplinary standards of scholarship, and much else

What is said here about affect is also true for D&G because they are in the lineage of what affect studies are today, they are some of the fathers of affect theory you could say.
D&G are influenced by Spinoza and Bergson, outsiders of European thought. Process philosophers, Deleuze as transcendental empiricist. Writing about something that is abstract-but-real :DDD yup it can make sense if you have the right combination of concepts gathered

Also a good quote that perhaps makes mad all and follows the passage about concepts must in line with the present:
>For this reason philosophers have very little time for discussion. Every philosopher runs away when he or she hears someone say, "Let's discuss this." Discussions are fine for roundtable talks, but philosophy throws its numbered dice on another table. The best one can say about discussions is that they take things no farther, since the participants never talk about the same thing. Of what concern is it to philosophy that someone has such a view, and thinks this or that, if the problems at stake are not stated? And when they are stated, it is no longer a matter of discussing but rather one of creating concepts for the undiscussible problem posed. Communication always comes too early or too late, and when it comes to creating, conversation is always superfluous. Sometimes philosophy is turned into the idea of a perpetual discussion, as "communicative rationality," or as "universal democratic conversation." Nothing is less exact, and when philosophers criticize each other it is on the basis of problems and on a plane that is different from theirs and that melt down the old concepts in the way a cannon can be melted down to make new weapons. It never takes place on the same plane. To criticize is only to establish that a concept vanishes when it is thrust into a new milieu, losing some of its components, or acquiring others that transform it. But those who criticize without creating, those who are content to defend the vanished concept without being able to give it the forces it needs to return to life, are the plague of philosophy. All these debaters and communicators are inspired by ressentiment. They speak only of themselves when they set empty generalizations against one another. Philosophy has a horror of discussions. It always has something else to do. Debate is unbearable to it, but not because it is too sure of itself. On the contrary, it is its uncertainties that take it down other, more solitary paths. But in Socrates was philosophy not a free discussion among friends? Is it not, as the conversation of free men, the summit of Greek sociability? In fact, Socrates constantly made all discussion impossible, both in the short form of the contest of questions and answers and in the long form of a rivalry between discourses. He turned the friend into the friend of the single concept,and the concept into the pitiless monologue that eliminates the rivals one by one.

And take notice, I just vaguely understand D&G, but I'm grasping (and sensing as sensation) enough to be interested. I'm resonating with the ideas of process philosophy.
No. 26673
2,3 MB, 2976 × 3968
Another 5 bags of timber chopped and stacked in the shed, nearly finished emptying my horse-box full of chunky timber for the upcoming winter.

I remember my philosophy supervisor in uni telling me in his office one day that most of what is done nowadays (and a good chunk of post war stuff) is just language games, very little in the way of actual insightful thought has happened.

The greatest of ideas are often very simple in their nature, and they are simply communicated. I swear half of the nonsense I read while doing my degree was a case of 'The Emperor's New Clothes' where people just all went along with some obtuse nonsense.
No. 26674

not so far off :DDD I lately just find out I guess that Derridas deconstruction is a conception that states that a determined meaning is impossible, they were die hard epistemologists at times, which is due to french tradition (gaston bachelard) and usually epistemology is like falling down a well endlessly. At least deconstruction is.
No. 26675
>just language games

both analytical philosophy and post-structuralism are language games, the linguistic turn come over both analytical and continental thought
But the best thing is: D&G are not playing language games, they are both an exception in postmodernist thought. That is why umbrella terms like postmodernism are nothing more than irritating and helpless constructions most of the time. Pragmatic but not exact.
No. 26677
Also to spark some fire:

>very little in the way of actual insightful thought has happened.

What do you mean by this? What would be an insightful thought?

>The greatest of ideas are often very simple in their nature, and they are simply communicated.

And many more are quite complex once they are thought out and can perhaps be dumbed down to get communicated easier and appear simpler then they actually are.

The emperors new cloth is debatable on what is understood in the first place or if it really is just rubbish. Postmodern text generators really won't make sense afterall. Then again you seem to expect something from academia that it never intended to deliver.
No. 26679
Those as well as Critical Theory are not all the same thing regardless of being spoken in the same breathe or not, however this is entirely correct to say that a good amount of it actually devolves into nothing but advanced navel gazing and sophistry. The fact that these strains of philosophy are also often used by pretentious materialist twats using sophistry in service of usually softcore nihilism and selfishness while claiming everything is just a matter of opinion with no objective value or objective fact only serves to piss me off and look down upon many of them even further though the core of much post modernist thought is this in essence. It's really ultimately the philosophical underpinning of nonsense on both right and left, with trannyism on the left and "alternative facts" on the right, because both of them centrally deny that core idea that anything can be objectively factual and true and it is an outgrowth of absolutely cancerous post modernism which itself is the philosophical outgrowth of the cancer that is philosophical materialism in service of a consumerist society devoid of objective value beyond the drive to make and worship more money.
No. 26681
Indeed the indifference is a problem but not solely the fault of postmodern philosophy but also fired by a supposed capiotalist totally, we can't do anything about it, no?
tho I agree that Critical Theory understood as Frankfurt School has nothing to offer but negativity. It's analysis might be intriguing but it has nothing to offer other then pessimism and art as last ressort in the case of Adorno

I think postmodernism is a wasp nest but not one you can just turn down in their findings. They got really uncomfortable with epistemologies and hit common thought in the face big time. Yet just going back to factual, natural truths in cultural things is useless. For science this is different I guess, but I cannot say anything about that since my knowledge is near zero there. I do not denial science but it has blind spots necessarily. What we need is overcoming indifference and the thought of doom, in order to construct new things.
No. 26690
One frustrating thing about dunning kruger is not only that you're subject to your own dunning kruger, but you can also be tricked by others' even more sever dunning kruger.

For example, someone proposes you an idea for something. You raise concerns about the idea, how this or that might be a problem, and how it's unknown to you how you would solve this and that problem that might arise. In response, he says "it won't be a problem, don't worry about it". And he says that so confidently and casually, that your first instinct is "wow, this guy must have it all figured out". Since you are ignorant about the subject, it makes sense to trust someone who seems to be confident about the subject. In reality, that someone is, in fact, so ignorant about the subject, that he's unable to even doubt himself about it.

And he isn't even lying to you or anything, he's just wrong. But you can't prove that he's wrong because you don't know about enough about the subject yourself, you just know enough to know that you don't know. This error of judgement still gets me.
No. 26692
Installed 8GB ram on mom's new laptop.
Ought to be enough for her uses.

Damn, the internal layout of that thing was obnoxious. No hatch for RAM or HDD replacement, you have to take out the keyboard and touchpad, then take out the motherboard, and the RAM slots are on the other side.

Unfortunately, one of the scissor switch keys came off due to the keyboard panel flexing, I'll have to glue it on somehow.
No. 26693
I slept late again. I cleaned out my room.
Mum left some pizza dough on the kitchen table for lunch. I feel too lazy to bake it right now, but the feeling of hunger shall triumph any minute now.

I decided to pause reading the Iliad for a bit, and instead grab a shorter book to raise morale. So I'm reading a Penguin Little Black Classic titled The Old Man of the Moon by Shen Fu. It's an excerpt from a longer book called Six Records of a life Afloat. Halfway done with it, and I'm feeling it again.
I'll try to get through the Iliad during the first week of school if possible. There I am again, making grandiose plans that hardly come into fruition.

Summer break is almost over. One day will be wasted on picking up my new textbooks. Those will be total shite, I can feel it, but that's what the ministry mandates. And another will be wasted on a doctor's visit, so that I'm exempt from the PE classes. 5 classes less a week. Infinitely better. It's either I have an hour to myself to work and study, or I get to wake up late or go home early.

Honestly, it feels like I hardly achieved anything during summer at first glance, and I'm sad about.
I only read 4 books, while leaving many unfinished halfway through, but then again, I did spend roughly a month working and earning hella cash.
Managed to maintain my meagre Mandarin (pay attention to the alliteration, please.) knowledge, and most importantly I finished the oh so important translation, so for roughly a single month of freedom, it's not all bad. (I don't count family programmes as "free days".)
In a sense, I welcome the new school year. It'll give my life some structure.

There was a rain last night. It woke me up and made me feel at ease.

>yup it can make sense if you have the right combination of concepts gathered
That's what I was saying. There is a phase of "initiation" where everything will start making sense and you are no longer an outsider.
I'm in the middle of re-orienting my approach to French philosophy, though at first glance, the Situationists seem more interesting to me. Saw an hour-long seminar on Debord's philosophy, and I think it'd extend my system of opinions well.
No. 26695
>There is a phase of "initiation" where everything will start making sense and you are no longer an outsider.

There is a socio-historic dimension to recognize and a historic-theoretical dimension of concepts and thoughts. As far as I can see right now, we have people like Gaston Bachelard, Alexandre Kojéve. Then Georges Canguilhem and George Batailles and all these have an influence on the structuralist like Barthes and Lacan and the later post structuralists like Deleuze or Foucault, also both are informed by structuralism and the thoughts of Canguilhem etc.

So there are round about 4 phases in 20th century and above all the french loved Nietzsche, another very important influence for french philosophy.
But tbh you slowly will grasp it if you just mess with it. It's the same for any other topic you really dive into, ofc abstract thought is harder to decipher than the comic universe. Academia (and certain philosophy) is always enigmatic. I guess Hegel won't be easier than Foucault, Hegel might actually be harder.

Francois Dosse wrote a (vast) history of Structuralism which I will try to read as soon as I can.
The Situationists are important for french philosophy, Baudrillard was near them and was clearly influenced by them. I borrowed the writings from the Situationists but won't have the time to read them. After all if you want to deal with french philosophy it's not wrong to read a few introductions and handbooks on french philosophy and postmodernism, they exist in numbers like grains of sand at a beach

Also the feeeling of not being productive is known to me but I suspect it's the ghost of the meritocracy haunting us.
No. 26697
Time to mow the lawn. le boomer faec
I'll probably turn off the PC for today. Gotta try focusing.

Well, you are infinitely more knowledgeable on the matter than I am. My philosophical "education" boils down to reading a bit of Nietzsche and some Wittgenstein. And Ortega, Confucius, Laozi and Voltaire. I lack any form of grounding when if comes to philosophy.
No. 26699
>you are infinitely more knowledgeable on the matter than I am. My philosophical "education" boils down to

I read a lot about it, not so much from it. A bit Foucault, some Baudrillard, some pieces of Lyotard, Deleuze & Guattari lately, perhaps others. Also many texts that borrow from structuralism and post-structuralist thought as methodological tool inevitable as humanities student anyway. For three years now I have sunk myself into the matter and I'm just beginning to get a bit of coherence into it, so my knowledge is actually small and philosophically I'm less than an amateur, I still absolutely struggle with abstract thoughts regardless of it's historic origin. There is nothing wrong in reading other philosophy, I have to do it one day as well. There is a kind of duty to read the classics like Marx, Kant, Hegel. There a many more names you can drop and that seem important like Heidegger or Derrida. I will definitely read Nietzsche in the coming months. Academical texts with empirical content tho are getting pretty easy to read, once you got how they are structured and you have built an academic vocabulary.

When you are in uni, you will be exposed to structuralism and other philosophy that has a focus on language if you go with something linguistic or literary or anything in the humanities. My fire for capital t Theory was sparked quite late, tho I read difficult or academic texts with, I don't know, 18/19+ without grasping much at all. Didn't matter, I was somehow fascinated by difficult thought. They have this aura which is quite illusionary, there won't be any answers, just more questions, but as I once said here already I think, I can't get enough, like an addict. There is this need to decipher the content behind abstract hieroglyphics.
No. 26701
You should read La démocratie contre l'Etat : Marx et le moment machiavélien by Miguel Abensour .

There is a German translation. Most propably an english translation too.

A very fun piece.

Also read The Laws of Belief. Ranking Theory and its Philosophical Applications by Wolfgang Spohn. In my opinion it is a very good example for modern philosophy. It could be, that you need to learn some basics regarding logic beforehand (I'm afraid it's a given). For modern philosophy plato.stanford.edu is great.

t. another
No. 26702
38 kB, 280 × 200, 0:06
>This error of judgement still gets me.
And the thing is, you can't really do anything to correct for that error in the future. I mean, if someone proves themselves incompetant you won't rely on him again, but you'll still believe the next guy who seems to know what he's doing. We correlate confidence with competance; it's like we're hard-wired to trust people.

I spent the entire day yesterday helping a brother move. It was a chaotic mess, of course. The highlight was getting the bed stuck halfway through a doorway. Well, it's over now and everybody survived.
No. 26704
So apparently my stupid fucking country has banned clove cigarettes as of a solid decade ago. I thought I remembered buying them years ago which tasted a bit different and found out why, which is because they can only legally sell as filter tip cigars now.

As such I am just going to have to buy my Djarum Blacks overseas fuck these faggots. The stupidest thing is fucking no one buys these things as kids. Everyone I ever knew who ever smoked a clove did so in college. Which is why I like them. Because I liked smoking them in college and it reminds me of college. Every single kid who got a friend to buy them cigarettes started on Marlboros, Camel, and Newport, but of course fucking Newports and menthols aren't covered under the flavored tobacco ban are they.

This is one of few things where I can unironically say THANKS OBAMA! You Phillip Morris bitch faggot.

In other news I've been considering buying Kratom in bulk but I'm thinking now it's just way too much a cost for me at this point. I'm also worried that yet again my shitty government is going to fuck me somehow because I don't know if the DEA or FDA is up everyone's ass about importing Kratom these days. Biggest problem getting older is you just stop noticing how little you've paid attention for years or decades to things and find out everything changes years ago.

I can't imagine how pissy 60 year old men must have been when they were first told they cant smoke on planes or in restaurants or even bars anymore.
No. 26707
70 kB, 550 × 678
I appear to have crossed over into a horrible parody of Black Mirror. The algorithm on my dating app has concluded that I really like Asian women, to the point of near total exclusivity. Its not clear to me why it has concluded this and that bothers me given the stereotypes.

This data will now, of course, follow me as apps pull information from one-another. Something my current app creepily did from a previous dating app I used.
No. 26708
Goddamnit it all apparently I've got minimum orders and high S+H and shit.

FFS do any of you live where there's Djarum Black cigarettes? I'm tempted to just pay some ernst directly to ship them here. Maybe I'll just have to order the minimum purchase

Oh fuck this shit fuck no
I'm not doing a direct bank transfer and I don't own any memecoins.


I have a new mission for the week
No. 26710
After using mom's laptop for a day, it was a surprisingly comfy experience.

I used to hate touchpads, but after learning some touch gestures and changing to a more keyboard oriented way of using it, it's pretty bearable.

Maybe I'll sell my aging desktop and get some midrange laptop. I'm looking for a job again, and a lot of listings require a personal laptop.
No. 26712
It just struck my mind and I had to think of you, Hungary. If you are interested in the Situationists, you should perhaps read Sadie Plants The Most Radicale Gesture

>The Most Radical Gesture is the first major study of the Situationist International, a revolutionary movement of extraordinary ambition and influence whose reflections on art, everyday life, pleasure, spontaneity, the city, and the spectacle have ensured it a vital, but largely hidden, role in the development of twentieth century culture and politics. Revealing the extent to which situationist ideas and tactics have influenced subsequent political theory and cultural agitation, this book discusses a variety of specific movements and moments of contestation, including Dada, surrealism, the events of May 1968, the Italian Autonomists, the Angry Brigade, and punk, placing the situationists in a line of impassioned anti-authoritarian dissent which also informs the work of writers like Lyotard and Deleuze and underwrites contemporary debates on postmodernism.
>It suggests that Baudrillard's reflections on hyperreality are impoverished reworkings of the situationists' critical analysis of capitalist society as a spectacle, and challenges postmodern denials of meaning, reality, and history by showing that postmodernism itself depends on a tradition which completely undermines the purposeless pessimism it promotes. In addition to its unprecedented treatmemt of situationist theory, The Most Radical Gesture is therefore also the first book to situate postmodern ideas in this vital historical, cultural, and political context. The product of a long-standing engagement with situationist ideas, it uses theoretical reflection, polemical speculation, and accounts of particular moments of cultural and political excitement to tell a fascinating and accessible tale.

I wanted to read it as well but only did the first 20p or so because I had other stuff to read, but Plant is really good in the way she works it out and the way she contextualizes her own work.
No. 26713 Kontra
you can find the pdf by google or on libgen
No. 26714
I can't handle using a laptop. I need a yuge desk and nice desk chair to lean back on. With a laptop everything feels cramped.
No. 26728
70 kB, 1024 × 768
Today was pretty good. I woke up early, and read some after having a light breakfast. Then I helped carrying some planks for my father.
Nothing makes you feel more manly than carrying 5 planks effortlessly on your shoulders.
I'm feeling pretty good, honestly. I might even achieve something today.

That's very generous of you (I mean, the fact that you thought about me at all). I downloaded it. I'll probably have more time for it once school starts. (I'll read it alongside something that was "assigned")
The Situationists interest me because of their critique of how capitalism seems to assimilate everything it touches, turning it into nothing more than a monetary feedback loop, murdering any enthusiastic and genuine culture in the process.

>The algorithm on my dating app has concluded that I really like Asian women, to the point of near total exclusivity
Do you not? :^)

You can get used to that quite easily, not to mention that most laptops have sizeable screens nowadays, at least in my experience.
Not to be the kind of guy that says "works on my machine", but the laptop I use for most of my text editing and translating is a ~12 years old Toshiba shitbox, which was already pretty basic even at the time, and I don't have any particular issues with how the screen functions. Most websites load pretty well with an ad-blocker of your choice.
Laptops were never meant for more, honestly, just for "important" biznismen to check their e-mails while on a plane or to write a report or something.
No. 26740
182 kB, 796 × 600
25 kB, 700 × 428
The only thing about desktops I don't like is how they condition me to lean forward and have my arms away from my body, which causes hunching.

While with a laptop I just sit down cross legged on any surface, with hands comfortably on my lap, which feels more natural.

I really do hate those flat, square keyboards, though. I swear even a cheap membrane keyboard feels better than that shit. Tbh the best keyboard I've ever used was on a windows xp fujitsu shitbox.

Look at those sweet ass bumpy, touch identifiable keys. You know, back in the post war era of product design, making products pleasant to use, with finger shaped buttons was considered an innovation, compared to previous design that was dictated by manufacturing process. What happened in the last 10 years that manufacturers went back on that?
No. 26744
I would be a fool to question big data at this point in our history. Date is set on Thursday and will shamelessly gossip afterwards.
No. 26745
Good luck with your qt then.
(btw, question big data, unironically, because after a while, it'll inevitably try returning you to the lowest common denominator. At least in my experience, though I only have an experience with the YT algorithm.)
No. 26747
359 kB, 800 × 725
>I really do hate those flat, square keyboards,
Why not use a used thinkpad?
I bought one on ebay for 70$ and it works flawlessly.
No. 26748
>not plugging a fullsize pc keyboard to your laptop

No. 26749
Some people leave the house, you know.
No. 26750
i carry my keyboard in backpack

happyhacking fits perfectly for instance as its small
No. 26752
Where is that horrible image from? Is this a parody?
No. 26754 Kontra
>paying +180 Deutschmarks for a mini-keyboard
>Muh special keyboard fits in my bag, so you should all carry around an extra peripheral instead of looking for a good built-in one
No. 26755
most of the time i carry the $10 Sven one with a numpad and fullsize f-keys (still fits in my school kid tier ~25L city backpack)

its quite possible
also the small ones can be just as cheap, hhkb is just the classical one
No. 26756
You could read the introduction, Plant will give an informed overview I'm sure, perhaps it's not all easy since she might presuppose knowledge, but every book of such kind does - to a varying degree tho. Don't get deterred. Her style is thank dog polemic and passionate, in the foreword she states that academization is the worst thing that can happen to the Situationists and it's good she is seeing that, as I guess it does harm by formating the Situationists in a certain way. Her style is not ass dry [/spoiler]as far as I read into the book[/spoiler], but somehow gives credit to the Situationists in the way it was possible within academia.

Ha, fictions as parodies turned to reality. Your question reveals a/the simulational feature of our present. No really, read some managerial books and you will see how they affect every area of life with their management thoughts and turn story writing or gardening into a field that bears fruitful advice to sell things and lead/organize business.
No. 26759
A buddy I used to play eve online with for years used to basically play on a wooden floor, with a laptop while running 3 or 4 clients in pvp. That sounded like my personal hell right there, all that intense micromanagement on a fiddly laptop in an uncomfortable position.
Absolutely irregular
No. 26761
>Ha, fictions as parodies turned to reality
Reminds me of David Foster Wallace's essay E Unibus Pluram: Television and U.S. Fiction.
Parody has turned into Practice.

>Her style is not ass dry
That's good to hear, though I don't necessarily have a problem with reading dry books.
No. 26762
yes this. I am switching parties to Democrat from Republican this year but sadly can't vote in Dem primaries this November. I also realized is this the presidential primaries this year or is that 2020? Does this mean I can't vote for whoever is to run for president on Democratic ticket?

Laptops are actually really nice. There is nothing that beats the coziness of sitting in bed watching a movie or playing games while it is raining outside, snowing outside, or you are sick. They are also great to travel long distances by train or plane or whatever.

The main problems with a laptop is it overheats your lap and is difficult to upgrade as Kazakhstan said, and it is very difficult to find one that performs well and is affordable. I've had multiple HP laptops that all failed on me and one of them was seriously broken within 24 hours. I kid you not this thing was busted right out of the box. I don't buy anything from HP anymore. So long as you're okay with not playing high end games though the things are fantastic.
No. 26769
Playing roguelikes and writing on a laptop is indeed nice. I'd probably never use a laptop for content creation stuff like graphics design or drawing, though.

I can relate to HP being shit.
At least their consumer models. Both budget models and elitbooks are overheating, unreliable garbage with poor build quality.
Their business class models are nice, though. My uncle still uses a 1st gen i5 elitebook, and it's still going strong.
The envy line is decent as far as build quality goes, but it's a macbook analogue complete with bad keyboards.

I also think acer laptops are ok, despite the reputation. They're a low tier brand, but their consumer grade models are at least okay and don't disintegrate like HP.

Used laptops are pretty pricey here for some reason. T420 are $150 starting, and go up to $300 with T440. I think selling a laptop for less than $150 is pointless in peoples' eyes and they just bin it instead of going through the hassle of selling.
No. 26772 Kontra
*First instance of "elitebook" is meant to be "probook"
No. 26776
>Does this mean I can't vote for whoever is to run for president on Democratic ticket?
You'll be able to do that. The presidential primaries won't begin until early 2020. Since your Party registration will change in November, you'll be a card-carrying Democrat in plenty of time to select a candidate. The only primary elections you're going to miss out on are for things like Congressional seats, and some state/local elections.

>The main problems with a laptop is it overheats your lap
Yeah, they can get surprisingly hot. I had one with a bad cooling fan, and I used to prop up the back end to increase the airflow. I would do this using whatever was at hand, like pencils or a remote control, but one time I used small stacks of Andes mints. It only took a few minutes for the chocolate to melt, and I had to clean it out of all those little fan slots. That was near the end for that machine; it didn't last much longer.
I hope you got a refund on that HP.
No. 26778
34 kB, 591 × 246
>happy hacking keyboard
But it's not anywhere near fullsize.
No. 26787
I'm feelin' pretty salty today. E-mail I got said that the teacher who was supposed to prepare me for the matura just dabbed and decided to go on a whole year's leave. It sort of ruined my mood. It's not really an act of betrayal, but it still feels like my plans fell apart a bit.

Had a meagre breakfast of some basic biscuits and some cold tea, then I just laid about for a few hours until I felt really hungry. Everything I could have made missed at least one ingredient, so I decided to go to the corner store, which isn't actually on the street-corner, but that hardly matters. This time of day at shops is what I call "Peak nyugger-hours", an approximation in English would be "Peak babushka-hours". The Hungarian term "nyugger" is really interesting, it's a slur, denoting an old, grumpy person with a meagre pension that constantly holds little speeches for young people on politeness, while they themselves act like the worst, most entitled bydlo possible. Basically a bydlo-pensioner, our "boomers", just less rich. The Etymology is nyugdíjas (pensioner, which itself is a compound word, meaning "one given rest-allowance") + ger suffix, to make it sound derogatory, probably from English or some other western language.
The streets are really lively, people sitting outside, drinking beer and having a hearty lunch. Basically I only went to the store for a loaf of bread, some garbage bags, cheese, and a can of spread needed for croque monsieur. At least croque monsieur- is the closest approximation I could find for what I wanted to eat, which is *melegszendvics. You know, when you are hungry, and you want to eat something, and you eventually get fixated on something, and you start craving it. Rethinking it, I could have made Poor knights, but I don't want to bother heating up the oil.
I was just simply hungry.
So as I was browsing the store, I came across a crash course lesson in Hungarian. It's a smaller store, but still big enough that it needs employees to stock the shelves. At first glance, looking at a small, squint eyed brown man pushing a cart wasn't really out of the ordinary, there are quite a few Asians here, working and such. A few aisles over, I came across an older Hungarian manager-type woman, looking at a paper, with two, south-east Asian looking women doing the stocking. They seemed to be fresh off the boat, since the older, short haired women was explaining words like köszönöm, which is "thank you". After saying köszönöm, she left, and the workers got to do what they are paid for. They spoke a tonal language, so they were either Southern-Chinese, or Vietnamese. The tones weren't as pronounced and abrupt as they are with Standard-chinese, that much I noticed.
What a shock this must be for old people, was my second thought after inspecting their language. Most don't speak any foreign languages, and the last few years transformed everything outside of Europe into Barbarians, besieging us, for them. Then reality strikes back.
Now, just imagine coming to this country, speaking a Sino-tibetan language. Hungarian is on the other end of the spectrum, when it comes to grammar, sounds and suffixes. No fixed particles, no tones, God knows how many cases. Must be a nightmare to wrap your head around as an outsider.
I write about this in length now, but it really was all just a minute or so, before I went on with my business,
Self checkout was empty, so I got out fast, and I started munching on a small bag of pastries I bought for nostalgic reasons, and because I didn't want to faint on the way home. They are called "Cheese-ribbons", French dough twisted to look like the ribbon of a maiden, with some cheese sprinkled on it. I loved it as a kid, but they don't sell them in a lot of places any more. Same for vanilla-doughnuts. They sell gay yankee doughnuts now, with a hole in the middle. Long gone are the days of the farsangi fánk.

I have no plans for the rest of the day, not that my mood is ruined, and I'm tired. I'll probably try finishing that book once I eat something worthwhile and drink some lemonade.
No. 26788
I always thought that doughnut was named in reference to the fastener and thus it was odd for a doughnut to not have a hole. Rate headcanon.
No. 26789 Kontra
670 kB, 1200 × 800
No. 26791
155 kB, 602 × 552
I'm a 30 year old boomer as of today.
No. 26793
Happy Birthday, mate!
No. 26794
Can you feel the longing for the "good old days" now?
Also, cheers!
No. 26796
It seems that if you want to be employed as a programmer on the kazakhstan, you have to be a full stack angular react node django bootstrap hurrf durr herp mlerp webdev.

Or be a Java / C# Enterprise(tm) monkey.

I don't really want to touch either. I think I'll stick to jobs in the design field, and program as a hobby the way I enjoy. In fact, I've been procrastinating on coding because of the little voice in the back of my head saying "you should be learning .net right now, you should get a programming job at a bank". I'd rather learn signal processing algorithms.
No. 26797
What is it like being born so late into August, did you get put into the year below?

Also, Happy Birthday!
No. 26799

Thanks lads.

> Can you feel the longing for the "good old days" now?

lmao what good old days?

> What is it like being born so late into August, did you get put into the year below?

Nah, but I probably would've benefitted from it. Apparently August kids generally do worse across all sorts of life metrics just from being the youngest in their year group.
No. 26800
There is no coffee at home. I decided to take the maximalist route, since the lazy piece of shit option wasn't available.
That means sipping Chinese tea from the gaiwan. That was a good investment. Though one might say it's just the sinoboo equivalent of buying a matcha-brewing set.

Strong Chinese black tea is really good for the mind. It's like a chimney sweeping. I'm going to finish this book today, once I manage to stop listening to music. I've probably wasted an hour whistling random tunes I know in sync with the recordings.
No. 26805
The inevitable happened and my IP range got banned on kohl, likely thanks to the Romanian shitposter who shall not be named. It's been a few days without imageboards and it hasn't been that bad. Mostly IBs helped me deal with depression, the constant activity and illusion of social engagement helped to steer thoughts away from past trauma. I think it's time to give up the timesinks and easy pleasures fast boards are, maybe leaving imageboards for good. So many memories but so much time wasted and almost nothing to show for it...
No. 26811
294 kB, 396 × 354
>time waster, life stealer

We could open up our own club with former imageboard dwellers...

EC being slow has a big advantage, even tho i check it often when at home, there rarely are any new replies, let alone new threads or stuff that immediately catches your attention in a cheap manner. Thus I spent less than 1-2h/day here, which seems already a lot, perhaps I'm tricked.
No. 26816
Saw a bunch of Hasidic Jews at the philly zoo today. They were speaking Hebrew which struck me as kind of odd. Shouldn’t they speak Yiddish?
No. 26817
>Apparently August kids generally do worse across all sorts of life metrics just from being the youngest in their year group.
And what about someone born in late december? How do you think this makes him feel?
No. 26818
>Nah, but I probably would've benefitted from it. Apparently August kids generally do worse across all sorts of life metrics just from being the youngest in their year group.

Yeah, this is my understanding as well. Lots of women at work are about to take maternity leave and I hear in recent years parents are given the choice if their child is born in August.

Are you doing anything special? I turn 30 in a few months and honestly I have no idea what I will do.

I like to think of this place as an oldfagchan. We're slower but its quality content with an older user-base than most websites (aside from Hungary but he's a good lad).

Makes you wonder what imageboards will be like once we start reaching retirement age.
No. 26826
>Makes you wonder what imageboards will be like once we start reaching retirement age.

hmm after machines and biotech will kill normies? i dunno there might be some wizardnet
No. 26831
>Makes you wonder what imageboards will be like once we start reaching retirement age

If they still exist then. I could imagine that places like EC would pretty much stay the same, different topics thanks to ageing ofc, all granted that the technology does not change to harsh. Looking back the last 100 years we can expect a radical change within these years.
No. 26848
>i dunno there might be some wizardnet
The /hob/ board on wizchan is unironically a good board (although very slow). Threads generally stay on the thread topic.
The moderation is very strict and bans anything related to women. For a more general imageboard this isn't necessary, but I do see the logic in banning discussion about women and relationships as they tend to devolve around e-girls and attention whoring. A balance is hard to strike, and so outright banning all discussion about women is one way of taking care of the problem.
The rest of wizchan is much less directed and of lower quality; there is a lot more "woe is me" bullshit about depression and neethood.
A lot of the posters there would legitimately benefit from going to a monastery or some nature retreat, or the Australian log cabin retreat (I forgot the exact name) that the Aussie mentioned.
No. 26854
we wouldn't need that place after the normies are gone
No. 26856
>log cabin retreat
Wot? You mean when I talked about the Men's Shed? It is more like a local lads club than a retreat, and shed culture is not log cabin.
t. country of shed culture
No. 26864
I woke up early again, despite staying up late. Strange how I felt more awake around 1 o' clock in the evening than I feel during the day. Washed the tea set and then had a lovely lunch.

There are only three days of summer vacation left. Thinking about it, it's my last traditional summer vacation. Hopefully next year I'll be going to university.
It's the last one, and it's almost over.

I'm trying to pick a new book to read, I've decided to shelve the Iliad until school starts. Possible candidates are Prometheus Unbound, Old Masters, or some random Jap novel, probably Mishima. I gotta prepare for reading books in tandem. One for passion, one for school.
Listening to le aesthetic sad yt bleep bloop music. Felt a bit sick of Wagner.

Eagerly awaiting the post. I really want to get my hands on that Japanese novel.
No. 26869
>One for passion, one for school.

Kek, sames.
Quite a devastating activity tbh. The passion has a to go short when worse comes to worst. And whats more, you have to choose from a growing pile of books.
No. 26877
26 kB, 270 × 235
Worked 12 hours today, and then got hassled by the copppers for sitting on the gutter while waiting for my ride home. Asked them if it was a slow day, since they apparently had nothing better to do :-DDD
t. non self-helper

I must say, having reached a certain level of no longer giving a shit feels fucken amazing.
No. 26881
19 kB, 200 × 302
This level of emancipation from social expectation is a glorious feeling indeed.

There was a time during psychosis that I was so detached and depersonalized that I felt like I was occupying and interacting with the world from a parallel dimension, from outside reality if you will. Everything was just an absurd play, and I had somehow gotten onto the stage with the actors, doing whatever I want while they try desperately to stay in character and follow the script.

Gave kind of a postal/GTA vibes, tbh. Or the guy from Falling Down.
Must be what america feels like when you finally snap.
No. 26884
85 kB, 600 × 411
I just love how fuggen powerful and righteous I feel. It's like I suddenly have a heightened awareness of the weaknesses of those around me while my own are reduced. Makes me feel invincible, like I could take the whole damn lot of them and their whole rotten system down with my two fists alone.

It's empowering in a way I haven't felt in years tbh.
No. 26898
> having reached a certain level of no longer giving a shit feels fucken amazing.

How does acquire this superpower?
No. 26900
Fugging Duolingo Spanish lessons are making me forget pronouns.
No. 26902
No. 26903
84 kB, 450 × 625
I was in the library today the other days as well and worked thru two texts.

>A multitude of communicative actors are now connected as “networked publics” with high frequency, dynamism, and intensity (boyd, 2011). This context requires analytic approaches that account for the mutual influence of each actor on the other. [...] It is important to stress that networked publics are spaces and communities at the same time.
>publics that emerged and grew dynamically in a limited period of time mostly without any formal hierarchical structure. The performative character of such [...] is indicated by its affective flow.
>Such affective practices include producing and circulating a meme, posting a message, liking and sharing, as well as commenting on others' posts.
>works without any gate
>diverse forms of articulation become publicly visible and audible, they give rise to a number of unprecedented and contingent dynamics that can be described as affective formations

The practices like sharing, commenting etc. are depicted as having rhythms, creating rhythms. No the deal is, what kind of Rhythms does KC create and what does that rhythmic do to its consumers which are also it's content producers. In the beginning the author gives up the conception of public by Habermas with its normative claim on rational discourse. But such a notion of the public does not fit the contemporary modes of communication anymore.
Makes me think of how EC tries to be a habermasian Discourse while KC is a broken rhythm machine ofc we could describe EC in a rhythmic manner and not going back to Habermas

And now the most important
>The intensity of such repetitions, modifications, and re-articulations does not serve the interest of information, but rather contributes to an affective stage of togetherness, solidarity, and belonging [...] A comparable type of intensity can be
observed in “networks of outrage.

Perhaps a complicated way to explain imageboards as an affective arrangement that keeps its elements (Bernd, Ernst) in their place, but at the same time explains the downfall of KC by slow modulations that happened in that arrangement by letting in other elements.
No. 26904
Dave Chappelle’s new special wasn’t as good as his last, but it was still decent. Not sure how to feel about the reaction to it. On one hand, I loathe moral scolds who think comedy is supposed to be about having the correct opinions on stuff. On the other hand, lots of obnoxious right-wing media grifters have been heaping praise on the special.
No. 26907
I just realised I have to leave the house tomorrow to pick up my textbooks. Not the kind of book package I want to pick up.
The books I was expecting didn't came in the mail. The postal system here is absolutely horrid.

I wanted to drink some sake tonight, but I can feel my insides hurting again, so I think I'll pass. Not like alcohol ever goes bad.

Getting fed up for being neglected and looked over for a long time.
Adrenaline also helps.
Last time I had an adrenaline rush, I knocked over a fat bastard at the escalator, because the fucker was blocking my way down. (You know, he tried going down too, but there was another woman taking up half of the escalator, and the bastard was too wide to be able to walk besides the poor woman, so I acted like a dickhead and just squeezed through. Fuck fat people.)
No. 26908
Tomorrow i have 3 job interviews. I have enough trouble to prepare for just one but now i somehow managed to get 3 in one day.

There's a new one? I didn't even know about that, thanks i really liked the last one so i will watch it.
I don't know why but the guy is somehow really sympathetic.
If you have some time i recommend this video where he's basicially chatting with his audience for 4 hours straight.

No. 26911
Yeah Chappelle is pretty charismatic. Also from what I’ve read about his personal life he seems like a genuinely decent person.
No. 26921
528 kB, 1257 × 1469
I dunno. I just flipped one day. Getting frustrated and angry doesn't hurt neither. Then channel it into pride and aggression so that when a copper starts petty bullshit you think 'u fucken wot? let's go' instead of 'yes guv'.

It gets easier once you realise that people are really not used to having to work with someone being purposefully difficult over petty matters instead of just letting it go and being walked on. Like the Brick said, a bunch of actors trying to keep to the script while you rampage across the stage.
No. 26942
41 kB, 499 × 328
I was sensible and organised a midday lunch date but she turned out to be Aussie so we did a pub crawl. Stayed over at her place, she's off on holiday then starting a busy job on the other-side of the city.

Feels good man.
No. 26943
22 kB, 550 × 491
102 kB, 500 × 500
I just came home. Picked up my new textbooks. There were only five, all of them total shit at first glance, they are state sanctioned, after all.
Ate in the city while I was there, and I also picked up something I forgot, which is a short monograph on ancient philosophy from the earliest Greeks right until the end of Hellenism.
Also visited a music-CD store, just to check if they have any Shostakovich. Surprisingly enough, they had a lot. Nearly every symphony, even ballet suites like The Bolt and The Golden Age. The only problem is that everything is expensive. The more interesting pieces started at around 15 Euros, and the sky was the limit, with some costing nearly three times that much. Honestly, if I'd support the artist it'd be reasonable, but then again, I realised that I follow no one who is actually alive, and something like this is completely pointless. (You could argue though that it supports the given Orchestra, but I doubt the Russian State Orchestra or the BBC Symphony Orchestra needs my money.)
Because I felt ambitious, I also walked into an antiquary without the intent of buying anything, just to ask the price of something.
There was this nearly complete set of an old book series called Illustrated Library of Great Authors from the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, and I just wanted to know, how much they asked for it, or if they sell individual volumes instead of only offering it in bulk.
At first they were like 45k forints, which seemed sort of reasonable, since it was nearly complete and everything, and then the guy turns around and says
Oh shit I'm sorry, It's actually 67k, 45 is the number of volumes. Five volumes are missing tho. That's 200 fucking Euros. It's a daylight robbery, I tell you. Can't imagine the self absorbed poseur bastard who's going to buy that, because oh, they are going to find a buyer. They found a buyer for that used copy of the Tale of Genji for 55 Euros too.
Thinking about it rationally, half of it is dated trash anyway, the only valuable volumes are the ones containing the Shahnameh and the Nibelungenlied, at least in my eyes, and I already have those. I just wanted to get a little rush of blood into my head when they said the magic numbers.
I was reading Bernhard's Old Masters on the bus, and it's a really good book. I like Bernhard's style. It's like diving without scuba gear. You take a deep, mental-breath, and you dive into the text, reading until you run out of stamina, which is inevitable when it comes to Bernhard's rambling, repetitive and elongated style, which neglects paragraphs, to make the reader feel like they are sprinting through an obstacle course, while suffering from sensory deprivation and dizziness, at the course becomes clearer and clearer with each obstacle. It also helps that I actually know there the story takes place, since I actually visited the Naturhistorische Museum right across the Kunsthistorische Museum last year. It's probably what it feels like to read Joyce as a Dubliner. Look at this smug bastard, eating his ice cream, while probably thinking up another long rant about why Austria is the worst thin to ever curse this planet. What a lad.
I met a girl in front of the school with her dog. She was waiting for some papers from the secretary. We know each other somewhat. (This of course, means that we spent together maybe 3-4 hours together in the library, when we talked. Nothing else.)
Wished her luck in her new school, petted her dog for a bit, and then I went on with my business. That was a truly human interaction.
Two more days of summer left.
No. 26950
32 kB, 287 × 170
Successfully negotiated more hours at work. Have them by the balls due to recent staff losses both permanent and temporary. Feels good man. I'll be making almost double what I normally make in a week now while only really working one extra day plus a short shift one other time in the week. I will have to be up a bit earlier, and even more so when I move across town next week (same distance, worse transport links) but tbh I don't really mind all that much.

Is this sense of overwhelming superiority how most people feel all the time? I feel like kicking walls down every damn day now. I am not looking forward to the inevitable crash ending to this psychotic spell tbh. Being this amped all the time feels fucking awesome and has been netting results.
No. 26951
>Is this sense of overwhelming superiority how most people feel all the time? I feel like kicking walls down every damn day now.
No. It inevitably passes, or at least for me, it lasts for a good few days after a series of "victories", and then it dies down.
No. 26952
I've been riding it to some extent for nearly a month now. The crash is going to be apocalyptic when it comes.
No. 26956
End of the summer.
New bachelorette students are in the town.
Rock of the meat withers the soul away.

r8 haiku
No. 26959
142 kB, 396 × 385
Haiku is supposed to be 5-7-5 syllables.
No. 26963
Just went to dentist.
He shot some anesthetic.
Not enough frankly.
No. 26966
>Successfully negotiated more hours at work.

What tactics did you use, or was it more a case of kicking the managers door in?

>Is this sense of overwhelming superiority how most people feel all the time?

It's senior management mentality. Your momentum will eventually be crushed when you do something perfectly logical and run into a brick-wall of other peoples egos.

No. 26981
I breddy much just took advantage of the scramble that happens when multiple of our experienced people aren't going to be available (one is very sick, two have quit). I happened to be one of the older employees so when I said "oi how about you extend my hours on days x, y and z and then just bump that opening shift forward?" while they were talking about it. Then it was also a matter of them also deciding that I've been efficient enough at those morning through late-afternoon shifts that they were going to give me more of them, and modified them to the new, longer version with no questions.

Best thing is that being on a wage and not a salary means that I'm making about AU$2200/mo now if the habit sets in and I get to keep these new shifts indefinitely.
t. possible wealthy geezer (but things are expensive here so it's not as much as it seems)