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I salvaged these and figured I should spread them. Save them, and spread them in the site's memory.
Okay, that was bullshit. These are counterfeits of the counterfeits. Still, you should save them for reasons.
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What the hell is this and why are you posting it
No. 25971
Racist “Busty Girl Comics” by Paige “Rampaige” Warren in the same vein as the Sarah Anderson edits. Unlike the SA edits, it never received a proper board, so archives are rare. It’s a Eurabia joke, which is pretty low hanging fruit, but at least it’ll satisfy your busty hijabi fetish.
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What's so racist about them? Also, we could just use this threda for posting different comics/webcomics (manga threda wasn't very successful, maybe the more generalized threda would fare better?), but OP was a fag and made some cringey threda subject.
No. 25973
This is intended to be racist? If so, someone should let the artist know her messaging is off. If anything the impression one gets from these comics is “hmmm... I would like to meet a muslamic grill with large breasts”.
No. 25974
They've all been whitewashed from the original. I know this because I ripped all 400 pngs from the artist's website.
No. 25975
For what purpose? Why do you care about a shitty webcomic like this enough to archive it
No. 25976
I don't know.
No. 25977
I don't get it.
No. 25978
>If anything the impression one gets from these comics is “hmmm... I would like to meet a muslamic grill with large breasts”.
This. Even if it's whitewashed.
No. 25983 Kontra
I don't even see why it should be racist.

I just don't get it. Also please point me to the original.

Not bumping, because I don't get it. Hm!
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Artist website:

I'm not familiar with these, but it looks like the original artist included different races in her work, and so someone decided to make the girls all white to troll her.
OP is archiving these edits, but I agree with >>25972, that we could also use the thread as an opportuniy to post other great comics.
No. 25987 Kontra
Ah I see. She's white but wears a Hijab, because of muh cultural marxism.

The originals seem even cute. Mundane comics by a girl about tits. Made for other girls. Allright.
This parody seems to be even more mundane.
No. 25991 Kontra
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I looked at some of the original webcomics. The only difference is the skin colour.
I don't really how it is racist as they could be albanians, turks, or syrians.
No. 25992
“I hate it when Albanian women have large breasts.”

t. 8chan pepes

Wow really tell you a lot about teh sheeple in are sociedy >_>

Y’all niggas ever heard of banksy
No. 25998 Kontra
>Still, you should save them

It seems pointless trash to me.

Better get quality comics:

No. 25999
Wait so the originals were changed to hijabs and then those were changed to whitewashed people in hijabs?
I can relate to the underlying comics though
No. 26006 Kontra
>t. 8chan pepes
Get the fuck out
No. 26010
8tism doesn’t consider people white unless they’re pale as fuck.
It’s so inoffensive I’m surprised someone dedicated their time to recoloring them.
Me too, my testicles chafe an awful lot.
No. 26012 Kontra
It's because OP is some retard from cripplechan. Please go to shithole like k*hl instead.