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No. 26161
202 kB, 787 × 646
> joints - moving parts that take most of the load in human bodies
> cartilage - connective tissue in the joints is not regenerating - once it's worn out, the joint is done

It's not an intelligent design at all. Who the fuck would design chassis like that? It's like if you made it impossible to change oil in your car or replace bearings.
No. 26162
>bad design
>works 70+ years with no maintenance
>supposed to work around 30
>requires literal shit what is everywhere to work
>can just eat other people if no other shit around
>automatic modification with no involvement via genetics magic
>could produced en masse in empty 2x2 room
>no utilization problems
>bad design

meanwhile if you fuck up your steel skeleton you will require an entire mining-metallurgy-metalworking-selling-transportation-science-surgery-worldwide industry just to replace a single broken finger
No. 26163
Okay, I'll try being a Devil's Advocate (heh-heh) for once. There are several possibilities:
  1. G-d created humans that way because whether joints wear out or don't isn't important concerning humans' true purpose. And that true purpose cannot be known to humans, because G-d's ways are inscrutable (Romans 11:33).
  2. G-d created humans that way because the purpose of humans is to be fruitful and increase in number (Genesis 1:28), and gradual wearing out of the human body motivates people to leave progeny which will support them in their old age instead of clinging to a delusion that they are gonna live forever. It's a planned obsolescence of sorts (if G-d exists, he is a capitalist XDDDD).
  3. G-d created humans that way because he expects them to come to him by themselves through suffering, kinda like Job.
  4. G-d created humans that way and at the same gave them intelligence to tackle the problems with labour and ingenuity, like creating and manufacturing artificial joints. Why did he do that isn't entirely clear: maybe he gets his kicks from labour and ingenuity, or maybe he actually intented for us to become cyborgs eventually, because cyborgs are fuckawesome.
  5. The human body wasn't created by G-d but by the Demiurge, so the design is kinda intelligent, but not that intelligent, since the Demiurge is a flawed being himself. It's OK though, because the body is only a temporary vessel for the spirit, and the spirit can potentially become one with the Monad.
No. 26168
130 kB, 1500 × 1000
14 kB, 620 × 348

In mine opinion it lacks tail - for better balancing and agility. But recently japanise engeneers fixed that
No. 26169
Now they only have to invent nekomimi reacting to brain waves, and catgirls will become a reality.
No. 26170
Extra bulk and extra nutritional requirement (more muscle mass) for benefits in what are for us niche applications. The advantages are marginal at best and amount to net disadvantage at worst.
No. 26174
747 kB, 626 × 960
But I want muh deer legs and cute tail and ears ):
No. 26176
What humans really need is a second thumb and more articulation in the pinky and ring finger.
No. 26178
Where would you put the second thumb? Would you maintain the cylindrical profile of a closed hand, or change the way we grip entirely?
No. 26185
Just make the hand symmetrical.
Imagine all the extra grip strength.
No. 26186
You might lose some effective grip strength due to how symmetrical fingers would have to interlock (bone on bone contact pushed too hard could cause damage), but I can certainly see maybe pushing the thumb over more like it is in a lot of apes and then adding another one could be useful for grip strength, though I feel like the thumb is in a great spot for precision work and I can't seem to imagine how some of the finer grips that we use (pens, paintbrushes etc.) would work as well with what would be a somewhat more awkward contact between pointer and thumb. Then again, it probably wouldn't be awkward if it were natural, but even so my imagination is failing me here.
No. 26194
205 kB, 793 × 1024
130 kB, 842 × 1024
107 kB, 654 × 698
235 kB, 749 × 663
Is this THIS kind of thread? Lol
No. 26221
>Human body has shit design

Of course, relative to body weight and size we are the weakest and tenderest kind of primates.
To our wild relatives we relate maybe similarly like domesticated animals relate to their
wild ancestors. Worse than that we are even almost completly naked.
No. 26222
Yet we are the dominant form of life on this planet to such an extent we have to actively try not to make their whole species extinct on accident.

And that is why I almost always use STR and END as my dump stats and buff INT/CHA + PER
No. 26223
We have pretty mediocre hearing and olfaction so IDK if you can call humans high PER. Good color vision and 3D skills though.
No. 26256
>Yet we are the dominant form of life
because evolution and our brain. lots of humans wasted and still getting wasted while we reach this form. it's not intelligent design at all.

even discussing this is very stupid as it's just an excuse to confirm pseudo scientific (read religious) studies.
No. 26264

>we are the dominant form of life on this planet

I still think that's rather all sorts of bacteria than us.
No. 26310
but we are the bacterias
humans are superorganisms (taht means a bunch of bacterias)
No. 26322
>It's not an intelligent design at all.

Just shat, I can confirm, it is not a intelligent design, but a smelly one.