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No. 26227
373 kB, 948 × 1280
I just cant put myself into using Opera instead of Chrome. And i really dont need anything at all beyond simple browsing.

Which browser is best and why? Also which vpn and why?
No. 26228
507 kB, 1200 × 1200
I use chrome for everything but also have firefox installed because netflix doesn't work with my chrome for some reason. I don't use a vpn because I'm a simple man who is unafraid of being spied on by three-letter agencies.
t. simple man
No. 26229
I use firefox because it's reliable and I can use add ons and hate google with such a fucking passion it's indescribable. I want nothing to do with them, shitbook, twater, I fucking hate those things passionately and the only one of them that goes out of its way to intrude on me is Google. Literally the main reason I even have multiple layers of not just adblock but scriptblockers is because I don't want their shitty analytics running.

I fucking hate google Fuck.

As for VPNs I don't have or use one because I am retarded.
No. 26230
i know that hating feel
No. 26246
I use Iridium. It's Chrome with all the Google stripped out of it. It's not bad. I used to swear by Seamonkey but I've had some issues with it in the last few years. It doesn't always play nice with newer websites in my experience at least.

For VPN, I use NordVPN. I like it. It cost me about $100 for a 3 year subscription, with a very easy to use interface. The service has no log storage, and is under the jurisdiction of Panama, so it's exceedingly difficult for any member of alphabet soup to even try and get into the nonexistent logs if they wanted to. I've also heard good things about CyberGhost but haven't used it personally. It's a little cheaper too.
No. 26249

I wouldn't trust them if you really did some big.
0rbit, the "hacker" who provided a lot of secret emails of high ranking German politican used Cyberghost or NordVpn. As soon German and American authorities, the German ones asked them for help, showed that they are taken this seriously the VPN-provider more than willingly collaborated.
Russian, Vietnamese or Chinese VPNs or Torbased stuff is your best choice if you are living in country aligned/controlled by the US, imho.
No. 26252
I'm not doing anything particularly spoopy. Really I just need something that'll make it not worth the effort to hassle me over the occasional illegal movie or some shit, and to avoid most of the dragnet that goes into the 'warrantless access' pile. Chances of it ever being accessed are slim, but it's still not really something I'm interested in putting a name on if I don't have to. If you're really doing shady shit, then it's above my level to advise you on.
No. 26253
>Which browser is best and why?
I read http://spyware.neocities.org to choose the browser.
>Also which vpn and why?
I don't think there is widely VPN service which you can trust. I guess some VPN through VPS in Somalia would be not a bad choice, but still one must be aware that provider sees where you connect, and VPS hoster can provide logs where your VPS accessing to.
No. 26274
browser waterfox

vpn none/tor
No. 26307
It all depends on what you are trying to achieve.

If "you got nothing to hide" it doesn't matter what you use, just use the thing you like, you are getting fucked anyway. They can probably drive a freight train into your ass by now, sideways.

Only to protect against Hollywood based attacks. Any government backed agency can still get you. They fucking closed down the internet just to catch a guy in Norway who was using Tor so if you are going to annoy them you need some serious OPSEC. First of being, do not post here. Every *chan is seriously monitored since retards started posting manifestos and killing people.

That said, Firefox. Only because of plugins that can clean up your internet experience™. Torbrowser is also good if you need to hide that filthy porn habit of yours from various trackers.