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No. 26343 Systemkontra
133 kB, 700 × 700
Billions was good.
But right now I am watching The Americans. Awesome. One of the best series I have ever seen.
No. 26345
In the broader genre of spy fiction on television, I really enjoyed Burn Notice when it first came out and have been rewatching it recently. It's tonally very different, but the way it's presented as almost instructional is quite novel. I recommend it to anybody looking for a lighthearted spy series that retains a competent cast instead of going into slapstick. It's not perfect, but to me it's a very comfy series.

I also like Spooks as an example of something a bit more serious. The atmosphere of that show is top notch. Highly recommend it.
No. 26346
What do you think of The Americans?
No. 26350 Kontra
Cinema and TV thread 2 is on page 2 right now...
No. 26371
The first few seasons are fine, the last ones are a bit lacking.
No. 26377
Now towards the end of the 3rd season, it is becoming worse. The sequences of actions becoming constructed and a little annoying, especially Page and pastor Tim plotline. They are still very good series, but not so good as it has been in first or second season.
No. 26378
472 kB, 1082 × 605
picture forgotten
No. 26383
It is also becoming continuously more anti-Soviet. In exchange is is becoming more and more US/church propaganda. Fuck this. The ways the US and some churches are trying to get influence in the Western movie business are well documented.
No. 26392
It was fine. Not my favourite, but certainly not bad.

The Paige thing is a pretty standard trope that I saw coming the moment they introduced the character. It's also pretty reasonable that someone would rather not serve a country that they've never seen, in actions that are aimed against the place they grew up. It's not so much anti-soviet as it is an accurate reflection of why second generation sleepers are ridiculously hard to cultivate.
No. 26463
488 kB, 1093 × 605
780 kB, 1096 × 621
666 kB, 1090 × 623
I am at the 5th series. Now the pathetic Anti-Soviet propaganda is getting too much, I can't watch it anymore.

Does Ernst have recommendations, which are political more neutral and not so much capitalistic propaganda?
No. 26465
49 kB, 200 × 198
>which are political more neutral and not so much capitalistic propaganda?

70s anime
No. 26467
1,1 MB, 1000 × 1400

I will watch The 9th Company now.
And then I will play some Ostalgie.
No. 26468
not sure, i don't watch bydlo movies nor do i have a tv or something
No. 26469
428 kB, 1000 × 563
>tfw haven't watched anime in a while
>I failed to stumble upon anything interesting
No. 26499
714 kB, 926 × 617
Fuck, this is some Milf i REALLY would love to fuck
No. 26500 Kontra
why would you fuck a 3d pig?
No. 26521
233 kB, 1200 × 1779

A luxury passenger ship on its way to Mars from a dying Earth is knocked off course. The story follows the life of a woman working as part of the crew and the social breakdown that follows from the madness of their predicament. It really is a fucked situation for humanity too as you pick up from the dialogue.

If you like the idea of an existential sci-fi and disliked the action sequences of Sunshine or Pandorum then you will enjoy this.
No. 26559
Nice, thank you.

The only other film in that category from recent times that I know is Cargo: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0381940/

I remember it for its atmosphere mostly, forgot all about the story though.
No. 26560
What with this 2d is better meme? Why so many people find anime so attractive? It just very poorly schematicly drawn humans that with changed face proportions looks like ayyliens.
No. 26568
Hard to properly explain it. It's got roots in pre-imageboard otaku culture, and became more solidifed as imageboads (especially futaba) developed. If you're really interested, you're going to have to lurk anonymous otaku hangouts for a long time to get a proper feel for how it works within the subcultural ecosystem.
No. 26574
5,3 MB, 3200 × 1680
No, I know history and get idea. Russian imageboards on early was about it too, since whole idiea of imageboard came from Japan more or less. I know how popular anime in japan, familiar with whole anime subculture and watched amount of titles.
But I just don't get and idea why this particular style and this particular cliches of characters and... atmosphere. Looks like whole country culture - and millions beople away from it for some reason obessed with this particular reason so hard and I can't see any reason why.
Thing is that they turn everything into this. All media of whole country and around it float around one paricular thing. And they adopt everything in it - like they can't understand exept anime.

As person who rather don't like it, espessialy when it... overdosed I just don't get it.
No. 26578
How quickly you will recount this statement, I really tried to give this a try and 6/10 is being generous.
No. 26579
Is it all that different to how capeshit is virtually all the same, or how fantasy games often run with most of the same tropes and ideas established in the 70s.

All of those things have big followings too. I don't really see why the otaku subculture in particular is considered such an oddity here. It's not as though subcultures involved in those scenes don't have odd injokes of their own.
No. 26587
Fantasy "thropes" very foggy and basic - it contain thousands of things that very different one from each other, have different interpritations of same things or compleatly different things. It's just genre, not like... actual absoluetly solid teamplate.
And even if it was, I don't know any country on the eartch where 95% of media contains classic high fantasy and nothing else.
No. 26591
The point I was making was that ideas can achieve a great deal of prominence within specific industries, and that in the two examples given, certain ideas both visual (comic books) and literary (fantasy), have an enormous amount of sway. I also think that your personal dislike is getting in the way if you consider a specific genre to be foggy, but consider anime which spans multiple genres something that you can nail down as a 'solid template'.

I mean also if you look around, we also use a lot of cartoons in the typical 'cartoon style' in our societies. We don't notice it because it's the local style. Look at ads that have cartoon figures, logos, brands, etc. Hell, it's not uncommon to have cartoons on emblems for military formations. Yeah, the nips are fucking weird, but if I was to point to their weirdest thing, it'd be their tourists, not their cartoons.
No. 26600
Thing is that "cartoon styles" of west in great variaty and styles and they don't play even close such role as anime and japan.
Even more to fantasy you trying compare to - like it is same "solid as anime". However it is obviosly not, and between for example Dark Crystall and Morrowind there like absoluetly nothing in common.
While there unique and interesting anime things, different styles - on like 70% and nowdays on 90% it is same stereotypes, same cliches, same drawings. "Cute" anime girls to "cute" things.
At first I wanted to compare it with obession with "My Little pony" cartoon in the west but this fashion died prety quick with it's "sub culture". And then I released that this is same as India movies - india produce 90000 movies per year and all of them same crap with same dumb trophes, plots and style. Only difference is that Indians like themselfs (more than they should probably but still) and japanise have complexes, ashamed of themselfs and baisivly a country of "Neets" so they have this wierd cartoons replacing whole their culture and media.
Only thing is funny that for some reason there not much fans of indian movies outside of south asia and some middle east countries, but many anime fans. Well, looks like anime just appealing to all "hikkimori" people with a lot of inside complexes around the world.
No. 26605
Im curious about third image you posted. Do you know from what movie/series this is?
No. 26606
>Do you know from what movie/series this is?

The series, I am talking about in this thread. :3

The Americans
No. 26614
21 kB, 474 × 238
Only explanation I can come up with for the popularization of anime among young men is mind control or part of a demonic plot
No. 26615
anime targets are more universal. anime boomed after 80's where japan was very powerful there was evene hysteria in USA about japanese will buy every company and ruling them. then 'lost years' the 90's happened. japan managed to hold on to people from almost everywhere.

Meanwhile indian series and such things like that are very 'inside' as in the 'inside joke' they cannot reach the other parts of the world easily.
No. 26617
22 kB, 377 × 382
squish squish squish
No. 26618
277 kB, 1743 × 338
Weirdness aside, I think the reason anime does so well with so many young men is a mellow undercurrent that runs through many shows. As someone who is approaching "not-young" I can say that your late teens and early 20s are stressful - that goes double for those lads who don't fit in. Anime offers some escapism but it's easy to see how someone could get lost in it and become a 21st century Don Quixote. Still better than smoking crack.

At any rate, I think its a mistake to attack anime for tropes when they are present in all media and interpersonal relationships, people like predictability and it saves exposition. Elves are haughty, blonde waifus are lewd, slay a dragon and tidy your room.
No. 26624
28 kB, 720 × 304
43 kB, 720 × 304
58 kB, 720 × 304
35 kB, 720 × 304
This one was truly mind-boggling, but also entertaining. It's a sort of mystery/thriller with some horror and comedy elements. The plot follows a jobless guy in Hollywood delving down a rabbit-hole of conspiracies, particularly about hidden subliminal messages in media. It's really kind of convoluted, with red herrings, lots of surreal scenes and odd characters. Kind of Lynchean I guess, but somewhat less "tasteful" maybe.
The cinematography is really nice at times, but also feels odd/ridiculous, apparently due to being inspired by older Hollywood movies to the point of persiflage.
Anyways, would definitely recommend if you're into "weird" movies and don't mind being taken for a ride.

This scene cracked me up in particular: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHjzNj1LEvw
No. 26631
>blocked in your country under copywrite grounds
This is exactly what I imagine it feels like being German and getting links to videos. Feels irritating man.
No. 26706
116 kB, 704 × 384
30 kB, 704 × 384
68 kB, 704 × 384
56 kB, 704 × 384
I've been meaning to read something by Pynchon for a while, and I likely will as soon as one of my concurrent reading slots opens up. However in the meantime I decided to watch the adaptation of his novel Inherent Vice. It's best described concisely as a "stoner noir". The setting of LA in the 70s is well portrayed with all the sleaziness and the aftermath of 60s drug culture.
It was quite enjoyable and relaxing to watch the story unfold and connect the dots between real-estate agents, the FBI, drug dealers, dentists and so on, however it felt like there were no particular high points to it. Cinematography-wise nothing stood out to me either. The acting was good, particularly by lead Joaquin Phoenix, and Benicio del Toro being cast felt like a nice nod to his role in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998). So all-around solid, would recommend if you don't mind somewhat slow-paced movies and the drug culture of 60s/70s somewhat interests you.
No. 26753
321 kB, 500 × 500
92 kB, 750 × 420
So what are some recent but still decent series?
I'm watching The Terror 2nd season right now and it's not bad but also not out of the ordinary.
Peaky Blinders 5th season has started, but as with so many other series, the early seasons of the Peaky Blinders seem to be better.
No. 26757
Mindhunter is pretty good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFlKiTwhd38
Though I can only vouch for Season 1 so far. Oh and True Detective S3 came out this year, though I've yet to watch it as well.
The Little Drummer Girl might also be worth checking out, it's a miniseries directed by Park Chan-wook.
No. 26758
Can we talk about the new Chappelle Netflix special in this thread
No. 26763
What Chappelle Netflix special? Is he on air doing comedy now?
No. 26764
Yeah he just released an hour-long special for Netflix
No. 26766
28 kB, 720 × 304
43 kB, 720 × 304
20 kB, 720 × 304
21 kB, 720 × 304
Co-written by the infamous Christian Kracht and directed by his wife Frauke Finsterwalder, this was a bit disappointing, even though I didn't have much in terms of expectations in the first place.
It's one of those movies with an ensemble of odd characters whose storylines begin separately and start intertwining throughout the movie. On paper the characters seem kind of interesting: a recluse living in the woods, a foot fetishizing pedicurist, a furry policeman & his wannabe filmmaker girlfriend and so on, however the characters as well as the story were really lacking in terms of depth. Pretty much the movie's only redeeming quality are the nods towards typically German behaviors & themes, specifically the small ones like the pedantry of forcing a round number on the gas station display.
Some of the scenes really made me cringe though (and not in a good way), I feel like the movie couldn't decide whether it was supposed to be a comedy or a drama and so failed at being either. Well overall it wasn't terrible but not really worth watching IMO, there's lots of better stuff out there.
No. 26814
Just felt like a waste of time, no likeable characters, nothing really exciting happenings the location does nothing, not impressed with the time line or stories.
I think I gave up season 3, felt like a chore, the Tyrone bf didn't help.
No. 26815
Was on my old laptop watching 1950s Twilight zone and LoGH, both 100% recommend.

But when twiglight zone switches from 25m to 50m to allow adverts, it changes from quirky, quality filled story into le 1950s movie, kinds disappointed this is circa 100 episodes in and they made this change to include more commercials.
Might d/l some Beaver or other random b/w TV shows, but I don't think I'll find something of this quality in regards to the first 100ep.
No. 26821
Don't worry they change back soon. The writers struggled with the hour time-slot to make the kind of self-contained stories the show is renowned for, they also experimented about this time with filming on tape which is why quality degrades in some episodes.

You still have some very good episodes episode 16 is one of my favourites.

>I don't think I'll find something of this quality in regards to the first 100ep.

Let me know if you ever find anything. The only thing that has come close to the journey is X-Files at its peak.
No. 26824
Why people like anime?
A good question. My take is that it's contrast with the Real World, and idealism.
>1) Anime is colourful
Contrary to Western media, where we moved towards stories where characters suffer through apocalypses, tragedies, while using a gray-blue colour palette, you can guess why the colourful depictions of anime might woo someone who doesn't want to spent all of his time looking at "more of the same", that is, people suffering in a quasi-real setting.
>2) Anime is a-materialist
We live in a society where the singular value-system is money. Nothing escapes the black hole of capitalism. Visual arts, literature, free time activities, family, all restructured in agreement with capitals needs.
Anime on a meta-level is no different. It has merchandise, adaptations, and is geared towards the obsessive fan-market to squeeze as much money out of the product as possible.
On a story scale, as in, on an organic, tissue level, this is not the case. Money is scarcely the issue for characters in anime.
Let us dissect their problems into categories
A)Need to achieve an act of heroism (quasi-Old Epics)
B)A quest for love (quasi-Western Romance)
C)Slice of life show with no goal (no western equivalent)
D)Lone guy suffering alone, trying to achieve something (Reminiscent of a lot of modern western novels, but here the target demographic is younger)
Even if money is the problem, it's usually solved through a deus ex machina.
The monetary needs of the characters are solved in every show. It's either never mentioned or they are on a tight budget but "we can buy meat this once, watashi no imouto". And add to the fact that there are no anime characters who are famous for being rich. Capitalist power is never depicted, they struggle for political power instead, which is completely separated from the power provided by money.
In a sense, their relations and plots are a lot more primordial and "genuine", even if they resort to using stock characters, simply because intra-anime relationships were never re-structured by the implementation of market-liberalism on a monetary or on a sexual level.
Basically, anime never attempts to copy the current reality, and instead, opts to use older, pre-capitalist concepts of destiny, love and heroism. Which leads to
3) Anime is idealist, not realist
It's wish fulfilment too, but not necessarily a power fantasy. The characters don't necessarily have to grow to fall in love with one another when it comes to love. It's just like in a lot of Chinese short stories. That Cai-zi (Young, aspiring scholar) was meant to marry that raven haired, thin necked girl with a jade skin after finishing first place at the imperial examination. It was meant to be that way, who gives a toss about the rest.
No ambitions to portray how things are, but rather, how things should be.
Dangers are rarely "real". Instead of possible pitfalls, they act like soil for growth.

Now, if we want to condense it into a shorter form, then we could say that it's exotic (even if it's tainted by a local form of materialism, we can't perceive it, for example, merchandise is out of our reach, we CAN'T get hold of the "poison", even if it's advertised.), it's unarguably eye catching, and for roughly 20 minutes it eases the constant pain inflicted on you by rootless materialism like morphine.
I think I wrote a post like this once. Correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe it was just a dream, or an unfinished essay.
No. 26835
58 kB, 720 × 304
54 kB, 720 × 304
51 kB, 720 × 304
36 kB, 720 × 304
Somehow I've forgotten how I stumbled upon this somewhat obscure Japanese drama, I think it might've been through one of the main actors having played a minor role in Schrader's Mishima movie but I'm not sure.
The movie starts out with a young man being convicted for the murder of his girlfriend's sister, and then the plot revolves around the hearings of various witnesses and flashbacks disentangling the case and laying open various complicated relationships between the characters.
I had some qualms initially since the movie was rather slow-paced but at some point I did get into it, though I can imagine that for many people all the court room talk of which the movie with a runtime of over 2 hrs does consist for the most part will get kind of boring.
Verdict: not bad for a "psychological drama", but I'm starting to yearn for some more impressive cinematography/aesthetics.
No. 26872
Are you the one who suggested Rebels of the Neon God to me?

Have you heard of the Berliner Schule? I only found out a few days ago that there is a doc from Arte about it. Didn't do research yet, but I want to watch the ones from the early and late 90s, tho I won't find a stream I guess.


Truly and as mentioned in the documentary, these movies are slow, don't have classic plots or resolve at the end. They have great shots and framing. Indeed it often feels like the action and characters are behind glass, especially in the early years. But I really like that, it captures feelings this way, like watching yourself and being detached. Life under postfordist capitalism in all sort of stories but always embedded in it. I think what really draws me to these movies is their high degree of engineering, I never thought about it, but as it got mentioned in the doc I instantly agreed on that. Everything seems thought out, the scenes are not just there out of instinct.

I can suggest Yella, Die Innere Sicherheit, Mein langsames Leben. These are more melodramatic. I cannot remember many other titles, but the doc shows some of them and names many more. If you want it less feely, I can highly advice you to check out Arslans Im Schatten or Dealer the former is a good German thriller. No bullshit action but German underground and a network of organized crime depicting the smaller fishes in it.

Also many of these films have a good OST.
No. 27013
463 kB, 750 × 989
Hmmm this might be cool
No. 27017
So apparently Netflix just started streaming a prequel series to Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal. I watched the first episode and it was pretty good.
No. 27066
306 kB, 524 × 595
Everybody saying it pretty good but I guess premesis is a bit forced. Like original movie was kind of self-explanatory and finished

Is Mel Gibson replacing Sean Connery?
No. 27086
The premise may be somewhat contrived but it doesn't feel as forced as Peter Jackson's bloated Hobbit films, for instance. The puppetry and practical effects are excellent and the CGI, which is used sparingly for certain backgrounds and creature sequences, is tasteful. I'm only 4 episodes in but so far I've been consistently impressed with both the visuals and the storytelling.
No. 27087
Sean Connery was James Bond.
So maybe he can tie Connery's shoes
No. 27090
32 kB, 640 × 464
43 kB, 640 × 464
28 kB, 640 × 464
47 kB, 640 × 464
This one was a rather boring low-budget artsploitation flick from Germany. There's a bunch of interesting things about it, some creative coloring, William Burroughs and other famous non-actors playing roles, the soundtrack is quite good too, but the sum of it all just isn't compelling.
The plot is about a sort of techno punk guy who discovers that muzak is being used to "control the people" so he hands out cassettes with msuic that cancels it, upon which all of Germany promptly starts rioting. Quite clichéd, but they even make fun of it in the movie itself.
I feel like the description actually makes it sounds like more than it is, for the most part I could only halfway tell what's happening due to the bad quality, maybe there's a better rip out there. Still, that wouldn't alleviate the movie's weirdness feeling too forced and not flowing well.

>Are you the one who suggested Rebels of the Neon God to me?
Yep, that's me

>Have you heard of the Berliner Schule?
Yeah, but I don't know it too well. I've clicked on the Arte doc and after a few mins realized I've seen already seen it some time ago. I'm not much of a fan tbh, they seem to take themselves and their movies far too seriously, and I'm not really a fan of these sort of "deep" art dramas which is my impression from the doc.
I guess I should actually watch some of their movies regardless, maybe Im Schatten or another of their more thrilling ones.
No. 27098
>maybe Im Schatten or another of their more thrilling ones.

Im Schatten is not "thrilling" but calm as well, yet the narration is very good. Camera work in the Berlin School is excellent, if you don't like dramatic movies, they perhaps are really not your cup of tea that much, but perhaps give it a try. It's Autorenkino after all and made with passion. As they are German it is indeed a serious passion and passion for seriousness to a certain extent :D
No. 27138
I really don’t understand the discourse going on right now regarding the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie. I mean, it looks bad of course. But why are people freaking out about it before it’s even been released? There are a bunch of people on twitter talking about how it valorizes incels or something which makes little sense considering the trailers show Phoenix’s character as having a girlfriend. A post that misconstrued a facetious review of the film—the conceit of which was that the reviewer was an incel—as sincere got like 37k retweets.
No. 27229
59 kB, 680 × 382
275 kB, 1334 × 750
I suppose it's not really about the movie, but about the Joker as the memetic symbol of the I'm-such-a-nice-guy-why-won't-you-fuck-me misogyny. So I don't think it's surprising at all that certain people get upset, hysteria around censorship of anything close to "dangerous" ideas is so common nowadays. Who knows, maybe it's all just a marketing ploy. Though tbh I haven't really cared to follow the discourse around it, I just wanted to post the image macros since they do crack me up and make me laugh in a wicked, joker-like fashion.
No. 27232
Your post is the first time I come in contact with said controversy. I can recommend not consuming poison if you don't want to get poisoned. Steering clear of twitter/reddit/etc should help
No. 27235
54 kB, 720 × 388
107 kB, 720 × 388
35 kB, 720 × 388
127 kB, 720 × 388
Hm, I see. So I ended up actually watching another movie from this list: https://letterboxd.com/ciszek/list/the-ultimate-berlin-school-list/

I have to admit it was quite refreshing, it didn't really feel like it when I was watching it but now thinking about it, there really seems to be a high degree of engineering to the cinematography in particular.
The plot is about it a group of workers from Germany (not all exactly "Bio-Germans") working at a construction site in Bulgaria close to a small village. There develop quite a few tensions between the workers and the village people and there's an expectation of something awful that could happen any moment up until the end of the movie. There's so much fragile masculinity going on in the movie, I had to pause several times to get through the cringe, but it's good though. Definitely some powerful psychological insights into the characters, however they still stay somewhat distant and enigmatic, especially due to many time-skips and important scenes not being shown directly.
I guess the title is a bit of a play on the Western themes (there's a horse, guns, "unexplored" land, conflict) and the differences between the "Western" workers and the Bulgarian natives which are prevalent throughout all their communication.

Liked this one, so I'm definitely more willing to watch some other movies in a similar style, however what I really enjoyed was the rural setting of it, as opposed to the urban setting most movies play in.
No. 27236
67 kB, 960 × 402
123 kB, 960 × 402
68 kB, 960 × 402
56 kB, 960 × 402
The newest one by Bong Joon-ho (director of e.g. Memories of Murder and Snowpiercer)
I feel like it's slightly overhyped by critics, but it's still really good.
The trailer is actually good for once, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEUXfv87Wpk

“this is so metaphorical”
No. 27237
Ohhh exciting. Really loved Memories of Murder and Snowpiercer. Korean cinema is intriguing to me because I've explored very little so far and everything was either good or at least strange enough to be interesting.
Will put Parasite on my watchlist, thank you.
No. 27244
An article about that movie actually brought me to the Berlin School. Many of their movies play in rural areas.

forgot the title but plays in rural GDR
Mein Langsames Leben is half Berlin, half schwäbische Heimat.

These movies often have a distance to their characters, we never come to the supposed core but maybe it just does not exist. It makes the movie more suited for identification in my case.

Perhaps I will watch it as well soon. This is by Valeska Grießenbach not sure about her surname, no? I think she is 2nd generation. Perhaps there already is a 3rd, dunno.
No. 27316
You're welcoe. I can also recommend this list (and the linked website) if you want to delve into it a bit more: https://letterboxd.com/noahphex/list/modern-korean-cinemas-top-25-korean-films/
I haven't watched too much Korean cinema either, mostly newer stuff though, so I want to watch particularly some more of the older movies.
Those look good, definitely gonna get back to those whenever I'll long for a rural setting, thanks.
> Valeska Grießenbach
Almost, it's Grisebach
No. 27376
31 kB, 220 × 314
I recommend Going by the Book - a silly movie about what would happen if an Ernst was asked to simulate a bank robbery.
No. 27386
I watched first episode and it was total shit. CGI is crappy and tone of this "series" same as plot is very far from original movie. From very interesting, unknown and strange world we shifted to shitty lord of the rings clone mixed with game of thrones. It fucking starts with special effects like from star trek "DIS" what the fuck?
Logic of plot compleatly broken and contradict movies iself - and directly and non directly. Atmosphere brokent. Visuals annoying modern crap exept some parts where they made "puppets like in original, remember them???" I assume it is baised on Dark Crystal Comicbooks which I never reaeded but whatever. Dissapointment of the year buy I should've predict it. Dunno why people saying is good, but people are dumb and it is same situation as with nu-star wars.
No. 27402
23 kB, 206 × 300
I did not know the characters in this show were so sad
No. 27794
33 kB, 704 × 288
33 kB, 704 × 288
38 kB, 704 × 288
27 kB, 704 × 288
This one was discussed in the previous thread already I think.
I didn't really like it, it was too edgy for me and tried to be too smart at the same time (i.e. the whole "Verge" dialogues and the shit-ton of other references). I guess that's sort of the point of the movie itself reflecting the main character's compulsions but I just didn't enjoy it much.
No. 27855
81 kB, 1200 × 675
117 kB, 1280 × 738
I've enjoyed Tanya the Evil. There is a lot of dumb anime shit but the core story is a ruthless salaryman gets reincarnated by God/Satan as a girl just before not-WWI Germany - ostensibly to teach him what it is like to be weak and vulnerable.

Instead the salaryman fights against his dumb fate using his salaryman skills in the war to try and gain a comfortable life. Slapping around 20th century people follows and lots of rage.

How did season 2 of The Terror turn out? Part of me actually hopes it could remotely live up to the name of season 1.
No. 27865
191 kB, 1920 × 1080
159 kB, 1920 × 1080
249 kB, 1920 × 1080
163 kB, 1920 × 1080
The 2nd season of Mindhunter turned out actually better than the first one. While there are some issues of plot threads getting started and then never being followed up and the finale feeling rather rushed (it also had only 9 instead of 10 episodes), the rest of the series came together quite well. Particularly I liked the sound design & soundtrack which did a lot for the athmosphere of the series.
Would definitely recommend, especially if you're a fan of this true crime stuff.

Now I started to watch Refn's Too Old To Die Young series. Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0KO8My-90g

First episode was quite thick with his neon aesthetics and outbursts of violence but it was really painfully slow (even compared to the trailer) and I'm not sure that works as well in a TV series as it might in a movie. The protagonist is once again some pretty autistic guy who mostly talks in one-word sentences, which results in some pretty ridiculous dialogues at times. Still, it definitely sparked my interest.
No. 28195
55 kB, 704 × 352
28 kB, 704 × 352
71 kB, 704 × 352
34 kB, 704 × 352
Watched Krull. It's a generic heroic fantasy story not unlike Star Wars (complete with Liam Neeson, although he's a bandit here, not a jedi) about saving the damsel in distress (and, by extension, the universe) from the evil overlord. The hero is about to marry the princess and unite two kingdoms in the struggle against evil alien overlord, when the minions of said overlord invade the castle, kill everyone except the hero and kidnap the princess. The hero ventures forth to rescue his beloved, and he gathers his party consisting of an old and wise mentor (two old and wise mentors for a brief period), a comedic sidekick, a cyclops, and a bunch of gruff but noble bandits. Together they manage to overcome all the obstacles, infiltrate the big bad's castle, the power of love (ugh) prevails (at least it manifests itself not as some stupid gay shit, but as a motherfucking flamethrower), they defeat him, and they all live happily ever after (well, those who survive at least, because a surprisingly big amount of good guys dies in the course of the movie). The already weak plot is not made better by a truckload of deus ex machinae which can put even Michael Moorcock to shame: the old mentor happens to know the location of the Wunderwaffe capable of killing the evil overlord, that location happens to be fairly close to the good guys' castle, the old mentor also happens to know someone who happens to be able to find out the location of big bad's castle, and when it fails, he happens to know yet another one who happens to be able to find out the location of big bad's castle, and that one just happens to be... etc., etc.

Now, to be fair, there is also some nice things about the movie. The acting is okay, and, in case of Alun Armstrong and Francesca Annis, even good, the practical special effects (stop-motion animations and animatronics, I believe) look decent, and the scenery and visuals are absolutely gorgeous. This movie reminds of the old flicks like Conan the Barbarian or The Beastmaster, which, despite generally being pretty mediocre, somehow manage to be quite enjoyable. If you like heroic fantasy and have two hours to spare, you should give it a go; maybe it will be to your liking.
No. 28215
This movie was kind of dissapointment for me. It had big budged and some awesome stuff I like - wih mixing classic fantasy with occasional Science fiction elements. But overall it felt like some B-movie. I remember how fake swamp looked like lol. I also can't remember some moments anymore, but I centraily remember there was place where movie contradicts itself or at least something similar to that. Promised a lot, ended kind of eeeh. Some special effects was nice, some very meh. Certanly not on level of original Conan movie or something like 1980 Flash gordon or dark crystall or anything like that. But probably better than He-Man movie still.
No. 28229
It wasn't a disappointment for me because I didn't expect much of it in the first place. But yeah, I wouldn't consider it a great or even a good movie. It's more like it's in an "actually not that bad" category.

As for Conan movies, I watched them only once and it was about ten years ago, so I don't remember them well, but I recall that I didn't understand why do people even like them so much. My guess is because of Schwarz, or maybe memes. The Beastmaster that I watched not so long ago was more interesting, IMO. Also, as for the similar movies, I have Deathstalker in my plan-to-watch list, but it promises to be a total fanservicey trash. It seems that sword and sorcery flicks don't offer more than "buff dudes and hot chicks kill everything". A shame, a genuine horror in this kind of setting would be interesting.
No. 28236
Original conan movie was not popular because shwartz, it actually opposite - it is movie that made shwartz popular in the first place.
It is very different from later ones - it is built in style of tale, in style of legend. Protagonist mostly silent and all movie builded like it is some tale from the long past told by the old man. Atmosphere, music and cinematography here is absoluetly awesome, from intro credits, to the end. Awesome music, awesome style. This movie is great example of classic grounded fantasy and probably one of very tiny selection of movies that I count almost "10/10" (there no real full 10/10 movie for me, at least for now)

From 2nd one it start to become much more weak. They tried to make it much more clother to original tales about conan, but Swartz really weak as charismatic person who talks, and plot, direction, dialogues there was mediacore at best. It lost all charm and "legendary" atmosphere of original.

Deathstalker series is just pure trash you can watch for laugh. RLM on best of the worst did like... 3 movies? It more of line "it is so bad it's good/terrible" movie than just "okay movie" like Krull.
No. 28253
>Original conan movie was not popular because shwartz, it actually opposite - it is movie that made shwartz popular in the first place.

I wasn't talking about his popularity, but rather about his overwhelming charisma, which he, whether he was popular or not, never lacked. Being charismatic doesn't necessary involves having a silver tongue or a handsome face; it is a natural magnetism of sorts that probably is a result of "emergence" from some complex of qualities which may have not anything to do with attractiveness in the first place. That kind of charisma makes the actor memorable, and, consequently, makes memorable his character and possibly even the movie. I doubt that the movie would enjoy such popularity, if they cast some other random muscleboy instead of Schwarz.
No. 28747
71 kB, 1152 × 490
86 kB, 1152 × 490
82 kB, 1152 × 490
41 kB, 1152 × 490
This has been my new favorite movie right from the first scene.

It's just the perfect mix of high-brow and low-brow elements & it was quite cathartic to watch, not dissimilar to Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain.
Without spoiling too much: the plot revolves around a savage equipped with a red loincloth and a gun (Sean Connery) singlehandedly bringing death and rebirth to a complacent society of immortal elites.
There's a giant floating stone godhead that spews guns, Beethoven's 7th as the sole(?) soundtrack, 70's chicks without bras, ipressive scenery, campy, yet still impressive set designs, and LOTS of sci-fi tropes (i.e. the set-up is not dissimilar to H.G. Wells' Time Machine). IMO this movie totally undeservedly gets flack for being too weird or incomprehensible, as it's a perfectly sensible messianic story for a society that is so well-off and therefore bored that it yearns for death.

It has also brought me joy to realize how well it aligns with the Hegelian master-slave dynamic.
No. 28748 Kontra
76 kB, 1152 × 490
70 kB, 1152 × 490
83 kB, 1152 × 490
84 kB, 1152 × 490
I'll allow myself another round of screenshots for this one.
No. 28775
5,3 MB, 720 × 576, 1:49
360 kB, 720 × 576, 0:08
No. 28876
Holy Mountain is one of those films I've been meaning to see for awhile but is eclectic enough I really need to be in a specific mood to sit down and see it. Maybe not the right word. Avant Garde?
No. 30253
Watching El Camino right now
No. 30329
I can't see how it could possibly be good.
No. 30351

Nothing too spectacular, not bad either. Just Jesses's life story after the BB meth happenings, besides some nostalgic flashbacks here and there.
No. 30353
Watched the Joker yesterday.

Let me first say that I haven't seen a single capeshit film since Man of Steel (2013), so apart from the odd meme I have no idea what is going on with DC/Marvel films. The references to Batman were enough for me to think "yeah, enough now", but it was never really over the top. On the other hand, what did I expect? I should have know they wouldn't just namedrop Thomas Wayne once and then let it be.

But I enjoyed it. It draws clear parallels to Taxi Driver with the progressive mental health derangement of the main character, but deviates enough for me to not cry about it being the same.
They show how someone who is already unhinged can even spiral further down because of bad luck, circumstances and uncaring government/administration.
Apart from depression, I have no experience with mental illnesses, so I can't say how realistic his behaviour was, but its depiction went deep into me.
Acting is great, musical choices are good imo, cinematography was a bit annoying from time to time because they often used shaky handhelds.
Some things were left a bit ambiguous in the end, but I think everyone has their own way of interpreting it.

For the "controversy", I am sure it's fabricated. It was not overly violent (I would put it between Fight Club and Drive, violence-wise) and any white/incel/whatsoever bullshit you may have heard is absolutely untrue, except if you're an actual retard who does indeed root for the main character. For me, the message was "be nicer to each other". Maybe people didn't like it because it showed that mass shootings and other things like that are NOT caused by a single thing like videogames or comics or whatever, but are the result of the general lack of support for those who might need it and especially for "journalists" this would mean stopping clickbait shit and spitting so much vitriol.

All in all 7/10, I would say.
No. 30420
I agree with your analysis, especially the Batman stuff. That was very jarring and took me out of the movie.
The director has said in interviews that he actually wanted to make a film that wasn't to do with comics, but that he had to work within this comic framework. It really does show when the film brings in the Wayne family.
Frankly, Batman is an extremely stupid premise. Even the Nolan films try to get out of that framework, and every time Bale is in the Batman role, those films devolve into stupidity and unintentional parody.
Omission of that stuff would have helped, but I understnd why the film had to do that, so I don't hold it against the film.
No. 30425
Jessy should have dies multiple times in the original series but they were too pussy to write it.
No. 30428
He was supposed to die in the first season but the directors wisely chose not to kill him off after seeing how well he/actor played off of Walt/Cranson. Which was to be perfectly fair the right call too. That show never would have been what it was and became without us actually having Jesse Pinkman as Walt's sidekick. If just gave way too much additional motive and plot to the story as well as a great source of both conflict and, ironically enough, Pinkman pretty much being the only good angel on Walt's shoulder. He was, by the end of that show, the only genuinely likeable character in the entire series. I do not think that BB would have even lasted beyond the first three seasons without him and that it would have quickly become just another cancelled and forgotten series.
No. 30431
I agree, but he should have been killed in the later seasons, there should have been some consequences for being a dope fiend.
No. 30433
Why should there be? Says who? Do you mean, in terms of plot, or just generally? I hope it's not the latter because you yourself just blew off work because of being an alcoholic If you mean the former then yes, a bunch of times they tried to off him but either didnt or failed to do so because he was just too damn useful to everybody. Remember that Tuco himself was a worse complete junkie than Jesse ever was in a sense and he still was allowed to handle the Salamanca business affairs despite clearly not being able to handle his own shit and drawing in way too much heat, which is one of the two biggest reasons for getting offed as a junkie in the dope game, the other big one being stealing--which Jesse did, and Walt covered his ass.

The other big time was of course when Heisenberg had to hit a couple dealers with his car because Jesse was too methed out and upset about the kid dying so he was about to get in a shooting, and pretty much the only sole reason Gus didn't do shit about it at that exact moment was because he needed Walt too much and couldn't personally find Jesse, which you'll remember that incident itself set in motion the whole chain of events where Fring was already working on a way to have not just Jesse replaced but also Walt himself, which was only stopped because Walt himself ended up being such a bad mf'er who was able to outplay Gus and get Jesse (who was also only successfully in hiding because of Saul) to pop off Walt's replacement in his own apartment, at which point Gus was only so mad because he had realized that Walt was right: he really couldn't do shit about it; he really had been outplayed; he still had the Salamancas to worry about and setting his own plans in motion so he simply couldn't afford to off Walter with no idea on who could replace him and keep his mouth shut while making such superior product and that he couldn't kill Jesse right then and there because of how much it would piss off Walter.

Now, what he probably couldve done was called Walter's bluff and just off Jesse right then and there and tell him "oh no you misunderstand our special 'business relationship'" after executing Jesse in front of him but also could he risk it? Because Walt knew that he needed him. Killing Jesse wouldnt do anything except make a point and meanwhile his own assistant and replacement for Jesse was both incompetent and unreliable enough not only to let Gus' most important prized asset die--an asset who Gus had personal reason for being super pissed about having Gale die--but also letting himself get seen as the only witness at the scene of the crime, so I suspect that nonsensical seeming execution also was one of the only moments Gus lost his cool in addition to proving a point and mopping up a liability as he was sincerely angry but could do nothing about it to who he wanted to die.

The one time where I sincerely think he was about to die was after the Salamancas got cleared out. If you go and see that whole section right after they all get poisoned you can see Mike turn around and aim his gun at Jesse's head, and it is right at that moment that Jesse turns and kills a guard who had a bead on Mike. Jesse saved Mike's life and unwittingly saved his own. I think that it was from there on out that Gus realized the true value in Jesse and not just as a way to drive a wedge with Walter, but also as an actual use for him as a team asset in his own right. I think that Walt was only half right about this, and that he wasnt just using Jesse against Walt hut that Gus really genuinely believed in him and this threatened walt enough to poison Brock because it was the first time in the series where Walt realized he truly wasn't needed anymore and that it was Jesse who was going to be Fring's new Gale.

So that is why Jesse was kept around: because he was just too damn useful to everybody for various reasons throughout the series. Go ahead and watch that episode again. You'll see a scene, and it's a subtle one but it's there, right when Mike is about to shoot Jesse in the head so he can clean up one mess finally and take care of all his problems in one go while still being able to tell Walter "he died in a firefight against the Salamancas it couldn't be helped" and it was that exact moment in saving Mike's life that Gus no longer wanted to kill him for being a junkie and a killer of his own men.
No. 30540
7,3 MB, 4500 × 2531
Preacher just finished, so you can merrily marathon all 4 series to your hearts content.
I had my misgivings about the comic being turned into a TV show but was pleasantly surprised.
No. 30542
Are there any other good shows? I tried getting into it but couldn't get past the first or second episode. Better Call Saul is apparently not starting up again until freaking 2020 and The Expanse is offline until at least December.
No. 30545
86 kB, 710 × 999
19 kB, 300 × 418
>Are there any other good shows?

The Swell aka Als de dijken breken received good critics.


It should be on Netflix.
No. 30549
I was honestly, genuinely surprised by how good 'Carnival Row' was. It's less than 10 episodes and it's so unique in many respects that I feel comfortable recommending it to anyone willing to take a chance and try something new. Acting and production are as good as it gets for a series, which is a rarity for anything remotely "fantasy".
No. 30563
49 kB, 685 × 385
98 kB, 1200 × 675

The Capture miniseries isn't too bad.
No. 30577
979 kB, 1215 × 1800
So I watched "What we Left behind" documentary and I have a couple of things to say about it.

It is 1/3 documentary, 1/3 interviews and 1/3 some wrighters brainstorming what if they made another episode of ds9, all this years after.

Interviews was nice. I like to see most of the actors, however in majority this interviews was very short, exept probably Nana Visitor. I liked to see actor who played Gul Dukat, and now I understand that he just played himself lol. I always liked him not only as perfomance and actual character (it was awesome too however) - but because his look and body proportions. Many makeups in star trek was kind of meh and ayyliens looked too human, same as Carsassians, but with this guy neck and shoulders, when all this "snake hood" attached it was really belivable - like what the fuck, this is not human, I belive this! From actors also Armin Shimerman was as always, cool. He is Jew, and by his look kind of caricaturic one, but he played comical greedy character, and have no problem with it, he also have awesome power of attractive charisma, which made and Quark character, and this person - funny and memorable. Terry Farrell looks really not aged, she can play Dax like even now, lol. Ironicly, she left before season 7 and now I can understand why - some producer threat her badly, said things like "you was nothing if not our show, so sign contract!" - I'd not continue work in place, where producer speak to lead actor like that. Most sad I feel for guy who played Nog. Nog is character who probably have most development and evolution in all star trek - it is person, whom we follow from start to finish, from generic meme ferengi child to mature starfleet officer with beliefs and certain view of the world, which he developing alongside with viewer. And actor, he clearly had physical and mental issues, and sadly, passed away right after this documentary. And I feel really sad about it.

Documentary was... not that good, honestely. It feels like it was not documentary, but ads for start DS9 on some streaming service which they metion almost directly a couple of times. They trying to focus on things that now popular - "Rights for sexual identiny, rights for black people and blah blah blah". DS9 goe much more far and much more deep that all this now popular things, but they never talked about them. Looks like creators just "pick some random shit from this, so we can ads ds9 for modern audience". Like "Garak is gay". What? From all his inside issues, from all his character - from claustraphoby to childhood injuries that formed very hidden person who served in obsidian order as spy and torture guy, they picked such minor thing based on one funny scene in series which actually may be even not confirmed, since for some time he had Dukat's daughter? Not even fucking scenes that he lived in basement in childhood, not scenes about how he projects Basheer's naivety with his iternal complexes, no - just this. Questions about religion, spirituality, wisdom was explained absoluetly wrong and baisic, compare to what actual series did. And so on.

New planning episode was part, that kind of reveal everything - I guess people who really worked on DS9, not presented anymore. Like Michael Piller is dead and I don't remember Rick Berman in it - maybe they showed him one second and all. Because what they did with planning was just "let's throw some old characters.. and then... they doing stuff". I feel like it was people who made fucking Vik and late terrible episodes about mirror universe, not people who really did great episodes and arks of DS9. Their new idea for episode is absoluetly meh, and they stopped after half, because they created sitution which ends in nothing. Also there a lot of scenes where they showed "fans" and they found most degenerate and dumb people I can imagine.

Overall I'd not give a slice of gold pressed latinum for this, I downloaded it from torrents anyway.
No. 30578
DS9 really is the best Trek show, although that's probaby because they stole so many ideas from J Michael Stracyznznski when he pitched Babylon 5 to Paramount.

Not too long ago I ran through the episode listings of each iteration of Star Trek to pick out good episodes to rewatch, and to my surprise most of the episdoes I picked were from DS9. I thought DS9 and TNG would be about equal.
No. 30583
20 kB, 618 × 314
>DS9 really is the best Trek show
Really, you think so? For me, it was always a bit too much on the soap opera side, especially the Keiko/O'Brien, Bajor politics/spiritual stuff and the Jake/Nog-episodes were awful at times. Good episodes usually involved plenty of at least one of the following entities: Garak, Defiant, Dominion, Odo, Quark (list might be incomplete).
No. 30585
19 kB, 650 × 496
67 kB, 640 × 484
673 kB, 800 × 600
Well, I don't that much think that it is Babylon parts that did Deep Space 9 better - and best part is how this series tried to follow Star Trek universe. Not creating pointless episodes with another "space pink evil cloud" that everybody forgot in next episode, but trying to pick as much already existing content, and expend on it. Like fate of Klingon captians from TOS, creating a lot of lore for alrexy existed in races - romulans, klingons, ferengi. Like seriously, liik at first episodes with Ferengi in TNG, and then compare to DS9 ones.

Also interesting, that baisicly whole DS9 concept was created in TOS - Troubles with Tribbles episode have K-7 space station on border of Klingon Empire and Federation, where both prsented and it is near neutral planet. On space station there greedy traders, funny barmen who works with that traders, chiefs of security etc. Technically, they can expanded it into series back in 1968 lol.
No. 30586
second that. odo is probably my favourite character in the whole star trak universe.
No. 30587
240 kB, 750 × 501
>I tried getting into it but couldn't get past the first or second episode

I'll happily say it's quite slow to start, the whole first series is really but after that it's a fun ride into the ridiculous.
No. 30591
Nog and jake are awesome. They start poorly - as typical "good boye kid and meme kid". Then, when you follow how they become more adult, you expect them end like weasley but they are not - they pure opposite. One seriosly think what he want from life in reality, and ended being a wrighter. Episode where Sisko ended in different phase and appear only once in 10 years making life of Jake suffering probably one of the most powerfull emotionally episodes, because you get invested into jake character very deep.
Nog from just ferengi boy starting to understand life on example of his father and uncle. He get dissapointed by whole fereny values because how it made his realtives kind of loozers, when they also have opportunities to be much more sucsesfull. His decidion to go into startfleet instead one of other most awesome and memorable scenes
https://youtu.be/Fuzh6RT0wx8 - you never expected something like this from this character at this point, however you absoluetly belive him and fully understand situation. This is moment where you start look and Nog seriously. But more than that - he continue to elvolve, grow up even after this. Like episodes how he learn to be true officier, or episode where he suffers leg damage and need to fight his weakness to belive in himself again. Brilliant episodes.

>Bajor politics/spiritual stuff
This is probably my favorite part of the series. Star Trek kind of touched this concept already - you remember that episode where unknow force with ultra powers care about primitive planet in form of "god". But there it expanded a lot, creating one big complex plot across whole series based on idea, how religion can exist, when you actually have proofs of existeng gods - or at least entities that possess full power you belive in. How whole series presented concept of non-linear time as basis, how described bajorian culture and traditions and history. This is what star trek really needed - not another 9000 random races, but more background and lore about concretic ones, and DS9 did it exelent.
I also want to add that Wynn is awesoem character - it goes in question, what if you have faith, if you have need for gods, but they answer anyone BUT you. And you turn agains them. And then you relise, that it was all your trial, and you failed it.

>especially the Keiko/O'Brien
i like their relationships as contrast to all wierdness happens arond on station. They kind of example of typical humans - core of actual federation, witch is kind of island of normality in this space station of total wierdos. Also their relationships works kind of examples for Worf and Dax, and whole plotline with Kira have thier kid is kind of funny for me
No. 30758
115 kB, 780 × 515
92 kB, 1023 × 683
I have watched two Bond movies lately, A View To Kill I fall asleep before it staged Silicon Valley and Moonraker. I did not remember that Bond movies, at least the old ones were so "comedy" heavy. Besides you get some nice pictures from back then, perhaps a deeper analysis would reveal something interesting, otherwise the plots are super generic and boring. Also old Bond would have been sentences of sexual harassment multiple times these days :DDD You won't see that in a movie today, besides it's not being realistic anyway.
No. 30791

So bad. I don't know what's worse, the space battle scene or the one in the Mayan ruins that are for some reason in Brazil (wrong country, fags). I also didn't like Jaws, that mouthpiece is gross. His petite gf was cute though, he would have stretched her out.
No. 30794
>the one in the Mayan ruins

I cannot even remember that, do you mean the scene where Bond is fighting with the snake in water?
Tbh Jaws is not a cool enemy indeed. Probably gonna watch another old one tonight to fall asleep.
No. 30799
Ones with Shean Connery was like classic
Ones with roger moore was kind of more a comedies with action - I watched last time them like 15 years ago but back then they was alright.
Everything after - eeeh, lame, boring.
No. 30800
I've always thought Jaws was incredibly stupid to be honest, and worse, a stupider thing than the movie itself happened where people went out and killed massive amounts of sharks for no other reason than because they'd seen the movie and couldn't distinguish between bad Hollywood fiction and reality.
No. 30803
71 kB, 1356 × 678
The Timothy Dalton ones were a lot more straight and serious but nobody really remembers those.
All the phases have their pros and cons i think, except Pierce Brosnan's Bond just came across as a smug prick all the time.
Still, the snu snu thigh assassin in Golden Eye must have given me a weird sexual fetish as a 12 year old.
No. 30807
27 kB, 825 × 464
I need to rewatch all of them one day, really. I already almost not remember 90s ones, exept that there one where james' bond car was fucking boring gray metallin BMW, like one my dad had, and it was so lame. All this late James Bond movies, you can watch some Jaison Born or how they called and get absoluetly the same.
As I said, Shen connery ones always was best for me - exelent balance between style, sillines and cool stuff. I think, this is what Ian Fleming had in mind creating his character, or at least very close. I kind of wish with next re-boot of James Bond they'll make it like it is in 60s :D

This movies was kind of silly, but it was part of fun.
No. 30868
>I kind of wish with next re-boot of James Bond they'll make it like it is in 60s :D

Jokes on you, it'll be a Jamal Bonduwakanda :DDD
No. 30902
>exept that there one where james' bond car was fucking boring gray metallin BMW, like one my dad had
lol I hadn't realized we are posting with the son of an oligarch
No. 31097
Finally watched Rififi. Highly recommend it. Even if you just watch the heist scene itself. It's about half an hour long and without music or dialogue sets the bar for similar scenes up until today. 5/5, 6/5 if you like heist films.

That said, the Ocean's Eleven remake from 2001 remains my personal favourite just because I like its sense of fun and style, it's easy watching and I tend to do so maybe once or twice a year.
No. 31098
310 kB, 655 × 977
I saw Joker yesterday.

When you look carefully you can see that in most parts of the movie the camera lens has dirt on it. Soothed my autism.

Why did anyone give this film a bad review? Phoenix wasn't overacting. I mean how can one overact the Joker?

DeNiro must have had a blast while taking part in this movie. I think many people could agree that it was a beautiful mashup of Taxi Driver und The King of Comedy.
No. 31132
DS9 HD remaster when? Probably never.
No. 31149
It was, same as all old track TV shows re-released on blu-ray with remastered picture quality? I guess so.
No. 31425

This, it was wonderful.

I'm just not sure if I should love it that the movie is almost sold out in more than one of our screens at my workplace every single time, every single day - or if I should be worried that the Normies also love the movie.
No. 31427
Watched it yesterday too. IMO it was quite unremarkable, just an okay Hollywood movie that was well marketed.
There were a few interesting scenes, but overall I found it rather boring, especially considering the news coverage I'd expected at least something controversial but it was totally tame.
Joachim Phoenix of course tried very hard to make the Joker character appear complex/human, but it kind of clashed with the more simplistic comic-y rest of the characters & the story in general. Also I found the "punchlines" just weren't really as satisfying as one'd hope they be.
Decent movie to watch on a social occasion but I wouldn't go out of my way & e.g. watch it alone at home.
No. 31667
263 kB, 1016 × 572
267 kB, 1016 × 572
448 kB, 1016 × 572
294 kB, 1016 × 572
I really liked this movie. I'm not very big on "follow your dreams" or "looking for yourself" kinda stories, but this one was nice. The general feeling of it reminded me somewhat of Repo Man with Emilio Estevez, although not as cynical and not punky at all. The best thing about this movie is probably the male cast. They've got a lot of the old guard in there, like Gary Oldman, Kurt Russell, Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox in a cameo role (speaking of which, now I feel like rewatching Back to the Future movies; the last time I saw them was about twenty years ago), but the most impressive perfomance in my opinion was by Chris Cooper, who plays a former advertisement man with terminal lung cancer who dislikes being lied to very strongly. The female cast, unfortunately, is not as good, but they're not a complete failure either. That chick from Power Rangers plays a sex addict, and they've somehow managed to make her look appealing, which is no easy feat. I'm very unsure about the choice to cast Amy Smart as the main character's dream girl, though. She's gotta be the most unattractive attractive woman I saw on the screen, there's something about her that just turns me off.

So anyway, it's a good comedy/road movie/fairytale definitely worth checking out.
No. 31737
I'm halfway into the second season of Yes Minister, and it's genius.

It's incredibly strange how the topics they go over are still relevant today. Refugees, Jobs, Healthcare, The EU, Mass surveillance.
Bloody absurd. 40 years and absolutely nothing changed besides technology becoming slicker.
Everything feels fresh. Not boomer humour at all.

The chemistry between the characters is really good. Really, it's just well written. Humphrey's pompous speeches showing Hacker the futility of his aims at cutting back the civil service is a shining example of the aforementioned chemistry between the protagonists.
It works all so well because nobody is good or evil, but rather just simply "corrupt" and "foolish" in their own way.
If the Americans made a version, it'd have an absolute square, goody-two-shoes civil servant face off with an aimless idiot. That'd be awful.

Sort of weird to see how cultures view their civil servant classes so differently. The Russians write about them as worms, failures and suffering souls, the Chinese think they are all righteous and rigorous, with a few bad apples, and we here as far as I can tell wrote about them as petty idiots running the nation purely on nepotism, rather than interests.
And then come the British, with this view that they are the skeleton, the backbone of the nation. The government is just an overcoat. Fashion. Appearance. Nothing more.
"The civil service? It made Britain into what she is today!"
It's incredibly refreshing to see these learned, egoist fellows be in charge.
No. 31740
Yes Minister is truly great.
Yes Prime Minister?? the later series, not so much.
No. 31746
We made our own version, it's called the West Wing. I've never seen it, but from what I understand the image it paints of our ruling class is "earnest people who, despite having to get their hands dirty in morally complicated situations, are still at the end of the day fundamentally good people who are working to make the world a better place."

So, nauseatingly self-congratulatory, and completely dismissive of all the harm the American elite causes around the world. This is the political culture that produces people like Hillary Clinton, who will destroy entire countries and then act like they're the victim when someone criticizes them for it. They take as a fundamental truth that they're the good guys; therefore, even their worst crimes are merely regrettable but inevitable mistakes, made by people who are simply trying to do their best.

It's a deep Anglo-Saxon illness. The American variant is the most naive and complete, but the same mode of thought let the British rape half the world, while unironically believing that they were the plucky good guys saving the world from disorder and unjustified aggression.
No. 31799
It's just the direct cnsequence of societies dominated by protestant ethics (even if they claim to be atheistic/enlightened in some regards) and having gained real power.
No. 31824
We weren't angels but the European empires are responsible for dragging the whole world out of, in some cases quite literally the stone age.
No. 31826
>It's a deep Anglo-Saxon illness.

West Wing isn't the American equivalent. The closest America has came is Veep written by the same guy who did The Thick of It here and it's a pretty good portrayal you would like.

You're also going on some tedious rant when Yes Minister plays to the British sense of political satire that doesn't have an American equivalent. If anything it is the complete opposite of jingoism and openly critiques our way of seeing the world.
No. 31827
If you really want to use that argument then Communism is great because it literally dragged at least a third of the planet out of feudalism and into modernity. Let's not kid ourselves on how awful the British empire truly was, not even in terms of relativism because of how much more awful everybody else was, particularly the French, Spanish, Belgians, and Dutch. Well, maybe not quite as much the Dutch. The Dutch were probably less awful than the British.
No. 31846 Kontra
The very fact that the West Wing isn't satire is what makes it the American equivalent. Veep was, very tellingly, made by an Italian Scotsman.

The British Empire has one of the biggest body counts in history. Possibly the biggest, but I haven't tallied the exact numbers.

All European empires were shit, and the Brits were the worst of all. They just had/have the best PR, both to themselves and to the world. We have a very poor sample size of uncolonized, non-Western countries. Essentially, Japan, Thailand, Ethiopia, Iran, and Turkey. All of these countries come from vastly different cultural contexts, but except for Ethiopia, all have done significantly better than their neighbors who were not colonized. The only general exception is SE Asian countries with a lot of Chinese people, because Chinese people seem to thrive anywhere if they can take advantage of a capitalism. If you compared Thais to bumiputera Malays, Thais are probably better off - certainly moreso than Indonesia, where there is no productive and large Chinese population to lift up the whole economy. It's not that colonialism is an impossible hurdle to overcome... but if your culture isn't by accident naturally suited to capitalism, it's a really damn big hurdle.

Again, the sample size is small, so we can't necessarily isolate colonialism as the deciding factor. But the fact is that, upon independence, the overwhelming majority of colonized people were still living at subsistence level or hardly better, when for 200 years humans had unlocked the secrets of rising above that, and for much/most of that time, these peoples were ruled by countries that had already unlocked those secrets. India was an advanced urban civilization, with several states that, before conquest, were looking to Europe for examples on how to form a stronger and more advanced country. Unfortunately, we will never be able to know how successfully they could have modernized without British domination, but we can at least say that they would have had a chance, a chance that Britain stole, only to leave the entire subcontinent still hideously impoverished in 1947.

Stateless African peoples would still probably be stateless without colonization, but the densely populated parts of the continent all had states or, at least, something approaching a state, and again, we don't know how these would have developed without colonization. Considering the universal poverty and chaos in Africa today, we can hardly consider colonization to have improved things much. Arguably, the massive increase in population decoupled from any appreciable economic growth has only made things worse in most of the continent.

This is all without getting into the numerous incidents of mass murder, mass fixable famine, and purposeful long-term sabotage of native political structures. Building a few railroads and educating <1% of the population in a European language doesn't make up for that.

repost edited for clarity
No. 31858
24 kB, 474 × 355
Weak and feeble, you suffer from the modern disease, i suggest you crawl into a hole.
No. 31960
Finished watching Turn: Washington's Spies.

It wasn't bad. My gripes are with regards to concessions to appeal to a mainstream audience (the terrible misrepresentation of Anna Strong first and foremost, making her actually less interesting in the process). Season 1 is slow and really not that good, but the later seasons are much better if you get through it. It's a book-based series though, kind of like the Gettysburg film (which I love) so overall the inaccuracies are autistic screeching rather than real deal-breakers.
No. 31970
>The only general exception is SE Asian countries with a lot of Chinese people, because Chinese people seem to thrive anywhere if they can take advantage of a capitalism.
Erm, I mean you fuckin wut m8
What on earth are you even talking about the Chinese are and had became a Communist country since the 1930s and only recently began taking advantage of mixed market economics. Are you trying to say, taking advantage of the Capitalist countries? Because I'm baffled by whatever claim you're trying to make about a Communist state that has been Communist for over 80 years now.
No. 32190
I'm still waiting for Better Call Saul to come back on. Why do so many of these shows have such long periods of dead air between seasons? I feel like they're taking a year or two breaks now.
No. 32558
>Why did anyone give this film a bad review?
I almost never watch recent mainstream films, so I guess it might be very good by those standards. But if you compare it with the films it draws its influences from, primarily Scorsese's work, it's quite obvious how clumsy and unremarkable it is. No thesis, no actual edge, you can read it any way you like (whether left or right wing) and it'll suit your worldview. Lol he crazy and the entire society bullies him to completely nonsensical degrees. It's a story made to be appealing to modern people who self-victimize.
I wish the early reviews equating it with incel thinking were right. Then at least it would be properly edgy and disturbing, but it isn't.
No. 32564
95 kB, 1200 × 800
All probably already heard about new Terminator movie, but logically nobody cared. I went to cinema and "Dark Fate" was obvious garbage, however I don't want to talk about it today. What I want to talk about is second movie - Judgment Day. Yes, second terminator movie which considered as best in series, one of best movies overall etc. etc. Honestely, I think in reality T2 is totaly overrated in all fronts. In mine opinion, this is just big blockbuster action movie for it's year and more close to all this movies like Independence Day, being rollecoaster for family audience. Great rollecoaster, in all ways better than modern capeshit for example, but not match for original Terminator.

Main points where T2 fails is atmosphere, universe logic and plot holes as result of family fan-service. I'll not dusscus every scene of this movie, but give some easy examples to compare. At first - introduction scenes we see in movie, in other words how future war presented. In terminator 1 it shown as war of survival - not even a war really, but more as survival. Some organized teams of partisans with rest of human population live like rats in bunkers across absoluetly devastated land. They fight against souless machines - automatic flyers and tanks which just wipe out and clean everything organic and alive on their way. Artificial intelligence they fight against prety cold, rational. It's just big computerwithout any emotions, same as this drones it's sanding. Just almost unstoppable mechanisms without any kind of personality. Together with almost no hope in this future, with suffering you can see it feels like real horror which touch you on deep psyhological level. Something souless, something primitive in idea just wiping out whole makind just because, like vacuum cleaner wiping out dust. Who knows, maybe when all humans will be destroyed, it'll just shut itself down because it completed it's task and all that was meaningless.
On other hand Terminator 2 presenting radically different picture. It is not survival anymore, this is full scale war with proper military and organisation. Big battle that honestely looks goofy as hell. Army of endoskeletons without skin - robots, which is more hard and complex to produce and which without thier skin for inflitration purposes has no any adventages ofver more simple, but specilised machines go attack with weapons in their arms just like in world war I - infantry but now it's robots. And yeah, they crushing skulls!! It is often claimed that new terminator overuse "nostalgia" trips to old movies, and this is true, but honestely, it is 2nd movie which started trend of "Remember the terminator 1?". Whole new future war scene is just fan service to "look cool robots you all love from terminator 1" and nothing more. There is nothing bad in "fan service", but here it breaking atmosphere and logic which made similar scenes in 1st movie such great peaces of cinematography for me.
No. 32565
76 kB, 1366 × 765
Second example may be T-1000. Very cool concept of something really beyond technology and imagination. While we getting more and more close to making something similar to T-800, or at least on some level we can imagine it is possible to some degree, liquid metal robot is something really beyound our technological abilities in next like 500 years, and this make idea looks futuristic and very vell still today. However creators of T2 did what I call the first wrighter mistake - they created character which is beyound ability of wrighter to properly use. It's like all this Warhammer Horus Heresy books where half-gods Primarchs act like teenagers from mediacore anime because it is level of authors of this books who obviousy has no enough patience and intelligence to make them actual half-gods. Or Thrawn trilogy books and thier main character. If you not familiar with this examples just imagine you making a detective story and you too dumb to understand how deduction works and you make your detective realise some thing compleatly impossible in reality way. In simple words character smarter than author. Author don't enough smart to decribe character and it's action properly. How this applied to T-1000 you may ask? Simple - it's not act as liquid robot at all. It acts like just human. It use it's abilities only in certain pre-made scenes. And it's obviously not work even near on 100% of it's potential. You may argue that he have some "human infiltration program" but this is very lame excuse. He turn his head and eyes he want to see. He runs almost like human almost all time. He don't really heavely moph his body exept scene where he become floor. Isn't it be logical for example in fight with T-800 it "leaked" around it and sqish? Aren't it logical if he was near target he just morph into one big muscule like snail and just jump? Constanly making new arms or tentacles and garb everything, moving like liqid blob ob high speed, becoming "transport" iself without need of cars. Don't turn head to type in computer because he can see by all it's surface? I can not even nearly describe how lame T-1000 is. Liquid robot who 99% times act like solid humanoid. And since he is main point and antagonist in the movie, all "plot" just becoming absolute crap for me.

Overall mood of movie of cource dramatically changed. We have "tragical" moments but they not impactful as T1 scenes. Main protagonist focus of cource John and Arnold. As I call it "Weasly Crusher and Data" if you undestand what I talking about. T-800 worked in T1 so well by Arnodl from actual Arnold's poor actor skills. He was absoluetly best for this role, same as he was in original Conan movie. He was out of place everywhere in T1. He act like mechanism poorly covered under human skin. His interaction abilities was very limited but as mechanism, it was unstoppable. There only two little moments in T1 which broke this immersion - when T800 get up in bar, arnold do funny face, while T800 should have same idle no emotion face, and when he in telephone box in telephone book using his finger when he is fucking robot who have GUI. However, it is very little scenes and rest of the movie absoluetly logical and solid - this so rare in modern big cinematography. In T2 they made him kind of Toy robot. They really not broke logic that much (however questions like "what happening with you?" when John cried is stupid as hell, since Terminator should know basic human anatomy) like when he say silly phrases it because he is programmable and just repeating what john ordered, it's like changing your windows desctop picture, nothing more. In the end he may just calm down crying John with something since it's basic psyhology program (which can be inserted in terminator as we know with T3 but with tihs late. Honestely T3 and Terminator TV series tried really hard at fixing all this mistakes and dumb things made by 2, but about it later and it's not make T2 as standalone movie better.) but how it was presented... ehh, typical disney like story about boy and his Tin Woodman. And they not even mamaged to push all this moral story about "people can like robots and robots may feel". If you remember at end of T1 T-800 become just endoskeleton without skin. Why they not repeated this in T2? Nobody associated Swarts with this robo-insides. Everybody liked Arnold, everybody see arnlod and everybody was sad that Arnold died. And this small 1/5 of his face uncovering some metal part was kind of meh. At the end it should be naked endoskeleton if you can insert morale - like even when there already no cover, no lie and you see it just peace of metal, John still cares about him as a person. It will be good moral ending. But no - we just have arnold, everybody loves arnold, it is not hard to convince people that arnold is cool. Thinking about it I also think that it should not been Arnold at all in T2. Maybe his friend who played Terminator in T1 in dark future scene? Why not? Well we know why not - family frindliness and fan service.
No. 32566
153 kB, 1920 × 813
I'll not even talk about whole point of the movie about hope, about good endings and about good future - directly contradict whole first movie, which was about fate, about suffering and sadness, about horror and inability to escape inevitable. Or dumb ideas like "T-800 can not self-educate before you turn some switch". Or even logic breaking ideas like simle truck with simple tank that somehow, for some unknow reason transport liquid nitrogen. Is it even possible like this? Just put my nitrogen in simple tank and just carry million liters of it around highway? Aren't it transported... other ways? People say it have good special effects, but CGI dated quickly. Star Trek DS9 already had similar liquid effects and it was cheap TV series.

Of cource many of this Terminator TV series fixed which is really, really awesome series and I was sad when it was cancelled on most interesting plot points. Fuck, I think Terminator 3 is much more solid movie than 2nd move in almost every way. And people shit on it. T2 was one of the mine favorite childhood movies, but looking at it now, I feel like 1 was 100 times better movie and 3 was slightly better and logical movie. And TV series was great. I prefer only one movie existed, but if you take 2 - 3 and TV should aslo be counted by default.
No. 32569
>I prefer only one movie existed, but if you take 2 - 3 and TV should aslo be counted by default.
I thought the show ignored the third movie? I might be misremembering, the movies seem to always ignore each other.
No. 32572
It kind of was, but whole premisis of tv series was constantly changing timline so it is not deny that T3 happened in one of those timeline and oick some small ideas there and there from 3. Tommorow I'll try to make my review on T3 and why it's better than people think about it.
No. 32578
>Or even logic breaking ideas like simle truck with simple tank that somehow, for some unknow reason transport liquid nitrogen. Is it even possible like this? Just put my nitrogen in simple tank and just carry million liters of it around highway?
I just googled and it seems to be the case.
No. 32581
Well, if so - okay.
No. 33250
971 kB, 2560 × 1709
139 kB, 1000 × 777
are they serious?
No. 33285
1,0 MB, 1878 × 862
Started rewatching The Life and Times of Tim. It's kinda like an animated version of Curb Your Enthusiasm with a more ernst-tier main character and wackier situations. Would definitely recommend it:


Also, the new season of Silicon Valley started airing a few weeks ago. Only found it about it today.

No. 33300
They filmed scenes with actors on film but, as was usual at that time, used video tape for post production. The finished episodes only exist in that quality.

To bring TNG to HD quality they had to do the whole post production process again, and it was so expensive they never earned enough with it to justify doing it for the less popular DS9
No. 33361
32 kB, 758 × 479
Joker finally out in HD. Don't know if you guys already knew, but I just found out.
Had already watched the cam and will now enjoy the full quality with a bowl of spaghetti. :3
No. 33994
36 kB, 704 × 384
43 kB, 704 × 384
35 kB, 704 × 384
30 kB, 704 × 384
Hornyposting Edition

Halfway through the movie I thought it was the same actress as the lead of Suspiria but after looking it up they're actually two different people.
Re the movie, I was a bit put off and expected it to be more schlocky since it's the origin of one of those famous GIFs with a funny looking moustached guy(actually the protagonist) pointing and screaming but it turns out it's quite well done horror. Starts out with some more-or-less subtle foreshadowing, and then I felt genuinely spooked at about 1/3 in, though afterwards the plot meanders a bit. The ending wasn't really what I expected (and that's a good thing I guess), and it was really well executed, nothing half-baked.

I watched the first Bond movie, Dr No (1962) starring Sean Connery a few days back.
The soundtrack was banging, no surprise the Bond theme is so iconic. The women also, and I definitely agree with your observation in that regard. My favorite character gotta be Honey Ryder, the name alone already cracks me up, but then the whole combination of autistic character and the accent really made it quite memorable. Other than that the story was nothing to write home about, but at least there were some cool set designs & Sean Connery as Bond is charismatic as fuck ofc tho also bordering on sleazy too.
No. 33996
A lot of good horror apparently turns out to also be social critiques more or less. Keep in mind that movie was made during the height of anxiety that was the Cold War. Certain others like zombie movies were originally meant to be critiques of consumerism apparently, like the original Dawn of the Dead which was frankly inferior to the newer version.

I'm not entirely sure why we haven't had any good horror movies in awhile though. The 90s absolutely sucked. The 00s also sucked and the 10s generally completely sucked too so far as horror goes but at least we had some good scifi. I've tried watching some of the newer ones from the last 20 years and they're all completely terrible. The Room wasn't so bad I guess but it wasnt great or anything. I find it odd that FEAR would choose to use that really cheesy antagonist from 00s horror, and not cheesy in a good way. I remember one of them was something about a tape being shared killing people or getting people to kill themselves which I guess was some kind of anxiety over new technology but eh...I can't say I've seen any truly good horror movie from the last 20 years. Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a true classic.
No. 34010
>one of them was something about a tape being shared killing people or getting people to kill themselves which I guess was some kind of anxiety over new technology
What, The Ring? It was mostly a story about a traditional Japanese avenging ghost, but put into a modern setting. Japs sure do love their folklore, and a lot of their urban legends have roots in it. It was probably butchered by Murricans in the remake, just like Kairo (Pulse) was turned from a movie about loneliness and social isolation into a movie about teh spooky evul Internet ghosts, woooo. To be honest, I don't quite understand this tendency to do remakes of the foreign movies. Are anglos so chauvinistic that they cannot empathize with someone who doesn't look like them or doesn't speak the same language? Are foreign names too difficult to pronounce for them? Now, there is some point in remaking a movie where practical special effects aged badly so they are not scary anymore to modern audiences (although that kind of remake can fail to be scary too, because CGI often looks awful, and not "awful" in a good way), but if it's a movie that came out only several years ago, it just seems stupid.

And yes, anglo horrors themselves are much more dumbified nowadays than they used to be. My standards aren't high, I don't even seek for some sort of moral in them, or some deep philosophy — I would be okay with any horror that has at least somewhat interesting plot and doesn't entirely rely on jumpscares, but most modern horrors disappoint me anyway, although there are some horrors/thrillers now and then which I enjoyed, like Pontypool, Triangle (2009), It Follows, The Signal (2007), Beyond the Black Rainbow.
No. 34026 Kontra
No it had nothing to do with The Signal or The Ring or whatever but the Ring was one movie I was shitting on.

I can't find and it have no hope of doing so because I can't remember enough details or who was in it because it wasn't any famous actors and was about some evil that spread through video and just being exposed to it meant you were going to kill yourself. It poisoned people through a shared CD that haunted computers or something and through chat. Obviously I am never, ever going to find it just by those search terms "horror movie spread through shared video."

Oh wait Haha yes! That was it, it was Pulse. And yes it was pretty retarded.
No. 34032
>A lot of good horror apparently turns out to also be social critiques more or less.
For sure, though for me it's not really apparent in the case of this movie, or rather there's no new aspect to it. Though I guess that goes together with it being a remake of a 1956 movie and all.
>I'm not entirely sure why we haven't had any good horror movies in awhile though.
Maybe the horror genre moved more towards video games, of which there are plenty great ones since the 90s.

>Pontypool, Triangle (2009), It Follows, The Signal (2007), Beyond the Black Rainbow.
For a moment there I was shocked you'd recommend The Signal, but then I realized the one I had in mind was the 2014 movie (which has nothing to do with the 2007 one and is utterly horrible). I also enjoyed It Follows and Beyond the Black Rainbow, gonna add the others to my watchlist.

I can add some other recommendations for 90s-now horror:
I guess I can group together the J-Horror: Noroi (2005), Marebito (2004), Pulse (2001), Cure (1997), Audition (1999)
As for American movies, I guess Jacob's Ladder (1990), Blair Witch Project (1999), In the Mouth of Madness (1994) would be my highlights. The Cabin in the Woods (2011) was pretty fun as well, but I guess it's more of a comedy that references other horror movies and tropes.
Train to Busan (2016) is a solid Korean zombie movie & Sauna (2008) pretty intense Finnish horror about guilt, rather abstract/psychological, I think I actually stumbled upon it by a Bernd's recommendation a long time ago.

>Oh wait Haha yes! That was it, it was Pulse. And yes it was pretty retarded.
I hope you're talking about the American version, the original by Kiyoshi Kurosawa is really good IMO.
No. 34041
Pontypool is a definite must-watch. As for The Signal, it's a bit unusual, because it's composed of three "vignettes" that are quite different: it starts as a horror with sprinkles of relationship drama, then it turns into a dark comedy, and then into action. So the pacing and the general mood changes drastically during the movie, and that may be unappealing to some. I didn't have any problems with that, so I liked it.

>Jacob's Ladder
I consider it one of the best horror movies ever made. And IMO it's better than some other universally lauded (and pretty overrated) horror movies like The Exorcist and Poltergeist.

>The Cabin in the Woods (2011) was pretty fun as well, but I guess it's more of a comedy
Yeah, it felt kinda silly and reminded me more of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (which I loved, to be honest) rather than straightforward horrors, but it's a good movie nonetheless.

Yeah, that one was really creepy and atmospheric. Also, the historical setting felt refreshing compared to shitloads of horror flicks set in modern times.

I also remembered some more decent contemporary horrors/thrillers: Cube (1997) (weird and mysterious scifi thriller; its sequel and prequel are crap and should be avoided, though), Resolution and The Endless (a couple of low-budget films by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead set in the same universe), Lake Mungo (another low-budget flick shot as a fake documentary). For people who are fond of Lovecraft I can recommend The Call of Cthulhu (2005) and The Whisperer in Darkness (2011) — two films by H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society stylized as black-and-white films from first half of the XX century, and The Color Out of Space (Die Farbe) — German adaptation of the story of the same name which manages to be pretty faithful to the original, despite being set closer to modern times and having some plot points changed. And to the good J-horrors list I can add Reincarnation (Rinne); it has a nice plot twist and a super creepy fucking doll.
No. 34185
>I consider it one of the best horror movies ever made.
I had some great expectations for it, and I really liked the beginning but ended up a bit underwhelmed, mainly because I was able to see the twist coming from almost the very beginning and the movie failed in being more ambiguous about it. Still great movie though for sure, it had some really memorable scenes, e.g. the car chase and the "hospital" at the end.

>Cube (1997)
I remember watching at least some parts of it on late night TV, though it might have been another one of the movies from the series. I'm really intrigued by the concept though, I think I'll watch this one sometime soon.
There's also a The Cube from 1969 which I've been meaning to watch as well, though after a quick Google search I'm still unsure about how they are related.

Gonna save the others you recommended to my watchlist as well, thanks!
No. 34364
Now that I've watched a few episodes of Yes, Prime Minister too, I can see what you're on about.
The original is bloody genius. I don't think I've ever seen something with consistently witty dialogue.
It shows that they put a lot of work and research into the series.

YPM just feels kind of aimless, despite having a somewhat overarching plot. Even one of the episodes say that Humphrey isn't supposed to be constantly there, because he has his official office somewhere else, so having the characters all together is kind of forced.
And there is also the fact that this one feels less current. The first series talked about the UK's relationship to the ECC, mass surveillance, affirmative action for women, all issues that despite their age, still haunt us.
While on the contrary, the latter series has what? Banning tobacco and a nuclear arms race against the USSR, none of which are pressing matters today.
I mean, I'm still going to watch it, but it's just not as interesting.
No. 34473
>banning tobacco
>not pressing matter today
What? I'm so confused by this. When or where in the Cold War was tobacco ever getting banned? How is that not a pressing matter today considering
Oh. You probably don't know this then but they're already trying to move ahead to having actually public health sensible legislation here with weed being more and more legalized and tobacco getting more and more banned. I do know that already in many counties throughout the country and I think some states are trying to enact statewide bans on selling to anyone under 21 (including smoking cessation things like Nicorette for some thoroughly idiotic reason) and already there are certain cities trying to enact their own total bans on sale of tobacco entirely. I think that both LA and somewhere in Hawaii are trying to outright ban the sale of tobacco which while maybe it's not as big a deal in LA is a pretty freaking big deal in Hawaii. I mean, they're in the middle of the pacific. It's not like they can just flout their local laws by driving across state lines like people from Mormonsville do when they want to have a stiff drink.
No. 34720
227 kB, 1500 × 2025
757 kB, 1000 × 563
144 kB, 1024 × 577
123 kB, 768 × 699
An epic film about the life and death of Jimmy Hoffa, the notorious mobster, seen through the eyes of his friend and bodyguard Frank Sheeran. Directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci.

I really enjoyed the film, it's the kind of classic Hollywood movie that offers evertyhing a movie can offer, great acting, epic and sensitive storytelling, blessed soundtrack, social and historic commentary, and that has sadly become a rarity these days. I give it a solid 8/10. Definitely a must see.
No. 34726
Adum, what are you doing in Choratia? :D

Yea, this is one of the movies I really going to watch. Looks very promesing
No. 34744
15,5 MB, 320 × 240, 6:26
Just Joe Pesci was great. The Description of which Period of Time is now by having big news in radio or tv was also very good. Costumes too. 7/10.
DeNiro / Pacino were bad. Is was basicly the attached scetch from madTV.
No. 34752
>the "Hey, kid" scene
This is what kids look like in America? In his youngest scenes De Niro looked like a 40yo man at best, the de-aging didn't work and the only way to understand that time passed was to observe how De Niro’s children grow up
No. 34767
Why is this Russian posting under a German ball/proxy?
No. 34770
48 kB, 450 × 599
The second modern Italian film that I watch that is a pile of trash.

Where is my Fulci ;_;
No. 34846
202 kB, 1280 × 704
108 kB, 1280 × 704
106 kB, 1280 × 704
61 kB, 1280 × 704
>I think I'll watch this one sometime soon.

Watched it yesterday. I enjoyed it quite a bit since I'm a sucker for escape room scenarios, but it's definitely not a movie without flaws. Some of the writing & acting is a bit questionable, i.e. the maths/numbers stuff was a bit cringe.
I feel like there could've been more rooms with different traps and I guess there could've been just more in general. The movie is rather short after all, I guess due to budget reasons. Besides, it's definitely a fertile ground for various analytical angles, whether philosophical, psychological or ideological. Also, cute grill.
No. 34914
982 kB, 1280 × 1024
I come late to the party but I like this show. Very artsy and entertaining. Not the first one with that characteristics. Bravo USA you have been revolutionizing the TV genre for a long time already.

No. 34932
7.8/10 which in 2019 is a 10/10
Would recommend a sympathetic portrayal of a forgotten man.
From the trailer I though it would be full of gore but this is not the case.
The let a single mother adopt a kid in the 70s, is a good angle as most plebs would just accept this.

The Irish Man 5/10
Hot garbage, I may do a critique of this but it is not worth your time.
Common theme, lets shoe horn all these dieing, ageing bits in and because we are washed and it's our one last film.

Forgettable moments, worst fight scene as an OAP DeNiro tries to give a gangster beat down, which as a clique has been done many times and much better.
The CGI and green eyes given to DeNiro, this adds nothing, some make-up choices are questionably poor.

Criminal Shame, not using Pachino and Harvey Keitel more, maybe Pachino as main guy.

Batman and Robin, so many gay, weird moments with two men in pyjamas and sleeping in the same apartment, wtf it's just weird.

Real Human Bean moments, none of the actors have any body language and every seems to have a massive chest, is this to hide a fat gut.

Music Score, poor and repeatable, no piano, theme music or used to any effect.

Every one loves Raymond, too well know to be in this

6 Gorrilion moments, implied the big Boss is a Jew, lot's of Jews who didn't do nothing.

Pacing, 404 not found

Loveable moments, the Brit manlet does well and he may go into bigger films after this, but it made me question why I am I not watching a Brit Gangster movie instead of this.

Would not be surprised if 'Scorsese' was a producer and did not direct most of the scenes.
No. 35508
88 kB, 1280 × 720
The Expanse season four is out.

I'm at 3rd episode right now. Thematically it picks up the story right after where the third season had left it. Over 1000 new worlds are accessible now, the UN sends the Rocinante crew to a settler's planet to take care about a land dispute, and the crew also continues their protomolecule investigation, while the tensions between the RCE and Belters still are running high.
No. 35525
114 kB, 1168 × 496
146 kB, 1168 × 496
117 kB, 1168 × 496
62 kB, 1168 × 496
Pedro Almodóvar is one of those directors that have been on my periphery for a long time since I got into movies, so I finally got around to watching a movie of his. I have to say I enjoyed it more than I anticipated after the first few minutes. It's a very maximalist movie in regard to colors and soundtrack, there's lots of reds and barely a silent moment. As for the plot, it somehow manages to be very weird and banal at the same time. I can't really recommend it but I also can't say I didn't enjoy it in a way.
No. 35526 Kontra

Watched this in a small cinema, pretty good dark comedy/horror. Though the same as with The Witch (2015), the directors' previous movie, it was technically excellent but failed to live up to the created tension with the ending. I feel like there could've been many ways the movie could've been made to feel just a bit more cohesive and not like a bunch of very well crafted episodes tied together. I'd recommend to check it out if you can, but don't expect anything too philosophical and you won't be disappointed.
No. 35633
24 kB, 320 × 240
I got asleep when they aired it, but man, a 60 min film, looked good, sexy character, Western, WHAT ELSE CAN I ASK FOR?

Going to download it from https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x21bhvo

<3 Masked Raiders
No. 35639
How is it already into the third episode of season 4? Wow time flies by when you're not paying attention to it.

I really wish I could just switch on a site rather than having to go through the hassle of piracy but whatever. Modern world problems tier complaint. Can confirm this is one of the best new shows of the last like five to ten years.
No. 35661
They released the whole season at once on Amazon prime and immediately torrents were available.
No. 35698
I thought the new season was pretty good. At least compared to my expectation that system politics would be left behind for some movie-Picard shit. It even touch a little on a societal sense of purpose.

The whole evil corporate suit v. stubborn villagers felt a bit trite though. I'm not saying that corporate psychopaths don't exist but, aside from a few bad apples who used violence to defend their home (can't be having that!), they were presented as uniformly good with some magic grandma leader. That Star Trek episode with the Indians was much better for the nuance.
No. 35699
They spent the bulk of the new season on this one boring af planet, like olay there's 1300 new systems out there so let's spend all our time on this one boring shitty location. Making matters worse you have these actual terrorists I'm supposed to somehow sympathize with and two solid episodes of these dumfuck belters refusing to drop their lithium deposits because of some retarded claim to a completely alien haunted, lethal slugs infested shithole of a planet and it spent so much damn time on it and taking itself seriously of blatant author bias. I ended up rolling my eyes throughout most of the second half of the season and being downright infuriated by these dumbshit terrorist belters and the show acting obviously like it was taking sides from on high i.e. position of the creators while showing me the most blatant bunch of unsympathetic crap ever and in particular these dumbahit Rocinante crew not telling these people to fuck off from the get go. I have never been so totally unsympathetic to Holden and openly rooting for these Inner faggots as the bulk of this season.
No. 35700 Kontra
Oh yeah and the very end of the season they track down this terrorist twat and his ISIS-bride tier spawn and it's clearly acting like him gunning down that faggot kid of Naomi would be a bad thing, in spite of him clearly hot looking like a child and being fully culpable for his own actions. Both Naomi's ex and her son should be blown across the system with neither pity nor remorse.
No. 35736

Yesterday night I stumbled upon this short piece and I immediately fell in love with it. The dull but pulsating animation, the fragmented dialogue. The vibes.
It's great. It almost made me cry for some reason.
No. 35746
I like the first three episodes or so. They work well as an introduction into the new season. Later on I thought the story is a bit too hard focusing on the socio-political stuff (belters and this psychopathic mercenary commander, earth politics etc.). I missed the space exploration, the spaceship battles and unexplainable cosmic marvels like in the first three seasons.
No. 35749
Noice, reminds me a bit of Mind Game with the rough animation & warped proportions. And also Aoi Haru thematically.
No. 35752
Well, I guess now I have something to watch.

I also like this short because despite not identifying 100% with any of the characters, it feels like I'm there and I've been there.
People asked me why I'm at school when I could be anywhere I want to be officially, and I always told them, I have nothing better to do.
It's scary to see this so well communicated in a short.
No. 35860
3,9 MB, 2210 × 3450
802 kB, 1274 × 532
Behold, one of the best movies of the year has Adam Sandler as a lead actor! Uncut Gems by the directors of Good Time reminds of good ol' Scorsese and his crime dramas like Goodfellas or Casino, it has very fast pacing and a lot of tension going on, you won't even notice that the movie is 2 hours long. Don't tell me that you every day see a serious Adam Sendler drama that gets 8/10 from the plebs and movie critics!


I wanted to make a bunch of webms for the thread but it would spoil all the fun for you, just watch the trailer and go buy this hidden gem on the PirateBay.

DON'T READ: [spoiler]I WARNED YOU!!![spoiler]In the end, I felt some emptiness inside, I miss this lustful and greedy caricature of a Jew, a flawed character that my heart won't forget in the near future[/spoiler][/spoiler]
No. 35865
I've seen a serious Adam Sandler once in 'Reign Over Me', which I thought was a
pretty good film.

Thanks for the recommendation, will have a look.
No. 35870

Daniel Day Lewis, the lead actor of There Will Be Blood and the actor most movie critics are drooling over, called Sandler to tell him how much he liked the movie
No. 35889
86 kB, 500 × 728
94 kB, 590 × 752

both are good films. Charming silent film the 2nd one. <3
No. 35902
71 kB, 960 × 408
87 kB, 960 × 408
118 kB, 960 × 408
72 kB, 960 × 408
I'm gonna dump a few stills from this. Can't believe I've only now watched this, but surprisingly I've rarely seen Fellini talked about outside of top lists so I never cared too much for his movies.
Absolute masterpiece of cinema, IMHO this is the closest thing to a modern day epic. Such a broad combination of themes, both "eternal" and specifically modern. And also a combination of mainstream appeal & intellectual depth executed with an idiosyncratic style, never taking itself overly serious. This is basically my ideal for art.
No. 35903 Kontra
72 kB, 960 × 408
60 kB, 960 × 408
112 kB, 960 × 408
31 kB, 960 × 408
No. 35904 Kontra
73 kB, 960 × 408
61 kB, 960 × 408
85 kB, 960 × 408
66 kB, 960 × 408
No. 35905
Trailer looks fun, gives me some Spring Breakers vibes with the music.
Though my problem is that the first time I've heard about this movie (not even knowing it is a movie) is through a tweet that claimed Uncut Gems should be the name of a dating site for anti-circumcision activists and ever since I can't get this association out of my head and it's killing me.

What'd you think of Mind Game btw, in case you already watched it?
No. 35907 Kontra
No, I haven't watched it yet. Because I'm a procastrinating bitch who wastes too much time.
Bloody hell, it's a fucking +two hours long film.
No. 35908
246 kB, 768 × 576
227 kB, 768 × 576
286 kB, 768 × 576
286 kB, 768 × 576
So, I decided to give a try to some sitcoms in order to overcome my bias against them. I checked out Fawlty Towers, and it was really good, although I still preferred John Cleese's work with Monty Python, and now I watched Blackadder, and I gotta say that this must be one of the best comedies I ever watched.

It's a period piece made of four series, set in the Late Medievality, Elizabethan era, early XIX century and WWI respectively, following a cynical character named Blackadder played by Rowan Atkinson. The four (more than four, actually, if you count the specials) Blackadders differ quite a bit: the Blackadder in the first series is more of an eccentric and pretty silly misanthrope (the sort of character that Rowan Atkinson later revisited in Mr. Bean, the series that he's most famous here for) and is intended to be laughed at, in the second and the third he is a noble vying for wealth and power, who is never short on snarky comments about everyone and everything, and in the fourth he is an army officer trying to survive the war and his superiors' stupidity as best as he can. The supporting cast is also hilarious, especially Tony Robinson who plays Blackadder's servant Baldrick, and Miriam Margoyles, who has several roles. The show as a whole is not very historically accurate and there is a fair share of anachronisms, but I guess it contributes to its humour; after all, being full-on Autismus Maximus about historical authenticity couldn't possibly make anything funny. I would also like to mention the ending of the fourth series: while the show is pretty heavy on dark humour and the characters' deaths are always played for laughs, the ending turned out to be sad and tragic, which was quite of a mood swing, but it was still a fitting and memorable conclusion to the series, in my opinion.

So, if you like historical but not-so-historical jokes and cynical misanthropic characters, then you should check it out. Also, it might convince you that Rowan Atkinson is capable of more than bulging eyes and making faces (it certainly convinced me).
No. 35909
Yeah, it's a great movie. I'm usually suspicious about all those artsy-fartsy flicks, because I often expect them to be one of those "culturally significant" works that in reality are nothing but pretentious, shallow and boring, but it impressed me a lot , especially Steiner's suicide, which was delivered simply and concisely, but nonetheless hit me real hard. And, despite this is the only Fellini's movie I ever watched, I now have a lot of respect for him and I may even try 8½ (which is supposed to be his opus magnum, I think?) someday.
No. 35910
113 kB, 360 × 533
112 kB, 1280 × 692
Simple with more or leass traditional plot, experemental shaded 2d animation that makes it's look like 3d but not really, cartoon that was released recently. There seen some shortcuts of budget and some cut parts that was in places remade from scratch, but overall it very heartwarming experience without too much overdone with "christmas" thing. Unlike many christmass stuff, this cartoon presents holyday more naturally than modern day commertilasation. Recommend watching it in comfy place with people you love.
No. 35911 Kontra
751 kB, 1292 × 732
forgot last pic wanted to attach with post
No. 35918
Thank you for the recommendation, will have a look.
No. 35920
1,1 MB, 1600 × 900
28 kB, 600 × 600
I'm not sure if some Ernst already watched it.
A man comes back to his hometown, looking for a woman. But tbh I didn't really catch what it was all about except the themes of memory and past, dream and reality. There are different time strings and action from the past pieced together. So in the end I really didn't get what actually happened (in the film and in the protagonists past, the latter perhaps something that was aimed for). Surely it's about a lovers relationship, it feels like it's puzzled together but in the end it's still in the past and memory won't provide it in full scope again. Nobody really knows anymore how it was. Haunting ghosts.

There is an explanation video on Youtube (didn't watch) and a review said there is no plot, but I'm not really sure about that. It felt like I was just not paying the needed attention. And even if there is no plot, not all novels have a plot as well and there is a reason for that most of the times, if you take a closer examination.

Aesthetically pleasing it is for sure, Chinese Noir including a 60min shot.
There is a karaoke scene that brought me to an around 2000 Chinese rock song, that feels like some classic from the US or Europe around that time.

I'm looking for a song played as well several times, the woman is singing about lullaby, but it's not part of the official soundtrack.

also is ok.ru a good streaming site? or do I get Kreml spyware with it?
No. 35967
4,8 MB, 960 × 540, 0:44
Thanks for the recommendation; I watched Klaus yesterday and enjoyed it. The story reminded me of the old stop motion Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town television special, although Klaus struck deeper emotional moments and overall created a better "alternate-history". The character and set designs were excellent, and I was impressed with the 2D painting style. Looking into that, I found the production studio has published some nice behind the scenes clips, revealing the multi-layered creation process.:

No. 35973
Yes! They also have multiple videos, including teaser with slightly different render, from which not single shot get into final cartoon
Awesome that you liked it.
No. 35994
This one I only got halfway through before dropping it forever. The story is told in a manner that makes it hard to feel anything for the characters, who are themselves aren't fleshed out in any fashion. The premise is flimsy at best, nonsensical at worst, but I shouldn't go too far into it because that would include some spoilers, and Jesus, when they're gonna make a good AI arc in a movie?. Stereotypical "strong woman" character also made me roll my eyes.

Basically, it's a very shallow story that thinks itself deep, maybe it gets better in the second half of the film but I will never know.
No. 36001
121 kB, 534 × 800
Well, it's an OK film. I watched in a DVD disc which master reeked of VHS.
No. 36122
I rewatched Fist of Legend last night. Dog it's a great film. The fight choreography is on point, and the set design for the fights are all pretty distinct and add flavour. This fight is probably my favourite, and easily one of the best fights in cinema if you ask me. Fun fact about it is that both of the actors are excellent martial artists in real life too, which probably helped when it came to making the choreography really pop.

No. 36896
Just in case someone was interested in reliving that badly dubbed martial arts movie experience, Wu Tang Collection has a pretty decent selection on youtube. Go here and bask in the warm glow of camp.

No. 37062
26 kB, 640 × 1136
341 kB, 2160 × 3840
1,7 MB, 1382 × 2048
I ended the series. Good stuff USA, good stuff

Now for a film I stopped watching: I'm zero interested in that kind of story, way of living etc. The idea of "rehearsal for a wedding" was the straw that broke the camel's back. Stop and eject.
No. 37066
Honestly what I really want to do is just keep encouraging a cultural cold war and arms race with Russia. For good or ill I believe in the Russians. They're the only valid adversary and rival we've ever had. The Russians really gave us a run for our money and I have every confidence in them creating a new golden age of cinema and vidya if they can just deal with getting around all those thiefs sending money to NYC and London. I have next to no confidence in the Chinese ever being capable of creating arts and culture the way Russians can. Already I've seen and Christ I just realized this makes me sound like a Russia weeb but already I've seen Russia just being culturally superior with the games coming out of there compared to us Wecterners.

I also haven't seen anything really good lately except The Expanse but fuck Bezos. I'm deeply uncomfortable with the scale of Disney and Amazon. One of the other goods series I enjoyed was The Man in the High Castle, also Amazon. I am deeply uncomfortable with these massive corporations that frankly are on the same level at this point as corrupt governments, and them controlling our media should probably be illegal though Russia also has this problem now. Did you know that apparently 20th Century Fox is now just going to be called 20th Century? Because I guess the evil mouse just bought out that whole studio, so they now own and control everything made by 20th Century Fox as well as everything from Star Wars, and we can all see the effect this has on thoroughly ruining Star Wars. I have next to no confidence in us remaining a cultural powerhouse at this point if that kind of crap keeps up.

At the same time I find it rather telling that just about everything these days is some form of capeshit or something safe. With the exception of Game of Thrones and even that was British iirc and the two Amazon shows I really haven't seen anything good coming out in the last 5 years.

That being stated I want to watch The Irishman at some point which came out last year, and I am finally starting The Godfather which I've been meaning to watch for ages.
No. 37090
161 kB, 590 × 730
54 kB, 720 × 432
71 kB, 720 × 432
43 kB, 720 × 432
Imperfect, but still awesome idiosyncratic adaptation of Shakespeare's historical plays (mainly Henry IV 1 & 2) centered around the character of Sir John Falstaff, a depraved but witty Knight, played by the director himself, Orson Welles. He called this film his best work, and interestingly Falstaff's ultimately tragic story somewhat resembles Welles' own who struggled to make this film, going as far as pretending to make another film to get funding, despite his initial success in Hollywood with Citizen Kane in 1941. The lack of funding has it's impact on the at times sub-par quality of audio and some scenes even containing slight bloopers that might've been corrected with a few more takes, but the film is carried by the generally great acting, ofc expecially by Welles' extremely epressive Falstaff, and some cinematographic highlights, such as the possibly divisive fast-paced Battle of Shrewsbury montage.
No. 37200
269 kB, 1280 × 720
Better Call Saul continues soon and i'm hype

No. 37274
Oh well, as expected RLM made video about star trek picard. Don't watch it, this tv series is same peace of shit as discovery and not worth even looking at "review" about it. Thought it is even worse than RLM video describes it, like on every level but it was expected.
No. 37394
102 kB, 750 × 750
Uh, as far I I know Russia has strong popular culture, but stuff like Breaking Bad needs money and other things like a powerful private entertainment sector. I mean each episode costed [which is the word?] 3 million. Getting into BB details, I read it was the idea of AMC having that kind of shows. Very brave from their part, man, what a company, they made Mad Men, too.

I repeat I haven't seen anything as good as that shows since Twilight Zone from Rod Serling.
No. 37396

One of the best Horror/Thriller movies I've watched recently. Though tbh it is quite comedic with lots of odd scenes & bawdy songs and all the actors' Scottish accents. But it also it manages to build up an aura of creepiness throughout until it really hits at the end.
Also interesting to analyze the relationship btw Paganism, Christianity and sacrifice, though I don't have anything to add but the Girardian notion that Christianity is able to subvert the sacrifice which is the root of all societies, though in the movie ofc we see it coming back in the modern age.

There's also an infamously bad remake of it with Nicholas Cage (NOT THE BEES!!)
No. 37397
Well I do believe that what it takes is actually talent and technical know how, rather than just money which can't buy that kind of innate talent and technical competence. This is actually what widely separates the kind of stuff we laugh at online like Nollywood videos from shitty C movies and then stuff we would actually watch. The problem is because more often than not the two coincide so where you have absolutely abysmal production values you often also have the worst actors imaginable with the dumbest high school sophomore stories and then internally confuse and associate the two. If a Bryan Cranston had lived in Russia then he wouldnt need anything beyond a shitty plywood stage. I don't know if you've ever done theater stuff but basically you don't actually need much money to make a decently watchable film and you need next to no money to create a play, which is exactly where both most actors started including people like Patrick Stewart or whomever, as well as you know, Shakepeare, the whole antecedent to cinema and so on. You similarly can have a fucking terrible level of props and special effects and yet if you have a good enough writer how easy it is to forget about all that and you can write it in a hotel in wartorn Bosnia or Albania for the amusement of refugees and Albanians just passing the time and still have it good.

The problem is that people with the big dollars end up drawing up all that talent into one place which includes the brain drain from other countries. In spite of that, the hard part is talent, because while technical expertise can be trained and the technical components bought, the talent to do it is innate and frankly there isn't a whole lot of talent going around Hollywood and there hasn't been in quite a long time. It's basically just a backbiting clique full of a bunch of drug abusing sex offenders and narcissistic twats. People like Weinstein are the tip of that iceberg of how utterly debased and awful everything about Hollywood and celebrity culture truly is. It's basically like a mildly prettier version of the US senate with slightly elevated levels of drugs and slightly better accomplishments.

I fully believe that Russia has the capacity to do this as a Russian people except that their whole shitty gangster owned corporate industrial culture is probably going to sabotage any Ruswood almost immediately after getting off the ground. So in other words someone like Putin and his various organized crime pals probably do have to go, but I still think that at least on a smaller scale Slavs can do this because theyve got something that many have not which is talent. I've seen it in Russian videogames.

I think that one of the biggest things it really boils down to ultimately is not believing in themselves. I think that some people might get too much of an attitude where they make excuses how they can't do it because of not having enough money. Blair Witch is a great example. Then the corporate bloodsuckers strangled the life out of it and made that disaster that was Blairwitch 2. And by not believing in themselves what I most importantly mean by this is that the rest of the world is still convinced they have to come here and train themselves. Well yes and no. Yes, it does indeed help to gain some elements of technical skill and expertise by seeing our industry and film schools, but I think that it's also a fatal error to try copy and pasting it or rather cargo culting things without understanding, and that that is also what's been plaguing the Chinese. I mean yeah we kind of invented the medium of vidya and cinema on some level as a nation, but great composers did not all come from countries that invented the symphony, nor did all the great poets and writers of history come from nations that invented things like the printing press.

So in summation, yes, go to America and see how they do it there, and then promptly discard whatever you think you might know or think you have learned as "the right and only way to do it" and simply find the best way of doing it for you that still works for the project. You do not need a billion dollar industry to accomplish that. I'm not gonna lie, it helps a hell of a lot, but you simply do not need to waste that scale of money and other resources to craft what is essentially just a play. Just get okay video and sound equipment and stop being so self conscious, other countries. I guarantee you for every great thing like BB you see it stands atop a mountain of pure shit.
No. 37406
EC please help
I forgot name of american move from 1970s where husband was fired from his job and they at first pretend they are still rich, but in the end robbed company he was fired from because this company is assholes.
No. 37409
Seen Dr Dolittle at the cinema, not bad.
May do a full review later.
Too many so-called celebrity voice overs but had enough chuckles to carry it along and mixed the right amount of sentiment with humour.
Expect this to do a sequel.
If you don't want to see a two hour gritty war film, then this doesn't offend apart from a few poo jokes for a few minutes.
Doubt you will see a family movie where the main character is traumatised about his wife's death
No. 37686
148 kB, 1499 × 1000
Binged Upright yesterday, was very impressed with the actors, both of the leads are actually good. Some scenes kinda took me out of the series, but in general it's a quality tv show. For some reason it's labelled as a comedy, and whilst there are some comedic and absurd elements you shouldn't expect it to be the main theme.
No. 37688
Hey man how's being drunk in HK in the middle of all this Nurglige?
No. 37689
I want to finally finish Sopranos and start watching Scrubs. Sorpanos becomes more sad and depressibe. 6 season left.
No. 37720
preferable to being sober.
I had a crazy night where these things may have happened letter of divorve, phillipinos, getting my dick grabbed, chatting to and hanging out with prostitutes, but never hving more than 50usd on me, God Slav prostitutes are pretty, nigger prossy drugs but it was meth not cocaine sucking some african prossy tits, because I couldn't fuck the light skinned african, got a39 yo phillipino to meet up but bailed the next day and running away from a drug debt.
Not bad
No. 37729
Jesus. Did you divorce now or not? Why don't you just come back to europe? :(
No. 37734
What the fuck are you even doing doing hard drugs in Chinese territory? Actually wtf are you doing hard drugs to begin with.
I thought you had a gf.

Why don't you just find Jesus instead or something like that?
No. 37748 Kontra
Wife not gf

It started out something like this 4 day weekend bc of CNY.
Wife saying she wants a divorce and at my suggestion writing a letter confirming, it which made me drink more and go out.
It was her way of getting back at me.
Not many ppl about at 2am in a city centre, without a taxi I couldn't get back to across the river.
I actually refused the drugs and the bint got angry and kind of threatened me considering my situation, I did them and some more.
I think this is some dumb thing where cops can't take it, so to test if you are a cop or some BS
No. 37767
185 kB, 1920 × 1080
196 kB, 1920 × 1080
156 kB, 1920 × 1080
186 kB, 1920 × 1080

Ambitious miniseries about two people participating in a psychoactive drug trial that goes horribly and at times hilariously wrong. It's set in a sort of near-future, though it's basically the world we already live in. It plays with some cyberpunk aesthetics but there's no pretense to be gritty, rather the show doesn't take itself too seriously. The pacing felt a bit rough and many characters & sub-stories could've been more developed but it was still very entertaining, and I feel they managed well to mix the more serious themes with humor for the most part.

Reminded me of: Inception, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Sam Hyde's Paradigm Shift 2070, Blade Runner, Neuromancer
No. 37917
They will show 3d Lupen III in cinems in Italy, don't know when English-language release will happen, hope soon. This cartoon (well, amine[\i] ) translated well into 3d in mine opinion.
No. 37960
Is it better than Mad Men?
No. 38124
151 kB, 1280 × 720
195 kB, 1280 × 720
106 kB, 1280 × 720
150 kB, 1280 × 720
Hands down the goriest film I've probably ever seen, even if it's rather artificial and comical.
Some pretty enjoyable set and character design & cool fights, but the story & the characters' motivations end up rather murky, there's some hints with a few flashback scenes but it's still hard to care for any of the characters really.
No. 38125 Kontra
159 kB, 1280 × 688
162 kB, 1280 × 688
123 kB, 1280 × 688
216 kB, 1280 × 688
Wacky neo-noir, just as crazy as you'd expect from Nic Cage under the direction of Werner Herzog.
It's been compared to Uncut Gems by a friend, but I really prefer this one, guess I'd rather empathize with reptilians than with minerals. Louisiana always seems to be such a rich setting btw, very mysterious place to me.
No. 38126
312 kB, 1080 × 1600
223 kB, 1440 × 750
Absoluetly best movie I can compare this to is Snake Eyes. This movie have very similar main character with very similar fate and apperance, also played by Cage. In many ways if you aim at specific points, Bad Liutenant may feel like "sequel" or re-imagination of same character with different elements around it. If you not seen it, I can recommend watch it, just for fun after Bad Lietenant you will find interesting things here.
No. 38149
Kek, I got this film as burned DVD copy from a classmate in my weed teen times. The German dub together with the pictures make it an ultimate trash film. It's definitely gory. But as you said, it's rather comical, not sure if that is intentional or the story and characters are so stupidly over the top unconsciously. Just think of the prison directors son!
No. 38272
Any thought on Picard, I assume the hype is because its not New StarTrek.
No. 38283
Well kind of this >>37274
No. 38290
>Any thought on Picard

"Why hasn't a Trekkie shot up CBS studios yet?"
No. 38343
Yep, Picard.
Some groid alien is blacking up a non-groid female.

Not even 5 minutes in.

Previous to this I heard(from a Jew) best Trek evar.

.....hold me.
No. 38344
58 kB, 495 × 618
Somehow missed news but Kirk Douglas died only recently - like 2 weeks ago. He was 103 years old!

There no conspiracy really, it's same absoluetly crap as discovery made mostly by same people, it also from start trying to set itself into abramsverse without any proper rights on abrams movies. Overall this is pathetic and made by people who clearly had lower knowlege and overall intelligence than classic TV series. Classic star trek officialy ended in 2005 and it not changed since.
No. 38345
Is Picard Star Trek, No.
Is it enjoyable yes, going to have to eat those SJW pills if you want modern media.
Is it better than most of the other available options, yes.
Will it be end up unwatchable like Orville, I doubt it.
Don't see how this can turn into multiple series.

The slap in the face to fans, is this is well done already in a Star Trek Episode where they insert memories into Picard's brain to remember a dying civilisation.
I forget the name of the episode as not a real Trekkie, but it kinda a re-hash pulling at the same heart strings of a well established character.
Not like the movies were triple A movies.
Still a watchable episode so far, one one episode deep.
No. 38364
I've been watching Re:ZERO now that they're doing a directors cut series. It's pretty watchable aside from all the standard anime tropes although I kinda wish they would just do a detective series on the concept of working a mystery backwards.

Well, now that I've just gone to find an image on google I've not only had the series spoiled but also realised how embarrassing this is.

>Still a watchable episode so far, one one episode deep.

I wonder how long your optimism in the series will last. The last episode didn't even have a point to it beyond showing us how not-Trek it is.
No. 38366
Honestly you sound like a k*hl tier abject moron. I have no idea what you're so hopelessly triggered about nor franky do I care.
No. 38424
>well done already in a Star Trek Episode where they insert memories into Picard's brain to remember a dying civilisation

The Inner Light
No. 38455
17 kB, 502 × 417
Rewatched Drive recently expecting to not like it anymore, but was positively surprised. It's still very a very enjoyable movie, even if Gosling's autism increased in it's comedic gravity with all the memes and whatnot.
Maybe I'm still viewing it through nostalgia goggles but I think it's Refn's most streamlined film, more imaginative cinematography & direction than e.g. the Pusher series, but not as aesthetics-overloaded as his newer stuff. Story is also very minimalist but all characters, even minor ones, feel very alive & well-developed despite not much dialogue. Soundtrack is legendary too ofc.
No. 38568
255 kB, 854 × 480
325 kB, 854 × 480
305 kB, 854 × 480
328 kB, 854 × 480
Watched this documentaryshockumentary about African decolonisation on a whim, and it's completely surreal how it combined some sublime scenes of wildlife with a soothing soundtrack and some of the most disturbing footage of violence & death I've ever seen.
At release in America it was derided as racist, most famously by Roger Ebert, but apparently that's in large part due to it being severely cut to contain only all the violent scenes without any of the sociopolitical context and getting rebranded as Africa: Blood and Guts. Ofc as it's filmed during the decolonisation period there is mostly violence by blacks shown, but I think it's fairly impartial and they do highlight some of the cruelty done by whites too.
Also there are accusations of some scenes being staged which is supposed to discredit the whole movie. Some scenes are obviously staged but with lots of the footage it's very clear that it's real. And there's some truly amazing, but also for the most parts disturbing, footage that you won't see anywhere else. It's quite a shame that it got such bad publicity, I'd really like to read/watch some detailed analysis of it. Maybe I'll watch the Italian language version some time when I'm ready for it and watch more closely for scenes that could be staged e.g.
It really ends up being way too entertaining with the way they direct it, and I understand how that can rub people the wrong way since such serious topics are involved. There's lots of hilarious scenes like the black supremacy propaganda pictured or a scene where they start out filming a "traditional Zulu dance" only to zoom out and show that it's actually being staged for a movie.

Lots more interesting episodes in there, as it's over 2 hrs long. I'd recommend to watch the whole thing if you can stomach it. You can watch it on YT, but again, lots of seriously disturbing gore. This is the new English version I watched which is supposed to be more in line with the original intended by the directors:
No. 38795
83 kB, 1280 × 720
60 kB, 1280 × 720
96 kB, 1280 × 720
79 kB, 1280 × 720
Watched first 3 eps of this, as the 2nd season apparently just came out.
Not quite sure what to make of the story yet, but it sure manages to keep up the suspense.
Audiovisually quite a treat, direction & cinematography are absolutely meticulous.
No. 38799
31 kB, 259 × 384
Saw this movie today, very recommendable artistically and storywise. It's about a gay couple original from Hongkong living abroad in Argentinia and depicting their abusive relationship, but due to humorous elements it's not painful to watch. Very impressive piece of cinema.
No. 38800 Kontra
>going to have to eat those SJW pills if you want modern media
Remember when suddenly they introduced a crew including different ethnicities and even allowing aliens on the bridge, next thing you'll know there'll be an interracial kiss or a woman as captain smh
No. 38802 Kontra
This. There's nothing more obnoxious than these 20 year old poltard used tampons in human form bitching about stupid shit like "Star Trek is too SJW" or "Star Wars is suddenly anti-Nazi." Star Trek literally was one of the first shoes in television to have that kind of a multiracial cast. One of the team is gay albeit not on camera (Sulu). I always think about if StarCraft or Fallout 1 or VTMB or Baldur's Gate or whatever was released today what levels ot obscene faggotry I would have to suffer listening to the kvetching and whining of these morons in every goddamn comment section or review anywhere on the internet because they're just so offended by it and need you to know how offended they are and will shriek like dying rabbits how offended they are that you are not personally offended too just as they are. Theyve literally become the 90s Christian fundie or the 00s/early 10s SJWs of the last several years. Yes, you are offended. Good for you. I don't fucking care go to your hugbox.
No. 38905
33 kB, 780 × 520
I watched the first 5 episodes of Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal and now I have to wait for them to release episode 6!! In case you haven't heard of it, the cartoon follows a caveman and a tyrannosaurus rex who form a bond, and fight to survive in their violent-and bloody- world. There is no dialog, but the visual storytelling is brilliant. Anyway, if you've seen Samurai Jack, then you know what to expect: an emotional hook, quiet moments of slowly developing drama, and incredible fight/action scenes. 10/10.
No. 38907
Sounds very cozy, will download immediately, thanks.
No. 38943
Okay, started watching the first episode and it's great. Will have to force myself to wait till evening otherwise I'm watching the whole season now instead of learning for that exam D:

Btw, there is no 6th episode, the first season is complete with 5. This seems to be normal now with Amazon and Netflix: Pay for 4-5 episodes, see if people like it, then pay for more episodes next season. It worked well enough for the Castlevania series, which was surprisingly good (mostly season 2, though).
No. 38957
Ye, this is awesome thing. This series was basicly what Tartakovsky doing best in a nutshell
No. 38969
>Will have to force myself to wait till evening otherwise I'm watching the whole season now instead of learning for that exam D:
Primal pulled me right in, too. I didn't even know what it was, but just happen to see the second half of an episode in the middle of the night and was hooked. I watched the rest of them the next day. I'm glad they didn't abandon it after the first five episodes, but after seeing how those turned out there was no way they could walk away from the project. Now we just have to wait for them to actually finish 6-10. Hopefully they don't tinker with it too much, but I trust that with Tartakovsky it's going to be great. Like >>38957 said, this kind of cartoon is what he does best. I read in an interview that the next episodes will be crazier and more emotional, as they take some creative risks and move away from what typical prehistoric stories are like. That makes me wonder how many of these ideas they actually know when they start, and how many occur to the writers/artists as they work.
No. 38980
26 kB, 744 × 496
$%·$%·$%$·% I forgot you posted such a message. Sorry I've been busy.
No. 38982
Can't speak for them obviously but when I design, my best work shines through in the moment, and planning stages work best for filing the streaks of madness into something more functional. I have read similar things in a few places too, so I think it might be fairly common at least.
No. 39038
67 kB, 1280 × 720
187 kB, 1280 × 720
95 kB, 1280 × 720
108 kB, 1280 × 720
This was phenomenal. Pure eyecandy, catchy OST & idiosynratic choices for non-original songs that end up working wonderfully. Lots of attention to detail, gorgeous costumes & great acting to make the characters really come alive. The story meanders a bit, and some of the minor storylines are cut a bit short but are at least wrapped up (even if in an extremely cheeky manner in one case), but that's excusable for an ambitious show like that.
In episode 9 there was a scene that made me weep like a child, I really can't explain why.

I'm excited for the new season but I think I'll let it rest for a bit as I binged the last 4 eps.
Maybe I'll watch >>38905 Primal as well, had it downloaded for a while too.
No. 39039 Kontra
125 kB, 1280 × 720
148 kB, 1280 × 720
62 kB, 1280 × 720
77 kB, 1280 × 720
Just a couple more shots.
No. 39190
I agree entirely that the Young Pope is incredible. There's so many amazing scenes in every episode and despite this you never get the feeling that it's taking itself too seriously despite the subject matter.

Sorrentino's films are also worth checking out.
No. 39203
What's the deal with the Young Pope? I've watched the first episode and for the life of me I could not make myself believe whatever was happening on the screen, it seemed more like a parody or a nonsensical dream, and the plot seemed completely laughable. Is it one of those films/series that are completely focused on the visuals to the detriment of everything else?
No. 39236
The show has surreal elements but broadly you'll make sense of it and why Lenny behaves the way he does as the show goes on.
No. 39239
69 kB, 1080 × 743
I recently watched the The Wire and I feel compelled to leave here a very positive review of the series as well as a recommendation that other Ernsts should watch this.

The show presents itself as a cop show set in Baltimore that focuses on the war on drugs, and the actions of a police unit to tackle different drug dealers, gangs and assorted criminals.

However, it is in fact a fairly interesting window into the drug war and all of its players. The characters are extremely memorable, and the different locations seem like they're all part of the same ecosystem.

Each season focuses on one particular aspect of the drug war (even though there are overlapping elements), be it, for example, the politics of Baltimore and how they affect the war on drugs or the school system in a dysfunctional crime ridden city.

Of particular note, the violence was portrayed in an extremely interesting way with the random and unpredictable nature of drug related murders, and how every character seemed to be genuinely unique and evolving in different directions at times.
No. 39451
>Baltimore mayor asks residents to stop shooting each other so coronavirus patients can have hospital beds.
No. 39505
123 kB, 1280 × 960
117 kB, 1280 × 960
212 kB, 1680 × 1079
199 kB, 1688 × 1080
Another one from the stash of absolutely bonkers documentaries.

In this one the camera follows Okuzaki Kenzō, a 62-year old Japanese WW2 vet, who served 10 years in solitary confinement for murder, and did some shorter stints for shooting pachinko balls at Emperor Hirohito, and distributing "obscene imagery" of the selfsame.
Now, 40 years after the war ended, he's hell-bent on uncovering war crimes that have been committed by Japanese soldiers against their own people in New Guinea, where he also served. To achieve his goals he's not afraid to verbally and physically abuse his former fellow soldiers or even older superiors.
It's somewhat reminiscent of the more recent The Act of Killing (2012) but much less flashy and overall just even more surreal, in large part due to the antics of the "protoganist".
No. 39506 Kontra
45 kB, 640 × 480
54 kB, 640 × 480
69 kB, 640 × 480
60 kB, 640 × 480
His house and cars which I assume are fully covered in anti-imperial slogans
No. 39526
175 kB, 1280 × 692
300 kB, 1280 × 692
190 kB, 1280 × 692
222 kB, 1280 × 692
Watched Rabbi's Cat. Pretty nice and fun cartoon, with a few darker moments, but still mostly lighthearted. Plot is somewhat episodic and would probably fit a series better than a feature film, but it's not difficult to follow and it never gets boring. The main message of the cartoon is anti-racism and tolerance for other cultures, but thankfully it doesn't get too preachy to stop being enjoyable. Also a big plus for me is that it's not in 3D. It uses some 3D graphics in difficult to animate moments, but other than that it's drawn, and drawn beautifully: 1920s Algiers looks absolutely gorgeous. I definitely recommend to check out this cartoon.
No. 39531
Those are Ethiopian Jews. Also the Jews in the cartoon aren't really black, they're mostly brown (Sephardic), like in the two first pics, and there is also one Russian Jew (Ashkenazi) – the guy who sits in the back of the half-track in the third pic.
No. 39545 Kontra
It's ok Hardy "Pekka" Hardcore, you can fuck off now.
No. 39566
How's Netflix anime, are there any good shows apart from Beastars?
No. 39567
I'm sorry? I barely post on Ernst but did mention my parents yesterday. There are at least 3 Finns here.
No. 39570 Kontra
My post being here >>39500
No. 39576
Castlevania has been mentioned here before, and it's on my list of shows to watch.

>There are at least 3 Finns here.
I knew we had at least two, since there were that many in the Literature thread recently. Anyway, in this thread there were some rather crude posts about death by a Finlandball, and the reply mentioning parents may have confused him with you. Either that, or maybe 'parents' were mentioned because they're the old people who most of us know, and care about in the current crises. So reminding someone of their own parents is a way to help them understand the suffering of others.
t.Different American
No. 39626
124 kB, 620 × 368
If anyone here is going to watch The Outsider, do not watch past first two episodes. Perhaps don't even watch past the pilot. Fun pilot, but progressively weaker every next episode.
No. 39629 Kontra
Sorry the one really obnoxious guy was visible and I thought it was you. Does one of you have to go down wooden stairs and there's a small kitchen area immediately to your right when coming down from your room?

This specifically is directed at you actually, k*hlfin, and were you drinking some kind of booze while fapping to anime either yesterday or day before yesterday?
No. 39630 Kontra
I thought it was the same guy sorry. Everyone else here is rather polite about it but the Hungarian is a good bloke and I am entirely willing to be vicious without hesitation to that one Fin. Thankfully our mods are great. Every other poster is great. They built us this big beautiful website and somebody who isn't me is paying for it.
No. 39647
Thanks for the explanation, no worries Ernst. I apologize on behalf of my countrymen, or those expats posting with Finnish ip.

I am shy and 90% time just lurk on here, rarely posting (or responding to replies, sorry). Nowadays I only come on imageboards when there is something wrong, like now with the corona quarantine.
No. 39830
90 kB, 1200 × 508
97 kB, 1200 × 508
119 kB, 1200 × 508
92 kB, 1200 × 508
Great straight-forward action movie. Memorable characters, interesting setting, banging Carpenter soundtrack, great fight choreographies, cool old school special FX, and not to forhet the cute girls. Really just pure entertainment, a welcome change of pace from the "heavier" movies I watched recently.

Interesting thought I had when watching this, was whether Kojima was in part inspired by this movie for MGS2?
Just as Kurt Russell suddenly portrays a more hapless and silly character rather than the badass Snake from Escape from NY/LA, it's the same with Jack in MGS2. And btw the lead character in this movie is also called Jack. Then there are also the diving sequences, also featured in both MGS2 and the movie.

Anyways, maybe I'm tripping, just go watch the movie if you want to just kick back and be entertained.
No. 39833
Well, I guess if you watched one Carpenter+Russell and liked it, you most probably going to see all movies with that lol.
No. 39889
13 kB, 400 × 155
27 kB, 310 × 445
67 kB, 560 × 879
44 kB, 468 × 274
sorry because with all this covid shit I can't even reply decently. But I thought I could share some stuff I've watched fragmented recently.

Mad Max, watched for the 4th time. Yay magnificent, the more I watch it the more I enjoy it

Genesis II produced by Gene Ron... Well the one from Star Trek. Somewhat silly but I'm a sucker for that stuff.

X by the magnificent Roger Corman. Very competent. 2nd time I see it. Long live Roger Corman

Patlabor 3: I admire the pair of balls the guys had: if you wanna see robots fighting you won't have much of them. But visuals are absolutely lovely. The script passable but well.
No. 39890
92 kB, 630 × 1200
>The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On
thank you that seems interesting
No. 39901
>Genesis II produced by Gene Ron... Well the one from Star Trek. Somewhat silly but I'm a sucker for that stuff.
During 70s he basicly tried to start it multiple times. There like 2 or 3 failed pilots and all of them variations on same plot.
Same as TINg premisis and start same as Star Trek first movie is variations of cancelled Star Trek Phase II.
No. 39902
Also yes
>Mad Max, watched for the 4th time. Yay magnificent, the more I watch it the more I enjoy it
I'm also like first Mad Max the most, need to rewatch it also.
No. 39923
74 kB, 960 × 1080
Yes I've read something in Wikipedia. The idea had potential. In terms of atmosphere reminded me of Logan's Run.

Another relationship that was created in my mind was with Buck Rogers in the XXV century. Freezing and waking up in a distant future...
No. 39937
134 kB, 898 × 505
26 kB, 500 × 363
77 kB, 850 × 468
57 kB, 500 × 770
I also like Phase II and plans for it and think that Star Trek I is the best trek movie. If it continued as Space Oddysey-style TV series it'd be great, but well, we get TNG instead, it was good too.
I found it funny that all main character of TV series died in Movie and then their "redesigned" versions become main TNG characters.
No. 39949
91 kB, 600 × 780
I recall Star Trek movie being too long IMHO but well, it's been years since I watched it. I watched Star Trek the original and the one with Picard when I was a teen and I enjoyed it.

Now another film:

Review: weeellll it's okkkk butttt...
No. 39996
56 kB, 351 × 500
Film reviewed: "Brother"

Meh, meh and more meh

I'd love to like Mr. Kitano movies, but he and I seem to use different brainwaves. Zatoichi [sic] and Violent Cop are much better. This one lacks muscle IMHO. Pic? In the vein of Brother
No. 40026
114 kB, 1280 × 720
465 kB, 1020 × 1146
661 kB, 1280 × 720
95 kB, 1200 × 675
I watched all 3 seasons of Castlevania, and would recommend. Even though the story was built upon a fairly straightforward battle between good and evil, that story was very well written. The main arc was fleshed out with decent characters, who were given enough depth and conflicting motivations to keep them colliding with one another. There were a lot of great action/fighting scenes, of course, but the majority of screen time was spent building up to those fights-so it's not a wall-to-wall bloodbath, despite the warnings that this show contains violence and gore. It contains some sex as well, including a great sequence in season 3. I can't say more without spoiling it. That 3rd season wasn't as focused as the first 2, and seemed to move at a slower pace. But it did expand the world, and the conclusion definitely made it worthwhile.
I'm not sure if it was just one ernst who mentioned this show here, or two, but thanks for doing so.
No. 40029
Wait, wait wait... three? How did I miss there is a third season? I'll be back to read the second sentence and onward of your post after watching it. Don't want to spoil myself after having seriously enjoyed the second season last winter.
No. 40057
30 kB, 318 × 445
64 kB, 640 × 480
I thought it'd be much worse! It's an OK film, pity they didn't try to recreate the Doom atmosphere. For me, aspects like the background from pic 2 define the very original aesthetics of Doom
No. 40059
1.it was more like doom3-ish
2.doom1-2 had no any style or atmosphere beryong bare minimum assets requred for absoluely abstract arcade shooter.

Overall movie pretty lame and fell right into "00s video game based b category movie where b tier director not really cares".

Resident evil 1 movie if not director's waifu was decent. Original gamd had lames excuse of plot with terrible japanise translation anyway.
No. 40079
>Original aesthetics of Doom
On the contrary, I'd say that because the way the assets were made, the original doom games lack any kind of coherent aesthetic. Sure, it's unmistakeably doom, but it's not cohesive. Look at a revenant and a cacodemon, they have nothing in common, because on is a scan of a clay model and the other was ripped from a D&D handbook. (Or look at the guns. The shotgun is incredibly low-tech for a sci-fi)
Chinese landscapes, Gothic gargoyles, nothing fits together but it all works because none of the elements are ugly and the gameplay is good.

The new games have a much better chance of getting an OK movie adaptation because you can copy its looks better than Doom1-2's. (Though I don't know why you'd want to make a movie of a video game, when the point of a game is not the story but the gameplay. I'm not going to quote Carmack on this.)
No. 40159
38 kB, 480 × 351
148 kB, 985 × 369
191 kB, 590 × 393
516 kB, 800 × 1254
Yes you are right, I didn't made the relationship with Doom 3. Even in the DVD there is a section showing the game. But I tend to disagree because I always found the aesthetic intriguing: it might be rushed in some parts but the overall experience seems cohesive enough in my opinion. There are places where shows the originality of Doom, like the magnificent BFG. That weapon is bizarre as fuck.

And after all is what people does, people feels with Doom. It's people that projects their soul contents in Doom. And following the Doom scene, which I admire, I can't help integrating this into something special for me.

No. 40186
393 kB, 724 × 1024
Beri nice picture. The starring was very good and in the end "oh it's Max Von Sydow!" Hamsun was a Norwegian Literature Nobel Prize
No. 40259
38 kB, 440 × 219
Watched Love, Death & Robots since I've got nothing better to do but sit around and accumulate fat. I assume all the stories are adaptations because I recognized about a third of them as something I have read in the past.

The animation ranges from mediocre to great (the great ones reminded me of the Astartes youtube channel), but unfortunately the stories are just way too dull, obvious, and kinda tired, if this makes sense, it doesn't help that most of them take themselves too seriously, in fact, I almost liked the one about the rednecks and the bugs simply because it doesn't. A couple of others were okay as well.

I guess one shouldn't expect much from Netflix, but, once again, some of the animation studios did a great job, so kudos to those people.
No. 40261
Sad that The Lord Inquisitor was cancelled. But well, both projects had like... clearly not ultra professional design stuff. You can see both of them made by enthusiasts, not actual studio for some wierd reason.
No. 40268
Despite being made by a single person with just a PC and a whole lot of passion, Astartes looks absolutely amazing, the animation quality is great and the attention to detail is exceptional. The flip side of this is the fact that we get 3 minutes of video every 6 months.
No. 40280
303 kB, 800 × 310
I love this film so much

It's an almost perfect action movie

Great visuals
Great rhythm
Good casting
Great power
A bit shoddy script but I don't care

2nd time I see it. Won't be the last God willing
No. 40281
I'm just watching the trailer.
Trash! Beautiful trash
No. 40283
If you want trash, you can also side with the B movie version that bases its plot on the 1975 version just like the one the spainard posted is doing: Death Racers In German it's Deathrace 3000 and the dub is making it even more trashy

The Insane Clown Posse dubbed in German is hilarious. At least I thought so as teen.
No. 40290
5 kB, 404 × 399
"Insane Clown Posse und WWE's Raven in: Death Racer 3000"
No. 40315
382 kB, 1041 × 1500
Now I watched this: nice! With Peter Cushing. Worth watching! 1972, British.

>The trailer

I tell you the film is better than the trailer: although it's very intense it's not only brainless action, it's more contained, in the vein of decent old school dystopian films. The trailer is so compact that it can give the impression that is all cheesy dialogue. But the overall experience is more equilibred.

Thanks, now I have to watch first Death Race 2000, you know, I admire Roger Corman, which actually coproduced this more modern Death Race.
No. 40379
25 kB, 314 × 445
Nother one:

No. 40380
Kaller? Is that a sequel to Kontrol?
No. 40382
211 kB, 694 × 642
320 kB, 700 × 739

No. 40383
13 kB, 121 × 258
Köcsög :D
No. 40430
65 kB, 695 × 1024
Didn't know that films were so good

Potential bias is that I've watched it splitted in four screenings.
No. 40435
48 kB, 426 × 597
I watched Death Race and this movie gets a thumbs up from me, too. With cars, guns, and starring both Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson, it fit right into my love for the Fast&Furious series.

I was going to watch another action movie, the Netflix original Polar, but ten minutes into the story they showed the main character waking up from a nightmare and accidently shooting his dog. I stopped watching right there. If the writers wanted me to immediately dislike the protagonist, then mission accomplished. Killing animals is something you have the bad guys do, like in John Wick, because it's one of the fastest ways to evoke a strong negative reaction from the audience. So I have no idea what these writers were thinking, and didn't stick around to find out.
No. 40443
27 kB, 284 × 436
I'll have to take a look to that series, I never payed too much attention to them because I thought they were too commercial. Thanks.

Now for another film:

"At age 17, Parés and Sáez decided to start their first major film project, a horror comedy about a zombie outbreak which occurs in their hometown, which they both directed, wrote, and starred in with Muñiz. Produced on a very low budget, reportedly for only a few hundred dollars, and no formal film training,[8] Plaga Zombie was very popular with audiences in Argentina[9] and eventually gained an international following"

It's a good film, I laughed many times. "Braindead"-influenced.
No. 40450
>I'll have to take a look to that series, I never payed too much attention to them because I thought they were too commercial.
Well, you're not wrong- the Fast & Furious movies are very commercial-especially the most recent ones. I won't go into specific plot details, but the series evolved over time. The first three are simple, down to earth stories about street racing. The fourth movie is where the series begins to build a larger world, involving international criminals and government agents. From that point forward, each movie gets bigger and the stunts get crazier. I can't predict whether you'll enjoy them or not, but since you liked Death Race, then I'd say to give them a shot. While I like all of them, if I had to list each one in order, from best to worst, I'd rate them: 5(imo a perfect action movie), 4, 6, 7, 1, 8, 3, 2.
I haven't seen the Hobbs and Shaw spin-off yet.
No. 40454
19 kB, 800 × 432
Thank you, thank you, I have the tendency of not trusting ads and that films did have ads here. I admit I went wrong with that attitude. Thanks for that suggestions. As a recommendation, A "Bullet In The Head" previously mentioned has a car persecution/scene which is really nice.

drums roll

1975 Toyota Crown S80 vs 1968 Mercedes-Benz W115

Super exotic don't you think?
No. 40473
418 kB, 400 × 400
Started watching Miami Vice a couple of weeks ago. I read someone say that the first two seasons are legitimately good cop drama. So far I'm almost finished with the first season, and I'd say they were right. The characters are well written, plots usually pretty interesting, dialogue snappy, and the overall 80s feel is ebin - it has the same sort of vibe as Scarface.

Apparently it all falls to pieces from season three onwards though.
No. 40477
1,2 MB, 500 × 500, 0:04
So I made it to the end of Twin Peaks season 1. Don't think I've been this engrossed in a series/media in years, no spoilers pls!
No. 40482
Also like this thing and atmosphere of it. Of cource, I'm russian so learned about it's existance much later, way after I actually played GTA Vice City and watched Scarface and it was funny to look at how much detail come not jsut from miami, but exeacly from series onto the game.
No. 40492
158 kB, 720 × 1152
nother film with came with the Plaga Zombie DVD. I laughed many times too. Well done Argentina

If you know Spanish you can watch it here:

No. 40544
52 kB, 393 × 600
I hope the depiction of the events portrayed in this film are accurate. I found this but I have no time to analyse


The film is very compact, very nice
No. 40665
207 kB, 936 × 1270


No. 40709
56 kB, 800 × 480
82 kB, 800 × 480
75 kB, 800 × 480
106 kB, 800 × 480
This movie's probably the closest thing to depicting a seemingly neverending nightmare. Starts out just slightly odd, but then keeps adding layer on layer of new disturbing elements, all the while somehow making sense but not fully. On the surface it's about a couple who drifted apart, but then there's the setting of divided Berlin, nods towards books, religious and other imagery to the point where a clear interpretation is really impossible.

Definitely recommend if you're a fan of horror, especially of the psychological & Lovecraftian kind, though there's also quite a bit of visual horror too, I wish they wouldn't have teased it in the credits at the beginning. This movie's actually total horror.
Pretty sure it was a major inspiration for Takashi Miike's Audition, also some similarities with Cronenberg's movies and Carpenter's In The Mouth of Madness starring Sam Neill as a simillarily dishevelled lead character, but it's like all those added together and then squared in terms of impact.
No. 40711
>Stiege Schultheiss-Eck
No. 40713
218 kB, 1015 × 1500
Seems interesting thx. Saved for reference


Now for a film the grips you, I didn't find a moment where I told myself "let's finish it later". Good stuff.
No. 40725
I wanted to watch it before, please tell me where to get it.
No. 40732 Kontra
I got it from rutracker, you can get it from piratebay as well I'm sure or just stream at fmovies.to for example
No. 40736 Kontra
1337x is a worth a shot too if ru/bay fail to deliver
No. 40737
87 kB, 630 × 1200
99 kB, 800 × 428
101 kB, 1024 × 554
41 kB, 758 × 427
I watched the 1974 cult classic Phantom of the Paradise. It's a rock opera/horror/comedy which mixes story elements from Faust with The Phantom of the Opera. First of all, every character is played over the top, and I loved Paul Williams as the music producer Swan. Secondly, get ready to hear the word "cantata" a lot, because of course it's a rock opera about a rock opera. I'd say the best way to describe Phantom, is to imagine Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory crossed with an episode of The Monkees, and dipped in LSD. So if that sort of thing sounds appealing, then I'd recommend. I enjoyed it.
Oh, this also had some great music. Here are the opening and closing songs, which were my favorites:

The Juicy Fruits - Goodbye Eddie

Phantom Of The Paradise - The Hell of It - Paul Williams

>A "Bullet In The Head" previously mentioned has a car persecution/scene which is really nice.
I found that scene on Youtube, it was excellent. Real cars crashing into each other, bullets, blood, and even a flaming barrel used as a weapon. I haven't seen the full movie yet, but I don't mind knowing the ending first. I even saw the end of Fight Club before the beginning, so the Tyler Durden twist didn't really come as a surprise :D.
No. 40746
24 kB, 270 × 270
If you are like me, you won't have problems with the film, because I have to concentrate distinguishing the characters, you know, I'm not Asian...

("well which was that guy?")
No. 40789
I watched it because of your recommendation and found it really impressing, especially because I expected it to have a slightly dirty 70ies look still. Instead it uses very light colors a lot that create an unique atmosphere.