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No. 27102
2,1 MB, 1000 × 1000
Post your artwork, discuss, give critique in this thread.

Useful books and resources (mega dump):

Personal recommendations
Anatomy and construction:
Michael Hampton - Figure Drawing - Design and Invention
Richard Schmidt - Alla Prima; Everything I Know About Painting
Joseph D'Amelio - Perspective Drawing Handbook
Harry Borgman - The Illustrators Guide to Pen and Pencil Drawing Techniques
No. 27133
128 kB, 600 × 200
55 kB, 300 × 100
Great OP pic.

>using a slab serif font
You're right, it really does fit the propaganda poster style. I spent some time trying out a few different options(Sabelia, Dehuti, Clarendon, and Permian). When I compared each font, and took into account how well each one scaled down to 300x100, Permian was my favorite.
So here is the new Lenin is a Mushroom banner which also incorporates your suggested text changes. Thanks again for that; I should have asked Ernst for translation help sooner.
Oh, and I was able to copy/paste text from >>27061 so I didn't have to type cyrillic characters after all.
No. 27145
Currently drawing a house wren. Will post when it’s further along
No. 27148
140 kB, 251 × 458
>Lenin was a [...].png

You apparently always best yourself. Looks awesome.

Also great team work with Belarus.
I hope that Ernstchanmott will include it into banner rotation within a narrow time frame.
No. 27149
Very nice, good job.

>took into account how well each one scaled down to 300x100
Yeah, I forgot about that. Slab serif fonts were designed mostly for newspaper headlines and posters, so they might have looked pretty bad or outright unintelligible on a smaller picture.
No. 27198
1,2 MB, 1200 × 1200
Looking forward to it. Although I hope my saying that doesn't feel like added pressure to finish. I personally have trouble working under expectations like that. It starts a cycle of obsessively correcting insignificant details X^DD.

Thank you.

>great team work with Belarus.
Agreed. It's always nice to get ideas/feedback from Ernst, and this banner is definitely better because of it.
Now that it's finished, I'll post it to the thread in /meta/.

The 300x100 scale was a real wildcard with slab serifs. While working full size at 600x200, I would adjust the text in each font and then cross my fingers as I resized them. Pic related.
No. 27202
Clarendon and Sabelia bold look best I think. What's up with the symbols on the flag though? Shouldn't it have either a mushrooms or hammer and sickle? I can't even tell what that is but it looks kinda like the Sophons faction symbol for Endless Space 2.
No. 27211
56 kB, 300 × 100
56 kB, 300 × 100
33 kB, 997 × 666
8 kB, 200 × 200
>Clarendon and Sabelia bold look best I think.
I liked Sabelia bold the best at 600x200, but when reduced I was concerned about it becoming illegible. Here it is at 300x100; is it clear enough? I'll post Clarendon, too.

>What's up with the symbols on the flag though?
To break up the reds, I took the symbol from the Mushroom Kingdom. I did a bit of warping to match the waving flags, so they might not be clear. Should I adjust them?

>it looks kinda like the Sophons faction symbol for Endless Space 2.
You're right, it does.
No. 27214
Yeah I think the first one looks totally fine
>Should I adjust them?
Definitely you should
No. 27227
103 kB, 310 × 260
56 kB, 300 × 100
56 kB, 300 × 100
>Definitely you should
Ok, this is much better. I think the key is to have one clear mushroom to give the viewer's eye a frame of reference to interpret the rest of them. The first pic is to show what I changed, the second is Sabelia Bold font, and the third is Clarendon.
No. 27233
Honestly it still just looks like the Sophons. Tbh mate I think what you should probably do is scrap the idea of using a Mario mushroom altogether for this one because it's already not very distinct as a mushroom on its own.
No. 27234
I see the mario shroom. I am actually finding it hard to see the other symbl beyond the barest similarities in rounded shape.
No. 27247
6 kB, 300 × 100
Spending way too much time trying to do this by hand. It's especially hard on a laptop touchpad :-DDD

t. 6 billion hours in paint pro

I give up tbh. Maybe one of you guys like the idea though at least.
No. 27248
105 kB, 300 × 100
I did a thing :D
No. 27252
Damn son. Way to separate the casuals from the pros :-DDD
No. 27254
129 kB, 940 × 460
319 kB, 760 × 992
The font is really nice though, you have a good sense of visual design. Maybe you should get into something like stencil or lino printing

It's a pretty ebin and relaxing hobby. It's like mspaint, but IRL :-D
No. 27255
209 kB, 485 × 757
207 kB, 310 × 525
56 kB, 300 × 100
55 kB, 300 × 100
>scrap the idea of using a Mario mushroom altogether
In the original poster the flags were set against a lot of negative space(pic 1). With the 3x1 format that space was eliminated, and then after adding the mushroom cap I began to worry it was too red. I could be wrong, my judgment with colors often is X^D. Anyway, Here is one more attempt to improve the mushrooms. In light of >>27234 I kept the changes subtle, and only tried to sharpen areas which might be visually confusing.
Pic two is another lineup for comparison, including a version without the mushroom flags. The font is Clarendon, because that one is really growing on me.

Text on a curved path-by hand? Using a touchpad? 6 billion hours seems pretty fast tbh X<D.
I really like the concept.

No. 27256
169 kB, 585 × 585
It's not my design tbh. That's why it's good :-D
No. 27273
1,5 MB, 2480 × 3508
I think part of the problem is I also never played Mario for the most part, so my brain is not identifying the Mario symbol. It just looks like some glyph composed of two circles and looks nothing like a mushroom to me.

I get what you're trying to do conceptually and I like the concept and referencing but
problem is the base material just doesn't look like a mushroom really. In this case I'd defer to others and see what ernst thinks. To me this is a case of what I know many types of artists including writers suffer where they get attached to the idea but it becomes more about their pet concept itself and the overall work suffers for it because it doesn't work with the greater whole but they become too attached to the idea.

I've probably done this myself numerous times when writing. I'm tired af and having a hard time finding the words for it right now but it's this specific thing I think writers and some painters, composers etc do, like say you happen to enjoy one note so much and just have to incorporate it into something, but it doesn't work with the overall piece and so all you end up hearing as the listener is an otherwise decent song marred with this one irritating or just bizarre off-note that keeps making you think "what the fuck was that?" In the case here I don't think it's that much of a distraction but it's noticeable enough every time I'd see it I'd be looking at this glorious thing entirely beyond my capabilities with just that one off note, like a scratch in the roof of your mouth while you're eating your meal.

I think that done right it can even become a sort of The Kramer or Mona Lisa smile, but more often than not it just becomes something that doesn't work with the composition. I think that in frame 3 pic 2, and in pic 3, that it kinda now works but I think that it's ultimately just more conceptually gratifying than visually coherent. If that makes any sense.

t. doesn't actually know what he's talking about
oh this just reminds me, so I was in pottery class long time ago and I made this, not sure how to call it like an esoteric edgelord thing. Everybody else was supposed to make a jug with a face on it in my ceramics class and I was going for some dark apocalyptic thing, and my teacher suggested putting a blue teardrop on it. That is the number one best example I can think of of a piece of art getting this one piece that doesn't actually go together at all neither conceptually really nor particularly aesthetically in any sort of coherence. But then again, too many cooks spoil the broth, if you catch my driftI'm saying if what you're doing is not a supremely satisfying scratching of the assburger urge to wrap multiple references together and have Mario mushroom people but part of what you're doing then clearly you should ignore my input entirely as I always trust the vision of the artist above all elsebut I still think it makes the composition mildly visually incoherent particularly if you're going so far as trying to find really old school revolutionary era Slavic font
No. 27280
16 kB, 300 × 100
Rate 6 billion more hours in paint.
No. 27305
214 kB, 720 × 1152
>To me this is a case of what I know many types of artists including writers suffer where they get attached to the idea but it becomes more about their pet concept itself and the overall work suffers for it because it doesn't work with the greater whole but they become too attached to the idea.
I admit I've become so focused on making the mushrooms work, that I haven't spent time considering if they actually make the art piece better. I mean, their placement wasn't really the fulfillment of a concept, it was simply a coloring decision. And even that was a close judgement call. My initial post in the old drawing thread included a version without the mushrooms; I was still on the fence about them. However, once I set to work fixing the font I never really stepped back to evaluate any other aspect. Instead, my only concern was proper technical execution.
This reminds me of a project I did for an art class. After spending a week drawing chess pieces(it was 24"×48"), I had the idea to add chess notation to the background. To make it even more 'clever' I copied the notation from a famous chess match. What did the teacher say? "I wish you hadn't done that". Specifically, he said the notation "cheapened" the piece. Pic related.
Anyway, your comments have made me realize that I might be repeating that mistake. I think I managed to set the mushrooms fairly well, and they are identifiable enough, but that shouldn't be the main point. The point is, as you said, visual coherance. To that end, digital mushrooms are objectively anachronistic on a retro poster. It comes down to making a decision, of course. To that end, in order to make banners as timeless as possible, it's best if I avoid tangential meta-level references. There's actually a saying I've heard related to cartooning. In order to keep compositions immediately clear: When in doubt, Leave it out. That probably applies here, too.

Nice take on assberger strength. What is the context of the original image?
No. 27324
I dont know I kind of like the chess composition like that. It truly makes it stand out as unique to me, rather than just another art class exercise in depth in object drawing and I think your teacher may have been wrong. I had an art teacher once who gave me (and frankly almost everyone else) shit about what I was doing, part of which was my abject failure to follow his instructions to such an extent I suspect he thought I was doing it on purpose to spite him rather than my complete lack of awareness, including one time when he specifically said any paper except newsprint and made a point about that but all I could remember is him explicitly saying something about newsprint, so I decided he probably was specifically saying make sure to only draw it on newsprint. He also gave us a self portrait in a mirror assignment but I only did my eye in a pocket mirror which I'm sure he took issue with but was about the only professional looking thing I ever achieved in that class and another classmate also was all "I actually like it." Hell fuck it why not I might even try and dig up a picture and post it in case anyone here cares, just because I sincerely doubt anyone is ever going to be here that'll make it identifiable as me.

But yeah regarding yours I'd have to say, your art teacher might be wrong. I'd probably have to see a real life sized version to judge better than this thumbnail
No. 27325
41 kB, 500 × 324
It's a fairly common picture related to a compilation album released in the 80s called Strength thru Oi!
No. 27328
107 kB, 1000 × 846
119 kB, 1000 × 1600
I don't know why I'm exhausted after only a couple drawings. I'm having this uncomfortable feeling like I'm scraping against the limits of my intelligence.
I'm trying to understand how motorcycles work, since I'm planning on adding one to desert helmet. Lots of bits and bobs in there. The overall shape and composition is easy enough, but the things inside the frame are an incomprehensible mess to me so far. I need to do research.

Anatomy is still fucking me up, trying to memorize all of the muscles and where they slot in is quite difficult and frustrating. But I think I've devised a method to deal with it. A lot of anatomy resources approach the subject in terms of lines and relationships between lines. I do not understand lines. I understand shapes and volumes. So I'm thinking maybe next time I will try to study anatomy in terms of a bunch of blobs stacked on top of each other, rather than lines wrapping around a skeleton.

I know I should probably do more finished stuff, but I feel like a good idea is wasted if it's not executed well. Which means conveying not just the idea of something, but an actual depiction of it. Be it the human body or a motorcycle. Which means I'm going to have to draw a lot of motorcycles now.

There a difference between "finishing" something, and really finishing it. That level of professional polish and detail that elevates the work to the fulfillment of its potential. The last 10% of progress that requires 90% of the effort. This level of diligence and work ethic is something I've always envied in others and wanted for myself. But so far, I only have two shitty sketches.
No. 27336
>I think your teacher may have been wrong
Thank you, ernst. That was an old picture, so tbh I can't even judge the full-sized version myself. Maybe the scale makes a difference, maybe it doesn't. The funny thing is, whether teachers are correct or not, their words have a lasting impact. I mean, we're still thinking about them, right?
And of course I'd be interested in seeing that drawing. If it's just an eye, there's no risk of being identified. Heck, I could post some of my old self-portraits and not be identified :D. Seriously, though, they really are bad so I won't do that. I'm much happier with the cartoon self-portrait I posted in the old drawing thread.

Thanks. I'm not sure I've seen that one before.

I get that exhaustion from drawing, too. Even though I'm not physically moving much, the mental energy drain is real. You've sketched a decent motorcycle even without all the detail bits. If that's the floor you're going to improve upon, then desert helmet is going to have a pretty awesome set of wheels.
No. 27339
190 kB, 1000 × 1143
Motorcycles are pretty fun to sketch. Very interesting shapes.
The hardest part is making the wheels round :-DDDD.

Having looked at how other artists solve similar problem, the answer seems to be obvious: they just hide the details (usually in shadow), and only imply parts of it, just enough for the inaccuracy not to stick out.

It seems pretty obvious now that you don't need to literally reinvent the motorcycle from scratch in order to draw it, but not having someone explicitly instruct you to do something correctly, you end up trying out dozens of incorrect things before arriving at the solution.
No. 27340
1,0 MB, 2960 × 1871
>2, 4
Man, the old school silhouette for bikes was so much cooler.
No. 27342
Whenever I look for reference related to automotive design, technology, computers, etc., I always add "70s" to the search.

I think it was the most aesthetic era of american design tbh. 60s are a bit too retro for me, in the 80s everything looked too boxy, 90s is when everything went really ugly and cars started looking like bars of soap.

70s cars and motorcycles, on the other hand, are pure sex. Them curves, man.
No. 27345
I like vintage British mechanical aesthetics more than American ones tbh. They just feel more 'right' to me. Dunno how to properly explain it.
No. 27377
86 kB, 400 × 400
I was enjoying Radio Ernstiwan today.
No. 27459
135 kB, 800 × 600
Quick sketch of Ork on mongolian-like armor. I actually wanted to draw a picture or set of picture with mongolian-like orks in style of world war I, where traditional mongolian helmet combines with greatcoat, metal-wooden rifles and mix of dinosaurs and rats like some proto-ice age animal who drags artilery etc. but has no any time and will to draw nowdays so I'll pertty shure I'll abadon this as usual
No. 27460
Also this picture don't created to offence anyone. I just love orks. And like mongol stuff. And great war.
No. 27532
1,8 MB, 424 × 424, 0:02
You've put a lot of thought into the concept; even if you don't finish it, thanks for sharing this sketch. All the larger ideas that I have involve simple drawings that are interconnected-like comic panels-rather than epic scenes like you described. I can do cartoons where multiple characters interact, but doing that with more complex anatomy is still difficult.

I had an idea for a 1960's style background for this >>27377, and since I was going to draw a lava lamp it seemed like that would make a nice bit of animation. Getting the motion smooth took a lot more adjustments than I anticipated. Luckily lava changes shape as it rises and falls, so that gave me a wide margin for error :~D. The finger has 3 different frames which repeat in a cycle, and the lava has 12. Btw each frame is shown twice(back-to-back). I learned doing the Johnny Bravo juggling image that 24 frames at 12.5/fps looks better than 12 frames at 7/fps.
No. 27542
No. 27550
95 kB, 458 × 436
Great work mate, saved!
No. 27555
Update: haven’t done much with this drawing due to the fall semester (been pretty busy between biochem, stuff for my lab, insect collecting, etc.)

I think I need to get better at managing my time. I will finish the wren drawing eventually.
No. 27569
418 kB, 1440 × 857
Well, I'am bad drawer and artist. I actually always interested in creating worlds, plots, generate ideas, but I has no actual skill or actual will to finish anything so pretty much anything I have in mind I abadon and not finishing it because well.. yeas, I'll never have an opportunity to finish anything on level I have in mind

You done cool animation on this picture. And like how you done his foot, looks like "more realistic version" of ernstkrot :D
No. 27588
Thank you.

Real life® always tries to interfere with our art X^DDD.

>like how you done his foot, looks like "more realistic version" of ernstkrot :D
Thanks. I enjoy experimenting with different ways to anthropomorpize moles. Large feet and a small rounded head seem to give me the best results. Moles also have large claws, but I learned a while ago that those don't work well on cartoons. They make the character seem too threatening, and I try to make Ernstwurf look curious, or like he's interested in something.
Nice coloring on the orc. If you keep adding lines like that you could end up finishing after all :<DDD. Don't worry about finishing something as perfect as it is in your mind. That's a long-term goal that you can only reach by doing one drawing after the other. No single drawing is good enough, but if you have the time and enjoy drawing, keep doing them. Eventually you can look back and notice a progression in skill level. At least that's been my hope experience.
No. 28062
1006 kB, 1400 × 2300
I've been refining this drawing on and off for a few days; I think it's as done as I can make it...for now :D. Out of all the details, I think that lead bird turned out the best.