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No. 27331 Systemkontra
2,1 MB, 1366 × 768
1,4 MB, 1366 × 768
1,7 MB, 1366 × 768
8,5 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:28
new treda betta
No. 27333
924 kB, 1920 × 1080
58 kB, 620 × 420
Okay so apparently some-fucking-how Amplitude has just slipped a brand new DLC from right under my nose. I should be fucking subscribed to their newsletter damnit I want to be notified of when a poll is taking place. It's not like I own almost every single one of their games and DLCs you know.

I'm actually holding off on this for now, just because a bunch of other things are on sale that I'm checking out and I've got to stop spending my money like water on vidya games this year. I've already spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars just on my vidya gaming this summer alone which is as I guess a kind of substitute addiction instead of buying alcohol or anythingwhich is just showing me the sheer scale of how hugely fucking expensive it is to be a heavy drinker to begin with; a single tall boy is like three dollars which is enough to cover a cheap game or DLC, and I must've been spening enough to buy a decent game on sale every single day that I drank before like I can't even imagine how much fucking money I must've wasted on booze back in the day one night out at a bar alone could've easily bought Cyberpunk 2077/VTMB 2 preorder and in order for me to actually get both that and the other shiny vaporous shit I'd have to actually go back the fuck out today or tomorrow and buy a new Steam cardyes I am actually spending my money on steam cardsthis is so I can actually forcefully limit my own spending by preventing my debit/credit card from being directly linked to steam and thus plundering my bank accountnot to mention giving me a direct physical representation of how much goddamn money I'm going through on inflating my backlog while also preventing identity theft of my money, preventing any kind of tracking by anyone whatsoever by paying for alle things in cash, not to mention forcibly putting a physical stop to my impulse buys by actually forcing me to physically put on shoes/clothes and physically go all the way out to the store and buy a physical $20 steam card every damn time I want to impulsively buy something then walking all the way back just to put more funds on my own account rather than reach for my wallet 8 feet away which has the added bonus of making me sort through lots of reviews before purchasing anything. It's completely fucking retarded sounding but trust me it works. which clearly I don't feel like doing that after getting back home from work.

And so, instead I am just going to sit here and look through what else I'm possibly going to buy with my 19bux in my steamwallet which includes both South park games for about a tenner, The Swapper, The Guild 2, I dropped Patrician 4 just because it has some sort of bullshit single activation only DRM and had mixed reviews anyway, Tropico 3 Absolute Power which I'm only considering because frankly I liked Tropico 3 a little bit more than 4 in certain aspects but holy hell do I miss those air conditioning unit upgrades and a few other things from more YOBA casualized 4 even though it's tbqf a ripoff because you just get everything in T3:AP and then some in T4, plus Dungeons 3 which honestly I don't actually give a shit about that much but it looks pretty cool plus eh reasons. And then there's possibly other cool new things on sale, and I've already got the one last DLC aside from Awakening in my count I haven't got, which is Endless Legend Symbiosis.

Why am I super stoked about Symbiosis, you might ask?

Because I get to play the one faction I actually wanted to play the most out of anybody in Endless Legend: the mushroom people. Yes, this is one single faction I really wanted to play and was excited about, partly because it also generally fits my playstyle the most (I think?) which should give me great joy in getting to play a large mycological colony race. Honestly though my actual preferred style in any game ever that allows it is to expand my territory and influence as much as possible, preferably by swallowing up others along the way. I did this in Rise of Nations, I loved doing this with Zerg creep in Starcraft even when it was to my disadvantage, I loved doing it in GalCiv III or any other 4x particularly if planet flipping could be an option or my territory damaged or decayed anything in my path, and by God, I will try to do it in Endless Legend with mushrooms if I can.

But back to ES2 again, as for Awakening I'm not quite sure what to make of it because one of the strongest points of ES universe was how truly alien the devs actually tried to make everything right down to their core mechanics, and it truly saddens me that this could become just another stereotypical blue humanoid race that's quasi-spiritual or some cliched silly shit. Sorry for the droning on longpost btw.
No. 27335
9,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:36
This mo'fuggah dunked me good, god I hate this game but I have to finish it eventually.

Each DLC they've released for ES2 has been worse than the previous one, so I ain't holding my breath
No. 27337
Isn't there an option to turn off superweapons? If you can, I'd say Supremacy was the more interesting DLC than Vaulters. A faction that wants aggression but not too much expansion is far more interesting than the Maginot faction.
No. 27341
882 kB, 1917 × 1080
2,9 MB, 800 × 450, 1:08
2,9 MB, 640 × 360, 0:57
Oh yeah and speaking of which you can play any of the Endless games for FREE until Monday morning US Pacific time, which I would highly recommend.

I cannot emphasize enough how much these games are worth it, particularly Endless Space 2. If you're a fan of Stellaris at all why wouldn't you try it for free this weekend?

and yeah I know Supremacy wasn't that well liked and I haven't had the time to try it out well enough to comment yet. I think imma end up going out and getting a new Steam card today anyway :D

Yeah there is actually, but people panned Supremacy for it anyway (myself included I seriously wasn't going to buy it solely for that reason) and the problem is that Amplitude basically had this not just as the centrepiece of the DLC but also iirc made it kind of somehow a core feature of how Hissho were supposed to be played, thus nuking it nerfs the Hissho iirc or maybe I could be wrong about that. Regardless, it basically means that the whole thirteen. dollars. DLC would basically amount to just getting a single new major faction and a single new minor faction and not a whole lot else, which people would understandbly be upset by paying for with that kind of money.

Me personally, I almost solely buy shit when it goes on sale (hence my ridiculous spending habits because I ain't buyin that shit nigga when it's at a full $13-15 for some game's DLC or $60 for a game I don't piss gold) and so for a new faction $4.41 is actually worth it to me. Besides which, my main gripe with a lot of 4x games ends up being their lack of diverse and unique factions which in ES2's case they inadvertently crippled themselves by making them perhaps too memorable. What this means is that whereas relatively bland, characterless races in certain games which allows you to fantasize them much differently, with ES2 what you see is what you get and you're kinda forced to go along with it.

This makes that game rather tedious after your third or fourth session without getting the DLC because each faction remains solidly unchanging. In Stellaris you can play any of a hundred different games and make it feel different each time, because each one feels the same, if that makes any sense. That, and Amplitude seriously needs to work on their scripts a little bit for AI particularly as regards the diplomacy and such.

So really, while ES2 is perfectly enjoyable for your first couple campaigns it ends up feeling samey with just the base game after awhile where the only truly unique and surprising things comes from having to relearn the game yet again playing your own faction with its at times wildly different core mechanics and playstyle. Basically, all the factions are just way too rooted, which means that you end up welcoming the chance to have hopefully dozens of factions to choose from eventually. It is for that reason alone that I don't mind paying for their new DLC when it's on sale solely to get a new unique faction to play with or more importantly, against. Well that and the fact Amplitude is one of only two companies I actually like giving them my money.
No. 27343 Kontra
Meaning yeah you can disable superweapons which got patched in solely because the community complained about it so much, but I forget if this also turns off the super ships themselves entirely or just the doom cannon, and whether it also turns off planet crackers which iirc they did that i thought was fucking retarded and doubly so if it disables both the doom weapon and planet crackers but not doom ships themselves.
No. 27344
I don't think it disables behemoths in general, just the superweapon variants. It's a small Hissho nerf, but isn't crippling in my opinion.

ES2 is also kind of boring after a while because it's an Amplitude game, very atmospheric but as deep as a puddle. There are rarely ever any meaningful choices to make because of how easy it is to just build your way out of any problem you're facing. That's a 4x/Grand Strategy problem in general but it's made worse by the fact that it's also the only real option available most of the time in Amplitude games.
No. 27346
As opposed to what? Which game does it so differently?

As for building your way out I disagree. It's actually very easy to fuck yourself on overexpansion morale penalties for example and it gets to a point where no amount of researching or building shit is going to dig yourself out of that hole, particularly since a lot of worlds simply don't have luxury resources and several of the morale buildings depend on them. You can have one lava or ice world tanking your whole system.

Don't disregard the power of government and heroes. One very good law and government type setup and it can make or break your entire game. I had one game where I was playing Sophons and hadn't yet realized the overcolonizing penalty because I usually go wide but I think I ended up needing it for some reason which started causing a death spiral of unhappiness. I managed my way out of it with some shysty election engineering and getting the right party into power which floated my like -110 or something morale malus on every system and it got to the point where my entire game began revolving around engineering it so that that not too popular party never actually lost power and even then was always like second or third place in elections, because should they ever lose power I'd lose their laws and instantly be hit with enough of a penalty to send half my systems into open rebellion within a few turns.

The law and government in ES2 is actually one of the few games I've encountered that does that right at least. Compare this to another bog standard of the current gen of 4x genre like GalCiv III and you'll see you're right, just like you said it's building yourself out of everything except that one doesn't even really bother with ground combat too much and is painfully simple compared to ES2. It's literally just about who can claim as many worlds faster with the fastest or rather most hyperdrives strapped to their ship to extend their overall range out far enough and be able to arrive in time to defend it or retake it. There isn't even battle tactics, not that that often seems to matter as much in ES2 or rather it becomes all formulaic where you are told and know ahead of time for the most part if this battlefleet tactic is going to turn an easy battle from a simple one to you losing half your fleet due to ranges, fire angles, defenses, and so on. Sure it's not as fleshed out as it could be, but still.

Honestly the main problem with all that is because in ES2 by the time you're even within earshot of achieving an economic or science or whatever victory you're probably going to be so strong fleet wise that it'd be simpler to just crush every single opponent in two to three turns than even bothering with the other 20-30 turns it would take to achieve that other victory condition. In that regard you're right, it is way too easy comparatively to just build your doom fleet and steamroll everyone. It's also problematic the way most of the races can't just conquer worlds and expand due to the artificially imposed overcolonization limit, which kills anybody but like the Cravers and Hissho should they dare even try a massive conquest campaign unless they dealt with the terror and chaos of switching government to autocracy and dealing with the multiple turns of chaos and anarchy.
No. 27351
I'd say Aurora which while far more complex than ES2, finds its depth in what it doesn't do rather than what it does do. It doesn't impose penalties to fix things that break logic. Overexpansion isn't based on some arbitrary number and penalty, but is based entirely upon your ability to maintain expansion. The depth then is how to determine when you need to hold off on further projects. Is it when your patrols get thin? Ammo dumps start running low on cutting edge weapons? Maybe just low in general? Or is it the ability to get enough prefabricated infrastructure out to the colonies to get them established (getting people there is the easy part, keeping them alive long enough to become a stable settlement is another). Do you need to send construction forces out to build infrastructure instead?

Then there is upkeep. It's not just a trickle of money that disappears over time and sitting in friendly space for a few turns to replenish manpower stocks, but is how often your ships need to come back to port for maintenance, how often their magazines need topping up, refueling. Whether your outposts have the weapons, fuel and facilities to even perform maintenance on local fleets. There are meaningful decisions to make as to priorities beyond 'best ships to most dangerous area'. Sometimes it may be better to send second-rate vessels to a hot area because they use an older launch system that is compatible with a slightly out of date but locally far more numerous missile than the newer ships who are more effective in areas with developed weapons industries. And that includes upgrades, it's not just the click of a button and some cash, but an involved process that can have a ship out of action for years sometimes. Even ignoring the complexity of the mechanics, there are far more variables that can determine the viability of a fleet than simply money.

Great leaders also aren't just magically great heroes that you pick up, but are typically members of your officer corps who establish themselves with some great act, or particularly great aptitude in some field. It's natural and cultivating your crop of proficient commanders and assigning them to the right places is a far deeper experience. Think a mix between units gaining experience and having heroes themselves.

And yes, building your way out of it is still a thing in ES2 as it is in most all 4x games. When I play a wargame, even one with building like WitP, you don't get many new ships coming in, if at all. While in a 4x game you can say, 'oh, area X needs more ships, I'll just plonk some down and send them over in the next few turns', it isn't so in something like WitP or Harpoon or anything where it's a matter of making it work with what you've got. You can't even wait a bit for those reinforcements most of the time because what needs to happen needs to happen now. That lack of control adds depth by making each unit's importance greater as an asset that isn't easily replaced. Even what I consider the top shelf of 4x, Aurora and Distant Worlds, have the same problem.

Essentially they've throttled a lot of room for emergent gameplay depth in favour of streamlining. It's not a bad thing, but it's not exactly the pinnacle of strategic depth neither. It gets even more grim if we step outside the realm of 4x games into the strategy genre in general.
No. 27357
They are a nuisance (not a threat, mind you, only nuisance) to Mr. House, obviously. They operate unsanctioned on his territory and refuse to submit to him. Crushing them is an obvious (to House, at least) thing to do.

I started a new playthrough, and this time I'm going independent. Gonna try to be a goody two-shoes as much as possible. I kinda doubt that the game deals properly with a tremendous amount of work such kind of philosopher king, or a benevolent dictator has to do to not let everything fall apart, but I'll do it anyway.
No. 27378
12,1 MB, 640 × 360, 3:17
Well this game looks interesting. Added to my following might add it to my wishlist. I also just picked up Caravan, Dark, and Crookz, which at least in the case of Crookz they made a demo which I can tell is probably gonna scratch at least that gameplay itch left by Satellite Reign of which there are few if even any at all games quite like it (isometric party based stealth game set in Syndicate-esque cyberpunk dystopia.)

Seven: Days Long Gone which is also on sale is quite similar in certain aspects as well, while diverging greatly in others (singleplayer stealth, cyber-apocalyptic with demons idk how to describe it isometric crpg). That game also had a demo and I was could also tell that it'd be a cool game regardless of whatever bitchiness from reviewers. It amazes me what kind of actually pretty decent games get mixed reviews while complete pure trash gets overwhelmingly positive ones.

I have also learned or rather been reminded at work that there's gamers, and then there's casuals, and then there's actual vidya gamers. Apparently, most people nowadays actually are casuals. They play things like DOTA, Fortnite, Spec Ops, shit like that. Then there are gamers, who are more prone to being cringey retards and seem to mostly play things like platformers, roguelites, and probably have an extensive collection of anime.

And then there are vidya gamers, like this gentleman
although dude reading that I was going to say, yeah you're at this point pretty much taking issue not even with just the sub-genre of 4X games but with strategy games in general then I read
> It's not a bad thing, but it's not exactly the pinnacle of strategic depth neither. It gets even more grim if we step outside the realm of 4x games into the strategy genre in general.
This is pretty much because I don't think you actually seem to like strategy games generally.

You like tactical games. All your wargaming is a pretty good example of tactical games: they may actually be pretty massive campaigns, but nevertheless they are actually much closer to being just very large tactical games. Most strategy games have "build shit" as a core feature of gameplay. Party based crpgs and tactical games have a lot of overlap.

The basic rule of thumb is if you build things, it's probably a strategy game, and if you don't, it's probably a tactical game, regardless of the fact that games like Starcraft actually end up incorporating a lot more tactics than strategy.

I would also have to ask you, what games other than Aurora can you list? You're right about it being an issue with all 4x and strategy however that problem is chiefly because all those games are abstracted, possibly even by necessity, although it would be cool to have more games that featured components like having a finite amount of armor, fuel, repair supplies, and crew, all of which cannot be replaced until returning to a friendly port, which ES2 in fact does actually directly incorporate it's just that, again, it's abstracted, as your ships in that game like in a good many others of the genre stay damaged until they can slowly be repaired over a number of turns after returning to port or paying out the ass to rush repairs.

What many of them are missing is morale penalties and ship weapons and other systems being damaged and less effective or out of ammo as well.
No. 27382
14,2 MB, 1024 × 576, 2:33
fucking LUFTRAUSERS is so much fun for such a simple game, Jesus Christ
No. 27443
Oh yeah, it is. For several months I used to "play a quick round" before starting work. Actually helped with concentration.
No. 27444
2,0 MB
Dumb that you can't post .swf files.
There's luftrauser.swf in the rar archive if someone's interested.
No. 27447
I'll klick this readme.exe like there's no tomorrow!
No. 27449
2,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
152 kB, 1280 × 720
Still looks woefully similar to III but I was at least hoping that Dungeons II would look less cartoonish and be overall less goofy, despite having worse reviews, which frankly I don't trust because I'm sure there's plenty of people who liked it more specifically because of that cartoony jokey thing. Plus it was also cheaper to get II with all DLC than just the base game of III. The only thing I could think of that I found where I even really wanted it was the edgy elf hero. I'm pretty sure that I've decided to forego the South Park games at least for now, although when I pirated Stick of Truth at least that was pretty good the first half hour or so of gameplay and it did make me wish "Jew" was a 4th character class in all my roleplaying games.
No. 27451
186 kB, 1280 × 716
19 kB, 460 × 215
Also, Thea 2: The Shattering is on sale though not by a lot (I'm looking at you, lad) and it has a free demo which I can say that it's a good enough demo it convinced me to buy Thea The Awakening even though I previously had no real interest in Thea.

Also this is your last chance to play Endless Space 1/2, Legend, etc for free today and pick up a copy before it goes off sale tomorrow. I would highly recommend Endless Space 2.

Also the whole Crisis in the Kremlin series is on sale for I think two more days at $2-3 each. I mention that because I've seen ernsts talking about it and it truly seems to be an EC tier series of games.



imagine the irony of buying this as DLC in 2019 what would Hoxha think
No. 27452
To be honest, you're best off just picking up Mao's Legacy or Ostalgie. They're a good niche market but the games are a little samey with the difficulty being in how you're thrown into the deep end with deceptively little options.

Where is my Ogden War REEEEEE
No. 27513
399 kB, 1294 × 892
I looked at the discord server of my eve-online corp that I joined months ago and never log in for, and it's full of Americans and Canadians, and they were talking about doing some basic bitch hauling and market-seeding in some region and they started talking like they were in a board meeting, saying shit like 'the product timeline' and 'full disclosure' and then started sharing pie charts and spreadsheets. People who play eve can be so unintentionally funny sometimes (but it's also pretty sad and pathetic)

I ain't buying any more games, I'm broke for the foreseeable future, even had to cut down my drinkin' from 2 nights a week to one.
No. 27530
I shall keep this in mind then. P.S. quit drinking. Temptation may get strong but think how much you spend on alcohol and then realize how much game you could buy with it, and it would be yours, forever unlike booze which buys you a morning of regret and that's it.
No. 27538
Do you mean Ogaden War? Because I never knew about this until now https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ogaden_War
No. 27539
Hand of Fate looks interesting
No. 27540
2,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:22
4,8 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:40
Finished Mad Max, game was absolute kino from start to finish.

I'd rather drink tbh, a few hours bliss and relaxation
No. 27543
You know, I really should open a blog or a review channel or something at this point considering I've been starting to do it almost like a side job. Speaking of which I am so glad I decided to scope out my following list which sadly doesn't show if things are on discount like wishlist but some games are so meh looking you can't even bother wish listing them which I've been steadily trying to prune for the over 200 it got to just because of having to use it the way I wish following worked.

And on that note I have to mention titles I picked up for mad cheap that I only happened on by chance, including Dark, Crookz, and Inner Chains.

Dark is basically cell shaded stealth relying on VTMB nostalgia. It isnt a bad game and with the two or three quid but isn't a truly good game either.

Crookz I only tried the demo but it reminds me enough of Satellite Reign gameplay, which I've come to surely miss. Also not fantastic and is a bit...eclectic, in its 70s style but isnt bad either.

And then there's Inner Chains.

Inner Chains is a Beskinski painting masquerading as an FPS.

I'd definitely recommend Inner Chains.

Eh to each their own. I've meanwhile started blowing money on Kratom which at this point is so expensive I might as well be drinking. I'm probably not gonna keep buying it. It's too much a waste of money and makes me more emotive, which lately translates to being highly irritable and the worst part is it's starting to make me miss drinking, which it's so easy to do but I know all that's going to happen is I'll just be really depressed about having a drink again and it fucks me up too much and I've come to appreciate being sober too much. I barely slept after taking a sleeping pill somewhat recently and that day was so difficult and unpleasant it was a stark reminder of drinking.
No. 27602
Playing Sakura Blue in CMANO. Amazing scenario that pits two secondary powers against each other in a week long naval exercise. Japan vs ROC. You have powerful and modern weapons but lack the strategically decisive weapons of major powers like Tomahawks and JSOWs that let you project power from safer waters. Spent all day planning and setting up my first moves before unpausing the game. Time to see what happens in the first day or so of jostling for positions. Will post a true AAR screenshot gallery when I have internet again if there is interest in pictures of NATO symbology on Google Earth :-DDD
No. 27623
341 kB, 1873 × 1051
I don't know how much this fits in this thread, but there's a conference going on right know called "European women in games conference" and with the exception of one or two actually interesting guests it's kinda cringy, so if anyone is interested:

Stream of the whole thing: https://www.twitch.tv/faceittv
Website: https://womeningamesconference.co.uk/
No. 27651
36 kB, 750 × 698
I like how 50% of the stuff on that list has nothing to do with games and is just gender politics, social media presence and other nonsense.

When do they actually make games?
No. 27654
If you look at the website you see that most of the speakers have nothing to do with the production of videogames and if then mostly the story writing part or similar stuff. But there are notable names like for example Rachele Doimo (3D artist in games like GTA V and Max Payne 3) or Zoë Sams (Programmer at Rockstar).
No. 27660
They don't, heh. If they would actually try to make a game, it would be something no one cares about besides themselves, because it's meant to Create Social Impact & Raise Awareness (by the way, can somebody explain to me, Why Is Every Word Capitalized There? It looks kinda stupid...), not to be fun to play. Their site is also full of those SJW buzzwords, like "insightful", "empower" and "celebratory", the photos of guests who all have important-sounding occupations, like CEO, CPO, founders etc., but it doesn't say much about games. It just looks like some sort of an echo chamber or a circlejerk (circleschlick?), not a real conference.
No. 27688
They don't. It's because they solely see games as another vector for propaganda for their faggy agenda. Note: this doesn't make poltards any better because they approach games with the exact same shit mindset.

Because it isn't. They're little more than a women's book club sitting around drinking tea and talking a lot of bullshit to make a bunch of totally useless people feel self important.
No. 27697
220 kB, 1280 × 720
334 kB, 1280 × 720
Should I get it? Would you recommend Transport Fever to an ersnt who's been utterly obsessed by Tropico, City Skylines, Frostpunk etc and finds city planning pleasurable to an almost sexual degree? Has any ernst played it?
No. 27708
Just a sidenote: But the first picture makes me puzzled which kind of country or continent or "cultural sphere" this should be when take in account the train and cars as around 1900 or a few decades later, 1920/1930s?
The second picture is funny because it suggests action and speed, the train is even sparking, yet in reality these all are considered as the more slow vehicles as usual with transportation and the normal vehicles.
Tho I can understand a certain joy for city planning, I spent hundreds of hours in Sim City 3000 as kid and reinstalled it a year ago or so and played it a bit, but I'm thru with gaming more or less, at least when on my own.
No. 27709 Kontra
Then again thinking about is: Logistics is a hectic business even tho the vehicles are rather slow in comparison to what can be reached with other constructions.
No. 27710
I can ask similar questions to the OP of this thread lol
No. 27739
That was the wrong webm actually. I seriously have to delete that one. I meant to post the one with the angry tank guy yelling in some weird sim game. As for others, well because it is funny way of playing those types of games like Pandemic/Plague Inc/Quarantine.

Probably early 20th in first pic. You get to play different eras of transport from I think 1850 to 2000AD although primarily on the USA and Britain unless there's DLC or mods to play as other places during that time.
No. 27839
2,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:22
>I'm always alert, always!
No. 28004
954 kB, 1600 × 838
1,2 MB, 1600 × 838
1,3 MB, 1600 × 838
Banished is 75% off on steam at the moment
No. 28018
I seent it. Right now I'm trying to figure out if Elite Damgerous is even worth the bother considering it apparently will cost me another $9 even with the sale just to be able to land on barren planets. I mean fucking hell even Mass Effect did that and that was ten years ago. So basically I'm pretty sure it just becomes, do I really feel like getting this game even on a discount solely for the space flight, which I already have Warlord Gemini and never got into it and Rebel Galaxy which was one of the last handful of games on my backlog I even intended to play until this summer sale.

Honestly I'm more surprised by just how many games I still had left to play were I locked in a room like prison with no internet and nothing to do, but that includes games like Painkiller which was painfully meh and a drunk sale buy years ago and Saints Row which was also quite possibly the most incredibly bydlo feeling game I've ever played and I also stupidly and drunkenly got it because I was hammered with a debit card late at night and was all oh hey 70-80% for a whole bundle of games. This was a terrible mistake. Still I've actually got several I only tried to see if it runs and never got into, or a few I haven't completed yet.

At this point I kinda wish I could rent a cabin inna woods with only running water and electric to do nothing but game for the next 6 months and it still wouldnt kill my present backlog which means I really, really should stop buying games now but I'm still going to get Banished. Because it looks awesome and even that ornery scotsman loved it at isitworthabuy and I love me some CMS games.

I've been playing the shit out of The Council which was way way better than I ever anticipated and is one of those rare games where I was on the fence about even getting it but tried it solely to test if my system can handle the graphics and was immediately hooked. What's better is it's kinda complex to think about but perfect for when you want a simple ass game to play because you're tired after work and don't want to do a lot. Sadly some games like Banished seem to really be a free day/weekend game when you've fuckall to do.
No. 28021
The space combat mechanics of Elite Dangerous are really fun and if you're the type who gets easily hooked into grinding for cash to upgrade your ships or buy new ones you can have tens of hours of fun.

The game was fun for me for the first 70 hours or so but then the grind for better ships just got too tedious and the lack of other players discouraged me from getting around to doing PVP space pirating like I planned to.
No. 28025
Honestly no. I can already tell how much that game is just going to annoy and bore me seeing as how I didnt give a shit about Space Gemini or whatever it's called and I'll probably lose interest.

This is funny because the mechanic itself doesn't bother me, just when it's done poorly. Escape Velocity for instance is one of my favorite games. I played the shit out of EV Nova and then got Endless Sky which had its problems (it's a free game after all) but largely could be great with just a tiny bit of modding, and starships jot being obvious copy pastes.

At this point I'm thinking I should just save my money and if I'm going to get anything it might be The Long Journey Home which looks interesting at least but that I can also tell lost of the game is going to be fighting the physics and grinding on planets. I'll probably just nab Banished and keep my other money until something truly good goes on sale.

I think the real problem is the whole genre of space sims have you in the emptiest, most boring place there is--the vacuum of space--and so it takes quite a lot of effort to just make it barely interesting by throwing in lots of shit that just doesn't happen IRL because space travel is fucking boring nothing. You want a real space flight sim? Drive from Texas to California, or better through the midwest. Enjoy literally hundreds of miles of barren absolutely fuck all nothing with no living human to be seen a solid day of driving except the rare settlement between which consists of nothing but a gas station outpost. Not being able to land on planets unless I shell out a lot more money is a big downside. Star Wars universe for example at least tried making space feel like a crowded metropolis. There are universee where there's huge trade routes between worlds. Some have mining or exploration. I think a 40K set entirely on the harrowing journey through the warp could be interesting even without including the Gellar field briefly flickering. Or generation ships. Playing with generation ships could be cool. Why dont we have a city simulator that's entirely set on a generation ship that's possible suffered problems and keeping the biosphere running until you reach your destination planet? If I were an oligarch I'd fund that.

But sadly no, Elite just seems to be some shitton of grinding for ship parts and not even interacting with much interesting. No Man's Sky looks more interesting to me but well the complaint seems to be you do literally nothing but mine shit all day.
No. 28035
1,1 MB, 1440 × 900
1,6 MB, 1440 × 900
1,6 MB, 1440 × 900
1,2 MB, 1440 × 900
Walking around in Tamreil Rebuilt mod around regions that will be released most probably next year, like Roth Roryn, on previous year preview-files and also parts of Aanthirin that will be released this year (I also hope).
It is mostly Hlaalu and Redonran lands, with also one Temple town-canton on Thirr river between Indoril and Hlaalu sides or region. I liked how it was reworked recently with even more great amount of detail - both landscape and NPC-vise. Really feels like every interior is unique, places are memorable and every NPC have something to say, even thought it is obviosly unfinished and when it'll be released it will have even more stuff, including quests.
Feels cozy to walk around very vaniila friendly, but much more detailed and really new content. It like first time playing game you playing for ages now.
No. 28156
The Long Journey Home doesn't deserve to be likened to FTL. It's such a better game. Not that FTL is a bad one, it's just that it's super repetitive and simple if you're into that kind of thing. TLJH otoh mixes up some almost 4xlite tier alien diplomacy with planetary exploration and mining, resource management, space combat and maneuvering which seems a bit clunky the way Sunless Seas did, and a full solar system exploration phase which also can feel a bit clunky at times but is pretty cool and the main thing seems to be timing it all just right and trying to fly more like an actual NASA pilot and not just taking a cavalier attitude to trying to steer like in a normal game or you'll waste tons of fuel as you overshot it or crash into a planet (which for some reason only damages you a little I think it's supposed to represent skimming off the upper atmosphere or something?) All in all pretty cool. It basically amounts to a neat little No Man's Sky exploration type game.

I still have just a few cents short to get Tower of Time which I've been considering though if I do get it I seriously need to stop this nonsense and not just buy another steam card because it's gotten ridiculous. I now have more games than I could reliably play and beat by next spring even if I didn't have a job. I also for some strange reason seem to have ended up with a lot of rogue element checkpoint or autosave games for some reason, which on one hand is fine because I'm increasingly lazy with age but on the other you get to a certain point in like Cultist Simulator or The Council and you're afraid to go any farther since you don't want to fuck it up. Inner Chains, Dying Light, TLJH all these things don't even have save slots which at least is great when I can't even bother to find a slot especially because it ends up just a mess.

Fuck tomorrow's gonna suck. I have to be at work in less than 7 hours which means I've got like five and a half to fall asleep and get enough rest to not fuck up.
No. 28157
161 kB, 1280 × 720
Try Orbiter if you want better spaceflight that will really make you think about the numbers. Looking at the footage for that game, the model is game-newtonian which is more realistic than space soup but is still far from the real deal. You'd probably enjoy Dan's Mods which are realistic enough to be fun in Orbiter but aren't realistic enough to warrant the hands-off approach that actual spaceflight entails.
No. 28190
629 kB, 1600 × 838
683 kB, 1600 × 838
I went back and played a little eve online as free2play and holy shit I can fly some decent shit while free, but only because I already have high-end characters.

I can fly tech2 fit cruisers and battlecruisers on the free2play model that are about 90% as good as when I'm in paid mode. Even my fancy implant sets work in free2play mode which is hilarious/

Still a shit game though, and dead, and owned by Koreans now too.
No. 28211
356 kB, 1726 × 928
Anyone has experience with the game "Destiny"? I like watching let's plays, because I usually find them more entertaining than movies or TV series. I don't own any consoles, so this is my way of keeping up with newer games. After watching lots of stuff in the past few years, I was rarely disappointed (highlights included The Last of Us, FFX, Life is Strange, GTA V and NieR Automata) and after finishing Mass Effect 1-3 (again) earlier today, I found a let's play of "Destiny", a title I didn't know anything about, but it looked promising. SciFi-setting, lots of explosions, made by Bungie - what could go wrong?

After watching 30 minutes of gameplay, I turned off the video. I just couldn't handle the almost satirical amount of screen overlays the game constantly threw at me. I mean, the graphics look gorgeous, but what's it worth when the game continuously annoys you with flashing messages about where you are, what to do, stupid throphies you've earned and stuff about "Grimoire cards", whatever this is. Usually I'm more forgiving and do not judge that early, but that game really makes it hard for me to follow what's happening on screen. Will I miss out on something noteworthy if I just call it quits here?
No. 28231
It's a looter-shooter. Collecting shit and getting various achievements is half the point of the game. That said, I think Borderlands does it better because the games don't take themselves seriously in the first place, so when meta things happen, they can be made to feel like they're just part of the game's humour.
No. 28273
I've had it recommended by a coworker but are any of the borderlands even good? It, like Saints Row, just comes off as being kind of bydlo, but it's hard to tell, but then again, I also pretty much just see all shooters as being bydlo or casual or something.

I also just had this really weird notion where somehow I saw every game as being nothing but the same rote organism pathway feed feed feed don't die/be fed on feed feed which is pretty much the same as fight fight fight. It completely killed it for me and I felt driven to an almost Kafkaesque despair about the pointlessness of life and lost all interest in video games when I realized they're nothing but a simulation of the same most basic and primitive organism script of feed feed feed move to new location feed

It felt so utterly soul crushing in its despairing realization the futility and pointlessness of all life when stripped away to basic compound units bereft of any thin veneer of greater complexity. Not even sad, just depressed. Then I took a brief nap because why bother.
No. 28278
>are any of the borderlands even good?
The second game is probably the best adaptation of Diablo's loot mechanics to a FPS game. The Pre-Sequel is pretty much the same, but with Aussies in S-P-A-C-E and some gimmicks like double jumping, low gravity and oxygen management. Both games are choke-full of teh funneh joges, pop-cultural references and maymays, with TPS being somewhat darker in tone. The first game in the series is considerably grittier and more serious (although it still has its share of silly moments), but at the same time much, much more boring and tedious. If you like hack 'n' slash RPGs like Diablo, Sacred and Titan Quest and FPSes without all that bullcrap like covering, rolling and health regeneration (although you can get regeneration with some skills), you should try the second game. If you liked the second game, you can continue with TPS, and if you are interested in the plot, you can even give the first game a go.
No. 28279
16 kB, 533 × 110
So I bought new iternal hard drive - purple WD onto 4TB. Problem was that I had enough external hard drives, but it was not something you can install modern game and exept it run smooth due to speeds of access, and only iternal storage I had was this old seagate barrakuda on 300gb I using to this day because it works and still in perfect condition. But problem was that I had no enough space for new games. Thing is, modern games "weight" from 50 to 90 gb due to terrible optimisation of resources. So 1 or 2 installed modern vija games just fill my hard drive compleatly. And problem is that I just dropping often them for a long time. Sometimes I have feel "I want to play modern vijya!" - and after like hour I feel like "it's boring shit" and will not give it another go in next 5 months. And during this time period I need harddrive space for somthing other, so I just deliting this crap out of computa.
Now, I can keep a lot of this games intalled same time and don't need to worry about storage space, so I can finally probably beat some of modern stuff, not abadon it on half, or even 1/3.
No. 28280
If you are worried about a game being 'bydlo'? Steer clear. It's a series that is retarded as fuck and revels in being as much.
No. 28281 Kontra
Borderlands 1 has a great atmosphere. T-Bone Junction especially was ebin. I wish that 2 had the same atmosphere with all the same gameplay improvements. I hear 3 is very good, but Im waiting for the Epic exclusive to run out before I get it.
No. 28282
>I can finally probably beat some of modern stuff, not abadon it on half, or even 1/3
Haha, I wouldn't count on that. You'll just keep them installed and forget about them for an even longer time, because now you don't have to mind the HDD space anymore. I have, like, fifty or sixty games installed, and I don't even remember installing some of them (probably was drunk or something).

No, it hasn't. It just has nothing but the same boring fucking desert, with occasional industrial ruins and bandit camps. Having brown and grey shit everywhere doesn't equal "having a great atmosphere". T-Bone Junction itself might be interesting, but the rest of that DLC is designed so badly, that any kind of good impression gets killed in the bud.
No. 28283
I thought it was a breddy nice space western setting tbh.
No. 28284
Meh, it is mostly a plagiarism of Mad Max with some sci-fi elements like robots and ayyliums. BL2 did better by introducing different biomes like ice deserts, temperate zones and swamps while keeping the general western elements. After all, there is no rule that westerns have to be set in a desert.
No. 28285
Three Horns was pretty cool, I did really like Three Horns divide with its geothermic tundra theme. I was mostly just disappointed with The Dust as the main desert region because it took the parts that were boring from BL1 (the open deserts) and removed the bits that had charm (for me the towns both in general design in in the tiny details like old travel posters really felt like the failed colony that Pandora is).
No. 28287
>the towns both in general design in in the tiny details like old travel posters really felt like the failed colony that Pandora is
Lynchwood has some of that "feel", I think, and Overlook, too. It's just that you don't get to see many towns anymore, since Hyperion is taking over aggresively, I guess.
No. 28288
Yeah. I mean, it's not as though the atmosphere is totally lacking in BL2, I just preferred the near-miss dustbowl of 1 compared to the greener take on Pandora that 2 had. In terms of interesting, it really was the right direction to take the setting since the deserts had really been done to death by the end of 1. I'm just a sucker for classic space western aesthetics I guess, and you're probably right that I am more taking issue with the expansion of Hyperion creating a less chaotic world. That said, EDN III from Lost Planet is a good example of a snowy Space Western (with Japanese trimmings but still).
No. 28330
15,8 MB, 720 × 405, 3:47
22,7 MB, 640 × 512, 5:45
16,1 MB, 800 × 640, 3:46
18,3 MB, 720 × 405, 5:01
I know nobody cares, but I thought it would be cool to webm'ise a bunch of really old eve videos from its glory days and stick them up on the internet, since I may be one of an increasingly small number of people that has hard copies of these old vids from the good 'ol days
No. 28331
Reminds me a bit of some of the megaprojects that some Orbiter communities have occasionally. Here's one from 2012 by a bunch of autismal Italians.

No. 28332
Lol you were part of goonswarm?
No. 28333
No. 28374
39 kB, 402 × 402
I think I asked you guys about this before, but what are your thoughts on Pathfinder Konigsmacher? Because I'm pretty sure I'm going to get it at this point. I do know it's supposed to be pretty hard, have a few bugs, and be uber complex, but at the same time I pretty much fucking hated Pillars of Eternity on some level which while it deeply and badly reminds me of it, it also reminds me of all the things I either wish Pillars had or did have and was good about it. For instance, getting to actually attend to your keep or castle and building and managing a realm, which in PoE I kept feeling like why the fuck am I supposed to be bothering with this shit, why am I even supposed to care, why am I supposed to even remotely give any shits about my Watcher visions, why can't I just sit around managing my castle instead of running out doing errands for a bunch of annoying jackasses and so on, and plus it's got an alignment system.

Not actually having any sort of alignment or nothing that actually made any sense was a drawback for PoE as compared to say Planescape. Pathfinder is actually supposed to have that and make it a pretty crucial thing to the storytelling and party building, which is unlike Pillars that just had that moronic gods system and I say moronic because whether you followed any or not actually amounted to completely fuckall and you could pretty much just be a bastard as much as you wanted with little repercussion save for the reputation system which was pretty neat but unfulfilling.

I am hoping that pathfinder is actually good but I haven't heard as much promising about the storytelling and writing itself.
No. 28375
It is D&D 3.5. If you arent into that ruleset, you wont like it.

Its actually one of my least favourite systems in the whole d20 rules universe. Whrn it works, its fine but nothing special, and when it doesnt work it is utter nonsense. Its really just a sacred cow that they cant get rid of at this point.
No. 28390
459 kB, 1680 × 1050
290 kB, 1280 × 720
124 kB, 269 × 371
35 kB, 474 × 266
OH SHIT SON it looks like a whole bunch of games including ones I've really wanted have just gone on sale

These are ones I'm just not as sure about
No. 28392
22 kB, 474 × 221
1,2 MB, 5000 × 2684
446 kB, 870 × 350
641 kB, 1280 × 720
And these are the ones I have actually really wanted, so what's Ernst's take on it? Which of them have you guys actually played? Which things look interesting to you or you would recommend?

Because apparently Stygian just dropped today and there's literally no review yet, so given it's not at a huge sale I may have to wait on that one. I am however DEFINITELY getting Spellforce 3.

Far Cry 5, Expedition Vikings, and Pillars of Eternity 2 all just went on sale but I'm kind of like eh whatever. Driftland is also on sale but each time I see it it looks good but then I just think how meh underwhelming it might actually be (it was actually that game that made me want eador more) and plus it's only got the three basic bitch races of dwarves, elves, and humans to play as some I'm kind of like eh

This is the Police looks interesting, so maybe. Pandemic is cheap and love me some board games/Plague or Pandemic like games. Majesty 2, well it is cheap but it's also a bit old and I've learned my lesson the hard way how utterly stupid and pointless it is to give Valve money for an old game that the devs won't see a dime on and is probably broken to shit anyway but I still might get it.

But now onto the really good looking ones. Encased which also apparently just dropped is an isometric turn based rpg kind of like Wasteland 2 or maybe XCOM. I'll have to look into it a bit more because what I cannot fucking stand is how one of my favorite genres--crpgs--almost invariably sticks to the same basic cliched and banal fantasy settings, which is quite possibly my least favorite theme/setting of all time behind only games set in basic unmagical medieval settings (I to this day have no idea why anybody likes medieval shit so much).

Despite how good it looks and the awesome reviews I'm still a bit put off from Sunless Skies just because while the writing was superb for Sunless Seas that game was also infuriating and I fucking hate the roguelike mechanics so I never actually got deeply into it. I detest games which dont let you save and wipe out all your progress more often than not. This is cool as an ironman mode, but not cool to me as the central feature, and moreover Sunless Seas ended up feeling pretty clunky, all of which Skies supposedly fixed but it's still just not on sale for steep enough I think especially since I've already got a somewhat similar and absolutely fantastic game I'm playing right now called The Long Journey Home which I would strongly recommend.

So what say you ernst? Which out of all these games would tickle your fancy? Which have you already played and you could review or recommend?
No. 28449
Really? Has no one played any of these games? Pandemic fucking sucked btw trying to get my money back.

What about Elex? Apparently it was made by the same people who made the Gothic series, and is supposedly a bit eurojanky
No. 28450
46 kB, 250 × 247
nop never played any of them
No. 28451
Dude, thank you. That video was brilliant, I need to watch more from this guy.
No. 28518
I honestly have kind of mixed feelings about him because he often plays too much to the vierkanal sort of crowd, but at the same time at least a few of his reviews are really good like the Space Station 13 one
I think that this may be one of or the only times I have actually liked somebody else's review way better for the same game as Mandalore. Otherwise Mandalore is pretty great, but apparently that guy is too busy recovering from back surgery and using his shotgun as a cane to bother with releasing tons of videos. I'm pretty sure he only releases like one review a month on average.

Then there's other pretty prolific and straight to the point ones who quite frankly I generally favor over these really faggoty meme reviewers, which includes people like Tzeentch, as well as joe or jackseptic eye (joe? Jack?) who I literally never watch, ever, or pewdiepie who I also literally never watch because these guys are a bunch of hysterical annoying fucking faggots. The other criteria for one I automatically shut the review off is if the dumb faggot has his own face in a box anywhere on screen, especially if the entire screen literally is just his face. Like pidor I am not fucking here to watch you talk about video games, I am here to watch reviews of people talking about my vidya games I am thinking about buying (and sometimes not). I still maintain that most streamers, facefags, and other pathological narcissists is what really killed youtube long before it was even taken over by that cancerous abomination known as google so I really couldn't give two shits less about how all of them are getting demonetized because quite frankly a lot of them deserve it. They contribute nothing and only pollute the fucking tubes with their horseshit.

A few exceptions to this rule are Mandalore partly because he is so spot on and not about stupid memes or using it as an excuse to talk about himself like a woman, as well as ACG and sometimes isitworthabuy but quite frankly mac goes way too into meme bullshit at times and I frequently find myself disagreeing with him or his tastes. His review of Hatred for example was absolute cancer, but otherwise he's decent. TotalBiscuit actually wasn't a bad reviewer RIP but he could just drone on and on and on. Like holy fuck you guys would you please create a separate video for an actual let's play that's an hour or 40 minutes long and another that's just a review in ten minutes or less?

I'm trying to think of who else. There's a few other good review channels but the problem is that some of them are kind of a bit more niche, like you'll have one guy almost only going into 4x and strategy games or another person who's generally just talking about walking simulators. What makes a person like ACG great is because he generally reviews all sorts of games and has pretty much taken it up to the level of having a real job sort of professionalism. Isitworthabuy is similar, but slightly lesser imo. Sethtzzentch or whatever just spends way too much time joking around to where you'll have like wasted like a 14 minutes video worth of your time and only just gotten 2 minutes of actual review out of him in between all that bullshit. I still to this day have very little idea of what to expect with Elex if I were going by his videos alone, rather than like tacking on what he said to what Mandalore said about Gothic and other reviewers I've heard about Gothic and Elex. Not that it wasnt an entertaining video (I posted it here for the appreciation of ernst after all) but I just wish he would actually review things better.
No. 28519
For fans of VTMB, what's the deal with Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle? Do they have formal ties to the Sabbat or they just a Gehenna cult? I once heard it suggested they could be part of the Tal'Mae'Ra, although that seems pretty far-fetched. It's entirely possible they were aligned with the Sabbat and have since defected.

Arguments for Sabbat Pack:
  • "Bishop" in Bishop Vick.
  • Disregard for humanity.
  • Operate in a derelict area.
  • If Montreal by Night is any indication, the Demons certain Sabbat packs traffic with are known to poison Kindred with infectious vitae. Bishop Vick mentions a Demon, but more likely, his comment referred to his Sire than anyone of the Fallen.

Arguments for Gehenna cult
  • Their aims to accelerate the apocalypse violates the Code of Milan.
  • Vick doesn't share his fellow Kindred's concept of Gehenna and consequently denies the existence of Antediluvians. Absolutely heretical.
  • No official literature mentions "Path of the Ninth Circle" anywhere as a Path of Enlightenment.
  • The conservative members of the Sabbat don't like having their herd getting thinned to death.

To me, the Brotherhood seems to be an independent Doomsday Cult with Bishop Vick hoping to end the world by all means necessary. He comes across as a God-fearing man in life who snapped from ugly circumstances around the time of his Embrace. It's possible some shovelhead sired Vick before turning him loose, which fits the MO whenever the Sabbat enters a contested city. The Sabbat knows the Capes dedicate plenty of resources covering up fuckups like Vick, so the tactic to sire relentlessly and turn the Caitiff loose to frenzy and leaving trail of drained corpses works wonders.

If we accept B9C as a Sabbat pack, Kanker probably joined after snapping from his Embrace as a Nossie. Jezebel Locke was possibly a Torrie antitribu who defected out of boredom.
No. 28522
From which game are your screenshots from?
No. 28523
22 kB, 900 × 506
Plague Inc. is absolutely worth it, probably even at full price (although the mobileshit version is cheaper and not really any different); Quarantine is not. I actually really ended up liking Quarantine but it's basically 99 cent shovelware. Get it on sale, and then yes it's worth it, but absolutely not at full price.
t. buying of 90% off $1 games sometimes

I personally don't even know of them actually having any place in the lore outside of VTMB however my understanding had always been that they were just a strictly Sabbat cult, regardless of whether or not people like Vick and that woman vampire were fully in on it. Their whole point was pretty much to act as a black ops behind the lines as a shock against camarilla held territory to cause as much chaos and disruption to LA as possible. Sabbat typically doesn't even have awareness of the concept of "collateral damage" even less so than any normal vampire so doing things like causing huge crime waves, drug epidemics, deadly diseases and civil wars just to fuck with the Camarilla and try to bring more non-Sabbat territories under their control is par for the course, like how they also flooded the LA tunnels with a bunch of monstrosities which you have to realize many of these things were once innocent people just to fuck with the Nosferatu which itself was for no other reason than just to fuck with the Camarilla and blind their eyes by shutting down the tunnel rat intelligence network.

I can't remember at the moment what the point of this was and how much was directed solely at the Sarcophagus because they too might have thought it contained an antediluvian, in which cause causing widespread disease on the surface while flooding the tunnels with Tzimisce creations is a perfectly sane and rational strategy to the Sabbat for stalling and distracting the twat of a Ventrue prince and his hangers on in LA while pursuing the Ankaran sarcophagus or at the very least making sure LaCroix has way more problems getting his hands on it.
No. 28529
3,1 MB, 1600 × 900, 0:26
3,9 MB, 1600 × 900, 0:23
Playing Dishonored 2 high chaos full violence run at the moment and it's fun as hell.

Btw can any Ernst tell me how to make my webms less blocky? I can't seem to make a webm of a dark game without this pixellation
No. 28530
101 kB, 490 × 627
I wanted to say this for a long time, but I always forgot when I actually had the opportunity: Those pictures in the OP are ridiculously funny!
>Fatposting was created by god to select his chosen few
Gets me errytime!
No. 28534
1,5 MB, 1366 × 768
1,8 MB, 1366 × 768
1,4 MB, 1366 × 768
1,4 MB, 1366 × 768
I've got a whole collection of these honestly
No. 28535
2,6 MB, 1366 × 768
1,9 MB, 1366 × 768
2,0 MB, 1366 × 768
2,0 MB, 1366 × 768
When you've beat the game if you're feeling bored it can actually be pretty funny just to see such things by naming your disease whatever and seeing it spread and random events triggering.
No. 28537
1,9 MB, 1366 × 768
1,9 MB, 1366 × 768
1,9 MB, 1366 × 768
2,0 MB, 1366 × 768
I keep meaning to ask why the hell is it that your short webms are so huge? As to your question, not a clue sorry. All I know is that despite its perks webm isn't the best encoding.
No. 28539
Last year I got myself heavily invested in cyberpunk vidya and went as far as to get myself a long grey coat and a pair of mirror shades to make the grey autumn and winter more palatable.

It subdued the malaise of these darker seasons so effectively that I now associate them with the cyberpunk aesthetic: "the skies were the colour of television, tuned to a dead channel" (pretty funny how anachronistic that metaphor is now). Trouble is, I've run out cyberpunk videogames to play. I could try replaying the Deus Ex or Shadowrun series but I savescum so damn much in these sorts of games that I already know all the divergent paths (or at least know that it's just a superficial sprinkling of divergence). Alpha Protocol is one of the few games that did it right. Give the player lots of choice, but don't make the results of the choices immediate. Let him stew and wait to see what happens.

Sheeeeeeeit I guess I've solved the "what should I play" problem by typing all this out. My memory of Alpha Protocol's story is hazy enough to give it a legit replay.
No. 28540
Satellite Reign
No. 28541
716 kB, 1600 × 900
I've never seen you post a webm that is OC, so when yo do better than my 3mb webm that is 30 seconds long I'll answer your question
I really like both recent Deus Ex games tbh, I thought they were comfy as hell. But the Shadowrun games were a slog at times, still - Honk Kong was decent
No. 28598
Why are you getting defensive? I meant things like >>27335 although I could've also been mixing vids up because I just remembered seeing like a 30 or 22 second clip from Alien Isolation that was like 17mb and thinking "how the hell is this thing so big it doesn't even have sound"
No. 28601 Kontra
8,0 MB, 960 × 720, 0:18
>you never make any OC
he says

I actually can't even remember if I uploaded this before or not
No. 28608
Why have I never heard of this age-old autism simulator from Finland? If only I had the energy to play this kind of game, I would probably be able to lose myself in it for a long time.

No. 28611
It was actually all the rage on old kc, some years ago.
No. 28619
Ah well, I stopped visiting KC when I started spending time on EC, which was around late 2013.

... which was 6 years ago, what the fuck?
No. 28712
132 kB, 1280 × 720
290 kB, 1680 × 1050
1,2 MB, 3840 × 2160
Mandalore already doing some animation for his channel
I even lazy to properly draw my channel's head lol

Anyway I played some Rage and it was pretty mediacore. Transport with HUB is kind of questionable, same as it's physics, I think hub in raven's Wolfenstein 2009 was more usefull than here. Shooting is not that satisfying because enemies react like "stones" - when you can hit twise in head and he will not show that he damaged at all and then when he dead he just become mid-00s ragdoll potato bag. And then dissapear immideatly after a second, like in Doom 3 and Quake 4. However all this things in Doom 3 and Quake 4 you notice much less because hell it was early 2004 and then what.. 2005? and whole dynamic shadows and ragdolls was pretry new cool thing. Here you notice it quite more, since it is already 2011 game.

Plot - at least to part where I'am I don't feel strong much eather. Game starts awesome - showing asteriod fall on earth on dramatic music, you going into sleeping chambers. It was in style of movies like this "interstellar", which came out some years after and was quite promesing. And then it just immideatly go into "oh hi %player_name%, here are some bandits kill them and welcome to cool bandits and pank mad max apocalypse with gool girls who wear almost no clothes X-DDDD". And it is interesting to see how they did a lot of little things - like real backgrounds and styles of each band - from those who think their god is some russian oligarh, or ones who like fire, but when it comes to main reasons, main characters is breaking apart even more than unfinished raven's Singularity.

What I can say about game as good side, like really good - backgrounds and landscape. Megatexture technology showed how cool it can be and at date of release it was probably most awesome views and backgrounds. Even if at close it most times worked like crap and you can see texture loading up in your face even if you playing on modern computa and on max ssetings. Still, fallout 4 from 2015 looks pathetic with it's gamebryo that using standart "place 9000 meshes that each contain 20 separate objects on simple earth curve groundcover" compare to this, for example.

Also, I don't like interface and inventary at all, they like really crap.
No. 28717
1001 kB, 1600 × 900, 0:11
2,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:22
>17 seconds long
and I thought my webms were HUEG? look at this, 11 seconds and not even 1mb, or 22 secs and not even 3mb. Dont diss my webms nigga them fighting words.
No. 28720
Yeah, you pretty much just described everyone's thoughts about it at release. Then it became something of a joke along the lines of 'hey, remember when Rage was going to be the hottest shit ever?'.
No. 28725
2,1 MB, 640 × 360, 0:39
1,8 MB, 640 × 360, 0:26
2,9 MB, 1440 × 1080, 0:14
4,9 MB, 640 × 352, 0:59
I have no idea why you think I'm talking shit about your webms because I'm not, but now that I know it bugs you so much that's a useful thing to know :D
No. 28726
7,6 MB, 800 × 450, 1:25
9,3 MB, 500 × 400, 1:12
999 kB, 480 × 360, 0:16
8,5 MB, 854 × 480, 4:27
No. 28727
10,0 MB, 640 × 360, 2:25
6,9 MB, 640 × 360, 1:16
3,9 MB, 320 × 240, 0:29
4,6 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:35
I'm really sorry I know that this comes across as lazy pointless shitposting but I saw Ireland posting all his game webms and just had to post some of my game related ones too
No. 28728
8,8 MB, 640 × 360, 2:26
3,7 MB, 540 × 360, 1:40
1,3 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:14
6,4 MB, 640 × 360, 3:12
No. 28729
6,1 MB, 640 × 360, 2:01
13,2 MB, 640 × 360, 2:31
24,3 MB, 640 × 360, 4:33
5,9 MB, 576 × 360, 1:22
No. 28730
11,7 MB, 552 × 360, 4:22
4,6 MB, 640 × 360, 0:55
2,5 MB, 640 × 360, 0:30
6,1 MB, 640 × 360, 1:05
No. 28731
4,3 MB, 640 × 360, 1:39
1,1 MB, 320 × 240, 0:57
8,1 MB, 640 × 360, 4:36
4,8 MB, 640 × 360, 1:46
No. 28735
17,8 MB, 960 × 720, 1:34
Heh, just for me it is new game. Well, anything after 2010 is kind of new for me.
Sorry, but it is kind of is shitposting. This other Ernst not dump hell lot of webm files

Well, maybe I should actually try my own webm. Sadly, format factory ffmpeg crashes with error and I not found any solution how to fix it because it is in some codec dll but well, so it was pain in the ass. And then it was 26MB and Ernstchan have cap of 25MB, so fuck it, I did it mp4.
No. 28741

>There is an elevator moving at the speed of government

I love Mandalores humour and dry voice so much.

Also, really interesting game, I think I'll get this now.
No. 28752
Encode your WEBMs in VP9+Opus, note that VP9 is quite slow to encode.
No. 28757
You just reminded me of why I loved Deus Ex and KotOR2 so much. Those were the times when games could have great writing, today there is just professional writing.
No. 28759
1,4 MB, 1366 × 768
1,4 MB, 1366 × 768
1,4 MB, 1366 × 768
1,9 MB, 1366 × 768
I ended up getting the Ju 52 for Il-2 because it was on sale and I was kind of curious. Flying logistics or air-dropping supplies or paratroopers is surprisingly engaging for a game designed around combat aircraft. The Rheinland map also dropped in the latest update (using it in pics) and it's beautiful. I'd rate the maps (that I own, no Arras Sector since I haven't got Flying Circus yet) in Il-2 as Rheinland>Kuban>Stalingrad>Moscow.

I'm really hyped for the Pacific theatre game that they've got in the pipeline tbh. Pacific War aviation was ebin.
No. 28872
2,1 MB, 2500 × 1770
Made picture for [S]bulling consolefags[/S] represent probably best times in gamedev history
No. 28873
fuck, cpaitalised "s" not works, always forgot. Sad!
+100 points for everyone who can recognise all games!
No. 28901
What's the futuristic looking game in the lower right? 1994, second from the right.
No. 28948
You mean Emperor's palace from Star Wars TIE Fighter intro?

No. 28951
858 kB, 911 × 720
I have got to stop this. The amount of money over spent on new games is extraordinary at this point and the funniest thing is, I've hit that whole catch22 of well life in general, like about being old and rich and successful but without the health to do anything about it for being young and energetic but without the resources to do anything with it. At this point I have gone from no money and plenty of time to working enough to have money but not enough solid free time to enjoy it. I find myself pissing away much of my free time just on running a bunch of errands I have to take care of before work and by the time I'm settled in it's already almost time for work again.

But on the plus side I do theoretically own a bunch of new games now, it's just that I haven't the time and it will definitely take me almost a solid year of spare time just to thoroughly get through my backlog.

I'm also now having the problem of focus where I've lost my attention span to concentrate on completing just one game and letting it hold kg attention without thinking of other games. I suspect better library organization could fix this somehow but feel like Steams library is quite limited. Currently I'm playing Ember which for a small indie game is actually quite impressive for the amount of content. I also find myself enjoying the happy cheery fantasy setting for once, probably just because it contrasts so sharply with my mood and general IRL settis atm.

At some point I'd like to pick them up but didnt now because I don't want to spend lots of money only adding to my backlog without snatching them up at a sale, but two new games just dropped which I'd been waiting for called Encased and Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones both of which do indeed look pretty amazing. They were only on sale for 10-15% on release though, but Encased alone looks like I'd pretty much just get wrapped up in it for days or weeks. I also just picked up Planetfall because I'm such a huge fan of building and management simulator games and so far I can definitely say it's pretty good and well worth it.

This rounds off the list for release alongside Age of Wonders Planetfall even though I don't really give a shit about the AoW games, with my last remaining "I definitely want this" list being VTMB 2, Wasteland 3, Iron Harvest which idk what the deal with that game's development and release is, Beautiful Desolation, Othercide which is a weirdly not talked about XCOM-like game I cant even describe, Countryballs Heroes which honestly looks like something someone we know has been developing just because well it doesnt look like just some dumb memes but an actually potentially really good HoMM like game, Industries of Titan, Disco Elysium maybe, Baldur's Gate 3 which thankfully went to Larian, and that's just about it. Those games plus maybe a few other I'm not/am no longer holding my breath on like RAM Pressure and Phoenix Point and that should just about wrap it up with me being a media consumerist whore owning (in theory because steam licensing bullshit) every single last game I ever wanted with the exception of Battlefleet Gothic Armada II because it's past what my computer can handle playing which makes me oddly satisfied. I feel like I've been filling a hole in my soul and it doesnt feel empty but genuinely satisfied.

All I need to do now is just get some more RAM speaking of which this is a reminder to myself to scope out that 1tb hard drive and RAM sticks I just saw someone selling for cheap because lord knows my computer could use it. I'm only running on 8gb and think it's overly taxing some things, speaking of which if I have Cities Skylines crashing when my city gets too big can I fix that with more RAM or a better GPU or is that a processor thing? I also have to investigate whether I can just pull the plug on my CD drive and use that cable to plug in a tertiary internal hard drive because I tried installing on USB external HDD and couple games ran like shit. BF:GA2 basically wouldnt even launch the data transfer rate was so shit.

Due to developers not optimizing for shit every new game is a bloated 20gb+ mess so I've effectively run out of all my hard drive space. I've even tried deleting every single other thing I could and it's still not even close to enough space on current 1.5tb of data which is an absolutely amazing amount of data. I've been having to install and uninstall tons of shit which is a bitch because that means you also have to download these things which even at 20gb is a huge ass amount of time to be downloading something, let alone the 40gb things. I have Qunatum Break for some reason which I'm pretty sure I purchased when I was drunk solely due to some weird transient fixation with time at the time and its selling feature seems to be just having known actors as themselves playing characters including chaos CIA man. The game itself is pretty much just your typical shooter with a gimmick and at this point I want to just play it and best solely so I can free up a solid 70gb of hard drive space so I can download several other games instead.

Sorry for the text wall.

Picture unrelated I just thought it was funny while out shopping the other day.
No. 28952
Yes, thank you. I've just watched the intro and it's glorious. I even have this game here and have never played it. I shall do so after finishing the three games I am currently playing :D
No. 28954
>if I have Cities Skylines crashing when my city gets too big can I fix that with more RAM or a better GPU or is that a processor thing?

Almost certainly not related to CPU, most likely to memory, but could be either main RAM or GPUs RAM.
Really though, it's a fault of the game. Properly programmed it would not crash but simply slow down and tell you about the defficiency. Or, since that is far too lofty a goal for many devs, at least tell you after the crash why it happened.
No. 28956
Yeah well Paradox. I've also heard them going on about how advanced their water physics is and other autismal things about that detail which theoretically should be pulling a lot of it PCs power but it's definitely not that because I can get to 200k pop in my city and then it crashes by simply not displaying anything while the game is still running. I can hear everything going on and the sinumation still running but my screen simply freezes.

Normally this would not be such a problem except that the fucking thing has some weird memory leak where after I force the game to close and kill the exe etc. I cant play a single other game without an FPS of like 3 and massive frame skipping or whatever you call it. Every single other game. It's weird but then again I haven't tried it on my new GPU yet.

Another great but horribly optimized piece of shit is Galactic Civilations 3 which takes fucking forever for turns to end on a huge galaxy map and at least the devs have the decency to flatly say in the galaxy size menu "DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PLAY THIS MAP WITH LESS THAN 16GB OF RAM." I think they actually even said that directly on their steam store page lol. They make some good games but holy shit are the Stardock some of the laziest damn devs ever. That game even has at least one map size where you're not supposed to try playing it with under 32gb of RAM. If you go and see a let's play you'll understand exactly how much of a poorly optimized piece of shit this game is, and not just this game but where one that Stardock makes.

One of the first games I tried with my new GPU was Ashes of the Singularity. I was expecting it to blow my hair back considering how massive the system reqs were and fact that I couldn't even run it on my old 1gb Radeon HD 7500. I got there and built an army and their death animations and models are seriously less detailed and graphically impressive than Grey Goo or Starcraft. A many years older game which ran perfectly fine at highest settings looks massively more impressive than that horribly coded piece of shit that Stardock made. Mostly they just seem interested in adding a bunch of cosmetic bullshit as a company and not bothering to fix anything. It has become clear to me over the years that Stardock has absolutely shitty coders.
No. 28963
218 kB, 580 × 435
Just play 1995 collector's CD version. Not 1998 version with textures, it's totaly fucked. Models looks cool, (pic related) but it just bad port on X-wing vs. TIE Fighter multiplayer game. Balance fucked, some audio quality fucked, dynamic music i-muse system fucked etc.
I can't wait next 90 years when XWVM will be released and support TIE Fighter and I can finnaly play 1995 version with 1998 models.
No. 28965
TIE Fighter was a great game alright, it was up there with the great dogfighters like Freespace for sure. But I remember I had this weird bug when I played it, I used to fly this ship called the Missile Boat and it was like a standoff missile spammer, but the Y axis when controlling it was all fucked up, I'm not sure if that was by design or a bug on my end but whenever I'd dive it'd do so at 300% mouse sensitivity and I'd nearly spin out of control.
No. 28966
320 kB, 1920 × 1200
690 kB, 3840 × 2160
Probably bug. what version are you played? Floppy, CD or 1998? I remember that probablly not Missle boat, but.. Assault Gunboat if I remember correctly had collision problems. But there not much missions in game in any of those
No. 28969
I'm 70% sure it was the missile boat but it was a long time ago, maybe it was the assault gunboat, but yeah it was the floppy version back when it was released - I think it was on Dos
No. 28973
I have the GOG edition (version, but that is only the GOG internal versioning). But a quick read in the GOG forums will probably tell me which release it is and if it's not the 95 edition I'll get another copy.
No. 28976
340 kB, 2141 × 1080
GoG nowdays contain all versions - floppy, CD and 98 ones. If you download installer from GoG site, it should be one that "setup_sw_tie_fighter_doscd_2.0.0.5"

If you can't find it I can give you installer, it is not big.

collector's CD version DOS one too. It just contain all addons, some other resolution features, improved cutscenes and full voice acting, also slightly better music. Windows 98 version is joystick only.
Well, I already poorly remember late game, maybe there was some issues with missle boat, it just was super awesome by it's characteristics and was most epin craft in game. However I always prefer flight TIE-crafts, like Avenger or Defender.
No. 28985
I remember when that short came out. The creator was (is?) a regular on /m/ back in the day. Good times.
No. 28986
700 kB, 1888 × 2343
Sadly don't liked it, he compleatly loosed atmosphere and actual idea of TIE Fighter game. (also, female imperial pilot? What a nonsence!)
No. 28987
8,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:44
Finished the third Dishonored game, all I have to say about the entire series is this:

No. 28988
Well it wasnt intended to be authentic to the games or movies. It was more the guy mixing his love of Star Wars with his love of 80s anime. There are lots of love letters to mecha shows in it.
No. 28998
1,2 MB, 1450 × 1200
It's definitely a nice aesthetic.
No. 29005
313 kB, 870 × 1219
Well, it's kind of contradicts actually what is best part of game: serious atmosphere and follow of aesthetics more even, that actual movies do. One of main reason why TIE Fighter so remember not because it fun sim, with advanced engine for it's time, but also because it was not some "joke rollecoaster" about "oh look!! Star wars!! Remember star wars??" but was one of the first things made in universe and as much seriously as they can with given gameplay. Voice acting, overall plot and story follow, general idea - from little details like plot of certain missions to bigger narrative ideas, was and still is what made me look at star wars, at least imagine it thought limited amout of great comic books and games like that - not as "funny pew pew in spess and then sell toys", but as more or less serious universe with politics, actual logic and rules. Something abovie what it is, not some action light-heart action-anime with girls and electronic music. Not because it is bad thing, just because it is not kind of fit, and I feel kind of wasted potential if he did somethnig that actually represented idea of that game. In age of disney it something really needed.
No. 29008
How something can be more authentic to something than the very thing itself is throwing me for a loop. If it differs in tone and style to the original film (films if we're generous) then it is by definition inauthentic to Star Wars because the concept begins with the film, not the EU.

The EU also had so many contradicting storylines and bases of logic that were nonetheless all canon because they didn't contradict the films. Star Wars was always anything but consistent and logical. A few gems here and there that between them are kind of consistent doesn't make most of the franchise not campy as fuck at best and utter rubbish at worst. The hard reset was a mistake, but the EU did need a massive purge.

Plus, it's like I said, he was mixing two loves. Of course it's going to be kind of over the top when his self-stated goal is to do a little Star Wars in the style of 80s anime. It is not really intended to abide to the strictest canon. That said, Is anything there all that crazy compared to Luke using space autism to shoot a missile down a tiny hole while flying at full speed and evading incoming fire/interceptors and having it somehow track to target perfectly despite the dialogue insisting he couldn't get a lock?

0079 Newtypes are space autism done properly.
No. 29011
2,1 MB, 1988 × 3056
1,8 MB, 1988 × 3056
2,6 MB, 1988 × 3056
344 kB, 892 × 1397
>How something can be more authentic to something than the very thing itself is throwing me for a loop. If it differs in tone and style to the original film (films if we're generous) then it is by definition inauthentic to Star Wars because the concept begins with the film, not the EU.

No, it not "contradict" movies, but it picks certain ideas and scenes out on it and trying to elevate on those. Remember this short scenes from episode 5 and 6 on inmperial ship bridges? They directly taked all this aesthetics and expanded it in all directions, like if you been able to pause movie on those 5 seconds, go into movie and like inspect every little detail - not of scene, but of whole surrodings. Movies quite short and keep audience on keeping logic enough, viewer can imagine rest of the details in their imagination. This thing - actually showing all this details. How spaceships and hypespace funtioning, how tech get development, what actual limitations of technology and how it used, what political situation, what is galaxy and how it works - from baisic heirerchy to most tiny details - X-Wing/TIE-Fighter series famous for introducing not much big ships, but whole range of cargon containers, tugs, repair ships, outpost stations, communications and refuleing control. While Original Trilogy just showed some baisic events, this show in-depth events.
Same time it absoluetly not contradicts any aspect of Original Trilogy in any way - you look at game, look at cutscenes and briefings and you don't see some anime stuff, or something any sort compleatly different - you see all this scenes in absoluetly same style, like in movies. Even soundtrack, new created soundtrack was compleatly in OT style, but new, showing other side of conflict. All new crafts and ships was made in co-ordination with ILM and as fit original OT desighns, as it was possible. And this is work many people fail dramaticly - be compleatly faithfull to original, but elevate it. And after games like TIE Fighter you see same scenes in movie - and you can easelly transfer your new knowledge onto this scenes, and they already look much more interesting and deep than just "scenes". It's like they become much more alive and real.

>The EU also had so many contradicting storylines and bases of logic that were nonetheless all canon because they didn't contradict the films. Star Wars was always anything but consistent and logical. A few gems here and there that between them are kind of consistent doesn't make most of the franchise not campy as fuck at best and utter rubbish at worst. The hard reset was a mistake, but the EU did need a massive purge.
EU not had almost direct contradictions - and if they was, they was fixed. It, however, had minor contradictions, since it was done by thousands of authors and there many stuff "eeeh I can belive in it, but it's lame and I crealry see it was inserted just because". Like over re-use of one stuff and almost non-use of toher stuff, even thought other stuff by logic of universe shuold be in absolute focus.
I'd say not only EU needed re-wrighting, but actual original movies, like whole episode 6 should be deleted and redone, same as parts of episode 4 and 5. And to this conclusion I came because some EU this did it better and tried to explaing things much more great that movies done.
You told there is some gems, but there really an actual number of them. And there even some mediacore things, that when works together or baised on something - actually not bad, at least overall picture what they give, espessialy after summary articles and diverent publishing that did retcon many separate books and comics into single complex universe. I can't imagine episode 4 without Darklighter story - I can't recommend it enough how awesome this comic is. I can't imagine episode 5 without extended battle of hoth. Thing is, even all prequels - why lucas get back to star wars thing is that he seen popularity of EU and tried to use and copy it - he litteraly tried take elements from Tales of the Jedi and Dark Empire and base on them, but sadly, he was kind of bad at it, but without EU prequels might be worse or not exist at all. For me - at least things I metioned IS what star wars IS and going for me first and actual movies after.

And yes, you clearly see when it gone instead, when EU was viped out by disney. While original trilogy kept balance - it was adventure movies, which was logical enough to have room to be "expanded", EU was actual this expantion, and best parts of EU made star wars actual universe, much more mature and interesting than movies itself, disney gone diffferent derection - they just started to make absolute incredable trash for cashgarb. Thier movies absoluetly dumb and contradict themself so there no really improvment for them, they fucked from the begining. And their "canon" - is actually some sort of parody on EU - they did absoluetly all mistakes EU did, but did not done any good thing. They making absoluetly dumb lame shit, so by baisic nature, disney "canon" is pure opposite to best parts of EU. And I really sad, that it was not other way - improved EU.

>Plus, it's like I said, he was mixing two loves. Of course it's going to be kind of over the top when his self-stated goal is to do a little Star Wars in the style of 80s anime. It is not really intended to abide to the strictest canon.
I not saying that this cartoonist did bad job or that he don't allow do what he do. Just thought that it is a bit "wasted potential" - in my personal opinion.

>Is anything there all that crazy compared to Luke using space autism to shoot a missile down a tiny hole while flying at full speed and evading incoming fire/interceptors and having it somehow track to target perfectly despite the dialogue insisting he couldn't get a lock?
After Dark Empire and Tales of the Jedi when all of this was more or less explained, and become actual mystical powers with it's lore and logic - not, really. Also, there was no Interceptors in episode 4 - it was Fighters and Vader's TIE Advanced X1 prototype (yeah, TIE Fighter game explained that, and actually main plot of this game is TIE Advanced program)

However, there was fun series of comic of alternative episode 4, like "what if luke missed".
No. 29016
To be fair the EU did write over itself a lot, lot they knew they had a clusterfuck building up. While the overall world didn't change drastically, there were little bits that kept changing and some stories were seen as less canon than others. It wasn't like capeshit comics levels of retconning every year but it was still ambiguous sometimes.

I think he meant things like characterization and storylines. Some writers having not just different ideas for the tone of Star Wars but the directions of characters. Kind of like how Boba Fett in the older EU was this money-obssesed drifter with a warped sense of morality, like a western bad guy. He wasn't a Mandalorian but it was implied he's enough of a badass to have killed one for his armor. But then near the end he's just a proper Mandalorian supercommando, leading a whole fuckin warrior race because family or whatever.
> And their "canon" - is actually some sort of parody on EU - they did absoluetly all mistakes EU did, but did not done any good thing.
I feel like this is an understaded part of why the ST era is generally underwhelming. They knew the EU had a mixed reputation but wanted to mine what good there was on it. But they divorced it from its context and dumbed it down for the lowest common denominator of SW fan (the one who claps if he sees a star destroyer, thinks Han Solo's pant stripes need an explanation, or thinks Lucas planned everything) and also hired the giddiest fanfic writers and told them to go loose. They claimed to have "cleaned up" the quality but they're going down the same spiral. I'd say there's some good in some of the comics but those feel like anomalies.
>However, there was fun series of comic of alternative episode 4, like "what if luke missed".
God, Infinities was retarded. Not Glove of Darth Vader (Old Canon) or Aftermath (NuCanon) levels but still.
No. 29018
814 kB, 1438 × 1080
>God, Infinities was retarded. Not Glove of Darth Vader (Old Canon) or Aftermath (NuCanon) levels but still.
They was kind of "fun" because they was not placed as any kind of canon and was made for sillines - and yeah they silly. This shot with death star and like countless infinity amount of SSDs and other ships orbiting coruscant was like "ha ha I buileded this shit in Empire at War".
Thought there was thing from infinities - based on lucas drafts and ideas from early 70s and it was kind of interesting to look at from historical perspective.

>I think he meant things like characterization and storylines. Some writers having not just different ideas for the tone of Star Wars but the directions of characters. Kind of like how Boba Fett in the older EU was this money-obssesed drifter with a warped sense of morality, like a western bad guy. He wasn't a Mandalorian but it was implied he's enough of a badass to have killed one for his armor. But then near the end he's just a proper Mandalorian supercommando, leading a whole fuckin warrior race because family or whatever.
After certain part of post-endor better just stop, not even there was not much interesting, it started disconnected from actual original story and kind of pointless. I guess.. from Yuuzhan wong or how this crap was called? It felt like stargate if you know what I mean. When you start from clear ideas, style and narrative. And at the end of last series you just have "absolute some crazy space crap" where nothing remains out of original. So there always best idea to know where to stop.
And yeah what EU really lacked - general direction. It was, but was not enough. In ideal world someone should've filter all content and take everything good and retcon it in solid picture.

>I feel like this is an understaded part of why the ST era is generally underwhelming. They knew the EU had a mixed reputation but wanted to mine what good there was on it. But they divorced it from its context and dumbed it down for the lowest common denominator of SW fan (the one who claps if he sees a star destroyer, thinks Han Solo's pant stripes need an explanation, or thinks Lucas planned everything) and also hired the giddiest fanfic writers and told them to go loose. They claimed to have "cleaned up" the quality but they're going down the same spiral. I'd say there's some good in some of the comics but those feel like anomalies.

Funny thing that they don't bothered to get into it seriously. From start they wanted to just "make things to get easy money now". They already made 10 times money they bought franchise. And they not care when it finaly become flop (and it will happen rether soon than late).
And with this idea in therms of movies they decided just to satisfy idiots by yeah "remember star wars??? Pew pew, chubakka, jedis!!!" and nothing more, it is rollecoaster, not "movies". By rest of content... well, they picked random things they thought was popular. And to be fair, what was most popular from EU? Thrawn Trilogy, KOTOR games and kyle katarn. By far not even remoetly great things honestely for universe. And more than that - they fucked things up and made it into children morning cartoons. Speakind of morning cartoons - they decided to keep Filoni because his 3d on going 3d clone wars cartoon. Yeah... really "great" idea.
And nobody works on universe. They just "do stuff" and nobody cared to first create direction of universe, idea, actual core of events - so they not even tried to learn from EU. They not even tried in general.
No. 29056
>thinks Han Solo's pant stripes need an explanation
It is correlian bloodstripes, one of Correlian awards for gret service, given him as Correlian citizen during his times as imperial officer (Correlian sector was self-regulated part of the Empire, of cource.
No. 29058
I started a VTMB playthrough as a Nosferatu but gave up after a couple of hours. The dialogue didn't change as much as I'd hoped and sewer-hopping/obfuscating through the streets got kinda tedious.

Started another Malkavian playthrough instead.
No. 29066
Yeah it is a reactive enough game that certain things do change a bit though really they don't change enough. I can't even remember if you can try interacting with NPCs in the Giovanni mansion or not but iirc you can which is pretty stupid because just waltzing in there should get you immediately shot, although to be fair you can also just waltz right in there as a Malkavian nutso freak in your ridiculous costumes as well. I'm pretty sure that like all of the changed dialogue can actually fit within a 15 minute video, if even that, which is a damn shame. I started my fourth playthrough as a berndferatu Nos and never progressed really far with it. Actually now that I think about it I never actually played as a female character either maybe I should've done that as a female Nos instead.

In spite of what people tell you I think that completing your first game as a Malkavian is a pretty good option, which is what I did since I didn't read anybody's opinions or review before starting the game and just thought "hey a mad insane prophet that sounds pretty cool" and rolled with it. He ended up being one of the most epic games I ever played and I somehow managed to get the best ending completely on accident because like pretty much the entire rest of the game I had no idea exactly wtf my dialogue option even meant. It was pretty hilarious because I'm just sitting there like "OH FUCK NO THAT ISN'T WHAT I MEANT TO DO AT ALL" and then he went ahead and did it and walked out of there like a boss. So be forewarned that you're not even going to understand what in the fuck you're saying most of the time although somehow the characters usually seem to respond like they know what you're saying so their reactions may surprise you. You'll end up in a lot of situations where you're looking at like 4 different dialogue options and each one is a mystery box.

You should however listen to the Malkavian thinblood by the beach. Both you and her basically spoil the whole game and the ending but it's phrased in such a way that you're unlikely to even understand what any of it means until it's already happened, and sometimes not even then. A lot of people call it fishmalk but Troika really did do a fantastic job of portraying exactly how the cracked vision of dealing with a Malkavian actually works.

The other option is playing them last or at least after you've already played a normal character but that kind of ruins it to me because it becomes more self referential and that can spoil the immersion since you're going to be thinking back to your previous playthrough every single time you get a weird piece of dialogue. So imho you're really set for playing them first. It's going to be a rather unique RPG experience. That way when you play it a second time it's going to be magical all over again because now you're going to understand exactly what you were saying all along.
No. 29999
797 kB, 1920 × 1080
2,2 MB, 1920 × 1080
3,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
3,2 MB, 1920 × 1080
Playing vrchat.

If s1 wanna join - add me at steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/GreenDoggie/

Q: Do i need vr?
A: No, you could play in desktop mode

Q: Could i do a custom avatar?
A: Yeah

Q: How to make an easy custom avatar?
A: Scearch on web for mmd (miku miku dance) model and convert it into vrchat avatar, using youtube guides, like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRRt2gZOg_Q

Q: I'm shy af, what could i do there?
A: Listen to peoples conversations, most of players play it while boozing up, it's quite funny.
No. 30009
151 kB, 1366 × 766
I've been testing what high altitude physics are like in DCS. I don't think that they're modeled properly above a certain altitude, but it's still fun to see how high you can shoot a missile.
No. 30013
Interesting. Would be fun if there were anti-satellite missions. Wouldn’t hold my breath though, ED is so slow to do anything.

Thanks for reminding me about DCS, finally got a new PC so time to install it again. Feel like trying out a new module. Maybe something comfy like harrier or viggen. What would you recommend?
No. 30015
Harrier is pretty fun but isn't feature complete. Don't have the Viggen so can't comment there. I assume you have A-10C? If not, I'd recommend that. Orbiting above an area plinking tanks with guided weapons is maximum cosy.

Tbh, I'd pay for a good Reaper module. It'd be kind of meta since flying one irl is basically a flight sim, but I think the loiter, identify, kill playstyle could be fun if ED bother to pull it in and hammer out the AI updates they've been talking about for years. It'd also let you do cool shit like FAC in multiplayer from above local air defences.
No. 30016 Kontra
Also, keep an eye on the Hornet development. Once it gets closer to completion, I'd recommend it as a cosy as fug machine. You can make it do virtually anything because of high AoA shenanigans being virtually nonexistent in the airframe, and the smart weapons are a bit more involved than in the A-10C, so you feel a bit more involved in the process, and it has a 'meatier' feel to shit like JDAMs. That said, I miss my CDU when flying it. CDU is love, CDU is life.
No. 30017
255 kB, 1536 × 1536
Shitposting in vr
t. first day user
No. 30086
I see, even after 2 days oflline and cleanings, EC still full of KCancer shitposting.
No. 30090
Discovered this things recently and it kind of interesting thing. There not much games about dragons, and ones that contain dragons let you play dragon killer/dragon rider etc. but not dragons itself. It is obviously kind of cheap indie game, but concept overall attracted me to it. Hope they manage to finish it, since they made quite good money on kickstarter (by accident actually, lol).
No. 30095
The are trying to raid us, first wave with silly pictures was deleted after a few minutes. Now they are spamming with auto-generated text...
No. 30105
Not going to lie, this kind of thing and that VRchat thing do seem like a shitload of fun in a weird novelty way.

Man, I've made far worse posts than that here before, see: ibis shitposting in the bird threda. I often refer to just normal posting as shitposting anyway which is how I interpreted it here.
No. 30111
362 kB, 1536 × 1536
> Not going to lie, this kind of thing and that VRchat thing do seem like a shitload of fun in a weird novelty way.
Vr games are fun, but vrchat is assburger in his own way.

You need to actually spemd time there, talk to people. OFC during daytime, there is only schoolboys screaming in mic and talking about their homework, but at night there is plenty of soulfull guys, who play while drinking alchogol, telling stories bout their hard lifes, how their relatives jew them, how their parents abuse, some working stories, some failed dating attempts, how "wife bad", etc.

In fact, the whole vrchat it's just a giant chatroomm like the one from 90-s or early 00-s, you just talk with random people on random matters. You could sing, you could tell jokes, all that stuff, you probably too shy to do in real life.
No. 30113
I'm starting to grow a lot now so I like to hang out with people that aren't as much of a douche. I like to do things together to keep things warm. I don't know what my life will be like, but I like to know that I've done at least something positive instead of being this really negative person.

Are there many toxic people on VRchat?
No. 30118
567 kB, 1360 × 832
Probably, but you are able to block people.

Most of them are schoolboys, so, they shut up, when hear mature voice.

In fact, i mostly hang there with russians, so im not sure about wecterners much.
No. 30297
Yeah Hornet is going to be great when it's finished. For me flying it would feel almost like cheating. I think I'll buy it when it is completely finished, knowing the history of many other modules.

Anyways, ended up flying the KA-50 for the whole day and even now during the night. It's comfy when sending Vikhr after another on unsuspecting enemies from 8nm away. Only getting the basics now, there's so much to it.
No. 30303
Ka-50 is pretty cosy. Haven't flown it in ages. It's getting a free visual update in the near-ish future as well as a small paid update that adds a version that is a mashup of different prototypes and has things like Strela capability.

I find that with the Hornet, the systems depth subsequent difficulty to learn offsets the fact that a lot of those systems are in fact very OP compared to what other aircraft have access to. Plus taking off and landing on a boat is ebin. I still fly the FC3 Su-33 sometimes because sitting on the deck of the Kuznetsov watching the map drift by is cosy.

That said, I'd love for a bunch of Late 70s through early 90s aircraft to come out. I think that they're in the sweet spot of feeling high tech without turning into borderline UFOs. Plus you get peak Cold War A E S T H E T I C S.


No. 30456
1 kB, 294 × 27
Maybe instead of shit games try something good for a change? Like Alien Isolation or Sekiro? There's plenty of different genres of modern video games which are awesome. Yet you buy new HDD, download shit mediocre game that anyone played only because ROMERO did it and whine about it?

Anytime I try to give EC another chance I read your post and I die inside a bit
No. 30461
He just hates modern everything in vidya. To this day I'm not entirely sure why even after reading text walls and thoroughly debating different things. He's not entirely wrong and I do share many of his sentiments it's just that most triple As are pretty shit. The devolution of Dead Space is a perfect example. They took one really awesome game and then added some silly shit while overall making it better, and then they later on took away everything that made it good or even recognizably a Dead Space game and gave us this steaming pile of trash called Dead Space 3. I've bemoaned this endlessly on here and remain solidly unmoved by any argument in favor of Mass Effect 2 being every single thing that's wrong with modern vidya and big gaming industries in making quite possibly the absolute worst video game ever made for a broader audience--and by worst I sincerely do mean it was genuinely one of the worst fucking games ever.

Where we disagree is the scope and also the fact I just plain don't like lots of older games, not simply because of graphics but because they're often clunky as hell with equally if not more cheesy and retarded storylines. I for example am thoroughly unimpressed by Jedi Academy's characterizations, dialogue plot etc.

All that being said there truly was a golden era in the 90s that we've largely lost and I can only find it in certain indie games and smaller studios. It doesnt mean that they're all bad necessarily but lots of AAA games really are shit. As I've not played Alien Isolation I really cant comment on it yet nor Sekiro as I simply don't have any interest in it however I so now have quite the massive backlog including a few quasi triple A like Elex, as well as Deus Ex Mankind Divided, which is another game where I and Russia definitely disagree (as well as many others) because I thought Deus Ex was shit and didn't even have as great a story by even late 90s standards, (especially lates 90s come to think of it that was a golden age of storytelling on PC games) but I'll readily concede the plot was miles away better. I mean, just holy fuck did Deus Ex HR really shit the bed. I've seen so many otherwise good games hampered by some absolutely shitty bydlo FPS and cover mechanics and a terrible plot for braindead consumerist masses.

Anyway what are other games you would recommend? Have you played Prey yet? If you liked Alien Isolation you might like SOMA. It caught lots of flack from different people for being borderline pretentious but only skin deep, but I personally liked it and thought it was a really great survival horror game.
No. 30462
There's a difference between engaging with a medium as entertainment or recreation vs as a subject of study.

Someone who is studying a medium will spend 99% of his time sifting through garbage and bitching about it. Be it a film critic or a comic book buff. The point is not to play a game and be entertained, but rather engage with the medium of games as a whole and study it.

It's where the stereotype of each board hating the medium its dedicated to comes from. Distaste is the consequence of giving a shit. Sperging out about things you care about, and being ambivalent about things you know nothing of is just normal.
No. 30469
92 kB, 1280 × 720
Wut? I thought Romero not touched it, it was made by id software and main feature was Carmack's megatexture. And Romero left id in 1996
This was one of the games I wanted to try, and it is actually not shit - if not hub system, I'd maybe even finished it, but now I kind of stopped playing it and don't want to go back into it that much, maybe one day. There a lot bright sides here and I can't call it "shit".
Alien Isolation one of the games I have in my list. I already played it a little bit long long time ago, but I feel early or later I revisit it. Maybe in some future when my bf will play it I'll just watch it or something. I kind of not that much interested in gameplay, more so about visuals and story, since I'am fan of original Alien.
Seriko - this type of japanise console slasher-like games is something I'd be not interested after nanosecond and most probably will delete it not finishing watching intro cutscene and just delete it, this I can say for shure. Dunno why all this so popular but I already lost tack of logic what interesting now for major audience.

>Anytime I try to give EC another chance I read your post and I die inside a bit
Because I not plying videogames you like and playing ones you don't like? Well, I'am not like you a bit too, but I don't prohibit you from posting, or want you change your opinion or something.

>He just hates modern everything in vidya.
No, I don't judge games depend on time when they came out, kind of opposite - I playing games and make for yourself marks, what typical for certain time periods. I don't have idea like "everything modern = 100% bad". But there also different description for me what is "modern" - it is from 2003-2004 and onwards.
>for example am thoroughly unimpressed by Jedi Academy's characterizations, dialogue plot etc.
Jedi Academy is rollecoaster of EU fans, where you go around familiar locations and get plot connected to your familiar thing. It also tried to contain as much different enivoments, different missions with interesting gimmics etc. Problem of it is that it's too easy, and most probably not work as much as stadalone game for non-fans. I can feel it because same time Soldier of Fortune 2 by Raven was most boring Raven game I played, most unfinished and had comicly bad plot, because again, it was unfinished. On other hand, as fan of star trek and SWEU, I absoluetly love raven's Jedi Outcast and Voyager Elete Force 1. And Jedi Academy too, however besides plot elements, I think most powerfull part of Jedi Academy is multiplayer and Multiplayer mods, whch popular even today to a degree. And yep, nobody ever did lightsaber combat ever better than raven did, improving their code from their Heretic 2.
>He's not entirely wrong and I do share many of his sentiments it's just that most triple As are pretty shit
Problem is, that AAA is aimed for casual audience and new people, who was into into vidja games before 2012 or something. Indie games most often too cheap, too baisic and have first-time errors and mistakes, also aimed towards slightly different audience - most of them exploit things like "some cool new bizzare idea I have in mind and I build a game around it". It might work, but mostly not. Depend of indie who trying be "retro", it is quite rare when they achive even something slightly close to what they want to do, and easely overshadowed by actual real classic games they trying to emulate. Games in between by smaller studios for certain audience often lacks budget they need too, and most good and sucsesfull examples most times not in genres I'am like, sadly.

>but because they're often clunky as hell with equally if not more cheesy and retarded storylines
I disagree with you in times, when your preferences and arguments becomes too subjective. You often tend to judge games based on personal preferences and expectations, and then using it as objective argument. Like you go to action with heavy RPG and survival elements and complain why it not plays like modern arcade shooter.

Well, I played Rage primary because it was last game made by id software, so I was interested in it as continuation of all that previous stuff they made. I was kind of interested in story of it's development and it ended not as bad as it portrayed often. But yeah, for me it's just "another modern videogame".
No. 30470
>Dunno why all this so popular but I already lost tack of logic what interesting now for major audience.
They have very high levels of (combat) interactivity. Think how really old crawlers tend to have very basic design elements but they end up great because there are lots of levers to pull and things to fuck with. That's interactivity and it is really what sets the good apart from the great.

What they do in combat is similar. They have simplistic core elements that allow you to understand the situation, this is how the enemy interacts with the terrain and how their attacks work exactly. Then they just let you go to town and figure out how to use that information. Not only does it let you feel like you're 'discovering' something when you learn your strat, but the fact that they punish screwups harshly makes your eventual success feel more powerful and the fact you decided the course to take in regards to reaching that victory gives the feeling of having earned a larger share of that victory.

You have to like the gameplay loop involved in boss-fighting to really click with the game but the core elements are not really that different to things you've talked about being good in other games, just presented in a different way.
No. 30471
Well, I kind of understand what they deliver, just thought it was already done. However, I not played them properly and can't have objective opinion about them. However I feel that for me it not be something really that interesting. Like, besides combat, it is just mostly linear adventure games, right?

Now I kind of feel from modern games I want play Warhammer Batlefleet Gothic Armada, I skipped this game back at release because my computer back then gone deda, but I can give it a try now. I also have in plans to make for yourseflt playstation 1 marathon, since recently I become kind of interested in low poly graphics without texture filtration.
No. 30472
Good to hear that KA-50 is getting some love, don't mind paying for some additional functionality. I hope that they'll add RWR. I feel like there's just this cognitive overload managing all the systems and keeping that brick on the air that I'm having hard time having any time to scan for incoming fire. I guess a lot is attributed to being a novice with the craft and helis in general. Still I'd guess the same would apply to even experienced pilots on some level.

As I just learned the very basics of KA-50 and headed online to cause confusion and destruction, maybe you could help me with a couple of things if you remember them. First of all, how the hell do I avoid colliding my rotors together and killing me? I'm not sure but it would seem like after a while of flying when I've trimmed the heli for stable flight, the rotors are spinning dangerously close to each other on the right hand side. And then with some bad maneuvering they actually collide destroy each other.

Then the other problem of getting some sort of rotor or engine resonance/vibrations which seem to kill any lift that the rotors have. Seems to happen when I'm trying to reduce altitude quickly and then increasing the collective to try to slow down. How do I avoid it and what's the best way to recover?

Also is there anything useful you can do with the screen? I just keep the map open in it all the time as it has great features like showing the path you traversed and where the Shkval is pointing.

Unrelated but a nice Viggen video. Definitely gonna pick it up if there's sale on Steam. Don't bother with ED's own store.
No. 30478
Err, what? I specifically complain about multiple games being supposedly RPG/survival or even action adventure oriented and instead turning into FPS shitfests. Mass Effect 2 and Dead Space 3 I complained about for specifically the opposite reason which is because they took a a survival horror oriented and RPG oriented series and turned them both into horrible garbage shooters.

As for my other complaints, first of all you like trying to make it sound like your arguments are anything but extremely subjective. There is a difference in that I tend to focus more on I guess general artistry you could call it whereas you focus slightly more on technical aspects, but the great bulk of your arguments are subjective particularly when you stray away from talking technological and technical issues. But of course many of these things are going to be subjective, and saying that a game's story is complete shit can also be rendered down into a technical discussion pretty easily since writing itself has a lot of technical aspects to it, the most basic of which is grammar and simple spelling mistakes and that is not subjective in the slightest because such a mistake is inarguably wrong. I can put up with a certain level of spelling mistakes particularly an indie but man do I lose patience with it fast.

At some point I should probably explain the technical aspects behind why the writing is bad more often than I do though.
No. 30511
Wew, Internet Archive announced that it has 2500 more DOS games now. It's not like I could not download them from warez sites though, but probably that's for better that they were added by them.
No. 30534
It is definitely an aircraft with a high workload. It never progressed past prototype because of that. It was proof of concept that a single-seat attack helicopter could work, but having a two-seater just works better.

The Shark is a lot easier to fly once you figure out the trimmer. You essentially fly it by adjusting the trimmer and letting it move itself. It's a very strange process and it is almost half SAS half trimmer. Blade strikes tend to happen when you fly too aggressively, but are never entirely avoidable, avoiding rotor overspeed doesn't hurt neither. They can just happen sometimes, a Ka-50 even killed an experienced pilot irl because of it. The lift problem is called 'Vortex Ring State' and it happens because you're descending downwards too fast. If you descend rapidly, you have to be moving in some direction otherwise you get caught in your own downwash and lose lift. To get out of it, push the stick forward so you move out of the downwash.

ABRIS it is primarily a moving map system and from memory isn't even integrated with the onboard navigation system but is a separate entity altogether. That said, it's more than waypoints and own-locations. You can create new waypoints and add them to flightplans if you want, switch between flightplans (useful if you need to divert), however it isn't integrated with the rest of the heli. The coolest thing it can do though is that it's integrated with the datalink. That means that if you're flying with multiple Ka-50s you can set it up so that you all appear on the ABRIS and you can share targets with each other on it as well. Watch some tutorials on it though, it's fiddly and requires a bit of setup.
No. 30543
It's really pleasant to fly at least in my opinion. The trimming is pretty straight forward and let's you fly steadily without the need to adjust it other than when hugging the ground. I just thought that I was doing something wrong when trimming because it always seems that the rotors get super close to each other on the right hand side. Maybe it's a feature. And yeah I always slow down at the first beep of rotor overspeed warning and still manage to clip those rotors off from time to time. There's also the overspeed warning I believe. That can usually be ignored if you just keep in mind that you might not have any lift if you'd suddenly need it. Haven't managed to go so fast that it would've have caused any significant loss of lift yet.

The vortex ring state was completely new to me. That sounds exactly like the issue I've been having and now I know how to avoid it. Thanks! The datalink is probably pretty nifty. Might reduce the workload of the pilots as you could delegate some stuff to your wingman. Of course even with two helis it's still not the same thing as a single two-seater would be. But least you're bringing a whole lot of firepower to the fight.
No. 30623
25 kB, 276 × 368
It's always better configurate them in dosbox themselfs. All this sites always fuck up sound options and emulation, same as cycles.

More about your complains about System Shock 2 and your love for Heroes 1 from all series. You expect from game you get right into your zone of comfort, and when it is not - you start call this game bad. Personally I discovered things I have most fun experience, when trying something outside of this zone - what I expect to be challenging, have different controls and looks that I get used to and so on.
No. 30625

Came across this. Looks pretty fucking ebin.

I'm definitely gonna check out Disco Elysium after I'm done scratching my periodic VTMB itch. The game still surprises me in small ways: I just realised that I'm not getting that fancy Skylines apartment because I was too snarky with the prince. A shithole in Santa Monica is more fitting for a malkavian anyway.
No. 30664
66 kB, 460 × 215
1,2 MB, 5000 × 2684
129 kB, 1024 × 576
So apparently Disco Elysium also just dropped today, and already it's gotten fantastic reviews. Like, it sounds even better than anything I previously couldve envisioned for it
That makes three fantastic looming crpgs I've been looking forward to dropping in just this past month. Sadly I am a cheapass who always waits for games being on sale because those three games right here all ones I probably otherwise would've bought at full price, and only hadn't so far because I've got such a huge backlog and growing that it's just a few games I'm probably going to buy at day0 of release and that's counting VTMB2 and Wasteland 3 both of which are a long ways off.

Well that's fantastic news at least. There's I think only one other crpg-esque game I'd been looking forward to other than WL3 and that's Beautiful Desolation which is for release I forget one.

As I've not played these games I cannot properly recommend them however Disco Elysium already does sound like as much of an amazing time as one can get in a crpg, which to be fair I haven't even experienced since Tides of Numenera. Atom RPG is nice and all, but it just is fun and doesnt give me that post-whenyoujustfinishedatrulyamazinggame feel that Tides, KOTOR, VTMB etc did although I haven't finished it. Still working my way through Ember right now which is properly casualized enough because I'm a lazy witless bum after work who doesnt want to think too hard before the next days work and sleep.

So yes, do check out these three games and let me know what you think, particularly Disco Elysium.
No. 30672
I am looking forward to Encased RPG too, after having enjoyed Atom RPG a lot.
Let's just hope they don't screw up, because this scenario soothes exactly my itch and the old FO games are just too easy once you played them often enough.
No. 30707
Well like I said earlier the thing that bugs me about that one huge nuFallout vs real Fallout is the way it openly dismisses or ignores very serious problems in the game and some of these have to do with level and the general GURPS system in general. Like I have never played before or since any rpg game that's nearly as broken as Fallout was. You can single handedly mow down entire villages on your own with nothing but a late game weapon, good enough stats, and great armor. That simply shouldn't happen in any RPG. You quite simply become this living god of the radioactive deserts in that game. The scaling is just all wrong but to be fair I think it directly inherited that from DnD itself.

As for Encased and Disco Elysium I'm buying them the second they're on sale. Everything I've read about DE in particular strikes me as having that potential to scratch a rarely scratched itch. Atom is a great game, but I think it's probably far less fantastic to someone not already /int/ tier and in general that game can get pretty boring, tedious, and repetitive at times. It's one of those games that takes a bit to start going but is amazing when it does, though even then the cracks start really showing once you're 40 hours into it.

I've been trying at this point just for finish some of my new games because as it stands work is really draining and I often end up wasting far too much time either running around on errands I cant take care of except on a day off, or wasting time online, or wasting time playing a game I've already played to death like Crossout so I've been moving at a glacial pace in clearing my log where somehow even a supposedly short game I still wind up with like 30 hours in it to completion. I think it doesnt help that having so many options leaves me constantly hopping around never getting deep enough into anything, and that a bunch of them like The Long Journey Home or Cultist Simulator or Planetbase either don't have any definitive ending or if they do, it's not even easily achievable in any reasonable amount of time. I've only got like a handful of games added to my BEAT category since early July and right how I'm working on Ember just because it's so casual and also interesting and well overall a much more cheerful game than I'm used to but I still somehow logged like 40 hours in that thing.
No. 30734
There also isn't really that much GURPS in the final version of Fallout, and GURPS is known for actually being pretty lethal unless you're playing high point value games, especially with firearms which actually vastly outperform the armour of the same tech level. It's more just a jank piece of balancing from what I experienced of it. Energy weapons being busted is very GURPS, but the armour being actually good compared to dodge builds isn't, and they were probably using 3e in which those problems were even worse than in 4e. GURPS also has no concept of levels or experience points, so even if the game was otherwise identical (it's not), it'd still be a pretty big hack of a system to the point that in the RPG world, it'd be considered a new game.

D&D and GURPS also have virtually no compatibility, so the former is actually kind of irrelevant to Fallout perhaps inheriting imbalances from the paper world.
No. 30744
266 kB, 1920 × 1080
Also, it turns out that Radio Commander came out while I wasn't paying attention. Might pick it up next time it's on sale. My current spending budget is gone for the week.

Some other Ernst might be interested though. It's a pretty unique game that I've had my eye on during development. Essentially it's a real time tactics game (no pause option), where you sit in a tent with a map that you can put marks on to keep visual track of what's happening but you have to update it manually based on the information you get back from the troops in the field, while also trying to keep your troops alive, get reinforcements to the right place and make sure that your artillery and air strikes don't go blue on blue.

No. 30769
Eh thats sounds great, well deffo wait until it costs a fiver or something though
No. 30815
376 kB, 1600 × 900
Today I tried Command Ops 2 which slipped under my radar for a long time. Here are my thoughts. It wasn't bad but I don't think it'll dethrone some of my other favourites right now. I think I prefer the more modern approach to UI that Graviteam, Combat Mission, Armored Brigade etc. take where you can see at a glance what the condition of a unit is because they're right there, whereas the chits can obscure some information such as precise location, how many units are there and so on. That information isn't hard to find, and all the detail is there, but you do have to open extra dialogues to get at the info which is something of a pain. It's a bit like how annoying CMANO is sometimes with its pretty damn bad UI. Who knows though, CMANO took time to get into, maybe this one will too?

It's free on Steam or their website (which also publishes tabletop games). You get a tutorial mission (read the manual and play a simplified scenario) and two actual missions. The scenario length in the free game goes up to nearly a week of game time which is a significant amount of playing hours, even using time compression. The DLC range from 20-40 USD but considering the size of the scenarios and the fact that you get a decent amount of them per DLC, I wouldn't consider them overpriced. They fit more in the DLC practice of a simulator where you pick what you want, not necessarily everything.

Overall, I'd rate it a 3.5/5 at first impression with the caveat that I can see it getting much better as you get deeper into it. I can recommend it to anybody that's curious about a simulationist WWII real-time grand tactical game since it's free.


Yeah looks ebin. Their upcoming games also have similar premises of being behind the front line so to speak, just not necessarily in a military context. One that looks kind of neat is one where you play as Alphabet Soup trying to stop turrorist attacks based on dossiers, tapped phones and so on.
No. 30843
I think I asked this before but is Dawn of War III really that bad? There's a bunch if 40K games on sale right now but I really don't feel like getting the usual near Paradox levels of scam that a 40K often entails which is a light base game that's so basic you pretty much have to buy the DLC if you want to play anything other than humans and orcs and maybe Eldar, and then all the interesting stuff you have to pay completely out the ass to get. I was looking at Gladius and realized just to make it really worth getting I'd end up having to get an additional huge cost to get crap for the base game which even on sale is still gonna end up costing me for a full AAA game prices and if I'm gonna do that and for a Civ-stype 4x game no less I might as well just get Age of Wonders Planetfall instead, which unlike Gladius I've actually been looking forward to and which genuinely looks like a good game.

There's also Inquistor Martyr which I'm pretty blase about.

It's kind of annoying that my games I already have aren't listed because otherwise then I'd actually know to tell others when something is on sale that I actually already know for a fact is good, as opposed to just seeing something I've not even tried yet. Come to think of it I think I did see something I had and liked iirc but can't remember what it is. I know Phantom Doctrine went on sale but I haven't really played enough yet to say if it's truly good or not.

Jeez I really should spend more time playing my own games than bothering with internet
No. 30846
150 kB, 669 × 668
2,0 MB, 480 × 360, 0:19
Dawn of War III is bad. It's full of bugs and development has stopped so the imbalances never got ironed out. I think that they saw the popularity of the streamlined style of II and thought that if they streamlined it even more, they'd get even more praise, when in fact it just made it less satisfying to play. It's like the C&C4 of the series.

Just updated Armored Brigade to the new patch with revised stacking rules. Urban fighting is fucking awesome now.
No. 30864
I've never played DoTA so I dont know what I'd be in for though I'd probably hate it, but even still it's a sad thing that all development stopped because they had possibly the highest production values on a trailer I've ever seen and the game probably would've had potential had it not had that absolutely fucking cancerous rock squeezing modus operandi of seemingly all GW games which is to release a probably unpolished base game lacking in features and then to demand $15 installments for each additional 40K faction or little bug fixes and features.

The only people worse are those goddamn Swedes. I've been reading the reviews for Monks and Mystics for CKII and I'm just so unimpressed by how it sounds at this point which is the one damn DLC I even would have gotten for that game, which btw I only even got to begin with because I listened to bernds who at this point I've come to realize are not and possibly never were generally smart and whose tastes really just didnt ever align with my own. I to this day have no idea why I actually listened to them. I bought like 3-4 GSG games and to this day I haven't gotten into any one of them (which granted is my problem but still). I think maybe I should give it a real chance but it just doesnt feel like I can actually do anything but sit there and watch things happen and meanwhile the overall impression I've gotten is that Paradox games are in general barebones, bug ridden, and horribly unbalanced pieces of crap, and that each new DLC is no better however you also seem to need the DLCs to even make it a really enjoyable fully fleshed out game. It makes me wonder what kind of low IQ individual thinking himself an armchair genius would go out and spend $200 on such a thing for each game.

I tried getting into Stellaris and just couldn't even understand why it is so popular because quite frankly it felt just like an indie game, and not a very well done one either. Poor diversity in assets, minimal, cheap, unpolished af cardboard UI, not very interesting seeming space battles or space economy, very severely limited civilizational traits; it felt like I was playing some mash between Sins of a Solar Empire and some cardboard 4x game with seriously low production values. I ended up deleting it along with Master of Orion 4 and Dawn of Andromeda, all of which were crap to me. I'm guess it can at least be an imaginative game, in the sense that you could play Starcraft and pretend it's heaven (Protoss) and hell (Zerg) fighting over man, because the actual customization options were so horribly limited that everything was only skin deep. You had even fewer ship models than the typical 4x game in Stellaris, and basically every single customization was only the most superficial thing ever like mild details in background of a room for one of a bunch of hand drawn looking static character portraits.

This pales in comparison to Cities Skylines however, as I have not seen anything anywhere else that's so blatant a complete ripoff and scam disguised as "artistic achievement" by a bunch of pretentious hipsters begging for rent money. It's not that you'd have to pay $15 for just one new building--it's the fact that said buildings aren't even like houses or supply depots or offices or whatever, but just one single building that you can't even spam everywhere so you're essentially paying that much for just a new wonder building https://store.steampowered.com/app/944071/Cities_Skylines__Campus/ okay sorry several buildings for $13 as part of a complex.

Only thing comparable is the BS I usually have to put up with regarding 40K games, like that one chess game I got which is alright but still, endless pointless expensive DLCs. I'll never get tired of bitching about those two companies and their DLC polices

Oh and speaking of which Cities Skylines is apparently on sale for $7.50. That game is however quite excellent as the base game which I don't really know why so many people shit on it. It's not a bad game. Sure it's lacking in certain areas of depth in micromanagement but whatever. It's still complex enough to be satisfying. I only wish it was a bit more heavily involved when doing things like wiring up an electric grid or a plumbing and sewage network throughout the city. I'd just like to see a game that goes full on city planner.
No. 30870
DoTA is great fun but it isn't in any way a 'relaxing' game. I stopped playing years ago simply because I found that I could unwind with other games more than I could it.

RE: Paradox
Really, one shouldn't bother with a paradox game after maybe a year or two after release. The DLC actually functions not too bad as a system if you keep up with the game from early on, but by the time it reaches maturity, the amount of content that builds up is obnoxious. When it's $15-20 every 6 months or so for a new subsystem that you can probably fuck around with for tens of hours it's not too bad. CK2 is ebin, but it's not got the right title anymore. It's 'I have no idea what's happening anymore feudalism simulator' and is fun in that way. Play with the right mods and you can have it scaled back to more down-to-earth levels where the crusades feel important again. They also started doing some free updates lately since development has ceased but some of the guys wanted to do a few extra things. The changes were pretty good all things considered. An 11th century start, court size limits etc.
No. 30950
153 kB, 968 × 394
Playing Dicso Elysium for 15 hours now and it's a great game so far. There has a great sence of humor and it almost feels like a playthrough it VTMB as a malkavian. It's quite text based and doesn't have alot of action. But it still is really funny because of all the wicked shit that's going on around the playable character. I can recommend it if you want some kind of oldfashoned tabletop game that feels like something really new.
No. 30959
Elex was ok.

But unlike Gothic 1 and 2 its "jank" doesn't come with genius gamedesign buried under it it. Reason for that is that Piranha Bytes original devs are all gone except Björn Pankratz who is a bit of a hack and would rather design the sound himself (despite not having a fraction of Kai Rosenkranz' talent) and let his wife write story instead of hiring talented writers and so on. The animations are also still on Gothic 2 level.
No. 30970
I still cannot figure out what nationality SethTzeentch is based on his really weird pronunciations of English words.
No. 30972 Kontra
He is Russian. A friend of mine found his address and a past place of work.
No. 30987
Sseth? He is Dutch or Dane, something in this area.
No. 31003
Pretty sure, he's a Russian from Kazakhstan residing in England.
No. 31011
98 kB, 1280 × 720
So I'm already quite certain I'm getting this game however I'll still ask has anyone played it? If so, how is? From all I can gather the biggest problem doesnt seem to be having a high enough GPU or RAM so much as being heavy even on newer i7 CPUs which I do not have.

I also do not know why so many reviewers of this game are so completely fucking obnoxious. Not in a good nerdy way, but in that annoying, weaselly voiced, watching ants blow up with firecrackers twat kind of way, and it's damn near every single one of them virtually all of whom seem content to do nothing but crash planets into each other rather than designing things like an interesting triple binary system. I get that point about watching things crash into each other, but still. There's probably far superior things for that if that's all you're into.
No. 31035
So, Crusader Kings III not only will avoid using "Deus Vult" phrase (and whichever other phrases from Medieval times certain people call offensive), but it also looks like a game for a mobile phone, absolutely hideous visually-wise.
When did it all go so wrong for Paradox
No. 31036
Don't worry, it'll still be the same messy junk running on a heap of .txt files Paradox usually puts out.
But why CK3?
I thought Victoria was the next game to receive a facelift. (Or is it too controversial of a topic?)
No. 31038
323 kB, 1051 × 794
Vicky has a strong cult following but it pales in popularity compared to CK2, it's just a financial game.
Plus, do you really want to see them ruin Victoria?
No. 31039
19th century is a period when Western civilization totally dominated and sometimes forcefully imposed itself on the other parts of the world.
I can understand Paradox in their decision to avoid this period, they need a period of strong and advanced civilizations of non-Europeans such as Muslim civilization
No. 31041
59 kB, 629 × 609
I kind of want to see the train wreck they'd turn Vicky 3 into. And it's not like they'd erase the original from existence.
Honestly, the only reason I expected their next game to be V2 is because that's their only series that hasn't received a current gen facelift like EU, CK and HoI. (And those series were niche before they simplified the games.)

But alas, I think it'll never happen. The period itself is just too complex. At least I'd say the market-to-nation-to-population relationship in victoria is more complex than the simple person-to-person relationships and nation-to-nation relationships of CK and EU.
The system is too complex to effectively simplify and casualise. Because complexity is a necessity here.
No. 31049
229 kB, 1200 × 714
Please.. no...
They did that was Patrician series, taking it from autism maximus to press a button and win.

I wish they'd at least release the relevant code so "dem pops!" nerds could fix the most glaring problems with the economy model (immigration, interest, savings and loans), they fixed just about everything else through mods but the hard coded issues are insurmountable as it is.
No. 31050
meanwhile at Paradox
>Game director Henrik Fåhraeus says Paradox wanted to make a sequel that “should be more approachable, easier to get into,” than CK2
No. 31055
493 kB, 1280 × 720
501 kB, 1280 × 720
Sheltered is 2.50 on steam at the moment, fun game
No. 31059
At least they seem to have given up on the mana thing. I heard they revamped Imperator's system quite a bit.
No. 31087
>Imperial Federation League
>The Last Eleven at Maiwand
Speaking of Patrician.
No. 31088
Well shit. DCS news has me maybe getting deeper into whirlybirds in the future. They've got Huey multicrew in internal testing finally, and presumably once it's functional, they'll transfer it to the Mi-8. When they do, I'm definitely going to get it.
No. 31100
341 kB, 1024 × 768
320 kB, 1024 × 717
Goddamn, I really REALLY want to play Elders Scrolls game

Maybe even Oblivion, but just imagining I need to find and install mods make me drop this idea
No. 31101
Oblivion is made serviceable with 2 mods. Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul and OblivionXP. It makes a really fun core experience. From there you just add fixes to things you dislike as you find them. Don't like the graphics? There are some significant fixes there, Character Overhaul (I think it's called) gives races more unique and less jank appearances, and Unique Landscapes adds some more variety to locations.

The other route is to just install Nehrim. It's not Elder Scrolls in terms of setting, but it's pretty much Oblivion except better in all ways.
No. 31103
You can always replay Morrowind, you know. It is fine without mods, although you could install some graphics ones, just for fresh looks.
No. 31105
489 kB, 1920 × 1080
332 kB, 1920 × 1080
469 kB, 1920 × 1080
397 kB, 1920 × 1080
It's a shame they've stopped making DLCs for Mordheim. I understand that the developers are busy with Necromunda, but I would really like to see at least Orcs and the Carnival of Chaos in the game. The already playable warbands could use some updates too, like, maybe new skills, weapons or even units.
No. 31106
If you want, I can help you with easy install and configuration of OpenMW with fan patches to get best morrowind experience without much trouble.
No. 31109
Thanks for advise, will try those mods.

Okay, I'm interested. What is OpenMW? What does it offer?
No. 31110
OpenMW is opensource engine replacement for gamebryo. It offer better stability, better work on modern systems and different operational systems such as android, macos, x64 windows, linux. It also have a lot engine bug fixed and other features out of box - such as recastnavigation for npcs, notmalmap texture support, multi folders for mods, dynamic shadows etc.
When I arrive home, I'll write big post about what do with it.
No. 31112
Cool, I will be waiting
No. 31116
1,3 MB, 1440 × 900
1,7 MB, 1440 × 900
1,8 MB, 1440 × 900
1,5 MB, 1440 × 900
Allright, let's begin X--DDDD

At first you need morrowind installation. GoG version is most full version of GotY with official addons, official plugins and has no any DRM that preven proper working of (not that you need it, since OpenMW don't use vanilla .exe version at all)
https://rutracker.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5311299 - download here. You don't need any files exept "setup_tes_morrowind_goty_2.0.0.7.exe", Rusification obviously will fuck up your game

At Second, after you installed it, download and install this
http://www.lysator.liu.se/~ace/OpenMW/OpenMW-latest-win64.exe - this is last version of OpenMW Nightly build of 0.46. It should be absoluetly stable and it is last version currently. This link is for Windows x64, I presume you have this.
Install it, and then run not from simple exe, but from launcher exe. At first start it should detect your Morrowind installation, import ssetings .ini (you have clean setup anyway, but still, why not). Then you can look at different configuration tabs in launcher. At advanced tab you will have opotional game fixes you can turn on or off. It will show their descriptions when you put cursor on it. In "game mechanis" I add check to everything exept "Followers attack on sight". Same as in input, and user interface. Testing is for people who test mods, saves you can add as much quicksaves as you want.
Settings you don't need if you already did detection of Morrowind installation. In graphics tab also graphical options which also pretty obvious, I guess. In data files, same as in typical bethesda launcher all your .esm .esp .bsa etc files of addons, plugins and mods that have them. At fresh install you should have only Morrowind, Bloodmoon, Tribunal and official plugins. Check them all. Then you can make first test run of your game (from launcher obviously), so OpenMW will create it's folder in
\Users\(your name)\Documents\My Games\OpenMW - here will be sreenshots, saves and additional ini files of ssetings you can edit as much as you want.

When you will be in game with your test run, don't be surprised menus in 4:3. Morrowind menu screenes in that resolution and OpenMW just make shure game menu and loading screens will not strached. In options menu you can configurate all options - from controls to graphics. I recommend you look at FOV option, sliders of AI distance, and also on graphical options. In graphical options you can also look at different subtabs - like water shaders, okay, now you can turn off the game and go to final step.

Here is my pack of mods. This mods not something, what changes game, or add some random stuff - it is fixes, fan patches, different files that fix minor things. For example, more clean version of fonts, Patch for Purists - collection of fixes that fix bad placement of meshes, errors in spwan of different NPCs, book typos and things like that. Also it contain optimisation patch which fix and optimise meshes that was made by bethesda pretty bad, increasing perfomance without changes of picture. Also it contain some set of maximum vanilla like but higer resolution and normalmapped textures, contain fixed animations for character and NPCs, add missing in original game things like showing equipped amminition on NPC and characters, lights in widows etc. etc. - like you see, no "vasyanka", just actual fixes, making original game be like it shoulve been from the begining.
It also contain 2 files - OpenMW.cfg and settings.cfg. One downside of current openMW versions that some of the things here may be configurated only in this files, including support for some scripted mods, like ones that show ammunition and separate mod folders.
What you need change here:
In openmw.cfg, open it with notepad and at the bottom there two lines
data="C:\Games\Morrowind\Data Files"
data="C:\Games\Morrowind Mods"

First is your morrowind installation, obviously it is mine, you need to change to your path where you have data files of morrowind installed.
Second is location of folder with mods where you will put it on your computer.

In ssetings.cfg you don't need change anything - I have there double draw distance, all dynamic shadows configurated. I'll say what edit here if you will have terribe FPS on your computer, but this ones works pretty good on my GTX750ti + Intel i7-8700
Drop OpenMW.cfg and settings.cfg onto my games/OpenMW folder I metioned and replace your old ones. Then, run launcher. Here you most probably will need to again put your resolution, mine is 1444x900 I set in .cfg files. Also, in data check all your new plugins. If some show warnings - you need just lower them in order, that ones thy requred to - just drag and drop them lower in list, Pretty much all files should be lower than main game, addons and official plugins. After it, you may run your game from OpenMW launcher or OpenMW.exe.
No. 31120
Thanks, fren, will try tomorrow and write you if I have some additional questions
No. 31121
The Outer Worlds gets released in 5 days.


First 20 minutes look fairly decent. I thought the trend of "cinematic" voiced protagonists was firmly established for high-budget RPGs, so it's really nice to see games like The Outer Worlds and VTMB2 move away from it.
No. 31125

sheeeeeeeit Disco Elysium looks awesome
No. 31128
3,0 MB, 1920 × 1080
Will be happy to answer any your questions!
No. 31136
661 kB, 1600 × 838
678 kB, 1600 × 838
576 kB, 1600 × 838
back playing eve but the group I'm with are terrible and lose 4/5 battles they fight. Sad to see the state of the game now, everybody just allys with anyone who could potentially fight them, so you get megablobs that just safely crush anyone with the courage to fight them.
No. 31137
No time to play that, but waiting for crack.
No. 31138
> 3
I miss old model of Sleipnir.
Now I need to fly Claymore if I want my ship to look like brutal internal combustion engine with radiators.
No. 31139
> the group I'm with are terrible and lose 4/5 battles they fight
Pandemic Horde?
No. 31140
It was like that when i played years ago.
No. 31141
1010 kB, 1600 × 1200
1,1 MB, 1600 × 1200
1,5 MB, 1600 × 1200
Yeah me too, that change was stupid. I still have old screenshots from 2006 of the old model Cyclone, that ship was such a beast in the right hands. Also back then Claymores were like 100 mil and you could just roam solo in them and kick ass, now they're 450 mil
No, however funfact I was one of the original 40 dudes that was there on the day Pandemic Legion was founded, and I was an FC and directed in PL up until 2011 during its glory days
Yeah I mean fair point, but it gets progressively worse over the years, more risk-averse as everything gets more expensive and more overpowered ships cause power-creep
No. 31142
> back then Claymores were like 100 mil and you could just roam solo in them and kick ass, now they're 450 mil
And that's why I don't play EVE anymore.
Too expensive ships and fittings, don't want to grind for isk, don't want to buy isk for real money via plex.
Another reason is just don't want to waste money on that game anymore, in general.
No. 31144
Or you could, you know, actually support the indie developers making actually good games for once. I really hope you're not the same Russian writing textwalls about how modern games are all trash. The best way to ensure we don't keep getting trash games is ripping off trash AAA publishers on the off chance they made a playable game while always paying for good games from smaller/good developers. You can't expect a smaller company to just make shit for free and keep doing it while dumb bydlo games keep getting bought by dumb bydlo, and judging by everything I've heard it's worth getting.

I've universally heard it being amazing at this point, so much so that it has rapidly skyrocketed from just being on my top 10-15 list to being top three at worst, and that's in competition with VTMB2 and Wasteland 3 which to be fair WL3 may not be as amazing, but I'm an old school Fallout fan and absolutely adored WL2 and consider it the real Fallout 3, and have similarly loved the shit out of Tides of Numenera, both of which I heard complaints about but those are two of my top list for best all time releases of the past ten years so WL3 is to me the real Fallout 4 finally being made.

I know it's pretty rich of me to say that about not pirating and follow it up with saying this, but I'm either waiting for it to be on sale or at least clearing my backlog a bit and then getting it way later just because I have much less money coming in than I thought comparable to needed expenses and I'm at the point now where I think if I won the lottery or something I'd take a few months break not working at all nor running businesses and investments just to spend solid days playing through everything. I haven't even touched my Halloween theme games yet which I was planning on starting like a week ago, but then again I also was hoping to be moving and playing them somewhere else by then too.

I even had my one cube friend telling me point blank how awesome Disco is and he fucking hated everything, even Tides of Numenera and Pathfinder. In fact, he pretty much seems to hate everything period except D:OS2 and seems to have a way higher bar than I have so I tend to take his opinion pretty seriously when he says a crpg is great. ...actually I'm kind of curious now why he loved this game so much but hated Tides.

At any rate this already sounds to me like DE is going to be the stealth GOTY, stealth meaning somehow slipped right under the radar with no fanfare yet everyone for some reason already heard of it and said it's awesome.

Truth be told I didn't even have as high hopes for that game. I had higher hopes for Element Zero which got disappointing reviews. Pretty odd how it seems to have come out of nowhere and already everyone is pretty much saying things along the lines of "this is better than Planescape."
No. 31146
>more risk-averse as everything gets more expensive

That's the biggest problem, you didn't even have to pay to play before, just spend a few hours a month running sites and selling loot for your PLEX, same for buying ships. To do that now you'd have to really grind for days or chuck real cash in, so it's no wonder people are a bit precious about their space pixels.
No. 31151
>Or you could, you know, actually support the indie developers making actually good games for once. I really hope you're not the same Russian writing textwalls about how modern games are all trash.
He is not me, but I did not wrote textwalls about all modern games are shit, I did a posts about situation, where I don't have any reason to support overall industry, since I'am not a target audience for absolute majority of modern developers and never will anyway.
No. 31153
Me neither.
Western developers never count on Russia with it's low prices in rubles to bring them profit.
No. 31156
One of the best explanations of CK II I've yet seen
No. 31160
> SsethTzeentach

This nigga definitely shitposts on one of the chans, maybe even on the old KC or the current cabbagepatch judging by his slavic background and familiarity with slav menes.

Maybe he even visits EC. How's it going, "Seth"?
No. 31174
273 kB, 713 × 469
Okay, so I got to the last step, downloaded your modpack
What do I do with mod files there? I understood what I should do with configuration files, but what about "Morrowind Mods" folder?
Should I put it in "data" folder of Morrowind vanilla?
No. 31176
706 kB, 1600 × 838
Yeah, I mean the basic ship people run with now for fleets or gangs are minimum 700 mil isk, either a Bhaalgorn or one of those new fancy Leshak battlecruisers with full faction fit. Gone are the days of rocking around in a 50 mil battlecruiser and having a laff

CCP artificially inflated all prices about 400% about 6 years ago, too bad they never put two-and-two together afterwards why nobody is pvp'ing anymore

I don't blame people wanting to pirate games with the state of the industry and shit like Epic Games Store doing the things they're doing, but to pirate 100% of the time while crying about being the victim is just very .... Russian (I guess)
No. 31177 Kontra
75 kB, 600 × 777
damn, I'm blind, I see
Obviously it's data folder
No. 31179
140 kB, 682 × 1024
OpenMW allow you separate data folders. Just throw it everywhere on your PC you want and it will work without need of replacing original MW files, yeah.
No. 31185
90 kB, 607 × 661
>I don't blame people wanting to pirate games with the state of the industry and shit like Epic Games Store doing the things they're doing, but to pirate 100% of the time while crying about being the victim is just very .... Russian (I guess)

Games of subjenres of CRPG/CARPG I like died like in 2002. Since then, there was absoluetly no games like that so it is not me, or russia anyway may be blamed for that. What I should support now, if like nothing is interesting for me enough? There is game I kind of care - Pathalogic 2, and developers have money problems and really need support. I really thing it is great game and that it be nice if people support them more, but I don't have money for this and personally I'am not interested in this game and this genre, even thought I think it's good. From supporting it I'll achive nothing - I don't get games I want and not make this world better.
Also I don't support launchers. I don't want buy anything in them, since I'am against such retail option of "renting air with third party program" concept, and all this "EGS vs STEAM wars" for me is kind of some sort of shitty circus with bad clowns, since all of that is same shit.
But still, it is bold claim that I pirating everything - I have huge collection of license official jewels from past times, I also have a great number of games in steam and even in origin back when I bought things here, and on battle.net account way back before I losted it.
I also have collection of like 77 games on GoG - last place where I buying something since it allow me to download installers and play and install games anywhere anytime without need of launcher, and this thing I can support. I'll probably closed to new year will buy Ion Fury, I don't think this game is super great, but it is very nice, I had fun with it and it is pretty decent, and actually best new reto-like FPS game to date, and I want more things like that, thus I'll buy Wrath Aeon of Ruin and Call of Sategnar most probably when this things will come out.

Other Russian also not blaming, but actuall saying facts about Russia is not that much of primary market for videogames honestley, and actual birth of piracy here happened because in 90s there was no way to obtain actual official licansed copies of games here.
No. 31193
13 kB, 592 × 333
I am beginning to understand why Russia has virtually no game industry to speak of and no titles while anyone else, France, Germany, Sweden, even little Poland, releases tons of games every year.

>Games of subjenres of CRPG/CARPG I like died like in 2002. Since then, there was absoluetly no games like that so it is not me, or russia anyway may be blamed for that.
fucking what

There've been tons of games released since then I mean hell there may have been even more crpgs released since 2002 than before it.
>Tides of Numenera
>Wasteland 2
>Divinity Original Sin
>Divinity: Original Sin 2
>Atom RPG
>Age of Decadence
>Shadowrun Returna
>Shadowrun Dragonfall
>Shadowrun Hong Kong
>Pillars of Eternity
>Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire
>Disco Elysium
>Stygian Reign of the Old Ones
>Seven: Days Long Gone
>Pathfinder Kingmaker
>* Spellforce 3 (technically)
>* Blackguards and Blackguards 2 (technically)
>Avernum series
>Stellar Tactics
>Expedition: Viking
>Expedition: Conquistador
>Tower of Time
>Element Space
>* Hard West (technically?)

>no such games since 2002
You haven't even got an excuse here dude. This is the most flatly wrong statement of the entire thread. I can't even accept a "all such new crpgs is a shit" because if you look at that list you're bound to find at least something good that you're personally going to like, and quite frankly a lot of the older crpgs aren't even that good to begin with. I doubt that Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights, and Arcanum of Steamworks and Magicka among others could be considered even all that great, and certainly not better than every one of the aforementioned games.

In fact the main reason why crpgs are even remembered so fondly to begin with is just because a few had such great storytelling and only a handful of older crpgs make that cut. Fallout, Fallout 2, Baldur's Gate, BG2, Planescape Torment, and that's pretty much it. Oh and some might argue Fallout Tactics (I personally would) being good despite it not even being a crpg and more a RTT with light crpg elements. You have some games like Arcanum that have great storytelling but the gameplay itself is so janky and terrible feeling it's hard pushing yourself to play it.

Oh, and we have other games still slated for release
>Baldur's Gate 3
>Wasteland 3
>* Ram Pressure (maybe?)
>Beautiful Desolation
>* Othercide (maybe?)

There are absolutely TONS of newer crpgs, not just released since 2002 but released in like the last 5-7 years, and a great many of them very good which has left me more than pleased as it's one of my top three favorite genres, the other two being 4x and either CMS or RTS games (and also ARPGs but I haven't found/player a great many that are certifiably excellent like VTMB or KOTOR).

Seriously it's not even just the sheer volume but the diversity in types of crpg. Dont like combat and just play for the story? There's Disco and Tides. Only care about loot and combat? Tower of Time and a ton others. Want super hard? Decadence. Want old school RTwP? PoE, Tyranny, many others. Absolutely hate Rtwp and want turn based? Shadowrun, Wasteland, Divinity many others. Want old school crunchy PnP that's not classic DnD? There's Pathfinder, Blackguards for DSA and so on. I mean fucks sake man there's even at least one survival horror/puzzle adventure game in isometric vaguely crpg style

I doubt I've even listed them all. So to say there's none is flatly incorrect.
No. 31195
72 kB, 494 × 700
>I am beginning to understand why Russia has virtually no game industry to speak of and no titles while anyone else, France, Germany, Sweden, even little Poland, releases tons of games every year.
Because it had one in late 90s and 00s, but now country in total shit and soon will become in 4th world, not even 3rd world? However there still hames like Escape from Tarkov, Pathalogic 2, not that I interested in this titles, and I metioned it alredy i post above. I'am interested in upcoming King's Bounty 2, and Ion Fury/Wraith Areon of Ruin, which I also support actually published by russian 1c corporation.
>fucking what
You can't read letters? Nice list of isometric games, but if you same american who always here, you know that I like blobbers - Openworld turn baised tile baised first person blobbers, or free movment blobbers. There was only single game in genre of free movment blobber since 2002 - it was Bard's Tale 4 and it was very meh and unplayable on start. I'll want to try recent Director's Cut in hope it will fix their issues, but still it be not really great game. From blobbers there also was Legend of Grimrock 1-2 - even if it Dungeon Master clones with real time combat and dungeon crawling and not my favorite subgenere and actually I think after EotB1-3 and Black Crypt there is nothing you much did in this category, I still own this games. Same as Might and Magic X, which is ubisoft's attempt at do something like Legend of Grimrock and I don't like it eather, same as all ubisfot's might and magic games exept Dark Messiah, but I still have this game in steam for better of for worse.
There Legends of Amberland Game I want to try, but it is turbo-low-budget indie game, and looks very cheap, but well, maybe it is fun to play? Not every day we have classic 3-5 Might and Magic clones, we'll see. If I like it, I'll buy it of cource, I want more similar stuff.

Classic CARPG - by this therm I metioned games like TES Arnea/Daggerfall/Battlespire, Ultima Underworld 1-2, Might and Magic 6-9 etc. Games that kind of close to that titles may be Morrowind and Fallout New Vegas, however they still too-action orientated. There nowdays no Classic Action RPG games - where it is CRPG and action means just free movment and real time. There is talks that one youtuber contacted with Julian LeFay and Ted Peterson and they making kind of DAGGERFALL SPIRITUAL SUCSESSOR but I still very sceptical about that and currently it is way in pre-production. There was Underworld Ascedant, Ultima Underowrld spiritual sucsessor, by Nightdive Studios, but it was even more cheap than Bard's Tale 4, was very unfinished and get very mixed reviews. I still waiting even more patches to it before I really want to try it, but who knows, maybe it is actually not bad in finished form without bugs. Fallout New Vegas I have in Steam, Morrowind I have in GoG and Steam, Daggerfall and Arena now free anyway. Ultima Underworld 1-2 I have in GoG also.
No. 31215
Thank you very much, I succeeded!
Already played half a day, what an addictive game
No. 31231
2,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
Was happy to help. If you have more answers, ask them, If after playing whole game you will want more, I will help you install Tamriel Rebuilt and Project Tamriel X--DDD
No. 31234
> the screenshot
Looks epic. Is that the Old Ebonheart? Is it full of unique interesting npcs and quests? Can you go in and explore every house?
No. 31236
790 kB, 1612 × 1200
2,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
980 kB, 1920 × 1080
Yes, of cource.
Old Ebonheart and surroundings was most recent TR release to date (new release will be later, this year). This city and villages around it contain more than 70 new unique quests. All interiors, sewers, places of cource was done on highest level of detail at maximum Tamriel Rebuilt quality standarts and fully playable, with factions, misc quests etc.

This year there will be release with rest of Aanthirin region, which also will contain 70+ new quests for player.
No. 31240
These graphical overhauls look nice but sort of mess with a developers artistic vision

Also it's weird when the animations still look like ass
No. 31241
1,7 MB, 1440 × 900
2,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
5,9 MB, 1920 × 1080
You mean about Morrowind? Data pack I sent to uraine ernst is contain almost not any graphical mods, exept some PBR textures baised on original ones there and there. It only add some shaders and shadows that go with OpenMW engine natively, fan patches and new animations and other mic. stuff.
Tamriel Rebuilt and Project Tamriel metioned above is not "overhaul", this is new content mods, aiming to recreate whole Tamriel in TES3 scale, using as basis lore before TES4 oblivion. They making their new models, assets, content etc. baising on vanilla style, and building it that was so game will look as solid single one, not some "mod"

I don't like "ultra graphixx" and other crap "overhauls" which collections of random graphics and detail mods that ruining original style and atmosphere also.
No. 31242
23,6 MB, 1728 × 1080, 0:18
Here is example I recorded
Textures - PBR ones baised on vanilla in slightly higer resolution. Double view distance. Dynamic Shadows. Naw animations for character, weapons on players and NPCs visible. Not visible here, but bodies slightly more HD< but baised on original - just add slightly more polygons. Rest is baisicly vanilla, recorded near Vivec city on OpenMW
No. 31246
If you haven't played Serpent in the Staglands, do so. It's the fucking george, though it is rtwp which you may not like (I actually think it's a good way of transferring paper mechanics because of the logic that turns work on).
No. 31248
If want you meant was blobbers then you should have said blobbers. Generally speaking in the West at least when people say "crpg" what they mean is isometric usually (but not necessarily always) party based rpgs. This is different from blobbers which are more of a first person party based rpg with a lot of overlap in what would be termed "dungeon crawlers." As for ARPGs in general both KOTORs as well as VTMB had been released since then. Actually I think Fable and the Gothic series also were released after that. I'm not too hot on the generally FPS shitfest shittification the genre went through though (cough Mass Effect cough) but some recent ones have been released and I personally wouldn't even say that FNV was all that good. I mean it wasn't a bad game, possibly even called "good" even, but it was nowhere near being a great game and all in all I found it to be pretty forgettable.

If you at all were a fan of the Gothic series there is Elex like I've mentioned several times. I don't play a whole lot of first person games in general and seemingly have found more survival/horror oriented ones worth the bother than ARPGs.

Try not to call blobbers crpgs to a non-Russian. Everyone is automatically going to assume you mean the isometric ones like Planescape and Fallout.

As the Brit mentioned, The Outer Worlds is going to drop in several days so you could check that out too.
No. 31252
I said "certain subgenres of CRPG/CARPG". I thought it was more than clear.
>Generally speaking in the West at least when people say "crpg" what they mean is isometric usually
It is not. It is just means computer RPG. Currently therm more used for "classic" RPG things to divide them from "modern RPGs" in other words open world action adventures that called "RPG".

>As for ARPGs in general both KOTORs as well as VTMB had been released since then.
By saying CARPG, I specified certain games to distingish them from modern approach on that therm.

>) but some recent ones have been released and I personally wouldn't even say that FNV was all that good. I mean it wasn't a bad game, possibly even called "good" even, but it was nowhere near being a great game and all in all I found it to be pretty forgettable.
FNV is not best game, however second best fallout and certanly better and more memorable than thier attempts at makind 3d action adventure by simlifing thier isometric games design core to death. I metioned it because it more close to definition of CARPG I did inprevious post, thought it is on border of being to-actiony. However, it is probably best game of 2010s if I need to pick one.

Gothic from start tended to be more action-adventury than CRPG. It is fun as adventure game with RPG elements, but actually first one came out in 2001, second one in 2002. 3 is... eghh.

>Try not to call blobbers crpgs to a non-Russian. Everyone is automatically going to assume you mean the isometric ones like Planescape and Fallout.
They are not. This is not russian therm and this is pretty well understood among people who know at least something. It is first time I hear that "crpg=late 90s early 00s plot baised isometric games" in my life. CRPG=Computer Role Playing Game.
It's like I heared from some people that all turn baised tile baised blobbers are "dungeoncrawlers".
And your isometric games is evolution and continuation of GoldenBox SSI series and more early SSI games, Wasteland, Ultima and it's clones, also things like Darklands.

>As the Brit mentioned, The Outer Worlds is going to drop in several days so you could check that out too.
As was said by Obsidians itself it is not really big or complex game because lack of budget and team now doing other "secret project". It too action orientated like fallout 4, it's style and atmosphere questionable for me and it will have isometric games-like location and character worldbuilding, so I sceptical about it and pretty shure it be not my kind of game and be mediacore overall.
No. 31254
It stands for computer rpg because it originally literally meant computer version of an rpg game (specifically like Dungeons and Dragons) but has since largely been used at least in English speaking world to related specifically to a certain type of RPG as distinguished from others more by the isometric view and playstyle than anything else. This came about largely because the earlier games like Baldur's Gate, Planescape, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights and even Fallout on some level all became known as crpgs which defined the genre. This is also partly because no one calls PnP games "RPGs" here anymore and when referencing an RPG it is generally already automatically understood to mean a computer game, as opposed to a PnP session of role playing. Hence, we typically only call it a PnP (pen 'n paper) or refer specifically to the game like Paranoia or Shadowrun or Dungeons and Dragons or whatever, as opposed to calling it an RPG. The c part is now considered the default definition for what an RPG is, and RPG itself encompasses numerous sub genres of which crpg is only one of them. This is why if you go under English speaking steam and look for "crpg" you're only going to get several pages and they're pretty much all going to be the same sort of isometric perspective, usually party based with some kind of skills, stats, leveling, gear etc.

I know, you'd think it's just called "isometric rpg" but it's don't.

In related news fuck it I'm just calling Ember beat. I don't feel like putting up with finishing the shitty grind that is this last boss battle and going through to make sure I have enough options again just to make the choice or whatever. I am now calling this game officially BEAT and am starting my Halloween theme list.

I also find it odd how Encased hasn't been talked about a lot yet, and for some reason when looking for it on image search I get as much weird fetish porn as anything to do with the game. It seems so far a sleeper despite getting super good early reviews. Meanwhile for whatever reason Disco Elysium seems like it's getting talked about a lot. I'm starting to think that game is going to be a very special treat to play, as in, that one consumable item too awesome too use so you save it the entire game and don't use it til the very end of some big boss battle. That's what I'm thinking Disco is.
No. 31255 Kontra
Oh shit meant
*Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale etc got called crpg to begin with because they were all considered single player computerized versions of PnP RPG games, until the term "crpg" has less to do with distinguishing between DnD sessions with friends or on a computer and more to do with a specific style of an isometric rpg
No. 31258
For some reason CRPG Addict not playing only isometric games (he is not get to them even). CRPG book contain clearly not isometric games. Ask on places like RPG codex or other - I think everyone will tell you what CRPG is. Isometric games is only still alive and popular "subgenre" of classic RPG games but therm applyed not only on them and you mistaken because maybe lack of interest to what this truley mean.
Tbh it is "blobber" which is more specific therm, since blobbers happen to be real time action free movment, isometric and top down. Same time, there a number of turn baised tile baised first person crawlers that are not blobbers.

PnP/tabletop games not neccecery tabelop RPGs. Tabletop RPGs called... RPGs to distinguish them from other types of PnP games.
No. 31261
sigh okay so you want to argue.

crpgaddict is just some guy's blog. His opinions are his own and do not generally represent much else.

For the lazy who want a really quick, concise, succinct explanation this ironically enough is quite possibly the best one

Like I said, when you actually do browse steam for it you're going to notice something
and that's that pretty much alle of the 57 games mentioned here with that tag of "CRPG" are alike and are what I described above.

I was thinking this on the way to work today and thought to myself "well what exactly DOES a crpg have to have?" and I have concluded that it needs the one following thing no matter what:
isometric view

It also needs virtually all of these although some exceptions exist:
~a character leveling system
~inventory with items and usually weapons/equipment/armor etc as well as usually potions or somesuch
~~as implied above, a loot system of some kind
~a dialogue heavy narrative driven system with generally multiple choice interactions with NPCs
~~usually an actual story of some sort typically driven by said narrative
~a variety of different skill/skill points and way to have a different character build with different stats
~side quests and other optional objectives to complete aside from the main storyline
~multiple different endings
~a party management system

Optional but often included things include
~multiple ways to solve a puzzle or quest or to achieve your goals
~a stealth system
~a crafting system
~in game economy of some sort

You're going to notice that the reason why I specifically said "isometric" to be a crpg as opposed to any other kind of RPG is specifically because you can and typically do have all of those things I mentioned above except that these games are typically done through either a first or third person perspective, such as for example Deus Ex Human Revolution, Deus Ex 1, Mass Effect, Fallout New Vegas, The Witcher, Elex, Gothic, Bard's Tale and so on.

Now, the reason why I hesitate to include a thing like Stasis or Sanitarium anywhere in that is because it's quite flatly wrong, although those two games do generally include the overall spirit of an rpg minus the all important leveling system, dialogue and so on--and yes, dialogue is quite possibly the most critical part of it being a crpg (or any rpg for that matter).

The reason why this became a convention is because all those older games except your blobbers and first person games kept an isometric perspective, which made things like Sanitarium, Arcanum, Fallout, Baldur's Gate, Planescape and so on end up defining that specific type of niche in the genre, to the point where pretty much the sole difference between what makes an ARPG or a CRPG is whether or not it is in first/third or isometric third person perspective, and which often (but not always!) meant a crpg was just one where you had a party with lots of followers and an arpg was where you had more a go it alone type of thing, with notable exceptions including BioWare's games which blended party management with a more ARPG type of feel.

But long story short yes in conventional parlance "computer RPG" is completely redundant (especially since consoles at this point pretty much are like personal micro PCs) and whenever anyone says "rpg" what they are talking about is the broad category of digital games, which is why the term ended up morphing into referencing a very specific style of RPG.

oh some twat changed the article
This isn't really correct. Like, at all. XCOM for instance is not a crpg. There is no questing. There are no dialogues. There's a big overlap more often than not but an RTT or turn based tactics is a completely different genre than a CRPG.

Anyway regardless no, it is a generally well understood term. I really don't care what some random guy's blogspot says. Go onto steam. Go look through here https://store.steampowered.com/tags/en/CRPG/ and that is what crpg's are. There is a reason why there's only 57 entries and why they all look pretty similar to each other and have the same types of features, and why not a single thing from first person perspective is listed there. This is generally extremely well understood in any English speaking context of to what "crpg" is specifically referring.
No. 31263
I would replace levels with progression. It isnt hard to imagine a levelless system working fine.

Levelless XP buy for example fits easily. Levels are a sacred cow that arent going away, but they could.
No. 31268
Now I'm convinced that the only instance when the term "CRPG" should be used is when you want to distinguish digital games from tabletop/pen-and-paper ones. Whatever the "C" stands for, the abbreviation is totally unrepresentative when you use it for denoting that specific kind of isometric RPGs. "Computer"? So, that means that the rest of digital RPGs aren't computer ones? "Classic"? What makes them more classic than first-person dungeon crawlers or even text RPGs? It's better to just call them isometric RPGs, because this way you at least get the general idea of what to expect. Oh, and I wouldn't trust Urban Dictionary on anything except sociowhorish slang words and maybe some obscure words from regional dialects of English. The two definitions of "CRPG" they have kinda contradict each other, not to mention the examples (also, HoMM is a CRPG? Lolwut?).

>I hesitate to include a thing like Stasis or Sanitarium anywhere in that
Yeah, you shouldn't. I didn't play Stasis, but Sanitarium is a pretty obvious and straightforward point and click adventure, it just happens to have an isometric perspective. If we're going to lump games together on that basis alone, we might as well include something like Alien Shooter or Toejam and Earl.
No. 31278
122 kB, 640 × 400
230 kB, 1152 × 720
27 kB, 398 × 251
25 kB, 320 × 200
You a crazy.
Urban dictionary, what?
Here wikipedia article.

Let's face it, about 98% of all CRPGs can be summed up as follows: "We go out and bash on critters until we're strong enough to bash on Foozle." That's the plot, and usually most of the supporting storyline, too.
—Scorpia, Computer Gaming World, 1994
I'am not agree with this excuse for journalist, same as with most of her "artcles", but this words was saild long before what you define as "CRPG" existed.

Wizard's Crown, Wasteland, Ultima, goldenbox gamess and Magic Candle not CRPGs and Fallout is. What and idiocy, and you baised your opinion on fucking steam? Fuck CRPG community, fuck logic (are this games nor classic nor computer you want to say?), it is only specific type of late isometric games which are CRPG!!
Your "isometric RPGs" - which everywhere, including "west" always was called like that, is late and one of the not even subgenres, which directly copy elements and gameplay from some of the games you not call "CRPG". And you thought that all non-isometric games are blobbers? Did you ever know what "blobber" is?
You most probably imagine like your baldur's gate and remake of neverwinter nights appeared out of nowhere and you know absoluetly nothing about genre and games older than fallout, and being only alive subgenre nowdays, you assumed that only this games called "crpg" in your imagenary world for some reason.
No. 31286
43 kB, 550 × 550
CRPG = isometric
And also story and dialogues in blobbers are mostly shit which makes them inferior games overall.
No. 31287
11 kB, 400 × 400
Thanks you for most stupid and ignorant post, clearly shows current averege level of knowlege about things older than 20 years.
CRPGs is when you have ""dialogues"", and JRPG was created by Japanise, and Wolfenstein 3d was first FPS game, and before NES there was no vija games.
No. 31288
And now Halloween theme week has begun. What spooky games ernst playing, if any?
No. 31289
Here nobody celebrates haloween, but in part of my upcoming PS1 overdose, I want to play original Silent Hill and original Resident Evil, that one with funny FMV.
From Silent Hills I know about 1,3,4 and played 2 - so mostly familiar with second game, but seriously interested in the first one.

I also played some hours in Alien Isolation recently, but I played this game more for love of aesthetics as fan of the movie. I never find Alien scary, I find it attractive

Thinking also about replaying Castlevania 1 and 3, if will have mood for old console games.
No. 31291
I'm thinking Doom Splatterhouse. Looks fun and work quality is good.

Only bydlo celebrates it in thematic nightclub parties.
No. 31296
I actually am surprised it exists in Russia at all. I know trick or treating is an American phenomenon that annoys the Germans some kids there insist on making it local custom and that a lot surrounding Halloween is an American consumerist mutation of all Hallow's Eve, so I wasnt sure who in how many countries had any traditions of playing or watching their spooky stuff at the end of October.

No it's still too early for me to argue about this but
Truth be told I don't even fully know the differences except that obviously JRPGs are Japanese as opposed to Western ones, and that they seem to stick more to turn based tactical rulesets and thematically have more to do with, I forget building friendships and finding lost love and innocence? Or something? I heard it explained before how culturally the two are very different.
I already explained to you that these are a form of party based dungeon crawler. What is a dungeon crawler? Darkest Dungeon is an excellent example of one and on some level has lots and lots of overlap with blobbers.
This is not a crpg and neither is any other blobber. We'd call these games things like dungeon crawler in wect. Which, btw, is I think one game I'm going to spend time getting into.

Also on my Halloween spook week list is Dying Light and Darkwood. Both those look excellent and a treat to play with Dying Light genuinely scarier and Darkwood spookier, and I guess which place I feel more like experiencing a Mediterranean summer or New England/Polish weather.

I also have Amnesia, Agony, Little Monsters, and a few other spooky games to play until November.
No. 31298
3 kB, 159 × 200
When I was a child, we carved Turnip Ghosts and showed them to the neighbours. For that and a nice poem we got sweets.

Both things can't be unrelated, but I can't tell if Trick or Treating was influenced by this german custom.
No. 31299
It is a popular thing in the west and therefore it exists in some form here.
No. 31303
76 kB, 311 × 330
161 kB, 1024 × 768
37 kB, 640 × 400
64 kB, 640 × 400
>Truth be told I don't even fully know the differences except that obviously JRPGs are Japanese as opposed to Western ones, and that they seem to stick more to turn based tactical rulesets and thematically have more to do with, I forget building friendships and finding lost love and innocence? Or something? I heard it explained before how culturally the two are very different.
It is simplified clones of Wizardry, Ultima and early SSI games with encounter-baised combat. They often simplified and more linear, have pre-set characters, but baisicly it is clones of 80s CRPG games. Whole "therm" JRPG and kind of idea that JRPG is some sort of "separate genre" or created by Japanise come from thing that western RPGs in majority since end of 80s start to turn from encounter-baised combat into different forms, same as more far from some archainc early Wizardry games mechanics, while JRPGs still keep them to exeact same day. Lack of knowlege about older games makes people think that it is something special, same as "only calling late 90s isometric games CRPG"
>I already explained to you that these are a form of party based dungeon crawler. What is a dungeon crawler? Darkest Dungeon is an excellent example of one and on some level has lots and lots of overlap with blobbers.
Another not very smart statement that comes from lack of knowlege. Dungeon Crawler means specificly that games happen on "dungeon" type of world. Not open world, not location baised or linear, but as set of mazes that not allow absoluetly free world experience, more often more specificly this world should be a dungeon and nothing more.
Blobber is talk about it itself - it system, where you control a set of characters as "single blob", or formation that you control as single characters. Blobbers may be first person, top down or isometric, or game have blobber elements. Ultima 3-5 clearly can be named blobbers, since everywhere exept combat you control your party as single character - and in dungeon first person, and in top down view.

Not all first person tile baised games are blobbers. Not all first person tile baised games are dungeoncrawlers.

Here for you set of examples:
Dungeon Hack is first person tile baised real time dungeoncrawler. This is crawler of dungeons, this happen in real time, since it is Dungeon Master clone, same Eye of the Beholder. But this is not blobber - you control single character.
Ultima Underworld is first person free movment real time dungeoncrawler. This is crawler of dungeon, this happen in real time and allow free movment for player. This is what was called Action RPG - it is CRPG, but it happen real time and you have free movment, so it have this action elements.
Might and Magic 1-2 is ecounter combat, first person, tile baised, turn baised blobber. However, this is not dungeoncrawlers, since it is Openworld game. It is not crawling of dungeons, this game have seamless big world, locations. Might and Magic 3-5 is same, but not encounter baised. Combat happen not by encounters, but directly in-game without separate combat screen.
TES 2 Daggerfall is first person, real time, free movment openworld action RPG in same meaning as Ultima Underowrld. Unlike ultima underworld, this is not dungeoncrawler - whole game not happen in dungeon-hub like world, this is have openworld and locations structure.
Might and Magic 6-9 is first person, real time with opotional turn baised combat blobber with location baised (kind of stalker-like) openworld. This is blobber, same time it can be called action RPG in classical sence, but it is also an location-baised openworld game, not a dungeon crawler.

Wasteland is encounter combat blobber. You control your party as single character. You can divide them in separate parties, same as Magic Candle. Magic candle and Ultima 6 interesting that while you control whole party by moving them as single, they portrayed as separate character on game screen, not as single person.

Direct predecessors of your isometric games, all this Baldur's Gates and Icewid Dales - GoldenBox SSI games have Overworld travel Fallout 1-2 like, in-location travel as first person turn baised blobber, and top down ecounter-baised tactical combat. Same as for example, Realms of Arcania trilogy, which as general game directly inspired interface from Might and Magic classic series and Eye of the Beholder, but cobat is tactical isometric. It's predecessor, Spirit of Adventure had encounter-baised combat very similar to Bard's Tale and Wasteland series.

This games not that know, not that popular and hear in russia exept probably 6-9 Might and Magic because Heroes. All people I talk, know and read from CRPG comunities are in majority are western people, who had played all of that when it was new. All systematic approach and therms I use baised on actual game genres characteristics and evolution. I think you lack experience in this theme and you thoughts baised on wrong statements, from knowlege of more modern popular games.
No. 31310
617 kB, 1900 × 1080
Look dude I'm not going to waste my time arguing with you because you're going to descend into the same textwalls personally insulting me and claiming it's all "ignorance" and clearly I never played any such games or some other nonsense. The term crpg has come to mean a very specific form of rpg. This guy
puts it most succinctly and everybody knows what you're talking about when you say "crpg" I dont know precisely what lack of knowledge or language or cultural barrier you're operating from that you do not understand this and wish yo argue about it. Like I said, there is a reason why on Steam it is only a very specific type of a game that you find when searching for crpgs regardless of what originated the term because this is what it means now, in similar fashion to how 4x was a bullshit marketing term but when you say "a 4x game" everybody knows specifically exactly what you are talking. A crpg is an isometric generally party based rpg. There's a reason you are calling blobbers blobbers and not crpgs because if you called them or Witcher a crpg no one would know what the hell you were talking about.

I find imprecision similarly annoying when people try to call games like Fallout Tactics or Satellite Reign an "RTS" because it similarly is completely wrong and refers to a very specific strategy sub genre where everyone knows exactly what you are talking about, because those two games are RTT not RTS. I really don't care much for you trying to muddy the waters and create confusion and imprecision in the process. A CRPG is a specific and well known sub genre of rpg. RTS is a well known and well defined sub genre of strategy. A game where there is often loot and no base building is an RTT and I directly blame general ignorance of this on the weird hybridization that was Dawn of War II which had a RTT campaign with rpg elements and a more RTS-lite multiplayer, in which case the campaign was what was generally more well known so despite it NOT being an RTS campaign because it was called an RTS game and a weird installment in the DoW RTS series people came to mistakenly believe the campaign was RTS. In similar manner I can imagine the genre hybridization of Spellforce III creating likewise irritating misunderstandings, which is the same imprecision you insist on using right now regarding crpgs for some reason. A computer or console RPG is simply called an RPG. A game like Fallout, Planescape, Pillars of Eternity is a crpg. Witcher and Xeen are not crpgs. Different games may incorporate things from different genres but all of those genres are incredibly and unmistakably distinct.
No. 31312
19 kB, 226 × 240
>Look dude I'm not going to waste my time arguing with you because you're going to descend into the same textwalls personally insulting me and claiming it's all "ignorance" and clearly I never played any such games or some other nonsense. The term crpg has come to mean a very specific form of rpg. This guy
You compleatly and absoluetly wrong. You just ignoring posts and arguments, and continue to push your statement even when it was absoluetly proven wrong. Thing that you don't know anything is not personal insult, it actual fact. Don't know why I bothered and spend time on this "textwalls" for you anyway. If common logic, wikipedia articles, obvious facts and arguments means absoluetly nothing, there is no need for any disscution.
As we say in the east, sinking counted.
No. 31313
9 kB, 320 × 200
>A CRPG is a specific and well known sub genre of rpg
It is not. It is fucking not.
>A game like Fallout, Planescape, Pillars of Eternity is a crpg. Witcher and Xeen are not crpgs
Show me your fucking logic.
If C means classic how fucking PoE is classics, and if it means computer, how the fuck rest of the games not computer. They become board games for one day or not?
What you call is ISOMETRIC RPGs, this is fucking subgenre if it even can be called. Your fucking fallout, and you fucking Baldur's Gate is direct sequels of games that grown up from fucking wizardy and ultima clones.
Why you fucking ignoring everything?
Blobbers is dungeoncrawlers and only CRPGs is isometrics. What a shitpile of absolute idiocy.
No. 31314
75 kB, 450 × 600
>Xeen is not CRPG

>Darkside of Xeen was a runner-up for Computer Gaming World's Role-Playing Game of the Year award in June 1994, losing to Betrayal at Krondor. The editors called it "the most impressive linking of two CRPGs in computer game history" and "a major step in the advancement of virtual world building"

Your fucking fallout is direct heir of Wasteland, encounter-baised top down blobber, which is heir of fucking Bard's Tale, trilogy of classic Wizardry games clones.
No. 31319
0 Bytes, 225 × 225
File deleted
224 kB, 1892 × 411
> your fucking fucking fucking fuck
> fuck!!
No. 31320
151 kB, 1280 × 720
122 kB, 1024 × 752
52 kB, 402 × 442
64 kB, 640 × 360
Because you, yourself, and flagrantly ignoring both basic known facts and common sense as I have outlined in what the term came to mean in the whole English speaking world. Also because, knowing from personal experience, you're eventually going to just start calling me bydlo retarc casual gamer too ignorant of all such yadda yadda. You do this every time when you're all on a roll.

>>A CRPG is a specific and well known sub genre of rpg
>It is not. It is fucking not.
Yes, it is, and in fact has been this way for the last 20 years at minimum.

You are at this point ignoring what's basic common knowledge and insisting on your own super autistic definition of it which nobody today uses.

>If C means classic how fucking PoE is classics, and if it means computer, how the fuck rest of the games not computer. They become board games for one day or not?
Like I said, it is what the term came to mean. It originally meant computer role playing game. This was also largely used because many of those games are directly based on a computerized version of roleplaying games, namely Dungeons and Dragons. That term has since come to mean something else and it is something rather specific. It absolutely does not stand for "classic" it stands for computer role playing game. That is the original term. That is not the precise definition of what it means in English.

I am beginning to suspect this whole thing is simply because you do not know how English works. Our words do not necessarily mean the original precise definition of the word. It's like how gay is used and its meaning changed over time for instance. Gay used to just mean merry, happy, joyful, exuberant and that sort of thing; it now means faggot. Likewise, faggot originally meant a bundle of sticks, and yet no one, not one single US English speaker, uses it to mean its original definition and usage. As somebody who's generally learned another language you should know this just like you'd be aware of basic facts that what you are taught in a foreign language class does not necessarily teach you how to speak like a native and that conversational languageX sounds different and you will sound weird if you try speaking exactly the way they teach you in foreign language class.

This is a similar problem. That term, crpg, has not meant anything but what I just said and has not for the past twenty odd years if not longer. No one uses it as a general term for digital RPGs. English shortens it wherever possible and so we just call it an RPG. Thus, the term "crpg" is also redundant for the usage you're attempting to employ, because all those games are quite simply "RPGs" whereas a crpg is the isometric type game.
>What you call is ISOMETRIC RPGs, this is fucking subgenre if it even can be called. Your fucking fallout, and you fucking Baldur's Gate is direct sequels of games that grown up from fucking wizardy and ultima clones.
That's completely irrelevant dude you of all people should know how things evolve and change ever time particularly anything having to do with computer technology and gaming. Many different games can have similar origins from which they grew. Like in evolutionary biology, having a common ancestor does not make each animal the same thing rather than distinct species. That many of these games had a common origin says little about the fact that they all grew into different distinct subgenres. I mean, you wouldnt call KOTOR a blobber. It's it's own separate and distinct category regardless of how many superficial or even deeper mechanical similarities there may seem to be. When you begin talking about games as early as not just the mid 90s but even the mid to late 80s you're basically talking about ancestors from which numerous entirely distinct subgenres grew, hence the term itself "SUBgenre" as in, genre within a larger umbrella genre from which it grew.

This is why despite numerous superficial or even mechanical similarities which might even seem identical on the surface, Dark Side of Xeen, KOTOR, and Planescape are not all referred to as crpgs, and why instead they are called a blobber, an ARPG, and a CRPG respectively. Would you call Xeen an ARPG?
No. 31322
136 kB, 256 × 256, 0:01
I know it is just joke "hi hi ha ha post", but seriously I don't like what direction CRPGs took after mid 90s. For some reason people start thought that trying to imitate tabletop adventure experince is nice way to go and PCs now siutable for that, when they are not. Of cource, GoldnBox games had a lot of plot elements, like every encounter, dialogue and meeting had big discreptions, but idea of making your gamedesighn approach around plot and world, and then attach some gameplay to it oftent not best idea. Too many adventure lements that become primary is what made many of this games more weak as computer RPGs ithout any actual benefits on front of being closer to tabletop games, since they are not, because computers can't before and still can't imitate actual alive adventure with alive DM by their pre-made content.
Dialogues for example from game mechanic, where you need to actually know what to type or to ask character become just "pick option 1 or option 2" like in adventures or visual novels. World desighn often suffers from "need of present plot", instead of plot serving need of gameplay.
Only game where was find some sort of balance was original Fallout and Morrowind. But still, morrowind and idk, Planescape Tournament would be better as some sort of books or interactive novels. This shift, happened after ultima 6 and underworld, together with help of SSI games experience made that divide of CRPGs - one shift just to action-adventures games, like witcher, gothic, skyrim. Others remain be in this state of isometric heavy text adventures with RPG elements presented, and actually not evolved or changed since late 90s - games like PoE still baisicly clones of games 20 years older than they are, and not the best ones.

And among casual audience this "plot baised isometric games" know as "best cool hardcore RPGs" which is kind of funny and silly for me.
No. 31323
This is actually true and sadly not even most MMORPGs can even come close to approximating the real experience of playing good ol' pnp games. I'm actually excited to try Disco Elysium because while singleplayer and thus not ever able to capture a real session's feeling it does sound like it otherwise captures the experience of role playing fantastically well.
No. 31324
25 kB, 335 × 478
> blobber

First I've heard of this term. I've always just attached third person/first person/isometric/open world/western/japanese/action in front of RPG.
No. 31329
> But still, morrowind and idk, Planescape Tournament would be better as some sort of books or interactive novels
Why not both? The problem is boring combat.
TOEE has the best combat system among D&D games that actually makes dungeon crawling interesting, unlike Icewind Dale. Morrowind combat is good enough.

He is absolutely right about the idea of making a tabletop experience into a video game is stupid not only because it is impossible but because video games is a different media, like literature and cinema. In my opinion the structure of success is this: gameplay is the basis of the game and equals player experience, it is a synthesis of components that we name when we try to define a good game. Components like combat mechanic, rpg system, immersion, party mechanic, character (npc) development. One component may compensate the lack or weakness of another one but ideally everything should be of a high quality. I don't think that the story, npc interactions, party banter and setting are not important for an rpg since they contribute heavily to immersion which I think is crucial for an rpg game. His complaint is that these things became the focus or crpgs after isometric era and they kinda what differentiates them from action games now, to the detriment of mechanics, while I partly agree I think that everything is equally important and it is possible to keep both mechanics and story in focus. In my opinion that is exactly what makes video games such a compelling modern art form, it is an interactive art, interactive fiction (not meaning only text adventures), while in case of literature you can read and have the freedom and power of interpretation, with video games you have the freedom to shape the story itself. It doesn't mean that the story must be shallow and dumb with nothing to interpret. Same thing as with the cinema for example: the movie making has a number of tools, a number of techniques, that doesn't mean that the story must be dumb (but it can be and that can be compensated with other components hence why movies with dumb story can be enjoyable and lovable by the audience), on the other hand if you literally film a theater play it won't be a movie at all, even if the play is very good, that is the analogue of a video game that feels like a book.
No. 31333
80 kB, 640 × 400
36 kB, 654 × 432
83 kB, 640 × 400
32 kB, 480 × 360
Why you implying on some "englishness" while all links, all quotes, all magazines, from 90s to recent I post is western ones and on english. You live some kind of mirror universe, not our USA, but different timeline?

>Definition of: CRPG
CRPG (Computer Role Playing Game) Role playing on the computer, typically in a fantasy environment, although some take place in a medieval setting. A major characteristic of CRPGs is the user's ability to move freely throughout the venue. In the 1970s, Dungeons was the first CRPG, modeled after the table top Dungeons and Dragons. Such games were played as text only on a mainframe or Unix machine, although the PLATO system offered some graphical alternatives. Today's CRPGs exploit the high-speed graphics capabilities of modern computers to the fullest. See MMORPG.
  • another random modern normie site.

You are "newfag" how it called. You heared that people reffer modern isometric games as CRPGs to distinguish them from action games which not called RPGs. You don't understand that it reffered as such just because this games is only ones alive which barely resembles old RPG games. And you assumed that it is Isometric games they reffer only as CRPGs while they are not.
Blobber is not genre, this is defenition of gameplay feature. Same as Isometric. There is Isometric Blobbers for example, same as top down for example. CRPG always and for everyone, which already been proven by all links from Wikipedia to RPG communities, reffer or to "computer" or nowdays it shifted more to "classic", to reffer classic approach to computer RPGs, mean genres of RPG games that was dominant on computers in 80s and 90s.

>That's completely irrelevant dude you of all people should know how things evolve and change ever time particularly anything having to do with computer technology and gaming
Congratulations, but what there was written is that by your dumb system of naming you can not name hundreds of games that was in between final approach to isometric games nowdays, and how they relate between them. Your idea comes from assumption that isometric games is something super different and can stand as it's own, when actual camera placement in game world not make this game unique and make them be as single "subgenre" by that defenition.

One with active pause baisicly attemted at making real time version of darlands combat, and in root it all evolved from wizardry round baised combat. Fallout in development switched to gird-trun baised combat, but with real time movment. It is very similar to game like Betrayel at Krondor, where outside of combat movment first person blobber, but this game much closer in many things to Fallout, than Fallout closer to say, Pillars of Eternity. And overall this combat have roots to Ultima 3 and early SSI tactical titles. Yes, it was SSI who pushed tactical combat into RPGs hard, it was their games where JRPGs steal stuff.
Thing that you call as example KOTOR, means that you know baisicly nothing besides games you familiar with, so you can not view absolute absurd of your statements of Isometric games as subgenre, calling "blobbers" as subgenre and also calling only specific type of games that can't be difined as single subgenre besides camera position.
What you call Ultima 5? 6? 7? 8? 9, in the end?
>Dark Side of Xeen, KOTOR, and Planescape are not all referred to as crpgs,
They are. This all western computer, and classic, maybe for some people exept cotor, RPGs. KOTOR besides camera position also have absolute structure of your isometric game with real time with active pause isometric RPG from BioWare.
>Would you call Xeen an ARPG?
World of Xeen is Computer Turn Baised Open World Tile Baised RPG, at this point classic also. I don't know what words not understood here for you.
Being a Blobber don't make tihs game classic or computer or RPG? What?

I know that this post will be pretty much ignored by you, or not understood at all as usual, but I'll imagine you try to read what I saying and here for you another set of examples.
On first picture is Dungeoncrawler. It's Real Time, tile baised game, kind of similar to other Dungeon Master Clones. But it is not blobber. There is single character.
On second picture there is very similar game. It is Dungeoncrawelr. It's Real time, it's tile baised game. But now you control 4 character, so this is a blobber. First game not, that game is and in core mechanics this is only difference between them.
On third picture is other game. This is ultima 1. This game is turn baised, tile baised, openword and most times top down, which is almost same as isometric, exept dungeons. This is of cource not blobber - you control only single character on map.
On fourth picture, there is ultima 3. Absoluetly similar game if we not touch worldbuilding, but it's openworld too. Also tile baised, also top down exept dungeons, but it's blobber. Because you have one character and you control it as one until... combat starts. And what we see in combat? https://1.bp.blogspot.com/_3WacBST0pXU/ReIka-DFjnI/AAAAAAAAAHg/batd9Zx9OB4/s320/U3_Combat.jpg - you now have all your party as characters! This game in many ways similar to fallout - Fallout is also isometric - which is almost same as top down, it tile baised also. The two major differences in core gameplay are: you can't control your followers in combat directly and it don't make transition from location to caombat. But in fallout you walk as blobber between locations, same as in SSI games which you called not "CRPG" eather.
The only core difference from Goldenbox SSI games and fallout tbh is that exploring locations in isometric, instead first person. Between location travel, combat and tile baised aspects absoluetly the same in idea. You call one game CRPG because it isometric, and other game, because it uses different camera of location - not CRPG. This is absoluetly shows that you know nothing what you talking about, and I seriously politely ask you to stop talking bullshit.
No. 31334
922 kB, 1072 × 1528
289 kB, 640 × 800
144 kB, 320 × 450
75 kB, 640 × 400
Well, even your list actually not contradict itself. Japanise it's only origin, Open world may be and blobber, and isometric, and well, Open World isometric real time blobber is not something unheared of.

We can divide it into categories

Time (note that time may be different in combat and in exploring, for example):
-Real time
-Turn Baised
-Opotional Turn Baised
Camera view (it may also change during different gameplay events):
-First Person
-Third Person
-Top Down
Character Control(you guessed it right, it also may change in game):
-Single Character
-Character and computer controlled followers
-Blob as party
-Blob as single character
etc. etc. - you can give description to every aspect of CRPG.

As bonus, Let's Compare two games - Pool of Radience, first from long series of GoldenBox games and Fallout.
Overworld map use absoluetly same structure. It is big overworld where you and your comrades travel as blob on big map, filled with locations you can find and visit. Besides locations you can have ENCOUNTERS that forcre you and your group in combat.
Combat force you into isometric representation of overworld location, with tile baised turn baised combat. Only difference is that in Pool of Radience you can directly control all your characters in group. In Fallout followers directed by AI.
Dialogues with characters contains of big character portrait and dialogue window under it in both games.
Only difference is exploring of locations. While in fallout it is real time and isometric, however tile baised too, in Pool of Radience it is first person and turn baised.

It's logical since one game is baisicly heir of other one, and both of this games are computer and classic, which means they both CRPG games.
No. 31335
>You are "newfag" how it called
Yep and there it is just like I said you eventually would. It is pointless trying to discuss these things with you.
No. 31336
655 kB, 1920 × 1080
Can't say I like where this is going.
No. 31337
Well, as I said you will just igonre all what said for you because you has no argumwnts to answer, avoiding actual disscution.

Thing is, many people assume that making plot not dominant means lack of plot and dialogues and other "adventure" elements at all. Well, it's not entirrly true and among CRPG games there is number of ones that was pretty much plot heavy. They just have prorities - gameplay over plot. Leveldesighn, RPG system and it's use is where computer have significant advantage over tabletop. You can even calculate them real time if you want and have RPG system far more complex than anything you get on paper. On other hand, story and plot is weak part of computer - it can't generate it on run unlike human. Well it can from presets but it will be meh and still parts of it will be pre-written. So weak side should not be priority. Levels, gameplay, rpg system first - and plot serve it. There should not be situations where "we need change this place for our cool plot. Gameplay will be damaged, but by lore we created it should be here" - no, this is wrong approach which leed you towards just making adventure game.
90s isometric games was not terrible, but they logically started shift towards "cinematic adventurr experience with action combat".

Same happen with fps games. From arcade shooters like doom where every type of weapon, every type of enemy, every level layount had gameplay reason we end in world of callofduty with 9000 similar guns, thousands of absoluetly same soldier enemies and linear plot baised structure. But there was games like Star Wars Dark Forces - which had a lot of plot and cutscenes, unique memorable levels, but was true for idea of gameplay first and classic fps formula.
No. 31339
84 kB, 435 × 552
Tbh, computer RPGs need to fuck off with dice mechanics. We use them in the paper world because they're a good way of creating uncertainty and prevent it from turning into a total circlejerk.

For example, the copypasting of old school D&D rules was only even done remotely well by the time RTwP came around (I still consider it the best basis for converting a paper system to computer if you're going to do it, or maybe turns like in Combat Mission where you plan for the minute and then press play to see what happens), but even then, they fell for the "to-hit=single attack" mene. It doesn't. It tended to represent an exchange of actions over a period of time. For example, in OD&D, rounds were 1 minute long, and turns (made up of rounds) were 10 minutes long (encourage to houserule as appropriate). As you can see, the game is abstracted to an extreme degree. Problem is that you can't really separate that abstraction from the game without weirding out a lot of the logic to how things work. For example, a spell that lasts 5 turns. How long should it last outside of combat? If we know that a turn represents a certain amount of time, that's trivial to work out, but if a turn represents single attacks then suddenly it should only last a few seconds at best?

My suggestion is that you instead forget about paper mechanics in general and make shit that takes advantage of your chosen platform, in this case PC. That means making lots of calculations in real time, maybe even doing non-randomised combat.

I can already hear the 'CHARACTER SKILL NOT PLAYER SKILL' screeching, so I'll address that with something that's been common knowledge for 40 odd years in the paper world. Separating the two is retarded and saps fun from the game. If your character has never encountered a troll, but the player knows that trolls need acid or fire to kill, and they act accordingly, is it really all that bad? Or should they just flail around like retards, wasting time and being bored until the game decides that they've reached the point that it's acceptable to use player knowledge and skill?

I don't see it as all that different in something like the Elder Scrolls where in Oblivion and on, hitting someone meant you hit them rather than it rolling the dice to determine whether the sword magically phased through the enemy's skull doing no damage. Sure, have stats (and skills I suppose) affect how much damage you're doing (damage+STR is common for melee weapons), but inserting mechanics designed for abstracting entire combats into a gameplay loop that abstracts little else is just pointless at best and jarring/unintuitive at worst.

This also doesn't mean that it should be easy to fight everything. Rather think of Witcher 3 combat at higher difficulties, or Dark Souls combat, or on the easier side, Dragon's Dogma, Mount & Blade with better AI. They all had real time 'dirty casual' combat that was more engaging to me, and made me make more meaningful decisions (a core component of an RPG if you ask me) than a lot of roll-to-hit PC games where often the best choice is to just spam the attack button.

They shouldn't punish you for playing the game as a game but instead meld the player and character together, as Gygax intended.
No. 31341
1,4 MB, 1360 × 768

>Tbh, computer RPGs need to fuck off with dice mechanics. We use them in the paper world because they're a good way of creating uncertainty and prevent it from turning into a total circlejerk.

Well we kind of have Adventure games already. It is something which trying represents "idea" of tabeltop RPGs.

> If your character has never encountered a troll, but the player knows that trolls need acid or fire to kill, and they act accordingly, is it really all that bad? Or should they just flail around like retards, wasting time and being bored until the game decides that they've reached the point that it's acceptable to use player knowledge and skill?

Don't understand any connection. In video game if you don't know Troll weak to acid, you will not know it. If you know it, you use. If game want to inform you about this - it do it different ways (identify monster/manual etc.) so don't get what are you talking about.

>I don't see it as all that different in something like the Elder Scrolls where in Oblivion and on, hitting someone meant you hit them rather than it rolling the dice to determine whether the sword magically phased through the enemy's skull doing no damage. Sure, have stats (and skills I suppose) affect how much damage you're doing (damage+STR is common for melee weapons), but inserting mechanics designed for abstracting entire combats into a gameplay loop that abstracts little else is just pointless at best and jarring/unintuitive at worst.

I like misses chance because it awesome gameplay wize. It makes some fights not kind of more hard, but impossible almost compleatly, which add more meaning to character stats. However, there nowdays no classic action RPGs like I love, but more than enough action adventures like you described - all this witcher games, Kingdom come, skyrim, Outer Worlds etc. so don't know why you trying to push idea that already won, and arguing with me, person who just want specific genre games that I think they awesome and I sad because there none of them nowdays.

>This also doesn't mean that it should be easy to fight everything. Rather think of Witcher 3 combat at higher difficulties, or Dark Souls combat, or on the easier side, Dragon's Dogma, Mount & Blade with better AI. They all had real time 'dirty casual' combat that was more engaging to me, and made me make more meaningful decisions (a core component of an RPG if you ask me) than a lot of roll-to-hit PC games where often the best choice is to just spam the attack button.

This games test your action abilities, not abilities to maintain your character. In RPG for me fun it is managing and improving your stats and using this stats correctly. If I want to test my action combat abilities, I'll go to any action or action adventure game, not RPG.

But all of this justspecific talk about classic action RPGs vs. modern action adventure with RPG elements. I honestely not against any approach, just prefer one of them.
No. 31342
IF anyone interested, there Opensource engine for TES Arena in progress
It is complaetly from scratch and not use any third party technology, baised on it's own software render so it is 100% opensource. There no original sourcecode for Raycaster engine and it was in early 90s Assembler anyway. It is awesome to see it happening, since Raycaster in TES Arena and Terminator Rampage, espessialy in Terminator Rampage worked like ass.
No. 31344
182 kB, 851 × 527
211 kB, 841 × 599
124 kB, 441 × 819
112 kB, 479 × 504
I've said it many times. Dice rolls do not an RPG make. Amber came out in 1991 and doesn't use a single dice. I'd also consider it more pure to the RPG Form than anything on PC.

As for trolls, it's an exceptionally common trope. Let's use a different example. If an ice enemy is weak to fire, but your character has never encountered them, and never heard about their weakness to fire. Should you just flail around slinging random shit at it, or are you going to think 'it's weak to fire' and act accordingly because it's an obvious thing?

If you did, congrats, you just introduced player skill into the character skill equation.

>It makes some fights not kind of more hard, but impossible almost compleatly, which add more meaning to character stats.
Does it? What if you're underlevelled but have a very high stat or skill in one area that you might be able to leverage in a creative way? Too bad you are not tall enough to ride? There isn't a meaningful decision to be made there, it's leave or die, and in many cases it isn't really telegraphed well enough to allow you to make the meaningful decision, instead booting you to the game over screen as its way of explaining it. Is failing something despite doing everything correctly such an amazing feature compared to say having an AI that defends itself, foiling your blows? It's the same problem that most save-or-die effects have in paper. They take away player agency in the name of 'd00d lethality lmao'. It can be done well, but usually it is just hot garbage.

>so don't know why you trying to push idea that already won, and arguing with me, person who just want specific genre games that I think they awesome and I sad because there none of them nowdays.
Because I feel like it mostly. Taking an elitist tone with regards to a lot of things doesn't help neither. That said, I'm not exactly arguing against you, so you can stop playing victim. I'm arguing against the notion that an RPG must fit into specific games defined largely by dice rolls. I'm trying to expand people's horizons towards the idea that the RPG can be much more than just a bad clone of a set of rules designed for a different medium.

>This games test your action abilities, not abilities to maintain your character.
1) And the older games just test your ability to use a different kind of combat interface.

2) Maintain your character compared to what? Every now and then putting a few points into a skill or stat, and then getting bodied by the next enemy that the designers decided would be the 'impossible' enemy to make stats matter? Try building a merchant character in Mount & Blade and then attempting to engage in real combat (not against bandits). You will get your shit pushed in. In the Witcher, especially on higher difficulties, maintaining the right potions in the right quantities to survive specific fights, and preparing for those fights is a crucial part of the cycle. How is that not maintaining your character and their readiness?

Or let's again go back to the realm of paper, where the RPG was born and see all the skill needed to maintain one's character. Pics are how complicated that is in many cases of Old School RPGs. For context, pic 4 is from OSRIC which is D&D 1e, and disclaimer has a second page which is just reference charts rather than the meat of the class information. The thing that they share in common is that they are defined by play rather than your (personal) skill at optimising their skills and stats. Simplicity of character concepts is not a strike against an RPG.
No. 31345
942 kB, 1920 × 1080
> My suggestion is that you instead forget about paper mechanics in general and make shit that takes advantage of your chosen platform, in this case PC
Isn't action rpg meet that criteria? Character movement, collision of hitboxes? Aim and shoot with your mouse?
Roleplay term can be confusing. Doom or Half-Life can be "roleplay" games because of silent protagonist that represents you.
No. 31346
>I've said it many times. Dice rolls do not an RPG make. Amber came out in 1991 and doesn't use a single dice.
Well, it of cource may be entierly on perks, for example. If every perk actually means something that you can do with it and cannot without. Something making every single perk worth it and giving unability to character to perfom an action without it. Not like in fallout 4 "+5 to damage"

>I'd also consider it more pure to the RPG Form than anything on PC.
As I many times said, Computer RPGs are not Tabletop RPGs. Adventure games much closer to bring tabletop experience. However tabletop experience impossible on computer untill self-thinking machines that can replace human alive GM.

>As for trolls, it's an exceptionally common trope. Let's use a different example. If an ice enemy is weak to fire, but your character has never encountered them, and never heard about their weakness to fire. Should you just flail around slinging random shit at it, or are you going to think 'it's weak to fire' and act accordingly because it's an obvious thing?
Ah, you about Skill. Well, as I said, RPGs about player skill too - but different skill than action. Every RPG consists from Adventure and RPG system elements. Your example with troll/ice monster is baisicly solving adventure element, which requring deduction or navigation. Find some item in world, pass thought riddle, deduct monster weakness from it's apperance.
Dunno how it connected to have or not have dice rolls.

>Does it? What if you're underlevelled but have a very high stat or skill in one area that you might be able to leverage in a creative way?
Well, same morrowind always have a number of alternatives for almost any action. Potions, Scrolls, Spells, direct skill usage, enchantment. Character with one set of high skills most probably can compensate other shortage - like good alchimist making charming potions instead of charm people by his apperance, or good trader may buy a lot of open lock spells and don't worry about most of the locks etc. This why pick primary stats, secondary and misc, also have different attribute boosts from usage different skill. However Daggerfall system was better, and in original Wizardry 6 with different movment and combat system also as party game idea of "rising stats from usage" worked even more good.

>Because I feel like it mostly. Taking an elitist tone with regards to a lot of things doesn't help neither. That said, I'm not exactly arguing against you, so you can stop playing victim. I'm arguing against the notion that an RPG must fit into specific games defined largely by dice rolls. I'm trying to expand people's horizons towards the idea that the RPG can be much more than just a bad clone of a set of rules designed for a different medium.

I already said that you can call any game as you want, same as modern marketing want. I using RPG or CRPG therm to determine games baised on specific idea because there no other terms to divorce them from other games that called "RPG" but happen to be different genre. The only things I upset about is that because same genre names people stating compare for example, thier action adventures and old classic CRPGs because markting guys both called them RPGs and because games of my favorite genres and subgenres now not come out. I'am not "playing victim", this is like facts. Outside of it - whatever, want call your game CRPG? No problem, just give me other therm to distinguish specific idea games from everything else, like ZBTGPTSRPG - I don't care really.

>How is that not maintaining your character and their readiness?
As I always say, where adventure game say "super hard", CRPG just say "impossible" (or possible with 0.00001% chance and you not part of calculation)
Where morrowind saying "fuck you, lock too complex", Skyrim presents you mini game that I able to pass with skill of thivery 1 on 100 points closed lock because it is test my abilities at this mini game, and skill only help helper for people who suck at this min game.

You call me "illitist" because for some reason you thought I forbidden adventure game. But I mostly annoyed that some decided that "dice combat is non intuitive for me!" and turn all action RPGs in action adventure games. I happy for them, I also like adventure games, but I not happy for myself since I not find this "counter intuitive" and interpritation of system absoluetly baised on RPG system in real time free movment as "just clicking" is kind of bold claim, and I don't want trade here character skill impact for more """realism""" or beat-em-up combat, thanks.
No. 31347
341 kB, 712 × 1080
This is continuation of long running disscution. Since I define Computer RPG games (separating it from just RPG tabletop games, since it absoluetly different best, even when CRPGs uses tabletop systems as gameplay basis) as games where Stats of your character is what define gameplay, not action skills of player is important, and action RPG therm I using in classical sence of it when it is same CRPG just in real time and free movment, all other still baised on RPG system and dice rolls attached to this, I define games like Skyrim, oblivion and witcher 3 as action adventures first, and only then "with RPG elements", since by my system RPG system elements do here only support impact and not something that absoluetly rule actual gameplay.
I guess main arguing you can see now with awesome australian poster that also have tabletop thread (which I sadly not visited, but shure it's cool) is that he trying to say me that limiting RPG genre to my criterias is wrong, and bringing some tabletop experience is more important. However, I'am not trying really be against that claim, all I want is just separate games of specific genre, shaped by ideas I metioned above. I used CRPG therm because it is what mostly actually used for them - by hearing Computer RPG you always think about all this classic RPG games that used as rule again, idea I metioned above.
I don't want be in place against existance of action adventure games, trying bring some tabletop adventure experience and things like that, and well, if anyone against calling what I mean "CRPG", just create to this overall criteria new therm and I be happy with it if it be understood by majority.

I had this conversation many times, since my bf, who also active tabletop player have similar thoughts on topic, however, he understands my position, same as all people who kind of into this games I into too.
No. 31352
My personal way of differentiating is in what way the world and character fits into the mechanics. Is it top down where character and setting concepts are turned into mechanics for playability, or is it bottom up where mechanics are given context so that they are more than just scrolling code. It's not perfect but it works pretty well. Doom for example is designed as a mechanical experience, with an aesthetic placed on top of it to contextualise what's happening. Doomguy as a character is not central to the logic of the game. Compare that to a top-down design like D&D where most things happen in relation to traits of characters. The world is a function of relations with PCs. How hard is a door to break? It is abstracted to being equivalent to a level of whatever, generally listed as a degree of character ability. The world is subordinate to character mechanics in that way. This also cuts out point and click puzzle games because although hinging on interactions, they are mechanical interactions given context (item x and y combine to be z is the same as rope and bucket combine to be usable in the well) and not character interactions with their surroundings given mechanics.

I'm deliberately neutral about what defines those mechanics because I think that the structure of the design is far more important than what mechanics it decides to use. My argument against dice rolls in PC games is more a personal belief that it stifles creativity. There exists an RPG that uses a Jenga tower as its resolution mechanic for example, and it won awards for being an innovative take on increasing tension as the game progresses (it was a horror game). In the PC realm however, we seem eternally stuck on the idea that if it doesn't use dice as its core mechanic, then it is a lesser RPG, or a different game that only touches on being an RPG. There isn't really anything specifically wrong with dice-based cores, but fixating on them stifles innovation.*

Imagine if something like Fallout 4, since it's come up, didn't have to choose between a no-dice system or a satisfying RPG experience as the current paradigm suggests that it must. Would that not be something interesting? In reality it isn't a satisfying experience but I'd say that is a factor of the growing industry moving towards a more casual baseline, and not necessarily a factor of giving up a dice-based core.

I guess it's to do with backgrounds. If your formative experience with gaming was at an LGS, you tend to see things very differently than if your formative experience was with computer games. I see computers as a medium with a lot of untapped potential design space that doesn't exist outside of their format, rather than the tabletop being a more reactive form of a computer RPG.

*There is a lot to be said on innovation within a certain paradigm, see: my love for the OSR which is all about working within design limits. But for the point at hand, is kind of irrelevant.
No. 31356
870 kB, 1920 × 1080
I like how they censor the word "faggot" but okay with everything else.
No. 31357
Has anyone else been following Songs of the Eons?

It started as the passion project of the guy who (almost) single-handedly created the Vicky-like pop system for EUIV's MEIOU&Taxes mod. If you haven't played it, it's probably the single best historical simulation-strategy game out there... or was, before the one genius left the team and low-tier autists clogged the mod up with their bad ideas.

SOTE is aiming to be a comprehensive fantasy world simulator, with the last 2 years of development being devoted to geological and climatic simulation. They've just reached the point at which they will start serious development on cultures and civilizations and game mechanics. At their current rate of development it could well take 10 years to complete, but god damn does it look promising. Just watching the video on how river systems work will give you a sense of the depth they're going for:


You can download the current build for free on their website, although all you can do is generate globes that differ based on sliders for continental shelves and other features.

You won't see significant progress on it for some time, but definitely worth watching.
No. 31358
> At their current rate of development it could well take 10 years to complete, but god damn does it look promising.
No. 31375
37 kB, 551 × 413
127 kB, 1280 × 720
1,3 MB, 1366 × 768
>My personal way of differentiating is in what way the world and character fits into the mechanics. Is it top down where character and setting concepts are turned into mechanics for playability, or is it bottom up where mechanics are given context so that they are more than just scrolling code.
This is way I distinguish Gameplay baised from plot baised games. And as I metioned already, I'am not thing that if gameplay have priority it automaticly make characters "scrolling code". You can attach plot pretty well or hide reasons. For example Final Fantasy game objectivly is kind of lame - this is very linear encounter baised game, but t give atural reasons to specific world blockers, so it not feels like "invisible walls". Gameplay gamedesighn developers had in mind preserved, but it presented smart way.

>Doom for example is designed as a mechanical experience, with an aesthetic placed on top of it to contextualise what's happening. Doomguy as a character is not central to the logic of the game.
Well, as I metioned in post above - Doom is one of the purest examples of Arcade shooter, where gameplay 100% matters and other things nobody cares. However,in Heretic there already was much better art desighn and in Hexen many levels had meaning same time. Other example I provided - Star Wars Dark Forces where levels are actual places, you get cutscenes and plot, but authors managed to preserve and leveldesighn and enemies/weapon gameplay by rules of good arcade shooter.

>Compare that to a top-down design like D&D where most things happen in relation to traits of characters. The world is a function of relations with PCs. How hard is a door to break? It is abstracted to being equivalent to a level of whatever, generally listed as a degree of character ability. The world is subordinate to character mechanics in that way. This also cuts out point and click puzzle games because although hinging on interactions, they are mechanical interactions given context (item x and y combine to be z is the same as rope and bucket combine to be usable in the well) and not character interactions with their surroundings given mechanics.
Ah so you baisicly mean that character should change his abilities and constantly change "difficulty" of perfoming actions he given. Well, there is problem for me, when game have tendency to attach action mechanics, and only thing changing stat of character do is making some stuff more easy. In this case, as good action player, I don't need improve most of the stats, maybe to some degree and I cover the rest with my action skill. In skyrim, again, I don't need high weapon skills, don't need unlock skills or other things like that - only you need is just clevery walking around enemies AI and spend a little bit more time to kill them, nothing more. Lower level also mean you will have weaker enemies in autoleveling, in oblivion it is even more presented. This games might be with same sucsess don't have stats at all.

>In the PC realm however, we seem eternally stuck on the idea that if it doesn't use dice as its core mechanic, then it is a lesser RPG, or a different game that only touches on being an RPG.
It's actually mine opinion more or less, even thought by RPG system I don't mean neccecery dice rolls, since it may be, as I said, for example, perk system which prevents character do something, or kind of like that. Idea of restrict character and force him to improve some his characteristic to make some actions avalible, while before not. However huge system with many numbers for perfoming dice rolls proven to be most fun.

>Imagine if something like Fallout 4, since it's come up, didn't have to choose between a no-dice system or a satisfying RPG experience as the current paradigm suggests that it must. Would that not be something interesting? In reality it isn't a satisfying experience but I'd say that is a factor of the growing industry moving towards a more casual baseline, and not necessarily a factor of giving up a dice-based core.
Modern bethesda just really don't know what they want to do. In reality they want just make openworld shooters and adventures, but they constantly add some features now in fashion and cut others. This is direct continuation of what they started in morrowind - started build world first, and then trying to attach RPG system of daggerfall on top of it. Obviously a lot of things just don't work and instead of fixing them, they just cut them in next game. For me modern bethesda games meh as action games, mediacore as adventure games and terrible as RPGs, so here is the problem lol

>My argument against dice rolls in PC games is more a personal belief that it stifles creativity.
Well, genre border means how you game called. It not some wall that restricts you from doing experiments, like Warren Spector who call all his games "immersive sims" not because genre, but because his ideas about what everything in games should be.
However I'am not agree that CRPGs can't evolve around this idea. It like saying "turn baised strategies can't evolve, they need to move into RTS". As I always said, Might and Magic 9 and Wizardry 8, Wizzard and Warriors 2000 showed that even real time fre movment blobbers with turn baised combat and with all this games mechanics can exist in new era and improve in frame of it's genre. More tactics to party and combat, more animations and detail to the world. Animated fully voiced portraits with ability to pick voices for character, keyword dialogues with building phrases and also voiced etc. - and daggerfall concept, and MM concept, and Wizardry concept can be much better with modern technologies, when they used, and when thier mechanics evolve around it. More than that, in core Daggerfall concept is more powerfull than this lame rollecoaster adventures like modern bethesda games. Problem is that this games requre budget, AAA tier budget, and they obviously not recive it. So with CRPG we stuck now in late 90s isometries and indie clones of early 90s blobbers. But it is don't mean that this games can't evolve - just after 2002 nobody tried because yes, cashual audience which is target audience for AAA now not interested in such games
No. 31387
491 kB, 1600 × 900
402 kB, 1600 × 900
641 kB, 1600 × 900
The third Episode of The Long Dark came out yesterday, seems pretty good so far. I had just begun replaying the 'redux' versions of Ep1 and 2 when they released Ep 3.
No. 31392
Apparently they're making Postal 4 and they half seriously/ironically released it as a pre-alpha early access title.
I'm kinda tempted to get it, though I'm not sure if my shitbox could run it or not. (I'm pretty sure the minimum specs they posted on steam is just a joke. Or is software truly getting slower, faster?)
No. 31395
I see even graphics improved somehow.
They dropped the blue lens.
No. 31505

One of the few youtube reviewers I find reasonably trustworthy gave The Outer Worlds thumbs up.
No. 31531
Of cource, you shuld base your opinion absoluetly on popular youtubers and merketing guys.
No. 31533
I generally trust youtube reviewers who are as bitter and jaded about videogaming as I am and whose tastes align with my own.
No. 31534
So I've been playing a lot of Darkest Dungeon for Halloween week and while it's incredibly good and I can see why it was so popular, I can also already tell just how repetitive and boring it's probably going to get by the 40 hour mark. I've only played it for a bit more than 10 hours and already it's getting repetitive.

I am also quickly discovering not to play this game like XCOM. You may like some heroes but ultimately they get so broken they pretty much become disposable baggage by the time it costs you like 5000-1000 gold just to fix all the things wrong with them and you're really not getting a huge benefit to keeping them around instead of a level zero adventurer. It also seems to take a lot of time to really begin leveling your guys up because it takes such a huge amount of resources to get everything upgraded, and plus I didnt really know what I was doing in early economy and wasted everything on trying to heal them and building the wrong stuff. I also didnt realize just how useless many trinkets are.

It is still a fun great game that I would recommend but I can definitely tell how incredibly shallow and repetitive it'll eventually feel which probably makes DLC a lot more valuable and useful than otherwise. The problem is lack of variety really. You basically just do all the same things over and over with exact same clear rooms, fight boss, or explore rooms quests, all of which is only obscured by how many heroes and monster types there are which is only what separates it from shovelware in mechanical terms.

Again, it's a fantastic game, but I just cant help but keep feeling how limited it is, and wish there was a bit more lore or mechanical diversity or something to make it more like a "full" feeling game in a sense. Would definitely recommend, but it's going to be a long slog to finish and I'm probably going to switch to Darkwood or Dying Light in a few days.

>marketing guys
>trustworthy reviewer
These are not the same things Ivan. Dipshits like pewdiepie and septiceye who I cant fucking stand dont represent reviewers. There's a few guys who I actually like and watch, including ACG who is by far the most professional and thorough and makes notes on whether he got a copy from the devs and savages them anyway if it's a bad game. Mandalore is exactly the same way although sadly he chose the most boring game he possibly could to review for Halloween (it's not that Fear 2 is a bad game, just incredibly bydlo and frankly while a good and fun game is possibly one of the most cliched things I've ever played and boring af to watch or talk about). I also watch worthabuy who's generally the same way but I trust his reviews way less, mostly because I often find myself disagreeing with him or conflicting tastes. Others are just too niche, but overall there actually are a lot of good reviewers and not one of them is a camwhore unlike this crop of useless screeching camwhores.
No. 31537
100 kB, 492 × 647
Playing Disco Elysium. It's great.
No. 31542
How far along into it are you, without any spoilers?

Is this GOTY?
No. 31543
415 kB, 1549 × 738
Day 3 in game, so I'd say 1/3 in? It's not very long, apparently.
May be GOTY for me, effectively, but it's nieche. Basically point and click adventure with lots of text, cosplaying as CRPG; it is not a new Planescape: Torment, don't be misguided. Adventure with RPG system and creative skill checks, but the writing is good. Not sure about replay value though.
Apparently developers are hardcore Estonian communists, and some of the voice actors are their US counterparts, so pirate it.
No. 31546
>Apparently developers are hardcore Estonian communists, and some of the voice actors are their US counterparts, so pirate it.
Why would that make me want to pirate it? If anything I'm thinking about paying full price even more now. Just imagine, these Estonians are going to get another 30 US dollars from me.
No. 31548
>These are not the same things Ivan.
My name is not Ivan, thanks.
They are different thing of cource, this why I named them separately. Main thing that people watch some reviews or vidoes, thier opinion in this places kind of similar, and after that they making this person authority by default and then base opinion on his. I not wonder is many people now saying "hexen 1 is bad)))" because civie 11.

>Basically point and click adventure with lots of text, cosplaying as CRPG; it is not a new Planescape: Torment,
But Planescape kind of was it lol.
>are hardcore Estonian communists
Lol, can't imagine this thing even might exist. Funny.
No. 31550
Sergei Evri, the point of these videos is not tell us to get them, but so that we can see gameplay and get a better idea what we're in for with a game we've already been wanting or considering and wishing to see a real person's reaction to it and explanation. It is like a much longer video format of reading steam reviews, and far far more informative. It also every once in awhile alerts to me a good game of which I was previously unaware.
No. 31551
12 kB, 639 × 361
33 kB, 768 × 432
5,4 MB, 3840 × 2160
I just finished Little Nightmares, and is such a fun little trip.

Beautiful game. It's like someone mashed up Oddworld, Puppeteer and Tim Burton, put in a dash of Coraline and voila, there's one of the most athmospheric Jump and Creep games ever. It's a simple masterpiece, where everything fits in place, especially the art-design and the deliberate non-narrated but somewhat mesmerizing athmosphere of the game, that leaves one with the feeling of waking from a strange dream, hazily remembered. Just a little bit on the short side with about 2-3 Hours, but it's pretty cheap on Steam, so..also has some DLC I need to play, and a second part coming 2020. I'm excited.
No. 31554
1,2 MB, 1440 × 900
1,2 MB, 1440 × 900
2,0 MB, 1440 × 900
Videos contain personal opinion, baised on selected examples, so person can use his "feelings" as imitative argument, which can trick person into thinking that presented material is objective.

Also, I spent like 30 minutes in that game - eeh, it more like "Rick and morty meets Bulletstorm" kind of universe and stule, mixed with some SJW crap (say on which screen is male character and on which female) with more painfull color palette than EGA. It is very action game in very limited by obvious invisible walls location-baised world with imitation of some features they can say "it is like in new vegas!!".
Actually playable, I guess, if you want some sort of casual stuff like Fallout 4 but with lower budget and can't tolerate this game sence of style and humor. Oh man, and I thought Space Quest "not funny futurama" humor was kind of meh, current generation of extraverts on energy grinks with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have their own sence of what is "funny".

Some little things are neat thought, but too little to metion in this sort selective subjective review.
No. 31555
9,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:55
Putting an whale out of its misery in Dishonored, The Knife of Dunwall

I have like 500 hours in Darkest Dungeon and I never really found it tedious, probably because I have a 2nd monitor and would watch TV shows while playing sometimes.
>You may like some heroes but ultimately they get so broken they pretty much become disposable baggage by the time it costs you like 5000-1000 gold
doing it wrong, getting your roster to lvl 6 is how you beat the game
>trying to reason with Russians
what are you doing lad? He hates everything, he pirates everything, he is the perpetual victim, why interfere with his worldview you won't win?
No. 31560
Writing off someone's arguments and existence with no arguments but their nationality is late-kc-tier.
No. 31568
Whoa, there's already a crack for The Outer Worlds. Gonna download it, probably will try it tomorrow, or maybe even tonight.

And they still didn't crack Hurrdurrlands 3. Oh well, I waited for a month already, might wait for a couple more.
No. 31571
Everything about Outer Worlds is meh. The lack of 3rd person (or even seeing your character in cutscenes or dialogues like they did in KC:D) is a huge turn off for me, the perks are boring, as are the character backgrounds. The world is static, the NPC's uninteresting and at times seem like caricatures from /pol/, the combat dull and either too easy (normal/hard) or the enemies simply become bullet sponges (supernova). It feels and plays like a 2012+ Bioware game.

This isn't surprising to anyone who knows that the writers that made Obsidians previous games weren't involved in this, however.
No. 31572 Kontra
Another thing that rubs me the wrong way: All the skill checks seem to be extremely low even mid-game. So you can basically pass them all with any character if you just put some points into them here and there, in NV you needed to be a specialist in the science or speech skills to pass some of them even early on, this greatly reduces build variety.
No. 31573
Eww the fonts man.
Horrendous. Crimes against nature, beauty and good taste.
Fucking privileged first world chauvinists, only care about how their game looks in English.
Good thing I know their racist language so I don't have to see that excuse for cyrillic letters of their font when I will play that shitty game for free.
No. 31574
Say it: It's time for Obsidian to go broke.
Avellone left that shit company with scandal and he was probably the only good part of it, he did a good job with The Kingmaker without the Obsidian dragging him down. Sawyer is a mediocre writer and designer and responsible for infamous PoE lore dumps. Time for Obsidian to die.
No. 31586
Everything about the game looks completely uninspiring to me. Setting is generic, visuals, especially color scheme, are weird, dunno. Gameplay looks kinda fun tho, but what about RPG elements and replayability? The game looks like nothing special.

Makes me think that maybe New Vegas wasn't that great
No. 31588
> Makes me think that maybe New Vegas wasn't that great
Not to sound like hipster but it really wasn't for me.
But mostly because it felt small and short. Settlements were too small, npcs too few, distances too short, world map too small.
No. 31590
>what are you doing lad? He hates everything, he pirates everything, he is the perpetual victim, why interfere with his worldview you won't win?
You know that there multiple russian people here?
And projecting argumented critique of some things as "I hate everything" is kind of not true, same as I pirate everything. I has no reasons almost pirate now since I play modern vidja once per year, and most games I player I already one way or another have licansed copies long time ago. Not that I care about "buying stuff", I wasn't braiwashed to shilling for corporations, but I just don't need to do so.
No. 31591
Well, it is clearly NOT new vegas. It is trying to imitate it in some parts, but generaly - it more Fallout 4 with much smaller location-baised world. Game count on action - with all this claa of duty-arcade style hit numbers, but this action is meh in general. Style obviously bland and color scheme is ugly. Game feels very small and more like it was done almost by some indie studio.
No. 31592
At least PoE had actually interesting lore to dump and some moral dilemmas, interesting enough I played through it 2 times despite hating the combat system.

In Outer Worlds you can decide between evil corporation stereotypes and space hippies, it's just boring so far.
No. 31598
>You know that there multiple russian people here?
And yet you're all indistinguishable from one another
>I wasn't braiwashed to shilling for corporations, but I just don't need to do so.
lol'd, is this how you actually think?
No. 31599
47 kB, 600 × 386
>And yet you're all indistinguishable from one another
Seriously? Well, maybe you never tried to read actual posts and understand what written here. I'd say I and other russian that right now in this thread is quite different people with different tastes and view at things most probably.
But if you want to live in your imagenary world, I really not that much care honestely.
No. 31609
To be fair, you're really distinguishable partly because of your weird spelling mistakes, specific obsessions, and particular fondness for the word "concretic" which is not a real word.
No. 31620
Well, if I'm so distinguishable, why is he insulting another person?

>and particular fondness for the word "concretic" which is not a real word.
Is this word does not exist in English? Interesting, I will need to remember this. Funny fact nobody cares about: untill recent time I thought that "Linkor" is common word, untill I realised that it just short version of "Линейный Корабль". Yeah, it was silly indeed.
No. 31647
See, that's what I was going for at first but I watched some review and realized that I had in fact been doing it completely wrong by bothering to spend immense sums of gold on trying to remove otherwise minor defects from characters. Keep in mind that this was all at like level 0 or 1. What I should've done at the time was spend more of my money and resources on upgrading everything's armor, weapons, and custom skill sets which often more than offsets any negative perk. Like a -5 to accuracy and crit is pretty pointlessly stupid to spend even 1000 gold on removing when I could just as easily spend less than a quarter of that on upgrading one skill that I use like 90% of the time anyway, or on upgrading my weapon or somesuch thing. Now that I feel I'm in more the early to mid game I'm trying to preserve certain characters particularly since I've been noticing how big a deal setup can be and that I can't even use lower level heroes on lowest level rooms, or use lowest level heroes on higher tier rooms. Losing a big character is probably going to be much more crippling later on when I can't send people in on quests anymore because I've completed them. As it stands I've yet to figure out what exactly the game over conditions would be, if any, since the way leveling works might screw me. But nah I think that at this point I'm pretty sure I'm going to start going back to managing things like XCOM anyway and trying the old have at least three elite squads I can field type of thing although I also didnt realize earlier on just how much supplies actually cost and how useless they all are for bringing in such huge quantities as I was bringing.

I probably spent the first five hours of that game wasting 10k gold on both fixing minor pointless shit while routinely blowing over 3k of that just in supplies before I figured out that you don't actually get to bring your supplies back so it's a waste of money to being anything more than what you think you're going to use. I kept assuming I'd just have that stuff going back to my inventory and didn't even notice it was getting converted into a tiny fraction of its gold cost instead.

The other thing I've noticed in just how disposable those characters all are is the fact that you can just outright buy any one of their different attacks and abilities making uniqueness a rather moot point except for it maybe saving you a good 1800 gold to not switch useless abilities or play styles.

I have gotten it locked down to like 3-4 different types of squad setups that work really well I think, except for the fact that who you can recruit is pretty random and limited to a smaller pool which costs out the ass to upgrade so I'm having to just have a few different kinds of setups. I have like 3 healbitches now because my only other one is an occultist and while I have a certain fondness for them it's such a completely useless fucking character in the back where I like to keep them. Graverobbers and Plague Doctors are fantastic, as is a few other bleed/blight that work fantastically well but mostly if you're stun locking enemies a lot. I had another build that worked a lot greater than I expected by just dealing tons of raw damage. The problem with that though is the piles of corpses. I've found like a few different things so far that I'm tweaking to trim the fat. Antiquarians, Houndmasters, and Arbalists I didnt even bother to try using so far because they all look completely useless. Actually my occultist is too. Horrible, uneven healing that's prone to giving me bleeds, subpar attack with useless debuff, a subpar melee attack that's less than useless where I position him, and another worse than useless stun because it also doesnt work where I position him and snuffs out my torch. I may have to ditch this guy (both of them) regardless of my strange attachment I've grown with them because it's proven to be such a useless fucking character more often than not. He's really only even most useful to me for picking off 1-2 hp that a bleed won't kill on it's own or to needle some back row caster but otherwise this guy's such a waste of space. It reminds me of those really super shitty Magic cards I used to always play with for no other reason than I'd grown attached to them. His heal ability is pretty useful sometimes, I'll grant that, but only because I so often resist his bleeds and because nothing else scores a 15hp crit on healing.

Leper is pretty cool though. He's like a fully upgraded, superior version of the Crusader. I had Hellion in this role too but she's weaker in almost every area except that super useful stun ability, and I already sent my only other one to hui because she was the first utterly ruined character I had with like 3 different diseases and 5-6 weaknesses with few strengths and tons of stress. It was the first time I truly understood that you're playing more an evil British corporate overlord firing children crippled in your coal mines as opposed to Bradford.

Highwayman also is less useful than I thought. Jesters are pretty cool mainly for their stress healing ability when placement gets ruined and you can't use a bleed hit.

I have also started to realize how much this game is probably going to fuck me on one metric which is my delicate snowflake way of positioning. This is by far the weakest part of my teams. I just did a run where I had to outright abandon it without losing an Occultist surely and possibly a full squad wipe because some Collector boss appeared and right after camping I got ambushed, which was the second time I got surprised in that dungeon which scrambled my order front to back which completely fucked my squad utterly. I am considering whether building everyone to be awesome in one or two positions while beyond fucking useless in any other position may in fact be an unwise plan.

Shit it's also later than I thought in the week, and in my scheme of things in general not touching on finances. I cant believe Halloween week is almost up. I've not even started on my other games yet since DD is pretty fun and just casual enough to not become a chore.
No. 31654
865 kB, 1362 × 766
Decided to try a new game of War in the Pacific. I never get that far into it since the grand campaign is too autistic for the AI to handle (has to teleport ships to an extent so that they actually have units available where they should have them) but also too autistic for PBEM to happen outside of things doing it for novelty (like the THG vs XTRG one that's been going for a while now).

Still, it's fun to give it a whirl every now and then, and the smaller scenarios are still big enough that you don't feel too gimped.

Did my turn 1 stocktake of Pearl Harbour and I'm pleasantly surprised. Pennsylvania went down almost immediately, and I expect California to go down in the next day or so. Maryland, West Virginia and Oklahoma are going to be out for probably over 1000 turns (which I probably won't reach). Funnily enough, Arizona is probably serviceable and could be brought back into duty in less than a year I'd say. Weird world we've created here.

Prince of Wales is dood though, and Repulse has taken 6 through the belt and has about a zero percent chance of making it back to a safe port. Closest is Singapore but it won't happen. Even if it does, she won't be seaworthy in time to evacuate so she'll be scuttled anyway.

Overall, not too bad. Tbh, I'll probably get bored and do a Guadalcanal scenario again. Pacific war after the initial curbstomp is an ebun time period to play in.
No. 31673
I know it's CoD/Modern Warfare which is a well known thoroughly trash series from a trash publisher/dev but
For some inexplicable reason they blamed the Highway of Death massacre in Iraq on Russia. Why I do not know. Normally I cannot understand this but judging by some reactions people are so sincerely fucking stupid I can see why someone would think such a bald faced lie would work on certain people (I actually spoke with someone who still thought 15 years later that Saddam had something to do with 9/11 and she wasnt stupid imo, though people around her definitely were).

It increasingly feels to me like EA and Activision solely exist to gobble up small studios and destroy them because they're controlled by the Illuminati and can't tolerate anyone having dissenting or conflicting opinions with propaganda. Still, this is just...I...I mean just fokinwutm8

At the same time it's mysterious to me how if you alter a minor detail there are people willing to say it's completely different. You know the sort. "No it's called Takistan not pakistan this clearly has nothing to do with Pakistan" sorts. It was partly why I found discussing things like PoE or Ember so infuriating because there was always this like 20-30% of people who would go out of their way to say they don't see any connection with other things. To this day I have no idea what motivates such people, how they think, or if they're only pretending to be stupid but it really reminds me most of the worst sort of Orwellian stereotypes about a double thinking brainwashed mind. This, I presume, is why some people still use such obvious lies and falsehoods to push their agenda.
No. 31709
499 kB, 1920 × 1080
509 kB, 1920 × 1080
807 kB, 1920 × 1080
981 kB, 1920 × 1080
I give up, I can't play this anymore. It's too boring and totally feels like a chore.
Combat is too rare and short, and kinda boring anyway, stealth is bad, writing is horrible, it's not just because of leftist crap or because it's cringy and juvenile, it's just bad and feels like it's draining my IQ. Disco was written by leftists as well and was fantastic. This one is one of those trendy ones that will use it's politics as an excuse and shield against criticism.
Everything is so unoriginal and uninspired, it is like a fanfiction, but not to a single game but a whole handful of aaa games: Borderlands, New Vegas, Bioshock, KOTOR, No Man's Sky, Prey 2017, rpg games in general. And it feels really cheap, really amateurish, just like fanfiction. It has no personality, aside from mediocrity personified.
No. 31722
>still trying to blame everything on leftism
Comrade, the problem is clearly Capitalism.

No really, I'm not even joking. The problem seriously actually is modern Consumer Capitalism. I've thought about this with why so much of pop culture is trash particularly American stuff and that's the conclusion I've come to, which is that consumerism is the worst destroyer of art imaginable.
No. 31729