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No. 27331
2,1 MB, 1366 × 768
1,4 MB, 1366 × 768
1,7 MB, 1366 × 768
8,5 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:28
new treda betta
No. 27333
924 kB, 1920 × 1080
58 kB, 620 × 420
Okay so apparently some-fucking-how Amplitude has just slipped a brand new DLC from right under my nose. I should be fucking subscribed to their newsletter damnit I want to be notified of when a poll is taking place. It's not like I own almost every single one of their games and DLCs you know.

I'm actually holding off on this for now, just because a bunch of other things are on sale that I'm checking out and I've got to stop spending my money like water on vidya games this year. I've already spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars just on my vidya gaming this summer alone which is as I guess a kind of substitute addiction instead of buying alcohol or anythingwhich is just showing me the sheer scale of how hugely fucking expensive it is to be a heavy drinker to begin with; a single tall boy is like three dollars which is enough to cover a cheap game or DLC, and I must've been spening enough to buy a decent game on sale every single day that I drank before like I can't even imagine how much fucking money I must've wasted on booze back in the day one night out at a bar alone could've easily bought Cyberpunk 2077/VTMB 2 preorder and in order for me to actually get both that and the other shiny vaporous shit I'd have to actually go back the fuck out today or tomorrow and buy a new Steam cardyes I am actually spending my money on steam cardsthis is so I can actually forcefully limit my own spending by preventing my debit/credit card from being directly linked to steam and thus plundering my bank accountnot to mention giving me a direct physical representation of how much goddamn money I'm going through on inflating my backlog while also preventing identity theft of my money, preventing any kind of tracking by anyone whatsoever by paying for alle things in cash, not to mention forcibly putting a physical stop to my impulse buys by actually forcing me to physically put on shoes/clothes and physically go all the way out to the store and buy a physical $20 steam card every damn time I want to impulsively buy something then walking all the way back just to put more funds on my own account rather than reach for my wallet 8 feet away which has the added bonus of making me sort through lots of reviews before purchasing anything. It's completely fucking retarded sounding but trust me it works. which clearly I don't feel like doing that after getting back home from work.

And so, instead I am just going to sit here and look through what else I'm possibly going to buy with my 19bux in my steamwallet which includes both South park games for about a tenner, The Swapper, The Guild 2, I dropped Patrician 4 just because it has some sort of bullshit single activation only DRM and had mixed reviews anyway, Tropico 3 Absolute Power which I'm only considering because frankly I liked Tropico 3 a little bit more than 4 in certain aspects but holy hell do I miss those air conditioning unit upgrades and a few other things from more YOBA casualized 4 even though it's tbqf a ripoff because you just get everything in T3:AP and then some in T4, plus Dungeons 3 which honestly I don't actually give a shit about that much but it looks pretty cool plus eh reasons. And then there's possibly other cool new things on sale, and I've already got the one last DLC aside from Awakening in my count I haven't got, which is Endless Legend Symbiosis.

Why am I super stoked about Symbiosis, you might ask?

Because I get to play the one faction I actually wanted to play the most out of anybody in Endless Legend: the mushroom people. Yes, this is one single faction I really wanted to play and was excited about, partly because it also generally fits my playstyle the most (I think?) which should give me great joy in getting to play a large mycological colony race. Honestly though my actual preferred style in any game ever that allows it is to expand my territory and influence as much as possible, preferably by swallowing up others along the way. I did this in Rise of Nations, I loved doing this with Zerg creep in Starcraft even when it was to my disadvantage, I loved doing it in GalCiv III or any other 4x particularly if planet flipping could be an option or my territory damaged or decayed anything in my path, and by God, I will try to do it in Endless Legend with mushrooms if I can.

But back to ES2 again, as for Awakening I'm not quite sure what to make of it because one of the strongest points of ES universe was how truly alien the devs actually tried to make everything right down to their core mechanics, and it truly saddens me that this could become just another stereotypical blue humanoid race that's quasi-spiritual or some cliched silly shit. Sorry for the droning on longpost btw.
No. 27335
9,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:36
This mo'fuggah dunked me good, god I hate this game but I have to finish it eventually.

Each DLC they've released for ES2 has been worse than the previous one, so I ain't holding my breath
No. 27337
Isn't there an option to turn off superweapons? If you can, I'd say Supremacy was the more interesting DLC than Vaulters. A faction that wants aggression but not too much expansion is far more interesting than the Maginot faction.
No. 27341
882 kB, 1917 × 1080
2,9 MB, 800 × 450, 1:08
2,9 MB, 640 × 360, 0:57
Oh yeah and speaking of which you can play any of the Endless games for FREE until Monday morning US Pacific time, which I would highly recommend.

I cannot emphasize enough how much these games are worth it, particularly Endless Space 2. If you're a fan of Stellaris at all why wouldn't you try it for free this weekend?

and yeah I know Supremacy wasn't that well liked and I haven't had the time to try it out well enough to comment yet. I think imma end up going out and getting a new Steam card today anyway :D

Yeah there is actually, but people panned Supremacy for it anyway (myself included I seriously wasn't going to buy it solely for that reason) and the problem is that Amplitude basically had this not just as the centrepiece of the DLC but also iirc made it kind of somehow a core feature of how Hissho were supposed to be played, thus nuking it nerfs the Hissho iirc or maybe I could be wrong about that. Regardless, it basically means that the whole thirteen. dollars. DLC would basically amount to just getting a single new major faction and a single new minor faction and not a whole lot else, which people would understandbly be upset by paying for with that kind of money.

Me personally, I almost solely buy shit when it goes on sale (hence my ridiculous spending habits because I ain't buyin that shit nigga when it's at a full $13-15 for some game's DLC or $60 for a game I don't piss gold) and so for a new faction $4.41 is actually worth it to me. Besides which, my main gripe with a lot of 4x games ends up being their lack of diverse and unique factions which in ES2's case they inadvertently crippled themselves by making them perhaps too memorable. What this means is that whereas relatively bland, characterless races in certain games which allows you to fantasize them much differently, with ES2 what you see is what you get and you're kinda forced to go along with it.

This makes that game rather tedious after your third or fourth session without getting the DLC because each faction remains solidly unchanging. In Stellaris you can play any of a hundred different games and make it feel different each time, because each one feels the same, if that makes any sense. That, and Amplitude seriously needs to work on their scripts a little bit for AI particularly as regards the diplomacy and such.

So really, while ES2 is perfectly enjoyable for your first couple campaigns it ends up feeling samey with just the base game after awhile where the only truly unique and surprising things comes from having to relearn the game yet again playing your own faction with its at times wildly different core mechanics and playstyle. Basically, all the factions are just way too rooted, which means that you end up welcoming the chance to have hopefully dozens of factions to choose from eventually. It is for that reason alone that I don't mind paying for their new DLC when it's on sale solely to get a new unique faction to play with or more importantly, against. Well that and the fact Amplitude is one of only two companies I actually like giving them my money.
No. 27343 Kontra
Meaning yeah you can disable superweapons which got patched in solely because the community complained about it so much, but I forget if this also turns off the super ships themselves entirely or just the doom cannon, and whether it also turns off planet crackers which iirc they did that i thought was fucking retarded and doubly so if it disables both the doom weapon and planet crackers but not doom ships themselves.
No. 27344
I don't think it disables behemoths in general, just the superweapon variants. It's a small Hissho nerf, but isn't crippling in my opinion.

ES2 is also kind of boring after a while because it's an Amplitude game, very atmospheric but as deep as a puddle. There are rarely ever any meaningful choices to make because of how easy it is to just build your way out of any problem you're facing. That's a 4x/Grand Strategy problem in general but it's made worse by the fact that it's also the only real option available most of the time in Amplitude games.
No. 27346
As opposed to what? Which game does it so differently?

As for building your way out I disagree. It's actually very easy to fuck yourself on overexpansion morale penalties for example and it gets to a point where no amount of researching or building shit is going to dig yourself out of that hole, particularly since a lot of worlds simply don't have luxury resources and several of the morale buildings depend on them. You can have one lava or ice world tanking your whole system.

Don't disregard the power of government and heroes. One very good law and government type setup and it can make or break your entire game. I had one game where I was playing Sophons and hadn't yet realized the overcolonizing penalty because I usually go wide but I think I ended up needing it for some reason which started causing a death spiral of unhappiness. I managed my way out of it with some shysty election engineering and getting the right party into power which floated my like -110 or something morale malus on every system and it got to the point where my entire game began revolving around engineering it so that that not too popular party never actually lost power and even then was always like second or third place in elections, because should they ever lose power I'd lose their laws and instantly be hit with enough of a penalty to send half my systems into open rebellion within a few turns.

The law and government in ES2 is actually one of the few games I've encountered that does that right at least. Compare this to another bog standard of the current gen of 4x genre like GalCiv III and you'll see you're right, just like you said it's building yourself out of everything except that one doesn't even really bother with ground combat too much and is painfully simple compared to ES2. It's literally just about who can claim as many worlds faster with the fastest or rather most hyperdrives strapped to their ship to extend their overall range out far enough and be able to arrive in time to defend it or retake it. There isn't even battle tactics, not that that often seems to matter as much in ES2 or rather it becomes all formulaic where you are told and know ahead of time for the most part if this battlefleet tactic is going to turn an easy battle from a simple one to you losing half your fleet due to ranges, fire angles, defenses, and so on. Sure it's not as fleshed out as it could be, but still.

Honestly the main problem with all that is because in ES2 by the time you're even within earshot of achieving an economic or science or whatever victory you're probably going to be so strong fleet wise that it'd be simpler to just crush every single opponent in two to three turns than even bothering with the other 20-30 turns it would take to achieve that other victory condition. In that regard you're right, it is way too easy comparatively to just build your doom fleet and steamroll everyone. It's also problematic the way most of the races can't just conquer worlds and expand due to the artificially imposed overcolonization limit, which kills anybody but like the Cravers and Hissho should they dare even try a massive conquest campaign unless they dealt with the terror and chaos of switching government to autocracy and dealing with the multiple turns of chaos and anarchy.
No. 27351
I'd say Aurora which while far more complex than ES2, finds its depth in what it doesn't do rather than what it does do. It doesn't impose penalties to fix things that break logic. Overexpansion isn't based on some arbitrary number and penalty, but is based entirely upon your ability to maintain expansion. The depth then is how to determine when you need to hold off on further projects. Is it when your patrols get thin? Ammo dumps start running low on cutting edge weapons? Maybe just low in general? Or is it the ability to get enough prefabricated infrastructure out to the colonies to get them established (getting people there is the easy part, keeping them alive long enough to become a stable settlement is another). Do you need to send construction forces out to build infrastructure instead?

Then there is upkeep. It's not just a trickle of money that disappears over time and sitting in friendly space for a few turns to replenish manpower stocks, but is how often your ships need to come back to port for maintenance, how often their magazines need topping up, refueling. Whether your outposts have the weapons, fuel and facilities to even perform maintenance on local fleets. There are meaningful decisions to make as to priorities beyond 'best ships to most dangerous area'. Sometimes it may be better to send second-rate vessels to a hot area because they use an older launch system that is compatible with a slightly out of date but locally far more numerous missile than the newer ships who are more effective in areas with developed weapons industries. And that includes upgrades, it's not just the click of a button and some cash, but an involved process that can have a ship out of action for years sometimes. Even ignoring the complexity of the mechanics, there are far more variables that can determine the viability of a fleet than simply money.

Great leaders also aren't just magically great heroes that you pick up, but are typically members of your officer corps who establish themselves with some great act, or particularly great aptitude in some field. It's natural and cultivating your crop of proficient commanders and assigning them to the right places is a far deeper experience. Think a mix between units gaining experience and having heroes themselves.

And yes, building your way out of it is still a thing in ES2 as it is in most all 4x games. When I play a wargame, even one with building like WitP, you don't get many new ships coming in, if at all. While in a 4x game you can say, 'oh, area X needs more ships, I'll just plonk some down and send them over in the next few turns', it isn't so in something like WitP or Harpoon or anything where it's a matter of making it work with what you've got. You can't even wait a bit for those reinforcements most of the time because what needs to happen needs to happen now. That lack of control adds depth by making each unit's importance greater as an asset that isn't easily replaced. Even what I consider the top shelf of 4x, Aurora and Distant Worlds, have the same problem.

Essentially they've throttled a lot of room for emergent gameplay depth in favour of streamlining. It's not a bad thing, but it's not exactly the pinnacle of strategic depth neither. It gets even more grim if we step outside the realm of 4x games into the strategy genre in general.
No. 27357
They are a nuisance (not a threat, mind you, only nuisance) to Mr. House, obviously. They operate unsanctioned on his territory and refuse to submit to him. Crushing them is an obvious (to House, at least) thing to do.

I started a new playthrough, and this time I'm going independent. Gonna try to be a goody two-shoes as much as possible. I kinda doubt that the game deals properly with a tremendous amount of work such kind of philosopher king, or a benevolent dictator has to do to not let everything fall apart, but I'll do it anyway.
No. 27378
12,1 MB, 640 × 360, 3:17
Well this game looks interesting. Added to my following might add it to my wishlist. I also just picked up Caravan, Dark, and Crookz, which at least in the case of Crookz they made a demo which I can tell is probably gonna scratch at least that gameplay itch left by Satellite Reign of which there are few if even any at all games quite like it (isometric party based stealth game set in Syndicate-esque cyberpunk dystopia.)

Seven: Days Long Gone which is also on sale is quite similar in certain aspects as well, while diverging greatly in others (singleplayer stealth, cyber-apocalyptic with demons idk how to describe it isometric crpg). That game also had a demo and I was could also tell that it'd be a cool game regardless of whatever bitchiness from reviewers. It amazes me what kind of actually pretty decent games get mixed reviews while complete pure trash gets overwhelmingly positive ones.

I have also learned or rather been reminded at work that there's gamers, and then there's casuals, and then there's actual vidya gamers. Apparently, most people nowadays actually are casuals. They play things like DOTA, Fortnite, Spec Ops, shit like that. Then there are gamers, who are more prone to being cringey retards and seem to mostly play things like platformers, roguelites, and probably have an extensive collection of anime.

And then there are vidya gamers, like this gentleman
although dude reading that I was going to say, yeah you're at this point pretty much taking issue not even with just the sub-genre of 4X games but with strategy games in general then I read
> It's not a bad thing, but it's not exactly the pinnacle of strategic depth neither. It gets even more grim if we step outside the realm of 4x games into the strategy genre in general.
This is pretty much because I don't think you actually seem to like strategy games generally.

You like tactical games. All your wargaming is a pretty good example of tactical games: they may actually be pretty massive campaigns, but nevertheless they are actually much closer to being just very large tactical games. Most strategy games have "build shit" as a core feature of gameplay. Party based crpgs and tactical games have a lot of overlap.

The basic rule of thumb is if you build things, it's probably a strategy game, and if you don't, it's probably a tactical game, regardless of the fact that games like Starcraft actually end up incorporating a lot more tactics than strategy.

I would also have to ask you, what games other than Aurora can you list? You're right about it being an issue with all 4x and strategy however that problem is chiefly because all those games are abstracted, possibly even by necessity, although it would be cool to have more games that featured components like having a finite amount of armor, fuel, repair supplies, and crew, all of which cannot be replaced until returning to a friendly port, which ES2 in fact does actually directly incorporate it's just that, again, it's abstracted, as your ships in that game like in a good many others of the genre stay damaged until they can slowly be repaired over a number of turns after returning to port or paying out the ass to rush repairs.

What many of them are missing is morale penalties and ship weapons and other systems being damaged and less effective or out of ammo as well.
No. 27382
14,2 MB, 1024 × 576, 2:33
fucking LUFTRAUSERS is so much fun for such a simple game, Jesus Christ
No. 27443
Oh yeah, it is. For several months I used to "play a quick round" before starting work. Actually helped with concentration.
No. 27444
2,0 MB
Dumb that you can't post .swf files.
There's luftrauser.swf in the rar archive if someone's interested.
No. 27447
I'll klick this readme.exe like there's no tomorrow!
No. 27449
2,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
152 kB, 1280 × 720
Still looks woefully similar to III but I was at least hoping that Dungeons II would look less cartoonish and be overall less goofy, despite having worse reviews, which frankly I don't trust because I'm sure there's plenty of people who liked it more specifically because of that cartoony jokey thing. Plus it was also cheaper to get II with all DLC than just the base game of III. The only thing I could think of that I found where I even really wanted it was the edgy elf hero. I'm pretty sure that I've decided to forego the South Park games at least for now, although when I pirated Stick of Truth at least that was pretty good the first half hour or so of gameplay and it did make me wish "Jew" was a 4th character class in all my roleplaying games.
No. 27451
186 kB, 1280 × 716
19 kB, 460 × 215
Also, Thea 2: The Shattering is on sale though not by a lot (I'm looking at you, lad) and it has a free demo which I can say that it's a good enough demo it convinced me to buy Thea The Awakening even though I previously had no real interest in Thea.

Also this is your last chance to play Endless Space 1/2, Legend, etc for free today and pick up a copy before it goes off sale tomorrow. I would highly recommend Endless Space 2.

Also the whole Crisis in the Kremlin series is on sale for I think two more days at $2-3 each. I mention that because I've seen ernsts talking about it and it truly seems to be an EC tier series of games.



imagine the irony of buying this as DLC in 2019 what would Hoxha think
No. 27452
To be honest, you're best off just picking up Mao's Legacy or Ostalgie. They're a good niche market but the games are a little samey with the difficulty being in how you're thrown into the deep end with deceptively little options.

Where is my Ogden War REEEEEE
No. 27513
399 kB, 1294 × 892
I looked at the discord server of my eve-online corp that I joined months ago and never log in for, and it's full of Americans and Canadians, and they were talking about doing some basic bitch hauling and market-seeding in some region and they started talking like they were in a board meeting, saying shit like 'the product timeline' and 'full disclosure' and then started sharing pie charts and spreadsheets. People who play eve can be so unintentionally funny sometimes (but it's also pretty sad and pathetic)

I ain't buying any more games, I'm broke for the foreseeable future, even had to cut down my drinkin' from 2 nights a week to one.
No. 27530
I shall keep this in mind then. P.S. quit drinking. Temptation may get strong but think how much you spend on alcohol and then realize how much game you could buy with it, and it would be yours, forever unlike booze which buys you a morning of regret and that's it.
No. 27538
Do you mean Ogaden War? Because I never knew about this until now https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ogaden_War
No. 27539
Hand of Fate looks interesting
No. 27540
2,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:22
4,8 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:40
Finished Mad Max, game was absolute kino from start to finish.

I'd rather drink tbh, a few hours bliss and relaxation
No. 27543
You know, I really should open a blog or a review channel or something at this point considering I've been starting to do it almost like a side job. Speaking of which I am so glad I decided to scope out my following list which sadly doesn't show if things are on discount like wishlist but some games are so meh looking you can't even bother wish listing them which I've been steadily trying to prune for the over 200 it got to just because of having to use it the way I wish following worked.

And on that note I have to mention titles I picked up for mad cheap that I only happened on by chance, including Dark, Crookz, and Inner Chains.

Dark is basically cell shaded stealth relying on VTMB nostalgia. It isnt a bad game and with the two or three quid but isn't a truly good game either.

Crookz I only tried the demo but it reminds me enough of Satellite Reign gameplay, which I've come to surely miss. Also not fantastic and is a bit...eclectic, in its 70s style but isnt bad either.

And then there's Inner Chains.

Inner Chains is a Beskinski painting masquerading as an FPS.

I'd definitely recommend Inner Chains.

Eh to each their own. I've meanwhile started blowing money on Kratom which at this point is so expensive I might as well be drinking. I'm probably not gonna keep buying it. It's too much a waste of money and makes me more emotive, which lately translates to being highly irritable and the worst part is it's starting to make me miss drinking, which it's so easy to do but I know all that's going to happen is I'll just be really depressed about having a drink again and it fucks me up too much and I've come to appreciate being sober too much. I barely slept after taking a sleeping pill somewhat recently and that day was so difficult and unpleasant it was a stark reminder of drinking.
No. 27602
Playing Sakura Blue in CMANO. Amazing scenario that pits two secondary powers against each other in a week long naval exercise. Japan vs ROC. You have powerful and modern weapons but lack the strategically decisive weapons of major powers like Tomahawks and JSOWs that let you project power from safer waters. Spent all day planning and setting up my first moves before unpausing the game. Time to see what happens in the first day or so of jostling for positions. Will post a true AAR screenshot gallery when I have internet again if there is interest in pictures of NATO symbology on Google Earth :-DDD
No. 27623
341 kB, 1873 × 1051
I don't know how much this fits in this thread, but there's a conference going on right know called "European women in games conference" and with the exception of one or two actually interesting guests it's kinda cringy, so if anyone is interested:

Stream of the whole thing: https://www.twitch.tv/faceittv
Website: https://womeningamesconference.co.uk/
No. 27651
36 kB, 750 × 698
I like how 50% of the stuff on that list has nothing to do with games and is just gender politics, social media presence and other nonsense.

When do they actually make games?
No. 27654
If you look at the website you see that most of the speakers have nothing to do with the production of videogames and if then mostly the story writing part or similar stuff. But there are notable names like for example Rachele Doimo (3D artist in games like GTA V and Max Payne 3) or Zoë Sams (Programmer at Rockstar).
No. 27660
They don't, heh. If they would actually try to make a game, it would be something no one cares about besides themselves, because it's meant to Create Social Impact & Raise Awareness (by the way, can somebody explain to me, Why Is Every Word Capitalized There? It looks kinda stupid...), not to be fun to play. Their site is also full of those SJW buzzwords, like "insightful", "empower" and "celebratory", the photos of guests who all have important-sounding occupations, like CEO, CPO, founders etc., but it doesn't say much about games. It just looks like some sort of an echo chamber or a circlejerk (circleschlick?), not a real conference.
No. 27688
They don't. It's because they solely see games as another vector for propaganda for their faggy agenda. Note: this doesn't make poltards any better because they approach games with the exact same shit mindset.

Because it isn't. They're little more than a women's book club sitting around drinking tea and talking a lot of bullshit to make a bunch of totally useless people feel self important.
No. 27697
220 kB, 1280 × 720
334 kB, 1280 × 720
Should I get it? Would you recommend Transport Fever to an ersnt who's been utterly obsessed by Tropico, City Skylines, Frostpunk etc and finds city planning pleasurable to an almost sexual degree? Has any ernst played it?
No. 27708
Just a sidenote: But the first picture makes me puzzled which kind of country or continent or "cultural sphere" this should be when take in account the train and cars as around 1900 or a few decades later, 1920/1930s?
The second picture is funny because it suggests action and speed, the train is even sparking, yet in reality these all are considered as the more slow vehicles as usual with transportation and the normal vehicles.
Tho I can understand a certain joy for city planning, I spent hundreds of hours in Sim City 3000 as kid and reinstalled it a year ago or so and played it a bit, but I'm thru with gaming more or less, at least when on my own.
No. 27709 Kontra
Then again thinking about is: Logistics is a hectic business even tho the vehicles are rather slow in comparison to what can be reached with other constructions.
No. 27710
I can ask similar questions to the OP of this thread lol
No. 27739
That was the wrong webm actually. I seriously have to delete that one. I meant to post the one with the angry tank guy yelling in some weird sim game. As for others, well because it is funny way of playing those types of games like Pandemic/Plague Inc/Quarantine.

Probably early 20th in first pic. You get to play different eras of transport from I think 1850 to 2000AD although primarily on the USA and Britain unless there's DLC or mods to play as other places during that time.
No. 27839
2,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:22
>I'm always alert, always!
No. 28004
954 kB, 1600 × 838
1,2 MB, 1600 × 838
1,3 MB, 1600 × 838
Banished is 75% off on steam at the moment
No. 28018
I seent it. Right now I'm trying to figure out if Elite Damgerous is even worth the bother considering it apparently will cost me another $9 even with the sale just to be able to land on barren planets. I mean fucking hell even Mass Effect did that and that was ten years ago. So basically I'm pretty sure it just becomes, do I really feel like getting this game even on a discount solely for the space flight, which I already have Warlord Gemini and never got into it and Rebel Galaxy which was one of the last handful of games on my backlog I even intended to play until this summer sale.

Honestly I'm more surprised by just how many games I still had left to play were I locked in a room like prison with no internet and nothing to do, but that includes games like Painkiller which was painfully meh and a drunk sale buy years ago and Saints Row which was also quite possibly the most incredibly bydlo feeling game I've ever played and I also stupidly and drunkenly got it because I was hammered with a debit card late at night and was all oh hey 70-80% for a whole bundle of games. This was a terrible mistake. Still I've actually got several I only tried to see if it runs and never got into, or a few I haven't completed yet.

At this point I kinda wish I could rent a cabin inna woods with only running water and electric to do nothing but game for the next 6 months and it still wouldnt kill my present backlog which means I really, really should stop buying games now but I'm still going to get Banished. Because it looks awesome and even that ornery scotsman loved it at isitworthabuy and I love me some CMS games.

I've been playing the shit out of The Council which was way way better than I ever anticipated and is one of those rare games where I was on the fence about even getting it but tried it solely to test if my system can handle the graphics and was immediately hooked. What's better is it's kinda complex to think about but perfect for when you want a simple ass game to play because you're tired after work and don't want to do a lot. Sadly some games like Banished seem to really be a free day/weekend game when you've fuckall to do.
No. 28021
The space combat mechanics of Elite Dangerous are really fun and if you're the type who gets easily hooked into grinding for cash to upgrade your ships or buy new ones you can have tens of hours of fun.

The game was fun for me for the first 70 hours or so but then the grind for better ships just got too tedious and the lack of other players discouraged me from getting around to doing PVP space pirating like I planned to.
No. 28025
Honestly no. I can already tell how much that game is just going to annoy and bore me seeing as how I didnt give a shit about Space Gemini or whatever it's called and I'll probably lose interest.

This is funny because the mechanic itself doesn't bother me, just when it's done poorly. Escape Velocity for instance is one of my favorite games. I played the shit out of EV Nova and then got Endless Sky which had its problems (it's a free game after all) but largely could be great with just a tiny bit of modding, and starships jot being obvious copy pastes.

At this point I'm thinking I should just save my money and if I'm going to get anything it might be The Long Journey Home which looks interesting at least but that I can also tell lost of the game is going to be fighting the physics and grinding on planets. I'll probably just nab Banished and keep my other money until something truly good goes on sale.

I think the real problem is the whole genre of space sims have you in the emptiest, most boring place there is--the vacuum of space--and so it takes quite a lot of effort to just make it barely interesting by throwing in lots of shit that just doesn't happen IRL because space travel is fucking boring nothing. You want a real space flight sim? Drive from Texas to California, or better through the midwest. Enjoy literally hundreds of miles of barren absolutely fuck all nothing with no living human to be seen a solid day of driving except the rare settlement between which consists of nothing but a gas station outpost. Not being able to land on planets unless I shell out a lot more money is a big downside. Star Wars universe for example at least tried making space feel like a crowded metropolis. There are universee where there's huge trade routes between worlds. Some have mining or exploration. I think a 40K set entirely on the harrowing journey through the warp could be interesting even without including the Gellar field briefly flickering. Or generation ships. Playing with generation ships could be cool. Why dont we have a city simulator that's entirely set on a generation ship that's possible suffered problems and keeping the biosphere running until you reach your destination planet? If I were an oligarch I'd fund that.

But sadly no, Elite just seems to be some shitton of grinding for ship parts and not even interacting with much interesting. No Man's Sky looks more interesting to me but well the complaint seems to be you do literally nothing but mine shit all day.
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Walking around in Tamreil Rebuilt mod around regions that will be released most probably next year, like Roth Roryn, on previous year preview-files and also parts of Aanthirin that will be released this year (I also hope).
It is mostly Hlaalu and Redonran lands, with also one Temple town-canton on Thirr river between Indoril and Hlaalu sides or region. I liked how it was reworked recently with even more great amount of detail - both landscape and NPC-vise. Really feels like every interior is unique, places are memorable and every NPC have something to say, even thought it is obviosly unfinished and when it'll be released it will have even more stuff, including quests.
Feels cozy to walk around very vaniila friendly, but much more detailed and really new content. It like first time playing game you playing for ages now.