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No. 2738
24 kB, 411 × 453
I sent a girl a letter. I had no way of contacting her as I met her at an outpatient psych treatment facility. We spent two hours skipping the groups outside, since she invited me to share a cig with her. We were so concentrated on talking her cig went out. She had a rare name, and she had told me what street she lived on since she lived close by. So I googled her first name, found her last and yeah.

I scribbled on a ripped piece of paper. "I couldnt contact you with the roam roam, heres mine 148888888"

she didnt have any social media and use phrases that fascinated me. instead of "yes", she would say, Do birds fly?

Im killing myself in 10 days so i needed to make sure I saw this through.

No. 2742
Are you that same dumbass who ate a lot of pills with vodka?

Become my disciple. I need revelators. Those who can maintain the true doctrine of interstellar Christendom.
No. 2750 Kontra
You'll be back.
Killing yourself for some roastie is no way to live your life.
No. 2752
>Im killing myself in 10 days

Nah, you won't.
People who kill themselves kill themselves.
They don't tell everyone about killing themselves somewhere in the future, that's what little girls do.
No. 2756
Where do you meet little girls that tell you about their suicide plans? Asking for a friend.

How are you planning to do it? Do you take suggestions?
No. 2757
Step 1:
Be a little boy
No. 2760
>people who announce their suicide don't suicide
I don't know where that myth came to be, but it's wrong.
No. 2764
yeah suicide threat her into your gf...

why do you wanna kys?
No. 2772
>Im killing myself
That's a stupid idea.
>I sent a girl a letter.
You did good. You saw a problem and acted to solve it, this is always good. Repeat this with everything else.
No. 2778
I have a plane ticket on the 8th to london gatwick, then i will get one to dublin, then rent a car. From there i will drive to the cliffs of moher and jump.
No. 2779
Why? You don't seem to be bad.
No. 2782
my health is poor...
No. 2787
Is it not fixable, or have you given up trying to fix it?
No. 2791 Kontra
>Suiciding but making sure you contact a mentally unstable woman beforehand

So are you trying to kill her?