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No. 27392
71 kB, 620 × 368
Are the skeksis from The Dark Crystal an antisemitic caricature? Think about it: they’re beaked, hunchbacked, lecherous, alien schemers who drain the life force of innocents in dark rites (blood libel) to maintain their power. They are rootless interlopers from another realm who have seized control of an autochthonous civilization through cunning and treachery. Basically all of the tropes are covered here. Does this matter? Are observations like this paranoid or do you think a clear line can be drawn between characters like this in sci-fi/fantasy and historical portrayals of Jews in western art and culture?
No. 27393
18 kB, 196 × 258
31 kB, 245 × 309
>oy vey!
No. 27394 Kontra
Quality threda

Quark was played by Jew is I not mistaken, and he is funny and likable character, Ferengi get a lot of intereting stuff about them in DS9
No. 27403 Kontra
110 kB, 1280 × 720
123 kB, 980 × 551
What an absolutely fucking retarded cabbage tier topic for a thread. You just wanted an excuse to rant about Jews without getting banned didn't you?

I say this because the main reason it is so absolutely fucking retarded isn't just because it's a bad thread topic to begin with, but because the premise itself is retarded. Did you even watch The Dark Crystal? They're the same race as the good guys you fucking moron.

If anything could be made as a Judaic comparison it would be that the ten good mystics of the urRu and the ten bad ones called the Skeksis which are like hollow evil mirror images of the good closely parallels the Kabbalah Tree of Life Sephirot versus the ten hollow shells which are considered like evil mirror images of the Sefirot called the Qliphoth. Given the the evil and good 10 merge with each other this pretty well indicates it being a Kabbalistic metaphor more than anything else.

I would mention the Gnolam but I already feel dumber just being in this thread. Next time you want to start a dumb pol thread at least know what you're talking about.

The Ferengi aren't space Jews. Not every merchant race is a Jew ffs. Was the Hanseatic League Jewish? Were the Medicis Jews? The proud or evil merchant race archetype is a very old one in fiction, and in more recent fiction is typically used as either a criticism or promotion of things like Capitalism and Objectivism. House Ordo and the Dominion of Korx are two very good examples of soulless evil Capitalism made into a race in fiction in similar manner as pretty much all cyberpunk tends to do as well as what Alien did with Weyland Yutani for example, only personified.

The Ferengi are more like a neutral depiction of Capitalism personified, kind of like the Lumeris. The Iridium Corporation is an example of good Capitalism/AnCap personified. The Volus and Bentusi are two examples of neutral to good merchant races. Bioshock is an example of exploring the themes and pbilosophy of something like Objectivism without really discussing the economics of it.
No. 27412
261 kB, 1154 × 1315
This is a shitposty thread, but I'll bite. Gargamel is a classic antisemitic trope.
No. 27413 Kontra
That's a cartoon for children from the 70s not fantasy, and yes it is a shitpost thread
No. 27415 Kontra
>That's a cartoon for children from the 70s not fantasy
Smurfs are clearly real and not fantasy.
No. 27416 Kontra
It may not be a good example of the genre, but fantasy, it still is. Like it or not, The Smurfs are as much fantasy as The Hobbit.

Would you have preferred me to mention the Tremere clan instead?
No. 27424 Kontra
The Tremere are an offshoot of Order of Hermes mages from Austria. It has nothing at all to do with Jews.
No. 28362
Jews are edomites. Ezekiel 36:5.
No. 28367 Kontra
>red, hairy, angry all the time
Pretty sure that's Scots

Kontra for being more cabbage bullshit.
No. 38066
I believe Ferengi were explicitly compared to be most like the Yankee Traders of the early 1900s
No. 38067 Kontra
Jews have and still abduct children for immoral purposes.

Epstein didn't kill himself.
No. 38153
Tolkein's dwarves were supposed to be like Jews, and in spite of being otherwise a good race they were described as only being weak to greed and no other sins. Also the grey dwarves were mistaken for animals by early elves and hunted to extinction as vermin, but ended up acting like animals because of this and totally deserving of genocide (Mim in Narn I Chin Hurin was used as an analogue of the dwarf in Niebelung that started the whole fuckup).
I like your thread OP, don't listen to the haters, only mods can decide what shouldn't be posted.
No. 38154 Kontra
Ferengi where the only thing that made ds9 worth watching for me, honestly TOS is the only Star Trek I like, but I would pay real money to see a spinoff that was just about a Ferengi merchant ship.
No. 38155 Kontra
but yeah I kind of agree that the Ferengi were not the most Jewish race in ds9, considering that Bajor is an obvious metaphor for Israel with the Cardassians being Nazis.
No. 38167 Kontra
Who is bumping these old (and often shit) threads