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No. 28028 Systemkontra
36 kB, 501 × 500
old deda
No. 28029


I sometimes still think about doing something like this but my vision of it is so weird. And this even tho my loneliness is quite killing me atm. On Sunday I was really getting depressed over this shit, yearning for a female and affection between us. It's not like it's an impossible thing to think of.
No. 28032
Today a belt landed on my heda while I was sitting on a bench waiting for the bus home in town. I have no idea where it came from, it was weird as fuck.
No. 28033
Started listening to TOOL ironically and they’re actually pretty good
No. 28038
learning ans Blender.

the interface is not as bad as the horror stories tell, although definitely not conventional. I'd like to change the key bindings to a more standard layout, but I guess I should familiarize myself with the functionality, watch some tutorials, etc., before I do that, as to avoid additional steepness to the learning curve.

the program itself is incredibly snappy and sleek. 3dsmax feels sluggish and unstable in comparison. And it has a normal scripting language instead of a proprietary one.
Learning python is going to pay off soon.
No. 28044
5,7 MB, 640 × 480, 0:15
5,3 MB, 640 × 480, 0:15
5,1 MB, 640 × 480, 0:14
5,5 MB, 640 × 480, 0:15
>learning ans Blender.
Did some work with Blender for old KC. There's a plugin for importing/exporting Quake 3 models, which I used to (badly) model some KC celebrities. Another Bernd has a Quake 3-server which we used to frag the shit each other, and when I say each other, I mean that everyone else fragged the shit out of me, because I never actually played Quake before. Replacing the audio files for the custom models in Quake 3 is easy, so all the models had their own sound effects. Miss this a lot, it was really fun, we had lots of OC, and at one point we thought about making a soap opera like Red vs. Blue, but in the end we were to lazy to do anything. My suggested scripts being shit might have beed a distant second reason.

>Started listening to TOOL ironically and they’re actually pretty good
They actually are, and it's a shame that their followers act like they were some kind of cult, because it makes people suspicious.
No. 28045
As 3ds max user I was absoluetly confused by blender lol.
No. 28046
29 kB, 300 × 300
I'm heading towards the finish line of my paper on affect. Just two or three bridges/minor conclusions and the final conclusion/summery and I'm done. After that I need to check orthography and before that find out if the theoretical part is making sense and can be understood properly. Not wrong to check if the connection between theory and empirical analysis is fitting as well. Sometimes it's only in your head.
No. 28050
I don't think that they do? I think metalheads and various forms of Deadheads (not just Grateful Dead but like Phish and those other bands) do a hell of a lot more. It's if anything more of like an intellectual-lite version aka reddit jackasses who think their 107 IQ makes them superior, and a few navel gazing wannabe philosophers, as opposed to culties.

I also don't know why in the fuck anybody would think there's anything "ironic" about enjoying Tool.
Because Tool is a seriously good band.

Seriously who the fuck listens to anything "ironically" even that's a level of pretentious hipster faggot beyond my understanding. I like Tool because they're genuinely artists with all their work and at least try to use Art to do what I think it's true purpose is or should be, which is to achieve that state of the sublime and reach out to the Divine and bring a spark of it back to the masses. It's a real pity imho though that music has increasingly gone from basically operas and grand symphonies often meant as some great celebration of God in that medieval European sense, to increasingly occult and then just edgy Satanic and far worse, blatantly empty consumeristic bullshit over time. I think that the musical styles followed suit with increasingly experimental and unconventional sounds followed by the most grotesque conformity imaginable, as seen for instance in modern pop. Tool occupies that weird space where they're still trying to make transcendental and experimental music without being too terribly conventional but without being so unconventional as to be threatening to the present bydlo neoliberal order.

/end non-ironic pretentious hipster rant
No. 28052
Lab PI secured funding for capsicum cultivar transcriptomics project because uni president likes hot sauce. Such cases.
No. 28053
160 kB, 399 × 570
This is part of what I meant about the longstanding rumour of Parsifal/Percival being a heavily encoded occult myth

To the best of my understanding it is one of the richest of stories and allegories to the properly initiated, of which not even I can fully make sense of it, besides which I have not seen nor read it.
No. 28054
So do I in fact, and this is the one sole actually good thing about both oligarchies, monarchies, and politburos, namely, that people themselves are stupid, petty, avaricious, ignorant, superstitious in all wrong ways, obsequious, sycophantic, and servile except those few times they deem themselves worthy of being haughty and prideful of which times they are almost universally wrong insofar as they are as generally as wrong to be servile and blindly obedient, seemingly with only the dimmest of awareness that it requires a true visionary to appear, but all that appears is nearly universally a charlatan. As such, I at least favor the types of rulership structures that can initiate truly grand projects, and, though it may only be for the most venal of reasons, such types may often find themselves patrons of the arts to whose patronage we do often owe such fabulous works as those of Beethoven and Mozart, though it is equally as likely we have lost hundreds of Mozarts to the toil of the field so such people could sit on their fat royal asses eating pheasant all day. As such, I've come to believe this current economic order needs to be abolished, and is one of the worst tragedies of our existence in that we could truly achieve so much but muh free market consumerism is instead wasting all those resources and killing the planet to make dildoes and fidget spinners.

So, really, if a dude likes hot sauce and he wants to undertake massive genetics projects in service to it, whatever. It is my personal hope that we can begin transcribing the genetic codes of all particularly vulnerable species of current earth life and sealing them in vaults both on Luna and Mars, provided we've actually proven the science in practicality to eventually basically construct lifeforms out of whole cloth without really needing much of an organic backbone.

Sadly I have little hope in Musk actually accomplishing much of anything.
No. 28060
81 kB, 190 × 266
Firefox deleted itself from my android phone for some reason and I lost all my important 100 links with different pages I reserved for future.
No. 28061
One day you're going to ask her if she wants to do homework in the library with no pretence of actually doing homework. You might even say something goofy like you missed her face over summer.

Then you'll be super-mad you didn't do it sooner.

Just procrastinate on a dating app. I recommend Hinge because it's like shooting boring fish in a barrel at the moment. It's fun judging people.
No. 28063
Another day wasted. At least I'm 100% healthy now.
Grandma's storytimes get quite grating by ~3 hours in. She speaks in tangents, and every story becomes a story inside a story, leaving the other unfinished. And I just can't bring myself to pull the trigger and tell her to stop, because she is usually alone.
It's so tiresome that once it's accidentally over (she goes for a fag), I can't get myself to concentrate on anything.
She made on pro gamer move, which is the fact that she actually read my translation without me even asking her. (She reads whatever she finds, and I guess it was a given that this bonded stack paper on the coffee table would solicit interest. My mother left it there.)
It was a valuable insight I'd say. The people I handed copies out to were all educated. It's really like opening a completely different window in a completely different house.

Got a haircut today. I'm quite pleased with it. It's shorter, but not overly short. (Basically long enough to hide the tip of my ears)

Got another message from the girl, she was so sweet. I'm going to miss the school trip too, I'm in solidarity with you. As in she got sick too.
Originally, it felt like I was imagining things, but now it feels like there is almost proof to back up that she might have feelings for me.

Tomorrow, everything is going to be different. I'm finally going to get up at a sensible time, have some tea, and get to work.

Most probably. I really should ask her out.
No. 28064
I just blew a fucking huge amount of money today. On the plus side, I now personally know and understand slots and "get" slots players. On the downside I just had to waste a ton of money to do it. The sad thing is I couldve just walked away at only a ten dollar loss but then I went against my own rules and got stupid and greedy even on a cold machine and pissed through it all. I now also understand the gambler mentality of trying to win it all back and thinking to go and get another twenty just to try and hit that one last jackpot so as not to be further behind. It was an extraordinarily expensive lesson (for me at least). I am now officially down in total for gambling for the first time in like two months I think. Counting the stupid lotto/numbers games which are always a piss on the wind I think my total negative hit this whole year just got to -$10-30 (I forget how I calculated it) on casinos and like -5-10 on scratch offs plus I think lotto itself was like $40 this year because I just blew half that today. Such is life. It's not spectacularly awful all told but still. I'm now needing to extraordinarily curb my spending.

I knew the machine had gone cold too.
No. 28065
110 kB, 550 × 729
I've never gambled because I always thought it seemed dumb. However I do wonder if I would get addicted if I tried gambling.
No. 28072
I'll occasionally buy a lotto ticket when the pot's hot ($200mil or more), but absolutely nothing more than that. Not to piss on anyone's sentiments, but I find casinos have distinctly soul-crushing atmospheres. About a month ago, I went to one of the local ones to try one of the restaurants. Upon walking towards the entrance, a distressed woman frantically speaking into her phone talked about the money she had just lost at the casino. Upon entering, the motley crew of pot-bellied men in bright sneakers and tank tops along with retirees blowing their Social Security checks filled the room.

My trip to Las Vegas was similarly disenchanting. Upon first driving through the city during nighttime, your senses are relentlessly bombarded. Only Times Square had a similar effect on me, but having been there at least a half dozen times or so, I wasn't nearly as bothered. Then the morning after comes, and you're as underwhelmed as you were first overwhelmed. The first thing you'll notice is the monotony of all the casinos; immediately attributable to the same group (MGM, Caesar's) owning most of them. And then, some look scummy as fuck. Excalibur immediately reminded me of Mos Eisley spaceport.

Absolutely nobody is happy aside from a handful of vacationing families with children; I counted exactly two from my interactions with vacationers and locals. A fellow Rhody who had moved there only a short time ago for a job almost immediately regretted her decision. Others related similar stories of moving there pursuing broken dreams, especially Taxi drivers. The Nevada natives were a rough bunch, which included a grizzled Taxi driver missing half his teeth and a woman crested with the name Charity who manned the gift shop. All these interactions immediately reminded me of Florida, a state featuring the same transient cultural vacuum where a huge swath of people were born elsewhere before embarking on ill-informed decisions to move there.

It wasn't all bad, though. The restaurants there are top quality, including one of the best Mexican joints I ever had the pleasure of eating at. I also got to meet Penn and Teller, two of my personal heroes.
No. 28074
It mostly is fucking dumb and part of the problem is it relies on the most classic con mechanic of all time: by preying on and exploiting people's vice. In this instance, it is basically greed. Three card monte conmen in some shady NYC burrough alley are basically working on the exact same premise as a casino, which is relying on a person's inherent greediness and wanting something for nothing (often coupled with pride, the same pride as a woman chasing a known cheater and manwhore but still somehow thinking "but I'm different, I I am the one person who's truly special" to bilk people out of their money.

The big thing here is people chasing the dream and not being contented with the little wins. That is why the lottery is inherently a piss in the wind. Next to no one is ever going to win that thing. You can spend tends of thousands of dollars and never have a shot in hell at the lottery.

Scratch offs are basically working on the principle of a spread, which is the same most casino games work on, which is that, statistically speaking, the longer you play the more certain you are to lose. The casino--or the state--doesn't fucking care about you winning a few. It doesn't matter if some guy spends $10 and walks away with $30. All they need to do is get people to pay say $10,000 and they don't give a shit who gets how much of $9,000 of it. So, basically like the movie itself Casino all the casino cares about is that you keep playing, because then your defeat becomes more certain.

This is partly why people lose so much money because they stupidly spend it on chasing that big jackpot that never comes. You can actually pretty easily come out ahead on a casino provided you know when to walk away and content yourself with just an extra ten or twenty in your pocket, and if you lose, learn to walk and eat a ten dollar loss rather than sixty or whatever.

That's where those sad people come in, because they just keep trying to make up the cost, or chasing a jackpot, and sinking deeper in the hole.

Scratch off state sponsored gambling is exactly the same. They don't care if you win $50 on a $30 ticket because you're just going to use that to buy more tickets more often than not. Slots are the same. So is blackjack. The idea is that you keep playing no matter what because then it tilts the odds more certain towards the house.

Speaking of state things I'll split this into a second post
No. 28075
So I know that you foreigners are at least dimly aware of our state and regional differences, but sometimes it's really fucking funny.

Just this month I had two.

One of them was dealing with California people who openly laughed at us for our laws, including higher taxes, stupid liquor laws, and just various shitty things they didn't have to deal with as Californians that they found hilarious. It didn't bother me because I, too, hate my fucking state with a passion, but it filled me with envy. Fuck I hate my state and I wish I lived in California.

The other was seeing this guy start a huge argument with the clerk while I was there because I think he lost his parking spot or something. He got in this huge argument and made a scene while I was in the store and it ended with people saying someone should call the cops and yelling at him "yeah go back to your own state!" There's just something funny about that to me. I mean, we're all basically the same country, but hearing people tell this "foreigner" to get the fuck out of my state and go back to your own shitty state was still pretty funny to me. There's lots of little interactions like this here that I kind of wonder what foreigners would think of it when witnessing it.He did need to go back to his shithole state though
No. 28076
>the same pride as a woman chasing a known cheater and manwhore but still somehow thinking "but I'm different, I I am the one person who's truly special"
Women don't want boring beta losers, they want real men. Sure, they complain about cheating etc. But they complain about it in the same way a computer hammer complains about a hard game. The hammer doesn't want to see the 'Game Over' screen when he lost all of his lives. But a game where he can't ever lose is a game that's too boring to play. Women want excitement and intensive emotions from high-status men. They can get that from cheating man-whores. They can't get it from puppy-eyed sub-betas. What to do if you aren't a cheating man-who're by 20? Kys, srsly. Your life will be shit, shit, shit, because everything you, everything you feel and everything you think are wrong, weak and worthless.
No. 28077
>dealing with California people who openly laughed at us for our laws, including higher taxes, stupid liquor laws, and just various shitty things they didn't have to deal with as Californians
>Fuck I hate my state and I wish I lived in California.
Isn't California known as the state with high taxes and shitty laws?
No. 28078
I long speculated you were from somewhere in the Southwest, but my guess is that you're from Utah.

If so, my deepest condolences.
No. 28081
>Just procrastinate on a dating app

Better than procrastinating without it eh? But I'm reading that I have to pay something?

>ask her out

If she just wants your homework an is making sweet eyes that would be a bummer. To find out what is going on you should really just ask her to do something school related like doing homework together but instead of actually doing you talk about other stuff and do something different. If she is hungry you both cook something or whatever not sure if this is even possible with parents etc, so just grab something to eat outside. I also told my last gf I want to learn with her but I never really had the intention to. The was competent for sure but before we met for that, we met in a museum and then strolled around the city (streets and park) talking, before we ended up at her place. You don't need to do it that way, maybe impossible anyway.
So just meet up but don't do strictly actual homework or whatever the formal reason is you meet up.
No. 28082
I had a horrible dream where I beheaded all of my uncle's children and some other people too. Just went around chopping their heads off with a machete.
I think it has to do with my uncle being a hypocritical devout muslim.

It's a shame game modding isn't as big as it used to be. I think game editors were largely superseded by general purpose game engine and in engine tools. I remember a lot of mid-size studios got into the industry through modding.

Yeah, 3DSmax feels like it was designed with a specific workflow in mind, and the whole interface is structured in a certain way. The bloat mostly comes from adding more and more buttons into that interface.
Although they also have a problem with a completely new workflow that does the same things as the old workflow but not really, in the form of Graphite Modeling tools ribbon panel, which feels tacked on.

Same problem with photoshop: you have the old, depreciated way of doing things, and then some new, slick interfaces that do the same thing, but better.

Blender, on the other hand, consists entirely of such tacked on workspaces, which someone happened to need at some point. It happens to all big software eventually, and the fact that blender does pretty much everything, I think, is a result of how much work and development has been done on it, which is a good thing. Proprietary software, in comparison, has a limited feature set, with other features separated into entirely different programs, that, of course, you have to pay out the ass for.
No. 28083
505 kB, 2708 × 2396
320 kB, 1024 × 893
269 kB, 1355 × 1303
128 kB, 850 × 757
Actually no, not really. California only has high taxes in certain ways. Their sales tax is pretty steep but all told there's plenty of states comparable if not even worse than them. Cigarette tax wise, despite all suspicion to the contrary, California is just barely above Dixie tax rates. For comparison a pack of brand name cigarettes like Marlboro or Camel in LA is like $5.35 or something like that. Not quite as good as South Carolina or Virginia, but still pretty good. Now try going to like, Massachusetts or God help you, New York City. A lot of those states have taxes so high it's at least $10 a pack and in NYC itself I shit you not it costs $14 for a single pack of Marlboro. I can't imagine even living in a shithole like NYC.

In terms of property taxes outside San Francisco and LA afaik it's also not that bad. You will notice supposedly "freer" and more ant government states still love taxing the shit out of you, like Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana which is literally the third world etc.

Nah California is actually a pretty great state minus the nogunz bullshit of Feinstein, and even then California is not even the worst most oppressive anti-gun state in the union by far (I'm pretty sure that's NY). I'd be not surprised if some corporate taxes are higher but who gives a shit about them. Let me see...lol yep. It's "commiefornia" mainly because the corpos are crying like bitches about the taxes there. For the average civilian it's not that bad, and depending on your lifestyle and habits with where you are now could be a massive improvement. I also doubt CA has the blue laws for example. Now what are blue laws you may ask? No buying booze anywhere on a Sunday. Some entire counties are still dry which means you cant even just walk into a shop and buy liquor or whatever, although in Virginia you can in supermarkets. If you live in Utah you basically have to drive an hour and 45 fucking minutes just to get across state lines and buy a decent beer.

Trust me unless you're a hunter (and you can still keep and shoot guns on your ranch anyway) or a corporation California is one of the best states in the union, inferior only to places like Vermont and New Hampshire.
No. 28094
Today was better. Had some tea, and then read some of the Mythology book I have to read. (The Sumerian story of the flood, and another, Chinese tale about a goddess named Mazu. (Most of my time was wasted on researching this entity. The story had the title The Queen of the Heavens. Because I'm paranoid, I checked, and she is usually called Mazu instead of Tian Hou. The latter title was only conferred on her in the 1600s.)
Also made some notes and decided the reading order for the two dramas.
I've decided to skip a couple of stories and get straight to the Greco-Roman part, though there is a Kazakh one, and I'm going to read that out of curiosity. (The ones I've skipped are stuff like Wieland der Schmied and the Biblical story of Samson.)
The only reason I stopped was because my eyes felt like they were burning.
Also been practising the reading of the Greek alphabet. It's going well. (I've been using the first 20 lines of the Iliad as training. That, and random bits of text I come across in books.)

I finally shaved the hair off my face. Now, I actually look really sleek. Though I miss being able to stroke my "beard". Made me feel smarter 2bh.

Picked up a Thomas Bernhard short story collection today. Never thought he'd be the kind of guy who writes half a page long pieces of flash fiction.
Also found a copy of that funny Iliad version, and it's much to my liking.
No. 28103
Grape harvesting time
No. 28104
372 kB, 897 × 1200
Goddamn I can't be bothered filling out spreadsheet trackers. I'm not nearly paid enough to fill out something so mind-numbing daft and futile which nobody will ever read who couldn't just have a conversation with me. Doesn't help that I ignored the emails all week to do it because I can't be bothered and the layout is migraine inducing.

>My trip to Las Vegas was similarly disenchanting.

I echo this sentiment. Las Vegas felt like a lost Gulf Kingdom complete with the immigrant labour standing out in the burning sun.

Dating apps have a premium subscription version that gives you features such as unlimited likes. You'd have to be an idiot to purchase that though, think about it.

>Trust me unless you're a hunter (and you can still keep and shoot guns on your ranch anyway) or a corporation California is one of the best states in the union, inferior only to places like Vermont and New Hampshire.

What is the Pacific North-West like in comparison to New England? They seem fairly comparable from a distance.
No. 28105
15 kB, 633 × 758
Children are so mentally draining, I had a splitting headache all day from them screaming in my face and when they went to bed I was so looking forward to doing nothing more than cleaning the kitchen and having a wank. Then the screaming started again and I had to take the little one downstairs with me for the night so my missus can get some sleep.

It's so so tiring and mentally exhausting, I can't even wind down at 1am by doing some chores with the text message ''come up and get the baby he's crying''
No. 28106
Traditional large families solved this problem by handing over the little fucker to your older nephew or the uncles or grandparents.
Then when there's a large enough pool of children, they just take care of each other. Modern society not even once.
No. 28107
I honestly have never actually been there but I wish to visit and possibly move someday. It's pretty much a dark, dreary, wet, rainy, full of heroin...well actually come to think of it it's pretty much like Ireland and Britain. It's a cold rainforest as you know and there's basically the coastal area which is to my understanding now sadly the worst sort of hipster faggots mixed in with the remaining cool people, and at least in Oregon further east it's pretty much redneck white supremacist retards. Think Bundy.

Basically, it's just an extension of the Midwest. But I honestly don't know a lot about it. That's the one place in the country that's usually pretty low key for some reason except for eastern rural Oregon getting in the news for this or that retard.
No. 28108
A wank? Dear God man you should at least get a big tiddy boob job or something. I guess the rumor is true, marriage really is when people stop having sex.
No. 28109
Yeah exactly, when I was young in the 80s I just got handed off to whoever would take me, aunties, cousins, neighbours whatever. Now every family is an island. Although I'm grateful our sisters do take them sometimes.
>marriage really is when people stop having sex
Hard to say, I'm doing alright though I've been in relationships before with zero kids and few stresses and had less sex. It really depends on the couple I guess.
No. 28111
Somehow with this statement makes me realize more each year how terrible a mistake I made for myself. It's fine for her I think, but man I really did find and lose the one. Now I'm just voluntarily celibate. Interesting women are rare, and one you get on with is rarer still.
No. 28112
>What is the Pacific North-West like in comparison to New England? They seem fairly comparable from a distance.

Being a native Rhody and having spent a few days in Seattle, I found the city similar but much hillier, rainier and whiter than Providence. Climate is also similar, but a bit more temperate. Neither too warm nor too cold.

Not a fan of seafood, but their shrimp was pretty good in comparison to ours which we're renowned for nationwide, and this is coming from a guy who can't stand seafood.

>white supremacist retards

Don't know what to tell you, but New Hampshire has more than its share of openly racist whites. New England does in general, but they're usually in small towns hence the term townie. Keep in mind that imbecile Chris Cantwell is from Keene. NH was also home to the failed Free State Project. The Libertarian spirit the state's known for has started to dwindle after a protracted period of Massification; think Californication, only Mass style.

Vermont would probably be more your speed, and if rural whites bother you, then stay away from interior Maine or Western Massachusetts.

If ghetto dwellers bother you, stay away from the following locations: Fall River, MA (Lizzy Borden isn't just a spooky tale); Roxbury, MA; Hyde Park, MA; Springfield, MA (this city is cursed); Providence, RI; West Hartford, CT.
No. 28113
Lol I've actually been to Springfield before on an hour long layover, and during that time I had a girl tell me some story about how she lost her shit and got kicked out of a bathroom for using needles because her diabetes and didn't have her ID so she had me use my ID to get her needles. That's my story of spending an hour in Springfield.
No. 28114
My mother and I drove through there once to try the famous local restaurant there. Holy shit, won't make that mistake again. Not only has the restaurant declined in quality and served the shittiest food I've ever eaten, the neighborhood makes Fall River look habitable by comparison.

We distinctly remember a hoodied, weather-beaten cretin standing outside a car talking with the vehicle's occupant, giving me a baneful glare. He then studied me as we drove past him as if he was looking to walk out into the street to stop us. Upon getting closer and looking at the other vehicle, inside sat a iced-out brother. I could only assume that a drug deal was going down, and Mr. Addict wasn't too happy about the prospect of uninvited guests bumming his high.
No. 28115
118 kB, 750 × 651
I often wonder how other men perceive 'the one' as they say. Do they play games? do they act the maggot with her hoping to establish dominance? do they allow the relationship to fall apart? do they merely think her the one and in reality they're just in lust?

I wonder did I do any of those things and did sheer luck or her willpower see me through the bad times. I was willing to throw it all away on at least one occasion, so I could have lost it all like all the others who lost 'the one', either way I'm singularly lucky in how my life turned out compared to others, but at the same time I've been in so many bad spots that it seems all I know is conflict - like I was born in the wrong era. You ever see Sin City where that dude is talking about Marv, and he says ''in another era he'd be swinging an axe into other people's faces for a living'', that's how I feel in the 21st century.

t. drunk man
No. 28117
>Vermont would probably be more your speed, and if rural whites bother you, then stay away from interior Maine or Western Massachusetts.
The actual fuck? I am a rural white. You do realize we're not all like that right? I mean a specific kind of very bydlo obnoxious fucking retard. If it sounded like I was generalizing too much my apologies, but it's just what I'd heard about the overall difference in climate. Clearly, not every person who lives in Portland is the same kind of woke consumerist yuppie trash either.

I still have no idea why in fuck you'd try to equate rural whites with being a white supremacist dumbfuck. There's plenty of general racists around sure but only a very tiny number of people are actual white supremacists or border on it and they're generally seen as absolute scum by all the rest of us. The fact such kindly folks are also often abusive alcoholics addicted to meth/heroin doesn't help their general scumbag reputation either.

In terms of Oregon I only mention it because theyve got that loud but highly visible minority which seems to surprise people considering how blue state and, what's the word, I want to say folksy since hippy isn't it in describing Oregonians. Similar to how people forget MA and New Hampshire also have their share of rednecks. But like I said most aren't full blown retarded because I think most of them at least have the presence of mind to not start talking bout dem damn coons on their welfare while their sucking down cigarettes and Miller after picking up their unemployment and public assistance checks. White country people are mostly fine, but it's like if you grew up in some shithole in New Jersey or Burbank or wherever and had that one house of ghetto retard neighbors.
No. 28118
>You'd have to be an idiot to purchase that though

Well, yeah. But I read up on Hinge and it said it costs money.
I won't do it anyway I guess. Perhaps I should use possibilities to get out of the house and go places and events I like and hope for new contacts there. Unlikely but at least I would meet women who have a fancy for art or "intellectual" stuff.
No. 28127
>If it sounded like I was generalizing too much my apologies,

I had inferred you were talking about rural whites in general being racist, but that wasn't so. No need to apologize.

>while their sucking down cigarettes and Miller after picking up their unemployment and public assistance checks.

Fall River in a nutshell plus gang violence and a heinously crooked mayor to boot. Fall River is more urban/subruban, but the same demographic you describe live there in large numbers.
No. 28132
2,2 MB, 568 × 378, 0:04
I was out walking yesterday and decided to mix in a little jogging. It was only 1/2 mile, but that was enough to leave my legs sore and stiff today. I guess there is no substitute for activity-specific movements. Walking ≠ Cycling ≠ Running.
No. 28145
It's starting to get really cold. For some reason the heating isn't on yet. When this happens, I light a few tea lights, and that usually elevates the temperature of my small room, but I'm out of candles.

Worked my way through Oedipus Rex today. Tomorrow I'll read Antigone, and that should cover my ground.
It was a pretty good drama. The beginning felt boring, but it got progressively better as it went on. Did underlining and took some notes.

Pretty good day overall.
No. 28148
I am going to uni and computer class to learn and develop my JavaScript skillz

So I just looked at Turkish and Japanese atrocities during World War 1 and 2. Even tho I hate Chinks and Armenians, I felt real bad for how did Japanese and Turks treated them

No. 28149
Brother-in-law found a brown recluse in his shower (a real one, not a “brown recluse”). He’s going to put it in a vial of isopropanol and mail it to me for my entomology collection.
No. 28154
71 kB, 500 × 459
I wish I had legit cool confidence instead of angry and somewhat psychotic confidence. Feels unaesthetic.
No. 28155
24 kB, 400 × 305
>I light a few tea lights, and that usually elevates the temperature of my small room, but I'm out of candles.
Comfy tier, I do the same. Something about the soft light of a candle is soothing and familiar to me, like something from genetic memory.

>I felt real bad for how did Japanese and Turks treated them
Japs were proper nutters in WW2 though, they really got away with it while everyone was hating on the Germans. I remember reading a book written by a British submarine captain and in it he elaborates on how he was sent into the Indian ocean to hunt a specific Jap sub because the captain was known to torpedo boats, then 'rescue' the whole crew onto the deck of his sub and then hack them to bits with machetes for the laff.

>I wish I had legit cool confidence instead of angry and somewhat psychotic confidence. Feels unaesthetic.
time will soften your rough edges, for now be glad you have confidence in any guise
No. 28158
Tbh, if anything, time's been making me rougher. At this rate, retiree me is going to be whooping younguns off my lawn with a loop of fucken chain or some shit.
No. 28159
>Tbh, if anything, time's been making me rougher.
I mostly feel more indifferent about things than I did earlier in my life. On the one hand things don't surprise you as much when you get older, because you already have seen more things, so you just accept how events turn out and make the best out of it. On the other hand you start to see things from the viewpoint of the other involved people, since their actions usually make sense from their point of view, so I get angry a lot less nowadays, because I can understand why things happen the way they do, even if I do not approve.
No. 28160
14 kB, 355 × 355
I got a new laptop today because work gave me £150 in vouchers after being nominated by colleagues for helping out. This has effectively ruined my weekend as I'm going to spend it becoming increasingly frustrated with windows bullshit and getting things just how I want them.

Even the power plug is one of those mahoosive box doodads so I need to buy another extension lead so I don't have to change the layout of my whole flat. I'm meant to be cleaning the place and going out tonight but I can just imagine how butthurt I'm going to be all night.

For the record: Vouchers for performance feels insulting and leads to impulse purchases. My anger is just distracted right now.
No. 28167
80 kB, 500 × 500
Happy birthday to me!

Celebrating tonight by going to a steakhouse with my mother.

Still a virgin, but that's fine
No. 28168
Happy birthday Ernst
No. 28170
Happy Birthday! I raise my glass of diet Pepsi to you!
No. 28171
340 kB, 960 × 538, 0:05
>Vouchers for performance feels insulting and leads to impulse purchases
Laptop troubles aside, it's still nice that your colleagues nominated you, right? Not for the money, necessarily, but for their respect. It seems more sincere that way than if it came directly from the boss(who might only be interested in motivating you).

Happy Birthday.
No. 28173
Helped one of my pals with moving, luckily it wasn't that much work, so I don't feel exhausted. Looking forward to a comfy evening with lots of lurking!

Happy birthday!
>Celebrating tonight by going to a steakhouse
Sounds comfy. Man, now I also want to have a big fat steak. Well, I got some gyros rice pan lined up for tonight, guess that's also good.
No. 28174
65 kB, 476 × 476
Da kann man nur gratulieren. Happy Birthday!
No. 28176
Thank you all :3

Right now, the day is going by real slow. Standard routine at my place of work.

Really looking forward to tonight since it's been way too long since I had a proper sit-down at a nice steakhouse. Beyond that, it's going to be lowkey. Don't really feel the spirit for much festivities beyond a celebration with those close to me. I guess you get used to aging old by the time you're in your 30s.

Re: gifts. I'm honestly just happy with what people in my immediate circle send me; not particularly demanding. I usually just treat myself to buying CDs.
No. 28177
Thank you all :3

Right now, the day is going by real slow. Standard routine at my place of work.

Really looking forward to tonight since it's been way too long since I had a proper sit-down at a nice steakhouse. Beyond that, it's going to be lowkey. Don't really feel the spirit for much festivities beyond a celebration with those close to me. I guess you get used to aging by the time you're in your 30s.

Re: gifts. I'm honestly just happy with what people in my immediate circle send me; not particularly demanding. I usually just treat myself to buying CDs.
No. 28179 Kontra
>Wrong password for post deletion

Didn't do anything to change my password. No idea why it won't let me delete that redundant post.

Polite kontra.
No. 28182
Today was incredibly fucking boring. I slept in late, and woke up around half past twelve, and spent most of the day with the family.
Also played some Minecraft.

I'm about to sit down and read Antigone. A task of utmost importance.

Next week I'm going to work on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm going to use the money to buy new, stronger lenses for my glasses. (Basically just switching the lenses that are currently in the frame. Buying a new frame would be hella expensive, and I have no problem with the one I have right now.)
Two-three days' worth of wages should cover it.

Happy birthday, I wish you all the best!
No. 28191
I feel very lazy nowadays, not much energy.
Many ideas too, but anxiety prevents me from trying those.
No. 28196
114 kB, 960 × 720
63 kB, 676 × 581
130 kB, 1300 × 1381
108 kB, 570 × 378
Going thru my paper and it's a mess somehow. I know that not all I wrote concerning the two philosophical groundings of affect is wrong, but it's not clear cut either, but a bit too vague. I'm paraphrasing a person but also know other texts that deal with the same philosophy and it gets mixed up I think.
Then again it's a paper and thus limited in space compared to a book, so I need to shorten things, yet my skills in wording do not match the task it seems.

also I have quite some depressive dips within the last months that multiply in time again. A Grundstimmung is back in my life but buried under work that takes the form of distraction.
No. 28204
33 kB, 560 × 442
You don’t really appreciate how diverse insects are until you start intentionally looking for them—especially the tiny stuff. This is a long-necked seed bug (not my picture); I just found several in my backyard. I had never heard of their family until I came across this thing.

I understand now how the hobby of insect collecting served as the inspiration for the Pokémon series.
No. 28205
Wrote a short recap on analysing poetry. Also read the remainder of Antigone I was too hazy to finish yesterday.
Now I only have to write one essay and I'm finished. Pretty good day overall.

Autumn is truly here. It's really cold inside the house. Strangely enough, only my right hand and right foot feels cold.
At least the heating is finally turned on. For some unfathomable reason it's not working in my room just yet.
No. 28221
87 kB, 490 × 325
I caught ten of these invasive brown Marmorated stink bugs trying to get into my house this afternoon. Not today motherfucker
No. 28225
Why are so many of you so vicious and hostile to completely harmless life
No. 28226
It's an invasive species and agricultural pest. Its native range is in east asia.
No. 28238
242 kB, 750 × 1204
this is probably fake but lol
No. 28240
You know what's weird? I do what I can to avoid killing insects by stepping around them on the sidewalk and carefully removing any that I find in the house(yes, I have rescued ants from the toilet). While these actions save a few dozen lives, I also mow the lawn-which almost certainly chops up hundreds of critters every week.
Now the weird thing is that I don't really feel guilty for doing this, but I do feel bad if I accidently crush something while walking or whatever. I think this moral flexibility has to do with whether the insect death is avoidable. Mowing has to be done, and that relieves me of culpability. Also maybe it's different when killing bugs you can't see. Like if I notice a spider or moth on a patch of grass I slow down until they've moved. Yeah, seeing them seems to be a key factor in determining my reaction. If I can't see them, because they've burrowed into the grass or whatever, then their death is only theoretical. Unobserved bugs might be there, or they might not, which leaves me ignorant of any carnage I may be inflicting.
No. 28241
I'd say it's fake. Sounds like somebody fused Alan Sokal with Hegel in order to make fun of philosophy and Hegelians.
If not she should acknowledge that there is gap between normal science work and philosophy and that exploring the inner architecture of philosophy takes time and cannot be tackled the same way as it might be the case with her work. Ignorance and wrong expectations on both sides. Happy marriage!
No. 28243
1,1 MB, 2048 × 1365
You might appreciate this article:

Pennsylvanians cannot stomp their feet fast enough.

They are trying. But no matter how many spotted lanternflies they crush underfoot, they cannot seem to keep the hordes of the invasive insect from flapping in their faces, sucking nutrients from valuable vineyards and lurking in their nightmares. Even after death, they pester commuters when their carcasses crunch underfoot on city sidewalks.

The inch-long creatures, which look a bit like moths and hide scarlet wings beneath gray spotted ones, moved into Philadelphia in recent weeks, swarming around parks and skyscrapers and drawing a clear response from officials: “Kill it!” a state website blares by way of advice to residents who encounter the flies. “Squash it, smash it … just get rid of it.”

In response to the insect infiltration, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has quarantined 14 counties — regulating what can be taken in and out — and has set up a portal and a hotline (1-888-4BADFLY) to report sightings of the species, which is native to parts of Asia.

The lanternflies have already been spotted in eight states, from Virginia to Massachusetts, leading to quarantines and yearlong abatement efforts. Left alive, the pests could continue flying into more states, injuring trees, reducing fruit yields and hurting farmers’ bottom lines.

And then there is the daily annoyance.

“If it would just leap away, people wouldn’t mind it as much, but it seems to always be in your mouth — or on you and trying to get in your mouth,” said George Holmes, the mayor of Hamburg Borough in Berks County, Pa., where the flies were first found in 2014. They are believed to have arrived among a shipment of stones from Asia.

Pennsylvanians have come up with many other methods of pulverizing the lanternflies, involving baseball bats, questionable chemical solutions and even stacks of textbooks. Mr. Holmes’s dog, Josephine, has a knack for leaping into the air and snagging the bugs with her teeth before spitting them out and stomping on them. Still, no method has been more popular than the classic foot-stomp, which seems to have united residents as if it were a service requirement of living in the state.

No. 28245
Had some blood drawn from me today for testing today. Taking out the needle is always worse than putting it in. Also, nothing better than hearing your own blood sprinkling into a small plastic tube at 7 in the morning.

Classes went fine. Though by the end I felt quite hungry and dizzy. I only had a bunch of scones and some water on me. Since my stomach felt full of acid, I asked for a cup of milk at the buffet, which helped.
The last class was "media". It's an absolutely fucking bullshit subject. Call me a poltard if you want, but this is the kind of "modernist", Milquetoast approach to things that makes me nauseous. It'd be more bearable if anybody in class actually watched films seriously. For fuck's sake, I haven't watched a movie in years, and yet I was the only one who knew who the fuck David Lynch was.
Then it's this bullshit that "commercials are art" and "should help us focus on serious issues". We looked at a few posters by an Italian artist, and honestly, it's the most middlebrow, pretentious liberal trash I've ever come across in a long time.

After classes I went to pick up a few packages. Halfway into the city, hunger kicked in, and everything felt really light and heavy at the same time. At first this felt sort of refreshing, but as I turned on to Kossuth Lajos Street and walked before the Pushkin Cinema, cigarette-smoke got caught in my lungs, and this idyll stopped.
Noticed a lot of people speaking French or German, and wearing actual hats. The lady in the store was rude. Or at least, her way of handling me as a customer felt rude.
Picked up a small anthology of epics. Flipping through it right now, it's immensely valuable, mainly because it lists not only the previous editions of the given work in Hungarian (if any exists at all), but it also judges them, which is a lot of help. Shame the book is from 1970, it'd be even more useful if it listed everything up until maybe 1989 or so. (For example, it states that "this is the first time any of the Lusiads has been published in Hungarian, but later that decade, a complete translation got published.)
Still, immensely valuable that it list bibliographies, translators and judgements, even if now considered incomplete.
The other book I picked up was a collection of Bernhard's dramas.

On the way home I had a burger. It felt really good to have lunch finally.

Tomorrow I'm going to work for a bit, and then go to the doctor.
Somehow work is a bit more comforting compared to school. When I'm done with school, I still have to do things at home to prepare for the "upcoming battles" of tomorrow. While at work, I just go in, work, and when my time is up, I let my lyre lay and go home to use a Hungarian form of speech.
There is nothing more to working than being at the workplace.

Honestly, I'm craving something idealistic and colourful, so I'm going to search for an anime. Or maybe try cramming in that jap novel into my schedule.
Turns out I was overly ambitious again with my goals. "Should I read Seven against Thebes too after reading Oedipus Rex and Antigone?" "If you have time for it. Though I only asked you to be familiar with the cycle, not to cram your way through the sources."
So, again, I "fucked it up" by doing it "too well" based on my fake perception of how "things should be".

Those things are invasive, and breed like rats. Not to mention that they stink, and actively try to get into your house.
(And they live inside new style window-frames and survive winter there)
They are a true vermin.
No. 28247
1,3 MB, 480 × 360, 0:29
I'm very forgiving when it comes to insect transgressions, but I might draw the line at something trying to crawl into my mouth. I wonder if they'll end up bringing in the Chinese wasp to hunt these Lanterflies. It seems so Simpson-esque.

>Also, nothing better than hearing your own blood sprinkling into a small plastic tube at 7 in the morning.
Having blood drawn is a strange experience. Some people like to look away, and in my experience 99% of nurses tell you to turn away, but I've always felt the need to watch. There's nothing quite like seeing your blood slowly drain into tubes. I've never found it unpleasant, but it is very surreal. Maybe because it highlights how machine-like our bodies are. We can be in the driver's seat up in the head and casually observe your arm like it isn't really yours. It's hard to describe.

>"commercials are art" and "should help us focus on serious issues".
No. Just...tell them no.
No. 28254
Cleaned my room today, then started transcribing a story I want to publish in a literary magazine onto my notebook, then felt really sick and had really bad thoughts, almost melting down. Ate dinner and slowly but steadily got rid of them luckily. Now listening to music until I get my ass up to finish the transcription.
Still have some other stuff to do, for example my father sent me an application for a traineeship at a newspaper located in a city in the middle between the city I live in and my hometown. Though it would be nice to have a steady job I am sort of skeptical as there isn't much to do at that city and I wouldn't be able to work on projects I'm doing here.
Guess I'm still gonna write an application, maybe I'll write that I could only start in November so I could finish my projects here.
Also if I had a car I could stay in my city and drive one hour (around 3 hours by train) but even though I got a license I haven't driven a car since about 3 years now after having a small crash so it gives me worries. Plus the only time I've driven on the Autobahn was about 5 years ago when I was learning how to drive.
Maybe I should get over it? The region is really rural and the newspaper spans the whole regionso I probably wouldn't be able to rely on busses anyways (there are no trams).
No. 28255
Aw shit, they make us to subscribe to some newspapers at work. And I'm not pissed off because I will have to waste money on that (the subscription cost is not very big, thankfully), I'm pissed off because instead of making newspapers actually interesting so people would buy them voluntarily, they force people to buy them. I don't even know why the hell do we need so many newspapers. I am going to subscribe to one of my town's local newspapers, and the most exciting news that you can find here are something like "town's junior orienteering team took the third place at the biannual oblast contest" or "drunk girl stole a car and drove into a lamp post". Gee, I was really aching to get that info. Even if you are interested in this shit, you can much easier and faster learn about it on social media or Internet news sites, and that makes newspapers utterly worthless.
No. 28257
You are missing the point here: the habbenings :DDD are local, right in front of your house!
No. 28259
I think local news is more interesting if it's not from the town you live in. For instance when I visit upstate Pennsyvlania I usually buy a local paper and read about recent tractor DUIs, shootouts between police and psycho exmilitary guys, etc.
No. 28260
Well, it doesn't seem that a lot of Belarusians share your sentiments, since the only way for those local newspapers to survive is to be forced upon the local residents. Big national newspapers are considerably better: I was pleasantly surprised to find some intredasting historical articles there sometimes, and even - can you believe it? - not entirely biased political news, but they still make employees of state-owned enterprises buy those newspapers, otherwise they wouldn't fare so well.
No. 28261
808 kB, 1700 × 2151
48 kB, 500 × 489
Just came back from a job interview where I've lived through one of the more embarrassing moments of life so far.
Few weeks ago a recruiter contacted me with a job offer that was for once relevant. Few phone calls and mails later I was invited for a job interview as Junior Data Analyst at a branch of a rather sizable German online company. I was feeling pretty good since the interview was in the afternoon for once so I was able to get a whole night's sleep and I've prepared pretty well how to present myself after learning from my recent hick-ups. Oh, and there was also talk of some practical tasks that I'll have to complete, but how hard could that possibly be?
Anyways, I arrive, looking pretty sharp with a fresh haircut, in a fitted gray suit with black dress shoes. Soon I'm in a small meeting room, and a few minutes later the head of the analytics department arrives to interview me. She's Spanish and surprisingly young, maybe some 5 years older than me or so. We chit-chat about my job experiences, the company, the tasks and so on for half an hour or so. I'm energized, feeling good about speaking English in a long time, she seems very nice & mentions that my CV seems to be a perfect fit for the role, in short: all going smooth. Oh, and then she mentions something about a few simple tasks she wants me to complete. Pure formality of course.
Few minutes later there I am, alone in the room, left staring at a humongous Excel table and practically no idea how to complete either of the four tasks in the deignated time. Something, something pivot table. Alas, it seems my luck has pivoted, the tables have turned as they say. Nothing is working out the way I want it to and I'm too panicked to properly Google for a solution. Either way that'd probably only leave me with enough time to complete one of the tasks. Same for computing the values "manually" just using formulas.
Close to the end of the time she peeks in and asks how I'm doing.
She reacts a bit puzzled, leaves and tells me I can have some more time. A few minutes later she comes in with the boss of the branch who incidentally looks like Chad "Ouch!" Incarnate and they want me to present my solutions over the beamer. Promptly, endless hilarity ensues as I'm forced to explain why I was unable to complete a single task. After that, only ten more minutes of me basically repeating my introduction to the boss after that first impression, except this time I'm playing a pained, broken man who has given up all hope, and him trying to sound civil but letting through some unambivalent "I see, I see"'s while the Spanish girl looks almost more flushed than me. Then I'm allowed to leave. They will of course contact me soon to let me know about their decision.

After reading a bit of Kojève's lectures on Hegel recently, I can relate to the last paragraph. Already I caught myself fantasizing about getting a huge tattoo of ol' ugly G.W.F. Hegel's visage on my chest.

>"Should I read Seven against Thebes too after reading Oedipus Rex and Antigone?"
Noice, I've also just started reading Aeschylus' Complete Works, though I've only read the introduction so far. It was really great though and put his life and works as well as the genre of "tragedy" in fairly detailed but not overly long historical perspective. If only all introductions would be of similar quality.

>even though I got a license I haven't driven a car since about 3 years now after having a small crash so it gives me worries.
Sames here, I just lowkey hope le self-driving cars arrive soon
No. 28262
>After reading a bit of Kojève's lectures on Hegel recently

How are they? Can you understand it ok? Have you read Hegel or heard certain things about Hegels work before? I think I borrowed them once from the library and read the introduction, but no further because of other stuff. It's a published by Suhrkamp, no?

Too bad it turned out that way, Ernst. Did they pointed out to you, how it could have been solved? Was your degree suited to the task? I imagine a data analyst has a degree in any case, sounds like you need to know maths and computer science
No. 28263
>I haven't driven a car since about 3 years now after having a small crash so it gives me worries
I remember making my license and then (with a few exceptions of driving a friends car for a few kilometers) not driving for 7 years, because I couldn't afford a car, and my parents also didn't have one. When I finally earned my own money, I bought a car, and asked a pal to drive it home, so that I could try it out for myself in the calm region where I live, and not in the busy streets where the car salesman was located. I started the car and slowly pulled out, and I hadn't even left my home street when I had to do a full stop when 2 kids ran on the street playing. Luckily I was only driving 20 km/h or so because I was scared shitless anyway even without the kids on the road.
> Plus the only time I've driven on the Autobahn was about 5 years ago when I was learning how to drive.
Motorway is usually pretty easy to drive, lots of space and everybody is going in one direction. I am usually more scared of big cities and their large crossings, tight streets, traffic jams, trams and other stuff you just aren't used to when you learned driving in a rural area.
No. 28264
> I am usually more scared of big cities and their large crossings, tight streets, traffic jams, trams and other stuff

True, I'm not from a super big city like Hamburg or Berlin but I drive in Hamburg and Rotterdam. While Hamburg was ok, you just had to concentrate on road alignment mostly, Rotterdam was more difficult because less familiar but mostly drove on bigger roads. In The Hague I actually pressed my old car thru the narrower streets with cyclists passing me on both sides, made me quite sweaty. Usually yeah, big cities beyond the wheels keep my pulse and tension up, always on alert.

When I got my license I already had a job where I drove about 60km/day, later I worked for DHL some days of the week and I drove to the netherlands as the only driver out of my friends for a few days. The whole country become just a gigantic road during theses days...
No. 28267
2,2 MB, 1813 × 3047
28 kB, 390 × 572
>How are they? Can you understand it ok? Have you read Hegel or heard certain things about Hegels work before?
So far, pretty good stuff actually. Before I've only read tangentially about some of his concepts, but the first two chapters (more or less on the master-slave relationship & Hegel's idea of history) were quite interesting and and the connection from Hegel to Marx is quite a bit clearer to me now. However, the third chapter has me rather baffled so far with diagrams such as pic related. At the same time the tautological rhetorics (though admittedly inherent to a lot of philosophy) and some of the more presumptuos ideas made me laugh out loud an unexpected amount of times while reading it. In sum, I'm not sure what to make of it yet but if you're into philosophy it's probably worth checking out.

>Too bad it turned out that way, Ernst.
Thanks, but I guess it's really not that bad since I've already pretty much decided to do my Master's first after all and have a minijob as theatre clerk lined up as well. Just have to file it under experience, valuable or lesson, learned.
>Did they pointed out to you, how it could have been solved? Was your degree suited to the task?
In fact I haphazardly tried to describe to them how I would've solved the tasks in theory. It's really more that I got too panicked and ended up starting over multiple times. I probably should've patiently went about solving one of the tasks insted of panicking that I won't be able to solve them all.
My degree isn't directly related but I did work as a working student on some similar stuff before. A lot more simple though since my manager was largely clueless about the operational side, for the same reason I could usually take my sweet time. While here the manager girl seemed to really know her shit and is doing some pretty cutting-edge optimizations despite having a really small team.
Still, since it was advertised as a Junior position without much prerequisite experience, I wonder how other candidates will perform
No. 28269
94 kB, 1500 × 500
How on earth is Warren going to get past this lmao
No. 28270
1,3 MB, 2976 × 3968
this reminds me of the head of the philosophy dept while I was at uni, 2 semesters on phenomenology and I still didn't have a fucking clue about anything. I'd say the dude went home and tormented his wife about Heidegger and Hegel every night.
>I'm very forgiving when it comes to insect transgressions
I let some big ass spider alone in my room for 3 weeks since he wasn't annoying me, then one morning I got up to pee and he was molting, or had transformed into some giga-spider with 16 legs and 2 torsos or some shit, I had to turf that big bastard out the back door before I could go back to sleep
I had to show this to my missus because it's basically our life, me with a useless degree and a credit card on the brink
No. 28271
This ironically enough is exactly how they managed to get people to do things like participate in executions, because if even half the men are not given real bullets then all of them can pretend to have no culpability for being the triggerman.
No. 28272
He was just molting and you probably killed it because they're super weak and delicate in the process and right after. Of course, molting is also indeed how invertebrates get much bigger, but you're in Ireland, isnt the largest spider you have there like the legspan of a euro coin?
No. 28274
>Post a job offer for a data analyst
>expect someone who studied really hard for the "advanced excel for secretaries" exam at the local community college, not someone who knows math.

It's their fault, not yours.
No. 28277
Haha no. You guys from warmer fathoms always asume that, but I've had to get rid of siders as large as my hand right here in Germany. Only because I live close to a (very small) forest at the edge of a city.
So no sir, spiders get big everywhere, you just don't get them in the middle of the concrete steppes we call cities.
No. 28291
44 kB, 657 × 527
Man, fuck spiders. Were I able to kill them with a flamethrower without burning my house down, I'd do it in a fucking heartbeat. Snakes are chill and just curl up in the sun all day, arachnid kanker scurries around on their too many legs being the opposite of chill.
t. arachno-hater
No. 28292
Apparently kohlchan is down so expect some refugees

t. refugee
No. 28294
Throw them in alcohol and ship them to me for my collection pls
No. 28298
Nice, i hate that fascist shit place /pol/tard tier
No. 28300
Went to the doctor's today. I was told that I'm in outstanding health, and no longer have to take any medication.
This took me about three hours, because Boomers keep overflowing every hospital in the country.
There was this one scene where two doctors were pulling and pushing a really low-laying bed (it was as high as your knee, so they used two strips of fabric (built in) to move it) with an old man on it. They pull up to a room, wait for 5 minutes, and then leave the hallway, repeating the process a few times. . Reminded me of a Kafka novel.
This whole ordeal took three hours. Basically costed me three hours worth of wages.

Work went soundly. There is a lot less to do, but more workers this time. Though it's not a problem, because work is only two days a week this time for a few weeks.

Got two of the books I ordered from England. Honestly, I forgot about them completely. One is a Mishima novella, titled Star, and the other is a novel by the Australian author Gerald Murnane, titled The Plains.

Those pictures remind me of the time I tried to visually depict the chronology of NGE.
Circles are so great, it's unbelievable.
No. 28302
>I let some big ass spider alone in my room for 3 weeks since he wasn't annoying me, then one morning I got up to pee and he was molting, or had transformed into some giga-spider with 16 legs and 2 torsos or some shit, I had to turf that big bastard out the back door before I could go back to sleep

I recently discovered that those big bastards will just turn around and come right back into your home. The article also had an quintessentially British title:

>Spider season: Are sex-crazed arachnids invading your home for hook ups?

>it's almost certain that all of us - no matter how much you hoover beneath the sofa - have a load of house spiders in our homes waiting to get out of the shadows and start having spider-sex under your furniture and on the good plates.

Move to a densely populated city. I almost feel like there is something wrong with how few spiders I've seen this year.
No. 28310
Is there like, a chan that is dedicated to fish keeping or something? Or someplace where people have fish and know about them? I'd ask 7 but it's dead, 420 is filled with braindead druggies and I can't imagine they know how to take care of anything, and 4 is well it's vierkanal.

I've just lost a bunch of fish from a massive disease outbreak and it's starting to make me super fucking depressed because already it's wiped out a dozen of them and now I'm afraid it's going to start killing the others too. The worst part is I can't even fucking tell if my new water filter for the faucet is working or not or if that's contributing to the problem. I've now got my two German rams slowing down as well as a betta and it's just about hitting my limit on fish returns to the store too which is making this as costly as it is sad. I finally went ahead and just bombed the main tank with anti-fungal/bacteria in addition to housing the already sick ones in a huge rubbermade bin and another smaller one, all of which cost me a lot more fucking money to deal with. I can't even tell if it's helping them or not but I've just lost three more from my hospital tanks today. Now the others that were okay yesterday are looking fucked up today. They're swimming with clamped fins and like they're struggling just to go back and forth. This was at least less frightening and more manageable when I knew for a fact it was a bacterial and ammonia problem because I could see the problem, but now they're acting sluggish and I can't even visually tell what's wrong with them.

I am increasingly suspecting the fast moving shitty version of columnaris is what's affecting everybody and that it's been infecting their gills. I really wanted to avoid just bombing the shit out of the main tank but realized that's stupid because if it is such a bad outbreak that means no amount of water changes is going to fix it and they'll just get sick right back when I put them in again, or at least whoever hopefully survives. I've dropped the heater entirely at this point because the warm water for the Rams is what I think triggered such a huge outbreak being so bad to begin with but now it's probably starting to bother them. I'm looking at a worst case scenario of over a hundred dollars in dead fish and the total destruction of my primary community tank. The big reason I wanted to avoid filling it with fish meds to begin with is because I was scared it would kill both beneficial bacteria as well as the heavily planted part which would not just destroy another huge part of the ecosystem but the plant is even harder to replace, would leave huge amounts of decaying organic matter, and would lead to catastrophic ammonia spikes that would kill everything even without the infection but at this point I dont even have a choice.
No. 28312
There’s a pretty active aquarium general on 4chan/an/. I’m not an aquarium pro but they seem to take the hobby pretty seriously to me.
No. 28316
Maybe I'll just go there then because this is really depressing the shit out of me. I've lost so many fucking fish at this point and I don't even know if my countermeasures are working or if I can being them back from the brink. Serves me right for being reckless I guess. The tank was already overcrowded and I just had to get a few extra fish that made it so overcrowded it stressed them out, polluted with ammonia and I was so reckless I didn't even fucking quarantine them. Now as a result I've pretty much wiped out my favorite strain of crossbreed and wont even get much out of my original plan to blanda upp the tank even more.

I should probably note: I've got 4 separate fish tanks. The original one I called Brasil and now most of teh original fancy guppy DNA is lost for good and not even present in that tank, which is mostly common feeder guppies (which I guess is equivalent to Indio). My main tank is a bit bigger but far from big at all and is my America tank, which is where I've really been trying to blanda all kinds of different fancy guppy strains together.

On the plus side I guess there's still two separate tanks that are basically my rejected guppies but at this point even those two have some of the fancy crossbreeds. It's just a shame because all of my favorite fish and the hundreds of dollars I've devoted to it so far were concentrated in that one main tank that's dying now including my green cobra variants, and my last and favorite one I found dead this morning out of all four or five of them.

Now my one red betta female is looking sluggish, my female blue ram, and my two veil tail male guppies are starting to look like shit. I think the worst part is that at this point I am seriously considering whether the shitty Pur tap filter replacement I got even works because all this shit started to go down immediately after, and thus far I haven't had the same catastrophes in the other tanks which leads me to believe I may have the problem with the water itself because I've been heavily doing water changes in there, and afaik there should've been cross contamination in at least one of the other tanks.

I've been trying to fight it but this is now making me horribly depressed about the whole situation. The worst part is I'm now getting fewer hours too so I cant just spend my money profligately even if I could just fix this problem by throwing money at it but now I'm thinking I'm probably just gonna waste another ten fucking dollars to get "special" "tropical fish water" aka $9.99 for 8 liters of tap water which is supposedly ultra pure and free of any contaminants. The ammonia spike wasnt even that bad compared to what's happened before so idk and of course it all started going down last week and I'm running out of time. Well, at least if anyone else dies I still have both a few days left and they're free days to return to the store, although I'm stretched so thin on quarantines that even if I get replacement fish it's first of all not going to be worth it with the number I've lost of my own fish, secondly I may have more die after the return expires, and most importantly it's beside the point in that I've lost my fish cross breeds I really liked and wanted that were my own fish and are irreplaceable.

Fuck. I just pray to God I don't end up losing any non-guppies too since I've already become attached to them.
No. 28369
My ancient microbiology professor went over the allotted time during a lecture so people started packing up their stuff and she subsequently made the offhanded comment “yes I know the natives are growing restless”. Now, I was not offended ofc but it struck me as something that could easily land one in trouble these days. This made me start thinking about all the changes that occurred in her lifetime: Watson and Crick, the Portuguese Colonial War, the Rhodesian Bush War, Sanger sequencing, Carl Woese’ phylogenetic taxonomy, Mandela’s imprisonment, the fall of apartheid, the human genome project, next generation sequencing, etc.

Damn that lady is old.
No. 28373
1,3 MB, 2448 × 2448
1023 kB, 2448 × 2448
1,2 MB, 2448 × 2448
So the various colleges under the University of Toronto are having book sales this week and next week. I had some free time today so I went there and bought quite a few books. Normally I wouldn't buy so many, but the prices were extremely cheap compared to what they'd usually cost.
A paperback from a used bookstore costs around $5, while the paperbacks here cost 50 cents, and the hardcovers cost 5$.

The first picture is political philosophy, the second Thomas Mann (and one Musil ;DDDDD), and the third miscellaneous.
No. 28376
Oh dear, Kierkegaard. Make sure to read some Camus afterwards to put the madness in relation :D

Is Canada just a proxy for you or can you actually read German? Because Thomas Mann is not for the beginner or Ausländer-geeignet.
No. 28377
>in 2019
Look that guy. Do you live in the year 100 or something?
No. 28378 Kontra
82 kB, 1024 × 576
Ok, you better just stay with the pictures.
No. 28379
77 kB, 768 × 512
This morning when I was walking to my car I noticed a bunch of motionless bugs on the sidewalk next to a small wooded area: leaf footed bugs, rove beetles, hoverflies, leaf footed bug nymphs, ladybirds, ladybird larvae, etc. I thought they were dead at first but when I flipped some over they started moving.

Do you think they were all laying there because it got kinda cold this morning? Did they walk onto the sidewalk in search of heat and get frozen into torpor? What can explain this?
No. 28380
251 kB, 500 × 450
Made some extra monis today. Then I have a day off and 8 hours work over the weekend which is in the 280-300 dollar range if my penalty rate maths is any good. I also found out that work wants to give me more steady hours.

Feels baller man, though I dunno how long my current job will last. The store isn't profitable because the owners leased a shopfront with a retarded rental price, and there's a distinct possibility that the place just shuts down when that ends next year. Hopefully they just find a cheaper place and move there, but the owners are kind of money grubs (it took a health inspector threatening to shut us down to get them to cough up for even band-aid fixes to a broken lino floor in the kitchen) so I dunno if they'll even spend the money to do so.

Don't get me wrong, it's a shithouse job and I don't really like it, but it's far easier to just stay here and get paid with good hours than it is to fuck around job hunting and getting an unbearable job out of desperation.
No. 28381
>Is Canada just a proxy for you or can you actually read German (enough to read Thomas Mann)
I'm trying to get there. Right now I'd still have some difficulty reading through them even though they are just novellas and short stories (I'd have to read at a pretty slow pace).
No. 28383
I'm taking a break from the internet, only going online for a few hours in the evening. I guess I'll have to apply the same approach to the internet as I did to sweets: if I can't control myself when it is available, I will simply make it unavailable.
Ideally I'd like to collect a large library of books and painting supplies and go live somewhere in the mountains.
No. 28384
I should do that, too...
No. 28385
>if I can't control myself when it is available, I will simply make it unavailable

I'm doing it with sweets as well, just don't buy them then there is nothing in the house. I often suffer and curse myself, but it's better that way.
No. 28386
306 kB, 2048 × 1365
392 kB, 3264 × 2448
409 kB, 2344 × 1758
1,2 MB, 3264 × 2448
It was probably the cold weather.
t.not a bug expert

What makes the internet so tempting is that it really can be used for self improvement and finding information, but then two clicks turns into 20 and then I know I'm just killing time.

I found an interesting spider this morning. Leucauge argyra, a species known to serve as the host for Hymenoepimecis argyraphaga, which is a parasitoid wasp. The wasp larva, which live on its abdomen, inject a chemical which alters the natural web-making process. Infected spiders build thicker webs capable of supporting the wasp cocoon(which the larva will build after eating the spider).
After learning that, I went out to get a picture of its web(in the first two pics it had fled the web to hide from me). The web looks disorganized, lacking the clear orb pattern, and has several strong support threads. Based on that, I think it might be a host.
There is nothing in the pictures to indicate scale, but it isn't very large. The legspan is about the same as a quarter(24 mm).
No. 28395
Started reading Seven against Thebes today after my history teacher gave me a copy. The language feels more complex than in the plays of Sophocles.
I'm not going to be able to finish it tonight.
Tomorrow I'll have fewer classes. No idea if the extra literature classes will be held. (Though I'd prefer one more week to prepare better. I haven't recapped the Epic-cycle yet, just the Theban-cycle.)

Overall, I had a really bad day. Work made me feel much more alive than this.
The best part was sleeping in the late afternoon. Had some pleasant dreams.
I'm so glad the week is almost over. Though I can't sleep right now.

Got this little catalogue for a bookfest. Looked through it. Looked through some of the new releases. Most seem kind of trash, only two caught my eyes. One was a collection titled 120 Haikus of Natsume Soseki, apparently translated from the original Japanese, accompanied by the original text+transcription, which is the sickest shit ever, and the other was a new Krasznahorkai book titled Eternally for Homer, but fuck me, is it expensive for a ~100 page book, even if it's by an elite publishing house. (And now that I look through it again, they published some of Camus's lectures in a handy volume. That's lovely.)
The other offerings are pretty standard. Trendy topics like Greta Thurnberg, political books, and some contemporary wank I have no interest in.

I've been trying to create some original tunes through whistling. The more I do it, the easier it becomes I guess. Worked out one short bit. I keep changing the "key" to see how it works, and sometimes it's epic, sometimes it's sort of like a cynical funeral march. (I guess I just listened to too much Shostakovich.)
No. 28399
59 kB, 658 × 901
I was bored waiting for other people to finish their work so we could go to the pub. In this state I decided to do little odd jobs that could be well enough left alone and this quickly spiralled out of my control and now I've ruined my Friday. I've developed a cold these past couple days and wanted a quiet Friday working from home but now I'm even doing a conference call to resolve the petty disputes between children I stirred. I didn't even go to the pub in the end.

Having a cold is awful and you forget just how much it impacts your quality of life. I do like the rule of 'feeding a cold' though, garlic pizza is the best.

Go be a civil servant - we can link up and rule the galaxy together.

>people started packing up their stuff

Those people can fuck off. I get if you have places to be but people who start packing away violate the NAP and should be killed in circumstances for disturbing others learning.

Never heard of natives and restlessness as a term before. It makes perfect sense as an American phrase but looking it up I think it might actually be a British colonial export:
No. 28400 Kontra
Fuck, you can tell I'm sick because the quality of my writing has declined considerably.
No. 28410
I fell asleep last night with the most intense skull splitting headache imaginable it made me feel sick and beg God to heal me or let me sleep. Interestingly enough I woke up today and found my one fish had developed overnight a horrific eye infection over her right eye to such a degree it's bulging out of its socket so I moved her from the main tank I am treating to a hospital tank.

I still am unsure what to make of this. It isn't the first time something like that's happened either.
No. 28411
81 kB, 848 × 737
>Go be a civil servant
I'm not from pommyland tbh. It's just that the local internet sometimes says I am because reasons.
t. aussie
t. also anti-state and without intention to work for them directly
No. 28429
Finally the week is over. I missed the first period because the fucking digital chart listing the classes didn't have it displayed.
The extra literature classes were pretty good. It's still just us, the two guys carrying the rest of the class on our backs.
I have a newfound admiration of the Greeks and Romans now.

I currently feel really hungry. Honestly, I'd make amends with just some rice at this point. For some fucking reason, nobody went shopping this week. I'll probably just make some toast using stale bread and get on with it.
Then a cup of sake, and I go to bed early.

Overall I'm feeling pretty good.
No. 28455
Fireworks night tonight and there are packs of slags roaming the streets. The way slags get talked about on imageboards makes me wonder if such open slaggery is a uniquely Anglosphere thing. It cant be, r-right?
No. 28456
>Aussie war jourunal, September 28 2019
>The neurotypicals are having a celebration.
>Thunderous fireworks cascade through the night sky, a siren's call beckoning the normies onto the streets. The air is ripe with the smell of slags. The sky flashes like a rave party strobelight, momentarily illuminating the hordes spilling out from their suburban nests. The whole city is a party tonight, and the locust chatter of bogans foretells a coming hoon.
>I lock the doors and draw the curtains. It is not safe to leave tonight.
No. 28458
Ebin. I am going to get chows though, so I will be leaving the house.

Als ob, have a 14 hour day next week with only a 30 minute break. Illegal but this is ans hospitality. Rules are made to be flagrantly ignored.
No. 28459
>The air is ripe with the smell of slags.
Heh, reminded me of that old-ish Touhou meme, "the room is ripe with the stench of bitches", although the context is different.

>I lock the doors and draw the curtains. It is not safe to leave tonight.
Did that once on a New Years night when I was living in Minsk. Fucking bastards were still shouting in the streets and launching fireworks in one o'clock in the night. I couldn't sleep because of them.
No. 28468
60 kB, 600 × 584
Man, chows was ebin. It was just plain old iconic working-class Australia. The restaurant hasn't been updated inside since maybe the 80s and has the football finals on the TV which everybody in the restaurant including the staff and owners is glued to, with different tables having cross-room conversations with each other and the staff. Brings a tear to the eye to know that such places still exist.

And people say we have no culture.
No. 28500
Today I've decided that I have to include two new entries in my list of favourite cheeses: Epoisse and Langres. Specifically Epoisse from Berthaupt and Langres from Germain.

Spent the past week eating like a king because I've finnished my thesis and visited the parents, who just came back from france. And whenever my mother visits france, she brings back loads of exquisite food from the markets.
The Epoisse is long gone, of course, but I still have some Langres, Chaumes, Morbier and Tommes Noir as well as one pack of Paté (duck).

I'm going to dread the day all of these are eaten and I have to go back to the blandness of chese you can buy in Germany. Yes, Morbier and Chaumes are available in supermarkets, but they are always young. Old and spicy variants are simply not sold anywhere, I've looked far and wide.
No. 28503
1,7 MB, 4032 × 3024
Found a baby snapping turtle while taking a walk on a wooded trail. I thought he was sick or something at first because I found him flipped on his back and wriggling his legs but they’re just really clumsy on land. I placed him by the edge of the pond and he walked into the water and swam away.
No. 28511 Kontra
Do you have a Biosupermarkt that is not a small one for barefoot hippie people but for the conscious middle class? Afaik they often sell more exquisite stuff from European countries at their Frischetheke.
No. 28516
76 kB, 640 × 400
516 kB, 640 × 400
8 kB, 474 × 197
You damned Anglos. I was walking away from work today and getting harassed by a yellow jacket (wasp) and said "fuck off cunt!" I looked around and didnt see anyone in the parking lot but still hope nobody heard me.

My first reaction: aw they're cute when they're young but you probably know well enough what butt ugly aggressive shits they turn into.
My second reaction: pics related
No. 28517
I just spent several hours watching flash loops and youtube videos. My brain is mush.
So much for cutting down on internet.
No. 28525
Today I managed to read a lot. Read a short excerpt from a Turkic epic titled Geser Khan. It feels so strange that I know so little of central Asia despite the whole "we wuz hunz" education we got in elementary.
Also started reading The Night is Short, Walk on Girl. I have to tell you, it's actually good. The prose isn't necessarily pretty, but it's not a train wreck like the LoGH novel translations. There are two possibilities. One is that Yoshiki Tanaka can't write at all, while Tomihiko Morimi can, or it's that the other press got a guy who works in tandem with google translate.
Anyway, the style is befitting. Self absorbed and pompous enough. It held my attention well, and it's lovely.
Also read some of the Gospel of John from a small pocket New Testament I have. For some reason, it felt really touching.

Also played some Minecraft today. Game almost crashed because I had 200 chicken on a single chunk.
I still don't fucking get the whole "best game evarr" ordeal. People over-sentimentalise having dogs and finding diamonds.
Dogs. You get too, and then you breed them until you can just casually take 5-6 with you to "hunt", like the old European aristocracy.
Diamonds. Just fucking dig deep and greedy.
But I must say, the villager slave-dungeon is coming along nicely.

Now I'm off to read and take notes on Greek mythology. Getting to know Greco-roman philosophy and mythology made me feel like that the whole of Christian thought is just one long Plato fanfiction that got out of hand really badly. It also made me feel more spiritual for some reason.
No. 28528
Why are seps so weird about cussing?
t. a notable swearer even within Australia's very enlightened swearing culture
No. 28532
a) it was right outside of work which I'd really rather not be swearing in front of my coworkers, or worse, the clientele
b) because the word "cunt" actually carries a way different connotation here. We don't actually use that word like the way you guys do, in which case here it being more a derogatory word for either a vagina or most especially a woman (which I think the closest equivalent of it is being the word "nigger" for women). Virtually no one here uses it that way which makes it awkward even for people who are younger and watch game of thrones. The way you guys use it is much more lighthearted, which come to think of it now that I'm saying that we could just be a much more vicious, mean spirited, and malevolent culture in general in a certain sense.
No. 28550
72 kB, 500 × 375
>it was right outside of work which I'd really rather not be swearing in front of my coworkers, or worse, the clientele
'Merican swearing culture is so underdeveloped. Who gives a shit if some wanker can't handle the occasional cuss. Tell them to fuck off and quit being a bunch of poofters.
t. doesn't bite his tongue when in earshot of customers, let alone coworkers, not even the boss
No. 28556
Read a few chapters and done some exercises from a really good C book.
"Modern C" by Jens Gustalt. Complete introduction to modern standard C, introducing topics one by one then diving deep in the later chapters.

So far the one thing that's tripping me up is type declarations. They're pretty cryptic when they start to nest. I think the language would have benefited from postfix type declarations rather than prefix. Of course, there are lots of standard compliant macro libraries that make such things easier, but I probably won't be using them because I want to know which parts of the language are goo or bad on their own, and not introduce abstractions unless I understand why I need them. The insane level of confusing abstractions is exactly why I decided to learn C instead of C++. Abstractions are (ostensibly) solutions to certain problems, but unless I know what those problems are, or whether they're problems at all, I won't know which abstractions to use, how or why to use them, or whether to use them. Which is the same thing as misusing them.

String operations are a bit clunky, but not as bad as some people claim.
No. 28559
Yeah, three of them in this city, they have some stronger cheese from Bavaria and South Tyrole as well as various "Bergkäse" and "Höhlenkäse" from the region. There is some interesting stuff, but they barely have any french cheese. I've seen Morbier, but only young and mild, never seen Tommes Noir or Chaumes, not even the bland kind I get in regular supermarkets.
Cheese like Epoisse is impossible to sell here anyway since it has to be eaten within a week of packaging; this only works if it's popular enough to order larger quantities like some of the french supermarkets do (Leclerc has Epoisse regularly).
No. 28560
I've been using the bstring library for strings in C. I can recommend trying it, even if just to see that it's like to work with a mature lib. It's one of those where you can quickly make use of the basic features but even after a year you discover new things about it that help improve performance.
No. 28564
Today was "good" I guess. Worked my way through two chapters of that Mythology book. (Cosmogony, Theogony and The Olympos)
My head no longer hurts, thankfully.
Also exercised for a bit.

The goal now is to prepare for tomorrow. (Basically just re-reading some chapters from the history textbook.)
For some reason I feel that sort of emptiness which left me a few weeks ago.
No. 28571
504 kB, 825 × 478
I didn't give up after my initial attempt to jog/run left my legs stiff and sore. While I'm still only doing 1/2 mile(added onto some miles of walking), my legs have adapted. I timed myself this morning, and covered the distance in 3:50. That's about 7.5mph which is a fast jog, or a slow run. Also, proper form really matters. When the toes of my lead foot point upward my heel hits with noticable force, but if I keep that foot low and flat(paralell to the ground)there is almost no impact.
No. 28595
359 kB, 676 × 581
Can't find any phasmids or reduviids and hard frost will kill everything in about 15 days.
No. 28612
>String operations are a bit clunky, but not as bad as some people claim.
Strings just are not as good as they could be.
t. QBasic Power User'95
No. 28618
Currently looking for a new side-job as I grew sick of the dish-washing and didn't renew my contract.
Applied at two hotels as a night auditor, in one of them I already spent a few hours at saturday night.
Now I wait and hope for the owner to take me in. The job would be cozy as hell and I could read and work on my writings while getting paid for it.

Other than that I was a total vegetable yesterday, not being able to overcome myself to do anything besides reading some 30-ish pages at the night because my mind didn't want to rest.
My sleep was very unsteady, I woke up 3 or 4 times and dreamt of both the girls meaning a lot to me, who don't want to know a thing about anymore. Both very painful experiences (one like a painful burn and the other like a slow but steady decay of the flesh) land still not even fulfilling while they were lasting. Some things just aren't supposed to be, it seems.
Somehow the dreams felt cleansing though, so I already feel better than yesterday.
No. 28629
Turns out I don't need to work this week, which fucking sucks.
I think I got a cold. Not major enough to stay home, but still bad enough to be a nuisance. (Or at least I hope so. I don't want to wake up to find myself having a fever.)

Got my first mark of the year. It was flawless. 20/20 points.
I'm satisfied.

Turns out I did the stupidly hard thing again instead of being sensible.
(As in trying to learn every minor mythological tidbit of a 300 page book is pointless, since I only need it for getting the references later on.)
"There is no time for this. Just be in the clear on Cosmogony, Theogony, and the three epics of antiquity".
I guess I'm just autistic.
It was really worth it, because there is now a blister on my hand from writing too much. I probably held the pen in some fucked up way, and it bruised the skin one too many times.

Had a nice lunch. It's strange how a proper meals's value rises as you get older.
The only thing I'm craving right now is just a small glass of commodified cultural imperialism. (As in, a bit of cola.)
No. 28643
I get free language lessons with work but only found out today that the classes started last week as the administrator had sent me the wrong dates for mid-November. She was just like "whoops, sorry about that :^)" after I enquired why the lesson plan timetable she sent over didn't match up. This is annoying because if I fail a course I don't get anymore free - literally hundreds of thousands of pounds learning lost.

Now not only have I missed the first lesson but I have homework to do and my textbook won't arrive in time for the next class. Plus my cold is mutating into super-bronchitis and I'm annoyingly busy at work this week - I might have to do a full days work at some point (gasp!). This feels like school all over again where fate conspires to make me monolingual forever.

Fortunately, I'm a grown up now so I just downloaded the textbook online and will half-arse some stuff to fit my homework in. Maybe I'll strategically use my cold to get out of attending a dumb all day conference I have to do this week. Fuck the police.

You'll sell out one day! The man comes for us all with his proper pensions, interesting jobs that benefit society and comfy work-life balance.

>I think I got a cold. Not major enough to stay home, but still bad enough to be a nuisance. (Or at least I hope so. I don't want to wake up to find myself having a fever.)

Careful now, this year it seems you get 4-days of a light cold before you're suddenly dropped into a chest-infection.
No. 28657
Nice relaxing video by some german assburger about the care of captive assassin bugs.

No. 28660
While work is fine I'm increasingly depressed and fucking angry home. Having lots of pets dying has done wonders to my mood and is slowly eroding my ability to even interact with my toxic family. At this point I've pretty much just completely written off my own mother and father. God I hate that fucking generation and I hate millenials too. In fact the only over generalized group I dont hate is generation Xers. Fuck, I hate boomers.

On the plus side while I'm privately dealing with all the things that aggravate me and getting driven increasingly to despair I feel like I am starting to get increasingly focused, like I know what I want and I'm gonna get it.
No. 28671
Finished my 14 hour day. Didnt end up getting a break. Feels bad man.
No. 28672
Oh no the first lesson! Are you 18? I used to skip classes in uni all the time, sometimes I'd join a class after the first week started.
No. 28679
2,6 MB, 750 × 1334
Does anyone know what kind of bird this was
No. 28680
Had a 7h 20 min workday for a change instead of the usual 8h 20 min.

Everything went much more smoothly with the 1h of extra sleep and the general feel of the day was way better than usual.
No. 28682
I dunno. Maybe a heron? You near water?
No. 28683
Yeah my first guess was some kind of heron but I don't think the farm is near any waterways.
No. 28686
I have lost another three fish today already. That is, at minimum, another $12 down the drain not including my own personally raised dead fish. I don't even know what's happening but I'm going to get desperate and apparently yet another tank seems to be infected which holds a goldfish and guppies. That goldfish I am going to be extremely upset to lose and I now have to spend yet another deal off going back and forth to petsmart getting my money back or store credit and getting tons of fucking fish meds. I'm probably just going to have to completely drain and rip apart the one tank and buy yet another huge rubbermaid tub to keep them in while I try thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting my 20 long.

This is, by far, the most deadly and aggressive fish disease I've ever seen in my life. One of my poor female guppies who like the others spent a lot of time doing fine then started that struggling swimming look and within days she had a fucking huge cottony growth growing directly out of her gill that grew right into the black sand. It's incredible. Another one had multiple big red spots on his body where internal bleeding had occurred. I've got another one right now where he looks almost like he's got these white spikes on his body which is like, us this skin flukes too? I swear I've got multiple bacterial and genuine fungal infections going on and the malachite green and nitrofurazone appears to be doing fuckall except slowing it down.

At this point fuck even pretending to care about the nitrogen cycle. My floating plants are all going to be deep sixed in those tanks and I'm hoping to at least save my pothos and a few other plants.

My plan now is I'm just going to have to start dumping tons of fucking antibiotics and antifungal medication which I mean like actual, human veterinary medications to obliterate every single living thing not fish or possibly plant life.
No. 28688
>which holds a goldfish and guppies
I thought you can't put goldfish in the same tank with other fish.
No. 28690
Dad's been dead drunk for weeks now. I don't really care at this point, except that this time he pissed all over the toilet floor (again).
Now I'm contemplating whether to kick his shit in or not, because chances are, he won't even feel it, so what's the point.

The funny thing is that his self esteem is way higher than it should be for someone who pisses himself and stumbles around with his pants down most of the time, because by the time he comes to (in another week), the evidence of his behavior will be cleaned up. It would be one thing if he pissed and shat himself then came to the next day, but he won't come to for a week at least, which means somebody will have to clean up his piss in the meantime, and he'll wake up none the wiser.

I think he only spends about 1/10th of his lifetime actually conscious and aware. Which is probably why he feels so victimized by how much we despise him. For all he knows, he passes out one day, and the next day everyone is treating him like shit for no reason.
No. 28702
304 kB, 1600 × 1035
I finished my paper more or less, a few days of chilling and next week I will begun to do research on the next and write it over the course of the new semester

Nothing of special happend, I played Dirt Rallye at a friends place and was impressed by the grade of simulation, best motor sport there ever was is Rally.
Otherwise I got myself books from the library again, it's getting a bit too much.

Here is the current order

  1. The Exploit. A theory of networks - Galloway/Thacker
  2. Idealism. The history of a philosophy - Grant et al.
  3. Bergsonism - Deleuze (to get a better understanding if his ontological grounding)
  4. Differene & Repetition - Deleuze (one of his central works carving the core of his philsophy)
  5. various works by Nietzsche as I got two books from the official collected edition
Hope I get at least 1-4 done until Christmas.

In between I will read stuff for uni and for my BA, to limit and precise what I will write about next year.

I read the first 100 pags of Roger Lewins At the Edge of Chaos, complexity theory. But it did not catch me, which is rather sad because I'm interested, perhaps there are newer books about it. Is emergence a thing or brushed off in favor of other things?
No. 28705
My dad also was an alcoholic.
>The funny thing is that his self esteem is way higher than it should be for someone who pisses himself and stumbles around with his pants down most of the time
I know that feel. It's unbelievable when I try and remember the incredible amount of alcoholic dickheads who repeatedly tried to shove their life's wisdom down my throat (you know, those great life choices that made them an alcoholic in first place) when I was younger. Pretty much half of my family were alcoholics at some point in time, and for some it ruined their life. Back in the time, I thought something was wrong with me since I thought that they all suck, and that couldn't be right, because I'm so young and inexperienced, and that maybe I should listen more. Today, I wish I'd told them all to stfu.

Well, he's dead now since 4 years, no hard feelings. He made his choices, and I made mine by breaking contact quite early in my life. Every other year I was worrying if that was a too harsh decision, because love your parents, make amends before they die and stuff, but maybe it was not. If you want your son to love you and spend time with you, then maybe you shouldn't be a dick. Never felt the need to give preferred treatment to my dad, just because we were related.

>I think he only spends about 1/10th of his lifetime actually conscious and aware
Wasn't that bad, though. Still, I remember vividly how I had to call my mom / grandma several times to fetch me from my dad because he was drunk and aggressive / wasted again. And there were more drugs involved than alcohol. Smoking cigarettes and pot in the living room where I was playing was also daily business. Made it pretty easy for me to stay clear of that stuff later on, because I built up lots of disgust for that in my early years.
No. 28718
39 kB, 239 × 202
So I matched with a girl on tinder, that does gospel singing and pole dancing. She has a slightly crazy but intense stare and knows about the political opinions of Wagner.
>2 days pass after I ask where she lives
When I told her that her hometown would look like a perfect place for our coming rendezvous, she answered that she wouldn't go out with a nazi - at least not on a rendezvous. I asked: "Where else then?" and she showed herself intrigued about me not denying being a nazi, to which I answered that I'd rather call myself solidary patriotic but wouldn't mind it too much.
After asking where exactly I'm from she asked if I'd really want to go out with her even though I wouldn't know her, too which I answeres that my instinct would pull me towards her. She answered that she'd be blushing.
Then we were setting up a date and after sunday didn't work out and she asked for an alternative I said "monday until wednesday" to which she just responded: "ooh, time's running out :D" and quit texting again.
Devilish, sadistic woman. I bet now I'll have to wait even longer for being impatient.
No. 28722
number of wheel bugs caught by other students: 2
number of reduviids caught by me: still 0

such cases
No. 28723
>The funny thing is that his self esteem is way higher than it should be for someone who pisses himself and stumbles around with his pants down most of the time, because by the time he comes to (in another week), the evidence of his behavior will be cleaned up. It would be one thing if he pissed and shat himself then came to the next day, but he won't come to for a week at least, which means somebody will have to clean up his piss in the meantime, and he'll wake up none the wiser.

Record a video of his behaviour and show it to him when he is sober(er).
No. 28724
>Record a video of his behaviour and show it to him when he is sober(er).
As a former alcoholic and also son of alcoholics and knower of a great many algoholics, this.
This. Very much absolutely this is what you should do.

>I think he only spends about 1/10th of his lifetime actually conscious and aware. Which is probably why he feels so victimized by how much we despise him. For all he knows, he passes out one day, and the next day everyone is treating him like shit for no reason.
I actually do honestly know this feel, and part of it part of that time, I actually liked this feel. You have no idea what it feels like to just be so absolutely blitzed out of your mind that you're practically on another planet. Reality can't even touch you. And even if it should, odds are you're going to be so fucking out of it that you'll have no idea what happened or why, nor quite frankly do you even care.

Just catch him when he's sober. Most algoholics will go on these massive benders after which they usually sober up enough to be coherent half the time and may even go through one of those frequent "never again!" dry spells before getting drunk again for days or weeks at a time.

To be fair what his real problem is is he's acting this way because he's a selfish self absorbed fucking dick and he needs to be reminded of himself, of other people, of the world around him, all of which is going to be impossible to do without sobriety and moreover with his own choice and willpower. I think that such a person should be physically forced to sober up and given moderate enough benzos to stop the shaking and heart pounding, then getting off that and just spending lots of time in a new environment where he simply can't drink (or get high for that matter). But as you well know, the problem is, he's going to need to make that decision to keep sober for himself, and he is going to have to be committed to it because God knows you can force a man to be sober but you can't keep him that way for long unless he wants to, hence the issue of coming out of detox and deciding to be a fuck up again.

Hey brick are there even AA groups in your area/region/country? Because it might help. Didn't you also say something about him being a hypocritical Muslim? Or maybe that was Azerbaijan complaining about his father I can't remember
No. 28744
Today was all right I guess. I had my graduation photo taken. It wasn't even cringe-worthy at all. I unironically looked good. Wasn't 100% Polish biznesman tier, which is great.

I had lunch in the city, and I resisted my urge to browse the used bookstands while there. Though it's not like I had any money on me.

Read a greek play today. For the first time in a while I felt that magic I've been missing. Made me feel good.

Picked up my last package. It was Krasznahorkai's The Prisoner of Urga and an anthology of Roman poetry, to get acquainted with the style and content of ancient literature a bit better.
I'm going to stop buying any more books. I physically can't put them anywhere besides towers in front of other books before the shelf.
Quite shameful.

Now my only problem is that I can't stop using the PC for some reason. So I'm probably going to have to do something about it. Don't know what yet. Maybe taking out the HDMI cable and "hiding" it.

Honestly, I'm terribly behind with everything because of my actual work and the colds I had.
No. 28750
224 kB, 1024 × 683
653 kB, 2048 × 1638
I caught these assassin bugs today rate (pics from google images)
No. 28753
Never noticed that my alarm changes to weekend setting, when there is a national holiday. On this free day I will use the time to read an prepare food, probably will try to make Viennese "sand" cookies as well.
No. 28760
9/10 find.
I trust he didn't get the chance to liquify and drink your insides. I recently encountered our local biter:the fire ant. I was out minding my own business when one of them decided to sting me-A clear violation of the non-aggression pact I maintain with the insect world. Now, to be fair, this happened while I was walking in the grass, and so I may have inadvertently intruded upon his ant-business. Either way, the usual pattern is playing out. A fire ant encounter goes something like this:-->Be outside-->wtf was that-->local itching/swelling-->ok, it's over-->a day passes-->small blister forms-->itching/swelling resume for the next week.
And that's why there is always benadryl in the house.
No. 28762
Worst I've ever encountered were soldier ants when I was in primary school. Luckily I'm not retarded enough to provoke them since they swarm if disturbed and each of them packs a Schmidt Index rating of 2.5. Even worse are the spider wasps who come in at 4, likening it to dropping a hairdryer in your bathtub. Thankfully, they're not aggressive even though they are widespread.
No. 28769
I take it that you're from the South. The funniest thing about all this is that you can pretty much tell where somebody lives at least regionally based on what bugs and birds they're talking about.
No. 28771
276 kB, 1140 × 794
57 kB, 845 × 659
I can't think of any insects which are widespread+agressesive+painful(maybe killer bees, but encounters with them are still relatively rare). Two out of three on that list is tolerable, but if a bug hits the trifecta then one of us would have to go.

>Schmidt Index rating
I remember watching some of the Brave Wilderness Youtube videos, where the host would subject himself to a series of stings and then rate the pain. Seeing a bullet ant on a man's arm will really activate your mirror neurons.


>you can pretty much tell where somebody lives at least regionally based on what bugs and birds they're talking about
True; just look at the US range for the Anhinga. I really like those birds; they hunt underwater by spearing fish with their beak, but it's more common to see them on shore holding their wings out to dry(unlike ducks, they go don't have waterproof oil on their feathers).
No. 28772
They say wheel bug bites are supposed to be extremely painful but I'm not sure how it compares with other bites/stings.
No. 28774
137 kB, 1200 × 675
I was curious, and did some searching. This article equates the pain level to that of a bald faced hornet, which is a 2/4 on the Schmidt index. Insert "Not great, Not terrible" meme here. Also, the rise in wheel bugs may be tied to the invasive Asian stink bugs(their food):


The good news is they're great for your garden-as long as you don't accidently touch them.
No. 28780
I don't want to sound cringe worthy, but I can't fucking take this any more. I just can't concentrate on fucking anything.

There is pen, paper and book awaiting me at the table, yet I can't bring myself to sit down and actually commence writing.
The say that Deadlines are the greatest of muses, but even that doesn't help.

I mean, how the fuck was I able to translate a ~200 page book and be unable to write a fucking essay.

I spent two fucking hours walking from and to the living room. I don't even know what this is, just make it stop already.
Where's the fucking magic of existence again? I had it yesterday, and now it's gone again.

I have no cake, and I didn't even eat it.
No. 28782
It's called procrastination.


That's because you actually wanted to do it. The essay is a school duty you don't want to do.
Also the fear of starting might be a case. Just start writing down in the computer, doesn't matter how shitty and incoherent it is at first. I mean a pen is romantic and all, but it's just a school essay, so get started and get it down, it's not about you cannot do it.

I still have to write a 4-5p essay on a topic of my choice concerning aesthetics but since I drank beers with the lecturer I feel like I need to do good work but that means quite some work for simple non-graded task that needs to be done in order to get a few credits. So far I thought about parking spaces / car park - The Provincial as aesthetic category probably the easiest, since there is a good essay I can take off from - aesthic of mathematics came to my mind after streaming all the Dopplereffekt stuff on Ernstiwan.
No. 28785
1,8 MB, 4032 × 3024
1,6 MB, 4032 × 3024
1,7 MB, 4032 × 3024
Ambush bug rate
No. 28786 Kontra
1,8 MB, 4032 × 3024
1,6 MB, 4032 × 3024
Spined assassin bug rate
No. 28787
49 kB, 534 × 712
37 kB, 207 × 276
How long will these last? Do you do anything to preserve them?
No. 28788
Nope, to preserve most insects you only need to pin or point them (tiny or fragile specimens are "pointed" i.e. glued to a small flag of cardstock which is then pinned) and store them in a dry place. There are also measures that must be taken to ward off carpet beetles such as placing moth balls in the case (this will kill the beetles), but no chemical treatment is needed to preserve the insects themselves.

Arachnids are usually stored in alcohol though because they have softer exoskeletons. Also, bigger insects sometimes rot when allowed to dry on their own especially if they have large abdomens like a big mantis for instance. You can get around this by pulling out the guts.
No. 28789 Kontra
Naturally the shelf life depends on how well the collection is cared for but it's not uncommon for natural history museums to have insects from the 19th century.
No. 28790
87 kB, 634 × 652
cute pakistani girl gave me korean snacks while we were studying together for biochem in ans library
No. 28791
I wish I knew a solution to what you're describing, but I'm terrible at concentrating myself. Maybe try what >>28782 said, and just start writing one word in front of the other.

That's incredible. So as long as you can keep beetles from eating them, when most insects decompose they leave a nice intact exoskeleton. I guess it's similar to the fly husks we've all seen on windowsills, but I didn't realize that was basically the end of the rotting process.

No. 28794
Should've said
>Oh you're korean too?

Next you two are fucking like rabbits. Works everytime. Trust me, I know my stuff.
No. 28799
Cherish this time because trust me it's all downhill from there, even if you're successful. Well, if you have kids, life kinda sucks in it's own unique way but it's also magical in it's own way too. Nevertheless this is probably going to be the best time in your life so make the most of it.
No. 28805
493 kB, 800 × 540
No. 28809
I missed out on a lot of such moments because I was a bitter and mentally ill asshole and wanted to get away from everything and everyone due to paranoia and anxiety.
Now I kinda miss it.
No. 28813
I slept 6 hours maybe.
I had a coffee before the extra lit classes. We talked about the linguistics and grammar parts of the abitur. We were all thoroughly humiliated for lacking in knowledge of the technicus terminus of the subject. Halfway through the lecture I opened a can of energy drink to bear with the failure.
It wasn't that purposeful kind of humiliation, but rather this Bloody hell, we fucked up kind of humiliation.
Now it's one week to catch up on gramatics and medieval literature. (Plus Dante)
Honestly, it feels like I'm dying on an overly stupid hill, because it's quite possible that I won't get the 50 extra points for a third oberstufe during university admission. (But it's also possible that I only get the 50 extra points if I have three oberstufen. I'm gonna ask the university about that.)
There is no need to die on this hill. History is a much easier subject ("hurr durr, read teh source and look at the map XD), even if literature is my passion.

I wrote my first piece of fiction during breaks. It's a half a page long short story about an alcoholic pensioner buying wine with a shaking hand. Basically an impression of what I saw this morning. Quite satisfied with it.

Currently I'm moving bookstacks, trying to group what I need into two stacks. Easier access to the materials should make me more motivated I think. Same goes for the barely lit room. For some reason, working in light is really uncomfortable. I do my best "work" during the evening.

In the end, I managed to do it, though I stayed up very late. And I wasn't completely happy with the results either.
No. 28814
>In the end, I managed to do it, though I stayed up very late. And I wasn't completely happy with the results either.

That's when you know that deadlines are not muses unless you know your craft well enough or it does not matter. Put your energy into things that really push your craft. Like translations and not an essay on a topic that is perhaps not of interest to you. Sure, you take something with you with every piece you write as long as you learn from past mistakes at least to a certain degree. tho perhaps your essay is relevant for your grade, then ofc it matters as well. Usually in university essays here are a small task that is not graded but used as control and "engage with the material" technique, also a good writing exercise but I would never put too much time into it since its relevancy dwindles in comparison to an actual term paper that also is graded
I circumvent last minute writings by getting by before the deadline, procrastination is a bitch and best tackled by starting without much or vage expectations (but with a plan in mind nonetheless). It usually works out in the process, getting started is the crucial step.
If nothing helps, university lecturers here often will give you more time :DDD If you know somebody will give you an extra week or so and the other won't then ofc you know how to set priorities.
No. 28815
It's not like I hated it. It was just an analysis of one of Horace's odes. The piece itself is beautiful.
I even did the outlines beforehand, and marked the important details long before I sat down to write. It's just that I had trouble forming a coherent text about the work itself.
And much to my shame, I also drank a cup of sake before writing it, to take some of the edge off the day. At least it helped with writing simpler sentences instead of baroque monstrosities.

Time will tell if I did it right or not.
No. 28819
44 kB, 645 × 773
63 kB, 640 × 640
I had my first Italian language class today. It has been an exhausting week in general but I still did my usually advanced homework that took hours and I'd hoped all my self-study would allow me to keep up with my classmates.

Then came the lesson but, I was immediately asked all sorts of things where I couldn't even begin to understand the question being asked. I'd done my homework so I understood the grammar but didn't have any of the necessary vocabulary so couldn't keep up. I found out at the end that the course had been running since February (I'd applied in June) so there was just no way I could possibly hope to have followed along. It was an awful and humiliating couple of hours that reminded me of when I had just moved school at 5 and they accidentally put me in a class with 7 year olds. The teacher kept asking me things but all I could do was sit there with an awkward expression.

The teacher at the end asked me to try and keep up which, combined with the fact that only 4 other students were in the class, probably means the administration had put me there to keep it running. I don't much fancy doing that every week though, although, I'm not sure what I can do if the choice is either fail the course (and perhaps lose out on courses in future) or suffer until January.
No. 28828
I heard the best way to learn a language is to be thrown in cold water (learn like an infant), so suffer until January is the choice where you might learn the most.
Also: learn vocabulary. I always found that ten times easier than grammar.
No. 28829
That feel when buying new jeans and the store doesnt have 501s in either 35-30 or 35-32, so you have to settle for 35-34 and have overised roll ups.

Feels bad man. Too bad I needed new jeans at that moment or else Id have gone to another shop. Did get a pair of 516s in 35-30 though, so it isnt all bad.
t. has had two pairs of veteran jeans fall apart in the past month
No. 28830 Kontra
I mean, they should pack down over time and stick out less, but I still gotta wear them until then. On the other hand, the bigger inseam is really roomy :-DDDDD
No. 28843
I managed to do everything I wanted today.
That everything was not turning on a computer until I've read half of Dante's Inferno, which I did.
I gotta check if I have to read both Purgatorio and Paradiso too, or only if I want to show that I have a big intellectual dick.

Plans for tomorrow is just to read some of Villon's Grand Testament and study some maths.

I might standardise the text of that short story I wrote yesterday.
No. 28845
I realised the only reason I turn on the PC at all is to listen to music. I guess I should just get an MP3 player like a boomer to cut out more of the internet.
Looking at the local selecting, I'm absolutely livid. A fucking MP3 player still costs at least 30-40 euros if you don't want to buy the cheapest meme shit for 5 euros.
It's a joke.

So I guess I'll go and patronise the People's Republic of China instead and order one from there. How the fuck can they sell an MP3 player for 1 Euro?
How? Even a reasonable looking one is just 7-8 Euros.
The only fault with it seems to be that it takes a month for it to arrive, but even then, paired with the price of a mid tier SD card, I still only paid maybe 60% of the local price.
No. 28870
I guess sticking it out is the only proper conclusion if the alternative is nothing. I'll get some positive rep for sticking it out at the very least.

Still, it's looking like some very stressful Fridays over the coming months. Plan A will be to ask the administrator running this if she might get me on a course starting from scratch, she's known to fuck this all up so the whole thing could just be an administrative error. At the very least putting me on for the last term seems like a ripoff if they're liable to charge my work full price.
No. 28871
195 kB, 780 × 1042
Just take them back once your order from Amazon arrives or do same day.

t.evil consumerist
No. 28879
15 kB, 474 × 303
Why is it that every single thing has to go to shit at exactly the same time

What the fuck did I even do?

I'm serious. What the fuck did I even do wrong? Now even EC is being shitted up like it's not enough for everything I cared about to be fucking terrible in my IRL but everything online has to turn to shit exactly the same time too. I even got to the point of inconveniencing someone today in a way that was no way something to be criticized for but I knew would fuck with them just for being bitchy and giving me a shitty bitchy attitude right when I really REALLY am not in the fucking mood for it, so that brightened up my day and helped float my mood a little at least.

PROTIP never be an absolute fucking cunt to someone just because you can or think you can get away with it when you're relying on them to help you. Even if it's just someone cutting your deli meat, mopping your floor, or selling you cigarettes because they absolutely can fuck with you and make life unpleasant. I try to remember this in my personal life too when I think of being a dick to someone or just being impatient rather than polite and well descending into that whole toxic American culture that breeds mass shootenings. And God help you if you decide to be a total asshole because you think some employee can't do anything and who is this nobody when they can do things like lose your paperwork or put it at the bottom of the pile.

I frequently wonder if this had ever occurred to one of my parents. They are a rude fucking asshole typical boomer faggot to people working customer service all the time and I cant help but wonder "does it ever occur to you you're abusing the person trying to help you? Has it ever occurred to you this is just some person trying to do their jobs as some lowly employee who has fucking nothing at all to do with your problem right now? Has it also never occurred to you that acting like a complete fucking asshole to people because you think it's how to get your way and have things happen you want to happen is not just unethical or asshole thing to do, but is also completely counterproductive? It's almost always women over 30 like this too, on both ends of the transaction, either as the person being a dick to employees or well...no just being a dick to employees generally.

And that is why you have less ham at the deli, your furniture is dented, your bill is too high, your issue is not resolved yet, you get ID'd when you're in a rush and you have to go through your gaudy retarded Gucci purse to find your idea you most assuredly misplaced, your floor isnt cleaned well enough, and why prince charming disguised as a muscle bound ex-con with too many tattoos who wont cheat on you because you're more special than the other girls hasn't appeared in your life either, you fucking fat bitch faggot.
No. 28887
I have taken exactly zero formal language classes, and don't know how fast they progress. Maybe they only seem so far ahead because you're at square 1, but when they're at 5 and you're at 3 it will make more sense. No point in worrying either way, since there's still hope this can be straightened out. Oh, and good on you for considering the billing, even when it isn't coming from your pocket.

It gets under my skin when people are rude to customer service, but what's even worse is when that same person eventually gets whatever and then tries to smile at the end. Like we're all friends now. No. You can't be arrogant and insufferable up until the moment you have everything you want, and then pretend to be a decent human being.
No. 28890
Feels weird not trying something on even with accurate measurements; it's why I have yet to buy clothes online. My online purchases so far are just equipment or plastic goods.
t. fashion victim
No. 28891
Cheaper in person, and it isn't really a deal-breaker since I don't really ever wear jeans unrolled anyway (so extra length is really a non-issue).

I buy a lot of my clothes online. Sometimes it's cheaper and sometimes the brand I want is hard to get locally, and when you can it's way more affordable to buy direct (looking at you, Warrior Clothing).
No. 28893
Made myself a nice hot cup of tea and proceeded to drop it before I could really enjoy it. I'm not even mad at this point, it just depresses me how even life's simple pleasures elude me.
No. 28897
180 kB, 960 × 562
I'm waiting on a train for work that is now running 20 minutes late. A bydlo and his three bydlospawn are now sitting right near me, him with a huge bottle of beer and his spawn loudly munching bags of Tesco sweets with their mouths open. He just suggested the floor as a place for them to wipe their hands clean. I could be stuck here for 90 minutes.

I never asked for this.
No. 28898
My uncle caught a wheel bug for me.
No. 28899 Kontra
Also quick question to Russians, would the portmanteau «быдлотродье» be understood in this context? Is there a more natural term for this?
No. 28902
HK has went crazy, but it seems like no one is interested in my crazy drunk rambling, maybe too confrontational, added to the fact I never wanted to be identifiable.
I have stories but it seems no one cares, which I am use to this as I tend to jump to different platforms then get my self banned by being an uber-troll.

I think these generals kill chans, that's why I don't bother with them anyway.

Should have got some hobbies when I was younger.

I don't want to splatter a diarrhoea infested diary on an unwelcome fringe of the internet, maybe in normie terms this chan is ded, however I crave some form of socalisation.
No. 28903
>no one is interested in my crazy drunk rambling

Not being mean but in my experience dealing with drunk ramblings from alcoholics is wasted time.ha-ha, pun was not intended tbh
No. 28904
Actually I’d be interested in hearing your drunken rambling about the HK situation.

I don’t think I really have an opinion on whether the protesters are doing the right thing or not, but either way you gotta admit they’re pretty ballsy.
No. 28907
138 kB, 822 × 822
>How the fuck can they sell an MP3 player for 1 Euro?
After checking out some of those prices, I must concede that I have no idea how the economy works. Even considering lower local wages and the exchange rate they seem crazy cheap.
I don't use an mp3 player in the house, but when I'm out I prefer them to carrying a phone. They allow me to listen to music/podcasts with the added benefit of ensuring I'm unreachable. Sometimes a phone feels like a tether back to the world, even when there is very little chance anyone would actually call me.
Here's a pic of my collection.
The oldest is the Sandisk Sansa Fuze. I bought that one refurbished around 2009-10, and it still works. The only problem is the selection wheel; that part is mechanical and physically spins to scroll through menu options. Because it's been used so often, sometimes the internal sensor fails to detect the motion and I can't adjust volume or change what's playing. That led me to get the Fuze+ 2-3 years ago. I think that was after the manufacturer discontinued the model. The smallest is the Sansa Clip Zip, and it was a Christmas gift one year. It's great for cycling, since it clips to my shirt and I don't have to worry about it falling out of my pocket.
No. 28908
617 kB, 1441 × 637
323 kB, 1315 × 840
No. 28910
I have a very sentimental attachment to my sansa clip +. So many memories of walking around in the dead of night listening to music.
Bought it during the first year of uni for stipend, inseparable ever since.
If the battery dies I'll definitely solder in a new one, the thing is the best purchase of my life.
No. 28911
> After checking out some of those prices, I must concede that I have no idea how the economy works.

We are intelligent, hard-working people believing in the welfare of the masses
That's why we offer those products that cheap.
In your US-oligarchic system, if a person has a good product, he becomes mean and egoistic and raises prices very highly.
And the state doesn't interfere.
If a Chinese entrepreneur is that mean, he will be send to re-education camp, so that he will think more about his fellow countrymen.
No. 28913
If you go the chink rout, I'd recomment xduoo x3 pmps, since you can install custom firmware rockbox on them. Greatly enhances functionality. A lot better than some devices with crappy stock firmware that you can't do anything with.
No. 28917
Yeah I’m sure the CIA and the US state department are involved in fomenting the unrest at some level. I’m just saying that, if I were a Chinese person living in Hong Kong, I would not have the balls to act up in the manner that the protestors are. This is not to say that I agree (or disagree) with the motives of the protestors, but only that I consider the risks they are taking to be pretty substantial.
No. 28918
>I have a very sentimental attachment to my sansa clip +. So many memories of walking around in the dead of night listening to music.
I'm the same with the original Fuze. That's why I still use it even with the wonky wheel. Having it in my pocket just feels natural, like it's bounced against my leg for so many steps that I expect that weight to be there. Sometimes the wheel actually starts out not working, but after 10 minutes it's fine and I can change the playlist. That's why I never leave the volume too loud; I know there's always a chance it could get stuck there for awhile.
I remember reading about battery life, and that the best way to keep a device alive was through regular drain/charge cycles. Things which are left in a drawer will die faster than those that are used. I hope that's true, because I don't know how to solder.

>In your US-oligarchic system, if a person has a good product, he becomes mean and egoistic and raises prices very highly.
That sounds fairly accurate. There is no economic justification for a candy bar that cost $1.50.
No. 28932 Kontra
36 kB, 460 × 374
>We are intelligent, hard-working people believing in the welfare of the masses
>If a Chinese entrepreneur is that mean, he will be send to re-education camp, so that he will think more about his fellow countrymen.

What's the best part about the Northern English coastline?
No. 28938
Somehow, it feels like I'm rotting on the inside spiritually.
I failed to do anything today, so I'm going to stay home to right the wrongs before going to work on Tuesday.
Makes me want to cry, almost.
Tried some of that vodka my mother brought home a month ago. It's shit. Citrus flavoured nail polish. I still don't get why people flavour vodka. You are creating unnecessary illusions. It's like vaping. If you can't take the true flavour and danger, you are a bitch, and shouldn't be doing it in the first place.

A change of pace would probably be nice, so I'll probably put on my coat and to to the local hill, commemorating Jesus's trials to study instead of being at home.

I guess I might as well just edit my short story now, that I've failed to do anything necessary or meaningful today.

Looks very slick, if a bit pricey.
And it even has a playlist option, neat. (Though looking at other players of the manufacturer, some seem closer to my "acceptable" price range.)
I might as well just fucking shell out and get something like that instead of buying cheap trash. The design and the build quality seems to beat anything the local shops seem to have in that price range. (It's a fucking joke how everything looks like a cheap fisher-price toy.)
Thank you, brick-san!

I should leave behind this post-soviet mentality of "buying the cheapest shit that falls apart fast". It costs more to replace something cheap constantly than to have something that lasts.
No. 28939
7,0 MB, 450 × 253, 0:15
While I was drunk a few weeks ago I agreed to go with a girl to be part of the live-studio audience for a tv show. I'm not going to lie, I just agreed to get in her knickers and thought nothing would come of it. I'd forgotten about this commitment.

Today I discovered that I'm going to have to rush to the studio right after work this week and even have to iron my work shirts as I can't look my usual bag of shit. This'll be the day I spill something all down myself and become a meme.

>I have taken exactly zero formal language classes, and don't know how fast they progress.

Pretty fast by the looks of things, the other students are miles ahead of me anyway. But ultimately it's more like I've been learning completely different things at a far slower pace due to self-study. So I was obviously asked to introduce myself to the class which is some lesson 1 stuff but I'd never thought to learn that which is a problem compounded by this course being taught completely in the language.

Well, you don't get clothes tailor-made from the store do you? If it's such a worry just buy larger sizes and have them tailored down.
No. 28940
Had a date today, in fact my first proper date ever. Girl is two years younger than me, works in trades and likes horse riding. It started with a bad omen because I overslept and she already thought I ditched her.
Even though we haven't much in common when it comes to interests it was a really nice evening.
After we had some coffee and cake we walked past a big lake in a park, rain was pouring, I was holding the umbrella for both of us while my wrist laid gently in her hair, little ducklings and swans swam in the dark water. I was a bit afraid to hold conversation before we met but it went effortlessly and sometimes she'd talk like a waterfall.
Almost organically we now plan another date. It's relieving to see things be easy sometimes.

Also to the other german here: even though you said onine-dating weirded you out, you should try it. It has the advantage that both parties know what they're up to.
Also just doing things is better than thinking a lot about them, being vital is a core element of the male principle.
No. 28941
>works in trades and likes horse riding

Noice. Did you get a kiss in?
No. 28942
125 words, 800 characters, but it actually works as a story. Incredible. I didn't even recoil in pain while reading it.
Full of language games, thoughtful compositions, allusions to history and literature, while also depicting our everyday realities in eastern Central Europe in 2019.
Fuck me, I wrote something actually likeable for once.
No. 28943
90 kB, 872 × 685
>If it's such a worry just buy larger sizes and have them tailored down.
I forget I actually do that sometimes, at least for pants. I am OK with oversized shirts at least.
>After we had some coffee and cake we walked past a big lake in a park, rain was pouring, I was holding the umbrella for both of us while my wrist laid gently in her hair, little ducklings and swans swam in the dark water. I was a bit afraid to hold conversation before we met but it went effortlessly and sometimes she'd talk like a waterfall.
Damn, nostalgia of my first date just hit. Good luck with her.
No. 28944
109 kB, 1386 × 805
Did you do benis in bagina?
No. 28945
>What's the best part about the Northern English coastline?

Huh, I am not understanding that. '_'
Why do think that the Chinese Ernst knows what the best part of the Northern English coastline is?
No. 28947
No, I didn't feel it yet. I want to do it at a nice place where we're alone. Never really had a "romantic" kiss, so it's something new for me as well. Regarding the benis in bagina I'm just not the casual hook-up kind of guy, not to mention that I have a strong distaste against promiscuity and women who give themselves too easily.
We will meet near her hometown next time. There are castles and a lot of nature.
I wanna make sure that the weather is suitable and have a walk through the forest with her, which is the right place. Being in unity with the holy german forest while caressing her.
Also she has got kittens at home and likes to cook and dine well. :3

Did I miss something or since when do you write prose? If you want we can exchange some and criticize our works.
No. 28949
I caught and killed many mosquitoes before sleeping, but still missed one, and it terrorized me all night.
Why does their bite have to itch so much. I don't care if some critter takes a microliter of my blood or something, whatever. But why does it cause so much itching? I swear to god it's the dumbest evolutionary mis-step the mosquito has ever made. Because when we wipe out their entire species with genetic modification, they will only have themselves to blame.

I just checked the price and holy fugg did it go up. Of course there are cheaper pmps that are still decent, but none new ones I am aware of that support custom firmware flashing. the x3 has high grade "audiophile" components, which might be a bit overkill, I dunno.
There's also Benjie T6, but development of custom firmware is not finished yet.

It's just that in my experience, the firmware is what makes or breaks such devices. no matter what the sound quality is, if the firmware sucks, you're not going to use it very often.

Man, PMPs are so expensive these days, god damn. Ah, the good old days of flashable sandisk players. Old stock sandsisk sansa clip + are $250 on amazon :-DDDD. EBIN. All classic PMPs like ipod classic, sony walkmens, etc. are in ~$300 range.
No. 28950
39 kB, 500 × 375
Sometimes I wonder if the workplace stoic image I project is cracking. When I was interviewed and hired, I was able to spin my general apathy and lackadaisical demeanor as "self-control and calm under pressure." But those things aren't really synonymous. There's a difference between controlled emotion and generally not feeling much of anything and that tends to show when we're "fraternizing". I've developed a list of generic, inoffensive responses to most conversations since I very quickly forget/lose interest when they try to talk to me. But I get the feeling they'll notice soon.
And one time a coworker offered to switch a task with me because apparently I looked miserable (I didn't mind my task and didn't feel consciously miserable). That was kind of him but that spooked me a bit.
No. 28953
I would say "why dont we just genetically modify them to not cause the obscene histamine reaction from their saliva" but then there's the whole "they spread a lot of horrible diseases" thing which frankly they do but we'd probably cause catastrophic damage to the ecosystem because it isn't just all the things that feed on them as adults but all the things that feed on their larva too so we'd have to find some critter to fill that food chain gap if we want to.

What I'd actually like to see exterminated is diseases. These past few years have taught me that I should not ignore our terrible past of falling victim to disease, but rather to embrace our fully justified fanatical hatred of microorganisms and with God as my witness should I ever get rich I am devoting phenomenal amounts of resources towars extinguishing their species and this includes Borrelia among other things. I don't think that anything in the world weeps that there's only two last known places on the whole earth where Smallpox exists well maybe except for every single other living thing on the planet that looks on in horror us our species expanded like a virus killing all things in its path, murdering whole ecosystems, and terraforming the whole planet into a shithouse with climate change causing one of the worst mass extinction events on a geological scale comparable to the mass extinction of the dinosaurs from a comet impact so I'm pretty sure I am well justified in saying, should I ever win 88.8 million dollars I'm dropping 40 million of it into a biotech lab and company and partly devoted it to their entire extermination.

I'm talking about the word vernichtung.
Fuck them.

By God as my witness I shall not stop there and I will aim to seek out and destroy numerous veterinary diseases as well, as well as even forestry diseases such as Elm disease. By God as my witness I shall fucking murder them and their whole species if I am fit enough to see it through.
No. 28955 Kontra
Which is all to say, it's not the mosquitoes fault. If we can we should neutralize their venom which would be naturally selected out over time anyway as we continually sway the most itchy ones, and then simply allow their species to live and so what if it drinks out blood despite the fact they are the one group of beings that routinely violates the NAP along with ticks fleas etc and thus we are justified in returning fire.

No all this is to say we shouldn't blame mosquitoes and should bioengineer them to either have the females rely on nectar and increase the number of pollinators or at minimum make them anesthetize in a way that isnt bothersome. We should not blame the mosquito for their disease. For their bite yes, but for the disease we should blame the disease itself and not a symptom of the problem.

Oh god I hate that kind of shit. Me personally I try to project as much an image of geekiness and innocence as possible in that I dont want to get fucked with for being formerly a wildly drunkard among other things. Normally most people cant actually hold up a facade for longer than two years. This is ironically enough part of why I don't trust anyone I haven't known for longer than two years. It actually does take about two years to fully start getting to see who another person is and see through their facades and piece together the details even if you suck at noticing such things. This is also funnily enough the usual timespan of undercover federal investigations FYI so unless you're deep in the mob if you've known someone for well over two years odds are they're not a fink.
No. 28960
222 kB, 634 × 632
>Man, PMPs are so expensive these days, god damn.
Unfun fact: $300 today are less bearable than $300 a couple of years ago.
No. 28961
My sister got mad at me today because I disagreed that peaceful protest will ever create meaningful change. This was in context to me commenting on the climate protesters being weak as piss and not even struggling with the pigs when arrested, then they all act like it was so heroic. Heroic is knocking at least one of them out and making them tase your arse, not cooperating with the other side.

What does Ernst think? My perspective is that the only way to make the Man listen is to make him bleed, preferably in a literal sense. Asking nicely and/or being mildly annoying just won't cut it. Most of the examples of 'peaceful' protest that succeed is when there is the implication of mass violence as a plausible tool of regime change if demands aren't met.
No. 28962
Of course I agree and you say this because you're not a weak brained dumbass unlike your sister (no offense). I'm convinced that the US secret police apparatus is what convinced a bunch of dumbasses to use peaceful protest. It doesnt do fuck all and they don't seem to understand that all peaceful protest that resulted in change did so while breaking the law and also because it routinely incorporated non-violent coercion such as economic disruption and political pressure from abroad which is essentially what could be called street level soft power. MLK for example these protests fucked with the businesses. Yet if you ask these stupid fucking people they will say to cooperate with police fully, check you protest permits (like wtf? The right to protest and peaceable assembly is a basic Condtitutional right. You don't need a permit for that. That's like saying you need a free speech permit and a permit to hold religious beliefs--you fucking don't and you should Kampf against those fuckers denying you that basic right).

The end result of all this is that actual nonviolent protest has been completely neutered and is completely ineffective. Only economics works, like boycotts and work stoppages, or other means of economic disruption. You will notice the woman who sabotaged an oil pipeline in the Dakotas got hit with a whopping 110 year jail charge because big oil wanted to make an example of her. You'll also notice that hackers often get charged with similar terms, while literal murderers and child rapists get literally one tenth that jail term. This is because unlike your faggot protest these tactics really do work and with routine enough useful active protest actions like that it can easily cost a company hundreds of millions of dollars and the mere threat of that is enough to either force a company to change its behavior or to cease operations in that area. That is part of why people do useful things like spiking trees in forests they don't want cut down, and that is exactly why groups like the ALF and ELF get called domestic terrorist organizations despite never killing anyone while groups that actively firebomb and shoot people as legitimate terrorism tactics like the KKK are not. This is because the government doesnt give two shits about your organization enabling mass murder of black churches but heaven help you if you do anything to fuck with the major corporations or the golf courses their CEOs frequent.

You should ask your sister exactly why she thinks simply standing around with a sign like an absolute twat changes anything. Make her seriously think about this and what she hopes to accomplish. Then you should make her think about that part of her retarded emotional braindead logic which thinks that standing in a street angrily telling people you disagree with a major corporate and government power complex that outright fucking bombs children's hospitals to ensure that model of economic growth and concentration of wealth and power and is willing to level whole countries and kill millions of people like in Iraq that was ordered by all these politicians including lots of people not just voting Tory but also plenty of of others is going to give one iota of fuck about her stupid sign. Then get her to figure out why it is that they'll knock her ass to the fucking ground and give her a criminal record the moment she stops using those tactics, and then ask her why she thinks it is that those people are letting her stand around with her stupid sign--which is PROTIP because she's being completely useless and they want her to expend her energy on pointless bullshit that doesnt change anything rather than actually using it to enact meaningful change in other areas through different means.
No. 28964
This is common, as they make profit from P&P, aka delivery costs and avoid sales taxes.
1usd but 15 or 25 dollar for delivery.
No. 28968
106 kB, 694 × 866
I agree you can't fight for a cause while remaining polite and compliant. Right now climate protesters aren't demanding action, they're suggesting it. To enact meaningful change, you have to impose a cost for not changing, but that only works if the cost is borne by decision makers. Violence directed at security forces will only affect those individuals, but not the men in power. They'll actually pose for pictures with bloodied officers and come out looking better. Like >>28962 said, to make politicians and oligarchs sweat you need economic disruption.

What's weird is when I see something like pic(found on AliExpress). I just assume it's some kind of scam; $0.37 to ship? I can't even mail a letter for that.
No. 28970
73 kB, 1000 × 669
Finished reading Inferno.
I felt bad throughout the day, and also unmotivated. Even fell asleep once. Skipped lunch. I couldn't find my keys, so I didn't leave the house.

Had a jug of Zhen Mei green tea in the afternoon, and the difference is that between Heaven and Earth in my mood now. It's like I had withdrawal symptoms without even knowing it.
One cup, and I no longer felt depressed at all.
Truth be told, I haven't had proper tea in maybe two weeks now.
Coffee is the devil's drink. Truly.

Reformism is bullshit, and only works if the goals of the establishment coincide with your goals.
Though it's also true there are things not worth getting killed over.

>Did I miss something or since when do you write prose? If you want we can exchange some and criticize our works.
I just witnessed a small scene three days ago, and I wrote a short piece about it during my breaks.
Sadly I'd have to translate it for Ernsts to see, which has to wait until the weekend.
Usually I hate what I write, but that impulse seems to be fading now that I actually know stories aren't just "sentences connected randomly".

The only thing that really matters is that it can organise playlists. I'm not an audiophile otherwise. (If you don't count my dislike of occasional "pops" in digitalised recordings. It was tormenting me how the youtube upload of Shostakovich's 12th symphony had pops in it during the last 30 seconds. But the torrent seems just fine, thankfully.)
Though I'm still meditating on getting anything at all.
No. 28971
On your side. These protests are not completely useless, but they only ever can be symbolic and won't make a big political change. Even more so since many of these protests are seem to wanting change within liberal-capitalist boundaries, kek, as you said it's cooperation with the enemy!
But maybe the 'hard' political change won't be there, but think about 1968s, despite the police beating down students there was also peaceful protest and in the end it had a big influence on culture. Perhaps those climate protests will have a 'green' effect, you get confronted with the issue since it's in the news and maybe you overthink stuff. But yeah telling politicians to make drastic changes while staying within the common liberal-capitalist orders won't do it. The system might be variable but the logic perhaps forbids real change that way. The only change we'll see is when saving the world via ecochange is when it gets profitable for transnationals :DDD And I don't mean the symbolic green strategy that is played out already for a decade or more, where buying eco-friendly is what the marketing industries catches you with.

>Chinese Ernst

Oh man, it was you, the proxy German. Who else would post a translation of Nachdenkseiten, I'm sure the never existent Chinese Ernst would ofc...
No. 28990
So what did happen today. I spent most of my time high on Kratom texting people, listening to music and a podcast and cooking.
Not much more than that really.
A lot of the time I spent with the girl I'm dating and I have to say that she greatly improves my mood.
Like in the morning she sent a message wishing me a good start into the week, I can't remember anyone else than my mom having ever done that.
Generally she seems to be quite caring, comfortable to deal with and has a positive attitude.
Alright we just get to know each other so she might be showing her best side only (isn't this normal in dating anyways?) but it feels much different with her from other girls I was interested in throughout this year.
Both of them had this sort of "princess attitude" and never ever would make you anything easy while at the same time massively struggling with their self-worth.
She on the contrary usually just agrees, is as straightforward as relaxed and easy-going. Not too exciting but of modest nature. A bit weird here and there, but not problematic in any way. Shortly before going to bed she asked me if I talked about her to any of my friends.
I thought this was a bit of an autistic question to ask but went with it anyway. Also it came out that her last two boyfriends dumped her, is this a red flag? Maybe she was beeing too clingy? She definitely doesn't seem like the kind of person to cheat.
Curious what future will bring.

Other than that I almost landed an internship at one of my cities most well respected PR-agencies but the timespan didn't fit my plan of starting to study again next year, so sadly I won't do it.
Still a boost in confidence that they took me into consideration, thinking about at what point I've been roughly a year ago.

I really want and need to continue my readings, so I'm happy about sobering out tomorrow (been high for three days straight now). Tomorrow in the evening I'll go visit a concert I need to write about for the newspaper. Supposedly a compilation of classical musical songs sung by internationally known singers.
It's those little things about the job I love, usually I would have never even gotten the idea to visit (and especially pay some 40 bucks for) such an event.

Now that there are only three months left of this year, I can already say that this one was the most intense one in my life so far. With all the ups and downs. Higher ups but also deeper downs. Good night, Ernst.
No. 28991
48 kB, 300 × 300
Our resident HK is British and couldn't possibly talk in such a fashion. Now away with you.

They did work earlier in the year in having governments revise down their target timelines by about a decade thanks to media pressure. Many governments even declared a "climate emergency" and the ongoing plastic story continued to gain steam (I hate the new cardboard straws REEEEE). It was a perfect combination in hindsight; the media get their public interest story with a rebellious streak, kids can fuck school off on Friday for safe middle class rebellion, politicians ended up competing for points.

The problem is their core demands are ridiculously extreme and it's really just a game. Now I have filthy hippies all over London giving me dirty looks and making the place look untidy. And they truly are filthy. I hate them.
No. 28992
You sound like the typical Tory voting lower level British government stooge tbh m8
No. 28996
584 kB, 753 × 603
I have basically no friends and I can't see myself ever building a life in which I have a stable career, wife and children, happy home life, etc. Probably the only reason I haven't kys'd myself is because I've been heavily medicated since I was a teen in order to blunt the pain.
No. 28997
94 kB, 634 × 460
281 kB, 707 × 1030
53 kB, 1072 × 448
I play the lottery. The most amazingly effective way to narcotize the hopeless masses of proletariet is to convince them all that each one of them could someday become multimillionaires and oligarchs just off a $2 ticket. I actually looked up the odds and they're filthy. Like seriously they're just so fucking bad that filth is the only word I can come up with. Just to score a measly $10,000 hit on those $2 cashwords is one in over 3 million. We're talking pretty much winning the lottery odds on a measly ten grand win. All the state government ran games actually have some of the worst odds you can possibly find in any form of gambling.

I don't like the mafia but after looking into this I've come to realize that those greasy Italian criminals are, in fact, much less filthy and criminal than the criminal organization known as government. At least when you play with the mob the payouts are higher for lower bets and you're playing at way better odds. Like I mean you're literally playing at massively better odds. Your chance of just getting your cash refunded in a $10 ticket is less than one in four.

The thing is, most scratch offs bullshit are around that odd, and that's not a "winning" ticket that's literally just getting a refund--NOT a win. In other words, you're taking a huge gamble just to get a push. An actual "win" would be a ticket worth like $15-$20 and above, and your odds of winning that are next to nothing. An honest gambling parlor doesn't need to cheat you like the government does because of the spread.

I think that state lotteries is quite possibly one of the most ingenious ways to prevent the emancipation of the masses that the elites have ever come up with. No one wants to rock the boat because we give them our money to sell us a false hope and fake dreams that are never gonna happen, and then the fuckers tax the shit out of the players that even win.
No. 28999
45 kB, 400 × 267
>Now away with you.

Away with you, unfriendly, argumentatively weak British 'Ernst'. No wants to hear your low-level British government stooge's claptrap.
No. 29000
Oh hello, you unfriendly cabbage-schizo.
Ever heard of South China Morning Post?
How should a German know from it?


I was studying in Germany and hence I know the nachdenkseiten.de
No. 29006
188 kB, 877 × 533
No. 29007
Weak effort from Democrats and their loser-followers.
Not even funny.
No. 29009
The man was posting about his 'great and unmatched wisdom'. You hardly need edits to have a laff.
No. 29010
> 'great and unmatched wisdom'

I think that he is wise. You have to be wise and intelligent to achieve so much against so much counterpressure and enemies in the US deep state.
No. 29012
29 kB, 640 × 480
This morning I ran a full mile for the first time in forever. I kept the pace slower for the first 1/2, because I didn't want to wear out before hitting my goal(It was close tbh. A mile doesn't seem very far when walking, but it feels like way more when jogging. I was gassed). My total time ended up being 7:20, which translates to 8mph. Not really fast, but not too slow either. Thank you for reading my fitness blog.
No. 29013
I think someone wise would build a stable power base and structure for long-term planning instead of autistically alienating would-be allies and playing the usual electorally-approved game where nothing matters once your term is up.
This dick-sucking reminds me of Obamadrones who insist things magically went to shit in 2016.
No. 29014
I keep thinking about Fritz Springmeiers section in one of his Illuinati books where he talks about allegedly some elites training children by getting them to love a small bunny and asking them if they love it and it makes them happy, and if they say yes, twisting its head off. And then they ask again, and eventually they force the child to twist the rabbit's head off. I can't help but keep thinking this is a truly good and beneficial lesson to impart on childen.

They're all dead. All of them are dead. No matter what I tried to do, mo matter how many medications I tried, all of my fancy and crossbred guppies kept dying. There's nothing left. This all happened within a week or two of being foolish enough to share openly with coworkers something that made me truly happy in spite of generally being an unhappy person. One of the few things I had in life that put me in a better mood is all completely dead now. Let this be a lesson: never, ever admit to the universe such a thing. It's almost strangely like some malevolent deity intercedes. This is not the first time I openly admitted to something making me happy and it being cruelly ripped away immediately after in such a way I could only assume a supernatural cause, if any. The simulation itself must never ever known that anything has made me happy or that I have loved everything. A pity that Springmeier is probably writing lies because that's a benevolent lesson to impart on a human being early on.
No. 29017
I'm truly sorry to hear that. Speak hope and give the devil a hostage. I read that somewhere and always remembered it. Still, despite my best efforts I know I''m transparent to any beings paying close attention. If there are tiny gods looking to torment us, they will eventually find their ammunition no matter what we do.
No. 29025
We were all children and we all grow up, we learn by ourselves. There is no need to force upon a kid the fact that happiness is not an eternal state of human being. probably he is makes it up anyway, smells like sense making, a myth is still needed, even in our supposed "rational" times. Change is infinite and constitutes being, my preferred angle so far that matches with experience. I'm happy sometimes, it washes away but comes back as well.

I was listening to this as I just stumbled across it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhUKhUUWrQw

Translation from the comments:
Tears that drip down
from these eyes
Is indeed blood,
Come, witness
How it happens The heart takes it in
And eyes pour it out
You go
Tears come to me
You go and
Tears come to me
Tears come to me
Sit a little
Sit a little
Let the storm
No. 29031
Work went rather well, though I was really tired. Only slept 6 hours.
During the last hour, I had a dream where I subconsciously relived an alternate ending to Dante's Inferno. But it wasn't in Dante's style, rather, it followed Ferdowsi's rhyme scheme.
Probably meaningless.
Got home really late, so I didn't do any studying.

Truly the only thing I was missing was simply tea. My headaches stopped, and I don't feel sad at all any more.

Tomorrow is payday. After that I'll head to the optician's and order new lenses for my glasses. Oh, joy.
The only issue is being without glasses for a day. Or maybe I'll leave it until Friday. I can get through the weekend without my glasses.
No. 29038
1,0 MB, 1920 × 2560
New whiteboard message at work. Thought it was breddy ebin.
No. 29043
my grandpa used to draw this character. "kilroy was here" is the name of the meme I believe
No. 29045
He is Chad in the Commonwealth and Wot no X? is his classic tagline, where X is some basic thing, like they painted on a glider in WWII, Wot no engine? Or you see ones such as'Wot no rations' etc.
No. 29047
10 kB, 225 × 225
>like they painted on a glider in WWII, Wot no engine?

Hm, I guess the Australian version of the meme is funnier then. "Wot no X?" is a pretty good catchphrase: does a good job of capturing the Australian national spirit of irreverence and grit. I can imagine it being used by modern Australian cartoon personalities like Big Lez for instance.
No. 29048
Tbh, it was a British thing that we bludged during the Great War. It isnt really an Australian thing per se.
No. 29054
Was discussing med school admissions at Penn with a classmate and he mentioned that they had a high suicide rate, so I joked that one could improve one’s odds for acceptance by reassuring them you wouldn’t off yourself during the interview. Some girl got pretty offended about this. I guess it’s in poor taste to joge about suicide.
No. 29067
1,0 MB, 1600 × 1200
1,1 MB, 1600 × 1200
It depends on your audience. If you know someone is sensitive on a certain subject then definitely hold back, but otherwise I think if a joke is funny, then you should feel free to tell it. There was nothing malicious in what you said, and it's better to have honest interaction than live on eggshells.

I saw a wild chicken behind a grocery store today; I've never come across one of those before. I've seen them in coops, but never just out wandering. I tried to get a good picture(the attached is not a good picture), but it went into the woods. I might have followed, but the chicken made a nervous/frightened sound, so I backed off.
No. 29068
Christ, some day we're going to have a civil war in this country.
I overslep massively up until 4PM, so my mood isn't the best anyways. Then my cousin texted me about an attack in eastern-germany, guy's some Tarrant-copycat from 8chan probably, multiple deads.
Also gained 2kg, so I'll have to diet now.
Newspaper called, had to write down an article in a few minutes because I was running late due to having slept so much.
It's fucking cold in my room suddenly so I'm hiding in my bed.
My date send me a love poem and wants to spend time with me, maybe I'll call her later.

Being alive these days is so weird, the worsening of the political situation and the societal schism is getting so bad that it's reaching into your most interpersonal relationships. As dialogue is barely possible anymore some of my relationships and frienships have become apolitical on the surface.
Some know about my thought, some don't.
It's draining anyways, so I think escapism is peaking these days.
I wonder when the apolitical facade behind which public social life is happening at the moment will shut down and what life will look like then.
No. 29069
24 kB, 400 × 300
I always hope it's just extremists that are loud on the internets, but since everyone is on the internets now ... At the beginning of this decade I couldn't even imagine how bad it's gonna be with social networks, smartphones and politisation dominating the reality and so my predictions for the next decade aren't promising. I'm thankful for being the last generation that experienced peace, analogue warmth and the promising times of the internets. May the comfy people withstand and live through the dark times.
Stay cool and /comfy/!
No. 29070
>wonder when the apolitical facade behind which public social life is happening
as someone who has to "write articles" you probably cannot fathom that most people in this country actually don't care much about politics or don't want to be involved in politics and don't get excited about supposedly upcoming civil unrest. most people don't live behind an "apolitical facade". i think that's wishful thinking on your part, because you are full-time into politics yourself and literally everything might be politics to you. however lurking on /pol/, /kohl/, reddit, telegram etc. may suggest you that the number of retarded creatures (like that dumb fascist /pol/ster, who went on a killing spree today) is far greater than it actually is. in reality brainwashed idiots are most likely few. but they are very very very loud and their loud, brainwashed retardness gets multiplied by journalists all the time.
No. 29072
And I guess even tho there is an amount of /pol/itical people, not all of them want a civil war. Likewise what is commonly referred to as leftists and sjw are actually liberals and democrats that basically want nothing but peace. Both left and right are still at the margins, and as long as we keep a western consumerism on hold nothing will change here.
And yes, most people don't really care about politics, they might have opinions, but who hasn't?
No. 29073
I feel awfully tired.
There were three of us working today. The third student worker did fuck all all day. He just looked at his phone for 5 hours, entered like ~40 fucking invoices (Roughly an hour's work), picked up his pay and left.

It's like someone smashed in my head with a shovel. I'm drinking some green tea.
Came home relatively late again because I tried picking up a letter at the post office, and seriously, fuck the Hungarian Postal Service.
"Hurr durr we sent it out again with the postman"
Nigger, I'm not home during the day, no-one is, besides old farts and cripples.
Fuck off with this shit. So I'll have to retry tomorrow. It's insufferable, and I can feel the place actively sucking on my vitality.
A morgue, basically. It's dead.

I feel so fucking tired I want to die. Hopefully I'll get my shit together by the time autumn break rolls around.
(This weekend, I'll get it together, that's the plan.)
No. 29076
109 kB, 1386 × 805
My friend went on a date with a Chinese exchange student and according to him she started talking about how the protestors in HK are western stooges and the island of formosa belongs to PRC

No. 29104
i'm not involved in politics, i don't want to be involved in politics, i deliberately keep out of political discussions most of the time and i usually avoid "political people" (you know, those types who always bring up politics at whatever occassion and get angry or even violent at people with a different opinion/ideology than theirs). however, i used to read a lot of political philosophy and related topics in the past, so from time to time i do discuss with 2 or 3 close friends that i know since forever i don't know a lot of people, i'm socially awkward about current events or politics in general. we may agree or disagree then, but we won't get on each other's throats or quit our friendship over one of us leaning far-left, far-right, liberal or being completely nihilistic. on kc/kohl however politics derail and spam ALL topics and these discussions then consist only of insults and deception, so there's no benefit by taking part, in fact you're becoming dumber by doing so.
that being said, i strongly disagree with you here:
>liberals and democrats that basically want nothing but peace
i tend mostly to "far left" viewpoints, to the point that i'd much prefer socialism or communism over what is commonly referred to as "liberal democracy", which makes me probably to an "extremist" in your book, except it's just my opinion. i live on the countryside, i enjoy roaming around in wild nature a lot and i'm generally not a big fan of "western" consumerist culture (which you seem to enjoy) either. "liberal democracy" has a strange habit of always descending into fascism over time and liberals have launched numerous imperialist wars in the last couple decades. your claim that "liberals just want peace" has been proven wrong many, many times.
No. 29120 Kontra
Oh, I'm more "extreme" myself in thinking, not a friend of capitalism and its organizational consequences. To me an equal distribution would solve a lot of problems. I've nothing against political discussion when it's not stupid shit flinging that is more or less insults and witty remarks that are empty in reasoning. An opinion as I understand it cannot be backed well tho, which makes it a rather useless filler for "discussion".
What I meant with liberals here are people not in politics but with humanitarian leftist views that do not question capitalism. They believe in the marriage of capitalism and democracy as a good thing. They don't take into account the last 100 years or even more to see how the democratic capitalist west has brought "wealth" to all the world with their contracts and paternalization. They ignore what you rightfully claimed as wars and horror brought by liberals and the liberal-capitalist power. These people are peaceful in their personal lives, they don't engage in politics but read the newspaper but also don't disagree with the whole system in a radical sense. Within liberals there are different levels depending in the education. What I despise and perhaps also project onto these people is their supposed clean conscience that results from their humanitarian attitude. Ofc there is a lot of shit going on but being outraged nonstop is one of the worse ways to deal with it. I rather stick to books instead of outraging all the time, shutting my mouth when I think it's necessary or the right thing to do instead of humanitarian hysteria does not makes me apolitical tho. My conscience is not clean and therefore I cannot speak like these people do.

Kontra as I don't want to see this up with all the Bernds coming in bringing shitty remarks with them.
No. 29142 Kontra
>on kc/kohl however politics derail and spam ALL topics
Late at night into the morning the world is like back in the early years of chan culture.
No. 29155
Personally I have autistic inner speeches about onions but they are only held back by the fact no one asks. How'd that get brought up with them.
No. 29172
Most people don't care as long as the golden cage is comfy enough. The days its bars break will be the day that it changes.
In fact that is pretty normal and how it should be. In an ideal state I wouldn't have to deal with politics, nobody but the rightfully and properly leading caste would have to while others follow their own business.
Also I'm not sure in which social sphere(s) you move that you think politics would be completely irrelevant to most people in here.
I move in all different kind of social spheres, from intellectuals/artists/scientists to middle class people, elder people, country folks, urban people, immigrants (even though they're rather concerned about the politics in their homelands) and the working class (have you seen what kind of ethnic and political clashes are happening in german factories?).
Everyone nowadays is concerned with politics.
I don't browse any of the boards you mentioned, my sights come from real life solely.
Concerning the apolitical facade - try telling your co-workers that you're supporting the AfD and check if they're really as apolitical as you thought they are.
By the way while I'm a heavily political person my journalistic work mostly centers around local cultural events. Even into this sphere the politics reach. May it be the old curator of a small music award putting a passage into his speech that talks about "showing courage against those who play on the piano of our feelings" or may it be the elementary school teacher telling me about how they struggle to find the right bone marrow donor for a boy because most of the appliants don't fit the ethnical criteria.
And while we're far from any kind of riot, the mood is as aggressive that both political spheres stay on their own. I can tell because I move in both. An atomization of a society so strong will barely have any good outcome.
Come to speak of journalists, they mostly blow their horns cause a lot of them are state dependent or their newspapers moneygivers are close to CDU/SPD. The other side is close to the AfD, so surely any side will fight to claim its place.

At least in one point I agree: I might be in too deep to judge soberly these days on how bad the state already is. But I cannot say it's wishful thinking. And while your point that most people don't deeply care about politics is valid on its own, politics have never been done by the masses. It's always been minorities enforcing their will in one way or another.
The social schism can be felt anywhere really and terrorism of both online-natsocs and islamists shakes up people who otherwise wouldn't have given a damn.
No. 29189
When people become complacent the politicians will start passing all sorts of fuckery without you knowing it. Think about much stuff the average normie is completely oblivious to that is happening everyday. And thats exactly what the world was like 10,20 years ago. NAFTA, TPP, migration, etc. all happened without a public debate. Everyone was in their cuckcage arguing about what type of brainwashing channel is best on their jewbox
No. 29190
I ended up reading a short answer about coma dreams today for no particular reason. It turns out some people experience an endless nightmare, the world is full of some very dark fates indeed:

>My date send me a love poem and wants to spend time with me, maybe I'll call her later.

Didn't you two go on a first date only a few days ago? That's still nice I guess.

>I've nothing against political discussion when it's not stupid shit flinging that is more or less insults and witty remarks that are empty in reasoning.

I like people who can manage this. It's nice to debate for its own sake but rare you can find people willing to do it, they need thick skin and an appreciation for dialogue which writes off most people irl. Maybe that is why I still use imageboards even if it's so rare to actually have productive a discussion.

It just popped into my mind how the definition of trolling is indicative of this. It used to be that trolling was adopting a deliberately false image to get reactions from people, I think the definition now is more veering on being rude and criticising someone's opinion.
No. 29192
Cant go to sleep on time for few days now, reading Dungeon Meshi. It's gloriously funny and smart!

But now I cant go to sleep because it reached the part where witty culinary comedy quietly took a turn to dark gritty alley that can rival early Berserk. My body was not ready.
No. 29200
You should see all the complete idiots on steam should you ever he masochistic enough to delve into its discussion boards and comments sections. It's to the point where merely disagreeing with the stupid fucks gets "durrr stop trolling durrrrr" They actually seem to think you're genuinely only disagreeing with their idiotic view is "trolling."
No. 29216
>It just popped into my mind how the definition of trolling is indicative of this. It used to be that trolling was adopting a deliberately false image to get reactions from people, I think the definition now is more veering on being rude and criticizing someone's opinion.
I think part of what defined trolling is the "aftermath", which is more than just an individual's reaction. Old forums and their ilk didn't set a strict definition but generally the whole "no feeding the troll" aspect was put in place to prevent full-on flame wars. Some banter, some genuine anger was tolerated but trolling was a separate issue. Trolling was the prelude to something nasty, but it could be defused by a community that knew how to handle itself.
Nowadays, I'm not sure how the aftermath factors in. Some "trolling" is childishly benign but gets the same reaction as if you personally shat on someone's yard. It's like the appearance of "trolling" matters more than its potential effects. Like deliberately goading a whole board into a fight gets the same reaction as typing "lol fag" or simply disagreeing. It's like the standards for handling yourself got drawn and quartered.
Though I feel like "shilling" sometimes gets thrown around the same way trolling is. Both imply a degree of insincerity to the argument ("no one believes this unless they want to piss you off" vs "no one believes this unless they're being paid") and both are used to devalue an opposing opinion, while also being based on real phenomena (trolling personas and paid commenters). Granted, the shill retort is seen more often on imageboards and the expected reaction to shilling is meant to be laughter rather than moral outrage, though both still seem to feed into this hugbox mentality.
No. 29222
The accusation of shilling is different though. Trolling is a personal thing. Accusing someone of being a shill is specifically a community wide manipulative thing, and is more often than not used by someone who doesn't even really believe that person is being paid but makes the accusation anyway so as to control people. The people most fond of the word shill on imageboards are manipulative assholes trying to deceive and control you as a crowd.
No. 29238
Not a self-written one but a surprisingly well one, just now I checked and supposedly it's by Erich Fried. Here's an english translation I found bc it's actually pretty good:

What it is

It is nonsense
says reason
It is what it is
says love

It is calamity
says calculation
It is nothing but pain
says fear
It is hopeless
says insight
It is what it is
says love

It is ludicrous
says pride
It is foolish
says caution
It is impossible
says experience
It is what it is 
says love

Also yeah, it's a bit fast given that we just met the first time on sunday. The phone call was alright, we talked a lot about wörk. What kinda suprprised me was that after the first date she already started with the daily good night messages and I must say that even though I'm not at all as inflamed emotionally as I was with the depressed hs crush or the instable teenage nympho (it's a bit clicheé that I find myself rather drawn to these problematic kind of women, really what I'm experiencing now is a bit less exciting but feels emotionally safte at least), she is giving me an intimate warmth now already that I have rarely witnessed.

Maybe this is Eros coming to sit on my lap?
No. 29245
I thought about my ex love today and made some more progress to getting what I really want. I wrote some poetry

I loved her like liquid loves it’s container and i’m now superfluid
I wanted her like the sun wants the west
I needed her like a baby needs it’s momma
I breathed for her like the way the moon raises the sea
I lived for her like jesus did for us
I was in her the way peas go in a pod
We were together like peanut butter
It’s slowing like a train
Screeching scratch
I don’t know how to want it stop
For I am what I feel
Therefore living with the decision
Of being me
I had the dream
I loved her, I loved her, I loved her
I needed her, I needed her, I needed her
She seemed literally perfect
Chill but like a yeti
I reach in my pockets, find spaghetti
No. 29464
Just burned a pan full of chicken thighs to a crisp. The whole flat smells like shit and the neighbors are complaining.
This is the worst consecutive two days I've had this year. Now, the mystery is whether I'm fucking up because of the depression, or if I'm depressed because I keep fucking up.

Funnily enough, stuff like breaking my pen or burning food gets me down bad, while for psych issues it's more of a "walk it off" situation.
No. 29471
Tbh, I think it's because petty bullshit just feels more like the universe is taking you for a ride. It's a lot more frustrating than bigger stuff in my experience also.
No. 29567
163 kB, 533 × 800
Well, I don't believe in luck, and there's a clear pattern of fuckups happening here.
The universe is blameless, I might just be retarded.
No. 29571
Pretty much this. Like I know factually one bad thing that just happened that's making me depressed is directly my own fault for being a dumbass.
No. 29598
I need to translate some Latin sentences for credit points but haven't done so in nearly 10 years and besides even back then I wasn't very good at it.
Thank dog there is a webpage that gives out the form of the words: cases, tempi etc.
But when it analyses the sentence I copy pasted it gives me a massive range of options but also some tips on how to approach. I can make mistakes in the translation tho, nothing will be examined.
Overheard that the other course I was planning to attend last semester was actually with grammar exercises at the whiteboard, I would have died there. Guess I'm lucky here at least.
No. 29646
No. 29654
>posts 5 year old video in the today thread
Go back to your shithole kohltard this is the today thread
No. 29667
25 kB, 475 × 653
I stumbled upon the video today so it's relevant for the today I am experiencing today. Contain your histronics, Ernestine.
No. 29670
Honest to god, I feel tired.

Got a text anthology from the library to ease the burden a bit. (So I'm only reading what's necessary when it comes to poetry, instead of trying to take down giant volumes like a literary Don Quijote.)
(No chance in Hell I'm tackling the entirety of Augustine's confessions, unless I'm told to do outright.) (Though so far, whenever I asked what to read, I was met with the response "whatever you want, but X is the curriculum XD", but whenever I power my way through X, I'm met with "You read it, because you are a stubborn animal m8", which I guess is code for "I'm glad you are trying, but you are only making it harder for yourself")
It really does feel like I'm banging my head in a wall sometimes.

I read some of Villon's poetry today. It's magnificent. It speaks to me because he sings my fears and hopes.

I've decided to turn off the laptop early. I have 40 pages of primary lit to get through from the anthology, and then I'm yet to read more of the textbook.
(And I haven't even started with grammar yet, so I'm guessing tomorrow will be a "bloodbath" too, like last time. Nothing better, really.)

Gonna work on Saturday. Thankfully I get paid, so it's not necessarily a big deal. I can always just leave two hours early if I feel overly tired.
No. 29729
80 kB, 1000 × 1000
I recently bought a laptop desk for my bed. It was a horrible decision, not only is it too high but the corner has rubbed my wrist and now there is a big itchy lump that brought a brief worry that some insect might be biting me.

Oh well, today was still 10/10 :---D

Careful now, she's starting to sound like a bunny boiler.
No. 29780 Kontra
A random youtube linked from five years ago with the only comment "kek" is not how your day was, it is a completely useless shitpost. Not a single person wants you annoying fucktards here and shitposts like that is exactly part of why.
No. 29805
It was the only part of my day that was worth sharing. I could've shared some of my shitty poetry or written a long diatribe about the texture of my morning's diarrhea but I was kind enough to spare you.

Today threads were always a place to contain the kind of inane blogposting that would've spawned seperate threads on KC, my neu-ernst friend.
No. 29948
This can be the Ernst General from now on with all the kohl influx and its constipation. Shitty syria threads, two times and one because we don't have one, oh yeah.
News pole posting shitty links for darwinian online pseuds. Only now I realized how KC was about a few people with shitty attitudes make the picture of a whole country. Whats worth is that I'm definitely become old, I feel Fremdscham when I think of a pole around 25-30 who has nothing better to do than such posting links.
No. 29979
Seen my first nightmare in English today. This is strange, because people usually see dreams in the language they "think" in (so, Russian in my case), not to mention that I stopped seeing nightmares altogether several years ago.

I find myself standing near a building, and I know it's a school building (it happens often in dreams, you just know the background of something or someone without any explanation). Everything feels like a videogame, so I walk to a shy-looking guy near the entrance and sorta "activate" him to listen what he has to say. He says in a quiet voice, "That was unexpected. Throwing rocks at teachers is one thing, but this time she went too far." I "activate" him again. He addresses me, "Hey, you always were friendly with her, right? You should talk to teachers and her mom." From this I figure that some sort of friend of mine got herself into some trouble, and I'm supposed to look into the matter. I "activate" him once more to check if he knows something else, but he suddenly screams very loudly with some sort of audio glitches, "Fox, foooox, foOoOoOOooOOOox!" while making weird faces. This stuns me for a second and really creeps me out, so I decide to leave the guy alone and enter the building.

Everything looks decrepit inside, with debris, broken glass and fallen plaster lying everywhere. I head straight to the teachers' lounge. There are several teachers and a woman who I know is my friend's mother discussing something. I "talk" to the woman and she says, "My daughter would never do something like that." I "activate" her again, and she asks me, "You know her well, will you put in your word for her?" I "activate" her once more, and she screams in a glitching voice, "Head, heaaaaad, hEaaaaaAAAaaaaAAaad!" This time, I collapse on the floor in some sort of seizure, incapable of moving my arms and legs (possibly it was a sleep paralysis), and the last thing I see is horribly distorted faces of teachers and the girl's mother looking down on me. Then I wake up.

It got me wondering, does Ernst ever see dreams in languages different from their mother tongue?
No. 29982
They all should be banned or our board dead. They just continue shitpost forever untill whole board become one big shotposting dumbster and this EC will die same way as previous EC and krautchan.
No. 29993
We're back? Ebin. I just realised that I got tomorrow off. What a day, interact with a cool old dude, get EC back, and get to stay up late/sleep in tomorrow.

Life is really doing me a solid with this one :-DDD
No. 29998
Dreaming in a language is a true sign of fluency.
You should be happy.
No. 30003
I had to set my first alarms before 6:00am today. This displeases me greatly. I shouldn't have to start waking up in what's basically still middle of the night and I imagine such hours to be hell in the dead of winter when it doesnt even reach sunrise until, 8:00am.
No. 30005
Sometimes when I get into an obsessive curiosity mode and spend all day learning about some subject, the very same day I'll have dream about it. And they're not normal dreams, but basically I'll be thinking in my sleep. Like one day I become obsessed with audio amplifiers, and have a dream where I run a cost benefit analysis of all the features, characteristics, price, tradeoffs, etc. Unfortunately, those dreams are useless, since in typical dreamlike fashion, all of the products and characteristics involved are fictional.
No. 30019
Not necessarily. The dialogues were very short and simple, so they just might have been some stock phrases that I've heard somewhere and that resurfaced in my dream.

I guess when you get overfed with information during the day, and your brain is hard at work of sorting it all during the night, some of that information may "leak" into your dreams. It kinda-sorta explains why my dream was like it was: since I am on a vacation, I've been gaming a lot, and I almost always play vidya in English. Still doesn't explain the spookiness, though; the whole yesterday morning I couldn't repeat the harmless English word "fox" without having chills running down my spine.

Oh, and it wasn't a lucid dream at all. I never have and never had lucid dreams, for better or for worse.
No. 30060
Today was a day of reflection on the legacy of The Dark Knight Rises. In that sense, it reminded us of the fact that a film that is celebrated, that we have such a close relationship with Batman, can also be so disappointing to fans.

I remember coming home from lunch with my mother one summer evening, not at all expecting to see Batman Forever on the TV, but I was disappointed to hear how disappointed I was. My parents, the old school, they were all aware of the films, but were shocked to see the movie. No, this was a story that made Batman seem stupid, and had him become the same flawed guy that he was in the comics. In fact, he was worse in the film, and in many ways, I felt that movie was even worse.

At the end of the day, I don't think there is any more shame to be attached to The Dark Knight than there is with anything else we have enjoyed.
No. 30085
how my day went from day one to day two" I got what I'd like to call "The Little Engine That Could," a small, simple project which was written on my Apple II.

I'm not sure why I thought it was an Apple II project. Actually, the only thing I'd notice about the Apple II was that we couldn't access the keyboard. (And besides, it was a 16-bit system.) But every other aspect of my day, starting at 8:00 AM and running through 3:00 PM, became very different!

So, you might ask now "What on earth is this little little tool for writing code?" The problem is this: while it is a real keyboard, it is a keyboard on a single chip, and, as you might have assumed, it has a keyboard (albeit a much smaller keyboard). When you actually hit the "Enter" key on the keyboard, you are really hitting the "Fn" key, which is on this little little chip.
No. 30107
today i went to walmart and saw these shirts on sale and i ordered two pairs and got the black and white. It's so soft and feels like you're wearing a nice t-shirt!

The quality is great too!!
No. 30116
9,6 MB, 2884 × 2163
Waffle House popped up into my mind and now I'm a bit sad I will never sit comfy in a Waffle House and have a typical US breakfast/lunch/dining experience.
Perhaps my hunger causes all of the above.
No. 30127
Do Ernst have days it's just impossible to get out of bed?

I got yelled at by my mother every 30 minutes to get my lazy ass out of bed to do some housework, but I just turned over and fell back asleep. I dunno if this is depression creeping back or am I such a lazy piece of shit by nature...
No. 30130
Work went pretty well. I filled my thermos with green tea instead of black, and it really lifted my spirit.
Even got a little "bonus" for working on the weekend. Some Stroopwaffels and some extra money. (Basically just rounding up my daily wage to a full 10k banknote.)

Strangely enough the used booksellers were open. Picked up a copy of Boccaccio's Complete Works in one volume, Sartre's Nausea and Thomas Mann's essay on Wagner. (Leiden und Grösse Richard Wagners or, The Sorrows and Greatness or Richard Wagner)
One of the mayor candidates was campaigning nearby. It was the "le outsider intellectual who talks big" guy. He got famous for being a "ruthless" judge on a talent show a few years back. Now everyone who has serious convictions about things and isn't afraid to say so is likened to him. "Wow, you are just like serious-opinions-man".
Also bought a Schwarzwälder torte for my mother's birthday.

Tomorrow I'm going to go and vote in the local elections. With that concluded, I've voted in every type of election there is.
Not like it really matters, but I guess it's sort of an achievement.

I slept pretty well yesterday. I basically fell into my bed at 7:30 and woke up at around 6:30. It was like being afloat and above existence. It was great.

I'm glad Ernstchan is back on track. Hopefully it can whether this storm until Kohlchan comes back.
No. 30136
You accidentally an image

To be fair, I haven't had this experience either, though I somehow doubt I'm missing much. US big chain restaurants are almost universally trash.
No. 30142
314 kB, 2400 × 1600
154 kB, 1280 × 720
There are IHOP's in Germany aren't there?
If so, they're pretty much the same.
No. 30157
91 kB, 1190 × 1007
On US Bases perhaps, no chance of ever getting in.

I want hashbrowns and sausage or a steak with egg and toast for breakfast and a delicious pancake with whipped cream and some sirup or choco or whatever is put on it. Fucking hell, the closest you can get when it comes to non-frenchy breakfast here is British breakfast. We don't have many chains anyway and when you go to a café the food is way too fancy, I want tasty trash tbh.
No. 30158
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>With that concluded, I've voted in every type of election there is.
Good for you. I've only voted in national elections, which is strange because those are the ones where your vote has the least impact. The smaller local stuff is decided by much thinner margins, so you can feel like you were heard, and potentially even make a difference.

The Waffle House isn't fancy, but for a greasy diner they make pretty good food. I've only been there a few times, and it was always really early or really late. Maybe it's common for some people to visit regularly for lunch and such, but I always thought of it as a waystation when you just need a place to crash.
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Try this place sometime. It sounds like they may have what you're desiring.
They're called "the Denny's of Germany."