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No. 28187
24 kB, 450 × 300
proccia ernsts pls give me images and descriptions of what russia is like at it's heart, or just generally the slavic east, ukraineposters, belarus etc, what do your deepest most treasured childhood memories consist of, what is your home like in your mind, what do you remember seeing in history books, or glimpses of memory, etcetera; what is so overcharacteristically, stereotypically russian in a positive sense that it might come to mind if your country would come across in a major motion picture or something, even a rural part, that it might be recognizable to people of alls the worlds? thnx
No. 28188
t. Rossia
No. 28189
1,4 MB, 1584 × 886
58 kB, 640 × 480
No. 28192
107 kB, 1000 × 606
Well, everything easy to google and it's not like north korea which are closed to external viewer. Why you want find out things on EC specificly?
No. 28197
All you think you know about Russia is a long past that became deeply obsolete in early 2010s.
Modern Russia is semi-cyberpunk society with a "good goyim" mentality and intense fear of knowing its past.

This >>28189 is Russia of the past, mid 00s in its core. This image is made of nostalgia, it is practically anachronism to the point of becoming a meme.
No. 28198
>This is Russia of the past, mid 00s in its core. This image is made of nostalgia, it is practically anachronism to the point of becoming a meme.
Feels like it was almost yesterday, innit?
It's so strange to see images like these.
No. 28199
wow depressing
No. 28200

Could you elaborate more? I know the memes circulating on the internet are memes, but given their sheer amount, they seem to have some kind of essence of the contemporary Russia conveyed, or are these memes made of images/things long gone?
I read an article from somebody who went to Norsibirsk and it reminded me of what Russians tell you about Russia on the internet not the russia trink kind of people tho. Alcoholics and drunk people, but also crashing of consumerism and new trends from overseas. And here comes the big BUT: Only few people can actually engage in this consumerism, many Russians still lead a rather gloomy life without a prospect of new or rising wealth. Perhaps this is what you mean by Cyberpunk? Modern consumerism but most people are too poor for it hence a big divide within society?
I sometimes watch these "Stop a Douchbag" guys and there seem to be certain character types like the old guy who yells and swears in ignorance at the 'activists' or the poshy and more rich looking woman starring at her phone when approached by the 'activists' e.g. also the aggressiveness at times, but I guess you could have the same results in Germany but we don't have such problems
No. 28201 Kontra
crashing in of consumerism.. I guess I meant breakthrough of consumerism
No. 28208
Russia as seen on the Wectern internet is like a star viewed though the lens of a telescope: the impressions which reach us represent states already long since passed.
No. 28210
412 kB, 1280 × 847
Nah, nowdays about life conditions it more or less the same
Just in 00s everyone thought tommorow will be better, nowdays everyone know it will be worse. In 00s goverment not cared anything about exept about themselfs, now they trying to push on everything, rebuilding hard-style authoritoric regime.
(pic: "Probalby, wrong year"
No. 28216
>everyone thought tommorow will be better,
Well I hope you've all learned you lesson because tomorrow is always going to be worse
t. Dystopian super power dwelling-pro
No. 28217
Systematic alcoholism and all those memetic "crazy russians doing crazy shit" is mostly now only seen in small half-abandoned depressive towns somewhere in Syberia.
Vodka is super expensive now, absolute majority drinks beer and there are lots of people who don't drink alcohol at all.
Consumerism is very intense on every level, if people can't afford stuff they fake it or buy a shitty copy. You can see people living in a rotting shack but having the latest iphone, which is very expensive here. Rich people are literally installing golden toilets in their estates, roleplaying aristocracy(this is not a joke, they actually roleplay hard).

>what you mean by Cyberpunk
I mean it in a literal way, Russia is controlled by transnational corporations fully integrated into government, having their private armies, gangs, intimidation squads.
They easily change the law how they like it, they control the courts, they control everything. For example, the biggest telecommunication corporation is using its administrative power to become something like overlord for every smaller company in the country engaged in telecomm techs by forcing everybody via its gov lobby to transmit connections only via its servers. Same servers are used by the government for surveillance. The other corporation is controlling literally every big site in the ru-zone, including all social networks. Now they attempting to take control over biggest russian search engine, Federal Antimonopoly Service just ignores.
Every shithole in Russia is connected to the internet, cashless pay is everywhere, surveillance is everywhere, banks are using AI to track down people, police is using face recognition, spy drones spying on you, first discussions on implementing chinese social credit system are being held, etc.

>rather gloomy life without a prospect of new or rising wealth
This is true, but not in a way of typical third world shithole with children wearing ripped clothing and sleeping in dirt near the cattle.

Average russian is living in a super small flat, either in soviet era half-ruined commieblock(those are usually hold a family of 3 or 4 in a 1-2 rooms flat) or modern capitalist block(poorly built 20-30 floor towers and walls from cheapest possible materials, holing mostly 1-3 russians per 1 room flat, sometimes like 15 square meters in full size). The first one looks more or less like a normal flat but the second one is usually something hotel-like, not suited for normal life.

Wages are low and not growing for years. And due to how economy works here there is practically no reason to change your job, everywhere is the same wages with few exceptions like programmers and oilrig workers. The only way to increase your wealth - moving to the bigger city. This means that villagers are dying super fast, there are like only 25% of rural russians left, maybe even less, including pre-industrialization regions like Caucasus and Tuva. Cities are super-overpopulated, we have more 1+ million pop cities than USA. Competition is hard, living space is very low.

Typical city is a 1-2 historical streets in the center, surrounded by several commieblock districts and then by endless fields of 25-floor buildings in an empty field.

Due to very shitty road planning and no transportation we have things like everyday queues to the bus, people spending 2+ hours every day to get to the job(one way), horrific traffic jams, etc.
This, combined with 8-10 hours/day job causes absolute lack of free time, meaning online activities and TV is the only way of getting entertainment for many people.

Young people often have no computers due lack of space and mobile phones use, people can't afford laptop or regular hardware updates.

Internet is slowly becoming more and more regulated, we still have piracy and shit but on the government level they are seriously discussing the ideas of isolating Russia from the rest of the world, either in a chinese or Best Korea scenario.

Birth rates are hitting new lows with 10% yearly decrease because people don't want to reproduce in such conditions.

Overall, average russian has neither dark, nor contrast but very bleak life.
No. 28218
Russia is your typical "country with potential but can't realise it" tier country

They are good, but they can be better than that
No. 28219
This is actually way worse than I imagined. I had no idea Russia was completely that dark. Also of all those oligarchs in Russia, how many are Evri? How much are corpos even owned by people living in Russia, as opposed to just oligarchs from other countries or even oligarchs theoretically Ryssian but who've never even set foot in Russia in the last year? How much farther do you think Russia is from basically being some kind of under the reign of the antichrist post-Capitalist universal surveillance cyberpunk dystopian horrorshow?
No. 28220
All russian oligarchs have foreign citizenship in addition to russian, usually in Europe or USA. Their families are in the West. They come here only for the job.

>antichrist post-Capitalist universal surveillance cyberpunk dystopian horrorshow
High corruption is the only thing that somewhat prevents it. For now.
But the thing is - Russia is being pushed into chinese sphere of influence. Chinese specialists are working in russian telecomm and security companies, helping them to implement gov's surveillance tech, developed by China and re-adapted by russians. This means that the systems would actually work up to some degree.
Government had and actual old plan of universal chip implanting and still not abandoned it. This project is "delayed".
No. 28224
75 kB, 423 × 640
>Government had and actual old plan of universal chip implanting and still not abandoned it.
Fucking what
No. 28227
>what russia is like at it's heart

The Russian Ernst who wrote this >>28217 post described it perfectly. Nobody cares about the country here, from the factory worker who lives in a tiny apartment with his wife and his parents to the obscenely rich ministers and CEOs of state corporations. The culture, the history, except for the annual 9th of may Victory day circlejerk, even the geography of the country let alone the world that surrounds it - a blank space in the minds of most of my compatriots, including me though to a lesser extent.

From the subway and sewage systems to housing to what remains of the army and the navy, everything that still functions here was inherited by the bastard state known as the Russian Federation from the USSR.

The law also works in mysterious ways. For instance, my father, who runs a power tools store, was forced by the order of a court to pay 400 thousands rubles to people in whose property he invested money in the early 2000s. Said people promised to build a shopping mall and never did. Now, almost two decades later, they appeared out of nowhere and took every single investor to court under some ridiculous charges. Needless, to say, every single investor, including my father, lost the case and will have to part with some of their money.

And don't even get me started on the almost irreversible population decline, the hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of migrants who move here every year and the vassalisation of Russia by China.

The calamities of the 20th century broke the country's back, starting with the Russo-Japanese war and ending with the revolution of 1991-1993. The wars and the revolutions wiped our the flower of our nation and decades of totalitarian opression conditioned the average Russian to blindly trust the government. Russia right now is on its last legs, much like the rest of Europe. Except while the rest of Europe is slowy descending towards its demise Russia took a head-first dive from a Moscow City skyscraper and is seconds away from having its brains scattered on the concrete.
Don't let anybody fool you, not only is this country not a superpower or a power of any sort, it's in terminal decline and will never rise again.
No. 28228
4,2 MB, 640 × 360, 0:49
Is Video related a good example of the disturbed cyberpunk?
No. 28230
No. 28233
China not as bright and powerfull as it portrayed too. I doupt it will "concquer russia" or anything like that.

Kind of yes, a dying nation without future. I guess there nothing much can be done with it exept divide it on separate countries and hope that they will done better. At least in this case some oarts of russia will become countries with future, while other can go to full 4th world tier.
No. 28234
>Chinese specialists are working in russian telecomm and security companies
They are pretty much worldwide.
>I doupt it will "concquer russia" or anything like that.
The problem is corrupted bureaucrats who sell everything to Chinese. So Chinese surely don't respect Russian government.
No. 28237
21 kB, 408 × 230
52 kB, 550 × 412
Nobody respect russian goverment and they don't understand respect because they have gopnik psyhology.
They also sell everything to anyone, not only to china.

What you need know about modern russia, is that Yakut shaman by foot walked to moscow to "cast out" putin, he had a lot of followers and attention, he was multiple times stopped with followers and it even rised protests Buryatia, however recently he was arrested.

But now there is new Shaman who said he will continue this path, and like half of country following this event. Yes, this is 2019.
No. 28239
>Consumerism is very intense on every level, if people can't afford stuff they fake it or buy a shitty copy

In clothing and gadgets I suppose? Maybe even drive an expensive car but living in a shitty flat with your whole family.
But only wealthier people will dine in the trendy restaurants with new food trends I guess, etc. so things you cannot really fake. With consumerism I mean that the palette of goods and events or whatever is becoming diverse like in wectern countries but only few can actually consume the diverse palette whereas most people can only partially enjoy or enjoy only to a low percentile enjoy the palettes variety. Others will have to make do with fakes or go without the new diverse palette. I know many Russians buy stuff from aliexpress e.g. but that is not the consumerism I was adressing in my post. I adressed specifically the consumer goods that means also events like going raving in club each weekend, or skydiving, fancy new restuarants ..you get the deal that are made for a middle and upper class. So these goods are not enjoyed by many, you either renounce or fake. But the fake is spotted as such and thus the symbolic value is low. I mean that there is a divide in what gets consumed, real luxury and fancy stuff for few and many fakes or nothing from the new diverse palette at all. I don't deny that Russia has no consumerism. It's wecternized in that regard ofc.

The gap between rich and poor is big, might be the short subsumption of my post. But then again look at the USA or even European countries and you have the same trends.
No. 28244
Also I wanted to know. What about this theft secure Ritter Sport and sausages etc? Is this really just an exceptional meme or actually a thing in metropolian supermarkets?
No. 28246
It is real thing, at least in my local "Лента" hypermart. Yes, since RitterSport here is a bit of """premium""" product that cost more than your averege palm oil """chocolate""" and it is small enough you can put it into your pocket, so it is in protective case. Not today however - they are on "sale" so most of them for this week just on "sale" shelves.
AAA/AA etc. battarey cells often in similar cases, some expensive meat products, alchgol etc may be also. It is things that not something unavalible, but you know, not your just bought and go things for many russians - it is often more on expensive side. Like how many ritter sport is... 200 roubles nowdays, I presume? 10 years ago for 200 roubles you may buy a busket of products.
No. 28250
Holy fucks, I thought it was a meme

t. momma's boy
No. 28308
78 kB, 968 × 726

Is it possible you are just liberasts from Sankt Pidorburg who hate Russia?
No. 28313 Kontra
This is a board for discussions, not shitposting.
No. 29280
My recent observation of social tendencies in Russia tells me that it's going to be as far right in the next political cycle as maintaining its' current borders would allow.

Ernsts above were correct about the desperation people feel about their future. They also pointed out hyperurbanisation and increasing telecom connectivity, and those are changing the society faster than anyone can keep track of. This year, 2019, was the first year horizontal connections were seriously used for political action. Since early summer there is a developing story of few dozens of new political prisoners who were prosecuted for protest activity against police and against electoral frad. The unusual dynamic about them, the one that never happened before, is the fact that the majority of those cases could not carry their own weight and were shut down due to grassroot action against them, a combination of internet accountability, press, street activism and nongovernment volunteers.

As of now, it appears there was an attempt of repressions against the protest, but it failed, because all victims were accounted for, and most got out. So, the repression action could not reach its goal - to strike fear into massess. In fact, it did the opposite, the massess became angrier, smarter, more agile and more dismayed. Their horizontal connectivity increased, you can now probably get more help this way than ever before. A lot of those groups are based around local problematic, down to the scale of single commieblock, or single crop of nearby commieblocks. They attempt self-regulation and try to increase their local independence. This demand is what I see as a reflection of future political demands, that are ripening in Russia right now, in total absence of a right-leaning political power that could harvest it and capitalize on it.
No. 29408
Not sure what do you mean by right politics, but russian government is againt social support for everybody except police and military and supportive towards race mixing and multikulti.

The latest hot change was the pension system reform which makes it almost impossible for non-policemen men to get it(because people die early here) and makes it harder for women.
No. 29422
Please try to include actual information the next time you write a post, thank you.
No. 29431
I travel quite a lot. And at home, I often meet with foreigners. I can say that Russians look better, are better dressed, Russian women are much more elegant, Russians are confident, better educated, eat better, do not save on light, heat and water and therefore smell better.)
No. 29468
Never seen things like that btw.
t. Siberian
No. 29641
>far right
No. 29655
Russia = strong
Foreigners = bad
No. 29657
Not really eastern slav here but I have childhood memories of early 00s Poland if that helps.
Streets all fucked up, when the car of my family (I was born in germany but we've visited our family over there every year) bumped over the deep holes in the streets my used to hold my head so it wouldn't bang against the seat.
Most of the cars were from soviet days still, only a few had western cars from the 90s.
Music was super cheap and cheesy disco polo with epileptic high-pitched beats and on parties there usually were 3L fake Coca Cola bottles for the children.
My mom's family was raised altogether on a small farm, so we usually spent most of the time there.
I played with the other kids of the family outside, we fed rhe rabbits in their rusty cages and played family in the barn. There was an old tireless car stranded on the field, we used to sit in at warm summer evenings.
In winter we would go to the higher points of the fields and take plastic bags with us on which we would glide down through the snow.
At christmas eve all the family gathered and had a meal, presents were given out and the children were told that over at the barn jesus christ would make the animals talk tonight.
Also there was my great-grandmother, the matriarch of the family. Always wearing a headscarf, she was said to have never ever in her life worn shoes and came to southern-silesia from eastern-galicia. In a train together with all of her 13 children, she always used to say that the germans were saints compared to the ukrainians.
But all of this is very distant, it's just a memory from far away and I see myself as a child moving in it like in an old movie.
No. 29683
You can look it up.
Power inevitably changes, and the next one over would try to fulfill the demand, whatever the demand is. Otherwise it won't become "next power". This is the demand that I feel.
There isn't even a moderately right-wing party in Russia atm, not even the fake one. Does that mean there's no demand for nationalism and local self-government? No, it doesn't, it only means that the system is artificial and fake, and the right-leaning crowd is least represented even by the shitty representation standards that are in place.
No. 29710
No. 30083
Russia is cold also dark and full of suffering. Russia is the land of blood, death and suffering. Its people have endured many years of starvation and war. However, Russia has become a great power once again. It's economy has transformed into one of the world's foremost economic giants and Russia still remains strong within Europe and Asia
No. 36142
Why the hell such slav-interested threads are even a thing? We're not drastically different from the rest of east Europe.
>Russia has become a great power once again
No. 36143
You are a very interesting people.

Your tendency to without fail react with confusion or paranoia when foreigners take interest or like your country or people only makes my interest harder. Now continue to be interesting. Let us discuss Nekrosov's poem about a reformed evil sorcerer who rules where Santa fears to tread.
No. 36151
116 kB, 604 × 355
Another russia threda?
Oh, this is old one
No. 55527
people like their own people, wow big deal.

>Why the hell such slav-interested threads are even a thing?
it's because even the people who are under influence of "russia bad" news they eventually want to hear something different even if they won't change their opinion. it's some kind of amusement stuff that I can't properly describe as I'm not an expert when it comes to English.
No. 55532
> decades of totalitarian opression conditioned the average Russian to blindly trust the government
I think it's exactly the opposite. All the Russians have learned is not to trust anything. Here are few proofs.
1. Russian vaccination numbers (even official ones) are very low. People don't rush to take our glorious and superior vaccine.
2. Everyone except wannabe cops (who need to serve to apply to job) tries to avoid conscript at all costs despite propaganda tells us that it's just like "pioneer camp" (boy-scout camp) these days.
3. Just speak to vatniks.
"Putin is cool and numba one" is something very rare and pathological. Usually it's "Yes, he steals, but what if other ruler would steal even more?", "At least we have something to eat", "At least there is no full scale war", "I voted for Putin because I don't want Zhirik/Sobchak to be president".
Most of propaganda efforts are not targeted to convince that Putin and government are good, they are targeted to convince that everyone in the world is bad.
No. 55567
post sovok is the real hypercapitalist region, not the west. that's something a lot of people don't realize.

turns out, le invisible hand of the market becomes much stronger when all the previous structures, cultures and institutions have been destroyed, so there's no subjective or sentimental resistance to the consequences of capitalism.

that said, I do not think that going back to pre-modernity is the answer anyway.
No. 55586
2,0 MB, 245 × 245, 0:04
>modernity is shit
>pre-modernity is shit
>post-modernity probably is going to be quite shit on earth too
You know the answer already, tovarisch
No. 55603
Post-sovok is more archaic than capitalism. Here people don't have right of private property defended by law. They only own what they themselves can defend, and any big enough busyness should have "roof" in government to survive. So economy is divided between feudal lords from FSB and similar structures (new nobility, by self-description of Patrushev) while so called "oligarchs" are their proxies and milch cows.
No. 55604
"fair", government regulated capitalism has always been a lie.
The only reason regulated capitalism exists in wect is because it is kept in check by old institutions and powerful government entities that existed even before industrial revolution, as ideas.

In its purest form, capitalism takes over government and uses it as a proxy for control of public environment. This is where libertarian retards get it wrong. Corporatism IS capitalism. Monopoly is the natural end-point of capitalism.

If government were abolished, capitalists would create another one, because having monopoly on violence, and legitimacy as a state, thus having military and police, is every capitalist's wet dream.

And this is exactly the situation in post-sovok. Government is merely a proxy for oligarchs, with which they control public infrastructure, that private sector can't control efficiently.
No. 55605
I think you misunderstand the Russian situation, it isn't a matter of corporativist interests meshing the public and private sector, but fundamental property rights not really existing once businesses reach a certain level. This leads to as the Russian said, businesses requiring patronage from well positioned officials to prevent being taken over by another well connected group. In truth this really is closer to concept of clan-based neofeudalism than any late form capitalism of the sort.

>because having monopoly on violence, and legitimacy as a state, thus having military and police, is every capitalist's wet dream.
This is indeed what capitalism requires, the issue being when there isn't a monopoly on legitimacy and an agreed upon set of rules and instead what would otherwise be intercapitalist warfare, becomes a game of different interest groups leveraging their own stake in the state apparatus to wage war on each other.

When economic powers - large companies and similar aglomerates establish themselves in a manner somewhat independent from the state, it is in their interest to keep a status quo in which neither of the players can leverage the state to destroy their competition. While aglomerate A would like to theoretically use the state to wipe out it's competitors, it wouldn't be in their interest to place property rights at the mercy of the temporal whims of the state.

In the Russian case, the larger economic powers that be are directly connected to the state either granting them charter over whatever area they operate in. They rely on the state to maintain their status. Any attempt to change this, flies counter to the interests of the power that be.

Volkswagen AG wouldn't want to have the federal government of Germany seize the holdings of Daimler AG, if for no other reason than this fundamental erosion of property rights would soon reach them.
If however, Volkswagen AG owed it's existence and livelihood to a privileged position in regards to it's relationship with the state compared to its competitors - it would work with all of its power to perpetuate this relationship.

It's really a modern rendition on the approach of the royal palace giving out charters to people that are privileged within the court.
No. 55610
This to be quite honest.

You guys should all go and read Snowcrash. That is literally about where America is headed in a 50 years with the collapse in usual federal regulatory authority after a civil war. It's not just that the corpos own everything, but that the corpos become a State in and of themselves with their struggle for the monopoly on violence hence all the warring corporations with private sec forces in cyberpunk games and novels, which indeed is partly what we already have from for profit independent third party intelligence contractors to PMCs to private for profit prison industries. Privatizing local police municipalities is the next logical step. Real laissez faire Capitalism is at least as monumentally retarded an idea as full Communism. It can never be achieved, and any problem is blamed on the regulatory agencies they themselves control, and then we're told well the fact the control regulatory agencies is just another reason government is bad.

I'll tell you exactly what real Capitalism looks like and it looks like Mexico. All that Cartel violence and the warring factions of narcos being surrogate police, militia, judicial forces, that is what real Capitalism is, in fact all the major as well as smaller companies already have huge internal governmental structures and are in essence states within a state. I think our masks mandates are hilarious in that people still bitched about muh big government here but the deferment to corporate states through the pandemic, both when companies here literally banned people from wearing masks to when other companies began mandating them even where no local laws existed, put the truth in plaim view, and a part of that truth is that at least here people are willing to directly go against The State but do not dare to go against The Company. All the state essentially does is provide the private security apparatus at no expense to the corpos and maintain violence as well as also provided enough gibes so as to socialize the costs of doing business and have the state take peoples money and give it back to impoverished workers who don't have enough to survive on in order to maintain a harmonious enough society to avoid business disruptions. When that is no longer affordanle the government simply prints more money and people run up private credit.
No. 55614
2,8 MB, 640 × 360, 0:43
It may be a bit more a direct and different thing in Russia, but here at least no business is actually truly independent in fact simply registering a new business requires going through this absolutely byzantine process. Like you cannot simply incorporate yourself, which everyone would do to take tax breaks from living expenses for example as a "cost of personal business." It often requires all manner of registration fees and licensing agreements and so on, particularly the more closer you get to challenging the monopolies or duopolies of any of the real powers in this country.

I will take take examples for you.

For starters, my one relative could not register his farm as being "organic." That is because the label itself is "Organic" is a registered trademark and therefore requires licensing fees. The mark itself also allows for a variety of different chemicals to be used, which most typically are also used by the major industrial farms. In order to simply apply for the registration and the licensing fees it costs something like $1200 for that alone. As a result of this, because he is only this tiny small little farm trying to sell tomatoes and eggs or some shit he's literally banned from legally calling his fresh produce which had literally nothing applied to it but chickenshit who themselves had no hormones or anything "organic" because the fee alone would make his small operation utterly unprofitable, which in turn eliminates even the small town farmer as competition to the major agribusinesses which constitute a major power bloc in our midwest. So even with something so simple as calling literally organic produce "OrganicTM" he can get sued and shut down by the state for breaking the law that ultimately protects the major agricorps whose votes every president also wants, especially Republicans.

I'll take for you another example, much more recent.

In my state it's literally illegal to issue any type of cryptocurrency, or to engage in I forget how it's worded but different types of conduct as regards starting and profiting off your own crypto, particularly as regards those who issue private shares in the coin, premints, controlling stakes, insider trader tier stuff etc. The application to a registration fee is on its own $5,000, which mind you they can still turn your application down. There are very few other exchanges than Coinbase legally allowed to buy directly coins and tokens in this state partly for that reason, which meaning you cannot open your own exchange nor PnD scam here, partly because while it's claimed as usual "to protect the consumers" what it's really doing is not simply protecting but controlling the flow of wealth here among the major oligarchs. There are similar laws throughout different states and countries which are banning independent cryptos, in the sense that you literally require millions of dollars of investment and large teams just to issue your own tokens and shitcoins, because said shit tokens while trash on their own and utterly worthless objectively are in fact an investment scheme of the major bankers, corpos, oligarchs, and various other connected investors.

As a result of all this, the state has de facto issued a scheme of patronage without directing it in writing in such a way that anybody without thorough and deep knowledge of legalese could see it for what it is, and the State has itself become the arbiter of who can buy or sell or become a real player, as arbitrated of course by the oligarchs and the corpos because State itself is essentially nothing but an investment scheme and corpo enforcement arm only with various additional byzantine steps so as to obscure it. This includes of course people like Monsanto and Pfizer execs walking through the revolving doors of public-private positions to head State organs like the DEA and FDA and EPA so as to give their blessing on who can and cannot pollute with what chemicals and can or can not form companies as well as turning blind eyes to in theory illegal trades with one while dropping the SEC hammer down on the others. This is also, in part, why private citizens like say Trump, Koch, and Soros piss through millions of dollars on lobbying fees.

What I will tell you is that the main thing differentiating the Russians is because the Russians are notoriously direct and clumsy in everything they do, whereas the Anglo states in particular perfected that Fineprint Smile since long ago. The Russian has no nuance, and within his soul seems an inaptitude to fully or effectively deceive for whatever reason, as though when he lies he wants to tell the truth. Even when we tell the truth it's clear we're wanting to use that truth to lie, and often do, to such an extent I made a running joke with my father about "American honesty, the biggest, best, most beautiful honesty in the world" i.e. using truth and fineprint rules to deceive.

You see, in Soviet Russia even their propaganda was clumsily direct, and everyone knew it was the State and make jokes about it, whereas here even the FBI gets called Marxist. Everything they hate is "Marxists." Their indoctrination is thorough, and it is never detected as such, as mass surveillance, as nonstop propaganda, as censorship, because those words are called for State and not for private businesses. We are bathed in propo from cradle to grave, from radio and TV adds to billboards to popups, on all our food and luxuries and medicines, and we are entirely blind to it. Our power structure is organized similarly so that you have the thorough illusion of it being a different society to say Russia, and do not detect the various obscure mechanisms of the apparatus in order to enforce the will of competing multigenerational wealthy clans, among whom are people like the Bushes for example, or Trumps, or aspiring new clans like Clintons, or Cuomos and Kennedies and Bidens. They are effectively an aristocracy, and with certain complete useless retards like Kardashians consolidating their power for some reason, or Hilton clan hijacking the nightly news to advertise themselves and their own interests, and to then use the State apparatus to enforce their will against the competition.

It is at the point to me now where whenever I hear the latest advisory such that "cane sugar can give you cancer and kill you!" I simply blithely assume that some other corpo like the corn industry has recently gained a stronger hold over the sugar industry partly via the organs of State, whose utilization and patronage is vital towards become a real power that likewise competes with shaping the domestic and foreign policies.

So, in truth, we still have much the same as what you described, only without any of the clumsy Russian directness, but instead the Anglo finesse, insidiousness, and perfidy in totally obscuring itself. Simply so much as me renting a flat requires all kind of fees and dumb shit that more often than not goes to another company, which is owned by another holder, who is an asset of some conglomerate incorporated in Florida or Delaware. Simply trying to find out who actually owns the property I am renting to never own and giving my money to is itself a byzantine process, and assuredly they're lawyered up and shielded and given the blessing somewhere up on high where I cannot even see them or who even owns it and is registered with everyone from the BBBBetter Business Bureau to God Himself only knows what agencies and registrations and licensings to whom he himself owes his vassalage.
No. 55616
Well, what you describe seems standard for most places. The Russian case is far different and has its roots in the the peculiarities of the Soviet incomplete dissolution.

Also, I had parked my car in an empty field and was having a cigarette as I read your post. An unmarked car pulled up, some guy got out and walked towards me. He identified himself as a cop and asked if everything was alright, seeming genuinely concerned if I was alright. Feels good living in a peaceful nation.
No. 55621
Nah, he assumed I was sad/depressed - probably looked that way. After all, truth is stranger than his hypothesis, given I was just browsing a German autism support forum.
He wasn't trying to interrogate me, didn't even ask my name, just asked me if I was alright then said some stuff about keeping your chin up and being pragmatic.
[Spoiler]This might come as a shock for an American, but not all cops behave as occupying forces [/spoiler]
No. 55623 Kontra
Ah you responded before I realized and killed the post. Yeah I realized you meant, he cared how you were feeling. It's just such a foreign concept to me, because here you will notice all these cop videos start with "are you distressed" "are you having a medical emergency" so they don't get sued before tasing you or whether to ask for med transport which they still can get in trouble for punching you while you're handcuffed to the medical gurney.

This isn't to say there aren't good cops, I've dealt with some of them, but the attitude and mentality is so utterly foreign to me.

Wait what the fuck
> me if I was alright then said some stuff about keeping your chin up and being pragmatic.
Okay, I guess some cops despite being on the job can stop and say stuff like that but
> didn't even ask my name,
Like what the absolute fuck? Literally the first words out of a cop's mouth if you don't look distressed are "what is your name" followed by asking for ID and then asking "where are you going" "where do you live" "where do you work" and so on. I've had multiple cops do this and I'm sure plenty of other Americans had a cop stop them walking home and ask for ID and where they are going or live or work etc.
No. 56193
Could you tell us more specific about Kazakhstan and Middle Asia? I'm sure you have written a lot in Today Thread, but I'm new on EC couple of months plus it would be better see summary in one place.
No. 56194
I know, it's hard question because for you it's all "just as usual", so you think about stereotype of country of the person asking, then imagine what would he think if he saw your life.
No. 56211
He would meme so much fucking harder on me because at least right now you get the pretense of saying "well surely it must all be a stereotype they cannot really be like this" but it do, straight down to the muricans in shirts that literally say "freedom ain't free" thanking a soldier for his service. I'm not joking. This is a literal daily reality for me. At least I completely agree with them all on gun rights so it's not as obvious how I do not fully belong among them.
No. 56217
I'd be able to answer specific questions, but not sure if I can give a general description.

It's pretty much like any post sovok country, but with its own flavor. Oligarchs, bydlo villagers migrating to the big cities, most people living hand to mouth, government squeezing everyone dry by inventing more and more ways to indirectly tax people, rampant corruption and collusion, etc. And people who are too exhausted by their lives to do anything about it.

But unlike russia, I don't think anybody here honestly believes that government is good, that we are rising from the knees, etc.
Maybe because there's no external enemy to use as a scapegoat.
No. 56219
196 kB, 688 × 161
These day when I think of American I rather imagine liberal obsessed with blackface, cultural appropriation and other vicious crimes against BIPOC/LGBTQIAP++ communities, desiring to abolish police and going to diversity training to listen about white fragility.
And old-style boomer stereotype seems so much more appealing to me.
No. 56220
I think the genre of americana-filth is quite ebin.
My favorite adventure game is Harvester. Perfectly captures american small town insanity.
Also, faith healers, cults, UFO conspiracy theories, inbred rednecks, serial killers. It's all so delightfully evil in the basest way possible.
No. 56225
If you had to deal with these dumb shits IRL you wouldn't think that. Ironically sounds more like you fell into the very retarded trap mentioned earlier of retards selling you some idea online. Imagine worst of vatnik Russian bydlo. That's what you are saying is preferable. They're both fucking awful although I never even see whatever the fuck you're talking about in that post.
No. 56236
OK, let's begin with this.
  1. How religious are your people? Many of women wear hijab, but also huge part of prostitutes in Russia are from Middle Asia. And it's also known what migrants often drink alcohol despite it's forbidden in Islam.
  2. Are those people who move to Russia representative for all the population? If not, how do they differ on average?
No. 56237
3. What are the most significant differences between different -stans? (except for obvious Turkmenistan which is North Korea 2.0)
No. 56259
I guess Kazakhstan is more or less on Russia's level of life and stuff, while others are worse. Tajikistan is obviously the worst, Afghanistan is hell and soon, looking at recent news, will be even more hell.
No. 56581
233 kB, 732 × 668
> Imagine worst of vatnik Russian bydlo
Have you seen a lot of vatniks to say so? Not like I've seen many American ones, but notice one obvious thing: for any vatnik "freedom", "democracy" and "prosperity" are swear words, it's more like cult of death.

> I never even see whatever the fuck you're talking about in that post.
Maybe those people are just loud minority, but they are really really loud. At least they are who establishment appeals to.
For example, major newspapers publish articles like this:
Or another example, to apply for job in Murican academia you need to write a "diversity statement" where you are supposed to write about your achievements in struggle for diversity and inclusion (but usually people copy few sheets from "White fragility" or similar books). This reminds me of USSR where scientists had to add preamble about "role of party and dialectic materialism in <field of science>" to their papers.
But maybe if you live in 10k town and work with boomers in trades, you don't see many such people around.
No. 56582
Interesting how boomers are different in each country. Here I associate boomers with social democracy and loose morals.
No. 56601
Our russian boys will be sent to afghan again, i think.
No. 56679
50 kB, 602 × 201
Russia never changes.
No. 56686
I know it's not much altogether, but the idea of Wectern airlines flying relatives to funerals for free and paying people outside of court ordered fines is just unheard of to me and infinitely superior.

I also read today, that China is testing out rockets to deflect asteroids. Also something else they did lately that doesn't bother me.

Despite my rampant sinophobia I can't help but find us wanting in how we stack up against grorious Eact as times. Russia may be bydlo and China in particular is a despotic shithole filled with shit people but it's clear to me they have certain superior things about them compared to how the dystopian hellhole that has become of the Wect sadly.

This also brings to mind question I had
To what degree does Russia still have some kind of mindset of Sovietization? As an American the very idea that we could just disappear as the Constitutional United States with muh grorious 1776 is so thoroughly alien to me that I could not even imagine it, at least in the sense that we'd still likely be celebrating our holidays like Christmas, Fourth of July, and New Year, even if they were just same Kmart holiday only truly celebrated with feasts and get together especially by old folks.

So beside things like Russia being led by some ex-KGBtraitor to glorious proletarian revolution Soviet era spy and some anti-democratic values, what actually did survive mindset of liberalisation? I'd think particularly of old people that they never fully accepted fall of USSR and acted like some boomers calling RF "an illegal occupying state and not my country" or something like that and still carrying with them some kind of cultural artifacts and values from Soviet era. The idea the whole thing could just disappear is so strange to me and always I wondered watching USSR flag fall for last time how alien that would be to my American experience and how we could just never accept that as a country or people, even accounting for just how blatantly anti-American everyone from BLM to Punisher shirt wearing Qtards had gotten.

Is this Russian airlines thing something uniquely Russian? Or is that Capitalist? Or is that just something normal socdem and market liberal countries do that mine doesn't but is normal everywhere else? also why I cannot invest in Rosneft and Aeroflot stonks
No. 56704
So many soviet artifacts are so thoroughly embedded and intertwined with Russian national consciousness that it isn't clear where one begins and the other ends. The soviet citizens movement is a meme frige movement, no actual relevance to anything meaningful. The Soviet Union also wasn't a monolith throughout its history, nor Russian liberalization so straightforward. Far too many things survived - from the chekists to ties between the ruling party and state conglomerates.

We also have a state run airline, it's a horrid pot of corruption.
No. 56720
> how the dystopian hellhole that has become of the Wect sadly.
Obviously, you exaggerate. "Dystopian hellhole" wouldn't attract migrants from all over the world. With such attitude you won't be happy in any country on Earth so you better change it.

> what actually did survive mindset of liberalisation
1. Economic illiteracy. Everyone knows Muricans are bad in geography, but for Russians it's economics. Most of them have "why can't government just print enough money for everyone" mindset.
2. Secularism. It's funny how Russia has reputation of religious orthodox country, but this is mostly maintained by government's actions like "offending believers law", while common people don't really care. Even my grandparents who secretly baptized my father in USSR, visit church once a year with quite pragmatic aim: to collect holy water which they believe cures you from different illnesses. Speaking shortly, polls show that 1/3 of self-claimed "orthodox" don't believe in God. And that's rather a good thing.

> old people that they never fully accepted fall of USSR
Not really. "Citizens of USSR" are very small sect. For each one of them there is one monarchist jerking off to Russian empire, one victim of "psyterror and gangstalking" and one pagan.
all listed groups vastly intersect

> Is this Russian airlines thing something uniquely Russian?
I looked it up, and it's a law from 1992 which requires companies to pay compensations regardless of whether crash is their fault. Kind of mandatory life insurance included in cost of ticket.
No. 56721

This autobiography has a great description of Russia.
No. 56735
Everyone does. Also just an fyi this recent migrant wave aside over the past decade we had somewhat an exodus of even Mexicans. "I don't want to live in Haiti or El Salvador anymore" isn't the best metric for healthy society, also muricans leave here too.

It's really not a black and white thing. If one thing/int/ taught me over pathetic 12 years or whatever now is people don't actually live as differently as I formerly believed, also that we don't have it quite as good as I used to think as a child or teenager. I see these people stuck in this rut where they do things like pay for an Uber to show up for a shift that doesn't even cover the cost of an Uber. Why? I suspect it is some peasant rut people let their minds sink to.
No. 56755
113 kB, 1005 × 1178
  1. basically the average kazakh is as muslim as the average russian is orthodox christian. just "default religious mode". there are a lot of radical durkas though, who range from moderates sitting on a moral high ground and preaching about virtuous living, to genuine fuckheads who are 100% into dogma, and obey dumb shit like not listening to music or strict mohammad cosplay dress code.
  2. can't tell you much because pic rel. Other than russians wanting to return to ethnic homeland, most people don't move to russia because it's like exchanging shit for piss. anyone remotely competent or wealthy moves to wect.
  3. you could divide the stans generally by oghuz and kipchak branches of turkics. former being settled agricultural persia larpers, latter being nomadic pastoral mongol larpers. they also speak different branches of turkic language, and have different ethnic admixtures.
kazakhs and kyrgiz are closely related and are the mongoloid branch.
uzbeks are swarthoid sarts, but we are still kinda close to them, due to historical relationships, and even now they're the main exporters of cuisine and agricultural knowledge, as kazakhs don't know shit about cooking anything other than meat and dairy.

the rest of the stans do not enter the average kazakh's mental space for any reason ever, we practically aren't aware of their existence.
No. 56774
Because western europeans live in a pink bubble world. They have no idea how dangerous the world is outside of europe. They act like they all figured it all, but they are hella wrong.

I dont really think anyone from west europe who dont fit in other eastern societies will survive more than a day. They will eat you alive! You cant survive by being robot like person with compassion and knowledge, many humans in eastern side of the planet suffer from psychosis, they dont know what minding your own damn business, they dont have thst concept.

We americans are very aware of this, how cruel and fucked up reality is with people, if you dont think differently, if you dont believe in yourself to the fullest, if you dont have the mindset of freedom to the fullest where being aware of you can do whatever the fuck you wanna do, however the fuck and whenever the fuck you wanna do, if you dont become self-Centered person with extremely high individuality, YOU DIE, YOU LOSE, YOU ARE WASTED, YOU DONT SURVIVE, YOU ARE DONE.

We have to be like that to stand in front of primitive people, people who are looking for trouble and violence, delusional and psychotic people.

Thats why U.S is the best and most powerful nation on earth, there is a reason for that, it doesnt happen from nothing. The world aint black and white, you gotta have different mindset, you have to be tough and super individual and free to survive in this fucked up planet.

When i went to europe i was like.. Are these people from mars or something? They have this amazing disney world shit lifestyles, just like a bubble. Its good, i love west europe and people they are amazing, i love all of the west countries, sweden, norway, germany, netherlands, Switzerland, denmark etc BUT that being said, you cant survive in such lifestyles or mindset.

You would be just living in your own bubble away from reality and that doesnt sound promising at all.
No. 56776
Germlings are so dumb and naive, they have no concept of freedom, they are so weak, you can just hit those thin faggot man, they won't fight back. The country is totally gay and neutered. America will be neutered, and then Germany will be invaded from all sides and German men will be killed and German women will be raped by all the black man and muslims because Germans are so weak.
No. 56777 Kontra
>German men will be killed and German women will be raped by all the black man and muslims
The root of cabbage mindset
No. 56778
Have you seen the weaklings in Germany? They have no concept of honor, they are not ready to defend themselves, I can just push them around for fun, they will do nothing.
No. 56779
8,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:56
No. 56780
We are more individualist than you and I think that's a bad thing. The biggest fantasy world is your own self-centred head.

>The country is totally gay and neutered
When you visit Berlin and think it's entire Germoney :D
No. 56781
you know shit. your country is socialist. you have no sense of reality and see the world through rose tinted glasses. you are like a pampered child.
in the real world you would not survive for one single day.
No. 56782
59 kB, 600 × 436
What do you mean by individualism, hombre?
>you have no sense of reality
Is Somalia reality to you? Is that the real world?
No. 56783
you need to do your own thing, and you need to be focused in winning. can't trust that others will treat you kindly, can't turn your back. if you dont believe in yourself 1000% you will be weak and you will get killed.

europeans don't get this because they have had daddy america keep to protect them from reality for over a century.
No. 56787
That's fine by me but 'round these parts we trust and believe in the LORD. The wicked commies can kiss my ass.
No. 56792
People hate each other there
No. 56801
but they hate collectively
No. 56862
873 kB, 1920 × 1080
Collective hate machine.
No. 56864 Kontra
397 kB, 1320 × 900
No. 56877
Is this just a symptom of late decaying empires? I know lots of retards online will go
>muh j00s!
but in realityand aside from often veering into disdain for those "rootless cosmopolitans" in different period of Soviet Russia it seems to me as though in and right before the state of collapse, people simply just hate each other. We have that in spades here right now. It is like every big and powerful enough society reaches a phase of mutual loathing.
No. 56879
60 kB, 640 × 425
Australian Ford Falcon XB is not Russia

This is Russia
No. 56886
look up "Щапово"
No. 56994
For some reason every Kyrgyz wants everyone to know he is Kyrgyz. They all wear "Kyrgyzstan" tshirts and their national hats. Tajiks and Uzbeks don't show such patriotism outside of their country =DDD.
No. 57130
345 kB, 768 × 1024
Abandoned underground prison with multiple cells, cameras and crematorium has been found near St. Petersburg. It also included a garage, connected to the surface, and hydraulic 2-tonn door with a hatch.

Owner is unknown but one of the possible candidates is an ex-penitentiary service captain.

Fucking nightmare fuel, russian is like a snuff movie.
No. 57131
618 kB, 1280 × 960
282 kB, 630 × 472
622 kB, 768 × 1024
262 kB, 768 × 1024
No. 57132
Police reacted to media publication and sent excavation machinery to bury the entrance. Case is now classified. HOLY FUCKING SHIT
No. 57133
I use a russian DNS
t. honorary russki
No. 57136
55 kB, 587 × 587
Mother of dogg, them hiding it is the scariest part. To imagine the horrors still hidden in the vastness of Russia.
No. 57150
No. 57162
Morecambe photos!
No. 57166
1,5 MB, 1845 × 540
1,1 MB, 1280 × 960
477 kB, 1280 × 960
722 kB, 1280 × 960

Some photos are made 2 years ago

video of entrance removal
No. 57185
881 kB, 1751 × 2542
If you had your personal prison, who would you kidnap? Asking for a friend.
No. 57204
81 kB, 1100 × 740
So, was this some Oldboy kind of thing?
No. 57235
Implication here seems to be that it was some kind of Ryssian blacksite, sensitive and recent enough that the authorities actually bothered with covering it up although to be fair it's probably in line with general Russian mentality not to talk honestly about their past or much in general.

Of course to be fair crematoria are not all that unusual in and of themselves. Regular American prisons and hospitals have them on site too. The real question is being evidence of torture. It could also become "we blew the entrance for reasons of public safety" real or not, half-truth or not.

Of course also at the same time it could be an interogation/murder center, with Russians generally being clumsy enough in their deceptions only complete retards could take it at face value, like American bydlo after generations of schooling meant to create a pliant, docile, obedient workforce and gullible halfwit consumers like antivaxxer tiers. Anyone else including 100IQ Americans see through it easily. Their clumsy deception isn't like Wectern where we simply put the blacksite in another country, tell a foreign national what to do, and then officially can say "no we didn't torture and murder people."
No. 57863
501 kB, 1632 × 918
414 kB, 1632 × 918
313 kB, 1632 × 918
455 kB, 1632 × 918
Posting photos from visiting my hometown. 700k population (I guess, in 2021 twice as less, because everyone moved to Mosque or Piter).

3-rd pic says "Euro-style"
No. 57866
318 kB, 918 × 1632
899 kB, 1632 × 918
620 kB, 1632 × 918
521 kB, 1632 × 918
5-th pic is from museum. When we with friends came in, stuff (one man and one old women) were struggling with power outage. I thought that it's only a meme, but she blamed Obama for it. Then she told us about how great is it to die in trenches while shitting and pissing yourself (yes, she really talked about it). Also got angry at Americans because they didn't lose enough soldiers with zerg rush. Vatniks are just death cult, basically.

6-th pic. Those little bottles are "fanfurics". Almost pure ethanol. Formally it's perfume or sanitizer, so alcohol heavy taxes (and safety demands) are not applied, and it's cheap as fuck.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXYuQB3Hjz8 - "any questions?"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aimbsqpg0VI - one 70 people died from fanfurics with methanol admixture. Then they disappeared for some time from stores. Here Belyash asks Putin: "return fanfurics, and I'll continue to vote for you!"

8-th pic: Label says "70 years of the Victory"
No. 57875
The spirit of victory lives on. Beautiful.
No. 59360
885 kB, 1536 × 2048
938 kB, 1536 × 2048
Soviet aesthetics look best as ruins.

There is a commission shop chain called "Victory". I wonder if this is an irony.
No. 59495
I live in a green hilly town in the south of Russia. We have short and muddy winter here. And what most of russians here describe as typical depressing Russia, I can experience only for that short period of time. Probably this is due to the grey sky, low sun and lack of vitamins. I've been to the UK for a couple of times. It was gray and I had the same 'typical Russia' feeling
No. 59497
Are you from somewhere near Kalinovka? Do you have a crypto-Ukrainian southern accent?
No. 59508
I'm from Stavropol. It's in the middle of steppe, in between of Black and Caspian seas and close to Caucasus mountains. Yes, I have quite a strong regional accent, it is quite distinct from Ukrainian though.
Why would you think I am from some Kalinovka?
No. 59510
87 kB, 1000 × 541
I didn't think you'd be from one such village, but I hoped so - so you could regale us with folk wisdom and whimsical stories.