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No. 2880
96 kB, 675 × 432
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607 kB, 1280 × 720
We had a thread on old EC and there were a handful of people trying to lose weight this summer.

Have you made any more progress? Anyone starting to try who wasn't back then?

What are your methods and routines? What is your diet like?

I really wish that German vegetarian poster from KC that yelled at people for avoiding carbs was here. That was always really fun.

Personally, I think my goal of 19 bmi was a bad idea. I don't think there's much health benefit of being that compared to 21 or 22. I weigh what I did at 13 years old now. I'm really happy about that but while it looks good for my stomach it looks worse in other places. I'm probably going to stop here.

I'm most interested in the Finn who had a goal he wanted to reach by July.
No. 2884
idk I assume I am around 105-110kg, if I go to the gym I would like to get down to 85kg.

But I am a lazy fuck, and beer has calories.
No. 2898

Imo it's better to be a fat person that just shrugs and goes "I am a lazy fuck" instead of being in a never ending state of trying to lose weight with half assed gimmicks.
No. 2899 Kontra

Err, not to discourage you or anyone else right from the start. But being from the US I am so sick of hearing from fat people about this or that 'healthy' thing they're doing. It's like they're Joe Rogan but instead of supplements it's aspartame and treating 10 minute walks like a big deal. I liked your attitude is all.
No. 2902
>I'm most interested in the Finn who had a goal he wanted to reach by July
That must be me, glad to see you made it here OP.

My goal was 67kg/148lbs by July 27th, my current weight is back again at 77kg/170lbs. Currently back home for the summer and have been eating at least 2000kcal excess every single day. There's too much food and sweets available and I have no self-control.
No. 2905
>I really wish that German vegetarian poster from KC that yelled at people for avoiding carbs was here.
I don't know if you are talking about me, but I repeatedly tell people that avoiding all carbohydrates alltogether is unnecessary and borderline retarded. I am certainly not a vegetarian.

Is this an American thing?

>Personally, I think my goal of 19 bmi was a bad idea.
Yes, it was. Glad to hear that you are not anorexic. It's a mental malady for little girls.

>I don't think there's much health benefit
Certainly not. It's unhealthy as fuck.

>I weigh what I weighed at 13
That's only a good thing when you were already a fat fuck at thirteen. If I wheighed what I wheighed at thirteen, my BMI would be around 13.

t. haver of BMI 18.5
No. 2906

No they self identified as vegetarian and said meat was the issue, not carbs. They got very angry and emotional about keto diets.

I also dislike keto diets and mostly eat pasta and bread rather than fatty stuff, I also love sugar.

Chill out.
No. 2908

Also yeah I was a pretty fat 13 year old but wasn't yet obese. That's why it's so cool to me to see that number because that was 12 years ago.

Also I thought it wasn't unhealthy until your BMI hit lower than 18?


>That must be me, glad to see you made it here OP.

Thanks, you too. I don't contribute all that much outside of blogging in the blog thread.

>My goal was 67kg/148lbs by July 27th, my current weight is back again at 77kg/170lbs. Currently back home for the summer and have been eating at least 2000kcal excess every single day. There's too much food and sweets available and I have no self-control.

That's okay I have none either. Funny we had exactly identical target weights.
No. 2909 Kontra

Oops not identical, but close*
No. 2911
I've been stuck on 94kg for few weeks now. might be because fat is being replaced by muscle and I'm fine with that. t. started at 105kg fat man
No. 2913

Noice. Maybe it's time to use measuring tape instead of a scale then.

Will you go bear mode?
No. 2931
If avoiding carbs is bad for you then why did hunter-gatherers not go extinct?

Checkmate, atheists.
No. 2932
Technically they all did, or that was your point? The hunger gatherer way of life was completely obliterated by us. Your loin cloth means nothing before the night of my granaries, no matter how many angry letter bombs you send claiming otherwise.
No. 2933
I'm stuck on 73-74kg while my goal is 80kg.
Massephase continues.
No. 2945
Hunter gatherers were a good foot or more taller than the average farmer
Lanklets btfo
No. 2946
>whole 30 cm
farmers were 130 or what?
No. 2948
150 vs 180
No. 2949
Lost roughly 7kg since March, it's going slow but I'm fine with that since most of my weight loss always went fast as fuck but then I usually regained the weight after short time again. My goal for this month is to go below 100kg and I'm pretty sure I'll achieve it. In August I want to be somewhere at around 95kg. Saying that I don't follow any kind of strict diet or fitness plan but I usually try to get around 1500 calories per day, which works out pretty well most of the time.
However the weekends always throw me back because of drinking and fast food so that is slowing me down too.
No. 2951
drink spirits instead of beer.
No. 2952
72 kB, 512 × 640
I actually mostly prefer spirits over beer but when I'm drinking I usually don't give a shit anyways and drink anything. Worst though is that I always get extremely hungry when drinking and binge-eat fast food.
No. 2974

I get it, and it makes sense and so I have no sophisticated explanation of what our diets should look like. It's just that I've met so many fat people constantly avoiding carbs and too many skinny people who ate lots of them. I'm not here to knock your diet I just really miss that German.

I can't speak for hunter gatherers. But look at Japan, lots of carbohydrates and the rice with every meal meme, and they're the thinnest first world country because they don't have a culture of constant consumption of red meat/saturated fat. Sardinia is another good example of thin people who sparingly consume saturated fat but eat lots of noodles yet have obesity levels lower than a lot of our countries. The US isn't as fat as it is because of the bread/noodles/rice they're eating.

Personally, I was a chubby fuck when I thought of carbohydrates that way and have been much more slender since took what that German said in.

But if it works for you, go for it.
No. 2990

Are you able to stop drinking on a weekly basis or entirely?
No. 3065
Today I had some coleslaw, pickles and a bit tzatziki. Also just ate a pizza. If anything I'll eat some more of the first three in the evening and still have a good calorie count. Especially pickles are nice because basically I can eat as much of them as I want.
I think about going to the public pool now to swim a bit, didn't do any sport for quite a time now.
I like swimming but usually I just swim a bit and then read or just sit around in the warm pools so it's more wellness than actual physical practice. But I feel motivated today so I might try out swimming for some 30min straight and then take a break and then swim 30min again.
No. 3070
I will go the Muay Thai gym Thursday had about three months off lol.
It is not a real Muay Thai gym, it is a commercial gym with 'free' classes, so I will either do that or some weights as the MMA class, does not teach a Gwailo like me anything and is a bit of a waste of time.
I will need to pack a gym bag Wednesday, otherwise I will just put it off.
No. 3199
I didn't go as I got sick fml.
No. 3205

I like that pickles are like that but the vinegar always makes my teeth feel weird.



I got very sick too. It's okay just go a week from now.
No. 3311
If I give in and eat one, well-deserved, mini ice cream lolly, I also eat 3 pieces of rhubarb pie worth almost 800kcal?
No. 3312 Kontra
>*why do I
No. 3347

It's an addiction pretty much.

Like if there's a tasty fresh pizza, it's probably easier to eat 0 slices than to have 1 slice.

Or as an ex smoker, only getting a little bit of nicotine only served as a tease that was more painful than not having any, like sharing a cigarette with someone.

Don't stress it, sweets are great. Years ago there was a cute post from a Finn going "I ate all the icecreams ;_;" and he showed a bunch of empty rappers on his desk, I wonder if that was you.
No. 3388
Looked at old photos of mine when I was thinner (I didn't look at those for years) and realized that I looked pretty fucking good back then. But another thing I realized looking at those pictures is that I lacked any kind of self-confidence, so I felt ugly most of the time.
Gives me even more motivation to continue losing weight to get back to the old looks, now feeling and acting pretty self-confident actually most ox the time.
No. 3431
>he showed a bunch of empty rappers on his desk, I wonder if that was you
No I'm worse, I eat ice cream by the tub. Finally went to cardio class today and burned over 400kcal, this was a good day.
No. 3464
My current weight is 75 kg and my goal is 70 kg until August 10, I feel like I can reach it if I run everyday and don't eat shit, but I eat at least eat one slice of chocolate cake next Sunday yo endure 6 days without eat sugar.
No. 3560
Hmm I'm not sure what to do. I want a note athletic looking core, or just a more athletic body in general. Still hovering a 1
71kg or so.

The solution is obviously to stop the iced lattes, soda, greasy sandwiches and sweets as a daily thing. I should start doing actual exercises more than just the walking and my job.

But I have poor self control especially since stopping tobacco/getting high I just turn to food.

But today I packed a lunch with none of those things, I hope to do so every day and see if I start pooping better too.
No. 3852
6 kB, 203 × 241
Got below 100kg by now, progress is very slow but it's there. Tried out an old shirt and it's fitting loosely again now. Feels pretty fucking good. Also started intermittant fasting yesterday with eating only three hours a day, I am sort of used to eat nothing until noon or afternoon so it's not that much of a change but it feels kind of nice as I don't feel the need to part my caloric intake into three meals but can comfortably eat whatever I want later.
No. 3861

The feeling of things fitting looser is the best. Congrats
No. 4674
Bringing this thread back up. I want Ernst to tell me about some interesting sports he does, and why I should take them up.

I used to cycle but it was never my thing, canoeing seems interesting but I dont know if the hassle of purchasing one is worth it, especially considering that the surrounding area does not seem to be particularly suitable.
For now I'll take up trail running alone.

Please give me advice.
No. 4681
I used to box was great, friendly ppl.
Running is a great way to get fit, no equipment or time restraints.
I used to do orienteering, where you have a map and have to find a location and use it to punch your card, usually 10 markers, pretty fun, could go fast or slow paced.
No. 4709
363 kB, 399 × 494
I'm 91,9 kg now from 110kg Jan 2017
Time to start gymming soon
No. 5676
Almost back to starting weight after spending summer vacation at home. Easily ate 3000-4000kcal every day and gained 5kg in 4 weeks.

Same thing last weekend, how to develop self-control while visiting family? It's easy in my student flat, where I can decide what's in the fridge...
No. 6184
59 kB, 600 × 413
Desire to become an alpha male increasing..
No. 6187
This guy would better shave the entire head.
No. 6195
I'm sure he never thought of that!

To you the it might look like he's bald because you're a beta failure judging other men like a homo, but when he sees himself in the mirror he can fill in the bald spots in his head. He's opinion is more important than others.

t. coping like him
No. 9216
170lbs is perfectly alright for a man
No. 9217
His face is the problem. He looks like the spitting image of someone I know with aspbergers too. IMO he'd look better growing his hair out into something or maybe having a kind of a beard. Removing more hair just emphasizes his small head even more where it looks like someone ripped the head off a Ken doll and replaced it with a smaller GI Joe head then taped a cutout photograph of the local Burger King middle management.
No. 9221
Even if he grew a pony tail and stopped brushing his teeth, he'd still look better than 90% of men.
No. 9589
So I did some running on friday and my leg muscles are still sore from it, especially the process of kneeling down is quite a bit painful. I'm not very fit so I decided to do some sports and it has even been fun on friday. Last time I tried running was about 2 months ago, back then I ran way too much and too long so I got muscle soreness for about a week (I've read that running with sore muscles can lead to worse injuries) and dropped out.
Now this was my second try and it seems like history repeats itself once again. I didn't even overdo it this time, I was just running for about 13 minutes. Maybe it was too fast but it felt alright, it's not like I was sprinting or anything. This shit makes me angry, how am I even supposed to get fit when my hands are bound because of my bodies' reactions?
No. 12936
Originally written for the today thread but as the post's topic shifted I thought it would fit better in here.

Last day of drugging myself, right now it's pretty cozy and I'm feeling good. Mainly spend the day in my bed reading and now I just came back from the main station where I went to buy some food as everything else is closed.
Bought a belegtes Brötchen, the german aequivalent to a sandwich or burger which I'd prefer over any of those amy day (the only downside is that it's without remoulade and I'm a remoulade fanatic, but they wanted to charge me 50cts to put some on it so I'll just use the light mayonnaise I've got at home, which btw is great) and a vanilla donut from McCafe, looking forward to eat those later.
Lately in general I've started to eat sweet pasteries or some chocolate bar once a day, before I started losing weight I never did that because I've always thought I'd eat way too much anyways. Feels like I'm finally starting to eat in healthy and regular ways. (well, not healthy in terms of what I eat but how consciously and how much I eat) My diet btw was never too hard, usually just ate around 500 kcal less than I need and it worked really well over the course of the year, slowly but steadily.
Never in my life I have known what it feels like to have an ideal weight, so this is what I'm going for now. Yet I can't even imagine myself not being overweight, which I always have been.
How is your diet going, Ernst?