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No. 2882
64 kB, 500 × 530
Let us have a slang translation and sharing thread. What does сасай mean?
No. 2887
It's when you eat a cucumber and later find out that it was used for anus stimulation by someone else before.
No. 2891
That's...oddly specific and I don't believe you. Although it also wouldn't surprise me. And why do Slavs put )) at end of words?
No. 2893

>And why do Slavs put )) at end of words?

It's a smiley face. It's because of their keyboards.
No. 2895
It also applies to bananas and pineapple.
No. 2896
Yeah nevermind already found it
What other mysterious things do foreigners say or use?
No. 2903
Russian slang is very rich & diverse, their posts on imageboards often contain some bizzare joke, meme or just word manipulation that turns whole post funny. There is a huge difference in the style of communication on Russian and English imageboards. Those ")" smilies are often used as an ironic symbol at the end of the post to emphasize the stupidity of something, it's considered that only subhumans or normies use this symbol unironically.
No. 2965
A bit like :DDDD then.
No. 2966
That used to be somewhat popular even in Europe. Mainly in video games and chatrooms because usually it looks something like this:

Ernst: Hello
Bernst: Hi

So the : is already there so if you don't type anything else you could just write ) instead of :). :) would look kind of silly 4 eye thing anyway.

Ernst: Nice :)
Bernst: )

Only with KC I realized it's supposedly a Russian thing. Well, maybe I was just chatting with Russians without even knowing it before that who knows but I'm pretty sure they all weren't Russian.
No. 2972
107 kB, 1000 × 800
128 kB, 1280 × 611
>сасай лалка)))000)0)0
Is mean basicly and irony on "trolling" of kids in internet. Basicly, first word "сасай" is broken version of word "соси", that mean "(to)suck, and second word is "лалка" - is broken in same meme-manner word "лол" which is basicly just transcription of "lol". Main thing is when "lol" migrated to bydlo masses of russian internet, looks like they didn't undestood what it mean and thought it was some sort of nickname for dumb or bad.. like for examle they think "lol"~="idiot" or "looser". So basicly if artisticly translate it ignoring broken nature of words, it means "suck dicks, looser!"
A lot of shitty emojes at end is just regular bydlo-speak in internet. Yes, it have kinda same nature as famous "X----DDDDD", but even more shitty that bydlos and kids use as serious. They just spamming same symbol and end "))))))))" - happy "((((((" - sad. You see in this picture in is interupted with numbers because when you accidentaly drop shift, you get other symbol on button. So sometimes you may see in bydlo text messages cunstuctions like "))))0" or "((((9" or "?????77777" (on russia keyboard questionmark, "&" and "7" on same button). This IRONIC interpritation of this constrution made it to obsolete "))))00)0))))00".

As you can see on my example, often such memes illustrated by bad drawed versions of most cancer bydlo "memes" turned into absolute nonsence.
No. 9998
2,6 MB, 1600 × 900
What does jajco kurwa mean?
No. 10034 Kontra
Eggs bitch. Probably popular German question during the war was meant
No. 10110
212 kB, 1218 × 1015
When someone asks you what something is, you say jajco kurwa if you want to be rude and not tell what it is. Most likely when it's super obvious for you, but not only in this cases it can be used.