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No. 29 Systemkontra
61 kB, 1280 × 720
277 kB, 2560 × 1440
How long until the summer sale? Is there anything in particular ernst is hoping for?
No. 31
I used to use Steam account maybe five years ago.
At some point I stopped caring about that, because sales feel like they induce some primitive feeling of taking it more and more, and many games were left still unplayed.
No. 32
580 kB, 1920 × 1080
932 kB, 1920 × 1080
912 kB, 1920 × 1080
1,0 MB, 1920 × 1080
Is this vidya genes thread now?
Well, I will repost what I posted on almost dead board while ernstchan was not avalible

I checked out GoldenEye 007 on n64. This game ofent talk about by console, more concretical - nintendo players as some CLASSIC AND MASTERPICE
Man, this game is a joke. A 1,5 hour long very basic console shooter with or very open flat levels or with very close where every room is sublevel. I like low poly 3d but this models is some joke - exept rare examples where models even too high poly for it's time, most of game looks like total outdated garbage by time it released. Gameplay - ehh just go and kill enemies with autoaim almost single shot, sometimes PROTECT someone - as basic as you can get.
Almost no voice acting, very limited ammount of assets, even no proper skyboxes. My favorite level is STATUE PARK in sankt petersburg. This is a total joke - I don't like pidorashburg but this is just low poly hills with some briks that textured as statue, it like the bottom. Laught very hard from lenin statue, controls shit even for gamepad. One of levels that some undergound base looks like bad version mix of half life 1 (actually more reminded me one of levels of opposibg force by design but this is not important) and dark forces 2 lol.
Perfect Dark that used n64 with expansion looks and plays much better tbh. Rare in that game used less polycount on one objects to adjust others so overall picture improved.
No. 33
I stopped seriously using steam long ago. Probably when absoluetly stoped care about actual valve products - I not a dota guy and I don't like cs go - and after it get skins hysteria I liked it even less.
Current steam looks like a trash bag... not not like that, junk rubbish and trash dump. Infinity number of absoluetly bad or nobody cares indie crap, awful interface and social part, other technical issues, bad versions of old games, and even a lot problems with new games from non-valve publishers.
I using gog nowdays much more - they often give games for free and most times it is not no-name indie but system shok 2, deus ex, carmaggedon, Stalker etc. They also have good technical support, improving their interfaces, have good versions of game and if not good - they improve it if you ask - like they added all possible versions of X-Wing/TIE-Fighter game that exist and thank hod I can download and easely play my dos 1994-95 cd-rom collectors editions... But most important part - on GoG you BUY games, not RENT them.
No. 40
Honestly I would probably use that as well but when I try to buy things there my American bank detects that Polish site as being fraudulent activity and blocks it lel

I'm just too lazy to specifically approve transactions with the bank and besides which GOG games can often be found pirated. The main reason I would even get through there is because steam is complete ass when it comes to compatible older games. I still haven't found a way to get Gorsky 17 to run, and they didn't even bother taking down Deadlock which has comparability issues with no work around for newer machines, and the problem is, so many games I would want to try or play again are so unpopular or so obscure I cannot even find a torrent. HoMM1 is one such game. I only ever found a browser port.

Plus I just like having my steam library. I know I'm a bydlo retard for thinking such things, but having achievements and play hour counter with one centralized location is nice. Also central location for manuals, discussions, mods etc without any hassle. Steam did the smart thing which was to make it more convenient to buy games from them. Apple did a dumb thing by making it way more of a hassle to buy music. Last time I paid for music was like ten years ago because the fucking faggots put drm in that not only limited number of devices you could use but also had the audacity to not work on my non-Apple product, so I had to go out of my way to use DRM stripper software anyway. With steam it's simple as clicking a few buttons and going to my games or finding help is way more convenient than even if I'd pirated. Although, I suppose I could see Valve doing something stupid rendering my proprietary software unusable and eventually forcing me to pirate a terabyte worth of shit.
No. 45
Well gog with galaxy client slowely fetting achivments and all that shit.
>gorky 17
Haha it was free on gog for short time and I have it in my library. But why first heroes is obscure? This is well known game that easy to find and download everywhere. 99% of tottent "might and magic collections" have it and you can find gog version of it everywhere. However this game is very limited because lack of basic mechanics - you like play it once and never get back. Cities screens and bigger sprites of units done by that familiar early-mid 90s NWC style is cute, yeah.

Really obscure is that 90s fps game made is style of comic art and that simulator of post-apocalypse taxi like that taxi from "escape from new york" movie. Forgot names sadly.
No. 52
64 kB, 800 × 473
>Lenin Statue
No. 55
It's just really super obscure in USA funny enough. HoMM was never a big thing here for some reason. As such I have had difficult times trying to find it in english on torrents or whatnot and getting one that runs on my machine. I think I may have finally found one, I forget. And also Bullfrog which was a British studio I played a as a child, but have had trouble locating non-shit version for a modern PC. There's a lot of really old games that I loved and have trouble finding anything that runs and is also available to torrent. This is why I probably should just go in person and tell my bank to approve these shitty little transactions, because much of it simply does not exist elsewhere. Like Escape Velocity, Syndicate, Maelstrom (finally found one that works), Deadlock, HoMM 1 these are among just a few of the not even that massively ancient games I can't find anywhere anymore.

Here is another such one https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Pete and also people are doing typical shekel grabbing where now Redneck Rampage is getting rereleased as some expensive bullshit https://store.steampowered.com/app/565550/Redneck_Rampage/
No. 57
HOMM 1 is actually well known strategy, maybe less known because in that times after world of xeen and before 3do it was not best time for studio for reasons of how rpg market changed. HOMM 2 was most sold strategy game of 1996 or something like that. Also remember that mm become well known in russia only after heroes3.
Also first link I googled from phone
No. 58 Kontra
Sorry for double post but if you want play Redneck rampage better download dos version somewhere and just wait when this guy made a playable port - sooner or later he will do it lol
No. 62
2,3 MB, 3072 × 3118
>can be from hard drive failing
n-n-no! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No. 64
Oh god no I can't afford this shit
Back up everything! BACK UP EVERYTHING!!!
No. 66
Download crystal disc info and check your hdd.
Better start copy important files and replace it. How old your hdd? If it from good company and not old this issue may be caused by old or bad power block.
No. 70
I dunno I think it's something like 6 years old now, and as you can imagine had near constant use.

The weird thing is it seemed perfectly fine until I started installing SOMA today. It got halfway through and started crashing my system. It seems kind of okay so long as I don't start up steam. Although, I am thankful at least I was given fair warning to back up all the things.

Come to think of it yesterday I downloaded some game from piratebay along with Xenonauts from GOG, and while trying to install and run those things I got a warning for tiggre!rfn and some other thing and deleted them. Machine worked fine until I started installing SOMA today.
No. 76
95 kB, 451 × 583
I hope pic related is more than some silly 10% coupon.
No. 78
I went to go sell steam stuff I have on the marketplace, cosmetics from when I played dota, tf2, the cards, etc all that crap can be sold. Steam says, oh hey you can't sell anything because you haven't bought anything from us in over a year.
So I wait till the xmas sale and buy a couple things I wanted, then I start selling stuff. So I've got quite a bit of Steam bux myself. Probably going to buy and finish the trails in the sky games, second and third ones.
I have this game called Hob on my wishlist as well also Okami and Ni no Kuni, but it really depends on how much their price goes down.
The people that made Hob made Torchlight but they're out of business so I wonder how their sale prices get handled, the game is still 20 bucks.

ooh I have it too. That was a pretty stupid event.
No. 101
You most probably just have some sections dead. Again it always better to check with crystal disk info to be shure what happened and why.
6 years is kinda big time for hdd... I however have perfect working seagate barracuda 250gb for 10 years as main hdd but it is just accident.
No. 105
2,6 MB, 3264 × 1836
Anyway I get deliveey with my videocard
For that time I bought gtx750ti - I hope to replace it with something more powerfull in future because 2gb video ram is meh nowdays. On other hand I almost not playing modern yoba games.
In next days I'am hope to buy motherboard and in next month I will have PC again
No. 123
Bought Salt and Sanctuary on impulse because of the sale. How fucked I am? It looked breddy gud on previews and screenshots, and I hope it has a decent gameplay.
No. 127
Honestely I avoiding of buying indie games. However there are thing that I kinda wait -
Wery interesting looking game that intendet to work under ms dos with even CGA 4 color graphics on early 90s PCs, not just emulating "retro style"
No. 129
I'd love some discounts on DCS stuff.
No. 131
1,1 MB, 1366 × 768
DCS is okay, but until they fix the damage models it'll never supplant Falcon BMS which is a shame because I'm not even that big a fan of the F-16. After damage models, accurate sensor modelling is a must. A-10C's TGP simulation is pretty bad, and doesn't actually simulate IR properly and is too high def to boot. The picture is not that clear in the real thing. The Shkval is even worse since it has capabilities that don't exist in the real thing since it can detect things even in poor contrast when it's a contrast-based system. Also, no airburst fusing on the Vikhrs lessens the versatility of the system against helicopters and soft targets (assuming damage effects are improved to allow some kind of shrapnel dispersal).

Let's not get started on the unrealistic barrel warping on the machine guns of the F-86 that mean you can't actually shoot them properly in a fight and again the damage models of AI which becomes worse with gunfighters.

There is just too much framework missing for me personally to sink more money into the product. They seem more focused on amount of content than allowing for the content they have to really shine which is a shame because the A-10C and Ka-50 are great without the framework, but would be godlike with it.
No. 132
I usually try indieshit out beforehand by pirating it, and I buy it mostly out of convenience (like not having to pirate it again if a new patch/DLC comes out), but this time I just bought it without much thinking. Oh well, I'll play it thoroughly when I get home. It's not like I'm gonna regret spending seven bucks, right?
No. 133
Oh god I just realised, the only thing worse than Bethesda getting ahold of the White Wolf IP is fucking Paradox. I have no faith whatsoever in them making a good sequel to VTMB. And mark my words they WILL fuck it up and not only that, fucking Paradox will make each clan a $15 DLC. Want to play Lasombra? $15. Want to explore a new city hub? $15. I have no idea why bernd was such a huge fan of them. They're just not that good a company. And they probably will make some kind of casualized mess. Unless of course it is strictly in the hands of Obsidian with no meddling. Ffs it's not even that hard the entire back story is already written they basically just need good mechanics and that's it. Not just all the lore is there but there's tons of books they could just turn into a story. Or even doing that with anything else like Mage, Werewolf, Changeling, Wraith etc. Maybe some things are just not meant to be. Maybe those are just the golden days of gaming and will never return.
No. 134
If it is pixel indie I think it's usually shit, and doubly so for anime shovelware. But I did find a few really good ones like Microcosmum, Sparkle Evo, and This Was of Mine.

>10 year old Seagate
>still works
Russia never fails to inspire and amaze me.
No. 135
>If it is pixel indie I think it's usually shit, and doubly so for anime shovelware. But I did find a few really good ones like Microcosmum, Sparkle Evo, and This Was of Mine.
Check video I posted. It may be really interesting for you. I not like indie but this game and Call of Saregnar is good examples of good stuff.

>Russia never fails to inspire and amaze me.
I always check it with crystal disk. In russia we thin good product is that one who simple and work 200 years without replacement lol. If it work good why replace it? I will use it in my new pc too.
No. 138
4,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
When I ordered my Thrustmaster joystick back a few months ago I got IL-2 which I've been playing a lot and got DCS. I've not yet once started DCS up I just bought Flaming Cliffs 3 because it looked like it was the best pack for money, but the F/A-18 footage just looks stunning.

I also played DCS in a local flight museum who have MiG-29 cockpit mocks set up and fooled around in that. I was surprised that the lack of a head tracker there too wasn't that much of a turn-off.

I'd love to get a head-tracker but they are expensive, I'm too inept to make one myself and VR just seems like a much better option but a VR headset costs 2 times my current monthly wage so it's a no-go.
No. 141
>If it is pixel indie I think it's usually shit
Yeah, you're right in general, and if it's not shit, it's only because of your personal preferences (I, for example, liked both Hotline Miamis, The Binding of Isaac and even early access Dead Cells), i.e. it's still objectively shit. Pixel graphics are a sort of a litmus test for low effort developers.

>10 year old Seagate
>still works
>Russia never fails to inspire and amaze me.
Seagates used to be pretty durable. My 40Gb Barracuda which I bought in 2002 served me faithfully for eight years, and then I gave it to my cousin who ultimately killed it only in 2014. New Seagates aren't like that, though, my 1Tb one barely worked for three years.

>I have no idea why bernd was such a huge fan of them.
Maybe because in the time of HoI2, CK and EU3 they weren't such greedy DLC spammers? Hell, even CK2 started nicely, until they began pumping out DLCs like absolute madmen. Now they are rapidly approaching the greed levels of EA, Ubisoft and Activision. On a side note, I don't have much hope for Obsidian either.
No. 143
1,3 MB, 1366 × 768
747 kB, 1366 × 768
640 kB, 1366 × 768
495 kB, 1366 × 768
FC3 is simplified in systems management compared to the other DCS modules and funnily enough shines for it. The problems with systems in advanced modules really show because of how much more reliant on them you are. FC3 though has the flight model working to the point where it's fun (the old school Su-25 is beautiful and a joy to operate) but even then the damage models for AI are a joke and only passable because you're mostly using missiles or explosives to kill things. It's not uncommon in the F-86 to have an AI MiG-15 peppered with holes and vomiting smoke and then having it outclimb you and get on your six for a kill. That's why I'd say stick with FC3 until they fix the problems with the game rather than endlessly churning out new modules. If you like the look of the F/A-18C systems though, BMS will satisfy, plus it has dynamic campaign. For gunfighting, stick with IL-2. It's a great game with excellent flight models, especially in the engine department. I'm kind of excited for Flying Circus myself. I didn't put that much time or money into Rise of Flight, but what I did put in I enjoyed immensely.

You just need the original Falcon 4.0 game for legal reasons. Though gog or an .iso both work.
No. 156
Old "Titans" that back in time had good reputation are fallen into crap long time ago.
BioWare, Bethesda, Obsidian, Gerabox, Paradox, Activision-Blizzard, Valve etc. are not that companies that they was before. Still, because good memories a lot people still like them or hope that they will chancge back. But honestely, most of them will probably not. Something changing, something remains the same. Times changing.
No. 169
4,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
Well then I'll stick to FC3 if I ever get around playing it. I do not like the autism-level startups but I guess you can disable those if you don't like them. Even in IL-2 I'm completely fine with just pressing I to get off the ground.

And yes, I thought as much so when you said the guns are shit, we played with missiles in the museum sim and it was fun enough since yes, you literally were blowing things out of the sky.

I guess IL-2 is just a different beast because of the nature of air combat. But it's fun, accessible and the damage models are kind of stunning.
No. 171
3,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
Still I really wanna try the helicopters and I could go for the Mi-8 and Huey and Gazelle modules if they get discounted.
No. 173
If I was to pick a whirlybird, I'd go for the Ka-50. It's older and not exactly super ergonomic but it is designed for a single pilot. It's also not a service aircraft but even so it's more immersive than the others until they implement native multicrew in them. The others are crewed rather than piloted and only one of them has multicrew support (gazelle) so you'll be jumping between stations quite often just to do run of the mill things and in the case of the Gazelle, its attack profile requires close crew coordination to minimise exposure time and it's just not doable with hotseat flying. It's in development but when I last played it was still a while off.
No. 178
Can't you just play solo with toned-down autism?
No. 179
I suppose, but even then it's not great. Plus, it's a flight sim, the point of the genre is autism.
No. 180
It doesn't have to. I want an accessible, fun, but realistic experience. Like IL-2 where I can turn manual engine management off because I can't give a rat's ass about it but I still want to take off and land and have turbulence, G-forces, realistic damage models, limited fuel and ammo and things like that.
No. 188
737 kB, 1920 × 1080
Is it be hard to get into flight sims if you are and Galactic Empire keyboard+Mouse ace?
No. 205
1000 kB, 1366 × 768
Not as hard as it could be but it wouldn't be easy, the difficulty of learning an aircraft's systems well enough to use them while under fire is part of the appeal though. Plus for most flight sims you'd need a stick. Keyboard and mouse won't cut it. For anything with systems simulation, you'll need the mouse for interacting with the cockpit.
No. 222
4 kB, 256 × 224
4 kB, 256 × 224
Soon will start e3 2018... but I bet there nobody cares about it including me lol.

Because I has no acces to pc almost in like 2,5 weeks already I start playing more and more games via retroarch. Playing mario 3 (all stars snes version). Kinda cute little platformer that be just boring pain without emulator saving. And yeah on sensor digital buttons controls are a little bit meh. But I still don't get why this mario games so prised and hos you even possible compare this console stuff to pc of that time. Like 1993...? Doom, Might and Magic 5, ultima underworld 2, X-Wing, lands of lore 1... like everything that was on snes was already on half decade more old compare to PC standarts - and this mario games are just to like lost your time on phone in 2018 nothing more really. So continue this same story that was with goldeneye gane on N64 that I posted about above.
No. 225
Sadly our capitalist economy dictates you replace everything every two years. It is deliberately designed to fail. They call it Planned Obsolesence. Now, I cannot endorse Communism mind you for obvious reasons, but holy shit anybody who talks about Capitalism being the best are either lying or idiots. We used to have the same settis, but they realised building things to last 20 years meant nobody buying for 20 years so to "stimulate the economy" they came up with the biggest scam plan of making sure everything breaks down. They literally design our goods to call apart every two years so it forces you to keep working and keep spending money. It is how we got to a throwaway culture.
No. 226
Do I have to install Windows to play games, is it worth the effort?
No. 227
Whut? What you have on your computer? What kind of games you want to play?
No. 229
Chess, football manager, any rogue like, a business tycoon simulator.
I bought a PC, so I thought I could play gta4, red redemption, even though I hated it and a racing game, I just really don't want to install windows.
Maybe i am procrastinating, I play a hex-based samari game on my phone i enjoy and football sim.
Anything turnbased.
I would basically pay to play 90's dos games with turn based strategy, and maybe burnout and gta.
Then should I just use emulator, if so, then how.
I can use a pirate Win no problem, no pokemon, too much time wasted.
No. 231
So what operational system you have? Linux? If so you can run windows applications... at least some of them via wine.
Or you have Mac OS.. OSX or how this apple thing called? Dosbox have versions for any of that systems


But honestely what problem with installing windows? It is like half of hour maybe less
No. 233
I don't want the botnet.
I seen win10, I am scared rather have a hakintosh.
May install Win10 with no internet acess, see how it goes, but too lazy.
No. 234
Win10 nobody need probably - this is meme shit like vista. Install pirated windows 7 ultimate and have no problems at all.
No. 236
that usb 3.0 feel
No. 237
Wut? You mean you has no fast usb connection to instal windows? Burn it on disc and instal from it. I have dvd rw with mine windows 7.
No. 239
I didnt get a disk drive because I never use disks, thanks for the help I am just stuck in this predicament.
No. 240
Well optical disc drive cheap as hell and installing in pc in 2 minutes but well it's your choise what to do.
No. 281
93 kB, 1148 × 587
Hey sorry to be derailing a bit, but how do I use crystaldiskinfo? How do I read it? Is this the red=bad that they meant?
No. 283 Kontra
87 kB, 686 × 694
Oops shit wrong one

Uh, I should probably add that I also only have about 15gb of space still open. In fact it said I had 19 before I defragged the HDD and then mysteriously I had 4gb less after doing so (had 1% fragmentation). So. I am thinking, it is either the CPU, or...dust...or maybe I am just using too full a drive now? Because I mainly had this problem with steam trying to download.
No. 285
Better not shit your disk on full and make shure it screwed to computer case tight so no lifting happening.
And clean your computer with changing thermal paste regulary - like once per 6 month. On both motherboard and video card.
No. 291
Huh. It is almost done downloading. Now, I actually begin to wonder if the whole problem was running my machine at 98% capacity. I didn't have problems before when I dropped down to 1% free with only like <9gb storage left.
Yeah. I am actually pretty sure at this point, that having my disk loaded is not a good idea. Which also sucks because I have no money for extra storage right now and would like to install all the rest of my games, but that's probably at least another 500gb.
>thermal paste
I have literally never done this. How important is such a thing?
No. 292
1tb cost a littlr bit just more but give you twise more storage. Also you may be interested in buying more fast and moren SDD than HDD

>how important
>never done

Computer become full of shit in like a year. Thermal past slowely become dust. You need to clean all your fans and replace your thermal past at least under cpu and gpu regulary or your computer start getting hot, start lagging and turn off by itself. Check temperature of your components always and check condition of your fans. If you never cleaned your pc it probably now looks like purgatory
Immideatly go goigle how to do it - it simple, buy some zalman thermal paste and chamge it, and clean all dust and powder!!!!
No. 293
Why even if 2tb drives cost nearly the same?
No. 294
Actually no if good ones - dofference in price become notable
No. 295
Dunno, the difference was not really noticeable.
No. 296
3,6 MB, 600 × 338, 0:23
3,9 MB, 444 × 250, 0:13
Daggerfall unity getting nice feature for support of VR. I not someone who exited to buy this helmets but if you VIRTUAL REALITY type of guy it may be interesting experience.
No. 297
Decided to get Blackguards 2. It's looking pretty good so far tbh.
No. 302
I can confirm that Blackguards 2 is pretty good so far.

Russia I would also recommend since you like HoMM III so much. I think it's still on sale for $3 too.
No. 311
Well thanx but I previously said that heroes 3 most popular game in russia from series, I not said I super fan of it. From heroes sub series my favorite is second one, because it's plot, incredable graphics and artstyle and soundtrack, but I more rpg series fan, my favorite games are World of Xeen and Mandate of Heaven, I started playing heroes seriously because they are part of series, world and plot of might and magic.
However, I will check it out on torrent, thanx. Of cource when I finished building my new PC.

If YOU searching for "heroes like game" I extremely recommend King's Bounty The Legend.
No. 312
>From heroes sub series my favorite is second one, because it's plot, incredable graphics and artstyle and soundtrack
You have probably heard of Succession Wars Mod, haven't you? I think I told about it in HoMM threads on old EC
No. 313
I talked abot it too and yep I kinda follow it. When be next release, that I heared will be soon, I of cource try it. Engine of heroes 3 are almost same but have a lot advantages and as I know, guys who do this mod and add new content know lore, so yeah, it looks very good for me.

No. 315
>If YOU searching for "heroes like game" I extremely recommend King's Bounty The Legend.
I am pretty fond of KB per se and I played KB for PS2 once (though it's called Heroes of Might and Magic: Quest of Dragonboner Staff).
I was quite surprised that I found staff but I didn't win the game, because I was supposed to beat the Dragon as well.
Maybe I'll play it once more fully, KB is pretty fun game to play quickly.
No. 318
690 kB, 1920 × 1200
Never heared about this game honestely lol. Looks interesting. Is this remake of original 1990 king's bounty?

I talk about 2007 one from katuri. Very great game
No. 326
Question about m&m 8.
How does one play it properly without cheating a bit?
Like primary vs secondary skills.
For knights plate,sword,shield eats it away so i cant improve armsmastery,item repair etc.
With necro/cleric its even worse with spell mastery.

Will o wisps,centaurs and boulders are a bitch.
No. 336
Oh I so long not revisited 8... are you playing with path that allow you hire full group or without? What I can say is that dragons are super OP.
http://mm6world.ru/8_index.htm - this is also nice resourse about all game information more or less
No. 339
Not really a fan of dragons to be honest.But how do you deal with moving shooters in that game?
Dash and smash or parallyse them?
Im currently at mid game tier where powerful units are annoying as hell and developing your characters is pain in the ass since the lack of skill points.
No. 360
Is that first game you playing in series? If so not the best choise honestely.

>But how do you deal with moving shooters in that game?
AI have low IQ and it easy to attack from corners and try to bait enemies in closed corridors. Sometimes turn based mod better but more often if good to rush. Use range attacks - dragon range attacks are extra epin, I don't remember how classes acces to bows was nerfed in 8 but have bow guy is a good idea.
Try to learn light magic and it's baffs.
No. 464
So apparently it really was because my hard drive was full. Once I freed it up above 2% free space I was able to install a couple games no problems. It has not crashed since then knock on wood. Which means imma play SOMA.
No. 529
182 kB, 1280 × 720
615 kB, 960 × 540
1,5 MB, 1280 × 720
So I just watched the teaser for Fallout 76 and read up on the informations we have so far. Seems like it's going to be a multiplayer game. I wouldn't have bought it anyways but I still despise the trend to turn singleplayer games into multiplayers, as this kind of open world RPGs are the only kind of game I really play every now and then.
Probably all because you can milk more cash from multiplayer games with microtransactions etc., which greedy Bethesda not long ago even added to Skyrim, a fucking seven year old game.
I know the notion of criticizing greed in capitalism is pretty bleak because everyone tries to make some money. But still, what kind of consumers let themselves be ripped off so easily?
No. 533
Yeah, I don't understand the appeal of games like this that require a mothership server since the product only has a shelf life as long as they decide to keep the servers up. Then it's just dead software. Why couldn't they have at least met the players halfway and had an optional coop feature in the game that is otherwise still offline playable. Especially for a Bethesda game that is going to be forced vanilla because of the multiplayer aspect which kills a big part of your sales as mod platforms. Plus imagine how immersion breaking other random players are going to be. It's a shame because the concept of a Vault that opens after completing its experiment rather than the player leaving a dysfunctional or dying Vault is actually interesting even if I think that their writers can't pull it off.
No. 550
Bethesda since ~1997-98 become much more weak loosing a lot lead programming guys and since ~2005 went to final shit, dunno why people expect QUALITY from it still

And fallout for ling time just MEMES rollecoaster and fallout 4 become not even meme rollecoaster but dunno... this game feels like toy playhouse.

Fallout 76 intended to be fallout 4 multiplayer with SURVIVING or something but it was cut - so this is just unreleased chunk of fallout 4 polished to be separate game kinda like battlespire for daggerfall but battlespire actually was heavely reworked on updated engine with a lot of new stuff and basicly was mostly singleplayer game and good clone of ultima underworld, just with ton of bugs
No. 572
7,7 MB, 8738 × 5690
Borderlands is a game series that I enjoy far more when I think about playing it then when I actually play it. When summer comes in, I always feel the urge to start a new Borderlands game for unknown reasons, yet inevitably quit within an hour as I find the experience far less sweet than the thought of the thing. This is the same feeling I have for the Diablo series, although I have spent more time on Diablo because the setting is more to my taste, and because it requires less energy to navigate than an FPS game for a person with low physical and psychic energy. People I knew that enjoyed it expended massive amounts of time playing Borderlands over and over on higher difficulties, whereas I could not even finish a single game of it due to getting bored. I put it own to a difference in mindset and preference, because even trying to perfect a character on Skyrim as they also did is incredibly boring to me.

Anyways, there are other options for me aside from a likely abortive B-lands session. Back in March, I started a no-kill run on MGS3 and made it to Krasnogorje before I foolishly quit without saving and found myself back at the battle with The End before quitting in frustration. I could pick that up again, finish Demon's Souls that I played nearly to the end and abandoned in February, or start a new game of Star Control II before its' abominable progeny is released. If that is my choice, I will have to order cheese fries for nostalgic good luck on my voyage.
No. 581
Which Borderlands exactly are you talking about? Because, in my opinion, the first one is a boring and forgettable (or rather, I want to forget that I ever spent time playing it) piece of crap, while the second one is a solid 9/10.
No. 582

Mostly the second, my apologies for not indicating that, although I would try the first one again because it has been such a length of time that I remember next to nothing about it. What do you think makes it particularly forgettable compared to the sequel?

I also tried the Pre-Sequel when it first came out, and from what I recall there are only two or three good characters and it appeared boring.
No. 597
>What do you think makes it particularly forgettable compared to the sequel?
Well, characters in the first have next to nothing personality (they were developed much more in the second), plot is absolutely boring (the second has at least three plot twists, although they happen immediately one after another), skills don't influence gameplay much (in the second some skills could radically change how your character plays), weapons don't differ a lot both visually and stats-wise (in the second you would never mix up a Jakobs gun with a Maliwan gun, or a Dahl gun with a Hyperion gun; that is, just like characters, weapons also have more developed "personalities" in the sequel), locations consist of desert, desert, and some more desert (compare to the second with its gorgeous highlands, arctic wastes and industrial landscapes, and DLCs also added jungle and tropical island). To sum up, I don't consider the first Borderlands a good game at all, while the second is one of my favorite shootans of all time. Interestingly enough, like you, I couldn't bring myself to complete BL2 at first, although I played more than an hour (I usually stopped when I reached Opportunity for some reason; then I deleted the save and started anew); but then I kinda sorta forced myself to play more, and I didn't regret it, it was awesome. I thought the same method would work with the first, but after the General Knox DLC I was bored out of my mind, and didn't finish the last DLC about the Claptrap rebellion (and probably never will).

As for the Pre-Sequel, I enjoyed it, but it's noticeably weaker than the second, in my opinion. The characters I had the most fun with are Fragtrap and Jack's double, so if you're going to play it, I suggest to try them first.

But, despite my aversion to the first Borderlands, I still don't consider it the worst entry in the series. This honorary title rightfully belongs to those Telltale shit-outs.
No. 638
282 kB, 1430 × 645
New command and conquer announced - oh lol it just mobile small very simple game with taking over spot and launching rocket at each other, it like ÄNGRY PÏRDS tier
No. 639
Phoneshit is such a cancer

In other news have DL'd Hard West. Blackguards 2 was actually so damn good (to me at least) I ended up playing it the whole weekend and am hoping BG1 The Dark Eye goes on sale.
No. 640 Kontra
>still buying games in 2018

Just use a torrent.
No. 641
>Wondering why big studios make only games for 12 year old console owners
No. 642 Kontra
>if I buy them all they gonna make better games
No. 644
It funny that modern phones more than capable to get proper full games. Even my 5 yeard old phone run fan port of doim3 pretty well
No. 645
44 kB, 680 × 382
34 kB, 680 × 382
32 kB, 680 × 382
30 kB, 680 × 382
Oh new just cause gene. Soon they will make new just cause game every year like ub*soft make assasins creeds.
No. 657
JC4 will be released?!
That is rather soon, didn't expected that. I thought it would be another 2 - 3 years until we see another one.
No. 659
Well it just announce. Studio had 2 different big projects same time expt jk4, like this shooter about robots in sweden.
No. 674
yes that is how it works. buy games like elex
No. 681
83 kB, 1280 × 720
Just a little reminder that there's a KC CSGO group which is still kinda active.
At least a hand full of members is still playing with eachother every now and then but the group could use some fresh blood.

If there's any interest, you're welcome to join.

No. 684
thanks but csgo is garbage
No. 693
lol, kinda active
No. 694
Hello Лони Сука
No. 698
Well yeah it's true actually. You will notice a lot of the better games lately have all been kickstarter. Meanwhile we have microtransaction cancer infesting everything and phone shit. Why? Because it is more lucrative now to sell shit to dumbasses than make a good game. These people also don't tend to participate in any community or generate overall strength for the game in publicity or anywhere else. It is parasitic. It's one thing when you're some poor Russian who can afford nothing and won't contribute anyway, it is quite another when you're willfully being an asshole. It doesn't make you smart it makes you dumb and short sighted. This is why we also now have tons of paid DLC as publishers try to recoup losses and shift everything to stupid console children and women with mobile phones.
No. 701
2,2 MB, 1920 × 1080
Support some kikstarter projects=/=buy every aaa you want check how bad it is

You will never turn big companies in different direction. Just example:
See this. This is just total cringe. Shitty cartoonish trash in fuckin forests fucking skyrim 3 OH LOOK POWEH ARMOR VAULT BOI - they finally turned fallout to bottom, this is like fucking joke.

I have physical copy of fallout 1, have it in steam and on gog. Same with morrowind. I bought them and TODD HOWARD USED THIS MONIES FOR LIKE 12 YEARS MAKING SHIT SHIT AND CRIBGE AND MORE IT GO MORE IT CRINGE IT LIKE LITTERAL PISS ON FALLOUT AND TES UNIVERSES

Never buy game from big company
Buy game from bethesda, ea, activion-blizzard, ubisoft etc. = donate to destruction of human culture and all achivments of world civilisations.

No. 703
I heard an interesting opinion: today games are shallow because today computers are too powerful, so there's not enough man-hours to make good-looking modern game.
No. 704
Wut? Well AAA yoba cost a lot because speed hoe it made, giand ads campain, and yes a lot of shit that most times maded by hired freelancers that work for food. And because there too many detalisation and all that fancy crap work of artists much less involved directly.

Also aim for new AAA is human trash - they not care do anything exept basic shit and ads.
No. 705
I think youre kinda right. like on max payne they stated that they made the graphic novel cutscenes because the early 3d cutscenes would require too much of animation crafting per second for the small studio so they had to make a creative solution. nowdays computers are super powerful and game studios have such advanced tools and licenced game engines (first max payne used in house engine btw) they dont have to think stuff like that anymore because they have massive libraries of premade crap.
No. 707
Yeah but you will notice that you're not actually buying it from Black Isle or Interplay anymore, speaking of which Interplay was god tier. I would happily give them my monies. The problem is the bloated corporate abominations many either became or that the good studios were swallowed by (like Bullfrog, old Bioware, Troika... F) These companies are all working on a model, and to market and make a product rather than focus on the content itself. It reminds me of Dawn of Andromeda which is an unbelievably sleek and gorgeous looking game, fantasy ambient soundtrack, everything looks good on the surface but you open the trunk and...meh. But there are still many other good game makers.

As an aside, why does Toward Howard look like such shit? Is this the result of people like /v/ bullying him?
No. 714
Well I not bying fallout 1 from black isle but I but moreowind from bethesda
But like 90% of people who made daggerfall, battlespire, future shock and like 75% who did iriginal morrowind leaved team.

Same as with others. If dev making shit or not exist or team changed - pirate it. You not give any monies to people who made this game and publisher will never do project like that again when normies massivly eat shit and give trillions for that corporation.

Piracy is form of regulation and your right of free opinion on current publisher.
No. 730
So they announsed this STARFIELD but showed nothing. This game will come out not soon


Tes6 - it came out only like after 2021. Again teaser showed nothing and who cares we already know it be cringe on gamebryo engine for kids

Another free game for mobile phones - poo poo that they will release this year.
No. 731
Tbh, the problem with TES6 won't be the engine so much. It's not the best engine but it's very good as a mod engine which is what really sells their games. However they've been throwing that big market for their games under the bus lately. Fallout 4 had problems with the paid mod store creating lots of microupdates that could theoretically screw with mods. It's going to be in TES6 as well, no doubt. Combined with their multiplayer focused, i.e. forced vanilla Fallout 76 and their just increasingly stripped down gameplay (Oblivion gets a lot of shit, but it was still so moddable that it had a more classic RPG system easily moddable into it with OblivionXP), they're going to lose the demographic that made them as successful as they are, the mod creators/users.

Gamebryo is not a terrible engine because of how easy it is to tweak everything with, but Bethesda doesn't really know how to make an engaging game structure which makes the flaws much more evident than they would otherwise be. Think of something like Nehrim which was one of my favourite games of that period and it's just a mod that made good use of Oblivion's engine and fixed the mistakes it made.
No. 733
the fallout 76 segment was so fucking awful. the amounts of lore rape when they showed those vault tec videos glorifying nuclear weapons.

also when todd said something along the lines "WE've had this vision as of lately, to implement multiplayer in our games". he gave 0 credit to the mod teams of tes3mp (morrowind multiplayer) or that skyrim multiplayer mod team who basically raised interest in this bethshit games in multiplayer phenomenon.
No. 734
I ignored Microsoft and skipped trough Bethesda for 10min or so.

I will also ignore Ubisoft and hope that the other shows have some actually interesting games without cringy presentation.

I will watch Devolver now.. a 20min show, that's how i like it.
No. 735
2min in and already like how they make fun of other companies.

No. 736
2,7 MB, 1632 × 1224
Well most credit for tes3mp is for creators of openMW engine, like some dudes from internet was capable making engine that better than 2002 gamebryo and every version evolving.

And they wanted to add multiplayer at fallout 4 at first. Just becahse popularity of idea of "fallout online".

Well modding is not something that implemented by engine so much - you can do it on almost every engine. Just in 2002 bethesda of that time decided to publish powerfull modding instrument for their game. It was famous for that time - warcraft 3 and every second FPS game (half life, all id games, unreal etc.) had same.
Main problem with fallout 76 and tes6 that this be casual very basic adventure games with no rpg elements, who absoluetly not care about already dead lore and aimed for teenagers, normies and other categories of subhumans. I have no doubts that this games will be on gamebryo, will be buggy and empty and will be much more dimple than last bethesda games.

Gamebyro is okay but it have critical floas of how it create world, what systems of detalisation view it use etc. It is very outdated by many standarts, there will be still loadings in different interiors and areas, still limits for objects in locations beyond whom game becoming laggy rollecoaster on most powerfull machines, problems with animations and sometimes collision etc. Etc.

It is funny how XNgine that bethesda had in times when it had talanted programners still in some ways more advanced than gamebryo and back in 90s it was evolved pretty good. Last version in redguard, even thought game is meh, pretty impressive for time. I not even talk about 1995-1996 when in many ways even id tech-s sucked ass compare to XNgine. But this times ended long long ago. Like in 1997-98 when a lot people left bethesda.
No. 738
https://youtu.be/_oVwrpfo_QA - nu-dum gene
https://youtu.be/JQOOTliYurM - ""fallout"" 76 survival multiplayer shit ""gameplay""
https://youtu.be/4WAxLXrsFTs - new wolfenstein
No. 739
https://youtu.be/8X2kIfS6fb8 - oh mkm look CYBERPUNK how original. Even bydlos start to ger boring from this. This looks like READY PLAYER ONE THE GAME honestely.
No. 740
It looks more promising than most other E3 titles.
Besides, it's not like you saw any actual gameplay
No. 741
https://youtu.be/bxgAKQnH0eg - new metro game only thing that took my attention. Yet again pretty atmosoheric trailer. I not liked much first two metro games but this one looks promesing. It be by gameplay yoba for bydlo but it at least have interesting style and soul. Like how they mixed syberia-like tale and modern russhia postapocalypse.

https://youtu.be/vc2656TCbgg - devil mar cry 5. looks like they will ignore dmc. Well I not care about slashers much, fans and gooks will likd it probably

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGPknmiLxGo - another japan game that look like dark souls. Again, for weaboos.

https://youtu.be/zyWfg7s1tWw - battletoads... and NOTHING in trailer. Looks like it be same comeback as was with bubsy lol. But at least in nu-bubsy game I liked how he talk because I finded it cute. Battletoads us just meme game from 8bit era so remake will be cringy shit that will have nithing in common with original as usual.
No. 742
I not about gameplay, that probably be WEDŽEMIN 3 WITH GUNS but who knows
Just about style - oh I so cool main character and I doo this cool things in this MOST CLISHE CYBERPUNK EVER.
No. 745
No. 746
Sorry dunno if it translated to ARYAN
But game about Russia anyway. Dunno maybe there is subtitles.
No. 747
>shitty translation
No. 748
Metro trailers look really great and promising
No. 750
>oh I so cool main character and I doo this cool thing

You want a boring main character that does boring things?
No. 751
484 kB, 600 × 599

I'm sorry but I cannot share your sentiments of shitting on this. It looks like it's going to be fucking awesome although likely too brutal for my toaster.
No. 752
Could be fun, actually. Say, if the main character was an accountant, and the corporation he worked was merged/acquired by another corporation, which led to the change of leadership. New CEO decides to reorganize the personnel, and our hero finds himself on the streets ass-deep in mortgages, so he either has to be killed by denbts collectors, dive into the life of crime to make some money, or find another accounting job.
No. 753
>killed by denbts collectors
>dive into the life of crime

That's boring only in the slavlands, everywhere else it's not a normal thing.
No. 754
The main character would still be boring. He could also commit boring petty crimes, like insurance frauds (which also would be realistic, because it's unlikely that some white-collar wimp would be able to do something like Lufthansa heist right away).
No. 755
469 kB, 1000 × 555
After seeing the trailer to Just Cause 4 i am actually not very excited to be honest.
It seems like there is no "significant" change in game mechanics, graphics and so on. It is, as far as i can say, JC3 in a new environment plus a tornado.
This could have been also a DLC, rather than a new installment.
It will be fun though, to blow stuff up again in a different setting.

No. 778
Square Enix starts in 45min.
That could be the first interesting presentation of 2018

No. 779
No. 781
>First interesting
There like was interesting metro game and also this one


I'am skeptical about square enix. Last deus ex was shit.
No. 782
I wonder which eidos franchise they're gonna dig up and defile this time. My guess: commandos mobile game / yoba fps reboot
No. 787
Ok, so apparently it is a new engine on the Just Cause 4, looking forward to it.
No. 788
It's still going to be JC3 + wind.
No. 832
No. 833
So, till now my top 3 would be

  1. Sony
  2. PC
  3. Devolver
I really recommend Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami, so if you don't have a PS4 you can get it for PC soon.

Also interesting looking:

The Forgotten City
Half-Life 3
Anno 1800
Hitman 2
The Last of Us 2
Death Stranding
Resident Evil 2
Nioh 2
No. 834
is 0 a prequel to 1? t. only played 1 and 2 because didnt get ps3
No. 835
Yes, it was released before they started to remaster all the other games for the PS4.
No. 853
>half life 3
Bad joge
Honestely after years I think that I not care even about 2nd one lol.

Only 2 games that was good on presitation is sonic racing and metro exodus. Last two anno games was EEEH and I will not belive new one is good until it released. Devil mar cry 5 looks eeh, I absoluetly didn't liked nu characters.
No. 855
>Honestely after years I think that I not care even about 2nd one lol.
I didn't even finish the second one, heh. I only completed one of the episodes, the one in which you shoot striders with some stupid mines in the end, and it was meh. HL2 is one of the most overrated games ever, IMO, and the best thing about it was Garry's Mod.
No. 856
231 kB, 1280 × 986
It's not overrated, for it'z time it was a real blast. Best lights and shadows, best facial animations, most advanced engine and a lot interesting idea. This gane for next 7 years pushed rules in game industry and technology. And more it proress more technologies was involved. In episodes and more late updated gaben created HDR and other thing. Ragdoll physics and all that stuff finally start working properly, not like in that 90s jurassic park with boobs. And a lot ideas and concepts of that game was epic and it is good that gaben created something new instead of making first game again. And he did good job on atmosphere, caraters and lore of world.

As much as I more id-fan, I may say that doom 3 in all threms half life 2 was more advanced and much better game. Yeah doom 3 had it's dynamic shadows but they was cut in half with release and as overall game it get boring after half of it, dark shadow corridors of metals and 3 minutes of mars is all you get. Hell was cool but it was boring too lol. Other technologies with faces, textures and rendering, faces and animations was also more primitive compare to hl2.

But looks like hl2 aged badly. Like all this new ultra technologies not looks impressive nowdays - they look like more basic. Whole game you start spot lack if any detalisation - on open areas sometimes it's critical. After garry's mod you can't watch faces in hl2 without laught. Low res textures, meh effects - all you start spot it. It's not bad because yes game is bad but without OH MY GOOD TECHOLOGIES effect you start spot real problems - very very meh leveldesighn compare to 1. It just half open big corridors most times. Not best AI, very boring weapons most time. Often places where you need watch INTERACTIVE CUTSCENES like east black mesa that you can't skip. PHYSICAL PUZZLES that so badic ans wanted just to show PHYSICS in game - they remind me this TURN THREE STONES puzzles in sk*rim for retards. Also from some technologies you start get bored - like ragdoll physics actually primitive instrument to show physics of body and sometimes good pre-maded animations looks much better than this bags of potato.

Anyway half life and it's addons still keep up today - it not that impresive but awesome games with awesome style and I just like this low poly models and sounds. If objectivly - opposing force for example have really good level desighn and original half life too. Puzzles often at least sometimes creative and you not feel retard when you do it. You can skip every blah blah blah cutscenes and they really interactive and part of world around you. Weapons is memorable and pleasure to use - mp5sd3 is iconic, teleport gun and spore gun, machine gun and all other aljen guns etc. Whole complex black mesa from all games actually not mish mash of random corridors but it really one big working complex https://youtu.be/6Iu4GXUHfU0

And I have no fucking words to say how many technologies and patience and worktime maded into things that you can't even spot sometimes during even 100th playthought. This game in many ways have most alive AI in vidja that even was created. Just watch this series of vids - they will exllane all better https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDmcwfn8y0lMtlqcpUhggk0FB1EC2i3iB

I can talk about original half life games for days. Goldsource engine is one of my favorite engines of all time, it's nice to see that fans did opensource version of it.
No. 859
I have nothing against the first HL, it was a really good game. It was so good, that HL2 actually felt like a big letdown. The first one played like more like a survival: Gordon got himself into lots of different shit, but managed to stay alive and win. Addons allowed you to watch the events of the original from other perspectives, and it was interesting. The second, on the other hand, feeds you a boring plot about ebul alien oppressors, and Gordon is not a scientist desperately trying to save his own ass, but a Hollywood-tier messianic archetype, kinda like Duke Nukem without funny one-liners. And the episodes are a simple continuation of the story, like, "here's a little bit more story with an open ending to keep you hyped for the next episode, and here's a death of a major character for added drama".

I also disliked how Valve tried to shove as much as possible things that were in vogue back then into the game, like physical gimmicks, player-controlled vehicles, squad tactics, even striders. Sometimes the game looked more like some sort of vidya trends exhibition rather then, well, a game. But most people were okay with that, so it might just be me.

As for technologies, I don't consider myself an eggspert on engines, but, IIRC, Source was used only for Valve pet projects, like CS, TF2 or L4D, and by poorfags like Troika, because it was the cheapest modern engine on the market. UE was better and more popular among the developers.

Oh, and comparing HL2 to Doom 3 doesn't give more points to the former, because out of all "big" shootans of 2004 (HL2, Doom 3, Far Cry, Chronicles of Riddick, Painkiller), Doom 3 was arguably the worst. It failed at being good-looking, it failed at being scary, it failed at being old-school, it just failed at being enjoyable.

All in all, I don't say that HL2 is a bad game, it's objectively good, but it was way too overhyped, and received much more praise than it actually deserved.
No. 860
good post
The best thing in hl2 is the interactivity, in my opinion. You can change or interact with the game world much more than in other games.
If you destroy a scanner you can pick up and throw the different remains.
You can pick up man hacks and use them as a saw.
If you hit a combine with crowbar on heda you'll see blood on texture at the exact point of impact.
Much more, like saw blades and zombies and garry's mod shows the full potential of it.

That's the key to gaming, creating a world where you can really interact with it. Flipping light switches, picking up things, minor details, inappropriate behaviour with consequences...
VR continues this trend and has many opportunities, like this steam portal demo where you can open drawers and such.
Just imagine actually looking through the red dot on the smg.
I hope this gets more attention in games.
No. 861
5 kB, 512 × 385
>I hope this gets more attention in games.
It's impossible to cover this manually.
You can spend resources to create that in demos, but it's totally unfeasible for big games.
I think, there will appear procedural generation of secondary aspects of world created according to predefined rules, like, doors can open, walls can be broken, drawers can be filled with various papers.
No. 862
Funny but for me hl2 feel much more weak in interactive part compare to build engine shooters. I remember how in dunke nukem 3d or in blood main heroes commented everything like in quest/adventure game. Duke piss in toilet, comment his look, can switch lights or put finger in power socket. In blood he had even more comments even just during level events hero comment what he encounter (most memorable of cource in first levels like OPEN FOR BUISNESS, I LIKE MY HANDS BLOODY, TICKET PLEASE, I HATE MIMES etc.). And interation on levels was like everywhere. A lot things was done just so you feel world - you can see how icons on walls change into death gif effect, you can throw zombie heads like balls, broke random things on floor and shelfs. In HL1 was things like that everywhere too -like in early game a that microvawe memes, I WAITING IMPORTAN MESSAGE, but later everywhere you get things like that - 3d models of cockroaches with actual AI, ability to feed and pacify some aliens, see how vortigonts interact with each other, attempt to make HECU soldiers radio talk compleatly generated and unicle in every situation etc.

You almost not encounter things like that in hl2. All interation you get or 2,5 easter eggs oh PHYZICS PUZZLE THROW A BRICK IN BUSKET.

VR should seriously think about interactivity. This - not actual graphics - is most important for vr in my opinion. When you see photorealistic graphics but then you release this world is just solid stone and you can't pick sand in hand, turn off or on lights, take and read book - this world immideatly gets fake and very limited for you. I bet than hl1 graphics game but with 100% interaction with EVERYTHING you see would be more pleashure to play in VR then YOUBA REALISTIC GRAPHIXXX but you can only walk forward and KILL.


I will not say doom 3 was bad or worse. Nobody cared about OLDSCHOOL meme back then before serious sam games. Doom 3 created nice and really realistic science fiction world with demons that by their look have at least some sence. At start there was a lot great scenes and at first it feel like really scary back in 2004. Original doom games was what it was for it's time, they already much more evolved by gameplay in quake, makjng modern cartoomish shooter that pretend to be doom1-2 like bethesda's id did is kinda lame. Also doom 3 had awesome thing with immersion and interation - when you actualy interact by cursor on monitor screens, collect PDAs, have on most weapons how much ammo you get on screens on actual guns. And lighter that you actually have in hand. It did a lot immersion for me back then. It was not new but nobody did it in fps games like that before. And yes this game looked pretty good before hl1.
No. 863
There's much more to gaming than just interactivity. I believe that the crucial part of any shootan is, well, shooting (I'd say that I am a bit conservative for that matter), and the shooting part in HL2 was somewhat lacking, especially if you compare to something crazy like Painkiller. It just didn't feel good to shoot things, which is strange, because HL1 didn't have that problem. Now that I think of it, if HL2 were more adventure-ish, like being more focused on exploration and having actually decent puzzles (not like something involving a seesaw and eight bricks), it might have been a really great game. Dunno how well the fans would accept such a genre shift, but it would definitely be interesting to see.
No. 864
>This game ofent talk about by console, more concretical - nintendo players as some CLASSIC AND MASTERPICE
Nintendo was strong in the US, and this game is among first console shooters at all.
>controls shit even for gamepad
Well, N64 also had fist popular controller with analog controller, and they say that controller was very sensitive - maybe played with a controller it was meant to be played will make Goldeneye somehow better.
I want to get one, but I am not that interested to buy it soon.
No. 867
I think the opposite. HL2 is a good blend of detail and simplicity. current gen games feel most of the time like overengineered crap with too much going on visually and they lack the clarity in presentation that older games have. Good example is Halo combat evolved compared to the newer titles. Because of the (nowdays) simple graphics the enemies pop out really nicely and it's easy to distinguish enemy types from each others. As opposed to current iterations of Halo with bland color palette and billion layers of post processing and high poly models that have so much frill to them they look like piles of shit without any immediate distinguishable traits.
No. 876
> Best lights and shadows
Not at all. Doom 3's light effects (hell, even Far Cry ones) were much better. HL2 had static lighting slapped all over it and those few objects that had dynamic shadows, were so-so in comparison to the abovementioned games. Which you've mentioned yourself a little later, heh.
Facial animations were the best for their time, though, and it's hard to argue about that.
> most advanced engine
Source has always been a piece of shit that can hardly deal with big open areas and had 4-5-minute loading screens on release (10 years later it takes a level 'only' 1 minute to load, what a change!). Serious Engine was way more advanced if we deal with cool features and potential, too bad it was used only in some Korean trash outside of the SS series.
> Ragdoll physics and all that stuff finally start working properly
Ragdolls in HL2 bare no difference with ragdolls from any other game of that time, be it FEAR, DOOM, Far Cry, or Painkiller. That's not some 'hallmark feature', mind you.
> textures and rendering
And I need to disagree with you again, since both of those games had pretty blurred shit all over them. Characters looked worse in Doom, but that's because HL2 had more or less low-poly models with high-poly faces, while in D3 polygons were spread all over the model, that gave them that blocky feel, angular foreheads, etc.

Though, I don't mind almost any graphics and the things I dislike about HL2 are completely something else.
For example, most of the weapons are simply boring to shoot, they give almost no impact, look dull and sound dull, with a couple of exceptions. Enemies are also boring: half a dozen variations of a 'gasmask dude' and a couple of aliens - totally inferior to weapons and enemies from HL1. Some of the levels last too long for their own good, for example the Nova Prospect segment gets pretty dull with time, but just keeps going on and on.
My point is, the game has always been flawed, and has never been 'the best game of all time', like some people like to brag, neither then, nor now. Just a good and solid 8/10 FPS with it's share of problems, but also some really great stuff.
Oh, and the episodes are really much better from the gameplay standpoint. They feel more tight, more polished, and a lot more interesting.
No. 881
>Facial animations were the best for their time
Facial animations in the cutscenes of Silent Hill 3 looked more appealing to me. I'm not sure if they built them on the game's engine or simply pre-animated them in some editor, though.
No. 882
2 and 3 used motion capture for bodies but facial animations were handcrafted.
No. 883
Well "shooting" not only part of fps games. Leveldesign, AI, stylistics etc. very important.

Detalisation and interactivity part is one of sides of good levels. Like when star wars dark forces and duke nuckem 3d did good detailing and interactivity making their levels most realistic in therms of world and location that you recognise and belive, doom and quake aimed for good balanced labyrinths with fun gameplay, traps and navigation tasks and making every enemy unicle. Like in quake 1 every enounter is interesting, only 2 enemies can give you awesome and complex fight.

Yeah half life 2 be more interesting with rpg elements and locations with hubs and semi open world - like wolfebstein 2009 or later far cry fames if it was done right.

For me halo was just had meh and not detailed levels.. like same fault that was with might and magic 9 if you know what you mean...

But I get you point, you kinda right exept you not really. You get idea but hl2 and halo was already more later game that start become what you call MODERN. Best things what you mean when games graphics was simple enough that you can appretiete every detail and when you clearly see artist and level creator work is like 1996-2002. Hexen 2, Rune, Unreal 1, Half life 1, all that kind of stuff.

Half life had at least some difference in enivorment, and had not much dark areas. Doom3 hide almost all it's graphics in the dark while half life 2 not do that. And because ovearll desighn and style half life 2 at least back than looked much less "plastc". Ragdoll on doom3 and far cry much more primitive - in therms of weight and impact, in half life 2 enemies not that much JUMPY and FLYING after they killed like they made from cardboad. Source kinda meh but id tech 4 was not very good in that therm too - loadings was there too, just overall maps in d3 was much more compact corridor areas.
No. 885
Sure. The further back you go the more clearer the graphics become because of necessicity. Visuals were low res mud so they had to make everything super distinctive otherwise the player wouldn't be able to navigate the game. But I mentioned Halo because it's sorta in the cutoff point of modern garbage. Around the time when dx9 came and massive foilage (ie far cry) started to become a thing
No. 886
67 kB, 1280 × 720
145 kB, 302 × 216
Well a lot of older games had other "screen blur shit", which was low resolution that led to pixelated screen and actual crt monitors. So they often looked not that clear as we play this games now - often in bigger resolution, new engines, better rendering, and on modern monitors and TVs.

But yeah I prefer play early 3d games and 2,5d games on modern monitors and with bigger resolution - this seems to be the best way to do it when picture absoluetly clear and all elements in game perfectly recognisable without piss in your eyes. It like comparing cs 1.6 and even source to shit like cs go.
No. 890
Just wanna say that it's nice to have an ernst thread again
No. 891
70 kB, 519 × 386
Steam chat gets an update, here's the Beta:

They will also stop Windows XP and Windows Vista support by 01.01.2019
No. 898
I mean, are this new features of chat popular in other chat services?
No. 899
No. 900
Developers stream for just cause 4, for who is interested.
No. 902
Yeah pretty much this. HL2 felt much more sleek and polished but it also felt more empty and soulless, in fact it was the game I abandoned midway through to take years hiatus from gaming altogether. I mean it had just about everything I should like, the haunted headcrab village, the fight against evil alien oppressors, the La Resistance and so on in addition to physics and everything else but it just felt kind of bland and empty to me, like pretty much all the actual fun was taken out of it from HL. Plus like you said, the whole thing became just another stupid bydlo messianic figure thing as opposed to just some guy surviving which is also exactly the same mistake that Dead Space made. You should never try and turn your central character into a cheap shitty messianic figure if you just want to write a good immersive story. I also liked how it wasn't so cut and dry, where like the army comes in and instead of rescuing you is at war with the aliens and also executing civilians and scientists so you have to fight them too, which makes it much more interesting than "human rebellion versus the alien overlords" which is cut and dry black and white stuff. I often feel like the overall IQ of games actually plummeted since my childhood. Now you don't even need to navigate where you're going or think through a situation at all, it is just point and click to shoot.
No. 903
17 minutes of Gameplay for Metro Exodus.
Well, looks like it is winner of current e3 for mr.

Bethesda announsed 2nd wolfenstein game in same event and fuck looks like they finnaly killed wolfenstein franchise with this VR abomination. Next only is a MOBILE GAME
No. 904
>where like the army comes in and instead of rescuing you is at war with the aliens and also executing civilians and scientists so you have to fight them too

>the haunted headcrab village,
It funny how whole headcrab stuff was cut. In hl1 you see that zombies are not just bodies but with headcrab using their bodies it start mutating them in different thing - it now have jaw and mouth across whole body, different hands and you can see on headcrab texture how it assimilating to scull and a lot different details. In main game and opposing force you see how headcrab evolves - from small baby, then to headcrab, then how it zombiefies people, then it mutate it and then mutate even more - there version in opposing force that become less human and more monster that throw at you spores and then in end of hl1 you have final form of headcrab in form of giant moster thing with bag of headcrab babies inside it. In hl2 it just... zombies with headcrab in head that control it but not comoleatly because they still screaming words backwards it just like that "alien controlling slime" clishe and there POISONOUS AND FAST headcrabs... how "original"
No. 905
Well no I mean to be fair they DID at least actually show the very late stage transformations of headcrabs in there, it's just the problem is that it became more a sort of specific biological weapon meant explicitly to create these http://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Fast_Zombie as opposed to just using the much cooler concept of Xen creatures horribly mutating and transforming people as part of a natural life process, which is part of what made them so creepy to begin with.
No. 916
Steams whole UI is ancient by now, the platform could really use a little facelift.
And i guess for people who actually communicate with others over steam from time to time some of the new features might be a good thing.
No. 920
No it isn't. Steam is fine. It isn't broken. Don't try to fix it. Whatever new they do is probably just going to fuck it up.
No. 921
Of course it's not broken, but stuff like sending files or creating groups was standard 15 years ago.
No. 927
I actually find the inventory to be beyond retarded and broken.
No. 928
I still think that old green interface was better lol
No. 929
If anything, steam should go for a more lightweight app instead of bloating it even more with stupid shit no one cares about. I wish they could just offer some kind of lite version thats strictly for game verifying and doesnt have unneeded trash bloating the client on the background. I'm not gonna upgrade my ram because these hacks dont know how to program proper software.
No. 976
Just cause 4 gameplay of some youtube guy.
Relese at end of 2018 so this game will be very soon. One of new features is TORNADO

Spyro trilogy remaster gameplay with some cringy commentors. I not fan of spyro, I seen it a little bit only exept porn comic but this new remake in design therms looks more simplified and even more cartoonish for me, like it lack of detalisation is feels like it some crappy adroid store game.
No. 977
108 kB, 800 × 915
Fallout 76 looks like crappy cartoonosh early 00s mmo map or map what children draw in their notes on boring school lesson like "hey this is desert and this is land of dinosaurs"
No. 981
364 kB, 577 × 899
To my own misfortune I read a few youtube comments on the fallout 76 shit. there was a comment that said something along the lines "fallout died with 4. is it too much to ask for a classic fallout experience like fallout 3?"

I honestly couldn't care less about fallout franchise anymore.
No. 982
>classic fallout experience like fallout 3
That doesn't seem right.
Fallout died with Tactics and sort of revived as a ghoul with NV.
Replaying Fallout 2 currently btw, and fuck that code room on the oilrig.
No. 988
Fallout "died" with Fallout 2 - fanfic game that shit on all things that maded fallout - be fallout.
Even NV a little bit better than 2. Tactics just Wasteland game with "Fallout" name on it and as just Wasteland style universe and tactical gameplay it's fine 7/10

I was only kinda butthurt from bethesda when they did oblivion. After morrowind it was a big shock and dissapoinment. Then I just cared less and less with every their game because it was understandable with sk*rim enough that they turned in THIS direction and abominations like FALLOUT SHELTER FALLOUT 76 TES BLADES - are not moracle. I expected this for a long time. And tes6 be worse.
Tbh even oblivion you can predicted if you followed how people changed in bethesda teams since daggerfall to oblivion - so again, not a surprise. Bethesda half died in 1997, bethesda fully died in 2003-2005. RIP.
No. 994
>things that maded fallout - be fallout
What things made Fallout be Fallout, in your opinion?
No. 1002
in design therms looks more simplified and even more cartoonish for me, like it lack of detalisation is feels like it some crappy adroid store game.

Play the original, it was super simple and graphical details were 404
No. 1013
Detalisation on texture was more high, if I remember but yeah I will check it.
Honestely making primitive old game with same level of detalisation but with new render and models always look meh. It like that port of ultima underworld on unity, game look like 90s windows screensaver..

Well I already put this opinion msny many times but if super simple and short:
-small but working world where every detail is important and major, atmosphere of total death and no hope for any future on destroyed earth, free mainquest where you get only three goals and you may do them as you want, only pressure is time, rare encounters of things that make power armor and death claw something ultra special, even thought having some dark humor and easter eggs, overall very serious narrative etc. etc.
No. 1015
>atmosphere of total death and no hope for any future on destroyed earth,
I remember you talking about this previously and I actually replayed fallout for it. It's a really apparent theme in the first game that didnt come across to me first time playing it because sequels had already come out so you know the world isn't doomed. But imagine playing the game on release as a standalone title. It's a really gloomy athmosphere and you can only emulate it now by getting into a right mindset of ignoring the sequels and their provided continuity to the world
No. 1017
Tbh, it was much less total death but rather that society was done for. People could live on over the top of the graveyard of the world but civilisation was never coming back. The world was beyond restoration rather than beyond habitability. Like the Brotherhood were obviously not going anywhere, they had their bunker and all the tech they needed but to survive they needed to send any newcomers to their doom. They could survive but couldn't form a society. That was kind of what the Master's plan did, made a reborn society, albeit a flawed one that relied on the death of the remnants of humanity and the destruction of anything else. It just showed even more that even though it was obviously a failed idea of a madman, it was still the closest thing to a semi-functional civilisation rather than a small group of survivalists. So the idea of civilisation in the wasteland was just the failed idea of a madman. That's the death that it shows, that of people being able to prosper rather than people being able to merely scrape out an existence.
No. 1021
I definitely had this conversation with you already. First fallout was definitely inspired by Harlan Ellison, that's how it got it's 50s-60s vibes. But it was made in 90s, so "retro" is more 90s retro, than 50s.
It was interesting to explore the world and it was believable. "The glow" is the best location. Retroviruses programmed by Ai that is working on neural networks and genetic algorithms. Back then "modification" in sci fi were mostly mechanical or nanomachines. And "retrofuturistic" and "ironic" fallout had this vision of actual tech.
Bethesdas fallouts rely on retrofuturism too much for me. Fallout 2 and new vegas rely on being a good rpg game too much.
t. Another belarussian
No. 1039
So that means that the first and the second Fallouts have different focuses: death and rebirth, autumn and spring, respectively. The first one shows just how far the society will fall in the case of the global apocalypse, while the second speculates if the society will be able to rebuild itself and in what ways will it accomplish that. I disagree that turning the attention to hope instead of despair somehow makes the game "unfallouty", it's just a further exploration of the post-apocalyptic setting, and preferring one to the other is a matter of personal taste. Then again, it would actually be interesting to see a sequel which, in a twist of sick Spenglerian humour, crushes all the budding hopes of humanity again and sends society back to square one.

Damn, now I want to play the first Fallout too. Embarrassing to say, but I've only completed it once.
No. 1054
That's basically Dust for New Vegas. Kind of ebin seeing the Mojave which was actually super tame turn into a sand-scoured hellhole like Lonesome Road.
No. 1068
>Bethesdas fallouts rely on retrofuturism too much
This. In the first two games, the 50s aesthetic wasn't powerful at all.
The cars were there and the leftover pre-war propaganda was like that, but otherwise it wasn't that 50s-y at all.
No. 1080
154 kB, 800 × 480
261 kB, 635 × 260
309 kB, 1024 × 404
708 kB, 1280 × 1456
Yes, kinda like that
>ignoring sequels
It easy to do after The Elder Scrolls, where every next game not care about previous so I accept arena, morrowind, daggerfall etc. as each game in semi-separate universe.

Original game as I said created most belivable post apocalyptic world. They don't thinked how this mix between 50s,30s, mad max and future will ever work and this is not important - you get some background about past but what game trying to say is present, that you don't need to think about past since it gone and gone forever.

Bethesda fallout... well as I said, Adamovich concept art for fallot 3 is brilliant. He did different thing - adamovich created most belivable pre-war world and how it worked - awesome 50s arompunk and honestely did better job at makin wasteland than even fallout 2. But final bethesda fallout game scrapped a lot of this thoughts and added many dumb shit so whatever
No. 1083
Fallout 2 is built around the idea of making a good rpg game and to settle a universe, while the first one was built around storyline and desperate mood. First one didn't had universe, many events were interpreted different(ghoul and mutant origins for example). It had black jokes instead of just ridiculous. Even developer team was different. I am not saying that fallout 2 was bad, in fact it was better in many ways and people associated the whole series with it. Nice role play, many story branches, funny jokes and no more timers with invasions, story was fine. But I had completely different feelings from both.
>Then again, it would actually be interesting to see a sequel which, in a twist of sick Spenglerian humour, crushes all the budding hopes of humanity again and sends society back to square one.
It's new Vegas. Caesar even tells it to you referring to spengler and kant. New Vegas was too different, but still good too. Crappy engine is probably the biggest problem in it, but factions and non-linearity are the best in whole series.

No. 1086
Fallout 2 is mish mash of giant set of smaller random stories and events that not form a big world - it just "content" for fun without ovearll picture. Some of this content fun but it don't give that much points to the whole game. Compleatly lienar mainquest for that type of game is very very meh, new vegas is same polished cincept of 2nd game but it have daggerfal-style mainquest with much more variants and much better for that type of game. But still as game and as fallout new vegas that was builded on scrapped fallout 2 and van buren content still more weak than f1 in my opinion in many ways.
There is good example when Quality>quantity and hiw overall picture is important in that case
No. 1097
>Fallout 2 is mish mash of giant set of smaller random stories and events that not form a big world
I definitely understand what you are talking about. Maybe I'm just playing it wrong, but I can't seem to come across a quest that leads me to San Fran. The NCR-New Reno-Vault City axis is the best in the whole game, that feels organic, because they interact with each other and lead you to one another. The other cities before that are too small and dangerous.
No. 1101
Well this axis is what make fallout 2 less fallout for me. It civilisation - growing pre-war like civilisations that have hope and future, building something and regain technologies. NCR probably one of the lest belivable. It was most shitty village in f1 that will die next week because how shit it is and now they are giant strong society with production. And devs of fallout 2 explained it like THEY TAKED GEKK FROM VAULT 15 AND USED IT. Eeehh.. you seen vault 15 in fallout 1? It was absolutley empty and rusty and absoluetly ruined.

And everywhere is like that in f2. Yep, devs of f2 was different and main guy behind f1 said in interview that if he did f2 it be compleatly different game.
No. 1102
It's still the best part of the game though. Tons of good quests and nice environments.
I also like how you can basically start a gunfight with anyone living in Reno because nobody gives a fuck about you shooting a beggar.
My main complaint is that there is no winning limit at the casinos, so it's infinite money with 110% skill and 10 luck, essentially making barter useless since you'll always have 10-20-30k coins on you.
Enjoy it for what it is.
No. 1111
If you start a gunfight in the middle of New Reno, you'll die of old age sooner than see the second turn, because every fucking hobo on the other side of the map needs to slowly shamble minding (or not) his own business.
No. 1118
1,1 MB, 1637 × 1020
the master was meant to be a critique of civilization itself. What he proposes is just a more gruesome looking version of what civilization does which is to force you unnaturally into its new order converting you into some dumb office plankton freak while annihilating everybody who refuses. The whole point is to critique the act of civilization itself as being more horrible an outcome of agrarian society than even raiders who are violent nomads. Even the "gekko" meat seller is in the hub, which is the beginning of civilization and works on slavery, one of the first hallmarks of civilization. The master is not evil, he is simply the logical conclusion.
No. 1120
Master is metaphor for hope. You see no any hope in fallout 1 and nobody promising it, exept the master. And in reality it turning out that only thing master do is destroying remains of civilisation even more fast.
No. 1125
Steam sale will start on June 21 btw
No. 1155
113 kB, 640 × 476
On ateam ALWAYS sale lol
No. 1169
On a completely unrelated note, I find this Runglish c&a. You are also the first Russian I have ever seen to bizarrely seem to understand the grammar but fuck up the spelling.

As for HL2 I think part of the problem is it was around that time that developers just decided it was all about graphics, which sure as kids we always were impressed by the better graphics, but they let everything else start lagging behind until it was nothing but just a paid demo display in game form. It was like they completely stopped caring entirely about mood and story around that time. Like the characters even somehow felt worse in HL2 and characterization was practically non-existent in the first one. Maybe it was also because developers had less to work with, and so they put more effort into other areas.

Like today, fucking typos EVERYWHERE Jesus fucking Christ you never saw typos like that in shipped games. I open SOMA and there's two fucking glaring typos. If you're a native English speaker and releasing a game that based on the story that isn't excusable and I see it freaking everywhere. Shadowrun had this problem. I keep seeing it again and again. It makes me feel as though the overall IQ just keeps getting lower.
No. 1179
>On a completely unrelated note, I find this Runglish c&a. You are also the first Russian I have ever seen to bizarrely seem to understand the grammar but fuck up the spelling.

Sorry I learned english from movies/vidja and now typing from phone because I still has no my PC, need to collect more monies for CPU.

>As for HL2 I think part of the problem is it was around that time that developers just decided it was all about graphics

Well not about graphics only, but yeah. Major part of game is like demo showcase of physics puzzles or certain abilities - DRIVE CAR/SQUAD COMMAND that was done very basic. They not come up with interesting ideas what to do with it - it just exist.

>Like today, fucking typos EVERYWHERE Jesus fucking Christ you never saw typos like that in shipped games. I open SOMA and there's two fucking glaring typos. If you're a native English speaker and releasing a game that based on the story that isn't excusable and I see it freaking everywhere. Shadowrun had this problem. I keep seeing it again and again. It makes me feel as though the overall IQ just keeps getting lower.

Ha-ha, Stalker even on russian had language problems, most of them in dialogues with arena guy - maybe they forgot update to update it. English version probably even more horror.
In daggerfall there some errors in books - since there was hell lot of them and they was community maded. But daggerfall not finished game overall.
No. 1182
>Stalker even on russian had language problems
Yeah, the line "одеть костюм" always gives me gnashing of teeth, especially because it shows up every time you loot a corpse.
No. 1222
>Yeah half life 2 be more interesting with rpg elements and locations with hubs and semi open world - like wolfebstein 2009 or later far cry fames if it was done right.
Oh MAN. Everything they'd put out by that point made it seem they were going down that route, you can't imagine my disappointment when it turned out they did not.
They were talking about enemies being able to call for reinforcements, gunship support and so on, which would make a lot of sense in a hub-world type of thing but not much in a linear, scripted experience. Similar story with advanced AI, AI command and so on.

I mean, look at this video starting from 08:00. It really seemed like they were going for a partially non-linear experience, perhaps with stealth elements and stuff like that.

This too, I agree with most of what you said. Everthing felt for the most part boring and generic and of course especially so with the hype they'd built around the game. But hey, it came out at a time when PCs were getting popular with the soy demographic, so it became an instahit. At least that's how I rationalized it and how I've seen a few others talk about it.

In short I think they just bit more than they could chew. Ideas were grandiose but deadlines meant they had to downscale the project massively. HL1 suffered a similar kind of fate, if you look at the kind of complex systems built into the game that you barely notice, one can't help but wonder whether they were designed for something way bigger in scope.

Proof: look at this shit.
No. 1230
601 kB, 598 × 927
>PCs were getting popular with the soy demographic
For me 2003-2004 is year of border between silver era PC gaming that was the best pribably for computers - since late 80s to 2003 when we had a lot good awesome assburger and marcable games even in AAA category maded by nerds for nerds mostly by small or not so big by modern standarts companies.
In early 00s id, valve, blizzard, westwood etc. was or bought by giant corporations like EA/Activision or become big enough by themselfs. Xbox and other microsoft politics started cancer of permanent crossplatform releases. Masses of console degenerates shift to PC and become main target audience. Budget of newer games in bigger segments become big enough so publishers started to ads PC games for casual and other random people who need dumber and simpler games.
RTS genre started to loose popularity in that form as they was in AAA segment, almost all RPG subgenre at least in big titles and series died - bethesda fired a lot people and started making obl*vion, might and magic, ultima, fallout, wizardry and other big series from past died. Most popular become most simple and basic FPS games where you GO FORWARD AND SHOOT like call of duty. Then even this games was simplified with cancer known as CONSOLE SHOOTER - absoluetly lienat bang-bang games with COVER AND REGENERATION.

Half-Life 2, Doom 3, Quake 4, Call of Duty 2 was first sighns of upcoming era of MODERN GAYMING
No. 1232
519 kB, 1280 × 960
>HL1 suffered a similar kind of fate
Half life had same development process as stalker or daggerfall. Where they was like OH MY GOD WE HAVE 900O RANDOM IDEAS OF IDEAL GAME - and then thought suffering they tried made at least something and make it work.
Yes looks like at some point it was intended to be that you have full damaged complex to explore where you can go whenver you want or at least have alternate routes, game was more focused on survival, find you way, interact with alien animals and explore their behavoir and biology, hide from soldiers etc.
As I showed upper in thread, hl and it's addons still remain some parts of this idea - all stuff in hl1-of-bs even decay more or less happened in same time almost and you can combine maps of main game and addons into one giant map of complex.
No. 1240
Okay nevermind, the company is apparently Swedish so all is forgiven if they're used to speaking Swedish and don't into English too well. But still I would expect the company that made Amnesia to at least proofsread their first 10 minutes of gameplay to not have spelling errors. Shadowrun is unforgivable. I counted at least 6-7. In a text based tactical rpg. From native English speakers. Of course, these are the same idiots who put non-binary in that new battlemech game.

>одеть костюм
>translator: dress suit

How can you even fuck up Slavic language when you're a Slav?

I mean HL1 was still pretty neat for its time. The problem was that Valve basically just wanted to make a game to showcase their new engine and not the other way around. That's part of why Valve stopped making games. A normal, good dev/publisher is going to make a new engine to showcase their game.

It should be pointed out that Troika was deliberately held back from release just so Valve could be first in releasing the Source engine before Activision rushed it like business school retards and released a buggy mess. The difference is nobody fucking cares about Half Life 2 because it was a game built for the engine, as opposed to the much beloved cult classic VTMB that used an engine built for games to showcase their new game.

I would say that the golden age of gaming was the 90s maybe into the mid to late 80s. Mid 80s was like the silent era of films. Anything before that was like when they first came out with photographs
No. 1241
Also I am hoping phoneshit becomes like a containment board and hopefully doesn't spill over too much (although already I am seeing people bitching about bad ports for phoneshit on steam). Then all the bydlo can get their yoba games on Play or whatever phones use, and focus on making retarded trash and shovelware for them. For the time being though we're still flooded with garbage for consoles as well.
No. 1245
>How can you even fuck up Slavic language when you're a Slav?
The Russian language is actually pretty difficult. So difficult that even the Russians themselves can't speak it properly. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if only the small percentage of native speakers can use the language without making any mistakes.

Concerning that particular mistake I mentioned: it's a very common replacement of the verb "надеть" (to put on) with the verb "одеть" (to dress) and vice versa. Happens all the time in real life, and, apparently, happened to GSC's UI programmers.
No. 1247
Nah English gave much much more cery close words that easy to put in wrong place, when you spelling them it's even worse
Stalker just unfinished and absoluetly not tested game with a lot writing was probably not checked at all. And not even writing, on final version as I know some status bar for armor work horribly wrong, you have two artifacts with same name and some descriptions of itmes are wrong.

It funny that if you have android phone you have a lot ports of classic pc games. Like I player 1/3 of morrowind, played a lot doom wads and beated q2 on phone.
No. 1249
>you have a lot ports of classic pc games
It has no keyboard. I don't think it's convenient to play keyboard DOS games.
How do you do it?
No. 1250
86 kB, 1024 × 640
30 kB, 508 × 318
143 kB, 1280 × 600
161 kB, 1728 × 1080
Ports of cource have it's own on screen controls, but also there plenty of emulators that you can find inside retro arch - from all nes/snes/sega/n64 etc. stuff to dosbox
No. 1252
NES/SNES stuff is easily set up, it has easy controls.
But DOSBox? I just wondered if you tuned DOSBox to your liking.
No. 1254
85 kB, 1280 × 720
145 kB, 1440 × 900
71 kB, 1280 × 720
125 kB, 1280 × 720
Honestely never run dosbox on android, but pretty much shure that you setup controls that you need by your hand. Probably it will play meh, if you has no compact keyboard for your phone or tablet, but most of ports - fan and official plays quite nice as it possible with non keyboard/mouse controls.
My favorite was probably max payne 1 exept bloodlines dremns parts.
No. 1257
Those controlls for 3D games are pure cancer.
Whats really great on mobile are old point and click adventures, there are tons of emulators to play stuff like beneath the steel sky or day of the tentacle on the go.
No. 1259
Nah it okay. It worse then k+m but if you in bus and playing like classic doom that was intended to play on keyboard only even with ultra wierd controls why not.
No. 1260
>play on keyboard only even with ultra wierd controls
Nothing weird, controls are Wolf3D-tier.
No. 1275

regarding to the whole older graphics better argument. Just look at the difference. motion blur and other post processing trash eyesore versus crisp clear EASILY distinguishable visuals.
No. 1277
Problem there is they comlleatly changed overall style but not level layout. It kinda feels like fan mod honestely.

But if continue talk about graphics - older graphics and leveldesign is always more interesting to exam for me because if we look on visuals and level style as on paiting, there working rule of "shapes" if you know what I mean.
No. 1278
Yeah, it's the downside of the use of these 3rd party engines like Unreal or Unity. People just import shitty effects like a 12 year old toying with photoshop for the first time.

After seeing a few of these not-so-impressive Unreal Engine games I've started feel like it's probably hard to get rid of certain effects related to dynamic lighting and stuff like that. Like in the crash bandicoot remake there's this one ancient egyptian tomb level. In the original game all the floor tiles are kind of worn out and look old. In the remake the floor tiles are all shiny new and reflect light as if it's some Unreal Engine techdemo even though it's inside a fucking tomb with very few light sources. I bet the remake developers didn't even want such shiny effect on the floor tiles but couldn't be arsed to get rid of it or just didn't know how to.
No. 1285
Honestely it problem with people who made it. They hire to draw textures tumbler-tier digital artists and meh 3d artist who just do basic models like for "another cartoonish mobile game pay 2 win". They hire to program students who just use default unreal and unity instruments and options without much changing it. They hire gamedesigners with no talant or will, who just making simple comvertions of existing levels as they see.

Engine is not a problem. It's problem when dumb "modding teams" start pointless projects like SKYWIND or that "transform" of fallout 3 to fallou 4 engine, where it obvious that limitations of bethesda editor will not allow do anything proper and it dumb since it just different versions of same engine, but ue4 and unity allow you to make almost anything you want... if you have people who actually can do something beyond "hello word" and "my first doom map t.5year old"
No. 1286
>misread as "my ernst doom map"
No. 1287
216 kB, 800 × 450
It sucks so hard. CD drive is uncentered or something and the disc slows down by friction.
Idon't know what to do, I want to plat but I have to bend this spindle in order to get disc somehow spinning well. And bending helps successfully not always.
No. 1288
I dont think that a new psx can be that expensive.
No. 1291
I fucking played Project MSX with Brutal Doom gore on the phone. It was ebin.
No. 1296
put some flat hard piece on the inner surface on the lid that hits the spindle when you close the lid and levels it on the same axis as the lid?
No. 1306
I will do it for you when get new pc

Brutal doom is most overrated thing in universe lol
No. 1324
143 kB, 500 × 307
Oh this game still alive, nice. Sadly there so many indie project that worth attention oftend just die when creators dropping them before even closed beta, this why small, but proper studio with deadlines will be always better than random indie developers.
No. 1335
So, from what I've heard so far the gameplay demo (behind closed doors) or Cyberpunk 2077 apparently puts every other game in its place. People who've seen it say that Bioware and Bethesda are over if they have to compete with that thing.
Here is just one video with comparatively calm people talking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6-L9hBPyQE

I made the decision to keep that one harddrive with a windows 7 or 8 (can't remember) installation around for a while longer until this game comes out. It's collecting dust in a cupboard somewhere, I set it up to play Witcher 3 in 2015 and then took it out and put it in a drawer. Been meaning to wipe it and add the 2 TB to my backup server, but now I'm too hyped to play Cyberpunk in one or two years.
No. 1339
I don't like the visual design. It's too sleek and well lit. Looks like a futuristic GTAV at times compared to the cold, wet and dirty feel of the original 2020 RPG book. The first trailer was closer but even then just lacked the filth and left it feeling all cyber and not as punk, no matter how many mohawks they put in the trailer. I wish people would stop ramping the cyber up to 11 and killing the mood because cyberpunk is all about mood, and all that sunlight kills the ambience.

Also, it's going to get banned by our government infa 100%. CP2020 had an entire chapter for designing and using drugs of all kinds. Substance abuse goes hand in hand with the cyberpunk genre and fictional substance abuse is something that our government doesn't think adults can handle. It's not even the only thing worded the way it is with 'offending decent adults' and other such rot, there is so much federal and state law that is tied to moralist vocabulary like that and it's bullshit.

Another funny one is that the reason all the Bethesda Fallouts have things like 'Med-X' is that Australia banned Fallout 3 because it was originally called morphine, and New Vegas was R-18 and it's tame as fuck. I highly recommend taking a look at the wikipedia list of games banned here because it's a good laugh at some of the retarded things on there.
No. 1340
I not seen whole video because looks like it random people just talk shit in front of repeating trailer.
I dunno - cd project red games are same as bioware or bethesda - simple basic adventure games in openworld without proper rpg elements aimed for wide audience. I don't know how you can be hyped by it if you adult and played a lot rpg games. This trailer maded me just want to sleep. Only thing that I laught is sseting - most clishe cartoonish cyberpunk ever created probably. Well my raiting is "for kids and console players/10"
No. 1345
Oh yeah, I heard about the rediculous censorship in australia. Here games were originally only banned because of violence or nazi symbols, now it's almost only nazi symbols because most game developers release a "reduced gore" version for Germany if there is even a slight chance of friction, but the sensitivities have adjusted and there is no more censorship for blood or acts of violence unless the gameplay allows for mutilation of corpses (eg. Soldier of Fortune 2). Developers still remove splatter effects and the ability to interact with ragdolls most of the time, though... or so I think, because I haven't bought a game in a german store for about 13 years.
No. 1346
Yep, of course ultimately you could blame the devs, but the whole point of using those 3rd party engines is to outsource the hard stuff to those who know better (aka unreal engine developers) so that your "creative workers" don't have to reinvent the wheel just to be able to render 3D graphics. It's a bit of a double edged sword. It saves time and effort but it also allows game studios to hire less qualified workers and still get a functioning game done. So yeah, I agree with you and I know what you mean.

However, let's be realistic here. Even if the developers were quite competent programmers and all, they'd still have to learn to deal with the 3rd party engine that they don't fully understand and don't have full control over since it's a 3rd party engine. Expecting people other than the Unreal engine developers themselves to fully master this engine is a bit too much if you ask me. If they really were that good they might as well build their own engine.

Now, I don't know much about these game engines. I've heard Unity has some real bullshit going on which is completely out of the control of those who develop games with it. Unreal might have some similar problems, especially when it comes to stuff like dynamic lighting and other selling points of the engine. The company behind Unreal want their engine to look nice and shiny but such effects don't fit in every sitaution. I might be wrong here but I suspect that it's not always obvious how to get rid of some of the "cool" Unreal effects and this might partly explain why things like this >>1275 look so distasteful. The reason why I suspect so is because very often when you see some game footage you can kind of guess which game engine its using. They all look so samey. Badly made Unreal engine games always look bad the same way, if you know what I mean. At least that's how I feel.
No. 1347
43 kB, 568 × 350
>Developers still remove splatter effects and the ability to interact with ragdolls most of the time, though

Not really, the amount of games that were changed because of violence went close to 0 within the last 3 or 4 years.

Have a chart and the article for it.

No. 1348
I prefer a darker and gritty style, too. Shadowrun Hong Kong did it pretty well imho.

But since we are talking about CDPR the game will be moddable and being a graphics programmer I know how the mood of any scene can be turned 180 degrees by changing just the parameters of the BSDF (or whatever they will be using for their PBR) and turning off certain post processing effects. As soon as the modding tools come out, there will be a "gritty cyberpunk" mod, I'll probably do one myself just for the fun of it.
Come to think of it, it's not impossible that CDPR will do something like that themselves on release, like you can change the vividness of colours in Witcher 3 in the options.

My biggest fear was white-washing of dialogues and tame characters that feel like todays US media figures with a different haircut. This ruined Horizon Zero Dawn for me within the first minute of dialogue.
From what people say who have seen the gameplay that's not the case though.
No. 1349
Oh, that's a nice surprise.
No. 1351
328 kB, 1120 × 1493
The problem is how off-base it is. That shot when they come out of the tunnel and it just looks like a futuristic but run down city just isn't Night City. Here is what that place actually looks like in the universe they're using as a setting. High speed low drag has its place in some cyberpunk, but CP2020 is classic 80s cyberpunk. I'll moan about it looking like a futuristic GTAV but that could be fine as its own thing, but when it's coming into an established setting and taking away some of the defining features (massive verticality and physical representation of social strata) of the setting in favour of a better sandbox, then it just comes off as a bit iffy.
No. 1354
You do understand that the city from the game looks literally the same at night, right? And that the game has a day-night cycle.
No. 1355
I am conflicted about Hard West. It's a great game it just has multiple super annoying or lackluster elements.
No. 1356
436 kB, 900 × 533
316 kB, 1600 × 1200
Except the screens that they've shown have everything plastered in billboards and such that makes it look way too bright. The old aesthetic of CP2020 was modern urbanism taken to the extreme, it was cold and harsh, not Times Square like the new one shows it as. The towers weren't plastered in neon, they were just 100 stories tall and the windows never went dark. It didn't need ungodly amounts of neon to tell you that the corps were in charge. The names at the top of all the buildings would tell you that, just like buildings in the real world. The first trailer did it pretty well with updating the city to the new period, since the neon and billboards were local advertisement. The new trailer shows shit like the towers having 20 story high billboards that simply take away from the original design. The feeling is also thrown off by all the cinematic shit when the old Cyberpunk RPGs enforced the tropes of stealth and infiltration by the sheer danger of getting in a gunfight with security.

Basically the universe they're using had a thing and that thing was being pretty grounded for what it was. The new one's environment is far too gaudy from what I've seen of it and from what they say of the combat and the fact that the trailer has bullets breaking on an android, that's also lost the lethality of old CP2020.
No. 1357
Also, I completely understand that some people would like to see something more or less gritty and dark, but hell, almost every game in cyberpunk-esque setting was gritty and dark: from Bladerunner (the '97 adventure one) and Syndicates to every Deus Ex or recent Observer, so the niche of slightly less gritty cyberpunk games is almost empty.
Also, the genre itself has its origins as a counter-culture thing against commercialization process in the US, and had an overall atmosphere/theme of 'young witty punk rebels against oppressive fascist soulless establishment', and the tabletop game itself is more or less centered around players being such 'young rebels' (or at least those rulebooks that I've read), so I may say that the game adapts the tabletop and its setting more or less good, at least on the surface level.
No. 1358
I think if you'd grab FONV on german steam it will be uncensored.
FO3 still was.

FONV could have been the turning point.
throws leg at raider
No. 1359 Kontra
Don't get me wrong by the way. I'm sure it'll be a fine game, but they should have just used their own universe if they wanted to make a total mechanical and tonal shift from the source material.
No. 1360
161 kB, 1200 × 800
171 kB, 856 × 571
Yeah, right...
No. 1361
First one is what I'm talking about with local level advertising in the first trailer. It's street level neon that you see in an actual city but taken to the extreme. That's perfectly on tone with the modern urbanism turned to 11 thing. Especially when you look at places like Chinatown in real life, it makes sense for those places to exist.

Your second image is basically what I'm saying. Those are pretty mundane and plain looking skyscrapers compared to those in pic 2 of my post there wouldn't you say? The only weird thing really is the searchlights which really are just there to add oomph to the light pollution.
No. 1363
132 kB, 497 × 750
198 kB, 1280 × 720
30 kB, 564 × 376
207 kB, 1200 × 1600
>Also, it's going to get banned by our government infa 100%. CP2020 had an entire chapter for designing and using drugs of all kinds. Substance abuse goes hand in hand with the cyberpunk genre and fictional substance abuse is something that our government doesn't think adults can handle.
I was going to make fun of you for still being tied to the British crown but then
> It's not even the only thing worded the way it is with 'offending decent adults' and other such rot, there is so much federal and state law that is tied to moralist vocabulary like that and it's bullshit.
Realized I can't say so much when the Republicans here have been harping on indecency and videogames since the very beginning. They just can't get their way to outright banning it because muh Constitution.

>Another funny one is that the reason all the Bethesda Fallouts have things like 'Med-X' is that Australia banned Fallout 3 because it was originally called morphine, a
That isn't true at all. Originally you had things like Rad-X and Jet, Buffout, Mentats etc. There were no real drug names in any of them in Fallout in fact calling it outright morphine would be incredibly strange in a Fallout game. Although, in Fallout 2 you get a hilarious quest where you find out Jet is literally just methamphetamine vapor collected from mutated cow poop fumes that's somehow backed into asthma inhaler cartridges.

Probably has more to do with time and cost constraints. Plus we all saw what Valve did. They developed their own nice shiny new game engine and then made HL2 more a demonstration of the game engine than using Source to demonstrate HL2 so there's that danger. Plus making a new engine from scratch adds so much cost and man hours I doubt any but the biggest studios could even arse themselves to do it and they'd only be doing it to not just use in every subsequent game but to sell their own proprietary engine. This allows devs to focus more on content probably.

I completely disagree. Hare Brained Studios fucked up the art direction big time IMO. It may have looked nice with better character models and such but as it stands looked so incredibly cartoony with godawful bloom abuse that I found it actually actively detracted from the story itself. This was some really dark shit in some of those games and it just became so casual to the point where you completely forget anything is dark at all because of how badly the art direction clashed with the mood itself. The sole exception is Hong Kong which somehow slightly toned it down while also improving the storytelling and mood so I stopped being distracted by bright colorful cartoons.

I was just about to say this. I mean for a game setting like World of Darkness it actually makes sense to have an always-night world. The thing is that most of the inspiration for cyberpunk comes from Bladerunner in terms of aesthetics, and you have to also understand the context.

Bladerunner was 1980s USA mindset, which saw Japan as an economic powerhouse, with widening wealth inequality, acid rain, electronic music becoming a thing, major corporate buyouts and unprecedented corporate power and so on. Another movie to look at is Ridley Scott's Alien which similarly had the Weyland-Yutani faceless amoral megacorporation (note the merger of Anglo-Japanese names).

This is partly where all the themes and aesthetics comes from and why cyberpunk to this day uses Japan as inspiration even though Japan has become much more economically irrelevant and culturally is known for cutesie anime shit and weirdness more than anything remotely cyberpunk.

And as I've said before, Bladerunner itself which was sort of the defining movie for modern cyberpunk aesthetics was itself basically just a crime/film noir retelling set in that different context of 1980s America. Think private detective on a rainy night in a duster/trench coat investigating a darker shade of grey gritty underworld in smoke filled rooms. That is 100% 1930-40s noir
For instance
It was also a very popular form of pulp fiction (which itself is where the movie Pulp Fiction came from and was inspired by).

So you have to see the exact context in which the genre itself arrived in and the influences it came from. This is why it had an always night kind of theme, and also because a lot of crime and investigation tends to happen more after dark, although in general it was more about the aesthetics of black and white films of a long past era put in a modern retelling, which basically just incorporates lots of neon lights and gadgets into the aesthetic with an electronic beat and megacorporations all of which is borrowed from the 1980s.

So I really don't have a problem with a daylight cyberpunk world in fact probably another big factor behind this is because having a day and night cycle in vidya adds a whole new layer of complexity and getting it right to not look like shit, but frankly for true grittiness. I think that daylight is easier to pull off because night often is sharper contrasts or fuzzier hazes aesthetically whereas daylight imo has more of an aesthetic of grittiness, like for example Westerns
which in turn informed the aesthetic of post-apocalyptic wastelands, and I think Mad Max kind of used the aussie outback (which is similar to our Southwest aesthetically) and some influences from that genre as one of the defining Fallout tier landscapes.

I think that from what I've seen CD Projekt's Cyberpunk 2077 is a similar merger to those aesthetics as what Elysium accomplished
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QILNSgou5BY and to a much lesser extent District 9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BjWEn5yvmw
No. 1374
Cyberpunk 2077 looks very and absoluetly meh - and question is not trying it replicate some old board game art or not - it looks like acid hipster shiny california with absoluetly no taste or style. It felt blank and boring as hell - you see games like that every year, like that sunset overdrive or how that shit was called everybody forgot already. Funny that parody game Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon looked like 100 times more interesting.

Even less you care about that game after you know that this be just arcade pseudo-arpg youba that you will waych like bad movie one time and forget forever after.
No. 1377
I think it would not be futile to write to the development team, maybe reach out to an environment artist by mail and just have a conversation with them. Not in the sense that you try to change their mind or influence their decisions, but just to give them your perspective as something to consider.

I don't think too many people actually try reaching out to developers, and I know that developers, at least on the programmer and game-design side of things, are just regular people who will engage in normal conversations just like anybody else.
Might just be a long shot, but who knows. All it would cost is a bit of time.
No. 1378
> completely disagree. Hare Brained Studios fucked up the art direction big time IMO [...]
> The sole exception is Hong Kong [...]

I was specifically talking about SRHK, not the other two.
No. 1379
Haha they already spended MILLIONS of monies on what they currently got and this game already have troubled in development. They just say: go to hui.
No. 1426
I worded it poorly. I meant Med-X specifically. The naming convention lines up but Med-X was indeed morphine and got renamed. There was a massive fuss over it here back when it came out.
No. 1443
Funny thing it's still called morphine in Russian version, but only in spoken dialogue.
No. 1444
10 kB, 200 × 150
>russian version of fallout 3
No. 1464
The gamecode refers to it as morphine, the change was purely cosmetic to appease the Australian gubmint I think.
No. 1466
Australia and germany very high on games censurship. For me it kinda strange that in first world countries they use such things so often and so crazy.
No. 1469
"Won't somebody please think of the children!"
Maybe I'm just not IQ89 but I never thought I should imitate what I do in videogames.
No. 1479
I have discovered why Hard West has such an awesome soundtrack and it's because Marcin Przybyłowicz did it, the guy who did Witcher 3's soundtrack.

Also SOMA is really quite good. I thought it was probably going to be kinda cheesy and lower brow at first especially because what I assumed to be the big reveal was already blatantly obvious within the first hour, but it turned out not to be. Then the protagonist keeps voicing it in a "wow just think of that" way that I found somewhat shallow, as if it wasn't already a scifi trope. But all in all it's been really good so far.
No. 1480
SOMA is brilliant and it's kind of important for the story and atmosphere to work that the guy you are playing is a bit dim when it comes to understanding the consequences of his situation. You'll see soon enough, I don't want to say any more about it :3

But do tell what your favourite part of the game was, once you are through.
No. 1481
Western countries are kinda nanny states. They don't generally blatantly censor things to protect the gang of criminals in government although they do often use this as a pretext for more general authoritarian censorship and all the shitty Anglo governments are great examples of this like Australia and Britain with net censorship laws. Typically if something says it is to protect children from paedos it is 100% government censorship and surveillance.

Literally the only thing protecting us here is the First Amendment, which is so entirely clearcut and forthright our government can't really circumvent it too well plus most Americans while they don't even know what rights they have according to the Constitution and didn't bother to read past the 2nd they sure as hell remember those first two. This is also why we are so stubborn about the 2nd.

Very few Americans know the third and fourth and so on but will absolutely throw a shit fit if the right to guns, God, and free speech are ever fucked with. And by a shit fit I mean large numbers of people will immediately begin shooting and bombing government targets including whoever was bold and dumb enough to have signed the law.
No. 1485
I forgot to add--SOMA is actually a Swedish game.
No. 1522
Russian journalist, who is a meme for corruption and childish approach on imageboards, said otherwise. The game is not even good yet, openworld is not complete, cars are horrible, levelling and shooter mechanics are not complete. Graphics on past-gen level. But cdproject is aware of this and promised to fix all of this
No. 1526
The whole Franchise is cartoon like in nature so it's little different.
No. 1527
There are a few Total wars I might buy, nothing else really.
No. 1528
Yeah, if fallout 4 whole franchise - probably.
No. 1529
Even before then. You have people still living in shanty towns hundreds of years after the bombs hit with rubbish literally hundreds of years old still in the street, there are animals with multiple heads, half the people look like they were from punk bands, all of the bandits do and the whole game has a 70's cartoon aesthetic.
No. 1530
You understand nothing in fallout :/

Watch this meme video better

No. 1532
Animals with two heads and giant insects are legit non cartoonish result of radiation poisoning.
No. 1533
Fallout three was retarded in that regard, the others are mostly fine.
The first is 80 short years after the war I think, two is a lot later, but you have civilization there, NV is wild west central so it sort of makes sense to have really small and not so permanent buildings.
Yeah, but three is shit because that’s supposedly takes place 200 fucking years after the war and it feels like the bombes dropped last thursday.
No. 1534
20,5 MB, 600 × 338, 0:10
New cyberpunk trailer
No. 1535
Serves as a testament to the major flaw in Bethesda's fallout games: too much focus on pre war shit. Even in fallout 2 opening cinematic the narrator says "The end of the world occurred pretty much as we had predicted. Too many humans, not enough space or resources to go around. The details are trivial and pointless, the reasons, as always, purely human ones".
No. 1536
The main thing I'm worried about is it instead of genuine rpg they turned it into some stupid Mass Effect 2 shooter
No. 1537
When you hit something numbers pop out of it and damage is tied to your level, all you need to know. The story is a cliche, but still funny
No. 1538
What are you expecting of CD project? They already did that with Witcher series. 1 was a great rpg, but now the series has devolved into garbage with 3 which is arkham asylum combat + GTA + superficial Diablo loot and mmo tier quests
No. 1540
I disagree with everything you said.
No. 1542
This exept 1st one was not that great and was not a proper rpg.
No. 1544
I agree with everything you said, except regarding the first as I have not played it. I really don't understand the praise behind the third one.
No. 1549
Bethesda's pre-war lore is always in your face. In the first games it's mentioned in the intro, and you can get a backstory in the Glow from the AI ZAX if your character is intelligent enough. So the story is basically hidden, aside from the intro and the character bios. In two you can get something similar from the AI in a military base I think and in the brotherhood bunker in SF. And of course from POTUS Richardson if you listen to what he has to say, but at that point it's trivial as hell to know the Great War's story since it happened so long ago and there is so much to do right NOW and meditating about it isn't as important as in the first game where you can see the devastation first hand.
No. 1552
You are wrong, because the whole point of the game is that the DC was hit so hard that even 200 years later it's a massive shithole with savage cannibals running around.
The fact that the shops are still not looted is shit, though.
No. 1553
It was more rpg-ey then the second one, to say the least. But still not that great in comparison to the other two.
No. 1554
You are right, but you can say the same about some stuff cut from 2, so only the lack of time 'saved' it from being akin to later games in this regard. Also, NV has the same problem, even though it was made by a different company.
No. 1556
36 kB, 256 × 385
34 kB, 256 × 386
41 kB, 256 × 385
29 kB, 256 × 385
>tfw no portable Disciples II (DS)
No. 1558
Bethesda changed that last minute for whatever fucking reason. You wanna sea a place that got absolutely fucked? See the Glow. The "DC got hit hard" excuse is bullshit.

>NV has the same problem
NV is politics focused, just like F2, yes Lonesome Road is a Pre-War jerkoff somewhat, but even then, that's still DLC, and not the main game, same goes for Old World Blues, which had the story stemming from Pre-War elements, but the main story was created by recent events, just like in Lonesome Road.
Who cares if 2 was only saved by time? What difference would it have made if they set 3 30 years after the war? Jack shit, but they fucked it up consciously, while 2 had no reason to have its time changed, because it has a perfectly logical connection to the first game.
No. 1569
363 kB, 960 × 600
493 kB, 1024 × 768
85 kB, 580 × 434
>hit so hard
This is not what "hit so hard" looks like. This is like one or two tactical nukes tier. Realistically the whole area would be vaporized. The Pentagon and Congress simply would cease to exist. It doesn't make any sense because Fallout had established some places are simply glowing craters and the only things not vaporized were underground.

I always understood that to mean the emphasis was more on, humanity ended itself over incredibly trivial and pointless details.

This. I am not sure Witcher could be said to be a real RPG. Maybe an ARPG, sort of.

You seem like someone who would know. How good is Temple of Elemental Evil? Should I download it?
No. 1589
3,6 MB, 2392 × 2070
The 'hit hard' part is not just about the destroyed city, but about the contamination. It's a completely dead area with no fresh water, no fertile soil, and almost no civilization outside of 2-3 major settlements and a bunch of hobos living in shacks.

> changed that last minute
I don't want to sound like an asshole or provoke a myriad of political-related jokes, but have you got any proof of that?

And a couple of areas from F3 are actually almost as fucked-up as the Glow. The point here is that Bethesda wanted to make a fucked-up contaminated region, but left a bunch of huge holes in its inner logic. The big picture looks alright, but the details are flawed, from the above-mentioned stores and houses that were never looted to some settlements that make no goddamn sense, like the Tempenny Tower or lack of proper development/explanation of many small things, like the famous 'what do they eat' complaint.
F3 has many flaws, but what you mentioned is not quite one of them.

All in all, almost every thing from this post was somewhat corrected in F4 - from the Glowing Sea that really looks like a fucked-up uninhabitable shithole that no human can bare for more than a couple of hours to proper settlements (yeah, all 5 of them), inner logic with trade, resources and spheres of influence, places that look looted or lived in, and so on. It still has problems (like any Fallout game, tbh), but at least not in how it depicts the game world. Too bad they've decided to scrap the old designs from 3 (clearly inspired by Gillianm's Brazil) and went for a little more safe 'standard 50s' look, like in NV.
No. 1591
> Temple of Elemental Evil
It's alright. Just don't expect it to be as brilliant as Bloodlines or Arcanum.
No. 1595
>All in all, almost every thing from this post was somewhat corrected in F4 - from the Glowing Sea that really looks like a fucked-up uninhabitable shithole that no human can bare for more than a couple of hours to proper settlements (yeah, all 5 of them), inner logic with trade, resources and spheres of influence, places that look looted or lived in, and so on. It still has problems (like any Fallout game, tbh), but at least not in how it depicts the game world. Too bad they've decided to scrap the old designs from 3 (clearly inspired by Gillianm's Brazil) and went for a little more safe 'standard 50s' look, like in NV.
Fallout 4 has more holes than 3 and NV combined. Yes, they fixed most of their logic problems. Now every settlement has food fields and every bulb has wire with energy source tied to it. But other holes are so big, that people don't even complain about them anymore. How can every settlement have several power generators in a world that run out of fuel and resources. Why is everybody is still alive after 300 years? Seriously, even your neighbors are ghouls. Where is the drama about ghoulification then? Why raiders don't loot some places and loot others where they actually live? If 99,9% of population are ghouls, mutants and raiders, where do they get food?
No. 1598
17 kB, 300 × 225
>that feel when you missed fallout disscution but you so don't care anymore.
No. 1601
> How can every settlement have several power generators in a world that run out of fuel and resources
An energy crisis doesn't mean that there are literally no resources left. I can more or less imagine how several dozen people can use a few generators that can work for decades (or even centuries), and while it was too little for a pre-war city, it can fuel a tiny village. Slightly stretched, I agree, but it doesn't contradict anything that much. As for the generators in your settlements - I see them as another 'gaming formality' (don't know the proper term foe "игровая условность" in English).
> Why is everybody is still alive after 300 years? Seriously, even your neighbors are ghouls
True that, of course, not literally everyone is present, but that part of the game felt silly at best. Not mentioning the obvious refrigerator ghoul and how it contradicts both 'old' ghouls from 1 (just badly burnt people with a slightly more realistic take on the radiation poisoning) and 'new' ones from 3-NV-all the other shit.
> If 99,9% of population are ghouls, mutants and raiders, where do they get food?
There were at least a couple of 'independent' farms around the map that are said to be raided frequently, and the farmers have to pay tributes to bandits.
Are there still logical holes? Sure. But the world itself is far more believable and I see that as a good sign of progress. Hope that Fallout 5 will have even less bullshit, at least on this level, since gameplay-wise Bethesda clearly aims at a more action-adventure-y stuff, like Fable and I don't expect any 'hardcore' RPGs from them. Not that I pity this, though: I will gladly play an RTS or racing game called Fallout if the game itself is good, and there were a lot of pretty good oldschool RPGs lately, anyway, so the niche is never empty. Don't expect anything from 76, though: these multiplayer survival games are always as good as their players and community. And these games never get a community that can be called even remotely adequate. Sad but true.
No. 1621
156 kB, 1920 × 1080
211 kB, 1600 × 740
164 kB, 1280 × 720
231 kB, 1920 × 1080
I actually exhausted my backlog and have been buying games at non-sale prices (but still reduced somewhat since they're 1+ years old) to help distract me from severe depression/stress

Played Into the Breach, Paradigm, and working on RE7 atm. So far nothing really amazing though the switch to first person in RE7 is interesting I guess. ITB was actually kind of disappointing for me and made me want to go back and play FTL instead. Paradigm was just "okay" because the puzzles were way too easy and it felt kind of telltale-ish.

Also I tried the new kings quest series ch 1 because it was free and quit it about halfway through. It's not even the same kind of game anymore. A shame because they actually got some good voice acting talent and the art isn't horrible (though most environments are very static/still).
No. 1622
Valve's shift to "anything goes" ideology for the steam store might bring back a lot of grey-area titles (hentai games for example)

Not sure if Anubis:atbb will continue but there's a remote chance they could post the uncensored version to steam (if nobody cares about cub content at least)
No. 1629
I am still so goddamn depressed that Valve doesn't make games anymore. What the hell do they even do these days?
No. 1635
Well whaddaya know. Having checked online for the umpteenth time in the last five years, it now seems Valve are focusing heavily on making games again after a period of hardware research. Including a dedicated single player game.

There is light at the end of the tunnel after all.
No. 1637
Well they've been busy with steamVR which actually has made serious progress and they also made a game (the lab) just for that

Also there's artifact but that's looking like another card trading game

I don't think we're ever going to get a full feature half life style game unless VR becomes mainstream. Gaben wants another "quantum leap" like what he did with HL2.
No. 1647
I hate anime shovelware so goddamn much. I was browsing horror games the other day and it fucking brings me to some retarded moe shit without any discernable horror whatsoever And the problem is only getting worse. I wish that garbage would get removed from steam.
No. 1653
717 kB, 1920 × 1080
644 kB, 1920 × 1080
612 kB, 1920 × 1080
664 kB, 1920 × 1080
Brigador got a tiny patch yesterday, but it was enough to keep me playing for another 10 hours. A nice addictive game to keep you busy.
And it looks just gorgeous, especially in motion. I wish there was an RTS in this universe.
No. 1654
I think they just need to have a better way of filtering it out
That garbage exists everywhere, not just on steam, so there simply needs to be a means of identifying it properly so people can avoid it easier.
No. 1655
The point is, if you filter that garbage out, it still will exist and multiply. As much as I'd love to see indie developers get the attention they deserve and the game market to be more free, this is just not the situation where you can close your eyes and hope that 'if you ignore it, it'll go away'.
No. 1657
Also, just 5 years ago you could easily browse through steam games and discover something interesting on your own. Now, even with all those 'discovery queues' and curators, you either hear about something from an outside source, or stumble upon a hidden gem by accident, and deliberate search will most likely give you nothing. I remember being genuinely interested in week-long deals back there and carefully looked through all 100-150 games that got discounts to find something worth of interest, but now it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. And the flitering options are still not implemented - there are tags, you can mark games you are not interested in, but you cant hide the games you marked as not interesting. And this tiny option would really make Steam a lot better.
I see their politics as just a lazy attempt to monopolize the market by virtually doing nothing. And that's a shame.
No. 1665
> Now, even with all those 'discovery queues' and curators, you either hear about something from an outside source, or stumble upon a hidden gem by accident, and deliberate search will most likely give you nothing.

I think this is more an issue of lack of quality curators. There are too many that post meme reviews or just rate everything positively even if it's shit. Hopefully some more legitimate ones will surface with a focus on specific genres instead of trying to be "the everything curator" like so many are already.
No. 1667
The point is, the Greenlight system, even in its worst days, still somewhat worked and kept at least some of the trash out. Back when it was just implemented, the games that went through it were guaranteed to be bought by at least of a couple of thousand potencial customers who voted 'yes' on them, really showed what the people wanted to see or buy, etc, etc. Of course, some shady shit started to happen, but it happened because Valve has allowed it to happen: they'd been reducing the minimal amount of votes a game needed to be greenlit over time, from 5000 (iirc) to, like, 100, but at least that was something. Now, most of that meme shovelware gets bought only by a dozen or two of people at best, and in some cases, nobody buys it at all, while the game can be months old. If they really want to open the floodgates and get any shit released, they should at least remove Steam Direct, or increase the fee to at least 300-500 dollars.
No. 1670
> they should at least remove Steam Direct, or increase the fee to at least 300-500 dollars.
I doubt either is happening anytime soon.
Probably your best bet is to just avoid using steam to search for games (ironic yes) and look for peer review elsewhere.
No. 1671
The other problem is the tags themselves often have little or nothing to do with the actual games. This is partly because the gamers themselves are fucking idiots and children. Like half the time I will see rpg and strategy tagged on completely nonsensical things, like a tower defense or FPS gets called RPG or some survivor horror gets called a strategy. I have found that the tags themselves usually have no bearing on the games even without the shovelware to the point where I only notice games that keep popping up under different tags. The categorization is completely meaningless at this point and it is largely due to a complete lack of oversight. Two things. One, someone who actually knows the difference between survival, fps, and rpg needs to organize the tags, and two, not every piece of shit game cobbled together in a weekend should be given a place on Steam. Those kinds of pieces of crap used to be hosted free of charge on places like newgrounds. They should once again be told to fuck off to some shitty flash game portal instead of clogging steam.

At this point it's useless for trying to find good games. When you try to narrow a search like most popular you end up with the same AAA shit released in the last year, or you have to slog through mountains of complete garbage. It is a number of factors conspiring to make the whole place unusable and 99% of those reasons are entirely due to fucking idiots. You have the same problem with posting online or with video uploads. Every moron thinks their opinion/work is somehow equally valid which winds up clogging the tubes with even more garbage. This is partly why I have fucking hated streamers since day one because it instantly bombarded YT with a million screeching manchild faggots talking over a game they're playing when you just want to find a trailer or some scene. This is a universal internet problem at this point and monetizing it only makes the problem worse by giving completely useless obnoxious faggots like pewdie or markiplier more reason to further pollute the internet and then giving legions of their retard viewers the idea they won't have to work for a living so long as they keep shitposting on youtube.
No. 1672
You know that ALL valve developers team - you know, guys who make games, art and music - leaved valve?
But they prepearing "something" - they hired some random dudes and now making some tiny horrible indie tier games.

It be better if steam just die or remain same to keep cancer there and valve will not do anything. I don't want new "CAKE IS LIE ×-----DDDD" or Dota 4 anyway. And we will not get bew good half life because gearbox in deeper shit
No. 1675
I didn't even buy the expansions for Half Life 2. Why the hell would I give a shit about HL3? They would be wise to not ever bother with it. All that will happen is a few idiots will bitch nonstop no matter what they do and meanwhile most of the rest of us won't care.
No. 1677
and to think it started out as such a little phenomenon. like back in the day it was rare to have these anime style games on steam and I think valve noticed that these neet freak whales will buy anime backgrounds and emoticons for few dollars each so they just let every single shitty vn to become a valid steam title with badges and backgrounds etc. I think the steam marketplace is the new hat fortress for valve, at least from their point of view.
No. 1679
Either the community reviews games and you have massive numbers of positive reviews for a clearly mediocre game or you have "gaming journalists" who are in bed with AAA devs give unfair positive treatment to said devs.

Even if you try to make a sanctioned curator system there will probably be some company immediately looking to undermine it with bribery/threats/etc.

I don't think there is a solution that the community will accept 100% or even 50%. It's kind of like late stage KC's opinions on moderation.
No. 1681
1,7 MB, 3264 × 1836
Well I have episodes in my steam just because I have license discs from 00s and early 10s with valve games and episodes is nice little adventures with more toght plot and in-game cutscenes. Actual leaked plot for ep3 looks okay too for continuation on level of original hl2.
I bet if they did it in like 2011, I'd liked it most probably. But nowdays nobody cares and they can't. And I bet they will not do thing like 3d relams doing now (making new game on build engine) - but it be fun if valve hired at least decent team of people who will made new goldScr game just for fun of it
No. 1682
Look at this shit https://store.steampowered.com/app/862690/_/ shit like this is everywhere under the tag horror alone. The only horror is how a few cancerous tendrils have quickly become a facility wide infestation of weeb faggotry. You can't go anywhere without being bombarded by cheap shitty anime shovelware at every turn. The one and only acceptable thing about it is that it is so garish and glaringly out of place I don't even need to hover my mouse over something before clicking next. The thing is, what Steam is doing is like of you owned a restaurant business and allowed any random person to come in and cook what they wanted to serve to customers there. Valve doesn't seem to realized that let enough people sell raw chicken soaked in cough syrup that everybody is going to associate the establishment itself with garbage and get the whole thing closed down. This also enables all of their competitors to eventually have whatever shitty Origin or Uplay esque thing a chance to steal all their business. The fact that steam also sells outright broken and unfixable games doesn't help either. I think that they have fallen for the same fatal error of smug self satisfied arrogance as if no one can possibly take their place. Of course the other issue is that the user base themselves are completely cancerous, though even the worst of them are nowhere near the invasion of weeb shovelware.
No. 1688
I re-bought some games on GOG that I play on Steam. Fucking Polacks and their low prizes and no DRM. It's like they want me to buy stuff.
No. 1714
118 kB, 885 × 1055
The Netherlands kill the steam market with new loot box laws.
Same laws don't really harm companies like EA.
No. 1724
> This also enables all of their competitors to eventually have whatever shitty Origin or Uplay esque thing a chance to steal all their business.

Steam is basically facebook-tier level of ubiquity where people will just use it by default as the go-to platform for storing their game library and chatting with gaming friends. The store's search function might be a garbage fire but the good games are still there somewhere. If someone comes up with a competing store that sorts things better, all that will happen is people on steam using said store to window shop and then buying their games on steam so they can have all the achievements/emotes/wallpapers/etc.

I really don't see origin or uplay eating their lunch anytime soon. They would have to do something like allow people to port their entire library and all steam content or come up with a client that encapsulates the steam user interface. Neither is really feasible for financial or legal reasons.
No. 1726
Either way, this skin-trading stuff is another form of cancer, albeit not as harmful as 'real' lootboxes.
No. 1727
it's even more harmful than lootboxes. lootboxes are at least regulated to the key/unlock prices of few dollars per unlock while peer to peer trading can go up to hundreds of dollars for a single skin
No. 1730
How is the possibility to buy something without the gambling part more harmful?
No. 1731
because the tradeability inflates the prices of rare things you get out of a lootbox and little kids will end up paying 1000 dollars for a neon colored weapon skin on counter strike with their parents credit card.
No. 1732
I've never played CS:GO or Dota 2. How are the lootboxes in those games? Are people just trading cosmetics or can you get items that gives you an advantage?
No. 1735
>Could someone please think of the children

Both are competitive games played at big tournaments, that wouldn't be possible if you can pay for items that are actually better than others.

From opening crates you just get random skins that look different but have exactly the same stats.
Some csgo skins have the possibility to track the number of kills you had with that gun but that's a neat feature and not really a advantage.

Also, Dota 2 is free to play, the game needs a way to finance itself.
No. 1736
I've been playing a shitload of Ride 2. It's basically a motorbike version of the Forza games or a successor to Tourist Trophy if you're old enough to remember that game.

Worth playing if you're into motorbikes.
No. 1737
I know they're played competitively and the common sense says they're just skins but you never know these days.
No. 1739
the children are just an instrument, I'm more concerned of the poor parents having to deal with economic troubles over some valves cyberfluff cancer.
No. 1748
Parents should teach children to not care about cyberfluff.
It may be hard when every friend has a piece of cyberfluff, though, but who said that parenting would be easy?
No. 1772
So in other words...this entire thing is a pedo furry game. Yeah, exactly the kind of crap that shouldn't be greenlit.
No. 1773
Actually he pretty much said to think of the parents. In fact a lot of contract laws revolves around the idea you cannot enter into contracts with a minor for precisely these reasons.
No. 1871
Ideally children would be segregated into their own internet with their own storefronts and where everyone under 18 can't interact with anyone over 18. This would solve a lot of the problems brought up ITT. I'm sure once the whole world is a police state like what we've been slowly marching towards this will become a reality eventually.
No. 1909
Whoa, a Summer Sale event in Steam that is actually good? Am I dreaming?
No. 1913
Doesn't look much different from last year.. or two years ago or wherever they had that silly little game to play.
No. 2037
Shit. This thread almost makes me want to go and buy Fallout 3 and newer and actually enjoy them just to piss people off.

Also HL was good but HL2 was better.

t. not a under-age whiner