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No. 29033
155 kB, 329 × 500
Thread about techno awaraness, techno realism and techno skepticism
No. 29034
614 kB, 1100 × 685
So what is our proportion as humans to technology. I lately read something by Jean Luc Nancy and I didn't get much but one thing I got was that the ancient meaning of techne was meant as a craftsmanship and that this notion is outdated. What is technology then, what is different?
We live in a technological environment, we are embedded in it. What to make of a heterogeneous assembly of things/technology and humans?
Also what about cybernetics and the informatization of the human and biology? Communication and information as paradigms of the 20th and 21th century.
Just a few buzzwords and questions to maybe get things rolling.
No. 29049
132 kB, 600 × 800
Speaking of technoskepticism, I am totally skeptic about the direction where the computer tech grows. Internet is getting centralized, if it's not already, and it's going to be harder to hide from dumb shit you regret you did some time ago. In overall your person is totally transparent now, usually through friends and relatives "who have nothing to hide".
The thing I know for sure - the Internet is not going to be as free as it was before 2010s. If I am to have an off-spring, I don't know how it would be possible to pass my ideals towards technology. Maybe these ideals are wrong though. But for sure, my children most probably are not going to know what an offline world is, if I want them to be full-fledged members of society.
I am feeling like an outcast now.
No. 29050
>the Internet is not going to be as free as it was before 2010s.
That's why I resort to places as EC. Relicts of old times.
No. 29052
I don't like it. It's shitty music.
No. 29055
I'am hope that there always be corener or possibility to have free places. Thing is, when internet was totally free it was not so mainstream and big. And proportional to how big it become, goverments and other opressive groups started to claim it as their land. So I think that in non-ainstream corners there still be some breeze of freedom.
No. 29487
There several phases of that cultural crackdown. Up to 2013 was the last phase where "the Internet" also included places where Normies suspect they exist, but they did not care. Now they know they exist and they want them to be gone. That is the major difference between then and now. Furthermore, now they want to eradicate dissent on the major networks by decree and law. This is the ultimate phase.
2013 is no coincidence. Just gone was the 2012-end-of-world-fad, Obamas reelection campaign (on Facebook, a good thing, right?) but the Arab Spring and all its consequences seeped into the collective. Then them (gaming) nerds stood up for their hobby and suddenly, ISIS, Trump and Brexit.
Up to that point in 2013 there were still many holdouts and sensible people not posting everything because of the old adage of why the fuck would you post anything with your real name?!
Now the rift is orthogonal to that old group. Some, especially left leaning tech workers adopted the imperial silicon valley mindset, some, especially working class, but older or intelligent users reverted to the old information siege mindset, but for very imminent reasons.
The decisive battle will be 5G and no products without "IoT". Are there enough skeptics with decision power to provide non-connected lifestyles or do they just force everybody into their quagmire of unpatched surveillance capitalism?
No. 29523
You might stop the party, but you can’t stop the future.
No. 29538
Lot of buzzword drivel that equals just connecting dots, which is nothing convincing, sorry.
Anyway the last sentence is interesting as insofar as you could make a divide of indentificable and non-identificable, clearly imagebaords belong to the latter and are a problem in a logic that seeks to make everything identificable. Big Data is also part of the state and not just relevant for commercial interests. the state is concerned with security and therefore engages in biopolitics. KC and such could be identified as a threat, since you don't know it, you cannot really identify its elements.
No. 30089
I'm techno sceptic. When it comes to freedom of expression and even propeert rights it will be worse and worse, because of big tech giants.

I'd actually like them to. I don't know that they realise it but I'd like them to, at least.

I'm not a huge tech consumer myself. I actually don't buy tech products like tablets, laptops, anything which is on the market, except for a few very expensive watches which I wear for various reasons. So I don't think I can buy a £1000 luxury watch on a normal price basis.

Maybe I'm way of thinking too much. It's very easy to get on the bandwagon of tech companies. They don't have an obligation to support free speech. I understand that they might. I know a bunch of them who are really passionate about free speech. It's pretty funny that as far as I'm concerned there is no such thing as the 'right' way to criticise Google, or Apple, Microsoft or Google
No. 30117
for all the techno skeptics: techno exists, I was at a techno party recently