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No. 30657
101 kB, 500 × 515
What things, big or small, have you bought that have had a tangible and positive impact on your day to day life?

Me settis:

ereader - encouraged me to read more and payed for itself three times over in pirated books, also with a stand I can eat and read at the same time which is a very novel and comfy experience
headtorch - makes pretty much any kind of detail work with my hands easier
beaded seat cover - eliminated both the smell and the feeling of swamp ass from sitting in the same chair for too long
erasable pen - I remember these being a shitty gimmick 20 years ago but they've perfected the technology and it feels like you're writing in the future. A dogsend if you're into taking notes but you also have OCD tendencies.
No. 30660
11 kB, 500 × 500
11 kB, 601 × 422
This water jet flosser really helped with some problems I had with my gums, much better than normal floss

small flashlight with a headlamp and a long strip, found it very useful a lot of times searching for shit

splitting maul was a good buy too, for chopping firewood and breaking up tree sections

spotify was a good subscription too, it's too much hassle to torrent mp3s these days, the convenience of spotify is worth it
No. 30661
I guess the kindle i bought really made me start reading books.

a cheap gps fitness tracker seems to helping me run and walk a bit though this one needs a bit more time in order to say it was a success.
No. 30662
Definitely this drawing tablet which has allowed me to make digital art. Tbh I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I do.
No. 30673

The second I bought it I thought "oh fuck, you just bought another bullshit electric device that will gather dust somewhere in your flat" just like in OP's pic.
But that thing really pays off. I love how I don't have to pick books for vacations for anymore (mostly outdoor stuff and by foot so actually more than one book is not possible) but just can drag them all with me. Its way more convenient to read in cramped places like rush hour trains and stuff too and once charges it lasts for weeks. I can take it with me even if I'm not sure having time to read because its so small.
Also the 90 bucks I paid are nothing compared to the ability to pirate books and thanks to their small filesize and big storage capacities nowadays, I can basically store more books than I could ever read in a device as big as my hand.
No. 30716
First some poor purchases.

I just spent more than my weekly wage on an Air Purifier, possibly for only a placebo affect.
I could have had a smaller one for only 100e.
At least it made me feel better for a week.

I had book e-readers, but they are not as good as a physical books, why two, I dropped the first in the bath and quickly got a full refund and went for the different band.

Off topic next.

Instead of buying a new phone due to cracked screen, I choose the get screen fixed and spend 115e on a Samsung tablet instead for less than the cost of a new phone, it enables me to use my phone, tablet, PC and laptop at the same time :^) however I usually switch the tablet for phone when the battery dies.
Honestly on the look out for a flip phone when back in UK, maybe even a dumb phone and use tablet for browsing and shitty games.
New Nokia flip phones looked and felt very cheap and plastic.

Okay best purchases, a sharp Chef's Knife circa 20-30e, very useful, very happy.

40e tailored shirts, wear practically once every week, will last 2-3 years, you sweat a lot here but could get 3 days wear in winter if not on big alcohol withdrawal.

Bulky 2-3 cheap toe nail clipper, very useful for well trimming nails.
No. 30735
I know that feel with destroying e-readers, had it for 2 weeks before knocking it off a table and smashing the screen (ok, i might have knocked it off the table, forgot about it, then stepped on it).

Besides, most second hand books are so cheap and i do find it preferable to read.
Would be worth getting another one just for those few rarer books.

Could you tether the tablet outside of wifi situations? I think i'd get heatenings to be without a mobile connection and a browser to check things when out and about.
No. 30872
OBD2 vehicle fault code reader, now i know what the idiot light means and i can save myself loads a wonga by getting my own hands dirty (for minor jobs) instead of dropping it at the mechanic.
No. 30890
That's a good idea, I didn't know you could get them. Luckily I've a mechanic who doesn't shaft me when looking after my car but he's strictly Renault, so if I ever change cars I might get one of them for fixing small shit. The price of bringing a car to a dealer these days is extortionate.

>40e tailored shirts, wear practically once every week, will last 2-3 years, you sweat a lot here but could get 3 days wear in winter if not on big alcohol withdrawal.
with clothes like that you really do get what you pay for, buy cheap clothes and they'll feel like shit, look like shit and chafe.
No. 30922
672 kB, 2000 × 1500
3,4 MB, 3456 × 4608
I got this Ernst Wahliss centrepiece from 1890's Vienna, it's both pleasing to look at and practical too because you can use it as a grape bowl but it needs to get professionally cleaned and restored a bit

Also a rather imposing Karl Ens/Volkstedt raven made 1900-1919, I won the bird at the 93th Art & Antiques auction on Hagenburg Castle near Hanover, no practical function sadly except making the place look mysterious
No. 30924
Are you the same Swiss who posts his antique books on 4kanker /int/?
No. 30925
Sure, where else to go these days? Everything is dead and Kohl is even more kankerous
No. 30926
No, I just wanted to know.
I think you have a fine taste.
No. 30927
Thanks, you too if you're the one with those Art Nouveau books
No. 30929
Well, thank you, though most of my collection is relatively new.
The one I posted in that thread was an edition of the Nibelungenlied from 1909. (Bundled together with a copy of the Frithiofsaga)
(Though I have other books from the same series from the same era, but it's pretty basic stuff. Iliad, Odyssey, and selections from the Persian Book of Kings.)
I'd consider them to be the crown jewels of my collection, and I'm really happy to have them.
The only reason I really have them is because they are the only published versions of their given translations.

Anyway. How did you come to collect old volumes?
No. 30938
209 kB, 1500 × 2000
From the Nibelungen I recently got another Karl Ens statuette from 1924 (Kriemhild after her bath)

Antiquarian books just are an affordable (mostly) antique niche just like ceramics, I like old things and Art Deco stuff and most of my books are either illustrated poetry or fairy tales
No. 30939
>Everything is dead and Kohl is even more kankerous
Where you the Swiss who posted his collection of Weimer Era Magazines on Kohl?
No. 30942
Yeah and sometimes my cooking
No. 30943
Well, true true. In comparison to 5000 gamer settings, a hundred euro book with leather covers and fine, silk binding from 1900 seems affordable.

I mean, fuck, if I'm not buying something rare or old, then it costs me a buck to buy a book on the street.
Two months ago I found a two volume, leather bound edition of Maupassant's works for two bucks. A fuckin' steel, innit?
At this point I have nowhere to put the fucking things.

Ceramics I never found interesting. My grandmother owned a few kitschy ones.
Though I've been thinking about getting a statue depicting Pallas Athena. However embarrassing it sounds, I genuinely feel love towards her after reading her stories and tales.
Same goes for Brünnhilde from the Nibelungenlied.

Are you only interested in older books, or do you also have newer ones?
No. 30945
Yeah but things like the first edition of Catcher in the Rye is worth up to $25'000 depending on condition, it's insane (not that I would even want one or signed ones for that matter), my most valuable ones (but not oldest) are a mint condition Rubaiyat first edition illustrated by Willy Pogany, an Arthur Rackham and a French epic tale (Aucassin et Nicolette)

I have newer ones, for example a recent compilation of Swiss folk tales and a "modern danse macabre" from an artist from my hometown with lute songs and poems and plenty of fictions and also e-books for day to day reading
No. 30946
I'd say at that point you've gone beyond the love for the given work you own.
There is nothing wrong with a nice edition. I'd much rather read something well bound, printed on bible paper than to the shittiest paperback imaginable, but I can't think of a single reason to own a first edition besides flexing on other collectors.
(Of course, when there are substantial differences between the first and the later editions, I can see the point, but then, you are looking at the scholarly value, not the fact that it's a first edition.)

Also, I doubt that those collectors own that many of these first editions. They might have on or two for display purposes to crown their collection, but otherwise, they have more normal books too.
No. 30951
63 kB, 565 × 862
It's preddy good, my car engine was shaking like it was possessed for about 15 minutes whenever i started it on a cold day, thought "fuck, that's it, it's fucking fucked this time" but got the code, looked it up, some yt videos later and turns out i just needed to remove a valve, give it a good clean and bobs your auntie, sorted.
No. 30969
221 kB, 900 × 1600
230 kB, 900 × 1600
I saw these in an antiques shop today. I really want them but they're too expensive. Also maybe a bit too hipster.
No. 30975
Ebin. What'd they cost?
No. 30978

Over a thousand euro each.
No. 30980
>over AU$3000 for the pair
Yeah nah, fuck that noise. Good luck to them I suppose. I doubt they'll find buyers at that price.
No. 30982

Everything in the shop seemed ridiculously expensive to me. I guess they still have customers but I wont be one of them any time soon.
No. 30988
Would love to walk into a house and see those greeting me
No. 30989
You always price things up more than you think they're worth, you might get some flash bastard to pay it, otherwise you can always get haggled down, you can't however come up.
t. sellseller
No. 30995
Antique shops are one of the last places where haggling is not only ok but positively encouraged, they love it

But they are still overpriced compared to online antique auctions
No. 31197
Very nice bowl
No. 31401
Those with ereaders, what model did you buy?

I ordered a Pocketbook Inkpad 3 to the local electronics store, but am still unsure if I should spend the 200€ on it. I can just "forget" to pick it up.
No. 31408
I got a pretty good deal on a Kindle Paperwhite 8GB(way more than enough space) on sale last year for 61€. Must've actually been around Black Friday.
Also I got the edition "with ads" which is cheaper and then just asked the customer service to turn the ads off (well known trick).
I'm quite happy with it, the only issue is that the screen is too small to read most unconverted PDFs, so you're limited to what's available as MOBI or EPUB mostly, since PDFs usually don't convert well to MOBI.
No. 31418
I don't buy stuff.
Why are people buying so much stuff?
No. 31429
I bought some expensive light hiking shoes.
They're amazing. They weigh nothing at all, are very flexible, have great grip no matter the terrain, great foot climate, waterproof and look nice.

First time I spent so much on shoes. Spent over a week trying then on in about a half dozen stores. Brought two back that didn't fit.

Those shoes now seemed perfect but after about a week they started to hurt. I was super annoyed until I traveled the shoe shops again and one guy in a really small shop told me I should get soles fitted for my feet. So I did, was expensive, but now everything fits really well.
Apparently normal soles are really bad for your feet.

And now I'm just really happy about it all.
No. 31432
Sames, food (and stuff like toilet paper etc) is pretty much the only thing I buy. Other stuff is mostly bought when something breaks.
No. 31447
412 kB, 800 × 800
69 kB, 707 × 467
Sometimes stuff is useful.

Pic related, bought electric brushcutter/trimmer and backpack battery from Stihl.

Good impact because now many annoying side effects of using petrol brushcutter (loud, stink, needs petrol and oil, lots of maintenance necessary) are a thing of the past.
No. 31464
I bought MSFT shares at 136.80$. Now they're nearly 140$ each. By next year they'll surely be worth about 180$ each so I'll make a couple of grands.

Did the same with SNC, an engineering firm in Québec at 18.28$. Now they're already worth 21$(last night). I expect it to double in 1 year.
No. 31471
128 kB, 1280 × 1280
21 kB, 149 × 300
Good footwear is worth spending money on. I honestly put more time into deliberating shoe purchases than any other item, since getting the wrong pair will haunt me everyday.

I love this full grain leather belt. I used to go through cheap belts every year or two, as the lower-grade material deteriorated, or the buckle ripped off. There are no worries about that with this one. I've had it for about 5 years now, so the leather is well broken-in, and it shows no signs of weakening at any point.

Also, this 6-in-1 screwdriver, purchased at a drug store, is the best $2 tool you will ever find. It has a comfortable rubber handle, and 6 interchangeable tips with are stored on a removable collar. I have countless National Brand screwdrivers, but they all sit in a box while this thing handles 90% of the screws I come across without slipping or stripping.
No. 31479
69 kB, 905 × 1280
I bought this electric unicycle off Craigslist 48 days ago for $250, and so far I've put 266 miles on it, averaging to around 9km/day. I'm a college student and I use it to get around on campus, as well as for enjoyment because it's a lot of fun to ride. I simply carry it inside with me when I go to class, or toss it in my cart when I ride to the store. It's by far the best solution for last-mile transportation and I highly recommend it :D
No. 31489
Meanwhile in europe, people are still using their feet to walk.
No. 31495
Last time i saw someone on one of those, i shouted "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?" which met with the kind of angry response that only comes from someone getting asked the same question 10x a day xDDD
No. 31497
That's very true.
I am at this point where I'm spending 150€+ on shoes (Regular shoes on the Germany are 50€ to 80€).
Since I became this brown leather shoe normie I have a pair of shoes which are like new since a year allready.
No. 31498 Kontra
"...why are women not interested in me?"
No. 31500
234 kB, 669 × 669
I've never actually seen one of those in use, but the Youtube videos look pretty cool. They're faster than I thought, and even seem to have no problem on uneven/rough surfaces.

My sneakers are in the $70-$90 range, so higher than average, but not in the crazy sneaker-head category. I used to go with much cheaper shoes, but those were heavier; once I tried a lightweight pair I just couldn't go back. The weight is now the first thing I use to evaluate a new shoe. It still has to fit right, but if the weight is too much I won't even try it on.
>Since I became this brown leather shoe normie I have a pair of shoes which are like new since a year allready
Is that because you no longer have enough time to get outside and wear them?
No. 31513 Kontra
>Is that because you no longer have enough time to get outside and wear them?
I just realized that line sounded like a joke, but it was a serious question. My shoes last a maximum of 6 months, so a pair that can make it through a year of regular wear sounds amazing. I guess when I choose lighter materials, the tradeoff is a shorter lifespan.
No. 31526
That's a hot argument. Why should I spend 20 minutes walking 3km to class when I can spend 5-7 minutes riding that distance instead?

I went down to the river trail recently, and TWO people felt like it was appropriate to beckon me off the wheel so they could ask me questions about it. I've had people chase me down in the supermarket so they can ask me inane questions like "is that thing hard to ride?". It does get old very quickly

The one I bought maxes out around 24 km/h. Expensive models can hit 65 km/h. They are crazy
No. 31529
Cool art.
Funny thing, I remember how they added this new character into late episodes and made him as anoying as possible. I don't know what was Duck Tales and Gummy Bears when they have already established characters and then they want to insert new one later, and it looks kind of place.
But looking at this art, I think I'd really liked Duck Tales remake in kind of this artstyle, and without "cringe" moments and plots, you know. I'd ejoyed it.
I know there is now Duck Tales remake ongoing (is it still or it cancelled already?) but it's kind of lame, have terrible artsyle and generaly after watching like 5 episode I dropped it and compleatly forgotten it ever existed.
No. 31538
>Duck Tales remake
I've seen some episodes of the remake and thought they were ok; my main criticism is the personalities of Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Something about them seems off, like the writers were just plugging in stereotypes from Pixar movies or something. The one I watched last week was from a later season, and actually had Gizmoduck in it. They had him working for a tech-mogul, responding to calls placed on a cell phone app(a kind of dial-a-hero thing). I didn't like that episode; imo it was trying too hard to be current. Either way, I prefer the treasure-hunting plot lines over the crime-fighting ones(in the new series, and in the original). It's more consistent with the Scrooge McDuck character.
No. 31540
I try to keep with tactical or hiking boots type of things. I guess I'm just used to it now. Mil issue type of boots are just great footwear. Sturdy, rugged, takes awhile to break in but damn does it work well and fits and protects you from the elements. Depending on how much walking I'm doing or where I am boots like that can last me anywhere from six months to a year and a half. I'm pretty sure I got one super expensive pair that was somewhere like a hundred dollars and it lasted me three full semesters in college, and then I took it to a shoe repair guy who made it last another full semester.

God damn do I miss that pair of boots.
No. 31544
>so they can ask me inane questions like "is that thing hard to ride?".
They're probably building up the courage to ask if you'll let them try it-or hoping you'll offer :D

Agreed: That's crazy.

The one thing I miss about heavy trail shoes was the feeling that they could survive anything. Crossing fields is sketchy, but with my old style I never thought twice about it.

>God damn do I miss that pair of boots
I can imagine. I find saying goodbye to a decent pair difficult, and that's after a fraction of the time your boots survived. When I do have to move on to new shoes, I actually have a sliding use scale, to ease that transition to the bin: from primary walking, which break down but are still good for driving, which wear out further and become yard shoes. Naturally this long process leads to a back-log/pile, and this past Summer I bit the bullet and finally tossed 6 pair at once. Sad day.
No. 31626
4,3 MB, 640 × 360, 0:55
I build this aircleaningmachine and feel much better now
No. 31663
D = (kbT)/6*pi*eta*r_H

Because of r_H, not much happens with your nano particles :(. You could bubble through oil, so that eta would be way larger. That could help a little.

But it's still little known how harmful they are, so just let's cross fingers.
No. 31664
8 kB, 285 × 177
Wouldn't a HEPA filter be more useful?

>(HEPA) filters have close to 100 % collection efficiency in the nanoparticle size range.


So just seal of your home and use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter instead an aquarium pump and a liquid.
No. 31676
Should be good enough.
No. 35676
Bug zapper.
Every mosquito and fruit fly it audibly explodes brings me joy.
No. 35715
Cotton hat for my heda in winter.
Drawer organiser to sort stuff like ladles, spaghetti spoons, pizza cutters, whisk etc.
Pocketknife for all kinds of stuff.
An adapter that hooks into my car's radio so I can use aux. (it only took CDs)
No. 35745
272 kB, 1366 × 768
275 kB, 1366 × 768
228 kB, 1366 × 768
300 kB, 1366 × 768
What is with you people? You with your bug zappers, Ireland with his mouse genocide. Why don't you just let spiders into your home for the winter like I do? It is a well known fact that inviting spiders into your home for the winter brings good luck and good health. Conversely, killing a spider especially in your kitchen is extremely bad luck and can curse you.
No. 36431
I don't know why I order things online: "30€ less than the local shop shipping fees included, what a deal!" which is followed by days of impatient waiting and just hoping the damn thing gets here. My small brain can't handle delayed gratification, I WANT IT NOW.

Now that the item is paid for and arriving whenever, it would be foolish to go buy it from the local shop. Also I don't want to deal with the headache that is returning stuff to online stores abroad.
No. 36454
i don't buy stuff too
i accumulate things i probably need and then buy nothing for the next decade

works nearly perfectly, basically thats how you being frugal
No. 36553
I got prescription sunglasses in 2013. Money extremely well spent. Apart from that I have nothing that isn't used in hobby stuff, like magnifying glasses for painting minis and stuff like that.
No. 36709
13 kB, 390 × 483
14 kB, 151 × 440
The rubber coating on my earbud headphones has worn through, and now there is a small bit of exposed wire. Some electrical tape made for a quick fix, but I ordered their replacement today. There are hundreds of choices available, but rather than worry about evaluating something different I just bought the same kind. They survived several years of daily use, so I know they're durable, and also have decent sound quality. $7, with free shipping.
t.Practical consumer

I'll be impatiently waiting for the next 3 days, hoping the electrical tape holds up. I would have preferred to pick up a pair locally, but this is an old style and was discontinued by the manufacturer.
No. 36753
I bought a small handgun. I haven't used it except practicing at a firing range but it lets me walk without fear by myself late at night. It lets me go places I would otherwise be reluctant to go.
No. 37141
If you have a lot of stocks and investments in things heavily reliant on global trade and or the service sector I'd advise to keep watch like a hawk over the following weeks to either get ready to bail or wait longer and see if everything gets flattened a bit into bear territory so you can buy it up cheaply in the coming month
No. 37170

t. person who goes to places at any time of the day
No. 37276
Like I said earlier, get ready to start dropping stocks and investments now unless you want to hang on for the ride
No. 37519
661 kB, 1080 × 1920
1,1 MB, 1080 × 1920
421 kB, 450 × 450
263 kB, 450 × 450
I guess this is the best thread to post it, however I'm not shure entierly but well, anyway...

China lego-ripoffs become really kind of more cool than original overpriced lego itself, who nowdays mostly do stuff based on disney crap, overwatch and other boring things for modern kinds. Lurking across aliexpress I seen.. fucking Dora gun![\b]
KV-2, T-34, Raupenschlepper Ost, Pz.IV - there hell lot of this things, modern chienise special forces with accurate weapons, soviet artilery, vietnam era soldeirs and ammunition. Of cource some of it kind of crap, other not too accurate, but overall this is really cool things. And it's much more cheap
No. 37520
151 kB, 450 × 450
1,4 MB, 950 × 841
1,0 MB, 1080 × 1920
979 kB, 950 × 950
Crap, failed black text stuff accidently.

But look what also found - awesome centaur models with differen knight armors! There is two sets - good and "evil" with differnt armor and weapons. Sadly most cool ones like king was already sold, but I bought "good" one with spear for bf, since it's cost less than a dollar.
Also they have different special forces, SWAT, german police sets, and WW2 sets with doggs :--DDDD
No. 37528 Kontra
539 kB, 1440 × 1905
>just invite mice into your home bro
>killing insects is bad luck
No. 37529
Spider is not insect.
No. 37530
>replying in vierkanal memes
>calling spiders insects
IQ level of Lithuania
No. 37531
You should always overspend on the things that connect you to the ground: quality shoes, mattress and chairs.
No. 37532
What are some actually good books to read about Communism and Socialist ideas for someone who really doesn't actually know a whole lot about it?

Also, I find the destruction of books abhorrent and let me tell you that one of the deepest shameful things I have seen is how many books wind up in landfills every day in America. I like grabbing odd works. This also reminds me that I have utterly failed to acquire a few Yiddish books years ago even though I have no idea how to read Yiddish.

Anyway my second point being I have seen it stated here particularly by the Hungarian how it is seeing all these sometimes wildly expensive series on Communist thought winding up in landfills. Would it even be possible to pay you guys to mail some of those old Slavrune commie books to me at some point? My paper still has value but for how long who can say? Probably not past 2040. I'd be very, very interested in acquiring a whole bunch of books on Communism and whatever it is all these odd ecyclopedic collections and various things I've seen mentioned here in passing. Like what exactly is the kind of typical commie books and more expensive commie books one could imagine finding gathering dust in the CIS countries? or alternatively I could buy you vidya games or something

But on to that first topic I guess is, which books should I read? I've got I think two by Bakunin laying around, one a much longer one. I think I read some other much shorter Bakunin work god's ages ago, not sure, but it must've only been something like 40 pages thick. I'm pretty sure Das Capital is lying around somewhere but I've never actually read it. Should I? What books would actually help explain varying strands of Communist thought to me as a complete noob at it? What are the differences even between Trotskyism and Marxism-LeninismI'd mention Stalinism but don't think it's even worth the bother unless there's some off chance Stalin had anything about his thought other than lying, hypocrisy, brutality, accumulation of centralized power under his own personality cult etc. all of which I am beginning to understand was hated by other Communists which is why he had them killed or Posadism even though I know it's a meme ideology, or between the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks, or any of the other seemingly obscure but heated conflicts between the varying strands of commie thought?

I think that partly why this has come to interest me so much isn't just that I've gotten pretty jaded and cynical but moreso having hailed from another revolutionary country. It is very strange to just be encountering all this for the first time outside my own country's overwhelming propaganda and memes, and to finally be realizing that Boskone is itself probably more a mirror image to my country in all the other ways revolution could go wrong in a developing imperialist country it never fails to confuse and amuse me that one of the most powerful empires in history railed against "the imperialists" as their enemies, whatever that means.
No. 37533 Kontra
Actually to expand on that what I mean is that in a lot of ways Russia reminds me of more like a greyer, sadder, not more soulful per se but more depth and FAS riddled version of the US. It's a kind of hard thing to explain that I often feel like very few people would get not either being us, or having been heavily involved in us the way that the Ukrainians, Poles, Canadians, Mexicans, especially Germans, or whoever else it is who has had to suffer dealing with us both the Russians and Germans frequently and being well read enough to understand either country.

Like when I look at my superficial understanding of Socialism I've been coming to realize that it's kind of like us and our founding principles and ideology, but that focused much more instead on economic emancipation, whereas ours I think relied more on a political one, and the brutal terrible irony that I think without the one you cannot have the other.

Let me just tell you flat out that freedom doesn't exist in this country. It just doesn't. It really truly doesn't and anyone who believes otherwise is a Homo Americanus indocrinated idiot on the level of Homo Sovieticus. Corporations rule our country and the only way you can even get on the ballot is by being obscenely rich.

It was never meant to be this way. Or maybe I am still incredibly naive and it always was, and that is precisely what was meant by only property owning males being allowed to vote, with I think an implicit understanding among more radical members of our government and maybe even certain Freemasons that this was to be a more gradual process for the emancipation of people both here and later elsewhere. The commie ideology just keeps giving me this same sort of haunting feeling, as if encountering a distant ancestor or, not ethnic cousin, almost like if an alien was engineered by the same precursor civilization as bioengineering us. It is as though they expected to have economic emancipation without the political, as though the one would follow the other, and I think that both our systems have proven that utterly wrong. Your voice just doesn't count here unless you are already massively wealthy. All the Murdochs and Bezos and Bransons or whoever out there are all that counts.

Hell even when we get someone on the ballot there's so much chicanery it's a blatant farce in our faces, like watching what happened to Ron Paul in the RNC, or Bernie Sanders in the DNC, and then in just the last 20 years 2 of the 5 last elections saw the guy who lost the popular vote get installed. Then the masses get plunged into vicious internecine kulturkampf with it switching every 4-8 years of which color tie the same sort of liberty eroding corporatist stooge of Israel and KSA gets to dick us because if it were the same color tie for longer than that people would finally figure things out and stage a bloody overthrow. My vote just doesn't count and I keep wondering if this is how people felt in CCCP, that even if you're an apparatchik that you ultimately don't matter and that knowing this made them act like even bigger petty tyrant dickheads to everybody the way all manner of middle management and bureaucrats act in my country.

But even still I can't help but wondering if Russia and it's allied republiks or whatever one could call the allied territories (I'm still not entirely clear on what the difference was between the status of Ukraine versus say Poland or Hungary, and the amount of independence each had and the certain latitude they were given to manage their own affairs, like goulash Communism, or Ceacescu's Communism, or whatever) could've been on a much better and different path had Stalin simply been murdered in his sleep. But then again, could Russia have even successfully defended itself? Or is le stronk man of steel just a meme that churka someone got even Westerners to think, and that he was, much like Hitler, kind of a complete fuckup who harmed his war effort more than helped? Could the Soviets had won if Stalin never rose to power? And what of Trotsky? Would he have been an even worse leader?

I just keep getting this odd idea that had Stalin have never been the one in power that Russian Communism might've never gone down the dark path it did and that, as a result, they never would've been burdened with having to rehabilitate people or have an ongoing mentality of oppression, torture, and murder being okay, of having gulags everywhere, and instead had pushed more for genuine freedoms.

I dunno it's just an odd thought. I could be interpreting this all very wrongly because I know little of Communist thought, or its varying strands thereof, so perhaps it could be a thing like arguing which version of Islam is less shitty because they all basically advocate Shariah and the same stuff only in more tolerable and less retarded varieties (except maybe the Sufis they might be legitimately cool). As such, I wish to begin acquiring that knowledge. Why did things go as they did in Russia? What would've happened had major industrialized Capitalist nations tried it, rather than agrarian feudal countries like China and Russia? Was it always doomed to failure on a civil rights level, or did it really have the similar concept of freedoms as American democracy, albeit with a different emphasis starting on a man's toils and economic position rather than political and legal?
No. 37599
Please respond
No. 37601
99 kB, 700 × 654
>Would it even be possible to pay you guys to mail some of those old Slavrune commie books to me at some point?
Some full compilation of Lenin/Stalin essays or what?
No. 37604
I think you should ask this in the literature/history thread, or rather do your own research as I doubt we've any experts on the topic. That said, I can share some resources that might be interesting though I admit I deem this analogy rather fitting:
> it could be a thing like arguing which version of Islam is less shitty because they all basically advocate Shariah and the same stuff only in more tolerable and less retarded varieties
I don't think there is that much to "get" about Marxist theoreticians such as Lenin, Mao, Trotsky etc., they might have their own quirks, but their writings are mainly just there to rile people up for revolution and/or keep them believing in the ideology, it's likely not the sort of stuff you should spend too much time thinking about unless you're interested in the rhetorics and tactics of revolutionary politics.

First I'd recommend brushing up your knowledge of modern Russian history, depending on your knowledge even European/Western history in general for more context & a better understanding of Marx
This looks like a good course on Russian history to check out, though I can't vouch for it personally:

Just as an aside, I think one of the crucial points in understanding the Slav mindset is that Russians/Slavs have been serfs for most of history, so the people in general don't really understand the idea of "freedom". So Americans complaining about not really having freedom is something that's rather met with a cynical laugh.
>All the Murdochs and Bezos and Bransons or whoever out there are all that counts.
Maybe it's my Slav fatalism speaking, but that's just the way it's always been in most places, for most of history. Maybe there's something particularly perfidious about the scale of inequality, but then again you have to consider that living standards in the Wect are really pretty decent, nobody's starving or anything. But I digress.

As for books, there's not much to think about, just read the Communist Manifesto, and then you can go from there for either more Marxist literature or literature on Marxism. I can also recommend this course on Marx for further context: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35cr_whPC88

>And what of Trotsky? Would he have been an even worse leader?
Here's a video I watched recently on the topic, though it's a somewhat superficial analysis. Then again I don't see a point in delving into counterfactuals too deeply, there's just too many things that could've happened.
No. 37607
Well, most of the books collecting dust are either primary sources, so 2-3-4 volume sets of Marx-Engels and Lenin, or "textbooks" like Introduction to Marxist-aesthetics or The Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism.
A lot of the time they aren't overtly marxist, you have to dig deeper to realise it's propaganda. For example I have a Small Philosophical Dictionary, which sounds nice, but then you realise they spent more time talking about Marx, Marxism and Lenin than they probably deserve, along with having a really distorted view of Plato and other philosophers.

Or for example, I have an 1954 edition of The History of the Hungarian People, which was a university textbook.
The way it promotes the nomadic Hungarian society as quasi-communistic is laughable and is blatant propaganda, the same goes for whatever it has to say about the 1514 peasant revolt, the nobility, and the second world war.

Most of the time they're either shoddy propaganda, utter nonsense (Look, I'm talking but not saying anything for 80 pages) or just plain useless now because nobody follows the academic Marxism contained within them.
The obvious exception is probably Georg Lukács's works.

I'm not saying all of them are bad of course, a lot of authors had to fill a quota to get their work past the censors, so they included a few token lines about classes and a quote from Marx/Lenin.
For example, I'm using a collection of Myths from the 1970s. It was written by a convinced Marxist, but besides being a Marxist, he was a Classical-philologist from the bottom of his heart, so while he inserted the token lines about communism, he wasn't afraid to go right back and talk about how things actually were.

Though I'm saying all of this as someone who's from a country that was dubbed The Happiest Barrack of the Warsaw Pact for it's relatively lax stance on Marxism and dictatorship.
No. 37608
43 kB, 346 × 202
Core of understanding pseudo-phylosophy of russian revolutions populists is knowlege of problems of russian society in post-Ekaterina II times, espessialy during Alexander II. Social movments of this time is one of the most important themes you should learn. About Marx, it's obvious that from this side of infulence you should learn about western philosophers, economists and social thoretics of XIX centuary.

So basicly we can divide this theme on 3 core ideas:
-State of Russian society under late Romanovs.
-New political and Economical ideas on XIX centuary
-Projection of this ideas on Russian society realities by revolutionist political movments.

Of cource, everything connected, and to understand this 3 topics, you should go and learn society and laws of Peter the Great and it's heirs, infulence of such events as Eighty Years' War and French Revolution on European politics, monarchies and ideas, how ideas of "Enlightened absolutism" was adopted by russian monarhs in pre-napoleonic period and how they leed to creation of metioned state of russian society and connections of this with more early times, of development moscow as country center and affections of golden horde.

However this is thread about people like me buyng Nicolas Cage pillows and chienise legos.
No. 37611 Kontra
I doubt it's useful for our American friend, but can you recommend some relevant Russian language sources on Russian history, i.e. books/yt channels?
No. 37612
First thing I can recomemnd for novices but who already know russian language is this cheap and already old, but decent TV series as "short" adoption of Karamzin's "История государства Российского". And while this set of books is classic of russian historical sience, it's obviously in many ways outdated, but this knowlege in short form give you core understading of all major events and important people, and with this timeline in head you can easely orientate and add new facts you'll learn in other sources, so you'll have clear idea about history overall, not just set of facts

There official compilations of this on youtube

https://youtu.be/a6s4jXvzlI8 - part 1
https://youtu.be/NpeBl1YnHSY - part 2
https://youtu.be/gJHqOMZCN9s - part 3

https://www.youtube.com/user/MrSomarte/videos - this is channel that regulary posts podcasts and radio shows records with different russian and CIS scientists on all themes, not only history, but there a lot of specific podcasts on very specific themes, I'd say it's more on "expert" side of history often. And there is hundreds of videos in not particular order.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-QMvo--_5s&list=PLdbPbzQ1udDTMeGBnYjr_t2c00MixppJY - but this is "russian history themes" playlist, for example
No. 37616
What ereader did you get and can you trade it in the dark too? If not why not a tablet instead?
No. 37617
read it*
No. 37618
More motherly Advice: quality pillow and sheets, expensive underwear and socks. And any tissue that directly touches your skin (from trousers, shirts AND toilet paper) must be high end.
No. 37621
77 kB, 467 × 312
Good socks in particular are almost a necessity. I always get Nike brand, but they have a lot of different kinds. I've worn their Dri-Fit Cotton, Performance Cotton, Performance Moisture Wicking, and Nike Everyday socks. I've likely worn others as well, but these are just the ones where I still have some in the package. They each have a different blend of fabric, mixing Cotton/Nylon/Polyester with a small amount of Spandex.
If anyone is looking for a new pair, here's what I've learned: First, make sure they have at least 2% Spandex. The ones I've worn with only 1% Spandex don't fit snuggly, and tend to slip on my foot. Also look for a blend of fabrics with less Cotton, and a lot of Polyester and Nylon. Those perform much better than socks with a lot of Cotton. My favorites, what they called Dri-Fit Cotton, only have 16% Cotton.
No. 37626
41 kB, 450 × 625
You can buy Carhartt socks. Everything else is a bit homosex.
No. 37627
Carhart anything is maximum redneck. As I have grown up around white trash of varying varieties I have about as much against it as I can imagine a poltard which grew up around hoodrats would feel upon seeing Fubu or whatever stereotypical thing it is that hoodrats wear.
No. 37631
I'm not care about socs at all for example
No. 37683
98 kB, 753 × 565
386 kB, 500 × 555
Nike probably aren't the best, but that was the first brand I tried after dealing with blisters caused by cheaper Hanes/Fruit of the Loom socks. I liked them, and so I just never tried anything else. You know how it is; once a problem is solved, you stop looking for solutions, right? Anyway, they're about $3/pair, compared to $1/pair for the lower end type I was wearing. Definitely worth it.
No. 37684
Thanks a bunch! I think I stumbled upon these compilations once already, but will make sure to check them out now. That other channel looks really good too.
No. 37723
128 kB, 398 × 410
I've been wearing the Darn Tough brand for five years at this point.
While they're expensive, they:
1. Have lasted all this time, only needing more when I lose a few over time
2. Keep my feet much drier than any other sock I've had. I can keep them on in my boots, and only need to hang them out for about 10 minutes halfway through my shift for them to be bone-dry again. At worst, they only get mildly damp.
3. Have the best warmth/thickness ratio by far. My thick wool socks are warmer, but also barely fit in my workboots. These are only slightly larger than typical cotton socks.

There's probably better at this point. The main thing to look for is socks made with Merino Wool.
No. 37724
90 kB, 456 × 630
They're not communist, despite the red scare's opinion, but you may find the wobs interesting if you wanted to look at Socialist ideas that are closer to home. Radical unionism to advance labour through direct action towards anarchy and the abolishment of the wage system being their core thing, but strangely enough also otherwise apolitical. They were also more of an american version of syndicalism than the european version, emphasising decentralisation and the utopia almost being a kind of worker-led version of early American ideals, being almost a mix of Libertarian Socialism and Syndicalism. They also worked hard on the idea of educating the working class to take on their new roles once the general strike succeeded, with commentators sometimes hardly believing that the speakers were self-educated factory workers and so on who read books in the union hall in their downtime.

They're still around but they don't have the reach that they once had and are far less interesting nowadays tbh. The local branch here is the biggest in the country and it's almost all boomers and trendy kids compared to back in the day when they nearly succeeded in forming the One Big Union in Australia. Maybe it's different in the states where they're still fairly active though.
No. 37725

For me it's my bicycle. I started with a pretty embarrassing mangirl kind of bike but it got me into it. Then I upgraded to an"serious" bike for long distances and went on several trips across Europe with new friends. Nowadays I get on my bike every single day because nothing has brought me as much satisfaction and joy
No. 37728
Socks general for real ec-tier discussion when?
No. 37732
I don't actually know what syndicalism even means. I've heard this word before and each time it just makes me think about Syndicate instead. I know. I'm retarded. Sorry.
>social libertarianism
Explain. Because I've actually always hated Communism and been much more fond of libertarianism specifically because of being anti-big government and anti-tyranny in which case I used to see Communism as being the epitome of that but lately I'm just thinking if all we end up with is corporations doing exactly the same thing then what's the point. Well that and the fact that I've been trying to learn a little bit more about it primarily because of well Russian games and whatnot. How can you actually even have Communism or Socialism without big government? Is this kind of like mutualism which I also don't know terribly much about?

Well, I could just keep that in mind for trying to learn Russian although I'm specifically visual oriented to begin with to such a degree that I actually have difficulty interpreting people speaking so I doubt that part will help but at least maybe then I can learn some of the sounds and get more of a feel for Russian, which I must say looks completely alien and just downright ugly in latin graphemes.

Well, I suppose I also actually wish to learn more about Communism and Socialism broadly than just whatever happened to Russia although I do have an interest in your history and developments specifically. I suppose that would help me to understand quite a lot about why things turned out the way they did there, but I'm also actually interested in just generally the theory that this German Jew came up with rather than Russia. Actually who even was Engels? It just dawned on me that I don't actually know who he was or what he did.

Yeah like that for example. I don't even care if it's just blatant propaganda. Keep in mind, your shitty hometown is an alien delight to every other traveling tourist, and every tourist's home no matter where it is is also their own boring shithole they leave to become a traveler. So keep that in mind that even your shitty propaganda book is going to be an interesting novelty at the absolute worst to an American who's not speaking in slavrunes and really had no part in it or exposure to any of it.
>university textbook.
>The way it promotes the nomadic Hungarian society as quasi-communistic is laughable and is blatant propaganda,
How could a nomadic or primitive society possibly have anything to do with Socialism or Communism?

Well no except for that. I don't give a shit what Stalin thought about anything. Otherwise yes. Like that nice bookset for example.

Hey thanks. Also sorry for late replies to everyone. In terms of your Slav fatalism I think it's actually pretty good to keep in kind how much the common everyday American realities contrast sharply with everything you've been shown on TV, and the degree to which it isn't even just propaganda for external consumption but is for internal consumption as well, and the degree to which it doesnt apply to a lot of us--the majority in fact I'd say. Even just the little stupid things like being stopped and hassled by the cops just for walking and minding my own goddamn business getting a few groceries and being demanded to show my ID. I'd also like to point out that even just the voting irregularities in Iowa with the Democratic primaries and them doing something shady to fuck Bernie out of the nomination and enforce a media blackout just like they tried to do to Ron Paul because they are the only two independent senators who don't suck Saudi and Israeli dick among many other dicks they both refused to suck.

I can honestly tell you in all sincerity that no I do not believe I live in a democracy or a a free country or hell even a republic, and quite frankly I suspect that a lot of us feel the same way. I think that most Americans who don't own a mcmansion just don't even feel represented at all or have any hope or faith in the system whatsoever and I think that...oh I don't want to get into that because it's cancerous but Trump and Obama are both living proof that nothing ever changes, has ever changed, or will ever change in my country and anybody who believes in that might be suffering permanent brain damage from all the flouride or something.

Yes I know that it seems quite rich for me as an American to be saying that in front of people from places like Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan but the most triggering thing to me has been the revelation of just how fundamentally not different most other countries live from us in a lot of ways. You are not all in fact poor. Foreigners actually lead nice lives. My exposure to Soviet tier propaganda has only hastened the scales falling off and my horrible realization of just how much I now feel like all my life I've been fed a bunch of total bullshit like how the Soviets did in telling everybody in the Soviet Union complete lies about their socialist paradise and how wonderful their own citizens have it.

Well, we fucking don't, as you may have noticed from the fact we've had multiple American bernds who've been homeless. Moreover I've been positively shocked about many things about even the Soviet Union of all things, which for me most notably their metro system and Fallout bunkers. I think that out of all things that was what finally clued me in on how my view has been shaped by American propaganda. I could instantly tell they genuinely cared about trying to save their own citizens whereas for us it's just a basic assumption that if SHTF our government and elites will completely abandon us and only save themselves. I think that was what made me bitter most of all, the fact they would so callously create hell on earth and then act like only we should suffer the consequences for their actions and mistakes.

I think that that also should tell you a helluva lot about the American mentality towards government which I've slowly come to realize isn't because government is always evil, it's just that ours is. I will never forget that moment that I discovered Soviet plans for protecting all their own citizenry, not just the wealthy elites and politicians. To me that felt like the moment I've always been told when a Soviet citizen would gaze beyond the iron curtain and look on in envy. In that moment, I looked on across the iron curtain and viewed the USSR citizens with envy.

This is not to glorify a clearly villainous regime but I'm just saying it's clear to me things are more a shade of grey than black and white.
No. 37735
7,1 MB
81 kB, 460 × 449
It's similar to Mutualism in a way, but Syndicalism is essentially extremely radical unionism that wants to govern by 'syndicates' of unions that control their specific areas of the economy to the benefit of the workers, when anarchy is mixed in, it's about decentralisation of power and worker self-management within a democratic cooperative. The idea of the IWW is to form the One Big Union that encompasses everyone and that is truly democratic, and their actual makeup as a union as it stands reflects this.

For example, to pay your union dues to them you have to do it manually, it cannot be docked from pay by employers as it is with most union fees. This is done first of all to cut the employers out entirely from the union, but also to foster democratic ideals within the organisation since bad delegates or officers will just have their members go delinquent. Officers are elected in direct democratic action and have limited to no power outside of acting as the due-collector, who is further audited by directly elected officers. The entire thing is meant to be that everybody is the leader at any given time because they have no higher authority than themselves as a whole, therefore paradoxically nobody is the leader since effectively all power is distributed in its entirety and nobody is empowered to exercise their authority unilaterally. They call it Industrial Democracy, where industry is run by the democratic process of the members of its Industrial Union (a subdivision of the IWW as a whole).

You also need to understand the difference between Personal Property and Private Property. The abolishment of Private Property means that the means of production are held (not owned) collectively, while Private Property, being personal effects and things of that nature are Personal Property and not an issue. If Private Property is recognised as theft (the difference in the wage compared to the value of the outcome of labour being positive) then its abolishment aligns with libertarian ideas, as does the abolishment of the wage system if we conclude that the wage is essentially renting a slave instead of outright buying one.

It's complicated and can't really be summed up in an imageboard post. It's an interesting subject though, especially in the interwar period when you had all the big mining strikes and crap where the army got sent in. Often that happened because radical unions like IWW started organising and to their credit refusing to compromise with employers even when they started getting shot and arrested. Tbh, it just makes their current state even sadder.

t. studied them a while ago and tbh bits of their theory has influenced my own thinking even though I don't totally agree with everything
No. 37745 Kontra
I was the ameriball in that kc-tier webm, funny enough
No. 37753
2,8 MB, 450 × 360, 2:10
3,5 MB, 540 × 302, 0:56
>Darn Tough
>Merino Wool
My current socks are great for moisture wicking, and comfort, but they can't match that durability. When I can upgrade, I'm getting a pair of these.

I knew I had these vids saved somewhere.
No. 38112
197 kB, 720 × 1280
I really really really want to have this fish tank right now. The problem is I realize I actually did just buy close to a hundred dollars worth of lumber and that was basically a one shot deal because there's no way in hell I am pissing away another $150 on hiring someone to move it for me, which leaves me with only the lumber I specifically bought for the dimensions of my 40 and 55, which would be 2x2 rows of 6x6 lumber in four and three foot cuts. I'd need to buy either another two 6x6x8 cuts or fuck me now that I think of it another three minimum or preferably six so I wouldnt have the 75g directly on my floor, which I literally cant do because the thing you have to keep in mind is this: water changes. You're supposed to do a partial water change roughly every two weeks and the main way to do that is with a siphon, which as you know relies on two elements of physics--vacuum/pressure and gravity. It physically has to be above my water change bucket which frankly I'm already worried how I'm going to do this is, God forbid, I should ever have to move again in the next two years. It also makes me nervous as all hell having fish tanks on the floor where it can accidentally be kicked, bumped into, have something fall on it or otherwise damage the the thing and immediately not only dump an entire bathtub of water onto my carpeted flat but also drop all those fish into it and yeah. It basically just reminds me how I cannot ever drink again with fish tanksor own a dog right now which is sad but another matter besides which I'm not planning on even considering it until maybe like August.

It should be added that I literally do not even own a single piece of furniture right now, not even a single chair, shelf, dresser, or bench save for the sole bench I have my current community tank on top of which I very stupidly placed right where I want my new either 40 or 55g tank, as well as put my two shitty little 10g in the other space for the other tank thus necessitating I break them all down yet again to move everything.

I have not yet figured out how to go about cutting all four pieces of lumber in half with a circular saw as it's a hard rule no extension cords and I apparently have no exterior outlets, so I can chance the cord or do it inside in which case I'm wondering how long it takes before someone bothers me about running a circular saw inside to cut huge pieces of lumber. This also makes me think whether it's better to purchase some extra lumber and wait til then to do all the cuts at once, or have to do this at least twice.
No. 38114 Kontra
541 kB, 1280 × 720
535 kB, 1280 × 720
581 kB, 1280 × 720
I am quite frankly *amazed* at how terrifically shitty the quality of goods at Lowes and Home Depot really is, I mean my God. Fucking PARTICLE BOARD for shelves supposedly able to hold 800lbs (1kg=2.2lb so 364kg) which clearly is not the case, and another one that had flimsy wire mesh that supposedly could hold 1000lb per shelf for like 4000 pound total capacity. So in other words, I'd be buying some of the flimsiest shit for over a hundred dollars and they'd only give me the fucking frame without the actual shelves themselves when I'm literally buying shelves. I did however locate some much cheaper and much less weight holding stuff but it is what every restaurant or store uses to hold massive amounts of weight I've seen with my own eyes so I at least know that stuff is safe to put my 10gs and 20gs on top of, as I now own 2 20g longs which is exactly where I'd like to place my secondary good fish. The 75g would literally just be for the damn 69 or 33 cent or however little I paid for that definition of a white elephant, who you can see in the corner there in a 29g tall. Never ever impulse buy any feeder fish just because it's cheap. This whole pleasant nightmare is because of that.

The sole reason I want the other 55 or a 75 at this point is because I've realized it's cruel to put my goldfish in anything smaller, having spent much of his life so far in one cramped quarter after another as he kept getting bigger and the 40 is just too small although frankly even the 55 is way too narrow which is why I considered even giving him a 40 to begin with. I also realized how much, much, much more I'd rather stick all my good fish and create a great community for everybody in a 55, since as it stands much of the additional space in a 40 would go to being tall which isn't even what I want. Had I another 55 I could give them plenty of free room and even consider sticking my Bolivian Ram in there. I won't with the Electric Blue Acara because he'll probably eat some of the guppies I don't want eaten. I could leave massive amounts of room for the cory catfish and even have enough space for a German Blue Ram pair to have plenty of territory to breed, both of which I had but sadly died which made me super depressed this winter, along with losing virtually all of my guppies in that cataclysm which ironically made me think a lot more about disease and the importance of two week quarantines a solid two months before coronavirus.

But anyway so that's where things stand. I need to get my shelves for the smaller tanks, and may possibly try and get more lumber and another huge fish tank though I haven't a clue how to get it here without pissing through money like water and I probably wouldn't even get the tank alone for under one or two hundred at a time when I'm cash strapped from lack of hours.

Yeah I have no idea how I'm going to do this frankly, not just in logistics but also affordability and I want to get them up and running soon. They're big enough that I'm not as super worried about cycling with fish in them even if it is a bad idea, but still. Man. If I could just get that one more 55 or a 75 for my big guy to have room and give the 55 I already have to all the community fish I'd be set.
No. 38118 Kontra
Actually you know what maybe I will just go with putting the goldfish in the 40 for now since I originally bought the 55 thinning I was going go get a wider one and would rather wait until I can find something not necessarily as long but definitely wider. It would make more logistical sense to me to do it that way too with how I have everything set up and arranged maybe. I'll have to think about this today and figure it out by the time I know if I'm getting more females tomorrow. Yeah maybe I'll make that the project of today. Sorry for the spam but whatever I decide now is exactly how everything has to be a year from now and I'm kind of thinking out loud.
No. 38179
Why do I feel guilty before, during and after shopping for new glasses? This is also true for any other bigger investment on myself, like shoes.

I've been procrastination getting new prescription lenses for 2 years and today I finally did it. Now I have the worst consumer hangover since a while, feels like 300€ went down the drain. Maybe my old frames and lenses could have lasted another 5 years?

How old are your glasses Ernst?
No. 38195
Two pairs of glasses 15e and 25e each
Including test.
Muh capitalism.
Paid 100e before but the frames are all bent.
The more expensive the glasses, the more prominent the brand, which I do not like wearing on my face all day.
No. 38226
Very jealous, the lenses alone cost 200€. And I'm not even sure I like the frames, but that's just me, I second guess every decision.
No. 38228
Definitely at least four years old, probably a lot older. I have contacts that are something ridiculous like 8 years old that have been unopened I'm tempted to try and see if they're still good because my glasses are definitely old and in need of a new prescription which at this point is making me actively feel sick wearing them. I stepped on them and have not been able to figure out what's wrong that I can bend back but they're definitely well beyond what my vision needs now anyway.
No. 38233
Planning on buying a new pair?

My sight had gotten slightly worse in 5 years.
No. 38247
If you have a prescription you can order online, although I have never tried it.
If you still regret it can you cancel you must have some consumer protection.
No. 38250
No I don't have the money. I'm not even considering that expense in the near future. I've got too many other expenses and my income got shafted so I'll probably be stuck inching little things here and there for possibly months while trying to afford rent. I literally don't even have a microwave or second pot which fucked me hard when I decided to make cheesy pasta completely forgetting that meant no coffee that morning. Fuck that day sucked. At least I'm keeping my pot clean for tomorrow but I'm now totally out of food except I think ice cream and a jar of peanut bar or something. Oh I do have that avacado and apple, and iirc I can still make a cheese and egg sandwich tonight and tomorrow. Little by little I am rebuilding my situation. I worked fucking hard to get here so I'm just going to keep working single mindedly on my projects while little by little getting the basic shit like a new pot, a wooden box to sit on or something, fish stuff. Glasses can wait.
No. 38306
>If you still regret it can you cancel you must have some consumer protection.
Today I went to chat with the store manager of replacing the glasses with frames I like better. They have a satisfaction guarantee and my situation falls under it so no extra fees other than just few weeks more of waiting for the new made-to-order glasses. Still I feel like a fussy bitch for making so much trouble for the store, they must hate me at this point.

Stay strong friend.
No. 38312
6,0 MB, 1024 × 576, 0:58
31 kB, 632 × 521
I got these spy glasses, they're not bad, recorded 45 minutes today and it only used up 1/3rd of the SD card and only a bit of the charge. So far so good tbh not bad for 50 euro with a micro SD card. I got them for dealing with my landlord who likes to throw tantrums

No. 38314
Lad that looks depressingly like some halfway point between Russia and my hometown. Well actually nicer than Russia and my hometown. I see no exposed insulation. Also it's at least rainy and nice.

If I were rich a ton of possiblyprobably very illegal spy gear is going to be top of the list. Those things record audio too? Not bad.
No. 38316
7,9 MB, 1024 × 576, 1:06
>Lad that looks depressingly like some halfway point between Russia and my hometown
Except it's actually a pretty wealthy area, those houses are all 150,000+ euro and very nice inside, it's just a wet miserable day. If you would drive the same road in the summer time it would look like a green paradise
>Those things record audio too? Not bad.
Yeah, recorded 50 minutes today and caught all the conversations
No. 38323
>they must hate me at this point.
No, the employees have to be there anyway, so helping customers is just part of the job. They would only hate you if you were rude or something, which I'm sure you weren't.

Nice. Looks like some of the rural roads near my hometown, too. And good on you for stopping for the jogger.
No. 38335
I replaced my iPhone SE's battery and screen and it's now good as new
No. 38360
>They would only hate you if you were rude or something
God no, I would lose sleep over that. Can pickup the unwanted glasses later this week, will return them immediately at the store and put an order for the new frames.
No. 38371
This. I doubt they give a shit that much. Besides which you're a young man. There is one dreaded bane of any employee in any business: the middle aged white woman. These are the most awful, condescending, vicious, arrogant, entitled, fussy, I mean just overall unpleasant horrible fucking human beings on planet earth and I lost massive respect for my own mother partly because of that. I mean I've overheard her being the most absolute piece of shit cunt to people over the phone just trying to help her. They are absolutely fucking AWFUL as managers more often than not, and prone to acting like the same entitled petty tyrants. I've long considered whether this is just proof of my economic theory that some people are just DDPP disadvantaged individuals, the most overlooked of all economic considerations in predicting human behavior and wealth than PPP or GDP.

The amount of daily dick per person seems to be the best indicator I've yet found on a person's behavior. I think it's a baseless stereotype however I have found myself wondering whether the idea that black men are well hung isn't rooted in myth, as they are positively the second easiest people to deal with on the planet. Now mind you, DDPP is more accurately a household function, that is to say, if you're sharing the total amount of dick with another, it's more the averages. Knowing that, who do you expect the absolute easiest customer and human being to deal with to be? Who is the one group of people who you stereotype as being constantly happy and in a good mood? And moreover, which of these groups of people is hoarding all the dick wealth in their gated bourgeoisie communities? That's right: gay men. I swear to God it's like these guys are on a constant dick high. Absolutely pleasant in general. Now at the opposite end, who is the most absolutely insufferable, but also the most absolutely dick deprived?

That is correct--lesbians. I'm not sure I ever even had a pleasant interaction with lesbians. At the very minimum they are totally capable of being polite and professional, but damn just keep in mind we are talking about overall dick poverty levels where even the little bit they share isn't even the real thing.

So with all this factored in, I think it helps to bear in mind that the middle age white woman has probably had one of the most shocking downward movements in social mobility. Some of these people are probably sharing four and a half inches of dick once a month, if even that. I think that black women can go either way. In some cases, these are very upward mobility oriented young professionals who just dove right into that dick wealth, and as such are the most absolutely lovely human beings a customer service, sales, or other representative can ever deal with, or as a general civilian. On the other, they can be the massively dick impoverished and be an even bigger pain in your balls than the dreaded 59 year old I ain't even seen a dick since N'Sync was popular white women.

So I think when you deal with either side of the equation, keep in mind those problems of dick class. Not everybody gets the same amount of dick in life, and are (sometimes rightfully) a bit surly about it. So you, even as a kissless virgin, may be having the problems of a certain type of pussy poverty, but really the only metric that counts is dick poverty, and more likely than not particularly when choosing eyeglasses you are coming from the top half of DDPP and are thus going to be on average one of the better customers they have to deal with. Yeah, you might not share it, you might even be feeling cheated and deprived in life, but even with your 4 inch pecker you're still coming from a perspective of privilege and luxury that those soap opera watching treadmill joggers can only dream about, with likely the attitude to match.
No. 38412
How do ereaders compare to a normal tablet? I love to read pdfs
No. 38453
Anybody here into perfume?

I'm pretty sure we had a thread on it by an Egyptian Ernst but that's apparently a long time ago, can't find it in the catalog.
I've lsitened a bit to the Perfume Nationalist podcast lately, they usually talk about some books/movies and a selected perfume each episode. The podcast itself isn't too great but it kindled an interest in perfume in me. I never really cared much for smells, except maybe as a teenager with all those different Axe sprays, but apparently there's some serious autism involved with that stuff.
My biggest gripe atm is though that it's one of those few products you can't just order online and send back if you don't like it but actually must go to the store and try it out.

Easier on the eyes, sturdier, very long battery life, easier to focus on reading only.
Not good for PDFs though as usually small screen, you need EPUB/MOBI formats. Ereaders with a big eInk screen are more expensive than similarily sized tablets IIRC.
No. 38458
I personally try to stick to certain Dolce and Gabbana and YSL scents. Haven't tried meme tier ones like Drakkar Noir and I can't think of anything more homosexual than wearing another man's name like Calvin Klein or whatever that shitty preppy crap is Abercrombie and Fitch wearing bs.

I don't have it anymore but maybe on some old HDD that had a whole thing on how to understand scents. A good cologne is something any mature man with a sense of class needs, and it absolutely is one of those things you can never cheap out on. Would definitely recommend it as a must have for being part if the dating scene or pursuing relationships or even hookups. Wearing Axe is the olfactory equivalent of coming into work or going out in public in stained grey sweatpants.
No. 38473
My orders from aliexpress from january finnaly started to ship. Probably was not smart order anything in time of chienese new year and than quarantine stuff.
No. 38529
Glasses arrived today, they're not as bad as I thought. Might be because family reassured me of them fitting my face. Anyhow I will keep them for the weekend and make the decision on Monday.
No. 38563
31 kB, 375 × 500
30 kB, 375 × 500
31 kB, 375 × 500
>meme tier ones
So I ended up being memed into blind buying a bottle of Caron Yatagan. Smells very masculine/animalstic, but I think I can pull it off. It was more than half off, I guess because it's more of a winter fragrance, so I can probably even resell it without losing money.
Other two I dug out that I received as gifts are also pic rel, Dior Homme Sport (the 2008 edition which is apparently rare now) and Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Terrible. Both are rather "fresh", think I'll rather try wearing those as spring is coming.

>can't think of anything more homosexual than wearing another man's name
I mean D&G and YSL are also men's names :D
No. 44061
Oh wow this is far back.

So instruct me on usage of preloaded credit cards. I recognize that this might actually be a bit different in some countries but can't imagine it is so different although I just found out today that you can only use these to buy from our own states and not to make international purchases.

Which cards require no registration and what does registration entail? I wish to engage in anonymous buying. That includes trying to find a way to buy shit off of ebay and amazon without having to give them anything that involves my real name, real email, or real financial info.
No. 44177
113 kB, 1277 × 461
247 kB, 1424 × 726
2,7 MB, 1418 × 5900
3,5 MB, 1420 × 4934
Oh god these fucking people have infested newegg now. They systematically destroyed ebay and pushed every legit seller off there to the point it's almost nothing but massive Chinese corporations selling trash as opposed to regular people.

How do I get these people kicked the fuck off of Amazon? I mean this is just so brazen I have no clue how they were even tolerated being there for this long, nor for the matter am I sure how such obviously bad photoshops can trick even the dumbest boomer into thinking they're real plants.

I think that the most frustrating thing about all this is I know exactly what the Chinese are doing but I'm powerless and all the people around me are way too stupid and disorganized to mount any kind of meaningful resistance. It's not even the usual kind of Chinese scam, I mean just look at it. This is really bad. And they're systematically going through there with botting and fake accounts on all these markets attempting to trash actually decent honest businesses. Moreover it's become abundantly clear to me that these are all extensions of softpower tactics meant to undermine America and the rest of the West from within using frankly CIA simple sabotage tier tactics.

When you sell a person a cheap shitty box of screws and bolts at inflated prices, you may rip them off today and bring that money into your country, but a few years from now you have collapsing bridges and falling down houses. It's even better if you've already bankrupted competitors and used brute force to get onto the market and coerce everyone into buying your trash particularly if it's now clearly broken and they're forced to buy a new one.
I despise dealing with the Chinese like nothing else. Hell is dealing with them in business transactions forever. I don't even understand how they managed to rip me off this last time on an air purifier and gotten the mart to only give me a partial refund so Walmart basically covered the cost with a gift card thus forcing me to also now do business with walmart for the rest of my money back It wouldn't be so bad were it not for the fact they routinely masquerade as Western businesses and I can't always find out where it's getting shipped from.

I wish I could find a report seller feature on these sites. Maybe I should email the companies and systematically go through there getting them all delisted the next time I've got several days off.
No. 44181
74 kB, 200 × 196
Thats why you invest in sexworking & drugs.
No. 44183
I deal with the Chinese for work, I deal with suppliers almost every day and they really aren't how you portray them to be. Shitty Chinese products popping up stunningly low prices isn't some sabotage act, it's simply them adapting themselves to a western market. People buying low quality products because who just select the cheapest available option isn't something to be blamed on the Chinese. I've never gotten scammed or hustled and I've never had any Chinese outright lie to me about what they're selling, their "scamming", at least on this level, is more about about selling low rate produts to clients who aren't knowledgeable about they're buying. Something like you'd think it's implied that feature X should be a part of product Y, but it wasn't state anywhere and you didn't really check the data sheet so now make dealing's with the subpar product you bought that doesn't really do the job you wanted it to.

>They systematically destroyed ebay and pushed every legit seller off there to the point it's almost nothing but massive Chinese corporations selling trash as opposed to regular people.
Come on, Ernst. Amalgamation and consolidation is a time honored American tradition, you can't fault the Chinese over this.
No. 44195
Just set the seller location to [your country only]. Problems weren't.
No. 44215
I just realized I haven't bought anything like that. Everything like that that has a positive impact on my daily life has been gifts, like my kitchen knife sharpener. Although I gave something similar as a present to someone else so you could say I bought it. Sharp knifes are a must when cooking.

It is the desire for cheap stuff and the feeling that you have cheated the system if you buy something that has a reduced price for a limited time that drives it. Quality has a cost in either money or time spent finding it.
No. 44222
No no you clearly don't understand, that is absolutely fucking expensive too and it's preying on people who don't know any better what things should cost, which shouldn't even matter because you're basically justifying a thief and a con artist by saying "well that person who got scammed deserved it for being greedy." That isn't the fucking point but it's totally irrelevant anyway because even $3 is a bit steep for a pack of coleus seeds for example, and $6 is absurdly expensive even if they're some kind of boutique heirloom what the fuck ever. A packet of those kind of seeds in the store costs you like $1.20 or $1.99 or whatever. In a lot of cases the seeds aren't even germinating so whatever pensioner who just got ripped off and wants to do their own flowerbed is going to think they did something wrong and maybe order them again or ask her grandson she likes telling everyone about having a green thumb to help her with it.

Or maybe they did realize they got scammed, likely not even for weeks after waiting for the seeds to germinate if they planted them soon after.

Really it's the kinds of bullshit which is why I try to avoid the fucking Chinese like bubonic plague or SARS 2 they gave all us because they're the worst cheats and thieves on the planet and theyre like cockroaches on the internet. I just had them rip me off too and the sole reason I am even not out just a bit under a hundred dollars is because I went through a third party company who I thought I was ordering from them instead, it was was they who ultimately got me the refund in spite of the fact I checked my bank statement and yeah, they actually didn't even give me all my money back. So if they just keep scamming hundreds of people they always win because even if it's just like five or ten dollars they keep each time and even if they got forced to refund every time that adds up and they had to do nothing to get that money. This is an instance of them not even bothering to ship it.

Now go look at that computer case--yeah, that's a case btw not an actual computer. This is also standard business practice where they try to find some way of lying without blatantly and brazenly lying about everything, so they'll pull shit like ship you a cheap $1 cat toy laser with a picture of a flashlight and advertise it as "high power LED $19.99" and those plants are a great example.

I just gave you guys two of the more outlandishly stupid ones that just happen to stick out really badly because the Chinese behind them are stupider than normal or simply more brazen than usual. That piece of shit is a kind of HP or Dell case. It says "add to cart for price" which is just bizarre and I'm not even bothering with exploring deep enough of into that scam but it's being sold with a list price of $356. That is the list price of the sort of shitty tower HP makes or a real bad quality bottom rung refurbished Dell on the site, so my suspicion is they're somehow trying to bait the extra tech illiterate somehow. My best guess is that they're probably attempting to pass off an old computer case that got cannibalized for $150 so that they can claim it is over $200 cheaper SUPER DEAL MUCH WOW CHEAP!

Also maybe you guys are not getting the brunt of this because you're not dealing with them in English. I am against my better judgment even willing so far as to give them the benefit of the doubt, and that they're specifically reserving this level of strategic cuntishness for Americans and Brits which particularly in the latter case isnt totally undeserved btw though the rest of you past colonials should take notice too.

But like I said I am surrounded by duraniki or however you say fools plural. Maybe you represent a legit business concern somehow or don't deal with them directly. But regardless it is transparently obvious to me that they are doing this shit on purpose as part of the new soft power Great Game. It is transparently obvious to me that they are doing this shit on purpose like trying to traffic as much fentanyl as possible to America while giving you the death penalty if you try passing off even a small bag in China. I could explain all the layers of this geopolitical strategy at further length but that's not ultimately what I'm bitching about right now.

I want to make it as forcefully clear as possible because the point was raised by more than one of you, that in a lot of cases this is not in fact a "you get what you pay for" thing which moreover isn't fucking our oligarchs but rather poor people which is a really shitty thing to do and part of that package of scumbaggery is like I said dicking over our retirees as well, but rather the fact is that in the two cases I posted is them actually charging more than average.

You know what tonight it might be time again for me to post the full Chinese Businessman series of screencaps again. The guy explains pretty well what horror it is to be sent to China because your company found out you speak Mandarin.
No. 44223 Kontra
No. I want them kicked off it entirely and I want to harm them financially and bring bad luck upon their house and three generations of their offspring.

And don't think I'm giving these companies who tolerate their presence on their sites a pass either I'm just shocked that even Newegg is willing to put up with it. None of them should be allowed to keep doing business and for the lot of good that'll do because I know they'll reappear the next day under a different name. I cannot remember even once having a pleasant transaction with the Chinese and American corporations should have their balls roasted over coals for it too because they don't care either so far as shartmart and Amazon go but they're actively working to sabotage actually decent American businesses at the same time.

It is so bad that I usually try to go out of my way to buy American not because of some misguided sense of patriotism or whatever but because the actual quality of the goods is almost universally trash and scams. Things like having lead in toothpaste and baby formula or toxic drywall is not some sort of aberration, but rather is business as usual with the Chinese. It's not like dealing with actually decent people like the Vietnamese or Koreans or Thai or Japanese or whoever. It's a distinct mindset of Han businessmen.
No. 48851 Kontra
tooth paste
tooth brush
toilet paper