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No. 3094
1,6 MB, 2592 × 1944
Galicia kickstarts portuguese reconquista and gives portugal cultural identity.
Galicia is left out of unified Portugal

Prussia unifies germany and gives identity and governance to modern germany.
Prussia ceases to exist

Savoyard fights to unify Italy and create modern italian identity
Savoy is left out of unified Italy

Explain this phenomenon
No. 3096 Kontra
Galychyna creates Ukrainian identity and still remains the cultural center of Ukraine. Moscow unites Rus and becomes the cultural and financial center of Eastern Europe. Wallachia unified Romania and Bucharest is still in the country. This is a coincidence, you're trying to find a match where they don't exist.
Savoy and Prussia aren't just Nice and Koenigsberg, you greatly underestimate the importance of other regions inside them. Unification of these countries would have occurred in any case, just the role of the leading state would take Sicily, Austria or anyone else.
No. 3107
Retarded answer. I'm not saying that it's a necessary pattern, nor that they are or should be the strongest regions of their countries. If anything, the fact that they're not the strongest regions of their countries actually helps explain why they might be left out> no matter how strongly nationalistic they might feel about certain identity, they're still peripheral to such national identity, and thus can be sacrificed or excluded.

Still, it's a rather weird phenomenon. Germs tend to see prussian unification as the birth of modern germany, yet this same unification is what brought about the end of prussia and pomerania. They lost a big chunk of what was traditional german territory.
No. 3114
Portugal isn't comparable to the two other cases
No. 15143 Kontra