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No. 3110
167 kB, 778 × 585
What role do imageboards play in our time?
Are they comparable to the secret societies of old days?
No. 3112
Those secret societies were a thing for elites only.
No. 3113
>What role do imageboards play in our time?
Depends on the imageboard, but, mostly, none.
>Are they comparable to the secret societies of old days?
No, I think they are comparable to Uncatchable Joe[1].

[1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_jokes
No. 3115
The role of virtual toilet walls where every idiot can write down his buzzword sermons and nobody else cares about it.
No. 3120
More like coffeehouses.
No. 3124
Literally everyone was a member of the Masons, hre at least
No. 3127
I think they played a role in the past, maybe mostly around the time of 2004-2012. In the same way Newsgroups played a role in the 90s. Like a club of early (social) technology adopters who felt elitist for being so avantgarde.

Nowadays imageboards are just a relict of the internet 1.0 age.
No. 3129
Interesting question. Who is shaping whom? comes to my mind

Do imageboards have an input effect on societies' discourses or are they more of a mirror of society without a notable impact.
No. 3135 Kontra
This doesn't make much sense because Web 2.0 was the shift to user-generated content. It's the closest thing to a meaning that buzzword has, but even if you allow message boards, the newsgroups you mentioned would be 1.0.
No. 3139
You are right about the aspect of user-generated content, it was not what i had in mind. I used the term more for the social media and its increased usability, also leading to a high increase of "normal, non-nerdy" people populating the internet.

I don't think there is a large step between newsgroups and imageboards, both share the same oldschooly discussion forum root from web 1.0.

My main point was anyway that imageboards are outdated and declining in every sense, neither the communication form nor the userbase is avantgarde anymore as it used to be.
No. 3140
>nor the userbase is avantgarde anymore as it used to be
Was it avantgarde ever?
Also, every granny and her dog know about 4chan. It's not like /pol/ isn't popular either.
No. 3141
>Was it avantgarde ever?

There was a time when imageboards where a place to cross borders, but not necessarily borders that could be considered as avantgarde. I'm sure these borders have been pushed before but on 4chan it was easier and more anonymous.
No. 3142
>Was it avantgarde ever?
IMHO it was, during it's early time and peak, mostly in the 2000s. Avantgarde not in a sense of an intellectual elite, more in it's usage of internet and communication.

>Also, every granny and her dog know about 4chan. It's not like /pol/ isn't popular either.
In early times, imageboards were mostly a "secret club". For example if you look at the "Rules of the Internet" (cringey, from a today's point of view):
you will find this type of self-perception, inspired from the "Fight Club" movie which features this idea of a secret, hip underground culture.
No. 3144
> if you look at the "Rules of the Internet" (cringey, from a today's point of view)

and yet they still contain some things that are true to this day

It would be interesting to have a history of ideas, some kind of genealogy of imageboards and trolls

I think it is a rather small field within history even today. tbh it is not so easy to find sources I guess.
No. 3152
92 kB, 554 × 1100
Never has this image felt more appropriate.
No. 3167
See that you don't choke on that meme. Ideas have SELF WORTH, paying attention to them only if they came from validated (by OTHERS) people is a magistral self kick in the ass (it means you don't have or don't trust your own judgment).
No. 3198
No. 4418
The main problem of imageboards in relation to other secret societies is they ended up being completely open to the worst kind of bydlo trash society has to offer while simultaneously offering nothing in the way of networking and personal advancement. They are like the anti-Freemasonry and I mean that in the worst way possible.
No. 5346
Imageboards play the role of a cesspool where the above average intelligence young plebs' minds to get sucked in. Theres too many of them, plus those who think so much outside the standard values system to be into anonymous communication, can harm the system by their creativity and independent thought, so they are better kept on the internet refreshing the imageboards 24/7. The non plebs can't be affected by them because they're brought up properly not to look for answers or communications on ib, and are early engaged in the non pleb serious businesses by their parents.
No. 6539
the races most immune to internet (brazilians, gypsies, bydlos) will win

the races most addicted (south koreans, finns, japanese) will go extinct

No. 6542
9,1 MB, 640 × 360, 2:04
>Are they comparable to the secret societies of old days?

Yes elites are all about sitting around watching pointless clips of cats and having internet arguments about animes and weeb turks while the goyim take over the world
No. 6548
I always thought of imageboards like a shut-in's substitute for going to a pub.
No. 6578
31 kB, 320 × 320
148 kB, 724 × 822
That's a good analogy, pub drunks are full of bitterness

"Thanks a lot Obama for destroying mining in america!" while he downs another shot
No. 6601
A lot of the secret societies were there just for entertainment. I think the most common activity for many secret societies was marathon drinking.
No. 6690
240 kB, 2362 × 2362
No one needs us but we have fun.

What a relief this Ernstchan, good vibes, I hope it keeps this way.
No. 10784
It was actually always my dream to form a successful secret society for making successful people on here but it always failed with KC. Does anybody else remember all the Anon micronation threads? Well I think some of it was hidden at the time, but still. I think I still have loads of files on it from imageboard discussions on how to go about creating an independent country.
No. 10800
No. 10814
Does anyone actually want me to dig through my old shit and try to post them?
No. 10852
Joining up with the Freemasons, yes or no?
No. 10853
It might be fun if you are under 21 or live in a redneck rural area.
However if you are 30 and joining you are pretty lame, why not join the military reserve you get to play soliders and go pew pew pew while getting paid instead.
No. 10854
>joining the military
Because I'm not a dumbfuck who wants to get shot in Iran for Israel. Also FYI that scenario doesn't work because 30 is the cutoff for joining the military. Also you have to be at least 18 to join the Masons.
No. 10860
Yeah sure I'd love to see that kind of thing to be honest.

Funny, but also sad, due to the fact that it is true. Although it is a seemingly age old issue of living in comfortable times and societies though.
No. 10864
46 kB, 978 × 390
Why would I expect anything less than burger posting from someone who asks on an imageboard if joining the Masons is a good idea.
Go take some vitamin D as you obviously do not get enough sunlight, and will join precisely nothing.
No. 10865
37 kB, 752 × 626
>Only one year left to join the USMC

I'm not gonna make it, lads. I have no intention of doing so of course but still.
No. 10875
326 kB, 1238 × 2171
Fuck hold on I'll try and find it later I can't remember which folder it's in. I am finding some pretty funny and also disturbing shit that I saved over the years.
No. 10876
Oh hey look what else I just found in my archives
Or rather, the rars for it, and found that site after binging the site armageddon.org.il

Also go to the /r/books thread (as in /r/ing) if you want me to upload pdfs. Maybe I'll make a screencaps when I get around to it of all the pdfs I have too if I get around to it. I have tons of pdfs on mental manipulation, combat/improvised weapons/militarism, and the occult as well as I think leaked documents from ages ago or something. Plus some screencaps and various archives dating back at least a decade.
No. 11964
I might visit relatives in america one day.
No. 11991
For joining the masons you just have to be an independent man. Emotionally and financially.
Age doesn't really matter.

In some cases, sames goes for women.

No. 11994
DO you speak kike?
No. 12036
Different burger here. What is the benefit of joining the masons? I always thought it was just a social club for bored old men.
No. 12037
I think this will at least be different across lodges. When it comes to financial independence there was a mason in my university class who even had the other members pay for his magician gloves etc. My guess is they are so desperate for blood these days they aren't in much of a position to say no.

Did him fuck all good, in his final year he was working at Maccies and since then has hardly led a stellar career.
No. 12038
I always thought being a mason was this "secret" thing that anybody barely knows anything about.
Is masonry really that plain in sight?
No. 12041
Hue. No, everyone knows them to be larpers with an elaborate system of autistic handshakes and stonemason religious symbolism. The Church takes exception because the allegories to temple building get a bit fruity and secular authorities have a problem in their oath of brotherhood to one-another.

The example is in France where apparently every other policeman is a member which...well, you can imagine why the number of French masons is growing.
No. 12049
At some point I wasn't even sure if masons exist at all, honestly.
No. 12056
On the Hungary the topic has the same taboo as Jews (as in you can't go around and pointing that X or Y is a Jew). Even the other clubs are working in similar discrete fashion, although one can catch some news on some charity events.
No. 12058
>well, you can imagine why the number of French masons is growing.

What did he mean by this?

Are you referring to the fact that an increasing share of the French population is not catholic?
No. 12059
Yes. There are Masonic temples everywhere here. Fun fact a lot of the Enlightenment era revolutions had major backing/formation in the Masonic lodges. The entire modern ideal of democracy and brotherhood and Western liberalism was largely derived from these groups or people like the Rosicrucians etc. The American Revolution in particular had a major Masonic influence. There are Masonic lodges everywhere here especially near institutions of learning. I think every town I've been in I've known where the nearest lodge was.

That was my funniest point to make to troll people, particularly when I was going on about CIA/NSA stuff or government corruption and people talking about "wild conspiracy theories" I simply posed as the opposite insisting that Freemasonry is made up and doesn't exist. Although to be fair I've only known iirc three Masons, one of whom is an uncle.

Honestly this is the biggest thing to me that's a huge turnoff. I think a ton of cops are involved in such things. These are American cops, so anything associated with American cops I look upon with great disdain or hate even, as the way our police act is in its own right justification for a violent overthrow of the government late 18th century style.

It largely is. The way one can think about Masonry is quite similar to like an early version of the *chans. By and large it was a place for men to get together and act like fools and tell baudy jokes and swap stories, sometimes having female entertainment etc. Quite a few lodges functioned as large philosophical clubs, however unlike the *chans they actually did and still do lots of IRL charity work, as opposed to ramming themselves with dragon dildos like imageboarders do. And then there is a small, much, much smaller cadre of politically active Masons who tended to get that whole conspiracy theory thing so well known about in much the similar manner as /b/ and /i/ boards got the public aware of and brought so much notoriety upon the *chans, to the point where a lot of people just associated imageboards with raids.

Another thing is some of these groups could function quite well as revolutionary hotbeds and intelligence networks, which reputedly included some famous spies and occultists, hence a part of why certain men of high position either looked more favorably or way more disfavorably upon the lodges. I think that at least some reforms had always been a certain motive to these brotherhoods which is part of why the monarchies of Europe and the Catholic Church feared and hated secret societies.

Yeah my understanding is Masons particularly hate these social climbers who join for no other reason than personal advancement and using the brotherhood to their own ends. This is greatly frowned upon. They are not going to get you a job and stuff your wallet with cash just for taking an interest in joining. Most of the social networking happens as a result of longstanding membership that frankly can more easily come from joining a fraternity or relying on college friends. Will your college friends give you a job and stuff cash into your wallet? Well, your odds are probably better there.
No. 12062
Good post.

I agree that the whole police thing is worrisome and even my enlightened government has misgivings about it's threat to the justice system. Not that I've seen any evidence of wrong-doing but Freemasonry is by post-1848 make-up an old boys network even as it centres on ruinous charity dinners. Just not a very good one unless you're trying to get out of a traffic ticket in Paris.