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No. 31235
1,0 MB, 1144 × 2585
Ernstchan is uniquely suited to hosting a "zine", or rather, a journal. The slow pace of the board, with focus on well thought, rational posts, combined with the knowledgeable and intelligent posters here, makes ernstchan ideal as a source of quality content for this sort of endeavour.

As such, I am looking for submissions for this journal. Submissions can be as long or as short as you wish, and can be on any topic of your choice. Artwork, poetry, fiction, puzzles, how to guides, recipes etc etc are also highly encouraged.

I hope to publish the first edition next month, and after that, once every two months, with special editions in between (for example, Christmas).

Submissions can be sent to --


I have not chosen a name for the journal at all. I encourage you to send suggested names to me at the email above. Please also note that I will not immediately respond to emails, but will acknowledge reciept of submissions in due course.
No. 31805
It is nice to see the initiative from users. I think a page could be hosted at the EC server once the journal is ready.
How many users are planning to send a submission?
No. 31807
Has something like this ever been done by the community of an imageboard? I don't think I've ever subscribed to zines or journals of any community, could you elaborate a bit more what this is? What's the difference to blogs?
No. 31809
I was planning on submitting something.

Is there a deadline set, or is that still flexible?
No. 31810
kohlzine exists, at least one or two issues, I've seen the first. It was ok so far, not shitty. I did not read all contributions but a finn wrote on dumpster diving, was like a longer post on that topic.

I don't think I have time to contribute to a zine, it would be an opportunity to write down on a a subject of my choice, but honestly I can't think of anything that does not require research to a certain extent. Perhaps a kind of abstract from a book I'm reading anyway and which is important to me could be a goal. But still, that requires time I don't really have atm and the near future. I like the idea but we are few as well. Well the radio is going fine as well I wanted to stream a cool podcast/talk again but I don't have time in the evening
No. 33384
I didn't receive a single submission after three weeks, so consider the plan dead for now.
No. 33386
>Ernst Examiner
>EC Express
t. won't ever contribute again
No. 33401
Even if a zine didn't happen(yet), thanks for making this attempt and at least putting the idea out there.
No. 33402 Kontra
I could contribute artwork for already existing content, but I have nothing to contribute, text wise. Unless somebody wants to read cringe worthy diary entries written in a state of mild psychosis.
No. 33407
i am writer C, python, java
No. 33410
I think it would be better to publish irregularly based on acquisition of suitable material. This board is highly irregular in output to its core, and to expect submissions on a regular enough timetable to publish every 2 months is not realistic.

I do like the idea. I would be willing to contribute written pieces myself, although my enthusiasm will be much greater if I think that others will contribute.

Our resident Ungernst has produced a great body of original work recently; perhaps you could ask him to contribute some of his poetry, fiction, and/or translations? I dunno if any of his non-translation stuff is in English, but a Hungarian poem with glosses for each word would be interesting. I think that's a better way to enjoy foreign poetry than through translation; once you know what each word means and the basic grammatical relations between them, you can parse the meaning of the poem somewhat like a native speaker, even if you don't speak the language.
No. 33431
'serious discussions' my ass, can't even write a few short articles for a zine
No. 33436
Maybe all we need is some more coordination and feedback, like using this Zine thread for floating ideas and updates. Not for posting any completed writing/art/etc, but just to keep everyone in the loop on what is being worked on, making suggestions, offerring help, asking questions, and noting what is finished and waiting to be published. This would keep the idea rolling along, while encouraging others to join the project. Over the course of a month or two(or three) we should be able to build up enough individual contributions to stitch into a respectable zine.
No. 33438
It sounds fine like this. But I'm drowning in work for university already, which adds to my normal job and an small internship. As mentioned weeks ago I could try to translate a paper of mine, but it still is quite some work even with deepL as helping device.
No. 33490
We already have 11 issues. It really varies in quality but imho there is always something interesting to read.
It's mostly humanities related texts because STEM bernds are shy and think their interests are boring.

In the index tab you can find all tables of contents.
No. 33492
I have been procrastinating the article about ferrets since the first kohlzine way back. I'll get to it eventually.
No. 33501
I'll contribute. And if only to appreciate your attempt on creating some oc for our beloved assburgery board.
No. 33553
264 kB, 1200 × 555
I'd drop something for it. But I'm focused in delivering OC to nice girls for the time being we'll see
No. 33555 Kontra
I cannot even imagine how terrible that thing would be
No. 33564
Manifesto of Kohlzine:

Our culture is in danger. Serious discussions are slowly dying out and shitposting is rampant. One may ask: Why worry? Why even care? But our answer is simple: Because most of us don't want to feel like shit anymore. A culture of outrage and anger is destroying us.
The irony here is that we often need to deal with our discomfort in order to be ourselves. That's the paradox of being shitposters – we can't hide our shitposting, we have to show it all. And a culture of anger makes us feel trapped, unconfident – and it makes us feel less like real people. But the same dynamic drives some of the most creative and funny internet-savvy people you meet through Casey today. As with the rest of the internet, they don't want to think too much about what they're saying as well as what they're posting – they simply want to do something with their eyes, and the things they feel.

We appeal to the Bernds. Only they should listen, and only they can understand what we have to say. We appeal to those who are thirsty for the serious, the factual, the enlightening. We want to sing the love of serious discussion, the habit of high energy and effort. In an effort to preserve serious discussions and bring back Bernds motivation for serious posting we commit ourself to this endeavour. Shall this little zine be a light in the dark, and shine the path back to serious discussions.

Yours truly, Bernds
No. 33590
ironically, in case of ernstzine, imagination is the only way to read it

because you never submitted anything, get it? get it?
No. 33593
545 kB, 2018 × 3000
The whole board is already serious discussion, we have zine talk all days of the year.
No. 33598
No. 33601
He's saying we don't need a zine in order not to shitpost and have serious discussions about something. The whole board ends up being like a zine.
No. 33706
i understood what he said, i was rather confused why he is telling me this
No. 33712
I dont see how any of this is a "zine"

whole point of zine is to self publish something and put it out in print. unless you really plan to screenprint imageboard discussions? for some reason the idea of a zine got really corrupted by tumblr era.
No. 33722
it's designed to be printed, yes
No. 33749
It's an outlet for creative bernds and those who want to share things they are working on, it doesn't have to be printed although there are printversion if someone wants.
No. 33752 Kontra
Bernd died in 2017
No. 33754
255 kB, 3496 × 2480
179 kB, 3496 × 2480
184 kB, 3496 × 2480
182 kB, 3496 × 2480
It's not true.
No. 33755
161 kB, 3496 × 2480
172 kB, 3496 × 2480
201 kB, 3496 × 2480
192 kB, 3496 × 2480
No. 33756
169 kB, 3496 × 2480
190 kB, 3496 × 2480
No. 33758 Kontra
yes, it is
No. 33759
People who used to be Bernds didn't evaporate
No. 33761
>in 2017

i love these personal and arbitrary marks when krautchan stopped being good
No. 33762
Well he kind of more or less right it's slowely being more and more shitpost. Late KC was all about shitpost almost and when kholchan times go, it was 100% shitposting.
No. 33763
idk, krautchan died for me in 2011, no idea how you could like it until 2017. you probably found it in 2014 or something
No. 33765
how do you hang around a place that you think died 8 years ago?
No. 33766
I never was a permanent visitor, and when I used it, I mostly just searched in tons of dumb stuff some usefull interesting threads and dusscutions in them, avoiding "eating an apple" threads and things like that.
No. 33777
so when you found it tho?
No. 33790
I don't remember. In early 10s, since I remember pony cartoon was still very popular thing.
No. 33841 Kontra
52 kB, 1160 × 499
It stopped being good in 2014 but it literally died at the start of 2018 physically and was pretty much spiritually and mentally dead by the end of 2017.

Except most of those people literally weren't bernds. Iran is a good example of someone who was a bernd as well as India both of whom would fit right in here with like Kazkhstan and old game Russia among others. Most of those people moved on and it was replaced by more 4channers until KC itself was basically nothing but a clone of it in 2016. Is France still even France if less than 90% of people are even still French? The answer is obviously no and that is what happened. You would think people most supposedly vocal about stopping rapefugees, preservation of culture, and the great replacement would not ironically embody those very concepts themselves but that is exactly what 4kanker did and in 2016 bernds had become a minority in their own lands.
No. 33842 Kontra
*if less than 10% and over 90% are non-French
No. 33845 Kontra
Original Bernds left kc long ago, m8. On kohl you find 99% post Winnenden Krebs
No. 37317
Oh hey, this is an article I wrote.

Remember me? I used to post on ernst /int/ for at least a year, before the original site owners gave up and was recreated. But I liked it better on kohlchan, it was an improvement over krautchan, so I stayed there.
No. 37336

I like the ideal, having thought about redesigning at least English Orthography, but from a practical point of view, I don't think your choices would work, many of the glyphs are too similar to each other to be used in writing.

I appreciate you chose them with a historical context in mind, but it may be better to use totally different or even new letters in many cases to improve clarity for the reader, especially in a hand written context and keep similar glyphs only for similar sounds like; p,b,d for example.
No. 37337
As far as English orthography goes, we should really just make sure that native English words follow the same, logical rules. Basically, the ones you already learn in school, but without the endless exceptions.

Stuff like have > hav, said > sed, removing all -ugh endings from the language entirely. I don't see how anyone could oppose a relatively simple reform like that, given that the language still looks 99% similar and is 100% comprehensible if you learned the old style. It just becomes objectively less stupid, which we have an obligation to the world to do if English is to be the permanent lingua franca.
No. 37338 Kontra
In fact, I propose that one edition of Ernst Journal be published using such a minimally simplified orthography, as a test for how it would look and read to educated English speakers.
No. 37341

>have > hav

I agree, it could also be said that we could reverse the weird English trend of putting the vowel at the end of word when it occurs in the middle. For example; (The first word is just to show the effect of the the e in the second)

> Hat > Hate > Haet
> Bit > Bite > Beit
> Car > Care > Caer

The latter you might notice already exists in British English as a loanword from Welsh pronounced identically to the first.

Further proposals include abolishing the letter Q, since it servers literally no purpose, and re-instating the Eth/Thorn letters to distinguish between (and also remove) the th digraph.
No. 37342
>ban English from ASCII-only usage
Oh noes!
No. 37343
Personally, I'd keep the "silent e lengthens the previous vowel", if only because we already have that rule, and it's pretty easy to follow. Ideally we change as little as possible about the writing system, while removing as many exceptions to the rules as possible.

eth/thorn could be done by instituting dh for edh... but do we really need it? It's not that common a sound, and outside of function words the rule "edh between vowels, thorn otherwise" works.

There are tons of proposals to radically reform English spelling. None of them have ever come close to implementation. The only one that has worked is the American system, and the only ones that have come close were also relatively modest proposals.
No. 38595
Yeah, well my attempt wasn't aimed AT ALL at preserving any othrographic tradition. The aim was to create some kind of a systematic transcription that can easily be applied to any language. I'm not even sure if I can consider it the same script as Latin, or is it merely a Latin-derived script (IPA is in a similar limbo...). Using English and developing an orthography therefore shouldn't be seen as a proposal to simplify English spelling, but rather a demonstration, a proof-of-concept.