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No. 31377 Systemkontra
178 kB, 400 × 400
206 kB, 1024 × 1024
39 kB, 309 × 408
482 kB, 1000 × 1000
Old thread >>27969 is kill, this is the new Radio Ernstiwan thread. A few things happened since the last thread: The record of concurrent listeners has been pushed to a whopping 18 by /b/-based host chvk. On /int/ we had our very first call-in show, and subsequently our first caller ever. To everyone's surprise, that worked almost without any technical issues. Our hoster is doing a good job as far as I can tell, until now I couldn't find even a single issue with our server. Frontpage integration is also complete, which makes it a lot easier to notice when a stream is on, thanks again to Ernstadmin for his work!

The radio is available here: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/
Connection data for the public stream: see pic 3. See also the beautifully crafted pic 4 for additional details.

For now we have the following recurring streams:
/int/: Album of the week stream, every Saturday at 18:00GMT+2
/b/: Prostmusik with chvk, usually on Friday 20:00GMT+2, and Kosmonauten every 2nd Thursday (may vary) 20:00GMT+2

Also there are lots of spontaneous streams. If you want to participate either as listener or as streamer and have trouble setting everything up, just ask, there are plenty of people around who have a working setup and can help you out. There is also a howto page on the radio main page, which might answer your questions.

Happy listening/streaming!
No. 31380
149 kB, 960 × 619
Since you already mentioned the album of the week stream, there are two things i would like to say.

  1. Here's the poll for this week https://poll.fm/10437347
  2. This weeks stream will be moved to Sunday at 18:00GMT+2
The reason for this is that i wanted to make a little Prog Rock marathon this week and it would be way better for me to find the 5 to 10 hours this will take on saturday.
So, if you're interested, we're going to have a nice compilation of King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Yes, Novalis, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd and others.
I might also have a break with a little talk show in case we find enough people willing to joing a voice group chat.
No. 31385
478 kB, 1000 × 1000
No. 31411
118 kB, 0:08
I think something is wrong with the current stream. The volume is very low and it sounds scratchy. If you're reading: Can you please check?
No. 31413
Strange, the settis are the same as every time. Now butt show me there is no input at all...
No. 31414 Kontra
Should be fixed now(?).
No. 31415
83 kB, 595 × 599
Yes, now it's perfect!
No. 31419
195 kB, 1295 × 983

I will stream Vol. 2 with a break of less than a minute, later on, so keep tuned, Ernsts! This music is good while typing boring stuff into excel.

Pic related is where most of the piano sounds come from
No. 31421
2,9 MB, 27 files
I made a zip with some of the base images created for the radio, and some other general EC template images I already had created/collected earlier, 27 files in total.
No. 31517
Electronic Music starts at 8pm
No. 31518
On Air!
No. 31523
186 kB, 1011 × 643
Just wanted to remind you of the Prog Rock Marathon starting tomorrow at around 12:00GMT+2

I'm still trying to get the playlist to under 10 hours at the moment so i hope you bring some time.
No. 31575
Show starting now.
I changed my setup so i don't have to avoid using system sounds for the whole time, if there's any problem with the audio let me know.
No. 31576
88 kB, 650 × 650
Wanted to write that the sound is not loud enough, but then I thought: Wait, it's prog rock, it could be the standard faint 10-minute-intro to a Pink Floyd song! And behold, a few minutes later, the sound is just perfect :DDD
No. 31577
Yeah, i picket a song building up slowly for the very start. I tought it fits.
No. 31602
For some reason, even though I've been a huge prog/rock/metal fan for years, I never got round to listening to King Crimson. I honestly have no idea how it happened.

I apparently chose the right time to explore their music, Fripp for years was militant about taking down any KC from YouTube but he's changed his tune and put it all up himself. Their live performances are very interesting, they use three drummers onstage simultaneously.
No. 31604
441 kB, 1277 × 719
There's still some King Crimson on the list so stay tuned
No. 31608
347 kB, 826 × 1024
Have to leave soon! It was a pleasure listening, thanks for all the work you put in it!
No. 31610
390 kB, 708 × 721
We're over 8 hours in and pic related is the rest of the playlist.
Anyone of the 3 people listening interested in specific songs? If yes i would cut out the others so i get this done before i fall from my chair.
No. 31611
You're welcome. I actually had planned to leave a few hours ago for a while but now it seems i managed to listen to the whole playlist except for 10 minutes it took to get something to eat.
No. 31615
909 kB, 471 × 471, 0:05
I don't have any specific requests, but wanted to say thank you for putting the marathon together. I've really enjoyed this.
No. 31616
Alright, you didn't fall out of your chair before the last Mars Volta! They're new to me, but I used Shazam on one of their earlier songs. Thanks, again Ernst.
No. 31617
9 kB, 430 × 231
They're great.
Some of their songs are more metal or punk than actual prog but i really like them.
Also one of the few newer bands in todays list.


Anyway, thanks for listening and maybe see you tomorrow at the Weekly Classic Album Stream.
No. 31622
Danke Ernst!
No. 31633
Ich finde es toll, dass du das gemacht hast.
No. 31659 Kontra

>The Mars Volta

How the hell could I miss that band? It's fucking great.
No. 31683
331 kB, 1500 × 1494
It seems like we have a winner. Today we will be listening to "Portishead - Dummy"

In the Poll it has been replaced with "Supertramp - Breakfast in America" of which we already had a hand full of tracks in yesterdays Prog Rock Marathon.
We start at 18:00 GMT+2 which is in 30 minutes from now.

Here's the poll for next week
No. 31684
The redio experience was great yesterday.
Just drifting off to delirious sleep after two days of waking, prog rock lyrics seeping into the dreams.
We should do more marathons.
No. 31685
>We should do more marathons.

I'm sure i'm going to do more but only when i find a good enough topic that doesn't get boring after an hour. Maybe something movie themed.

I keep you informed here in this thread.
No. 31691 Kontra
Starting in 1min
No. 31694
Thanks for the stream.
Did anyone else have disconnection problems, or is it my connection being shit?

If my connection is fine, I might stream a couple albums again. Assuming nobody else is in the time slot.
No. 31696
Loved the album and voted for next week.

My stream was fine, so it might be your connection.
No. 31697
106 kB, 707 × 743
Haven't noticed anything during the stream, don't think I was disconnected at any time. Since the last update, my VLC refuses to reconnect automatically, despite that an update should preserve the settings. So much for that. Just tried to fix that with pic related, don't know yet if it will work.
No. 31699
175 kB, 600 × 600
1,1 MB, 3572 × 3572
Allright, looks like firefox was dropping the stream for some reason.
I'm gonna try my luck anyway and stream two albums.
I Monster - neveroddoreven (synth pop)
Civil Civic - Rules (instrumental post-punk)
Both rather casual listens, but I enjoyed them.

Stream will start at :30.
No. 31700
If you liked the Portishead stream i can also recommend their newer albums.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=artaYKPCt_E Portishead - The Rip
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmDkzVvherk Portishead - Only You
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbJeiWYFrio Portishead - Machine Gun
No. 31708
>Civil Civic

I really like what I'm hearing right now. This is a genre that I've never touched before.
No. 31710
I agree, really nice and enjoyable music.
No. 31711
49 kB, 700 × 700
They're part of that whole nu noise-pop / shoegaze subculture that resurfaced for some time in 2008-2012 or so, but with a punkish / surf rock twist.

I really like those "wall of sound" type musics, particularly if instrumental. That's why I've been into doom metal for a long time.

There's about 5 minutes left, anyone wants me to stream one more album? It's also sorta punkish, but with vocals and stuff.
No. 31713
If you have the time, of course I'd like another album :D.
No. 31714
I was actually really sleepy when I started streaming, but thought it would be improper if there was only an hour of radio on a sunday.

Now I'm basically wide awake and looking for stuff to do :-DDDD
No. 31715
48 kB, 480 × 360
>anyone wants me to stream one more album?
No. 31716
Yeah, go ahead. I was actually planning to endulge in porn after the radio but you might be my saviour if you continue streaming :D
No. 31717
Replacing porn addiction with radio addiction, 200IQ move :DDD See if we can make a slogan out of this:

Radio Ernstiwan - saves your testosterone!
Radio Ernstiwan - better than masturbating!
Radio Ernstiwan - makes your erection go away!
Radio Ernstiwan - because your other activities are even worse!
No. 31718
Fuck it, might as well go all out, right.
I'll add yet another album to the queue. Let it be post punk Sunday or something.
Hope I won't be interfering with anyone's sleep, though :-DDDDD
No. 31719 Kontra
Dialing it back with russian post punk now. Last album. I think I got a bit carried away.

fuck, it's 3 am.
No. 31721
Yeah, I'll head to bed now as well. But thanks for streaming this stuff, I have new music to explore in the coming weeks.
No. 31723
Thanks for streaming.
No. 31904
478 kB, 499 × 312, 0:02
Testing my ability to follow basic radio setup instructions.
No. 31905
33 kB, 295 × 295
Seeing as I forgot to say, this is the album being streamed. Assuming it's actually streaming right :-DDD
No. 31907
You chose a bit of a weird timeframe to stream, but I'm assuming it was just a test.
We could schedule a soundcheck at some time we I could tell you if sound's coming out right.
No. 31908
Yeah, just a test because I was bored in between doing research for projects. I think it worked since I checked the browser player thing and did get the second layer of sound. Maybe I'll do another stream tonight, let's say 0900 zulu time, gives me time to go to the store and have something to eat for dinner.
No. 31909
831 kB, 945 × 945
253 kB, 1200 × 1175
86 kB, 500 × 500
Starting up in 30 minutes. Going to do something of a mini world tour. Starting with 3 albums but can extend it if people would like me to.

  1. Booze & Glory - As Bold As Brass
Starting us off with a bit of easy listening from England. The album is full of anthemic sing-along sections and is generally very uplifting.

2. Legion 76 - Banners Fall
Next up we will jump across the Pond and listen to some music from Philadelphia in what I consider to be some of the best that Yankeestan has to offer. It feels American stylistically and thematically but isn't just barely reskinned Hardcore like so much of their scene seems to be.

3. Razorcut - Common Enemy
Aussie music time. These guys are from Melbourne and are one of the more palatable bands that we have to offer so that I can end off on a 'softer' note for lack of a better term. Aussie Oi! is typically a hybrid between Yank and Pom Oi! in that we are more 'hard' than the traditional English style thanks to AC/DC, Rose Tattoo etc., but still more anthemic than a lot of American styles.
No. 31910 Kontra
Alright, off we go.
No. 31913
Dang it dude, I missed it because I fell asleep.
I fucked my sleep schedule trying to stream during european evening (3 AM for me), now I missed the australian evening due to sleeping all day.

No. 31915
All good. I'll just throw down a short album now if you like.
No. 31918
Interdasting, never heard this genre before.
I like the energy of it.
No. 31919
Man, you should hear this shit live. When virtually every song has the crowd yelling the song back at the band and basically fighting even outside the mosh, the atmosphere is practically electric.
t. still buzzing off of the last one a bit even a week later
No. 31921
113 kB, 796 × 560
Playing the last song now. It's nearly midnight and while I'm not particularly tired, I should probably sleep. Hope the sound was clear, and my musical taste not too offensive :-DDD

It's kind of weird how much work I can get done while streaming. I dunno why, but I managed to hammer out the better half a dungeon generator, and an outline for a Colonial Australia themed OSR zine. There's a weird motivation even though any listeners are completely incapable of knowing that I'm working on other shit.
No. 31922
Thanks for streaming.

For me, it's the opposite. While streaming, I am completely fixated on the stream, intently listening, and checking up on errors.
And then whoops, it's 3 AM and I didn't do shit.
No. 31940
246 kB, 1347 × 1400
180 kB, 1050 × 1048
129 kB, 1077 × 1076
285 kB, 1200 × 1200
Since many Ernsts seemed to enjoy The Mars Volta in my Prog Rock stream i will do a little Mars Volta stream tomorrow, starting at around 16:00 Germany time.
No. 31990
No. 31991
22 kB, 400 × 323
Thanks, ernst, I'm on board.
No. 31994
113 kB, 553 × 512
Also joined a few minutes ago!
No. 32002 Kontra
Going to end the stream now, hope you enjoyed it and vote for tomorrow's Weekly Album Stream if you didn't already do so.

No. 32004
Great stream. I'm going to go digging on Youtube for more of their music to add to my collection. I saw a number a live performances, which I can't wait to check out.
No. 32039
I'm going to stream tomorrow. 0900 Zulu again. Might even make it a weekly Sunday Session of angry music to get you lot ready for the week ahead. Nu-KC and trendy wankers probably want to skip this one. It's going to be loud, unrefined, and generally unpleasant thematically for the aforementioned demographics.

t. enjoyed radio hosting more than I thought I would
No. 32050 Kontra
14 kB, 599 × 439
139 kB, 600 × 600
Seems like the winner for this weeks Album Stream is "The Doors - Strange Days".
We start at 18:00 Germany time, that is in 30 minutes from now.

In the poll it has been replaced with "Asia - Asia"

Next weeks poll:
No. 32051
Accidental sage
No. 32052
I'll be there. And after that, I'll be on steam! My thirst for music is just as huge as my thirst for blood! Even if it is my own!
No. 32054
>t. enjoyed radio hosting more than I thought I would
Always good to see new people getting involved. The more people add their creative input, the more diverse and engaging the radio will be.
No. 32082
Starting in 30 minutes. If you're into angry music, be there.
No. 32084
400 kB, 800 × 816
55 kB, 600 × 600
60 kB, 500 × 500
Going live in five. Gotta take a piss first.

I'm going to continue with what I did the other day and not play albums from the same country (unless I decide to theme a stream around a country or specific band or some crap like that). So today we have albums from three European bands as a short sampler of the European scene:

>Royal Oi! - Bootboys and Hooligans
Representing the UK is this band from Scotland. They have mixed vocals, occasionally bad English and positively nuclear energy.

>City Saints - Guns of Gothenburg
Obviously, these guys are from Sweden. They're going in the middle because they let us come out of the gates hard, smooth it out a bit and let ourselves recover to some 'easy listening' and then dive back into it with

>Skinflicks - Luxembourg's Most Hated
Three guesses as to where they're from. These guys are going to finish it up tonight with some good old angry oi oi music. These guys are more Combat 84 than they are Rejects or Sparrer though.

Didn't make the cut, maybe another time list:
>1984 - Never Forget (France)
>Crim - Pare Nostre Que Esteu a L'Infern (Catalonia)
>Stomper 98 - Für Die Ewigkeit (Germany)
>Haymaker - We Apologize to Nobody (Czech Republic)
>Evil Conduct - Today's Rebellion (Netherlands)
>Rude Pride - Be True to Yourself (Spain)
No. 32085
>be there
I will!
No. 32088
Just woke up and the radio's on.
No. 32089
It only just started too. How's that for timing :-D
No. 32090
In fact, I woke up just before the radio started and thought I'd missed again.
Then I had to do some timezone calculations to figure out what time it was in UTC, and in Australia, and how that translated to GMT+6. Then I thought, "wait, this doesn't seem right", and that's when the radio started.
True story.
No. 32091
That's why I always refer to things in Zulu Time. It's GMT but never has daylight savings. Used in aviation and military applications precisely because it lets people coordinate across time zones easily and without calculations.
No. 32092
That should be the last system noise. I just finished my wörk that I was doing on the side. i.e, 1x sufficiently weird and disorienting hypercube dungeon for my game session on Wednesday. Sorry about those by the way.
No. 32093
>That should be the last system noise
Thank dog, I thought it was my system making those noises!
No. 32094
61 kB, 640 × 645
Yeah, I was making infographics for behind the screen and kept accidentally mistyping shit while searching the resources that I'm mining, so my PC would beep-boop at me and say that it couldn't be found.

For someone who spends as much time typing as I do, you'd think I'd be better at it.
No. 32095
135 kB, 582 × 581
>so my PC would beep-boop at me and say that it couldn't be found.
I started using steam properly since yesterday, with Ernst groups, Ernst friends and stuff, and after every beep I desperately searched for the place where the new message arrived :DD
No. 32096
Yeah, I would have been doing that work on Wednesday instead, but shit came up so the session got bumped back to wednesday, and I'm working all day Monday & Tuesday so I'm not going to get it done then. I accepted a couple of fren invites on Steam, presumably you among them. Don't feel bad if you get delet by the way. Sometimes I just prune accounts right back for the sake of tidiness.

But yeah, sorry again about that.
No. 32097
Alright, I got time for one more album if people are interested. Take your pick from the list of unselected Euro albums here. >>32084

Most popular gets played after this album finishes in about 10 minutes.
No. 32098
Bootboys and hooligans for me tbh.
Based on the album cover alone.
No. 32099
243 kB, 328 × 327
Those three are the ones we just played. Specifically, Bootboys & Hooligans was the first album, with female vocals. The list down the bottom are the unselected ones.

Currently just stuck Stomper 98 on, but can change to something else if people decide. Thought I'd pay homage to Germany, considering the board we're on :-D
No. 32100
And we're done. Apologies about that stream drop by the way. Hope it wasn't too long. I had to hang out some washing and it had reconnected by the time I got back. Anyway, technical difficulties aside, I hope it was enjoyable for everyone. Was there a particular sound that you particularly liked, so I can work on vetting my music better next time?

Speaking of next time, I'm thinking of doing an Asia-Pacific special where I put on some bands from countries you probably thought didn't have skins.
No. 32101
68 kB, 283 × 211, 0:01
I liked it. Nothing better to start off sunday than a solid dose of hate and aggression!
No. 32102
I liked that german album, the trumpet really did it for me.
No. 32103
More angry, and more Ska? I can handle that I think :-DDD Getting both at once is tricky, and it's why I too, like Stomper 98. Closest I can think of is Rude Pride who is pretty different. You might like them too.

No. 32116
Anyone up for some Ween?
I can stream a couple ween albums, if there's interest. A demo tape and a live recording with country artists
No. 32118
Did somebady say Ween? I'm in.
No. 32119
274 kB, 1000 × 1000
103 kB, 600 × 600
Okay, I'll stream in an hour or so.
That would be 18:00 EC time.
The Molusk sessions (The Molusk album demos)
Live In Toronto
No. 32121
106 kB, 640 × 640
Actually, I just realized that I have no business streaming demos and outtakes to someone who is not already familiar with mainstream Ween.
So we'll have a change of plans and I'll stream the actual album, The Mollusk, first.
The second album will remain unchanged.

Later in the week I will stream their major releases, then some more outtake albums, then finally we'll dig deep into early stuff, and then some really brown raw tapes, if time allows. I kinda want to stream my entire ween collection at least once on the radio, because they're basically my favorite band, and their albums are all very different, so there's always something new to experience.

Streams starts in 5.
No. 32122 Kontra
Tell me if the volume is too quiet, it was going into reds on my previous streams, so I toned it down. I might've lowered it too much.
No. 32124
Volume is fine for me. Maybe a little quieter than usual, but still fine, no need to adjust.
No. 32125
Volume it ok for me, as well. Definitely lower, but that just means I'm listening on 2 or 3 instead of 1 or 2.
Also, good idea building up to the more esoteric stuff. I think we'll all appreciate outtakes more after a base knowledge has been established.
No. 32129
Ok, last track (it's 15 minutes though).
Thanks for listening.
I know that only me and US Ernst vibe with this stuff, but the company of 1 man is still better than listening alone, isn't it?
No. 32132
>the company of 1 man is still better than listening alone, isn't it?
Yeah, there is a world of difference between 1 and 0. Most of the time I stream things, it's just what I happen to be listening to. But if I push a few buttons and go live, and an Ernst gives an ear, then there is a real sense of community finding someone who wants to hear it too.

That last Ween album was incredible. The best part of a live recording is when you can hear how much fun the band is having on stage, and they were definitely having fun. When one of them asked for more cheap lager, I just know he had to be talking about Labatt's. Thanks for streaming.
No. 32223
245 kB, 734 × 1007
I was trawling the Live Music Archive on archive.org, and spotted some fresh Ween bootlegs. I'll post a link in case you were interested; I liked the sound quality of this one, but others are linked at the bottom of the page:

No. 32225
Thanks for the pointer.
There's also the browntracker for Ween bootlegs and b sides:

I didn't know they were uploading their stuff to archive.org . Unfortunately, out government blocked the website due to political reasons (access to deleted "illegal" content), so I have to use a vpn.

Man, the live versions of Tender Situation are tear inducingly soulful
Their early stuff, back when it was just the two of them and they were working shitty jobs at gas stations and food service, is my favorite era of Ween. But the recordings themselves are very rough, and they only had a tape deck to accompany them, so the aesthetic is not for everyone. The live versions are cleaner, but don't capture that lo fi, janky feel. Personally I like both, and which version I prefer depends on an individual song.

No. 32330
45 kB, 620 × 413
I'd like to stream two warm and fuzzy stoner doom albums.
Egypt - Egypt (2005)
And the new Sleep album The Sciences (2018).

Or I could just do more Ween. Any takers?
Or I could also go to sleep, dunno.
No. 32332
Stream Sleep, or sleeping? Tough question. How warm and fuzzy are these albums? :D I'm in either way, since I'm trying to draw a comic right now and always work better to music.
No. 32333
Well, they both have escalations, but Egypt gets a lot more intense, while Sleep is more consistently meditative.
I could replace Egypt with something more meditative as well.
No. 32334
Right now anything meditative sounds perfect.
No. 32336
52 kB, 600 × 600
209 kB, 600 × 594
Eh fuck it, two Sleep albums, back to back.
The new one first, then the classic, Jerusalem (I like it better than Dopesmoker).

I will start at :30.

Perhaps I'll try streaming through Foobar's streaming plugin instead of butt this time. I think it gives the benefit of automatically updating tracks or something.
No. 32340 Kontra
10 kB, 480 × 360
Also, "My god, it's all toilet noises!" is an appropriate and desired reaction to this genre :-DDDD.

The first album has more riffs and solos, Jerusalem is a single 1h long track that's just one riff and variations upon it, it's great
No. 32344
Fuck, the foobar plugin got confused when the first playlist ended and started spewing noise into the output :-DDD.
Sorry about that, guys, I'll continue streaming through butt.
No. 32345
10 kB, 225 × 225
Glad we're back-I wondered what noise that was. Since this album is 1 hr long track, I guess the auto file updating isn't needed anyway :D
No. 32352
890 kB, 4000 × 1818
Ok, thanks for listening.
Here's the artwork for Dopesmoker, the re-release of Jerusalem, and supposedly the "definitive version" of the record.

But I like Jerusalem a lot more, it has a fuller, deeper tone than Dopesmoker, which feels a bit overproduced. But check out Dopesmoker on Youtube if you're interested in hearing the difference.
No. 32353
Thanks for streaming! Could only listen to parts, with the new steam group EC has such a broad range of potential activities that it becomes hard to partake everywhere :D
No. 32354
No problem, I guess I should announce the stream earlier and maybe negotiate time slots. I've been a bit spontaneous recently, just getting an itch to listen to a record, and streaming it.
But there's a potential solution to this as well, setting up a dedicated EC server, and micspamming the radio :-DDDDD.

Playing games with Ernst sounds like a lot of fun, but I'm not really into Counter-Strike, more of a TF2 person myself.
No. 32355
I really enjoyed the long steady tone of Jerusalem. I'll check out Dopesmoker, at least to satisfy my curiosity about how they remixed it. Thanks for streaming.
No. 32356
That feel when missing a stream of Brick's god-tier taste in stoner doom. Feels bad man.
No. 32357
If you're the Aussie under British occupation, I'd like to assure you that I'm planning on switching to a more Aussie-friendly time schedule, because staying up to 5 AM has not been healthy for me :-DDDD.

Probably going to start streaming at roughly around 11-12 AM zulu time during the weekends more as that seems to be the ideal time for intercontinental activities. We could even stream stuff back to back.
Also, more Ween soon.
No. 32359
Yes, that's me. I sometimes put things you've posted on in the kitchen which raises a few eyebrows from customers who come too close (though my usual music does it too, especially when they have kids :-DDDDDD).

Also noice regarding stream times. Back-to-back streams seems fun, and with my new work schedule, I should be able to listen to most of your stream too because I get an extra hour or so before starting in a couple of weeks.
No. 32445
Since this evening will be booked by album of the week and prostmuzik, I think I'll do my Ween stream tomorrow.
But I'm not sure when and who will be available, especially US Ernst. If anyone wants to clarify their preferred time slot in terms of UTC, I'd appreciate it.

For now my plan is to stream some heavy and abrasive stoner/sludge right after aussie's 9 AM UTC stream, then continue with Ween at the usual time of 7 PM UTC. Well, I'd prefer to do the Ween stream earlier in the day, so I could at least have a chance at fixing my sleep schedule, but changing the time slot abruptly after several streams seems like a dick move.

If anyone wants me to change the time slot, or switch the streams around, please make a reply.
No. 32448
132 kB, 720 × 706
>If anyone wants to clarify their preferred time slot in terms of UTC, I'd appreciate it
I'm UTC-5, so any streams after 1500(UTC)-which is 10am(EST)-are great. I'll dip into tomorrow's early streams when I roll out of bed-just to see what you guys are up to while I'm sleeping :D.
If you wanted to move Ween earlier than 1900(UTC) to fix your schedule, you should go ahead and do that. Just not before 1500(UTC) please :^DD.
No. 32449
75 kB, 317 × 317
Is there a prostmuzik stream tonight? In the thread on /b/ he said nothing until next week.
No. 32451
104 kB, 640 × 640
97 kB, 450 × 450
66 kB, 640 × 568
148 kB, 600 × 600
Oh, I just assumed it'd be every Saturday.
Then maybe I could fill out the time slot instead, being Saturday and all. Unless somebody else wants to have a go.

Alright sounds good.
I think I figured out which Ween albums I want to stream and in what order. Their sound evolved gradually album to album, so it's hard to make a clean separation in their discography and pick just two for the night. So I decided to leave out a couple of outlier records, and pick the ones that represent their sound the best.

Next will be the last of the "palatable" ones :-D
Chocolate and Cheese: their first really "mainstream" album, where the technical quality of their sound increased greatly due to being signed up with Electra records, but they still had that early weirdness carrying over.
Quebec: the latest iteration of their sound. The record happened during a tough period in band's history, and it is a noticeable downer sound, even if there is a facade of whimsy covering it up.
In between those we have 12 Golden Country Greats and The Mollusk, which we have already listened to, and White Pepper.
I left out White Pepper, which, despite having some classic tunes, is a bit conceptually bland compared to the rest.

After that we'll have the early, rough stuff.
GodWeenSatan: The Oneness is their debut album. It's heavy, it's bold, it's batshit insane at time, and also really funny. You could call it a "parody" of classic rock and pop musical tropes, but I prefer to call it a deconstruction.
The Pod: their second album, and although it is a logical conclusion to GodWeenSatan in terms of being a deconstruction of various musical genres, thematically it's quite far removed. It's dark, muddy, uh, minimalist, extremely lo-fi. It's been called... unlistenable by some. Imagine a couple guys recording an album on a shitty tape deck while fucked up on shrooms. That's pretty much what happened, according to some interviews.
Pure Guava: the last album before transitioning to their new sound, where it feels like they gathered up all of their good left over material and released it, as to not leave anything out from that era of their sound. It's not as cohesive as the others, but it has some great tunes, and it's a more relaxed experience than the previous two.

I'm thinking of leaving out The Pod because it's not a casual listen. Even I have to be in a particular mood to sit through it from start to end.
I guess those two leftover albums could be something to explore personally later on.
After that we'll do some bootlegs and stuff.
No. 32452
Due to technical difficulties the Weekly Album Stream will start 15minutes later.
No. 32453
114 kB, 600 × 600
This weeks winner is "Asia - Asia".
It has been replaced with "Metallica - ...And Justice for All"

Here's next weeks poll:

You can join the stream now, we start in 10 minutes.
No. 32454
607 kB, 900 × 1200
The Ween lineup sounds excellent; ease into a couple of more refined albums, before circling back to their roots. Although I liked the song you linked above, I'll trust your judgement on the rest of The Pod. Maybe the sound isn't something that holds up for a solid hour.

I'm there.
No. 32455
I couple play it after the other two albums, I just don't want to scare away other listeners :-DDDDD. I mean, we have a lot of intellectuals here with refined tastes in music, not sure if a lo fi album that is at time borderline gibberish with songs such as "pork roll egg and cheese", "she fucks me" and "strap on that jammypack" is right for their palate :-DDDDDD.
No. 32456 Kontra
Also, I really like this album that's playing right now.
I'm not a prog person, but this one in particular is quite accessible, even for someone with a small brane like me.
No. 32457
Thanks for listening, i might stream some random stuff tomorrow.
No. 32458
Thanks for streaming. I cast my vote for next week.
No. 32459
52 kB, 1024 × 912
Okay, i don't know if someone else wanted to stream or not so i just do.
Let me know if i'm in your way and i stop, there's no value lost.

We stream: Butthole Surfers - Double Live

It's 2 hours of live recordings in horribly quality, you can buy it on CD, Vinyl or download it 100% on the official website of the band.
I like the artwork so i'm still considering buying it because why not.

No. 32462
For tomorrow's stoner/sludge stream, I'm not sure what to pick. Too many options.
I'll list the general feel of the various subgenres, and you can pick which ones sound the most appealing so I can narrow it down.

Classic Sludge - a sinister cascade of unpleasant sounds. Might feature drunk rednecks (and sometimes British ex cons) screaming very loudly.
Also sludge, but instrumental. less screaming, more immersion into sonic chaos.
Stoner Doom - weed soaked buzzing, warm fuzzy riffs to groove to. Some screaming.
Stoner with psychedelic elements. A drug fueled spiritual journey into the mind. Might meet God-aliens and mushroom creatures on the way.
Good, old fashioned, family friendly Satan worship and occultism. Wailing vocals, atmosphere of despair. Your electric wizards and their acolytes.

If no preference, I will probably go with instrumental sludge or stoner doom.

Thanks for streaming, it was nice.

I'll stick around a bit. It's always interesting to hear raw recordings like that.
No. 32491
I'm down with stoner doom. I could go for a nice warm, wind down session before bed.
No. 32497
Allright, I'm thinking Bongzilla - Gateway first, a nice upbeat record, followed by Toner Low - II, an instrumental record with MASSIVE tones.
Good to fall asleep to.

09:00 UTC fine by you, or do you want to go first?
No. 32498
I'll start up in 20 minutes. A bit earlier, but since I got to be up early for work tomorrow anyway I might as well get our back-to-back started early too. So that's 0800Z, maybe 2 hours stream time on my end for a 1000Z start for you. How's that sound?
No. 32499
Sounds good, I've got stuff to do anyway, I'll tune in on the phone.
No. 32500
We live now. Going to bring out the chemotherapy to put any krebs ins gas.
No. 32501
66 kB, 1280 × 720
90 kB, 425 × 425
57 kB, 500 × 500
Oh yeah, albums for tonight in order. No prizes for guessing what I mean by chemo. If nazis (actual ones) getting bashed isn't your idea of a good time, then tbh you were never my intended audience.
No. 32502
1,2 MB, 320 × 240, 0:04
I love the emerging tradition of a sunday morning wakeup stream!
No. 32503
For me it's my 'fug, it's sunday night and I gotta go back into the grind tomorrow' stream :-DD
No. 32504
514 kB, 1907 × 1225
So there are only about 5 minutes left in the show. Fun fact: I didn't even break my no repeating country rule. Tonight you got Bands from Wales, Quebec and Texas respectively.

Don't worry though. We've got something special today and the Brick is picking up right after me with some of his own music. Sunday Session listeners rejoice!
No. 32506
Gonna have to wait a bit, got some chores to do still.
I'll announce when ready
No. 32507
All good. I'm making myself some dinner now anyway.
No. 32508
Allright, I'm all set up, stream starting in 5 minutes.
No. 32509 Kontra
Stream is on.
I'm actually at "work" right now, so I had to set up the streaming software.
Hopefully, nothing goes wrong, but I'll have to warn that the stream might end early due to unforseen consequences.
No. 32510
>but I'll have to warn that the stream might end early due to unforseen consequences.
Like a surprise visit from the boss? :DD
No. 32511
Ebig. I can't think of a better setting for Stoner Doom outside of a hotbox or something :-DDD
No. 32512
I'm configuring someone's server today, and streaming music on the machine while configuring it :-DDDDD.
No. 32513
54 kB, 378 × 500
>and streaming music on the machine while configuring it
What a creative method of testing the customer's server. Radio Ernstiwan kindly provides it's humble radio station to your company to run a performance test. Please tell your boss to kindly send us $9.999 as a compensation for our server resources, and an extra bonus to you for coming up with such a good idea :DDD
No. 32514 Kontra
17 kB, 480 × 360
>666lb. Bongsession
Mother of God, it's all toilet sounds!
No. 32515
Damn. I'm falling asleep. Thanks for the tunes, man.
No. 32516
>I'm falling asleep
That's the intention :-DDD.

>Listeners (current): 2
>Listeners (peak): 6
Yeah, I'm thinking this wasn't to everyone's taste :-DDDD. Thanks for checking it out anyway. I'll finish the album and then wait for the US Ernst to come on for the Ween stream.
No. 32520
Australia has fallen asleep, but I'm up now and eating breakfast. Ernstiwan operates round-the-clock :D

>the Ween stream.
You were going to move that earlier, right? I'll dial in whenever you wanted to start-just be sure to announce a heads up for anyone who might be expecting a 7pm(UTC) stream.
No. 32531
Just got home.
Ween stream will start at 16:00 UTC.
No. 32532 Kontra
If I can get my setup to work, that is
Either I fucked something up, or my connection is being weird, hold on.
No. 32534 Kontra
Yep, shit's fucked.
Sorry guys, the stream will have to be delayed until I sort this out.
No. 32536
Sorry to hear that. I'll try to fill the radio gap with some Buckethead. If you need the public stream to sort things out, let me know and I'll drop off.
No. 32542
Good luck, mate.

Thanks for filling in, once again good stuff.
No. 32543
62 kB, 300 × 300
Thanks. Most weekends I feel like a leech, so I figured I was due to seed something. This show has about 15 minutes left, in case anyone else wanted to set something up. With Kazakhstan's upload problems I don't expect he'll be streaming anything, though.
No. 32545
I will take up from here then for half an hour or so, my connection is unstable tho.
No. 32546
The stream is a bit quiet. That is to say, it is completely silent.
No. 32547 Kontra
Oh Great! Damn, it worked first. Then I did something else meanwhile, sorry.
No. 32548 Kontra
I found out why, the stream did reconnect often enough, but the details weren't saved, I dunno why, worked all the time in the past.
No. 33378
Good news, my uploads are fixed.
Not sure this is a good time to stream, though, perhaps after everything calms down.
Oh, and the radio's booked anyway. Just a heads up, I'll continue streaming this weekend.
No. 33605
145 kB, 1300 × 1300
246 kB, 1200 × 1200
33 kB, 1287 × 568
The winner for the Classic Album of the Week seems to be "Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark".
We will start at 18:00 Germany time.

The winner has been replaced in the poll with "The Offspring - Americana".
Since it never got any votes we also got rid of "Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine", it might make a comeback at some time in the future, for now it has been replaced with "Massive Attack - Mezzanine".

Random fact:
Messanine is the first music album that has ever been released in the form of DNA.


The poll for next week

No. 33607
>"Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark"
Alright! I've been hoping that one would win.

>Messanine is the first music album that has ever been released in the form of DNA.
Pretty cool way to store data. Also: One of them is rumored to be Banksy? I thought that the artist's 'secret identity' was just a meme. How could he still remain unknown? Weird.
No. 33609
A Ernst from /b/ wants to stream some more Iron Maiden after this album is over, so stay tuned afterwards.
No. 33667
29 kB, 400 × 400
121 kB, 1280 × 720
21 kB, 350 × 350
Streaming in a half hour. The usual kind of stuff. Theme this week was a challenge that I set myself. Find three albums with female vocals from different countries.

I'm going to start out with some heat.

>Pissed on Arrival - Here We Go Again
This is classic, old school punk in terms of content. This is anti-authority, anti-religion, anti-collectivist. It's not RAC garbo, but it's not PC-Punk.

After that is something a bit more unique.
>Jenny Woo - My Revenge
The artist is controversial. I actually like her music but it is not traditional in any way. Thematically it's pretty standard but it's largely built around an acoustic foundation. I'm putting it in the middle so that we can end on some more traditional sounding music.

>Hard Skin - Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?
So this is actually an alternate version of their other album called 'On the Balls'. They released at the same time with On the Balls being a normal Hard Skin album and this one being an album of covers by female vocalists. Hard Skin is a difficult fish to fry though. They're a satire band who is simultaneously taking a swipe at and writing a love letter to the genre. Personally I really like it since I can have a laugh at myself, but this album especially leans more on the taking a swipe side than most because of the fact that it's a satirical spinoff of an already satirical album.
No. 33668
33 kB, 500 × 500
Alright, we live. Get in here.
No. 33670 Kontra
No idea what happened to the last 10 seconds of that track. Must be a dud file. My bad.
No. 33671
I'm seeing multiple occasions with bugged files. Going to next album. If it continues, I'll restart the stream and see if it's a connection issue on my end. For now I just jumped to next album that I know for certain isn't a dud. We'll see. Sorry for technical difficulties folks.
No. 33672
97 kB, 610 × 610
189 kB, 600 × 600
Alright, I've sorted out my make-up gift to you. The new Red Scare Industries comp, and finishing off with Lion's Law's new EP that came out earlier this week. Both are playing after what's left of the stream to make up for losing the first album due to technical difficulties on my end.
No. 33673
87 kB, 789 × 271
11 kB, 397 × 85
Tuning in. By the way, just patched the server this morning, and saw this. Radio has been up since literally forever, not a single interruption, not even server patches seem to disturb the service. Only downtimes are when I add a new user account and have to restart manually, and that's about 5 seconds. I have to say I'm really pleased with our host, not a single hiccup until now.

Also: Nice frontpage handling of radio downtime from EC admin! I posted it for you so you can enjoy it, because from what I see it never happens regularly.
No. 33674
99% sure it was on my end. I lost audio too. Hence I think botched file and jumped to next album instead of looking at software. No issues since doing so.
No. 33677
42 kB, 400 × 300
Alright coming up on the final album/ep/whatever you want to call it after this song. These replacements were a gamble since I haven't listened to them before now neither. First listen for all of us :-D

The Red Scare Industries comp is pretty much exactly how it was described on Dying Scene (which I trust to an extent), as a mixtape of things that you wouldn't normally listen to but you were sat down and told to listen to by a friend with good taste. I dunno about you guys, but I concur. I didn't like it all, but overall it was worth the listen and I'll probably do so again. It was maybe a bit off-tone from my usual Oi! stream to go into mainline punk, but whatever. Sue me. If you did particularly like the break from usual, let me know and I can break up my genres some more.

I really like the Lion's Law EP though. Glad I finished on it too. Let's not get too carried away on this off-tone shit after all, we're here for angry angry lads singing angry angry songs. It's not their best work, but it isn't a disappointment like some recent releases I've heard from great artists cough*Raygun Cowboys*cough. If Brick is one of my two listeners, you may recognise them as the band that popped your Oi! cherry :-DDD

As usual, thanks for listening, hope you enjoyed it and I'll assume that you did if you lasted through the end. Once again, sorry for my fuckup with the first album, hope it didn't sour the rest too much :-D
No. 33678
Bleh, the Red Scare comp is the first listen. Not both. I've listened to Cut the Rope already, hence the feedback. I'm going to take a shower after this. The heat is getting to me.
No. 33702
606 kB, 2400 × 1817
32 kB, 394 × 504
If no one else wants to stream, i would start with 1 or 2 hours of random Frank Zappa music.
If people seem to be interested, i might make a decent Zappa marathon next weekend since people seemed to enjoy the Prog Rock marathon i made a while ago.

Starting in 5min from now.
No. 33720
Based. I've been listening to a tonne of Zappa lately.
No. 33723
69 kB, 900 × 900
Thanks for the stream, Ernst. If you've got the energy to put together a Zappa marathon, I'm definitely interested.

Pic is another variation of the radio logo using a solid leaf outline.
No. 33727
>Zappa stream

I'll (finally) stream the next two Ween albums in line today (Chocolate and Cheese + Quebec) at around 18:00 UTC (Zappa stream should be over by then I assume). My uploads should be fine now.
No. 33728
>(Zappa stream should be over by then I assume)

In case i'm still streaming just give me a warning 5 min before you start.
No. 33732
Thanks for the Zappa stream, I'm definitely in for the marathon.
No. 33736
Going to come to an end now for the Ween stream, see you next weekend with the Album of the Week and probably a Zappa marathon
No. 33738
Allright, thanks man.
Ween stream should be up in 5 minutes.
No. 33740
221 kB, 962 × 702
Great stream, thanks again.

It was good to hear your ISP problems are over. I know stuff like that can affect more than just our weekend radio. I'm settling in for Ween, and already hear that difference in sound you mentioned. More refined, maybe? There seem to be more layers to the tracks.
No. 33744
77 kB, 626 × 469
I'll post some trivia regarding the songs we will listen to this stream. Hope it's at least mildly interesting.

Spinal meningitis was conceived from reading a newspaper article about a "Spirit healer" scam artist from West Virginia who opened his own clinic. One of his brainwashed patients referred to "spinal meningitis" as "Smile on, Mighty Jesus", and the song was born from that. The song isn't meant to be mocking or goofy, but rather convey a real fear of death and sickness. Spirit healers are one of my topics of interest, and possibly one of the most fucked up things I've come across in my study of contemporary Americana, up there with murderous / suicidal cults, serial killers and such.

A Tear For Eddie is a tribute song written in mourning for Eddie Hazel. Dean (the band's guitarist) also does a mean Maggot Brain cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsHXa_beXp8

Roses Are Free was once taken by Phish (a hipster/hippie jam band) as a live number, and almost became associated with Phish. Ween really hates Phish and their fans, because they once made them wait under the rain for an hour during a live set, while they noodled around "jamming". Phish fans would also frequently buy out tickets for Ween shows, not leaving enough for Ween fans. Dean also hates hippies.

What Deaner Was Talking about is a song about anxiety and panic attacks. Dean used to suffer from severe anxiety attacks before live shows, and would wear a rubber band around his wrist, which he'd snap against his skin to remind himself to calm himself down. The band's vocalist / songwriter, Gene, after experiencing a severe panic attack himself, wrote this song, "What Deaner was talking about".

Zoloft from Quebec is a song, well, about being under SSRIs. And I think it conveys the feeling perfectly. SSRIs numb your emotions and create a fake sense of calm, but you can always feel the sadness and anxiety droning away, muted in the background.

Transdermal Celebration also has an interesting story behind it:
>I think enough time has passed where I can finally tell my favorite Ween story of all-time. The businesses and the people involved have long since closed their doors and moved on for good and hopefully the people involved (and Carlos himself, if it comes to that) will have a good sense of humor about this story.

>In 2003 Ween released our album Quebec on Sanctuary Records. We worked on the album for two years in our beach house in Holgate, NJ, a rented house in the Pocono Mountains of PA, the garage behind Aaron’s house in Pt. Pleasant, PA, my upstairs guest room, and finally Andrew Weiss’s living room in NJ. We also worked at Water Music in Hoboken, NJ and Graphic Sound Studios in Ringoes, NJ. It was not a great period in our personal lives, Aaron was going through a divorce and I was partying way too hard myself — it was some dark shit. The record is one of my favorites, but it is a depressing album lyrically. It was not an easy record to make either, as evidenced by the amount of places we worked, trying to find the right environment. There are demos available online that I posted where you can hear the process at work, we racked up our normal batch of like 6 dozen songs or more before whittling it down to what was finally released, 15 tunes.

>I am a huge fan of Carlos Santana. He is one of my favorite guitarists of all-time. He is playing better these days than ever before in my opinion. His music is more radio friendly, for sure, but as a guitarist he has aged like a fine wine. Only Neil Young, Prince, and a small handful of others can make that claim as they become members of the AARP.

>We were working in Andrew’s living room on the song “Transdermal Celebration,” our drummer Claude Coleman had just gotten into a horrific car crash and left us without a drummer for the recording and ensuing tour. Eventually it worked itself out where the record took so long to complete that Claude made enough of a recovery to do the world tour with us supporting Quebec. In the meantime though, even though Claude had played on some of the demos, drumming on the album was left up to me, Josh Freese, and Sim Cain.

>“Transdermal Celebration” had been recorded three times by this point, with a drum machine, with Claude playing drums, and the final take on the album which features Josh Freese. It was the eventual single from the album. So, we’re in the middle of this session and I get a phone call from my roadie (nameless) who also worked for a backline company (nameless) that supplied amps, drums, lights, etc. to bands touring in the Northeast. My roadie told me that Carlos Santana’s equipment (including his guitars) had arrived via a trucking company that night at their depot. Carlos was recording an appearance on “Good Morning America” the next morning and his equipment was to be delivered to the set in NYC in a few hours.

>What needed to be done was immediately clear to me, I had an opportunity to play the solo on “Transdermal Celebration” through Carlos Santana’s amplifier and guitar. I had one shot at it, it meant taking a hard disk recorder to a storage space where all of Carlos’ stuff was sitting in transit. I arrived at 2 a.m. We (very carefully) unpacked his equipment and set up his stage gear and in one take I recorded the guitar solo for “Transdermal Celebration” (the one that appears on the album, playing through Carlos Santana’s guitar, pedalboard and amplifier. The whole thing took 10 minutes and we were terrified we were going to get caught. A lot of people would have lost their jobs. We got the fuck outta there really fast after that. So the solo on “Transdermal Celebration” was played through all of Santana’s shit in what resembled an early morning bank heist or something…

>Of course a story like this requires visual proof, so here it is. Don’t tell anyone about these please.

>-Dean Ween 6/14
No. 33747
Holy shit, that picture. Great work, mate!

>panic attacks
Strange how lots of creative people struggle with mental problems of some kind. Also: That Santana story made me laugh.
No. 33748
About 10 minutes left of the stream.
I could wrap it up, or stream White Pepper, another album from roughly the same era of Ween, that I left out as an optional choice. Or I could leave it for another time, if you guys have stuff to do.

>Strange how lots of creative people struggle with mental problems of some kind
People who don't suffer just have nothing to say about the human condition. Because the human condition is suffering. Suffering is the fuel of art.
Those who do not suffer, do not truly Live.
t. Nietzschefrogs
No. 33751 Kontra
Ok, wrapping up for today, it's already 2 AM.
Thanks for listening.
Next stream will be GodWeenSatan and Pure Guava, their earlier, rough stuff. With an optional feature of The Pod, their most abrasive album.

See you next time.
No. 33753
Great guitar story. Since I couldn't find anything about Santana's reaction, I assume he was ok after he found out about it.

Thank you, ernst.

I really enjoyed the meloncholy sound on Quebec. While I have time for White Pepper(early afternoon here), I'd hate to keep everyone else up. Thanks for streaming, looking forward to the next one.
No. 34040
438 kB, 1500 × 1500
It seems like this weeks winner is "Massive Attack - Mezzanine".
The first one to scream "It's not lupus" when hearing the Dr. House theme gets a free "good job, boy".

In the poll it has been replaced by "Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind"

You can vote here:


We start at 18:00 Germany time, which is in around 6 minutes from now.
No. 34044
273 kB, 800 × 800
Thanks for streaming; I really enjoyed this one. Voted for next week.
No. 34048
148 kB, 300 × 400
The high quality OC machine strikes again, fucking saved!
No. 34049
Is that Pedik in the booth?
No. 34054 Kontra
22 kB, 437 × 431
Wtf, did I seriously manage to miss the stream while going to the store and having dinner.
No. 34063
261 kB, 905 × 852
Thank you. That Massive Attack album was great music to listen to while working. I'll need to check out some more of their stuff, even though a quick search revealed this was a new sound for them.

No, it's Ernstwurf, taken from this picture.
No. 34064
>No, it's Ernstwurf, taken from this picture.
There is some similarity in their lower halves.
No. 34066
58 kB, 500 × 667
My stream got it's own image?

Well, it felt kinda empty with only 2 listeners for most of the time

>even though a quick search revealed this was a new sound for them.

Don't worry, most of the stuff they made is pretty great.
And i love this music video

It starts like some mid to late 90s gangster rap video and then turns so fast into a nice walk through the city that it feels weird for a moment.

Also, if no one feels like streaming i would put on some good ol' Butthole Surfers now, tell me if you want it to stop.
No. 34105
111 kB, 1200 × 1200
64 kB, 400 × 400
178 kB, 600 × 600
86 kB, 480 × 460
Streaming again at 0900Z, that's roughly 50 minutes from now. Theme is 'Merica. Not a whole lot to say tbh. It's loud, angry and American. Only thing of note is the understanding that the American scene tends towards an angry modern take on the Spirit of 76 when it gets political, so it's surprisingly patriotic for what it is, but it shouldn't be mistaken for government support.
No. 34108
33 kB, 500 × 500
Alright boys get in here. We. Are. Live.

As per usual: Everybody Welcome. No Fuckwits.
No. 34112
I consistently keep waking up just in time for the stream.
But now I've gotta go to the store. Thanks for the music.
No. 34113
All good my man. Thanks for tuning in.
No. 34116
80 kB, 330 × 327
Ay fuck it. Bonus 2-track demo by Legion 76. Coming up right after the acoustic tracks at the end of the Yellow Stiches album.
No. 34120
Alright, we're done. Thanks for listening. Dunno what next week's show is going to be, but be there because it'll probably be siq.
No. 34135
7 kB, 275 × 184
I wanted to make a Zappa marathon today but really didn't feel like it.
So let's just have 2 hours of Zappa now instead.

Playlist will be made on the fly.
No. 34136
Joe's Garage was the first zappa album I listened to (acts I, II, and III).
No. 34152
39 kB, 640 × 360
46 kB, 530 × 601
49 kB, 400 × 600
I'll be streaming the Music of Thelonious Monk.
Below is the record playlist:
Monk's Music
Monk's Dream
Criss Cross
Brilliant Corners
Something In Blue
Thelonious Alone In San Francisco
Straight, No Chaser

Total runtime is 6 hours, 34 minutes, and 33 seconds. I might pause a bit at some point.
I wanted to include Thelonious Monk and Sonny Rollins, as well as Thelonious in Action, but I think that would make it overly long. I've never streamed before, so I don't know how well it will go.
No. 34155
14 kB, 307 × 382
17 kB, 307 × 383
23 kB, 315 × 381
I'm having some trouble with it.
No. 34157
Changing the audio device to pulse did not help (that should have been what was wrong). The stream does not send any data regardless.
No. 34158
Are you able to connect, but no sound broadcasts?
Did you turn on Stero Mix? Also you have to allow BUTT to access your microphone.
No. 34159
25 kB, 435 × 317
1 kB, 359 × 88
No data is broadcasted.
No. 34160
79 kB, 1113 × 430
When you installed BUTT, did you also install the AAC libraries(that was my 1st mistake when setting it up)?
Also, what OS are you using?
No. 34162
I use linux, arch is my distribution.
I have all the libraries.
No. 34163
Well, I don't know shit about audio works on GNU/Linux, but you could instead try using a media player with built in icecast streaming functionality, like Mixxx or VLC with streaming plugin.
No. 34164 Kontra
It is detecting my microphone properly.
No. 34168
Stream still silent...

Been going through the BUTT forum, but so far no solutions.
How do you know it's detecting your mic? Are the audio lights moving at all?

How hard is it to set up those other apps?
No. 34169
You should be able to hear it. I able to hear it if I play it in the online player.
No. 34170
Nevermind..you're coming through loud and clear :D
No. 34174
Thanks, for some reason my VLC player wasn't giving me sound, but I double checked the online player and it works great.
What did you have to do to get BUTT to work? I know some other Ernsts have had problems, and maybe knowing what fixed your setup could help them, too.
No. 34179
17 kB, 654 × 129
It was pretty simple. I just switched what butt captures from.
If I just capture from the Built-in Audio Analog Stereo, only my microphone will be recorded.
Capturing from a Monitor of Built-in Audio Analog Stereo instead of the Built-in Audio Analog Stereo sets the source of the sound from a physical device (in my case, the laptop's speakers) to a software monitor of that device.
Because I'm listening through headphones right now, audio is only recorded if ALSA captures from the software monitor.
No. 34183
382 kB, 1412 × 1550
Made this picture recently because I wanted to make another talk and music episode like the one from a few weeks ago, but then I was too lazy to actually do it. But maybe someone else wants to seize the opportunity and make his own episode while I try to assemble some semi-reasonable content, so here's the image!

>for some reason my VLC player wasn't giving me sound, but I double checked the online player and it works great.
Same here, strange, never seen that before, have to keep that in mind for future streamers.
No. 34196
137 kB, 780 × 820
>Capturing from a Monitor of Built-in Audio Analog Stereo instead of the Built-in Audio Analog Stereo
That setting might save some future streamer a lot of trouble.

Excellent stream. You put in a marathon effort for your first time broadcasting.

>Saturday Night Autism
Love it.

>Same here
After listening to the online player for a while, I was able to switch to VLC and it played the stream like normal. So that makes the initial failure even more mysterious. Well, at least we know it wasn't just one person- VLC was being quirky for everybody.
No. 34200
Thank you very much.
I did not get to play Straight, No Chaser unfortunately as I had to do something that required my laptop's audio.
If there is a way for butt to record only one application i.e. Rhythmbox instead of the entire Analog Stereo output that would have allowed me to continue.
Probably I have to use something with more features than butt for that.
Also, I want to know how to set up "currently playing" to view the current song online. On butt I was able to update the song name from an application (Rhythmbox - normally I use ncmpcpp), but this did not show up on the online stream.
No. 34201
You can output the audio from your player to a virtual device, and have butt listen to that virtual device.
Leaves the stream audio separated from the rest of the system. I do it that way, as well as listening to the songs through the radio page instead of from my own device, which lets me know first hand if there's anything wrong with the audio or connection.
No. 34212
Starting a transmission of keygen music at 15:00 CET (14:00 UTC)
No. 34216 Kontra
Unfortunately it's impossible, somebody took over the public point.
Guess I have to ask for a personal one.
No. 34217
Sorry, just testing. I should have checked the thread first. All finished now.
No. 34219
Well, thanks :3
Starting the transmission then.
No. 34223
35 kB, 630 × 488
What I was testing:
A lua extension to automatically update song titles from VLC called "Now Playing in texts". Both the file and instructions can be found here: https://addons.videolan.org/p/1172613/
Brief summary:
1)download .lua file
2)copy file to your /VLC/lua/extensions folder(I had to create this)
3)Restart VLC; To activate the extension, go to the Menu Bar > View > Now Playing in texts(A small check mark will appear if the extension is active). This will not remain checked, and you will need to manually activate the extension on each restart.
4)A np_title.txt file will be created in your /vlc/ folder each time a song changes
5)copy this location to the Update song name from file in BUTT and check activate
6)Enjoy no longer typing song titles :D
Don't know if this will help anyone else, but I'll put it out there in case it might. The extension should work with any OS, but I've only tested Windows. The only odd quirk I noticed, was that BUTT sometimes updated the song title multiple times(6 times on the last song I tested), but that shouldn't create any problems.

Thank you for your patience, and will take this opportunity to finally request an account from the radio help desk. I think I jump on and off the public stream often enough to justify it.
No. 34224 Kontra
94 kB, 512 × 288
>and will take this opportunity
and I will take this opportunity
No. 34226
142 kB, 500 × 400
Hi, both of your accounts should be active now!

That sounds good, I will try this out. It's such a nice feature for the listeners, but I had no clue how to make use of it until now.
No. 34261
18 kB, 537 × 548
I'm working on an idea of having an image that I can copy and edit covers on to each week for announcing my stream that shows the time and lineup. Rate.
No. 34278
Thanks, the account works perfectly.
Also, my first stream after adding an extension to update song titles is a single full album file-so there are no track titles. I like irony :DD.

I apologize again for delaying your stream yesterday. Our prompt radio help desk has ensured I won't repeat that mistake. I'll still check the thread before connecting, of course, because I don't want to create a conflict with the board header which announces what is currently playing. I'm not sure how that works when there are multiple streams.

No. 34298
Two (or more) simultaneous streams are needed to test a new radio status header.
No. 34300
Live now with my account, so another Ernst can use the public login.
No. 34304
>Failed to open http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000//Serious_Burger.m3u
The double slash is a problem.
No. 34305
Nice, we are set.
Thanks for the participation, we can show multiple streams at once now.
No. 34306
No. 34307
322 kB, 460 × 696
Great job, thanks. Just noticed that simultaneous streams are limited to 2 in the current Icecast config, additional connnect requests just seem to time out, tried it with my account while there were 2 streams on. Not sure if bug or feature, I could just raise that parameter to whatever we want. What does Ernst think? Stick with two, some other value, or unlimited?

I just can't hold all that OC! But I can - and already did - save it.
No. 34308
I'm happy to help. Thanks for making the improvement to our radio status banner.
No. 34314
Imo allowing two simultanious streams should be enough to avoid conflict. It would be rare that we would use 3, so if the default setting is 2, then I would probably leave it there unless there was a compelling reason to make a change.
No. 34335
224 kB, 537 × 548
Might make a bigger version for future streams, but as a proof of concept, I think it came out pretty well.
No. 34591
273 kB, 800 × 800
109 kB, 768 × 768
20 kB, 1223 × 412
It looks like we're going to listen to "Metallica - ...And Justice for All" this week.

The winning album has been replaced by "The Beatles - Abbey Road"

Next weeks poll can be found here:

We start at 18:00 Germany time which is in 1 hour from now.
No. 34594
217 kB, 900 × 900
Even tough it wasn't very full, i hope the people listening enjoyed the stream.
For next week i am planning to unveil something special, so stay tuned for that (and consider the possibility that i say "fuck it, why even botter?" after i invested 5min of time and there won't be anything special at all).

Don't forget to vote for next week
No. 34595
490 kB, 1300 × 400
I enjoyed the stream, thanks.

I also just read that the bass guitar on this album was made nearly inaudible on purpose. In one episode of the cartoon Metalocalypse they mentioned doing the same thing to their bass player-mixing him out of nearly every track. I didn't realize that joke was based on a real thing :DD.

No. 34596
281 kB, 1164 × 600
Sorry, I couldn't be on the radio, I just woke up :-DDDD.
Also, I can do the Ween stream shortly, if you guys are interested. 19:00 UTC probably.
No. 34597
I'll be there.
No. 34599
Allright, I'm setting up the stream, it'll be up in 5 minutes or so.
It'll be loud, lo-fi, and 2 hours long with 40 tracks, so better get ready.
No. 34600 Kontra
896 kB, 1570 × 2046
Funny thing is, I was first introduced to Ween through their more recent, "sophisticated" albums.
But it wasn't until I heard GodWeenSatan that I thought to myself, "hm, yes, this is the kind of highly intellectual music that I was expecting from a cult alt-rock band", and they've been my favorite band ever since.
No. 34601
305 kB, 955 × 1179
For those interested.
All the albums we had in the weekly stream till now in the order they were played.
No. 34605
>so better get ready.
My body is ready!

Love it, I have a faible for autistic catalogizing and statistics keeping.
No. 34616
On one of your first(maybe the first?) Ween streams, you said they made a wide variety of songs. I don't remember which album you played, or where it fell on the Ween spectrum, but you certainly didn't scare anyone away :D.
Thanks for the stream, I've been loving their lo-fi sound.

Oh my God, thank you! I found a picture of Frank Zappa this morning and it set me to thinking about what albums were played and in what order. I figured I was going to have to go through the old threads to make this list. Also, stop reading my thoughts :^D.

>autistic catalogizing and statistics keeping.
Same. Also, I really need to write things down, like band names and such, or I forget them.
No. 34617
>I think it came out pretty well.
Indeed, it's really great how each of the streamers create their own imaging and style.

You have my vote, sir!
No. 34619
Ok, this wraps up GodWeenSatan and Pure Guava.
I think I'll take a break from streaming Ween for some time, and think about some other stuff for my next stream (whenever that is).

Thanks for listening.
No. 34620
25 kB, 413 × 429
Thanks for streaming, the Ween streams are always awesome, but I also trust your taste to find other awesome stuff.
No. 34680 Kontra
Fug. Forgot to stream. Oh well. Next week then.
No. 34683 Kontra
83 kB, 773 × 700
I just can't get going on Sunday morning without a healthy dose of hate.
No. 34910
What is playing?
No. 35295
305 kB, 955 × 1179
160 kB, 1200 × 1200
This weeks winner seems to be "Supertramp - Breakfast in America" and i replace it with "Hootie & The Blowfish - Cracked Rear View".

Maybe some of you remember that i said i will introduce something new today right before posting the picture with the albums we previously listened to on the Weekly Album Stream.
The picture was part of a little database i have in mind which includes ratings of Ernst.

How this should work:
At the end of the album (somewhere around the last track) i update the currently played song title with a link to a poll where you can vote for a number between 1 and 5, i guess i don't need to explain how scales work here.
I will also post this poll here in the thread but delete the post ~5min after it has been posted to make sure you only vote if you actually listened.
If i get more than 5 votes the rating makes it into the list.

"But what if you don't get at least 5 votes or with the albums of the past?"

Worry not, dear Ernst.
I will start to stream previous albums at random times (not at the Album Stream time, of course) and ask for votes then.

And now get ready for Breakfast in America, we start at 18:00 Germany time as always (which is in around 20minutes)
Did i forget something?

Vote for next weeks poll right here:
No. 35296
I also wanted to post this on /b/ but can't get the damn captcha figured out ;_;
No. 35297
Don't worry, I'll help out!
No. 35298
I won't vote on albums, it is taste after all and haters gonna hate.

But up to date, excellent choices and voted albums, a fine idea to hear the less popular songs on epic albums again.

Nevertheless, I ponder streaming something afterwards unless someone else plans something.

PS: Bloody captcha.
No. 35299
>it is taste after all and haters gonna hate.
Wouldn't that be an excellent reason to actually cast your vote?
>a fine idea to hear the less popular songs on epic albums again.
Indeed, lots of lost gems there.
>I ponder streaming something afterwards unless someone else plans something.
I just planned listening to your follow-up-stream :3
No. 35300 Kontra
Here we go, let's see if it works out
No. 35301
>lots of lost gems there.
Agreed, and this album is a great example. I remember several of the singles, but had never listened to the whole thing. It was solid straight through.

I like this idea, and cast my vote. Be warned, I don't give out 5's easily :D.
No. 35302
Ok, voted.

As for the stream, it will be something very different. It is about Horror Punk, starting from The Misfits, then the two samples This is Horror Punk 1&2 which tried to give a good overview of what emerged after the reunion of The Misfits end of the 90ties (without Glen Danzig of course) and after this some random pieces of the genre. To be honest, some psychobilly and othere familiar genres are within this playlist.

You have been warned.

And since I stram on various radios, I will not conceal I will send on RfK as well. Hope my upload capacities can handle this without too many crackles in the connection.

PS: Those captchas are horrible. Just needed 15 Minutes typing in the correct one and the server refusing to accept them. So this is the true reason for the low post frequency.
No. 35304
>Be warned, I don't give out 5's easily :D.
Me neither. Still voted four, since I really liked it. But I needed to save the max vote for Piece of Mind :D

>And since I stram on various radios, I will not conceal I will send on RfK as well
Don't worry, this has never been a problem with other hosts, and I don't think it ever will be a problem. It's not about where people come from or what they are doing elsewhere, it's about what people are doing here. You are very welcome to stream here!
No. 35329
Trip to the shops took longer than expected. Late start, see >>34335
No. 35330
8 kB, 196 × 257
>Late start
Angry OI music and being on time sounds contradictionary anyway, so maybe you should always start late on purpose :D
No. 35331
Ever since my sleep cycle went to normal, I haven't been able to participate in the radio as much, so thang d-g there's a daytime show now :-D
No. 35332
Good idea tbh maybe I will. Though today's stream goes anthemic pretty fast once we leave the first album. The last album by the Rejects was their comeback album and is just ultra refined versions of their original sound in all its grandstand atmospheric glory. It's pretty great tbh.

Glad to be of service :-D
No. 35333
637 kB, 1152 × 954
Thanks for listening. Probably going to go even less 'traditional' next time. There's a nonzero chance that there will be some ska going on the airwaves. I kind of want to see how Ernsts react to Symarip, 8°6 Crew and so on. Could be fun.
No. 35335
22 kB, 400 × 225
>There's a nonzero chance that there will be some ska going on the airwaves
I'm okay with that!
> I kind of want to see how Ernsts react to Symarip, 8°6 Crew and so on
Up to now, Ernst has failed miserably in his attempts to bring on something I can't enjoy :D
No. 35337
505 kB, 1000 × 1000
367 kB, 1200 × 1200
391 kB, 818 × 805
I'll stay up late tonight to stream something that isn't Ween. Hopefully, about 18:00 UTC is ok by everyone. We've got three choices (some personally nostalgic stuff broken down into periods of my life :-D).

Three classic (as much as 90s metal can be called classic) records from the Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal scene: The Gallery by Dark Tranquillity, The Jester Race by In Flames, and Slaughter of The Soul by At The Gates. The genre overall developed a pretty bad reputation, but that early stuff was pretty good, in my opinion.

Retro throwback Psychedelic Rock. "Brain Cycles" by Radio Moscow, "Blue Smoke Orange Sky" by Bad Liquor Pond, and "Love, Fear, Choices and Astronauts" by The Egocentrics (instrumental album).

Or we could open our chakras and take a journey through astral space, meeting some ancient alien gods and mushroom creatures with psych infused Stoner/Doom Metal: "A.T.O.M." by Kamni and "Tumuli Shroomaroom" by Acrimony

Thanks for the stream, I particularly enjoyed this one. The production on today's records was especially nice, and I liked the lyrics on the last record, something about folkish songs about everyday stuff get to me :-D
No. 35338
92 kB, 755 × 687
1,1 MB, 1406 × 1402
78 kB, 500 × 500
I think I've sorted out next week's stream already. Two angry albums and Symarip in the middle to let you dip your toe into the new stuff in a safe environment.

I thought you might like this one. I expected 'I Fit Central Heating' off of the second album to get a rise from you though, Man, this here just sold me on what the third album is going to be next week. Same band, but their most recent album release. It's full of everyday lyrics. One of my favourite lines from it is:
>Did you see next door's got a brand new car? It's much better than ours. I'll get Stanley, scratch the cunt up in the early hours.

I'll make the little advert thing later :-DDD Too bad I'm going to miss your stream though. I'll be fast asleep by then. I really do like your taste in music.
No. 35341
Yeah, I meant the lyrics off the second album, especially the song about central heating, it's ebin as fuck :-DD.
I'm feeling a bit mind foggy right now, making a lot of brainfart mistakes while writing, that's why I had to delete and repost that message.

This stuff's growing me a lot tbh. At first it was like "angry underdog music, neat", but like with any genre, as you listen more and start to soak in the ethos and philosophy of the whole subculture, the music gains a whole new level of enjoyment :-D.

Regarding streaming schedule, weekends are the only time that anyone's online during the day on EC, we have the tabletop session on Saturday, and I wouldn't want to interfere with your timeslot on Sunday, so we'll have to be content with delayed transmission in the form of looking up stuff on youtube :-DDD.
No. 35342
61 kB, 419 × 315
If you're undecided, I'll throw my vote behind Stoner/Doom Metal based solely on your description :D.

Currently streaming more Christmas music, but this time a collection of trap/dubstep mixes.
No. 35343
81 kB, 613 × 554
I vote also for stoner/doom metal, for the very same reason :DDD

>we have the tabletop session on Saturday, and I wouldn't want to interfere with your timeslot on Sunday
All of a sudden, EC has become a busy place. It's almost impossible to partake in all of the potential activities :D
No. 35345
Great, works for me.

Usually, when I make categories for people to vote on, I pick "something a bit abrasive and intense", "something light and palatable", and "something I want to listen to right now". Those two Stoner/Doom albums being in the last category :-DDDD.
No. 35347
79 kB, 708 × 480
>Those two Stoner/Doom albums being in the last category
Did you use clever sales tactics on us :3.
No. 35348
It's more of formality vs passion thing.
Writing about something that you have reasoned to be a good choice, vs writing about something you're actually excited for :-D

I should probably stream those other choices too, at some point. After all, they were stuff I was excited about as well, but last week :-DD
No. 35351
Stream starting in 5 minutes.
No. 35353 Kontra
We'll start of slowly with A.T.O.M. by Kamni and then get to the mushroom induced journey through space with Acrimony's Tumuli Shroomaroom.
Hope you'll have a good time.
No. 35354
>I'll stay up late tonight to stream something that isn't Ween
>Currently at Radio Ernstiwan: Ween by Brickscast
Though I know it isn't Ween because you said it, you can never be sure that it really isn't Ween, because I noticed Ween covers a rather broad range of music styles. So no matter what kind of music is on the stream, it could still be some obscure early Ween work :D
No. 35355
Yeah, I was having a heated argument about art on another forum, then noticed it's already 18:00 UTC, and started the stream in a hurry, forgetting to change the description :-DDDD.
No. 35357
46 kB, 500 × 500
Alright, we're on the last track.
Hope you had fun.

I might've oversold you guys a bit on the whole psychedelic vibes thing, but still, I find the lyrics and the overall aesthetic of the record really ebin. I've always been fascinated with american UFO mythos, and drug induced pseudo-mysticism involving aliums and hallucinogenic revelations.
No. 35358
>Hope you had fun.
I did, thanks for streaming
>I might've oversold you guys a bit on the whole psychedelic vibes thing
I think it lived up to the hype. A few times I couldn't even tell if it was still psychedelic or if the record was stuck :D
No. 35359
I loved it, thanks for streaming.
No. 35361
Current stream is about instrumental and ambient music. Forgot to reset the stream info, so this might be a bit irritating. Sorry you had to see this.
No. 35362
148 kB, 1080 × 720
>Forgot to reset the stream info, so this might be a bit irritating
When in doubt, just write "Ween" and dare everyone to prove you wrong :D
No. 35363
41 kB, 638 × 827
Thanks for the stream, I'm really enjoying the buckethead stuff. Always been a fan of instrumental music, especially when it manages to tell a story purely through song progression, without a single word.

I see the recruitment of new acolytes into the church of Ween is going well.
No. 35446
15 kB, 376 × 282
Hello Ernst,

the Weekly Album Stream needs your help.

I wanted to have variety in genre and age and i guess that different countries should be represented as well and at the moment there are only 2.
I already planned in some Krautrock and other German music. We will also get some Reggae and Dancehall soon but that's about it.

I know that there are interesting albums from Italy, France, Netherlands, South America and what do i know but i can't come up with much that fits the criteria. Please help.

The criteria:

1. We only play albums that can be considered classics, a classic is an album that is:
Judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.
A thing which is memorable and a very good example of its kind.

Or in short: It has to maintain relevance even after a longer period of time, how long that is depends on the genre but i would say after 2000 doesn't work in most cases.

2. It should be known outside of your own country/language area.

3. I have to like it.

You have an idea? You can post it here or send it per E-Mail to make sure it's a surprise for other Ernsts (i think that would be nice)

No. 35447
Honestly I'm really happy about this re Musk's design. For years and years and years it has annoyed the ever loving shit out of me that completely trash iShit aesthetic that's been peddled alongside all this web3.0 garbage like shitter, shitbook, shitstagram and all the 8i there rounded edges and pastels made like crayons by 8 year olds.

I at least welcome and laud this righteous return to darker tones and sharper angles. I fucking hate everything about the 00s-10s with a fierce passion just like the 80s was a shit decade wholesale and see this as one of the first beautiful harbingers of a return to us having nice things.
No. 35451
Thanks for streaming, always nice to have something to listen to while doing my evening lurk routine. Missed the beginning though, was it Mars Volta all the way?

Also: would have replied earlier, but man, that captcha was unsolvable.
No. 35454
Glad you liked it. I had "Televators" stuck in my head all morning, and figured that it was a good enough reason to broadcast. And yeah, it was about an hour of random Mars Volta live performances straight through. The live 2003 CD was the first track, and I started that in the middle because I wanted a broad selection from different shows.
It was either that, or stream 1 full show, which I'll probably do at a later date. I have 3 or good ones saved.
Btw, >>35447 is a different American Ernst. I guess two of us just happened to show up at the same time :D.
No. 35546
859 kB, 1000 × 1000
231 kB, 1000 × 1000
469 kB, 1397 × 1404
311 kB, 1191 × 1200
This weeks winner seems to be "The Beatles - Abbey Road".
Like said previously we will now start with going more international. Anglo music is still welcome of course, but we will focus stronger on other countries for the next few weeks.
As a start we will replace this weeks winner with "Kraftwerk - Die Mensch-Maschine".
We also kicked out the 3 albums that got no votes at all (Nirvana, Ramones and The Offspring) to replace them with "Tangerine Dream - Phaedra", "Eek-a-Mouse - Wa-Do-Dem" and "Yellowman - Mister Yellowman"

I also asked for ideas for more international classics, if you missed it please see >>35446 because it could help a lot.

Here's the poll for next week

We start at 18:00CET like always, i'm a bit early so it's 4 hours from now.
No. 35547
Nice, looking forward to it.
I might stream something one hour before your session. Some commie folk punk about being a junkie hobo in america.
It's the kind of stuff you listen to when you're angry AND sad. Which is how I'm feeling right now tbh.
No. 35556
215 kB, 1000 × 982
254 kB, 900 × 1200
Ok, The stream will start in 5 minutes.
Hope you like listening to a guy screaming over an acoustic guitar, because that's what you're getting.
No. 35560
109 kB, 768 × 768
Getting ready for the Weekly Album Stream
No. 35563
Thanks for the stream. First time I sat down and listened to a beatles album in its entirety :-DDD.
Where do I vote?
No. 35565
Sorry, i didn't post the vote because we only had 2 listeners at the end. Maybe next time.
No. 35567
This was only my 2nd full Beatles album. I remember hearing Revolver a long time ago, but usually I just had 'best of' compilations.
Btw, I appreciated your stream which served as our opening act. Pat the Bunny's vocals are unique, but also perfect for the lyrics.

Ok, thanks for the explanation. I was afraid you had posted the link in the 'now playing' description field. That doesn't always update on my VLC mobile app.
I liked the album, and was going to give it a 5. There were a few lower rated songs, but I figured the great ones more than made up for that. There was also a kind of progressive rock sound to some of the tracks like I Want You(She So Heavy). That was a pleasant surprise.
No. 35569
It's still Anglo music I guess, but Cold Chisel's self-titled debut album is a real classic. Maybe being Australian makes it exotic enough :-DDD

Ayy fuck it. I can't be fucked making a poster thing this week. Sue me. This is the lineup for 0900Z today though. It's going to be a zinger if I say so myself, which I do.
No. 35580
Alright, false start aside, I'm going live.
No. 35584
I'm adding one more album to the stream tonight because it's going to otherwise be shorter than I'd like it to be.

You get a choice. First up is 86 by Stitched Up. It's groove metal from Texas that I discovered recently. It's pretty cool. Second option is more on-theme and is More Noize for the Boys by The Oppressed. We've had that band on before, so you'll know their sound already, just not all of these songs.
No. 35585
115 kB, 640 × 640
55 kB, 500 × 503
Forgot to post these so you can judge an album by its cover :-D
No. 35586
Noice. I was busy with house cleaning and missed the start, but I'll tune in on my phone.
Gotta clean the bathroom and toilet now.
No. 35587
I cheated and did most of my cleaning last night :-DDD

Feels good man. Hope you enjoy getting the dope talk from your folks after they heard that ska :-DDDDDDDDDDDD
No. 35589
44 kB, 1340 × 800
113 kB, 940 × 942
Why you guys don't like London Calling? It's one of the best punk albums ever recorded. I already had to vote for it last week to make sure it won't get kicket out with the other 0 vote albums.
No. 35590
Shieet, your stream is at weird times for me so I don't vote, but that's a fuggen great album that deserves votes. I might even chuck it on mine at some point just to give it airtime out of spite :-D.

I personally prefer Give 'Em Enough Rope, but that's just me though.
No. 35592
143 kB, 900 × 900
I was already thinking about doing a sunday stream every now and then where i stream previous albums.

What would be a good CET time for people from your part of the world?

Also: How long is the current stream going? I'm currently listening and might stream pic related afterwards since the interest in the Weekly Stream was so low that i took it out (shame on you guys).
No. 35593
Alright, 86 it is since I figure we're doing a weird stream this week. Might as well do the off-theme album while we're here.

I typically start at 0900Z (CET is +1? so 1000CET?) which is 7PM local. Times are hard to work.

Current stream is going for just under an hour longer. Be about 2130 here by then, but they cut my hours so I have to stay up late tonight to wake up late enough to not be exhausted by the end of my shift. I probably won't catch a full stream most weekends, but I'll listen to what I can before falling asleep. I usually listen to music before bed anyway, might as well have it curated for me :-D
No. 35594
Disclaimer, I can also make my stream earlier from now if that helps on since my core audience fits in to at least 0600Z because I'm 99% sure that the other regular is also in my game group :-D
No. 35596
5 kB, 512 × 512
>Why you guys don't like London Calling
I never understood why The Clash are so highly regarded. Maybe I did not hear enough of them, but before I heard that they were such a big thing, I thought they were some irrelevant 1.5-hit-wonder. Should I Stay or Should I Go sounds like a generic rock/pop-song for me, nice sound, but nothing memorable, and London Calling is in no way special for me. Maybe it was special back then, but for me it feels like a practical joke people try to play on me when everybody says how big of a deal The Clash is.

Of course I know that it's just me not gettng it, because everyone else obviously has a different opinion, but still I can't help it. It's pretty strange, because my taste in music is not that far off from the mainstream, and if a band or an album are considered all time greats, then I usually understand why and agree on it, that also goes for similar bands like Sex Pistols and Ramones. It's just The Clash that is beyond me.
No. 35597
This last riff was incredibly familiar, lmao.
Sounded like something straight off a psychedelic stoner rock album :-DDDD.
No. 35598
Thanks for listening. See you lot next time. Tune in shortly for the German's stream of a great album. That's an order soldier!
No. 35599
89 kB, 325 × 245, 0:00
Thanks for streaming, mate. Your stream infuses me with the necessary amount of rage I need to make it through next week :D
No. 35600
I usually vote for things I have not even heard of, so I can expand my horizons. That's why I don't vote for good bands / albums that I have heard / is in my backlog, like pink floyd, iron maiden, mobb deep, etc.
Maybe I should treat the weekly stream more like "music enjoyment time", rather than "music discovery time".
No. 35601
9,0 MB, 3:54
7,2 MB, 3:09
9,0 MB, 3:54
Going to start now

>Maybe I did not hear enough of them

No. 35603
You can vote for whatever you want, i don't want to tell you that it's just that it suprises me because i like the album so much.
No. 35604
The Clash, particularly with London Calling were massive innovators in the punk genre at the time, and were one of the earlier of the bigger bands to really explore the post-punk sound. They redefined the sound in a way that the Pistols until then had sort of defined it.

I thought you might like that album, a nice mix of cool aesthetics and dirty riffs. Fun fact for those that didn't pick it up, the first song is actually named for one of the most shamelessly edgy animu ever put to air.


If anyone asks, it wasn't me who accidentally unleashed the fury of Teutonic rage upon the continent again :-DDD You're welcome
No. 35605
34 kB, 585 × 600
Is someone interested in Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables by Dead Kennedys after the Ramones are over?
No. 35606
Hell yeah I am. What better way to knock myself out than with a double feature of classics?
No. 35607
Okay, around 5 more minutes for the current album to end and the next to start
No. 35610
Right on, man. Thanks for the tunes. I'm going to fall asleep now :-D